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Episode 1045 - Stephen Root

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Stephen Root grew up moving all over the country because of his dad’s job. Being uprooted all the time meant he was shy and quiet without too many friends.  Fortunately, shy, quiet people are good observers. Stephen tells Marc how he was able to channel this childhood disposition into his acting and each opportunity always led to something else. Shakespearean acting helped him play a Klingon on Star Trek. Working on King of the Hill led him to a table read of Office Space. Stephen even sees Newsradio as paving the way for his work on Barry, for which he received his first Emmy nomination. This episode is sponsored by The Righteous Gemstones on HBO, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ben & Jerry's, and Starbucks Tripleshot Energy.

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hey folks coming the age we owe this sunday it's the righteous gemstones from the creative team behind eastbound and down and vice principles the righteous gemstones tells the story of a celebrity televangelist family behind a popular mega church that also happens to be a major money making enterprise starring den bride john goodman adam divine and eighty patterson as the gemstones the righteous gems premiers this sunday at ten p m only on hbo were also spy answered by the national highway traffic safety administration if you think driving is no big deal you couldn't be more wrong you could get in a crash people could get hurt or killed and you can get arrested incur huge legal expenses or even lose your job so next time you on drinking make sure you plan ahead designate a sober driver or use a ride service to get her safely dr sober or get
old over dig it don't die i let's do the show all right let's do this how are you at the fuckers what the fuck me what the but not what the botched sticks what's happening man this is my podcast welcome do it how you doing are you ok first of all stephen route is on the show today stephen route thee amazing character actor who seen in a million things too many alike all the column brothers movies office space he he's on bury this season and he is a fucking genius and he came by to talk that's happening on another note go to sort of trust dot com to find out where the move
he is playing near you had stolen a lotta theatres and on demand that's a movie i did woodland shelton michaela watkins julian bell john bass toby huss michaela why can't i say that already see i don't know look i dont know from then or i'm getting dementia i dont know i do no oh my god i just got back from new york was along flight and in sweet much i was there doing press in eating things i shouldn't that was on the agenda at a schedule it said said ducal bear it said you do a wild build i said you know you can do some serious radio show and then you're going to do with sag panel with betty and alison and you are also going to each cheese which you don't usually do and don't be afraid to go and stuff your face cause your away from home and yet you brought your running shoes and your shorts and you're running short but dont bother going
because it sat in a hotel gm isn't it but maybe if you kind of maybe four went to join equinox no you can't see maybe if you get yeah well that's where that was at so that happened i'm ok i'm all right how you doing you ok everybody good also tour dates please taxes i'll be doubtless austin in houston texas next week august twenty second through twenty fourth you can go to w t have pod dotcom swash tour for my tour dates of coming yeah get tickets to the shows if you want seems that our fifteen hour and a half is coming along nicely its bold its fresh its crass its elevated its relieving i will say that i was in new york and i spent time of betty analysis and we had a very nice time i i did a panel sky actors gill panama with they showed a couple of episodes of the show an
we do a little q and a actually i don't really know how to advise butter i did have some advice and i share that with you in a minute but i did want to clear some stuff up on monday i talked about the passing of the amazing david berman of silver jusan poetry fame i also with it when i was in new york i had a nice kind of the hour and a half reflection about david with the mat sweeney the guitar player who is my closer to him that i was i guess i said on monday i didn't really know him that well but i was always sort of obsessed with him in his work not gonna flesh things out from you a little bit told me where david was that over the last couple years of his life and that was interesting we had a moment of reflection about other
people we ve known whoever died or in their ended their lives as you get older these things happen sad but the one thing i did want to clear up because i didn't know for sure but now i know for sure the poem i read reflections i had about him were on the money for me they come from my heart but the poem i read that i attributed to do if it berman apparently is not the right david byrne and i want to straighten out because one thing i've known have come to know over the years is that when you us away when your time is done here on this planet or the the alive part it sort of astounding how quickly that news and that tragedy or or that passing however it's it's experienced kind of fades into the past
and i think everybody wonders how they're gonna be remembered if they're gonna be remembered what happens in a practical sense after you pass away i try not to think about it i imagine most of us try not to think about it the one thing that i i would want to hope doesn't happen is that if i have some work out there that is ambiguous in terms of it being views with someone else's work or miss labelled as someone else's work or not separated in its put under the world as yours i would be thou be a bummer if i was dead and that happened to me that done me out so couple of people emailed me and apparently there was a blog posts by the day it berman that debt that to have passed away a week or so ago from the silver jews from purple mountains from
a tree and it was dated may twenty nine two thousand and nine this is a blog post by the late david berman who i talked about and it just says f why i colon other david berman's david berman the plastic surgeon who reattached john bob it's penis david berman mobster and co owner of the full mingle hotel with bugsy siegel david berman graphic designer author of do good design a book on ethical standards for graphic designers david berman the theoretical physicist david berman television actor csi david the irish philosopher david berman nineteen thirty four to twenty seventeen was an attorney and accomplish poet who is very different from my own poetry is nevertheless often accredited to me three of his poems and here is his book all these are links what i'm the things i'm reading off at this sight the first night
poems are by him the next five by me far be for me to stand in the way of another david berman and then there's day burma with an the electronic music via and most composer here is his record unforeseen events now the site that is referring to is a site where i want cause i couldn't find the book his book right awake visiting a pile with how like a thousand books downstairs which are you know in the middle of of transition waiting to be reconfigured on shelves when i get the new studio up and running but the poem its poem hunter dot com that has both david berman's poetry lumped together so to honour the david berman who i kind of new and preceded his work and know a lot of his work i needed make sure my heart was straight
read one of his actual palms now i think this sentiment of the poem i read on monday fits some of the things that david burma the guy i know thinks about but it was not his palm and no reason a freak out many people made this mistake in remembering and blogging about the silver jews david berman purple mountains david byrne so this is a corrective i'm trying to help this culturally does a cultural corrective and you heard from from from that blog post i read from david vermin than the guy who pay the way a couple weeks ago and this is a poem by that david berman the guy i was eulogizing and remembering on monday this is called snow walking through a field with my little brother seth i pointed to a place where kids
