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Ed Asner from 2015

2021-09-04 | 🔗

From 2015, Marc talks with actor Ed Asner about his legendary career, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the time he played Marc’s dad, and more. Ed died on August 29, 2021 at age 91.

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You and I did a short pilot. You played my father and knew yelled at me in the driveway, and then and then you are unavailable to do the series. I was unbelievable you're, doing you're doing theatre at a theatre, run something it was not the FDA art thing with some grace grace in New York. Yes, how did that go go very well accepted plug a hurricane hit and they then that was it not kid. should the business for a couple of weeks. Well we're on our limited run anyway, do you have doing theatre more than anything else? In July Work is a lot of workers I know a lot of conditions, a dove. I seem to solve framework conditions more easily than I do theatrical problem
we ve been doing the FDA thing for a long time rife warriors for years. I'm about to launch a new one man Chauvelin, we tried out of the Falcon clearer last Friday went very well. What was at one, well lead. Weinberg earlier Rome were producer writer of Well, what I love of Marital Marshall, there's some so my autobiographical one man show called a man on his prostate. about himself and its it's a comedy, its light, but it's also very instructive about your prostate So did we learn no real? we gotta get dead thing check, go, go, You know, you're gonna find out the best way to keep yourself stroke. He s here,
stroked in general stoked? So when you do after your day? Who was it was at a personal fascination? we'll see your guy you're, my guy, Has there been any other I I done young younger than you say very little recollection. I have a very vague memories of Nixon and then and then I started remember things and then I remember getting angry. Then that was right and you ve been angry, Everson sure yeah try to I'll try not to get you to to attach it. I'm angry anyway. No with or without politics I spoke meeting. At the moment. No yelling now woes girl, whose all listen, who did you stay young more now. What I talk loudly now, naturally little hard of hearing right last night, we already benefit at the club. Ok here. We
and my son and I Matthew Jacketed are created director for autism speaks, and we both being honoured by young autism works now and tumble grander was there and using the big guest and there she was lined up with a bunch of people on May red carpet and I decided to really played up like a clown. I went stood right in front of her pressing her with my bulk, aha and blocking her from view of anybody else then spoke loudly and being autistic. She winced visibly in pain, and I realize what a schmuck I was for doing two things, my presence overwhelming her and my voice.
Wincing her and I thought, being the father of artistic son, and grandfather and artistic grandson. I I committed to the most cardinal cardinal sins. You could, with artistic purse getting too close, overwhelming them with your bulk and came to love fever. Goodbye, first impulse was to be funny and then you aren't you lesson right after I played the schmuck Leslie. For some reason. I don't feel like that was the first time bob,
Am I wrong? I mean sometimes going. I worked with you on your pilot that without this girl I was, I got a bag gave their native no, but I mean as funny person sometimes at me. Sometimes you you don't realize that you, when you go through the first impulse and then just sort of like oh shit, but you know when you are known as a clown. Certain aspects, people forgive you much more than if you weren't regarding right, the Temple Grandin. Forgive you yes, after the light on how she could be harbouring the greatest resembled the world in me the day after the whence did she laughed at least it is life easily, as he has very serious. I guess so like we have back to your memories, go you remember after a while ago, when you were a kid
daddy died when I was a sophomore in high school, but, like you might my your generation, my my sense of it is is that this guy was a guy that really wanted to to help people. I think so I now turn. I think he learned along the way. I I don't know that he launched into national prominence other problems affecting the nation and everybody else other problems, but the certainly didn't think that they could. employed the methods he did area, which was socialistic near which the american people don't understand they, don't you ve, not spell it right more. They know the word. Bothersome yeah reason at her that a clear did that they get confused with communist. We ass. They really do so. Where were you at that time? Did you grow up in a socialist background, this guy, Father were was gentlemen, how Ya where Kansas City Kansas
