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Episode 1021 - Duff McKagan

2019-05-23 | 🔗

Duff McKagan weathered the storm of rock and roll excess and now finds himself with a loving family, sobriety, a reunited band, and a new solo album. Duff takes Marc back to the days when he first met Axl Rose, when Guns N’ Roses became one of the biggest bands in the world, and when heroin decimated his entire scene and nearly ended his life. Duff also talks about the lesson he learned from Joe Strummer that still guides him today, why Slash still blows his mind, and how he keeps himself grounded by being out in the world talking with people. This episode is sponsored by Turo, Airbnb Experiences, and Starbucks Tripleshot Energy.

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all right let's do this how are you what the fuckers what the fuck bodies what the fuck sticks that one seems hostile watch dick that's never said in a positive way what's up dick saw don't use it is much but it is it's gotta good right them to it the going is everybody ok i'm i'm a little and we'll jack little jacked right now for what for good reason for good reason i'm jacked because the young unfeasible but first let me i'm let me say that i just bert you can cut that out you know it don't leave it in let's keep it with but loose it wasn't allowed burp let's keep it loose d mc egg in his on the show from guns and roses the base player and is he the real fucking deal rock star
rock and roll life all of it but tat very lucid lucid smart thoughtful great guy i i i i had no idea you know why because we project so he's here and it was it was a real treat and that's something i dont say bye why am i jacked why am i jack while tell you why because it's an hour ago in this very home in my house in my house people david waterman was here david letterman the man who i looked up to four more than half my life and then once i became a comic all i want to do is beyond his show and it happened but it took a long time but he was he was here he came to i house and you don't know what a mine fuck that is i don't want to go into it
because by the time you got here i was okay but it did take me two days to get ok like your wife self talk just a guy just a guy just a guy that you look up do that you know you hung all your help on being on his show just a guy but he was here and i'm gonna on going to share that conversation with you a week from today ok i guess i should tell you then rivalry teasing weeks out which i don't you we do monday a timothy elephant is here for what is it memorial day he was here we talk that's gotta watch two out of the justified shows and i the enjoyed them watching the macleod with my parents and i was a child dennis weaver remember that show had their vibrate seventies guy you're episodic television being an walton goggins walton goggins was on that guy's a fuckin wizard gotta get goggins in here how'd you i want you i got a friend
walter goggins what's up goggins goggins goggins what's up again this year so we have become friends will walton goggins some day i'll do my show and i can refer to a misguided ganz owed goggins tonight i am in madison wisconsin through saturday though shows are also doubt but up we'll be there i'm travelling as you listen to this i should be on a plane in the air if it's not the air it'll be on the ground and that would be preferable if it doesn't take an offer just landed any other time planes on the grounds that great the unseen so what is happening ok a couple of things i decided to to get back into twitter a bit kind did my toe into the hate waters into the fucking chaos
of infantile emotional outbursts by our president primarily by most people really i just thought i was being honest i was at home on sunday i was waiting to watch acting bury or or john however and i i the i'd i'd turn the tv on and game thrones was answer i said i have not watched game thrones there's the first episode him too in two i feel a little lost get somebody you tell me what's happening something did it to that extent now is that funny yes is it snarking kind it is a condescending i don't know you know it's just it was i was being honest but you would think i would have said there was god to people who all they think about is god and i do think that there is a similarity in certain things
and minds about the importance of these fantasy movies again not being condescending feel free to be fantasy nerd feel free to invest years of your life in view of fuckin you no blood bath armor and bullshit and castles and dragons again did that come off his condescending no a lot of people like that but i imagine your body urim most of those people felt like they had to they were they were it was almost like sort of like just just try our church you know you i mean that's differ the near church but i think you'll like our church yeah there's a lot of exciting things that happen at our church and it's every sunday and yet he eyed night which is nice and and you can get lost and find solace from the real chaos with some ancient fantastic dry
bullshit chaos you're just sort of reform your motions and sense of competition and relief and hope into dragon show but it was surprising that the response was if i salted someone's entire way of life is the way that fantasy nerds react i have liked so edgy as in trying to be edgy or even be cool ike why do you assume aren't you the cool guys now if you're watching game thrones is in that majority opinion watch game a throne so why am i always why you bullying me the guy who's currently out of the loop the guy who doesn't know well enough to watch it may be a way some day i dont know but there was just egypt it didn't happen and its one those things that like if you is the first year or two you not
to go back into you know you that you have broken leg until your bed written or you know you yeah via the measles because dumb people dont vaccinate their children and then you i am come covered with spots gee i'm trying to be bedridden for awhile i can't go outside maybe i'll jack game a throne saying that you take my mind off this day he's that no one should have but because of stupid people we have it again i don't think about that is how to make me angry oh look at you again a dragon all i'm saying is like one of the reasons that i dont engage in twitter anymore is because i am a groan asked me and for the most part i do have a most we'll components that are quite infantile but they are not infantile or expressed in the fantasy realm so
the point is any conversation you can have on twitter that that unfolds into some sort of argument over bullshit is completely fuckin adolescent it seems like the entire dialogue on the platform if you if if its engaged or you up at some people is going to be at a lesson in i don't i don't wanna i dont need to communicate on on that level after i tweeted never watched game thrones just tuning into the episode on now i'm a little lost what's happening because of the response i was getting from you seemingly adolescent people who took offence to that i wrote love when all hate nerd babies bile cry when their sad heart holes get poked politically sound but apparently that i think that's the one that really caused some trouble in the nerd verse
and i don't have all jake is it's like it's nice somebody bob dylan work from a lost bogged down now to my own horn but an hour they hate new babies bile gray when they say rose get poor holy fuck i'm gonna write his got there hey you know what folks i bet alive you know what air bs plenty of you have stayed somewhere using urban be i'm sure that well air being offers more than just homeless people be ambitious experiences are one but kind activities and offer you the opportunity to get to know a city by doing as the locals do these aren't your typical tours and activities instead airborne be experiences offer a deeper sense of connection with small group sizes that allow you to meet curious open minded people make fresh by a in a shifting
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mark a wonder i to tell you how great a record in the garage as i have been spinning it on the rag and i love it of the color of it the price point was ace as well seventeen hours in a very complex manchester new hampshire office up and acknowledge i bought it just for margo price in damascus but i am absolutely in love with the karen kill gareth song it makes me laugh my ass off and feel slightly sat at the same time i know heard of her what a great voice a man what lyrics the song that has the its effect on me as elephant by jason is both that fucker slay me every time i find but joint i recall the line quote we burn these joints as effigies unquote it sticks with you it really is a mine blower of a performance it really triggers a profound sadness i've never like most etheridge but what a great song and performance to change my bending over it we call they get to hear you play with dave alvin i love the casualness of it i love the record and just want to share that with you
to advertise us a little more on you show because it really is a treasure you should make this the first volume in the series and released one each record stored day keep up the good work sincerely reed thank you man i am glad that you liked it that much i like it that much as well ok don't hold your breath how my knock open that but it was literally higher mark listen to you and we could draw some regard holding your breath a clown teacher i've worked with john turner said quote emotions released on the exhale on quote we can't cry or laugh when were holding our breath have you not having army laugh when will my breath that's how i exhale sometimes breathing is vulnerable maybe holding our breath is trying to exert some control
especially one more anxious funny thing when we hold our breath on stage than the audience held their breath to noted they probably will be aware that even if they are there won't know why it's because of so if we re if they breed everyone relaxes ok ok come laugh hey did you talk about agnes episode to it all comes back to breathing farts alan i think you're right on our breath holder and it's because i don't i don't want to he'll and if i'm holding my breath knowing i'm feeling but i think i'm invisible so work folks i've got a few more things to do here but then i will hear my talk with duff now boiled authority and it takes from energy to play guitar be honest with you but how about if you're duff he plays qatar and
