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Episode 1067 - Joan Shelley

2019-10-31 | 🔗

Marc doesn’t consider himself a “folk music guy” but he cannot deny how strongly he responds to singer-songwriter Joan Shelley’s work. Joan talks with Marc about her Kentucky upbringing and how she’s careful to respect the roots of folk music while also infusing her work with a vulnerability and texture that is her own. She also discusses her collaborative relationship with Nathan Salsburg, working with Jeff Tweedy as her producer, and her reasons for recording her latest album in Iceland. Plus, Joan gives some songwriting tips to Marc to help him overcome his own insecurity so he can finally write some songs. This episode is sponsored by Comedy Central, WNYC's Scattered podcast, SimpliSafe, and the Adult Swim Podcast.

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Hey folks, if you're on the lookout for good comedy you're going want to tune into comedy central Wednesday nights, it's when they're airing all new episodes of South Park at ten nine central that not good enough for you. Ok! Well, you should know that S park is or buy all new episodes of crank, Yankers yup, that's right, crank yankers, is back at ten thirty, nine hundred and thirty central, it's only on comedy central folks check it out also my buddy Chris Garcia has a new podcast called scattered? And it's great you might remember, Chrissy on the show a couple of times and he's open for me on the road, and if you know Chris is com, You'll know that a lot of his act was about his father, but when his dad died two years ago, call Chris realized, there was so much he didn't know about the guy in scattered. Chris is trying to find out the truth about what happened to his father. His dad had some deep secrets, and so Chris set out to dig them up. It's funny. It's sad. It's funny and sad at the
in time so check it out scattered from Wnyc studios available wherever you get your podcasts alright, let's do the show How are you what the fucker is, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking ears what's happening? And this is my podcast, I'm still doing it, I'm still doing, my podcast. Ten years in were, we're going at it still going strong doing the shows talking to the people. Yes, it still feels good to talk to people. For me, I don't know what you do with your life, but if I didn't talk to a few people a week like I talk to the people here on the podcast, I think Gail Squirrely can't spend much time in my head, it's nice to
to somebody else is occasionally for a job three or four times a week. Hopefully talk to people yeah. It really keeps me keeps me sane today is sort of an interesting creation, because I talked to Joan Shelly. She is a singer songwriter in the tradition and I just you know I just I don't know what it is, but I took to her. I get sent records folks. I get sent wreck and I try to listen to all of them. The I get I get sent records from individuals I get sent wreck from labels. I get sent records, I just get sent records and sometimes I keep 'em, but sometimes there's just too many to keep.
They're just and I'm not the what I what I'm, what I'm gonna do with them. I use them as barter. I I go out and I trade them our. For records that I want is there? Is there anything wrong with that? I don't think so. I think that's fine and and sometimes up, put labels are persistent, but it didn't. This is a weird thing. Joan Shelley in in my relationship with the music. I know nothing. I knew nothing about her and I knew nothing about the world she occupied. Now I know there's some crossover with Like Bonnie, Prince Billy, and from there there's a little crossover with my buddy Matt Sweeney. Who knows Joan Shelley's plays with her, I don't know if they're married hurts her boyfriend, but Nathan solves I think I asked I don't remember, but Sweeney knows Nathan as this sort of music colleges guy who works, for the at the low,
this archive, I think any compiles all these. You historical songs. From from how did you know hundreds of you years ago. I am many hundreds of recorded music, but you know within the last century or two and he's known for this and he's also he's a historian, but he's also a player very revered, respected, guitar player And he plays with Joan he's a great player and a great songwriter, but there's a whole world of folk me yeah out there? I guess it's always been there. You wonder about these worlds. You wonder about the world of jazz. Sometimes I did it still very active, there's, still people that love it not unlike this folk music world, it's still out there I mean it crosses over with country americana in some a bit of the hipster singer, songwriter thing, but there is a folk tradition which I want about more about yeah on. KEN Burns is country documentary which I finished took a it was like it's like.
Episodes in like an hour and a half two hours long and it was fucking great. It's all the way through, even with the new guys, it was emotional when you start to realize that community family Spirit of all, These artists down there. Nashville that was sort of the underpinning of the whole thing was that there is a tradition to country music that is sourced in many different traditions, but there the community of country musicians country music in Nashville that has gone on generations and part it is just beautiful, but a lot of that stuff, some of it was directly related to folk music, a great example and who kind of threads through two or three so it was Emmylou Harris who I didn't know a lot about who I liked enough, but I didn't. I didn't have her in the proper perspective. You know she started as a folk artist and then got brought into country by parsons of all people who was not currently a country guy, but he was another. Huge acolyte
the music and really kind of went to the course with it and brought her down to the source of it and she came out sort of a historian and again, awesome musical archivist through her own voice. An An renditions of all country songs? To be this, the amazing influence in modern country music, so the folk tradition is under that umbrella as well, but it still exists. I guess is my point. I was taken by this music by Joan Shelly's music. There was something about the way she saying about her voice. It moved me right and I had the no quarter record, something the first record and the guys over the guy over there, I believe, is my Quinn right. So he sends me that record and then at some point I mention it on Instagram, like I really like this record and then like the send the other record start to come, a no, so there's I've been two or three. I think three records that I've gotten on no quarter of,
Shelley'S- and I like all of them, but then right after the first one he's been kind of trying to get me to have around for a long time, and I you know like what the conversation would be like. What did I know about folk music? You know how you how it go. He he ensure that we could converse for an hour. You seem like a. I thought for a quiet, artistic creative person. Like a almost like a mountain person, I pictured for some reason you know and there's something about certain types of musicians around like I'm, not sure we're going hit it off, but MIKE was persistent over I'm and I was like alright, alright, alright 'cause, I got the last record, which is great. I really enjoyed her new record here, which she, I think she in an ice. I believe I talked to her about it. It's called like the river loves the see you can get that where you get that music that you enjoy and you know I had her on an she sang the song at the end, which is always lovely and I've not recorded a lot.
