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Episode 1049 - Buddy Guy

2019-08-29 | 🔗

Legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy had many insecurities about performing and they didn’t really subside until musicians like Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck would tell him how big of an influence he was on them. Buddy tells Marc about is humble beginnings, growing up in Louisiana to sharecropper parents, picking cotton for small amounts of money. His high energy performances, inspired by Guitar Slim, helped Buddy stand out among his peers, but respect in the industry was hard fought and late coming, with his breakout record arriving when Buddy was in his 50s. This episode is sponsored by Starbucks Tripleshot Energy and Ben & Jerry's.

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Hey folks. If you want to see me on tour over the next few months, here's where I'm gonna be then Coover see I'll Toronto Chicago Detroit Minneapolis fill it the Washington DC, Boston, Nashville, Atlanta and San Francisco. So be doing, some Ella shows here at the ad dynasty typewriter on October, fifth and sixth: go to w e f pod dotcom thrashed tour to get dates and take it info also go to Court of trust dot com. If you want to see the movie I'm in Vienna playing near, you are how to watch it on demand. It just screwed in Birmingham Alabama where was shot so that our people dug it? Alright, let's do the show all right. Let's do this, how are you what the porters, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs, what the FUCK Nick
what's happening a mark Marin? This is my pod gas. W e f welcome to it your new here. I just hang out you'll get the hang of it blues freaks. This is your day. May buddy guys on the show. Today, yeah talked a buddy guy and I'll talk to you about. Talking there buddy guy, why it was important to me to talk to Buddy guy in the booze in general. Some other stuff, but before I get into anything I should tell you- that this show was a pre recorded more than usual longer back than usual I'm recording this doesn't matter the day, but it's a few days ago from when you listening to this and the only reason I say that is because reasons. Why had to be done, because my book Mr Brandon is gonna be on vacation this week and I have a few days off this week and we decided. Why not to be free of this for a week,
I'm not going anywhere. I was just in taxes and again I want to thank the people of Dallas Houston and asked intact. As for really being tremendous audiences and in all the people who worked at the venues venues for great Paramount, Austin, the majestic in Dallas. And I think it's the Kohen over Thea them centre in Houston. Really me, we Jesse was just wake perfect. Few days really was so hopefully Here's. What I tell you that this is recorded, few days in advance, because it's something major happens in the world that might require me addressing it. It will be heard about here, because this was recorded before it happened. So have we, nothing horrible of, as happened at the on the out died chance. Something amazing happened very exe, about it. Even I don't know what it is also
hoping for his active with this week. I got it home to reassess three configure to reckon textual eyes to reclaim my my being. Hopefully, when I, when you hear from me Monday, I will have the God of Nicotine lozenges, why? Why are you asking Why are you asking? Why marked what why mark? Why would you get off and I guess the semi you would think like Y? U course you should get off from it can't be good, that's a good reason, just saturated. I may add nicotine sponge. I just the kind of the arc of having the compulsion to do things that feel good, stopping has gotten me into a sort of a steady, slightly nauseous state and want to have a physical, physical was ok
something's, wrong K. Something's were now not your what that is, so I figure. Why not clear? this is clean, the slight let's get down to tat too ground, zero marks, biology, Can we do that? I don't know what entails really obviously have to eat but clean, I'm thinking about maybe no protein powders, I'm thinking Bob, maybe no caffeine, devilry no eighteen and just a sick shit, clean not many carbs. This is It be boring you, but I got it. I gotta see what's up, I'm just curious, because you know you spend all this time the unhealthy and then do I feel like I should out and that on the page, then I m getting old they, how much longer do I have
and what am I really aspiring to I dont know by. Hopefully when you went when you come back here after the weekend I will have gotten off of them. I can't hear with the armory would already be armed. I'm supposed from tomorrow emerging like finding that space I don't know. Maybe tomorrow tomorrow. I'll kick. Tomorrow, I'll kick rights or work might Good buddy guy is coming up in a few. In its and when we booked him we were told that he's the youngest eighty three year old will ever meet and they were right. Folks, you'll hear it when he's talking, I think that's just buddy. General disposition. But if you want to get an energy boost, so you can keep up what buddy get the news. Our butts triple shot energy Starbucks People shot Angie Georgian twenty five milligrams, caffeine from Starbucks Coffee, a hint of flavour, and it is enhanced North Carolina be vitamins
gin saying for the energy to do a matters to you and it's avail. On three Delicious flavors french, vanilla, cafe mocha Kara male com, caramel, albinos, folks, going to turn into buddy guy when he drank his but you're gonna? Be able to have some extra energy to do all your favorite things, even if you ve had a long day the office or duty Workload. So go get yourself, Starbucks Triple shot energy and have the energy to do the stuff you of the most finding your local grocery or convenience store all right. Gin, say yeah buddy, guys here body guy look man Yeah the world is burning. And sometimes hard to know what to do?
I don't know the blues, make you feel better. I know what they do, but they sort of. I either you ve got the heart form or you Boys, music, Now I gotta be ass with you This into a lot of new blues, listen, do a lot of you. I don't listen to a lot of blues made After maybe I don't know, there's a few good Our players- I've listened to, but not o compulsively like listen to some of the old guys and I dont know why I don't know why I've got the hard for I love to play. Booze guitar, I love it. It makes me feel better than almost anything. I should do more. I love it more than I like listening to music. To be honest with you at this point in my life, because to get into the real booze into the deep wounds before there before this sort of like
what would you call em the new doing appropriated unity, Get into the earlier evolution of them young. Generation from removed? generation past. The source point of Africa. Generation or too young to really get there. Groove, but I got him to it when I was little kid for some reason, was played that music by guitar teacher There are Johnson record the crackly one. Or but there was A couple of people like muddy waters- yes, specifically and yeah they're. Another way in odd. We was so in the early stone stuff. I guy hip to some chest: recording Sonny Boy, Williamson, J B. When are you not
add some lightning records had the muddy records I had done. Mississippi John hurt record when I was a kid and you know it It's never went away my my hunger for hearing some of the older guys. You know like skip James yeah he's sound the way he played those notes. Everyone played those notes, so different, and so many of them were the same notes. Fuckin it didn't fast. Made me move me yet the falsetto Whew sound of Robert answer nor or skip you just like you just went in and it moves We agreed tat me into some sort of universal frequency that is elevating its both melancholic and celebrated lorry, and then I got you as I got older you I was into a three in high school, I was real, ended Stevie raised their Jimmy and the fabulous son,
birds. I got into that fast. Moving shit that taxes jump booze, do oh Johnny winter. Certain points burly Eric Clapton and this is all always unfolding. When I in college. I saw a big Mama Thornton, the end of her life ass, I will Dixon towards the end of his wife s, John Hammond Junior at the Tucson Booze society. With that forty other people completely channel robber Johnson into Hell was on my trail and it just booming way than I got into other people do in those Johnson songs like the stuff. Love in vain, even the gun club with preaching the booze. I just kind of tracked it I don't, Love bar blues, like can heat that guy I think his name's Dave Wilson was a real chancellor, theirs
Odin channels, yes from the White Dude Doug, that she had got into it and found their own voice in it. I was moved by buddy guys early stuff to hear the guy can have find a place on his guitar that no one it found before you know it. There's a lot of cats and found outworking. Freddy king be king. John, we Hooker Lightning Hopkins, get into that groove wishing it can he joyfully Can he generally hooker that some crazy shit yeah that's worth meet up with those Peter Green Records peer, green that Chicago record that he did with three would MAC back an odious span couple other cats, I dont, know fall Butterfield, first record. What am I doing just was records, but there a shocking go thing, muddy, muddy kind, muddy and Wolf get those wolf records. Fuck man
but buddy guy always had a sound that you could identify in. I could hear it when he's we back up with other people, just we handle it got that Stratocaster gone. I pulled mine out when, after I talked, Albert Collins, another guy, not telecast or man searing, I'm not gonna, see here and wisdom. If the ship goes. India in moves, you, you got the thing and this guy precision might be fun for some you, if you have the thing I didn't know where we're going to go on, but he's been talk in a long time has been around a long time, but there's a couple: a nuggets in this conversation about certain people. Little moments would be king, John Hooker, Earl Hooker this, I guitar player. I didn't know about that. Were really exciting. For me, it was exciting for me to meet him and I saw him at the Hollywood bowl the night that I talked to him with their
Try we muscle white, who I talked to a near real deal, Jimmy VON and his ban and buddy, and they gotta play. They got a point. They can't stop bodies. Eighty three years old and you can still fuckin he's, got a thing man, it's a weird thing: young people. Guitar by it's. It's not a matter of being able to do anything fast or being able to do it. Like anybody else. You know you got these, you got these links, you, gonna make em your own, you gonna Statham, you're gonna, inside out, but buddy. I just owned These are the same, no two out of them behind, abandoned how you gonna, how you gonna poem, how you gonna welcomes sustained in saying I don't know man there's a lot of personality, two out of the great players and you read some who played for wolf, but anyway it was a great privilege to talk.