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neglect mentioned at the beginning that he's got a record out now listen to it it's good its earnest it's good it's called tenderness it comes out next friday made reversing get it wherever you get music this is me talking to fuckin rock and roll this is a rock n roll dude for fuckin real a keg and me the onawandah can arise yapping sounds as yet get up on that might sound a boy you do come i do well how the fuck do you record a record what saying and i don't really have cans on real yeah ha a thing i'll get a key and also that the eu is in a play back or nigeria you just tell shooter like i just you decide i'm out here i mean sort of
i now know will go he's really quick adam carbon focus it he's a compound as i'm droop of what does that mean compound well saw do a thing a pass through the song do not pass right maybe a third pass right and he's already who so he'll take up i'm from the first percy likes first pass it at he'll take it sergeant i get it yeah he's gotten up he's making no tat were gone at smart yes about them i walk in the room he's got caught yeah yeah i mean i think you know the the record the new record idea i dont generally yet these are really plug generated interviews but you is what you're out there talking about my listen do it and if it i guess you know you it feels like a record you had to make like that things were kind of working inside you you're at an age now or you can process shit and rights
it down you have some wisdom in some reflection there are things bothering you there are things that were painful in your life and this is the record a grown up right now the record you know i really did mark i've written tube bryce eyebrow was calmness francisco we have five years of protocols for playboy and yes pierre and i got used to articulate my thoughts ran the written word yet found a voice gap and so on this two and a half year tour than the guns dead you know it was amazing the last one this last forward at this huge tour which is dead it was amazing that we're back together and there was this sense of ease in my life because we talk things out you have to all of you here and now
that's that was really important more than anything else who is gonna get was guilty i who on the guitar swear slackened and access so that the three of us are the ones who ended the thing is you laugh rebecca ninety one stephen before it here that and so the last year as you know you're gonna have to years of the allusions to the chinese who just the three of us here so we ended it like that and we got back together like that in my point to that as there was there was a lot of car journey water under the bridge behind those that the the end in the abbey guinea and we address those things as like grown up motherfuckers out and
and it worked in a word and so also the point that as you know i was at the sort of intellectual orbs psychic yes and coinciding with this year s in an hour ban spectacle airplanes www amazingly huge shows everywhere you're going country its liking the entire country comes eichelberger ally in estonia was kind of that unless otherwise kind of shows that was was actually that buddy i am an astute guy i've travelled since i was in punk rock band piano fifteen years ago where i left high school because of tory yeah you're the view in the rock life yet and i would like alternative scurried in that show up assure and came from the fast back she was eighteen and she was my high school councillors costume he bryce he would sign off on work i dead why
we know you dropped out for a year now i would as alternative school which is held novo sick they hippies it started it doesn't matter of my my point is apt i've travel wrought especially maybe since i got sober and kind went through this this whole martial arts thing that i didn't hear you do an became self aware right responsible and started writing coms what became of observation last year you know overturned i'm alive i wasn't like checking people out i wasn't like coming to your house and check you are right i call on it was working outside of the world and having some thoughts on it the as yet and in arguably the two and a half years that we are on this tour were some of the most interesting political times not just in america
around the world you're dead the inclosing authoritarianism day that you and i have seen in my life we think we would but its it seems to be happening yet these are the things that we were raised in in school to recognise as as as bad and should happen again right we ve seen the problem as i read much history and i'm i'm an arm chair historian right i have been since i was thirty i read so the word your freaked out a little aye but no i'm not but you know the president i know the precedent for sure than this many of the evening just in america does has happened before right in and but this is here you are compelled to write the song so
we are compelled to write songwriter originally i was right i was gonna maybe right my third book anna was gonna be observations on of the mai travel right there in getting out and talking to people we play every third day because that's a huge stage and were playing the stadiums and one stage goes laxity and it takes two days to build the thinks so we play every third day and how you guys playing good oh always yeah thanks where we are where we are kicking fucking asses playing really getting better than verify thank you it's great ba yet no that is all good i gotta tell you that is how good like we are way better musicians in and we ve all last year sober yeah i talked to slash whose great we had a great commerce slashes this idea i mean he's ober in his ali does is it's funny
you know as you go along with you in your life is the addition i think we're lucky it maybe it's time we came up i don't know but we also invested in europe in our instruments in becoming better and i dont know ever stop azure out but i learn maybe from punk rock you know early days upon criteria was just be real and truth well if you can do some do at a hundred ten precisely here even if it kills yeah yeah yeah i mean almost ahead but i never knew he was such a like i always heard that he was such a monster guitar but like even when i listen to the earlier gun stuff the way they were mixed like eagerly they didn't put the leads way upright in i kind of had come out a little bit i could hear the rifts but he never got a true sense of what he could really do until you
is going to interview and so i went to see his last ban the newest band roger called whose uk works with miles yeah i saw them like the troubadour i think so this like a little tiny place and it was the first time i'd scenes i shall never saw guns live oak and that guy out just sort of like what the fuck is happening there he'll do that to me it does that to me now and really you really does he i mean met him i move down here and eighty he had an added in the recycler a guy named slash right thought he would values on drug programme to end it said aerosmith ass cooper fear yeah my wire i get you know the parkers at that and eighty four were looking we were gonna invent a new thing what was gonna be here but i might minimum counters him and stephen adler and we went to his momsey iceman re start playing coos guitar and he plays and nineteen like he has now in i'd play was really cool guitar players
at that point i built a bunch of banned there never seen anything like this he just lock soon manny loses himself gieseler he'll did you lose them so i sell to appoint sometimes on states where i have to tell him his eyes close and i've had it is four years like come on tap among like with my foot to get on with this on rail what but your point like being night you know you were going all these different places in the world in three days you know i hang around the world have today's me off and i'm a guy who's owes always like to get we at least up at your item museum i now good i'll go to japan with russia and the planet i gotta do a tour of normandy with it i'd be al gore auschwitz but i get out and i in when you get out the thing is about that you you talk to picture and i got a cafe in america go out and i'll do side trips in my boss he's got a little bighorn thomas jefferson months
although i do well where one museum in kansas city it will not be making we're not even playing kansas city robot it's on the way from denver too little right i am yet stop there that's great and they ought to people and you talk to pierre and what what i saw was in this two and half years i would watch news in america right enough to get on twitter git skin you get free tat can fly tat every day before before you get out of bed you can get free young give freaked out united but i go out and talk to then go places i'm not seeing this divide that you're talkin about some i'm in the south places and i'm in here you see a protocol rat red players are blue place at em like this place isn't red yeah never want is not read it just a place where the eu and libya in coincide and work together in an do stuff they don't become
so they get online pretty much but then will we gotta like south america let's say the next lag would be would go from returned the states be i'm taxes down south america brazil india brazil argentina we go everywhere central america and mexico but you don't have the three new stations because his daddy don't watch tv i found myself really get i'd post something on twitter like soundtrack a picture and that here and i would look here and i never look at comments as it is but i will just stop looking a twitter and i noticed like in one week muddle call in my life came so much better i started writing about that sure i'm like i wonder what that's what that is you know how much importance to like a self the black but you know what i'm media to my brain yeah man because like you know you you you are shattering your brain emmy you you you dumping more information in their than you need in your having you know and over
i too many human reactions in the union have emotional reactions like a speed ball every bit you know you you're just don't you just kind of crying your fucking mind and then so i guess you find your actually you're thinking being in an and feeling compulsive in and at the same speed that you can get information right down unites you're not you know you're just hang out a cafe you know if any of you i have some withdraws sort of like you you know that by a couple days when you not on twitter gonna i gotta check her here then didn't i didn't have a withdrawal and i kind of started thinking i'm a little longer to to be checked in twitter i have read too many books i'm not i'm not an intellectual or whatever but it's fun how quick you will i had em coffee with my body in seattle
