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Episode 1016 - Dennis Quaid

2019-05-06 | 🔗

Dennis Quaid believes in the benefits of familiarity. In fact, he attributes his career to it. Multiple generations of audiences know him for different films, be it Breaking Away or Dreamscape or The Parent Trap or The Rookie, but everyone has a sense of who he is. That’s because Dennis says he’s always playing a version of himself, even when he’s playing real people like Doc Holliday, astronaut Gordo Cooper, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Dennis also talks with Marc about teaching mandolin to Marlon Brando, playing a true psychopath in The Intruder, and getting into the podcast game with Bob Dylan. This episode is sponsored by SimpliSafe and Stamps.com.

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hey folks go head up our longest running sponsor just coffee to get some w e f roast order it at just coffee dodd co up and you're in l a head over to co opportunity in culver city this wednesday nay eighth from can i am too two p m to try free samples of the w e f roasting meet some of the just coffee team pow my pants let's do this show all right let's do this how are you what the fuckers what the fuck makes what the fuck's there's what's happening i just switch it up i switched it up to you otis i switched it up the what the fuck things trying to keep it fresh unexhausted i'm fuckin exhausted i was in and out of sleep all last night had some her dream that involves jeff sessions
the dream was but i have i heard a voice in my left ear i'm only heard that one other time that clearly as it was waken me up it sounded like this aim crime and the only other turret time i heard that voice was on a one hour strung out on cocaine in los angeles having a psychotic meltdown hearing voices in my head and in the same year a voice adele get out how far can i go i asked it you ve gone far enough cry aim so what is at me how you doing you're how's your night dennis quaid is on the show yes that dennis quaid that we all to grew up with any grown up with us i've been seeing him on screen since breaking away he's here i was excited to talk to him as he's one those guys were odd we i've seen a lot of his fuckin movies and he's got
a new movie out it's i don't know he call it a thriller or horror movie by watched it and pretty scary the new it's called the new movies called the intruder than theatres now and he's also in a very different filmore he doesn't play a psychopath adopt the journey what the range of dennis quaid so that's come i'm talking to dennis quaid so let three may i ask that's always fun let's lighted up subject line how far talk work in the morning radio mark this not have been more appropriately timed i'm about to pick up my college age daughter who proud we the owner of the nastiest gas as a mother i am constantly reminded that this younger generation doesn't have the same hang ups as ours and this is such a thing the example fact for the laugh i'm going to replace the intro just for her angie you matter
i'm so glad him parents together the kids are gonna have a good laugh maybe both them will start far in the car and i'll get into an accident this is fine thoroughgoing interviewing older ladys country music have we in for nine years work forward to mondays and thursdays because of that two things one when you interview older women e g sissy space at jane fonda you interjection a ton more years a hawes or just general grunts while they're talking i'm guessing it relates to your impatience when talking with your mom it's of noxious please cut it out to this very tries to us even moral haggard if i could only fly album simple and beautiful maybe give it a listen my keys things against why then in with me like i'm we too attack your style and then like but we're still buddies right thanks for what
he's got so i wrote back i think if you listen i do that with everyone sound like your issue maybe with your mom the i went ahead and hit send on that one i hate send yeah they say take a pause no pause boom he wrote back you never know what's gonna happen i could open up a portal to someone's innerds that could go on for paragraphs but nope scott just hit me right back well played you damn fuck him right it was scot i went saw play that's a p l a why i know say it like pray play i once i play last night called the wolves here at the echo your company in los angeles i dont generally go to fear los angeles but i did and i'll tell you about
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now in older gentlemen you do worry about the p problem it's like i do i guess i'm at an age in our might should i've drunk that soda like how much of my night is gonna be ruined because i can't go p i speed in my car the other day i am not proud of it it happened in england and it happened here just tell you about did i tell you about what happened in san diego with the p thing i i gotta be honest with you sometimes moments in life we realise i'm not afraid i have courage i'm not gonna take any shit i don't have to take any shit i was driving a san diego and it was gettin dicey and it was nowhere to get off there was traffic heading in and am holding in p this is not and it was not i don't think there's a physiological problem
i just had a p and i was in a car and and nowhere to go in there was traffic so mike and i'm gonna toward the hotel is i dont know exactly which hotel a mat yet i just park in front of this one and i wasn't a hotel i was staying at my walking i figure i can get away with this as its lobby situation where's d this room and there i you got it is the one in the restaurant next door so i go through in its connected to though tell i b i opened the door the restaurants not cool the open yet and there's a there there setting up the waiters air do worse demands from any like hates only for customers i looked at it i said i'm fucking going he saw it in my eye he saw i like to think he was afraid of my power but i just think he was like this all guys in trouble and i am not going to step in here so i went
and i peed and i got out and i went to handle a few bucks my here take it man take it if if that's your trip man if whatever you just did there that's the extent of your power for customers only what why do you think you could do you think i want to be in this situation i'm a groan fuck man do you think i want to be like you know at the wait i'm at now with you for customers haven't harry here's a couple bucks buddy you not having thanked for we're not getting my way because he you gotta just you could a stiff iron me you could attack of me no no it's for customers only in a to eight now if you that wetness on your leg that's because i'm paying in my pants and you're on top of me holding me down who wins here take a couple bucks but he won't take a couple bucks now man you have to do that are i am just trying to view thank you
begun ugly was talking about so go to this theatre thing it was it was moving i gotta nor was gonna go it was you know it was the right one what sort of i guess this way it's gonna be this whole yes sixty eight women yet fucking either you kicking honest her ball or however many what i dont know a button there talking in there talking about things it teenage girls talk about whether also talking a genocide nor talking about periods and they're talking about boys nor by it just evolves in a very subtle way at all takes place around your kicking around a soccer ball wait into play and it just evolves into this thing that i'm very deep and very moving and it was beautifully performed by all the performers and i there is it wasted the end we're just gonna fuck you right had written a god senor crying and down it was wait tremendous and work it's it sir i just want to give you a heads up because it closes today so but it was good it was good service
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breaking away the big easy the long writers member that one we're all the brothers were in it the quaid brother the carrying brothers christopher guest has abroad are they brought him in after your movie i'll ask him about that the new movies the intruders in theatres now he's also in a very different type of film a dogged journey which opens on may seventeen this is me and denis quiet he brought his dog he brought his bulldog that's the first time a guy shows up at my house with his dog he's i really i've got three cats in the house i think the item i don't think i don't see how it is going to work out a psychologist believe me i might weavers somewhere like i don't know and i realize that the mai yard is actually enclosed and i could have a dog of her one and we put his dog out there and worked out with a bulldog kind of a small mid sizeable doug i guess they come and sizes bulldogs you can order small medium and large his
