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2018-07-20 | 🔗

This is the Summer of Night Vale Presents, a celebration and sampling of some of the shows across our network. This week, we’re listening to special episodes of Alice Isn’t Dead and Sleep With Me. Alice Isn’t Dead is about a truck driver, played by Jasika Nicole, who searches across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. In the course of her search, she encounters not-quite-human serial murderers, towns literally lost in time, and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman. We’re in the middle of the third and final season right now, and it would only take a few hours for you to catch up the finale later this summer. Sleep With Me is the podcast that puts you to sleep. Every episode of this unique and inventive storytelling podcast is designed to help you fall asleep. The next time you’re tossing and turning at night, turn on one of the hundreds of episodes in the Sleep With Me archive and let Scooter tell you a bedtime story. Find out more about these shows, and all of the shows on our network, by visiting nightvalepresents.com.

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Welcome. Back to these summer of night, fail presents a celebration and sampling of some of the shows across our network, I'm sick, so Apologies for my garbage voice right now. This week we will be listening to special episodes of Alice is dead. My horror, thriller fiction show and sleep with me. The podcast that puts you to sleep were in the middle of the third and final season of is a dead end. If you haven't listen to it, yet it would only take a few hours to get totally caught up in time, for the finale Alice is dead, is about a truck driver played by just seek in the cold, whose searches across Amerika for the white she had long assumed was dead in the course of her search. She encounters not quite human cereal earth, towns literally lost in time and a conspiracy that goes way beyond one missing woman. It.
Teachers. Hours of original music and sound design by night fails dispersion. What star as a strange little detour from my night fail. Writing has turned into its own beautiful thing and I'm so proud of the work that you seek, that this Russian- and I have done on the show to introduce you to the show we're going to play you, the recording from our one off life show this past spring, in LOS Angeles. This lies show tells a completely standalone story and you don't need to know anything about the package to understand. What's going on here. Let's listenin! Oh I'm! Sorry I am I didn't expect. I didn't know that anybody would be
Turning ok, when you tell a story, you should expect an audience, but sometimes I don't think about that. I just tell the story the same way? I breathed just move life in and out of my body. I suppose you can listen. If you want my name's Quichua, I'm a truck driver It's weird, isn't that the way that we say our jobs as though they were an identity rather than a thing redo for money, and do you think that out I'd have capitalism. We confuse our self image with what pays the bills? Sorry, I got away from myself story, not polemic right,
I became a truck driver because well that that's along one I thought my wife Alice was dead, but she isn't it and she's out there somewhere on the highways and back roads and trying to find her. Driving my truck around and around looking for that too, I am really I am the one that looks for Alice and Alice is the one who isn't dead, but isn't here I was in LOS Angeles, all downtowns or the same downtown, their landscapes built for the facilitation of money and business.
Thou thought to the human experience we are tiny to these monuments and that we are allowed to pass among them is a privilege not right still downtown bears some mark of its city? There lay down town this eight surface similarities could not be mistaken for New York or Chicago which to a collective, it's too strange in its architectures allay, as is much more than movies, but through these infuse everything because movies are the only history, the city will acknowledge the history of the indigenous people, the history of the latino people. These are set aside did he looked at all the people that it already common thought a blank slate, so they did not draw from the Galileo Lino where the shoe mash or even the spanish, their missions they drew from the movies.