after one of the breaks the tour and he's been true if he knew the sky is my age yeah he's been through not has been handed to appear he was he was a junkie in here and a fuck up and all this in any got sober me any started this up the work and in house near at hand in their any belts himself up to a point now where he owns the company but nothing was handed to improve your having coffee if you knew the skies pass and we're in sea up right right we're amicably and we're talking about some political step in and labels near he went on i mean that lefties era elite said anne and he goes stuff you know you and i were the elites their talk what do you mean story no enemy anything here goes it doesn't matter how you may you make over huh
randy air to integrate a year near eleven the west coast to live an ally and seattle you're one of the least idea i'm one of these i own a company where i live in seattle word it just how quickly label people or labour people around neck or less right you are extreme right are like i'm woman wrote a book about that it is our right just recently i saw her interviewed on bill marshal the boxing in through labeling you know what your how it degrades you have the nature of the person and an annex culture or thea once you start naming people at immediately put them in a box and denies other you know identification yet in the dialogue sure and in truth were jim so i'm travelling during the all this stuff's gone i'm getting this information my friend in seattle the elites and unlike i realize like ok man we're just drawn tables were out member lefty being there like three years ago it was
it was around ninety eight replaced commie i remember and i think i might mildest youngest eight kids of san older you grew up with care and in was hippies you know like my older brother sisters were hippies but to my brothers from vietnam war really yeah and and so i grew up my mom took man a march brought me out a kindergarten ass he was a catholic word the catholic women went on march when martin luther king kutcher sir oh i don't know why i gotta black armband on asked who am i and you had a five year and an amount somebody's they shot this man who was in a peaceful manner so why they should vote because and i never got a better answer like what did you shot a guy because they kill them
and my brothers in vietnam and i said what you know why are they in vietnam wealth to old man from these countries didn't agree so they centre young men to go fight there just great or the disagreement i've never found a better answer than that that my kindergarten answered issue to war but what my brothers are they gonna end up behind him back they both came back here how worthy my brother mark who just passed here he never talk to me from the time he was a little withdrawn for sure from you remember him before and after door remember him before but he was very withdrawn never would talk about even i want is a real lot and with this who called it not be a phase of reading the things they carried in all these amazing vietnam books and i will try to talk to him and all the others
movies repellent opportune and all that stuff and i try to talk to marketing here he said the one the one movie each one thing he said to me thus the movie hamburger hell that's what it was like a senseless taking he'll number whenever that while here sixty two and four no in the bar luxury killed in any good objective and teaches move on to it and keep the objective just move i so that was most information i got from him about his experience what about the other john was fine they all despotic he was some eve flew kind of i guess spy say if i went to her about us here he was fine you now for you the brother was in the shit in my rose and one was in the air yeah and
they played by drawing up with all those periods is and i remember the economies and i remembered lefties back to her to start this stuff pinkos near you know its work as you grew up in it you and i are like exactly the same aim of fifty five may to an like you know i remember very early on like i didn't have brothers we the youngest of them that's really of eight so the boys had admirer of my parents i grubbin with depression era values my my parents grubbin and catholic values clearly my mom went south of the catholic turn when it was a bad akin to came in really conservative i just remember us going to catholic church the nuns didn't wear habits and so more liberal catholic they you meant that way and then she yes she kind of left the catholic church side my elders siblings grub more in the catholic indoctrination
the catholic school she wanted somebody republics guy you get lucky man my berneselis by their night went to pump yea you got the writ the street education so by how many girls how many boys three sisters by boys that's insane but like i remember like i didn't have proximity like you did which must have been helpful in a lot of ways but i remember when i was very young in the vietnam war was going on and i saw the hippies like i instantly wanted to be that way they show mind on tv and share it with the clothes they were aware in and outside tat those of them those that's what i want to be willing to smoke it has now grown herr long i remember having a profound effect on me and i wanted nothing more than due to be that kind of i wanted that rock and roll kind of heavy yeah i had an older brother bruce still do who in a played in a band then in the cities
in the sixties and sonnets were big thing in seattle i would ye have there i have a reassuring the records i think jack white reissued some sonnets record amidst classic garage yeah yeah dark so they around their day were we had the sonic record was up day glow orange vienna was being a little kid that's the record you want to put on the table or yet school and that a song called away you know about a real witty anna broom here but i ain't it did you make your using your new record coming out in davilow something or as a goal
there is no data out there's a yellow then read vine gay i couldn't one day gloat just a little nostalgia maybe tat s so you had that music in the house when you were very young like you had always influence you had brothers with record collections and you had you know like a year long hair weed and stuff endeavours alone that lot away the eyes i smoke my first we'd when it's funny cause i've girls who are eighteen twenty one now and raising them up joe i smoked weed and fourth grade and looking at my girls in the fourth greatly that's really really young eighteen twenty one so so they they never knew you fucked up no good for you but this
they youtube you know they find it the u s urge on duff fucked up and make it probably i've never done that because i don't want to but date they'd know my story because i've told him my story and i told them guys you have like half of my genes in here and we gotta be careful you got it you gotta genetically you think he ate goes back your old man in where it worthy alcoholism where's it's kind of a everywhere in them in my family near my my mom's brother family he yeah he got sober he was a doktor amongst brother here he was the one who did they put off maurice sources into i shall yeah yeah authorities we got one but i have the utmost got we're going do over this went all the way to be raised her doktor ariane let's go and
so there was a overture so unique show real gods you knew that there were people in your family that no longer drank as it was bad for them those are the ones you hid from when i hear you i hear you're gonna be judge put do do you just do it with with your own system where you do the thing i i got so did i get i'm coming up on twenty and i do the thing you need to think i i liked the thing here and i've flood friends like going to those you have our ship near group cs secret meetings seasoning society it's a secret society we have a handshake you're all of that and shake we get there things we do together we were hats yeah we're really were that one hour ago the have meaning but i got so we're in a really bad for me was profound had to be because of my my body took a lap turn at thirty in my papers burst
let's get to that and i could go back to a dishonest record in europe others vietnam and their records in the house gazelle and stares talkin about records and you said you had a relationship with a record player i had a relationship where we had a man we had a real the real it was it was a while before we got it technics or technical nigeria turntable air they like i t act real real we had a real real my brother brought back from vietnam rye receiver and speaker at just one fm radio started right and we had real real swear james slyly family stone real real real the real i knew how to do all that stuff heather little leader on it and if you need to make a new and you could yet ape it on their james yeah man joe off we cool radio tapes and then we got in there was fm radio in seattle they would just play i think that would just pay records
you know fries yeah yeah it's so there was a lot of the other stuff i didn't my because i'm a little kid right and so you your taste go to more sign and they start like wild is led by an idea had let all these voices here or sergeant peppers peter the cover of the wreck breaker but you know bob dillinger are iron butterfly just think was to delay this little kids guide our you like i can't do that i was in the house in the ottawa going on and you had the yoke like siblings actually you know engaged in your work was happening in the world in a mother who is engaged in what was happening in the world and reside from an early age so it's like it makes sense that you know you your kind of compelled now you're or in the last decade or to whenever too to sort of go out into the world and educate yourself in yerevan see what's up
