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Episode 1032 - Stephen Dorff

2019-07-01 | 🔗

Stephen Dorff started acting in movies before he was a teenager, but the sudden and tragic death of his brother made him contemplate leaving the business altogether. Stephen tells Marc why he stuck it out and how he wound up landing one of his most fulfilling roles of his career in True Detective. Stephen talks about the good fortune he’s had in forming relationships with an older generation of actors, like Dennis Hopper, Anjelica Huston and Jack Nicholson, and in working with a variety of great directors, like Michael Mann, Sofia Coppola, Oliver Stone, and John Waters. He also explains why he thought Blade would be the end of his career. This episode is sponsored by the Mailchimp podcast The Jump, Squarespace, and SimpliSafe.

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And the impact that song had on their careers and their lives, listen and subscribe to the jump today available on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get. Your pod casts. All right? Let's do the show em back home. All right. Let's do this! How are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies what the bottom Isms what's happening? It's Mark Marin. This is my podcast w TIA! Welcome to it. I'm back! I'm back in my house I've been away for a couple weeks in the love the country of Canada, which I love I like merits relaxing had a great couple weeks. There worked
the hard didn't get out as much as I want manage to offend an entire city, a little bit with some poetically dark, but not critical comments about a certain element of their town that made national, quick, bade news and just like that, just like a thousand flash points of light? people's brain just set on fire for a minute over one sentence. I was taken out of context. Maybe some people listen to it, but I'm not gonna make any more How about it? I had a lovely time and can maybe I will talk about, will be in a little while, don't know before I get too far ahead of myself here, Stephen door of his on the show. Today I was so far. In blown away by his performance on true detective, I had to talk to him and we are fucking great conversation great. I love the guy, I'm happy to be at my house, I'm happy to get back into some.
Regular schedule, the hours that I was shooting were just killing me and I think they disrupted my entire system. I thought I was getting some sort of the horrendous stomach this there, but I really think it where it had a lot to do with working tool therefore, in the morning, every night and flipping that schedule I dont know, but hopefully I'll feel better I'll, let you know I did hike up the mountain today. I really felt compelled how to get out there had to get up to the top. Had a brief had to listen to some music. How do re engage with the lizards, the abundance of reserves, its very pleasant here. Sand. Was we're having that nice brief two to three weeks a summer right before everything just is on fire, so their speculating pretty. Pretty rough fire season this year. I hope I yet you preparing. However, the one prepares for that, but all that
have we rain, apparently just created a lot more brush, we'll see what happens reside rate higher than its ever been fire season is getting stronger, theirs It's raining, I think wizards in the MID West, but tat it all seems to be connected a mild disruption in the history of the orb. But look we're here we're here today. We're gonna talk to Stephen Dwarf today, not gonna freak out It's like it, it's it's. I don't know if you know that feeling when you're away for a few weeks but and you come home at school it's amazing and overwhelming. At the same time, like that day, the transition from you're, leaving your house to going where you're going and adapting to losing your patterns in you have your few travel patterns and coming back and ring Adrian. What you like patterns, then you have to get all those supplied
it all. The supply levels back up and re engage with that, but I am happy I'm wearing shorts. I will say this. The experience I had in in Canada shooting this film Stardust Was- was really a great one for me, as somebody who is working as an actor, occasionally just a lock in shoot those hours have to be real kind of economical and lean have to show up for work. Can make sure you now those takes. Shooting one too takes in that director Gabriel Ray. Moving on we are allowed to cover and a lot to do. Friends doing an amazing, Bowie nineteen. Seventy, on Bowie, vulnerable kind of insecurity, kind of the not quite formed Bowie. And they were. I think we got a really great dynamic, going to assert the resettlement of sort of a buddy road movie happening in and the results of the two very
personalities, really kind of started to jail and was a great experience. It was great talking to him and you talk and music and video it was generally. It was hideous shoot, but it was very engaged which is a lot better than sitting round that doing nothing so I had. I had the of a really good time and I and I do feel tremendously relaxed in Canada and the people are there. There are very nice any just I I just. I just do right when I write when I fly cross border issues like it. Just it's like I'm not in the air here. It's not in the air. There are more than two million burglaries reported every year. That's one every thirteen seconds folks, but what's crazy. Is only one in five homes have homes security. Maybe that's because most companies really dont make it easy look. I know how it feels folks, sometimes when things are complicated and confusing and expand
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who man I I literally swept for about an hour or on the plane is very interesting. I'm sit next to a guy I and any reason to his own world and come my own world both listening to music? He seems pretty intense, he's, listen in this music Scarlatti thoughts. Goin on were both kinds napping across the aisle theirs. Some guy reading, Willie Nelson's autobiography and end the cover that book is Willie with one those it's a portrait of Willie Annie you just looking up and his shot in a way that he's always workaday knows paintings at are always looking at you. While the face of Willie Nelson from across the aisle was always working. Me and I guess always looking at anybody who was walking by and I swear at some point. The guy sit next to me looked over an and actually acknowledged with a head nod and waved Willie's face, I'm pretty sure- and I don't think that's a negative
thing a thousand interesting thing. You have moments. Why wouldn't you? Why would ease listening to music and then about an hour before the flight lands. You know he yo, he we decide. We start, How can you guys that he knows who I am and they tell me who he is and it Scott Cooper and these are amazing, film director and we just started and about movies. But you know you he is thinking man easy, you know is his mind and young. Will you look at em? Maybe at a moment words like AIR Willie. You know it's a thanks man that maybe just a sort of like that you really in a general way put it out into the ether which there's a real good chance that www pick that up he had knowing Willie it's possible, but it was as it was this guy Scott Cooper who directed at black mass? He directed their hostels? He directed crazy heart, but you know he's like deep guide should start movies where nice chat I gotta get on the show itself,
when I told them later recognize me without my moustache, and I wouldn't have recognized him and initially He was just a guy that that seem did not and wave at the cover of a book from across the way, but every change when we started talking, but he still lack. I think I asked him then I'll ask em, affects them. I'll, ask em right now, asking publicly which could go, either way on finding. When you talk publicly can go either way, and I guess I can address it a little bit. I guess because I did not. I had a very interesting and you know, fought full time in Hamilton Ontario, and I feel that the press, the canadian press misrepresented, or maybe it was just a quick bay because they did put the click of they did put the the bid up there that I bed as as negative, and I dont I'd in retrospect. I do not think it was. I just don't and I thought it was bracing an honest. That's what I'm going to say
for now, and then I'm gonna think for a few minutes. As I talk about this, I mentioned earlier response today by square space in squares bases responsible for giving millions of people the power to turn their dream, into reality from restaurant owners to our this designers, lawyers even pod castors whatever, doing you can show it off with square space. Maybe it's a new business or maybe you're, just looking for an easier way to sell the stuff. You make square space The tool to use to make a website using beautiful templates created by world class designers, you can customize just about anything with a few clicks square spaces. All the e commerce options you need to sell stuff and you get real time analytics to help. You grow your site, all square sites. I too, on mobile and there's nothing to patch of great ever just check out deputy pod dotcom? If you want to see an example of the site, powered by square space had disgraced based outcomes Rash W yet for a free trial and when you are ready to launch use the Africa W E F to save ten percent off your first purchase
website or domain that squares based on compromise. W e f offer Code, w e f. Yes, I think so when an American says something abroad that it tends to a the resonate in a way that you know it is different. It just like who the fuck is this outsider, you, mother, fuck, I get it, I get it man there certainly, lot of cities in America that are not unlike Hamilton, in that they were once great industrial centres and knave. Since that history has moved on and what is left is usually generational poverty of drug addiction destitution desolation. You know I am industrial garbage. And I urge you and I understand I in any other cities, I love and I
and we didn't mean to word to be sort of insensitive to the struggles of a city. That's in opposition in any country and we even here now lay in the year we have an always a constant escalating real estate market with an influx of a new people coming in pushing people out in we have- ten cities along the highways and a year one downtown, but the issue really was that I didn't really know much Bout Hamilton in I was staying downtown and I saw what I saw in it was. It was sad but the exciting, and I knew there had to be sums city promised, but I didn't I really you're coming into that you sort of Europe against this sort of the new style Jake Civic pride that day is is sort of yo, reluctantly or not so reluctantly yo.