had made angels in the snow for some reason i told him that a troop of angels had been shot and dissolved when they hit the ground he asked who had shot them and i said a farmer then we were on the roof of the lake the ice looked like a photograph of water why he asked why did he shoot them i didn't know where i was going with this they were honest property i said when it snowing the doors seem like a room today i traded how those with my neighbour our voices hung close in the new acoustics a room with the walls blasted to shreds and falling we return to our shovelling working side by side in silence but why were they honest property he asked that is a poem by the way david berman who i talked about on monday and i'm glad i feel better now i hope he does
two if there is that possibility tat i wasn't one the ones that misrepresentative poetry ok all right ok all right support for today show comes from the new starbucks triple shot energy summer may be winding down but your energy doesn't have to wind down with it starbucks triple shot energy has two hundred twenty five milligrams caffeine from starbucks coffee a hint of flavour and is in hence with guarana be vitamins engine saying for the energy to do what matters to you and it's avail on three delicious waivers french vanilla cafe mocha and car more car mall there lots of important things in your life every day and you want to be your best for them it's not easy you ve got work you ve got responsibilities you got stress its exhausting don't miss out on those moments with your family or that soft ballgame after work or the night out with your friends just because you have a little dip in your energy so get yourself starbucks
level shot energy and have the energy to do stuff you love the most star renewable energy fund in your local grocery store convenience store okay back on the berman tip folks worst enemy seriously having grown up in a house i buster come here just let me finish if what are you doing what i just can i finished it doing this going just finishes what ok hey ok i grew up in a house with mental illness and i need you please try to take care of yourself for everybody sake please and if you need help get help please get help there's help
subject line finding beauty in darkness hey mark i've listened since the beginning and i've struggled with depression and how go with him for a long time to you show help me through me times i didn't if i would make it through i was never big fan silver jews just in connected the time but listen to your eulogy for david berman i went and listen to the new record of purple mountains i was probably on death's door with two young kids already i immediately locked in with the beautiful darkness thank you it's perhaps oddly the thing i needed to make my way past my troubles or at least to reach out to those who care about me nothing profound just wanna thank you i'm still alive and my kids have their father thanks nathan nathan nathan please get get more help than a record a police oh my god i'm just concerned man i'm just
the mind is a fucking who knows what's going on up there but if it's nice but if it's like misfiring in and the things are bleak and dark in there happened inside your head not outside try to try to get some help so work i am i don't five told this story i probably have and i don't know it's not really my place to help anybody in munich conscious way like you out here sums here's some advice buster buster buster stop it buster what are you doing what are you doing what is that noise what what what are you doing just hang out a minute i'm working here
so in cats man so i do this panel and its actors specific and you you ve heard me here learning how to act from people i talk to and doing it whatever i'm glad everyone likes go i am very proud of it and proud of all the work i've done lately but you know my training is limited but i've had a lot of experience over the years with almost acting in things in the quest was really if we if the many of us had any advice for the audition process now out and embedded have done this a lot more than me they ve been on a lot of audition to give very being a sort of productive sort of way he's a framing the audition process in and what europe in and how it works and the other feeling of auditioning for this
in people over and over again by casting agents and that sort of like making the most of the audition price this gives that might be the only time you get to act that particular role and then like i felt like i do to say something and i and i in our eyes gave them i said i gave to conan like a million years ago like after i gave you the maybe its first year of the of the show and you told him my current mantra at the time which was hide the hate and i told them to the actors i said but when you go into that room he got a high date gotta big laugh i think its practical i'm not seeing people are hateful i'm just saying that you know when you being judged and you're in secure and you're scared why not resent with malice maybe now with malice or at least resent the people that have complete control of your future in that moment how can you not maybe that's my problem
but i also share the story i i've must have shared it at some point the out of my career you know when i was just an angry comic that really young people didn't really know me but he i'd i'd done i think i'd done the tv but i wish i was intense and a kind of shocking and jarring and you're not really defined but people thought they could get a handle on me like a agents in man your father to cranky guide i was i was really kind of unbridled unformed without boundary and furious i don't know why i do know why but doesn't matter its it was a lot of things i'm older now i can't even remember how long this was gotta be i must mean in my early twenties maybe mid twenties some our another there is a sham recasting and it was i get behind the scenes the show is to take place almost an oil sanders kind away behind the scenes eddie at a new
video network and i a director or producer my part was so some our another i'd made it to the network callback which is really the though ass stopped before you get the gig and it was it was heavy duty was at the network you know usually with those things you go in for people from the network you go in for casting people but it's mostly producers the writers like it's a big deal it's like it's the last stop before you i guess got the gig i saw some actors i recognise there and i don't know me and i would freak out about fucking everything this is what i realized in new york in muslim realizing in my life in realising with performing and just my job in general is i'm not that freaked out yet to go on colbert go on those shows aims to make myself crazy i'm going i'm going over
to court in today and i don't even know what i'm wearing a maturing and talk about and i don't give a fuck because it's gonna be fine they'll tell me when i get there but that took thirty years well anyway so this character this this i know i gotta do is like this guy losing his ship basically at another person and i dont know where i was act but i know that you i know roll over my talent i didn't idea i'd know parameters i didn't understand what it was and in same with my emotions and also the same with my substances so i'm about to go in for this reading of this model and the casting aging comes up to me and she's like
we go in there you know just dumb you know just go for it you know india this this guy's angry he's raging you know you can just go for it and for some reason i thought she said go unload the entire anger of your entire life in room in appropriately without even remembering the lines of the character in front of a bunch of executives that's when my brain heard go in there without any sense of character any sense of what the scene is an and do this this monologue with all the rage that is accumulated in your heart and mind and spirit over the last i guess twin some odd years your wife at that point and i went in there and she walked in here
sat down and i unloaded like a type of rage like ours spit i didn't know the lines i was talking to anyone in particular i was just ranting in advance but my red faced it is screaming all of my guts out totally appropriately for the character or anything any public space in general anywhere that type of expression i finished it took breath and i looked at all the executives and casting people that were sitting there and they worked horrified shocked and maybe a little frightened like like veiled like it was like what just happened and i'd like to say that they have you by security but i think i just moved off
