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Episode 1027 - Jamie Denbo

2019-06-13 | 🔗

Jamie Denbo’s life and career would not be the same were it not for her job at a Renaissance fair. Her future in comedy, improv, acting, and now writing and producing might not have taken shape if she didn’t mistakenly audition for a gig she didn’t understand. Jamie tells Marc how early life misdirection and heavy duty self-criticism changed course thanks to the honing of her improv skills at the Ren-Fair and her coming-of-age at the original UCB Theater. They also talk about Ronna and Beverly, why she doesn’t want to do on-camera work anymore, and how she turned the Renaissance fair experience into a comedy series, American Princess. This episode is sponsored by the Netflix podcast I Hate Talking About Myself, Turo, SiriusXM, and Allbirds.

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from oh God, Marin. Twenty five at check out: that's Emma R, O n two five terms apply all right. What do the show all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck nuts, what the buck states, what the fuck are, how ex what's happening? I am Marin. This is my podcast w g. I declare this my guy, a Mark Marin. I am mark I'm in a heroic I'm mark. This is my podcast pod, castor eye on was this bad is alcoholism. We compulsive DR and need to podcast. you like everyone's doing it and has manifested as a problem really maybe
your wife's, unmanageable because of your podcast. I don't know, maybe it's not working out the way you want to, but but you know, if it makes you feel talk into a MIKE and put it out into the world. Then that seems find me. All I'll sign off on that wicked fuckin matters. First, off Saint Louis, maybe there's a few more tickets leopard tonight I believe first show Friday, is sold out and to show Saturday or sold out wait, show fry. You could use a little help as they say in the game in the racket give you a little help Rachel Friday. Come on, man come on, but The other ones are looking good. It's fine I'd I'd! I didn't have huge expertise. You two saint Louis. I know you people out there in Saint Louis, you enjoy me, but I guess we're good everything's good I'm just Tonia, albeit helium, so do whatever you need, you go to DVD, have pod dot com, so to earn you get a link to tickets for helium those
Boy shows- maybe tonight definitely second show Friday, other things, first, sort of trust, now that movie is going to open in July, and if you want to find out that movie, I did Lynch Shelton Toby, Huss, John Bass, Mikhail Watkins and joy the bell. If you want information about their movie, which opens in July, you can go to sort of trust, dot, com, swash tickets and do no search. If it's gonna be near, you get your tickets in advance the, their thing I want to tell you about. Is that sort of trust will be screening at sort of way special event here, in LOS Angeles, It is a it's like a retrospective Evelyn shoutings work. It's called the going way back within Shelton, it's Saturday. in twenty nine Sunday June thirtieth at the American Cinema Tech, here in in LOS Angeles I'll try to make those shows you get on the twenty ninth from from my journeys, but dad that's gonna be happened.
so you can see any number of movies and sort of trust and her, and maybe me ok, so that gives the housekeeping I needed do Jamie, Jen Bow is on the shore. Today. Jamie differ very funny and Jamie, he is. I got a new series on that. She created american Princess, it's on its airing on on lifetime and new episode, bizarre Sunday. Night said TAT, ten, nine, central she's DE producer and creator and it's a new rule. over her, and we can talk about that stuff in comedy and life and you if things a little bit gun enough a guy just gets annoyed annoyed is fuck. When I talk about Giusto, and then, when I engaged and dead end in suggesting if the Anti semitic here he call me a fucking, pretentious asshole I guess you guys vague Andrew right people. Whether a mad about I know I am mad. Like the last,
I talk to you. There is some stuff go out refrigerator, so I dealt with that man, so that was good resolution, because now I can lose the resentment. I am against the the two cranium, guys who fixed a thing in the company that set them after they replaced. Everything they replaced, avow banned in ice machine in setting the plumbing and, of course my first thought was you guys, you're fuckin me come on man how long's is going to go on for and they were good, they were decent, they were honest and it was the plumbing I'll. Let you know if I get ice but a scratch, resentment off the list of things in my heart to do, but I still woke up with pressing anxiety. Man and I dont know I get it when I Oh yeah, I worry man away things gonna be ok is frankly take care of anything everything. Of course he is francs. My dude he's a works. We sometimes and you take here. The house takes care of it add, and I worry about the cats. I worry about the house. I worry about a thing. It don't Jesse, that's the projecting thing, but then it got deeper than like
You know, like I worried about like him, I ever gonna be capable of intimacy. Am I always gonna be emotionally hobbled and then because of all that stress, I don't know where manifests in you, but to me it literally squeezes my lungs. It has always been the case. So now I can't breathe. I'm gettin weirder your pains and, unlike our eye, so that's it I'm sick. I got it's her, I'm going down. so all the reasonable anxieties I haven't? I could just talk about them instead of doing that. Why not just focus on my pending deck and then why not just think that would be relaxing. That's a buddhist trip man I mean it really is, but I gotta be accepting of it, but I just can't compartmentalize. So I was a fucking mess that this morning took me three hours debrief properly, I'm ok. Now, I'm out of the woods I gotta get. My shit together come travelling and That's my life, but I think like that. You need to be. My life cannot just pull out, isn't a time to eat
yet not out of life, but maybe just perish into a small. Somewhere in the woods yeah We know that goes. I've talked about that. Tell me about day. Three mark tell about day three in the woods, a loom of panic. I may I have a machine in my brain, just we even beautiful tapestries of fear and dread? The loom of panic is adequate is it a movie? Is it a band fuck, you know we're sponsored today by Syria exam. If you dont, know serious exam, then listen up serious exam brings you the deepest variety of commercial, free music for every genre and for removed, but it's more than just music folk, serious exam has the biggest names and talk, entertainment and comedy it's where you get news from every source plus sports, whether traffic it's all there, a lot of people thinking The car do enjoy serious exam, but you don't you can list outside the car right now
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even even though be part of that we have these centres, nay alternate, but you started this place where do you find a sort of Cora Centre of the emotional, turbans and you you you build. You find an event in any talk about that. Then you hold that your mind, feelings any do the buzzer's and then you and then it's like What do you feel now? Where are you now We are now where that took you and through five or six, these its kindly stream of consciousness, trip attached to the original source. feeling of emotional disturbance or trauma, and I dont know what its doing. But it's it's. It's shaking something loose so our another. It's like you know what am I a monster out of the swamp like alien, the monster, Come another guy stomach that sort of what's happening with my emotions, but their nicer there. It's a nicer experience, but they're kind of trying to break through this weird cynical
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L, L B, I r d s dot com, so work few emails, I wonder just blast through. If I could feel. Maybe I own, I forget all these ok, Subject line sort of been missing hearing your new movie tat, a mark I mark. I just realized the other day that you knew film is called sword of trust, not sort of trust. If I've been misunderstanding, I think others have been too keep on keep an eye on. Well, why don't know? Maybe not but ok yeah, it's sort of trust, not sort of trust good. It would go question subject high mark. I love that you assume that actors hang out with their cast mates offset its adorable, but what I would like to know is: do you spend time with the Ladys of Glow Jan Montclair New Jersey, not too much not too much when we do things do events and stuff but
no, I don't I don't call him occasionally I'll text with their Betty or Alison by down, but not now not often does that make me bad person subject guide thanks for being that guy, hey Mark, I just want to say thank you for being one of those guys. You always go on about those important guys. You crossed paths with in your life, boy your mind and put you in another direction or invite your brain to wandered to places you hadn't considered. I came for the comedy, but thanks for Terry, we If any baker is ball, brag to death, go and and and dot dot dot, I've been listening since the New York Times article. Got attempting normal, but I am still waiting for Marin to show up on german tv might just have to give up and sign up to Netflix, though many thanks Yasser you got it wow. You know there has been a lot of emails about the Perry Pharaoh interview, a lot of like really posit once a lot of people. They just enjoy the right and then some people that just couldn't take it that couldn't stand it
They were angry about it, but it's just interesting what people get out of emails like in this and they just subjugating Perry, feral interviewing gonna just jump to the the meet here. I just want to say how much I love you. You knew what Perry fairly discovered James addiction when I was fifteen and in the middle of about a decade of pretty horrible trauma. It was a case. They can violent time. My my life, the most difficult thing understand then, and now is how many adults around me refused to get involved. Despite me, actually working up the courage once or twice to ask for help Musical was one of my escapes and when I discovered James Addiction, something inside me, I didn't understand a lot of lyric specifically and still don't actually, but I knew when I heard it and at the time it felt like that music was made just for me, and maybe it was a suburban teenage girl who is suffering in plain sight. Enraging at the world really got me through some shitty times and made me feel less. Loan. These days, I have grown up in with a stable, happy life of my kids and wife in the Bay area
People are always surprised to hear my story because I seem pretty normal and I dont tell many people. It took a lot of work to refrain my views of the world and now giving a life. Frankly, I did not think was possible for a long time. So I took some pleasure hearing Perry Pharaoh talk about his struggles with his teenage son, who just wants to study in skip the vacations. It's funny to hear a rock star struggle with the same data a challenges, so many of us face and getting to hear you and thorough sing together was especial tree, at envy really brought a lot of parts of my life together that don't often get to meet. So thanks and thanks Roy you do joy, see you you don't know how it can affect people, that's lovely! It's love! we thank you for others emails. Always I tell you, me dumbo who I like, and I was happy to talk to she's on top of it she's lit up she's got a new comedy theory. She created american princesses airing on lifetime new episode Sunday night at ten, nine central, so others
We talk in a Jamie Denver I remember that you like I like I remember, I can't remember, fits all the way back to New York, but I remember you were like kind of like manic in a little nutty or the character. No, oh! As a person, as a person I like when I first met you when you were younger. I was like it's like as pretty wild in their oh sure, Menachem argue is like I. I Remember literally thinking I is she manic what's happening again, probably really does that add up, or am I may? Oh? No, it completely adds like you're just like bouncing off.