Aligned with an aggressive. Your rebranding of the city, you meant is an invitation to new investment that might change the make up of the city I does not necessarily solve endemic issues of poverty or waste by guest. If you just believe in the re, you can romantic as the marginalization of large junk your population, but the city is a beautiful city at nice time, they're nice people and you know, there's not. Is there not? Unlike other parts of Canada, there doesn't seem to be the menace that there is in America and in that might be just because in it?
and we'll send. Scandal may treat their their poor better or or that she is not the way that goes there, but I do. I love Canada and I do feel relax there and I did have a nice time and if my dark poetry, that was not critical but engaged bothered you. I hope you feel that I've balance it out, because I did have a nice nice bowl with a keen LA sweet, potatoes, some kale and in some areas in it with a nice teeny dressing, a place called democracy and down there are no, I think, watch street. Is it and I did have an another nicer sort of raw based a ball. Another place called Green bar the new one down unlock streets. I see the movement and and there's a lot of beautiful little homes here, but man Stan and a few miles out. A drive to go to base camp
was wild, wild and sad, but the on the other side town, the balls were nice new homes were nice, seem to be nice greenery next time, hence the waterfalls hitherto I've beautiful waterfalls, I will do that in other news. Sort of trust. Our com is where you can find all the dates and theatres for the movie sword. Death of asked that the movies killing with audiences. I do hope you get to see it all my upcoming through her dates, including turkey. Until September I'll, be the Montreal just for last festival, I'm coming into a rally soon, and I've got Detroit on the docket, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Portland, Oregon, ass. Will Washington D C all in a more dates. If you go to deputy pod dotcom swash toward their there, and
that's what I thought. I wanna await your means even dwarf. I think it's just I'm so glad I talked to him the true detective, all episodes of the season through a true detective or available on all HBO platforms, and this is me talking to us even door. So he became a new measure. Nice guy got like good, like nine good ones. Now, like like a nice pocket knife and I got a butterfly I gotta- do not do the butter fine idea, oh yeah, the other little before around Gallo low time on your aunt Actually, no even busy do I do throw knives do have. You are never taken night, fighting no clear
Why do I know you're in a movie called blade by debt dim require anything of the night, but I thought I'd like a sword and that we had with sword play but see I do there yet to learn how to do that. Yeah, just parted Job choreography, still sort out its again. The aim is around. They brought the sword. Guy on you did everyone. I do it S. Sword. Guy comes in with the martial arts expert on you learn, and then they learn by dead, but some guys are the night fight like there's a whole thing to it. Sure I mean I know a guy. Like knows you know, Brian Cowen dinner Brian Cowen he's a comic another name. The eye is kind of you knows when those duties it does do shit and you got a friend he's nice guy. We're just talk about it. You know that The guys are really know how to be nice guys they can take you out like a second area. They know where to carry it through. Your tendons stop work exactly like the shift, shit and in jail.
The out at the Vienna. They make attitude for reasons that I mean like you can, but he might not come you, but he can t, can make your arms stop. Working here knows where it caused knows exactly the spa, scary, she's. So let's go out, smoking still go I don't like it's weird like, as I know that you got some shit on me for at that advertisements by I've been on nicotine lozenges for a decade. How are those their great where they look like they look like men stood it's gonna like an electronic signature by the mint. It's like the gum. Instead of the gum it yeah, but like you, get a little more control over it than the gum, because the Gummy just end up to and I'll fuck and day whether it's got nicotine or not. When these things are gone, like you talkin, like I got dip this guy suck out on this for milligrams. In there I mean it, all day with how long you been doing there a long time have you got. Where can you buy the visa I get one greens brand cinnamon for milligrams nicotine losses with a try. We
because, like I think it's time, I just have my chest x, ray you're, my annual, my physical or not for movies, Yannick, MIKE out a real one year onwards, like I feel- and I hear you go- and I cannot doubt sign here if I could be dying in the artist ensure this huge production now, but yet my doctor, which I do every year and our work, liquor U S problems now I never had any like now now yet Nazism that was written about about me, that's it at emphysema, but I dont Cindy atoms in New York. I mention that in an article on I was like thank City. I hear about a thousand emphysema, Alec Baldwin, I'd, never mad, and he called me a fairer share. Detective and he was really sweet, honour, randomly call my ages. My agents thought it was not our power, those like a fake but then realize that
M and we did the number game and he called me and then he likes, you have emphysema and unlike now I don't have. What are you talking? I'm not that I know of him. I guess I would know or another the first you heard about that it while yet I remembered after world Trade Center, this movie, I worked on good movie ere. I played Scott Strauss, the guy that saved them came into the rebel use it. Yes, you were a great great guy got to know him in his and his family, and I remember it. The premier the next morning. I steal your in Cindy atoms column online, I read it and said I had emphysema was like what the now I don't say it is things to say whatever FUCK, you, I thought and its on your wikipedia- is it I think so that either you may have seen his AMOS cries. I should get that changed. I don't know how you do that to you. I don't know, do you call up Wikipedia just column say: hey Stephen Door,
you're wrong methods. I think you can go added it. I think that I can. I think our votes gave guided. Do it you get someone to figure it out. You, I gotta, unless you got no more time on your hammer, right amateur, remember that so you down in Malibu here, that. Therefore, with fourteen there's another. I grew up in Hollywood and, like lived in the hills, everywhere lived in the valley? Really you got up here in the past as a baby I was born in Georgia, and Atlantic is my dad was going to college in Athens, universes mergers. My mom was visiting him there from New York that they were happy. They had me. They met in an elevator New York, but then my mom was visiting my dad living with him finishing college. While he was finished cod, they had me in- and I moved to the valley To hunger Avenue the idea sitting in an apartment when I was three months old boy, so
met in New York where they were they from. Therefore acquaints Forest still love. You ve learned from Queen the method in an advertising agency, elevator wells, rich Green, which was big in the seventies. I guess I would never think you're like a queen guy now ass, where my my family are genetically queens quaint. So you grew up with people in queens, not real exit up until now? I know you now grandparents or he I ran clarency. Am I grant my damage? Grandpa, my mom side was the head. The head policemen achieve stadium said this incredible: baseboard baseball guard collection from him left to me like pictures like he has a kid him with him with me. I know him when I guarantee you still got em. I still got a bunch of stuff and storage, our east of storage. I still get a storage in our shit. How had that forever and it's getting bigger and bigger and costs, more. I mean he's I'll put stuff any idea when I wish we were made Do the Tec allows in? I was in
Arkansas Freight seven months and I am got really into America's am I wrong? Maybe cause but I got really into taxidermy, so I bought a bare about an Arkansas Bear like six a standing bared ending there. That I have is that a black bears a black bear, not a grizzly bear by October awesome S and scary, the cool again, and then I got this incredible. Buffalo had that about Water Buffalo head like the war We hang on the wall, the air, but it's big. It's like a spacious, yeah yeah, it's their self pleasure Hughes and my storage? Basically, since that yeah has gotten pretty you by any other animals. Not I was it, I'm not a big hunter either. I don't believe in killing animals, but I got into taxidermy being, I think in them, in the middle of it
never had stayed America at an early age by and also because I bought this barn recently about a farm outside Nashville, which I plan to make my my little. A retreat outside of a lady. I work where I could just gonna go in. She'll, and when did you get that I bought it right after to detect it also avenue din. Yet yet news come on new projects on it all those animals or think you're gonna go out there that there on the wall and in the barn ethics, as are the only structure on the land, is a barn? Is a barn and a main house which, out as a main house, ass a school in these little work of art is the project, That's what I want to make into like a real Why do the Earl and like music? yeah pool and people on the bar, no, not a pool. I gotta pull data. We need to put a fool and see and do a giant me you go man, cave barn kind of air. That's the plant kind of- and I think, spending last year and a half in the south value added to this year,
fantasy world also just dioxide real reasons to buy it. And and I can about it. For my brother, my who passed away in a couple years ago, my little brother lived in Nashville, raising songwriter, and I would happen to him her tragic accident, what do you call my life here is on a vacation? Yes, I was pretty much gonna two years ago I was sir you can move out there to get behind him, I was just now. I was gonna when this happened. I was gonna, get a patent, I wanted to get out a mile below wanted a color when he passed him. Yet I really want to act anymore. Anyone do anyway, I discard breaking out in a pretty bombed outside and now and then a year to his passing, which was very weird, my brother content. To really think things happen to me and my father would obviously had a very rough time. Losing andrew- and here I think, is it