there is a sentiment on this record of of yo yo wanting social change observing you know how work losing our grasp of what's good yeah and i think you know did the i'm not to sound like a just say the america that i know it let's talk of america's i'm america me i could talk about other countries but that's why moral observational in and been but up travel to these countries a lot in the last thirty something else i get over here i mean germany before the war went down i've been there you have asked when the wall was going down after winter touring ike actor i can tell you a lot about what i observe here but i'm not germ right as an american we grew up with eight kids my dad was a fireman you do the math how much money we right so we have army to feed its kid everyone's where
each other's clothes and a big bags cheerios and you don't know better who care yellow if earring breakfas your breakfast are you every day by what you you just assume that everyone else until some guy you go to your friends out for breakfast you like what's it is well was like in middle school i can tell you something to see ice as an adult i look back and got that was so interesting was i started public school the year that we started in racial amassing already out my family is is mixed my eldest sister carol married black men in eighteen sixty two it was not oh stop was ever do is illegal in some states and a lot of it's because my eldest to nappies and niece are mix here and there about my age
anyhow so there was a killer block loser caucasian kid but he had white blotches on his skin was a pigment they thought it was just like an inner words have felt filipino family lives across the street her so there was a people that that entails spock adopted kids here and now i see now made us care is one that was one of the races you thought the poker doubted gives you ve got you just light with white watches we all play to get right right and if so which you know it's it's deftly a learned behaviour to be you know have something against somebody with a different culture for sure because we just played together and the others an innocent questioning making a what's that how come you're different but not like you fuck you you're different now a last may be about thirty seconds and then move on because you gotta pick teams for for you now you gotta run around your own dirt closeted right so an age soon way to go
seattle really there wasn't there i knew of a racist there was the central district the city we called it would europe and central dissidents were of zeus african american yet my ex wife my first ex wife group in seattle on her dad was is married to her american woman she can i grew up in the city in yeah yeah thinks i'm not sure which part broadsheet she wrote a book about it about our growing up with a dad who is basically a a guy who was in cultured black yeah he she you know a while he was that rapid call them down and give you re like the quincy jones book q where he you know you start by salvage ass here and re charles moved there is fifteen there was quite a quite a like and laugh
gas scene and realities is pretty open i think like you with pretty for a pretty girl you know fertile music scene of all kinds rightly proves to be you're some about the arab there and the dope that's it i saw it come into that town the black dope right than the target i saw come in eighty one and eighty two that when it really first came in decimated my horsey that's why moved it ally i mean i was like tat what what when did you start you know playing out when we have what how did so you saw the creation of what became the grown scene but you as a kid you the sonic for their but like all throughout your childhood there there was music rock music happening in seattle so when did you become part of the scene that was evolving ok because my from family ate kid thea
what you got nothing of your own marcel you my have like this baseball bat is my right right enounced it's mine he's not ours is mine and i saw a punk rock flyers telephone calls and enters into elude and de away here and i just started caught my brother older but it showed me three cords and qatar here i saw plant based there was a drum kit next door neighbours i would play that may be made keep time out how the fifth grade six great here keep in time right playing you play these records and don't don't fuck up here now and lay at today's your birthday on ok that's what i realized later that's the major blue scale sure i didn't have time more than they have yet records dependent timescale
and keep tie and there's your scenario inter alia learn much more than that until i started taking baseless into my forties didn't need to you that's all ear and answer any i see this punk rock posters and unlike that something that could be my own and i was so entreat via and i saw there was a kid with a pink more hawk there walk through a neighborhood and finally i'd i talked to him he's ok arm sterner than men you wanna play my band and and i was thirteen in my body andy my best friend like hugh him and i he played drums i play base if that's what it up i got a gibson ebby out of the sky i had paper out about four hundred twenty five bucks i'm sure was hot air but his hundred twenty five bucks i could save up from my paper out god tat base put lino venture put a black flag stick i dont know what happened to the space by the way anybody out there listening he sees this base i lie
like eighty five in l a summit he found it over your back a bite back ideas solid i won't know no questions asked gibson hbo anyhow we started this ban called evades and i knew what to do as i could write a song put that right and i wasn't good enough to write a song by which i mean that's like a real saw sign excuse so we would just that alexandre arbiter sangsue just right i got turned on to the pistols and i got turned on sweet and i got her do away with her kiss and the adventures and the clash and and turning to nine i nine uk subs and all of the stuff came flying it and the slave and and then some he said or the universe camp
the stooge now in our like i'll send the studio like your height i'm going crazy because all this great music is dropping it my last i'm driving were re songs we don't write a bright saga and but which is the thing is we got a gig in a week yes so we got a right to songs and he's got a plan and weep remember leaf andean i we are little thieves man and weep with stories now cartons plastic ones the back grocery store it creates the crate and restore some lumber we built a stage suddenly like we had our own stays i we could play in you know i mean here oh you would remedies we hadn't like two pieces this dumb state and we rent like union hearts rain have to put on a franco
yeah i get i've called did she have to hire after the cop for like thirty bucks i think it was a dollar to get you just have to make enough money to pay for the place and the cop here and in sunday you charge two dollars area but and you're selling tickets i dont now be more common you favour somebody says do in it and we just put on shows who ended little clubs should pop up and and closed down in and am but never knew how to really right a scientist rifts in like an idea like do you know is our middle school start year in year out to sancho the fake was the first thing i wrote on a single you can find a single from nineteen seventy nine
we haven't changed yet and i'm seeing in the sun and is actually part of its like you that your recognises that the jungle ref in there that the verse of it's down on and on and on and on and on and on and on man and this makes on my voice and change it was about this girl in middle school who is just being a fake my face you know you ve gone back through yes pay here goodwin thank you you got it finally the at any of those records have i don't i know and i guess i think singles are like a thousand dollars if you find a original one eye someone give duff his record and then we ve come a tricky laying through the paragraphs here realise why will you go see a lot of bans yeah see ever bandit like a community a hundred of us right and then come into town and you have to find out from somebody caused a punk scene was all about like you know people hearing things
people hearing things india where like that mr yet our record certain but scott mccoy who wanted to play the young fresh fellows and our m was our record store guy and he was worth of counter and he knew all the study could look at magazines enemy dough and her new york was it i am punk magazine here and i think the first in mid may be maximum rock n roll their service flip side and slash here but we were open to every year a c d c at first was a punk rock band and know that our first india punk rock noah and they went and opened for they played the colosseum in seattle which now the curator they open it was easy to see tat you ve trick and kiss i did i ain t she would journey there you got here yet and i was there to see journey i knew a pilot
what is this busy this punk rock band i was like what is is going with bonn and requires and we were just so open god to see so many great shows them kennedys and and and and soon enough and bans it we're getting more syria and hard car was kind of company and i was in its ban on hard core bank of the parts and i play drums mia super fast in an the singer that ban those aren't the farts nea was a more politically astute at we are so young i dont know how happy apathy of all political oh yeah i was coming like all the stuff was going on and he was writing about inter meander tank any term yon it must for nineteen eighty two motor head spaces caught like all this encompasses everything day right this is everything like this is
when we went down that metal and punk and rock yeah tank there was a bad thing in it but the scales term yonder blue chair and you know it you in your world is exploding your minds exporting without great music and and i in any spans would come into play even the clash i saw them pre london call it right at the paramount again is that those who hundred of us there and what this went before he slammed answers pug owing stir sharia and security there at that at the paramount there were used have more straight chose i guess her whatever and plays in wrath
they see these kids like jumping up and down in a big yellow coated guy in front punched the guy of course i knew the guy who punch can i knew every puckered here broke his nose the father and the clash of cases that we are fighting gas air and stronger stop the shop and pass him along came out with an ax from the side of a fire fighting yet a chopped down the wooden barrier and he said strummers said there's no difference between us and you were wearing this thing together and you know you ve dressed down a scary like we're in you were human beings you know these guys just dancing and he broke his nose and the hour and start to show real i submit these guys are so exactly the class missing it about london learning i have no idea what i mean you know but but he stopped to show to say that we're all in this together than words no difference
