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The Summer of Night Vale Presents, Part 4

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Welcome to the fourth and final week of the Summer of Night Vale Presents, a celebration and sampling of some of the shows across our network. This week, hear previews of two upcoming Night Vale Presents shows, and full episodes from The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) and Good Morning Night Vale.

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The Orbiting Human Circus (of the Air) is a surreal and funny audio drama about a lonely janitor at the Eiffel Tower who longs to be part of the most popular radio show in the world. Recently, we re-issued the first season in partnership with WNYC. This special edition has brand new behind-the-scenes commentary in every episode and a director’s cut of the season finale, and is the perfect excuse to either re-listen or dive in for the very first time.

Good Morning Night Vale is the official Welcome to Night Vale recap show, hosted by cast members Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, and Hal Lublin. Each week, our hosts do a deep dive into one episode of Welcome to Night Vale, starting with the very first episode from 2012. Tune in for behind-the-scenes stories, interviews with the cast and creators, fan theories, and THROAT SPIDERS.

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Howdy, Jeffrey, greener, here. Welcome to the fourth and final week of the summer of night veil presents us, liberation and sampling of the shows across our network. A word of warning this collect, and contains some explicit language, or maybe you didn't need to be warned. Maybe your excited by that either way straw, more it's coming right. After so before we do anything else I want to share with you a sneak peak of two I feel presents brand new fiction shows these had cancer, unlike anything else on our network and well I'll, just like that creators explain their shows themselves, ever since I got to Cleveland I've been having this strange, recurring dream We start the same, I'm in the water hanging suspended in its deep water. It's dark, I can't see anything
the water is the same. Temperature is my body. It feels pleasant My hair is just gently. Swaying And then I feel a little bit of cold on my legs. And at first I think it feel sort a nice and then a little bit more cold and then slowly. I realise that something huge is moving underneath me they start to freak out my start to try to get away, but I get anywhere, the water isn't moving and I feel the coldness coming up more and more colleagues like a thing, is getting closer and closer. So I start to thrash, and I opened my mouth the screen, but the icy water, Russia's in it hits the back. My throat ensues down into my stomach. I feel it fill me up in an exact its way through my intestines, like a cold knife and just before it gets to the back of my ass. I wake up and my dick is always heart.
Is time to talk. I everybody propose very lucid you're, all in your underwear, Dame Here we are again ready. One two three go tell me: what dream boy is about. Is it about? A boy is not not about a boy. I'm gonna take this to whom you don't know him. Yet it's got, drag queens, there's also some creepy little nocturnal girl scout good morning. Could we go it's just after midnight technically morning, there's a murderous, zebra, Zoe Zoe. The zebra
I was a songwriter first and then I took a lot in between song. So beware like a baby, you're doing feeder and then the theatre people were like it's great, it's definitely theatre. We don't want to look at you, try truck obliged. I went to college for a few years for like classical composition, and I tried to write that kind of serious, classical music for a tunnel classical music, and I just wasn't any good at it and I I think at the end I got fed up. I have sought to rebuild from that and when all the way neither direction and kind of was like you know, fuck it you say fuck on the internet. You can send for this we're all the fuck's live Uganda, sighted fuck it I'm gonna, I'm gonna like gravitate towards what makes me feel feelings and what I'm just like any other person. What makes me feel feelings is when you win, that spaceship takes off any teeth when they fly over that moon. I have feelings, I know about you, and so I started studying screenplay formulas, and I just I was interested in that structure because it was such a film reuse swallowing they like. I figured if I could put other content internet pill. People would swallow it like. A murderous zebras engage sex in Cleveland Dream boy. I make a hell of a past corrected domain and I'm a good kisser five high calves.
Hello welcome to adventures and New America where each week we bring. You knew tales from the tragic American after. Coming to you in stereo well, for me adventures in numerical as exciting, because it has a by re. So black, I add a black, female yen, touristic what one? Who am? I I'm Stephen winter. The co creator of adventure is a new America and I was excited about it. I'm still excited about it. Is that is a.
Is that, as a future resting Douglas out of his kind of story with black people at it will enticed people all entice pupil was enticing about it is. You rarely see comedy Will you starting to see comedy? Well, I'm a guy stoned the black nerves, you're with Asia, you're a interested in the patriarchy black female nerd, who was this master patriarchy? did the show for you cuz. That's all that the show about really the show his adventures in New America, my name is Tristan. I'm partially responsible one of the longest running cultural products in american history is Chicago. Smokers on television is on radio. Before that it said town called Dodge City and every week anew,
character would come today, city or a group of characters and based on the decisions that they made their lives would change. Sometimes in the way that they would be dead, but the They would change the city had these rude mechanical that would help biome solving. What was a a change moment for for these characters. But they would not change themselves. Norman. A similar to dodge city in that respect, because it doesn't change. And some of the rude mechanical of that world. Don't change, but our protection. I am a man with cancer, and Simon who is a sociopath sneak thief? They answer the mill of New America and actual episodes they end up in dramatically different place from from where they started, but to show itself, I think
works is something and listened to when your computer gaming or doing your taxes and their works on secondary level, when listen to all the episodes as a whole and in the way that a pattern is established. So here, if you're interested in a kind of second messaging. This might be an interesting Conor rubric, for you shall also has another aspect about it is that we all have to survive.
We all have the notion of the back for heads of if you just keep surviving for a little while longer, we might actually thrive at some point. We might actually be able to afford some cheese with our bread and that's what the story is about. Two cats who try to go really gets in Manhattan supper. Man. Maybe I should be thrown away my money. I'm excited for you to hear these podcast. I think you're gonna really like them. I mean I like them and as a solid persist. Rest assured that you like them equally stay tuned to them.
Veil presents feed newsletter and social media for more information about both adventures and New America and dream boy, as well as our entire fall season. Ok, so a few months ago we told you about a very special co presentation of the orbiting human circus of the air with W and Y see if you ve, never listened to the orbiting human circus, its real and funny audio drama about a lonely janitor at the Eiffel Tower, who longs to be part of the most popular radio show in the world. You're not gonna, find anything. Like a goal, listen to it for those who we have listened Arco presentation also features brand new behind the scenes commentary on the making of the podcast here's a sample of that this is at five of season, one with commentary. From Julian Cluster and jobs, Cameron Mitchell, a co present. You of w and studio fail for then you are listening to the orbiting human circles of the air.
Yeah The public service announcement was paid for by the joint government of the world if children are present, turn your radio off at the sound of the tone, while the gray ranking caning platypus, confirming your children's belief in the existence of the great recite, hating Platypus of an order will keep them healthy, new the international studies, show that children who believe in the great recite hating plight of us of the north have a greater recovery rate from all trials with illnesses. Then children who don't, furthermore, the belief that, if brave the platter puts will visit while you sleep, we cite his many poems and cause you to wake up healthy.