make a medium sized bulldog dog is that mankind argues that the medium bulldog you get it in small medium large actual large those are the ones it they can barely walk gathered their home and i guess adorable i don't know it looks crippled that adorable anyway this mean dennis quite it's little odd tat people up into the house you have passed the bedroom and theirs is what it is man yeah what's a future ventnor tame that's right well how do you now entertain and now yeah did you have done some other home home based pod cattle
what actually of executive producing and norway a podcast with the cuban burnett bob dylan and i just had to over here are you dead yet yeah enjoy good stat jared goods that yeah he's angle jared were heard of him now wait for you do it bob antigua we'll bob is contributing a song puberty pooh bear is now who's out musician i shall feel i should note that aid mason mostly a writer produce riyadh these days he did that the american version that like us besieged only as a couple of other real hit songs that year with justin bieber out of employment as is right yeah i got so like t bound he was on the last guys out in the garage before i had to do that construction but his ex wife not sam is yes it is yes sam philips sam fill it up
waves around the corner i just ran into her uttered no carry i ran into her husband yesterday introduce myself himself to really and she grew up here you i knew the neighbourhood a credible his daughter lives over here they yeah they had a daughter together the issues about like nineteen twenty suddenly are you are you kids are getting older yeah ok you have young kids pseudo i have eleven year old and twenty seven of the tea bounding back for forty two forty three years in every on out to allay is one of the first people i met really yeah he was held my brother to audition for the buddy holly story for delayed yet from yahoo and die and later on i married my first drivers pj's souls the arab who used to be married to stephen souls who was in the alpha ban yeah with tebow's backup ban for dillon
the time they are rolling thunder the alphabet ia and the rolling thunder revere so we got a lotta don't concerts head than to bomb was the producer of great balls of fire music he did that movie yap replay jerry louis yes did you have to deal with generally louis on a daily basis now regarding runaway outer good i mean what year was i mean i can check if you remember that nineteen eighty six or seven event so i remember that movies good movie and it's a tough role to play because he's he's a deep dark well yes and in life but there is also the pop star side of it yeah and the beginnings rockery all and at the deep the movie was done too to be like a summer release movie am yeah but then
you re start thinking about and they caught him made it into a very kind of pop music vieira accessible type of thing and stayed away from most of the dark stuff yeah then to have your area of ink about it right now you're gonna drop your kids offered the theatre diagnose your story twenty one year old guy marrying a twelve year old girl right yet this other way yeah yeah yeah that's that's gonna be tough ask i think but that the film you're looking back at it now reads caravan infectious it grows on sure i why me like i was sort of fascinated with him the fact that he still alive and he still make an records in that light some of those guys like there's collections it i d never stop recording there's hundreds yeah recordings i don't know where they found the time right well of course there are they always find the time musicians with that they're always recording right rather record then go on to our citizens in the studio hanging around the studio
this whatever council by now go and it covers do cover songs they'll go in emmi these days it's very collegial everybody working with everybody else get near easier does my social media there get in on exposure media the the invites somebody who's up and coming right established guy to into your song you're giving street credit or wherever right and it's also easier without the yom without tape yet you know i mean i everybody's got a studio just like you in their house networking do good quality she's right so when you ok so like an evolving done that a couple of times i guess where you actually play a real person a whole bunch of really said maybe a quarter my rules have been real people that is right wake it seems like me i like i worry goro cooper and played dog holiday opponent more as the pitcher in the rookie ro guy but ya holiday you can't hang out with em you could hang
we're gonna write you can hang out jerry louis roy s but when you're hanging out with jerry louis way i mean he must have been a pain in the ass on someone not outweigh the usa this community that it sometimes it almost seemed it there but the fourteen year old boy schoolyard in their amateur but that's him you know i am a learned sort of our called suspicion variety of hand at but he's also just a very generous human being generous was one of my piana teachers yeah and weak yeah and what we did in video together i have such respect for did he teach you how to play luxury louis although were all about the left hand right but he was also set every day at you over my shoulder going you get around sad that sounds of outright
so we're like is where my guy interview a guy like you like i grew up with young sensor argue very familiar to me you know from all the rolls going back to idea breaking away and i get you just always sort of their you're always been there in it and now i get these like it's these insurance company commercials insurance yet a funny further rising repaying they say they are why like the sort of inside idea of it yeah you know i do sure your likes you lift the veil to be transparent yeah but the wording is like in a time were you know i don't think a lot of people are watching on television you're like all over the place can i just like your office and this familiar presents to everybody on very immediate level every i think that's finally at the end of the day there's someone from just about every generation
it's got a strange generational for a different movie really could be dragon heart argovie dream scapegoat further back it up for the snake out that i have put my parent trap kid you add the rookie year has another one end in the company was that other one that good company i can't i love that movie here but the view certain generation that were kids with us all a velvet kids grow up right now and then in a schedule gotta yet right may remember you forever yet had better memories than adults right sticks in there but like where do you come from originally i come from houston texas really you i've first twenty years seizure yeah see or families i texan yeah or used sometimes referred to us lucy anna real enough but it is the level of their people from the within your people well
going way bags of that when my dad was from my oklahoma he grew up in oklahoma first five years of his life of fact while other more reservation type and my my cousin is do not treat really third cousin yea was my grandfather's first cousin no kidding yet so they think what he's the singing cowboy right yes that's he was also on the angels and katy allay ah he's probably i would say do not treat your dollar for dollar you can make a case that he was probably the richest man in show business time for a relative to erode rude off the red nose reindeer ok just that adds frosty snow man irreparably this only asked lie with a couple of days and then heap at very successful career as
see cowboy and then he bought haiti allay channel five here in los angeles and that was back in the day of early television when there was no east west coast look sure and so channel five broadcast to the entire western united states it was what basically a network right is huge and of course on the other hand do that when under at any out about a landed and i mean i built this angels play the ernie on their own that no kidding so the view taken for dollar for dollar the grant you meet a guy i finally met him and he owed of wider became too that how would we see by the time i think he was in his nineties maybe he'd live a very long time rate rate even bang and it was your grandfather's first cousin yeah