in the minutes and i had up with you took to this day when i play shows you know i've met so many faith in going back to you may goya media keep on talking metal i've met somebody fans in it and i ve been over the years and now in when you to me the most interesting person in the room i always find myself so so wrong were himself my pocket and sylvia because there's people that are coming to our shows that have their so many stories and there's there might be somebody just wipe might achieve started cancer
a little girl how they because because he is mine i was this song they having com with your mom and the happened came to seven song seven shows in a row and crying oil plants how what's goin honour and i met that that them on the street nor leaves out my wife and it was this guy is little girl and i got it i got daughters man i've denies cover half i see you guys it shows me we walk in this way we don't bother you guys we're richest unit bothering us which is welcome in new orleans in and they were so sweet and i gave them a girl peck and she started crying at a good hour pics made in my pocket and think the daddy sir thomas store ina of thirteen march asked wayne and so each item i was assigned enamelled that's why you guys europe he brings up fright tissue shows
and so many stories like that that these aren't just potter's coming to our show unity and it goes back to just drummer like i was an interesting person at the clash so i had a story we all had stories in the clash had destroyed but together were stronger together and up and also you you you ve been round now in this band in in former another year whether was on record even when you weren't in the ban to where the others multi generation i got you guys malta i like three yeah it's what you got here you got grandparents your parents and grandparents turning grand kids honoured and parents turning kids on you know the year to this music which is pretty timeless we say were fifty five years old because russia but were really not like i still see but because as the stones in this extra than aerosmith
couple i mean he's the bans as us into other cavities yeah yeah yeah so you see the fans the stones coming through another like the grandparents gas right sure i mean i go when i went to the stone show our neighbours like i'm i'm not deal this guy here man having these seven oda has been with us as a beginning so there either the same age in the city a late sixties seventies yet the people there here they are like my age determinedly my age or grandparents exactly sure yeah so you'll see a whole like collection of people together with you you recognise that a family it's like you i think initially liking if you go back to your young yourself you would think that would did deny that the men said the music but as you get older and you realize that this is part of the american song book in a way and it's a global phenomenon and that it stays yummy six days around forever you know you're not out there
like you know like you old people you know you know you now it sort of like a we played this music as we love it we made it and ass for everybody and it's sort of sweet to see several generations of peace yeah i mean if they're into it so easy as a song or coma which says about you know a guy looking for a way suicide like a cool want you did you hear that good and their rocking out like it's what a brutal song when you were coming up like in a win so you in seattle when he went out and chains and nirvana sound gardener had your anyway i left at eighty four so that before yes i knew crass canal kim fail then its own garden yet but you guys were hang around their prey out seen some yeah an end you saw the dough bam shepherd from sow garden those guys are all part of the early punks and he saw the dope come in i saw the dope come in
to see nineteen eighty one late nineteen eighty one here and there were some people so the older people like doing thieves the shooting heroin in her arms like ok had you had you been aware of that with your brothers generation i mean did you know because i go i those guys came back your kind of fucked up my brother didn't come back farmers by iraq that's good yes i didn't see heroin in seattle until i came into my c came in and it seemed like their issues is huge influx influx of heroin sudden there was yeah yeah and to new market a new kind of dope yeah and was at work the bright the tar it was tar yes it has a whole new thing yeah and in it suddenly everybody in my seeing this scene had gotten you're by eighty two there was people there is the authors of suburbia kids kurdistan and right they thought seemed ass she was
ok i get common shifted from that the shift from the pogo to the slander so the slammed answer to them is that some kids covered us like white power shit now where will you guys got this all wrong this isn't about they coming from idaho mr washing do you hear it came in and really decimated i had a job i banned it was doing really well we got signed gallows a boy of technical area dispatch the farts had merk morphed into this ban called terminate warning we went on tour with black flag towards that carries we work may be that we had we were the first band slow things down and we are playing like these long slow down psychedelic crazy songs and we got cited jello stable we could have been like we we're gonna be the thing is famous series but then heroin came into the ban here
decimated this ban we just got a man our ban not are banned and my roommate i lived with yesterday out who is these are my friends my best friend you just see him return into those on bees yanhamu admire my girlfriend adjusts seemingly everyone around me and that better come on nineteen and you can get you in getting out with it and now i was drunk i did it i did somebody drugs matamoras sixteen year then i went straight edge for a year and a half year like i'd done quails volume cocaine as it ass the us we can walk home from school and pick mushroom we knew by seventh grade i knew how to discern a liberty cap from anything so
you are very young pod i've given up there was for allows firms hippies by i'm unlike ninth grade in area you got to some hard drive didn't get into heracles hadn't hit by them ninth grade i think but i was at the same time i was universities but music by spite great aware this is what i want to stop doing crime must stop stolen cars would start to in drugs she get busted for that shit my friend got busted her grand theft auto my best friend highspeed chase let's run up like ok i've done or done who'd you weren't in the car that night i was not so lucky i had gotten arrested in the eighth grade a throne rocks at cop carbajal about but that was about us and ask a drastic as it were so all this tokens any see people dying people died near yeah
that's when you decide to leave people the man up man people like there is a drug house all my friends there has turned into a drug house rico yeah score and like a mac can gain came in tied him all up pad machine guns mass one of the girls got sexually molested they pistol wept got like it was getting very very serious here where's the dope where's the money beaten fuck out of a guy in a later this kind of dark stuff here happening all over the place in the committee this is a three year eighty three and i'm playing music were banned signed a jealous label by bands fallen apart franco's we whose a jockey says man if you don't get out now like you i hope you're out of your our how he knew he was lost any any still live that guy but is still at large
but guy i'll never i can't take him enough for like pony assign gone you got something why haven't me that at one time the drug dealer told me a guy get at tat has ok you're telling me that right yeah yeah so soon eighty four had a job worked it this bakery dear beggars hard work but i knew how to buy this but i work or even have by the end of that i was i was actual pastry shop i started this roger is pastry shall we can cook a cake i can cook i get bake anything as a pastry shep yet like everything so please do it i do my why i've me once in a while i'll make like but i
and so long that i fucked up i'll make i'll try to make their lives latticed topped you know raspberry tore irina yet and it looks a little out of shape with their the outer that's a thing within your reputation you're at a pie shape atropatia for my wife of course like this is the best thing i've ever seen the best baker not anymore and i was forty years ago but thank you honey you got that skill when you go to us angeles so i have a resume at three hundred and sixty box no button by famine nineteen i toward and pencroft tours entire stuff lotta west coast up so i've three and sixty backs up i saw my drummed kid was a piece of shit i felt like a hot about i'd what i'd saved up witches
two hundred and fifteen dollars and i had my threaten our car and i put a guitar i am they sat at the base of the qatar and a headset here and a little i know the qatar that i got in seattle right traded for it was stolen from allay five years i am from a qatar store in the valley so i come down i finally get up i get a job right away of resin egg i think north ridge is on his ally we ve been drive in twenty four hours right you see all those lights here now hey if we're have they grand is a cab hollywood's further but i was just dad i'm like done driving i need a good job in a sort of job black egg us in north rich and erasmus they could there hurrying right away for troika bob
who as i was working after that job after that night work asked an older guys like a chef there's where's hollywood's like all goods twenty five miles away my gloves oh i didn't have enough money in an apartment i stated my car for the first couple weeks off to work i got my first paycheck gun apartment on i've are here and this is right when the olympics had left ellie there's a summer olympics here eighty four here so i guess one though i guess they cleaned up hollywood for the eleventh here and then when it was over cautious laughed so it was the wild west man and
