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Episode 1060 - Argus Hamilton

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Argus Hamilton is the human embodiment of The Comedy Store, with the distinction of being one of the original Comedy Store comics and the only person of his generation who still works there today. In other words, he’s the perfect guest for WTF, as Marc continues building a comprehensive oral history of the infamous club. Argus tells some stories and dispels some myths about The Store’s origins, about the comics who really put the place on the map, about the big names like Pryor, Williams and Kinison who made the place their playground, and about his unique relationship with Mitzi Shore, the woman behind it all.

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hey folks i will be taking my netflix special at the red cat theatre here in los angeles that's in the walt disney concert hall complex to show it was on wednesday october thirtieth at seven and ten p m it's her on sale now w t have pod dot swash tour and don't forget the rest of my time to date there is only a few more coming up this thursday october tenth at the mere and theatre in philadelphia friday october eleventh at the kennedy centre in washington d c and saturday october twelve at the schubert the in boston for two shows because that's where i was originally gonna shoot this special then on friday over eight teens the james k poke theatre in nashville saturday october nineteenth at the tavern echo in atlanta and saturday october twenty six at the masonic in san francisco again go to w tia pod that calm swash tour for tickets
exciting closing in on the special getting ready to move past the hour through the show all right let's do this how are you what the fucker is what the fuck bodies with the buccaneers what the fuck's there's what's happening i mark me and this is my pod cast welcome to a thousand going are you ok is everybody all right i mean are we hang and in as it gets hotter and hotter and hotter i you know i again don't want to sound selfish or detached or condescending or judge mental but i could not be happier to not have children i have nothing against them just never thought about it and now i don't know they're gonna have to hopefully
in a couple generations these children kid dead somehow evolve into cold blooded animals interacts with scale something survive a boy in the climate as we enter the times but i i am sorry it is too much how are you happy monday i think i'm just over compensating some way maya my cat as you know monkey the old asshole that's not true monkey is actually not an asshole monkey is a sweetheart he's nervous definitely not an asshole la fonda is a bit of an unpredictable i would say border and personality cat and am buster is a bit of an ass all the monkey is common oats we guy that's just a little nervous as some of you know who isn't he has hyper thyroid am i glad i diagnosed him or i got into the vet to find out no kidney dizzy
no kidney failure no diabetes he's fifteen years then change he's got hyper thyroid and i had a few options i went with the pill and generally you know most people like how you can give pills to a cat you know they're these things called pill pockets which fucking work i even snuck one into a piece of chicken today onto a day there was a couple of days arouse like oh shit i think he's goin down he was like lethargic he was kind of puberty did not seem happy in any way and he was still he thinnest fuck em like well this is it and unjust can have to deal with this either he's gonna die on his own long enough to do it again that i think maybe that tom overcome taken by my cats are getting old and my pet we're getting old and somethin's gotta give but i do know at heart
as it is to have children as they grow up and yet as i talk to my peers were children it's never never a great story smite usually half a great story you know the other ones great but with china the other one kind of got away from us and dirty i think i've said that before but you know with cats they remain pretty consistent and they live long time they can live anywhere from fifteen to twenty five years this i think but they still they stay pretty steady but is difficult as it is to have kids the best you can hope for with a cat is you get to the point where you can voluntarily say this cat has had enough i'm gonna put it down and that's a decision we have to make about something you love you and i know it's hard to have kids but like
you know i ventured not pride not not too long ago have put my cat down there i understand your kid seventeen and ambitious butter my cat sixteen annette kill it so the spare me the sad story is what i'm saying ok false equivalence by i'm just deal with it in mind and deal with the fact that you mike it's getting old i'm getting old my parents are getting all i think i might have to put my dad down you then i don't think you can do that you can do in some states that exactly but wouldn't it be easier you not indeed you to be able to sort it out put him down my dad skin is eighty and you know you still got most of his marbles stuff he's not happy and he's having a hard time walk in a just i don't know his quality of life is holding up say to put him down yeah now i think you can do that in any state maybe if i
under the vet emitted bring a man yet is my dad i don't doubt user can help you with anything on the gamma i just want to put my dad damaged as a goal we don t want owing to me my that we put him down i mean the king tell his iron gray quality life now i can't we don't do that we can put people down i don't know i think he i think maybe you can make an exception i'll be there i'll hold them why you do it in it'll be i hold them and tat his head and having were good might vlasic way we do it like it it's over dead schoeffer that too dark to cynical wouldn't it be easier and at this point i kind of ok with my dad i'm just looking out for him i just think people maybe we should look into that maybe we could put our parents i want if necessary united sadly some people have done that it it's usually not like that since i it's an unplugging situation but a happy monday
dimension argus hamilton is on the show finally argus hamilton is here quick email this is from eileen subjects and competition and com quick and shutting that shit down mark give me your generalization of who your people are i literally had to put my mascara down to laugh at you listed off of my traits i say generally that i dont have a demagogic think i have a disposition these very sensitive aggravated creative types i assume that what she's talking about she goes on to say i've tried to explain to my birth bar tender younger brother by twelve years why me marin is my guy and please stop telling me to listen to your rogan he acts like it's a competition of course he does in parentheses and i'm more of the type that puts competition and conflict in the same mental bucket now my jam that's why i liked you shut it down by saying market obama totally works ok
act getting ready love eileen p s come to phoenix i mean i was in finnish a you're right i'm probably do virtual back to phoenix give her the email andrew salary sanguine i run a show here i'm the same way i think that there is part of me that naturally competes brightening there's something about this culture certainly people within it certainly because there were the kind frenetic compulsive social media landscape that people are always trying to engage people and trying to put things against one another the even if the eu but you're obviously jos people are going to be palliative i mean he's a competitive guises sports gap everything's all right i'm just not appoint my life where it's like i do what i do i got my people i make a living it's fine in a good you hear that i'm good bye gmail j argues hamiltons here
he's been mentioned quite a bit over the history of the show forget it i just want to say i say thank you to the people that came out to the dinosaur typewriter last night it's more intense what room but more can stuff it's amazing how long i've been working this material because irish we put it together because i took a gig at the new york comedy festival year ago the beacon theater in then you special came later niven honing in kenneth crafting other pieces me a different parts of it but it's been a long while over a year that had been working this stuff i am ready to dump it i mean i went down and looked at the theatre world we're doing a special it's gonna be a different look for a special really this is a fairly clear take a large black box theatre its one of these proceedings in theatres when these vaudeville houses when these places where you see all special shot and this kind of kind of might have worked in our benefit that we were
full control over how the things going to work and how we're going away it out and the vibe and it's pretty exciting and it's gonna be a relatively small house in terms a crowd size couple huh each show and very intimate so i'm excited went down to the tec meeting and the set can get in it's gonna be it's gonna be a unique show still considering calling a jeremiah add which is not in a beat title i don't know i think pretty a bead show an honest show about where we are in the world right now and maybe where i met my life right now and it's definitely funny some of them it's funny have generated in my all my years of funny but i'm excited about that so argues hamilton who is he why do you know why doesn't ring a bell argus hamilton has is in
wednesday at the comedy store he's been there since the beginning of the comedy store pretty much he was there for the strike he was there to get screwed up on she was therefore to date missy for years his mythology about him he's mentioned by almost everybody he's one of the few comics of his generation i think probably the only one that still does spot the store that can still do spot at the store ask him how that happened but most a tory you know i when i got to the store in the eighties when i worked the door there and i fucked up on drugs he was short is mythic b that you heard about i lived up in crest go to the house that the committee own behind the store she there she rented it out to comics there's a picture of him on the wall their cause he used to live there i think i'm pretty sure he did i talk about that of him on that i show you ve done
so many tonight shows he was like an arrow aren't he was the guy and we just one of those caution retails not even a cautionary tale just a fuckin your bottom hitting mythology bottom hitting myth sky when i got there in the eighties you know you just notorious as is in a drug person but this guy from oklahoma alike at almost like i will rogers type a dude and their ages it all went south because a coke and booze he came back from rehab when i was at the store and i just i'll talk to him about that too but for those you ve been following long yet they show for the last decade the intention of this show is for me to reconnect with comics into connect with comics into talk on food comics and obviously because of the place the comedy story held in my mind in my heart and am i saw you i was
