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2018-07-13 | 🔗

This is the Summer of Night Vale Presents, a celebration and sampling of some of the shows across our network. This week, we hear from two of our newest fiction shows, Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast and It Makes A Sound. Plus, an update on Within the Wires Season 3.

Within the Wires returns on September 4. Each season tells a new story in the same world, using a single set of found audio. Season One is a prison break / romance told entirely through relaxation tapes. Season Two is the mystery of a missing woman told through a decade’s worth of museum audio guides. Season Three, coming this September, is a political thriller told through dictaphone recordings to a secretary.

Pounded In The Butt By My Own Podcast is our collaboration with celebrated author Chuck Tingle. Chuck’s short stories have entertained and aroused readers across the world, and we are excited to bring his stories to life with performances by celebrity guests like Cecil Baldwin, Mara Wilson, and Becca Blackwell. Whether you’re new to the Tingleverse or have lived there for years, this is the podcast about love that you never knew you needed. It Makes A Sound is the story of a woman named Deirdre who finds a cassette tape from 1992 in her attic. What follows is a surprising story about family, memory, and music that goes places that you don’t expect. Join her quest to make Rosemary Hills come back to life with the sound of music.

Find out more about these shows, and all of the shows on our network, by visiting nightvalepresents.com.

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I Jeffrey Kramer here in your mind, welcome back to the summer of night fell, presents a celebration and sampling of some podcast. We ll so much we made about gas network before we, it started. You should know that some of the material in this particular episode is not for kids. This week, we'll be listening to pounded in the but by my own podcast, and It makes a sound two, totally different and unique fiction. Podcast but I also wanted to tell you about my other podcast, the one that is not welcome. Tonight. Veil eat is called within the wires season, my co writer Janina Matthewson and I tell a story entirely from a single set of found, audio In season one, we had a prison break, slash romance told entirely through relaxation tapes, seas. The mystery of a missing woman, told through a decades worth of museum, audio guides and season three
three coming this September will be a political thriller told through the phone recordings to a secretary, here's a short clip, season. Two featuring Inimitable room today we oughta. Two thousand one knife and ensued count, Yeah well on canvas nineteen. Sixty two. It is one of her most discussed and debated works and is one of the collection of paintings that shifted her Korea from successful artist. To celebrity as much a celebrity is a painter can be while still alive. Of course,.
The painting sold sought peace in nineteen sixty nine for nearly one million pounds and his own loan to this exhibit many critics admire the gentle crafty hand work here. Notice, the thin strokes of orange and Pink creating the sunny glare on that matter a tailor. Neely exposes the texture of the canvas with such thin passes. The brush it looks, Most like water colours rather than oil and its than the rest of her painting lean closely to the left side. See this remark about detail. What is exposed? What is vulnerable. I notice that the tit jealous sword is not visible here, but just passed. The trend too much it, you can see a merely empty garden.
The grass is mangy, and even but water. PS, enlarge, blotch unusable dirt is actually MT the soul. If this works title has been buried in the guard. This paint Premier did the Berkshire Museum with attendant was living at the time as a resident artist in the United States, a genoese home now is in coal, said large house somewhere along the road to disrepair. Sitting alone on an island, some distance from the mainland, my first few visits to calm cloudy and I had tea, two cafe called Joyance name for shock menus sword. We were served, sandwiches and scorned, and in the back there was a small got with spots grass and a small insipid vegetable plot.
The tomato plant was the only thing that really well there, but often the squirrels told them just as they reached maturity. The owner of joy is petite figured man named Jennifer who wore hung his hand made rent the care of the opinion that sword just above the door. The opinion, the just above the doorway to the gardener here in the back. He had used a wood base. A million the near it was pulled slightly from the sheath, which was emblazoned with large jewels that They seemed real at all, but a stunning in their own right in this painting. Look closely the upturned soil in the garden in May
in China Money a sword. Imagine it now buried in the God, and this painting examined the added spire about vines. The drooping and bear stalks fully reveal, but possibly beauty not yet those rendition. How will you be remembered? Adriano does not Expect you is to know about the now defunct, Joy's cafe and Comal in Weston Road Peppertree Sunday expects to you is to understand it. If the title says there is a sword in the painting, then that is I sought in the painting, and it is your job to find it, the guy, the joyous and even the sword to which it refers with clear influences. On But you know seminal masterpiece and the longer I have looked at this painting the more. I wonder if the sword is buried in the ground.