this wild and here and there from ok how member then you have people from losing out and then people from tax yeah then and wake would you would you was a family business my dad was like grow contractor and had his own business near a but he was also frustrated actor and andy was cruising around the house all the time is elvis was being crosbie aurelia and yet dean martin frank sinatra he never really didn't actually perform eating nike wasn't by the way we go out on the other the piano bars you said yeah you loved you loved you that it was always doing routine a introduce my brother and i to acting really you by pointing out actors on television in alarm unhardy and all those betsy now and
that's probably rule got that where we have by how ya think and what the eight year france between three and a half years now that my than my mom's from these taxes which aims to have that would be very country is taxes by my grandfather came to texas in nineteen o wanted a covered whack really from tennessee from the south it's all right across europe and wait what was he doing whether he did what he was up said available basically causes great dollars life he was he was a roughneck oil wells and which is the rate of job sure because of my his wife had died my mom's mom and had to travel private together where the kids enables a cotton farmer for while he was a tent preach for a while sold bibles
or the door and the weird thing like last job was a guard in an austin essay insane asylum hand then his wife's is second wife of father died left those kids some land and he had his buick and he used to be a rough back on an oil ed he knew what was around and ready during the late fifty and that what do you know they struck oil of course and he went to being worth zero to two million dollars just like that i just got his wife's kids inherited the land and yes right let's let's take a look under there you gotta be something under that while he actually they wanted to sell it so he he body the oil oil right that's that's a good story i think it's interesting that there was a time or people could just decide
preachers bulgaria eighteen require what he's rainbow didn't hurt you it's too you can still i know that in fact even more than ever now with social media gas yet you decide to be approach that you can make it a go at it you can make a living if your entertaining and right that it was really a performance trip right yes and even cars of doktor you doktor now was done so you geyser i just like text i grew up in new mexico because deadly not taxes and i like euston iq since become kind of weird eclectic three spray out that always has been really there really ago it's always had the cow town stamp on it or what i have but its it always has been a very clear it was a great town to write in for music out you had all kinds you know it was a big city so you got a lot of different kinds of music
different influence music important because they leave my rights in the east tat and so you you get that taxes rocker rollin that sure western swing fang annual louisiana invites yeah yeah grammatical lance and then its cosmopolitan so and these are you my dad was sing and being crosbie in denmark but also you get the summit computer music the aquarium yes exactly i saw it was it was a great place to grant for for music i was like a music gumbo down and your guitar footwear yes andy were date it would do that start before the acting yeah of course yes yes it is i was about twelve my grandfather actually bought me my first guitar was like a twelve dollars diver western otto
from wales it or not out when it i'd strange and i were over tried to learn a light my fire was that was virtually yeah to try to learn yeah yeah that's i too tough that actually is a way of fear first learning that's not a great one two of those kind of regulatory hadrava yassum yang glance roared ray i had there i need your you're the muscles sorry i didn't we in rock band we had what we call them combo back like the sixtys it out like from seventh great i had learnt combo jago is a way of getting girls israel that's our excellent a lot of people say i guess it was it you i wasn't big enough to be in from the football team writing already our wound up the drama basically but one that we so your brother was it was he also in the music he was more into stand up comedy real as young as can't get it right and fact had a really great with tray wilson new member tray wilson he was enough at raising areas
when he was raised oh yeah unfinished furniture guy these grey was also sam philips and re writing that aren't that's right away you will we were all at the university of used in an hero a stand up equation wilson there were team they credible yeah they came out here and they would be the comedy store when they first came out here really yards ahead honour i ceremonies rewrite when the communist or was in attaining i guess i guess i'll and that's how he got in yap was doing stand up jani hello apart right behind them a comedy store learned since i had no idea that randy quaid was a comic yemeni in come here for that but he gave yeah yeah they were they came through taxes would they did last picture show cast it because i wanted local casting further peter by gotta which the author often dissipate the accents thing and they went to the colleges and when he was at the university of used in and he was doing gotta hiring was young
was he was young acting under an act nagging problem i the party played this were a dorking renegade yard at last acer and yet as the bogdanov ich the map a year later and said come out here and have digital role with barbarous twice in rhino kneel and what's up doc and that was his we'll take it out to alight and he were state and you were an you were just get started call i wanna see said i was still in high school when he got there oh yeah how's he doing by the way i do and i find it ok ok the same work that's what i like to go back to a word i think a lot of other people were too he's a great act is one of my favorite act no here they re i mean all the time growing up no he was ease always been granted the last detail is one the right move incredible he's great yeah i was okay so ok see you saw he had success with it and then you just
cited to follow suit your already hadn't that went well i was kind of talk between music and am and an acting here but i was in the high school and i was really you are already our target at night like i said i tried to its right a passage to go out for the football team in taxes and you were to say i was basically i was a ladder way like hard thirty pounds you seem pretty athletic now now played off football were based public jake with them but the devil was gonna make it so that our wound up in the drama room the other girl and it was at the last time like gum in terms of continuing to study because i was talking to my my producer about this not a lot of guys like you who were around and any more who can do sort of anything as an actor like you you you know your your own thing but you get your ranges insane
yeah well i they jaso gotta give it of the young her guys time do you no age matured rob and get me a good experience it just comes through experience i never had any strategy and my career except to tries many different types this is possible but in terms of training did you continue to work on that stuff i mean have you done what i was at the university of use in their this great acting teacher which was the reason i was there and my brother was there to add and train the lot of people because of a mr picket yeah and he taught acting as craft and i was torn between music and an acting and and i saw my brothers sas which made it real that you can actually get jobs i wasn't some far away world bright would read my was and that i was a series of
