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Episode 1068 - John Goodman

2019-11-04 | 🔗

John Goodman has more than four decades of experience on stage, in movies, and on television, but he’s just now learning to trust himself. After a lifetime of trying to please everyone and beating himself up over everything, John tells Marc what finally caused his perception to shift. John also talks about being shaped by comic books and Mad Magazine, finding inspiration working with David Byrne and Al Pacino early in his career, and why he knew there was something special about the Coen Brothers the first time he saw one of their scripts. This episode is sponsored by Zoro.com, Squarespace, and Stamps.com.

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twenty four slash. Seven customer support Their head disquiet Ten percent off your first purchase have a website. Do the pipe cast all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking ears, what the FUCK Nick, what the FUCK Tris's how's it going? I am more Marin. This is my pod gas. Devotee of welcome to help you Ok, I am ok, I'm all right, I've been doing coffee on enough yeah. I still the coffee sponsor I dont. Do
it's. It's sort of like a given by just coffee. Dachau up still sends me a couple of bags four bags a month of coffee, just from your years of of that loyal, that dynamic that we had forever. I've always got come in and I hadn't been drinking of reviving using for Barter sin barter, hey needs in coffee value, ego two bags of coffee at least two records for those two records, nor barter down a dagger Beginning, usually Dan down there, but dad some sort of back on it, I'm having a little bit of coffee here and there anything amazing I'd forgotten what it's like to be fully capable, Daddy, your brain for summer excitable and excited conversation in the morning, but dumps feel that already get I've been drinking. I go over to coffee in the morning then t later in the afternoon.
I can swear. We feel the coffee just creeping up on me. Little bit, John is on the show today. Nice fella had a nice 3d chat with John great guy Obviously, you know him from everything's is currently on the counters. But you are from the combat this movie. You know from Russia and even its is John Goodman, and I was thrilled to talk to him, show trick or treat for you parties in special. What's that sugar tree now go back a bit. There's a couple of things going on now takes actually what went down the special, but I bought a tonne. Fucking candy good stuff too, Don't fuck around! I don't know if you like, but I know it's good and it's free better than what you like, I'm full, yeah. I got full bagger races glow in the dark recesses, the goat S, just
academic, and then a guy a bag of it. What was in their Twix Snickers three Musketeers Carmel, and then another kind of snickers pretty good, solid but I your kid started common man. I got back in time at the big I could have the candy our common- and I thought, like I gotta get through this cause. I cannot have any of my agenda on hollowing was to have no left over candy and I thought inevitable that I would have left over canny, but I really couldn't have it in the house. So when they see Are you coming at six hundred and thirty, or so I started these kids, like three three or four kids, come three pieces Ganny two or three visa candy and then so they just kept come in Thy Edward. Four hundred and forty kids and their parents in some really young kids with their parents. I
is wearing. Like you know, I was where my work out close, actually that just gotten down from the mountain I cook dinner and then they started coming fighting change, and I was very cute how the Galileo costumes are cute. The parents cost you're cute but there was one kid who came with his parents and he was holding some sort of thing with making light on it. I remember what maybe it was that the actual best put the candy Some sort of light on it, but I walk the door. My shorts and the kid could see me and he was terrified. I had no costume on and I I could see this. Kid must have been like maybe three this came running up to the door and he backed up as with take it easy kid you're, not open the door and again the candy. Still looking at me like what the fuck, this guy. And eventually I just said I you exactly and was now storm, and then he was like the light. There lies the light.