walls can how I was yeah, of course, because it was a resistance to like you're, not gonna. Let me do everything to make you don't like me is annoying, I mean it will end. It was also, I think it goes back to being a kind of an unapologetic musical theatre, aided Nerd Renaissance Festival, nourish kind of thing, but caught in the world of alternative comedy, where I could do it very well onstage, but backstage people, you know does any. That makes sense. That's a lot of Yo Yo. I beheld know you're talking about unity. Go from these secure, defined, creative work. Wields right virus which our earnest have an earnestness in him and improved commonages, competitive clusterfuck of people trying to get TAT S. Why out call each other, and when I was doing it it was all it was. It was doing in and Iraq and that's what they were. In fact, you know what Julia Cloud Manner
analogy about being a woman in improv. Back sort of in the nineties in the arts was Miss piggy. Great you're miss Piggy it. So brilliant. It's like you, aren't unapologetically like just charisma and emotional and crying out with an Kermit who you dying late pay attention to. You is embarrassing of you and all his friends like fuckin control, your pig if she's a lot she and she's always would live so feminine and screaming the funny just a bunch of comments I'm telling you that's what it was like an island, the difference between improv deeds and comedy. Do this bunch of comments in a bunch asters. A hundred per cent. And- and we and and by the way inside I felt like I could relate so easily but then open. My mouth and b that Manic pig What you fucking encountered- I don't know I just felt like
you know I felt like either I can't put a time frame and when do you remember first meeting where I knew you in New York, the you don't know me. I was hanging around the large lunar the eating. It only were ok where I did it a couple of times, but even my approach to them was My girls yeah. That's me. I was twelve No, I was in my mental. It may twenties ruin and didn't know what I wanted to do. So I was caught between improv and stand up. I had a very short stand. Short lives, stand up hard maybe that maybe that sort of what I remember I just from ideal for me cause I was still at Luna like our still kind of junkie in druggie. Oh yes, you are terrifying. I mean your view what your energy was. I mean it, but that's what I love about your Evelyn but it was always sweaty in there and there's always a lot of people will join me in and Patricia me. I was always angry about something you will. I picture you at the bar furious furious yeah, but I mean every now and then
area- and I- and I knew it- I remember going there on September, twelve, two thousand and one or two September thirteenth and seeing like all of those like seeing David Cross and the tree so now talking about the eleventh really. I was amazed soon. There was within a week, I want to say it was within a week, and I remember putrescent he'll doing his bit about like yea. Let my jacket got down to one of the I didn't do it sales downtown. I remember Dave across I'll, never forget it, he got up and he was like a whale. We have two thousand new angels. It was unbelievers That was right in everybody was so it was so it's such a twinkie time over my son, Peat and then and then a lot of tat, and then I moved to allay lesson a year later. So I may, I think we did to commissioner was done. The new commissioner and I remember just sort of crossing paths with her and think issues beautiful. She was beautiful, but in New York, but like
I guess so. I know a little bit about and I've always thought you're funny and every time I see you, I think, you're funny. I what ha mistake can do no. No, no, I even not like stuff. Like you. I know I saw you on those people that shows up and everything I do what I've done at one episode of every the good and bad by both the last time I saw He was in Andrea shown was wearing. Oh, my god. I would have its thank you yeah one episode of everything but I can tell a lot about people's viewing habits, but there I saw you in blank blank all your terrible I know where you keep me, keep fighting it out. That's My husband, we're Hollywood's middle class, very rough, but we see around Us Valley I know that guy to remember him and I seem to scare him. Oh yeah, you know you look what they first of all John, where scared people No, I don't think you really are none because more scared them.