agenda in Kansas City, Kansas, semi, amateur, ask him He probably told you I'm a Jew. I grew up in New Mexico people like one did that happen. How did you get there? were injured Jews. There were the countries that already shore with the air from the inquisition New Year, that the converse us that they didn't realize ever jewish to hell of a story, but God they got the Morgan David's under tombs, rice right now, then I like candles on finding the right, but they didn't, they didn't know they were jewish new thought they were we're part. the catholic church. It's a beautiful story. It is but how did you know you dead and that there was he first generation ivy, so we are now. I d ended up there like anybody ended up here. He worked a year and a sweat shops in Boston very can after immigration, the air, My mother was starting to get ripe. And my
Dad came courting undone you wouldn't want her here and how many kids in the family five this five year. How many around. I got a brother live researchers over or why, How are you today, eighty five pretty good Watch. We leave this table here My god, you may this I'm sure you're broke your for. That's ok is worth it So when did you were the wow religious was the household very orthodox you so you worry Erika. I got no help. I call it midwestern orthodox here. My dad didn't walked too sure right you, Joe Ray. But he didn't smoke on shambles we had a kosher house. You did earlier to pack your place two things. Are they not to six
now now within our two six etc plates see what can be hassle and, after certain point, two keep a kosher home yeah, but it's it's You know how nice to have all the rigidity so that you got something to break away from me, Is that one way to again and what we do and when you were a kid, what did you do jobs you for you I delivered for area. I got my schwinn by clear. My first job was delivering for a drugstore that was up a long God, Damn heel and dumb. A shooting was not a fleet by your side was given in order to deliver a whole bag full of like a newspaper bag of beer, Yeah this drug store sold beer hath saw I'd peddled down the hill.
To this house. and am I happen my and they gave me a bunch of em Peace to bring back, which Ireland pump up there. Not anticipated. Now Why is it just strange it there? closure drugstores. How come you deal with them. When I got back out your puffing up that he'll longer you through the assistant managers were waiting for me in her white coats, said what the hell did. You say that purse I so I just said there are closer drugstores wire.
don't ever. I don't know how much longer lives that drugs was long. We're on the business up. Wake me sweat. My I saw the hill in. When did you decide to to be an actor after I tried out for and got the lead ended up with lead. In dsl is murder cathedral. In the summer, production of the universe is Chicago seawater. the universe? You should go where we estonian Revolution, you ready to start. You re to lead now I came in there. I had a vague idea, political science under? They were good for political science. I archaeology, political science or the wasn't their political science. The department waiter night, not the good guys they were
that's a good girl who was George Schulz, who what was right. Who is your usually? I came on over to our right and while Milton Friedman Male Year Year and who is the other, the did the architect of the bad NEWS Strauss, oh, I see I studied LEO Strauss. We were right. I touches social science, three within which was mostly economics, and I didn't pay attention one goddamned day, my throat good now and that's when I all dishes for the play and got the lead. So really didn't matter to me in that was the first time you never acted was Oh sure, dog plays a little place school. Didn't you jewish theatre
You do Hebrew paid work here I was hey man I was Mordechai was all so you are always a ham and so the first big production and you were working. What was it? I guess it wasn't there school, but it was the theatre, their true great. They daddy Ave. They were all extracurricular right and have a theatre department and ours. Who had planted to see where you are like this. Is it why radio in high school and loved it, but guys I gotta go Kansas City Bourgeois here, you don't make a living and radio illegal immigrants right more. They were certainly of the parents were probably like. What are you? What are you thinking? I wasn't so they started a radio station at the dormitory in Chicago decide. Two Try out for then I talk to my feet. Roommate. To us from Newark, I'm not sure
I did read your house who, should I tried for this only several hundred already you read the exiled. they had given me the song of songs. I have press of this, our solidarity and my other room they consider me a jock any they thought they give me. Something Contra puddle hats cover. it's kind of almost a love of Thomas the loves pound lawyer beautiful, beautiful so eyes when we hear you read, I stood at one in the room when I read him on. They thought I was a job from Kansas City expected. You're a cowboy read an hour drive vision. Where did you learn to read like that, and I shrugged so after that money. He came home one day and he should they're gonna do order in the cathedral as a young summer production cheque book up rather read it even do any rolled him.