Has shown clinically to reduce occurrences of illness later in life. Parents. The day of discovery will come. They like we We learned a great ratified hating Platypus other north does not exist, but do not hasten the moment. Allow them to believe. Give your children the chess to grow healthy and strong. Well at the sword. Five of this special edition of the orbiting human circus of the air, with commentary following each at the sword and directors cut of the season, finale broadcasting from the top of the Eiffel Tower they are betting human surface of the earth
a heightened they made to build. It couldn't be eaten stage. Young t performing donkeys being FED Kevin's by them to the left of several elderly women readying themselves on stools directly cross from ten shifts, preparing that's on Bunsen burners, clutching his mob and looking innocent out in the open, where any we could tackle and remove him is Julian janitor, the Eiffel Tower shouldn't you be hiding, I'm we have noticed on the shore night picric fathers Really, I never heard you say that before not, three times every day at last become a six
hide its shocking Pierre they'll. Kick you out good as a gun was up Wednesday, Missus Garland twenty minutes catch. He didn't yell at you I think you get cleaned up. Mr Cameron. Senegalese dressing will be what he couldn't have used it so nice reasons I found the cook it. I gotta go it's like a holiday. Ladies and gentlemen tonight with something special. Yes, at this exact moment each night from the Eiffel Tower, one can hear church bells ring out from all Paris. It began slowly and spread and spread a sound, our show normally drowns out, but not tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, we have placed a microphone
very top of the tower in order to give you this evening's musical act Meanwhile, in our host John Cameron's dressing defying all reasonable explanation. We find our janitor changing into what once must have been his Sunday clothes, a rumpled suit. No less of surprising quality could have my back it's her the janitor poodles out in all real of tape, but
I do you have the tape with the future presentation on it. Who cares? Look chanting, machines out, Michalek right outside the door if applied in here, I could put the teapot and we can I don't think you should do that he's opening the door pulling the tape machine inside on supposed to be mopping, the to latticework free anything, the janitor oppresses play on the large tape. Machine and remarkable story begins to play. Really. It's didn't credible, but we're I'm going to. Let you hear it. No, I'm sure you will hear it eventually, but not now, because at this very moment there are some sounds out. Didn't hall, Jack, yeah, yeah, where's Mahina, we let them you know the idea of as many have now we're looking right now, you're gonna go left, I'm goin on our minds. They left right now. It's
stage hand Latisha with stagehands shocking Pierre inside the dressing room, the door is thrown open. What are you doing with a debt machine? I who does the giant tat machine in this whole. All about you, you have paid to future present ass. You you'll have played the sea closely lack the casual. Why you're taking your belt off? Well, I'm going to pay now Latisha! You can't do that again, Ok by this time, I'm going to make him remember very well now you do not think you do not care producers should forget, quiet, Jack. Take him away from me, so I'm not tempted to use IE or Julius Caesar info you, after the show? I tat John, come on what you have done? No longer we you clean out the courage of the animal. No longer, will you keep out those in your journey doubt pleasant, that's where they came, and I don't care how long you have been living here. You cannot use a stage on Chow rarely placing our no. I can t wait for John come on. I will throw you out myself, Latisha the hypnotist design, fifth,
second cabbage that I can watch any evidence that he did. She remembers ten seconds, Latisha Gouty, because we have ten seconds, but you just wait till after the show, everybody is so narrowly escaping for now the janitor gingerly approaches the site of the stage to watch and now as part of our continuing demonstration series scientific advancement, ladies and gentlemen, Professor Heimlich people and our first grade volunteer professor. This individual standing here on stage before us is in a hypnotic trends that is correct, and they have no idea there on stage no idea whatsoever. They believe they someplace else in the home in a car listening to radio programme, so that listening yes, but I have no idea that this object and you can prove this YAP protested. Trans represents this french government,
I challenge you to do. It's out our reaction with their honour at stake and everything extraordinary try this pudding into subject. Eel posting one, two, three testing, hello, that's amazing, yup, that's nothing! We have brought the subjects. Actual such great teacher don't be front. Place that make it tee to honour unicycle want arranged this teacher. I had several subjects visiting their favorite. And this lamp in advance of children have come back
another model, radio miracle. Ladies and gentlemen, and now I've been deepening of these subjects, vision over here one hundred and ninety nine. We will return to extraordinary demonstration in a moment, but first I would like to bring me back to the stage someone who is a very small part of our world here to brew. At a time and place for everything. I gave you Julian janitor, at the Eiffel Tower drilling come on that's right come on, you can do it No. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. You know each night, when the show ends and the audience files out the door. We often hear the distant
sound of the janitor singing as he mocked the halls to something we ve found strangely comforting at one time. Or another, and without it might be a nice surprise to share this comfort with all of you really, you wanted to Saint. That's right. I do Go right ahead Julian. What would you like to sing Do you know where evening stream goes ladies and gentlemen, where evening dream goes sung by Julian janitor at the ice, tower darkness, darkness ways,
at first, the janitor sings on more and more important than before. He knows it. The audience rises toward speeches more showering, the janitor with bookcases until he stands buried up to his waist. Why? Why do you think they use your tracks? Thank you. You do
the janitor awakes from a hypnotic trans to find himself dressed only in later holes in waiting in a kiddie pool filled with bavarian cream, a more work. It's horrible, began her our subject truly in the janitor. Imagining you seemed to be jumping, like a seal and making strange donations, fires singing. It appears that Poland is built in Bulgaria in my shoes. Then no matter will continue with this subject here. The janitor runs off the stage. You give me your greatest fantasy, what you HU, the wings backstage and even to the stage hands shower slamming the door behind him
Germany is bringing his van Infertile he's going to break. You can stop it. Please please stop! Please stop you were singing word you, my head. Like to using you sing singing stupid what song were you singing come on. Tell me. Whose army against I used to sing to meet up with me to sleep and boy. Can I use it good, That was nice thing more. Surrounding die,
In this way five to leave his hand round like this. When you is when he would sing a chunk work, Conductor surrounding the memories seems to come, and do we need impression of his great grandfather. He takes up conducting houses. His eyes rose himself into the song complete meanwhile outside what did knocking loud, sound echoes throughout with you start again from the beginning paper on data, I won't say that heating decision shall it causes
I do not again be held on the one hand here we're onto your not such out now host strong Cameron comes running up happening over here. Tat you will be. The death of the show is in their singing I've, not budget, Candia Communist. Stop him! No, but you can't go in there. He's Necker did you? Would you be sexual harassment, you after me, I've Sudan or think, like that, always tat space to keep like what the janitor eyes closed and fully entrenched by his song fails to notice John Rush in John Presses, his back against the door to stay dry and trying desperately to keep the show g rated looking any place, but down settles his gaze on the generals, oddly waving arm following the sweeping conducting motion back and forth. Strangely, the that's what it is he's doing. There is
something in the strange irregular sweeping of the arm. That seems to lead him through the noble conclusion that there is no. Occupation in the world more engrossing, an important then carefully, watching the odd irregular motions of the janitors sweeping on an act, the two you saw pleasing he soon forgets that anything exists except the janitors on and settling into a pleasant stupor. All the stress of the past several months slips away when too, He feels he never once, to move. Again. The janitor stops he's frenzied conducting opens his eyes and fines, our hosts to John Cameron standing in the shower closet with him. You see a camera, but Mr Cameron does not respond. He stands there perfectly still frozen. Like a statue.
What's wrong with him. Oh my god, Please make Acre father son and I was Dancing like she great grandfather, resistance unit is jobs in a trance? What he's ties. How do we go up? Oh no, John. Wake up five foot, three, two one and you're awake Oh yeah reserve believe I got the janitor shakes Ho Jon camera like a wax statue, still nothing panicked. He pushes the door of a shallow closet open. I gotta find it is not only going to make regular John. And deeper and deeper and deeper What is this interruption now? We must deeper and deeper
You may call me professor said professor. I accidently hypnotized, Mr Cameron, backstage than I can wake him up, he's frozen, you hypnotized, do you can fascinating calm down young man? this time. I find interesting demonstration bring him out. I'm sorry. Are gravely concerned. Latisha Saudi carries are frozen, host stiff as a statue out to the centre of the stage athletic complete prophylactic. By what means did you hypnotize it? I say this on my great grandfather. You deceive me: one want me to go to sleep, saw policing it for me. It just goes in this way is nonsense. Reason could do no such thing.
I was really Barbara like this
The trouble is waiting months back and forth. Those idea, professor to professor little Latisha, the prevent Latisha Oh, my god, does anybody in the audience knew how the entire audience to is frozen in a hypnotic trance. Everybody cash placed planet, goodbye music,
broadcasting from the top of the Eiffel Tower sees the general feeling. Sorry, I feel human circus severe wishes. You good night.
