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The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air): Season One, Episode 2 (The Cricket)

2016-10-26 | 🔗

Hear Mandy Patinkin perform an extraordinary musicological demonstration and a cricket (Tim Robbins) spin the spellbinding tale of Ladislas Koskovsky. Plus, learn the remarkable history of Julian the janitor's famous great-grandfather.

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Featuring John Cameron Mitchell as Mr. Cameron, Julian Koster as the Janitor, and Drew Callander as the Narrator, with Tim Robbins as the Cricket and Mandy Patinkin as Cantor Moishe Lebowitz. 

Written and created by Julian Koster. Co-directed by and developed with Ellie Heyman. Produced by Christy Gressman. Featuring musical composition and arrangement by Thomas Hughes and music by The Music Tapes. 

Full credits: www.orbitinghumancircus.com

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Hi Jeffrey greener here this is episode too, of the eight episode debut season of the orbiting human circus of the air. Your receiving this recording on the welcome to night feed because orbiting human circus is the latest podcast from night fell, presents, but after episode, three, that's it If you want to hear the entire for season of orbiting human circus, go subscribed them I tunes or whatever it is. You get your podcast an eight enjoy the show night begins to fall on Paris, stage at the broadcast ballroom busy preparations for this evening's broadcasts for the orbiting human surface of the air begin, but before we listen. There's one thing. I think you ought to know you'll remember last week seeking forgiveness, the janitor snuck back staged clean hosts John Cameron's dressing room. As the last song of the evening. Please and that music- and this is what I really wanted to tell you what
formed by the orbiting human circus orchestral, a rare african bird that can mimic all forty seven instruments of the orchestra at once. Castro is something of a parisian bigfoot believed only to land where or Rosa rehearsing. Many people claim to have seen them, but one has never been fiddled all recorded yet one was perched in its cage on the stage in full view of the entire studio audience. Beautifully mimicking awoke with no visible strings or wires. Even the stage hands, don't know how it's done It's that way with with that
We take you back to last week in host John Cabins dressing room where the janitor cleans, with greater and greater enthusiasm into even his exuberance, the janitor accidentally Knox, a small, create marked. For Mister Cameron's eyes, only exclamation point off the table. What, if it's spittle, several tiny tomes of sheet music and some bird seed Finally, the door opened and in sneak stagehands shock guiltily starting to light a cigarette kit. Also to draw you out on your ass ever tell it issue are smoking. Wouldn't I won't have you? Let me finish: cleaning cleaning places a rag look about on the floor. Woe look at our crates is that with the bird came in here. Let me see there what Louis he's gonna out his bird works house. I was there. It's gotta, be a robot. Robot, says white stuff.
Ah it's not a robot Snyder robot is pivotal. What do I got here? Suddenly, a commotion out of the hole you can get in the way these matters is any should have spoken out their help her to catch me in here and I'm talking to. You ve gotta. Let me finish: cleaning, ok, But you get me in trouble. I'm gonna break likes. Meanwhile, at home, the listeners sat back and listen to this. Is drew calendar and, on behalf of the whole orbiting human circus, gang we'd like to welcome you to our second episode, good, to see you again and thank our sponsors, Adam tickets and audible use the atom take use the atom tickets apt to buy movie tickets in concessions, invite friends and skipped box office lines. When you use the code, oh h, see it check out you'll get five dollars off your order. Download The free up. That's T o m tickets from the Google Play or Apple Appstore
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a tour date near you and now please sit back and enjoy episode too. That tat, damned thing mouse
May I ask what about continuing series on the format of influence of Judaism on Rock and roll? We give you this. Nineteen twenty one recording by canter boy should leave it with clearly an influence on the sole surrender by popular singing group. Cheap Drake decade later be was then made. May meanwhile, as the broadcast contain high in the shadowy outer warns of the Eiffel tower. Far from the microphones hearing, the sound of a single market in the newly silhouetted figure holding this of Julian janitor, the Eiffel Tower banned from the broadcast ball room for his honor interruptions, follow him as he mops the towers, outer walls and climes higher dangerously high without squealing gear, ropes or scaffolding. To hold you need that stuff than climbing up alive.