And he kept point to the breaking I night. I think he he overcame fear and at we he wanted me to to know and see and acknowledge the light there. He found so much joy and- and I did that I felt better, and why the kid leaving scared. So, what's the point point, is I held back like fire Peace is a candy because there were large groups of kids coming to my door. Some of them will old for the trigger, treating, I think to be quite honest with you and I don't want it another group common and come up one short for some kid for some reason. In my mind I thought like I don't want to ruin some kids life, one, Some three euro comes up and I don't have any more candy. What am I gonna do? do I want to be that memory. Do I wanna be that this pointing guy. Do I want to be stuck in some kids like through you to make that big a deal cry. Emotional abuse, the candy, but how five and that was
in a through in the freezer in the next night. I ate them and they were so fucking good at what a whitewash had kept more, but on Gladdening keep more whatever folks. That was how we went well The other thing I want again again, I should working right minimise. I must have his emo got it KEN Burns for this country documentary? I finished watching it all. Aid of em, thereby now have two hours each Energy is one of those things. Like I said I had some country record but had no context, and now I have a whole new pantheon. Magicians and wizards to be emotionally engaged with their stories. Country, music, performers filled with wonder about their music is now I have a context for them now. I told about Jimmy Rogers in the Carter family, but you I went out. I chase down some bill. Monroe it will be unbroken because it was them. Please
some of the old timers in Roy because in the dock work Vassar Clements. Maybelle Carter, and I'm I'm reading, reinvested in Dolly pardon. I just picked up another George Joan in Tammy. Why net record pulled out my Lubin Brothers record. I pulled out my Earl, Scruggs, India and Lester Flats record. And now I'm invested so thanks again for giving me this whole issue is the whole world that, like I feel connected to because There is no. Entry without blues and there is no jazz a boost and everything sort of this. It's all kind of men, swirls together, I'm just I'm thrilled about it. I'm thrilled to have this this backdrop to have these people in my mind, it was into their music. Now, just stay was richest
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Special offer. That includes a four week trial plus free postage. Little scale, no long term commitments or contracts just go to stand down, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in debt. You t F, that step wtf never go to the post office again, except to be nice, so the special As many of you know last week- and we did took months years even over a year leading up to this taping of my new Netflix special and again apologies to Boston for not being able to do, but we chose the Red CAP theater and allay which only see a few hundred people, it's a large black box, here, they call it an we. The beautiful set for the show, but my work fear. Going in your interest.
Happened after the fact like I knew he would make it work rate which it did and we could do all the things we wanted to do with the camera which we could but me I fear, was that this was one of those theatres were people, etc. Theater, where they do experiments, proscenium for something into and an impact for you're waiting for years thing heavy, it's not a funny. Ace now not saying that the larger theatres, the preceding the presidium Theatres II type mostly vaudeville houses in order, there is in cities, you're, not exe acting something, but they aren't. They also have their Dugan personality, whereas a black box is something you can make whatever you want, but there's also I just felt there was going to be some some speculations and some, not
apprehension, but just kind of intensity to the space itself. Might stand in the way of laughter. But what was Wednesday night And there was a seven o clock in a ten o clock. Taping now at seven o clock show even on a Friday or Saturday. That's it the open. Come right from work and I didn't know who was going to be there. Two hundred and chain maybe a little over two hundred seats available free show, which is very intimate. But mainly normal jacked up, I got my new clothes on we're. Backstage were doing it, we're doing sound checks. It got Luke shorts opening for me Getting people warmed up a little bit and then you go out. You got all the cameras and it's a tv taping and You know. I've been working this shit a lot. Can I go out on that? 70S show and the audience wasn't bad, but my fears about the space where realize is that you know they were present, but they laughing enough and
as a comic you kind of either the laughter to get a role going, but the thing was that in feel, like I got over the hump, it was nobody's fault. You know, the image which shows I was kind of fresh traded. I was like I'm glad we have another one. I hope it goes good, but everybody there Netflix people like that was great. That was great. That was great. Am I thank you. It was great, but am our nose like it's gotta, be Burnett again connect burden that why the fuck that doing this theatre is his neck, showing to be a problem in my fucked, my ever mediocre special and it's gonna look great, but I won't have to yeah sweet net or add laughs or any that kind of shit like what would fuck man. I was a little freaked out. Folks so going into the second taping at ten I was like I'm a man. I got stay open, You stay and more open in fucking connect with this deliver this shit and. With great. The second show it rolled. I improvise, the bid I got loose. I Canada was myself more. Maybe