Of music up in this in this particular temporary studio between us. I'm almost. I can almost moved back into a garage folks. I can almost Back into the garage, it's almost happening so anyways. That is the story. I the Joan Shelley thing and now it fits into the whole of what I've been taking in with the country, the doc country with the this country, such moving stuff man and it's so much of it had to do with community. It was funny because Nathan, and Joan Nathan, sauce bring Joan Shelley and MIKE when I believe it was my queen? Yes, I invite to the comedy store 'cause. I was performing Why did she recorded here with me and I was a little nervous 'cause I was I felt like I was bringing these precious folk people yell into the den of just pure,
you filth filled. Iniquity is thank you. I'm like you, don't need it easy! I'd like you to you want to come. You can come, but, like you, You guys are sweet folk people and started really kind of spin out on you know. How do I take in things? How do I take a music? What are are my taste evolving, as I older. Do I still require the same things to enjoy something did I ever enjoy things or did they just get me high? Did they get me? your riled upper. Did they get me drift e? You know I there's there's music, that kind of gets you out to see a bit. You know sort of melancholic way lot of questions. What if questions that were raised primarily by watching KEN Burns. Is a country documentary folks, according to the FBI, a burglary happens, an average of once every twenty three seconds, the United States. Yes, only in five homes have home security, maybe because most companies really take it easy. That's why simply safe is the top choice? Hands down Simplisafe protects
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safe com, slash w so I'm recording this yesterday, happy Halloween, all pretty scary out here, to be honest with you, where this fire spontaneously happening everywhere. It's relentless the aggravating and anxiety causing that the year. For a few weeks, the entire state of California is on fire, and I just all his work done on my house is that way to think about I hope everybody who's had fire damage or is in the path of fire, I hope you're safe and your family safe. I also, Don't want my house to burn down. Nobody does, but I didn't He is the new place I created for the pocket. Doesn't matter this, it yeah, I hope everybody's okay. I don't want to be selfish, but it's scary. It's plenty scary! on the eve of Halloween them a lot of,
date is on fire and also given that warning this. Yesterday last night I yeah I did my I recorded my special and I don't know what to tell you. I can't tell you how it went because I haven't done it yet. I'm sitting in I've got to go down there today is Wednesday, I'm sorry bout that I'm fuckin' the Brainfuck but I got to go down there in like three hours for the sound check, my outfit I'm king at the Red CAT theater. We got the set all built. It's gonna definitely look different than other comedy specials I'll tell you that it is gonna a different vibe, nice intimate vibe and I'm pretty excited about it. I know this shit. I've got the order written down, but I'm a little tweaked out my body my body always does a thing before I have to do these things, which is a trade even I feel good mentally some part of the deeper part my brain says. Well, that's okay, you're feeling good about yourself, but we're going to fuck you from in here and maybe maybe you'll get.
Cold sore how fever had maybe you'd enjoy a coming on right, as you record like, I feel these things. They don't generally happen but ma'am. I in just Fox with me like right now, I'm pretty casual, I'm pretty comfortable. I'm recording this and I got to go. Do this I gotta go. She my special tonight used to be like I'd, be days, just thinking about it, but look man I run this material so I'll, let you know how that went for reals on Monday, but just know it happened. Ok and less the entire. The valet burned down. It's so weird that the theme of my special is is kind of apocalyptic, and we are, you know, we're in it out right now the end is not near folks. The end is not near it's here. It's here okay from here on out, enjoy do what you can but
Let's not delude ourselves completely, alright it now. It's bad enough that you know I've raised the ire. Is the Q Anon folks, who actually believe that they're being guide by some religious spirit that this massive conspiracy theory that explain is everything that anyone can perceive and it connects all the dots. Doesn't it to anything other than the face of it is ridiculous. Yes, Yes and I am being paid again by George Soros, to say all of this got my Soros check any of you. Other broadcasters and tv people have because I know there was a hold up with the storage check, because I think that The Obama wasn't able to co sign on them. Last week he was busy but yeah. Yeah. Do you know? Do you religious folk, no, we Satan really is: do you know who
he really is. Look I'm going to say a bunch of names here, all right there. Names of shows, and you can decide, your into any of them ready. Okay. Here we go Rick and Morty Robot Chicken, how about Aqua, teen hunger force or Squid Billy's space ghost coast to Coast TIM and Eric? What about black Jesus? or too many cooks. How do you feel about metalocalypse I've been on that one? That was a voice on that for a couple episodes If you like, one of these shows chances, are you like most of them and chances are even stronger that you like adult swim means you're going to love the adult swim podcast, the adult swim, podcast offers deep dive conversations with the creators cast and crew all the adult swim shows you love or hate, or both a of you will be asked, and some of them are even good subscribe to the adult swim casting your podcast app and in no time you'll, get per you with a lot of the interesting people behind some of your favorite adult swim shows you might
I'll be able to take out personal you'll get with them. It's going to be intense. The adult swim podcast is free. Listen and subscribe today, wherever you get the podcasts so assessment of perception, yeah. Like I don't know what okay boomer is. I didn't know that, in a lot of times when things are popular, I don't know Stan. Why they're popular? Because I don't know what they are. I guess that's old an ism, maybe Maybe that's what you would say: okay, boomer too, but I don't I just. I can't under Now things are popular and when I don't even know what they are and some of them, I do, but I'm still like that's really that popular and and I don't know why I judge things like that. It's because it's a self centered thing. It's a selfish. I don't know if it's self centered, I just I don't take in a lot because you're so much going on in I'm so fucking busy, so I just assumed once in awhile I'll sync up with the rest of the culture and what I'm taking in. I know
lot of people around the world to take it in that fucking Joker Movie, exciting, I guess right to be part of in v largest grossing movie r rated movie in the history of movies, eight whatever that means I'm in it got a powerful forty five seconds in there. So ah yeah but yeah I've got to stop. I've got to realize that I know very. About what's going on in the cultural world, except for my little part of it. However, I engage with it and I shouldn't be- rise by the popularity of things that I don't understand or know about, because just old man, ism I just to accept that it's it's just passing me by and a lot of times it's ok didn't need. It was not the train, I need it, you got, I guess it's part of wisdom is to realize like that is that is that is that might rain. It's not right. Ok, great.