i ask them what i got into mister piglets class within the first week i knew what i wanted to do with my life as a real gift for eighteen nineteen year old kid and that what what was so inspirational about that guy because he taught acting as a craft and yet i was very much into human behaviour in psychology and that's really what acting is any sort of made that apparent by being observance of people that of creating a character of some sort of from the outside and beyond the outside will tell you what's going on with a person on the inside that's how it works here for well that's just what a phase of eight year was it like a method method classy wasn't like that that day basically the opposite a yard any eddie had a constructive criticism could be brutal and but it taught it as a craft and gave you a space to really learn and and fail that's really that the space to fail rather than
they got getting jobs and fail right odd camera right are you get to fail and in a class doing a scene and then come and then work on and come back into it again and you learn by trial aaron so worried us you work from the outside it so it is that the state with you that kind of outside in because like i believe that's true that if it's on the page you know and you do what's on the page you'll find if we are supposed to be right yeah well that was another thing that he thought is erodes what's what does the playwright say we're about the carriage or whereas the character say about himself what did what other people say about the character rio at what worries actions and his motivations basically here and how does that fit into the spine of the play or the story that year the story about so i always thought sort of like mythical right in
every rule of taken no matter how silly of part does here and that its become over the years amazed right everything down and and abbot over the years has become more like us moses what is yet to in there what did you write down oh i would you know i would write all that stuff i dont like backstory yeah yeah nguyen or a whole history and stuff like that now it's just something i just kind of i don't know it just is becoming so much of part of me that it's like i said it's just like bosses use youtube sin and add at the famous of doing it and i i let go a lot more than i used to feel this way this row i dont know that i've seen you in the intruder the new movie i don't think i've seen you be this horrifying heavy doubt that that part was just let it go of course i may arrive may about about two or three people in that you of that met in life may have had them sort of in my mind
but the earlier but he still me back there actually can i haven't had a nice laughed but i like my long isn't it the most evil fuck that you like intensity i would guess yeah i guess as the cellular easily obviously the warm and fuzzy guy when are you going to some slimy this guy hurried up psycho those who was that one more slimy characters you played with a guy there where traffic the lawyer that our lawyer traffic for sure yeah yeah i know he was a necessarily avail and he was now he made his day slimy lag man rear right you're a cop morally compromise fella but this guy intruders like me like menacing and horrible yeah i a fucking and you were doing your tee thou hast boil anything but i do know is that you there's a moment worry on the bed and you just looking at you before together the giving interest obsessed the easy date not oecd
i also days said i to do with really gotta make it your everything archers tragically view though we lived in filth yeah but so that we just an impulse he had yeah just just checking letters needed they look like some studies it issued a recurring area in space and with it wasn't even scripted savages right out i like me that was a long i noticed into his creeping they are the other shot but i actually had my hair like a hitler hairpin alright
i wanna go overboard you they were wanted to pull back from it because you know that i have this tendency i'll go out there and discuss because it's much easier to pull back that it is due to add is what kind of thing and so i would have a euro actors don't really know what's too much sometimes that's where the directors were and giant such a great directory and so i asked him of baggage please just pull me back if you see me or going a little too far with us has its easy with this part was able reich as you i don't wanna leeway yeah you're a psychopath yeah yeah do you want a happier they are bound raw so i go on back though like what were the first movies for you like the before breaking away there is reverberating away i came out here i spent so right after college you come out here yeah i got out i well i i didn't finish knowledge of it two and half years there because i was gonna be
for that reason i wear any got enough you're lucky i get it read it was not really gonna do me much good arthur and how it is that i felt like you learned enough oh yeah yeah and i owe you time for me to go so i came out and does it my pictured area agent town get turned down and the so i started colleague up casting direct real and what your brother for the four i was on his couch for about first couple months in fact then i might first movie said i was on a rainy was doing missouri breaks my brando damage agnes if i remember that you know i just woke up cut your throat ah you through that he has never my first sent i was i'm watching minor brando and jack nicholson it's a pretty good movie like him brando is like out there man we out when he's dead the old lady s horse had combat eyed man w do the scrap i know
he's out of an eye we gotta dailies every day and watch my random do they do ten takes over a saying that he would do it ten different some trying to remember you oh your brother was one of the guys you with chasing he was tat he was in no the crew had an actual say he had a great cutlasses especially were both at the camp fire before marlon kills him right that that's a guy introduced yeah and then i buy your name it after about a year i caught with calling up casting directors and just out of variety were said films in the future and i will go and ask for an interview discuss out yoke as they are the ones who cast film an end at nine out of ten would say no one would say yes and said go in there
if button i would look at my shoes for the first cover areas gaza i learned how to do any views that went right now and then after about nine months of that one of em called up warm those ages i turn me down i got an agent and about too much later got a job did you meet oh yeah yeah i actually had taught brando couple accords on the man the land for it now it had you a series hey man lack had a woman i play guitar random they said the monk got up learn to play mandolin anybody here play mandolin at this late hour i do i play madeleine you are well aware that it was a boy i didn't play mantle that is it is not i play vandalism same tuning no it's different everett tuning and so i went to this beautiful music store i gotta like accord bark learned the records that were in that song and
that is spent an hour industry or with a house that was like the big threat i live i could barely talk noses put it that way was it was weird well is first big stars dragging out sure these days i'd at dublin august starstruck over to many people brad i am he was my idle my god you know it was before he women's lupi right he never went totally it now he knew he never did he may have seen that way to the outside world but he was it was night he was a brilliant genius any was able also just a very sweet man there and get spent an hour is together with their tandem
what did you talk of i hardly remember early revolver target i gotta get hardly but has set its together jonah randal ngos are battling lad something like something real the old i do i guess that's a good point out that dear about what people in the world know about somebody what d you know like ie noticed sportive strangely assumptions we make the ease of use in i'd guy you know who i was and gifted in god the guy the eel is sort of like he seemed strange to any i am here there is a certain amount of alienation from the business he i have because i was back in the day sorted invented the idea that yet we are old girl ward shows right right at yet i turn other had what was your day that that it accepted the ec award for ad so that that put him in the kind of sort of odd
all category a narrow holiday all native american and then on the bounty was that with its order that he was he was in hollywood jail for quite a few years for about twelve years because that would be against over budget and that and they are dependent on him you're on every other actors idolized m because basically invented modern i know which movie was it for you that kind of like made you like a street car names are crazy yeah and out on the waterfront ah travel so you get there was so you out here like a year in your meeting but you're showing brando outweigh mandolin that's exciting but yeah that's that's enough or love