There are two million you're, not gonna, be diplomatic and pretend that you're, just not above buster, above busting, jewish lady will. That was interesting because when, when we came here before years ago and Jessica, and you declare graciously, did there on Em Beverly podcast, I mean I walked away thinking. you hate your mother was what I thought. No, I don't hate her to just river selfish Farren that exist. I mean I really felt like our whole act. There was a period of time, and this was also did so of hate. Though, of course I mean I don't know it all in great converse, wife was jewish. I know I know how all of this look. I don't want to images of Jerusalem and I won't be with you either. Ok away. Your husband. You know he's not here what is at about the same bullshit you really. I Jews. I don't like to women really yeah how
because you justice fucked up as I am. I also stables good for you. You, like the other better, is actually love it nice. If you get older, he's lost. We Lastly, which is a whole other satellite, how wailings I'm yelling all the time, you're hoeing! Oh I'm just talk, you know, I don't know if you're stupid, the thing about run in Beverly is: I knew how much it both repel do and delighted Jacob. a dynamic as we had you back and like two thousand and five when the theater and you should be just open and we re trying to cure it like jewish comedy, whatever it was our hook at the time, and so you did our show a few times. We would just argue with you on stay its and it was so delightful and your view over contempt. Oh yeah, I could feel you just going like. Why did I come here. I did a horrible joke about it. Now, in its stolen, my favorite chokes better than I love it. I my first. I made a mistake, my why married a jewish woman and in its that's mistake as a Jew, because that means
and was ass, Saxon Thou, not eyebrows means the joke. Was everything you hated about going home is now in your house? I'm gonna jump terror, yet amazing, it's well, but it's so true. I just I listen. I identify with the psychology I know that I can but right, but, like you know, we like we hang a lot on the jewish saying like yours or even just beginning with the guilder, the sadness at its fundamentally jewish, and I try to argue out of that. I understand the I try to give. It is like me, or maybe we have a legacy that because of what you had to go through, but I think he employed we have now we are used when he saw shower for the first time all grown, even know. If I saw the whole thing well. How do I somewhere? When did I see that films? We saw the synagogue correct when, when their plough body America's severity at the pits power Do you remember not knowing about that? Third great, that's too fucking young and that's very jewish? Ok, that's where a lot of it comes very. Were too young
do the pile of hair, yeah, yeah I don't want to show my kids and pile hair, their nine eleven still too young for that european. You know what I mean that's what I'm saying. I gave the shoes, the stripes all bad yeah there. And I dont remember not seeing those very clearly in my head and that's jewish and a problem with everybody. I was in indoctrination for a reason there I mean the editor of the latter. The tag It is never forget, correct, sir. You got guard them. Remember arrogant that after the never forget part than never, it's not just never forget its, never forget or will happen again, and it will be because you forgot right. That's that's all thing white! No, that's what I'm saying it. That's the burden that I feel that I've been brought up: right, it's turning out. Turning out to be pretty reasonable, fair enough said: Anthea Iraq, you know,
where's. My fault that well now that the one eyed I wouldn't go immediately. There were they put it, but there is disorder realisation only a tiny when you get older rights as you get While there were you like. I know that many of us now it is a way. just a very loud, vocal minority we ve done our adversaries, because no one ever would have us do anything. I agree. We figure out how to your work, the angles yeah. I listen. I think it's all completely interconnected, but I can't ignore it. You know it's different. Would he touching through little Tycho Lassitude Lozenged when you don't? You do govern nothing so, but you're pretty jewish. I think people think that, because my committee has been very their culture, a lot of jewish. Only how'd, you grow up, don't wait and that we need to do then. I know that year. I think your boss dingy right amabel. While you have that sort of fascinated me it's well,
it's a tight knit community and New England plus Jew is a very strange combination is because I guy It was one those educational things for me as I I was always in culture with the New York Jersey, Jews and we thought we were, but we're really night, it's yet an otter bunch, because I worked at a fuckin, serious jewish, Ellie. When I was in college and in West Rothbury. Oh did you yeah Gordon's Dally and I'm sure they were all like Jessica's characterize who had come into the Euro out of them but there is also like stirring. It was the first time that I really put together that there was an ad in the. Why haven't before it is working Class, Julia S, old working class use and in Boston. They were set like there. The number of rye bread available, yellow There wasn't just lighter dark yet Cecil. Yet complaining. I like all dark yeah like yeah. Well, they were wealthy, lousy was not see less bulky. Rarely get a bulky recedes would see the seas with Sis Aubert. You have quite rightly been yeah. I didn't know any of that, but I loved it.
no. No. He always where I learned about the heel. I regret interesting. Is my parents Ojeda here what s delicious slab what're you gonna cut the end often sharpening do like delicious have they are, and I worked in a bakery to actually Numeric Newman's bakery and swamps. Got Massachusetts. Swamps, got swamps, good were swamps, got yeah, I mean you, don't have the thing, because my mama the Montreal, my dad was from South Jersey and so another weird you all. We Montreal Jews, completely bizarre, there's a lot of em there's a lot of them and again very tight network. Are women Dowdy, Michael Rome, bird trilogies, great, but yeah months, my mom sounded lately bizarre, my mama, you close the lights and I'm sorry my dad we're going down the shore and then everyone around me or would say: what's hut outward shot an ability fussy talking about, and then I would listen the news I'd watch good morning, America, John London sounds like I can understand her right. You know
I remember my we used to do a party for my high school. We just do it further. Well, it's Boston. Can I say about word your course. Ok for the retarded kids, sorry, I know, but Boston? It was certain powers at the time, and they would say, you know, is the whole school, and I remember our tomorrow, just be like the Hogan School should be having a party for Yo Analysis, big. Thing. So. But I just remember thinking these people sound, who raised a suitable Steve. Sweden cover fabulous Boston, pride, and so I grew up thinking. just hearing when they were religious. My parents were fairly whether they had grown up each of them fairly or for the orthodox, and by the time I was around, they were more conservative. Whitworth swamps got exert nor shore next Salem, which
ok, yeah yeah. I guess I may I do our comedy run that area sedate, where next comedy shop and over at the side, but it only one on your now Catalonia, I mean I did a lot of the one nighters in the little town- oh sure, you know and yeah sure all the Knicks you out there These one nighters night, I'm sure it will. I was at some Barnes whilst I dont know immediately with its pretty sleepy on out I know what I want to wake aims. Very I mean that young it all it took was one bar to call up the contractor and so onto a comedy night need be going. I just wanted to leave, but ok, so you got siblings, none you're only child only do child. direct, and they were orthodox it either they were. They were conservative by the time You were me awake there, a conservative, seeing the movies at synagogue, the budget watching barracks yet, but you did the the bar mitzvah everything right about mitzvah conservatory out, Sir, but I just say I didn't feel that I was. I mean it's funny cause you talk about the tight Knit Boston, Jews and
they were. I wasn't. One of the few idea was tight. Knit I just saw was different. Like us argue you, you really get the idea that flat for most of us, like a man or can jewelry lawyer doktor was just York or New Jersey and went out from their right. You can track it back to Eastern Europe in the early years. You obviously Eastern Europe, the area nor have I heard my dna. It's like there's a fiddler in the middle and silent. I just saying and grave romantic. I've got great. I I just was on finding your roots and they went way back me how far he was surprised. He was very excited because they were able to go back like five generations. Ok, so like what would that be like a teen yet thoroughly two hundred a year, they do the thing on that show where they, if they have another, guess that you have some more dna to the hand roblee related to
was it Barbara Walter that, while Sissy Beverly would tell you, is that wonderful? My cod with a view to interview was to get that makes perfect sense. I would guess barber waters good for you all my guards to your side. It was none of them now right there with your mother's friend, you're doing all of their her friends. Her friends, her my grandmother but like is once get close enough to what were they go shopping? They go a little girl either the burning tomorrow or they went The liberty tree and Danvers out I hand or shopping center shore or is a really great marshals right in the Middle EAST I drew nigh, not Newton S, fancy juice. We will have more other working class like what you learn. What would you do? Do my doesn't count and still is works. You and your mom, my mom is retired from multiple idea. Roasted no say she did like score prevails in her. While she didn't known she never did Travelodge, and I heard you could draw in averting the Appalachian, although she Tita.
Yes all for awhile, and now she you know she's she's. No one asked him. It is about because I didn't really talk about it, we could your like some of my oldest friends or the Jews like like the guys like theirs. Of what goes on you and he were school them. Stone touch. My best girlfriends are coming to the screening permission next week. My five best girlfriends from my second great lies: it s a bucket eyeless admin, Julie, fruits and Advocate Jessica Levin, How that is jewish names and were still tight there I mean look. Technology might have something to do with that, but I also feel like they were my family, because I didn't have siblings right. So I was very attached to them. I don't know if they were attached to me. That's the thing about being a little because they all had big families right. I was very demanding. Maybe you should ask him when they I'll get here on your all, our wider provided living a lie. What everyone knows this very real ages here, because you want to go to allay, like wit, why are you, but now I definitely was attached to their families in ways that was whereas it was unhealthy. I just found the
kids it I knew like as you change schools, but you don't change religion. No, you go the other way around that adding get confirmed, but there's one I still am in touch with from neighbours. Also second grey area. Here now there I went into camp with all of them in some of them at kindergarten. Eyeless agenda can't be. I wanted you can't. I love your me. That was a safe haven. So ok, what's the word? Is it start, so you're you're stuck up there, but you have friends in there's other Jews, and when do you start becoming geared towards performing loneliness throughout at too confusing the levers? I've very lonely girl your only chance I think as those an only child, but also not just because of the no entails an only child in a place where nobody was only child. There was like one kid who was an only child: your Mama Gerardo located. I could not, but not weirdo, whimsically budgets right, you don't Why might have been the only person taking the God spell Vinyl out of the storms, cut public library where life?