With one free and he scales, the tower spilling so be water from the bucket he holds Lily, dropping the mob steamer. He goes higher and higher and higher, like a small animal, climbing a tall tree to escape its pursuers much too high, my god. What's he doing? Has you no fear of heights at all? Is the last thing I M afraid of a pie? you're safe, but still he climbs higher and higher and higher. He climbed the pool he become. Everything looks so beautiful from up here. Saying that can touch you. The janitor leans back on one of the towers utmost girders in visas or as is lost in memory when, as a chair. Stepfather used to be great heights. The claim is: why
tower, we had this water tower. Was the tallest structure in our town in ITALY? Climb up? It needs tape there for hours the first to make him the Paris, I never saw anything like this year. I feel, really knew what he was doing and he has the tossing ever seen in my life. All the things were. I mean I was ten. I ran away to Paris, ten I knew I escaped grandpa. Stage hypnotists, so I snack on a train. I went to the train station. I went into the turnstile I went down and nobody saw me and I I got an. No one of the trains were norms licking and I got under the bench seats I was down there, by everyone's feed, I could see everybody shoes and The changed started moving, but nobody coffee and
I didn't even know I thought about where I was going home. Can either survive, and in the next thing I knew we got in Paris. And yet in Paris there were posters concrete grandfather show everywhere so. I found the theatre is playing a snipe backstage. Well, what happened. He took me home with them and. Hey, listen, he's wonderful apartments. There was red velvet everywhere and in. All these famous people, like actors and actresses like people. I knew I mean from from posters and and and and there always parties and my great cancer men and elegant and
Feed me, like you know, you know how to care for kids, I didn't care, I I mean he forgot that I had to go to school. I never thought about that. I mean he forgot that I had to go to school. I never thought about that way amazing I just wanted to be near sounds He was very special, this one time I was I was in his office and I was hiding he d noise watching him. An you sitting in his desk and he was writing. He started, he had his cigar and his mouth and he started. Blowing these smoke rings, but he wasn't looking at them and they started getting. In bigger and bigger? any still wasn't looking and then Slowly, slowly, starting getting smaller
smaller and smaller, and then without looking, he just lifted up his left hand an extended his finger, any snuck your right through the center of the ring. Any put both of his hands in front of his face and he started a. When he took his hands away, there was a perfect smoke, polar bear, just putting in the middle of the room it was even there is even a plumber, sheep shadow on the carpet. And a jiffy it up and up. Until he reached the ceiling. I wanted to know how to do tat, I want. I just wanted to stay with him. I wanted to. I wanted him to show me how to be a show person. I want
live like those people did, you get to know, The janitor takes his bucket looks down, let the glowing lights of the city far below begins tomorrow. Meanwhile, below in Paris, people gather around their radios who see it as a rule. Something unusual something quite unprecedented is going to happen on the orbital human circus. It's going to happen during the veto presentation. You know the strange story that ends each episode, which all Paris rates for. What's going to happen when all parents is going to have to wait divide up, but I can assure you we saw me a small, enclosed space that looks a lot
Like the janitor pocket or room like space, where a small figure lies, curled fetal position but well and what does an insect up to do The What does an insect because to do with the large presentation must be something because backstage at the broadcast boom. The large take machine which usually plays the future presentation, is still tucked away and stagehands Jacques pays little attention to it. Somebody I'll be left these pies Arbutus days for the next fact. Meanwhile, above that the Tipp of the Eiffel Tower, the janitor means perilously off the side. Mysteriously pauses mopping puts his ear to the metal gooders to listen, If you put your ear up against the merrily here, things our picks up radio signals from all over the world, depending on which girder cure. Listen, the judge
oppresses his ear against the good I listened over here, in sheep each year to the scooter. Here. Listen, electricity. That was your MAC, but by eating cossacks. Ladies and gentlemen, the generous closet, there's not much as we can have a radio is now, ladies and gentlemen, is nearly died for our future presentation. I gotta go where you going down to the show it's almost time and saw the janitor begins a frenzied climb down to the ball, but they won't. Let you look look. It is good to hear my pocket its. Cricket.