i'm not even sure i felt like i'd overdone it i probably left thinking yeah you know they wanted it man they wanted anger that they got it they got it so i do not get the pardon i think the general advice there was a young work situation or when you're interviewing you know you kind of try to keep your pain and sadness and anger and hostility and check your therefore reason try to contextual why's that don't use it as an opportunity to dump your entire life worth of bile onto dangers that are in charge of giving you a job i think that's reasonably good advice i thought look we're in the dog days a summer here mid august taught everywhere really hot you need to treat yourself too ice cream break it let's be honest
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when you go digging for it in you dig you dig and you find the treasure of there almost whole peanut butter cup how great is that what there's an that really seriously it is better to neck so workpeople i've told you you need to tell you stephen route you i mean you will know this guy he's in bury right now he plays bill haters kind of like contractor his boss partner whatever the satan character and jump for an outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series for an enemy four bury bite you know he's been in here
it's a very memorable worldview member oh brother we're out where art thou he was the blind radio station owner whose oswin buster scruggs he was also the staple guy in office space he's like he's one of those reoccurring character actors that you like there's that guy but he's ease fuckin inspired and i was happy to talk to this is me talking to stephen route you can move the night began a thousand browser do you gotta go close well here where are you how kind on here he stared at five run when it did it now they ve been i did not start with you i appreciate that i actually met you briefly very briefly i did one day of shooting
what's his name it's his name all thine eye the mike mike movie idea the idea and there it was at night though everyone understand and it was a gay our aid now is it yeah yeah yeah do you watch movies i watch him once we must to a certain point when you ve done and a million movies not too who talk to stephen dwarf i guess it's kind of an arc away to start pagano must have done two hundred movies and in that guy's and emily what was interesting he was now i he did that you detective thing i thought he really killed he really did something amazing that point where i i didn't even know who the fuck it was was axing somebody for the first time but you know he you know he told me something i should have realised by didn't really realises that like sometimes is enacted you take the gig you know it's not going to be great but you do what you do and in that sense
you do and then there's sometimes when you have a hole in your schedule right and you're not gonna do lear yeah dump than throw it in there yet but i mean i imagine actors are employing ukraine must be added what should i do yeah well you don't firstly to have time ria i may cause since i'm age my dad just remember as they should have the data you know so now don't you are how old are you a sixty how old are you are sixty sixty eight november it is big year man so big ears very cool ere i mean it's ok i mean it's not like you you mean you certainly deserve the attention pathetic here tonight i mean jesus man i mean like berries great i love the fuckin show characters great you now it's it's it's a shell that i like and in tone and and intelligentsia to news radio oh yeah i feel like i did that
and now i'm doing this re has its it's really the first one i've really signed onto his irregular because i really want to until now i really here because the writing is a good bill is unbelievable and in the people to do it in the tone you have a tone is why only ass just stead edge it right be between walks right on the line how you just like you just stay as a hare away from haiti fuckers yeah like they're they're just morally reprehensible that you can integration for all i know likely in the many get they step over and then they stem lack wait a minute can i still like this guy i am using a person is sarah character just a dick now which is certainly a good person for that these you're as you know her right if you work it judges itself in the is good writer gates selfishness but the but you and haider area those doctors are just you know shamelessly evil data
but they don't really see it tat were now i dont diving mike air doesn't see it that way bill i fear bills characterised rosalind is really struggling ptsd that's what it is our aim thank you i think i mean that makes sense so what do you do too late to supporting like as this role and in terms of white the character work is done i guess we will start with the news i really started back but i like the show thanks but like this in compared to some of the broader characters eve had to do this guy's pretty straight ahead right he's not you not you not do you have to manufacturer too much physicality or air no no no i then he's in its what's nice is he's a big character but he's all right you know you you see the small things in is in his face and that's that's fund for me too there a character i instead you known or rail buster scruggs don't worry it's up it's fun
these small on asia what is it now when you need approaches grip because he is sort of satanic character i you know i mean there lie described as a bad uncle a visa ban i'll go right violate their aid there seems to be this way to his to his is charm and in a kind of key point in over the bad side but it's all self involved bullshit bright give me the money he a hand is that where you start when you try to put together a guy like that what was interesting about this show was that he didn't start to be that he was very much of a one note yellow go out on this job guy really in the pilot yeah and and we end it was still an interesting character we finish the pilot looked at it hbo looked at miss it yeah that's good where you go now you're already at ten whereas where is he gonna work
we'll go right an and bill and alex hidden yeah you're right and so they re wrote the carrot her into the bad uncle that you see now failures we re shot my portion of the pilot while we're shooting episode one no kin so so alien the guy resistant like a ranger caroline straight out asshole louder yeah which had really had nowhere to go wait and much more interesting being the guy had known his father for on try bad organs it how can i money on this fucker here and he's got this e o your dad i'll be there i can now making do this a third and then without the yelling you out charm in the sort of solidarity that the kind of like weird kind of like come on yeah i'm on my news why these are bad people you want to kill them by so there so then the work becomes is it natural you d read the script a thousand times
i do because i like to have a solid base but then of course immediately when you step on the said dodo now we don't do that that all away what do you say you i promise any longer but he's a natural improvise around most of the people come on up these days seems to be they they the improved training i was straight stricken shakespeare theatre read it on the page and that's what you fuckin say yet another they're all dead genius improvised absolutely so that's been that's a learning curve for me to do that so that's a good learning thing for me on this but to do that more and more we didn't little button is radio you do it more and more in any show that you go on to hear that isn't strictly right rip dared i inscribed type but it's not easy but you're doing it more on the show then you have ever an end its end its right and good because things change moment yeah there's a naturalism that happened saga
and you in and if you got the guy you can get to it is always impressive like as if you can lock into the guy and talk like the guy off script that's always the case anyway right now i thought being doing the improv stuff as it has been a nice learning curve for me and trying to relax while you do which is always the hardest thing just relax be the guy here and then you'll feel say what he says yes trusty man trusted so where did you come from where would you get you one these guys like you you know there's not a lot of you around anymore these kind of like maize in character actors that i think there's a whole bunch em you just don't you you don't see them as much in india
head you all their sea but you always say that rikers there there the guys in that make the show interesting that you watch me i know i've i guess maybe i'm romanticizing decentralized area eyes ears like four dude that were now resolutely knowingly there's no baby again yeah and and there is one of my heroes is a cure all all those character guys were alike who s oh my god when there was great me out ikea and then i guess harry deem was around our idea was grey use yeah he was he was unbelievably use in everything here so but what where did you come from care like an army brad but not add was construction he built steam power plants for a basket and that a basket and it was all in the west and they had taken a year and a half years building on older men but for the authority is setting higher priority is that little planet