I am, I am doing tongues, Were you a jack I want football. You see you A burly got you like. You required a NATO air, so so Finish college: now I dropped out because I became an actor. How really now is it, however? We nineteenth ninety, and where do you go after that word you go first, well my funds were withdrawn, begun started in the fair with the lady and, of course, at the same time shall between gettin sex, getting beautiful, acting roles I couldn't bear, Hence the Rio Strauss could now and your father said fuck, this no no more school so I came home and I add a couple of Jobs- should be jobs. Finally our friends, were working on the assembly line the deal, goes well beyond Pontiac plant and catch near. We gotta go
gun, there's a publisher buffer with the machine, it was an open shop plan to her. and then the conditions were brutally positive. Somebody had never really worked before had were mask. wrong dinner mask. But do you covered inch much yeah? So I had up your by a heap foreman who like regarding fly MIA Ah, he tralee me out another form and I got him as friends. Six months there. In the meantime, friends were coming. Sugar producer go back, Scotland, they watch Do brutish enjoy seizure really so I hope we someone just came to you from Chicago and friend. We need you to be brutish. So easier. I went back trying to give false pledges that fair with the girls over with me, who
My folks, where were they were? They meant what she wasn't jewish. What was the problem? You are new and that was the problem. Remember the old days kinda. so I went back and I did did Brutus became more disenchanted with her than I thought I had been and stared honest Chicago and in all kinds of jobs. There I saw lower the phone or choose by Europe. still when I write could the inverse But not you weren't enrolled anymore now, you're, just doing play, so you could do that. You could yeah my last production for the regular theatre, which was integrity can heavy shit Susan sauntered was his many really go to lunch. But tat. She wanted different direction. Didn't she yeah, I guess You could say I fucked up as crayon in until you mean
and now on a Friday night than we had a shudder, Dana man. David and Saturday night. So just before the matinee on Saturday, the director of the University Theatre comes down into the dressing room when he says you wanna meet with us and he turned to each one of these. Is you stunk this way you stop that way. You sunk this way used on that, and then he said. Ah because of him for me, I evidently had shouted my way through the play, I'm all methods bottom, But that I forced everybody else to shout in turn ruined the play. So I put myself back for the Saturday night on the Sunday reform
and I was then exiled from that particular group- then another The rebel group was forming from exiles and those who didn't like that directive. rebel theatre girl? Yes, before when I heard a noise hall man, my first to my first play, was on man of destiny, George Bernard Shaw, and I'm gonna do work replacing the lion. MIKE vehicles was going to big Caesar. So they need to know curtain razor for Andrew police. Mia suddenly decide to do fifteen minute playland by butter Yeats called Purgatory MA. Am I the old man and that my political directed so that this first time directing. Yeah. I knew it. I wasn't
and did you guys remain friends? We will never really what we were acquainted. He was in the Compass players right now: was there at the beginning that we? U their course at the theatre. There was at the Renegade theatre group that that form days I wouldn't be out of that Paul seals, was a member renegade grew up and down. While I was in France Station in french, green or a couple before I stood out home? I don't know from Paul she'll saying them: listen, we're gonna, start Theatre here, abundant classics window and a good new players come join us and my life fell into play, We have always called Playwrights Theatre Club in Chicago. How long were you in the service to hear it?
you get. Did you see action, not french near they didn't know. That was that I saw a different kind of value. did you learn how to speak? French She might have enough for you take me for so you go back in your in you do and plays with these guys. How long were you, therefore, with them to you? Ok, the two years and then what happens you're right, I'm going to wear while I got great reviews. Paul was starting compass them right with David, Shepherd whose partner at playwrights I'd I didn't feel a nice jewish. Why would be doing improv? So I decided to take my great rave reviews. As an actor, so he also they were going for Improv Theatin, that's what the compass plays. People see if they want,
so was in comedy necessarily we do to micro ain't there shall Liebermann was particularly bourbon. Michael Jolly Well Barbara Harris but not at present. I later when they were making the California second city, ah ah, to their first performers in California because I was such an old acquaintance? I worked out with them, then had a lot of fun and then, when the other twenty fifth anniversary, they invited me to produce the like doing improv there, I'm right we're doing now aren't yeah idling. I I don't think I am I'm on it. So where'd you go out to Chicago. What would your New York I don't live, ran off to show my reviews to the EU. producers and Asians New York have echo not well
They didn't give you It's a Broadway is yours. Well, I went down, I went to see comrade compel born Stanley changed. We had done a pirated version: threepenny Opera, Sars, most understanding, police chief here, and then lay on announced that he was going to leave for a broad wait! Touring company as an hour shit, I'm sewer why we were friendly. Well that's why raw cos Feature was my role and then, I'll get my notice so a week earlier, and recommended that they try you out for peace. They did that. I audition Ford for the guys they run It was preaching and I did a month two and a half years we're em. Where was it? Where is it on Broadway? Thirdly, here now tell Theatre so ass soon ass, it was. I was spectacular right.