Body and I'm glad you came by because the music does speak to me. And I like to play it and I like to hear stories about the old days. Why get into it would buddy. Let me just remind you: you ve only got a few more days a summer when people time for some, in Jerry's and I know banning Jerry'S- is great all year round. But when you want that summer time my screen fix nothing beats of pine abandoned Jerry's right, I mean, like if you ve never had been injurious like. I know, there's a lot of fancy ice cream out there and they were fancy ice cream for banning Jerry's then Jerry's is the scream. It's the every man's ice cream, the every woman's ice cream, the every person's ice cream awry anyone first came out. I took that factory. I was so involved would banning Jerry's earlier on, I toward it when the fellow still ran the place when, on the tour gotta taste their experts
a meeting with frozen yogurt at the time. But man they're just something about work for me, peanut butter cup with they Vanessa, you gotta, get the vanilla cut, went through Jerry, Garcia period. Did the idea chunk, monkey period, I'm not even a banana guy. Not even a banana guy went through a junkie monkey thing. Then there was the of course, remember that the car market where's ones where we're however, split flavour, and there was a core of Carmen that anyway, I'm just telling you you just get the flame the complicated one that you enjoy, or that sounds good and then stretched out with some Ben injurious. Vanilla just cut that stuff and am and spread over a few days. If he can, we not out of pine a night trees yourself to your favorite flavour, anywhere ice cream, a soldier find a new favorite at Ben Jerry I'd com net bs J E, R, R, why dot com so This is me talking a body guard
he's currently onto around the country- and you can see always tour dated buddy guy dot net. Most recent album is the blues is live and well. One of, many many records, and he Eighty three man and he just jumped up the stairs and sat down and we started talking I gotta fell back. As you know, I do a comedy and stuff myself and after shows people come up to me and they want to get their pictures, fake, The funny thing. I've never, to anybody before and I was on a plane with you. You didn't you wouldn't have known, and I saw you and I'm like he's on my plane. I saw you taken off and when are you guys? Actually, I think knows my show I remember which guy, but he gave me a poker.
Pick, but I ain't goin. I get off the Panama baggage grimace. If I don't go, get a picture with DEC maybe Madame myself, wherever there is a good well, why gets attack as easy? One got the pigs. The idea but I ran up to here. You don't. I got sick and I said what everyone says: hey now on usually do this. You don't wanna, be an asshole better, You know you know, I'm a good use of their ban and made it even you know you, There were just the camera mad for everyone who got a phone grab, a camera and, as you know, and I tell people, people live there must be somewhere or does therefore is a just society. We have this moment where you do it after shows noise and you're tired and maybe not look like. I always say that day, there's about a hundred people to get pictures of me workin, tired with a man. I know he will give you a funny. One layer came into my club in Chicago.
About two hundred insolvency and my head must not stand beside me. I made him ran out of a piece of paper and say no more normal for granted ass. She came oh she's them from Austria. Will you please take a pitcher? Would may I say well, ok, level taken it ass. She went away in about twenty minutes later she came back to circular. Please have another one us if you all determined what happened to the finest room. She say what it maybe look too fat. I say what you David Camera, so that you didn't do another one. There was a big other oil figure out how to get around wherever you're gonna get out of here they come back or they don't know how to use the phone or take my observatory. Won't you stand there waitin holding a stranger through. So why are you were you planning point tonight? No tomorrow night were at home
but all our man and exciting yeah, you know, follow you better late than never universe, nine no one in Europe. I guess, if you can, on promoting, If you can, I guess. He gave a little may lead and make the lives of near call you back again bigger because our past many times in my mind the younger days would delay junior wells and look at it and say I'll, never make it their yeah. Although certainly going to leave you wake up when you got a Amazon been ever made. Graham, is the area they invite me back. As I remember was out, there would be a Cosby forgot whose owners Sherwood Married man, You know, you know you got a flower, but a guy. Like you know, I don't look at me like that. I looked like where we all entertainers and now we just you know we ve been about refreshment.
And this one to remain beyond Michel with some other people made it beyond the shell with some other people, because I didn't know how to play my guitar saying by the book. I learned by listening to those guys who, sure got more recognition. Then I gotta needed live long enough to get like the muddy wars. The howling wolf largely will entail. Yeah, I mean it's. We I I saw you I actually saw you do the second show at a place in Cambridge Massachusetts. We early eighties with junior anyone. There was crazy. You know because I remember there was and party or show where you could play like other people oh yeah yeah you do yeah you're, you're, Jimi, Hendrix anymore, you well, you know the way music. As is now as we have moved by the way.
A lotta reveals tourism does the Tiber blues that was is defined. Of most music? We have today and now we used to talk about that. Oh muddy waters, holler, Wolf, delayed baby gang was always said. Hey and if you leave me, please don't let the blues die because our as was amused? Karla R N, we and have all the names where I have now. You know like us, Solon, I can roll and our last of an earlier days were to lose German. Yet early re draws the it is our own be near. You know now, I don't know what it is. You know they got a separate is so much now tell you so you come up and somebody readers guys my best friends here and they were too.
