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The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air): Season One, Episode 3

2016-11-09 | 🔗

Will the famed storytelling cricket (Tim Robbins) return? Plus, Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis perform Shakespeare as you’ve never heard it and the janitor pushes host John Cameron to the very brink.

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Featuring John Cameron Mitchell as Mr. Cameron, Julian Koster as the Janitor, and Drew Callander as the Narrator, with Tim Robbins as the Cricket, Charlie Day as Macbeth, and Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Lady Macbeth, and the Alicia Svigals Klezmer Ensemble featuring the late Evan Harlan (Julian's uncle) on accordion and North the Singing Saw.

Written and created by Julian Koster. Co-directed by and developed with Ellie Heyman. Produced by Christy Gressman. Featuring musical composition and arrangement by Thomas Hughes and music by The Music Tapes.

Full credits: www.orbitinghumancircus.com

Part of the Night Vale Presents network: www.nightvalepresents.com




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Hi, it's terrific greener. This is episode three of orbiting human circus. It's the last episode of this new podcast will be playing here on the welcome tonight veil feed, but it is not the last episode of the podcast. If you want to hear all future episodes of the orbiting human circus make sure you go subscribed to their feed directly on Itunes or wherever it is. You get your podcast we at night, they'll presents have been over the moon about this show. That's a matter. There's no such thing as a moon, the music, the acting in the wonderfully unique stories and unpredictable paths. It takes have been everything we could, one out of a podcast which why were so proud to presented to you. It's been a welcome addition to our pod cast family. We hope you feel the same way. If you do then don't forget to subscribe directly to the orbiting human circus of the air thanks and now, let's start to show
Some time last week, stagehands Jacques, confronts: why have this conversation in the backstage? Now I dont even tell you about this caught that janitor kid backstage what the kid band yet one, there was bad during the show he's backstage I'm come out for a cigarette. I see him cited now he get backing up. That's the thing out secure own. I have us I mean they're so about the drama. Right neuroscience is high. If you let me Stay I'll tell you what determined that the acts wrong for its volume, foolish annual aid, and that was a horrible that was a hobby. That's exactly what I say I, what is so ten minutes right, come back to him and I go awry kid time to pay up was the secret right. He won't, oh me yeah, so pushed him around a bit. Tough guy Top of anyone here here know that a lot the already rather bullet in Ireland right forget this year. He goes
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Castro started off with its version of bodies, but no book in my board by half
nor the incredible singing and, as the oldest hardware saw, sees its middle hot out. The UN's actionable restaurants beside the sin, I'm so glad that guest on, but on the radio Donna you know everybody is talking about that store. The cricket was ten cricket, jarring. Listening in the Beagle bakeries of Brooklyn craziest thing, the graveyard stone us crazy wording. I think than usual. Sweeps down in attacks are just like listening in the taxicab of linen grab. Groups were bodes as losers, though, that and at the switchboard up the perpetual broadcasting corporation itself. They are listened to about half way. I tell their names on the container perpetual brought having written, I'm very sorry, but no limit Orang raise yet beside the stage. We see all host John Common in the final throes of exhaustion,
janitor himself, standing despondently beside him and what's this in the janitors hands. A good sized casket, carefully made out of toothpicks lined with cotton balls. But what happened. We take you. Four a m this morning. The janitor wonders the empty passageways of the Eiffel Tower death. Thirdly, in search of the cricket Are you ok and soon to host John Cameron, who his normally immaculate shoot dirty and crumpled staggers dangerously close to the towers out or wriggling. It's you, Mr Cameron. What are you doing here, Mr Cameron? What are you doing here? It's late in trying to find out. You lost. So sorry. I thought, the cage. I didn't know your Castro is gonna get out. Do you know what I had to earlier pump the are cast stomach
cricket wasn't in their wider interests, what happened to my life? What are these, I have no idea where they come from. Everybody wants to know if the real idea- maybe no- this- is real. Maybe just having a slogan, we break the janitor his eyes wide at what happens when you base your life on lies when you take credit for something yet How does that wasn't even an act today at the shop at this, the prisoner was, it happened to me looked everywhere. There is always something waiting for me: everybody now the truth that I saw you in the cricket, I thought my God and ACT. I've been saved saved, I'm ruined, What do want to help? You me, you understand you but John you're not part of the show of finally cricket ever come near me. All my shall I
I know how you find the ass push me off the tower. Just push me: Just stay right here by the edge with my eyes, closed. Ok, Mr Cameron, horrified by his words affect the janitor tentatively I hadn't on John Cabin should I mean I mean I know how anyone can find acts like that How will saw that? How you look at things like taken tat, see mouse, for instance, guest S if you see a mouse. And you and you look at it like you- want to hit it with a broom. Are you scared as diseases? It was just run away from you But if you love it, you keep really still. It'll come right up to you. How is he gonna find out of a mouse? Can tap dance good to you? Can work independently, Thank you get away from it get away.
