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Episode 1051 - Edi Patterson

2019-09-05 | 🔗

When Marc first saw Edi Patterson on Vice Principals, he knew she was the kind of performer who can’t possibly stifle who she is. It turns out her raw, comedic intensity was born in Texas oil-refining country, where she was an anxious, sensitive kid who was in a full-blown existential crisis in fourth grade. Edi tells Marc how she figured out how to fake confidence, how she owes a lot of her growth to an actor from Hogan’s Heroes, and how she wound up collaborating with Danny McBride on shows and movies, including their latest series together, The Righteous Gemstones. This episode is sponsored by Spotify, SimpliSafe and BetterHelp.

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Hey folks did you know that Spotify can be used in your car? It can get all favorite music now on the road with you and all your favorite podcasts as well, no need to switch between apps. Your daily drive is brand new playlist, a mix of music and news made just for you. It's the best thing to happen in cars since the stereo take spa at five hundred for a ride in your car today learn more at spotify dot com. Slash, drive, yeah! Alright! Let's do this show all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the FUCK hats how's it going Mark Karen. This is my podcast wtf welcome wealth, sit down welcome! How are you everyone welcome here? Ok, I don't know how
to take it, but but you're certainly welcome to sit down and listen for a little while to what we do here. Why don't I tell you who the guest is before I start rambling? It is the amazing Ed Patterson. One of the most inspired comic actresses that I know of we've seen are in the righteous gemstones at the new one. That's on HBO, but is also in vice principals, she's done other stuff, but her perform in vice principals. An now in this uh right, Sis gemstones, all the Danny Mcbride's, it's just she's the best she's so funny so wrong, so emotionally present and so great so funny in a very real way. I met her at years ago couple years ago down in park. I was so excited and it took us this long to get her on the show so she's here and I'm excited about it. We're gonna talk about the right's gemstones, but other stuff too. So that's exciting right! I'm excited,
oh, my god, I'm starting to be able to think again relatively clearly with some follow through since the nicotine incident. Since the incident of me stopping it day eleven this morning and comes like there's still that moment where you know, I eat something or I get done exercising or I wake up or I you know, I'm about to eat something or I get in my car or I make almost there's that much and after after and before I do anything I kind of want a nicotine lozenge. There's that moment all the time every set, even if every day, where I kind of wanted that thing that I like that's not great for me, who will be the Vogue Theater in Vancouver tomorrow night, I believe it might be sold out then I'll, be at the Moore Theater in Seattle on Saturday there might be some tickets for that
importantly ticket wise forty two in Toronto on September 19th believe that's a Thursday could use some folks. Just so I don't feel embarrassed. Look I don't give a fuck one way or the other. Some of these halls are. I know who I am I'm you know I'm I have who there are those that like me, there are those that don't know me and there are those that don't get it and then there are those that don't like me at all. So those that, like me, you know it's not most people in the world, but there's enough of them, and I just like them all to come that all those that, like me that live in Toronto. I'd like you to come out on September 19th, if you could thank you nice to talk the VIC in Chicago on September, 20th, I'm sure that is sold out now, there's the other one, the Masonic Temple in Detroit Motor City on September, 21st Saturday. I believe that
we need a little. I don't know what's going on, Detroit could have something to do with the entire city was decimated and it is now slowly rebuilding into something amazing. I don't know what it is. I don't think the tickets are too expensive. I would think that I would have some hands in Detroit, but I don't know what's happened there. I don't know who's there. I don't know who my people are there, but again there are those that, like me, those that don't know me those that don't get it and those that fucking can't stand me just want the people that, like me to come and if they live in Detroit a good night to do that or surrounding areas would be on September, 21st I'll be at the pant ages, theater in Minneapolis, one of my favorite theaters and favorite cities on September, 22nd always love going there. Ok, I think that's probably doing ok but there's might be
tickets. I don't know. I told you what I need: go to W T, F, PA dot com, slash tour for ticket info and all of my tour dates for the rest of the year. I'm very happy: I got a lot of emails about Buddy Guy Buddy. It was an honor for me to meet as well. I'm so glad that so many blues fans reached out shared their store is about seeing buddy about how how wonderful it was to hear him share the tales of the guys at US blues people love, I'm just glad that people got off on that. There was a couple. Questions is sort of like people asking. Why don't you jam with buddy, you know I. I don't lean on that as much as I used to it's, not as easy to record people up here, but also like I started to realize it's sort of a big ask. You know he's sometime. The last thing these guys want to do is not not only a in the middle of the day on a thing, but have
some stranger that they don't know anything about or if he can play or not play with them. So the ask wasn't forward and- and that's just the way it goes I would have liked to have played. I would have been intimidated to play, but I certainly would have tried to to rise to the occasion didn't happen, though. None the less great talk, also I'm very thrilled about the reactions to my my Dale Baran conversation. That was important conversation. It was a lot of important information. Some of you thought that I talked about it was. I was excited about the book and I do talk about I'm excited and I wanted to make sure to get a good arc in there and basically, the the impulse was to get engaged, and if you enjoyed some of that information and the its narrative of it and is driven by Dale's book, it came from something awful to get the full story, and that's that's really what
the plan was outside of talking to the man that did the research did the journalism, but it's also, you know we went, we went so deep and well. It is illuminated in that book. The entire history of the r many of unfakeable hate nerds, but also just the place that fantasy plays. You know in the minds of younger people, some ill equipped to deal well. That was at another email I wanted to read hold on I this is important and I had. I don't know that I thought about it, framed it like this, but I I do think this is and as well as well a n in. I think it is worth reading a subject line Dell Brand podcast hi, I'm listening to your podcast, fascinating and terrifying. I have a son who fits the profile to at of an otaku Hickok Maury, something you both didn't really address. Is that there not always a lot of anger with this group. In my son's case he is
painfully shy and lacks social skills. He's not angry is paralyzed, fear and anxiety, it's easier for him to live in a fantasy world. He is also on the spectrum. Many of these kids are likely on the autism Asperger Spectrum. I think it important message is not addressed. Here is mental illness. There needs to be some it pretty around this and not just focus on the hate and nihilism and anger. There is much more going on here, but thank you. I do look forward to reading the book. Thank you Tonya, so that I I think that's I think. That's right. I I. I think that the that was not something that was not where my brain was sinking. Obviously we're characterizing this generation, the people in a certain way in terms of social being, socially ostracized or or nihilistic, socially impelled by their own unity orientation towards the futility
of the modern world. If that sentence any sense, but I do think obviously, Tonya is correct in that her is clearly in a lot of cases. Mental illness- and there are some- you know, benefits in terms of of how fantasy works. Like my nephew is a good example. He's he's pretty nerdy kid. He has some issues any spends time a lot of time in the gaming world, and so in some fantasy know, platforms or boards where he engages with people and it seems to be a fairly fun. Safe, sociable weights got him out in the world a bit meeting with people you enjoy making up animals and dressing up his things, Indiana, it's seemingly innocent and communal way,
and it's helped him a great deal in terms of meeting people so yeah. I guess the framing of how we were talking about. It was pretty awful. A n d a n can and and frightening, and but I do think that this is right. Subject: line clarity at last year mark I've never had clarity about my seven year, friendship that recently evolved into a failed three month relation hip. Until I heard your podcast today with Dale Baran Jay is the textbook exam all of the hate, nerd armies transition over time. In his case, a mutation from a gregary, libertarian, leaning, nerdy college student, too right wing spouting White Guy mad at the establishment for keeping down fucking me gerbil at his job, the suit so intellectual alpha male nonsense. The need to self medicate with pot daily just deal with reality. The inability to leave the