We blame the server. You know your play, my youngest daughter, then your badge again, we one days it at it. We're just play amazingly directive away, then grew sangreal, yet I cannot in all went through all my stuff records. I have yours now is worsening the waiter at this hour, so happy when I gotta an original copy of the the boys were doing and I got I got that one and then I had. I had one car walkin in the words, but there was a compilation walk through running through the woods has one summer forest of when I was a girl. Go here The aim is player, little brother, Montgomery, amateur will delay, will addicts and they gave me It seems I gotta says criminologists wreck what NASA you started. Where do we start I was born and lose out on your arm. I tell people is light thrown from stays, United no were running water. Wasn't tailors. Were seventeen years old really here my pen was here rob was in her look at me.
Right now when I say that from his days and gives a standing ovation says you know If I went home and even when I was ten Levin. Here, though I couldn t my mom and dad go get me a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. I D Go cast a chicken while my good there, and you know you can well do you start plant the guitar? Well, my dad. Finally, you know they were naval. A bird of prey for giving an average acoustic gets back. Room was to monitor three nodded, not a hundred year yeah yeah The other guy who's go, get ever crisply will come to the house than they would have go from house to house and drawing together one in the quarter, beer and no more. Want to an excursion. Indiana get down. The arrest of a case would go and have taught us if we could have Where'd you get one out, I would go pick a guitar. My dear file is already go. He was closed.
So if you know it s about again, we Iraq or whether he found it bothers get everything around What kind of wise you what a worthy? Yes, I will just a little goes against our denial mall and remove the name of an island strings no Oh yeah right zone, but after broke the amount of earlier about three strains on when he got in here and denied. Take my mom's where'd you go. Help is a day. I'd like that, improves rash, dick I couldn't afford, while the guitar strings. So it did you music in the family. Were we listen into a while back there as it was before we became Anti bore? No other good about our moves, all gospel. He was voices. You know you want. Weaker. You go here now. You're gonna see another family at the church or anywhere was it was charged international instruments and relatives all voisin, oh you and planned. I won the five bland boys and the pilgrim travellers.
Like that in a random records, jobs, dive governor. We found a little better already aware for rain here in cloud or you could hear no way was why you over and then you could hear it new roles in some way or other. I've learned boy here and then he would try to get the guitar drew back. You of what their voices and in our power to be weakened, and Eve on him and an old man. You know you got some of the now when they are required to get tat. I wasn t bodies like it ok, bye. Yes, yeah baby. This made Israel, they ask questions about who we will listen to you and I was listed in the most him to be the year when I got Jesse Arthur Croupier Leyden in Afghan, very, like a lion. Was there you, like most workers weeks now for himself before baby, as law amplified ago. I've gotta get
a month ago was obsolete the golden water may Duke would Murray, and I would suggest record they were you going to move music stolen, savages, dogmatic, easy. I don't know man just give me anything to get it out away in full the amplified arranging you. I did you planned Duke no! No! No! No! No! I was the figure garden. Well, you grown really oh yeah, so because when I was in a deep water, it's like Yahoo lakes or kind in their rights Bible of a lake Sawyer Workers D. Up in really would talk about just work. Do you before you pass away? Saver only an outer someone like that. Many say when I wear this guy Diwan walkers. If this time around here earlier- and so also there a little older than you say. You have to listen, and so, by the time they electrified it in chess was put out records. You were you, you were still in the waiting. In still
flower, a meal and figure out my good name. When do you like it? When did you start taking it seriously Emmy out, and what? When did you get your electric Qatar astray? The board me my voice, Rio Acoustic and I would like to vote, but you could go by what they call a pig rightly presented around here, only yourselves aroused my voice he'd like to get ahead and then a voice straw, the gas dog I found out. I could play a loan which gets us where my game, then with things I used to do it and I learn other player. Jimmy Red and stuff, like that any one of you play my banner legibly mousetrap, swap that until I got able to go into bad religion, no work air service station, then I found a borderless while gives so let following first one about that you bought with anyone back to stretch out. I got the Chicago yes,
but they re me off what or less volatile allayed ahead of club in she found out. I could play for where's, he let alone every word or money. If I would play Arab lays down my voice, I am see very pretty much go between Stratton these, like three thirty five no I've. Gotta go ahead of reserve lab when I know gives them was often we almost ever get to ask of you not look as I'll get. What made me fallen over the strata voice, so good MA am, and I know what they are. Let one year vowed you could drop it just scratching, but you could drab water. How about? As you know, the regular, even Evan rain owner would swell up and break. It is a solid piece of work. Right what our waters can go. Go Slim was, while in crazier made come in several of these. I hear that I wanted to play like
we can, but I would like to ask what were there with the theatrical finally teeth? The royal identified within it no slammed in flower Deasey was just. Why would I came over somebody's ideas? There have been reduced I would never never vague. I was good enough to play as well as baby team hours, Lamb, so ass. I got a bad loser males in that it makes a moderately attention Dignan. It's funny. You say that about the strap, because that's that's true. When I just read this book about the creation of it, the solid bodies, The offender I mean those that first tallied, no first rats they were built to take be lifted obeyed and in their bills, so anybody can fix him right when he took it took years for Gibson too, to deny
be so arrogant as a daily want to get into the Electric Qatar business because they thought they were pretty highfalutin had the best Qatar, so they know how to keep the quality that they would with their acute with their coos against friends with the electric, and that's always why I always felt enjoy feel it gives were kind of the fancy oh yeah yeah, you like you're having a matter like this, Do you know that also imagining becomes as you another instrument, England near it was ninety six, a fire before most of those guys, That's a big and famous blue uniforms Jove back there. Turn to Jim obey the Algarve. Man say I didn't know: straggled play Blue every now and then I got this and blackened. Why? What is there? The genome lacks land.
What do you mean? Man is easy. I thought there was a country western gets a man and you couldn't play blues were now. We saw you, we all got strength, so you were getting filling station, your points and gigs embedding ruse right and in what what makes you decided to go to Chicago, he knew all those guys were there. Well, you know you could see the Louis German near Ray jars butter. Until you got twenty one, you couldn't see, him went elegantly and one rose place that didn't say Abou right and I found out. If you go to Chicago you got twenty one years old, you wouldn't be able again the glove disease. Nowhere near citizens at twenty one which was July there, nineteen fifty seven september the idea of who deserve at its cargo, not the big gets arab league- has, I think, at that time of saying you got a lot to learn source.
One dome was, if you go to Chicago now, you can watch the motors wolves, the waters and as a sign of boys. Now those people, maybe you line salmon. All of a sudden, I got stranded guardian, got strand might have found out. I could play a few legs, is ever written, hey guys who was murdered in all those people like that is either you hurry resumed. He can play like there's. Nobody while and grazing only gets everywhere start coming to me. The laid way invented mad mercury, what you are doing is a man you can wear you are doing, is a man you can wear, and people like that or devolved bar would know. Big blues gloves, and our this we walk and bound by while most of the blues way back then with sudden chairs.