On the line tribute to our post reckoning, international order of peace or perhaps tell us vice interview and love. Of subtle, symbolic critiques. Perhaps the sword has been dug up look closely at the moment. The aim of the bound could suggest a burial of weaponry, in the oblong black patch toward the top see this Just a whole rather than a heap, the sword is missing. And, as you know, does not know where it is. To be with themselves hoped it do you do you how the sword.
Painting one oh to Morrow, play summer afternoon, nineteen sixty five a painting of a crowded food market noticed the as both the slim on the merchants, the apple then do in the lower right as an opt elbow that never quite reaches appoint her knees and Daily S shaped you can see, the ocean over the tent. In the background, many books, refer to the scene as Saint Ives. This is likely Plymouth I recognise that deal from my brief time. Living near there Perhaps I am wrong, Why we make art topic. Remember more beautifully, not more clearly. Painting one o three state power: Eighteen, sixty eight
it is a painting of a black swing, nine state power on a black background. The audacity of this painting, irritated many older artists, as it looks. Like a photo in an office supply catalogue, look closely at. Black of the state, blue and black of the background, is all darkness the same. How absent is light in the absence of light. I turn on the surface is displaying her technical skills. It is both a graphic quantity in every way it looks like almost an advertisement here on the Ulster Museum WAR, Patsy I was making a comment on the common tree of the pop out and it meant but mess they should simply showing off a technique shows quite prolific in her aunt, and there are good
as you can see here in Belfast, but in her mind most three of bomb mastery of that, but in my mind and artists, always do more in Como there cliffs, overlooking the sea at home. A tide. I would take off my clothes and dived attend to dive with me, but she couldn't do it. These beautiful, cliff Claudia to dive with me, but she couldn't do it. These beautiful cliffs along an endless cool, see scene. She could paint and did, but not when she could try explore for fear of what not height, she did not flinch, bending over the ditch, not water, she swam regularly. When you go down to the shore, I always wanted her to
jump to plunge too pain or embarrassment, to feel Thirdly, the glory of this rare nature to paint something truly epic busy tool, complex masterful to make more astonishing what was already astonishing to free he fall into the basket. That contains both wilderness and tranquillity. But when Eyes were on Claudia. She D moved he believed in frightful, conspiracies and intimidated power broke up the new society but when the world looked at her for commentary She sometimes just wanted to paint state purse been so much talk about at him recently so much speculation, people say she's disappeared ridiculous to me.
Several close, sometimes we need to be the world, is our inspiration Schaub, also a dangerous distraction is or likely her, so called disappearance is not a disappearance at all, but an absence. I etas a time spent away from the pressures of celebrity to rethink our artistry. Look closely at the swing line logo in the painting. What does it mean to be convinced? to buy something to listen to the full season, go to within the wires dot com or search for the show in your favorite podcast up now. Let us talk about pounded in the, but by my own podcast, our new fiction podcast by Doc. Their chuck tingle. If you ve been on the internet before you ve, probably heard of Chuck tingle
His stories, like I'm gone, For my living billionaire jet plain and seduced by Doktor Bigfoot attorney at large- and this American, but hosted by irish ass, have detained and aroused readers across the world. Pounded in by my own podcast features, celebrity guess performing. These amazing tailors and is hosted by truck tingle himself. This is truly the podcast about love but you never knew you needed, but she did in this. Europe. We're going to hear my brother, my brother and means Justin Mcelroy read from slammed in the but by my handsome laundry detergent pod,
and between game proven