mildly obsessed with kind of get the history of that place and argues has always been elusive he's always been around and i was a little nervous about it i didn't know what was in there what was going on you know what's guy made out of i just still see em i follow him most at a time when i do the communist organs i like doing the fourth or fifth spots keep an early and aids are he's always doing the second or third spiny brings me up on stage more so than not when i work at the store and he's their forever and and i never knew i just didn't know what was in there and i remember i years ago he said when can i talk to you you're an important part of it and he said tat i cant do omits he's still alive i won't do it at a respect while she's dead and and i any wanted to do it so we got do it now one of the things we get to clear up how you doing nobody aren't we
the things we get to clear up is four years the story was that sam kennison the reason he got spots at the store or was able to manage the westward store the communist or westward mid the open there because he saved missy's life because biggest hamilton my guest today which joking earn a parking lot the calmly store and sanctions and pulled argus off of her saved her in that seal the deal with his place at the county store that will yo she owed him alive and you gave him you know the westward storage and that's how that was that's part of the mythology now mythology kind of happens pretty quickly the communist or had enough it's just the nature of the dark den of comics jesse disorder frenetic weird kind of competitive insecurity in darkness that the com
community has in that place but it is happen immediately even on the managerial side i mean jesus christ i've got this driver's license mrs driver's license that i found on the floor during the shooting of the documentary that might binders making and i took it go katy with missy son peter and here i have it here and is very important to me me as one mean doing i'm working out a right now and once i talked about it the manager over their eric i d just for last festival started saying that i stole miti driver's licence from her purse send someone comes out to me who i don't even know i really stolen these drivers licence from her person how the fact is that even it does something about the comedy store that turns out i guess it's not unlike any den of evil in secure fuckers like the republican party and conspiracy theories it just that's the title pool of conspiracy theories and
bullshit mythology is just a festering insecurity among vindictive competitive fuckers that's where it comes from but anyway long story longer i am able to talk about this story with argus and how many people have mentioned argus on the show and many a the people of mention that story this actually robin williams mentioning it in my time but him years ago crazy times because sam sense first night up was just messing with a guy screaming and support the same guarantees rescued messy from august the argus hamilton who a shrine going her rank frenzy and then get away sam rescued her then they put him right so that was robin whims and this is part of mythology but you have there's a bigger story here about the comedy store about argus is placed in it and it's not just about him so do we choking mattie yet
guy is a veteran he still added he still gets big laughs still the communist or every weekend and air and he has been since the since the seventies the aim in he is the singular presence of a generation at that place holding that end of it and it's taken years for me to get him in here and this is me talk into our argus here then you can listen argus her watch him actually he's got a talk show called that comedy store tonight it's on youtube you can watch new episodes every tuesday night the old episodes are up right now up there now believe it goes live on tuesdays but this is me talking the argus hamilton argus hamilton acc by nice to see you thank you so much for him beyond the show michael every pleasure sir man i we weigh it seem like it was destined to happen
some points but there was a moment there while back right let's do it let's talk in like you can do it with mrs doyle i literally said that that i can't do it while she still well i'd appreciate the ride out here this morning because i got to come by boris long drive sign i cemetery got away to her up the top of the hill areas there is though she still on my ass about coming yeah well i dont think she is she loved you she loves us all i don't know i guess you have me you know it's weird when i go to the store you my recollections of you has always been that long a time i was in the common effort that long the first what year while i i got there when i was there i got in there and i work in the door and i remember it was actually problem it was like you when did you get out a have you got out a rehab when i was there i six i win
in november of eighty six twenty eight days it betty board and then ninety days in scottsdale i arrived back and allay with six months of sobriety in april of eighty seven yet so that that's where that's where i first saw you ok guys i remember bells we're out on the on the patio browser saw you walking up because is this an apparition ha ha i can't kill me they never good and i remember because it was weird he's word memories cosette was all fucked up on drugs valuing boil and we neither do i gotta vitamin beast wordy things put in your no oh and i remember offer any one you i got up and aiming at my head every year my nasal hairs what would experience you for recall nature they wait here i lived in question and there was pit here's of you up there on the tonight show in i still in the house rose living and i who you were and i
ignore the whole history of things and then the weird thing about this comedy stories you start picking up little bits and pieces of the mythology so i was hanging to spend a lot of time with kennison right right narrows the sort of the idea was that the story the the existing myth was that he pulled you a messy right when you were attacking her right and because of that he was able to manage the westward is that distort whole crock of course that requires let's go back let's eat up to some when did you get their way to begin with out of the university of oklahoma i came out march of seventy six feet so you're free oklahoma yes i am in your your parents your families in the preaching racket got my father's breaching raggedy out the sun grants are great grants out of methodist minister really yeah how does a method is minister approach the ministry would its church of england
like a episcopal church they are the they are sister churches and other about to reunite ah it's very main line very conservative very traditional upper middle class high class alsace not is to not fire and brimstone no not like innocent no not that grew from icloud now not that agreement all dangers country club protestants in inner salva the earth right and then there is the baptists the baptist other cromwell's army ya said sixteen forties the in me of the hamiltons and the cavalier even be here one of my ancestors are really the day before they beheaded king charles the first really yes are you track your genealogy back far away far than that we married into the house of stewart and fourteen eighty how do i find out that stuff out my grand mother and father tipp me off to it and then people let me know and then genealogist track my family line up why there why your family i will the hamiltons are very
we got twenty eight hamiltons and the house of lords ok very english families alexander hamilton of it here he's a as in mind within the same amber scheme line from the duke of hamilton however if he has a hamilton there's a chance he was a stevens because he looked just like a stevens and his mother you slept around but he's believed to have been a hamilton and but he was the black sheep of the family because he fought for washington really against a kicking yeah so all so you grew up therewith big family no no brother and sister that's it and so your father's administer your grandfather's minister c span a grown up you you're at the church i want my great grandfather only huge plantation in alabama but the civil war right in the middle of battle of shiloh who made a deal with the lord yeah that's how we got into diminish our duty was twenty years
there are forty one forty thousand acres on tennessee river he gave twenty three was an acre through the town and it was named hamilton alabama and is still on u s seventy eight between birmingham in memphis it still called hamilton yeah and that's your great grandfather great great yeah yeah abidjan hamilton did your brother at their young brother and sister did they end up in the church yet my brother tat in a magistrate and my sister is president of a computer company out here encounter washington state and you got and we in oklahoma feel no not anymore no one there now isn t go back now would know i go back a lot for a corporate events there's a brand new big club opening up and breakdown that does about three hundred fifty cedar really do you might be hearing about early in
what can we say it's renovated area you how lot of cities have rennie agitator issue this is the one in open homer city mistress beautiful along the river i i did a gig in oklahoma city once in it was a joke no wasn't it wasn't a comic clever do a theatre thing somebody brought me out there for some reason great crowd but what you are not like it yeah i like it in their some cool there's my freaky people out no yo yo grubbing new mexico there yet we have i think we shall corner without go oklahoma did dont winked doesn't makes up there in the north east you have a little piece of panhandling up here in the penny i really want the panhandle more like new mexico then it is ok i so now what bothers to plan in college you you're in college area alcohol mistake no no no i'll call me universal gloaming universal hoji has been day you know you're not going to go into the ministry and how do you end up like when is the decision to do comedy why because like you
you're the only guy your generation that seems to be able to work at the store anymore like you and i know there's politics around that or whatever but you're the only one left man well to add to your first question here since the second one was an observation the what i it was i went into the university of oklahoma and i had the only i might ever really connected says i'm i'm a real out the holly like a lot of us i only there was this time i could connect with people without alcohol and it was when i was on stage doing why with high school grade school the very first time when i was on stage i was six years old it was the christmas pageant local homer city thousand people in a church auditorium