Oh yes, you will only let your guitar modern, all of a sudden and jails, and play an answer. When I get some attention, gossamer jump around on his days, which aids I'll get it Brown, do that plus I wanted there were Rather what is now they have get those hats I'll get us. Where will this hundred foot Lee, Why, for me get a year and the first My phone is, ladies and gentlemen, will get Us Lamb and all ass Roma right. It stays in. I didn t know no get up earlier, but I live here. Was gonna, do he had a hundred front wire the governing the Dodo reared pseudo? What a wide had mouser, my God, what is as less I'm gonna do there's one, that's what I'm gonna do like. So you get there need before you get yet known so that all these guys were displaying a different places like one
and junior and mighty us it s in a circle because you never had never come out into or like we do today, right South, you would Baby gang when he came out, would have big soda the fire lower. Do our groups. Are. They too are on a bus, No really things in a state of Wagner now knew what may create a worse vehicles are worthless. If you could get there was there that prize today, but air water was go around in the station wagon pile of Anastasia Lanka's I've. Baby king told me that he was made three hundred and sixty five days but he never lead us out, so they would not take long to you. I grant play reach ten days and lose out of ten days in Mississippi, watches John in the and archives zone, which is John, is a wooden wooden one job that is now we play California so's. I leave you gotta, be when their exams in Milwaukee and eat anything
fly on the bus. Well, all over. I think most now for five lie, but we have to make it then you have to get sick. You did diversity. The wind, nor our now was able to do that you're. So when our voice our common here. I was driving girls Roger myself, A ban would delay Junior well now was the manager I was to guide everyday deal sometime would make up one of the one gauge remember what gets me goin I'm thinking Baby gang and Modern M was done one then the economy is, in my view is not yet here you know. You know we became tell me one otherwise, mannerism damages make enough money to make everyone gig to that in the end in in what drives? Is the love the music, the level new one also very love, unwanted, and is this you know, right now, when I see
it was smiling, went on play in our sale and you know of whatever, probably where major forget it for five minutes. In a way you know his music ever tell us that. Do that not just blues owl, musical and young people? from Ireland and gladly as severe problem major LISA image, you forget it that's the power The thing I mean I've always in open when I play I play as I listen to allow two different kinds of music, but this really nothing more satisfying and play. Oh man, you know the rest of my life, Maria be lucky that deserves what you do. Well, I ll try to tell young kids. I got two sons: wait were laid for employees. The world went into the blues and delicate torrent What is our one of my sons? Oh, my god. I know you could Lila. I'll be around what I've all I'm ever go home and say: yes, we do, there is not a make up. Their own minds
silver got twenty one years old category. All enough to come in the club has one he said, Oh, my god, he saw the whole show courage and your brother play do ya. Yeah he passed away of the eleven years. Only twenty of this year, you did a few records with him yeah about played on recoveries. So when Carter unfolding. I guess, like you, don't you I can tell your plan in the back of anything like I was in a record can tell your plan in the back of anything like, I was in a record Sturgis recently and they were playing some collection. Having was I cocoa Taylor was on it with some sort of armour for his. Regrettably, I was angry do right and it was about two different authorities on this one on record, and am I guess, kind of anybody got like aggregate here it so I mean they must people must be able to identify it me. Can you know It's just something comes from your heart, so you know you're insecure about. I gotta learn something but other people like nobody pays like that guy.
Well, you know that's what they would elevate do do you know. I didn't realize that of course onto your love. Does he agree, restaurants, where local actors in a people groups, man, you know like Fraga who play here and who would you You know I play the modified. What I would call man for says a ban on how we might have whoever player, we give you learn torn a box to make direct here and now able to draw on a box our new fangled about one day, some articles it is, but a guideline right, I'm like saying do not want a virtual, now put it in a well. How did that like hell? what was it like with those guys me? So you get the Chicago and you what you it seems like you, you made a few singles. First fur is much opportunity to play or mountain they knew
a play on words, which I couldn't blame Digest River had made. I mean the murders and move waters inside a boy had made. She has what they were so there's a cobra record would ask that when they raise grocery geographers me right is the man who really have me was LEO's odoriferous, which bears way. I would do to your neck. Why do you always rush odor for air and you and he energy, and over there to that smaller label scarcity, Herman laid magic. So magics have her that that bug river. He there are higher priority Gerda we're here. For you the birds. Lovey was was junior bog taxes advise you know, cause feel good right, we'll get here and then sounded. Sam's is good where our two year, because we simply all day on Sundays, from several crag and more on Monday.
As one we are all jobs deal Deanna Mercosur Steel meal was wonderful, seven, so in Chicago at this, the ammonia restock the other twenty four zone- were honey thousand people here and one. When they're my what the world is deaf people via music at seven o clock in the morning, you couldn't get in the club, because that was the only day off work. The issue of this you have got over as laid down, maybe I'll hand wildly work. Our ass. All time was: let's go fire now, because the night I'll be work when they play and gloves, and we use to play. Today, on one end and Monday night and I wonder how? How could you stay power and those guys like Sonny Boy murder, overall, I was young, never drink like say when do you guys get so drunk you can play and they were all day on our night man. I've never seen one of phone on it. S amazing at Elinor was well
values dies and, while I was there be allowed, I hear you never drank too much. Now. They taught me how to drink. As you know, enough words went out was to shout saying, and sometimes I feel like there right now. What do you call schoolboy Skype this man? If you turn drank someone? Is you? you, you get out of our society and we re no crossed my mind until I go to the states, then they have to give me a lives. It was ever say. Ok, forget about. If you place a better level of drink, whisky or cognac will make you will get a virus in just do subway system The governor mistake. You right worked or offers right here. Right now took over your life with no no, no! No, because I got out of my house now you can go into my house. My housekeeper does my whisk, about which we will give it to me. He's got fingerprints zone ere, I don't have it the dragon only one I was smoke around, they would smoke. When I got two miles now,
just because that that was the night time yet well was didn't the music there. You know- and I was mass downright today- is as we do. You still move when I gotta come out on the stage, because the public is one of the things that is hard to please all the time near, as sometimes people look at you away Mozilla is mad. I heard about number, then that's my letter. When I get to see if there's one I say almost gonna win outta here I'll show you sometime, I do so after you do this a cobra through you hang around with those guys with their own listener and a magic SAM, and the late have errors was just singers, we're very average users, saying yes and then, after the cobra guy that, as we just came back and found orders in order to my house here, that's what he sand over and wait do it now. It did was Ike Turner there.
