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Carl Reiner from 2013

2020-06-30 | 🔗

From 2013, Marc talks with Carl Reiner about his journey from writing to acting to directing, as well as his collaborative relationships with Sid Ceasar, Dick Van Dyke, Steve Martin and, of course, Mel Brooks. Carl died on June 29, 2020 at age 98.

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so those who visit- and I shall now that I had Millbrook sign- and it was an amazing conversation- and I want a I sort of talked about a story that is unfolding that involves me outbreaks, Brooks and CALL Reiner. That was one of the most spectacular moments of my life in show business, and this is The second part of this story will but what include at the end of the Carl Reiner episode I'll, give you some more detail, but let me set this up a little bit for you. So I interview MEL Brooks and we have a good time. You heard it we take a liking to each other. I always liked him, but he had no idea who I wasn't. He ended up liking me and we had a nice time. He walked me out to my car. It was all very charming and funny. And he says eyed Young and as such up with Carlin. As you recall, I said how is Carl and now said Belize about eighty percent,
and I said well, that's good! That's good! You know he's hanging on everybody's Gooden, you'll, hear in the car reiner up so very different type of conversation. Carlos Carl Reiner mail is now Brooks, but they're both the heavily clarity they got all they were Are there ducks are still in a row? Some of them are a little wobbly but they're all in a row. In there tight man that they're there their they're definitely present and coherent in had just great great agile, comedic minds. These guys are the best there ever was really the two of them now it's at this stage, a little bit so after mouth tells me he's gonna to me up a Carl. We set it up fuel we go by and then the drive Oda Carl's house now I have to really accentuate it. How familiar this feels to me not just because I grew up with Brooks movies, are, or Carl Reiner and Rob Reiner, and two thousand year old man, but there it There is a jewishness to this whole adventure that that is.
Familiar with it did to me, and I drove the Carl's house in Beverly Hills. I go out of the car it was. It was a homemade yellow in the old soul, part of Beverly Hills. So it's a home next to other homes, but it's a big home. The door was open. There was commotion going on, there was people coming in and out. There was a woman there. He's doing something. There was a guy who, I think, has deep publicist for his new book Carl Reiner. I remember me, which is his new, look out now end and Dad George Shapiro was air. Now George Piero, as you know or may not know, is a very big comedy manager. He manages Carl but he manages Jerry Seinfeld here if you riding clients used to manage ordering Adams but TAT, but he's Carl nephew and he's in the seventies ay I speculating there, but I would say, he's in seventy. So now
familiarity with me. As you know, you drive up do out of doors open there, things going on. There's a living. This house, it looks like it's been lived in. I picture Rob Rhine of growing up there. I picture the family there. I picture Ino in jewish households, now announcing it specifically George ourselves by just I felt immediately at home. You signal living room and it looks like people sitting this living room. Your foods been served in here and in just look. All Jews are familiar to me. That's all, but Carlos not I can say this: how can I say that not as as a jewish or do we as now Brooks it's a different frequency different, tone by walk in and George Shapiro. Is there- and you know he's talking to me about this and that and then we're waiting for Carl to publish this? Is there and then we're getting set up and then calls going to come down and then are all makes his way down the Carl's. Almost ninety one and the grand entrance- he sits
and the chair, and I set up the MIKE's agenda. We begin to talk now. What happened after Carl's it's down his he sitting in a chair, I'm sitting on a chair next to him right next to him across directly cross her coffee. People from Karl is Mister George. You rose, sits in that chair and I will say this lovely man during the interview I did glance over there were times when he was napping. He was napping a little bit in and out no problem, Was this guy he's sitting on the sofa. Now you got, understand something. I explained this. The last time Coral Reiner and Male brooks spend most every evening together, just sitting there. Doing whatever they do and we talk about Doktor Carr a little bit about what they do. This is a lovely. You know up. It's gotta almost a century, long friendship- and it's very touching me and just sitting among Jews, All Jews makes me very comfortable, so so
what's now go to waste My conversational call reiner. And we will we will. We will reconvene here after the discussion, so I can tell you and on the rest of the story, it's it's. It's beautiful right. It's beautiful! Let's go out to me and said, talking in Carl's living room. The first boys you here is George Piero- was there when I was setting up my microphones, I might have picked a little bit of that up are you do everything is not give the whole crew on the whole a very right. That's awaited Gary Impressive sure how areas is the whole crew. Is thousands die love it? I do the whole day love that I'll, do whatever the council's work. Go ahead as here
he had a good time with you. Yeah now has nothing but good things to say about you, and I were I wouldn't have exactly. Is that the understanding you threw out more and more than he does. I he says he comes over every night is just right over there yeah, and you guys have the things you do. Yes, we do have one of them. I would invite tell about later, because it is so crazy that no other world is gonna, believe it and I don't you I want to tell a, but we may win my immunity. It has to do with chicken feathers chicken fat, yes said, desires ray you, Well, I mean if we don't call that back later, when we go to be people gotta be curious. Entire show here with what the hell was that about, but the interesting thing about the year dynamic it in for one. I know I'm a little younger is that day. There is definitely a straight man, cookie guy, no question don't you guys event urban? Now
What happened and you want the genesis and I've done this a number of times, but is it's good to have in a place like this, where its forever yap? Because this is this, Closing of the capsule doesn't sure I'm learning about the down, but it in a capsule. Inheriting a hundred and fifty I came to work on the show of shows withstood Caesar YAP playing his straight man. The first day there. There was a young man of very short young man who was in since pocket, no word said had hired him. First, lay to be his loved. Him you go gang, I ride he paid said I said paid my thirty five hours a week. The right around MAX Leland in Wanna have Morocco was to wild and grace. You could use the slide into the office and on the floor and say safe the warrior obviate any so. The first I was there, he stood up. I
did know who he was and he started to complain. He was a jewish pirate, and he says I don't know. If you're, not something like yourself for today's? I can build a journal rape anymore. He says it's three thousand thirty bisons by yeah. They can go up in an NGO mindsets. Sale anymore. Anyway. He was one often half hour. I was I go that far, One day I came in, he was a little following. The air was also Whatever was following came in and I remembered something that might make a good. She was we, the people speak with an Seymour me. It was a man who was actually an Stalin's toilet and heard style is a great, a bloodless world Thursday, and I should not be a good thing for us I think so, but from that was frustrated. I turned to mail was sitting on a couch, very much certain you're sitting now here's a man who was actually at the scene of the crucifixion two thousand years ago, he's not true, sir.