then she world behind for even one day all of it really hit home. For me, it explains so much about his stunted imo maturity, his inability to empathize and his ultimate refusal to come to terms with this feelings for any of the women in his wife. He is the product of parents who no idea what their kid was doing, spending so much time in their room on the internet. I can't- and I'm alone in this revelation and to be honest, I'm kind of grateful for the company thanks again v that thank you for sharing this. I think this is an important side of it that, of course, there's more people out there. Like you, of course, ridge. A burglary happens once every twenty three seconds in the: U S, but only one in five homes have home security, probably because most companies really don't make it easy. You know what
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com, slash WTF to get free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial. You've got nothing to lose folk, be sure you go to simply safe dot com, Slash w t F, so they know our show sent you that simply safe dot com, Slash W T, F,. You're talking about the nerd thing about my own nerd, I've had to question my own nerd ism, because I've been after being a little bit hard on the nerd community. I'm going to use that word because they use it now and I'll say this and not in a bad way and then communities the several different. Then the nerd tribes there's several nerd tribes of all different kinds. They all fall under the broader umbrella of nerd, but you know they're they're, more powerful, the owner tribes in than others, and some of them are very specific. But I mean the question is: did the nerd fan. Am I one of them and
the last show I argued that I'm not because of my lack of follow through still believe is true. 'cause a couple of people pointed out my record obsession, and then some people pointed out how I talk about guitars. Now I understand that, but you got you. People who are saying that are clearly not real record nerds because are real record nerd would know that I'm kind of a fucking, amateur record nerd and a real guitar nerd would definitely know them way, not a guitar nerd. I know a few things about a few instruments. I don't nothing about pedals. I don't know nothing about amps. I know the thing that I have an like same with records. I buy things that I like and want to learn about, but it's really sort of a learning process is not a collector obsession. It's not a completist obsession. I am sort of a completist with things like if I a band- and I have been known in the past- to buy all of their recorded stuff,
but the reason I think, I'm not fundamentally on the nerd spectrum is because it all kind of wears off man. It wears out. For me, you always the nerdy about cast iron pans for awhile, while it past the boots thing. I was pretty nerdy about boots. No more, I have had it was pretty kind of weirdly obsessive about pants jeans. That's gone, you know in the record thing is starting to it's starting to t sort of slow down and make me reflect. We want to get rid of some of them. It just never sticks, it's not a life, long commitment and I think, to really be truly a nerd, and I'm saying this in a good way, not a bad way. I'm using the word and proactive way it has to be a life. Long engagement that day is not relent until you're, too old and tired to do it. It's a commitment,
it's a grounding element whatever your particular obsessive interest is, I just don't think I'm quite that don't have the folk and I'm too much of a searcher in some ways if it doesn't work after a couple of years, I'm moving on if it's not still filling the the widening gyre inside of me, the falcon is lost touch with the falconer. I just watched this Danny Danny Houston movie called the last photograph I'm going to talk to him next week about that Danny Houston, the actor and director son of John Houston. Also next week, I'm going to talk to Bruce Dern yeah yeah. I did do that. I, Dr Brewster, and yes, I did. Is there something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals? Better huh online counseling can help better help offers a licensed professional counselors who are specialized in issues such as
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for some reason was not. I was talking about Mcbride, but I was saying somebody else's name yeah. That happened a couple of times and it took a couple of times for her to correct me out of politeness. So this is me talking to Edie Patterson about the righteous gemstones which he is a star of on HBO new episode, Sunday nights. I love her and I talk to her, and here it is think, maybe stay on because I have a I have. A giant head has been a liability for you. Have you been? You just know it. I just know it and then I've been to like Gorin brothers or whatever the half place, that place yeah and I figure out like oh wow, I'm an extra large at Gordon Brother extra large mens head. I mean yeah just hit seven three slash eight kind of deal:
yeah dude, yeah wow. That is a big head yeah. I have that head yeah and there's a lot there's a weird amount hair on my head, but yeah I just have a giant but thing is when I lose weight. I can see my big head like one like I can uh when I take pictures of myself and shit or on tv and like that, look like what is it a bobble head right, but I get hung up on it, but no one seems to notice. I get hung up a lot. Don't you ever do that? I mean I'm watching my elf on growing in my car guy will skinny and I don't like that expression is not right. Do you watch yourself act yeah. I do how's that going for you. It's weird, I would say like the first time at least yeah, I've got like full like horror, movie fingers over my eyes and like 'cause. I it's the same stuff in like it takes me watching at once then watch it again right. Okay, let me watch actually what I was doing right integration, the first time I watch it like an asshole going like my dark circles, look weird exacto! So shallow and Lehman yeah, but that's
surface yeah. I hate it and then watch it again. You right there I'm alright yeah, then dig it and then the third time is like momma fucking. Look at me genius holy shit. I had no idea took me. Reviewing yeah I've, gotta watch myself, two or three times so ran into you in Highland park. Cafe De Leche. It was very excited to see you look like couple years ago that made my year man coming honestly. I was like holy shit. Berkmar knows why I was excited 'cause like I know you was really nice, you're hilarious. It was yeah now that was when we took a couple years to get you over here somehow how long he been over there at like at the end of two thousand and thirteen we got yeah new pretty near together, but not that. Well I mean I was there in two one thousand and four: I guess yeah, I start yeah and then like, and I always liked it ok, but I just got to the point: where
wasn't really fixing my house? It wasn't getting any younger my house, it was haunted a lot of emotional about no, I haunted it is not a previous eyes, not not a previous owner haunt it's just me and my life there different different periods of my life haunting the place. It just felt. Weird. What you see all I know is, I do not miss it. Yeah yeah I mean regional garage was what it was. But, like you know, after people came in there this is cool and then they do even like it's falling apart. I don't I gotta get outta here you came from Texas came from Texas in two thousand and thirteen I can't well. I got it. I can hear Blake early, two, thousands, so let's walk through it down, so what they would do the thing, because I look at your very funny. I don't you're one of those people. This is why I don't know what it means. It's not a bad thing but, like I say I just can
acted with you immediately. I like got it. There was a rawness to it and I'm like that person. I understand. I don't know like that. You put it all out there and you know it's, you know it's not a crush, but you know what I mean well, dear dial. Take it 'cause, honestly, that's why it made my year. When you talk to me 'cause, I was like oh dude, I get where he's coming from and there's a like a rawness and what you do that I was like. Oh my god, he sees me. I think that was, and I you know, there's not many people are you know that happens with, but I'm always excited when it happens. I don't quite know what to do with it. I always I mean I just champion those people. You know like Bamfords, another one, another man yeah. I think I got a thing for people that can help themselves, but be that exude. You know, there's there's nothing you're going to do to stifle it. No, you know what there is this. Somebody give me a coaster yeah with this I'll helpful Costa, helpful coaster at home with his Janis Joplin quote on and she says another one. It she's another one, but yeah
quote on it, says some. If, if something like, I'm gonna little bit, but it's basically says like, if I hold back, I'm no good and I was wow- that's that's the stuff right there yeah it's weird, but because I mean that is the stuff and she is one of those people. I felt same thing where you're sort of you watch her and you're like wow. This is amazing, but I'm a little uncomfortable yeah totally well- and that's my favorite stuff to watch too, is like stuff, that's kind of engine that you feel like kind of scared for the person yeah, but you know they're still in control of it. That's my fave yeah yeah. I don't know how in control she was but yeah, but she was channeling for sure yeah and those people like her. You know whatever we see they got a lot of road miles in those those people in the sixties that died, the like Hendrix. I mean he was out off what they toured the fuck out of this country in the world, but anyway, so where where'd you grow up in Texas, I grew up in Texas City. What is that we're?