was I we're ethics? And yet again it got gene you establish yourself. I was making sixty five dollars a week batting than ever, in God, Damn weak air merits feel about that. Let me make a comedy: they knew our supporting ourselves on its own counted here, and when did you, when did you start doing television I was doing television, you could do television if you gave them sufficient notice, so you do some television in New York, urging my way up and television live, television probably Well, I was the Sunday morning shows camera three lamp to my feet. What what would you do? What were the last six classic really so you're doing Shakespeare. Greeks, room on television live months. Anyone that's incredible there's a footage exist.
Well I'll, go? Look our rights but when did you start is what what were the wrongs of the wild by my first camera, three was a compilation of Elizabethan poetry etc? and an Jackie broke. Should I were playing the old lovers and a girl named shirt, followed and George Pard were playing the young lovers, charge, prepared, gonna check, so that was my first show on Sunday morning and Wendy you start sorted, defining yourself in roles deck. You fell They were a little more contemporary in that a cosy, Emmy you, you know, you're a monumental figure who, in television like you, specifically you and I have to assume that in the classics, I you were, I'm sure amazing add up at some point point:
The chisel away, a little more, my first big big open. It was with some Bird Leonard and Marion Dirty with routes. Six. Ok, they hired me to do a rude, sixty, six and grand I Louisiana where boost during my played israeli secret agents. First turn yeah and we were there because we had gotten whether there was a suspect Lahti working on one of the oil crew interesting now? Why? We came nano investigated in them. End Lou airs was the suspected Nazi MA. Am we investigate and found out that it wasn't him somebody else and the crew? guys from three asian grand I'll insufferable heat. And mosquitos? and that shorter me with Marian dirty and bird muttered. He rubbed his young actors at some point in the new Cotonou teeth was dark,
intense then he was wild and crazy area So you always. Are you move out here one? What's nineteen sixty? What were you want? One you ve been here ever since, but you do a lot of television. My I mean from the beginning, as most people know you for maritime, more be yours, you were doing episodic. You were doing the ideals of the untitled Morgan Smoke, Alfred Hitchcock, average couple times kill their Patrick years. Before I was born. Yeah outer limit. sadly, limits but so, but you're working like alight Working actor you're in the union. Things are going good, and yet we were at that time, Did you want to break in the movies? Was the planned yeah, you show me the door yeah, how did that work? Let me took well for you to get in the movies
yeah? I did an early movie, which Jeff Bridges was. If virtues- Calvin Lacquered was the star that didn't go anywhere. I play them high school mass teacher somewhere nah. and then another sixty. Yeah. Howard hawks hired me for Eldorado, yeah, I want to sign and had a marvellous time with Take my family there and I discovered Tucson. I discovered John Wayne and Robert Mitchell hey you guys rang out. no more mature man, I did so not wane. How reach him as a gay
he's a wild another one another, while men like hearted creature, one or more likely to be a writer. Really just stop being a movie star, so tough, tough break. May I, but Howard HANS was, as was an amazing day, to be working with that guy. You love me so, through this by. I guess why I guess. What's amazing, I don't think that people really realise all the time. It's just that when you work as an actor Wendy. When I mean you really worked, you weren't, you would like it seems like every must be working every month every week. Well, that's that! They cover we arrived and allay here in labour on memorial, day area of Sixty one and I then proceeded to get jobs from my angel. I was lucky to have the art jack fields. That the seven months,