Bacteria. The janitor continues to search, but it's hopeless. Finding one lost cricket in the whole of the Eiffel Tower he studies three inch of the floor, examining every piece of Lynde growing, more and more depressed, please, Sunrise, the morning mail is delivered at the base of the Eiffel tower. John Cameron, sleeps draped over an observatory telescope on top observers, and suddenly he startled Mister Kara. There is over there by the boxes, accused him down here. What's the cricket over there before I give it up, and there was the cricket, you're sure that's the one: yes, how some sugar his fears that the Castro, thank God misgivings.
Oh hello, Jacques you'll, never believe it hundred bags and mail. Just right, you all about TAT cricket. I bet he's just about most famous cricket on the er. Yes, I imagine is jerk here's a great with the letters we don't know all leading to the present moment where our host John Cameron stands. Holding the tiny toothpick casket glancing woefully from it to a large group of espionage, is key. Students seemingly to perform William Shakespeare is immortal Macbeth
that was the opening human circus orchestral featuring nor the singing saw. Ladies and gentlemen, I know many of you are here tonight in the hope of seeing a certain cricket. However, however, it is important to remember in times like these, with our flashy modern entertainments like tap dancing, my singing saws and yes story, cricket it's important to due to the high all. That is the genesis of all. The graces, the modern stage, the immortal classics. Ladies and gentlemen, the way for the superficial diversions of the now we present to you our performance of Shakespeare, S, fish play. We do put your hands together for a play, which is sure to turn your after entity is
we gave you MAC bad Macbeth, ladies and gentlemen, MAC Ban. When so who took part in the audience. They are not listening. The word cricket whispered, in course, throughout the house and fancy cafes beside the sin? They are not listening, With all these build up, I'm sorry you're not going to run. I didn't think you'd find that Cricket Derbyshire demanding lilies in stagehands lounge behind the broadcast ballroom. They are not listening. Ok if they hired Pierre. I need you stage left shock. I need you station its and I would seem to get Miss Algeria and even in his seat. Beside the stage John Cameron host is not listening.
And drift shall be done, a deed of dreadful, much to be done. I've I've done the day. Did this. I've done the deed. It does now. Not Pincher a showmanship. He What's this like a dog, men pincher of showmanship. He is John snaps to attention. What was lady Macbeth seeing is parts for less trees. Greedy, greedy greedy and why? What she straddling a mechanical boy? What was this sum? Horrid, modernist deconstruction good law, not on his watch ass, a blank. Include good, my island, so not me goes I'm
The good my eyelids crazy do is bright shape. Twenty two I was Lady Macbeth, suddenly being played by his aged and annoying and held it really and wash the pre interact from your gnostics, those on the lines and got himself Morty the mechanic from the garage down the block and his smacking a newborn babies, his well so wise to kiss it, and even I screamed cause all I have all pace: green greedy, pastries, Gimme, your mustache. And at last the dream grows. Peaceful and John relaxes and watch
tiny Macbeth bubbles rift all around his weary when suddenly a tap on his shoulder. Mr Galvin way, wake up was John Cameron weeks in his seat, beside the stage on which he hears Macbeth being played correctly among the janitor yelling and gesticulating wildly the cricket. I was all about barium and an attack on the casket opened, and he sat up and started. Chirping he's right here in my hand, look what was a bright, yellow machine hotel himself for Mr Cameron, when I saw all those beautiful that has all of those nice people wrote, I fainted away my God, then I came to in the beautiful bird prove bed you made for me out of toothpicks, lined with cotton balls. It forced the nice thing, anyone who has ever done from now. Well. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have not slept so
Clearly, in a very long time, my god, it's a miracle, a modern radio miracle, John Cameron, hugs the janitor and he huh the little cricket. One thing I must school when the radio broadcasts is over me. I keep the bird proof bed with the compliments of the virtual Broadcasting Corporation John Cameron, turns and Russia's onto the stage where Macbeth continues tomorrow. Tonight. We bring you a small neat little introduction.
That's right what about occurred on think think. Think and soon we can begin to tell the shocking conclusion of the story. The whole world was waiting for. We return without cricket and our feet presentation. Hello listeners, special hello from our sponsor Hallo fresh. If you Like me, you live in a tiny box. No I'm not talking My vampire coffin, I'm talking about my apartment in Brooklyn, have room for lots of fruits and values that I probably won't get around a cooking. But that's what's great about hello, fresh.
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Thanks again to our sponsor Rocket mortgage rocket mortgage brings its own traditional mortgage processed. All you and traditional listeners with a fast, easy incompletely online process check out rocket mortgage today at Quicken loans, dot com. Slash, oh h, see that's a wage C4 orbiting human circus. And now we return you to our cricket and the conclusion of our future presentation. I think, and soon we can begin to tell the shocking conclusion of the story. The whole world was waiting for that, Of love, this law genius clockmaker, who realized the clocks, run more accurately counterclockwise, but whose clocks. What wanted who