That's him ringing. Male Herod, hello,. Larry, I'm in the middle of a good and a conversation here with a man with a microphone. So we saw yeah come over and listen. Ok that was Larry Awful, a haven of marriage. Hoof arrange all ok anyway I said the and I said the massacres of agenda two thousand years ago that true sir, he said oh boy as the first word, you were there, New Jesus, thin, lad, right and always sandals what twelve other guys, always when the distorted never bought anything always asked for water and that started for the next. Power. I I just ask questions about his days way back then Oliver of course you did know what I was going to us and I didn't know what those units, but he wouldn't you, me every vein again hold I hello
Paul, I'm in the middle of a Ruby interview. Yes, I'm being recorded Was poor Brownsville, not one of the fellows who in charge of making me flavors? it's gonna happen again. I myself the next month is about. I expect a call later, but he said if older, I told him, I had an important, and so he said our holder is only about nearest sower. Yes, often the next hour, I interviewed him then any time where the law in the office, I will just jump up and not jump up. I would so here is a man who right I am. He was either the two thousand all manner of a great psychiatry. Where's, the writer. Whatever was I that detriment, and he didn't even know what I was going to make him the second I so do we was. He became that person. I once didn't thing where I said a word psychiatric convention. There were six great psychologist from all over the world and
whose all of them- and we gave them aims, and we could remember what their eyes. I think that was doktor hull danish noise of jacket back of weak anyway That was what we did and at parties there wasn't a party that somebody had go dear. Further to that, I would invite you. For that reason, while we were headed anyway everywhere we have friends we had, I didn't, we would have gone to death. For Joe sign was one of the places and the UN same thing was that we did refer to years yeah and people used to say put that on. That on work at- and we said now, this is only for Jews, unknown anti semitic gentiles. I said we was very undecided. Well, yet it was five years after the war, the jewish accent was persona non grata in society, Seduce had been decimated, made fun
further, the less you know. What that's interesting did you catch? Is we at some point? Because did you have a an axe and because it now seems to embrace it to an outgoing mail mouth became a mill european. I made for us as it thousand men would have. Let you which he talks like that's what anyway. Now not enough he's got your language didn't nobody anyway. So for ten years. The injured parties and saw the party we want to. There was Joe feels you was a big boy. Ray producer any time there was. He wasn't town. You made a parties, are the wheat you come. He had regained his friends with moderate Mozart did that We have learnt in its energy supply the put chairs out there. There was a living lawyer and at one, but kill a party audio at a nail, this body that was joys, Haber name for star real stars.
The Neighbors party. After we finished three people came up to us. The first one was George Burns. Smoking, a cigar and saying you gotta record. We said record, we will put on record, put gonna, steal it and then with joy at every year, One soon said: he's makin play out of a thousand year old man, whose I played on Broadway ourselves, two thousand. I could play any age. I remember the last when coming up was, though dearest. The war was a guy named Steve we heard about handing p. For handing the world comedy people. He wouldn't love nothing more than to discover a comedian re champions areas, and so he came over he says fellows. He says you put that on record eases I'll, give you to hear that I use the word Pacific for my jazz recordings. And we went into the studio with about a hundred fifty friends and we will for two three hours
now is the original the original and we cut it out of forty seven minutes and then We still have no one's gonna work. I wasn't friends and I remember the first edition of the interest, thinking. I was working at universal. The I started. Writing movies and character, It was my neighbour I gave him an album and he came back and I can't live a dozen He said: what do you know? What I'm going to London ICE is. Are you a second falander? Yes, yes, they speak English. You know I had an and back- and he says she loved it. I so do you Queen mother? Has you took this Buckingham palace? I guess she laughed and I said to mount the biggest ships in the world. So nobody had, of course, it'd take off their first. I will know we made five output if you get the royal stamp of approval. Yes, with a royal stand. When I was a kid I was the first time I saw was the animated one: oh yeah. Well, I was Saran rap here
yeah, that was grandma's like three for use, show that was first time that you and men had actually like publicly perform hold our second hello yeah. That's why thank you that was the first time you guys sort of organised as a team. It was around that year. Fifty nineteen fifty mg for that you have done? A lot of theatre- you done, oh no off I'd starting at seventeen, I did, or did you grow up? I grew up in the Bronx seventeen. I was a machinist, the Bronx gets area wound. Applies at seventeen. I began at. I started to work in a millinery trade. First, the media dress trade as a shipping clerk which forwards I got, twelve dollars an hour. Then that company went out of business reopened and I got dollars an hour you parents from here where they, my parents were from Europe. My father came from Joan of its Austria
and by my mother for Romania and went away they end. If you read my book, you'll hear the book. I remember me yes in their. My when you do remember. Oh, I do remember what was always the box. I talked about books about Brooklyn Gimme, a sensitive Brock's, whereby the Bronx was a middle, lower and middle to lower the middle class neighbourhood. If I tell you be the rent of those, You'll three one bought me much when my parents, Then nineteen seventeen was sixteen hours a week. I was born there was, I think, thirty five and fifty dollars a month rarely ever gone back it to see. If you could, I did. I went back once on the New Yorker magazine want to do a piece on my days in the Bronx yeah, and I said, let's go see my old, building on us. Every nice red was sick, five story walk up and it was nothing There was an empty lot. The time is right. You re raised across the way we're old buildings, but they were too three through three story buildings, but they were protected by
the money. You know the area because they were and historical article matches historical building here. So they're up. What I got was a brick. I took two bricks there were lying there like someone to my brother and light as here's hours, a strong home was left, zip and well made people on the family my brother and I and my parents, was there was a relatives around with it some relatives not to close by year we had a couple relative image. What was your father's trade watchmaker by tree which you made his living at, but what he really was doing was. It was whether spare time was inventing things invented. The self winding wristwatch the battery clock, which is right up
he invented it. He got the patent yon at a patent on about required no kidding, and then he invented a clock that he would run a hundred years in that that a battery a dry pile battery which he made by hand which I described hours and hours and hours what a tear cutting one disk of its I'm a little dusk size of apparent thousands of them a painting obeyed without my colleague, Amelia who silver and magnesium firstly painted a thousand or two thousand with the incorrect formula, and it didn't work. He did it again kitchen table on a Sunday years. He finally got dry pile to piles, which had five thousand camps and a million five thousand Bolton, Amelia AMP just enough to take up the pendulum back and forth, would attract repel, attract repel. You got a patent on that.