So Joan Shelly is here and and and she's lovely and she's a great and I enjoy her music a great deal. And I didn't know if we would be able to have a conversation just because she seemed like a you know. We get a special and precious folk person, but we We did it and her new record, which I think is a beautiful, is called like the river loves the sea and it's available. Now, wherever you get music and she will play a song from that at the end- the conversation so listen up our
I swear to God. This is been going on John for years. Mike's been emailing me good is he is that? Is it good that you tell me we're here now? So I looked it up. It was like March third March, something Jennifer March, two thousand seventeen when he first sent the bachelor records, ok, yeah and the batch records. I had him and and I would listen to him- and I into more and I put aside for a while. I get another email year later, what's up with that, a year later, now I mean they came and they kept coming, but music- I I was very I get every time I listen to. I get very taken very enchanted with the whole thing, but yeah, but you know it. I think like it's not essentially my style, but that's not really true. I think I'm afraid of
the vulnerability of folk music? Sure me, too, are you yeah? It's not! I didn't choose folk music. I didn't listen to a lot, stuff it would you call it folk music. It is all right. Well liked, sixties, folk revival, stuff, I didn't listen to that growing up. Right, but what you do you'd call folk music, because we gotta call it something yeah and what happened to you, we had it. How did it happen? Well, I kind of discovered, like british folk rock and I was like well. This is bad. I like Richard Thompson I Sandy Denny Richard Thompson ha ha and then then I got into the less rock folk of England, like June Tabor Tino any of her stuff. Ask to these incredible vocalist, sadly Judy still
her name yeah to those California right now for me, but yeah she kind of made it a hit in in she made a big in England kind of I think right. So, okay, so you listen to that stuff, yeah yeah yeah and then I kind of got okay with the vulnerability through English, folk, rock and folk yeah, and then I came back and had more of a Jason plus I found the early string band music, which is just out of this world cool, and I go who we talking of Well, I found Cozen me ADDIE, Graham I'm talking to females from Kentucky Roscoe Holcomb Banjo player stuff that sounded just like abrasive. It sound like right right, right, yeah, an so kind of gave me a back into appreciate this standard. Folks stuff. Structure or the feeling, or the vibe or kind of a wildness. That was
right right, yeah yeah so like, but I guess people don't really associate that with those cats but like if you listen to string band stuff in that, like hootenanny stuff and all those old jug band. Weird as from back, then they were really going at it because they had to get a lot of people moving yeah yeah the dance bands. It's just incredible: acoustic, dance bands: it's crazy, yeah! That's! those blues guys would just sit there with acoustic guitar in the middle of a floor, yeah so you're from Kentucky yeah, see. The thing is, I know yeah, but not your, not rural, right so have to make that clear, I'm not from the mountains, not from Apple acha. But do you aspire to the view from I mean I know people from the mountains and respect them so much and they're proud. So you can't coops mountain culture. It's not cool we're really town really, but people do call what non code. It seems like big these days
No, it seems like that. You know sort of music that this is weird thing I'm a guy, I'm wearing boots that I don't need. You know anybody, but I like, you know, but I'm not I'm not. My beard is reasonable. Yeah, I am not doing that and not yeah yeah. I'm not like doing like. I don't know: okay serve Kentucky, Sir yeah. What's the what's the situation? Have you have a lot of siblings yeah? I have a kind of I have a half brother, stepbrother, stepsister and brother yeah, so kind of complicated. I got a lot of education in the family level who have explaining I mean that's every kind of relationship right like if you have say one mother in common. You have a certain kind of dynamic and adding like with your sibling. Yeah, yeah, learning about love actually in relationships yeah early on. Well, what was your parents situation? My parents got divorced
I was three my mom got remarried. When I was four and I got to, I was sisters with my friend in kindergarten or whatever? Suddenly so it's pretty close to your mom's husband had a kid to get that. Around your age. My stepfather had two kids yeah, so it was like we were through three four, fifty six yeah really tight and then an older brother by twelve years. So wow it was crazy. It was supposed to be the Brady Bunch and it was not that at all, and what your man having that k, which this is the father of my Father, the real father father. He stayed around and he's a he's, a painter still, but pretty wild in terms of when you needed him to be around to be like actually got to go to New York now, you know, like very opening gotta thing. No rereading he just wanted to be around really good art and he never. He never made it to have a gallery or anything, but he's still doing it, and just so he was a painter artist,
yeah, not a wall, painter, not a wall, and he still at it yeah. She grew up with. Bohemian dad who was relatively absent. Ish yeah. He was kind of New York Mark. What is the word? Mercurial Mercur Oh yeah, yeah, wild man yeah you know and he was in as a kid like can we say at mom's house he's not sure what he's going to be like today. Oh one of those yeah, I grew up, one of those yeah yeah what are we going to get? Is it going to? we cry or make me laugh because the laughing part was more. You know we have more fun. He would. He would give us recorders. He didn't want tv in the house. Oh no, through the tv's out one time with you know, hippy or no beatnik, who's, right between, say, he was in New York and like the 60s, oh yeah and yeah, so he was going. He was a painter
yeah. Then a writer tear now notice painter very visually and not not good with like words and stuff, he would say: Abstract, mmhm, yeah, big fan of like Roscoe and different still in Ok, it's loading colours, yeah yeah! So ok, so you grew up with that and that kind of infused you with your creative spirit. Do you think he will really encouraging. So he gave us a little tape recorder and there's just hours of us entertain. My brother and I entertain ourselves with make up songs and skits, and things and record all kinds of weird sounds and stuff. So that gave me like validation. Well, yeah. I mean it's nice to have one parent. That's encourage ing. If you're going to do the creative thing yeah my mother used to make me practice. Guitar Most of what my mother made me do was to avoid being a mother. I see like go in the room and do that thing, so I don't have to deal with you but she would do yeah. Fortunately, some of it
fine. You know I can go to camp please. So I don't have to be a deal with it and she had something to do. Yeah yeah. Well, she! Well, I don't know what she had to do. Yeah. I just knew that you'd rather not deal with me right. I can see why sure I know it's raining, I'm exhausting yeah sure. So all right so Kentucky well, I've been there. I've worked there. I believe there used to be an improv there. I think at I know. I've been there a couple of times, because I have a book and sit. Someone gave me sever friend there of the so Comedy caravan. What was it ever there was? There was a condo where Van that night yeah and his name. I never work for those people there. That was a family, so boy. I think the Sobell gigs not important to you. So here it
It's not what he had at this. I think it was him that had they had a bunch of one nighters in that club they're all over that area in the region- and I never did those gigs. I never was a big southern act. I don't know if that makes sense to you. No I'm not a huge hit. Down south. Really. I know it does. I do okay, Nashville, yes, good! I do good in the in the sort of the blue zones of the red comedy is not music. You can't just kind of charm, your way in with the magic of melody you situation wow, so so actually would go in the south and people wouldn't laugh. No, I mean there was one time there was. I I had some problem in Lexington. Where is that Lexington Ne Second yeah EAST a little? Yes, there was a p like. There was a lot of churches in Lexington and be my recollection hi more than necessary. I remember doing some fairly crafts material about the Jesus.