i'm supposed to walk out there with the angels in the shepherds and everybody and yellow and i'm supposed to sing archipelago away in a major but i'd heard a perry como song on the way to church and i liked it better had a real good member so i stood before the eight baby jesus and marion joseph and i open up my arms and start saying ah hot dignity dogs egret boom what you do so new to me what you do bigoted dogs eagerly but what you do to me when you're holding me tight and the crowd just went while they were killed and i got a kill six years old that's all you need to know yet and so the next thing i know my father would allow me to watch jack par monologue before i went to bed and of course johnny carson monologue later on
before i went to bed and jack paria he was he carried did delong form yes he did me i guess he did but nevertheless it was the introduction to the new york society of which a spark sure sure know and i am not prairies great school and it was a great escape collection of these people were smart and witty and funny and i was determined on that way to what would you were you grown up and look on the city i yes i was no publicity until they fourth grade and my father got promoted to bigger charter paca city oklahoma and pocket city a very wealthy old oil town world headquarters for conical and it's very ears very sophisticated mia so i was never in in that kind of situation this crystal meth redneck situation i was never in that no ion
perhaps they need a babysitter they had me on the country club everyday plan gough here right but to get back to the point by anniversary of oklahoma after going through rush weak emerging hbo alpatych may go it made me because we are we had a i think i'll go to the order at the end of our first chapter meeting after initiate and i just started talking about his falling over laughing i thought i was pre law and my best friend at the time it still gregg hall an open homer city or man came up to me pledge but we ve been initiate near you said argus you're you're not gonna be a lawyer a stand up commedia and at an edge validated every secret thing i've ever oh myself interesting because i guess you could have used their skills as a lawyer you could yet but i had this either compulsion at the time to be a campus personality and before you knew it this role during the watergate era i wish i had a we had the universe you oklahoma
had a newspaper call the opel homer daily forty thousand circulation here everybody read it every day there was no handheld back here and i was on the editorial page two or three times a week with a column call okey dokey with my name and my picture as big as the copy them and so it is all political humor pay all jokes is the era of the earth national lampert right is so much freedom ever body just joking there but as if the nixon era hi it's the high mark of political satire exactly exactly and so we are with the michael of ghana we are here and so i'm doing this at the university of oklahoma and then every thursday night on campus corner i host to show called trivia night and i pack this place called across the street restaurant on campus corner you downstairs and upstairs they all have phones on each booth
and i asked ass trivia questions and if they get it right on it in a free pitcher of beer or punch lies to jokes applicants and we really had a roaring type c doom bits and stuff yeah and this is all for three years at o you with tribune night and three and a half years with cod so i was i was i was always the best known personality on oh you beside the at hand your writing jokes and you'd show any being on state aid and within a was at it and drinking yeah sure would it's all you did in that it was three to bear it bookkeeper ever to get drunk reaching like yours yeah was occurs yeah so you are drink and hard yes i worked because by the time you're junior and a senior you discover while turkey ever higher court because i know you talk a lot about being sobering and it's been a long time for you because it sounds like
you got two away in the cocaine started that's when near shifted gears but he was always part fifty years with a great way to put down to here uptown shifting of shifting burnt down shooting up so so when gradually ecology just immediately come out here and what have you your parents react while my parents were just fine weather like my father was caught a grateful get me out of the state can get a free causing trouble no no no i was just i had a good time and their work a mendous like tolerant ah my mother never get a ride my mother didn't know my mother my mother wanted didn't want me to come out she's a wood they don't laugh and i'm never forgotten that really when your mother what if they don't laugh at you when you get out his shirt so you eat basically said it am i gonna go be a comic got with i'm gonna go be what i am right you did not do any comedy outside college leave me now you
now you know but my talisman was one afternoon at one evening i should there at the eighty o house living room were sitting around watching the tonight show this was the case that one thing i didn't like about going into stand up with the prospect of going to new york and freezing my ass off in the winter i heard cold weather the guy and i just didn't like the idea of new york it was a city tat town at that time anyway in the seventies and i'm watching the tonight show with a bunch of guys in the living room at the ideal house and sammy davis then you're comes on and johnny and semi always do great here and sammy says the johnny listen johnny i welcome to el i know you just got near but there's this young kid i want i want you to see the night of abroad here his name is friday prince and internationalist bring well too eddie prince came out brought down the house then sat down yet johnny
waved him over and of an freddy prince sat down started talking about this brand new place on strip call the comedy store asset los angeles comedies door that's where really so that with more here was that i think it was bring a seventy three hours so that really was just start now lie and when did you graduate a gradual in january or december of seventy five and you are right that's it that's wrong and you know how you're going to start your what you're gonna do you're just gonna go out they are so would you do well jumped into my m j music convertible higher and drove this little thing over there the cairo pass what's got into town and i started coming through the open might not got it letter of tissues leon monday night so where'd you get the waste were recently for
i had a cousin who lived in manhattan beach however and so on on older cousin here twenty years older and i stated his house for about a month of august coming through the comedy storing getting my bearings and i went out on march eight nineteen seventy six so happened the same night martial law we'll went up after me the person i ask that was your audition needed as a first i mean quite how to stay i was first note nashville audition night so you do i'm coming over mites now know that launched my open market guy that want good i would go around with be j d enjoy gainer all over town doing our open like the word you meet those guys at the comedy store that ok and so i went on stage and i stood up i had this ball is fresh stage presence and i said i i just left open homo where smoking pots a federal crime trail of colorado smoke at birth legal finally got to california where
mandatory they just laughed ass it i got my secret always opened with a drug joking santo demonstrate still due to this and then i struggle through a bunch of stuff i'm talking jokes off humphrey and ford and stuff like this did you like where you like a more fan or what you i didn't i didn't know who are one go berwick who we decided on politics yo up all up beheld court here is this what gentiles to release protestants anyway because we don't have no self honesty to talk about ourselves on rave cell but i got here there was something interesting because i got toward the end and i remember i picked up something you could always kill with drug jochen ally and at a time you could always kill with nixon job ok right and if you just do both at the time makes it had just gone to china as
two years after he resigned to have for some goodwill mission and it is in all the papers and at the end i said you know why nixon bother picking a jet china why didn't you go on a rickshaw pull by a mule that got a laugh i said sparrow could use the exercise oh man i just knew an exit now manage joke near and two things happen from first of all there was a reporter from orbit magazine remember orbit i doubt it was sunday supplement that was all the sunday papers all around the country if it was a little many newspaper lookin magazine realler pictures and articles like the parade maxie exactly like parade and and it had article but the comedy store and quoted that dixon joke near enough
currently butters read this the next sunday in the daily yokul home and i thought i'd made it we did he did it in a second thing to happen it is most important thing that happened in my life and that is is that mrs had always operator standing via the great bearded ali joe prater nor falstaff our gleason our jackie glace it's all you can say about the late great knowledge o prayer and he was running comedy store westward at the time and you appear late at night there and she said make him a door man she's the lawyer that may she saw doorman me too had so and and and i didn't either i wasn't sure of that was a promotion
but i do you remember my foot in the door where i didn't realize i was i was getting admitted graduate school right those assistant yeah yeah i started out as a doormat when at that time the comedy store was is as julius caesar would say s d visa in trace part taste is divided into three parts leah gall yellow there were the tv stars the draws freddy prince gave kaplan who both gutters shows from the cry ardour priors at special case and then jimmy walker was the big one nea jim the walker pack the room on sunset on weekends and he would drive over to westward and pack westward both shows both not many views on what happened on without time at times yeah good times was on cbs seven here i just talked a buyer now he was a gag writer for right for jimmy when he was perfectly jimmy would have byron alan j leno