The orbiting human circus of the air as a pole, presentation of studios and night Vale welcome to the special common, Terry foresees in one of the orbiting human circus if you are a new listener. We strongly recommend that you listened to the complete narrative season first and then returned to these commentaries. We begin with the country station withdrew calendar who also plays the narrator, recalling portraying the president of the Perpetual Broadcasting corporation in a scene from episode. Seven. I remember like doing this year in year out. That's what I'm doing it. Mary and John Kerry Mitchell is like you're looking at me.
That is where we were young because we're facing them. Nonsense. Entire fire, young. Anyway,. You know he's supposed to be. Anything but talking over each other, but I just that we, you know breaking from his like the little smart that was on his face because he would like, because I'm saying something so absurd We're gonna get a polar bear. The unease he's got a smile on his face talking to Sir I'm working for this person, but he's an idiot. You know
Care really anything, but he took it up and I think it really comes across thing so much about John Cameron is when he's trying so hard to control himself in you can just feel him like when the president of the Perpetual broadcasting corporation is talking to him about the polar bear. Yes, I just love I through through your voice. I am able to just see every muscle, twitch and John Cummings Face usually act that big in life and some have forced me to bring up the largest because it's because its anyone alongside now as it is. An idea grow up with a good show which, for maybe went, tell people.
But that is again shows a BBC showed wonderful. It was like a precursor to Monty Python ahead. It was surreal it was and Peter Sellers, was the most famous person whose hair see come there was spike well again, I think, like mullet Mobility Mulligan and they do Where is he really crazy characters and things very quickly and you would jump for thing the thing in a very soon. Real way like marked Monty Python, but crazier in there be catch phrases in there'd be, but it moved very quick, plea in some ways the Fireside theatre, which was near the word of land funds to him by the geisha together again, don't see so I fear it may have things like you know
and would walk into a room in women return NGO Reginald. Your back need go away ass. I brought it with me in that line and Erasmus is gun. Oh, she went off rather suddenly, Islam for seven miles. The last two agony they were overland again. We need a short gags like that, which is the zoom by didn't often wait for. The love, which is the british wage, is key. When I was in the early another owners. Laker. Are you, admiral lousy know, but I'm often mistaken for abroad, while Z, oh, but I am often mistaken yeah. We are all neatly into what I want
we share in common is a delight in the old arts of comedy, whether they be borscht belt or british or or anything that that works but usually large Yelena. We didn't have to stick together. I dont know why they go together and ends up your jewish. It I wanna do is part of that. It leads to stick. Gay is part of it. Does it there's? Interestingly, they talk about different cultures, kinds of humor, you know, say african american humor Jewish american humor, gay american humor British, whom they come from the the culture and from the economics to Jewish was running from the Holocaust new life change, your name,
sometimes a little bit. It was about passing. This is often jokes about you know, jewish being a separate culture that could be attacked at any moment, but also there was a little bit of self loathing because it was like and intensity of, oppression dislike and gay culture, but there is also the the jokes about about surfaces. So you know, like Mill Brooks being, of course, is the apotheosis of Bush value Marie took it to the masses, but you know us at a simple Joe. Jerk of his he went, he actually went to the Brooks Club in London, which is a fancy aristocratic club and a sort of funny now Brooks going to the meat. Lord Brooks and now Brooks was, like Lord Brooks it was you name before works. You know I was you know before Brooks was the jug and Lord works didn't understand
That's a jewish thing, everybody in the forties, fifty cents, a man to be less jewish, so they can get a job. And then gay humours also over about passing, to about hiding surfaces is overdoing things under doing things passing, but so belonging to a secret society of a secret group. You know that you have to hide in plain sight: African American. Obviously you couldn't hide so the humor was much more about you know being under the thumb of an oppressor. You know of a white person, and the the jewish Gay one was more about trickster. How do you get up? You know how to get around a. How do you hide it? How do you work it? You know, so it's interesting how humor
I love the origins of different kinds of humor. You know jokes are passed on, certainly are adapted, you know the first joke and Hedvig was Beatrice, Lillie Joke, which is oh. Thank you for your applause. I do love a warm hand. On my end, He now, which I got fired, someone Julian Clary, who is Conover misbegotten child of You know no coward and an Oscar Wilde and then, of course we still have to you know we have jokes. We have these chokes that we tell each other you know. Somebody tells you how I meet with such a great moment it up at a gathering in you know, or when people are together, when someone tells a joke, it's like that person becomes a performer then you can take it until it to someone else and give somebody else s pleasure, and it's been done. Are you so many times? You know the corset, lifetime and it will be done and you can do it so many times and those jokes past
in and we all make them our own. You know he changed them every time we touch them. No orbiting human circus is written. Created and co directed by turning faster. It was co directed by and developed with, Ellie Heymann and produced by Christie. Grass. With musical composition and arrangement by Thomas Hughes and songs by the music tapes. And editing by grants? Stuart sound designed by Eric slighter, with recording, engineer, Vincent Caution and associate producer Robbie Coochie IRA episode for each Julian CASTOR, drew calendar John Chairman Mitchell, Walter Lowery, Susanna, Flood Dan Solomon RON, Berman, Gavin Roca, then Roca and Denis CASTOR, for full credit and to learn more about the orbiting human circus. Come visit us orbiting human circus dot com and subscribe wherever you get, your pack costs.
And now I've deepens its friends of these subjects affecting over here. One hundred and nineteen nine hundred and ninety eight nine thousand seven hundred and ninety six. Ninety five, ninety four, ninety three, ninety two Ninety season. Two of the orbiting human circus, which will be co produced by W on see, is coming and twenty nineteen. You can listen, do all of season one, including the behind the scenes commentary and a brand new directors cut of the finale wherever it is? You listen to podcast next up good morning, night fail. This is the affair you're welcome to night fell recapture hosted by cast members bash winners, symphony Sanders and how Lublin weak. Our hosts have been doing a deep dive into one episode of welcome to night fail, starting
but the very first episode from twenty twelve its we listening to a show about a show that I make but wholly crap these three or really charming and addictive. I wish there were already a hundred episodes good morning nightmare, features behind the scenes stories, fan theories and interviews, here's a clip from so for good morning, pity. Meeting featuring interview with Me- Jeffrey, greener, your dad
The sun has grown so very, very old. How long called fading down? How long good morning noon and night everyone? It's us again, my es, nag bash winner and I'm symphony sanders I'm how lublin- and this is the I'm CAS where we listen to old recordings, and It popular weird, bizarre, strange, podcast, welcome tonight veil and we share about it. Today we are talking about episode number for pity. Meeting the episode Scripture is last night
pity a meeting accidentally opens a in space time and night veil. Since the consequences plus changes about it. Night veil Daily Journal mercy at radon, canyon and our end High School Football preview, and do we have our work cut out for us and I'm gonna, do the thing where I remind us to tell the audience who we are for working tonight failed to two keeper, the stars engaged in who we are, so many Miss Mag. I played dab sentient patch of haze on the show I also and the M of the Turing LIVE show, and I am the tour director of night veil presence, and I have lots opinions about where to eat in night, high symphony sanders and I play to make a Flynn Europe local library, killing teenage militia leader, my favorite charter how Lublin and I play Steve- Carlsberg, your brow
there are outside the law. So as well. TAT group of night fell. Performers talking about upset repeating aim eating so we're, lots of interesting things that happen? This episode, I think, were introduced to a lot of characters. We get a lot of characters that have a lot of me. In the future of the shower kind of just like thrown into the next year, get Diane Creighton we get her, send Josh the High School of football coach. Now there are major he'd, we also get the fuck up. Lee, whose name portal that happened at the pity aim meeting and some get up for a lot of night Vale future in this. In this just apple episode number for so episode starts out with Cecil, announcing that there was a really noisy glowing portal that happened. At the pity, a meeting and
some Turandot dance came out, but we later find out there not Turandot dance. They pterodactyls, which is I will repeat. Did you know that, to read it out. I did. Is it really? I did. I did know research I was. I was reading along it by one, never script book volume, one mostly Wade partially stars I don't like to have that if you don't have that something I will send to you that I have you know a box of many as I was to say. I don't have that. I literally Deborah made bookcase. It is directly in front of me can't reach It's me are we the curse on this podcast. I would say that there's a couple of them that you shouldn't say it just in life and those are the ones that you should stay on the show. Like the F word now, I think the reference problem. Ok, if you say that in life, don't you didn't make you just