Oh wow, and they gave you huh. Well, it's just you know you can feel it kind of not land, and then you don't really I never got asked back to. The quote is usually what happens. They'd rather have killer bees, or somebody like that. You know that guy in group winning seven coming out now now he's account he's just kind of a regional guy, ok, so there you are in the in the city, the big city of Kentucky and your mom, with your mom. Do she's raised horses, her whole life like so she was like sixteen yes crazy world. The horse world is
very strange, and you grew up in yeah. Well known, not in it. I actually was very contrary with my mom. She wanted me to, and I was it didn't make sense to me: why would ride in the circle I loved trail riding? Yes, I would. I would do that with her, and can you still ride a horse? Yeah yeah. Do you ride horses? No, not regularly. I'm not feels kinda unnecessary. I wish it. I mean I like horses, a lot is it: how is what how would horse riding be necessary at all now? Well, there's farming. People still like cut down trees and drag them through the woods with horses. Do that yeah? That's good yeah things better, but you don't have to like plow before I see use the horse. Yeah do well what kind of stuff I'm trained him. She she would train a breed them kind of make these super horses really so not horses for what yeah
well, it's essentially like having the corvettes experiment. Oh I see so for rich people to buy a super horse just to have almost as something a hobby, hobby or yeah totally. That was what it was. And that didn't appeal you know like. I wanted everything to have a use right that can appeal to you. I needed to do was impractical just to have a super horse there and do anything. Well, did a lot yeah. Well, I go a bit genetically. Did they breed under the support? Is there she just training? It's just the same way. You would I mean the people breed dogs are. Thing and then look at for the best traits in yeah, not genetic, you take whatever it yeah right right, right, pure it's pure bred, stuff, you just!
They have a like a genealogy of family situation, the force yeah yeah, okay, I guess yeah. This is Andy from. I grew up in a we have a show dog really. Did you go to the show yeah, my old man, my dad to show the dog for a while he was. He was a champion of thoroughbred Old English, Sheepdog cool. We had. Doctors are weird man, their mass printer Yang there, but he had the people. Are it's a little much I go just to watch. Sometimes you go to doctor mentioned yeah. Well, yeah I mean there's it's like a whole different planet, yeah, it's something like you're like the dark chocolate, yeah, yeah, yeah, really cheap entertainment, I guess so and people that walk that they do yeah like it's just it's. So it's like some it's it's there like stage moms dogs. You know I mean like there's this weird kind of like control, freaky yeah yeah come on come on, but don't listen like a kid that I always feel like the dog looks a little
like what I'm doing it. I'm a little nervous about it. My yeah, some men are beautiful. Yeah. Do you go to horse shows, that's because you're fighting your mom, he refuse well. No, I go in thank see what she's up to when she goes and stuff, but I'd yeah, but if If she's doing the horse thing, that's sort of a country thing she must be out in the country. So she was, she went to like old kettle was the ranch out New Mexico. She went to school out New Mexico and we just let go yeah yeah, wait. Where'd you go to school in New Mexico. She went to University of New Mexico right now, Albuquerque yeah wow connection problem. I tried the same age as me, your mom. I had older parents. So, yes, she Brownsville yeah, alright
It would be nice if it was happening right now. What do you mean? I can give access anything too bad? Well, I guess their age, because I love you mom it's sweet and what's your step dad do he medical equipment sales? I can't remember, I always didn't get it as a kid he would have like medical masks and like tweezers in the basement and stuff. He would go. Take those to hospitals and sale and sell out. He was like a door to door tweezer salesman, that's right for hospitals, yeah like we would find the razor blades in the basement and like be playing with them when we shouldn't have been. I remember just like cutting my hands all up not wanting to tell the parents like oh wow, this posable surgical blades in that kind of stuff, so we kind of supplier you work for some sort of supplier. Well, if you're the sales, person, yeah yeah governors and somebody. He wasn't just wing it we're assuming yeah his orders in our says boxes of stuff for hospitals. So when the guitar start here at the happening,
I was writing songs from young age, but I never had an instrument. So I think I found the guitar. My mom had a guitar in the attic, and I was maybe one thousand six hundred and sixteen years just up there yeah she had like a guitar that she kept that promise to college yeah she used to play, Very good. One was like an exciting thing to find. I think it's hard to play like the action was really high. Steel string. Steel string wasn't super friendly on like a young finger, yeah situation, but we figured it out. Yeah, there's a chord chart up there and I just kind of learned chords and you did on you yeah. Well, they had this circles, you put your finger inside the store yeah. I remember yeah yeah tell myself, do you know a lot of chords? Now I do but I didn't. You know only only need like three Heathrow longtime three for a lifestyle. Sometimes
so people are making money at it. People got three chords for the whole riot, maybe add a fourth one in their minor. Oh, my gosh gotta get that minor. That's important. So you start playing on your own and you never take a lesson. I did take a few lessons from different, like maybe a dabbled in lessons a couple times and didn't take guitar lessons by took banjo a couple from a friend of mine, just a friendly or your showed. You have played banjo yeah let's have you got a finger picking right, then you start doing fingerpicking on guitar No, I did see in streaming stuff. How do you train yourself to finger pick? Can you finger pick, I'm trying yeah, I mean you just practice right. What do you do to finger all of them on guitar yeah, I probably use for and yeah, like thumb in three yeah. I do a lot of roles because of learning
and Joe like? I can write, write different plucking patterns where you used to and then one hits the yeah. I just had a minor break through with the finger picking. I don't practice it as much as I should. I know that if I just practice- and I can get it- I needed a you- refuse to correct. No, I just it's I practiced by just play. I don't feel like I recently, but I I tried to figure out SAM's boogie. You know the MAGIC Sam thing, I've got a big popular. It's not big poppy or anything. It's an old piece of tape and old footage of exam playing. Someone else is guitar and doing this crazy, Riff yeah. I talked to Sweeney about it. You know Sweeney, you know he try figured out. He eventually figured out, and I can I figure in I. I figured out the first part of it, which is pretty exciting and it's two finger picking them a love to finger picking. I think that's really all I I mean when I think Rl Burnside, there's this amazing video, yeah yeah, I'm playing it just using too so
yeah yeah. That's what into now two people known pics anymore, gone with either. Are you from yeah? Well I mean it. That's right! It's it's like I don't know some puree ship, but then I start looking at people there's a lot to do with the they don't play with picks They just use your thumb, so maybe you're just going aware- and it's always been- I guess- is a different set. It's kind of a different, sound yeah. I can I mean picks to me sound. Well, I play different music, so it's quieter right right, but I've always liked the connection like rhythmically. I didn't like having the picking the way yeah something to me unless you're doing like Travis picking all that we're trying. Are you trying to get as many notes, yeah notes and it's possible. It can't hurt to get a lot and too much just your thumb is yeah unless you're doing all the of fingers, yeah right, yeah but just like, but with a bright
So ok, so you start writing songs. Now, like I like, this is a weird thing about you and the music. Tell me is that, like I don't like, I connect to music in May, the more than I connect to words generally yeah. Like I listen to things that way, you know I don't listen to songs, to hear. What's being said, most of the time I just get moved by someone's voice or a melody or or you know, just the tone of the music and then like, but I like, I had to go in and read the words. Listen to the word. Look at your words. You know we had to 'cause. You were doing no! No! No because, like I wanted to, like I've, been little better at doing it like listening, because I don't and how songwriting works. You know obviously there's some songs by Beatles songs or whatever that my head and I know a lot of songs by only maybe know half of earth over but yeah.