it would lighterman and a couple of other guys gin wang klein would have him at his house every week paid him alone dollars a week and then is back when letterman was paying hundred seventeen dollars a month rent ass a street than the comedy thea hundred something a month i and they would ride almost bryant material projects ok and then jimmy would have it all on no cartier and every night and await jimmy would do his regular accepts sunday and jimmy with similar bar stool and read these jokes a crowd would laugh jimmy would throw em over his shoulder like ok i was vital that was voted out was one in its last you would have rigour of these drugs really it was the last he would never added to that it's weird he would pay him for him and he never adam he just enjoy the company i guess it's insane if they worked but that like bedtime jimmy walker freddy prince gave kaplan where the tv star nea guys and then there was a group of guys in and out
communist or because they were working vegas sooner i on the raw kip modesty boosting justine landsbergis these guys or when really working have just i yeah yeah but he was just taking off at that time here and he was very popular and boosting the established in air brilliant career and they were working that was the other level there there were lots of em at that level but those are the ones i bought the top it and then it was the heart and soul of the comedy stuart ok the heart and soul would like what i would say for guys myself i would be letterman george miller tom dresen here oh lit up a little
ok those four guys were there every night and they were the ones tat she gathered around the common comic young young comics gather around their courage and they would you know suggest punchline give you lines you know and you would just laugh it up and all in different areas you know letterman was like a god everybody saw future carson in him area at the time and this is seventy six yup george miller was doing tonight show and murdering at the time he was just just and his sardonic wit height yet type of tom duration go though the nicest guy in the history of stand i got audio might i've always therefore always helping giving period and leno leno was was wasn't so of much approachable but he was he was nice to everybody but little gave me the example you needed to follow if you want to be a success leno was a work junkie were here were was so that smart guys aped
then i'll write so who are you well who were the guy's there were those of the guys at the common through working up to say who is your will crew of weirdos well i've gotta go i've gotta add tooth there were two super started one of whom was my idle was tim thompson thomas and is the only guy who could follow prior he was a tremendous stage breath air was nothing like imps before or since i mean he had ere i always thought that harrison ford had the courier tim thomas and should have had asked him doing he surfing yes about problems but i hear from time to time and how these days in touch with his good friend letterman timmy with us and then richard prior was god and he would come in and everything that he did is well known
right so he was right but he here he kind of put their place on the map and waterways right because he would do the weekend jobs that that no that's how it's got out remembered an idea but the guide to put in place on the map was jimmy walker and and gave cap and freddy prince those guys got it going what what happened to prior was prior cracked up onstage and loss it is an early seventy cracked up right and paul mooney you got five right you asked it yet how money is is is the other god palm unitary would race across town at one o clock from westward the watch his hour instead it says that yet again in the morning he was my artistic god i love polymer
in the back of the room watching pie and and paul would always have at the time he would have proteges like sender bernhardt more jackson produce and aunt and he help bilbil them so what richard would do is paul gonna rescued richard and got him and they work together in a soul subscribes to read box in open red box here and for which he had a production confident notes of san from his advert has so that so that paul and seventy two seventy three prior side put it back together and it was at the time richard prior did these cute little impressions and stuff like this like exactly like jim carry started ok and then just like jim carry had his opinion through sam kennison became his roaring cell yeah it was paul mony who turned richard prior into dark twain yeah yeah and richards did that
his first huge album that inwards crazy here and it was such a huge success or on campus it made him a movie star even though he was not allowed to be on pricing saddles that was written for him so when he had their identity crisis say you because he was a sort of a cause be clown any kind of hit the wall and then he went to san francisco for a while and then paul and have liked befriended him and or they were were aligned together and start writing together in paul sorted helped him inform the new socially relevant prior exactly tournaments but and they were note and they were nothing alike because paul was a robert clannish bit come here very they were both derivatives of lenny bruce and dick gregory yet again but the fire was a storyteller the mark twain i begged him to title his album dark twenty and that's what you were right it was a great story teller and he what he would do ass he would come to the communist or sunset
and during the baby to three months he would put together an album yeah he would go on every night at ten o clock and mitya would have two shows before him and then him and prior work schedule his own show it would have david letterman or johnny witherspoon s dark marcia warfield than himself and then mooney afterwards clean up and it was this tremendous you had and he would work at lahti water and he would never do a joke had ever done on a previous album re started from scratch it was painful start where you would just ichorous peat and johnny witherspoon would sit in a back with missy at his watch and build it was so beautiful to watch the i'm a pretty sure bill birds the closest who works the closest like that and an area which is probably louis e k as well did you and i
why do that as well you start from scratch and yes that's what he did your wagon do any work just like prior ok that's an you you had the advantage is well mark of being it you're too a storyteller along with alan stephen i've ever met and i mean you guys are just natural you are on my podcast argus hamiltons communist or tonight and i could have listened to you for three hours as you know me i go home right after my sit i ever see anybody work i dont right yet we just mentioned our eyes me and so prior would would come in and blocks i would be around a block johnny witherspoon and harris paid at the door with by a hundred dollars at table back when grant was a hundred
sure nobody had a phone bill yes unbelievable their table hassling was something the attitude and to do it when you were a doormat no no mike binder and i were we're dormant westward role while and become any store westwood with a two hundred thirty five see this is a good point that come east or west with two hundred thirty five seat room mark brick walls trim this acoustic and the original room with a communist or was terrible because it had been the old holding room zeros nightclub here and they had padded walls here where the laughter just died of and so you had earned every laughingly written what did they take those out no it's so that when the tap room that's why is this why is a temperate you got me regional room to the main room it's like you were released from jail it does take a while the world how to work the our guy it's like you do
you just learned did not let any air go between your punchline in your next set up missing as that of em so but what was a good point about westward age it was it was their nineteen seventy five to eighty four binder and i would say best tables for five dollars a breeze we do know what we would do it we could have gotten to an azure and but the thing about westwards interesting because it was such a good room that first of all all the big shots of big comics your comments we come to westward on thursday night because that would showcase night where more is not yet your managers to producers and everybody would come in and showcase for the industry k i wanted westward does it was such a great rooms hot room at but for us regulars us baby boomers mickey put over there my class of seventy six myself robin williams michael keaton marshall warfield might bob zagat arsenius ha
mike binder alan stephen mitchell walter's ali jupiter vic dunlop got rabbit where he's crazy nelson fit into creating else's much earlier i am seventy two seventy hurry and he's in it he set up a partnership would bury levinson hector related claim thing gotten together on our right but the point about westwood is something that you had never thought of it at it just occurred to me in the last couple which it made us submitted would send us over there to make us ready for sunset it was such a great room where we were able to create so much that by the time we ve been ever to three years we want ready were sunset we read for the tonight show here and we will just hopscotch right over sunset and go right to johnny ok here but the problem is you're so bunch of crazy ass baby boomers right and were technically we're just go but emotionally were not ready and westward made you ready to fast in the eu
because it was such a good rules such a good room and you got so good hope ass your emotional age didn't catch up with you so but these cut these dormant comedy store now have to wait five six seven years to become regular that's the right place to go because as hot shot a gut reno to ask too good so so ok at your crew and through your westward but you're also work in the original yalta coming back mitya would have become over ike on sunday night and work the door there and hostess show now windsor cocaine start interesting i had a roommate name dale reese he was a bartender the comedy store from pennsylvania and whose the big movie star the pace john maclean oh oh oh bruce what we are bruce what he ass well ass his cousin roswell us was a barton
but the improper to type i along with less moon vis it's a dry cbs german so i was a randy group let's put it that way and let's see they'll reese hadda eighth of outside eight bow i as you call it in one of those wiles here and i turned it down the first three times i still am myself over that returning down turning it down i didn't even know i was inadequate and he gave me this eight but for some reason and the next thing i knew it for five days on by and i was in la marauder why i don't coming out of a black out at a dennys talking to a policeman across the table parameters chatting up having a good time having no idea how i got it was not here and i've loved it ever since when this is a line with them when did you get your family terms you do carson