solidarity ready and whenever is coming out actually drive by and i wouldn't like what the fuck is that's arriving at justine and that's just be going to another place it's only needs be their yearn have two years we go somewhere else i i was in nice we started out in when rock wyoming too soon daddy i were muncie in the end a fortnight adele bag to cares was hitherto wichita all those black where were you born osborne sarasota lit every three weeks my parents they say he was transferred to new orleans my brother was born and then we are transferred to monroe and then we are transferred to the rock every year and a half are pretty much never more than a couple years so you're the kid didn it happens i was the fat assed kid who walk up you know the right something
chuck boarding wiggle is ass he laughed in us i was always the new kid so you attitude even when it showed up in the middle of the year yeah i then sit over there that view a brutal it was brutal and your little brother have to go through that many are there of uganda just to add it wasn't ruled ask as it was normal and channel until you got to junior high in high school where i was two years the city and then was ripped out and taken down here each florida right when he had friends right when you are highly heads he friends and i was you know a nice science fiction collingwood nerd guy had some fresh nea was on the iraqi lane dundee were that around you didn't do their rather sit there and read at the idea but in right then and then we'd get often go to florida and it was like i found myself cheering for football do give a shit about i just went home she always site by gay you out
was as my mom got me into issues i find the big for clark and asthma often island and civic and knowledge your mama's into it yet she did she was a house why they are obviously because she had a move all that i'm but she had started our classes pratt you know cause she lived in in jersey when she was grown up and she would have continued with that i think she's still did you go to the local paper where we go on you now say i can do some lay out for andrea draw some broad in one area if we do that death so that was your dream i dont offers a dream but she could have done that do not get married and started move was wonder about that might my mom's it is the same way she was in an art person painter you like it in doing a bit on stage about that how're you know how you don't really know your parents and told me if they lucky enough they live long enough to get in
item is older people has won their younger you know you you don't know them in they resent you because you ruin their life well our sweeteners would take us to the rumour in kansas city i was probably heard thirteen brother was drop us off at the museum all they yet he they yet he would just drop as honour and we we would play will play chess outside the big lions and the others walk around as if you know what that the back when they use it is real good wages leave kids and i wonder i like that framing of that though my parents right that you should go to camp where you should spend a week over there and it was really it seemed in good it seem like you're pregnant proactive value they wonder how i want to get rid of your confiding later you want to do that dear children so what
do you like wordy landed did when you graduate high scoriae when any acting at all god knows nothing just arena or knives out i'd work construction the my dad's plant to pay for college so the debate would universe with lord is where i went because you knows it was cheaper can i do seventy anna was a state school was the family there at that point they were still there and then lay right after that move too he finally got his first atomic plant in hanford that he worked on hanford were then for washington and try cities there in in washington can awaken pascoe the idea was to strike a new car your power plant nuclear power plant in this is this is an all eight seventies early eighties
that thing where he's like like i got a brush up on how to design when it well he was construction supervisor seattle construction stuff you know he has only out of the way the air i started out as civil engineering is probably one of the last guys without a college degree got that high right so so they split near cow itself area there thereof in washington i'm in college doing i dont know what so i sign up for journalism cause i tell you i was photographer vehicle vapor so i don't i'm doing or targeted guy too i enjoyed it yeah agro darkroom stuff darkroom stuff i would i would develop my own color slides in college because i dont know why but that's gonna be there was fun but i did a lot of black and white in the old union art stuff here so i did that my son maybe i'm gonna down are now and then i took an elective just to get a couple of things air carrier in one of the main stage protections and then then all these student directors ago can i use you for this
one ok can you suggest an alert it is just like right and then three you know three directing scenes in ireland i can do this this this fund fun and there's women the figure parliament that that will love it may be go out with a nerds journey was an urge journey into heaven oh yes then i got hooked up their departments which majors double by two years in ya see did too here is in theory departments we get an undergraduate acting great news we ever got a job before before them i invented now god now now they had a hell no i have an aid from the university of learning with that that's where is that the first two years as in any one giving you a special one you'd think it's
a matter of time is up i made it into my seventy that it probably grab that amy you might get an honorary degree my right there anything about that yeah so then i change majors went into that via i left because there's a big audition in the south call the essie teases other south eastern theatre contrary audition lot original theatre arab and the biggest one was the national shakespeare company out in new york bus and truck yeah that do you go into the company you put up three shows into the country did you do any shakespearian call it you did ya does either to it and i love that really really loved and then so i got a job went straight straight from college to new york three weeks in woodstock too the hearse three shows onto a nineteen sixty three to railways and bone for nine months of the year your plan colleges and
and some bigger venue sometimes so either shakespearian actor light through when they look at you though they they i imagine there thinking like will this guy's got a handle on the language of it and they can him they can move around me you should be able to play most of the male part well well there's only twelve as the companies over i travel costs and every year unless you riddle and leisure othello right you know you're you're always somebody audrey the country one in core in the old man in the same job was a real old school you wore wigs our way why oh yeah fake balloon tat the whole then use great twenty four way and so you're on the road yeah you know in there what there's twelve and what is this a seventy six there were all you know hippy debbie's hair down to hear that we had to curl up every nine put under wig sear twenty four and seventy six act and so we were in the middle the country doing shakespeare you know we'd we'd get we go truck stops and we get up thing
shakespeare hardly you make em rawdon rails i would dooms like a company that makes up that we have to travel ross country all of us and i am yeah we're delivering roger around for you but there was great is the best for you get because you'd play the same show in three hundred see junior college or five thousand seat west point b and thus to different performances right now aid by it but i will so you didn't that was that was your training that that was the hands i was there was a director one guy maybe a couple of nose cover people on new york that they get directive shows what philip meister was the head of the company and he lasted for all and you are and what basic shakespearian act i am i am big bent amateur india and we had a couple of older actors their thirties rivah who