And did this? Did this elevate him out of the brons? No, no! No! No! This clock was not whose, until after the war and Germany and they caught the patent ran, Germany started the market with no getting the other. He D Invent was later about that no never got better. He was happy to have invented. He never said God yeah right now is a matter of fact. As a picture over there behind you playing the violin, see there oh yeah, he was self toward violin. Flautist, Clara noticed was he guide an airplane symphony orchestra? You know him. Harold charities and- and there is a picture that picture is called Irving shoot serving playing. Bring with quality serving Is that he always he was a photographer I. So how does the garret I plates? He took pictures of EV
but my mother nursing me my brother hundred year old picture plate above him bricks from my mother, nursing trawling. And- and he never had a picture of himself until he decided sat down and invented a self timer which she patented. I tried. A pattern was patent pending, but japanese invented. Did it six? before I got a bad nodded, but didn't I know, he's awaiting him. So he pointed at Irving any sharp eye army replanting shot himself by a violent who is the third Irving. The third Irving is not mine. A granddaughter who plays that violence is violent. He bought for five hundred dollars. Nine hundred when it came to America, his rather played a vile, and I want to play he bought himself a violent and learn to plague, a book on violence and get it out a red. To play the violent and and when my mother passed away, came to look,
Does he brought his violent, whether we hadn't bladed years and when he couldn't morning pick them up? He could always play on my back and then my group daughter started to play the vile and when she got ready for the full size round, we gave up this one and she does. Where's, the violent in the harbor that violence, you played a concert, and I we want backsides who congratulated oh she's away to be within a man. I gotta get Irving US whose Irving she knew the violence Irving and she keeps a picture of that picture of my father. In her sweet, violent, barks at sweet filing case. We never was, if you didn't have them the mind. So there was an appealing to you two to go into the more technical skills, I had no musical ability. Luckily, my kids didn't get my genes all my cousin musical, but I can sing on key if there's wriggle out of helping them. I have a good boy,
good voice. I had a three out of range, but no pitch and no timing, so I could never have been allowed forcing, which is what I want the lobby org upfront, Oreo. Irish, which I read about in the book and Wendy debt. When did the acting things start with you or not? very young were night when I was cast them at three of aged three while at age six or seven. I was in a Christmas. No, no, not a Christmas bible. The teachers are who can do something for Christmas, little entertainment, violent class and I could go above, lags behind my life and my head and walk right am I have or one leg, rural hop around it shows. You took me at all classes out. My purse performs the second one. I can't do that anymore right, not no act. I could, as a matter of fact or maybe ten fifty lawyer, but but not to the third Eight. I played the the headsman in three and six
pass. Rival. Lentils boil a well known play at the time, and my mother was sitting next to the principle in the auditorium and he said he's the best one that boy there yeah how'd you that's my Saunders. While he's the one one, and for that time on my mother always call me the best one with were the gas utopian apply. I didn't do any acting again until after high school in high school. When we were asked to learn shakespearian loose speeches. I could do better than anybody, but I was embarrassed that I did him so much better. They think I was crazy, so I never did him until years later I was a machine is helper.
Doing working on sewing machines is in our system, and my brothers sent me a little clipping saying: free, acting classes at the W P, a workshop in Santa Street New York and any I might affect one. I wanted half awake I don't want to Washington to get a mark TWAIN Prize. They asked me to talk to the Library of Congress about the Deputy Bob We ve been, and I made them and they put it in the archives, because I said everybody saying get the government of the people's back. I say no are. We belong on the peoples of the will of the people, the government's back as it wasn't for the government swimming Meta to allowing me to learn to be an actor. I wouldn't be an actor. I am an actor here today because that W P a toward kids. You want the right, the gun, the school musicians became musicians artist. I said
murals all over the country and in in a post offices that starving painters, and that was empty. I right after you are right: he put it all in the place and that's the big criticism level against obama- said that it was socialist or that it with the US, which is ridiculous, predict you that's what the governments boaster do right up to the government of the people for the big, for people and what kind of education to get him over the classes. The Not the now I was just a small class weather does Whittemore I'll, never forget her dear Little English old English lady, who would ok Simon smile Simon, that are real Besides, I remember is to learn Queen Gertrude each from Hamlet where's There's a willow grows assigned to Brook no chose this whole leaves in the glassy scream therewith fantastic garlands that you come with crow flowers. Those daisies and long purpose, that liberal shepherds give a grocer name, but our
go I'll call made the dead man's fingers, call them their oconnor clambering. To hang envious sliver broken anyway goes all. I remember, sobered look about seventy! Eight years later, she a great impression I love Shakespeare did and when you, when you start to work at when did that start, I was work, is a machine celebre, but at night my brother, I found a year an ad for. Somebody told me all know. While I was going to the class, they said the Gilmore Theatre, porridge, You get more out of free, feared. It came in for free everybody's offer free paid a little tax. Ten twenty cent data that was is really and though an audition for them, and I got my first job in the family upstairs and the bishop misbehaves I was nineteen out of fake, mostly not a fake. I grew mustache but pencil.