No wonder the over record sent down to get I got you know like is allowed to do the baby early successfully. Oh yeah, you know how well he was the one. No baby dormant is made some. Since then he nor him and Tina Turner would bury, which is in the house, and when I heard you talking about, When I heard you talking about their good huh, water out of love. What do you do? You know? Gauzy was of tat. I would add music when we did that what was a rocket. Eighty eight was here Jack abreast here. He was on that and then some people think as the first Rock n roll saw well, our down were yet- and I think I played piano on. There's only one way, but he was good ever make us. He was allowed to get one of the greatest slide get uglier than we ever look. How here here, oh my here, and he made of they would murdering cause. You know what it was a lie here goes
and these are the same thing. I tried it. Would you sly, get you got result precise, Vienna You can't just jump around on a day like I like to do right here mood. He gets a different position. As you know, that's life you gotta live damsel ill, you gotta be more James and all those people who are open tuning to allow no were vague back there. But you know their drugs and those who were not open doom. They place re forward. I've talked Derek. He some Oh man, you have. You have laid out loud and large value does knives lad. You plan is your final verdict? Is Islam in both sounds like India, oh man, you know one of whether kilos or may what'd you do. You were born with it. You know these dealers me what was it like by hook or really oil? Will you tell him? I don't know occurs,
who was so crazy man, you know ladder musician with, has gone crazy. Guzzling Langley was like. I don't care what I do before a hooker dear to me, when I went out for he's got a cigar whom God no the stolen money. Would guard will make us if we get. It was seven core that made me had grazes our words, and he, what is my so I know I wonder what that morning play on a blue Monday morning. I confirm my card here and that is why straight There is now more miles easily by disburse the door Mercer, I'm glad it's back Stan like Jarley who go away now walked in the rooms about it. I just Google modesty Would you so well gazing, get over the chess, and you get those guys Phil, whether they like it What were the just before he died,
if you read that call me after the british gas directive filler here, the british guy turn around, provides a very good net that british sound. Yet that's what he said. Will a Dixon two? My house go get very bring him down yes, wiser, warmongering or we'll make these lives says who murdered sign of one or more milk, as it was called me that you can get fired. Well, I was gone. They would not use me anymore for some reason. Arousal just me and when I got day he had pursued any I'd, never went to his office. They come on and off, as I was able to myself Listen to me now, he'll come back down, you're normal, it was made then a cream, Roguery Brown Voice, air uneasy, listen, others here, relaxing
was there still bent over there? I want you to kill. Me intelligent, no progress here, these because you ve been trying to give us this? since you come here to dumb ass. He said this value. You you're ahead of the game, and they are stuck you its sessions. Then it's always the now you come here and do whatever you want. And he lived alone, and for that I thank her- were less than a year passed away. What that guy? interesting that, like it, took their full circle, stuff, the icon, like you, a lot of people say the british guys are the ones that introduced the music to the world in a big way, yeah right hand, anything was that you were open and that guitar up before them one leg. Ass though he would give say about a river, why ignores feedback here.
Anyone alot of feed wear garters, won't that ring earlier that the various funds It wouldn't be on me with it right. You're playing the same works airplane your legs in an Freddy kings Lake right right and yoke is I'm eighteen like the beginning. He clapped him was all ready in you a lot of it right The marshal up Craig, apparently on that first boost breakers record the guy, don't even know how to record him, though he refused to turn it down right, and that was the sound Well, you know Hendricks, add insult me too, and he was in New York man's boon. Everybody was governor, were dispersed and affects the air and when he got the landowner say bring it home, yeah yeah. Where was I wait a minute nobody here. Do you notice moves of that money? I'd known alone was flying is doing very well, sir. I could do better than that, but on a british
there is a will, my god it is better than a mere. What have you got better than that? What is x ray next, whereas is like to acknowledge the taken as well. Wanna, even also I didn't like, because I've been watching some written about jazz and listened in a jazz it. There is a point where you know where you had two straight up: jasmine. Those guys went out into space in the age of oh, yes, So you know you're going to do that with a guitar to go to space. Will you just do the same old thing? Well everytime! I wake up and turned my radio nome looking for seven zero years of new. You know where technology You got a lot to do with music right now, and I tell people right now. Someone a super. I will not go remains. We use, Donald big shows on television is live sang in Algeria. Follow myself cell phone saying oh try there, because we had disasters report, which we would years ago, yet we get a new record out forever.
Never call you are movies fell in Iraq are enabled out my go like this, and you could do It was known you ever done in USA with some down and would lead to clear your own really Razumihin autonomy on tobacco, vile amounts, but I met like when you do and other sessions like little Walter was kind of crazy guy to right. Now, just water was crazy. Our new didn't marry, you know glasses. Was seldom of every king, like I'm talkin to you know that it would have been gone twenty minutes ago, workers all Amazon, you hear when muddy water, author June, you baby, it always enough? The cowards raises a warm air
they wouldn't have used our top of a baby. What about led me? Love you! Whatever number I want to talk about, who is always ease wagons? That woman worry. You move ahead woman. This woman, as yet when a woman- and I only a December this year in your place, I can learn a lot about a woman, but he got to watch you when you were playing. Damn you gotta watch others, you got to watch muddy right in what I would use. I'm and I found out, I can play and they would never let that happen. It is our may dislike, come onto the stage here and I'm like I don't read music on watching your thing was trying to steal a leg for me right baby or whoever you know, and I would never let me do that there were many who in their bid. Here. Maybe you know baby would do his zeal. But if you look at me in Athens because I used it would driver high here, because I hear you
spotted means that aren't you gonna work alone over. I want you to play and I said well tat. We have The gets I'll give it to me. There does anyway, this no, no! I just wanna ready, you know, that's the guy rolling rather well. Good sir. Would you like a adapted, bear yeah. You know they were legs, then even players- some, I don't know you- can play a more. Let him know you can play right now we're right now, Merla. It was like that story about Clapton. Haven't him? yeah I read it and now at the end of it now what about Hubert someone? Who was good right here? They are, this right of yesterday morning do whereas Uruguay Jus with Mexico, they had been understood three days. In the reserved as rhythm, and I couldn't get it any so called body here, and I got a bad
we are glad that more than one I was making all lands and murdered NAM session would like sixty five in the morning here because they want. When we come straight from the bar here- I wonder why well it while it was still. I have drawn up at a time when you got that add two thousand whiskers had known both were no electric vehicles. There was the big Do they have Certainly, I will just sounds like you do when he left a clear lead neck, so they call me when Dixon came and God man is a lot of watches again you here, this river meanwhile, and as our Well, I wouldn't do goods he's That's what you gotta have a real gonna. Do I knew what it was fine, and you know here Everybody was Miss Eyre, The old man. Do you know what I want you to be certain choir drawn, learn what I do? we're doing what they ask. Minister of turning.