Aren't you don't ever want to have to bear your son, rather than what you want me any waste yeah do amazing things happened in. I was given this credible part of London through the town my dad got it the songwriting Hall of Fame and New York, which was always his dream. So my brother color touched as both on his year anniversary to the day it was pretty gnarly, good and bad yeah outside I was ever induct my dad into the sunlight, a hollow fame, and that was a beautiful night, where I got to write a speech and I shoot and should attack them at the time it was able to get out there. Let me out for a couple days. I went to New York and give this speech for my dad and talk. My brother in is pretty awesome. It was it is the sibling, yeah, is my: I have to have sisters that my dad had later but yeah. It's just me and my brother ass heartbreaking. Do sorry man here with your dirty
Thank you. We would already lost my mom like twelve years ago, so kind of where they married so now but I was rural, real, tight, ass, a family. I came from this really tight knit family for a kid, grew up and lay down with as a son of a songwriter which was in the background, but at the same time went to school with always moving the kids in Algeria and Rich give yes, it was very weird. Was he hits well yeah? I may, when Abies first, when we were living in this little apartment,. Onto hunger, avenue, and I was born in The three may add wrote every which way but loose from Clearly the movie here Eddie Rabbit answer. My dad got him. It's mine and he rode through the years by Kenny Rogers. He wrote some categories it answered. The big standards is he's had like. I think, thirty. Thirty seven number once why now little brother while country pretty
I shall in moral haggard. We know which one Coca COLA cowboy was. He is country guy that really it was just a real ages- got him with those artists, and once he got in with a clan fell out of those movies were very country friendly and you did can all those getting with blank Campbell and start a right. They did a lot for George Straight Road, all his it's really big vehicles. This guy, Queens Deanna little dire dioxin, piano, upright leaders like you, know little jewish Jewish use. Guy right in the country had married a catholic girl, my mom, whose just our mom and wish the italian or area had a diameter and die in polish. While I like this directive that day the Jews
like a damage you, but I can only find out stuff like most of the Marvel Universe was created by jewish writers brow. I just thought it might be that I'll see that so do I keep him entertains or they'll kill us so so, when you grow up, like in the valley, initially the air we breathe jewish, it are not really. It was kind of a weird. They are my family as it was that real, my dad side of the family, my grandparents on that site, Ria There was a little of that weirdness like attention idea. Marietta was some tension there. Really here I was some more they really jewish yeah. They were really doing there was that pressure, but then my mom, what kind of want us to go to church and look here I mean Andrew, you know it on Easter Sunday, you're gonna did the catholic thing for my mom right, but we were not at all
said very heavy religious home here, but there was no pressure for me to get a bump. Gotta have a permits. Fur! Oh yeah. I ended up learning some Hebrew. When I went to Israel, I made a movie in TEL Aviv which movie with their little moving they too, which was there, was good if you want the runner uprisen Toronto, unlike two thousand twelve, would you play but an israeli jet pie an area in the eighties- and I like it almost like a foreign film, but it was done an English, but then some Hebrew produced by the people that the king speech do. I do really acts idea how terrible it now, but I mean that a quota baroque, a sham money. I learned some share. The hawaiian Jerusalem eyewear floated in the dead Sea emanate a blast furnace. It is its intense country, intense, intense drinkers there, oh yeah Jesus. They would always like offer me every time you hear the word chaser he. I expect a shot, that's as big as this glass
I stay and they like there s a round. I guess this eleven for every day. For sure yeah I mean they really made. Some sort of a waste is out there outside, adjust the history just a farm land in every. I cannot go it's insane our manufacturing. We dug it out there with the best restaurants of every really area. People were amazing. I'd love to go back and been backbone like because we should get before the end times, is gonna go now, let's go there and the annexed bad guy get over there that from Israel everyday end of days by a gallon of the analysis of the final the final dispatches planet earth from Israel and how it happened. So when did you so where'd you go to school with eyes, movie star kids at the time. I think my mom didn't want me and pride in print public schools and and where we were live and work and eleven in the valley, and I went to one public school, the country school. Kindergarten near and I went to a school- that's very
your friendly now, but wasn't when I went there School Campbell Hall since, like steel, the city, the Hollywood. I know that differently now just cause. I've had to go back there for other jobs like when I did the other this film of as on, where as item over hanky ad hoc, her up I'll fanning at school one day- and I was my exercises us try to make my scar smell, ride a picture. The seat belts worked, make sure he really had to pick her up with. Yet I was so happy is exercised. Today was amazing. I had three hours were there. We went to color me mine, we made pottery, it was like our bonding time and it was perfect for me. They have to. Get into that zone without really doing anything just drive over there we're going back to the school that I went to that. I was kind ass to leave from to pick up this young awesome. Actress too then take. Her to get yogurt and then color me mine, and then you will report back to our chief to Sophia in stock. How is the day- and I tell her what we did
We give her the pottery the next day and is that without an unequal request for a directive to have exercises the Abbe Mina, normally it's more straightforward rehearsal you meet in a room and directors different puts a fear. Was such a special, unique movie experiences I felt like a normal movie. It felt like we were this intimate little team. You have me, do really interesting exercises in the beginning, like just pick up from school and spend a couple hours, and then you have to get back to her parents out Alatas address and it was like a kid. I was my responsibility, so in doing that, when it just the two of us, there's no directors, steady rise, it's our memory! It's our time right. The questions we feel like asking them in owed she'd have me do something like I go to a fake dinner, but really dinner with l and while I was playing your wife and just pretend that its ten years before your first year, Your first movie in Hollywood and you're having dinner at the chateau Mama just have dinner.
And I'll pay the bill, but just have a normal dinner in la characters. Just talking and- and and this is like by doing that and a weird way come back three days later. You come to do a scene. We already have this long dinners Emily vertical experience, this weird Why are you our improv, while it's kind of cool and I love working with her she's, been on your show? I think my Sophia yeah yeah. It was ok yeah, oh dear, I think she's great great lady- and I, like I movie, I thought- was really great: she enemies able to create a am a like a town Did I we layer, pictures and me always absolutely calling somewhere? Oh yeah, for some reason like when I saw it Pardon me that was sort of I took eight It is a documentary, unlike the doors, all right,
I guess I do my mind and why seen him in a while and in anything, so this prize is pretty close to his life, but it was it wasn't. Really I mean it was gonna Johnny, Marco's Conover. I would ask the FEAR cinema plant somebody or am I am I play I myself am I Iraq is I'm an act of reactor most of my life and she said I just. I wrote it with a bland but you're really the embodiment of what I wanted to be. Don't play Stephen. Dont Livin Malibu. She said because I don't want you tat in the healthy and in the ocean. I want you pasty and hung over and I want you living in the chateau. The way you would, if you weren't a darker period of your life, I said she the pay me to live at the chateau and get is that every night and just do my thank her she's pretty much has, is, and always money was. I was in a healthy place in my life and then I was like my
I was to go the opposite to be one thing: if I was down and right and dirty when she wanted me as I gotta get to walk into this, but it was like. I was kind of inner health his own eating health lawyer up early hour, yanking value. They always like gushing waves, the Agora. I got through is a bit like I like training costs, and it's funny you mentioned locally. I'm really at the end of my Europe. I think I'm getting to that point. Worst you'd Emmy, it's like as much as I loved it. You know I mean I've and smoked in like a long time right, but I can't get off the fuckin nicotine. If I do shit just gets to board, Guess I I I've been sober a long time and so that's gone and I've got not everything he does gotta have some, yet you don't want it to be food now or fucking yeah, maybe a year to all right. You know you can you can we were idea? It's it's not what else could it be? Besides? I've never been a gambler showing I do that. That's is down,
is downright love. It I've gotta love similar blackjack table with with it. You know what it is, the dumbest they don't like. You just know winning and then Nicky I don't know. I guess. I think that in order to really get that bug you gotta have he a better lotta money, one a lot of money. At some point we had to see you at least hit the high and left on your plane, fuckin ten dollar, twenty five, our hands of black jack all night. You think you're, U immigration and that was the whole nights gone and then you all that you ve laws the end of the night. Even if you had your ups, your daddy, you may be one twenty bucks you by granting the right a waste of twelve, now only add three hours before you around four hundred and you walk away with twenty and be like. Why didn't I miss the liner Richie show up. I missed the fuckin this delay. Twelve. If you say I don't like, I think the most I've lost is like eight or nine hundred bucks, and am I that's stupid- am I doing anymore but like, but he ever the knee.