From the foundational idea. That area could and should be anywhere in the world. So the style of elegance every star each house in each neighbourhood, jilting wildly different ways are deck goals in spanish duck. Go when did century modern brand part out, Glenn Dale. There's this enormous house turned public library that is less actual middle eastern and more movie middle Eastern built by the wealthy white man, whose garden that park once was There's no, where and allay that still stylistic leave one piece, and it is that in
coherence that provides the coherence and the city. You see. I've come to town on your word Alice only it wasn't your word direct course just whispers through a network of safe houses and gatekeepers those living on the front? just society who can be trusted with the kinds of messages we sent back and forth. But who knows how the messages mutate mouth to mouth was still even through this mutilation of intent, hear your voice like a heart, beat your skin its Tonia Enormous Omaha, a friend. The cause reaches out to me on my radio. To finally lay your words to rest,
there's a meeting in LOS Angeles heard you don't the exact nature and purpose of this meeting? No one seems to, but the word is at its meeting of those at the heart of it, the ones that are making the real choices that sheep every decision that we think we freely make, and so I've come to do around to find that I will find this meeting and then said had abandoned and then I will decide what to do next. I am faced with the mystery that so much bigger than myself that it sits like an uneven wheat in my chest, fuel off balance, so I take comfort in smaller mysteries ones that don't matter at all in peace
Robert said, a five minute, walk from six different synagogues and a celebrity chef, kosher mexican restaurant called Mexico. Sure is this Range synagogue with no windows. The architecture is, unmistakable, modern l, L age The has a certain look in this place. Has it right down arches, designed to look like the two tablets commandments, except this God is several stories tall and with no visible entrance the black and white was at in meeting to disguise. What does it mean to stick out? These are intrinsically jewish questions, a people that has throughout over a thousand years of oppression variously done. All three The way to the building is very jewish. Of course it is not a synagogue. It is in fact,
forty oil wells hidden inside a sound structure designed to look like a synagogue, and it is the only one in five minutes down the road is an office building, but no doors and windows that, when its activities, The machinery of our system is not hidden below us. It is disguised among us locks that are actually utility boxes, trees that our cell towers that vacant house that we want day after day, the one with the opaque windows, actually a maintenance entrance where the metro which buildings are real and which ones are disguises cry doesn't matter is about, but that's what makes me enjoy considering it
service here too, as she's really come a long way from the teenage run away. I first discovered on the side of a highway. Did you tell her about the secret meeting Alice? She is both more vulnerable and far braver than either of us. Did you send her to this place? Oh ring, we re united on one of the vacant cold sacks near allay acts where neighborhoods that had once been in airports buffer zone were now demolished. Sylvia said is that we were meeting at the continental breakfast at a hotel, not on a dark indie street after months of not seeing each other hey yourself, I said: why did you come I guess what I guess. Neither of us knew because I had no idea why I was there. I didn't even know.
Then I guess neither of us knew because I had no idea why I was there. I didn't even know who is meeting in this town. Let's start with that. Ok, what what Organization what secret brother, What ancient pebble that influences world events is now sitting around the table and sums Darrell Backroom empty, sunny, thirsty city Basque Sylvia, what she knew about it, but I didn't fellow be following a script. He gave to me Alice and I am not interested in Europe. Table my actions. Instead, I asked her Have you been a long, slow breath. That was more answer than words could ever be very good.
He said you know, try my best found in places to sleep found in a friendly face on the other side of a meal. She shrugged I guess it's the same struggle for everyone those of us who live on the road. Everything is amplified. You know, I do know God damn it. I know it wasn't even sure where, in the region, this meeting beheld, so I drove out east. Do the desert, where the mountains looked like said: backdrops unreal, imperfect, taking up half the sky Palm Springs, town killed by cheap, plain
it's. Why drive you hours from the city for the weekend when it's possible to weakened and how the LULU or Costa Rica instead then having died? Palms, brings home gone just long enough for everything dated about it to become vintage cool. Now it's bad century, modern paradise, steel, rock balls, stylin, beautiful, but featureless wooden security fence that only exists in southern California. Old motels, not updated. Since the hay day of the fifties, now our converted resorts with farm to table upscale Tiki bars, The city is an Instagram witches both snarking and compliment, because it is a genuinely beautiful. I wandered the towns feeling
There was something worth binding there, but I'm sure where was I visited, Elvis's honeymoon, hideaway, garish, airplane else, giant wings of our building is called the sat, providing catch through the dwindling population of Elvis enthusiasm. That house was put on sale for nine million years pack and is now reduced C4, so make those owners and offer you you could own house that is listed as historic sites a place where Elvis had sexy
doesn't outages. Russians, just south of digital sitting, side sign huge neon, pink Alice, and now the wide laugh, splashing or self pink elephant karma assign has a twin sister and scandals that, when it seems clear running into her in the desert, it was like driving through the suburbs and suddenly finding out about a hundred years ago. They also built Eiffel Tower stop the car and I just got done better. To me. I saw someone walking towards me with the shuffle than unrecognised, like their legs, had no muscle more money than were heavy sacks need attached to them.