my fucking mind because it didn't even occur to me. I might have been listening to these. Other planet continued to listen, but I'm like Why not go look at the scrap? Oh yeah, I do about it. I have to sitting in the other room, with all the words that I just in case. I'd like need like to remember something. Ah, I'm disgusted with myself. We're smarter than this hell? I actually was in the same boat myself until I was reading emails from fans and one of them was like. I went through my script book and I was like the script. There's a fan to thank and I could look there. I gmail account find out your name and give you a really touching shadow right now, but I'm not going to do that. But you know Larsson touching shout out. Thank you for directing us to the script books seriously fan you know who you are and reduce sales pitch the script books right now, because mine,
The visit to really nice grip books that are out a few other paper back their available through Harper, Perennial there's, mostly void partially stars and the great got glowing coils of the universe which are at the service of their value. One vital to I dont know how many persons it contains, but it's a lot of em and it's my first published writing work. Since I was in the jewish exponents back and nineteen ninety four in Philadelphia. Excited is reason enough to own those books you really and that, and that paper from ninety four. If you can find it the literary ceilings of how Lublin begun of news papers the night Vale Daily Journal, that was a really good said way. Bank, yes, that I just wrecked, Let me raise about like about it yeah. So early the journal right leg. They have the platinum pre. Me ads and
Why can't you be my notes, all writers, the all and all the writers relator. Have the right you're, a new story section which got like struck me as very Huffington poster is like the dust throw in the towel shade at our friendship, for helping to post just write your own new story, which is I mean the hay, isn't that what were duchess does as well? They have people submit Erna, yeah, there's eleven newspapers that other online now there's no such thing as it is where they do so submission, so news newspaper, is newspaper, there's so much in it. Episode about journalism and how money influences journalism and how its leading to the failing of the press, but we at heart, just press, is right on wheat. Stand this a little bit last week about how there are certain parts of of this re lesson that make me cringe Is there so relevant? And this
The one is like other rise of the citizen journalist and that idea that way, we get our news now in the world is just from whoever, whatever aunt posts, think first might be where we get it or the idea. Confirmation bias in and all the terrible things that that come with just sort of the wild west of of online media. The weight exists right now and see That just reminds me, as I listen to the show, and especially as a result of this is that this would be a terrible place to live We are in constant fear and under constant threat. You dont know any. The information is coming from, or whether its accurate and they are under a watchful eye. Yes, yes and you constantly being watched, so Modern day America yeah, he had it's a shining, a mirror had us I'd. I talked about
show Bosh near an Amazon fire, and now I get Bosh adds whenever I go on Facebook and not elected it. Ok, I've never, watch the I've looked at yeah cause. It's always of that. That is the commercial that is always forest on you down, Amazon cause they're like please let this show after I got married on Facebook, I started to feel like I've got married in real life, but also on Facebook. Will you change your relationship status to married? I started getting a lot of ads for baby stuff and then I was researching a short play that I was writing about locations of abortion clinics and I started getting ads for baby stuff. So the best way to get rid of getting on a baby's tab adds to start googling where your nearest abortion clinic is also maybe try googling grad school, and they will go away trying to get rid of those baby, a protein lifehack
well and that's just the iron. That's just a further and of societal like no one's ever satisfied like once you're dating someone there like when you gave me married and when you're married you d like when you having a baby, no one there Well, you ve done all these things. When are you going to die? You exact working circling aspect. Coffins rice state lawyers in earlier, I'm seeing ads for that out, but you know Kevorkian Movie, that was on age Rio a few years ago. I bet and this is me hypothesize in over here that elderly people on Facebook probably get adds to prepare their funerals cassettes, a thing that people do now so there's deafening funeral homes that, like advertising to the elderly, on Facebook being like prepay that funeral save your children that burden you darling, I have seen the ones don't want you the ones about for funeral insurance. You know he got it just hoping die, I'm not going to like in a die.
Not today, I think we all are you today, all of us all naw man Menachem, I'm sorry that was terrible. I opposite! Let's, but let's hope I'm like not to have a girl. I hope of that for you. I hope that you die in the middle of everyone, surrounded surrounded by many knives, I don't. I don't want you to all cuz that that beset for you, but you know he gonna just. I hope that you die somewhere in the middle of all your friends. Let's just say I can run pretty fast. So if there's ever bear attack, you can count on me to try and live I just have to outrun you people off the bear I'll say that trees having its period and then when the bare looks at the tree, I'll be gone, I'll be gone I know that you really going when you're not gonna, get me a plan, not gonna get me sheer trickery cell or some other points? issues that they'll make this episode might bring up. Is the
the election for the council states that are up. How Member of your family is gonna, get kidnapped, taken to the caves you now, and I don't know I mean it. That sounds pretty like maybe you know, but seeing though our president is a mob, sir. Looking up oh, how elections Workin Naval I was like. Is that even preferable to how our elections were just looking for a new system have again out of the box thinking or talking about it. The last episode I'm willing to try something new because, apparently, what we got isn't working we're not yielding great results. You know again, I keep Lou painted to this through, the ears of Steve, it's hard not to filter things through the character and playing on the show for four five years and, like I'm says,
That is the second set as a boy Steve. Feels a really great responsibility to his family and to do good in the world. If he is the one Who really understands is going on. If that's true and all This is happening like that. The huge burden to bear like your ear. The town where they are going to beat up somebody your family to make sure everybody votes the right way, which is like a fool. Joking play on on it. Actions and end there. Just being kidnapped. Corruption be that well. Somebody's been worked over I bet you they're getting worked over a little there. A little light work is being done. Then you'll never timetable. If you will quickly I'll, never see them again, so he knows what that could possibly mean exactly. I just This is a really like it such a dark it's so funny how the humor from the darkest time line of any peace, the ball
of living in a town how the elections work. Why in law, step, aside white, big Rico's pizzas, the only pizza place and down the woman who the distribution sector were burned. I get burned down and it was totally an accident. Call me insurance person. Please call yeah. We inherit the earth Good old man shall do anything. For her paper. You know, so you get the football preview. The falsehood operate It is at first shut, the it's a first try to one of the first dig desert, bluffs rate and about how, above against all we have to beat desert puffs. Was there the worst just yet, and is this also the first time that you do think that they see that is the naval scorpion, so we got like em Scott yeah, I don't pick movement in the before
you know how people are with their sports, their support smiles. Yes, facile cipher excited to talk to Jeffrey about this. When we get him on the phone, because he is our local residents person who knows about sports ball, hooey there's just no. He says if you can't tell whose writing it. If it's about sports, it's definitely Jeffrey. That's writing when we're both on the road in the same city will find time to sit and talk about sports with one another, because it let in that context, were the only ones were the only to care please just go know: what's conversation in private we don't have all. Would you get Erin Mcewen on the road that he'll turn about baseball the issues here, your third third pretty clear, there's, no other, both sports in do yes, I'm among the night fell touring cast, unfortunately,
sports, just fine, but, like I, don't know, of its debts. You know, I don't know all the stuff in most The place I don't know what's going on, I just know back. I ran with bad thing over there and that's good. You know I like horse racing well, you are of a request, for you know bill, and I thank you. Do we talk about what just happened in San Diego backstage. What happened, how lovely we went down a rabbit hole, of all of us. I think it was late Molly I forgot about a year there an end when my wife Jennifer and I think MAO's there as well and beggars looking up like sheep. Even like looking for she was just like this- is how this is that have the horse, that how is he Everybody was a horse and it was right buddy. Wasn't even like she had a
look it up, she already knew it was like she had them like bookmarks or something she's like this. Is you disappear? where I think Jennifer's with the best one was like the spirit of your wife, how like just on a horse and its game. I think Ganz is the best jobs is pretty good too dispersants horse pack was pretty spot on. Yes, yes, he does good. Can we start a second on the show called makes horse picks where you share, like This position is the Carolina. Cottontail who exhibits these qualities, This was it a belgian worm blood. First of all that worry all burn, I have the right name without with a kind of a smoky swooping. Man shook his side, Bang name because it has a glorious site bag, the yes. Yes, he does good old days.