Why Galveston it's gotta go beyond by the water yeah like forty minutes from Houston, but down by the water, but it is that it's the Brown one yeah! No, not that water down there, I've only driven through there once and it wasn't great to me it's it's weird where I'm from is, I mean I'm happy. I grew up there who I am, but it's full of wineries right and die, yeah, just a lot of machinery, a lot of the highway yeah, it's one of those places that as you're driving in at night, it straight up looks like STAR wars right yeah, it's just lit giant machine, yeah tanks, yeah pipes, yeah things and at my always go can go like other people. There right now drive at night. Is there someone working as somebody like watching that flame?
It's burning chemicals into all of us. If someone on top of the flame situation and then just let that go, do you have brothers and sister got one sister yeah older Denver, younger yeah yeah. She lives in Denver with her dude and laid there super random mountain climbing and the people there Colorado, yeah, they're, just kind of of bad yeah. The there's a fitness there's a kind of the focus, seemingly enlightened bunch of fitness driven white people in Colorado. That you're sort of like. Is this a christian thing? Or is this just a fitness thing? There's is, I would say, there's is neither, but I know that thing you're talking about. I can't tell if I should be scared here that these people are good people that are just in shape and are they going to change me yeah, yeah and then there's a whole other contingent. Just shitfaced weed smokers. I've worked in Denver, man, Denver is like because of the altitude. It's just a shit show at night you just there's just people falling in the streets. Yeah
I've I've been a visitor twice and I don't feel good when I'm there. I don't, I feel, like the altitude like messes me up man, oh yeah, your brain gets fucked your brain farts and you can't think of words, and you know moments where you like. I can't talk right totally or I would of these weird moments of like. Am I sad? Why do I feel so that's every day enough? What is this feeling I have? Is it a good one? I think it is a good one. Maybe it is a good one. I'm just not used to it my minor usually later, if it's, if it's the Sadd's, it's usually like later, I go. Oh fuck. I was pretty depressed that month, but when a minute I'm just like going well yeah 'cause, I'm one of those people were sort of. I think I've gotten so used to. I don't think I'm depressed, I think I'm anxious, but I don't know when they told me. I got this vaccine yesterday and she's like going to hurt. You might need to take some aspirin and how much could it hurt?
Do you know what I mean? I mean because I in that I'm not gonna, take aspirin for this, but I I I think my pain threshold difference, whether it's depression or were like. I can't live with it totally because I just I I rationalize it sort of like, I think, is the appropriate feeling. Yes, I'm not suicidal, but things aren't great. This will end at some point: yeah right, yeah there are you depressive person, I would say I would've weirdly yeah when I was in the fifth grade. I don't know what this was yeah. I went through in a adult depression that I tell anyone about the fifth grade. Math, it's colder with fifth grade eleven one, eleven twelve hustling that yeah and I I used to run- I still read, but I used to read all the time yeah and I think maybe I was reading things that were to adults yeah.
I remember exactly yeah just like I remember, reading a separate peace and reading Lord of the flies and something about that right there a word that I don't even know why they assign that, because seriously it sent me into like an existential like what is anything I used to watch kids playing and go how it? How do they do that? I don't understand what they're doing yeah yeah they seem yeah forcing it there are. I was like how they feel like they're here, like what is. I mean super existential weird and thank God, I've never had that again. What did you tell your parent? I mean they did know. I told way later years and years later is wrote it out yeah. He wrote it after, I felt afraid to tell them. Yeah and I didn't understand. Six grade came and you're. Like I'm, ok, yeah I had I had this weird methodology. I mean this is going to sound so insane, but I used to like.
Do monsters in my head of things that I knew were real? Like my bike, I had a coup Ajara Bmx yeah and I used to say, like cool Para in my head 'cause. I knew that was a real thing. I mean this is so fucked up. Oh, it's not. It makes perfect yeah. Ok, that's in the world. I know what that is. Right, 'cause got lost in your head yeah and I would like the radion with, and radio on was helpful, so yeah, like okay people, are alive in the world. I I was happening. I missed that time because I don't. I don't have the confidence that that exist anymore, but he used to be like, like when they're three channels and he just like it late at night. If you haven't put this yet you put the tv on your rifle, someone's gotta be in the control room, so it's me and him right now: yeah yeah or live radio. You I got that guys. Alright. If I need to call somebody, I can call the raid God like they're, okay, they're up there they're living, but now I don't know I don't know
anyone's operating anything makes me little untethered, so you're grown up in Texas City is your dad in the oil business? No, my dad's a plumber do the work on oil pipes every like every now and then they'd have a contract at one of the refineries. They still do. My dads retired but yeah. My uncle and my cozen still work at Patterson coming and sometimes Patterson plumbing. That's right in Texas City shout out best dudes in town, farmers are essential, yeah for and I feel like I weirdly inherited some. I mean he never taught me to be a plumber, but there's sometimes stuff will happen in the house that I'm like just let me look at it while and I feel like I could figure it out, because my dad's a plumber, do you yeah, sometimes things I see it seems like it should be easy, but it's not
not. If you're, it's sort of like well there's where the water comes from, it just goes and all these pipes now yeah and then very calm, but yeah there's noises that happen. Yeah they are to go there like complicated certifications, all the time yelling, but it's essential yeah, and would you mind if teacher taught first and fourth grade her whole career, really yeah and you had your existential meltdown in fifth grade and you couldn't go to your mom, the teacher? No, I just well, I just didn't. I could've she's very sweet yeah. Well, it sounds like I just didn't. It was weird I used to uh. So I have this thing of. I don't know why I would get afraid to say certain things like if I, if something happened when I was in school, like if I got sick or something and needed to call my mom to come, get me or tell her. I was going home or so I get that weird like crying right to talk to my mom on the phone from school. I'm, like I don't know it's just a fucking, weird sensitive kid. That's it,
that's why we know each other, but we were like we did. The other kids think we you were weird or we would be able to no move through the different things yeah. I was able to move through it. There was a point where there was a little chunk. This may be somewhere six seventh eighth night, where I felt for sure very different right than everyone house and had sort of pulled away from the group I was in doing like with your music. Was there a context to it? Did you model yourself where I just felt at home? Well, I just felt different and I felt like I Didn'T- want to be mean to anyone and I was see see people like he means any dip mean to people are blow people off or I just didn't want to be that
sometimes that equals, like you, have one friend for years, yeah right, shut out Michelle Mcclelland. What she up to she great I'm great. You still keep in touch with people from fifth grade. No, no! No! The couple translate: yeah one dude, Scott Elfstrom yeah, he's still in the life of a couple of people that I've known since second grade yeah, but I don't talk to him a lot, but I know him yeah. I grew up in Albuquerque, yeah yeah second grade David Kleinfeld. He still he still in rotation Hearn from I haven't heard from recently yeah this dude. We don't talk to a bunch. Every oddly gets mad at me when I don't talk to him like I've known in my whole life. We never talked that much over the last twenty years, but if I do fall out of touch to these like what the fuck, what do you mean come on man? I'm busy. So are you doing any? When did the awkwardness turn into maintaining yeah that
so yeah? That was a weird morphing of a couple of things like seventh grade. I think there was this thing called um class day and uh. It was just a big variety. Show me and three other girls wrote like a dating game, parody 'cause. There was a channel, I think, channel thirty nine shut our channel twenty show. The old showed reruns yeah, we yeah, but we had like the main channels and then three upper channel yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, there's only a few of them yeah so um that we did the stating game parody and we all wrote our own parts and we three of us played the guys and there was one of us playing the girl who's. Speaking from the guys, and there was a talk, a nerd, I was the nerd and there was like a businessman or something so these are like the seventh grade, perception of the archetypes coldly a pocket protector and right last lame, yeah, but