you know, most kids. What I've thought about this ox game has an only child stuff. You know that, but it's the combination of the two, I think you know I read the I loved that rather millions biography, that came out a cup but its Goths book beer Robin yes here and my heart, just because I could relate to that Big house. Only child thing he had here He had wake army. Man, figures died, yes, and I saw the collection is house hold my god like he had a room for their man yeah. I dont know that I took it as far as that kind of the Evelyn brilliance or mental illness, but ah I definitely spoke for a lot of things. Inanimate objects at my house. And it was indeed let me here. I mean you know it's there, someone we set for the fact that all the women I just mentioned my yet to pack, you know all- are very close to their parents, both geographically and end.
fundamentally and they got kids in their grandma down the street. A lot of a mere began, their continuing the treaty. one day you get lags, did they get locks? Alot love locks. In fact, when preparing a going to Friedman when they get here, so they can have West Coast locker Friedman with that great Jewish, reinvented Jewish Delhi, place utterance suffer like. Where are your mark gets caught Friedman? It's delicious has ever been there off, they have a deacons, Directive has drawn the z, constructive, restricted areas at its inception, places on the plate, but always a good real. Yet delicious your gold school, I can go out school, but I mean it. the men do something of inciting yeah what's going on, but I definitely am. I was a theatre kid I was deafening Is it a kid I was. I wanted to add. New sports board me immediately rose and that's tough in a town like again, it's a lighthouse town. It's like one of those little sea side, sleepy places. Next to the Salem witches like you're ready.
or your death shocks see what like mostly irish, irish, italian, greek, Greek. Yet let it makes good diners, great dangers, great pizza and greater Bob's. You get yourself a toolbar, you gotta chicken, thereby giving them greater Peter. It's a different style pizza isn't I lie a bad, no study, and what are you talking about? What may what they don't? Gotta Crispin us from the from the edge of the crust. That goes all the way over the pizza iconic. when it got a model that house a pizza, gonna, Salem Althesa right, Now, in the more that's good, I didn't get a slice, no, it's nothin, but it's not that it's not like. Look at Chicago bullshit right. It's not super skinny! That's a time!
Found the Greek Peter LE heavy cycle of flour ran down with me our delicious, some of us. No. I know that it's pizzas, very subjective thing. I could not agree more and I like a good Greenpeace, because you really can't get it anywhere else, but the Boston area. Nobody, usually you get it because you can't get italian you for you, that's the case. That is the case, for you tell me that he had good italian pizza around anyone for the Greek against seriously. I happened to enjoy Delicious Gregg paragraph nine arguably about ITALY, has moved a fuckin LOS Angeles. Oh my god, he came into being Ok, you an actor you're right! I go back to New York. We have plenty of those were good, we're fault what all I ve I dont Ito, a pizza, you know, but I'm very picky about when I do like. I never eat a chasm of fuckin weirdo you about wait. You very very slim. Might I know to swim? Is there such
Thank now I dont think I don't either. I just watch myself and glow fat railway first, who episodes in glow of well yeah news, he's lost all this way between things. You need to watch them before the rest of us. Why actually got there? I got to watch. These was because I didn't go because of this. The eye You now have access to minors, press greener, serene and they just stuck the first two up there and I am a little thin. I was very happy with the work my I will was. I was like I'll. Have we I? What is it? We are also good so things I think I read a little class killing more heavily than ass a million times there is it where the people tell you here. This is like your role like this. Is so you when you did a show that was you more you on glow right now when people say oh them, but in my own sham is more what he's got? No, I think
M- is not an erotic, so any not self reflective. So I dont think that it's exactly like me, I think he's each year, the hearts there and, if the nasty necessary, but now I self reflection, which is completely different in me and the fan. Thank you so much yourself. Ok here in swamps, got your beer, your checking out gods, oh records, you doing, theatre in high school lobelia livelihood yeah. I was a small theatre programme, but yeah you get. You have Joyce jewish boyfriends, no, not just by never none Highschool, just irish kids, Greeks are italian yeah summit some of those high school was ok. I mean high schools was fine, popular. I wasn't popular, but I did have a nice. You know, did you see books mark it sort of obviously that's incredibly modern, take on being a teenager and I loved it, but I thought one thing I did kind of get was that by the time, your senior kids?
to my experience. They work canonize to each other. It wasn't there. Wasn't he made it through the air, as everyone is once again scared of the next thing. I know very much so right around a boner. It felt like it was the antidote to the John Hughes in kind of yeah. You know, complete click. Click raided Laden yesterday I don't have that. So we have a nice class and then I went to be your hated bill. I want to be needed, I hated, it was not for me. I was when I must warn you that I was very depressed you and I should have? Would you have warrant our I live? eleven warrant. I should have known where I lived in a flat land West Campus, always governesses weird, it's All weird it's shocks like I do welcome of Soviet. I haven't. I had it. What was going to Florida in Romania used the inward within a ten minutes of me to isolate, who uses that even now it's the ninety what and then she was asking for grits. I remember it really I was I was argue, landed on. Another planet causes fast. It was very odd. I just didn't weird west campus. Was this weird places right by the stadium, there's like those three buildings right or something up their yeah
I am. It was super weird I just but was the wrong school for me. I dont think I understood the time what one should try to get out of a college experience. We who does what I used to do whatever the fuck you want to do. I agree with you, but I also think that, where much more communicative in this generation, with our children, or at least in the generations, in between about explaining, like just that, an estimated nine and eleven out of the thinking humans, the other thereby of opinions here, it's really annoying it's much easier when their babies So what did you say? You got their study, what you would do communication. I went over theater and now you did skilfully. I owe you were at school for the hour. Got in the way I did I was in and I got an end within twenty four hours I had transferred out after getting. It was a pretty good,
programme by then it might have been, but I thought in my mind at the time I had my parents very, like practical head space going, you can't go in rather on the floor reading with, but they let you do they just assume you would I talk here. They were very it's funny. They were very permissive in the actions, but they were very specific in their thoughts, so everything was like I mean you can do it and I was like will that doesn't and smile for management of confidence? And if you, why are you? So? What do you want me to say? No the exact I used to get oh eggs at exactly so is this. It was a car, it was like. ruins your enjoyment potential full optimized, because it's. Why can't you just say what you thinking so I can fight it. What are you? What are you gonna? Do you live yogi, clear, show that your near yours, you earlier
ok, whatever you don't approve of it, but you gonna. Let me decide king just fucking decide. My parents were a little bit older anyway to my parents of the same age as your parent now and now, and so that's ten year difference, and so they were, they didn't. I think I was like an alien to them. I think they were very confused. I think they were raising a kid in a place where they weren't familiar with how kids arrays, because they were both raised. Amongst all her cousins in these slightly urban area illegal aliens and those with better than being a sort of weird intrusion or annoying, and no I felt like that to get that right. That's at my parents were young and never the time of transition yourself involve any. I was just sort of like: where were you there were still in the house. I mean that's the days I think, might have that to you Know- and I was just sort of I think I dont think they expected me to be as much work as I probably. Why do you out is a transitory value? Parent? Oh I'm. Trying
change a blueprint, I mean it. Listen, you change a blueprint if you are raising them in a completely different geographical place to begin with, but then once you ve been through a lot of therapy, you also I'm trying to parent in the way that I would wanted to be patented. I really as a working day let me in my son was kicked out of two Prescott's, so I dont know what did he do, that he was busy later I know in everyone's like he's just like you, I know my solder, my daughter's honestly kicking hide the thing room. I dont think there's a lot. I can hide from them, but I've tried to. There are moments where I'm caught with what is an instinct in what I will say to them? I will catch myself and go. What I want is a great do exactly exactly you. Don't I'll give you good example, my daughter,
my daughter, Evan she's, eleven. She is of a terrific. It says: she's, nice kid. She loves musical theatre. Yes, we have completely invented that in her, but she also took off with it to be fairer them hair. He often about the box, a hair. And didn't give the box a hairy, devour the box, a pile of hair power, pile hair, piles coming show that monies we shall learn about it before by MR, but now you know she asked Martha. Ok, I'll, take her to see, lay Miss sharp, absolutely love it. So I said earlier, I am like hey, I can get last minute tickets to see. Limb is rob, we should go near and her face just kind of screwed up like I'm having a sleep overtime, and I thought to myself,
The fact is, we ve already got under way about. Take it a nice musical, it will be a moment from other daughter, but I know that my mother, whether ok like she's in her fruit, I mean goby with your friends like that made me feel terrible about being in eleven year old. Who wants to be whether fuckin ran, so I really did take a deep breath and get it. You know what that's could. Of course I do. We want a fuckin stabber, be like taking a theatre beds, ready with the other room where the fuck do. I do with very much so, but that small example, but like I am trying to, I mean that's a real trivial example, but It must be hard to settle, have kids and I'm not unhappy about it anything. But but that idea is my brother has a tremendously difficult time communicating with his seventeen rolled down and it showed it to the point worth or sit on that site maybe just try to be supported, for whatever go. Is anybody here,
What are they gonna talk to him? You know I can't like they like things. I don't understand, but I know, but that's the thing. It's like they're they're, not there, your friends to a degree correct, but you can't be heard in the same way that you're her by a friend. You disappoint, you will the other thing. The eight hundred percent and an you can't you have to remind them periodically that you're, not their big, big, older friend, here's your their bare in charge of their safety and well being and also education. Things like that. I mean for me. I think it also been wanting to be a cool parent. That's a respected, right now I mean look. We all want that. We all want a balance, I'm trying. I try to keep up with what their listening to and watching that, but that that's also the maturity of being in this business. I happen to know who some of the artist and things that they listen to my parents didn't voice of, but I just sing being attempt to vote on some level just even with your age, dessert. There's this we're generational thing. I just read this book about the sort of way.