I made more money than I ever made Any year in New York Yahoo search users when they are so I thought we were blasted then, by by sixty two we moved into a house with your first wife When kids year, three, where any moved into a house You do you, I guess you you're a type you're. The at Asnore type people wanted you How old were you when Mary tat more? What happened that was seventy. I think and how did Darwin love for you? Well, forty one. I think so. You indeed already had a whole life of enacting already knew. I can't believe you like? It's already shows it like. I remember from when I was a kid you miss impossible Ironside. It
crazy man. Why should command squad because, like you know, I give you if it's almost to show me a real of your of your your small parts, a leading up to it, be fascinating to me because, like a lot of times, we didn't have the opportunity, I would not have had the opportunity to retroactively. Look at your career like yellow light. I always like very is, as Mr Grant never this twenty years before that look at all that work. you consider a lot of that work stuff here. Your proud of you just work I don't like to denigrate. I nodded think in terms of take the money and right I like to make something, I'm whatever I write shore and there were good roles in error. The route sixty six is always had promised here either did a delay of a one on my way out to California, but it was a good show. and you have done it? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah yeah
how'd, you get married, have more powers that have that evolve, Well, I guess I am They had been doing some checking on me. the producers, ass, stone, as the line on who is widespread in charge of talent Can it azure do comedy she's even do anything and she didn't know a meaning. I devereux nothing garnished and granting her was a twentieth, and he told me to the guys. I came in, I read: you or no guy you go to guy as an actor, be always warm up MIA I read Lou for them and at the elevator Jim broke said, Well, that's very intelligent, ready and I as dumb, as I am sure, yeah yeah very tell you, but not for me in
So we have you back to read with Mary, wanted a reader Wiki Wild all out crazy. I note at least you didn't so I say: ok, ok. I shudder my god, my turn back to them as well. I'm not sure what your government once you owe me tried that way now an event on door, don't how me back They never heard anything like tat before right. I've never seen anything like a warm while we have another one. Would I go ahead so I really like him with children and they laughed laughed and after the end of a decent villages like TAT, would marry he like. And back away or shall later Mary and that gives her, I do. What did I do? How do they do it? What do will say reading on render languish governor? and at the end they left there. Again, I hire you said. Thank you. Will we told you do
and when I went through Mary then turned to the boys are you sure, drugs of that year will grant. Ah Are you sure Jim Brooks? How old is he twelve problem? and when you say monsieur deny me like a my recollection of of that work that you did, I mean yet he was a big character. But I'm crazy. Why again, I say said better, but you know why you God's part ass. He did they sit on the floor. aids from right right, that was a wild and crazy part. So funny, like those of funny moment just now, How did you watch bug you do
your spunky guy. Now I never thought I'd I'd three years to build a really learned thing: bunk, But did you grow that I have to assume that that's that you can cuz? It was like one of those things my mother would watch and I would sit there at the foot of the bed watching that he it was such an amazing ensemble and was seen as so important. So many people did you grow to love that show air It was the yellow brick road here was lovely. It's so much comedy We do know that generate from. Did you get? How did that you just began to work together like community equally. Is you take a little time mother to producers had great taste, they had a good casting director J. Sandridge was directed primarily and he had the excellent comic knowledge. Its fascinating, deserve fascinate you in retrospect, yeah.