about fifteen times data like area so you were in the regular rotation so when does that start for you that well was enough what happened was is interesting in the fall seventy nine mitya had a showcase with myself till we came and jimmy broken in four five others for this today show shot ok is that today show feature story who's gonna be the hot new comic of the nineteen eighties why ok jim mc caully that tonight show its funding is broken went onto looked at in july jacket and mitya had crowd there on a tuesday night jim macaulay and win max they had been bringing us all along for their tonight show aegis nurtured is all for four years before we did upper shot really yet we are he was always see that their in seventy five seventy six
it's been a few year yeah from looking at you and i have one of those set up whenever i get to go at ten o clock is like easy for me to boom boom boom boom i just murdered the room and found out the next day the story was going to be about me i was gonna be the comic who can't miss in the eighties you're the game of cat and so they d come over the crest hill i and we we stay up part eleven up there i was the first one you were across tell ya i think would be the first what you see question came with the purchase of the comedy store when miss he bought the comedy store in nineteen seventy six thea she was suddenly see from seventy two seventy six thea she got a balloon loan bought bought cresty or from the all zeros owner and he owned the house above it and was spectacular view as you know the rascal crazier yeah he owned that no so that where she got it out at the other was a sinister breaks into this house here and so soon she bought it she had me yoke
smirnoff and andrew dies clay move into i was indicted overview indicted go back we're on our way home bath advocate yeah ok so so then we see today show dislike in october to to the question to shoot me that's why you're a picture was up there and we ve been up partying all night and he always with dice note no dice indian yakov never part right you in some areas it would take a wet sponge and take all the programmes to break our hearts when like you you just killed it so then we see today shows up and they have to wake me up to in the afternoon to go downstairs my today showing shower acquit cumbria and i have a growing the interview has not get out of the park and so i get the get the air date until we stay up all night november third the seed on november porto excuse to parties stay up now
return on increasing today at the iranians who just in fifty two americans hostage ah november forth nineteen seventy nine that one retainers really will rogers birthday pre emptive pre empted and they put the story off army for like sir when agonizing weeks but did they put it on and late december and friend record of a sees it the tonight show and they say boom let's have our on the tonight show so on january eighth i make my debut in eighteen seventy seven nineteen eighty nineteen alienated from seventy nine and i start out anna and i just had a tremendous time john came over and shook my hand the arm around me of it was it was as you guys again jack though you're in it party and all night nobody not not on the tonight i mean in june
we didn't know any better we ve been doing this as colleagues is that how you live no no the cocaine is not how you have all right well of cocaine accelerated shower i mean drinking i mean i know the difference but like when europe in that house in your gun for two days now i get is therefore he ate is there anywhere you do get used to it but i had a my inexperience right when i was in there when i was given that our do at life some woman came out visited me that a new and guides oh no and i was sitting around with like we're on the floor there's a bunch of duty would smut worthy of doing everything were playing a tar were doing coke and unlike in this amazing it was this against the normal like you know the out i had a live is how you have known as like this this woman writes me is whether to assuage goes known would want to live like that
what a square you haven't been east of libretto since i have i've may i just remember that moment where is sort of like it is an insulated think that everyone's living like tat you see those people going to work and next year running or jogging but you know you do do you some point when you get sober you realize like here was a freaky lie i yet well and unlike the summer of eighty my parents came out to surprise me i got that one too yeah they came by christine like a tune thirty in the morning in everybody's laid out is there to draw a line on over the poor women waitresses passed out face down on the floor god knows and enhance and mother which is a matter which is period but they were coming to the comedy stored that night in the main room to see me it was a saturday air so miti lined up the show just perfect so that
the right bishop hammerhead and miss lady hamilton coming to see their low boy they had ronnie canny opened a show mike binder than myself than channeling guy so viner comes aren't as a clean set yet a crowd and expert round of applause from my parents and everybody in the main room tremendous got mike ronicky does it might binder does the same thing tremendous clean set and then binder introduced on air tickets i walk up kill the crowd and and and everybody proud of up here so shelling walked out ahead as germany set argus apparent to hear nice to have you here that you should know something i fuckin crowd just went berserk they just head
none of this is the real hamilton the roof just came down and my mother jumped out grabbed dead pick out of mrs booth and and and led by the down the hall and she goes by poor daily pike whose standing there strumming his guitar getting laid was getting our eye and the original rabbi and my mother waved her finger at daily says you boys are never gonna go anywhere with your filth japan and no they didn't how'd you know i only get our generally do just like rest his soul when did you start date missy one was
well the knight of the commonest my first can i show shot i was the last one to leave missy's house when we were parting all night long celebrate hat renationalize admitting wheeled about once or twice a week we would party admit his house and noticed grazing accrue biff maynard kim tom arson diane ogden wonderful wonderful count coordinator richard whoever rich wife was it the time frame yeah yeah i like deborah would be there so this is one mitya thing your party and by a young mitchell baltic out mickey didn't do cup missy like pot he added the rest of us with good and we drink and we would sit there and it will be a robin williams and valerie would be there and we would just solve the problems of the world talk about everything it was like a reverse a meeting we stay up all night edi exchange your truth you know you need this lubrication
be truthful and he was error with far too many would hang out too oh yeah well we were told that six thirty of sometimes seven in the morning and in peter and polly would come down stairs be time to go to school and that would break up the party that area is in it hissing how it's all played out that you know that peters turn the place around yeah really it peter and the people for whom you and i know of us are most grateful as these millennials who come in and they buy up the tickets on websites and the shows are sold out i had an ivory diverse other not all young people you know like there is just a i think over the course of the last three years with people big acts kind of the supporting the poison and putting it out in the world and talking about it that has become the tories again in a good way yeah i mean for while there was infamous now it's now it's great while there was a known goes around europe kennison when i left in me wouldn't i leave
seven radiates right when you got back you went to a pretty nasty time for why well up i've got another explanation for that there were seventy five million baby boomers and eighty million millennials visa but for your group there were only about thirty five or forty million generation exports ok i'm nineteen sixty three m like maybe the tail end of baby ok and one of the security tell me just the other not only open him about this and he said well one reason was what i wanna big big security guys i says i'm a june extra we weren't into comedy we weren't music and violet interest and insult and they're just worn enough of them to feel the clubs in to fill the comedy clearly you think so that's that was my experience i was there when i get a beginning get bitten mitigated will dark in the place get dark that's the way people look at it but i'm
when you during the oj located did estate think out loud per year per second together in los angeles in the nineties we went through this glorious comedy time of the flooding ok the earthquake we had rodney king we had oj simpson he'll clinton's impatient we had from ninety two ninety nine a glorious time in comedy stand up ok and the rooms i would just say there's just no way to completely fill up the room because the comics or great the crowds were good and i wouldn't say that there was really a dark time until the early two thousands one two thousand to two thousand three and then them also you know man the business a comedy clubs can took a dent made a definite because it people could see comedy and around in their cities that i hadn't thought of that that's good i mean like jesus let me everybody was out there on the road i mean there was not the the in the imperative to
to sort of sea comedy and allay was diminished to bid if you could see it in denver he could see columbus did you see the same people sure the deadline was bright and the interesting thing about those common clubs was there was a show in los angeles and nineteen seventy eight i forgot to tell you i'm sure you heard about it make me laugh ok what people today dont know they need a google make me laugh ass it was a huge are you guys did right yeah areas baby man bomb young men biff maynard mr vision a daughter at all of us did it ok it was fantastic will you and even a bobby vanni aim gm dandridge wonderful guy and george foster was the producer and he had produced a show knocking fifty eight when it got kicked off the air for nixon joke okay and so it came back and send occasion and here is the important thing to things happen first of all it was on eleven o clock it was syndicated i think macromedia
and all across the country you know any any area that had four five tv stations would would take make me laugh and it was on up against the local news and we were kicking the news is ass nl i you're irregulars yeah yeah and what it did was it they stand up for the the casual listener right now make me laugh went like this there's a crowd of three hundred given the studio audience outpacing mark marin do material here on mark secretly hoping he doesn't laugh because the crowd laughing and giving me airtime yet itself so where were we ok view and playing to the crowd at the same time the crowds going berserk and of course the person at home you sing these fresh baby boomers comics