notice that that that everything I said was like really landing like that thing, where it's happening for the first time when you're, like the lab, almost your arms are going dead. 'cause you like what the fuck is this, oh, my God, the power, the power. So that's when I really thought that's the first time I ever thought like. Oh maybe this could be my job yeah, really yeah, making people laugh, because before that I didn't know, I knew I liked that I always like to make my parents, but I was of a shy little kid and then, when we did that, I thought like oh right. This is my thing and I'll make I'll make this into what I do yeah and then yeah and then did plays all through high school and stuff yeah, and it is the same thing happened where you mostly comic or comma. That was everything yes, music, yeah. That too, I don't know I get hung up. I ask everybody about musical and I do because
to me it was the scariest thing in the world. It still is kind of scary, the singer, how you could see sing, but I I can't sing proudly, you know what I mean can't remove myself like I'm, not going to be like hello, I'd like to a dance like when I sing I'm usually playing guitar. I got my eyes half closed yeah just so I can do it because it's not a lot of control over rebel is. I think I always envied people who could be like fabulous yeah. That is a weird next level thing. Is that, like the be the show singer, where were showman sing like you like the musical people, where you're just sort of like unabashedly doing those numbers yeah and so committed that you're like this is real life yeah? I don't know how they do so terrified. I think I gotta get over it, but I don't know if it's going to happen and right now I'm working on just playing with the small combo. I think that's the next. So that's awesome. I don't think doing. Musicals is going to happen immediately. What if you cover your face in some way like
does wonders out how not just for your band? No, I think I can handle the band thing. I yeah I'm just like I'm working towards it. Yeah yeah, I'm I'm working on finger. Picking now and I got a blood blister on my phone bro man. That's awesome! Practicing, that's real deal, yeah yeah, I'm working it! So now do you have delay off so it doesn't pop on your string. No I'm going to keep doing it until it becomes a hard thing. Then pick the arts you doing that you're doing all the plays. Are you a lot of your now? Are you hang out with the drama nerdy people? I'm gonna, hang out with everybody and their united up kid. You not do you know why a real good kid, real good grades, no drugs, no drinking good area, get avoid it yeah. I avoided it. I wanted to be good yeah. I don't know why I mean I guess my parents instilled something everywhere. I want to give you a nice parents yeah. I do have nice parents yeah, but the I would I would say like.
Ok, I, my friends in drama, were my main for drama word like, but you wouldn't think of this as being like the dudes and drama. But my main friends were like these metal dudes. Now it makes it did plays and like we're obsessed with Monty Python and all had long hair the met nerds yeah, I find guys yeah. I love it. The way I did indeed to make you're sure they did yeah so that and they used me- and I never went that's a certain type of metal. Do that I'm not the sort of like you know, we're gonna do crank metal dude right. This sort of heightened mark metal do totally yeah. I hung out with a smart metal, dudes and then lake. The summer before my eleventh grade year, I went to visit my friend my friend, my friend and my cousin, Jamie yeah in Corsa Cannon taxes, and she it's like. I don't know she just always light from the time she was low, some really cool every word kind of blends together. She thought not full combat,
like kind of like what I found out the rest of the interview in that voice, yeah as Jamie, but like even as a little kid before she even knew she had like almost like lesbian swagger. You know what I mean just like. She was always fascinated because I was like how how are you that confident like what is this? So I was at her house. We were hanging out and we were making like is in high school yeah like the summer. After tenth grade, we were making tapes of ah like fake talk, shows where we would have a fake call in show where people were calling with their problems. Yeah we would do all the voices and then I notice, like in between she would just call people on the phone and just be like some would y'all doing tonight. I was like whoa and just like something would happen. She go to some party or like she all these friends. I was like fuck. That's awesome, I'm going to you know I'm going to be that
I'm going to act like her my version of project and you see what happens and I came back and I did it and it worked like 11th grade in twelve grade. I was a classic favorite like I was pretending to be my cousin, but mainly I was just like faking it. I fell right now, he's taking you you've got a tool yeah, I got it like. I was like, oh that's how you do it like you just called you just call people like you just talk to them. Wow you just talk to you want to talk to you just laugh with them. It's so funny how fucking uncomfortable we are in high school on and sometimes like. The only difference between you know, like the cool people on the not cool people, is just that. It's just weird fake confidence like come on. It's good to thing out. It's all it is my problem is, I was very desperate. I'm like you guys. Are we going out? What are you guys doing? We want a guy who planet all but like I would further away because I was lying about my address and I had these guys that really wanted to be friends with
this story. My wife in it like I've, been with thinking about it lately about certain behavior pattern. Yeah work is, I guess, I was sort of uncomfortable and I would see people that, like they seem to have a together like they seem fun or whatever, and then I would just pester them until you know I could hang out and was people you had a connection with, or you just thought eventually did. I just I feel like alternately. I was just sort of missing a chunk of some sort of a personality thing. I just want to be part of whatever that was you got it. You know yeah and he had it. It was always sort of a an annoying thing, but I didn't really know how to make friends otherwise yeah, because I'm very intense, very think he you know I. I guess I was high maintenance, but it was someone those things where I live far away and I make plans sometimes it would show up that was a satisfying waiting at the end of the driveway, all dressed up in my in my shoes in my calendar,
there's nothing like that like just like just that happened once years and years ago years in LA with a friend, and I really love still and like she just forgot. We had plans and, if you're already to go immediately shoots you back to like whatever age you were when your last felt, like embarrassed or alone on your life. I do what the actual fuck is, this God any faster about in your head, and then it turns out. They just forgot. You build the whole story. You build a whole story around. Like oh cool, I guess not. I guess I'm not cool enough to hang out with it right right. Sure, like I just forgot you, ok, ok, yeah, fucking Idiot went back to high school, so now you're cool one thousand one hundred and twelve grade King queen of the school. The cool thing was is that I still was friends with everybody like I still had my metal, nerd friends and I still had like
you know all the drama friends and like so you figured well friend as a funny person. Sensitive person is sort of what I evolved into a sort of like you can get along with everybody, totally yeah yeah. You know you're not committed to an outfit or two music ideology, yeah she's kind of like you're funny yeah. I was like the add on like if the. If the drill team went out, yeah we're going to wrap houses. I was like the one that went, even though I wasn't on the drill to you know what I mean: fun: yeah houses, toilet paper houses the one time right, the one time that how many times did you do it, probably probably two or three but like the one, the one most fun time was the worst 'cause like they call the cops and then, like my dad, was so mad really yeah. It was awful or you could have been worse. It could have been so worse. That's probably why I wanted to be good is 'cause. I did not want like if you that mad me yeah,
if you got that mad at me for toilet paper on we house yeah. So what so windy decide like I'm gonna dedicate, I'm gonna commit my life. To was it acting is that we were thinking yeah for a minute. I thought I'm gonna be an actress and I'm also going to be an artist, meaning that you know do you do. I thought I would also like John Payne. Did you draw and paint I did well? I started college going like I'm in a double major in art and get a bfa in acting, and then you go to your first like art class and they go like okay. Now, the I don't even know what it's called after the lab or whatever. But every art class has like a five hour thing. Attached right, actually go and do art yeah. I was like who he knew what he had for that. So then I became a single major like within the first two weeks,
drive to right away right away. You just sit there with an easel yeah and I was like other sort of yeah know what they're doing yeah already yeah seriously and you're kind of looking around go. Like you know I like to proud to know, I didn't like it that much worse feeling, I'm just going to try this in your parents encourage yet yet you should try it to get there, and these people been doing it their whole life. Man sold right away, no way no way. This is happening. Just show me what I like better for sure yeah. So would you where'd you go? I went to a place called Texas state. Where is that and in San Marcus, like half an hour from Austin and yeah, I just kind of went where it happened. I got the most and scholarships and stuff because we can afford to let go anywhere fancy so that the small school it's a big state, school, okay yeah, is that, but