Between? I don't know, maybe there's parting, I'm gonna pick those up on my way home and I fight you quit over those eminent. Thank you forever now, Aaron one think that's the thing but these like, as opposed to do in the baby stuff, is like it gets. You have a habit of the thing because I don't think you like I like. I don't do that anymore. Guy I've to smoke, one among the shore among Doyle. I got it. I got a smoke. Those fake cigarette is a fucking Knighton. Ah a terrible took as when you need one you when you, when you kind of ass if they break. So you know Saviour of smoking is a terrible with those herbals like this great stories and funny shit with me and my Herschel in that car is so much of us as in that car talking should ensure you tat. You are rife welcome to the he's. Welcome, but will you know now it's legal? I may have to honest stage which we do a lot of those car. Seeing the answer detective, you you have to smoke the herbals right outside our smoke, real cigarette writer, but our onstage am smoke in the early
and the gag rule at the rap parties at a gag rule of literally every scene where the windows, cracked and it's a fucking, great great rhythm. With this tough line and the cigarette there's no become a back from that it has its like wrote back. Yet there was another one: we're Mercer doesn't smoke anyway, so you know he's trying to ease. Then everything is doing a good job, but he drops the sick It's an outer cherries under about Miss Vernon, I'm like I gotta I gotta as they had all these moments. The gag rule of his chief, just like fire and smoked, get in my eye all the time Wurzel herbals it on our smoke is like a regular go in your eyes. I dont know what it is and how is it not fucking bad for you likely rural smoke and those on set by smells like bad. We does. It smells like bad we'd, but it's gotta be burning your lungs gotTA, Campi Goodenough well, that was a thing when I watched her true detective, because I have watched one since I think I watched a first seas and second one I didn't lock into yeah and but then I turn
the new one on and I'm watching. What He says they Marcia Mercer have any, unlike who the fuck is that other guy, you really good. I don't think I've ever seen before in them, like Fuckin Stephen door of what the fuck do. I get so good houses that you so fucking good, there's somebody semi attack stirred a twitter though they actually all about. You know. People pay attention arc amount is like that's a good thing and everybody was, I guess, that's fucking, good alleys. People start Khan, while really people nice people, like I mentioned Alec, bobbing up, saying nice, those houses they while it makes you feel good, I mean Nick Nick. Is a lot o gave me just such an isn't role in Ireland? I played a lot of things, but I just love that Rome Roland somebody said TAT. It was a very funny to eat. Someone said you were like a young old Jack Nicholson, when I'm old, I heard they allow cigarettes for I loaded, A cohesive is an old buddy of mine too, that I met Angelica, because I was again
care to our wasn't that yeah, but I was so twenty two and I met. I did have a terrible movie with Dennis Harper, which one arm movie called space truckers will replace like teamsters and space travel around frozen pigs is Stuart Gourd. Who did honey. I strike the kid is just this weird thirty million dollars sigh five and they got Dennis to doing independent movie and ass a reason I did it for me a Dennis. Go with Ireland where we shot the CIA smoothly, and Debbie Maser was then. I was, of course, I have some good people and right anyway, denizen I her off great- and I was I guess at the time I was up for this sum. Bob rifles and movie with Jack of blood and wine, which was Jennifer Lopez's first movie, was Michael Kane. Coming back, Acta and really great star. He s really cool. I really. That Meriti movie you'd like it, But yes, anyway, Dennis I couldn't meat when you, when you're up for a movie with Jack you have to come out,
but she knew the directors choice. You have a kind of go meet the man the Associated get through that you gotta go address, place yea. I go out you know, so if your great commitment is good as it gets, you gotta go and do the dance which I cannot go, have a coffee, what it whatever. I was unable to do it because I'm doing space trackers and Ireland so Dennis vouch for me, and I the part and I ended up and go straight to Miami, do a table reading and I met Jack and after the movie we became friends with during the movie in any still been such a loyal friends awaited his dad. Will the smartest do that ever met and I met Angelica threw him a map met really from this on. I met all these interesting amazing actors that I then harry. I did that three ass movie did you stay? I type Dennis yeah bigtime mean that guy was the best smelling man, I've ever I'm not gay, but the eyes ass. He smells good. I always tell him I'll be like God, how do you smell so good and what he said he to assist his mix of color
own herself. Add on. I wanted to go to the bathroom just watching it put it on like. Do you just smell, so good now, in the end, these just seems an awesome person. I love his creativity and yet he was photos and who have met. Address Shea threw him. I met such great, interesting artist that are still my friends, you know, and so, like I even I had an easy rider poster that I asked Denison Jack, sign for me. I never really New Peter Fond Ass. I never asked him, but I ask those too and they sign in and Denis signatures faded a little bit in the sun, but it says a dwarf smart. Dedicated demanding. You did me, proud, hop, yeah and then Jack wrote dwarf with one f. They call for the recommendation you did me proud
or something I don't know Savannah just like. I still can't get Peter I've talked to pee had already to give Peter on over just assigned the poster am a fag, as is that I know the other two so well, You tell you still talk to Jack yeah. Haven't since I've been home. I actually o o o call your right back in with them. I hope take some here thinks I guess I'm Messina with the Oscars I can watch you ask your Saint Maur without arable without his face, is eaten up front Jesse Omega, there's no credibility, somethin, I guess all new generation I mean. I don't know the obvious to me- seemed now like dancing with the stars so flat adjust. It seems like an episode of voice and others. Weird stuff go, and I just a community so did lost its mojo, something it's not worth. It doesn't feel like everyone's once over is too many award chose to use the money. I worry Chauvelin everybody so control like there's so much public every it's all very trend.
Parent. Whatever one goes through to get an Oscar to prepare for the Oscar, it just is big cell a thing you know it doesn't feel like a like you know, when I was a kid watch, him needs. It was like royalty, like Bob Evans and more stability in jail, guy, like I laughed in the face by this guy, that did not look like a we was. I went to a birthday it up it jack small little gallery. I was like in a one in a net and here the other ok, I get slap in the face really hard by a dude with white hair and- and I look oh, it was Joe patchy and he's like ta We always talk about you when we're golf and stuff you at all. They wanted to do this movie, I'm not doing it, I'm not the one. I don't quit and fuck this town and, unlike Joe, that really hurt and Anne and he's like act like you could take a kid. We love you. We love you Dorothy at it now and I was like had I met a joke, I love, but they fuck it a mail. He did get out kind of guinea
well nobody. The movie he was talking about was, I think, this new square says you wanna that he felt a million. I would add that the irish manner whenever Netflix thanks guess he was either holding firm at that point, but he's funny like his eye, ever body. They all want me and I'm not doing it. I'm not doing anything. Am I to go might well. Maybe you should get out you're, pretty awesome in that the recent major. Maybe that's exactly what you should do, not an agent banya Camacho. I dislike it, sir, it's it's it's it's. A great thing that you gotta know of is that generation of that's gotta, be honest. That's been my my most fun and I think the things that I take away, the most of purely like from the experience of sometimes it really working and clicking react like what what may my her sure yeah had to play with on that going through three decades. It is amazing, made me love acting again, but then the moments that
I take away. Aren't there how much a hit movie made this? It's really those relationships, it's like being able to count those guys and also as I get they're losing a lot of those guys. So here for me it, Sir, that was how I and what I do for a living. I will learn from those guys really learned from the outlined, for I say I always say that acting school I went to was the Basque, as I worked with the real guys from Jack to Harvey Cartel to those directors from. Rifles and Michael Man, Oliver Stone. You know too Sophia too. You know too well, I'm the photo in or to those those guys that possible. Active screwing, go to when did you like? When did you start doing it when you're, like fifteen or something act here, the guy doing your mom and the business, my mama's restore mom. I was writing. Countryside tat was right now these four concise pop to Works, Whitney Houston anywhere to Celine d on in all the devious, barbarous dry sand. So you
What kind of on the on the Euro is different zone of show business, but it was in the house by famous people come through my dad studio, Kind Some of you have a studio here, the how the act my dad had have is set up, and so he, the aim of these people, come over like what he got, what he. Have you any subsidy? If you get it, I need a theme song for this tv show an arrow, a rights, the theme song in fifteen minutes and it becomes the theme signed, a growing pains which we all grew up with. You know like goes on for ten years, so it all right for himself and my daddy good air divorce surfing. I don't buy that yeah twice, but he did well in his cell will do when they do your parents I was older. I was ninety. However, don't move in England, they're gonna call beetles movie. I was a big break for you. There was a big movie. I remember I remember seeing your great in it with interesting angle on the Beatles airs. Like cool story,
I certainly do yes do Sutcliffe and Astrid and look on early air day how awesome aren't I mean it was weird when I first got my first couple: serious film: power. One and back the they're both to play English guys in Ohio, English, south african world. Partly in that in back and all those great english act. In my category. We're just come up the Jude Laws, you and me Gregory and stuff, but they weren't gettin the parts in early on in the new year. Little like it, like, I think, a year, some now yeah, but they are all up for all these rules, but I have given these english program like Warm American. Am I work in a play? My always somebody will my voice and not have to have a dialogue coach, you know and finally, those guys to get another rolls, and I started Latin America's. Would you But how old were you then, like so that I was like seventeen when I did power one? I was nineteen, I think when I did back be and like on forty Now? How do you like? The had you studied acting now? I was basically found in that in
school at a low. I went to this little love. I was found by the civil commercial agent lady. He said ass. My mom, if I gotta commercials me I'm gonna set, is that something you wanna do Stephen and I said, yeah. It's something I want to do because I've been my dad on some sat right. I saw kids on the set on a school on the said, Nora, like that. This is what I want. I want to be with adults, and I don't want to be in these private schools. I didn't have a great schooling experience in LOS Angeles. I never had a teacher that really found that curve. Why did he kicked out of their camp? Wasn't that I was like expelled. It was more just like I was asked politely. My mom did not have him come back and I haven't immunity for being smart ass. Yes, smart ask a cloud the leaving for three weeks. If I got it, again coming back would set the wrong tat for the other kids rife, whereas now take the let anybody was on a series into their school care given their books, they added.