Slovenia and there was making love to a forty five year old, actress, Virginia Gilmore, but work than I had better fairytales, which I had which was used on broadway fur and laughing when at when Alan ARC and play those hills were. My mother's drunken, we let he get them the sad thing is all sales were pretend I I've had raised ten dollars, the by Dales Mender. Those tales disappeared because when the play was over, they gave it to ease costume, they thought. Was a native costume, they didn't know was up and disappear. The dark and get him. I gave him to me, of course I, Sir Knight, and to talk to use for the boy you guys we're getting. Our friends are well nobody. I certainly was a friendly to a man who is depicting me as they want a one: eighth solely for peace, interesting guys, a funny guy he's brilliant idea, one of the most reared actors ever
yeah and smart and funny- and I saw him in the second city before its time. I never forgot that the line you said he was showing people our work in a museum and ease of this particular picture of the man's inhumanity. Man and a woman behind the browsers. I don't like it he's well, Madame you're wrong you're wrong. So Did you two were like? I? I talked to a friend of mine who sort of an obsessive comedy researcher, and he gave me his is cliff and he said Was it a play? You did called call me master or call me. Mister, yes, does not apply. That was a musical after the war when the sea we'll just came home it was done on Broadway only peopled with with veterans of the war. You, your it could addition for it. Very you, a veteran yes,
How long were you over there three and a half years? What you do over there. Well for the first year, I was it Firstly, I was a radio operator in the year and the effort got pneumonia want the hospital. After I came out. They sent me to signal training. Schools is a signal corps train for that became a teletype operator on my way To Hawaii on my dad who, in a why, on a way way, someplace to Catherine Eighteen, I want to see a place: a play, the university of her wise firing at all gee I hamlet with more, is Evans on in it was our Mars playing Ladys, again hey. I had worked on the envoy radio workshop. Another government sponsored organization I played in radio when I was seventeen for twenty two dollars a month doing playlists plays on a New york. Don't under your radio, how it said
when I said? How are your wonderful, he didn't even take it. He was in charge of of the sections of society. Daddy. We need a comedian for showed. You do comedy. You knew. I was funny here I was right actor when he knew me. And I said yeah- I have twenty thirty minutes. He says he pulled me out. And everything you stand up. But I said I'm on my way. I didn't you know no records. What I'm on my way, someplace detachment, eighteen and he said Where I don't know. What's tomorrow, I'm tomorrow night, I'm going he could the general and traded me like a ballplayer, I gotta to forget special services- and I perform than you known in the show call shoot the works. For me, was to have a year, radio variety, but then I wrote a show withheld David riding the lurks somebody writing the music. I shall quote shape ahoy, which I took the whole Pacific with Cyprus. End quote quite quad, you lied to me in
Mark Margo Paula. What was the structure that also varieties varieties? Noah? A review a hot there was a review with myself doing, sketches and stand, and one and one I dont understand if you do at that point: I did a year by was a very good and very good of pretty impersonator had impersonations will directive, but I was bored with himself trying to find a new way to do it. So my introduction to myself because I came out and very sadly with her dogs occult colouring you, you know. A dog sweater I said, I'm sorry, but we the act that was supposed to be here as Monti. The talking dog, I says, he's not here because he passed, yesterday, and I said I don't- I I can do- is tell you what Marty I said what Mr doing- and I did I say my impressions of what Monti did not anywhere near is good and I did
browser with Jimmy Steward. You know every vandemark later all my brave men came tomorrow and I said the only depression. I can't it was montes impressionable of trigger A horse, more Rogers trigger uses law. Loads of make up for it, but he was so except the boys as a whole. It was amazing and I got big hand for the people love it yet, but the thing that was interesting about this is almost like a bad movie here, they're section I was dry trained, as will entail What type of for a year with my buddies, saw pomerance in a bunch of the guys. Ray J day I played about a hundred installations or how many installations throughout the Pacific They were in the air. We heard the war is over, we J Day where landing and he was seventeen installed. Issues, we're gonna play a list of them in the first installation, On Re J Day was thirty one. Seventeen signal button my group so on that?
data. We declare the manner of a war I'm playing from as a star reassured written for all my body It was the lamb was like a bad, then Daily movie, yellow knowing why Don't care right that they day care wonderful, they loved it. They got drunk and I was wonderful. So there is a mixture of complete their reckless celebration in your performing efficient. Oh no, it was It was just one. Those heightened moments in life does tell me about this call me mister review. Also, all we got back, we were auditioned for call me Miss Julia there was a young one, interesting I did know addition for it- it was Broadway. I was listening at the empty. I must govern duration. For job and the mountains, businesses an m c I'm doing I'm in a little booth. The Roman and there's a window, a glass window? You can look at it from the other.
But it was looking in their I'm doing gyrating and maybe making jokes here and I got the job. But I got to jobs. The guy. Looking in the window, a stranger was looking in my agent was looking and I'm the guy from this like spot. The guy, was gonna harm is a social directive. He hired me but the guy look in Rwanda with why, just along with his grubby interests, NEA hello, early on being interviewed on honour. Ok, my daughter so The guy behind the window was harmed I'm the guy who produce call me man drawn Broadway. He saw a double gangs of Julie Mansion. I was very much like him amen cars, and he saw me moving around me nor he hired me. I don't even know what I did he say Doyle unevenly around company for the road company,
and when what year we talk in nineteen, forty seven and my wife has just given birth. To my, our sun Robbie when I was in it when I was in Boston Sandy, and I remember coming down on Sunday and sing and I was on the road to things our member about that. I'm in love and said Do not send me reviews say you want to raise you're getting tourism hundred fifty dollars a week and that's it. I expect you to get good reviews are gone right. Man say You want to views reviews, that's it now, I'm on the road for you about. We we do three months and in Boston we do Cleveland Detroit, and why were in Cleveland we're going to Chicago where we're hoping to do two or three months, and it's very important,
a good reviews, thereby in Cleveland we get up nautical from the from the Chicago paper written by Claudia Cassidy, v quitting in cargo Tribune, saying I saw a call me most in New York and if she mentions Julie, Montoni ripped the hell out of him. She and he was great by the way she didn't like him for some reason you she said MR whoever is playing his part. If we I whatever's, don't come to sugar. I'll go go odds. Is we don't need your show here, while you anywhere as pre emptive Why we going to go there and we were looking for a three point: forty three rice that would be there. So I we went there for you star, opening night She wrote an article, I think, saying what I It is about the shows, all change, novel,
as if the brilliance of those young she gave me a review that would have been for Jesus Christ and of course we stay there. Six months at a six month, does your car. Now there was mother can meet comedians people now a natural right here, Buddy Hack, it was in there and well, I don't know the Jelly Shelly No, no! No! No, I don't know he was too young, yeah known so you somebody had could be voice now, don't stand up. Oh you was going down yesterday- was funny you're crazy is alone, but from tomorrow alone and more so, when you made it you have to fifty eight It seems that yeah relationships with the yellow light for at least for the funniest people ever being said, Caesar said Suzanne, absolutely and Dick Vandyke. My Brooks steer- are you hey? I never thought of it that way, but I have had, I stood very close to us, those beheld profound impact on their lives in a wood said because when I talk to work to melt books about said Caesar that their there's theirs
a reverence in Emma, Brooks visit Caesar that all as everybody. You ever did comedy the devil, between certain every other commedia was hid, was terribly terribly funny. He couldn't make anew, joke rybody could do attitudes and things he just would just made. Everything that was Funny event was written and he's one of the few people who could find things and alive the audience and alive can we things to enhance was done and have the organs roaring with laughter. I talk about him a lot as far as being. An extraordinary actor. You know people whether this actor studio talked about this As a matter of fact, I'm gonna have to talk about it again. Poor citizens so not well Now, it's ready to go, see him. I'm going to see him, I'm going to see you in a couple of weeks or a week or so, and we having a party but he's out of it out of it,
the said, but I was saying soon as one of the greatest actors I've ever worked with. Everybody goes, the active studios, not to laugh you to learn sense memory when things like that since memory is like holding an object and making have weight, have them I am- and I remember too, to incidents were nobody could believe this we were doing a pantomime, we sang true he's. Having trouble, opening a jar of pickles near and said, took up, picked up organ or fake jar. Nothing in his hand and he struggling to when the jar finally opens it and their answer when repair. You were right is about it not really funny. I forget it and all of a sudden everybody's laughing and answer. So what are you laughing at pieces? you know what you did is what I do want to do anything he's. Yes, you did, you know what to do.