Perish at an earlier time, sports, that's housing! How did we get here to this house that I asked myself that question a lot, We get here horse, as their sports are sufficiently, that the sport that I most into it just the triple crown it. Secondly, spread early girl, they sprang horse. Santee B I went so. I went to the balanced when I was a kid my uncle took me what about them? we'll I've been to the derby. That's on my my bucket list, but I'll see if answer happening? I wonder where I have a drink in July. I want a yell at a horse and then maybe depended it wins. I think you could do all of those things individually in a day but like never all at once, except for at the derby yeah like you could probably yell at a horse and have a mature vampires right well, if you yelling, you have to pay for it. I don't think you can yell at it, then pet it. It's for sure, gonna write you! A more going for
or it than at a hearing, for I think it is How do I get as I go drive by a field of horses and start screaming at that money to be rooting them on? You can do it keep that grass? believe with yourselves so I thought is really funny in regard to the portal that led the Turandot dance, oh no, the terror dactyls out when people looked in their place. Handball or something they aged like just the part that they looked in light, so their head and shoulders age thousands of years so their body with silk normal, but liked her head was thousands of years also, would it be like dust or still, like you know like liquid squishy, or was it the shrunken? Had he known in Meda, fossil yeah conflicts? like Indiana Jones and less crusade or like beetles. Well, that's drunken head, they go.
In this regard, our heads funny Can I never wrong headed and about shrunken heads thank you and good night is this episode, the introduction of throat spiders since the programme, anybody, my guys, don't spiders, I love threat spiders as it as an illness, now having them, and then excited to talk to Jeffrey about Jeffrey, known, lover of spiders, just a huge fan, spiders is not afraid of them at all. He is ready to look at that receive every near them Another thing he and I have in common is our love of spiders, just wanna cuddle up to him and one of we loved feeling of like there could be a spider on my back right now, the best maybe even to be so great via happy about it? and generally not afraid of spiders. But if I see spider in my home I can,
go to sleep unless it's and that is when I turn it to a murderer, and I know people are gonna be out there saying. So funny. They eat the bad bugs. I dont care invading my home all interlopers. You know the business I Spider is actually to loves fairies. I am down with spiders. I appreciate that I don't kill them one worth when there in my home. Sometimes they are compassionately, relocated to the authors, but I learned killer, spiders, most other bugs that are in my house, get bartered, though my house, Many a bug were we're on I'm tree where the only thing for miles out here. So we have. We have black flies We get ladybugs which feed on the carcass at the black flies we get more often wasp. Send us have fun things. We ve had elapsed your eyes, though the AL oh yeah, I'm making it the sky it. I have a bug sucre. I would like us to respond to it
bugs outta, I'm sorry. What is a bug? Sucre? It's ok, so Bugsy. That is a device that that you kind of physical, I know that you kind of it had a bug and press a button and it sucks the bug into the gun. Long, so reach up into the corners and then it sucks the bucket. Little container, where it can be relocated to the outdoor as or you can also doesn't. Like lush Ellie just succeeded to look at in sex it into a two of bug vacuum, but it does have batteries anything it works on because the index its blowing up not fucking M. Am I am, I am I wrong now at the end, but I think you'll branding issue for them, but when they sponsor, as we can help them resolve that primary branding issue. Yet the way you're describing says
and I was going to say. I think it means that your dams are blowing up with other people going great job, sucking others bugs out of the room, Joseph Color in charge of hunting the bugs they call him my hunter. Other things So do you I believe, in order, as I do feel like what You think you're aura looks like because it how are you in LOS Angeles but will happen? now. I know now that I am I feel like when I do the moments when I am into it. It feels like I'm not beings. Like I'm sort of like trying to go along, I don't know, extent I'm on everything But I also don't wanna. Really knows. I don't wanna way, not anybody's parade. I guess
you're so sensitive that so nice, like get out of here with your faker re like ourrs, o gold and get out of here. What am I freaking, friggin avatar? the less air bender. Whatever you do, Yet you know see You know. Would that being said? Who knows Who else why you believe it right that right? I believe in the possibility of anything of the quantum possibilities of anything yeah, maybe there are, or as but like I don't know, Is it the same thing it's like when you get really clear when, like somebody's really close, even behind you, and can I feel them or is that just like body? I would say that when someone stance just you and you can fill them. That's just hear the curse body using it sensory information you're using. Let us now touch and smell to do using different
sensors ral it's hard, ten point down because you're not using just one single one of them, using of a lot of, though, that what feels are used the magic, but actually it's just your brain. Amusingly, sinister Asia. Yes, you using your testacea self meg. What do you think about or as undergo what Hausa ok I'm not I'm not another. Whoop person, but as Euro per said, I want you to feel supported by me. Well, they close talk about these unusual or as a things her or just around gas that's it really beautiful piece of writing that part. Remembering sticking out yes free me so We are all generally pretty questionable about or as, however, what think about dinosaurs, true or false, true no pleasure, others, you wanna ask what I think
about science. I think that's what I think about science, I'm for it therefore plus check plus yeah. How about that? Pretty history, cool so none of us none of it- believe that dinosaur bones: has put in the earth trick. That's. Will I be imagined. I wanted it to be quiet them. I wanted quiet for a second, let us say again: now I feel like people I feel like there are people, I'm not everybody who who be flattered, earthers are the. I think we don't know- and my answer you don't know there are a lot of people. Who have known for a very long time? They know you don't after no, I guess you don't wanna know. Why do you refuse to know what happens now. Now let me have it. The concept of
dinosaur bones being hidden in the earth to trick us like it's not about you friend, like you, gonna, be some serious selfish, like object, permanence can use kind of person to think that it is just about you and tricking here that I find like conspiracy theories and like people who think things so, fine good you're like what oh you are suspending your disbelief, so far like so far too crazy, sent we're like the Magical and not even with the easiest explanation for something you now now no way it's like. Ok, so, if someone just really Jessica down in the earth, but those both there all the same earth right on top of it, just two you Gerald G bumpkin
because it's all about you Gerald, you got other tricking you as soon as they were done, burying those those dinosaur browser like and now we wait. Yet as the longest want is caught the longest gun, seventy million dear old com, now just a yell star checks out: that's appropriate woes Jack Jack, no there's no cross over with me night fell fast and starch are absolutely possible. No wonder I learnt hacking spend diagrams. Look like headlights separate, oh I thought of you when there was a heard about Carlos is running it by an Josie said he smells like lavender, chewing gum, because I may,
love, lavender, chewing gum, she likes eating old Popery apparent eleven, as must the lavender meant the Violets sarcastic there. My group will always have bourbon burrows in her purse. Ensure is given to me and my sister, my mom had them to those who advocate I stand for that. I also like the flavour of the also they are very strong there. I think they're like men for like ninety fifties, husband, to come home from work after having twenty of any at the bar and like have to pretend to be a different person before they came home to their wife and made pop one of those, and they are strongly when he laughed to cover every SNL rate it's the ashes they drank and and the one time I tried it. I swear to God. It tastes like I was eating old fly. Hours or my grandma S house, yeah, Somebody. You know that I like to to taste things
horrible than make you taste Marilla. You love nasty, candy and nasty. Tell of West Africa. If we were in Stockholm, we got other swedish candy. It is like the tastes like ammonia I was so excited about it. I was walking down the street the bag candied as either get this horrible. Simply try. This one mean taken invited you like we spitting out the sterile where we can actually play that unrepealed for five blocks. All your legs for drivers who are these wants. This will visit, really isn't Peter. I really felt like I was being slowly poisoned with this terrible candy. Oh you work for sure, you're, no question process. Salty, there's like a brand of candy in Sweden, salts I did not realise that salt at all all right is. It was discussed ammonia, your taste and I already dont like black with
crash, but when you add other your wax flavour is on top of it. You just gotta make up where, as you know, I have a really is both those horrible swedish candies them. I happen to know when's too Sweden a thousand lovely zero Sweden maybe some offence. We did I let your toys Irish paced, the fish pays, bigger, who hasn't motherfucker are the figures. They'll good were The figure is that they have their whirling around four o clock in the afternoon. They have a coffee and a little snap and it's called figure. I like them on board. Just like I thought it was attached to the fish. Pay is like every day they go out and take fish gets into a bucket stamp. It like it's good. It's there, trying to make wine with I'll just stick their heads in there and eat their way out, like a drop now but so insensitive to the swedish people. You know it's too culture that through that's it.