Though actor friendly by then they weren't, then I went to school funding for called the Bell Airport which was not in Bel air. It was like by tower records of Holloway nonsense, yeah West Hollywood. May I call it Bel air prep, which I never unjust Edit Jason Bateman went there and I went there. Would you we were kind of in seventh eighth grade? Together we were the valley. Kids. We took this ban to over the hill. On this score. Take em, Bulgaria, Yellow Van. Would pick up the valley kid yeah, so go over there and I remember going to school there, and then I ultimately got my diploma on the power of one in Africa where they sent it to me, I got it in a fair access, something another love. Some view p I realise that gradually high school, I got it from a school called Montclair prep here, which was a private skinny literacy. Now it was, it was in It is in the vat, but they were just like the head. Master was just like. I don't care if you act. If you play football, come to us,
we'll give you what every any outside he was like. It was awesome So I have my teacher, my private tutor and then I got my work from there and I blah blah blah game. I gather divide Gama Diploma and I was about to go to college before I got that move I couldn't get a movie, so I auditioned for always theatre screening like you just our doing commercials when you are again commercials and that I did this horror movie, that allowed a sigh fight, horror, people, love, the gate side and know what acting website called movie here did really well and my people, I turn to you, know like their worship. That's all they talk about. You are in the I've done three decades of other movies, but though always mentioned the gate that that's the one for the way you like sixteen. I would not like twelve with well that had a bull hair cut. My grandma came with. I was up there for like six weeks in Canada, and I was like
The school I'd have to scream and cheat rockets into demons. This is every year that guy a gay itself, but it so really just learned on the job it pretty much you know, and then it was really like kind at once. I get it like. I got it some tea. These things I got on Roseanne. I play the boy friend I did. The couple sees junk Goodman of start. No, I get my realise what theatrical acting was is opposed. Just come you and by doing three camera stuff, We are learning mad, then learning film of getting you know. You know getting a lot of attention on auditions, but not getting just callbacks, but does not thing that role here. Finally, John Appleton who's, not with us anymore, but who had direct alot of films. I grew up watching like round Roddy, kids, and he was doing this axing movie in Africa, Big balkan, big production Warner brothers, and I was this unknown guy, but I was in the ring learning fighting training for this guy. Who was
a man the edge and really made me work and finally, give me the part and now power of one here and now big change. I was the big, but I was I took me on a year journey to Africa, London work and we're on give good Morgan Freeman. It was like wow. This is the shit and you just like that. In the end, then, you haven't really stop working sense and I've had some fits in LOS here and there and I've had a weird career. You know I've always been said, the directors of the ones that have come I saved me because when we have the icy there's a lot of movies here, but I don't know out of them yet it was spreading. String where I was getting paid doing movies that approach in the damn you know when it will. Who decides that I mean Are you get what you get? What you get offered right in? Oh, I guess, but business somebody's goes to guide me vision. Do this once yeah, but I do I tend to like to spend money I should like to make it it's not that it's the end all, but I do like to the worst thing about
as you know, what you're making is never gonna be great here, which is not a great feeling right. That's like use no review knowing this is gonna, be out. It's no matter What I do I if I'm fuckin, Marlon Branda it don't matter because we're never gonna have the right equipment cause. We took all the money. And I have a sound mammoth- does it is never recorded? Sound- is never gonna work so like a, but I would but with the great thing about it is when I would do those movies you were, like maybe I'd, say I've of a matter. My whole reza right. I had great people with me that I got to work so would I be like Bob asked, This was in one that I did in Budapest that you ve never heard of called DEN of Lions IA by into orbit Bob Oskinson moroccan awesome. You knew it was a piece of shit, but who is at least at least I got to work with him before he passed. You know I did another one like cog, fear that com. Something when rice like it entered
killing movie that I had to work like Natasha, Makko, Honan, Stephen RE, really cool actors in us, like I never was like in the middle of it, the worst six. It's with nobody. I always kind I went with the team right of we kind of new, we weren't gonna be making gone with the wind or something so so those movies you idea it sort of like you're getting paid for an education does. He know going in that are like now was easier. As usually those movies have directors that you know that the key element that you should decide, I think, as an actor is your first. Your first thing is is what's on the page sunrise whose directing third as well, you can act with fear and those for me, the most important thing, you know you basically going the opposite. You saying that's what I'm making great? What about all these other things? Oh, I don't care, I guess, although I do care who I'm acting went right, the director part is the one that kind of you and when you're, on a set for those movies, you you find that most of the other actors no adds up to a year in any
the others who have any of the other website, where you do in a big movie, that's a big studio movie is probably gonna, make a shit down a money. The idea big here and I'm working with John Hurt, but I just didn't, like the experience call immortals yeah, I'm on a green screen for five months and it is but was not really doing on us all dude naked with ads everywhere, and it's not sexy and it's boring and hits his. I wanted to kill my in working with hurriedly didn't make I lowered with her, and we had a couple drinks together and God man what a fuckin awesome dude. He wasn't. We had some mutual friend. So yeah I never got to act with em, really, unfortunately, her that movie, her Asia he's just around he again it s kind of a book and port. You know he's kind of an he's, great actor. He was great. Gone out, and I know there are Vulcan drop the man, but now when by I guess, when you did blade, that's like a big break right. I thought that was the year the ticket, the end of my career,
Why? Because that was the first time I had said yes to high concept commercial studio movie. I had been kind of a renegade up until then working with Nicholson. I did a small Molly with Mary Heron call. I shall Andy Warhol, your goodness man, that's a weird. Will a movie that was grey started, doing shit that people are like. Why won't you do a hit movie? We only do why? Won't you play the Hollywood, you do I doing the, but you I'd taken risks. Obviously you are willing to do whatever we end and blade was just the first one that they came out me hard with the arab world salary and I are gonna play the villain in this big vampire thing. I was like vampire spirit. I could do this and then you know it. In it, and then I still find who is currently the end of my career and that of his like the biggest movie ever to answer. I was like This is. Why do you think it would be the end because only do thou I felt like it was pre marvel of his pre that
That's all there is today. I was like the first Marvel movie. I allow world now is like to find a school drama that european you and some actors could go, make as a features very rare, the right they don't, maybe a handful on every year in others, unless you do in small. Indeed things that sure they're gonna fight too even get a really right on Youtube. Basically, in a comic universe, now everything is there and all those indy movies are made they make it to the screen may be for a minute, and then he just. Why should on that point? I am come a festival favourite and maybe you make it to the euro, the dancing with the star ceremony in March. Here too the in June, because they think he spoke like prolonging the years. There's no more house any more in there. Just gonna they're gonna, let people hosting from their houses on Skype, contest and only the Oscars we'd better if you just gave each person the award and and gave the announcement over her podcast, like an angel, Sheridan, Gamba Glenda, get it here, just type yards of make a little video that they post on Youtube, but it