done now you know shakespeare turnings out we learn ago so is out there thank you like you would seem to me i'm just trying to put it together with some of the work he has done throughout your career as i imagine that's a pretty good the occasion in inferred being small being large and being broad and why you could like eight within shakespeare there's all those and you're wearing a wagon fake booth swiftly but the first thing it helped me in think was when i was a cling on on the next generation and they believe they stuck strictly to put the teeth in there and you get the nose on so you had to speak distinctly switch i couldn't in calling on ease garage rise where's my journey so out as it did so i have to do that you're twenty four i me doesn't it it seems like it took a wildly
garda careers are worthy all out straight theatre cause i because then you come off the tour here where i came often you're a couple years on it and then i took out half a year often did a lot of work cubicle workin temple knowledge it and then i went by new york are worrying state new york new york their course and marie eleven fifty street health kitchen in the seventies though still was kind of house kitchen wow so still like the west is territory at or a here still i can still remember looking out the window and sin thin obviously a hooker thrown out of a cab tied with her hand style jesus we ran down there and untied earn who by syria here while scary yeah scaring in time where was still says you're late seventys was a mess madame s bed he had walked out forty first real
yeah i just remember that right our on port authority just crazy man was and i was weird life sec shows him all that stuff it was not tat it was not his prey as we know and it was pungent when you walk down to forty second street because one summer right when they start turning around emily was still kind of like any animate eighties sordid turning around so we radically eda right so you know so then i was just doin nuno off of off broadway echo castor oil which has really there can't show lay down below or just go to audition jai directors who whatever the rag was that this data you now get additions that way when i finally got one that turned into an off broadway show to get the equity guard room which was a great show called journeys and unforeseen share of world where one play so we we opened up course in the middle of the transit strike and closed action but that was
good because they got me some real regional jobs up out of town in atlanta and and on these cuts or would like new york in the late seventies so was were you doing work down there like where they like the west or group was or any the we're out on that place yeah down in down below fourteenth street there's little million little theatres that they'd rent for nothing here hey you nothing literally they pay you to tokens want to go down there and want to do that and what was experience i did you find that it was like helpful i it was helpful cause you were forced to do some weird shit well i was forced to me i think was good turning to make gold out of straw because it wasn't great writing right but there are some interesting and good performers that you could you could work to make this thing better network hard did you meet toward their guys we know that you were kind of coming edward down there only my rights or anger is or anybody
some people around there were an amy probably but i guess falling grey or devouring as i unworthy ebonite and work with them because those fairer lay might have made you know sixty dollars rising i made a token right yeah they were on the next level exactly so wait until now when you do that thing that was up broadway they got your security card what does it look like when you what do you mean you get what you get extended land in that kind of stuff have worried you theatre has that word what got me the equity card then gets you your first agent refers major whatever who then send you out for the regional jobs on these coasts well how about a and all in all those things why do today a couple months in the summer doing two shows that whenever you never knew usually it we nine ten weak productions you know you you're a couple weeks doom for psorics fur subscription
here's correct older pilato though hares and like you do in musicals i didn't do musicals although i was cast in one i didn't get to do it but i it mostly some classic stuff a lotta new new stuff here that that the regions where do i that's what it ended up get me on broadway which we did have a show well so long and lonely sawyer at the alliance here in atlanta right at transferred to boston transferred broadway so that was my fur brought with it a lead i was late rosalie was great lasted for a month but pretty good at supper had not a good day good reviews oh no at last month it was great though i mean gus going going out of town and there are hurting out of town in boston and having a big success there than may you down and gone recipes shit from it
is that what happened there where that is true i mean you like i guess it that's a good way to do it i know that about stand up there was only one pounded out any show up the man were expected to film or tv i mean i thought i was merely region theatre actor that's what i got into anywhere in euro k with that now look over there and then by the mid eighty he's out i've been in new york long enough that seen in kashmir has got would you want an audition for the movie here this tv thing and yeah here and so the outside of the the shakespearean touring company no training other other than what i had to florida which was minimal really the training that i got was on air interesting i mean cause i i talked actors goes on i tried it kind of sucker acting lashing out of you
the only way i learn is is where you with actors that are much better if nothing else and i can yet nemean you steal from them as that's as you do yeah marry one you steal from the thirties character actors that you saw movies that you love their brows jail from the fifth what are you staring at exactly adam by stealing i mean there you see their timing behind you see right how good they are an end in you absorb it as much as you can i think i gotta have my charming from warner brothers cartoons goes the timing endlessly was so great are they really want mom and you got that new by stealing i mean just absorbing what would you can learn from people that are really good why noticed that like a recently just because i'm relatively new it it is that there is a pace that you have to own when you're doing something you know it's it's really you decide it right
the timing is everything i imagine what shakespeare to like it like there is it if you're nervous or you don't know where you're going we care to ride in a rush and it's not gonna land the exact you ve got a land which is why i have to i have to battle really solid base usually over and over and over line so that then then i know them so well that then i can play than i can go this way go that way go anyway so that's why i do it for me yet but that's not ivan lot of people show up and whether in make up they look at their scrap ngo what's today the i can't do that but that's it oh how you do it for you it was interesting because i imagine date can it either there they just they don't they don't care i know they can by wiping that's not the tory unregulated went off lay there have a great memory or they're they're just more comfortable being in the igneous barely knowing right gets him in the most
maybe the dearth of achieve in for me being prepared gets me in the moment where i can then i can do it everyone right so i guess you do not see how did you ever have any great successes on broadway we now i guess we won we won the tony for best revival of all my son's back and eighty six i just that show which raise you yeah yeah and we were lucky enough after winning donnie that we had we had arthur miller come talk to us on the on the steps really the stage you know that the ultimate theatre experience and in what you are that there was a niece for centuries old yeah he's old and what i have to say i could a lot bigger we had just a really good cason he liked it and who is the lead we had a couple leads ralph wait start looked at from the wall from the mountains yeah yeah