i was escaping heroin in seattle point i move into the centre of it if it was a man right but at least i reckon by this point i was thought ok was just everywhere here and i'm here move tell i had upon migratory most expensive thing i just a between pay check a rent there was this little lapse in a word upon the guitar for thirty nine dollar area otherwise right now can make rent and i get my paycheck go get my qatar out upon right i didn't like five times in after the fifth time these cops came to my shitty little apartment it's i led with thousands of cop eight may run the numbers at the from the paunch yeah yeah right the area and they said you have this guitar they are playing close cop shabby their badges and like you i have i have that qatar you talk about who we gonna take it was think if they recognise our
young too are stolen at five years some ideas from washing stayed here they said well we have to take the time to look at my partner i've got nothing i've gotta based ire and they take it and those who will try to talk the guitar store owner and see if you can buy it but he called me to his credit he called me in any second so sorry man was stolen from me and says you five hundred bucks half i've had arrived leaning claude i'm just making rent in my phone bill have car insurance by this time i'm working phone sales place bronson hollywood here doing like driving stuff around they didn't know but it's ok because it was hot butter hungarian
mikey motives they certainly they call me mikey mikey doesn't ask questions and i quote mercenary some some bad back i don't want it is so bad the fact that the name of an extra awry uniting you i think it was like in their back then it would take your dash d fake knockoffs knocker i think that's what i said i'd like that we were you playing at all so i yeah man i mean i came that's what i came to do right i didn't can't come you got no guitar now now you got just like i did so i mean slash two weeks in from the ad they are over the three vans arrowsmith moreover in fear and that's weird because that was ignored we what you were working towards rights gray had heard his name is slash man oh yeah we meet his
instead stephen have a bag of road crew here there's no senior police was a chance for me to play with slash and stephen slash was this you recognize him is like they dumped at this kid this guy's like before the golden child what is the deal is mom was right nice to me not new like i was standing by myself and you should call in check up on me and like you know you can always come over your hungrier something very sorry i felt like up home even out it was sweet sky is he moved across the street from me some time in their lives in that perspective by coincidence travelin didier the area and i see this jonathan looking guides found both not doing what i know is a drug dealer and anyhow i talked him act was sick man we can directly to recognise each other's kind of like kindred spirits yea eighty
or you get a real is eighty four sewed disciples of of punk rockin and johnny thunder and steve joneses guitar play right let it is beyond say that's what it is and so easy science me and my friend are starting to span do you play base and whose guns arouses actual the andrews actual site has taken me to see ella guns when actual as inelegant her right eighty for them has been something but i see this guy get up a night seen rawlins like the first when i first got black like my purse gave was openly for black flag will run raises a thing right right before right
and then does cadena came through the sooner than does want to qatar and rawlins this guy who had read hidden written a couple things a mac maximum rock raw rightly from dc there s a way right here is this really kind of hard core to who'd like he was riding columns ask i was serious and he's gonna be black flag that's a thin air and he's ready for and so my ben timmins warning the month we did like four shows or five shows of black firewood henry his first time and he was so in tat spanned like even a sound check kim just getting ready i would say fifty feet away from the gate was actually look like time bomb and yet i go on he re however the i dont know yeah maybe is twenty but he was like a hard core mandate and wheat the way approach to show man it was it was all it was everything very focused in charisma
everything that's why he felt that when he saw act over the earth so when i see this guy come out and he fucking he's the way he sing i'd never heard anybody sing like there you know just met slash whose qatar player like from mars here and i see the singer any really serious some past him off any fuckin breaks up fuckin class on stage since you gonna kick summaries fuckin ass any not joking like you'd write a new back away first days like henry there's some guys most of em now you're gonna have percentage shut up right but there was a few dude here he was one of my early norway and abroad and an actual here what i reckon
yeah that's teasing that more man the area so we go out is you take me out rehearsal there is actually test out the microphone like two voices are coming out of his voice out of his mouth at once a low wage here and a high register and he should do and like a scream on taking up the piazza fastened pierre as you know the banner richly wise to other guy rob gardener their arms and tracy guns a writer and there were some that's songs and was stuck okay we played wasn't actually is amazing and trace it was amazing rob i don't mean to put them down here but there is something missing i right enough bands of that point another there's just something tangible missing so easy nigh book this punk rock to her for that ban to do was started seattle come down portland apply the pencroft
places here and to the guy's robin tracy somewhere we gonna stay like what you mean we're gonna go into it like where we can and pencroft yours you just stay at whoever's opposite a place to stay right they'll be some or the club on or say yes could sleep here or you figure whether it doesn't we got to get the idea that what matters and to the guy's dropped out and we still want to do the tour so they resist incestuous actual had played with slash in a belief stephen is he had played was stevens whatever happened yet m like and i play was slashes seal let's get those too it seems that they too i nailed like yes will deter by the the moment that the five of us were in a room at nicky beats ursule room in several like air we knew nicky and we went mere first street
words replied the others i air it's all there okay we weren't did the story we had to hitchhike our car broke down our friends car in bakersfield as you know seattle quite away sphere bakers over but the fibers hitchhiked although at seattle that's a thousand miles doing gigs going away yet restarted your gear was left to vex felt so we called the band we're playing with in seattle we use your gear we make it see out here you can use your gear put unesco hitchhike convicts filth yes we're gonna make it an end that odyssey which it was doing it wasn't one right right that odyssey of us getting up there with five deeds are starving your money we have thirty seven dollars which we have to give you a trucker to get us right up to medford we did have one ride from but we're all unlike that the cubby them wherever i in the bed here
whether guitars like before it is in the guys are high and craig rise our black and we get the med for that's like half way but we got ride somewhere five miles you back summits pick up and in these two girls out these two women tat over their poppy thirty four air but they were like women they came a picture there they are a pickup truck they had a cover in the back they pulled over look at us on the road like we are like who would pick us up and they said look we were happy semitic oratory for here and we still take here in nobody picks up the way we looked so we actually passed two guys here and they had a discussion then make got off the next and they came back around and they picked it up and this you guys hungry
it's so they got us the six pack a beer as some sandwiches and it gives rise to portland we can take you to portland and i add that word we got sandwiches and beer i called my friend in seattle collect them like in writing poorly can you come get us that's a hundred eighty miles south of seattle he came on a goddess and goddesses seattle we made the show and we went to that we just now we can go through this together and we were we were awful that first gig here but we did it we made the thing three people were there now and see how europe hundreds of people say there are that per show that there are three people there and i know new althea so that's the myth there are hundreds of people there you every hour that no you weren't at that show and that started that was the history right that's what got started an
we just that and then we have to show back of the troubadour like on a monday night you know that was was to end this tour we weren't able do the portland show eugene show sacrament we democrats so our gear was still and beggars failed so we just got a ride all my friends my friends i gotta go to allay i'll give you that right so what you guys bonded any new that you know you guys could do it okay i m get to know each other and all the insanity in everything all of your all like twenty what one or two twenty twenty and then you go back and just lean into it we leaned into a hard yeah we got a little place to rehearse and live had no bathroom behind were qatar centre is sunset yet there was an alley in these like storage room and we took one of those whom the outward that's perfect
believed it it and then like you know i get it then it becomes history like appetite comes out and were eighty seven and edward craps out they might away you know yeah there wasn't drugs i mean i was telling you i says documentary last night a guide is famous for hollywood got reminded me of this is pre aids hollywood under their eyes around a waiter okay so are you align its order the big gray i worked out in seattle it was all game in here so i remember when it first came in the bath i remember when i first came in the bathtub eighty four eighty three eighty four in the guys i worked with you when you work in a restaurant you very close with people's uruguay and they would tell me all the glory details of everything like ok that's lot information but ah but this thing sorry coming around it was called grids at first you i don't remember that guy