de I mean so you thought you were a sell out, never going to be the Andy I did when I did that one, but now, I'm into this day, I still get there boy. They everywhere emphasis here. This is the blade in the gate. The gay now, that is, for the weird outbreaks freaks Riah. That's for the freaks bite. The bullet near you're still the guy from blade, adding time beta and weighted by it. But you worked with thank you weird meet that John Waters Movie. I love working with John. I didn't want me to do a movie with Johnny their marine areas. My agency there, like now and all you gotta, do this movie and it was like a movie never heard of the one they wanted me to do it with John was like his big budget action movie right ASA yeah like throwing oyster grenades, Melanie Griffith in its about film terrorism and its like shown in art colleges, to this day, like I love John, these, like the coolest he still around, the smartest friend of mine. Still because my me, my birthday every year, oh yeah, this weird high Steve
that's John, how are you happy birthday? You know whatever his weird voice a lovelier days, great man he's gonna get you can have like. Like he's the most polite, sweetest guy, would never know that the guy that comes up with the ranches seems like I've, never hurt you that I'm sure a huge. If I know it till you kill it on this, I should do it earlier. He'd be great. I may I should do it before it gets too late and so on in terms of its directors, though I with Oliver Stone that World Trade centre. That was, I come in They came out in, like I thought, was a great movie, but it didn't seem to hang that long, maybe amazing, off it's a tough having house five years anniversary when it came out. It was well made move and I felt Oliver did a great job and I will touch me because I was in New York ten blocks from that when it happened. I was in a story on my roof housing. They are so high the wind. When the wind moved. You know I had to go uptown
couldn't get out. I will be at that point. How did you want to be with your family? You know because my mom I wanted to be with my mom I, my dad I wanted to know he added is outlay next. What right had on my generation had never seen some like this, so nobody had so it was. It was important that I thought did that film and What was it like working with him? It was cool bake in a very quiet, very intense. But yeah maybe work to get that part and I needed the parks I wanted to show my could play psyche. Can't do this. You two cute, Oliver I'm an actor. I can show me what he looks like I can. I can. I can meet Scott talk on the phone. I can I get it they say. Noise from massive peak were LEO long island I eat. I said let me I want to do some. I want to do something in this film on this. Is the best part, I think for me and there's nothing else right
sure enough, maybe wait. Couple months, he shot a lot of stuff in New York when it came time to get into the big rescue sequence, which is what Scott and Michael Shannon the out those those parts right right heart than the aim comes calls. Yes, you they came down, went in the rubble and cut These guys out of the rubble goes down the studio. We did it all it. Howard Hughes, hangar, the implied a Vista now and then a rebate. Nine eleven out there was pretty. It was all I said, yet the pile of steel, pretty much man offers flying over. I mean it was. I can't stand by the movie- wasn't a huge blockbuster they weren't train alike and affect make money off. It was more like I think they are even donated so out of the box office to, but I think it did like. Seventy eighty million Americans did a couple hundred Moliere Y yeah, Andy
but like in terms of directors, everyone's different yeah, like every captains different made like Sophia's, the most gentle sweets. You know, have a tea and lets the activists kind of like bright unreal, real experience here. Fly to MILAN and she D seen there ok, take it, and then you know you like, with your friend and and and that great DP the game in the night. Air civilities had shot that movie and he was a genius and he passed away right after that. But the Amis says Sophia, Michael Man, to Michael Mademoiselle. I grant you right out of public enemies, which was cool, I was right after my mom passed and I was in a pretty sad state, but I do know my mom. I was with her when I, when he offered it to me- and I swear- I really low Michael Ma Am Armand, but I don't know if I can go into a movie right now. You know because I knew my mom was she,
differ there. My brother, I knew she was going anywhere. Sir. I caught up when I met with Michael I you know. I just said: look gear Michael and you can do whatever you want to do. It is a million people in line for this part. This is what's goin My life was Dillinger. What was the media II programme here, but it was too late Marvell meters, gonna depths right hand the out when the gang- and I told my co what I was deal with any city. Look I'll, get you caught up on prep later you do what you have to do, what I want in the movie. It for you, and I was like a match in Riyadh inside I was with my mama was able to have that closure. Do what I needed to do, and then I shipped out and everybody from Johnny On- was really supportive and sweet to what she have shed at brain tumor. Ah little fucking tumor the size of an eminent that was not just the wrong part of the brain. You know couldn't go and get it, so you have to try to shrink it and do all the southern advance medicine and we did pretty good with it for about a year.
And then it comes back. Herriston lets Pollack died, that's how Paris Harrison It is that not only are the same plant, they went to my mom's doktor. There is how, to her same little thing said: the Pollack saint. They end up in our so it sir yeah. But at least You know the last my mom way to young fifty nine, but but she was such a special worm, lady, but yeah it was. My brother really was set mouse, because this prize phone calls that that shit's is the worst It's terrifying is heartbreaking. In every morning I wake up, like all wake of middle the night to do that. Reoccurring, phone call. It's like it's like a bad dream, and all I can do is now with Canada. Good stuff, that's been happening. Just try to do great work for my brother. I bought Nashville kind of has an mind to him when a host of host events for his non profit on the property America kind of the face there as well.
More than I ever was before for my father to help him cause, we own the spit catalogue of songs. Diversity is publisher. Yes, it's gonna keep getting these songs cut. My brother said three number one since Lisbon seriously, whose rascal That's number one! Yours if you want it had there he the new carry Underwood single common out. That's awesome called GO summer stereo or go some, and these were just once. He had I, where we own a thousand of them that he wrote he was amazing. Lyricists wrote all Blake Shelton sets My eyes he wrote can each hasn't. He says he was gonna, Newberry, it he was. He was on his way to laugh and my dad for sure. That's what's cut even more painful about it is a long time. He didn't have money and he was always my brother, the son of my dad. He was always trying to drag your out his niche, where I am was the only one that move down there and just sat there while they weren't cutting, is
and I'd be like what are you fuckin doing out there? In fact, these sums- does he point nine play and I was more of a little power. It was like he's just totally earth Zaire. Awesome and you just sit down national rightness right and not get me. We think that eight years go by borrowing money from me. My dad and unlike Andrew, Delay or New York. You know so many people, your genius, eager work, right, songs for beyond, say, right, songs for em. It will get in with somebody out here. Then I cut new science he's like steed. It takes time a building Something building site is sure enough. When that shit rock, he was making more money than the MIT. How is borrowed money from him, and I was like- are you fucking kidding me and the kid was- writing created his own niche, and so when you go to Nashville Andrew mean something more than
I gather me. I guess we'll work there every day, my yet as the Hollywood guy right, you know healthier Polly would country, I will go and independent do with George Straight session, but he's out my brother was there. We are right in every day with writers, right and smoke and cigars, and draken champagne sends especial kid at I'm. Sorry, the rough I can now us actually sender, send you over a book of universal did of his Your ex each song is almost like. A movie may get inspired, yeah right, a movie or summer out I'll have one sent over other, be great power share, just like I did it just they'd ethic. They made like as a thousand yadda yadda yadda pass them out. I'd like to a word or near that done. Really there's the universal stepped up. Usually you die and they forget you. You know that's just what would I realized about life they kind of? Usually, if you leave your legacy, but shit moves then people don't I dont know if they handle, or I don't know what you're supposed to do with it, but it does seem that was.