Job illuminato he'll. Never you know like. I know you was I would look up. They would come out engineer room enforced, real myself, some Tommy, you move as oh, ok, six. These will now they want to move as they work and what was the groove? we're looking for was a Huber group now with some dad. Dad could harm it to you and I could hear what he was doing. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom room with me again again account for that issues such as a year. This goes this negative role placed on record yes and then you Is Denmark come into it? You started. We were doing both your recording with Junior on Denmark in our own stuff on chess. No, what do you know what I was so slick? Then it won't you did they re often about doesn't. Have you noticed that album? Would you talking now my name ran and not allowing all friendly chap calories
so that was me. Wouldn't girl of rumours that live in order that we may play an owner and withdraw you're, trying to hide it from went out from because they arrive contract on you. You know that if they said you can play for mobile, as was they all arise? Like baseball contracted Jason not even get ready you, but you can get rid of course here and at that that arms all you it's all you and junior. Then there were the early in the morning noted their my requisite was erected shop and it is decided just add more than men junior records than that Bob coaster. Bob cast off somebody just tell me just solar: do you know you don't wanna know more of my some. I was Jason. My son now what I told you about it. No I wasn't here is twenty one and it We get him to catch up with you. Anyway, I guess yeah. I think they saw the recently, but back in the day, was like a grand avenue or something
forget. Why were you move? Was gases says that as their who remain out. We know anything about that that record so clean. You know I mean just so cool you know it was. This is destroyed. Then you will have all attack. You got now real real. We used to make a record in this. Beat in their here. The They didn't lack a leg they would have to. A razor blade and cut little presided at TAT, not a pointer burdening that occur, Thou guy. They can had it somewhere else, because you know don't says in vague in those days you would take. Break any reply. Incitements eluded me to play it again. Yet Eleazer sell some time of in the studio. Man argues the bathroom come mags. Are we really going to get whose their owners Who does just that
believing as we do just this just I was taken out of them got into evolve and amusing. Whatever you do now, we can fix it. You know, as I got that record in and on some of the earlier chess records the sound was liking, o straight strata, yeah real green and you gotta get that very few people boylike. I at Robert Cray played like that right, yeah right, there's about that here that in between position that will that now and as well, those rivers guys do make radical because without them out of our bit ugly, you not arouse lacquer no now is there, but I was unknown in dollars, amazed that we got Evanna. Rhubarb guy, yours, you guys used to bend knows throughout the area anywhere you ride the edge and there like what's adds lawyer. When did you start, though? When did you start real, using a factor of warfare
or how do you really believe that now is the time I use a one hour? Let people know about Delay, Jimi Hendrix somewhere. Right. I just try to do it is now my shoe yeah, I just don't that is done go on a dog at this lead people who Johnny Hooker was hidden malefactor, gorgeous dazed nightfall lies and I will act or is there a lot of people of their in California, and I said I don't I'll be right back shouted no and yell some names who you think was the best get out player, and then I will give you my opinion and our. How do we rise and they call you know, I'm sorry. Before me have Steve Ray I'm talking about before the about my middle name, a name in our laws and whole lemme, give you my hidden nobody, baby King O from air and yeah John
the day like that, guy, like he has whole own groove, highlight the I wish that we record that hooker and heat record, Can he and there are trying to follow? What do you know as you know, the vast array of that, day, one when I met him. Do you know I never did meet him here and the Voice of America guy. I'm a big moment on was in Germany here an hour doing that we show that they put on Tv after. They had been there, but I didn't know who he was nowhere. Warsaw were everywhere was dear Drank, inhibiting so mild bangles. I came downstairs Miller. Them would mean you talking now, as I just got to me, John De Luca cause. As for thing, I told my Havana play was booger children here, so I walked around it big table anymore, and I was like a big deal table was eaten breakfast an error. Biologists talker
mom was a big wise. You know she had flown on legislative matters. Would open a corner, picked up acoustic guitar, like they're playing booger deal here the guy came over me that, due to those who used to lose you and Alexander I wanna be by those you, you can't alexandrovna get jolly. The text he killed measure would miss a word ass. Ever man aims, but I'm just gonna soon, clan immediately Hooker AEGIS, fell out these in tears. Enzo regime LISA that the term journey ass. I don't wanna meet Janni Ass, our major hooker, and I tell you there Lack of other we know now that I know you could saying like that. No status, you saying, is an eye ass it after I got the norm as a good friend when he was
tell me of the leg we talk about long term sang it daddy. Would you really what our love make us. Somebody will again offended vibrated, never know, there's some, I keys one. Those guys we're Nike invented something: oh well. Internet users, your Mozilla guy, was old. Guy was always ease. Oh dear aunt worries always calices, oh my hand. Oh my God is yesterday, and he says How long you been playing gets. You know like saying: who are you answer me? This crisis management Dave I and the boy I'm right. Gives a jolly good of natural gas looked at me. What did you do to fear my in itself? In a woman s accessible The way to get out as it is slow
those later workers, salaries in Australia and New Zealand man like day another job, always plan a gambler blues vessel. And it was on? with live rain, and so he had been played before me, an infinite guest affair and go on this matter. Glad? I met a man ass, a. Now you can tell me what I do of aptly: Boogie Arrest, wisdom, slow blues or whatever, wherever they play, and let me know what duly looked a visitor to the moon I just hit my guitars and then I'll monogamy Mama Madame, is that you know that I really do man, then they don't make em like their normal. There, they will never be a baby, muddy water. And only now they could make you forget about it more, didn't pay you they can make, you feel
Are you happy? deliver more in Austria and also just the idea. I don't know what it was really, but it seems like a lot of players now and just in general that the then lead they can't get to themselves. You know I mean they get to somebody else in this style is the style, but you know it seems like you guys in the generation before you. They couldn't help but be themselves right right. What that is, but it's I don't know. I try to figure out of me baby when all of them used to tat. When I was in a good, he would never get vigour with areas. Get you Oh to look at him, and I, when I, when there's your car next autumn, cities, beautiful homes or beautiful cause or whatever the ad I remember very well. One Monday morning there was a. Where men shake a horn, change garden
junior wells and ever get away the Cotonou muttered, a brave man, looked in our little warden account now Lugano ancillary staff and gravity man, you, Why are you here cause you. Pinkerbloo. You are here today and guess what he said: laissez mango vomit have by Jan Wemyss. Every demand for boys. There is little want and ask me by. You have advantages and I heard about your works as a you. Ninety eight both and I went to this as you can have both of you and I What do these days in character? it was gonna one by one and when the war, the game up, he's that play Somethin? I look there junior, where there's a man here is a year as it were Do he's a well. You know it
ways is automatic about Rosato possessing Alyosha turn environs evaded. Do the other way. Yeah we're hidden place very, like the rest seem like he was playing almost like it. It sounds like you. He took a lot the sack players like I don't know what he did when the door was a week ago, as it is listening to us closely, because some about what he was doing. He never did. How does show romantic Right, Mozart, amicably of Junior would turn loose on our side a voice. The term illusion, foot and mouth like there's. No, all right. When I see him take it and put it owners owners, What are you gonna, goose, vibrated near and you could hear Sonny Boy, Sonny boy he's a showman Tehran, unequal, put down a marker go back and his mouth just like a cigar.
Blow lagged, is Margo him and and and and hidden know, try wooden legs a man, but I want to add something. He would have done harmonic involving employment. Upon the mighty right area. Was why we're old marrying with some when the old man, you heard that you didn't when they go to the earth, and I used to tell how market player that they was dead. My ass, the town, well, That's what I saw baby and I said to myself, Riviera rhythm everywhere, you didn't leave this vessel of their rights. Via re dead man on a pic of ring, eager vibrate, there were came with the rest of rings, are gap here and I know a thousand gets up. We looked at a you re here here. It is it's there. It's that unique gift. This is something you have that.