related outright goose call grids arrest i remember this like back my hair gay related immune deficiency syndrome here so it was just a lot of really as like a game i was happy to somehow right so you're saying when you guys were start now it wasn't you know you're just going at everything everything our openly everything and everyone so you got lucky ya got lucky and there was just a lot of drugs and in and we all fell victim to it for sure yeah strung out later area i was still lighters boozy i was busy supposing i was deemed that fact up like through appetite thing at all a drink probably more than
way more than the average human being but for us that was like keep on an even keel right right actual cap together pretty damn good we are experimental was stopped by about you know we had we did have three guys in the ban that were fairly strong folly stronger it is hard manager it see loud it around him try kick together they got some like some drug they hurt bout spurs make your kick one day just a powerful stuff everywhere neutron we're gonna ban i think happening you are a barf in fact three can now calm the deal erle get over here now next year but a spice and hers is are you how to deal with that is right it's just a different it's just a different copyright is a different hitchhiking situation but it do it it put a strain on the thing light it by the time we opt for the stone
sweet so we done the whole appetite tour couldn't for like i think everybody got their shit together for the appetite to her for the most part bear you know maybe copying the heroin once in awhile nodded fall on have air tat we got back tour and then when we gotta rees we saw no money on that career move our roads made more we'd have to borrow money for road is enough but we got back and in our record it started sally ray and they said one is in the pipeline will focus a pipeline knew nothing about money i told you about my family i grew up in here you know so i gotta check men first check i got was eighty thousand dollar from nothing and i was scared of the money i didn't know what money was what am i supposed to do like i'd heard ali stories about i shook my parents want to spend it because you know depression
but i didn't know what to do but so drugs were you can afford who could afford the drugs and by tom we play the to show with stones here too we played three shows wilma the colosseum i think was eighty nine outclassing another colosseum sigh ass it was a big deal to do they had asked us specific clearly we have covered like the weekly half i haven't guns roses the new rolling stones and all of this too much pressure here we didn't think we're the new rolling stones we were just ass guns it rose right and we are doing our thing at actual sped up we have set up he lets the bear no or the three guys were dancing with mr brownstone during this dead you stop on stage i think curator stop or there's no more bad i found of remember that it was pretty genius it got press right i'm sure it did
i remember that i was living in a little like my little corner have your little based well known just like i we men are being up big you know and there is no internet there is no thy com or to manual here either yeah i'm still like this punk rock i i'll take a man fuck em pencroft values i don't want to be big be recognized but we're on the cover rolling stone he got around to get vodka vienna here everybody arousing the cover the really son about a cash register that guy a sudden you love your humours way funnier than ever was goodnight airy for i am i was the funniest guy round him and all the girls they do realise how good luck i mean i knew i got nice i'm squared away all the girls finally the coming into my own
oh it is by the six months any realise iraqis because the ban is big about that point i was going to a break up married way too young to this this girl that you were great boyfriend girlfriend i wasn't i needed something i felt i needed some sort of like acre pyramid life was criteria and like woke ever let's get married right right idea did not help now worst idea berkshire ads we were to break up and was i'd never they get married in forced by some my parents go through this thing when i was its young do the second great ideas like i never would do that that's to brutal ray and but here was in the middle of it i was only like twenty one and then i found that cocaine at that point you can drink war and i was like trying to just bury my sorrow yeah and drinking and end some simmer some value and
and things like tat would dampen it down man if you do cocaine you can do more than other stuff i stay up all night and drink per three day yeah yeah you now for here crash offer while filled are you wake up into it again go it so i got i got into that that was a danger that whilst there was the beginning of the end for me what eventually became an for me but we were not chicago to work on the illusions record and a lot of cocaine lot of alcohol lot of nets okay but we there was a line you didn't cross like when he played many rehearsed when you have averted for acts are just in general no price is musician right like you can get fucked up here were world class tat but you don't let it fuck up recurring gave her a rehearsal or get dressed we asked the line and cross roads
do what i really want just across outline right you know that life strata get cross air and it was with stephen at first and it's an easy suddenly he got busted up plain doing something new and added landed the plain and unlike phoenix and are he got arrested often applying to put in jail and slept jones in jail in phoenix and he got you get sober there was ninety one now suddenly easy sky like i'm so happy form but i'm saying away from because if you though if you got a sober guy near misses you know you gonna be like oh shit you don't hear you gotta gets area yeah some our another you ve managed as grown ups who have been through all this the long ride you come back together your prose you're you know people exe we need to see if somehow managed detente with actual yeah
and you know you you dear out there doing big shows yeah flash for dynamic so much happening behind i mean i got sober at the un would happen have that happen how long i am did the illusions tour and i'm draken more and more there but one gig in mexico city that i crossed the line here i realize right in the middle of the show i'm just staring and that by the time that swarms kicked rum just trying to lock in and i realized i was like doing everything i could do just a whole down to the show and i was too far right and that scared me we finish that tour i i stopped the cocaine i stop vodka that out i'm stop treating
drinking wine but austria like three rounds of man at least here why you gotta drink a lot so i d i went out into this tour of my own had made this record during illusions be a days off and i was running i i kind of thought demos for the next guns record but i play drums on i'm right play basing guitar and saying on the songs and in our guy from gaffin tom suit i've came came into one of the sashes sick what do you keep doing keep goin off the record like i gotta do something to keep myself busy now i'll be out looking for the guy here to cop in and so this record came out right as illusions ended and i went up out on tourism drinking wine air not doing the coquet ray
almost why i'm drinking it has to be a law because i still haven't really bad harboured i i was in a shower one time in and my nose car hurt non like trend of blossom madam he knows my ceptin comes out lands on zhao her and my bodies as falling out and my bottom i feed or crack you my hands a crack like when i get up to take a piss in the milliner marriages crack open and it's not going well can i get where were we do this european tour go out we are pretty scorpions you now and in your meant my back yard combat and where i while the shells of our own here it was fun to go out with a scorpion because we are la hague elastic wow there there there's still like arena as i am sure and i got the
the clock super group as is my band all the guys i played with the younger in the early eighties there there now my banned from all these great banned from san francisco canada gather allah my band and cool i'm drinking why men maya those guys my banner like he added you ate up here dynamic depend some teachers drinking wine in his following nice absented felt fallen out yeah i get back from leg we're supposed to go to we did that leg and then we did so american dates and we did japan i shouldn't have been touring we just tour for two and a half years of cancer this two and a half years now out just do it and who did japan we get back i just bought my house in seattle and finally back home this my dream home their house back home erin i that's me i made earlier and i bought this house we should like steel this neighbourhood we still cars from the idea
so that we didn't go up in this neighbourhood area and i'm in this house yeah animal i'm in the bad now my stomach really hurts but such really roll over and is heard he lay down on my claude muscles and i know something really wrong and i try to roll over again they get to the phone to come down on my air i know something i can't get out of bed i can't move i can barely bree them this something's wrong and my friend whose became the guy the grand theft auto guy awry who became a real estate agents in between those granted but now he found the house for me isa and if my best friend still day may since for three years autistic
he can't you just walk in my house and he saw my car was in the garage in my keys while we're downstairs i am downstairs i area and he why manacles upstairs she's very bad miser my ok are can finally happened you broke yourself
pick me up and so bad i didn't know i guess i was scared and am i to be in two words she roman i was on i mean i was on the ground in emergency room could move nay they took me in and they gave me morphine it first attract cup shut cody my ass nothing napalm interviews morphine gimme out you sound like my doctor whose dad had birth me on all eight kid now his sons a doctor i talk to you i saw his face go right when he spoke in it when he spoke of the altar sound i was in so much pain i wanted to die i wanted them to come a surgeon came in any simple going to do this in this and the other thing and i said that risk