well then i got my first movie was called up nine thirty fifty five the date is the date the james dean died and its effect that it had on on these seven college kids and arkansas where i was james bridges was the director as paper chase run in china syndrome you might remember from but a great director and he was from our group also sores bit can basically historic remember the first time the camera came there is really quite intimidated and that big cameras back then and maria devil alone there are huge lights here the light of the right before by first take one of those big clique lights the other about as powerful as the site if it on the wind it just falls over about for food from anywhere
for your gas burgo like a dog and big jagged you gotta get one area but that there was a great way to start with generous he was very protective everybody and was bringing because all the actors who was our first movie dennis for his first movie had to come out i got to know that movie i should know gotta came and went there at the time is very personal story it was your movie of the seventies rio there is anyone like i want a dark too and i twenty one seventy seven twenty one here and now led to breaking a twenty three i was twenty three alma yoga that yeah that another nine months got another job you can like driving movies it did a couple of those and hiv then
breaking away came along and there really changed my life and my career and evil would replace teenager replied teenagers up till i was twenty seven until i play gordo cooper i was i was still play teenagers breaking away was like a huge moving because it was one yeah movies were you know that as a kid you go see it right and it was such a surprise to is basically the i think they had they had those kind of what turned out to be the brat pack in the and the aid right youth boobies dinner at having breaking away was really the first of those reactors as you did stern daniel stir and jackie earl hayley he got disappeared for a while and then he came back his vest fantastic loud were so proud of them for that he was out for a while right yeah do you guys talk
we had a reunion about three years ago a break with oily rural areas like the thirty year reunion and that its crest were still has to say that the bicycle from their no kin and got together i haven't seen him in a light denizen i have stated touch through the years he played the guy was obsessed with the italian right and daniel was daniel right no it's weird as i can't really remember yeah i can remember the other team at all i can't remember the jockey guys i know you guys were sort of there yeah the working class the long ride we were the locals right the lower i i met you and you know and we value strangers and our own home town rightly retreated like that whenever there is a saying where your swimming in the choir any hit your head and so yeah so you cited as that court actually that we rightly that was the quarry that they built the empire state building from real at very core
yeah i just know when i went to look at that college which i did after high squaws like this is really did and her like a hundred feet deep down there no one really are the choir there's a couple of them out there and they build the school at about two nemo booming tin right so that's where it starts the officer debate and also peter yeats basically taught the four of us film acting yeah me how to be the other was at a stage where the cameras and clothes and it will read your mind you don't have really have to do anything you don't ever you it while you ve always have a tendency to want to like do you think other people can see at rise and also when you see yourself on film especially for the first time europe you can't tell anything you don't hear any right but a was yeah i've been cast our reason because i looked and sounded very like the guy wanted to the character yards and so they tell me how to be small you're a troublemaker
i was the guy that trot out like probably the most pissed off area because you know my days of glass had come and gone i saw the lot right that's right now my right here but it is and then when it came out armor drive into a theatre my brothers in the front seat drivers very good looks like you gotta yet because the line was around the feet the rather block i was back in the days when they have lines rather blotter at people were to show up it was said tat a mysterious enter my will show up yes far up things like armies could spell movies back there i think they still candidate the true what weird i just talked to urban winkler like two weeks ago about the right stuff specifically and about like the sort of jarrings means that everything leading into that movie in everything about that movie should have been a huge movie yasser shut up
are you i was invited the box office was made two million dollar anyway hemisphere for opening week he configured out oh i know exactly why you do the others with a couple of reasons why was it think it was it was an election year john glenn was running for president john glenn none of the astronauts had anything to do with a move they would get behind it now they wouldn't get behind it the add i i just like it wouldn't get behind the novel and i'll know why because gus grissom the way gus grissom is tom wolf turned him and to a literary device you up because they had the solving of at the top of the pyramid right and gus
are we gotta one up there we had dimes in his pocket gonna like exaggerate i souvenir azure yes he gave it everybody else did to ok ok but to make a thing of it but it was about the hatch he was in the second flight yeah he and the young landed the hatch just blew right right though it and their losses spacecraft or went to the bottom and he did not get the parade that yeah that's archery upper dyed her this is all true and i you know not even to go to the white house with it so he was disgraceful way that's what wolf would have you thank but that is not the true hooker for one thing that was the first time that they had ever had a hatch honestly grab before that they were just bolted in and the astronauts and all insisted that they have an escape hatch that they could blow with explosives here and there and
a window and also a window and so they cause they were pilots again they want to control of right this handsome and but so they set it up and on his flight but they had not taken into account the pressure zation effects on those ass was of bolts somebody i added a water and the effect of splash how he had the water and they think just did blow because of it was designed right and you almost drowned is your suit filled of water where he was about three seconds way from actually going about it feet down like spacecraft right but got areas can be dead weight and he is saved and if he was
so disgrace if he was such that had blown it so much then why did they give him the verse gemini flight and why did they give him the first apollo flight where he was killed there on the launchpad but the real i think you would have been the first man in the moon tat the truth because he was the best pilot that they had he was very calm and cool headed engineers mind and he was he was the one that was really most of all complaining about because it was so tat hurried process getting out getting to the moon via that a year they get the lot of quality control getting their church and he was the one that was complaining about the most active act he was complaining about the year the wiring that they had an one of them in an urgent oxygen rich environment and at
another wound up day that's all they got killed so so basically the the brotherhood of asher not through like fuck this movie well i would safe it would be so much factors moving about that while gordo cooper i was i was lucky because at just because i'd read the book i grubbing used in which a space eddie here gordo cooper was my favorite after i was a kid i was right in the pocket of that age where the role that the tv usanga in space they replace one to be i'll buy or ass a gordo cooper was my favorite astronaut the ritual said because he was the youngest sort of like a rock and roll her i really like that may be order granddad then i wound up here the book came out and set the ever do a movie this give anything i am here and then i will not judge for it what do you know i regard it yet