Come on, go I'll, explain about late at night after everybody goes on blood clean, the ox cages side, important job is just finishing up and I went to the new orchestra bird cage and it wasn't in there you mean the orchestral, the rare african bird that can mimic all forty seven instruments in the orchestra at once. The orbiting human circuses, one bird banned. It looked everywhere for it and it was anywhere salutes. The like doesn't look, skitter and way is gonna know I did it, but then I heard something and Mr Cameron's off suing job in Cameroon hosted the orbiting human circus, whose dressing room you ve been raided on multiple occasions. You didn't. I had to use dark, turn on light, and there was, through Castro, was standing right over this cricket like he was gonna EDA, but then it was,
Listening, listen, I swear to God. It looked like the cricket was telling your cash draw a story a three year time. Maybe we demonstrated the cricket saw trousers, vibrator, a machine that allows us to hear the cricket song ass. The cricket hears it after the show. I discovered Julian toying with that machine violating a great many rule but for once we're glad he did the machine caught a cricket backstage in mid anecdote. We discovered not only the crickets other greatest storytellers in the world, but why they are when a cricket is caught by a bird he's, always given a chance to tell a story and if it's a good one, that bird will spare that quick,
by a bird he's, always given a chance to tell a story, and if it's a good one and that bird will spare that gets life. So let's bring out the cricket. Ladies and gentlemen, what it meant my hands about the machine, Jack Little cricket up. On the platform you go on now. Ladies and gentlemen, we make radio history crickets, story our feet, presentation of the extraordinary tale of letters, law, Cosgrove Ski ladies and gentlemen, we see what no one else does. What that is, The way we live and amongst them that
cops gear, cops Kuski with a promising young clockmaker who believed it is. An incontrovertible laws of physics clocks would run more accurately counterclockwise and if its clocks were to accurate, in fact who. You own, a clock that runs a different time than all other nobody he cannot afford to eat his whole life is his shop and his shop he's feeling he had to find some way to make people want is clocks but I find it impossible to look through the ceiling of his workshop computing. The voices of the two children live upstairs as if in the room with The children constantly beg for dollars. He knows the parents cannot afford Christmas will come
bring disappointment s derricks. Let us not finds himself gathering small bits of fabric from his wardrobe materials from his workshop and beginning to fashion the children to dollar one for the boy, one girl they would be good to. You will ask only Peace and quiet in written when the heavenly open the door to review, let us not holding presence. There are some that Islam that been the least bit friendly to them, and yet here it merry Christmas. Resolving them. Keep quiet for me, devoting all eye contact, he dumped the packages in their hands and runs away. The batter with curiosity of even the parents cannot be contained. The package's unwrapped immediately how much the children love cannot be measured in words, then
A miracle customers begin coming into the shop as the crew Its voice rings out the caste and crew, listen and chief stage hand. Latisha is so touched that later that night, she tells the story to her downstairs. Nepe lack any into a shop All of a sudden, we also coming form you noise not lag as a people lose to come noises, people say I wearing stylish glue woods and, more importantly, They became buying is clunker andor. They smiled at him in their community. I, like Old Ladys, lie Yeah you're a genius in all these He is lack. Some of them say our failure. Beautiful women, you know ends see, latticed note you back wall.
You know I do like when you have not been with someone for a long time and then this beautiful Bassam community is lagging looking at you. You know he is like all like he's user he's faces on on fire. You know, but these like I'm gonna buy, must have a new suit and I'm going to or by myself new hat and he's gonna make a difference, and I'm gonna go doctors, be by LE I'm going to go to their patty because his one girl she had invited him to disband so he's gonna go you have it set back. Did though he come tamales dark in knock on the door. Andor ers, a butler who opened the door Lenny. I you know, I'm lucky stucco skills gaps. Come come, do about the Andes, looking timetables, Melians she's, like you know, like girl, can have a little doktor, something but said you know she's family at bees, inviting you mean- and he walked into this
amazing back. Do you assess sharp ban? You know onto ties and everything is expert. Colleagues. Sahara like it is all so beautiful. You knows a people, but also so ways a laugh. It is like placed at or something so. This blush on his cheeks is just deeper and deeper. But you know like a beach or something, but it's ok. It's like going from one to whom you know it. Madly issues like this is this: the hormones these hormones are tallow. Sender, you knows it. Doubtless it smell, like her like a whole goddamned is out tab, deeming you known dead midnight with that styles and enlightened social flag land. You know you come back inside an elderly woman you go into is merely there. His cloak of use. The people smiling a team in to see his clock is an ethically whom, like her, I did not know
it was my own. I didn't notice was always where he was going and then suddenly easier for something in the meat is lack coming up like tingling. What is this feeling and his black eyes in hiding in hiding icing? What use is it is in his heart and out of his mouth and. It's a sob. There is something in him like coming up like girl like her, like a border of gaining speed, you know washing dog him and he feared it coming, I'm so his body and just as he come into the big con bore woman. He see his cloak on the other side of the wall. It is like sand laughing at me. They don't like as a clock. They sing,
it is a joke say brought me here to make fun of me and he cannot control the ban and wage these liker pours out over him and threw him in need these rush. In over, like the Wall Ballroom like girl, like this no just just you know like like he is like her like a doorway I flew each Joe Winter, come so hushing these crying on the cap, and making a scene and just like a cannot move like, cause then to the floor. They ask the book, lousy, but lacking he comes everyone's early bid now, as you know, because their lives is sir clanging clockmaker.