But then, then we went on and in an hour show of Lou Grand, and I think that cast we had there was is good, if not sure, better knows a great show, both of them lasted a good many years so twelve year total for both of us people have their Lou Grandcourt. Do they still come up to now, Oh yeah and say, will grant these easy avuncular person? people always want, I? U, I think, you're hilarious, oh yeah, Will you know that? When did you think that immediately when you soon, whereas we as your father, not for branch of the pilot yet and then, when you got out of the car here in the driving seat, where the fuck am I yeah well, look at our neighbourhood for cried forty, you live You really think you had died and gonna have really gotta be for waste your we rent, Are you do an apartment, our house,
seen on the house anymore, carried it at one time, the vizier, Iraq, I let my wife, the first, why the second one in the end you ve been married. Three names tonight, she's only showing me yeah. They did not dare after it's done, someone's, not nice, usually, I never never answer I'm sorry you answer that it now now now. It's all part of the life spectrum, but like let's, back in the career thing after Mary tat? More again, you did another the of forty years of work Fifty years here you are worth more than anyone? I've ever seen? it's amazing there. I remember seeing you in J, F K and thanking my colleague shit it as their scary does
heavy far as a heavy part. What did you say to him that I got as one of part that we vote was well earned a jug lemon had the scratches on his face to prove it, I tried it. It was the first time you work with him, Now we worked on Broadway together when was asked I wasn t really Frazier hero Albert? back Betsy Blair Sandy Dennis Russell Collins. boy Pool Theatre had Holly. I did before me before, not nonsense. I can hardly know anyone, ok, so that they need, in nineteen, sixty worker Jack lemon any work with him and J F K. Have you seen him since recall like. I always assume that people have these moments where they're like. Oh, my god, how are you thus workers
We had up. We had a young, a great director for face of a hero, sunny mckendrick the night, the cocktail party before rehearsals began. He he said a lovely, in writing and these go. She can't be that funny, use your director he'll take em Well, he saw militated against anything. I might do there was funny. eventually had me, doing my role with my back to the audience why Does he didn't want me to be funny? Why and character could only have been written for two reasons to be funny and commit perjury as part of a plot? I suffered through that goddamn show years later, I know aware I rented maybe use was with Jeff Jack. and at night
We have made some comments complaining about Mckendrick direction No, no! No! No! I I knew we were in trouble when I was stage? and I looked over no wings. And there very was- and he was visualizing- the camera shoddy was going to shoot, from the wings as director and he was- visualizing the camera, though he forgot about. Inviting a play. The broad jacket may close. Did you like working with Oliver Stone yeah? It was good Oliver was funny beyond what we go on and I and made ovary Harrison and I think of it something if want something lining up shot me, I said I'd say what if I change this word or trees, this line to that
and if he didn't have time think about it. He's yeah sure fine, but it If there was too much time before we already shoot it come back. Finally, these now either with ASEAN, keep Cuba. Where were you get in, but if I got him, if I got him without a lot of time, it always by the changes, We do know that a voice work now, and that was the up movie, was a big deal, the enjoy doing. I love it here right tease. I love duly easy, but I I in writing? I didn't do it. S got a job with just the voice right. Without having to walk rice? I don't have to shave. That's right I just did an angry raccoon today earlier today, you did ya. I was angry raccoon network and we see this this it be.
Nickel Odeon beyond the Harvey Beaks cartoons Nickelodeon shadow near nowadays. There you know who knows what what's going on one television anymore was nice to cheer gainfully employed. I do ok, This thing does K out of the garage that show that you and I did it and we became a show. Its third season started There's going to be your father, John Hirsch? Oh my. What are you what you are doing a play? I know I know other Monday degenerates to fund actor. He is always gave me a pain in the ass. How many only episodes you make policies We did it. We did ten at first season and thirteen. The second season and thirteen this season It was yeah. You know it's it's it's an interesting time now that when you- we're on television in the seventies. You know you. We had three options:
and now you gotta, you know, get hundreds options of options, interesting the landscape and adds more chaotic than ever yeah, it's just the our lives are not made better or simpler. I dont think absolutely not nothing so so all all we just adapt to it without even thinking about it, it exhaust you, it does I fear that all the aspects of myself not theirs, figuring it all out of. Some people do That's all they do because they live in sleep and die with it, but you just wanted to do the three things are forty five thousand. I that's so now never stop working is at the Do you not, though, I'm so rich, you just filthy rich, you almost? How much do you need, I'm ok! I just want you to be happy I'll, make me rich when yeah, what about the year when your head of the union, we have that come about what made you decide to do that by it
campaign vigorously for the rebels of the union. This is after a right no, sir, you are, they had a sag, because I was the head of Lou grant an ice. Well on the street They decided to run me as their candidate against, Bill Shallard was good president, but they wanted to do better right and I defeated was an exciting yeah, I guess going in their waters. I certainly didn't have charted area How is that experience? What did you what we are hoping to have an early on the job here? learning how, your friends can be is punishing, if not more so than your enemies so what was the day to day thing? Where were you fighting for with the job of a union head?