the old man who had yeah he was he was dead and we had we had a couple of others but dumb man of la mancha start in the film manner launch ojeda him not jose now is that guy's name cheese yeah that guy the him yesterday which i was with every day and i can't be any but he's name anymore it's astonished well you know when you have a life and even after a couple of different cities and we must get to appoint really like someone goes dna stephen you i could just give me a timeframe and a sailor yeah and the army i didn't do anything tariff what i know is people and people come up to me and say steve i go some way from thirty years steve for a longer yeah stephen five instead no sense here since i had a really yeah you may choice i met a choice to be stephen only people knew that longer stay stay there so they all around fucking weird if i d stephen
you are we know you steer rut your steve right does those guys just around the spread of ramadan ah yes several so ok so then you kicking around so windows one does the movie thinking it kicked i did i do first movie here alone and fervour terrain didn't like me and listen you're gonna call back but don't you ever tell them that this issue first right movie so i didn't i got the job was monkey shines georgia marrow really i can remember that yeah i think i was in its greater but i'd exercises gary movie yeah calahorra movie monkey looks you're bleeding ones as well but then i got i got it the two were crocodile de the sequel the target on monday to hear and had a nice partner
and then got into ghost which was big movie we so i'm begging you an end to the big movies that is the last one that works for a loved was it isn't so don't live tv nell eggs i came adele and ninety but it says like let's see i'm just looking at some of the credits like where were you in stanley iris yap and why without a good part i was great and get to work with the neurons fantastic he i am indeed it would you learn anything from him that he was we generous i mean he had i played he had put his father and home i play the head of the home and then i have to tell him at some point the picture this file has died and he cried does his crying and he did his crying offscreen for me a while i was doing my offsets lights out he's very generous i'll that's good diana was awesome and goes in and my own ended you work you did you have seen for them in guilty by suspicion is well yeah just short short
so these are a lot of them were those kind of part or yeah yak as you heard of you you you could do five ten broadway plays and then you go to allay in europe at the bottom of iran right jack i don't care what you do but he put it seems like you were pretty good at young at least making good audition her and others will you i even if he had like four lines you grounded yourself in it you showed up for world out there you are that guy because that was the returning you are you alright ground yourself you know your lines you dont lebanon the furniture near there and then you just started so we went to you moved allies like permanent in ninety yeah in ninety and started immediately doing you know guest our stuff verify it was fun comes first did i think was night court had did a couple couple of things with harry harry actually wrote me an episode and roseanne and all that stuff then sir in that's that's a lot like fear three
camera very much so here you just live audience yeah and those that were used our day you no kind of really real i said yeah in order to to kind of really landed the you gonna pushed her character big yap because it's strange hybrid doing three cameron an audience near fork amorrhites where you have to be small enough for the hammer and big enough to ride over two hundred you know get the latitude audience yes oh yes it was a great learning exe her aunts and while you did some j j the fat man twice he sat with gatt was cannon right now who never ever ever learned william conrad only huge words behind your head then he read looked at you probably right
it is guards behind her head it was on his way to me with great i remember when i was a kid is my parents used to watch cannon yeah those like a big show was so that is was that one does it like i imagine as you get into your working with these people that you ve known as its goal then right nerd boy to go the outward were those got in there was at the first time you like oh this is a different world they're holding a giant sign behind them it really get away with your wife does need learn his life is that was the question now is just a mean but that happens a lot you know sometimes there just no time you know cause thereon sixteen our daily out and to do so so taken around you're making a living by eleven man and by the union
not necessarily noticed knowns really now now i'd chaos like the stealth bomber i'd ghana do stuff and that would be you know right eyes this funny and was it got a chance to do it or an on on radio because i had five years of that and now i gave you a regular got your on every episode yeah you're the owner of the only i working with andy as yo they'll hartman fill the best and joe rogan an area vicki louis more tyranny amusing on live past that i still oh mother and so that was when i mean you're already a year or forty forty two forty please i'm like a now is like that was the one that you know got you your insurance yea all that stuff you know it's like an eta i at that point i was here thing to be at as you know has ever got his
maritime more job right about the same time right to forty three key issues about out of business right and he got that and then more than its essence were you thinking now thank as i know that i have thought that like your ear when i heard that sore i thought of that right what eagerly the guys you can very self to keep getting older in terms of when they broke absolutely and eventually ends avoidable dangerfield do it signed yeah and so news radio then then you landed nearer therefore like a hundred hundred hydrogen and then fill of course unfortunately got killed and we didn't another season would love it as fails rice replacement interviewed feel not here obviously but in another format weird sort of ours i guess you mean shall be new is almost like before the internet could do it right
no one saw or heard it in what worked it that microsoft office but i did get me and he is very gracious nice guy really was and i a recently acquired the america album that he did the cover art for he did he did a lotta you did poker did a whole bunch of stuff the allowances thing but i imagine working with a guy like that you must have picked up some things absolutely cause the keys another guy that can drop in the characters and has an amazing timing they also seems founded in warner brothers it is but also he was he was very meticulous guy he was the guy that had tabs on every seen in his script knew exactly where he was at all times to number seventy up but there and he was very very prepared so he's a guy that liked in carry sides yet a book postscript yeah i'm noticing that more i think that on the trickiest brad acting is like if you shoot out a sequence like what had happened
before they are yeah that's that's part of your homework does to really find out where you are here in this because i mean i shot i just shudder unending where i wish we did the lasting first yeah likewise i don't have a character yet here we go beyond the end of the movie at the end of the movie i want you to figure out the character right now back loading yeah it's weird because like if you're not carefully to sort out the same energy and every seen as i come this guy's not tired dundee just run here yeah so that's what i learned mainly in the first years in television when he had no exactly where we were in script do you have all book your for yourself a couple from old i used to keep a lot of stuff and my wife finally said how can i gave him anywhere about in terms of when you're on sat do like t deal with sides or d ever nope like the whole script what i d like to deal with i like to two whole
sides during the irish camera blocking right and then i then i have to throng because you're then sir my life draft is gone and you have to work right yeah so after news radio white now wait wended wenders relationship with them more the collins happens waiters how does office space and cosette seems well that's real because right sometimes i was doing news radio yachting the hill they asked me to condition for that right mike mike did cause he knew i do without a southern care doesn't i've done a lot of southern theatre characters the out and go come in for this so got on that and then from mad he started writing office base and we are all on the fox lot doing king in the hills so picked a bunch of us king they ll guys to read it for fox our data tabled we don t for fox and mike was gonna red milton the part that i had