greetings mockeries. This is doctor chalk tangle world's greatest author. As my name of chalk, I get to talk and love of a gang time, but maybe it would be nice to spend a moment and have true moments and half talk and what tat means for love to be real. Well now I will tell you this way: energy. Now that every time you try to the store jasmine surrounding business, you made a whole errors races because there is a version of time or you try to the store and one where you stay home by their all kinds of ways to drop to the store. One way would be a modern trod, maybe two steps forward and then clap and then a playful loud and that's lie to the laughter, then bow and repeat, and take it to the store already do. A traditional trot lack classic wave three steps forward, clap one time for every way. You are thankful and then one step back and then repeat point is: you are making a lot of dying choices all the time in these choices, creating its own time line while Bud timelines where eyes, our legal, our time lands where oceans are named after famous, but there is even a timeline. Barmaid name of chaining Tatum is not the world's most handsome activity is the world's most handsome male man. There are so many different layers of reality. They have different rules at all change like a game, a baseball with a bird who is not very good. He says he gets a swing era buddy there. The only get three and then getting an hour here, so that happens to you on these other timelines. As this really you over and have our world only a little bit but dont be scared. That's just your reversed. When sometimes they are nice, but sometimes they come here and I steal your bones. In recent times I have learnt a heavy rivers twin name of Justice Miguel Roy so far he is not trying to steal my bones. I'm still worried our men. I have lost my windows uptight along a verse, twins, nicotine and turning me into a boundless man, but it is important to understand your averse twin and learned that they can be very kind. So this episode is part of rivers, tween friendship programme, and that is very important. How mosebach ruse can reach out to their reverse twins in this way and say: hey I heard me, you sound like me: buddy made many LE three books together and get hard in a normal way. Now please enjoy my reverse twin from a distant reality. Name of Justin Miguel Roy are eating slammed in abide by my handsome laundry detergent. Pod.
Hello, my name is just an Mcelroy avi reading, face selection slant in the bud by my handsome laundry detergent pod to my wife, Sidney is here, fellow Sidney. I She is not her. This is put before, nor why so I did I too share it with her That's a married couples. Do what I read. Mrs slammed, in the but by my handsome laundry detergent pod by truck tingle. If there's one thing that I can't stand its being late and when you're sitting behind the wheel of a car as fast as this one, you ve really got. No excuse imply, the beautiful Arizona desert, the open road sprawling out before me. As far as I can see, and yet I dont have any time to appreciate this gorgeous landscape for myself.
Normally, this little stretch of highway would be covered in exotic cars on their way to the big show, and if I would have made this drive little earlier in the day, that would have been the case. A fortunate thing I got caught up in LOS Angeles and ended up stuck behind a forlorn pile up sitting for hours, while the police cleared a bath. by the time I finally got out of there. I knew that I'd probably not make it to the show before check in time, but I still have to try plenty of people would see me hauling through the desert like this and say that it's not worth it complained. The danger of my incredible speed is way too high when compared to the brief enjoyment I'll get from showing off my ride to other auto fans. Why completely understand this complaint with the logical side of my brain? The emotional side thinks otherwise. These people never experienced the thrill of having their hard work and sweat put on display the hood popped open, while men and women stroll Bind Gaze lovingly inside full, to come to these honour shows no their stuff, while the
Sumptuous may seem average to some random citizen pull off the street? A real car lover we'll know just how much care I've put into my selections not some loser either, which I matches the first thing. One might think when they realise just how much time I put into my car, this is extension of lacking self esteem. This is an artistic expression of myself. My car is my canvas and right now that canvas is pushing a hundred miles per hour, already pre intense stuff Obviously my ride can go much faster than this if I wanted to, but the first the auto show. His role in the town for the weekend means the highway patrol is out full force, sure I'd still ticket foregoing a hundred, but I can only imagine what they do to me. If I stacked another eighty miles an hour, helicopters were still the clock is ticking.