it's not what University Texas is in Austin yeah right I like it there do you yeah, you know I do you know. I call it the hipster Alamo, there's a few of these Alamo situations where you get that you're, just surrounded by whatever the rest of it is yeah. No, but I I I do you like it. It's gotten a little bit. Much as time goes, I yeah I'm kind of sort of a a capital of what it I mean. It's it's still cool yeah I mean I I like I like Texas. I mean I grew up. You know new met next door to taxes and I've learned to like it I mean there's, there's decent people all over yeah and there's even some decent people that are actually shitty people yeah for sure. So, a lot of decent shitty people around and it's hard to reconcile, but text does God. That is weird thing. There are a lot of decent shitty people, yeah they're, just they're, just they're good people, but their mind in one way right. That's in the and I I don't know what to do with that. Yeah I have to
make decisions totally, and I guess all you can do is just keep digging and going like. Let me just dig again and find that decent part of you, the politeness thing and then but yeah, but some people are good people there just a little, but who am I to judge? I can judge, I can't yeah go for it. Yeah I mean there are some people who sort of get some wrong minded shit. I feel like a very nice person yeah, but that's not on our end. Yet so you just study the acting. Are you do? Do you do stand up? I've always done improv and sketch, but have never done stand up and did you start doing that that stuff in college and I started to I mean outside of the the the cassette tape work you did with the dating game as early great distillation, the cassette tape work with the lesbian
which we all live here. Do you have a digitized, because I think I don't know I maybe I'll ask Jamie. She really my and she really might still friends with Jamie yeah yeah. That's good, we're homies for sure that's good yeah! So so, what's it what's? The thirty curriculum over there to the tech at the university. What do you get to do the training it? So you know all the regular acting stuff, but you also have to do like lighting, and over this I always thought that was geared towards theater yeah. It was definitely geared towards. I had one in my opinion, the best teacher that we had there was this dude Larry Hovis played Carter on Hogan's heroes. Remember that guy yeah, the blond guy yeah yeah, he yeah yeah. What was his will within the the fix, a guy who will in Hogan's heroes, didn't he have a specific role, they all sort of represented, something well yeah. I feel like he was like a mechanic yeah, something like that: yeah yeah yeah. He could come up with the device that gadget yeah. He was the guy he was.
He was the one that I think was the best one for sure Blueberry Hovis by laps, but he's not interesting, though, like there are those people. You know these these Hollywood people that have lives, and then this is how I frame it now and then had the courage to leave yeah yeah. You know and then you know stay in it. Somehow my buddy Cragg ANT, who is a great comic actor like he went yeah. He just realize. Like you know, this isn't going to be a life you know and and he's got to think about the future went to grad school God. Is it like doctorate, I think, and and acting in tv yeah and now he's teaching at a college in Georgia? It's like. I have such respect for that. It's awesome because you know you're helping people, you get the joy of of of turning young people on in in this world. That's important and create and you're, not just as self involved freak totally who's, like you know, hope waiting for someone just to make you something right and you're, not gripping anymore, like he just
chill, and I don't know why he came to Texas. I have no idea buy from there now, maybe but like he was, did you know him from hogans heroes? I didn't know till he told us yeah, maybe you know me, I mean that we yeah, I mean. I think it was more just like a whisper networks like I did. You know, Larry was on this. He was an old guy with the time you got to us yeah good teacher, though I mean it's so good, the only the only like one who'd sort of actually you know what there was another dude who I never had, this actor G W pay. He was also awesome, but I never had him for more than like a day, but they were the dude to like really did it and knew what it was like and his class was a tv film Acting class Clovis yeah. So you had one of those 'cause a lot of these a lot of the loftier institutions. Don't do any film totaling,
and that I mean that's all any of us wanted really. You know not everybody but right, but he would sort of famously say things to you that you were like see what that would sort of piss you off and then years later you go. Oh, my god like what like he. I remember once he told me he was like you know what you do. You've got like what you have is like a throwback thing. It's like a Rosalind Russell thing. I was like in head in my nineteen year old yeah, it was like who the fuck is that I was mad yeah and then I like found out she's for black and white movies. There was pissed off and then years later do me years to like watch some of her movies 'cause. I think I was just like I'm not that I'm not that, and then I watch it she's the greatest thing ever she's, just an she's kind of off the rails and like she's kind of a wild card, and I'm like so nice is there anyone's ever said to me, and I was so mad at him for it, but he would help cool things like he told one friend of mine, like look no
going to understand you until you're, like in your 30s, and she was like what the fuck you know, she's standing up, she's, twenty or whatever, and he was like exactly right. Really she's always had like an old soul thing. People started to really understand her later and like yeah. He just knew stuff. I talk to Bruce Dern and I haven't heard these kind of stories just seems to be a new thing. Earn he's Grady Singular, but you know he was yeah. He got. He was in the actors. I think the actors Studio New York early on and went in the fifties. He had been a runner I'd like you. If you went to the Olympics, yeah oh wow yeah, and it only occurs and took a liking to- and you know, he's a training at the actor's studio because they think yeah he's wrong and they wanted to really make them into something because and says so you never going to be a leading man and turns like
one hundred and twenty five. Why would you tell me how God and 'cause Angos 'cause you're a runner and he's like? I don't run anymore, he goes, but you have persistence in during well. You have endurance that wow so like how you frame that. Is it five zero like? What does that mean? Sounds horrible? It sounds horrible, but he, like you know he realizes that. You know it. If you look back at his career, that was it. He also told him. Maybe I don't know if it was the fifth of the seventh. He said you're going to be the fifth cowboy on the right, don't worry about it, but but it was sorted, encourage him to make it. We have to make sure yes stand out yeah and he certainly does yeah. That's weird. It's hard hear that kind of shit. When there is you don't know you don't know it's cooler to be there. You don't know at that age. You're like or leading man is the best thing yeah. Well, I'm not the best thing right. It has a clean on only run all its way, cooler to be there on and yeah yeah, because you can keep doing that yeah and you can
keep being different. Leading men just eventually buckle in crumble. You know that everyone is going to get old yeah and it's so dependent on, like better. Do that same ng again, right yeah, I know you're in the next thing. You know your your your William Holden in in the wild bunch and in network, but that was a good yeah, like I'm yeah huge leading man any play these kind of like flawed old dudes. I don't know eighty eight when the it's a it's sort of nice to have access to a guy that causes tv actors from that era. It was still sort of the studio system. All those people are still around of the lots existed. It was still a small community. So like he probably had met Rosalind Russell at some point right, yeah, probably so he like he gave you like you just like the guy you just just anyway. He was matter of fact. He was matter of fact. He was chill here funny. He didn't seem to be trying.
I in the moment I knew I liked that, but I didn't know how to articulate that and then like, as my life goes on, I'm like, oh god, it's the key to everything is to allow instead of to try. Oh man, I just I'm getting hit with that. Now, yeah yeah, it's it's a biggie. I don't know if I ever really thought about it. That way, because, like my instinct, is to you know to like out of anxiety to kind of like sure like did it yesterday and it fucking pisses me off with one. I was on Conan, you know and I don't konw it a million times and we have a dynamic. That goes back twenty five years, but I'm really not quite that guy anymore in my life and stuff, but you're in a dynamic. I felt it happening again. I walked out of it going like. Why did I drop back into that right? You know like I started to realize that, like I'm, not desperate anymore right, but the business is very desperate. All the shows that you do not you yeah. Now, I'm not saying like the show.