The hard it's all right. Let's talk about the apartment, etiquette bit so I deliberately down just be just be considering yes, yes, there's lots of important things, a mare about living in an apartment, building living with another person living as a citizen of the earth, the air. We're all each other's roommates right just on this room room called earth, and as you guys both now, I have a awesome. Upstairs neighbour that I call stumpy. So I am very aware of apartment etiquette. The We feel that one of those things were them. The writers are I think they're really frustrated with self worth, we'll just put it in there and fight like a twist on it, and I would imagine, having never lived in an apartment in New York. That it is almost impossible to not hear what every neighbours doing all the time yes
We just have- and I would say that our next door, neighbours at our first apartment together, had a hollering couch where do its accounts that they face to strictly at our while, so they need to sit down and holler at the wall, not just when it sound. My apartment. It sounded like their wishes for people sitting on a couch. Screaming at our well done. You called they're on their hollering couch. Were they did it sound like a direction only? It was all coming from one single section of the hull. We have heard words was so our parents were so small that they probably in their living room. Just so fine a tv in the tv is now on the wall and they would talk satellite they were shouting this bit. It has some weird things in it: talks about where it talks about oozing, invisible, membranes and and strange, radiating lay and then it's just like put the trash in the in the trash cans. Don't just put the trash in the hallway and then it says, put some clothes I'm before standing in front of your windows, bitches considerate.
Something that I have to do and fort two fortunately anymore, because I live sir, by no one. You want ecstasy naked check it out hawks. I charge my aura- I know we're getting close to talking about the weather, but before we get there, the the mysterious hooded figure that's been inside the studio all day. That interview was really fun that segment is vital. Transition into the weather so far the avatar static. Yeah, it just keeps building appeals. Just keep sending further and further away yeah earlier and I I don't remember this in the real in real time when I was listening to it, but now like when I listen to at first I was as oh shit I started: checking MIKE
connection and then he said, don't check like going good act, not me jeez, but like really, you don't get static like that, like in in a streaming thing right, right, good. I'm like that's like an old like tv, saying right here too, entertaining a radio station, yeah yeah yeah I just thought that was great and like I actually, the static and stuff. The louder got the scary or it may mean like it. I felt or scared almost like. It was because it was like somehow getting louder d like consume, Cecil or something I was scared, you didn't have time by now that I could say it reminds me of a quiet place which is real crime. Creepy creepy on that. So let's get ready to talk to our guests. This episode night fell. Co, writer, wonderful, human, Jeffrey, greener, but first, let's discuss
the weather, so this week's weather. Why is closer by the tie me? Am I loved it. I love their voice and the song. I don't know it just like me. We feel that I wanted to like dance and be like really Kadesh somehow yeah, really fun Peter like I liked it really good piece of music again, you know it talked about this and I am sure that for these several years. That will be doing this show I will still be talking about it is that it didn't really connect. Do anything for me. It was just felt like a break which is which I'm ok with, and I liked it good piece of music like a break without also had that thing again in this episode where to go from this, this Buzz buzz buzz from the static into this. Like little play piano with strings in this tiny voice person singing to us. So it's that big shifted
texture. That brings us into the break, which I thought was cool, and here I would have fun song. That was our big deal, in depth, discussion of the weather So when I got out, we like that, the latter was like I've ever so good day. We go down to our discussion with Jeffrey Crater. Hey Jeff walk, I may I how hyacinth hey are hello, daddy, so your first time Thank you so much for joining us shore. We are we having so much fun so far. Talking about the others that came out your mind and twenty twelve, so what was going on in your world in twenty twelve? What was what was the influencing your mind, So when we are writing this one would have been probably some time in the spring. A joint, and I just bought an apartment at the beginning, If twenty twelve in New York City,
we had just moved to Bay Ridge, and we were moving in an like march of twenty twelve of that year. So yeah we were, I was reading through the script earlier was like. Oh, I have a comment about contractors in there and how terrible they are, and that makes total sense, because that's what I would have been coming just off of was duly. With contractors and the many months it takes to like just put up tile in a bathroom yeah. Did this thus it just jumping ahead and that could also that feels like it might have influenced the episode drawbridge a little bit the s yeah. I think a lot of that. It's what I was going through at the time. Definitely to be.
At the inefficiencies and contracting, but you really like you're you're contractor in Brooklyn right, you have to do for him. He so yeah he's irish Jeremy runner. He super handsome and he's really nice. He looked ill. You look like Jamie Runner, he looks exactly like Germany. Runner has an irish acts like I feel like. Maybe this is like Germany Render, has a movie about a contractor coming out soon, an irish contract, or maybe just in character. These have been really method for the grass like four years. How method Germany, runners young Also, while doing the adventures, maybe it's the track and he does really good work. I was really really impressed with his work. He just is, I think, fairly popular and it takes a long time to get to a job, but once he does it, it's good I learned a lot wondering this podcast, mostly I'm learning that Jeremy renders not irish. The biggest revelation for me not did I ever looked at him and tried to figure out every kind of
If my thing was, I just try to figure out where people are from what's nationality. Dude. On the fuss- I honestly don't know what. Ash analogy, Germany runners, I'm assuming he's american through it it's weird I dont know why would just assume that about people who are so many like british Let me just like british imports in american film that I just don't even realize. Aren't american like entire cast of Selma? Basically, because they cannot do our accents better than we can t like. You worry unless there on the programme Nashville, where they cannot do the accents better. I sometimes why's that show on the screen, but trying to their sovereign accents and screaming your bread ash. that guy, who was bill in true bled, he's british, his southern access is terrible.