The army of unforeseeable hate nerds at no value said the select. What are they called the Zella out of India, the ants husband is other ones with as a whole, but like these are people whose parents, right I don't know he's in his room on his computer, get ending the world and learning new things. you shouldn't now, and I tried to get her a value system. It's completely more. We on our apparent. I trot things like that. That I know are fucking useless and nutritional, educationally vapid, ridiculous I'd that, should I try to scare them, I use the aids on. You can get its retired seat metaphor. I know you get AIDS retorted similar. But why was growing up? I was told you could get AIDS her toilet seat by who owe America I remember correctly, and my parents and everybody there was on tv was like you can get. Aids were toilet, see you be careful with authority now within months that was debunked Emma you couldn't get promoters of the toilets. You buy me a hundred per cent,
but the toilets it hastily positive policy has to have the AIDS virus. It's gotta go get a blood test. Forests eternity- I in my mind, when I hear AIDS, I think you can get it from you can't run, but it just sort of light is in there I'm trying to scare the shares in I tell my children. Anything you put in type unending on a screen could beyond billboard on Sunset Boulevard. That's your diary! Every time you type something every picture you if you dont want it on a billboard for everybody to see, don't take, it don't write. And what about the other thing, which is like everything you see is going to me, it might lodge in your head and it might be incorrect. Yep
might not be able to get rid of it. You have to process it somehow, but it will scare them from believing that the things that they see on screens are our law and and that that is how the world works, and I just want them to have a seat of doubt about every single thanksgiving, because if they don't, then they are ruled by Snapchat. Eventually I mean there's a lost generation. I agree, I think, I'm lucky, because my kids are just young enough that we really saw how horrible the? U to complete fat, complete absorption of all his front, brain people that don't go deep and done. Rather, they don't read any more than an entire generation that just they don't read it all off they just don't my kid won't wait. He doesn't like reading. Ok well, or did you think about maybe taking away the Ipad just for a little bit because then they might, they might have to listen. My kids, don't
necessarily sit down. I am going to read a beautiful novel this afternoon, the mom you go nap here. You know I mean it's not that but and they're not luddites. They have. I bet they have all that shit, but I like to decrease the enjoyment of it by saying it's dangerous it'll, give it aids the aid from looking at it. So what happens with regard to the fine arts him what freaky wrote. That was my parents in my, but why did you go one day? How does one day I mean I went to? I think it was a summer orientation and it was within the summer intention. I thought well before even start correct, and then he wouldn't. I switched to liberal arts him within six months. It was it communications very well waste time over here. Instead, the truth is I shouldn't. I should have taken a gap here. I should have gone with smaller school. I should of you just got law, Can you get your ass last April? I didn't
we need only I know is I ate probably has never been. It's always been right down the line of a little too many pounds, but not enough to worry about, but you didn't how'd, you how'd, you come on hinge, then you just work a lot, acute loneliness and a lot of a long time. I have this like. I just don't look, but there were lost years. I dont know what I was doing. I did when defining the improv group, which are you happy you really and I've been arriving. There was one answer it wasn't. It wasn't called spending his combustion. I within states troop. I did state shipped him yeah. I did to stage and I, like those people a lot. It was I who wasn't so much pressure in her ambiguous sort of like into it, and I did like what two shows year. Young thing I want of doing states ship and I like that, but I put those things I then I was confused because I thought I'm enjoying these extracurricular and I'm not into my classes and also I was I was at the door
school. I think the year after I graduated was when they brought in the abbots. So it was like. I was scotch taping chunky. The Khartoum film, like making a bowl ex founded gurney classes, were John Kelly. Definitely demagoguery. From what I remember. I used to get high NGO, the classes and watch movies, and I took like that. cause. I minor din film criticism thrives just doing those class. Why go watch the history of film clatter? I did this area, there were great in the they were wonderful and then they were really fun, but I also then I still had that voice in the town they all seem from rolling around on the floor reciting here Pinta watch you move to watch movies. So then I was like
we have managed to make it even more lazy education. So then I felt guilty, and then I was just confused. I thought am I supposed to. I truly didn't have the answers and I didn't know who to ask the questions to am I supposed to be learning a vocation, or am I supposed to be filling my head with philosophies? I am confused. I just didn't have a path and I felt stupid asked whilst I dont think I did either, but I was so excited to be able to like I was. I got, was an army from Arizona which was actually go, but a year by, I always get very close to my use, close relatives. I wasn't like in some help back you house tat. I looked back at all and think ash. There were other options that would have been better didn't know what they will have a good, but you did it. You learned how to tape. Phil, together I learned how to scotch tape the chicken I mean
I hear college was not my my my point. Both the improving was. What do you mind here and I thought and then I would be myself up thinking like you just lazy to memorize anything. I was a real. I was very, very, very, very depressed you, but I prefer that sort of like. I think that, if anything is fundamentally jewish, it's not your fault. It's the ever good enough thing for sure that you know it's not even a it. It doesn't even really manifest his ambition as much as it does just self This is me and that no matter what you do, it's just like not quite as good as it should be a hundred percent. I was just never. I just never and also have to all those women that I mentioned my Auntie Brigade right and I'm bringing up again. They were. They were my they were my equals right. They were my concerns, my Constance, and they were going on to masters degrees and they were going on to. They were all so bright and so academic and seemed so confident- and I was,
so confused when they are doing now. They're all doing really really well and listen, I'm doing well after a long time, soul, searching and confusing routes, but but it was very interesting at the time because I just felt less than I thought my friends across the way at her from my friend is over. I thus trinity, my friend is over it in a brand are tufts, they all know what they're doing and they all seem really ok with. path and by the way where they were doing daily with that was what was. I didn't want to do what they were doing that I want to know that what I was doing was the right thing. I'd rather be confused and sat at Harvard than be four hundred percent. Oh yeah yeah. It was just like. I just scared. I never felt like a square pay, so I have a boy well after college. This is where it gets kind of interesting. I thought I well. I still like performing I like doing improv, so I auditioned for summer stock thinking, ok I'll even by the way, is asking you to find summer stock, I'm not a hundred percent sure. What is I know, that's theatres, and sometimes they run for the summer season.