Robert talk shows: are that kind of stuff they're all just sort of come? Would you do if you look at the despair? Don't change, you know we got and I'm not like I and I'm not you're, entering a desperate environment totally. You know what I was thinking about this because I was listening to you. I was listening to. You was the route yesterday you were talking about that. You will I'm going to go. Do that yeah? I don't feel stressed out. I don't even know when wearing it's going to be what it's going to be, I literally was gonna, run listening to it and out loud going. Yes, oh yes, that was for cordon, probably oh yeah. That was recording not great because man, it is it's the ideal mindset but yeah when you're around the thing where everyone else feels like it should be pressure Ian trying it's hard to convince your brain. Like oh wait. I know better than this right now, there's no, but no breathing room and that's just the way it is, and I know that I can do those things, but with Gordon yeah I just I was loose, but then you get out there and there's just like before
you go on there doing human bar tricks, so they got someone blowing when milk out of their tear duct and then they got when juggling and then let's bring our guests on him. God there's two you're sitting there and you're trying to be casual, but there's no way, I'm so used to doing this right and they they don't, there's no way in their minds. They believe or can do even calling in now, with this new format, where it's just kind of like you're, just hanging out yeah, you can't there's no way to execute a real conversation, so so the trick of it is. How do you compress? You know who you are and like it's very, even an acting it's hard for me because, like I'm waiting, you have got a whole lifetime of like a half. Let's do it and like it takes a couple takes you know, so when I get out to you on that and then it's right, okay, all right! That was now that's out, yeah manner. I I like I'm, I'm I'm done with it
every every. I did all this press for this movie and for glowing like I don't need to do it for awhile yeah. Are you doing this show? So if you Conan I'm doing my first one ever in later in September, that would be fun. Seth, Meyers yeah! Oh really, I've heard it's a good first one. No, it's great because you know he's like he does his like he's very interesting guy 'cause it first I was sort of like: what's he going to do, but he's very kind of grounded and he's pretty effortless with funny, but he's not all about funny yeah. I like that he seems so the actually look in someone's eyes yeah. I know he, you know yeah yeah, okay, that'll be fun yeah I mean I and the other ones. Well, that's my first one I've ever done and I think I think most of them have a thing of well once he's done. One then then we'll take a look at her yeah totally. I think that will amend the ones that are in the same time, slot they are going to be mad. Sure yeah like if you do you gotta choose, you can do Fau and Cole Bear or Kimmel
right and if you do want, then you gotta wait a year six months. That's what I've been being explained about and it's crazy wow interesting. It's just crazy that, like there's not enough, you can't like now I mean like you can't really can't put someone on that. You just do a different thing. Anyway. Doesn't matter yeah, I think I'll probably do a couple more more. The isn't of the show just started by why they all of them. The you did me. Will you watch the first six? Probably for six great, there are many other nine there's nine and while he well, he did they get intense in the so yeah. I want to get to that. So so, ok, so you hang around what you move to Austin. What do you do after college? When does it you know? Do you like go on going and I'm going to Hollywood? Wasn't an awesome very long, just a minute, and then I
always knew you have to move to one of the places to do it at your job and the ARCA La yeah and so yeah. I moved to LA and like two thousand one I think well, yeah we've been out here well yeah and yeah. I just started immediately doing stuff from improvising with us, an impersonator which yeah we now do you like in the full length. Improvised plays yeah like the broad stage and right right out without sets and costumes and stuff wow. So we'll do certain styles will do a run of like Jane Austen, unscripted, right twilight, zone, unscripted, yeah, yeah and then yeah we'll get a suggestion and do an hour and a half play. That's great yeah yeah, it's cool! I think you would dig it because it's not and based its inherently funny, because it's it's asinine to come on play, but
ones just meaning. What they say and trying to make a good story happen, that's great yeah. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it here miss Rowe has it. I mean, usually you nail it. Luckily it almost always works and I think it's because the spd with that sure yeah you can always did like. I don't know, I think the ultimately always the truth is the funniest thing so yeah. If you just know what your character is and you'd stay in it, you don't know what your character is still the place, Torrance 'cause, nothing reset button. Yeah I mean I just improvised a movie and I love it yeah I and seen it yet, but I already trust yeah it's funny because there's something about improvising that is feel in the moment, so the whole flow of it feels different early and if you know like I mean I'm sure you felt this,
you know who that guy is they're playing. Yeah can kind of go forever, sure yeah in yeah, and and also that you have you have the story structure. He can can just move through it and it's and you go deeper with the guy, is as it goes along. Do you get to know him almost yeah yeah yeah, that's the greatest. When you say something and you go oh, I guess that's who he is. I guess I guess I have not trade in being that, so you came out two thousand one you just you did you have a an e n or did you do? Did you just sort of like I'm here now? What yeah? I had two friends who lived here yeah my friend can during my friend Christy and I stayed on their couch for a month via in Burbank, and then we got a place for for in studio. City requires story about coming out here on here. Did you hear me talk to Danny
it's insane yeah, it's insane! It's insane and then yeah. There was a chunk of time where he was back in bartending and like yeah, it's awesome, but you and then we got a place in studio city and then we had a weird like house in studio city, that four of us lived in. That we would have, I don't even know how it happened, but we would. Each of us would invite everyone we knew we would have a party and invite everyone we knew. So I would invite everyone I'd ever met in any improv class. Ever my friend Kendra was like cocktail waitressing, so there would be like giant giant amounts of people I'm like. I forget. I think she was working at either the ice house or the comedy so really yeah the other two. What about? And so we would have these giant lake Nineties movie style parties yeah for like it was wall.
The wall in this weird happened to those yeah yeah. I don't even understand how it happened, be like one celebrity there yeah, but it would be. The one celebrity had like how who knows that guy, but it would be like something weird like this guy was never at our party. Remember. We saw him somewhere once the guy who played Mister Belding from say the bell. It would be like that yeah. I was one once at a party where it was all packed out and can I just saw John C Reilly said hi all yeah he's years ago. I think I like Dave Crossing House or somebody and was feeling yeah. I lived with them and was improvising and doing stuff, and I want booty. I also started at the groundlings and then was working my way up through there and did you do yeah yeah, I'm in the main company now yeah Ma'Am Brownlee yeah wow, so you started so you're doing the improv, the other thing, but you got into the ground. You knew that was a thing yeah. I
I think I knew that was a thing like a school from online. You know. Looking I didn't realize that we went through the whole thing. The whole process yeah you to go through all the stuff. That was that who were voted on and I don't know what generate. Are you like who's in your troupe? So my generation is like my sort of senior group when I was in the Sunday company before I became a grounding were ah me and my pal drew druggie and I found Mikey Day who's at home right now, right now, yeah a these good. Now yeah were you ever looked at for us now, yeah I when tested in like maybe like it, was either two, maybe two thousand nine. I'm like that. Good experience, bad like so weird, because I found out like a day and one slash two before, and everyone also knew they were going like two weeks ahead of time, and so is that weird thing about later together, yeah, which I had a ton of, but I was like writing on the plane and then like
how to memorize in a hotel room like yeah, I was just very, very weird and then I went and guest wrote. They came to like a showcase yeah later and I wouldn't guess RD. I don't know when that was maybe like two thousand and fifteen whatever Seth's last years ahead writer, I did like a two week thing and got something on both weeks, which is cool because I felt like I God have the whole experience yeah like unless they didn't keep you or how that go. Well, they they called back a few times to like check my availability right, one of the times I was still under contract. I think to this this sit com. I had done with Kelsey Grammer Martin Lawrence, which one that is called partners yeah. It was the last of those some weird ten ninety things yeah, where they would do ten episodes instead of a pilot, and then they would go like
well. If this goes will make ninety of them. It was that thing. Oh, this indicated weird like right, right, yeah, yeah yeah, so we just did ten of 'em, but I think we're still waiting to know what happened with that and then the some of the worst feeling, though, to be stuck in something that you just took you know, and then you have this. The other thing that you really want to do and it's like holding you well, it was weird because I just felt I and such a strong feeling of late everything happens for a reason. Yeah, you do yeah. Well, sometimes I do. I don't know because it then it's like well. This is a bad reason. I yeah. Sometimes you feel that the second time they called to check my avail. I was doing the second season of vice principals and that I was like oh fuck. Does everything happens for a reason? 'cause? I was so happy doing on vice principle: yeah, that's great thanks!