It's a bridge too far. I think sometimes to ask our british actors to to go southern begin. But you know who has the time Brady of bad American Access, Christopher ecosystems from the left, overs wash the leftovers. Yes, no, the mate he's too. The fundamentalist brother, and he endless- and He sees the Tom Brady of it of bad accents. Cause he's so amazing, like you just as hard, not to think. While I'm watching something really stunning, he hasn't. Tat. I have never heard it does so distinctly american, but I've never heard a human being with this mesmerized every two years on the screen. It was so good. I love it so much, maybe he's going for something really specific, like a small town in Maine or something
very specifically regional, was speaking of Tom Brady and for those EU out there who are not aware, somebody's, a football player and speaking of football players. In this episode we get our farm Opera preview, Jeffrey. I'm assuming you wrote that part, because it's a sports thing. So you you often are the one who is the sportswriter for welcome. Tonight we'll talk about that she or the Tom. I grew up in Escape Texas, Obviously, Highschool football is a really big deal and the foot stadium. There was huge it's like a ten to fifteen thousand beat stadium for them escape prices was to play and right at the brightest. End of one of the engines as a giant tower. I dont know specifically how tall it is, but it has to be
It has to be almost two hundred ft tall and it's kind of got like an age groups, but my mic that has a has like an ace shaped like Eiffel Tower style to Norma's, and that is the tower for the community radio station of Mesquite Texas. It's oh huge and so bag and base really all that radio station broadcast was. Easy. Listening hits of the Sixtys and Seventys and then on Fridays. They they ran high school football and then Through at those like Sixtys and Seventys heads they would have like high school students there, like radio students come on and they would give community calendars, and that was sickly it and there was a time of high school football updates. So just seems like if you're gonna have a community radio station like sports is going to be a big part of it. I know It veil is probably not in Texas but yeah. It feels like that on average, just a big part of me growing up that you can't really have a radio station without having sports news.
It does seem like in night fail when they do have a lot of, school or town pride, because you know there's always ever cereal assertive our relationship with as it plus and you them winning the football game and stuff like that, and so I mean it is dead. Community could be somewhere near Texas. Who knows right who even those now banal? That's not me! I love you the design for the night, their logo, that is, it, has a very West Texas Vibe with a her terror and it looks like I think, even Robertson who designed the logo said that they were inspired by less taxes. So he sent us when we did the first novel. The welcome and I feel model for the cover design he sent were basically, I forget the term he used, but it was like a portfolio of lake images. He used to as inspiration for the color palate and the graphic design of the logo, and we got to
that what was amazing, as he has a photo in that of like a her sunset and like a phone tower and a water to like a phone pole and a water tower and a little house, and it's just the logo its likeness photo so amazing in its. Thralls on the already W S on the water tower, which is the town in West Texas, in the pan. Handled at rob. Wilson grew up in so's really amazing that kind of see that that the other, the longer literally as West Axis. That's phenomena, so Oh I'm. In this episode, we do Acta but the PDA meetings have you ever been repeated, meaning for I remember yeah, like matters apparent as like us to have for your cats, and I sometimes just like as a spectator sport. I go to like the the local high school here in town and I just go to their PTA meetings to stop
my two cents, what I think as the taxpayer, is it just as a fan really have your pants kids aren't dumb, usually scuse we're your money goes right here. I have a question for you Jeffrey you at this. We are your writing. The fourth episode the show and in winter, creating these characters of this be sports world of night veil and as it may be. The only other sports fan involved, the shell and before that you and I will, if were get up- both at a show on tour will find a place to sit and talk about sports for a couple Ours is like a release valve, but at this at this point to you, started giving to the overall sports world or is it just hear some day I'm gonna throw in? I dont know whether it's gonna come back or not. I dont know if there's a grand design for the summer its community of night bill yeah, it is
I think it just initially started as I want to put sports in here. Something could be fun, but I definitely Once I started writing about the quarterback MIKE Sendero, I felt like, seven I haven't talked about it to this point yet because we have even but an episode out when we are writing the first five or six of these ok, but the one the only thing we really said was that we can do whatever we want, with the show, as long as are strict continuity, and we both took that to mean, as unlike things, have consequences and p age life moves forward, and even if, like that, life is weird. The nonsensical at times, so that idea that you can have like a junior quarterback My thought was it'll be fun next year because I'll get to go into a senior year and talk about that. There's also thing too were like you can tell if I wrote sports thing or of Joseph wrote a sports thing I always think very carefully what month, as this episode coming out I'm so
I don't care what you can in the end in the fall you can and follow. You can have you know you can have a at with with football or whatever so This means learning not miss spraying. You can have like a February like oh there's, a big football game last night now that's based, but that mattered about that's not entirely true, though disease, early episodes. I had no idea when they are coming out, so I think this one came out like the middle of the summer, but it is our fault. Preview said: oh yeah, that's true but yeah. That was it. I don't know, just seem fund to be able to follow this football team like a normal football team, even if their quarterback has like two heads so other things about this episode. There's the at the introduction of throats fighters. Wrote that the lap tell us your relationship with spiders Jeffrey. I hate them known and I take the back. I like spider spiders are cool work, who I just don't want to see them,
weird because I actually less afraid of actual spiders than I am of photos of spider sick. If somebody sends me a photo of a spider, like I lose my mind like I just I'm so terrified of that Joseph wrote a tweet recently on the naval account I think, and it was I can't the term now am. I don't even want to google it, but it's basically the term for, like all that thing in the month spiders face. What is our term and I started typing it into the chrome or, and then I immediately saw the definition pot down those. Oh thank you, Chrome, for just give him either herbal definition of control, Q, slam laptop shirt, you're not the window, advantages timber in that Now you just gonna get ads for spiders for the next six months. The just get your fish. You may also like a on your face. Why you sleep left my face. Look open while we're doing minutes, I said,
that video of the spider that they train to jump like a hearing, biter jumping, why? Why would you do that? Because at a certain science has to be stopped just from going in certain directions. Super profiles, but that has come on you gotta, be that's just Satanism, yeah yeah, I know yet they shouldn't be allowed to do that, like I feel like, we should probably have some regulations on science that it's like you shouldn't have fast zombies. I truly believe that carriage the crush themselves under a shoe. Can we do that? That's perfect! Yes, spider sounded like the single most horrifying thing ever localised the throat to immediately elbows spiders, not a scary, neurons fighters, terrifying. If you can keep an eye on elbow spiders, Vickie, they're, doing spiders, also Jesse,
today the idea like how hard it would be to date. Somebody, if you had third spiders, because I could imagine they just like come of your mouth at any point in time. Just go all over your face, some errands up in your hair, and then they go back. I have no idea. I always I've always either imagery to me. Always me like a sack of like spider eggs with in your throat past it open all spiders came out, so just internally scream about that for a second rescue him out loud. What average depends on where you warranted, or it's like the guy. You have like a pet tarantula these, like looking the trick. I taught him amending like put the tyrannical in their mouth. Closely and they open mouth and outcomes, the spider. What Why, though, I have a headache now well
I'll tell you where I saw it because I think I'm I think that my own well. I have this tape it that gather around children back in the day before the internet. There was tape trading creditors would take excise footage and build compilation, tapes and then trade them back and forth? So I can the procession through my friend Nathan, of a collection of directed America's funniest home video submissions. And I'm pretty sure one of them is somebody like look at me swallow my prayer. Tarantula here comes ten thousand dollars open up the the vaults and just dump the cat, for me, somebody thought that was gonna be like that Bob sag. It was going to narrate that that's just sounds like you're. Can it, like for sure at least get one of those films were. Somebody gets killed in it over sure you now. What are those called snuff? no other girl a tyrannical a year that is a snuff film. Those
filled with their venomous. Their Venezuela refers poisonous. Do they have poison You let us up. Oh, you can milk them. I wouldn't know, don't spend that much time, I'm just like a big fuck off spider, no you stay away from that. That's literally lay I spent most of Australia doing avoiding giant spiders and you came back alive and sound Do you see the expatriation you're in Australia? Has I saw one when I was in a park? I was like said, and there was a real value, it legs claim. Guy men should very much like them, Ella Beetle juice, where that cockroaches like sitting like this, like flicking its leg yeah. It's just like that. It was this staying and I took a lick close up video It's somewhere in right in story, I'm sure ass. His heart, and I ran away enough.