My foot down on the gas pedal even farther, barely crossing over the threshold and a triple digits? As I scanned the horizon Fraser life? Eventually, I spot the bright shining Glinda various park, daughters coming into view questing over the horizon. Like the parking lot of my dreams, I sleep who down a bit, then glanced the dashboard clock. Britain, five relief, as I realise that I've made it on time for checking of where's. The desert is so vast out here it takes forever to actually arrive, even though I ve already seen my destination once get there. I pull my car up to the chicken booth and climb out strolling confidently over to the partial officials. I say offering my hand for a firm, handshake Greg Henderson just Jackie my car and for the show, my Registration number is sixty four. Seventy two zero. I can give myself. Conover burly
filigree Henderson's come a burly did in a car cm the man standing before me with the clipboard his hand as a meet. My gaze, I speak to him instead, staring ask me with an expression of confused disappointment. I finally turn around the sea would so interesting, Then I swiftly realise that my vehicle, currently far from show condition? Oh God, We are seeing now the once beautiful share red Finnish has: covered and Kate, with mud higher thing is splatter from top to bottom. Thanks to my excessive speeding with third and scooby and every nook and cranny of the once beautifully immaculate vehicle. Well I'll check in? Because you got all your paper work here and you made the of time the men with clipboard in ounces,
but you're gonna wanna get the thing more shove with a shoe starch in two hours and not frantically. Thank you. I'll get cleaned up right away the man with the clipboard not towards a nearby hose pull up over their givers of washed out without another word. I climb back in my car and drive it over the water station by now everyone else's spruced, if the rise in the sexual is completely empty, but it quickly is apparent that most of the supplies have been thoroughly rate at all. Excuse me where's the soap. I call out to a woman strolling by Shakes her head clearly confused, but my question
I realize now that I have little to work with, but I'm committed describing as long as it takes. I turn on the fast start to spray down my vehicle, but my horror, the dirt and mud, only seems to take on even more instead of running down the side of my card dropping out of the ground, these mineral swirled, together in a mess of brown and TAN, only adding to the state of disorder. Someone calls out behind me causing me to turn off the faucet spin around
where'd he did know who was with such a distinct voice is very clearly the same man you're the man with the clipboard standing with great concern on this face. He motions for me to approach, and I do is- instructed walking up close the man lowered his voice, I'm not supposed to handle proud everyone here, because the show is technically a competition. You seem like a good guy. He offers you're, not gonna, get a car clean here, but if we ended up the road vehicles bid, you'll find a secret car wash honestly suppressed. Who stayed you got two hours before the show starts plenty of time for car larceny fear the best of the best Seeger Car wash the state. I stare back the man with the clipboard income, please shock blown away by his kindness. Thank you so much. I gush then hurry over to my car and jump in
I start the thing up and take off where the man and motion for a single lane road, the lines up, the nearby hills, spin, twenty minutes or so and eyes still no sign of this mysterious car wash. I don't want to allow the creeping dread into my mind, but whether passing moment, I begin to wonder even more of this whole thing has been some kind of elaborate prank away to punish the late guy and teach molest about car shoe etiquette. So suddenly, however, my prayers or answered my vehicle rounds sharp corner to reveal a small in conspicuous car. Wash I pull in slow down to crawl scanning the building for any signs of life. I rolled out my window, hello, I call on is anyone here. I need an emergency, wash no response, plurality back the structure and find an entrance for the wash, but it appears the thing is even turn on just by luck. There, a voice suddenly rings out from out of nowhere comes a strangely dressed man rap from head to toe in a long dark coat that cannot possibly be comfortable in this desert heat atop his head, a why brimmed hat that covers most of his face, which is even further obscured by a pair of dark sunglasses