hungry and broke could not work for the noise of the poor children upstairs constantly begging their parents for dolls and who found himself suddenly making from scraps two dogs, which he gave the children, to their absolute delight, and as soon as this act of kindness was done, it seemed ass, though a miracle happened. His counter club eyes? Clocks suddenly became popular as a Jew. It broke his heart, and he smashed his clocks and closed up his shop. Never came out, but then months later the shutters on his windows. Suddenly went up. Revealing a wondrous doll, stalls spread all overbook rest until one day he disappeared because This is what he had done on
Every doll was hidden, a tiny catch beneath a layer of varnish that would rub off in a year's time. This catch once exposed trigger when bumped cause the dolls facial expression to change forever to a look of such hatred, such hideous pain and violet would give the children are progressing nightmares to last a lifetime and what happened? I give you our cricket on me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, but brutally attacked Telling the story of let us law cops Kuski. His fill all Bucharest with his horrible dolls. And so he has to run away before the first catch is problem displeased Paris. He turns out. He ends up on street here at last. Let us all fields,
At least he thinks a man who had done what he has done deserves to be frozen, deserve to die slowly and here at last he would, but he does not tie quick. Surely his constitution proved surprisingly robust, and so he lives. Wishing to die nearly every moment. Let us law lives and lives, and then one night he has a dream, Little girl looked with a look of love such as no one. Little girl is his. Feeling It was a look of love as no one has given him in all his life. It's feeling. He saw he is.
But then he realizes the little girl. Holding one of his dog,. He sees the face, hasn't changed yet, but the varnish its rubbed away, the cat, It was spring any moment he struggles. We gotta get tremor, cannot reach. It And time become quickly and that it happens, here's the catch strike him runs. He turned his eyes to the doll, but the dolls face as switched, The girls have. And her paper switched visitor, Any human ask of pure exit Charles hatred, Canada, cruelty. Flowers, cruelty if you have everything everything he has ever loved in the world, has been snatched away from him, never to be given back off goes code, so that Islamic sunk in the active
and let loose a scream of such horror. It is heard that, like on both banks of the river He walks Ripetta streets that night, like a ghost, Caution things on the he wants to be beaten, to be punished, to return to Romania and take all of them that would come be sent to prison and hated by everyone. On the journey home when he reaches Bucharest, on the journey home It makes it all the way across the city. And no one noticed his terrified
So afraid the time has come, he reaches the door, he manage it, much too loud, the turning of the donor, promoting the picking up the hinges, the opening the opening of the door and then the face peering out at him. It was the money and then. The turning of the donor, promoting a pinch of the open. And then the pay. Peering out at him? It was the money Upon his face. Coffee what's become a in her voice was concerned. Come in come in, she takes his hand region inside, It's not a slot kafkaesque of course, and then,
shook here. They set him down drinking water and then the little girl appears, Veronica? It's? The men are major Dolly. I know who is me: everybody does Let us look at the doll clutched the little girls thinkers and sees the doll sweet face, and it's just as it was unchanged but he could see the varnish has rubbed off and the tiny catch exposed waiting to trigger the girl. Looks so like the girl in his game. Panic, He waited for the doll. But History is able to touch the dog. He paused a hundred or so hard. Don't forget to cape, expecting it to take He buried her doll in his chest to shield the girls from a change, but still He has no click. The face did not change. Amazed, Get back on the floor twice more, just as he still it does not open.
If you look at it previously, man, he realized this catch would not open, could not open. It. Wasn't me. A further meeting too long, to beg for its opening. It could never be struck, they give him food and by not, if I could barely talk his mind swimming, he stumbles out of the house, and he brings himself to the next house. In the house after house he finds the same reaction: the sable treatment, the catches had not opened, they all be made too long each and every last one In each house he has given a heroes, welcome the children looked at him with reverence and the parents treat him under the member of the family. He fine, that in Romania I consider it a great men, his door
a national treasure but one can be played with to be passed down, from generation to generation despite this measure that he mocked the time of childhood for an entire country. So what had let us law done, he had not brought nightmares, children of Romania. He was a man who lay, for an important appointment loses his keys and such as for the motley. When all all the time. They were right there in front of his nose How often in those cases is the point them could not one on which It really wish to come he said that he does not time. Children in Romania, where his children his door. Leaving him in their hundreds and better
a deep inside from gone forever and smothered by a vestige of love. Was all the pain and frustration of a man who had been a great failure and rejected with no idea at all of the hero. He would become.
The Eiffel Tower real living human circles. We think well, that's it for this week, ladies and gentlemen, I'm John Cameron and broadcasting from the top of the Eiffel Tower the orbiting human circus wishes you good night.
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