fantastic that's funny so you are all aware that you didn't want the guy now you did what you wanna that airtime oh yeah and so it became popular kicked ass and that is what started all the comedy clubs around the country it came from a came from make me laugh and that came with its own reward and poison mark once these comedy club sprang up with which you are familiar in the early eighties mid eighty what happened was they would give the headline of five thousand dollars a week or adored deal here everybody we just take off board array and its kind like cruise ships now the money so good you just keep doing it he soon ella forgets about rights there are guys would be on the road from month to month even law and they would fall in love with a waitress they decided by a home somewhere here and there in india china and pretty soon they had a kid and they
locked into that lifestyle and and gone from ella they just self exile you see saying that the people started to diminish the diminished himself just by may disappear from our when it disappear from ally the town and the industry brought about your enjoy your money because about nineteen eighty six and eighty seven every single one of these cities is going to have a second third comedy clia and then they start competing having paper wars giving away tickets the revenue goes down and these guys are stuck out their rang one fifth of the money that will make the up and there was a sad crash the boom it now attention because if you can find your people you can display anywhere you need the fucking comedy but you're the one that has led the way with this show yeah yeah i did yeah i'm i'm happy that people are able to get the hang of me
i thought i could sell a few tickets and eventually i worked out yeah so out how does it get progressively bad for you how i m m many years did you see metaphor about two and then while i was after my first rehab yakov smirnov introduce missy to a russian psychiatrist and she felt for him and ours our guys yap overheads how i do she day deck i tell you craig himself it s you know what's it alan on always adele and utter got nothing we so we therefore this strike oh was i that was seventy six i caused in you caused my caused a strike well the summer of seventy eight missy's really this consulate because she has purchased a comedy store she had a dream the main room mark and you guys aren't together yet no no no no upsetting there to thirty in the morning
with her and biff maynard biff an irish norton coke admit you smoke and joint when the main room buyers and she's crying because her whole idea about the main room this four hundred state room here was for her peers to come back and play ok her peers buddy hackett don rickles all that group it was mrs dream to have these comics come back and play the main room worthy what's the point families friends we judge ribeiro but mitya was the dynamite in vague admit you knew all of nearly all of the elvis love mits ok they all loved her and she had she she could pick up the phone and get any a monologue right and she was his reactive ok the problem was was their agents their agents would now let them play the comedy store main room because they were afraid it would hurt their vegas draw he had cut into the jura because vegas was the super salaries at the time and in vegas is ninety percent ella on the way
and rockets so they did would let him do it admits exist could she had tried tiny tim she had had the great dick gregory and she could get you know people some spot thanks buddy region is and bring johnny carson out it would be exciting for a night but she couldn't get it filled and so before nice thing there's a look you ve got these great comics ok wait up with money and andriessen and and glenarvan little elaine boozer all the meal dear me god it's incredible geyser now outworking you can have them in the main room and then we could do that regional roman westward and that our goal is to be being the main area and this is somewhat of seventy eight mrs lulling that would turn this into a professional room and and this is this i see the comedy store as an art colony and as it is a place to where you get ready to go out and
why in the or yeah but not a may arm she wanted pictures and then beef and i said to her to hell with it split the ticket money and give half to the comics and and and have to yourself i submitted over it westward right now when i'm at the door i'm sending a britain fifty people every saturday night over to the improper because of the spill over ok and i'm telling you we can do it and she tried to devise a little ticket purchase thing where you by six tickets for twenty five dollars for sick show you some crazy idea it didn't work and there was up there was it this is all about the main room comics about twenty five of rice and i
talk messy and open and and and doing this and so i have a comment in the main you're putting comics entertainment and ass she box on a couple of the payment thanks and so tom recent wow wanted to of course he tom knew a professional room many see what here and so he wanted the twenty five comics to come here and talk about it and take some action problem was two hundred comics joined a meeting that had no business being there weren't main room common and all of a sudden before you knew it became a movement and a bear out after the barricades and the strike of may of seventy nine heard and all your listeners all they have to do is amazon by william needle cedars book i'm dying up yea i added hbo made the sooner at others it show tat they know that it may i talk to greece in about a lot of people got it and so it has
then another about that a dozen others stood by mid see during the strike i am just in my dna going there four hundred years of stand by the quaint and so an idea across the picket line no we absolutely i stood out there and talk people into walking through i am not are you were so there is tension between you and you know how they are if you look at the book they say argus was always a gentleman i was always happy you really are a loyal s denude you we're not going to let this fuck up the business no i wasn't cut it at one point mitya was so angry when when david letterman bless his heart came down after his very full night of hosting that guest hosting the tonight show we are in the middle of the strike he came walking down the ramp but the high a house with a picket line ira and appears all started singing the tonight show theme song here and he joined them instead of going into seemeth
amidst the rents he was sitting at the original room window looking out and saw that she was sitting there with alan sailor at it broke her heart because two years earlier a five years earlier she had talk letterman out of going back home to india when he was a discouraging i get it i get it there who were the royalists you and stevens our stephen alan verse lois bill yakov smirnoff rank kerensky o been made joined a little later a lot of for that were loyal de medici simply stayed away both lie right there's nobody knew which way this was gonna break because the firebrands on the picket sides it we're going to join agatha and agatha is gonna keep you from ever joining after you're never gonna get to do television that that was their threat mia another law now and reason that that really from the left wing of a dream grayson was just trying to manage the left wing of a mile on now
no one oh and i came up with a solution i'll get it i'm there were there were so there are some let's just say open minors mugabe that that bit that were really good at union stuff and they were the ones that were trying to threaten union carts and two weeks into the strike i met with mark lotto next door to hide out yet on mezzanine and we came up with the pace scale for the main room for the original roman westward ok i came back and presented to meeting and she said i'll think about it and that's the night the letterman walked down and she said i will never settle with those bastards of k add extra it was just a slight mitya was so angry for were two weeks there was no no dealing with her and finally she just sort of came to appear by my other thing i did what gently improv agree to do it
in part wasn't paying and i got to be strike headquarters bug treatment pet played this very cleverly but the most important thing that happened in the middle there if i had a role in it was glinda or federal step ariane and offered mitya fifteen million dollars for the entire building and the whole location ok it was with a lot of money back in ninety seventy nine there and she was she was back and forth on a couple of escape serious talk about it and it should not go down in history if she's gonna be another rich jewish woman at the tennis club in this is her mark on history thrash he's gotta stay with a reality check the silent to dwindle federal for fifteen million i was always good with somebody else's money so she fight they resolved it he finally resolved it out the strike lasted five weeks so once its resolve then here then that their worth
the real or or thought to be real reprisals for for being disloyal correct that was therefore that's it i'm here to say no there there were just a couple of guys like rebecca who who weren't really that regular irregulars that that sheep well which is tat didn't go any spots for two weeks to heap he jumped off the high it over causing yellow he had some the problem is very was detailed in the elected by william needle cedar again about why outweighs interesting was a treason told me that you when he was on his way out after the strike you know he had he was gone out to vegas or somewhere to working in labelling was concerned he wasn't get spots and reason had said to him you know a yacht while not gonna do spot here until you get spots and then
he killed himself behind reasoning of active forty year ya know i introduced him remember you were there that night yea i know but i thought you might know that part the story though that the reason that it was isn't like this not ashamed thing but for the haunted thing about labelling saying that he made this promise to go back and that couldn't be your were could never be author jump gaza guy killed himself any any stood by well of other comics that we mention mitya was hurt by letterman and then she was spiders by george miller for awhile miller eventually came back maybe that hurt her too because she love george george could turn his wit on you and it wouldn't be pretty and mitya always suspected that georgia's mother had a hand in the strike because she had been missy's occur ok and seventy eight seventy nine admits he moved her office up to the third floor which is a long walk for seventy