God gave you that he didn't give her. What was worth sir, it was a voice is just as well The aid workers voice. He was a modicum within employed for end of his life. He was playing, gets out to a lot of people. Soda gets jumbo your honor after LEO less Bonum out, provided a lot of people was saying I need you, gonna get I gotta get out. Players has gone yet I didnt pay. No more now modicum play with it, wants the electorate and then it became that's. The thing people want to see right right, air there. So now these guy when the when the new guy started coming around like we were round then, when I feel Bloomfield All was everyone average groggy air, major level by their genuine efforts that come under up in a cigar, rollerblade rules.
The blues love. There was not an envoy man, black people blame blues you saw a wide phrase come into a blues glove diseases. That's a cop and we before the bar of drugs there was one of the debt is thank and wine and stuff, and you would hire because you had brain you called a sermon had, and so you look and see a white face and say now pull whereby the Y gotta go, take it and forward out here so rhetoric I know that even this is MIKE approve real solemn. Also. Why now these guys aircraft, start coming in and all of a sudden you get to know him, and now you can tell him what do we do when a man you'd make remiss dragon my wisely there were those Gregor manifestly third usable we will never know where we're going to listen to the blue, so there
learn in their watch mark a boon phenomena is a zero Yoda myself white face. If you weren't a cavity uniform on us, it is easy to detect a hint in player, her, oh man, you know you know it is in this. There was a doctor. A really I found out. That is dad, didn't really didn't. Wanna play stuffy, was What does he want under? I guess gonna values, first to Gaza yeah, then you know you know you got a chance to make these new doctrine now as a musician yeah sure is, I guess didn't know. Soon. Later musical make more than the doktor, have you lucky enough in good, an inventor feel the thinking from Walter. Her were eager play my business. His face when he left Chicago come out to California. I think got hooked. We're back on this this is all was into no Lovejoy killed a lot of them.
You know, I'm gonna, like this wing, only will always look ceremony used. Driving, introduce me to reserve majesty never lacked, deny, never never tried. Go grateful great dead made me draw for a refill in Berkeley. California of and we He walked around behind Jerry's drew near, and drought, that day reason. Are you a brazen stuff? You never heard ok and access then, a glow, Merrick Laughter was set out in annex a girl resume you place, observe you never as a you right out in here now. How do we get involved with I saw you in that movie about their bus, but their festival Express bus when I was there from the band and everybody hours observers in the great for them all I've ever that guy encounter almost like zero book here in war. They would read
Train drivers would run away. Also grant, but we never make a. They bear them. Told train up, Edna Wright, dollar, whiskers, What role do what we got a wealthy that that was it? it was just an old tavern betray my news. If I had to do it, I do it all over again, where there's a prodigy you with a hundred four, why Loya Jirga there as well, you know Mick Jagger, Firelock Attica their meal attracted. It was me, leave me up and down the cherry picking, yet that's were make out it. Well, I say they won't do that he had saved available. Would change now methanol meal? Now you know It's our your whole August. Does my younger brother just come and join me man and he didn't live? We really legacy lived at times this morning. Gown every year
so like a notice it. What do we do it interesting. As you know, you talk about getting the respect that you deserve. It seems like a bit too. The wild, but like there was a period there. Why did you not make records for a decade? Well, our eighty to ninety whistle somewhere near that I went to organic. Angler would recover Gorgias jeers, p AIR and laid with Dixon was living and I didn't want to get out. My lesson from how to reckon company was river. Of all of blues jazz nearby, because not only do you know, none of those guys had a much easier. This is our got. Nano have high school education, but I said backed and learn for from what I see what's happening to them and ass, they blame them. Sailor I think, was the As for the other one, then Vanguard came and garden.
Six is as one new things come right. After their moderate ear and ass, they were very God must have been about, was one or two of their costs. Almost live in Berkeley idea that now In other words, then I haven't they made me. Do you do or adapt Viana plan? Junior man here and all went on and went on. And finally, over that night in Lisbon aid in that area and after their environmentally roll out at all and ass, when a gag come on, we're all hours or someone who sign you, and he was it is noted rhetoric on who is in America's all miracles used at home. The vulgar manner the nails they're gonna, give up on air, and the first thing I did went made and our role The damn rather gonna lose money when I come back and fire out to labour woozy
New York, unless there are so many other ridges left overs of reduced guy here, whose because the British would listen to us what then America's worse arise where we adolfo my in there? I didn't like it even find that record the one it's a dj play. My booth yeah here was that sort of like that was right after that does very there. Is that I'm not sure, but I think they might have been years be added that cadets when he came in It was a revolve too, as we gotta turn in New York, now drive em down. I went to his house the years ago in London at anything, or use a minor, but I take my books record. Was twenty years old in as a when? Do you jack you folks? We have just seen like there's a lot of time between them and then damn right, I got the booze, that's one the blew up rule as there were two more for his grim.
It was like you know how the other point that was ninety ninety eight or nine of my group. That was that Guy John Porter John Food, because you did a few wreckers we have here. And I don't know how much anything influences because, as looking to his credit to know he was caravan new wave. Cannot you know right in and then you get a couple of guys like that. You work with that. That shows how the relationship works, but by it does change sound. Doesn't it when you have a producer d, how closely you work with those guys you just let him do it where you let you you you know like us, they like to listen. He liked Listen to you ever can come in and may give me an idea is lack As you know, you drank too much what you need some areas the day you really know. Where is to tell you already know ever wanted to tell you you say: oh yes, you right out
as we look at our there since our works are causing. You did a few hours of him, and then you know that in an I guess, waking must change of your whole business, the turing everything the grass the record sales. Well, you know their the grammars in Iraq of sales have celebrated. If you can do it, you know in right now today, like us, they are taught to be really my mother for diversity. Blue, Jaws, Benson donors recover Canada cold, blue and black, soon bloomless reintegrating quite there. Yet, because EU Do you know these be so good listener when users tunnel vision for a bigger firms, a game you could hear Mahala Jackson. You got here, Leyden afterwards, Then you could hear Lou rose, play it everything now you radio station and discharge.