It was so we'll this jar of pickles that he had opened when they set of this work without knowing he closed the jar and put it down. You didn't That was one indication that says memory was real here: everyone, every actor, to meet in the world one up smoking cigarettes. They do this thing. They clamp, though, together as a great you wear. It is a day and they knew no hold it like death or their hold it like this yeah yeah. You ve seen it yet. He didn't do that. He had a cigarette effectually went lips. There was space there when he took it out those ways and his fingers right. This shows that precise. That was sense, memory which they try to teach a lot of lofty, The item and never seen an actor? Do that I'm standing this closed on eyes. Oh my god. Look! What the fuck are you doing here and there was one other incident where he could conjure up the truth in him we played,
bombs over now what was a collar wizard, some green picture or how we owe you your whole you now she's gettin this summer and anyway I was the lieutenant or something, and it was a soldier I said, but they come to torpedo and I dropped a torpedo, honours as foot tat- and he didn't do anything just one. I started to twitch with both eyes were to us and then within second Tears were coming down as he didn't touch his eyes. People always put jobs, and here I'm look tears or they put they blow some nitrate in whatever it is you smoking, and your eyes here and here is that he's he's doing this and Antwerp. Seconds Algiers rolling. He conjured up a tier decide tat. That's it that's, always a complete natural. It was a great actor. You may, I agree,
I remember the greatest comedian everywhere because when people talk about him, I mean the day it do there, sir, boy I haven't met many, but it just seems like that. He was so full of regime, life and brilliance that you just one it'd be around your Jesu thrilled to be part of an you know. He was also very giving to. I mean I was a straight man for summit from some me. As I remember, we did a thing blast. Video theatre where were taken. On James Mason, who the way before we saw him do this who is now. Next we were going to have that american play with a great american star. A lean Daul only dog. He actually said that we on the air. You could believe that he was reading is great american actress all in dog. Anyway, we we will do that, and symbols
to play their part, it and said Sir, did it and he said you know, call does better James Mason than I do. You do, and I think that was. I got my first Emmy that year, because that was important that an ocean like a game show called break your brains two of them allowed me to really Come, endures outcome rose and it was certainly had a mirror blotter at sweet and in terms of eagerly television. In being part of that was your the community. Does anyone know each other from all the different jobs? Oh, I think soldier. We didn't hang out together when it was no time to negotiate, was lives, show we did. We came in on a Monday unfinished Saturday. Sunday were often came on Monday. Gonna clock by the waves are most amazing thing so alive. YO rehearse live. We went home at six, walk every night of the northern people today on half our situation, comedies
we're working through three in the morning, the doctors. I never believe it. What do you think that is what you think then I dont know give people the so you have all the time and you won't go, take it tell him you have no time you have to be on the air it's all right, live television, yea, vs, you're, gonna, take it. You can casual around Europe, but if you know you have to tell you the eight thirty, eight o clock spot and you have to pockets that you got to be on the air. It's interesting. I never thought about that that, like you know now with there so many writers and there's so much time and there's so much correcting and there's so many different cooks in the kitchen that they are thank you. Sometimes they ruined me. The immediacy of humour, of course when we did. The Vandyke show we used to do it. It was a half sure we didn't have our how out of that relationship start with Dick Vandyke. The grand like you mean get loud. You meet him in your without was that was one of those fortuitous things. Luckily, there was a pilot called head of the family. I rode thirteen episodes value
people were offer me situation comedies they weren't. I got my wife said: why did you write yet spoken? so I wrote one and then I said well, I'm gonna, do to pilot I might as well. A second. The third group in the summer of pseudo summarize the summer and Fire Alan in about six weeks era. Thirteen o my son the Bible, for whatever comes after me, so with thirteen scripts I did the pilot wasn't I was all right- wasn't very good- is over you. It was ok. I added with Barbara Britain and Morgan, in several miles and it was ok didn't so your horses and gun, sold a lot. You know a lot of western Westphalia and, and so, forgot about. I started. Doing movies wrote a couple who is worth throw of it all and then, but my agent, her cows round blossom was so upset that these thirteen good television and I knew there were good. I said this- the best Oliver do yeah and if they
want it. So we call me so you gotta come and see Sheldon London eyes, see you, but I'm not gonna have anything to do with it. I don't want to Children was a guy and I do a good impression, a shelter here I said I don't wanna sphere with the same material dry, as is the best I can do, and we did it. His usual fail. We'll get a better access to play. You He suggested it. Vandyke dyke went to Armand by Birdie, and the rest is as you. The rest is history and you did how many seasons withered five seas, I just got the box of em cause. I'm gonna go interview. Dick owe you a hundred fifty eight yogi. I got him. I have, I think, they're all in their power, yet they are there or their and thereby the whither the the Blu Ray, because they re out of sharp nice? needed than when we saw the plans? Look like glad you could see the air they hear roots follicle each year for important. The Maya,
now, what in comparing like somebody, the committee County, somebody like Caesar to Dick Vandyke, what was his strong suits of those were first was said, was a master comic actor. Dick was everything he could do anything and everything you ask them to do. He was he was like six course meal. I mean if I swear he had the most agile man, I've said said, but although it was not adds right right right, right, yeah, a body, but this guy could forward good job market too. He could do any good, Then you could dance will sit good, also seeing right, but not ass, bright, but it took with. If you watch. Dick and all of his want incarnations and, as you know, one from Mary happens on. Theirs is always something surprising that he does right now: it always known close harmony, you singing the guy's going over their countries really alone.