five year old lady harriet had so mitya always suspected that georgia's mother leaked how much money mitya was making to george array who likud to this i could answer as to how it was it was i mean losing plenty of all right thing though man it was good policy to pay the fucking comics right well once once the sea everyone accepted the the lay of the land as we found it that these showcase club replaces that you showcase for the industry which is where you go work why we did nobody but we do know was a nightclub right ok but the name of the main by the main rooms a main room and that turned everything into a nightclub right ok and then and they deal still holds today it still that i never understood ike i beg missy just double the cover charge we ve got plenty of money do you know that will cover charges and your problems are over but she she really you have to remember that the committee shore was was an early to midnight teen fifties bohemian ok
i mean to the core i artists and when she said artist colony she meant artist kindly show my souvenir ah my oh my missy's driver's license were you a runner poor to idea with this is that i found on the floor in her office when i was in there what binder mark is showing me mrs yours driver's license and when i was her runner doorman schmidt and she was buying all the matter feels to redecorate the main room here in the summer seventy six here i was running all over town in her little pinto with her driver's license and check book and by all the paint and this that this that the other hand it was so cute because it was it was driver's license we're still paper back there i a gay and our hand they the cheque to the paint store and give him missus driver's license and she would have her birth year marked over intensive kisses none of their effect
in business you haven't got all that emerges they knew or those of our biggest laugh with a dagger my story for doing so now is in our common unglued man how do you hit the wall it was a dramatic unlike let's go now to like you so you pretty steadily what do in two tonight shows a year yeah i'm going up and down grew larger and larger logical and where you work him almost exclusively the store i love court jane but you are you where are you opening for musical acts or anything well after my purse tonight show shot jeff wall the man helen reddy's husband took me out i would open for helen ready across the country right and not emotionally for that either but i guess we know there was nothing
we are you emotionally ready now no are you never get emotional now i still do all i want to have his fun and give joy to the crowd they all that matters here and and i noticed things that are fun like when the mayor of shreveport louisiana comes back stage to say hi give ellen ready the key to the city and its nineteen eighty and she's lock in her dressing room smoking a joy yeah and he standing there were two louisiana cops what look you're really gave the setting of love oak who otherwise come back come back later i got so anyway those great stories men but what happened to me was it by eight nineteen eighty one i started a bottom out and in that it reduced i would just start start my day in my day parting and and the tell tale sign as you know is i stop riding new material sure yeah we had our sleeping to ya that that entails
brain further go oh mary and so in the fall of eighty one they send me back to a famous hush up episcopal hospital and tells us and i go back for your folks it is no doubt mitya and there is a tremendous bad saint john hospital there's reg but it one the first of the rehab area and i loved i soon as i got two mandates was fantastic this great and i'd get made sense forty five fifty they i love the laughter in the rooms here she had an hour out and i'm i'm spirits i'm spiritually involved in connected anyway so i got it early on that my connection with god is just as good a buzz is any blow he ever did arrive if i'm help just go to buzz is any blow he ever did right if i'm helping some by right that's that's the cake right and so i loved it but when i got back i didn't have enough sobriety under my belt withstand
who polje out have monster the line a good friend from nebraska named david is dead and that we will do so so i would hide for a while and then it became apparent again and i would go to the cedars sinai had it carry on and eighty four and eighty five and then care unit orange in march of eighty six carrying the chain yeah yeah away at the time i went to carry that's when i left out and so finally to betty board centre and eighty six that's because mitya got together with johnny and my father the three of them got together johnny garcia johnny my dad corresponding and intervened whether in a way they johnny miti said no more stand up johnny no more cavy daddy said no more money and i got really it was not my sobriety was somebody
mrs idea gotcha and i got me and then you know i found out that it is the best possible really but but you have it is just like becoming a great stand up comic like you're our good i am you have to go through those open might you have to go through all that pain in order to become bullet proof and irresistible up there you have it it it it's if you dont do it the crowd is gonna since the weakness is gonna since it and and you just have to go through whatever it takes to get your bottom in order to be fully convinced at where the that bulletproof business that doesn't mean you're gonna win all that now just means you can take you can take you know tomorrow is another guy i do because i i follow you most of the time in the main revenue eyes come off you i guess stand up them
you're gonna love of one of the two year it was joe rogan crowd you gotta stay on top of their attention but if it's a regular crowded they're just show up got money are on your side yeah knowing where it very funny how often i see you and how often i follow you in there and how it will be how can that changing the exchange the baton business yeah yeah well tell you don't go dancing between
i can write rather idea gotta do the job so i saw its clear up so what was your relationship with kennison open can i discovered him in houston you did i did ya nineteen seventy nine showtime had their their comedian of the year things that were regional yeah right and the southern comedians were in houston though they said bilbil flies pakistan so me ali joe player and jim barney were flown to houston aspect showtime special here jim barney earnest yeah earlier at barney brilliant actor and they would have to local comics and then they would have three tv stars from hollywood judge the right so we went back there at this room call rockefellers in houston i was up of it was a
reed gun back with marble walls and tremendous acoustic we just murdered a show and ali joe one something he didn't know how to handle but after the show was an alley joe known for taken other people's bits there's a great story about outage operator yes you but the problem was he was like gleason gleason did the same thing he did so well that you didn't really mine and and and what they do your bet you up here they did it we got here two years that here's the joke it says it perfectly comics any early eighties they came up with his job to save with ali joe you come into the club night it's sunday night ok you just want to see the previous week show ali joe comes up to you if he offers you a beer means aided when your job if the obvious euro joint he did one year bit evolve as your line of cocaine it means you just played pittsburgh
so anyway ali joe wins the southern thing and we go back state and there's a huge real estate agent in houston with a soft ball in his hand it's actually of cocaine a ball of cocaine the size of a soft on the runway great gotta have and we all have to sit around and await our turn and i'm looking we're all like the rca victor dog hey you know his masters voice with staring at that buyer and i'm looking straight across and the other pair of eyes is sam kennison and we met across a ball of cocoa and i cancel my flight back to allay to hang out with sam for three or four nights and i told here did you guys you guys itself damp on regarding jesus talk no no no not well when we get real hooked up he'd be haven t would talk about praise and and
saying and i would say no it's the ritual amidst the high search low church argument but we were both are armenian so we both believe in now and you can come back from sin and and besides i think that was his whose eyes had get counting on you haven't reader
right until the end grace can be earned and lost the point so salmon i we winter talk a lot of theology and i just love him i just love him and here he sent out the kid became famous died with is the ideal hit hicks came out first he ran away from home at aged nineteen and i put him up question one of the rooms mia add is nineteen eighty and got him a doormat job and he would showcase permitting it would drive me crazy because he took so much time between jokes standing up their preening and it just a he did robert nuts but sam gag followed out and we would
we would be just your just thickest stage all the way through but the incident you were talking about kicks get had taken it did hicks heaven falling out with him and then left i don't i don't know i don't know i just know that hicks took up on the road and went to britain and that's where he got you know has waited but just took off because when he got there was like what a young but neither i never had lost he just disappeared as far as i was concerned and when i heard some of hickses stuff i could hear sam's set up i could hear sam's voice in it there is a will there there is some continuity there you're in no event when sam's com joke when you com how we build it yamaha here that in italy will give the bill yeah yeah i told her i tell it sorry though it told me when i was asked him how do you figured out man how did you know that you're where'd you get your sty liking or what was it that inspired unique as jean wilder really yet because
well think about how jean builds very jewish say here here till i get up there that's woe bill he drives you now and he was so wonderful my god and he would take he could he was like charles flash flasher could could break down a molecule what was called molly i should get a crowd going talking about molecular structure is all about your belief in commitment what you're talking about the same could get him going on theology he could he be up there i would say in a word he looked up at the sky tat when you come on how he knows how to preach but when you come and tell me that way i come back to us is how they gotta go back didn't i can no longer with open my hand like so you just have me on the floor here with something