then i would want to see it do you read our thanks for the prep as were walking over any gives me this two minutes pencils casually done of milton said do that guy kind of i say ok i said i probably would give him more of a lisp and an halting this niece whatever you do here have fund but i i did three or four characters that did the the psychiatry or the hypnotist who dies in the middle of oh yeah what do you guys who braithwaite him the big guy he's great he's too beyond whose yeah improvise yeah really like that guy tremendous account so i did as part of one of the bob's i did something else i like through four parts during that reading and eight than they bought it the
and then it becomes idea initially not that hit our nothing zero yeah really yeah zero but it was right at the time tooth around two thousand and nine two thousand yet dvds were becoming right a huge thing right so you go to block but turn and they recommenced often and it became a word of mouth movie and then people start coming up to you on the street saying your line you go nobody's that may be how did this happen and its dvds and it was huge this was at the air i just was in austin fur i was its by south west and then i was asked to presented some weird event where was the anniversary of office space what is it like one when a year and a kind of as for their my albert i was gonna be there by his work and yet and so that that guy that character you just put that again because the first i remember like i remember seeing you but that was such a transformation thing yeah but that's that
what i had always been doing that it got seen on a bigger scale rang out for that and it was just something that was real natural for me to do where you contained a letter to retrieve i just about that guy just like knew him and who guys like him and i could do it so what do you do that i mean do so you knew guys like him sir do you find yourself you know like seeing people and yet you are you are you a good mimic now i'm a fairly decent audio member be out i i all my life i've always felt like i was observing he said i think a lot of love shy are you guys i urge our observers can also do you feel like that you did in his we're question but i just ask it from my my own point of view did you feel like that you didn't have a complete self yeah
dead and then maybe that was because removed the idea had no chance to complete myself right until i got the college in that create sensitivity you because you're always look at what is should be doing that i don't know that's true and at last he was to be able to talk to people and yet i people like maybe i shouldn't even if it's a hair cut or movement or sure yeah and that's where you get a lot of stuff that's where you get milton from office space we could indeed than anything look and who do you know it's amazing that he's right there he's there whenever led him but people can do him really much better than i can now really years later it occurred to me that much better than i am now so it is that does that function at some sort of brake are you in film or i mean after the dvd thing at or no i mean really just it's just you just now
plugin along still arguing along a news radios unita radio we're good was nice house get settled secured settled and ran some residuals and some ok and then you go get some more jobs right but i found it i was just doing i was getting offers an audition for only said comes from so ice after while just gonna stop do and waited for some more is like guys i'm sorry experiences are the south for your concern that you would be stuck there thought i'd be pigeonholed so i wanted to educate some other casting directors and neurons that's why i ended up which was good and end up getting you know says smaller parts in in dramatic shows little i finally got a nice recurring west wing and then ok are you do that the berlin and then that leads to other things and then they say you not is just right mr when does roy relationship with the collins happen at
and around the same time does i think has run too thousand around the same time as right after office space and i am sure that they didn't know of office major costs i wanted to their audition as a straight audition yeah working character right they love working character after yeah so i went in and i were what three feet up yet and i went in and they send for you you won't even through the sky no it yeah the two of them in a disaster area the two of them the dancing director and i took up my glasses and i did the dropped you're my idea and then i started doing the guy and they this disease both which was great it was my fault and as our ever as an actor and they gave me the role which is very nice to see you it decides and you had the guy when you went in the annual under the guy near and admit that guy that blind eye i'd say
i'd heard that guy millions of times grown at our saviour and i'd seen him from use an amalgamation of a couple of thirties things he added ass i am aware that i thought that was an amazing cared nets one allowing work you have too easy office bazin and he s here your brother you like that god that's the guy that weird guy you boy can do all these things today but there the thing is is there as it seems that help going to use character actors and with the potential for cartoonists you know this always there right but they have a real handle on it goes right there so set ria because like they did it with nicholas kay jeanne raising arizona there like your card to get in and that's that and they can ever able to ride this interesting line that is you
equally there is i ever saw there i mean their story bordered with an engine of their lives that's what i heard of it it's a beautiful thing because then you do that and they're happy and then you play with one and they might use and that might not ok he's very structured in and on many issues in easy to work with them and their good guys are all the greater but they seem like the kind of guys like once they cast you have some bodies i imagine that allow the actors they work with her is dug in his you and their character actors in here so their sort of liking or we hired you do the job yeah there's not a lot of notice there do what you do with will tell you if you go way in hell off but because i think that kind of amazing in in the part that you had in investor scruggs was at union work those reduce but no you did the thing with frank but when franco was you know in when those three guys ride up they they're all such old timing character actors thing it is eight frank over lunch
no it was like cable yet even here even though franco's there no he s got the new seraphic but when those guys guys you cause you're lookin out well that's true in all all the great no thirty's worries movies you're looking at the character you lookin at frank morgan and that's true doing five characters and wizard of oz believable people forever in your mind yeah those guy and he did another one with them right or to a couple more yet the a country which is just right you get we get shot out in the face yes lovely lady so he so good i everyone my god rollings such a scary movie in terms of jet there's no music and that movie there's no soundtrack there's just sounds he knows i didn't say that all my god next time you watch not a sound for not assange rang and in scruggs seated
three or four also did lady killer julia s with hanks with tom hanks he was fantastic and how does he like that's right you played this the southern ghana dandy the other bank robbery mediate house you to work with at that moment i was big for me because he cast me and from the earth in the moon before that here the the policy of the earth from the area i owned hbo they i can i get the play chris craft head of flight headline operations nasa yeah the guided i urge your weight ass dear he d just passed but i played him through the whole series and so tom had he was at my river that yeah and if you seem do i do a lot of these crazy comedies bobo idiosyncrasy that's uniting gap movie with genius it what it way ahead of its time it's what's happening right now sure i mean as satire larry appreciate yeah
dare i dont know why the movie it didn't take off like office space and develop a cartel now there were whether that's foxes problem with promotion or or what i feel like if it could have a couple more million dollars the women yeah and maybe i don't know maybe a bigger star but i mean i thought everybody is great now jack shepherds acts event to another this person who after all i was bad baden like the swaying of it like it is what we are all your and get out here you're though retard there were no eyes rail would not of course that's that's my guy there lies a get his scalp got up yes ugly i'll do that and it how do you like we see get you get sense to have all the facts in time yeah and bury dominum thrown thrown all over the place and that very physical way remy d just turn easy you gotta turn myself downright ah