The whole idea of songwriting to Maine. It's not. How is it different than poetry? Really well, like you saying I think people can get away with nonsense. If the feeling is there right, yeah and people have been saying nonsense in pop music, in rock music forever. I know yeah and it always yeah. Hey, hey, yeah, yeah, yeahs yeah! Now, if you really listen to some of that stuff, it's like it's kind of ridiculous yeah I mean I ruined music for me in a lot of ways for trying to get better at right. Lyrics and then then, by listening to the lyrics yeah, I can't listen to a lot of songs. He so of really or like you know, some rolling stones. Songs are just like really yeah herbal, we'll just yeah, because the it's almost conflicting to be like
When you get a a refrain heard, you say like the yeah yeah yeah yeah, follow something that you wouldn't say yet to right, right and that kind of stuff that was in a the logic Flagstaff right yeah. I listen to some songs, I'm like that stupid but then you gotta realize like well who's singing it and doesn't fit them I can. I know more ACDC works and I really like to be and met, but it seems perfectly fitting for that bear yeah, whatever the hell, they're singing about it's pretty basic: kind of lewd, it's okay, but then I read your lyrics in their complicated because they're, not it's a lot of them. Don't there's no narrative, there's! No, it's not exactly a story being told, but there a little more cryptic in that like I can relate to
of what's in there and it moved me in a way that I don't understand, that's the magic of it right right, hopefully yeah in the case in the new record. There's like there's a lot of there's some like there's a way to It's. I don't think it's sad, but it's a all of them. All. The a lot of the songs are reflections on love possible. You know maybe impossible- maybe passing maybe age may be sort of like this should happen, but he didn't allow that kind of stuff, yeah, there's so much to deal. I mean I think, of there's something that when is his name Federico, Garcia Lorca huh. He would always he was on this listening to music. That was this other section of the brain, I think there's just music for dancing, yeah right and then there's music for coping with everything difficult in your life rap music.
He you know he found it in lullaby eyes and all this stuff and like the dark stories that we used to set, we used to tell in a lot of traditional music. Has that murder ballad situation or that one point: oh yeah, that just Lausanne sadness and kills me mean right. I want songs to kill us in this way, so long, black veil, think it did, play it and it like an open mic situation. Oh really, in an open mic situation. Yeah I, like the bands version alot 'cause. I like the way Rick Danko sang amazing voice, yeah right.
Yeah and talk about makes me come. Rowling is named the warble and his voice is so hard grabbing. The vulnerability of him yeah is like sort of insane, but it's different than Richard Manuel. Who, like is just too much for me to set. I can hear them to sadness and Robbie. I don't deal with leave on a date. There seems to be in a kind of like a managing vulnerability, yeah embed, Danko, just sort of ours child like that. I think I just explained all of the band's vocal capacity. Yeah, I did and dismissing Robbie entirely as you should talk to that guy. Well, I know that he's only when the white man I can. I try to figure out how we and whether you know what makes it like boring to Maine in a way, and because he's obviously a great player, but you don't know any of his leaks. Really it's kind of
I know this song yeah I mean you can definitely play but like I'm like, I don't look at him like I don't like. I want to play like him. Yeah who do you want play like Nathan, Salsburg like play with old time now, what's up with that guy? Are you guys a couple yeah right? So you don't like talking about it too much 'cause, it's like oh I'll, have to answer for that or when people are watching us play any lyric that has to do with love will be like. Oh, she about him right, yeah, I'm telling you if a lot of them are about him he's not he's in trouble right, not all not all about Nathan It took me a long time to realize that to about song writers, I guess not all out of biographical I get when I think I learned it I talked to Nick hello MIKE. It's not you you're, not writing about. You is like no, these these are characters or they're coming from a different place. It's not all me! Well that, and also it is
him right. I know one saying you're having a dream and some other peers yeah, that somebody's still in you yeah. I I don't allow people to say that it's not them, you don't allow it. I don't permit that knowledge to penetrate my friend yeah. I still think as much as we try to they were telling the story of somebody else yeah. Well, I mean for me. It was like, with that, with him was the beast in Maine which hero for Johnny Cash. In that situation you can sort of sir right for that character, yeah yeah, but on a voice in it. I do too you do like in who who the in what situation? Would you do that? Well, there's a song Jenny come in. I remember thinking like I want to sing in the voice of a male yeah like from the perspective of like them, but the mail that I reference is one that I'm making
yeah and it kind of had a country yeah. I didn't write for someone like this ones for two weeks or something like that. You're thinking in terms of different yeah different perspective, try but Nathan Song, Virg. I knew nothing about him really until yesterday, yeah, I think 'cause like I Sweeney, was like no, you gotta check and he texted me all this stuff, yeah and I and I need to have time to go through it. I I know he works for the he worked for the Alan. He still does yeah. If the Alan Lomax Archive he's the curator for the Alan Lomax are So he's like he's in charge of the roots of all american music and some global music for getting some of it out there yeah
So that means I can that's and he's also a guitar player like an extraordinary finger. Picking maniac, I don't you don't strike me as a maniac, please if he can play yeah any, has all these resources, yes from an historic resources, and when did you meet that guy? I met him when I back to low level in two thousand nine yeah. I saw him playing with some friends in the he lives there. Yeah, that's where the archive is well, since it's digitized he got so he was in New York for seven years and then once it was all digitized, he could live anywhere and still do this. That will not talk about him too much. But what is it possibility of managing a stagnant archive right, well, they're still so much that isn't on isn't out there, so you're always yeah. He deals with putting the it's up on Youtube and citing everything in okay. So he's like
king of Alan Lomax Field field recordings and putting them into digitizing them and then giving them out into the world yeah some of it's in the library of Congress. Most of the older stuff is in there, but they're still stuff. I think it's from the seventies, but he would yeah. I don't 70s on that was in Alan Lomax is collection that they still have to manage and didn't like update the you know. I have some. I do some of it with him and it's like on Dbc CAM, like old formats, that you'd have to put on a newer format and stuff out. Well, like he, okay, what's the dvc camera, I don't know, I mean a little tape: okay, the videotape, so it's an ongoing, so he has to sort of he has to experience and discover all this weird old, music yeah like weekly and try to find its cons.