Like their legs, had no muscle or bone, but we're heavy sacks and need attached to their body. One dead leg thrust forward after another, and is the man can close. He looked up and I went from dread. Suspicion too horrible certainty, he's one of those creatures that I call this omission, again. Human faces limply off schools that are the wrong yellow. Yellow eyes. They are cereal, murderers, wanting the back roads of our highway systems. One of them was here. He made eye contact with me. He laughed sound like
thinking knives clattering together, then he was gone. Neon elephant space no longer seemed friendly, meaning to seem to be laughing Sylvia, and I we split up for the day we just watched the traffic in people looking for suspicious crowds, folks that don't fit in with the tourists and the beautiful people working as Balistas. Just for now, Of course we don't know what those suspicious crowds would even look like gray, men and grey suits going greatly about the tedious business of running the world. For, like this, all men, monsters and the hideous aspect I reached out to my friend, then who works as a dispatcher at my trucking company,
She and I became friends soon after I started she doesn't take. Should I don't give a shit we get along outweigh any unusual movements in LOS Angeles. I said strange shipments, unusual rulings, anything you know. I can't tell you that she said what if I said, I said she snorted into the fold. In that case sure she said. I always like you in your point. Let me see like Sylvia. I saw nothing of note that day we together at a career barbecue place, built into the dome of what had once been a restaurant shaped like.
She said towards the end of the day it was. There really was. You know. A city is defined by its peak full but its haunted by its ruins. There are no cities without vacant, lots skeletons of buildings, ample evidence of disaster and failure Our eyes slide pass them because they tell a different story about our city than the one. We want to hear a story, and all of this could slip away in a moment, even though we know this fact is tat even more for LOS Angeles that those cities City will someday be shaken to the ground orbit
war covered over with mind or drowned by the rising sea or strangled by draft. The question is, as it is, for each of us in our personal lies, not if it will die, but I'd like to go and look at these broken places where the rescue use of recent history shows. That allows me to look at her reach differently. You see what I was missing and if a secret meeting was gonna be hidden where, but in the cracks so appear in research, above the Pacific Coast, highway in the hills and Malibu that are so beautiful when they aren't falling on burning. Remains of the house
That house was a mansion built in the 50s and burned in the 80s when its location finally caught up to it, there's now a popular hike that goes right into the ruins, so any walker can go see this place where people lived as recently as thirty years ago. I really shouldn't be so new roman home, destroyed by a volcano okay, you know I medieval at castle shore, even in old stone, said, there's hut a hundred years old, all right, okay, that makes sense, but a house that once held a television and dish shower, long, walk on foundations, standing open and visa walls and around than it was at home not so long ago, and now he is, transport. Transformation is uncomfortable easily mistaken for an ending
city part Sylvia in the holes? all the animal enclosure just still there and you can sit in them and look at where one's caged animals lived and now wild animals are free to come and go Sylveon. I sat in the artificial caves. Try to. Imagine what was the purpose of the secret meeting was ashore generally. The word was out that it was a meeting of those in control in order to further control this, but specifics were, as they often are lasting Sylvia asked me: did you see? the stories to convey- and I have no way to respond but naughty- but we still have to look for IRAN. She said and I nodded again.
As the sun moved behind the hills, it got very cold, she said, and us, and neither one of Us Benton Gentrification comes for us all. That's leave aside for a moment the many issues of endangered communities and rocketing prices and consider just to cases of what people will look past to get access to allay property December. Sixth, nineteen Fifty nine in the hills just below Griffith Park, a doctor lived with his wife and a mansion with an incredible. The Christmas tree was up for the seas and rapped gifts. Underneath
for thirty. In the morning the doktor got out of bed, retrieved Bobby Handler and murdered is wisely. Then he attacked daughter cents, she survived He took a handful of pills and was dead by the time police arrived. That house stood empty. Ever since still filled with the families things the furniture, the tree with rapt gifts underneath I'm house and a prime allay area, but who would live in a place where such horror had happened, for sixty years, no one how's sulphur two point two million last year a view of this city, just above those
at this point. You wouldn't take some terrible flooding has meanwhile the Cecil Hotel, in Hollywood, sight of an inordinate number of murders and suicide where the night stop there lived in the eighties, while causing terror across the region were just a few years back. A body floated in the water to four days before being discovered, is now the boutique stay on me. Branding for this rebranded Sid, Even our murders are getting gentrified. Maybe it's me