as always, you fight for minority rights. You fight for senior citizens greater. inclusion. So you did, you feel, like you accomplish something in that position. Well, the membership certainly seem to like me and care speak favourably of my presidency, but what the union is becoming Grech here, have they all become track problem. What are you why? Why do you think that's happened because I know you- you know you're you're fighter. I invite the good fight you think. Well, merger was a mistake. because they didn't they? We have studied merger after nineteen. Eighty, we studied merger and merger would be fine if you can achieve the merger of of
Health and welfare right, but You can merge those plans and end up with the term is gain acceptance of, say your work and after an get it forward with you, Sir, medical plan You can't do those things you're losing out all the time same with pension. Why shouldn't pensions. We merge right, find the way to do it right the coalesce right and they didn't do it and what they got Moussa mishmash right here, he's gonna get covered in whatever you make the money area right did you ever have any aspirations to politics, I thought I did when I was Well, I got out spoken on Central America. I was trying to following Reagan's footstep yeah. but now I never read
I always founded the the actor. Stayed the actors woke up probably achieve more clout, then, politicians in a politician and certainly it's much more rewarding financially to leave? reacting and become a politician. because those babies certainly receive great benefits. They do. say their end as security detail, depending how high up you get well. They should have security, details and leap like them. A few of them had so what in looking back on the whole, the whole endeavour the life, what Nice guy, just like I look at the Razumihin, you worked so much Things. Are you back on and think I Jesus Christ? I was fuckin amazing I get duties like sitting reflect it all. Now you don't think so.
Stammering our over the next job. Here, looks like you go up going on. What are you doing while a man and his prostate certainly has a lot of progress But here that can get you on the road right, others you get to know, stage in New York and his hang hang out, look look at the mileage love letters got Beata got sick and you still you like working yeah, don't you yes, but sometimes I wonder, would it be nice to sit down. well. I think I'm a become to keep up a geared up. To sit. I really gonna go to a long Dry, wrong, love practicing sitting down here. It is there every party or Euro keep Movin. How will the children out of him
Well, I've got boy, girls trends, your fifty one. Play. I know sisters about forty eight here and then I got my twenty seven year old. in Connecticut yeah, you get along with all I tried to hear do any grandkids, seven, how that's great? come on. Don't drop my pants, Grand Keziah. They did another sperm order fulfil no bill. Would love in your heart. You now I try to be given a fair shapeless will help however, today they like my age from fifteen month for for it fifteen before nor the grandkids
Do they have a sense of who you are. I guess I'll write You have any joy in your life, Ed. Well. If she's not around right You may see an hour later who sugar from the ashram really there she is you keep in touch with any actors in you worked with me any friends actors, Peter Jason, like him now. This unjust concerned about you, I ve play cards these hidden. Do I do play guards ignore bewilders once a month or two? Will you play poker s nice, What do you do for exercise? I was gonna, have our elliptical, ok, some pushups near our eye.
