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Unlicensed Ep 1 - The Detective of Citrus Ave

2022-11-10 | 🔗

Today we are proud to present the first fiction podcast created by me, Joseph Fink, and my Night Vale co-creator Jeffrey Cranor since Welcome to Night Vale. It is called Unlicensed and we are about to play you the first episode. This is a project that is very close to my heart, and one that we have been working on for years.

All twelve episodes of the first season are available right now only on Audible. There is a free trial, so feel free to use that to listen to it at audible.com/unlicensed.

That said, I have spent the last two years listening to Audible Originals and here are a few personal recommendations if you want to keep exploring once you’re there:

Hot White Heist - A very queer, very funny heist story that’s premise is too explicit for me to say here. Featuring more celebrity voices than I can list, it’s the kind of show where Tony Kushner shows up as himself to give a 5 minute monologue on how he thinks the story is going so far.

I Will Never Lie to You - A 70s road trip written by Brie Williams, frequent Night Vale writer and also writer on Unlicensed, along with James Urbaniak, of Venture Brothers and Night Vale, who also stars in it. A funny and sweet two hours of your time.

Romance Road Test - Two real Brooklyn women and their real husbands try out real romantic advice in their relationships and record what happens. Everyone involved is candid and charming, and it’s a lot of fun. I listened to this one in the car with my wife.

Hear all episodes of Unlicensed and a bunch of other cool shows at audible.com/unlicensed.

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