I heard you know how to get things clean. I tell the strange man, the figure nods I sure do you down at the car show today are not well, then the man continued, let's get you sparkling? Shall we the figure Saunders over the side of the car wash structure and it's a few switch is causing the o the building to immediately come roaring to life. Suddenly there all kinds of mops rolling, suds pumping churning beautifully together as they back in my car forward. Should I just pull him. I question the mysterious man not just drive on through and I'll give you a hand wash for details. On the other end. Thank you so much. I guess how much do I owe you? The figure stands in silence for a moment is appalling, something over. Finally, he speaks for you free. He tells me
Oh! No! I offer shaking my head boat. Is I can't I don't need a lot of visitors to music figure it nice to have some company. That's even more reason to pay you a counter. You gotta go! this place open your a lifesaver ethical bought a cash out of my wallet thrust it towards a man who pushed away no, Thank you. He refuses to finally give up not for a final out of acceptance before slowly play up to the edge of a car, wash a carefully drive up out of the conveyor belt and before I know at my car is being hose down by variety gate by I can a powerful cleaning chemicals by the time I roll out. On the other side, it's looking absolutely incredible. Over and climb out of my car checking for myself Are you don't mess around here? I gosh. There's little amazing You ain't seen nothing yet serious figure tells me immediately the cloak
kneeled down next to the wheels and give the scrub away thou gas with his hands. I look on and shock as he works not only impressed by. As diligent but confused by the fact that appears. This man is using no soap other than the chemicals that appear to be emanating from within his hands come to think of it. The hands themselves, a rather strange, not the shade of any earthly skin tones but bright was swirls of red and blue. The figure notices me looking and suddenly pulls his hands back into his co. Clearly frightened. Oh no, I burned I'm sorry! I didn't mean to stare I'll finish, the mysterious figure, announces standing up again and stepping back obviously he's not being completely forthcoming at the moment. After all, only one of the four hubcaps has been scrub down. It's! Ok, I tell him whenever secret, you're, hiding I dont care I can see. Man's body language, often about even under all those clothing layers,
Your passion is incredible. I continue I can tell that you love the clean and I admire that- I dont know what about you, but I do know. Your talent is very, very impressive. have to hide from me slowly. Carefully. The mysterious figure begins to slip out of his clothes to reveal the muscular body. recognize him immediately. A massive since in part of laundry detergent. In this swirling primary colors of blue and read That must feel a lot better than wearing a huge code in the hot sun, the living laundry pod shakes his, the living longer pod shakes head. It says Jake's head, but I'm sure that's not right, the living longer pod shakes his head from side to side LE nowhere hell. Why stop at cop I have no idea. What are you hiding from the content,
you're an incredible cleaner. You should be working at some big city car wash not out here in the middle of nowhere hell. Why? but car you were made for laundry Nobody laundromat d pod takes a deep breath. and let it out slowly. You. Have no idea do you. No idea about what not really confused my people Andrey parts, The sentient cleaning tool says we're in great danger. People have been eating, left and right. There are not many left. What I blocked eating you, the launch about not serious. I continue struggling grab my around this. Why? the launch of cod shrugs. I dont know I wish I could make sense of it, but I can't anyway, all that started, I was forced to go into hiding.
I'm suddenly overwhelmed with sorrow, anger and frustration on behalf of this beautiful red and blue pod he was made to be a cleaner and now he's being forced into a world gone mad. his entire life entire purposes been turned upside down, At the same time, I can't help but be impressed by his commitment to his craft in the face. All this adversity, the detergent, It is still out here doing what he loves and doing it well to be honest quite attractive. I won't tell anyone Europe here, I sure, am and I am certainly not gonna you. What's your name tying our bra, the territory of hot offers. Nice to meet you. I'm Gregg, I informed the sentient cleaning tool quickly gets back to work of an ex hubcap crouching down in front of it and rubbing his hands vigorously across the shining metallic surface.