Yeah you're like focusing now I don't know if I was like SNL, but I felt like that. That's fine! I'm I'm happy, I'm so happy doing what I'm doing. That's great yeah, because you know after time and after you know, you had some experience and you seem to have done a lot of episodic work and everything else. You were no stranger to it. That you know entering the s in a world is its own thing yeah and it's not it's not. It's not always a great experience circle and you sort of at the whim of Lorne in whatever this generation is, it could be, it could really work out or could be horrible. It's a hyper, competitive environment, orderly and you're already doing the show, were you can you're you're taking comedy to a level they could never take it and, like you get yeah you get to do things on a show like that that yeah you would never get to do in an hour. I mean that show is like it's almost incomprehensible. You know each
on down was this is another thing they did. It seems that that crew, Mcguire and and what's the other guy's name green and and that really helps I every time we say that I'm pausing some like is he talking about someone? I don't know who is it no, but it's ' 'cause when you say Mcguire, I know you mean Mcbride Mcbride, but I keep going like Mcbride. Damn it right. I'm sorry that hello, I'm I'm! Sorry! If my eyes are sort of like you should very easily correct as I'm old now, I feel bad not only bride. Now you have to put a correction and then for the earlier mistake he make bride. So it was my bride Jody Hell with the other guy's name David, Gordon, Green, David, Gordon Green, because they like they seem to do with what
you know like breaking bad or what? What, in the other show like he's sort of like a groundbreaking shows that take the medium of different place with comedy, where, like you're, seeing things that you've never seen before the situations where it's like what the fuck is this: where does this come from? So it has no it's its own context that they do man. I tell really agree so before we get to that, though. How is from what do you? Do you kick around? You get an agent you're doing that around wings and it looks like you did a lot of episodic stuff, yeah Blake, you know just getting whatever I could yeah. You know I had some really lame agents, and then I did that I weirdly did this movie. I had done this, the sketch in in show on and off for a year in Vegas yeah, oh really kind of back and forth. This thing that Rita Rudner in her husband produced called boo, and it was this late night like her yeah she's, so nice, but it was alive thing yeah.
Is this live thing that we would go on after her and do like this weird sort of like almost scary problem can sketch show like on an offer here? It was this thing where they were like come do this for six weeks, you like great, then there every night I think we had Mondays and Sundays off yeah, hello, just Mondays off. It was very late. Can you broadway style, yeah in Vegas and and it just kept like it was selling? Well, so they were like do six more. So is that kind of thing where you would sometimes have sub angry well, yeah it was decent and it was the first thing that I was like oh cool. This is now. This is how I make my money, even if I'd need to like make performance stretch yeah and it's and I'm you know, I'm living so frugally like this- is how I'm going to make my mind right. So that was super cool
in that way, but anyways we made this movie with them. After this very in the movie yeah about a family over like three or four thanksgivings and die yeah. I went and met readers agent at the time through that and then from then on had like really nice awesome agents yeah, but I had terrible once before, so you would do you want with him yeah. I read his agent wow yeah. Well, that's great, because she's great yeah, actually, I'm not with him anymore right. I love him forever. They got yeah yeah she into the game, yeah yeah, something on here that I've never seen before that you did a bunch episodes what I was in animated thing or oh yeah, maybe yeah
I've done a bunch. Episodes of the thing we bear Bear yeah that one yeah. What is that it's? This really cool cartoon network show it's one of those. That's for kids, but it's actually really funny yeah yeah! I do this other one at cartoon network now called the fun jeez and same thing like right, so funny, they're, fine, yeah, yeah, anything that you can just the voices on because he hated so weird. I I'm doing a movie and you it's amazing how physical you get when you're just doing voices take yeah totally it's wild. It come in Athens. Naturally, what like? What are you an animal or a person? Yeah I've been a quite a few animals yeah. I was a person once on metal, aka whips. I was a squirrel on ah adventure time and I was, I think I was a hermit crab on the Tony Hale's new show. What animal are you in this? Can you say or no yeah, I'm I'm a snake? Yes yeah, but you know it's not like Disney. You don't have to go say sit going,
full jungle book now. You know they want you to be you yeah. So how does that happen? Because that's really, I think the first time I really saw you was with vice principals and I'd watched most of eastbound and down, but vice principals was just too fucking much. I had to watch you of yeah yeah yeah, you know yeah. So how do you get? There is a very specific bunch. I don't know how he chooses people or what the process is or how he found you but like in this season, your character, icon at the point where you just start singing, I won't spoil it anymore because that's towards the end of the ones I
yeah yeah, but you know that they're in he's got there. You know he's got goggins in there and- and you know good man and Adam Devine and have and and make bright himself, but then there's always these ones. Were you like where'd? They find the x Satan this guy rates. Yes, what is it like that? How the ad that guy who's the screen, it's sort of like what that's a crazily that size? My friend Tony, who is a growing with me who weirdly I went to a dinner with Danny after he had done, like you know, all the casting stuff yeah and we are a general dinner with like eight people or whatever yeah yeah. I think we figured out who Keefe is going to be cyst you're telling Valero and I was like watt. I mean how random is that when you like someone, you know, gets cast Unb announced here on the show,
so he's not like that at all. No he's where he's a pretty like high energy dude, it's crazy, it's kind of a crazy character, but I think he I think he got that role and a similar wade said that I got vice principals, which is just went on dish, and so that's how that's how you met those guys yeah, I went Sherry Thomas was casting it and she had me in an I didn't know: Danny and Jody Hill were going to be there yeah. I just thought it was a regular like going and get on tape should send it to them. And they were there and die. I had. I had done this weird commercial, like the tiniest thing in a Toyota, commercial yeah years before the Jedi directed yeah and I walked in, he was like aah. Haiti does like what you remember that thing, but I didn't know Danny at all and I only kind of new Jody are you? Have you watched each round yeah? I love, I love all their stuff here, yeah loved it yeah,
so yeah I get I came in and I assumed I would be reading with Danny since he was there. I was like okay, so cool so will read it together and he goes now and you'll be reading with sherry. So I just did the scene with in front of them and yeah I am from is a little bit yeah, that's how that Ann, and then we got we got on set and had such a a weirdly, instant, comedy chemistry. Your Mcgrath make bright, yeah we're still annoyed, and you know like yeah I'd like it just was so immediate. He that yeah he'd more for the hold second season. I was supposed to do. I think three episodes in the first season uhhuh and then yeah- I just kept morphing it, which was so thing ever and the best thing ever in life. He just built that there was a big arc in this, and that was it the second season with the
yeah for sure yeah yeah, just 'cause, you guys are so fucking funny together yeah. We just had such a good time together. How much is such a fucking funny? Smart dude? I know it's crazy and it's very unique- and it's very you know, he's one of the few guys that can be the most colossal asshole and still being deering. That's always been my favorite kind of comedic character. Man were, like you know, they're such assholes, but you know at heart they are their own worst enemy and there's no way you're going to get out of their own way. Yeah so hurt like deep down there, so wounded, so did so. How much improvising is involved with that with, like vice principals, really. Like a fair amount in the doing like we, we oftentimes would get how it's scripted, but then, if it was Danny and I in a scene or whatever it wouldn't usually open up a little bit yeah in other things. But it's you know. As you know, it's not the kind of him from