Whatever olive renewing went right so Williamstown, I guess, would be considered summers now. That is a big one right and I'm thinking like I could get into true. Why not amazing you just go. In addition, I edition of the New England Theatre conference additions, which is a giant category. I did the same thing, but I went to Yale. I tried to get into Yale Drum Haddock. Terror I mean it's really good school get. What are you gonna? U marks the best Jimmy. Why you D Williamstown! That's a good idea. whilst also unprepared. What are we gonna do cited alive. We do what they do trade. I wondered auditioning I was terrible. The way all these graduates from the school for the Irish over their headshot. Oh, my god. They know what they're doing they have headshot they had new right there, when you're waiting to audition right you're right out what am I was like an emphasis sixteen bought,
How do you count a bar foresaw? Fourthly, classical contemporary mom? Please I was terrible. I got exactly so. There's a hundred theatre company representatives richest where kids Wiki we went there to hurt or to pain. I just wanted them to only to justify the pain inside. It's a human cost, cutting incremental nodding arable gray. Thank you. So much knew it. I knew I was right. I loving right about how should I am so They are audition and I got it. Call back for something called the Sterling Renaissance festival, but I thought it was Shakespeare in the part where this was before Google will you couldn't even do Shakespeare if you
right, but why couldn't I am- and I could go to Williamstown Aggressivity Shakespeare and make into words- is english words they say allowed so now I totally do it. I got a call back and I thought well, this fund there having as improvise, so there must be an improvised element in it was a brochure I didn't read the brochure and I got the job and I thought I am going away for the summer to do shakespearian park near so I bought my dad's car when I drove six hours, nor to Lake Ontario, whose outside of us we go, and I got there and I realized tat. I was working at a renaissance festival that beds when you realise it yeah I mean I I sort of like oh run, and it's like Shakespeare. In my mind, it was like we're gonna, get up in the middle roads and do Shakespeare for paying audience that and by the way that they very small element of it. That is now. What a Renaissance festival is a Renaissance festival. It had just how familiar you are you have you ever been, I'm just in a sort of like distant
mental condescending way. Where enough near, I can picture it sure you think you can bet, ok, no, not in detail, but its people that new address it's a renaissance and you go act like you're in the renaissance and there's been a beer, maids and nights and things correct, there's a lot of that stuff. But what I also realise that this as an entire new layer of humanity of functional shreds, all private all. As soon as you- and I was confused because I mean everybody was I mean there are people had kids and there were people who made this their life and they were bit nomadic and they would travel the different, that's funny, because you- and I are similar in that like INA there. There are people in mourning more about them now because of my ignorance and judgment that EU that that engage in NEO can be, but usually isn't entirely a healthy fantasy. They there into fantasy shit,
and they go dress up and they do it every year, once Asia will are themselves rare than back in. You know, they're in the cubicle certain, so explain it to me so that these are these people with kids and other people that work on the circuit and a lot of them a very specialised skills are so you're actually part of the employees, and then people come and then there's also people had to be there for the weekend or whatever. Well, they pay to be there for the day right or you can be there for a season. Renaissance festivals run anyway,
between producer is just an audience, it shows up dressed up like a haughty and sometimes does not dress up, but people go for the day. It's almost like a county, fair, ok, but with a theme look here, and there are people that perform in very specialised way, seal see, comedy, shows an vaudevillian type acts, you'll, see, clowning, you'll, see old role, clowning you'll, see, sword swallowing and fire and all kinds of stuff that you don't necessarily see in that setting anywhere else. You know you see a lot of outdoor entertainment, you see jousting really random stuff, but there and then you see craft authors and people whom build and make him do this incredible specialised sword making in diameter.
the whole somewhere. Yes, hammer yes in Seattle, yes, and this is his job and he will take that his supply and go to another fair. Every couple amount for certain people. Now, ignorance sensor, things have shifted to the more authentic. They have permanent jobs. Now a hundred percent they had the men. That's the thing is: if you really want again to the right, if I mean the rent first started as a hippie thing started in the sixties, out moral Canyon, rice spread throughout the country. Read about this and every fair is ultimately the law. They have their own set of rules, so you ve got very authentic fares. We ve got Queen Elizabeth and you ve got very specific members of her court and you ve got a real history. History, barbarous paradise and then you ve got ones that are very fantasy and very, like anything, goes and bring your satire and dress like a storm trooper. Nobody cares and they ve got the comecon element among us and to a certain degree, these fares have to age with that, because of the cross over awe of the people from the renaissance has to have to indulge some contemporary combat
well, it's kind of even when they indulge bill in TED or Marty, Mcfly that I'll make sense of the STAR Trek guys we're just on the holodeck vote. Yes, you know people come to play. That's to me was the biggest impression that I had when I got. There was your job. My job was to help fill out the immersive, interactive entertainment and improve the fair. So I played different character throughout the day and I would do Shakespeare cuttings and I would be the sheriffs daughters of Shakespeare cutting like we would did. We would do pieces Chiesa, but it was not shitless put it. This way wasn't Shakespeare in the park and what I think I was struck by was more a one on one Shakespeare. Well, yeah a little bit, and I mean you what you part of what your job was to us to make everyone feel like they were watered aims. A crowd of people corrects are doing good. Sir wouldst thou give me a bit of change. Never you for those hunger. It is yes, but here's. What I also learned as horrifying is that conveyed to certain people, entertainment existing somewhere between what my
understanding of being in entertainer was your movie star. Your waitress right were in my life or are you were as a very special? I write a stand up right where you are something that made sets. This was an error of entertainment and it was lowbrow or lowbrow low, low cost. Let's say theme park, entertainment, and that was something I just didn't understand was a job that people could have and it was when I first realized I can do impact for a living, that's weird, and that was with that. Looked like too well at that time here and then I went from their work it Disneyworld because there is cross over so wake. You met somebody, the artistic director about the improper shows and the IMF Interactive Improv at the rent asunder. This is to seek interactive improv, it's not like
it's not like gum, it's a little like Colonial Williamsburg, but in a different era right, but you're not doing wrong form heralds or none in at an end and earn, and who does not like that and then that, but the guy who was the artistic director also did all the direction for other shows it Disney in Orlando for the renaissance. For yet so, he would get all of his Disney guys to come up and additional of us since we had the skill set now where we could do immersive improv and they would hire a bunch of ST entertainers for Disney. Now this was no. I wasn't Cinderella this lawyer, Well, they would fill out the thematic areas in the park, so there was M Jim studios at the time down in Orlando, for you moved Orlando. I moved for land over the improv gig Correct and I met with something my parents could understand. She works Disney here. What did she do there? She works Disney. I did interactive street monsieur three thousand street, Miss Vale
They were, they were girls off the bus in how we want to know is why rousing shine the biggest little star in Hollywood. No, we would fill out the streets like nineteen, thirty nine. By the way, this was not the most effective show, because people were really on their way to go, see the Indiana Jones up extent spectacular like that, but where they would hire a little confusing to the kids, I think we're working the grown ups required so get it intolerable, like nineteen, thirty, nine Hollywood, and we would do these original characters and then, for the last part of time that I worked at Disney, I worked at the Improv club they had, they used have pleasure, I
and down in Orlando way? I was like their nighttime entertainment complex and they had a comedy club that did whose line is it anyway style? Improv? That's when you actually came full circle to doing those type of that type of improper a year. I worked suggestion based and suggestion based short form, Improv Wayne. Brady is the goal of think. So I would do three or four shows an eye or for five shows a night five nights a week. Forty minute shows, and if you sucked you got back up again and I learned a work clean, which eventually went very quickly away where New York, but it was quite an educational. How many years is between the run fair in the Disney experience? How many years was a high lived in me? I did. I was about for five years total why Satellites via very unique sort of path is weird Cosette. Eventually,