And what do you want to fuck with me now? I'd I'd never want. If I knew that when we act together and that briefer net briefer capacity, I know you want to awkward, So am I. Do you do the J of the the Dorothy anymore, that done in key Gerardo Missouri for how I, in October one night, ok as rush limbos home town find out what the routes are to rush limb to the monster when you think it is. He said what I heard a story a long time ago that initially he was on radio right spouting. liberal format, probably and that They can't lose it. this ain't gonna sell zeal. Yeah switch yeah, he's a there's, all very evil clowns and there are good cloud right
but you pray. Remember, like you know like what we radio like when you were younger when you were of the row of it when you China and India and we see university and try to get it already. I never did we did some ice gone. Did a little number. I wouldn't want to get into it. Ok and we see university theatre, the air yeah escape was another great show. The acts of where I first heard line again versus the ants he caught with great William Conrad was Thea Narrator, and the little bugles boy, every turn the ants marched he loved. The theatre of the mind, So that was when you were a kid. You were listen like one of things. They remember I'm waiting while swearing actors Guild presence, radio, yeah, there are a lot actors and radio warrant and well I'll. Tell you why that's true
I used to listen to the eternal light you they were there were they reply. When you are and so when I first started out got a young, I was still New York and down I want to see the guy who cast it right now. You see, I forget his name was so they cast me on a couple And one of them- and this was memorable for me- I played one of Moses General. And the other generals were. Louis Van ruin Alexander Scooby Norman rose. I carry out. But five biggest names. In radio here in Amerika,
and I was the sixth I thought I had died and Gandhi Heaven to me it was more important than any play or fear I know whoever was in it and matter here, with these guys to me, was the market success here. Was it a great feeling, one I mean Score Norman rose. Did you ever see the russian worn peace? Norman roses a narrator. Beautiful, narration you and scurry, it goes without saying, was always Was that the only time you really felt that where you like these, heroes I didn't feel John Wayne, naturally hawks the hawks there's really when he's dead, we, the director
John Wayne, even love. Well, He was hard not to love because he's such a scoundrel here, but I was there too deeply geared leftist? I ratification to a body the other of treating me. Ok, yeah. You missed the anti, I mean you you, Mr Byrne. Acquiesced in how now I I you I became part of my own. What say here after I My stand on El Salvador, you felt ostracize blacklist. we would then I was in there what this? the seventies and eighties. Eighty nineteen eighty- then what your position exactly well. This government had to stop providing arms to the repression
the government of El Salvador or killing farmers and people that they regarded is four scum who undoubtedly had become interests. that day in that you felt it that that got u blacklisted. Well, I It was a spokesman for medical aid for El Salvador and people thought giving union money to them, which I wasn't. And they thought that I was lying myself with what the problem was a communist inspired. opposition. I remember the first big announcement we gave was in Washington Press conference. I am always played careful in Abuja, not to notice
upon my wing before I could Vm S service because I was the spokesman and then the others who were with me, who are also actors. The first questions automatically went to me right. So this Second question goes from a cable reporter is it? You say you are in favour of free elections in El Salvador was puzzled elections. Turnout of Communist government- oh shit here and I said you come always way. any need successfully avoided being pegs, here, you can deliver and I gave some wimpish answer to him moved on to the next sky, gave answer that I could get away with him and was, oh played with guilt
I've come all this way come all this time and I was gonna do not be, front with who I am and what I will do I said I was satisfied with my answer to you I can say to you, is that if it's the government, the people El Salvador choose, let them have it and. nothing was ever reminded to me. of that answer, but I felt from that point My career was dead for how long Oh, several years, really interesting. Do you feel like you, ass friends over there don't know, but it they if
they were friends and they left me because of that state and the main gonna sobered, but mostly and in terms of ip. If he felt like your bike less, it is fear of this studios align themselves with a communist, sympathiser or politically lefty. I found two instances Thea eventually gave gave up during this blacklist. I gave a an interview in Washington to see where I happen to be for some reason. Why and then- and I said that that, in a black list You're liberals join in on that. Just as watches your conserve, oh yeah, because the director of the producer of the he won't, allow their conscience to say now. He's a calm me. What does say now that he's too fast. He's too greater ease, overexposed everything up, some euphemism her to not higher right
but it would never cease commie. Why so? I said that on man and then what happens and I gave you with one was producer, who one would think was: was was a liberal Howard, Rodman Roeder script form functionaries higher after Lou Grant was cancelled and he suggested me for the senior doktor and the producers, no, I think, he'll be a political liability of ass straight a straight yes, but it's it's blacklist this blacklist, and then a little while longer I got I a buffer in Connecticut, Boston anew. For some man network, good documentary, first aid producer invited me to watch
Is it? You know why you're here right now, you gave an interview six months or a year ago about blacklisting. I see her and that's why you Is it well? I had a mother documentary, then I put you down for and submitted your name along with others to the to the company and the list. back when I was a red line through your day. He said- and I know why, but I didn't do anything and that's why you're here now to make a right, yeah. Well, you survive that storm. You weathered it You say there grounder, Bristol people out in Bali would want to hire me because they think I'm coming. But you're, not commie I don't know I'm not remember who gives a shit
I'm glad you're alive man me too, Great talk any good.
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