just like the dream of a lifetime and then guess what his like this scourge everybody from contacting their astronauts you know her when i reply but well i guess either what either liability or sued or nasa was behind it are the rest from the get gub gub they weren't nasa was behind they didn't really like the way tom wolf had betrayed everybody is well right now tom love was trying to create a novel granted with things and so we need a literary devices with this whole theme of the top of the pyramid but turned out gordo cooper le three miles from an ally come over the valley s i call him up and say come over here the most generous wonderful dude and he's egg from him i i learned to fly because i was telling angered i should warn that radio voice you guys got like learnt vital young learned flight so he sent me over to bud wallen av sugar in vain i and i got my partners lies in its words who were
the film on the sly and when i got you still lie yeah if i get my citation jets now i kept ike that up after you know that there must be fun yeah was dark convenient is put it that way but that we have a fine i've i've had three why that i had a bonanza single engine which i really miss but it s got to be i would fly for her hours a year which is a lot and for different reasons but it just got be hours working so much and this and that that that dwindle down like ninety hours at no cost now wearing your right hangar than it does to fly so so
suddenly hanging out with gordo did day so you got a real good sense of that area and i've been a flu with yeager in in a bonanza over of over the lake bad were used were poncho was and out there at the average air force base just he was on set every day it was like having anyway i buy us at every way i love that's my favorite moment really idly of that movie is your moment on the press conference where where are you know when they ask us invest pile everything at that moment really like your thinking a yeager right yeah and then re you again rather like tat be at the highest gonna get away the unease i hear a well you is the guy that could make it because you didn't have a college degree number one there were would have a college degrees and the egg or was the best part and to ensure proviso
and i was really got any was so he and he and i you lay hung out like every day they be over there look over and they had the hood of sam's truck open your over the edge cassandra why he was afraid to fly he had a thing i guess it at a bad experience but he did fly he drove everywhere really yeah so we had a truck yeah and video there and that's who yeager was from west virginia basically start out repairing lawnmowers that i learned about agencies yeah they loved and so they just they bear their target engines all day i was only leave on how do we know even like great stick a beam and yes to evade might have me estate is great having does the first time he did he acted too i think its first of the coal mines daughter though that i was at after before that was before now
round me about my memory but i love that movie an end i thought the script was great i thought the comedic elements were great because your art like it the thing is great about that movies it's too great a row story but there's a lot of comedy in india and has become a classic sense that but the original thing was why did it fail at the box office right so jungle i was running for president at the time and i think that it has a lot to do with them and then walter cronkite actually did an interview right around the time than it was coming out and you know he was with the astronauts him with nasa and all that and diverse where they betray the asked for i was a boy scouts basically they could do no wrong and you know they were they were human beings rout there'd be doing things will probably should we wouldn't want our wives are right sometimes
france and how that that was the press went along with it back at you have paparazzi right you're remove wonder how you ve never been damaging envy and managing the image tat error by spreading in a while to cronkite yet these guys were he rosetta put their life on the line they were used to being celebrities area and so the water cronkite this the movie based on based on based on that and showed too much of their humanity in a way i go too much behind the scene i guess he thought it was all too one sided about bill they sort of extracurricular thing i had also the weight but really basically the way the treaty gus grissom and now here i rush i agreed with that tell the truth out of the way they had because
what people will remember began he gave his life right really for he gave his life they went in there knowing that basically had about a fifty percent chance of diet where every time they went up we are now that's interesting that cause like i don't i don't know that our own wiggles remarking desired any it is you know billina they probably daggers they saw they saw it from you is just another movie and you dont you can't blame them there yet thereafter to make turn a book to a felt right and it was a perfect time for the film i i thought to the air was right tat sort of when it came out at the beach sort over the beginnings of there
of regular administration in the right time for it to succeed yeah and i think actually one of the year the towards the other shooting at that i think that's when they were the shuttles blew up was it an early yeah i thought i would down that a member going down and ass over there it was just for the research with great you got to go all those doors essay authorize personal they let you in there thou so but they weren't supportive of the movie they still let you go down there and oh yeah yeah that's wild gathers we and we skip the we didn't talk about the long writers which our fuckin excited by remember cause i was in high school still and it was like all the brothers yeah it's fucking walter hill that again it's like you and your brother is their third quaid well but i would have a half brothers them is buddy was he now he was he was just lauren bab it was already on the key jihad and secure wade's add the teachers it too
then carroty brothers are three carotene brothers right date chris guest had a brother risk ass you re arrest cures ended at his brother i just have the whole idea of it i remember being a pretty good movie it was real yet movie walter held directed at areas by the judge bulgaria and those one of the last of the great ones of of that particular erasure when that when when westerns were going out of style is still see some governments every area i am just write a book about there's a new book about the wild bunch about the making of the wild much peck upon that whole trip down there just crazy man yeah just going down to mexico unjust camping out and i do the dawn of risks they took in i just saying it was out and like most of the guys you had any jesse with
captain the whole crew stunt dude in ghana wackos ryan do anything they come in yellow after our night allende just average you get it sam just to recover would say go bill some track goebbels driving drag inside that would take at least an hour and a half so get get rid gives i'll get guy jeremy decker they own sandbagging pa and and worn out on that peace property in montana and worn i'd warren an eye dead tough enough together we became good friends and i owe
hello piece of property of montana there i'm but then and worn and i it came handling of kind of father let him away and he had a heart attack that age fifty one in died with his boots on them and i bought his half of the place with back upon her and then peck about diet about ten years later and i bought his hat from his from a kid so i have their place in pegre boss cabin warmth other automatic actually plumbing s a beautiful place and then sam was up three miles up in the mountains of no running want you know plumbing no electricity a guy reading out the creek and that he is a bookcase up there he built a bed here if the better they built it and then the table big huge