The longer I watch him work, the more turned on again, I'm completely intoxicated by time. Its tone body, the way that his muscles ripple with every little movement. When, russian pod finally finishes he walks over to me flash the boyish smile. I'll finished, he says, thank you, I replied staring intently at times deep blue eyes. Some The cleaning tools, expression, changes, This point was entirely sure of the tension. I'd be feeling between us was one sided, but somehow this exchange makes it perfectly clear that the feeling is mutual, my heart pounding and that's where we're going to enact clip, tell us into the hall let pursued and many more steamy an erotic tales, including stories read by Cecil Baldwin, symphony sanders and Moral Wilson check
pounded in the, but by my own podcast, dot, com or search for the show oh in your favorite podcast up next we're going to hear it makes a sound, a surprising and food. Fiction, podcast that debuted on our network last fall. It makes us Ireland is about a woman named Deirdre who finds a cassette tape from nineteen ninety two in her attic. It's also a story about memory and family and the music and truly go places that you wouldn't expect you you know the direction this podcast is going, but you don't. I won't tell, much more instead lead jump into the middle of the story and listen to episode. Five titled press play
when a tree funds in a forest and no one's around to hear it. It makes ladies and gentlemen, of Rosemary hills. Today is a really big day. This is your show. I mean this is my show I M her host Deirdre Gardner- and this is my show- it makes a sound hello just weeks ago, a cassette tape was recovered from a dusty attic in a suburban townhouse, a tape that contains the first public concert of our hometown genius, whim, Pharaoh's and today, at long last,
We have located a boom box from which we can play that tape. I'm is everybody shaking with excited by the music ass man. That's right! We are here for the music That's why listeners we are all here together for this, very special event. I have assembled a studio audience here in the attic. A lot each chosen few here, to wit first hand: the playing of the tape Mama's. Here I don't know about that, say hello, hello MA and my mom. he's right this is a boom box and it has a cassette tape, player Hallelujah. I risk my life for this and also we have Coty Ellwood son every hour. Nobody held him, it's hyphenated, I'm sorry. It's hyphenated coding. home with me, because treasure was suddenly called into work. I wanted to be with my box and I'd like to introduce to you rod reader
man's new partners who has just started work this week and how he for him that he is press with us today of all days. We welcome you like rod, oh yeah. Now he and I were in the Rainbow Boujean goop. Usually that's right and you can say allured below that. poor flower for rosemary. Today the code is cracked. The gates opened and that which was foretold will be told and we are ready to make rosemary hills. Listen again today live in real time we will insert the cassette tape into the cassette tape later today will press play and sounds will be made on in makes a sound, I'm your host Deirdre gardener, and this this is the moment we ve been waiting, for. It seems very special, very symbolic that this.
Little audience gathered here around the boom box what's gather around the room, but can you mom we all represent different shades of listener, who need when Ferris is music in their lives. Coty the you of our rosemary hills. Cody told me today at his home during the last episode just about an hour ago that he didn't like me, as I know, I think that's going to change today. The day the music lived Cody could you can stand more across from a little more to the other lifelike and raw rod, runs down here right a non native, a new car, two Rosemary hills who didn't feel the reverberations of wind Pharaoh's in nineteen. Ninety two, but now has
the chance to encounter the artist who made this particular place to live special among all the to live and mom. who struggles to remember, but was there, was somehow imprinted bring to me and is here now, and that something so listener askew. Are you? we were Coty a ride among me, We all need the music. Why do you need the music I do you need the music, ok. I think we're ready steady Friday. The cassette tape containing the concert known to us colloquially as the attic tape because of its discovery in the attic known at the time as the Ellwood commencement, because the concept was recorded at Tricia outwards. Eighth grade. Graduation party has
and inserted into the boombox already plugged in thankfully the first song that we will hear on the top as we know, of course, from episode three I am a moment Ladies and gentlemen, Coming to you from a town house on the edge of Rosemary Hills, golf course. Community rosemary remembers everywhere. All get yes, yes, yes, Mam rose rosemary, want to remember, and we stand here on the page, the purpose of a musical renaissance. Were we? stand. We look to the precipice we press play without further ado. I don't have my glasses, this is the play button right. Yes, are you sure that is No? You can't I'm sorry? No! It can't, because this is enterprise hawks and now At last
when Ferris is back in Rosemary Hills, oh, my god, shroud how much Alex Coup like lots, an eel swimming on top of each other, the tapers ruined, look at it that way
only copy he'll, know the Boston I might have known, as is happening with bitter, could be several cities, maybe had foreign selfies on the ribbon. That made it stick to the captain controller pink. It could be the drive up too, but with problem the conflicts pinch. It's all its still understand. I listed many words slowly work for me, not I gotta know I can't stand it nothing stays. I can't do this dead at my now man. Oh, my wife, and I gave my angel: will you we must steer our job.
I got her, it's ok, mom, I'm sorry! It's me! It's mean Deirdre! It's ok! You know, Missus gardener signs! You'd! Let me get you some toes your mom's garden. You, let's have some tells you like those drivers. Nato's me. It's ok with me we're fine I'll go towards the nice man here. Go to your room, Do you Andrew? Babies.