yeah i did this point i'm really workin for script and people for i know it's really good scripts and to work with a really good people so i can from there but what about directors i mean like it's hard for me to liking arap my brain rose many movies you ve done but i can now have there been director well i always i i wanted to work with clint eastwood so i got to do that j edgar in jagger which was amazing really fun and everything that p said it would be issued real quick real quick and i had people work done movies is saying just learn everything in a row because you might do it wants you might and even the first was saying when we're shootin somebody said he i will go up to this point then will stop and no jabbar pride author yeah that was it and was a nice guy supervise supervised directors were made an impact
i love i really liked organ redford to watch him a arching work was phenomenon yeah likely cause i can't like you those guys it's sort of way gum those guys were real movie star yeah and then they have to find a range within that sort of it's really he's rarities character at around they are that end but he really can drop anything yet his fantastic like brad pitt saw the same y yeah i've i feel i feel the same why have you work with a guy nine oh brad from from i haven't worked with him we talked about you know the tank movie that he did that whose basically my father's dank and well were to a real here his is tankers a third third tank cross the remark and involve bulge and that will your dad's was yeah yeah so he was like that
that generation their guy had a did he have stories of those guys don't talk much out were never talked about his unless he had five drinks enemy would never say anything about us only only got a couple stores why do you think tat is who must remember who western were starving drinking potato vodka in the middle of germany in nineteen forty five we can now what are you gonna do yeah yeah it's like it's almost like yeah that's it i guess that was that generations approach to ptsd you just don't do it don't don't our big about right i remember my mom go do she would always gotta photo exhibits and we went to one that ted depression era parent you went i lived through that honesty that my guy did he ever do when metals did he get yeah yeah
i can't imagine why i don't know i don't have any direct experience world the most interesting thing about him was it he didn't start there he he enlisted in thirty nine in the cavalry because there was still a cavalry horses horses trained his own horse and they disbanded and forty forty one and he was a tank commander and they threw him into a tag she hated so much i can get caning may i can't even have you done anything anymore movies we how did i get into that now i was wanted to know never got a chance to he is like it i just like if you really think about sympathetically what's on those guys are gone through you know in these machines it again i can imagine it so when you talk to pit about about ages it well how did you feel in there he said i stayed in there all day i loved it in their history luncheon he just wanted to have
or of the whole thing because he's really smart guy and he's great i am he he immersive himself and whatever is doing so he knows all about it but a sort of surprisingly the current like in that one com brothers were the burn after reading that that characterises insanely funding that he boy oh yeah and did you see that guaranteeing its this week when my wife and i go on this week you work with him turn dinner would you like oh sure when a technocratic who were they heard the big hopes discourse i don't really have a hope because it's all for me it's all scripture than any of you if your great directly noon shitty script the murder i had her own winkler in here and i like that movie that gaddafi by society oh yeah those good movie and he did the other a blacklist movie to her trumbo trumbo yeah absolutely jarrow cheeses great ere i just did his roger ales movie that has not out yet that's right you don't talk to somebody else who is in that how has it feels great really gonna is again into ever upon
she's it up is it outside comedic sway right now two straight up and i'm hoping to see it fairly soon i'm also seeing another maria did cyborg with jean seaward with kristen playing her and it was there was a really nice experience an end now ok so are you excited about the emmy passive denomination you now but the most fun you can have as the first two days when people yemen heard from four while say you gotta ask fantastic but just the norm as the the thing for me the nomination as is the wind gallery for oh never ever do for her away from it is possible but so that was fun for the first today's announce you know what we're doing this to promoted and albert it's it's it's great
and am as as hater says you notes that maybe we'll get another season out of it that's the best thing happen that's right here and what you do like what are you d have you kept any of those hobbes these still shoot pictures what's your hot what's your thing that you do for fun like you do do lot album stuff i'm alive will you go and buy i go out and buy em i don't do the internet think like to feel the products to go out to urge you go the guys in island park over here that i go to yeah they reykir yeah i've been there for a while yum whenever i go i went north carolina shouts of them that i go to the logo rendered stores there and hunt and the funds it is fund have you been to india this a couple places the problem with a fucking record stores a lot of times if because of the internet they all know what they have yeah so yeah you know
have to be in an area where we have to find out that are important to you that might not be collect wise not that i'm looking for deal but it is kind of funding i like your you're not going to find a butcher cover more unity and to save for five dollars no none was you find in the garage some lacking but i did a good one in indiana called landlocked records of actin ok and i've just got they ve got the racks on top it than underneath there's just hundreds and their records liking i'll buy skinner record you know a greater that i like but nobody gives a fuck our own i do know the motors from them eighty eighty one major new new and alleyway gas
stuff like that at minos some do you hear that when you're in new york and you bought their forty five that came on you at all i want i've got a guy who are your big bans you have the beatles yeah i am always been a huge beetle all the whole british invasion who the key the kings her came out will graham i gathered my favorite i just picked up that muslims who vote all great on scrape grant you can find those jump right twenty still got my original gdps there was great i can imagine that x madam's really fun and i hope it will be one that makes it would be nice but you know anthony kerrigan brilliant henry brilliant i don't care he has a matter until the issue was one of my heroes and tell him he's great now and that we have a guy's rather legend saddam i don't hold any great hopes but happy to include did you on your own tax i do online tax are gonna nice
but i can where i don't know yet without an ice maybe you know be nice get that up on stage i mean this is the greatest thing is that your wife gets an address so there new dress and you know it actually i did have the experience of going to one whose work has caused by some food goes not avert sagamore awesome but it was it's nice to go to those things you see everybody it is itself applause i leave you know this is your community and you never see everybody never see anybody any can be like a yams great wifi thanks man you too that was me and stephen route nice guy glad i got it talk to about some things i love that guy's war again he's nominated for every for outstanding supporting after comedy search for his role in hbo berry and remember when i sit down to binge show or listen to me dicker stared into the abyss it's always better with a pint
then in jerry felicity my favorite is buttercup but you have so many to choose from jerry garcia new york superfund chunk or new flavour that you ve never tried before i call brook aromatic latte cosy up with you favorite available anywhere ice cream is sold or finding new favorite at best jerry dotcom let's be in jail her are why dot com and now some guitar i swear i'm gonna stirring up my strap i'm gonna clean it up just not there yet
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