briefly may crap of such craftsman gesture that not a nail and they all pegged ha and that then this bookcase was there and here and there was an eighteen seventy two playboy magazine there is thought the holy bible and open up the holy bible and there's a couple polaroids in their of some stunt guys nanda worn and then this picture of sam is long john on the side of the house s got it is because holster up yeah it's a piece he's got his gotta their arab then there's the holster centre are there and then there was a mason jar full of moonshine that doesn't i lived in montana services occasionally yeah that's nice guy updated with those guys yeah well i never met sam
i didn't know i ever because every time i go up there he would be in town i guess the very hotel the ike play poker in the letter will carry our great friends i had a place for twenty five years you just recently sold it oh yeah i love those that i used to do or like a peck him off confessed every year in just go through law you all the way from your ride the high country right up you know the man i mean like they're really why there are really trippy factor man marie me they're ahead of us forever the other fucked up gathers warheads is fair or he just talking to the head he's driving with that rapid head right and he's talking out but my favorite is the while bunch just you know it was a as far as that that era of the sixties early seventies with by clyde of the really altar of violence that was in that fellow members as arc and it hasn't even compare now was away
it hasn't even compare now it was our we're radio western man we await bent so riskin now it was risk at risk at the time but now you look at what is happening in right is nothing yeah what we see on television every day in reading the book about it i didn't really take into consideration a lot of the kind of like this these were guys in a transition period in the west why they were timers right you're trying yeah you here you see a car he always put it like an automobile and in a lot of us moving was at the bower there was now is sort of like about the end of exactly beginning of something else is like the ballad of cable hope with robarts it that's all about a car show enough iraqi theirs it didn't seem words i added value and of their world exactly if trippy man like you say trippy but it's like its deep stuff it's deeper because its trippy man yeah well then ok languages i'm just gonna pick and choose a cup
well because what kind of moving through it but death i remember the big easy cosette you ve put on full the full drawl yeah you really had locked into the axe and well i wouldn't colored drawl but tell that yeah that was that was us a bland between a cage and euro patois type of accident and job and i would call a year nor jack right sceura young my close to like a brooklyn bang and away they talk show you put up with it ally in euro catacombs like that and i met for people that were like that in in the bad that accent nor did i was not very common but that guy met for people in that area therefore i just gotta put them together and came out without now that i thought i like that i'm kind of fascinated with the kind of darkness new orleans i guess yadda before and i thought of that
it was a manageable way too were to move through it yeah it was you i had a lot of charm that very to it and that's tennessee williams can describe it here has has had a ravish charm with but there was always a latent violence maybe a darkness there there is definitely vertigo something there's something about the swamp and about the weird kind of that nix of peoples and how they ve gumbo that that's where the quays huxley cave robbie another because they were gone and they came down in their their back up the swamps louisiana because just to be able to get away in their french speaking here and that the
there were the native americans out there and it all mixed together right and also a spanish the left over spanish and are in fact up until up until the nineteen thirty is your first language of your born there was french it was huey long we became government agenda built the bridges over the buyers are basically they was secluded from the rest of the world up until then right enough i think that's what s interesting is these yet these kind of people that kind of you're different types of people that kind of became one people right then we have they didn't happen in a lot of places but its were to happen there yeah it's really cut of more of what america supposed for europe than any other region where he had black white the american at mexican ned everything
you got some native american in your family yes yeah yeah you track that back yes attracted by god my grant my grandfather and then back to that they are they actually the waves i deduced they left louisiana for oklahoma take two escapes who were already go sub draft thing i bid the ads guy who knows the idea that there really when their fight so that's fellow of m i gonna die for this went out and then you ve all right you play doc holiday yeah that that was a casual other guy goes rifle characters i replied that was good those difficulties and that was with i was in the wider that was it would cause wider yes he directed maybe canada have it all the stuff i was your shootin bubble
they all cast indirectly that i am very unhappy about yeah he tried the western twice yes also silverado yandah and wider i think he tried to pack too much into silverado over you the pact too much into a wider birthday the trout lobby have i i gotta fell like it was too long near and it was also being made at the same time as tombstone he would rather is actually the more accessible move it's a shorter movie while it actually tells the story and yeah tells of sustainable nets carousal yeah kurt russell as you like you you guys are too i was actually offer that one to do doc i was offered tombstone and and on both yes what do you think a thousand very high because i was very good roses all tag
baby you're by huckaback huckleberry but really really whenever the tablet is likely i really like yours performance you now in then you just get means really add that right about doc i mean i i learned everything about dog ira i really can i fell in love with a guy because he was he was one of the gallery at tuberculosis and he's gonna die that's reason he was out west arrives at dentist in reasons i would ask us for replacing it breathe nea s will be here any new is gonna die so in a gunfight he could he could stand there and be calm and aim and fire and
europe does not usually what won the day not being fast because a year the organs of agent for they are scared at year you're scared shitless then you just yet figures shootin everything and that is the guy who could keep his head and aim who would and he could give us have because he knew his gonna die anyway i anyway worry eager ass wilder and favour the rookie year the bay bob where you are and to play ball the jimmy morris was on the set firm all of that to which are really appreciated thank god he was left handed and that great story and what sort of reflected by own life at the time which caused the movies about second chance spry and them that movie was release i got a ball really rowing for me i may start with the nineties i was kind of my career was can it going through valley list was it pair trap sort of started a new thing
yeah yandah at but then the rookie really cemented that ended also came out back back performance far from heaven near you right now i mean that's the thing this was a gay guy and a major eu approach everything why young terms as an actor in canada human behaviors a very always been very interested and about what makes people tick why are they the way they are and do it you do i guess you answer it with each character yeah yeah what would i do if i were that character and you sort of live in their shoes nurse scan but it's always you yeah you can get you can never get away from play yourself because you always are playing yourself that is just that we all have everything
yet every other person has all the same emotions are potentially the same reactions to the motions are yet these cliches about life because their true and but you're always play yourself yeah right i gotta get such true i may i guess i i've done i've been doing some acting myself and i am always sort of wondering about that but you're gonna do some version of your ear its i gotta go to sea like yeah redoubled curly honour what are we gonna u it's my brandy everybody knows that smaller bread of my own spirited characters that people download marlon randal just his doing a great job and i can't write that yo yo but some people seem to go through a tremendous amount of process in order to get places yo yes