On the floor islands they became a bender. There came out because you know they're they're, going to clean up the mess in the carpet an stagehands Jacques tells you to his elderly out from us that night. He smiled. She's all the clocks, he smashes his own prize possession. He takes his, who is little squeak clock the one it goes off in the morning and he can hurled at across the room smash. He takes his grandfather clock, he pushed. Sit down the stairs tumbles it tumbled, tumbled and crack at the bottom right he's just chocolate and everywhere hidden ceiling. You know one of em clashes out the fuckin window. It's unbelievable, like This guy is so pissed off at everybody. Waken up in town. You know the neighbours, the people upstairs, he hurled one. It's MAX against his fuckin plumbing. Here water coming out, it's crazy. This guy's going crazy, so
The here, like a shuddering adores, here's the thing after all that he never came out. And even later that night, Genital Julian tells it took cocoa elderly night watchman at the Eiffel Tower, who counts on the janitors nightly telling of the radio show to help pass his lonely watchman's hours. Instead and after a few weeks, kid started you know saying that it was haunted and they dare each other to go up and upon the window or trying to close the window ass, they could and and and then of course, in all run off and then started me. These sounds late at night, their duties he's crazy sounds like knocking, Bang Really Scary, sounds emu, terrified the people there were living upstairs and all the noise would happen all night and then in daylight. It would stop crying again. When, for weeks. And then one morning.
The sun was rising in the shades on the shop window. Just went up. There was a doll shop nobody could believe their eyes. Kids loved them. It became a sensation. I mean kids, just one of these will be in a shop in the dictator a safe and in paean, warm kids, of them became a sensation. I mean kids just wanted to even be in the shop and if they press their faces up against the window and their breath would fog it up, people lining up for blocks. Now the latest us was there in the middle of it and he found the people that used to come into his shop. Just to keep warm then he's to kick out in India. Any give them dolls for free just as gifts for their kids and end, but he found the people. That used to come into his shop is to keep warm, then he's to kick out in Angola and give them dolls for their kids and under their friends, kids.
You got to enlighten us, I think the most famous person in Bucharest but not small story, does not end there in then at all, but I'll get to that in a moment. As we all heard, live on the air one morning flock of scotch whisky disappear, both he and his dark shop. Without it, train. All Romania wanted to know what happen to let us law cost ascii, but he's not. What had happened to. Let us law costs costs. It is what he had done. On every door he had created. There was hidden the tiny catch. This catch was protected by a thin layer of varnish which, lovingly handled would wear off in no less than a year. The exam
same amount of time. It would take for a child to bomb with their doll completely. Then, the first time the child was dropped, the dog please sit down roughly the catch would trigger and set in motion a mechanism Let me I can see would replace the original face with another lay hidden inside, the same faith but with a new expression, A horrific expression of hatred, such pain, such a monstrous mortal accusation, but traumatized the child who loved it for the rest of their lives for their dolly turning to them now hideous with pain. I thought we'd better Let us love with hatred. None at all, to fill the dreams of the children, s books with nightmare. To last a lifetime and once
faces at Jane the mechanism with luck, for no one will know how it happened. Only the horror it produced.
And so what story went no further, because those stage and job chief stage under to end our genital Julian all thought it was a good story. There was one key member of our cast, who did not, which will become increasingly apparent in just a moment as the states, its cage just up a cricket who abandoning the story sketches off with a bird in hot pursuit and the janitor dashing madly close behind you look like you say you make your kids to play the enemy s through does begin to play the music chasing the frigate being chased by the janitor, rounded disease circles we do need next week will faithfully referred cricket will continue his story casting from the top of the tower the inhuman circuits wishes
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