Some, maybe any living relatives and stuff like that performers, and so this whole stories in that unfold yeah, hopefully you know the best case scenario. Is you get to bring that music back to us, a cult of a community that didn't know they that that's what they produced in the confined? get royalties back to the people right, send it from the yeah. Is there a lot of big royalties with something that stuff in Beyonc sampled? Some? Oh, that's right, big money in sampling from She Moby did all that stuff. Remember, did they just take it thinking they could just get away with it. Now I think those they know that it costs money to handle things these days does he start introducing you to this stuff that changes your approach to make sure yeah soon, as I met him in knew what he was up to
like I need, as many of the black female voices that you have, because there was a big Kentucky trip, the other journey, that's actually the sixtieth anniversary of the southern journey for only MAX, and he went through Kentucky and yeah down in the delta, and I wanted those I wanted to hear some women, because so much of the history of recording, excludes women's voices was just ready to get the download. I just run it all of it. I want to consume and he was kind of he was like here's a few things, but you know he wanted to you. Can all of us. Research this on our own yeah out there right. So it's three Do you want to overwhelm you he just kind of give you a taste, here's a few. I think he wants do their own work too, dating the guy and he's cool. Now I can yeah. That was when I first met him and everything he gave me some great only that Sally Real GN right, where we were
for a long time and then here's some old women singing songs So you give me world I'm your mind with some some old tracks, It weren't usually look up. Aunt, Molly Jackson, she's got one of the creepiest oldest sounding voices ever you would be amazed and that in that effect. Did you have well? I was just excited to hear she was an activist too. So I was excited to hear this, like woman from the coalfields. Just being like you know, this isn't right and having kind of a sense of traditional music and then also she wrote songs herself as a third protest. Music early protest music in a way kind of yes, you up to New York, and I think that crew and we're excited to have an authentic mountain person come in, and encouraged her. You know that movie Llewyn Davis yeah, the end of that movie is so genius with the dulcimer player member, the real
the woman who came from the real hills. Oh yeah, instead She in the movie or no, I don't member who played that part, but the dude her dude after Lewin who was drunk mocked. Her beat the shit out of him in the alley. You know and indeed washed again. Is it well not the? It was beautiful, you know, but it was that moment where the hipster, the appropriators yeah, that this sort of the scene of that time in the sixties of these folk keys, yeah yeah, for him to be condescending to you know of a true kind of like Appalachian. You know Dahmer playing woman, you know and then the cowboys the the man that she was with just popped in, The alley like it was like as such as a cooling yeah. Well, that was that was what Alan Lomax was trying to do. Sixty years ago, the journey was acting a reaction to the sixties folk revival in New York. 'cause? He was seeing all these, like young college, kids being like we're so proud of themselves.
Or reviving dead music right. He was like this. Music is still alive in the places that came from and he wanted to record it and kind of prove to the young folks who are kind of co, opting it so aggressively right that there was still living tradition and they don't need to play it for them. You know like for it to still be alive. They support. Maybe the places that came from oh interesting, so that was the agenda yeah. He did not prove it it is like there is that I saw a documentary about Faye he and and and a couple of guys that he was always after Skip James. I think right that was his big GRAIL and then there was this other dude that we're after a death letter, which is why am I forgetting his name? Not it's not Fred Mcdowell Son House Yes- and so yes, so is like that was a journey from these two cruise of like musicians and blues nerds was to find these acts. I think that still plays with
MAX's intention? Is that once a friend, though he found perfect out of the, I think that Faye he his covert found skip a hospital. Ed but Dave's all right. Pull them out, and he lived a few years and had him up in Newport and he turned out a couple of records and the guys who found fun house. I thought he was down south. He turned up stay New York. You know like hanging out and they pulled him out did get that was there is one Newport festival where a lot of those cats was the first resurrection of those dudes and so good. Could handle it. Someone couldn't ultimately but skip, was like that guys. Magic words, words that voice come from yeah. I talked to TAJ Mahal once you know in the old house, and he picked up this crappy old guitar. I had 'cause. I was asking him or skip comes from. Where is that guitar come from? He goes coming from Africa and he picked up this.
A guitar, I got yeah, but it's I only the I never even change the strings on it and he just lays out to like senegalese kind of way skip James. You things for three seconds: MEL Taj picture. Even if I could do it, and that was it he didn't play timber guitar was going to play for that three seconds like it was so immediate and so connected. So quick, like three that's. What is that? How do you do that? So you go back to Kentucky do you? What's your lineage? Do you if you feel, like you, come from that ever look into that look into it like, like Europe, s regular. How do you weigh a logically yeah sure I mean I am here attached to where you grew up, but I mean is your for and we've been there forever yeah there's some. I just visited my great great great.
Grandfather, grandmothers graves enhancing, Kentucky yeah, that's like western yeah, so a lot of the tobacco region and family yeah and what what was there, where they come from Ireland, Britain, whales like deeply mud, it yeah. There is some been there since, like the seventeenth seventeen on English, that kind of like way back, you know, I think I've got some Irish, that's like three four generations back! Yes, it is that's the only one I can say like. I know right So what are you like when you listen to this music, like what is the threads of kind of stuff you resonating with, is a Celtic like what like oh yeah, I love that 'cause. That's what good is similar to a lot of like n african stuff?
Do you hear that, like modal yeah kind of deeply soulful, yeah yeah, it's weird how it's all connected huh it is. So here are some of the other sources like when you get these oldies older axes, older performers, these older artists, these women, that you were so yeah searching. What are some other names that match? Well, there's a lot of actually english guitar players that I deeply connect with, but Dick cock and scottish Nick Jones, English guitar player yeah and I said June Tabor, she was a big one, but for a an and Briggs another english person, yeah I don't know a lot of them. Actually less than voices were songs like. Melodies that I would be really struck by here and a lot of those come in the modal form, and so like there's old songs like string band songs that were child balance. You know the child ballots, English, like ancient songs that came over,
with immigrants in the United States and a lot of them were left in the mountains. 'cause. That's where radio didn't kind of majin eyes yeah! So that's why we think of them as mountain songs, but they were all over in Kentucky, was a very wild west for the colonies lot of english irish music came in and blended with, like the african american music in the native american music, and you hear it in so much of the banjo songs that I love like Darling, Cory Sugar Babies, this one about kind of like, I guess, a stripper, that's a very strange lyrics and then like a lot of the Lord Daniel Stuff stories about like a pregnant woman coming to a castle mean like please let me- and this is your child and or whatever being like. No thanks good with that yeah and it's sung in these great like. Southern accents yeah? How did you where you get this stuff? they've already on online
it's all in line a lot of people are doing versions of it, but there's some great stuff in the Archive Bmx Archive. That's free yeah yeah there isn't a new podcast new podcast, that's the world needs, there's a great cartoons, the two people sitting down and it's one person saying the other like I'm thinking about stopping a podcast it and put an end to it, but as with any vodka, but it's Nathan. Digging in the archive and kind of oh yeah is there any Lomax is alive. Yeah Anna Lomax, his daughter, still alive and running the organization and son, I think so it was always acoustic music with you. There was not a time where you are in a row. Band, I've definitely had played in a band. First acoustic came so like what was the thing like 'cause when I listen to the music and I look at the pictures on your records and the poem that came with the last one.