For thanks him, but he loves close harmony and you guys They'll talking hang all the time, that's all, of hearing that year. I love it that bit that guy stay friends forever acres there so many years only on rail route, we, u we, we have very close feeling about reserve. When did you start directing films? I do My first film after eyes saw that two of the three forms that I gave out. There were missing things and I was so upset that their directors were not. What I thought I should do, but I've learned irregular in movies you were in, you may know, removes I'd written our done. You know without while there was first one was thrill of it all, and then it was another one call the art of love. What was it? I remember anyway, one point I said I was afraid my directed yours, you remember where no waste papa, yet I was called into director
oh no. I love oh yeah, yeah yeah, I said I might as well. I was upset with some things that happened. However, even after that it was smooth, sailor did where's, proper him and then a couple I'd written, which I love doing, which was there was one of the labor of loves, which was burnt rigour, you're a fool. Nobody knows that lets it's a beauty he loved them of. I did for Dick, Seymour movies that I love doing right now, is it your great movie? They call me and to do that one now. We in that term aid, when you shifted into directing we did you feel like you're. This is what I did. What I really want to do with another thing you know I did directly to through work, makes your mother suffer tat. The right yeah I didn't particularly wanna be, but then I don't like you know I got I was I'm a good social rights are made a very good, sir. Which, by the way, Robert has to say ability to make a happy set. You get on
not a lot of good out of the people here and wondered why what did you feel like when he first started sort of acting in stuff? We win, the family businesses. Well, I love that. I love a value in the family business and I really love the fact that he'd outstripped his father by far with the movies that he directed and produced REACT, Graham, some of the greatest reward you favour one? What you I can't pick for why, but I cannot turn turn away from the bridges. Right and it comes on the air. I just watch it and a few good man. Just came on the that's one, almost perfect movie at great length. I guess, and in the midst president it was out and last night you up and not again it's a beautiful movie. Oh, my God is that he's only fail once or twice with movies that you know nor three but we all have done those John when we say the word and we got. I think I got it
Did you tell her the Upper Brook story? Albert Brooks right. I talk about his remit. One of the few prodigy was his father was entertainer write. His father was park, your carcass on the already gathered show. He spoke with a marker greek accents near and Albert, Of course he was a comedian name named this kid Albert must, as Einstein did he has other guess? I didn't know mild right right. What are you named Albert Einstein now but Rob were friends when there was sixteen years old in school Ando. Moreover, you all the time- and no one story I do remember he comes over here- is a barefoot eyes what happened he did Do something as mother wanted him to do, as you yourself said that she's? U go out here go out. She took his shoes away,
so he went out anywhere enemies. He suddenly standing in this room. You earlier without shoes- and I said I said albert- I said I'm a barren rock. I gotta go your mother and tell you you're. Ok, I call is what makes it the Albert's all right he's here with my son no, she spent with normal and he had no problem, but but I always said he could be he could he was. This funniest. And I ever met at sixteen seventeen. It was a prodigy made him. Adults live so hard that we could not look at him and I'll show you the ears exacted geographies. Yet out those ranks were closure. Standing here and he comes over me and is he he's Robbie studies, the greatest the scape artists in the world? took an irregular handkerchief yeah he's.
I guess I was yes he's. Would you folded? You know folded in its. I follow like TAT. Their unease is ok and he puts us now. You take an hour an hour time, Iris, now that's gonna write but its hanging. That's good enough. Yet, tying asses off your take to preserve cleaners and stuff at my nose we suffered or not, review. I breathed was my friend what not who should now. I will go to our relations. Don't help me going on immigration, feathers I'll, be uttered going Beauregard, he gets Mohammed rapes and he starts thrashing. And thrashing we hear briefing thrashing though the graves you go. Looking through those I gotta I'm looking through. I can't Every saw on. I think I'm gonna damage myself. I go into the kitchen here and
here, everybody laughed Pekinese still behind a drapes raspberry screaming. He finally fall to the ground right. He forced the ground. Now because we call I come over turkey this here he just left. I told her tat. He could pull it Toto derive their brain gonna take in his re now, that's that's genius. Greatest escape out. He's done is done miraculous some of his movies. Yet my favorite things ever were seen his very first movie brilliant real life real. What year is great? and he was a he's another guy that just had just interesting to me, because you know you look at people, I'd love books are cities are the way talk about our Brooks. There are some people they cannot help but be funny if they give to just sitting there.
They just some part of them that they can help it be funding. That's what's interesting about it seems like did. Vandyke is a guy. Could turn it on and off. If you want to your dick bang as us, He doesn't trying to be funny ever right, paints and Steve Martin. Also very serious guy, oh yeah, oh sea borders is what's the word the seriously funny, not mysteriously the funniest thing. I will eat something that was so crazy but They see would do with their users screen actors. You'll get me some kind of an award visa and everybody in the world came and and Steve Course was invited, but he didn't come money and he sent a tape right and the tape was him just. Go ahead, just call, I would give anything to have been there. I am so terribly, I'm? Not your done. I was one night he said, but I couldn't because you see it the conflicting alarm,
I'm having dinner next door celebrated, usually big deal now. That is, nobody thinks it well, if you, if an he's, also maybe the most exquisite writer he's, got the language that is so amazed he's written a few works, including shy, are often, which I think is the most brilliant people love that book to say it is wonderful book man who invented himself found he D but who was by writing a book almost almost found herself away. I may need described a life that nobody would ever Dreamer that he had and then he wrote to books on art that is stored. Extraordinary piece though words that he are unaware when he studied all but he's one of these sneaky guy. They are all nobody's. Looking these learning that's right and when
Are you really had a partnership with him after the jerk girl I did for movies year. We did the german two brains it. He bring you in on the Joker. How did that one? Oh, he was invited to come in on the jerk, and what do you think it is? in terms of like having worked with all these guys and and a comedy writer yourself I mean what what was the diner liquid Ce Mark Martin. Why did that works well with the sensibility? Well, you see, would never then in a movie before he was a stand up guy Yahoo and you had an actor with act except in one little it all she What about the absent minded? Waiters, George W or without any he felt He needed a need, see my son, my work, and so they invite me to come in. I worked a little on the script with them, but mainly heel. He saw how I handle the certainly what he was very comfortable with me and I with him. So when you get a second movie which was them, I was a second one demand. Where PLAID Deb O yet dead man don't wear play right, he was doing punishment
at the time, and I was writing with George Guy and now I would like most fun ever had labour of love for six months. Looking at all blackened I more movies and finding a line of characters name and sing it. All together was like doing, though, the most full jigsaw puzzle and have a coming right. That was the most I have a bad making a movie and any the tea. They were that the mammoth two brains and mildly branch came about, because they want to do some solely because there was only moved. My daughter, his brain and jar yeah heed the he came up with a brain we came up with members who brands regenerate to me, everything about the movies running from the very first frame. When he's being interviewed, His name was for when you, when you have the first laugh, the name of the stars of horror
you're. So tomorrow, HF you age, you. Why are you? Are you out of our era is no, it was just cut you almost there anyway and but then, when he makes me, the brain, the brains, names are met by hey you. U am age, why I e mail and ignore the danger? Spinelli, John. She said far. Are you ain't? You have your Emma. Yes, they know that made it. I made this. This is the same is one of a movie ever and when you work with do like that like in the dynamic view, Millbrook seven minutes, I did it see I think you just turn him on any play off each other. Well, who is here because the sea would would come up with things? Just luckily we we rode to work every day, talk together and on the right. Sometimes he would.