I don't know- maybe maybe I just don't like change changes off and wonderful, but we should definitely think hard about what we are changing into it. Would that change make me we should just spend a little time. Thinking about that still searching for this. Eating. I went up the coast over the great and down toward Oxnard. Not is cool, is Ventura or, as richest came a Rio Oxnard gets by as I waited to hear from land. I the beach and silver strand watching surfers many even now in the winter, nothing will keep them out of those frigid alaskan currents. Added south to Channel Island harbor. It was absolutely peaceful bondage
ocean is chattering and restless harbor sweets and does not stir accept us in grumbling ways. In the wake of the few boats in and out during my walk, I saw a real boat old, practically falling apart, something about the occupants of the rowboat made me, look closer stooped figures and awkward postures that looked painful. One of them turned to face me, though. The boat was sixty feet offshore and even at that distance I could see to this woman floating in a rowboat in the sound
one of them shouted at me in a gentle high, pitched voice. There was something about a lot like a human arm poking out over the rim of the robot I returned to my trunk. Not everything is my problem. Worship is a feeling so all encompassing that it can be easy to misunderstand from outside. Take the worship of Santa waiting, a mexican folks, saint of death, likely a legacy of pre colombian devotion dressed in the clothes of the colonizing
the the church has a long time trying to suppress her worship. But, of course, the church has never been good at actually suppressing much devotion to Santa Maria day is only spread in recent times. Like many figures at as she represents, healing and well being religion often lies in embracing contradiction. Those outside they see this as a weakness, but those on the inside recognize it restricts. The TIM low sent him one day in LOS Angeles is just down on, will now rose avenue, sharing a building as everything and allay does now, with a weed store It is a one room: shrine establish by a husband and wife, full of life, size, skeleton, sparing sides it would be. Easy, as an outsider, to default to one's own associations with skeletons and come to,
one's own emotional conclusions, but it is held the year to embrace the contradiction of these symbols endemic after all, physically hold us up for as long as we live to deny sand similarities to deny our bodies. Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, the Bob Baker, Marionette Theatre, carries a different kind of worse, devotion to perform in style that time has left behind and the outside of the building is lets me, its green me, because like skeletons puppets have taken on a certain cultural connotation is wide world. We should try to see it from the inside as the earnest expression of performance enjoy. No, I can't I just not with puppets
skeletons fine, loose skin monsters from whatever world. Well, I've dealt with them by puppets. Lynn got back to me. You didn't hear this from me. She said. Let goes without saying, I said: no, it doesn't. She responded because I just told you and now there have been some shipmates that don't belong to any company or the company info is missing from them. I can't understand what I'm looking at. They certainly don't build up to any scrutiny at all, so I dont think that they were expecting scrutiny. These inkstand out so bad that they might as well be big red, arose pointing out a location in LOS Angeles. It was late afternoon. Sylvia was
sleep in the back of the trucks cabs. I lost my voice where she told me she looked at EL, the knowing she would want me to wake her up to take her with me, but I didn't letter sleep. I went along better than one of us survive. I went where lend told me a lot. You gonna go past. The mall hospital came to the addressed, engaged and unassuming place if it weren't for the bride sign, I might not have even spotted and street they went through the gates.
There's a courtyard there deserted the air was still and there was no sound, but the stillness spell temporary, like the pause after an act of violence before anyone can get over there shock and react, I can't in the doors to a dark, not the grand hall I might have expected for repeating like this, but a closing place rose, theatre, seats stage, streak in bed Kurt from which a speaker still addressing the cloud there
was values or was it the shifting swarming, because there was something in this place. I feel that the people in the since they seemed completely looking up at the persons following the narrative and slowly having information DOM on back the people in the seeds did not at all seemed like the kind of people I had expected a meeting where these the powerful. The wicked were these the unseen hands assuring us to disaster, looks can be deceiving. Everything can be deceiving up to and including the truth, but no, I did not think that these were monsters and thought they were people like me. People would respond for the same reason. I because the story of the meeting has been a very good story. It laid exactly into how I thought the world works. It fed my suspicions and had led me to this place. I think the same is true of every person in that room. They were there like. I was there looking for a good story apply where they met. The meeting itself was a decoy than what was the true purpose of this moment. That's when I lingering in the shadows and the duchess rousing men with faces inside
eyes So many ringed hawks to bunnies hunters people in their seats. Nor did they into the shadows and see the inhuman eyes peering back at them. Did they smell the breath of that this? Will men like mildew, like soil, a smell of rot from deep within cold long? Did they hear the occasional laugh coming from a gurgling broken throat? Do they look beside them? It's seats that were empty and think it was it someone here just moments ago or was there