So my manager covenant. Yes, this summit of this lack of used to talk for you here this lack of The recurring would hit a good, no Juliet a designer copyright as they come on baby in this. Give me you know it was a good. It was a good deal in reserve as they there look out You know how you know, look out big Zodanga, you know, and not those of. Those like there was good next to me now would make me jobless wherever they did. The middle men made. The decision recognise to address the goods? They don't have one animal now in Gaza. The booth is worse things where there was a certain point. It seem were every by just try to play it. I write every bar band, everybody in the world that it could do about it. Then I think sometimes it is good that the music get out there, but by then the public gets a sense of the word. Is the blues, and anybody can play it and get about the guy's. A really really right, Keziah,
We stand out lawyer, you know, but I can pick up that guitar employees and moved by the who cares You were only I like it, but you know, but they do that. Really. You know that that stand out the stand out There is almost like my mom is to tell me you know a ladder is either the clan. This is a real one for sleep. You bought it easier to grow. The losers. Mary though you know you luck is the devil in a world of you, gonna hit a wreck of in, and this was happening back then, and the late fifty and sixty you can get. One vote, Burma, Amazon Blues, Plaza one. He had record just bloom, never have another. I don't know how to work, but it lacks any ETA Geico High Use, Nigger stomata little. There's no was gone. Crazy,
thirty May one or two more would never get bigger. That's all that that first run high. You sneak that's where thing about had sometimes a collegiate body. I guess it seems like I like what you're saying before that chasin those guys at the time it took him in it'll come around to real booze and they were trying to do so right, they're, trying to you, I will music worry dad addressed to them when they got going ahead. The gene animals all the big jazz the man, but they never. Let you step in a way or modern, wolf and water go, that's who owed them up and they was jack. Those legs so bad was you could go there and old mother label. Military of overtook olive managers will come in and by the mere alviella men and bought a whole labour form. You need would take it all just to get the artists. Well,
at first he hadn t, but he didn't know you could do that. I'm a guy named barbarous acts with meagre reckon collar. I'm trying before that our own use Another black girl come now afforded them farinas, malaysian worker common, put that our own use there's no one radio station radio station play and never took off. And I found out he will come and van you when I would recommend you do. I owe you lay, but even have mob connections are nothing did I don't know whether more conviction, because, because someone told me we call record had some connection, but I've never get their deep to find out where the words in that, I do know that do records out of Houston says an older man, someone connection baggage. A good school, which is the call a black box. So do I woke me up goes back there,
hours, ear, nose, label Leggum would now didn't think about no Blu Ray Kurzweil like I'm, would hours now than ever was. Hand. Me down about this label, wasn't because labels one New Sammy assigned me now do after Eric laughed until MIA and then I think the matter went out of business and loathing. Those are you know you would hours as I know, because I bought it awards. And show that Eric Daylight, twenty three guitar it was a big guitar show. Now I was wrong. I was all he did was every year. Whatever area was a week, they used it because he was out there. You might have been own blues, guys we're goin. I was seven. I think I'll look at him is to gather turn it around, for you will win yeah, Does he brought me? He brought men then, when he brought men and ass, when I got so bad a bigger labour. It's amazing, though, the lack of respect, sometimes because that way,
years ago. I think I read him a muddy biography. It said the duchess had him painting a play, sometimes earlier on, I didn't know For that reason I am, I wasn't chess Louis. Donna records all my time after? Why, in the stones, Whenever do an audition I have been a warmer man. Was besides what it would lock me of the saying, but I can look out one and see the rest. A debate here the police guys still here's the wall, Mick Jagger Bill and the early here nothing to get angry and all of a sudden is wrong star was worth nothing vague about in this room stones waters and have brought the Islamists upstairs Outta, my lord isn't, which has now lasted more than that. I think they got some groups of people on it now in category. I heard about it, you know
It's a magnetic. Some people get his chinese I'll, never see her again competitive. If that was the first time the stones. The Chicago watching every bow there did you meet. Hendricks here Do you not a meadow mouse in New York, and I was. Why lolonois output known as show man? I had to get behind my back here as someone. It was governor we gotta global, now, do microbes, Davis, dear Garden and real Rio DE are really, and he was one flag and his table real and a real and allow was Jimmy and researching. Whereas, as someone who is Jim, Andrew GINO There is a man eventuality. When I see you all my life, I've castle again makes you. I guess you here again good night, Newcastle your comes into play here, nice guy.
He was now was interviewed thing we never did like. I told you about money, we remember women, we never talk about nothin, but ever the music. And in every damn he was. He was real, pretty good, so he'll, never on those grounds, as in Belgium, air and the latter was there were well. You know, assistance. Do your duty, Henry experience. We got to do later on his ear and how these guys seem to come in their pay. Their respect now many play DE. I Derek and Keith and arrogant, Jeff back a lot and Billy Givens, on a low value and waving Gary Clark. I talked to him. The guy. You know you know what was that about five six years ago elsewhere, because I knew your ugly with certain as it will make a monopoly and play you know
If I'm alone movie everyone coins element, I found him. He was seven years old man. Are you playing hinders lakes like their seven while you gotta check email, winds of her? the greatest second loud enough. If you can pull him, avi was seven an alcoholic the revolution of the little girl was sometimes a hidden in one or two known as a thank you. When you came. I couldn't get rid of a magazine- lilac hemorrhage, he's blind baby, you. Let me reply the environment around. This is visible. You can t I know that is everywhere around Derek. That way to their dear prodigy lawyer. You can do so you know you can learn? Well, when you That's a merry young already play like there s. No, that's that's some God give to tell yet like magic. Play the game wealth into on the higher all a lot of time? You know enough for his they're gonna taxes. That is bags programme says why I'm from lose Anna. We use a good bit of someone already
station, some of Texas, now country western when people like that, the horse bag, rest a move, is what the acoustic era how far one dollar and Austin Texas and relax a like who, whose is includes Stevie wherever here complain of losing a girl on the glove. The veranda best Ways Y got users deadness my because he knew I like meanwhile, by Brian by white men and taxes. What does and we ve gotta be beginnings. Language Anna was easy than ours are obviously not is not away guideline. I did the at risk of losing and Jimmy's good to Jimmy Bond Jim Zone. So much I see exactly Jimmy he's great, oh man, found remain. You know is why we got two daughters, teenagers. Now other guy introduced into life again what a man he says very great!
I can. Therefore there is a very real honour- and you know it in you back in the studio sooner wigand, whether they got recovered in November. You always surprised when the record of the leg overseers. If we get him back in ass, a yell must have rogue. Even if the blue Break of Muslim AIDS, L feel, like you didn't know, makers. Are we looking for a real pranks lived? I'm finished our minister for another one on women, as they were here I do in Wales, or we can regard to no more imaginative, didn't act for a day like three or four months ago. When will we get him back in the studio, so we plan they sometimes over him. Who is you favour guy other than your own songs who songs you? I playing this? Does away a of people sound like me, You know about dinner, like modern baby, that that has not allowed prayers. I will heed their legal asthma. Very few.
Guys, I won't say he is a Jimmy. Henrichson then I would get up then say now. I gotta think really discuss years. They were playing and brought it back to you, because you didn't know who muddy water was until a roll of stars came on, a television show call Shindy here, and it was charming the thousand do and Mick Jagger say I'll. Do it? If you let me bring mighty waters and why Mercosur? Who the hell is that here the visa you mean you don't know whom muddy waters, we name ourselves, have his famous record Rowlands down there and people, some people like said, and what you know an issue. Yeah! That's what they name is about. Its rise role is down there. Why now I want to come to their tickets, we get one, the mandatory one when we get out here and I'm excited you anything about it
What guy love it love story really great to talk to him. Currently onto around the country, and yet I was too a data, buddy guy dot net, the most recent album. Is the blues is alive and well, but go back and listen to some indigestible? Isn't some thoroughly stuff and with some folks, I sit down to binge, show or watch the news. We just sit on a couch and stared into nothingness. It's always better with a pint of bending Jerry's peanut butter cup is my favorite, but maybe your Jerry Garcia person or a New York Superfund junker. Maybe you something new. I called Brute Karma latte, cosy up with you Rick Flavour, available anywhere ice cream, a soul or find a new favorite had been Jerry, Dotcom, that's be G, are our. Why dot com play my Stratocaster through an echo box.
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