Zing or it's like, let's think of funny Joe. No, no, it's just being that person and write the truth happened yet, which every now and then yeah I would but mostly scripted yeah yeah, there's always room to find stuff was very, I think, was very funny about the characters like in this one too, in in the gemstones with the writers. Gems them is that there's some sort of bizarre of sexuality going on. Thank you. Your sexual drive shaft is somehow like no way up in a good way, but just like that, I can buy sprint bulls, resist the obsessive, yeah kind of like hungry thing yeah, and in this one it's like a little more angry. Somehow yeah, it's a lot yeah, it's a little more angry and frustrated as yeah yeah. You've got this weird kind of like impotent Ishe husband and you you're you're kind of obsessed, somehow
yeah yeah weirdly acids yeah, I feel like there are probably into some king gbj but yeah. I don't get the yeah right right, but it happens spontaneously. I guess it happens, fitting their characters. Yes, but when he saw this group out, what did you you? Just they just called you up and offered you this thing? Yes, so after vice principals, Danny and I had wrote, written a movie and then carried the other one yeah, we wrote this thing for me actually that hill direct at some point we just haven't, figured out who's gonna, make it yeah when to do it right and just discover. We were out really well together, yeah and he kind of in the process of us writing stuff. He had thought of the gemstones, yeah and Yasser
need to play Judy his sister and then later asked me to come right for this season. So you writing too yeah. That's great yeah 'cause. I watch eyes weird 'cause, I'm watching the first one. You got pretty high expectations comedically out of this crew, and I was like this pretty matter. This is kind of like just setting up this worrying like one of the weird shit happened, and then it happens. You know yeah yeah, it happens yeah then it happens in it keeps happening. I just like the idea that these stuntmen are just the stunt. People are just unkillable like you, after the first time, I don't wanna, give away anything, but after that, after the first encounter where they get killed, Ireland is horrendous and then they're right there messed up their bloody, but it's like they
yeah. But this is like this attitude. They have. You know like sort of like I'm all right. You know yeah. This is a very funny kind of like world to have characters from Hollywood stunt people yeah totally that you to make us laugh a lot Blake. What is that like? What's the mindset of that yeah like there's bound to be some that bound to be a ton of great people in it, but the boundary some dishes as well, no highlight some dishes: they're real they're, kind of crazy people. You know, like I read that I read a book about the wild bunch. Packing pause, wild bunch of making of it and there's like a whole crew. There they're just like they're, crazy, they're, motorcycles or jumping off of things
life they live is hard, yeah yeah. I mean I don't want to generalize, but it seems like you got to be a certain ilk totaly and that guy, who is the guy that plays that guy, the Scott Mcarthur he's funny yeah? Yes, where is he from he? He did a bunch of seasons on the mic and was a writer for it to you, yeah yeah, I mean I'm sure he's done a ton of other stuff, but that was the main thing before those I love it. I love it. It's really. It's really getting good and I saw the coming attractions for it and then I I did they re edit. Some of the press, screeners or night, just adding rise at two or three more yeah that I got to wait for like everyone else yeah. I think they get really really good, yeah yeah and I'm I'm excited about it. So
so now you've got this movie written in the end waiting to do yes with Mick Bride, yeah and what it at some point and what it. What else you working on, I did. I did run Johnson's new flick that comes out on Thanksgiving that knives out that more strict murder, mystery thing: okay, yeah, which is of crazy, like old school, full on murder, mystery, oh wow, yeah, and I did that. I did a thing and the new between two friends with me- and I did okay- did this to be true zero that I think is coming out soon. What is that its side? This thing, Allison, Janney and dumb viola davis- are the leads of it and inside sort of a kind of a bad news, bears girl scout troop and it's yeah. It's a the movie revolves around a tonic
kids, but it's the woman who wrote it. Lucy Alabbar also wrote like beasts of the southern wild, and so it's got this uh like almost Spielberg e vibe, oh uh um, where it feels like. Oh, this is a cool movie for oh good yeah that sounds cool yeah yeah, it's kind of an improv and everything yeah did a improvise. One person show last night. How was it yeah? It went great, thank God. It I get so jacked out nervous before that show in that instant, not Miss is the theater of what they were. You pick up plays no, no. This one is when I do at the growling. Sometimes that's just literally a one person show that's improvised with one person and it's play all the character is in the army, see this year. I have a lot of fun hollings. I don't know I'll, tell you when to come. Yes, do you have my number, I think it's write it down what we can do it off MIKE great.
Actually, can you write it with that sure be so we can hear the numbers on the yeah. Absolutely maybe a government have a regular pen. Has your husband in show business yeah he's he's the a d of that group and for theater okay, and he is a writer and he wrote a book that's out recently about how Improv integrating into your life and how it can help your life and on his you know. Basically, it's just like the color scales. Get your people yeah. It's a cool life philosophy like just be be in the moment long. What you have and like speak up, be open. Yeah I'd be open to what's happening instead of like going way into your head and allow as opposed to what would you say, would you say
yeah allowing input as opposed to trying yeah that man, oh man, I have to do so many mental gymnastics before that show. I did last night that improvised one person think as I get into it. My brain goes fucking crazy. What is it just awful nerves of like? Oh, my god, it's sold out, there's so many people here I don't know what this is going to be. I'm about to make this up. What am I doing right? Why did I agree to this again? Like what by doing and then I literally have to go to a place in my head, where I go, I thought I thought of this, the like the the second or third, the time I did it. I had been home in Texas for like a month and a half 'cause, my dad got sick. He had a couple of strokes and it was a fucking hard time and I came back as I was scheduled,
so that show yeah and I remember driving there and going like. Oh, my god, like almost out of my body service, and I remember the only thing that called me down was thinking. Well, nobody knows that they're gonna die, I could die later tonight. All I have is this: let it and I've sounds that that's very helpful philosophy and most of life 'cause I can just be where you are and whatever happens happens. Let's see what happened nice and usually it's better than you thought, yeah, whatever thing whether it's going to get coffee right doing, this could do in a show like if you just go like fuck it. I don't know, let's see why. Thank you probably always had this in it's probably what got you through that existential crisis in fourth grade- maybe maybe I don't know, thank goodness great talking, yeah yeah, you too
Edi Patterson, what a sweetheart so funny. I just big fan the righteous gemstones on HBO new episode, Sunday nights and don't forget. Simplisafe makes home security easy with no contract, no hidden fees and no fine print for just fifteen dollars. A month. You get twenty four slash: seven professional monitoring throughout your home and simply safe uses their revolutionary video verification technology to visually confirm that break in's are happening, allowing police to get to you three one slash two times faster visits: imp, safe dot, com, slash, wtf and you'll, get free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial that simply dot com, Slash d, Utf, and now I will play my Stratocaster for you.
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