Surely there wasn't, because where do they have gone and in the shadows, at the edges of the crowd of people that had once that in those seats were led into a place from which they could never return I understood a simple plan tell an irresistible story, a story that is exactly what all of us fighting. This might want to hear everywhere all along that. The world really is against us in so simple and easy a way that the culprits couldn't all mean in one room, and we would come to hear that story, and then this old would take us. Why hunt when instead, they could who were standing in the door to that hall of hers. I saw the faces of the diesel men ass, they turned and noticed one gave a yelp inside
dialogue towards me and I fled, or the courtyard had been empty. It was now pact shoulder to shoulder full of men with loose faces and eyes that, when yellow at the edges and when lives, hiding sharp teeth, they were we for the crowd inside hungry
creatures, preparing to feed on any person who stepped out of that theater. I pushed into and passed them using a momentary surprise to escape, and I ran until my throat was dry and ragged through that courtyard and out to where the lights of the stripclub across the way, flash back and forth back and forth and then into my car and then onto the maze of freeways where it is so easy to disappear, kept my eye glued on the mirrors. But no one is taking me somewhere behind me. An audience of innocence remained invisible, strap and I wouldn't help them. I couldn't The trunk Sylvia was still asleep in kind,
The driver see I was exhausted. Son had fully said NEO My eyelids drift downwards AY said Sylvia she was in the passenger seat, turned sideways towards me light again, I don't know how long I slept. I know I didn't dream our small mercies in life, I guess about anything. Sylvia said I looked in her eyes. She so young was right, and it was unfair that she was out here like me on this labyrinth of roads and rest stops
but that's just what it was for her and for me, and for so many others. She looked at me with trust, and I looked right back and I said I didn't find anything. I don't think the meeting is even real. Let's get out of here, surveyor Yon. She stretched she nodded how game she said not as well to bad, has turned out to be nothing too bad. So here I am telling the story from just outside of ash
The work in LOS Angeles, hundreds of miles behind me. Now it isn't far. I love you Alice. I stayed alive another day. You do the same. Ok, ok,
Alice is dead part three wrapped up this August catch up now by visiting Alice, isn't dead, dot com or by searching for Alice, is, dead in your favorite podcast app also on Alice that dot com, you can pre order. The Alice. Isn't that novel coming this October? This is a total re. Imagining of the story that can be read entirely on its own, and if that sounds interesting to you, please consider pre ordering pre orders help There's out a lot, I am also going on a seventeen city book tour. This fall check out all of the locations and dates at Alice is a dead dot com. Ok, earlier this year we announced that sleep with me was joining
our network, we were so excited to join forces with this incredibly inventive and unique storytelling podcast, and one that I personally listen to every night. That's true. Ask my wife. Each episode is designed to help you fall asleep and honestly. It worked so well that you might fall asleep before scooter even gets to the main story. I wanted to play you an excerpt from episode. Six hundred and seventy two Alice isn't at Bay which is very loosely based on the first season of Alice is dead. Before warned, you might start nodding off before this excerpt is through. So don't listen while driving across Amerika. Looking for your wife and without further Ado, She just settle in hand MR to settle into your bed incur I feel a gene to present severe pillows in your blanket should
room in the air around you as sir you're getting closer to my door. And am opening my door in greeting new ways to smile, hey you ask us so good to see you were the memes glad you hear it definitely needed your help. Us I'm glad you're coming over. And yet you good? You may look a little nervous Sidney, an issue. Sweaty is he? Will you ever door out turn a fan and no sweat is related to the end of it. Sir, it's something I'll say region in that's. Why you're over here is to help me with this branch and Are this brunch in that's all were really going to cover and talk about it all? Is this branch and planning
Yeah, I know I know you know: Data Estonia like Estonia, is to have such a great branches. So with my friends, the commission Allison it? Does you who you were saying who- and I said, oh my brunch, my brunch may say Will you save these great branches with you when you say that to me it was almost like I forget who were wasted, grew? Who did I say and I said, was that a dream did I used to have brunch all the time with them. And you said: will maybe Algeria cheer you up to plan? Another branch- and I said who would I whoo hoo hoo, whom would arise other plan, a branch with with you the seasonal one, seasonal brunch and I know you're getting ready, go on a road trip set out to be perfect timing due to have the branch share under there sure idea to maybe I'm still a dream? Will you