but the idea of its part of like learning of a worrying acting in europe is still like i know actors that are still ago will hurt is very studied and everybody has their own but he's like our method that like the method that everybody has a way of doing right but the finding about heard is no there's no more a person that's more painfully bill hurt them bill her yet like you i gotta have what it actually whatever he's doing he's always get like he shouted intensity yeah the pace is gonna take it he's gotta like a simple question gonna take the someplace every word i wonder how you have worked over them twice i just worker the fact i love a guy i really telling of guy i love his point of view of life and dab i love his quirks yeah yeah i eat anything he's a brilliant actor and he just feels so deeply about eric
you're very sensitive human being and what was it like working with like on that did that crazy oliver stone movie with oliver with everybody you knowing of oliver's occasion when we had other back where you left by the court of auditors around here and in the jamie foxes the upper covered right answer i am liars great i think is the best football movie ever done it is certainly not a visceral early feel bia ways like to be in the game yeah yeah our system you have given his reputation which was just a reputation a lot of ways right that europe will not be already get hurt doing then nobody debt here the nobody that hit the care of everybody really well and he made an incredible movie its way
there were that comes up again this idea that the general public makes judgments are people on your based on the information they get but once you are sorted it will work do you know that job we call it we gotta talk or because you makes great doors he is in we go in this because he does that ended the what do they call you was well you fuck one got to go fuck you're the goat factor alright man well man will unite it's really great to talk here and there the obviously there's there's more to talk about i feel like the dogs gotta eat she's common i guess your contract but that is part of a sub they taught painting i talked to him years ago to the tide haines guided did yet from heaven when really brilliant guy but when you work
somebody like dad who's got you is a very unique directories got very specific vision for that movie is making sort of his version of iraq with cirque movies like ear in in the process of working all these different directors you know do you find yourself i mean what what is experience for director director i am always there is an actor as is what i learned early on is the actor is actually there to serve the direct right because even though it may have been written by
from a novel by this are you ever yours it's still the director is telling the story right he's directing effect that meets he's directing where the camera is what the cameras looking to tell a story and i saw an under to serve him cause i can't be making a different movie than the director yet that what work right now and i'll look like an idiot so you have to trust your director of that's i've been very try to be very good about choosing direct strong directions i like strong directors in fact who will
take me out of my comfort zone because actors have a general tendency dieter have the same paragraph they the last fill out or do the same things if they know will work shows that their money here ya like faye it's my smile yet but director who will take you at your comfort zone and make you do things you're not comfortable doing the bath that's the best that's when you are the best to liking it like you right there is some eve specific dennis quaid isms but you have but even this new movie at psyche all those become so malignant novel even the things of you that your smile amazingly the first parliamentary employing the paragraph and then we'll go bad things go
but how do you stay in character generally over time is it just happened i just turned on and off our own yet i got its first hour the learned that with the work with moral streep in postcard some adds that she would just like the great moral straight visa and she is she but just she'd be like drew from off just talking about i've already learned we're we're just like having a good time some completely dearer to other subject area it's nothing there was a very worthy emotion appropriate motion that goes with the of the scene them no idea they say rolling issuers w i love this guy action right right into it just like that and then cut right out of it now in tat night not walking around in as it as and i tell you it's actually easier in the long run to work that way press number one you'll take your work home with you right which less than i did that
great both fired i wound up rehab you're that but in end doing just robin like a hot potato and then so that you can you you go do what you ever have to have to do in your life you come back and it it'll be fresh in other words its i actually like it when i dont know what i'm gonna do you mean here because you'll be in the moment more that if you're not living here like eyebrows i don't learn my lines they may read the script about ten times but i dont learn my into our right all day out sometimes deerbrook most the time during which really does have a really long why you know the story and you know that care is letting oh yes you listen prior to the other character saying so that the out you you know the response
yeah yeah yeah so makes it more in the moment that way for me and i don't have the light make up something there ever get a comic you take all that stuff that you were as innocent accurately acne learning but all those basics and then you want them up and thrown away and just let go right yang a very sober guy well i dont do campaign anymore that was that was my driver of choices in fact nike ninety did thirty days way days manner and i i quit everything for ten years i do but i bet they were they tormented and but then i started having a drink a bit about the year two thousand there are problems i the feeling of being dropped right after you manage it yeah
does a badge is i'd like that you're google buzz but feeling drug i i never have he also sluggish and i don't like that feeling cocaine was crazy can you eat again i would do until you it was all done there and they regard asked you if you had some one i had plenty of minor every day about it's crazy drugs as an older i'm fifty five years older than me but like the thought of doing it now just like all my good kids i would suggest a catholic back imagined throughout europe today's talking about nothing did your body yeah you do like the first snap out of it has been the next twelve hours trying to get that feeling nine again here in everyday up yet it is that and you gotta be work at an hour a worn out really great the worse bills of drag i meant great doc any of you to rank the royal out of foreign debt
that's how i love that guy it's like you know is sometimes i'm in this chair and i'm looking right at a guy i've looked at onscreen my whole life and miles and like debts dennis quaid sitting right there the new movie is the intruders and he's also got the dogs journey out there which opens may seventeen don't forget simply safe offers grey protection with security monitoring that keeps your family save twenty four seven it keeps working when the powers out and stay connected even if your phone lines or cut simply say also makes home a breeze just press your keyboard and the alarm is simply safe is just fifteen dollars a month no contracts or hidden fees to get yours today go to simply safe dotcom swash w two yet that simply safe dot com swash w e f because of i'm gonna play some echo we get our only brings more petals up here apparently
i'll be here while i will go two more paddles but i'm just gonna do this now i am the three core wonder that arise i get super your name record wonder harry comes with his basic blues power become those basic ability to point records in a thoughtful the theory away look out everyone's gonna take a pause to them three cord wonder i distract them the right this is on going anywhere i think so i know you ve been tied up by other super yours yeah i did it again enjoy
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