Come up with something. I remember once this that wrote about this here he came up with a eye, a joke yeah, doing shit from Shinola and when we said we would be such a great joke. I said hey we got to do this before we do this save that piece of a building, so we can come around the corner. What's that? That's position. I know he's going out into the world and you can't garter world unless you know she shed from it. I know what I mean it was my baby you're. So little on the way to work at it So interesting to me because I come, do you think, there's a difference? Yes, it's weird question: omby Amby question, I resonate with you when I grew up the ladder jewish com, which is a specific tone to it, and instead was jewish right, you're, not brook situation, that their sort of iconic leads you by the way. Did you see that special about a Broadway music,
there. Wasn't anybody road for Broadway that wasn't jewish one guy call border, but there were thousands One thousand named it's the one of the most I wasn't aware of it goes on and on Hammerstein Rogers learn or anything. Why do you think tat? Is, I don't know if they like music, but comedy do I don't know? No, I think you know it's interesting when downtrodden people you can't take music away from you can make it of happy by singing or writing a saw right. You can't take them. Away from you can take physical things away life, but you can't take away that's a humorous necessarily get through get through life. You kill yourself, don't have a sense, a humor things. How did people lived through the Holocaust? They must have found something where I live and I'm sure there You were a human might have been underlying everything: the save people, the ESA,
I gather that. That's that's a pretty good analyses. We will you ever religious. Was your family? Really? No, no! No! My father never set foot in a synagogue, heed to believe in God which I don't, but he did he studied there anyway here, but we never. Those are my friends did. Phony here again, it's your whole region, while those overnight around with my version will use your version available offers covers all why? Ok, you got that. That's a whole serve as a result of it. So this is how you like You I mean both you ain't, no books are incredibly an amazing about clarity. And it is your brains- are on fire still well idea. I venture to after due to do that that do you like that book yellow, oh by the way I'm gonna say this now this is, and this is you'll be there. In all this. Whoever buys retail.
The I remember me book will, if they see in their name, get a free copy of the new book, this here, but a the cart reiner built the cock ran a book. Well, that's terrific! For one penny which will go to charity, we expect to give the maybe you're, no two million dollars and pennies to some worthy Jerry, now. It was in looking back and as a general question, they break it before what was it the crowning moments where you really felt like you know. I can't believe this is happening. Happens all the time. Every day now Y know I tell you what my career has been such a very long study, one step after another, and each one either working and I work most of them work you I have had some dips, but most of the time they
They were. A bunch of awards got Emmi. Oh yeah, I've got twelve m. I got Dwayne a war that must happen, phenomena always one of old enough to be that a united front who got it before, but there were only two through three people were for me. Prior Richie PRY right and who is the second one. I don't know. Did you know prior I guess I met him once really proof, on, I idea loved him. Yeah did those grew and his daughter is over. Yeah. What's really rainy, I very yeah she's great gifted, Who is the other guys? You love watching me when you're coming up? Oh, my god, I was honed on them. The more yeah? I waited for their movies. I wouldn't believe what I was saying and then the Ritz brothers ticking a lot but of course, Buster Keaton I appreciate him later.
No, I got along as a director programme, of course, Ukraine or try a chaplain yeah yeah everybody's as it does, with the low chapter on being visiting chaplain sounded very France. I was invited there too and speaking phony French. Good job. You speak French. Yes, I do speak. French, but when I was invited by Christopher Joplin to do a Vevey I There are now there was a radio went of your television interview who spoke French and they said we can have. The interview in France Run English, as I still fragile, and he asked me questions. I see your question two have needed. Dictionary nine- and I know you're being too fast size of somebody will give me the your questions and free The English, I will ask you in French, and so we did that role
until the camp until the year, the answers required words that I didn't happen, my lexicon? I would have to look up and so with breaking strides. I spoke, have French and have English with a French. Can I explain whether that would cause your part, conduit, Salem, limo, pool of polar Lady, whose your work Carl Smith. I will use that go over. It worries sensation in alight with you. You know it's funny, you never did the mounds. Although you didn't go into the mountain he as you did. I swear. I met my wife in the Adirondacks. It was an adult camp, it wasn t the boar circuit. My heart was a row. Job cab was a progressive cap there was nobody. I referred to a socialist summer camps exactly I have a couple of them their retirement, and there was
the sun was go allowable acres. There was a cab where we live there in bunks bunker we're in what was the theme of the light. Why was called the progressive campaign was the idea because They- u they cannot, social justice. They care about the war the wrong war until the wrong wars. In all of those things they were considered, you know Commies MIA, and what were you in a review yeah? wasn t a fight. I had no political and interests, but somebody and see me work I addition and I went up there for ten dollars a week and it was the best Thus, training ground in the work was there was a comedian called burning earn. I was his great man and he was brilliantly funny. There were three committees of the dock, see almost truly leaves and Bernie heard were left Wing Amelia. They were brilliantly funny a nice man. I learned a lot from him and I also met my wife. There.