i can't take it anymore the morphine i knew at morphine supposed to do when and why the work well what was wrongly my pay crisp had burst swollen up at birth so that's almost at the digestive food now once its outside onto intestines and like quad muscles here she's drips down and if they were the doctors told me was these were open somebody up here just let the steam out tubes alleviate some of the pain before they die have you not like this this is really real you know this is real and i wanted to die hurt so bad but they had put me on libya to because a stirrup shakes from which all tobacco which you can
so dive there i'm getting others great news here and wonderful new is and i welcome all so have enormous feed in my left arm with the with the and plunging about mina plunder about eric interest boom boom and i got the libyan the right arm and my mom who this that summit parkinson's you know she comes infants wielding the hospital see me she's cry in amazon so much pain it so
out of a summit of above the bed literally i did i saw that my mom their crying in a wheelchair i'm the youngest and lick if i can get you on the order of things is wrong here and i should be taken care of her i failed her her youngest son i'm in here i see you you know hanging on they can have to take out my move beyond dialysis at best you know but miraculously might maya through that night therein decision next day they did didn't because by paper started coming down to size of footballers started coming back down to us nor psycho they held opera couple days in my doctor said man you ve been given a second chance after like two and a half days so remember this you can give it a second chance don't don't fuck it up ok
and i got the labour him and i got the morphine buttons and i'm not gonna ok i haven't drake for two and a half days manner and then it was three and a half days and then it was six days they took the buttons away from me that socked and they now and then i was in there for another seven days and they will be off the morphine and the pain i couldn't silken eat i was like ice cream ice chips and by atomic hospital i was done opposition but i needed that i've been trying to stop i just thought i'll never stopping diana see my mom like that crying really had an effect on me so how i got sober was that i gotta my mountain bike when i got home they gave me a libyan said take us directed it was a weaning off thing of
we're legumes like evaluated for alcott like right to come off out so you know i did i followed medication asked rectify all these new things hair i smelt fresh cut glass grass ear reminded me haven't paper out i smelled like newspaper print areas first things like get sober year these are these things come back before you start in fact tat were and i just roadmap mount bike like i do know what else to do i was like amazon acid everything so real in them i had to come back down to allay we're gonna do some guns like start up third record here who come to me i got a mountain i get a mountain bike thereby spaghetti incident no results to that so after that so we are gonna we'll get something start but i got sober and somebody introduce me to
i was going down now i'm gonna gulls german border can in north korea and right mama back i'm gonna jim i alone am doing i'm just trying to steal anything agonies stay sober here and there was a kick boxer in in the gulls jim and i like it he was like hidden bags ass it sets up to her said you wanna few and its use in my city it was two doors down they are through the back door and i met betty the jet acuteness which the door in this
guy comes out me as i just pierce through me and like saw all the way down and it was a real fighters jim at that time ninety four he he saw the house i just can't collar comes through some stuff any said look man if you if you want to work in this jim you have to hear you talk you show me belong here so was yes tom i did what i already said and i did taught two days and i stayed in there for that next two years as you two days of reading history at home i live like a man
i like you didn't have to talk to a girl like that i gotta be ella my forehead but i would just in that two years stephen steve jones catering said he wanted you wanna play this ban with me and john taylor matt like shan who need just died we did a benefit chauffeurs his wife and child and i steve i before that i don't think i can play again at the meagre sobered that's the end my music career you now i dont see myself it i'll do it
in stevens got sovereign areas prejudice sarcoma steve johns my hero the guy that you now character is my everything steve jones i only the play with them i he says you're gonna anybody said to me that you can be fine unifying trust me and we want to start rehearsing and we played that first show i was so scared before the show and show then i realized seconds it was easier to play people's set you that after the show you never play that could really here palmer sweaty everything i look so much different than i did at the end of my get fucked up day here which was later prior by a reality as soon as you get off issue you start rebuilding people thought i gotta face left and like all the suddenly silver you now as great yeah so tat became began this really long cool journey as you know
it gets much better sure right and it really does cuba martial arts is a what known till i went to program meetings thing if it is to twelve steps the thing here is not available couple guys in the thirties these are universal troops right they ve gone back in march large for four thousand year saw her right so you have to say i went to the things the secret meetings we have at the point he had an air secret handshake waters is you key to cause i'm going to the steps there this is my marshall are kind of astounding that's great as a great story did just sort of astounding you you know where your ass you get to grown kids even sober along time he weather the storm you in the how is your back together again and you know it
you know where it's it's nowhere near as crazy and the monies as big as ever and he found time to sort of like put this album together now come full circle so where we started in terms of the inspiration for the record was you being out in the world and talking to other people yes talking the people in and what kind of realising you're going to write a book about right because i see this divide the news i have read the theory that divide us in that and nobel prize winner and i m just not seeing it our bank goes out please you shoot shows music is so universal we played all over the world three hundred fifty nine shows too like five million people right and you see a mixed up with played in in muslim countries where women with her whole head
cover arduous rocking the fuck out any realise like that it's about about the music and indeed to us it might seem culturally weird but i travel left the took other countries that it's i don't go there were i gather without judgment it s like they're just rocking the fuck out i'm down what that we put israel south american asia different cultures but music it's so universal so maybe i'm in if i'm in any bubble it's in one that of unity at his music it's doing this really great thing in a pretty strange time right now this this country itself has a very interesting history you know and if you look at this just you can concentrate on current if you want to hear i dont pay it that much attention man because i know this too shall pass as the way this country roles here and i choose to see in america is the one that we
night no matter what and i think that's gonna happen people are gonna get sick of be serious about crap you know it happened i like when disco came and people were just so sick of the watergate in vietnam war and like a sudden just people lost their minds and pencroft disco another here coke in appearance is he i do now have like batches our recent history why only i hope it happens that way and on the way where people start nit picking up arms and organizing militias and cleansing the rest of their state here i just thought i'd die think humanity is i haven't seen one like even we i have a cabin in place that's my neighbours even in a corner of her red part of staff ok super
red right they don't know the cities the scared to come the city here my neighbors and staff and like talk to i jumped on about it meant my family's grandes my cabinet get a call its early on there's some is using your cabinet broke in liquid me well do black that's my family man you know like i had ever seen you oughta be at this like twenty years ago but we ve come up together over then in a country where we water ski to gather weaved amounts we do friends we enable we're barbecues a super good friends and we know we just don't talk about politics so this this is right there you see as a unifying where i hope it to be i really hope to be i started writing these little vignettes that we're gonna beats beginnings of chapters and just of maya
russia is not as bad you know as you think and if you go back in history and you see this happen here and this happened there and and this will pass man it's a how we handle it now and i do have these daughters and i want my daughter's another father what did you do well yeah right here what did you do when it happened and i see the year we see a lot of fucked up shit got on with school shootings in it and he wrote that on call parkland i'm a very specific it's pretty specific why do you want this kind of aid without commentary it's more of a funeral dirge here now and i think you pick the right producer it's got a kind of that roots feel you know shooters like you know when he set his mind to doing something that sounds american you known away you know very accessible thing was great and i now and i wish you luck with it all day smart era is great talkin to you too i am glad i finally got to go in the shop was really good thanks ok
that was done what a nice guy right like he is it was coming back to him it seems when i there talking to his third i'm tenderness comes out next friday made thirty first get it wherever you get your music support for today show comes from news our bugs drivel shot energy star but dreadful jottings years two hundred twenty five milligrams of caffeine from starbucks coffee a hint of flavour and its enhanced with why iran now be vitamins say for the energy to do do what matters to you available three the flavors french vanilla cafe mocha and carmen the dogs finding your local grocery or convenience store find it it'll be where they keep the star but new triple shot energy
mason guitar point three cords in a waste might we different i played them previous enjoy echo
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