after two years in Orlando. I thought I'm twenty foreign and living in Orlando or twenty five. I gotta get on your work here. The theme park we ask guy gets its work
had fucker it is. It can be and what's interesting about. Is there so many talented performers that wind up landing there, because they are done with the regional theatre circuit there done being coarsening ways and girls in Iraq where a bigger coverage and vigour they guarantee insurance, they can buy houses, they have decent square. I don't ever wickets town, they built down their celebration. That's a Disney town that super weird and mostly Disney implies that there too, but the other thing sorry cast members on the other thing. That's interesting about my manner that out, I just want to make sure the Disney doesn't condoning being me dead from wherever there watching was already the other way for fear of the Disney their waters. Everybody's watching everybody not look, so nobody cares near the Disney police, the Disney policeman they now Schwartz what they used to call it. But the other thing that was interesting is that you know they have an incredible theatre fringe Festival in Orlando, because there are so many truly talented people that just do their ninety five gigs at the theme park like there
for time and make their health and everything else than their their fringe festivals, insane its alternative and weird and fucked up and says. I remember yes. Yes, I must know how many people in the world I knew were settled documentary, I'm telling you that's what it should be as they were there. Oh yeah, they do every year from the best actors in the world down their Philip Nolan you'll, never know his name outside of Orlando. He is better than the best route, but they am, I moved from there to New York cause. I thought I can't do this for her life here and I had it did. You know John tougher in New York. I think I feel like I did you, so I had his phone number truly written on a piece of paper,
pocket, and I called at the night I moved to New York hard. You know him. He knew some one who worked during the Improv Club directing the improv Clotho. Had he been back and forth a few times, because it was a good short form gig for German, who does that said yeah you should check out Chicago City limits. That's where I used to work. The improper short form improv place in New York, but there's a new company in town and their sort of like really hot right now to go. Take classes with the upright citizens brigade- and this is what year, ninety seven okay. So I went and started taking classes within and Amy in the original crudely up in her first space intolerance, yeah then so I felt very lucky that was my except the space. With the votes for club spacer vows across that was before that yeah yeah I mean I painted the green room in the old Strip Club space, but you're the one in solo arts was up. The rickety
It was a fire fire travelling lately and we re smoke in there I mean there's just its death trap. If it's, I love that sort of like the beginnings of it and how to spread out and have this major influence. And show business, because I remember I was there, I don't think I went to the sorts, maybe once, but I remember when they move to the other space one they used to do the eating yesterday evening, at all the time. So I remember seeing I used to see them airliner resort attention to those weird stand of the thing man right now course now. I remember I mean it was a man go, that was more. My collegiate experience was being there at the beginning. You know with all those all the guys you ve known from that community, were you know I mean we were all on teams together through joined up with them, see what was, how did they take shape? You knew taken clouded glasses and then, at that time there were so few, but it was
Third, the tipping point right: it was under a hundred people's everybody knew each other's nay. Here we all were on teams together and we all were performing regularly and you could get up any day. The weak and I was doing, shows five nights a week and during the improved yeah, but I was, but I was still miss piggish. Thank you. Julia cloud dinner at that the guy's it were like there, everybody rob regular, pass, sheer rob, he'll, bull, Cordery, south, more spine, husky at homes. Remember during stand up and coming back. and I was all those guys and then a lot of the women that have struggled twice as hard for half as much myself down a firm and on a Daniel Schneider, Jessica, Saint Clair Lenin PAR Julie, brisker, Betsy, stoner and the three month, your home. We we were friends from meantime, Mutton Amy's level to really here so from their. Then you stay in New York and then I was in the air for about five and a half years and then
he's getting re teaching by pulling up teaching, and I was getting work and allay now. I got my first pilot: was the Wayne Brady show one of one The inclusion in the duration of the Wayne Brady Show, and then I wonder the best thing I got a job. My first real pilot outside of that was I play day. Foley's wife in this show come what's up Peter funny and was John Merrick HAT and Dave fully in Dave Kirchner in ART and marine and TAT was a big deal. I was so excited and go now now. What's versing went figure on that report? I have a job in show business happier
it might have been a show called happy hour. We shot thirteen and for aired. I thank you. I became a career carriers. O terriers was a great show. People love that show its withdrawn Logue Michael Raymond James and I was the pregnant lawyer and that was fun cause. That's a cool show that was a cool show that everybody was mad, but that was the first one. now? How happy I don't even have a heavy. I wanted to be friends, but it wasn't and to make it now is somehow didn't feel that did you move out earlier on happy hour? No, moved out here when I was almost thirty and dumb or or when I was thirty, and I just like it was time I was just as I thought, gotta go then, did you get married when he got out here a couple years after it can get because, like I'm looking at this in its idea, you you know you just do show up on just about every year one episode of everything, and then you did, but
the Roma and violent every area like you can around with that, for why you don't show you already. I guess, did you do a movie? We didn't know We would what we would do as we would get cast as adieu. Oh and other things so puffy could directed our original pilot with Genji Cohen, producing back in a ten years ago, now ripe for IRAN in Belgium, for Runnin Beverly show for Showtime here that that was a heartbreaker. I thought that was gonna go I mean that was really did this in the lot we did. You know people really responded. There is huge and the gay community here, the jewish serenity, a huge and the people who, like comedy community, you get your arms, yet yours comparisons go fuck yourself, we d never did wonder if we did one temple and it was we bombed because of his basically performing for the exact same people that were set and they like. Why would I understand what it was funny about that I say that all the time terrible no way,
listen. We were saying about house, we I mean we were we're our pine condescend eyes. You can be no. I didn't want to yoke of Jerusalem Syndrome and I had an agent at the time to try to book me a jewish communities. I remember to remember when you're doing it at the west, but but you know it was. It was an interesting path that sort of happened by accident that Show- and it was almost too easy- I felt like we were just kind of ripping on being our parents and others in other committees, and I realized TAT the time. Oh, I guess it's resonating and maybe it doesn't have to be a struggle. It's coming very easily to me why not people liking it today like TAT, and we were also earlier on the podcasting thing for you, no Sir I mean whenever we were here with you. That was like the first year of our podcast, where I think it was two thousand and eleven that so we were the first acquisition from ear wolf that they just pixel
the US up there. I thank you cool up and am we. It became popular because of that which was great and then in twelve years could run worth just your doing. She's gonna show she's on Abbeys Fur NBC over. You know. We creatively, I think, went in different places, friends yeah, so this new thing, which they didn't send me a screen or of oh they didn't I'll, give you the screener. I know enough about it. No that it draws extensively from your run. Fair, finally comes around well yeah. Does you know I mean I'd like I said it was it was. I always felt
as much as I love you see community back in those beginning days and really felt like, I finally had that collegiate experience than ever got. I still felt like there's a part of me that is so earnest and weird and attached to the Fucking Renaissance Festival and attached to Disney and attached to being a miss piggy that didn't thought fucking fit in Burgess or I. But I welcome the fact that you, you know it gives the experience of people that come up. and the improved system? Yet they it's almost like a trade school. You know, so you know by doing what you did in throwing herself into this weirdo land in any kind of like you're, seeing it as a practice. or a career in, and you go to the big time which is Disney anymore, as the limitation of that. In that you know, that's where you kind of formulate the idea that you could be part of the proper show business I really took an unconventional have yet nodded.