i may resent yet i met him right when i got there and i got tangled up of those guys pretty quickly he was a bit of a bullion a mine fucker but yet ye definitely as a charismatic dude every other day you just have to say that i guess you're i don't i don't know i don't like i didn't i was never let into the inner sanctum really is out just up and crestfallen i was the guy that set up the parties you give me money i go to pink dayton by boosting cigarettes and wait for the fur it should not be brought the coke in the weird about did your part of exact but what was this mythological incident where you were well one afternoon and it was an august of eighty august of eighty two ok so you before you got so oh yeah and it was falstaff was one of the comedy actress who who dealt coke if the company at all and he dropped by and the avenue
got a gram from him and robin drop by any urban ire upstairs doing cog in the middle of the day in the green room young and and for some reason i got a call from alan stephen and alan is just angry at the time because miti won't give many time slot westwood he's making hamburgers makings at six in the morning and making the dollar ninety and our he said and i said go he was loyal de missy during the strike it happened so i'm i sit brabant i've gotta go in and talked him it's robys i'm gonna gambling so this during the day midseason are often you're doing blow in the green room with robin here in the middle of the afternoon got late afternoon i guess she's gonna leave and i into her off as if she sitting that we may act yeah admit she sitting there with meg stall her long time assistant up the perfect lady ecstasy and i'm going to miss you
what stephen starving campaigners randy's megan hamburgers he stood by us and he's the funniest guy you have them ahoy you gotta give him some time slots there's nobody westward what's the big deal and she says i guess what your high again got din and argues slipped out and so she got mad at the outset i go i'm in trouble so i follow her to her car bad and i've got my hand on her car and and and she's telling me argosy get well get help but the end of an era and and and same comes over this august get over this isn't it go till he pulls me why but i wouldn't hitting are an asset mickey i love you but you gotta help alan then allows both sales pulling me away so what i done was she tried to make up where they want to make up would be and take me to paris next day she had this was all plant i was pushed to stay with missy for a week to george psych hotel for what would just for fun yeah
and at this cancelled my trip she went to paris herself a cause you guys were dating if it's no no we want really dating she just wanted to reply to hang out with flowers i was a really good political adviser and so we will go go the george psych hotel for i think two weeks and it turned out and she flew off to paris by yourself ok at i wake up the next morning i know i've even have i still have the passport i got for that trip and i wake up i got on man i blown it why done i go to the comedy store and might becker is at the back her occurs at the phone is it argus you just got this letter today and its official looking round envelope and it's it's a rebate check from the irish for five thousand dollars
out of town produce five thousand dollars you paint in the picture at centre vesture eight zero i thank god i'll be good for after this so that's away that went down earlier i lost my she had no parking lot is interesting about the place to me well i don't know like you know my history there we early on was short and was after yours but like you know if you're either connected that place here now then you know like i used to do when i lived in crystallized to go down there during the day make coffee and start my day there and i was in the music in the original room in fuck around in the parking lot you just you know either you you have some party your heart that lives at that place for better for worser or you don't ya as a comic in a wood but
five thousand places where you can fit in now i guess but like the store is is still a store and it's really interesting now to see it well managed with security with bathrooms at her fucking decent you know i can't you know with the staff that sort of a meets a little it doesn't feel corporate really but it feels well operated for the first time i've ever seen it and admit to the other enough miss it would be happiest of all off with her bathrooms he always said it would she always said is to women who decide where you're going and they decide on the bathrooms she always said that it took a long time to get those bathrooms fixed it and she she also put a big bang up a big bullet spanish peanuts on every single table so unita spanish peanuts salt in your mouth no do another direct sure why member they'll bathrooms you anything you miss what we don't do coke anymore theo need that single occupancy than others tat happens in the hallway were the best kind of god to paypal right there
case aviary run over to debbie's so now what is it that day as i know you there's still cats from your generation around that they that are not that kind of you locked out of the club now away and and you're the guy that like was like was it in like you're the on the work he always kill young not begrudging you anything in here your great comic book there you are the only one of your generation that can still work at that place was added her will or something i have no idea i have no idea i just know here's here's what happened i read something by mort saw in his nineteen seventy six book called heartland can and it was he was talking about how he made it big at the club in san francisco were in nineteen point hungry i too hungrier yeah and he said regarding that he said he learned some
importantly said if i'll just stay in one place and become great the world will find me right ok and so when i start doing tonight show there was a serious side to me as well and i was offered thirty six it hans in eighty eighty one and eighty two thirty six mitya canada had holding deal offer some lord lou grade for many citizens at universal fur not national lamhorn i've had a date they were offering me fifty seventy five hundred thousand dollar holding bills i turn him all doubt because frank because i wanted to host a talk show like finally wonder you're in the basement in the basement village it we're on our way attacks further basement remark it isn't it
road i started in the garage it's not me i'm not being condescend well on debating whether or not to say it but that's where they all in it for the roman army was a basement big glass show last time i stand up to those spoken socialist so that was when your hold that target i was loyal to the comedy storing commies towards loyal to me through the strike do is the other and my home you know my pay back the comedy stories i write thirteen jokes adapt their ok for all these newspapers that take my newspaperman law still ya add i take those seventy five jokes a week or whenever there and pick out the best twenty of and i use that from my monologue on argus hamiltons comedy store tonight lope reviewers to check out i really would argus hamilton communist or tonight i give him that's six seven
and mine loggia as you know we have a great crowd down there yes as cause mark marin care and i'm telling you he destroyed that crowd and the uk chicks are great down near the raising of the islands are made around her name we'll have you'll have twenty people down there and laughter just rocks ali i and we're gonna be moving up to the belly room in about six to eight weeks when the comedy channel gets launched missy very shrewdly trademark the comedy channel here in eighteen seventy eight seventy nine ah hbo try to buy it from her bribed her with specials and five hundred thousand dollars and she said no i said ok we'll just call it comedy central and she could we kept trademark and so the comedy channel will be launching in about six weeks straining eyes i dont know
something to do with amazon and all this at her yesterday but there it's gonna be a big deal how and i my show like the linchpin of it and if we get com like you keep coming back and we we had joe rogan on their now got darrell hammond next week and we get for that got billboard on how great and so if i can keep guys on like you with followers in a real followers we can generate that the following in and try to make enough money to pay our freight you know here for sherman yeah anywhere not come down again if you folks have not come to see more one stand up i'm telling you you are i've never heard a better story teller on who is your he rose a storyteller you know i don't know how i evolved mice my style but the guys i like when i was younger were i listen to her
to richer prior oh i think that first movie really changed my life you ve ever listen david steinberg i was never david steinberg fan or a robber kind then i was really no carlin prior woody allen teaching charm and then like you know the older guys body hackett don rickles love early leno i wanted to see him on the down the talk shows when i was a kid it was trying yea are you telling me all we'll have a deadline we crime but it was sort of a mixture of pride erin am woody allen and you know some of the older guys i used to have jackie vernon all i loved him he had a good sturdier deadpan also i'd show any the guys who can do deadpan just kill me alyosha new york comic may mark norman who my show last night he can deadpan he just crack me
he had no aids when he's for humor right yeah yeah yeah that guy but you know that i think that that deadpan goes back it goes from george goble to tommy smothers to steve martin all these guys could dead pages all which accurately jack bernie all of the king of care way that's where global god i like the idea tat guys i cranks cranks rose we are mark norman's both of whom he really binding man will you do a yo yo great javert i'm gonna get to talk fine well marked the pleasure being on your show man and i love you look forward to working with you every weekend i say i ve ever we get up there i take for hermione about it argues hamilton there you go one of them this was like we're dead
we're again to the bottom of it we're getting a lot of the comedy story stories and allow the comedy story history work still fascinates me so play some guitar honey until you gotta deputy afar dot com for others coming shows the red cap theatre the live taping eyes happening on october thirtieth i've got francisco we ve got nashville we got atlanta i've got dc boston in chile all those tickets are available deputy apologia conflict tour this new swag there excited i'm getting that i didn't do any posters for the storage of having one day four san francisco that's exciting i've got a new recipe that i invented remind me to how you about it it's a girl
marsala hash browns made with purple sweet potatoes enough said i'm gonna play with summer play the i pulled out the gold top and this is the goal top through an echo plaque straight into the fifty eight deluxe
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