People get a move on out yet again next day. What do I gotta? I gotta coffee with Mark Marin re when a pod cas, I am just a kind of have to move on chairs so that universal has been like really special classy, like they have a room at universal in Nashville that they dedicated to my brothers and now, when all their writers come in to do a writing session and one of these writers rooms. It's the Andrew room. He asked pictures. Adam Cigars, he Algeria, he was younger, is forty when he died. He would have forty two, because I'm a be forty. Six in July, and Ajalon yeah man what let's get at the end. There is a legacy in that year on earn Edna, yeah and also get nowhere that basic stays alive. So it's nice when I currently darlin, I hear them turn on the radio or something We hear- and I hear my brother song is pretty though it's great man, that's what he would have wanted eh. Well, that's right. So now that I understand it, there was no a point where you like this organ out. I gotta do these things some the movie. Do you know him
like you just like you, I e you always had a reason for work, and but it wasn't, as you were like in trouble now I mean there was time Do I ran out of money you they had had a similar. Once and I needed to pay off right on raw. Luckily, I've I'm kind of a light blue were I've never been married and I haven't had to support anybody, but myself Ryan, my brother, when he needed money until he started, kill in Vienna, It was never appoint words. I guess a dark time for four door is never the Good NEWS about me. Is I come across my family across my mom and dad I'm and I had a very tight knit family and I think somehow, along the way. I've had that voice of reason from my mother, even in the darkest of times where I could have ended up in a pile of fuckin blow and joy you would have been written about me away. I would assume arrested and many times
and I never went that way here, funny enough, because I'm frankly kind of square when it comes to drugs. Because of my mother, I think in a weird way. I have that working in my head to I come. I covered up pretty gnarly life. I've been party and I loved a drink. I last spoke. We haven't, I like to let go yeah, but that's all I ever did that's exactly out into the never got into all the other. She never got into the new wave of drugs with people died. I just never. I my foot so I may I just for me it's best when I'm too tipsy to stone to just go to school. A programme. Yet no DR, have a drive or not. If you do more yeah have the party continue and continuing concern. I mean I'd like a credit, I think my family, for that has once I never tried it. I why I gotta go in Y got started now. It seems pretty
I missed the best times since the world is changing dramatic. You had your window for I went down, it's gone, you missed its yakking gonna you'll have to do it, it's all right. We for me, I always have their part of me is through. I won't go too far. I mean I don't wanna get lost Like a white like I did blow, but like you, we can see the end so has realised that why am I gonna go to it? We are you, a bug were just sort of like you lose your whole fucking life down the whole. Damn you must have seen a lot of deeds go down from from everybody. I mean I just you know it's really really lucky. Bless that I'm still here and now, given the chance to hopefully do some of the best stuff I've ever do. I feel, like that's gonna. Man, I mean why oil, but you did like my own more humble to him and I was kind of an asshole when I was young. I was confused, I mean anyway, just cocky
So I'm just trying to maintain at all when you're, young and you're gonna grow up in this dump, and then you you fuckin, if appear, I and they start seeing the world and working with artists. I think acting help me. That was my education. That was where I met adults that I was like, while they really smart. Well, I gotta, listen and watch them and you know NL, I you're in a bubble of bunch, a rich kids, I'm and I was going to school with the prince, co wait! Son near ever, I was gonna birthday parties where their kids are getting bentleys for them. Sixteenth birth, that you know yea all shit yeah does not real shit that I can't stand about they now I'm right. I love nice things, but I'm not a falander, been a flutter arabic wanta we're out Malibu as the previous one. Is I get, but I'm nice, I'm moving. You gotta arrive to fly
Now let me show you where I live. It's going to take you through our now we're going to the club now, but now I mean I m. Actually moving item out. Looks like four Nashville, where I got this place, an item in the press. This element parts of Asia. Why didn't like, like the thing that that stuff me what I want. I sought you detective and I just I come out. I don't know nothin, I M really. At the loop with a lot of stuff. Until something tells me you and you know it almost like. You know you were you born again somehow like like it was like I'd. Never seen before, and I have of worse in everybody has but like that role was what the fuck were. You come in from I mean you are always air, but I have to imagine that its put you on the radar and some hold different way. You're different aging. You can fuckin carry a lead no problem, but also to do their carriage with that action in that year. Through
those generations with the amount of debt Theo. Maybe it'll bring to. I was kind of amazing. Thank you very pretty sure I mean the way Did you feel that when you were doing it always out another role? Now I fell a natural. I mean it's not to make all episode or part cast about, my brother, but it was weird. I was aware tat. I was in Nashville there's a year coming up on a year of his passing, and I are having a party for his community out there and Vicki Thomas is an amazing Cason, director, they're asking I got a random call while I was in Nashville here that I was one of the few people that they are considering. For the leader, the neutral detective, opposite Marshall get up- and I was a phantom her shoes. I really liked him in Moonlight may really liked him in house of cards when I thought I didn't realize you, ve been acting so many years before, we're doing parts and everything, but he s not having a leader a supporting role until until recently,
pretty my ass, the house a card out some of that. I guess, make a long story short. I said I can't make that that meeting, but I'd be happy to read on tape for some, but I'm going to ask for this. This is what's going on and I'm at my instinct was maybe I should call Vicki Thomas. I never get to call gas directive, because I'm always usually there offered the part or I pass on the part of the asking process. When you go for the leader. The second lead is not usually you don't usually have to meet the castle director rights. I never get to really meet a lot of these cool cash register have known for years that are used. In addition to this I said you know what my instinct is. I should call Vickie You should hear from me what's going on in my life, so I was just very honest. I said here's. The deal is what I'm doing, and I have to do it and I've ordered eyes that for a month and a half and I get to our advantage- closest friends come as she's, like you gotta. Do that Stephen! You come back since your back will lay down a tape in she was like
and like my comment, so I came back, I lay the take down. Next there was an HBO and, and the next those I had they wouldn't gimme scripts I'd. Never you know that Up until my offer I hadn't had a script. I'm like I've, never let a yell of that. I've never said yes to a partly. I know what happened in new because allowed us like where we re method. He said you have no idea do, and this is you can knock this added apart. You age to admit, seventies, you it's three decades. Roland is so important to this project, but I don't want you to read it until you know we are in, and I said I will you of your process and Nick I'm a huge fan. I love the first one I didn't connect to the second one layer. Like you said I was also working and I just didn't get a flow with its right. First, my thought was magic. Great yeah that was brilliant Charles, the Harrelson is like he's brilliant Matthew, Mokanna Ray, I was the best I've ever seen on. The whole thing was brilliantly shot brilliantly. The mood, the energy. The writing I was just like this is the best anti since the sopranos. For me,
I waited every week to watch it like a foreign so cut too. I got two scenes for my audition the attic and I have no problem reading. If I have to read- and I know it's gonna be a factory- I love acting so Gimme. Suddenly read that I, like I gonna audition for fear that come in? I had but I'll fuckin Argo Pfeiffer role. If I have to write it, I don't have an ego. Here is what I do, I'm an actor crazy profession, sire I fucking go and I get these two scenes and I felt very natural with this action and they had said: don't do back sent a lot of people like us have come in and dominate up with the southern action wherever this guy's gonna have an accent written that way. I said: I'm just gonna trust myself. I was a single out, my brother's countries. Find the way to the HBO, Bio and Santa Monica go in there and I laid it down and now to the my of passing brothers. Passingly They offer me the role and they are
a year later then- and I started centimeter scripts nearly a year to the data the year that two at a time and I'm really scripts. Just at my around my house Go- and this is the we to stay in thirty years. I've never not known what the parties before taking it yeah But now I'm getting to know what the parties and the part is the best part in the show. A hideous like I ain't you gotta get the best lies in the sense of humour of Irish got heart. His is the best role I I've ever guy. And I get eight hours to play and I don't have to squeeze it into ninety minutes or two hours. He I know where you get year, your big scenes. Now, you gotta nail grind you're out in the hope that our works right dissolve. This is just me and my Hirsch and I'm going to work with that with an actor and he's also meant when God knows who else is gonna be in this cast in these scripture? This good I got seventy eight Martian, you didn't get aid until half way through shooting is Nick hadn't. Actually he knew I was gonna end, but he didn't pen it down
three. You still writing once when he was shining how it outlined it here we got. I got the first seven and I never remember me, run around the house go and I can't believe how many amazing scenes, it is the old age citizens say in how we gonna do this shit and I wanna be hokey. Is the makeup gonna, be good all the questions and that that team was just on a plus production? A plus, you know just producing just everybody that cares about what they're making and the crew? from the lighting guys to the gaff. First, the camera boys there, all my friends still focused pillars, and they, like you, do some for seven months, a hundred and twenty days shooters when I think I worked probably a hundred and ten march, and it worked every day except for one December that you really create a family and I'd never experienced series type thing like that. Limerick, you know that away the world's going and the honest to me. That's the money. If you can find the MIKE my biggest is now is how do you find? Something is good. Is that rise not
about dragons or a show about this. Sir. You know and that's a little more futuristic. Everything has an angle to detective with great about it is just grounded in writing, and acting here is no real when I bullshit. When I fly on me, I just it's it's shit and boots and its awesome. And so I love that my only fear they use it with a dark. Am I gonna do now, but like so the axe hinges even later came really natural, but it wasn't in Arkansas X and her. I was kind of more of like a Texas Arkansas. Drought is what it was kind of. I had done tat This is a small movie that actually made it. My body Ryan Downstairs was big failures. We made it pretty. Form of it. You might like to send it out to call Wheeler Right Your pal were, there was no script, which basically created an idea and then about the idea of what, if I went to pay homage to brother was still alive at this point here in I've written some music in it.