Theme park. Work is not proper, showed only reason. It's not worth it. We're not haitian ears very much and it is working. I said a lot of talented people go to to just live and exist and do their job and have security and that, when you say start saying, security in show business. That is the limitation. You know right Bulgaria, you're saying that a certain age and he gets kind of scary, dedicated, arrived to something, and it's been a sort of like a ongoing, came up and down disappointment, Kristen the fact that you as we usually what happens if you get down to a certain lines like I have another skill set, a hundred per cent and I've been saying that,
a really long time, no sign a really wedged in no plan b. This is so what what? What was the birth of this idea? Well, it's a story that have clearly wanted to tell for twenty five years I mean I ever since I went there. I thought American Princess America Princess for lifetime in its the story of a jewish American, like my husband, says, the Jewish, a silent yeah, so jewish Makin princess runs away to the Renaissance festival and again, like I, I I always thought of myself as private Benjamin at the Renaissance festival to me, it was like I don't belong here. I'm the only Rennie with israeli savings bond, supplemented my income like this doesn't make any sense. You got that many of your bondman through oh yeah, worth that mark. At that time I was allowed to touch the mark. I know I'd, I fell mine later they didn't. Do they didn't crew? Much listen! I don't know how much it or I could get them like a couple hundred, but I would like to me that was something, but I was definitely like. I don't think, there's no juice Hitler. This is just not this is this is not one normal people got her,
and so I loved, but I loved it, and so I too story when I did a one person show about. I have some screenplay somewhere. That's a hundred and fifty pages Christopher gas style. It's just a story. I was one of his house and when I had the opportunity to start take her shadow water at the ready eyes, ass, well, ass, a jewish northern enclosure who was in the idle jewish entitled jewish fish, who is supposed to go to college and get a master, was a husband and everything else like all my into brigade here. So I wind up thumb at the red, fair and an eye at its historic anyway. I wanna taking Genji to the Renaissance festival a few times more than a few times over the years and she loved it, and I think she always knew I wanted to do something with it. She wound up having offered couple years into orange. She gets the opportunity to play Tippit something to the history channel. Here she caused me and you want to pitch the run fair thing like whatever the renversing at ashore outcome pitch it they pass on it, but I like a funny,
for us great year later, the executive at the history channel moves over the lifetime here cause Genji and terror and says I think this might be the right place for that show that you came in with that's swordsmen kitten around for years. Yeah, yeah, Genji, producing yeah, Oh, that's, nice. Look we're connected my eyes like Barber Walter, it's kind of like that genetic show visit genetically can wonderful. We both at the same godmother. I love Genji, the ashes, wonderful, an end. So so that's how the shell happened and did she like what you did? Did you want the pitch did, did you have a non paper I mean? Did you have a show? So are you just are you? What are you doing this? Are you can appear? the show honor, you sure you're not gonna, be in it. I'd maybe do academy arrived. But now I am no it no longer in front of the camera. Unless someone invites me to do it and I don't have to go through any kind of dish impress a showroom, preferably I'd like to be a prisoner of patients. I can lie down or being pyjamas food,
you not do any young Keimer work anymore. Really here, you retired from on camera, work. There's someone better than me for everything, I've ever additional. I really believe does not this isn't? Oh, I hate my no I'm Syria adjusted Andrea show. That was no longer so we were ten years ago, so you're tired. Since then, we, since I started show running Yahoo, has time to fuck an audition, nor yet it ok, there are no, I'm not I'm from thirty started doing American Press, ok, guys, I'm an executive produced. I much prefer to be on the side. I, like being a writer. I like finding a writers yeah. I like making decisions like making them quickly and employs relieved her name's Georgia, flood she's, wonderful! She is, I mean it's a hard road fell. We were look.
for a young girl, the Han, not a young me I am golden. So what was the one minor pit? So what what is it? I might have Benjamin at the man s ancestors said it was? It was an upper side, social. I ok. Her wedding goes off the rails, again tat twenty she's, twenty five or twenty six wedding goes off the rails ones. If by mistake arouse such festival stays there to get her shit together. And maybe say longer, who knows, but she yeah it was. I was a tough role, the cat I mean rather unique, so it is in itself, but people constantly like where'd, you get the idea so interested haven't they never have done it Why do I don't like yeah? Well, my life may not the wedding part. Obviously we needed something dramatic to kick off to get there, but the best part is she wonders in and thinks it's just a theme wedding right, so it all make sense in them. I observe that issue
and it's gonna be on lifetime. Now I imagine putting this up in relation to Sunday, nights Sunday, nights in June and undermine I guess, but you can't it's good, sir. I like her, shows it go up weak. as opposed to all at once. He s a conversation a little bit longer. We have a good move forward. Is something trimmings wages, ruining people they turning into a sweep, was weirdos? Why everything all once and then have to sit around for a year? You global, AEGIS, goblet and swallow it and then it's kind of old and then, if they get away the year at least comes back what's heroin and it's like, I need to fix a new show, any new show Anita, I mean, and they don't come back ass. I think I would, I think they wish. It was like that you, it seems to me that the sap part about it is like I still like you know like I find that it knowing John Oliver's going beyond what I waited here. I can sit down. Yes, do the thing and appointment unevenly. I can't have a sense of that. Europe has thus sit down, be like all we're watching. Well with us, it's Rupaul stragglers, but right enough, but like from like some,
wait. You know like knowing that like. If I want to watch. What's the one wet with with the West one a westward, not westward the other S, whereas they want Edward yeah. If I wanna watch Deadwood is what are we to is West Deadwood for girls, I don't know whether either mind I'd seen some pieces of them. Ok, I know, but I hope that we are never going to know who s role is about just from watching that seventy nine, I'm not gonna know what any of more about it but like. If I want to, I can stream at them. Like that's that's what streaming words like. I miss that when it happened, I read. I have a year. I agree, I dont know why. I think who has got the right model because they ll drop like three episodes of the hamleys hell and then only do it. Every other way
see royally hook, didn't like they ve got the happy medium. I rushed that they were all doing not. I think I think I will come back to that. I think a well you, because eventually, networks is gonna tap everybody out there's this can be so many shows it is going to fall through. The crowd is alright. If somebody says you drive by that sounds days like on Gower, where they ve got a giant poster of all their shows are written out, and we have just heard me. It just makes my had hurt thought I care I got sick there. I don't want that. I dont want Netflix pickup American Princess right. Why? What? U turn no the homepage in Africa. That's a lot of homework. I just I for I finally, just give them a little more space. Now I was right. I want is a couple documentaries and we therefore want to document. I love adapted to watch a fuckin John one thing they have up now know. Is it amazing I watched like I was. I had the flu this year and I watched
Icarus and Amy Wine House one, and I watched the neatest Simone and I what I love about this one is like you're just so much of him just being John. I ve never seen before, and I'm just sitting there, my prying and am I I I I I ve realized like. I love that guy and you know it just to see him and I never saw that much of him ever it. I felt to it that was at the Robin, oh yeah, just like all the other centres. Where was this footage one, but it's better now near first is well work. We feel good, I feel go. Ok. Do you feel her temple on how it is no less than on the roof start to finish on every I'm Cooper and when the kid gets older shower? the course of time for the hair, pile good luck with the show, I'm excited to watch it inside and have a screen or banking. We got it and
say hi to your husband, thanks Markdale, not to be afraid of me. I will scan we ruffling. Ok, bye, Ok, Jamie Jumbo, those VON right. I like it engaging cannot like intense heat, intense afterward, Therefore, before Avenue show American princesses airing on lifetime new episode Sunday night at ten nine then show and remember. If you dont know serious exam, then listen up commercial. Free, music passports, thought comedy and news. They have it all and right now you can get your birth three months of serious exam outside the car. for just one dollar, go to serious Exxon. That comes rice. W do you have to see, offer details and to subscribe? That's if, as I our high, U S, exam dotcom, Flash W e F over available you serious exam streaming subscribers serious exam. No car required
he's out with some nice guitar sounds.
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