I'm not only we must him. I'm the only one who knows. Listeners, Oh listeners, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Rosemary Hills, it's gone, I can't even I can't even play a cassette tape. The things lost again, there's nothing, there's no sound, there's no sound treatise fall. You know when Pharaoh's is a tree that fell into nothing, I'm a tree that falls and nobody cares. Mom doesn't even remember that she's a tree is pointless. Do you know how lonely here? other. Doesn't do you. We are the whole.
Noises in the attic nobody's listening to this? Nobody cares. You Deirdre die. You live in a vacuum. One's rights we are, we all see the home straight.
it's raining really hard. I forgot you were here du jour. I'm sorry, thanks to boxes, yeah real! You said you wanted to hear in Paris. Me too, we come bearing toes had I we made some toasts if you'd like it.
feeling better. Now right. Mrs G, I'm sorry I brought my band. You appear to the attic that ok I like to keep my banjo and the car when I'm with patients music can help it's coming. my emergency banjo. Missus gardener might like it. when a band right? I think it's? if we call it a day, I'll pay for the whole shift. Cody you should go home, I mean I don't. I need Dick curl up somewhere I am a moment This can be the Ok, so gaily rights, this here de down this route, That's my handwriting- are sixty nine shod Not depressed the clap are all people use grows on yes, Mam magic. I go
dear. She doesn't usually reed her brow scrambles, those signs that when Ferris pleaded the concert, yeah the first it was here in Rosemary Hills. Who is here on the of course at the club house, right across from my house, sir, but not depressed, so like a good sign for right now. Proposed they say. Do you remember it? Did I don't wanna talk about it Spare me oh god no tune
shit it's our number one month, she's mom, you know me, I'm really human studio, Hooty Cody, I'm right here, guy got you keep your me here emergency about last night? Are you ok three years ago, I got it. I gotta who can hold a dispassionate. He shouted. For here there's some ancient candles. I know somewhere here. Alright, everybody
Can I have some cinnamon raisin, toast Jack course gropings. You came on our good. She person she's faster, It's funny at the concert to remember the lights were turned off when he to that song: it must have been time for Tricia's cake. What kind of cake was it? I don't remember?
You know I do remember. It was chocolate, ice cream kick from dairy Queen Cor those country. Things were good and which was lit only by close sticks with so awesome. I thought I don't know where the close takes came from. Even have Oh sticks up until the moment. at her? She would probably say there weren't any glow sticks. Do you remember any of the tune? Of course it is guitar the acoustic guitar and a perky. It is like Bum bum bum
I wrote the lyrics and my diary. I mean it's not going to be right on the banjo with much more epic there's percussion everything cool. How does he play percussion at the same time I don't know, I don't know, but there was definitely percussion. You could feel around for a velveteen diary. It should be right around here like me behind you Cody Programmes, aims. Securities quota can shine a light right here you of her. It's definitely from this. I remember here here you see, I wrote WS ninety two right next to it.
I don't mind the money. I don't mind the gulf that the fence around my favorite place, just kind of pissed me off, Just shit no officer unto strange, I have it. I remember it was. It was different. Was like not. Do I'm not a risk that I'm not simply? No, no, no, no, no areas whims urgently me No! No! No! It's ok
It's all right! That's what they do. It's funny. You know that's how sensitive the one thing that can't be. Maybe the chorus and concrete way. I know more that, and there is a serious matter, but now it is like driving over oh, my god, that is its you're right. That's rights go back to the corresponding for sound. Like you growing up in a different way, and what do you mean? you went down Isn't more like Sir.
I'm just not that we think that is right about yet another large, my favorite place to stay and twenty acre would my imagination played. I was just a job when our large did fall away all those to the ground here, my far east over paved raise in the trees, lad by Re Moors, the PA, Lucia Betsy Mam. That's exactly it.
I'm, not I'm, not I'm, not I'm not a stone in a prescription and gave me pills on Tuesday with dark. You sad thing: language courses, hoarsely man, cured examining all there's, no other something natural movements around my favorite place. Just gonna hear me
I'm not a wall. I'm good at the drums The lights are back here when Ferris a song, I should That's strange boy. Digging all day today, with a shovel digging, ecstasy trawls Who did a buried down there? Do you think.
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