Seems like an entire way of life, the acoustic way of life? Yes ' it isn't. I learned that I mean was it. What do? Did you rock out I mean you were younger. I know I don't. I did play with a five piece band and the Record Electric Yrsa, which was my second, the first and second ones, are more rock situation and they from that Louisville I played with a lot of Louisville musician. Rachel, Grimes, injure Manning and Kevin Ratterman people that came from like the punk rock scene and that's a lot of what music in Louisville now is like people that came to folk and country music through punk, 'cause you're all grown up. It will
oh yeah, that plus also when you look for the same impulse, but it's kind of matured. I can kind of go back and listen to punk bands right what they were saying was a little bit youthful and sure, maybe it simple, but so when it gets more complex, you see a lot of people looking to uh music for that kind of the wildness. I was talking about a little bit of counterculture, that's like no! We don't want to sound smooth. We want to sound auto tuned and I mean yeah just who's doing that stuff. Like I mean Well, that's interesting to me that a lot of these because it's happened- I've seen another like it in some of the older punk rock guys. Is that if you stay in the game and we still have the spirit for it, even if you're not making any Ed, you know, you've got to grow. Somehow you've got to age into it. You can't be playing that you know in your fifties, even in your for
If you didn't make a hit to begin with right, so you sort of got evolve with them. You, and that makes total sense. What's your role, ship with Michael Hurley's, music, just pure love. I can't get over that very first. Record was the wonderful, quite yeah yeah. I cannot get over that record, like blue mountain. That's on blue mountain mean what the fuck, where did that come from It's like a alien child person. He still around Yeah we're going to go, see him in in Oregon. Do you know him? Yeah we played shows together ' you and Nathan, out of my house, yeah oh yeah, he's, like still he came to Louisville,
hi Maria came over my house and I just sat down like a bunch of colored pencils and paper and a case of beer in front of him, and he just slammed the case of beer and made the most amazing drawings. It's it's weird if it if it could be a child if it was a box of cereal yeah. Unfortunately, nothing maybe would have been better yeah. We made it amazing drawing. Was he passed out on top of it? No Scott, this energy yeah he's like seventy five as it shows good yeah. He can be kind of. While you don't know what you're going to get so tell me like now: it's just some song writing questions, and then we will focus on the new record. I have the self titled one have rivers vessels and I have the new one like the river love to see, but this last one there or the one before this one you did with Tweedy yeah in Chicago yeah. I've been a law that,
that guy. So how do you? How do you know him? How do like? How do you guys all meet each other and and willed them to who? I I don't think we like each other? I don't know sure he doesn't, not like you. I don't know. I've met him once it was difficult. I don't like it just was awkward. I was with Sweeney If you like, yeah okay, this night find the I dismissive and it so I can. When I I know he said what a wonderful artist and he's contributed a lot to the world, but I've met him and he he was the Just ice me, I think, will is more a mirror, so you just saw you wanted to see in the mirror will do you really think that I think his the way he holds himself makes people really doubt them self, he's not exactly like forthcoming and make make that right. So so, socially awkward, and somehow my fault. Yes, I don't know. Ok, I believe you know I mean look,
like the guy that likes him. Everybody likes him like people have been like wow, talk to him like that. Couldn't even we couldn't even man which greeting man it depends on. Where were you on the street in New York is roughly no I'm not hi. I respect the guy and I get stuff. But how do you weigh? How did the Jeff Tweedy thing? Okay, so Jeff and I met First time on a radio show a mountain stage in West Virginia on Valentine's day, yeah yeah, but he had heard the record before over uneven yeah and I think it's through just being in music all this time and you know coming people
there are people in common and James Elkington was playing in the Tweety band. Yeah time and he's a good friend of ours who produced this last record and in Iceland in Iceland, yeah and he's played with Nathan Salsburg, they have a guitar duos thing: yeah, do it our records right, and so I think that's how through Jim Elkington and been playing music together and stuff. So we talked Jeff and Nathan, and I were talking- and I guess I didn't expect for him to have such serious like punk rock roots- is cool Jeff, Jeff yeah. It was cool to know that because I guess I was afraid of working with people who didn't have that sense of like perfect, isn't good. Let's not go for perfect, you know,
Or or pure, and all those words should make me cringe and people that have that background and in punk, rock and just kind of like are open to that yeah, let it be raw, let it it kind of be laden raw yeah human yeah, exactly yeah human for sure, and then you just kind of hammered it out yeah. He had some time and Lofton. I think that laughter mazing, I never been there. You gotta go talked to I've talked to him and as a producer who is good to work with yeah was, versus. Like is this going to happen? 'cause uh! We were supposed to show up on a Monday and he's like. Oh actually, I can't be there on Monday. It's like oh here it goes it's going to fall through and it turns out. When it came back, it was 'cause. He was taking Mavis staples to the like presidents, no matter like a award. Yes, like I guess, that's
medal of honor presentation can deal yeah. This is something that I don't know. Did she get a metal yeah recognized by Obama? So but then, after that, it was great, he was just. I didn't expect him to play on the record, but he played bass all over the record and was so kind of the counter intuitive, I think play like reverse sounding baseline and stuff, like that it was just so cool and always the whole place is lined with ancient guitars and bases and amps and is a dream for guitar player. Be there I gotta go check it out. I primarily deal with new instruments. Now you down, I'm looking around that amp is old yeah. I guess that's that I bought that new in eighty six. So that's well now you then okay is nine. Sixty thousand six! So it's like thirty five years old. That thing I just it again. This is a formal, dining, relatively new. That was a cool new stuff better. For some reason,
I just like I don't like I don't know. I have not gone shopping for really old shed, though one old, weird big Gibson in the closet, That I really like it's, it's called an f. And they only made a move for a little while to get the short fat classical size neck on a steel string. Have you seen those things it's got to double its got to white pick guards I for Mango Picard Jackson, Browne poison. We see him around here, not too often, but there are very full sounding guitar. I have that that whole thing