Nature for me. It's terrible so yeah, Jeffrey. Did you go? Do a real, listen on this episode, two to prepare for the show or who did you know? I did a reread of the episode. I don't know why I did the harder thing I do both so so yeah when it, when one or the other? Was there when you were going back and taking a look at it? Where is there anything that popped out to you that really struck? You is creating some sort of emotion for here to try to find new experience there, since let anything happen to you while you're at it, I had this thing where can't remember. If do we know what episode? Steve Carlsberg, first appeared in said: wasn't this its assets, five or six as no, it's hang its it six, Oh, it's after one, though right yeah, yeah yeah, so if you do after this, one saw her illness. I just thought recently partially because we had a gag about this
in the most recent touring live show all hail, which is the wreck, Prince to Susan Wellman, who Basically, I feel like Cecil also hate Susan Willman Iron Crepe, Suzanne Willman, It sees a woman seems like she totally socks, twenty is a silly Cecil hate Steve Ellsberg? But as we like learn over time, it's like a much more. Deep seated personal or familial thing that he's having that Cecil himself is trying to grapple with his own personal issues, and he just laying it all on Steve. And then some hours sort of like, as you know, spoiler for people of further along, but his relationship to steal, Carlsberg, kind of changes and grows. But I feel like Susan Women is still in that state of like on my fucking hate, her and it's all the way back. An episode for.
The two thousand and twelve and twenty eight teens Cecil. Still I get together Susan now, more hatred, can focus on her. I can get more intense right, thank God. Ass. She liked fat, shame Diana she, sons, a kind of a piece of shit. All me hate her, Sir I am glad that there is that continuity doing this realistic and we have found a lot of things. Injustice. First, couple episodes that, in the show right now that are like coming coming to a big head, just like little tiny pieces that have been scattered in the first couple. Episodes have play a huge part points now in the show, and then you know for over the past six years of the shower things kind of sneak back up and you d a surly realised that they were there from the beginning. Like that it seems very intentional, like horse, super geniuses have planned all with long. It's my favorite thing yet
figured when you guys Road episode, one and two and three and four euro really like will this arc is four hundred episodes? yeah. I made a big thing like Joseph better. If I don't bring up Joel Eyes and Bergen episode for it's going to delay the ark we have and episodes. Ninety eight through one fifteen I'm gonna have a redo the whole five hundred up outline that we drafted Nepi if our first twenty five years very diverse, forty five years. The point- and I shall not be great- the lot words a lot of words So I did a lot of words so far, though three words of episode: five hundred are and volume one please let that be to please. Let me two episode, five hundred that it be amazing, keep drinking water, vitamins, o water
our drinking water. Anyone apparent according to justify the doktor should ever is physical and the doktor was like you know the biggest key to lunch. Every stress, management and Joseph was like all well that's. Why you're here. Our health tip is stress management, sure great It sounds as if you to find a way to have stress management that somehow doesn't also deter future longevity of Sequoia, then distress greatest mocha packing day lick. Fraternity, stress great idea: do you know is much cooking using get my hands on so this has happened. Audience and anti drugs. I I didn't bugs hudson. Let im sure but yeah that's. It gets a thing with stress management, secular, it's gonna kill you if you doubt, but you gotta find a way to do it. That doesnt also kill you and see
five hundred episodes. Welcome tonight. I repeat: I will need a lot of cocaine and b that You'll get it done in like to fish in one one, quick bender, yeah, I'm sure the product of a great deal nothing relieved stress more than having to constantly right to a deadline. That's just that is floating gonna lazy river, there too, getting a massage well, nothing brings on the amazing dreams like having several things on deadline at once. You now have multiple shows. Let's, let's do that, plug see that plug yeah. No, I am working on we're about over fashionable and done with was three writing season three of within the wires tradition, I correct, which Nina Mathison and dumb yeah, I'm excited can be a lot of fun,
it's gonna be yeah. I told each season. We have a completely different narrator that stories that on some type of pre recorded on also season. One was relaxation tapes that sort of tell the story of an escape from a meant a medical, prison and season. Two was sort of her mystery of of a missing person told over the course of a decade from Museum audio guides so yeah, so we're we're season through now and it's fun, I have made my blue listen to answer me. You haven't triple seasons like it after losing season. Why need cycle what's next and then season two years, just like a totally different situation and that's really cool, it is awesome. Also fund, because we worked with like a super professional actor who lives in New Zealand, which was great cause Reno. Take me out. I was the actor awesome she so good. He should see hunt for the wilder people if you have not its, and I was hoping as great an alarm
but she is she ass. She said goober, professional, and so it was really. But I you know we live literally, like twelve hours, timezone twelve times zones away from each other. Like indication was always strange, and then she would record the stuff in Israel. Because it consists of one Janina corroded and then recorded but so any like weird I suppose we had answers like at night veil to like if we have weird typos, Cecil he'll, just figure it out and if he he'll, just email and do something but remember read through the stuff, and it was really amazing. She would get to something were we'd, be like missing and an or the or something and she'd stumble. Britain, she's just start laughing, and the fuck is this post, I mean I was amazed at what is an all of that oil idea of blue person like now you, when you record by yourself you'll, have blue person like I just had a whole season full of their amazing. So yes,
political. Is there anything that you would like to leave us with? Regarding this episode regarding the early episodes of welcome to night fell Jeffrey, the things that I remembered about this episode. This is pretty early on. When we were starting to get an audience To this end, a lot of people would start they would get on Tumblr, twitter and start like listening and then like live blogging at her life tweeting there. There listening and anyway. Somebody tweeted at me one evening in some kind of I just started night Vale and I love it now say, and I replied awesome hope you enjoy. Thanks so much, and then she message back like a later that day, like later in the evening, twitter and she was like. Love. Your show bite too dawns are not dinosaurs, Mama. People are saying that the episode but they're, not dinosaurs, like just list the episode sentiment that you never wrote me back, I'm like a hope. You finish the episode.
But now that we will get the spoiler alert, we corrected it anyway, so I just remember that argument is like I love your show later, like I'll, never listened, again, transit answer, not Dimas workers, the sell. The famine is amazing fans there, the right they have listened to the whole thing before now you just listen to the phrase like six ended. This great great thanks broke. So that's lesson is always as I love fans and I loved her That's I mean, that's really. Why you started making their fellows? They can interact with fans and twitter. More is what we started making may work as it was fun something's gonna do I had no idea, nobody would listen to it. Honestly, I really didn't, but I'm
The people showed up, like a z, that I dont really mean that, like sarcastically, like I'd, let the even that interaction with the transit on pursue, like a really love that I've mix fairly cited that, like somebody don't know, cares that much about something we wrote really exciting, like that's crazy thing, I've Maggie. I've done theatre for fewer than fifty people in a room before I think it's disheartening when you look out need to see a bunch of blank faces, and most of them are people that you know personally that you had all of your friends fill the house and the you look out and you like, while this is really hard and then when you do a podcast, It's really amazing that suddenly you just get a bunch of people you dont know suddenly, like I care so much about this. It's really, if I can call it is, it is really cool. It's really cool to have people have some buying into what we're working on agreed, Jeffrey thing so much for joining us. I'm good morning night, though we re having you with us, what the devil.
It was so nice to see you all again and I hope to see you again very soon. Likewise, thanks dad Thank you to everybody who has been listening and sending US emails and calls it really appreciate it, and thank you for joining. I hope, you're really listening with us in joining us on this journey next week, is the shape in Grove Park, and we will hear from more of you about your theories answer some of your questions and we'll comment on some of your comments. So we want to hear from you get in touch with us for Symphony and MEG, I'm hella and saying good morning night fail.
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