TED Omelettes, and I said Ok here is it? Is it or shadowing the omelet, sir, and you see if foreshadowing of great brunch nicety rude to rewrite right, writers reign in. Don't think infirmary since you're going on roads, Romania should have lake omelettes, styled Likud diner style on lists and then use it. About a diner inside a gas station, a nice it wholly road trip, memories I could see it and died at the road is a part. Like going way back in the windows at the diner, pass, aghast pumps and is pitted. Gravel truck, stab an integrated, whether go trucks tat sooner to everybody starboard, you ever think about that? you mean I don't take a card, everybody stabs, sir. It was a good idea. What I mean by that amount, quibbling
I'm seeing a one point? Was it a truck only stamp in sometimes you know who admitted banning Anna rudely say? Well, maybe maybe it's best said it is truck only stabber, but this one I can he's a diner you can see the windows I could smell the arm. What's in the hash, Browns listener carried away like a picture, the trucks and truck There's like riding on high horse is above us in a guess. You could say that truckers are the authority figures of truck stabs? no they're, not let the manager of the drugstore busiest or it will mean now your quibbling ac, symbolically it Everyone can be a citizen of a truck. Sab were aghast, ok, see you seeing citizens versus guess. I was thinking more high up. You, girls, like an in tower those who be the wizard to live in earth,
religion amidst sir, so the truckers, Would they be the wizard? Sir? Oh some truckers. The wizard and other trackers. Ok you're. We're getting off topic at the branches, so we're gonna have armlets who so we should figure that counts. Your shoe strange planning brunch for you as a prior prize for you, but you can invite guess, is I have great ideas, Sir Fer. A road trip seemed brunch which should be travel size. Sir, is a party favors zoo later you know I mean we could have little travel size, deodorants, travel, size, stuff, it everybody's place, setting play settings. I think they're called So, like a don't, you think they'll be cute, Andy and useful. For you know, I've heard it's his. Will you just can bring your regular size stuff wish you whose it's already kind of travel sized
Kenya, Roy Game Plan and talk about this branch. Now how much him in a miss you on this road trip- I don't want it that it be subject sure anything may also be subject sure our friendship bear it is also being is a friendship or pretext. Her subtext egg is who have taxing each other like is to achieve those sir, way. I know I don't text bag exactly faster, How can we don't use stickers is a narrow learn how to use that. I know how to use a mode geez ok, right, good brunches show how many dozen eggs do you think we could use and why would like white eggs come in a dozen believe me, I'm sure, there's a historical reasons or somethin do. You know tat. I am overtaking because I am, I do have some resistance, sheer road trip it just cause, I'm not coming again
I have some jealousy Are you getting to be out on the road and it will have a nice brunch share for you also. I think we should have fruit ripe for the term I mean, I know like it is the right, MR, through that I associate with branches first smell I mean I will write bananas, epilepsy King of cantaloupe, sir, in maybe honeydew casually thing, with branch- I think maybe my dad- he likes cantaloupe, sir, but there has ripe smell remit, it doesn't public- maybe scoop your own cantaloupe. What do you think about tat, sir? If your bed Is it a vanishing ball, your own melons in the egg? Is it you noticing a single about a candle of nonetheless might be a stretch? Is it a candle visualize empty space in the middle, and I was thinking about the empty bases on the road in when you're on the road
out and a road trip were alike judges in between. Again. You know, thinking about taxation, were you there on the road or are you there in between the empty space? maybe they do men. Maybe I could just be between me and you, the empty space in the melon in us the empty lick people would give. When I say, was the scoop your own Melanie. They say: what are we supposed to eat your sister? You could go wash your hands and start scooping another thing, you're thinking that this is an area which I learned is when I think about it. Empty space of thinking about space out there, the night sky and how that is empty space a sink. This came about brunch ahead with my two friends long time, Miguel can't remember
did? I say you were whom they were good. Do chipmunk or somethin ebbed air Like a movie is this: guy is empty space in Spacers it full of dark matter. Had they made a decision on that. And also lose a final decision ample Udo because they keep forgetting, say thirty may the decision they said no plan a toyed and then they made a decision while planets in forget it. In his final I mean tired. Like I think of all or nothing I see. Why do we have to have all nothing in space? Sir, a girl, you point a toy the scale of the biggest. Listen nuance explain an avenue. Ok, Oh you got me there. But I was just thinking about a dark matter.
And maybe the road in which we and the road trip in between places is full of dark matter to M even its light out. So you could say then could do I don't know. Could we get a scientist to confirm that hey! Are you still awake? If so, go check out sleep with me? Podcast outcome com. Or search for sleep with me in the pot cast out of your choice, defined more episodes if you're ever having
falling asleep. There are hundreds of episodes in the archive ready for you to listen to tune in next week. For the fourth and final instalment of the summer of night, fail presents featuring a broadcast from the top of the Eiffel tower. A unique new chat show in a sneak peek at two up coming night fail, presents, pot casts, find out, more about night fell, presents and all of our shows at night fail present stock com. Ok, I love you. The night.
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