I just haven't gone shopping form their their their exorbitant price. Wise and I've got like I've got some re issues and and I'm not a professional guitar player, and I want to be when those idiots who amasses your precious cargo from people that really could fight. You know the next, I'm not a collector. I just like to play yeah, you know what do you like it? I player callings Flickr, the ninety, something where it's an orchestra model, so smaller kind of guitar more for finger picking, and I got that from my cousin when she passed away. So I've just had this like where too fancy for me. Guitar this whole time. I really because before that, like I was just playing, I think I had a pretty basic Washburn, not Washburn like a modern, yes, a new and this one's curve. Little better. This was very much yeah. It's good now happens. Color she had cancer,
Sorry? So why I signed white? It would do what was that about the like? This new records? Great, it's beautiful. You know they all sound production, wise kind of different mmhm. You know, and I I mean high school and I've never been there. I have a real romantic idea of it. It seems like spatially would be good poetic place to be why'd. You go there. What kind of for that reason they all sound different like. I will like to not revisit the same experience again so there's some kinda new connection to have not a habit like not so you're relaxed that you're not paying attention yeah, trying out new things. So I just find it's rewarding to go. Take people out of their home life, the Abit Sierra being the cons, rated period of time and and work there like, for example, so I slammed. I thought this would be great. This is the same studio that will Oldham did the letting go yeah one of my fave
albums of his yeah Bjrk help set it up. I think greenhouse all this stuff it just it was crazy to get the opportunity to do it. You work with her that she one of the you sorry who start yeah. We had a bjorke spotting, but we didn't hang out yeah, but the studios of her and another fellas bring chopped up and is it like like nice? Thank you is it on. Can you you can see it on line green stuff, so this is sitting in the middle of something beautiful. Is it on a fee ord or something it's outside Ray Kovic and kind of you can see the mountains in the distance and but nearby we were told, just as we were, leaving the studio that there was a like. The last witch in Iceland was drowned in this, like which drowning pool right beside it. It's like this is dark I thought yeah. How do you feel? How do you feel it affected the album after which
one item, no nice, one being in Iceland, it's just so Kentucky's. Really I'm a humid place. Yeah, I think of atmosphere is really influencing. People's mindset and music actually influences the reverberation of sound yeah. So you're kind of in this clear feeling environment with a different kind of life. It just I don't know here is: did you write the songs, the songs? No there on the lawn is were written in Kentucky and when you write long do you think in terms of melody first or do you just write this stuff? yeah the same moment, so I would always using the melody to find the words I really have put it yeah, like you were saying 'cause. If I went to sit down and just write linearly, I don't think my brain works. I don't like you, don't come up with a phrase right. This there's nothing like with music. You can start the line there.
Some part of your brain knows the rhyme is coming and it works ahead of you and it works behind. But music is the way that it opens that kind of, Inter Connectivity, that cyclical right right, right thinking for me right, oh wow, because I'm going to write a song soon can't wait. I think I've written them ' already you think yeah. I just I don't think I'm gonna melody man. I mean it's like I'm a for a one, four, five dude. You know I mean it's like it's straight up for me, three chords. If it's not one four five, it's one you know like if, if it doesn't, if it does- go. You know. Sometimes I
I go. That's a lot of courts right. So if I want one lately, there's been a right to one g. I love that thing mine. I thank yeah, but what makes that harder sing a melody to what I just feel like. It's always going to be the same melody and it's always go along with the bass, chords 'cause! I don't have the range and really how melody works. I don't you know, I'm not that confident singer. So it's always going to be something. La la la Who is your father yeah yeah so like how do you get out from under that? I don't know. I come up with all kinds of constraints that helps me like. If you were to say ok you're not going to write a melody you're going to sing the same note the whole time like that's when the chords
changing that smell on it yeah right yeah. I just got it just do it. I just gotta quit everything and it's just terrible tiger yeah, yes time. That's what the world needs is another guy in his mid 50s to enter the musical eco having yeah, yeah amateur more people into exercise, hobbyist, another hobbyist has to enter with his big ideas, I don't think music and all that's it's like art stuff. Hobbies. I know I know on plane. I can't like that. I was terrified to sing in public, for 'cause it to me. I will, with my eyes closed but and the inside I'm not great at playing and seeing it. Why can do it with some with some stuff at this. Time, but to me it was so revealing so exposing so vulnerable that, like there is no way to hide it all worth musicians field,
because I do comedy. I have no problem with that, but musicians right now. The fact that you do that you know they are more comfortable with singing yeah for me singing it's just sort of like oh yeah, yeah, I'm ok at it, but it's just too, like you can't hide it all. I don't think yeah you can hide. If you have like five piece band and exactly hey, we don't you know, I mean if there's no one here. That's right, we gotta go mmhm. Are you want to place on now sure you feel good about? What's happened here? He had, I always feel bad about talking about music, for you do me a way well it was made to stand alone. Probably gotta go out and sell it. Oh gosh! Well then, That's I feel bad yeah you're doing. Alright, though right it's going, people come people come that's nice! Well that, like white music, come quiet, music, quiet people, the quiet, you know tender, hearted people
we see him out there and they exist. I know they exist. No, there's no one of 'em yeah, but like it's so nice, so sweet you gotta, take care of them. Yeah right! You gotta, take care of each other. That's right here! Alright, let's try and figure this out. Ok see! I think that sounds pretty good. Let me get levels were going to play I'll. Do the fading bring them on the taste of gin. The phone on skin you for middling choose just where you been song, we saying or singing again and it breaks down?
you know. On the I saw the river sick with my breakthrough, the banks and run- and I confess I like doing a cheer the flood when the water hit the banks in one minute breaks down babe, let's try the room but then they seem to grow
vines wind around the world. No, I hate it to leave my home, but I love that car when I need to go and it breaks down
Newhall Kentucky these, in my mind, sweet to be five years behind. That's where I'll be when the seas right food in my dear friends and drinking wine it breaks down they then
Okay dear! Thank you for it. Thank you for coming. Thanks for having me yeah, shocked, really because intelligence give us that we don't understand why. Well I yeah! I can't I can't explain really the sort of sway your music has over Maine and, like I and I go back to it a lot, so I had to meet you and talk to you okay, beautiful beautiful. Music up here in this temper The studio in my house, upstairs in my spare room, the new album, is called like the river loves to see it's available now or ever music, that was Joan Shelley and don't forget folks. When it comes to home security, Simplisafe is the best choice: hands down.
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