Asked, but I just never really went that way professionally cause. I was always busy, plus that's my dad and my brothers yea, and I don't really want to have an album there. I did. I was like I'm just gonna I'll write, these four and one day, maybe I'll use them in a movie or yeah good. I love planets. Ip guitar. I love music. We're not what I do for a living I had this idea my living room. I wasn't get many movies. I was gonna in Funk India, men. Ryanair like what, if we dropped in to Nashville as a sing, a song rider more like a documentary with just a treatment in without the ending, the or maybe a beginning middle, an end to fill it and just put em on its feet and and film it. The way, such a ban go and would write a comedy, get releases, get access through some friends in the bill which we have right, but really, this character live on his own. And how can we do that when I'm the guy from blade- and I have that face that some people do no Leah, I'm not Tom Cruise I do have their thing:
So when are you happy or not, tankers yeah, I'm a sucker for Tom, at least that nobody me like? Are you happy with your yeah? I had, I mean to be honest to detect, has been orally because the power of a show that pits design guys like that show and when its received. Well, I you know every day somebody comes up right out that it's pretty that's different. You I usually get yeah. I don't love it when I do like the response should, because I d like to do good work and they like the work like you and I like therefore, could season saw three hook. It's like I take it that it nice, but So anyway, we too, I said fuck, let's go, let's call Christian tensely is a great make up. Man worked within a couple movies, and I said what can you do to my face to chain my chin or my nose yeah face, would put a wig on how can I drop in Ashraf for two weeks and shoot a movie as a singer? Songwriter get I'll get a fuckin spot at the blue bird I'll, get a fuckin in writing round here and there and their it'll make my brother nervous, but I'll get some access in there.
Let it live, inevitably have fallen its ass or to live and work come up with a narrative and make a movie, and he's like this is bananas idea, said thinks, tobacco and how he would do Parada Wanna hit had Amadou when a drama right, Wheeler Bryson, he's from Kaufman Texas, as all the way and in Nashville its first time his dad dad he's just died and he just wants to see if his music means anything to this day. The way it did back in his small town, Thea Merrick and dream story right, so I write album, I sing the whole fuckin out when we went under prosthetics and I went to the natural for fourteen days and we shot this movie elated near times loved it dad release not too many people have seen it, but is there and a movie I think, over years and over time people really tribute. I gotta watch you gotta charity and allow much burden wind here, but Wheeler was and so they pointed out story was I had this cool accident and around it is used. A bit a wheeler without the Texas thanks so much into Roland and the natural miss of it came through, and I just
stood it. I didn't work with dial a coach. I just as I had a connection to this part in it, it way Ike I either. I never had before I felt I didn't have to do much. I didn't know who you work for like an hour by hour. Wig doesn't help in the eighties mine, but I mean my eightys, but still like edges. Could we saw organic that, like I did, I wasn't you know I mean it's a mahars, so great in it to adjust. The whole connection is really a show of. Our two is tricky man. I mean like you grounded that whole fuckin that whole season. You know because his character was like he was sure he was hard to, like you know, for why we I mean the acting was gray, but it was a difficult character, the eyes it is a stone, cold, tough, quiet that beat at the end, I thought was genius. I think they wanted a. They want a neck to cut that and he's like I'm not Cutler. I thought I was break as the poetry of matter. I love I mean I just I love you
key, really I'll, never forget that the game is gonna me give their. So what like how to change your life. Well, I did a film really cool film right after that. I think common marked the end This year is called embattled played this. You have see gonna like economy, Gregor type guy, which was really hard way after Roland Gazette, Rollin was so rich and so sulfurea had so much heart that I went right into this really ignorant obnoxious, beast of a guy, but it was a really well written get. Our rapporteur was tag a pretty big for. I went right from church of into that. I finish that like MID November had the holidays
January. We went on the press thing for true detective. I went to Europe a few times I did. Some of that gives Maharashtra was busy with the Oscar amid the timing of rights that you at his error the way and as it was very similar, the first one when Matthew had doubts, buyers but in a way that academy campaign was coinciding right attacked what a year for someone who yes I've gotta, go rap the yes I was flying around. I went to Lisbon London a few times Para such a kind of the dance out their effective, well internet yeah, they loved it, they all of them and that in any came back and then I came back and I've been reading scripts. I found a couple cool things that I like in a kind of in the process of figuring out too. What I'm gonna do it as that I've been trying to be picky and I did take, I did a show, I did ashore with David AIR Director, who you know he did and watch and fury and ah suicide squad, intense intense did but good move acre and we Meda we made it.
The show called deputy, which is a show I didn't want to make, but We did and I have had a really good experience. I only made the first once I had a pilot of our seat on off. It's gonna go or not, yet they say it is, but I will- nor do. I know Surinam focus on what you know, try to find a good movie to do, and it has been a couple that I like as a coup on that. I don't know why. I'm the West keeps Father fought following me whether its cause, tree tat, gritty at an unwanted area. They wanted to play an old rodeo clown cannot like a bull rider. Can I like that you're at the ressler was for making work, but almost like a forty six year old, rodeo clown who used to ride and was better the legend, but he so broke in any kind of bone on on cartilage steroids it that's why he had become a clown. Yeas becomes rodeo clambered its he gets back on, and it's kind of this pretty os. It's gotta last carnival too pretty! who could move in at its first time, director by a friend of mine, and I the best
I've read and everything else that I read it's been so bad. That I only had it that's the problem when he gets up so special, but he had he followed right. Any would think that, like you would think that you begin like the special scripts. My guess there, they're, just rare in general, a rare and general right. I mean it just not around here when they Oscar, like moderation, and what do you do next? You know where I found a movie. I guess he's gotta do some syphon movie, but We all know what the scripts are that are out. There is not the number. I that's the thing, that's why I think that was so smart to go after Nick. He went after neck for true detective. He did yeah and Nick changed the part for him. You have good things to say about Arkansas I had a great time and fair, it will say it villain Ben Villa kind of known for the wantons, basically as they started Walmart and they ve infused. So much money had made a big argues him down. There are huge year willows, Eminem, crystal bridges, yeah, I'm a little uneasy declining
Edward Hopper, some of the most incredible panties you ever seen in that system, Alice Worthington, paying back to the community, buying amazing paintings and auction and putting them in this free museum they're, not all bad. Nah. I don't you know they seem pretty good at a community that about a beautiful theater and fate will favour where we were based is more room. More of a liberal little, our town car. Much town, rail, really nice people. I met some made some good friends there good, and I really your money and allowed ten minutes out of these towns in your kind of in Europe. Red State America generally, where, where shit hasn't changed in many years. For these they're holding the line. The Ike I kind of, would stay in favour and we basically the show, took us on all these incredible journeys through the ozarks, whether it was Devils Dan to Northwest Arkansas. I just wish but everywhere at school and in a dozen Bateman shoot down there too. He shoots in Atlanta, most
they shoot that show in Atlanta Bertha, you guys friends, Yeah he's a really nice guy, I'm since we went to school, I never his hand. I reference I was in Atlanta and he came up to me and I haven't seen him, but he congratulated may told me how he tried to get our deeply. But got our editor phrase basically took for Algeria. Detective for this new shows workin on working on a new show that he's the producer of that he's. I think but cameo end, but it serve to murder mystery HBO Ozarks our over now is still doing that to kids, like guys on fires. I do want to it once in Atlanta I guess when you get your window, you take it. There is has been and I stood and his wife Amanda known for years, since my first girlfriend seems like a pre genuine gave you you'd him and I've run in Germany's always real nice ya. Gotta be happy for people like that in a crisis he's good to and who knows what he's cable is good, was great talk, anybody mark as an awesome man. He asked
There was a legal base for him and I wish I could tell you. I feel I guess you'd be. I just take that knife, but I'm not gonna. Let alone are you, keep it and keep my knife here, a few Emma thanks. Thanks March, that was your we're still untouched. He, sent me that a beautiful book of reserve of his brothers work and words and pictures just day was what it, what a solid guy- don't forget- there are over two million burglaries reported every year, yet only one in five homes have homes. Security may be because most please don't make it easy. That's why I simply say: is the top choice: hands down? if we say protect your whole home every window, room door with twenty four seven monitoring for a fraction of the cost visit, simply say dotcom slice W How you'll get free shipping and sixty day risk retrial, You ve got nothing to lose folks, go now to simply saved outcome, so I study the so
No, our show sent you now. I'm gonna play some areas- guitar for you
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