What would you do was an assistant zoonotic designer, and I write about that in terms of being a straight. And in terms of being a guy, that's known. Is that what? What is that require a meagre require I've I've? We ve figured it out only in the last couple of months. What I really am somebody's it. What are you I am the master master of ceremonies. I get a greater kick. Out of saying and here is because I've done hundreds of benefits for the riders? The directive we have an, I am C b shows I never prepare, because I can prepare. I've had disappeared but is this I'm eighteen years old and I found that right there at the Alabin acres where's, that through the game, shows that introduce acts and I'm I would the fund by looking out at the audience I would say, it's on their minds on everybody's? Why you say that
who's, your rather be funny right, you so the absolute do that everybody's thinking and somebody dares to say it and they become several refunds. I've, disability and I realise that what I will always have done is an by doing was introducing people and animals. Introduce Avanti, Persian, regular new and you come on A boy you're part of the report You are the one who am I right, Eyes, when I was, I became a fucking bore when, where no searching for Sugarman came out. I saw it. I went so nuts for it. I bother them. Nobody to see it as you got to see this I'll pay for you to see it, and I told people take your wife that you love me cuz you're, going to you know how many thank you letters. I got him people going music. I would never seen will we I mean I might not have seen, but I have forced him to go, see it That's who I am a master ceremonies. That's what I do and I get a great great big pleasure, two point, two things and they look at me. I gotta
and also I didn t feel IKEA. Look at that, but then, when you sitting up there with the funny guy- and you know that is a beat dare where you ve got a kind of resent the guy watching an end? Take him to the next level that that there's a there The kind of provide momentum yeah. Well, I bet if I have something from us outside of Yemen and usually and real but comedians. Don't don't freeze there being challenge right with the eight April keeps the bases of the yacht boiling. They usually really good, comedians feed off funny stuff and get an get funnier. You like you. I mean camels, your guy I'll love Jimmy Camel
when I go on the show which I will do in February. What does it matter eleventh hour? I can't wait to tell em and mean it that he, when he M c the enemies he did, the single funniest thing. I've ever seen any embassy, don't worry myself, which are done rather funny things here, but at one point
which very many embassies do when they have a relatively always. They pointed out that the onus is on my mother, father sitting of IRAN and their legs would put the camera tiger, for we were coming, was so nice, Riga, is you know something he's when I was a kid? This is my mother tongue or somebody, my father. They gave me a briefcase. It takes a school. I was a little kid he's. I carry that briefcase. The school everybody made fun of me for the rest of the most though year was there would kill me with the jokes, and he said, and I didn't appreciate that you know you shouldn't- have done- that. It was really wonder why we thinking and he started getting angry disparities. You know some, I don't want you here to get them out of here and they will ask each not I'm serious, get the ashes of the clutches
The man I tell him them see anybody throw their parents are out of bed now about to me. Was the single funniest M seeing of oversee and you ve seen em all yeah. Do you I Carson? Oh yeah, Carson you giving. He was the guy everybody wants to hear it. I got fifty cars as well, so why did forty seven and one when I came on, I said you know, I said the was his name. You totally rattle with sixty three other recognises that forty seven, which is a good solution. I said, but you know uneven, fifty will be nice room. I read, I said: if you'll do this and he did it, I said if you ll introduce me three times how make three entrances and I can cut him in and so many others, the regulars I took my jacket to pour LA backwards, Euralia slaves. Then I carried carried on the third and I sat down, and so we have thirty major number here. It's hilarious right right.
That's a great way to thank you, MR right away, chicken feathers, o chicken, The skimming one of those this- is your networks brooks do this when he comes to die? I knew what you leaning on this one. Will you oh yeah them is probably have ok. Ok! Well, ok! We're here! Ok, you see up at night near around here, and this is something I feel something stick and here the started one where no somebody sadness at her. I appoint their feathers. Come out here, Fellows Yama. We get a bunch of them along with I have
I have a plastic bag here that I share with him, no one and will do so. What do you mean you both do this year? We both of you, only only failed to show that on that we don't have to look at the screen. Was it you have to pay attention to what you're doing you? Well, you know, you guys, you Sidney, hang out for an hour to well about through. For here. Do you talk? Of course we talk talk. It had big, and sometimes he while we're watching something- that's not terribly fall asleep when I won't wake him because he drives home and I'm saying you probably better thanks you ever force behind the earth, was a shrewd behind the wheel was. I think he told me about movies that you were you like watching movies, but certain phrases. Oh yes, that's true, and it's really started with the born. The born, tragic one. You know the born three serious here and thus phrases are
Secure the perimeter lock all doors and of some won't character in the movie says, get some rest those words rather movie that move is movies, are good move. We do love justified and ended it. It follows what I read once the best. The greatest heroes are made. By the greatest villains, in other words a movie that has a really great villain. You never want to see that guy die, maybe at the very end, but because of their debts must make the greatest heroes and round we're thinking by Christopher. Worse, if gory is bad idea, I want the best rose. I could watch a guy,
mean forever. That was the one who was brilliant performance. I think you're saying that it that a hero Hazel without Basal Rathbone half the movies we ve seen you know we have never been as good the euro is the villain straight man. Yes right, I undertake by this extra talking to me- Ok, hi! It's me I back and I just what It was an amazing couple of interviews. For me it was beautiful, beautiful to sit with us. And and listen to him. Interact on the phone people in the room with me, but nothing is going to top What happened after I shut the MIKE's off I will tell you this now we turn off the MIKE. And I'm sitting there and immediately George
You Piero, who will, as I said, was napping in the chair across from Karl on and off, was the first to get up and go what a great interview that was. Great interview was not great, coral starts fiddling with Remo controls he's like. I gotta show you that PBS sing With the Jews in the musical, I got to show you that I want it. Yeah dimension. Did I want to show it to you and I'm like ok, and I'm put my stuff away and then and then George A goes. Does his error? Ice cream is already ice cream and then he wandered into the kitchen to publish this guy who's ere. He wonders in the kitchen. And I'm watching Carl he's got the tv on he's too he's looking for it he's like all. Maybe it's on the other tivo. Maybe this tivo he's not bumbling, but yeah. There's a lot to be done here and clearly watches a lot of television. That's why things recorded so they- it should be all comes back into. The room starts handing out yes, sort, some kind of low calorie ice cream sandwich, and now we're Ali NICE Cream and Karl starts the young? The document
at the beginning, so in my mind a MIKE ok I guess I'm hanging out. I guess I'm here for the hour. I don't know what happens now or we're going to get to the list that he wanted to show you look at this. I don't have a lot to do in. This is an amazing thing, so I'm pack, we're watching something on GOSH when reading ice cream, sandwiches, everything is great. And then the phone rings and key I'll pick it up and unpack in my bag up here we go no day went very well, was very good Yes, yes, and then he died. To me on the shoulder with the phone any go. He has me the phoney goes. Its mouth brooks some like, oh ok, so I pick up phone and I bring it to my ear. I go hello. And I hear is eighty per right right.
And I said maybe eighty five and now goes all right. Maybe eighty five Carl back on the phone, It was just too much for me to even here, put it together and that he did for three weeks. This is is this was the beat Who is the call back? This was the moment that is common genius killed me I get because I didn't know look there comedians may I just had to say: like any one would like. Oh, my god, I just waiting for the longest punchline available by MEL Brooks weeks weeks so Carl gets back on the phone, and I think from what I can glean the conversation was Karl was insisting that he was going to roast his own chicken. And then, like everything, starts to break up. I pack up and I get to the PBS in it and even seem to be hung up on showing me the list at the end, and I say good bye to Carl thank him and Now- and
and walk out with Shapiro when we finish ice, cream, sandwiches and walk, and our George you Piero now you know get outside and he goes a great deal was a great job because what it may say and I said he said Quarles about eighty percent and your. Bear gate tells the truth. They walked away, and I got in my car and I listened to the interview I just done with them when a great comedy minds of of ever of ever I drove home listening. What people that's the end of the show? I hope you enjoy this this set of interviews, I did die and I got the idea. All we can hope for is that we have the type of lives that now Brooks Carl Reiner. Didn't we stay is strong and spirit in mind for as long as agents
it was just to overwhelm ok shallow
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