that's always the way it goes. Even if I don't believe in God necessarily, universe The way from a special taping will not feel like you got it. What nightmare so one good. I think it's can be pretty tibetan powerful bunch of material. Pretty young, I take it to the edge. I take it to the edge folks so listen, as I mentioned earlier, it's time to turn your dream into a reality with Squarespace Squarespace could easier than ever to launch your passion project. Are you starting a new business? Maybe wanna see that. Our working maker offer your services as a designer square space is the tool to use. Can we would be? for ten puts created by world class designers and ability to customize just about anything with a few clicks forward and logical, you can easily make a beautiful website yourself all score
spray sites were great on mobile and there's nothing to patch up great, ever squares. Empowers millions of people to turn great ideas into something real, just check out w tea pot back on. If you want to see an example of a site powered by Squarespace They start com, try stability for a free trial and when you are ready to launch used the offer, WTF to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website domain, that square spray I've come slash W. Offer code. The task before read this email. I thought it was nice if I could, this Roma Alley subject line Argus? hi mark, I am halfway through your episode with Argus Hamilton and I wanted to share a small story with you. I saw the Monday newsletter announced that he would be on the show. I was very happy to see you finally been able to get, on August Quaid
small but important role in my early teen life one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, eighty six neither carry unit at seers thirty day Pro and for our God diction I'd go visit him and while I like visiting him started asking to go. So I could talk to his room. Mate has roommate. Was this funny nice guy who talk to me like I was an adult, then talk down to me. And was genuinely interested in chatting with his roommates daughter, will come as no surprise that this was Argus. I think he finished the programme, where my dad did, or vice versa. So it's point. I knew I likely wasn't going to see him ever again, his parting, Timmy was a comedy store, T shirts that I all the times pretty much my favorite things I still have it somewhere
time. I didn't know much about the comedy store, just a little I'd heard from Argus, and obviously it was. Until years later I came to learn about its history. Over the years I see is named somewhere and was happy. He was a still alive and be still working in doing what you of, and I always on your show or you mention him. So thank you. Finally, having him on the right to work, this, indefinitely sparked a strong memory and that voice that voice its Zack were the same as I remember best alley. Thanks for that email. That's so nice I like hearing about things that you know have an image. Donnie when you're younger and their good things, and then they come sort of full circle. I'm happy I had them on He told me gain greater great feedback from it. So that's nice now look folks, John Goodman doesn't talk much like this. Why doesn't do I? These kind along form, interviews in it was a
there is really no any you know he's such a sweet guy. Such a memorable guy such huge talent all of our lives. If you've been watching anything movies or television for the last two decades, decades, even so so this great, as I mentioned before, that the Conners. These days I may be c and d three can enjoy, go enjoy John Goodman and whatever is done and now you can enjoy me and him talking right now. I was on the last hinges yeah, oh, my god. They give me too much negative stricken hook up some. Are you the hiccups,
Some people get that weird thing with the gun to the stomach: oh yeah, I just I ate him all day long. I would go to sweep them in my mouth there anyway. And I wake of areas like the first thing I do I couldn't like I just It was so it was just so good the boy were shaking. Where do you know haven't know what I know when you do it. I yeah I just the incident known argued. I will talk about there. I don't know I never got involved because it was too much cigarettes- and I like Ivan, smoked a cigarette for over a decade, but I not on those Watson, judges and I go. I did that smoker. What happened is I d get of more together than smoke once again and then like than to cigars and then eaten cigars. You in that get on the naked eye inhale. Cigars, you can't help you you can't. I mean I just can't, but I've been off
for two months, and I can't now moth everything I've been sober via twenty years. In our not great beauty alter that's for sure now my guys, it's getting better to write it, daisy, yeah I'd, say we finally get that clarity and you feel and relatively comfortable in your own skin. I mean that the thing about it. Is that That's it that's all. There is yet it that's enough. Our decision to accept, but I did not ask for thirty or right right right and it took a long time to adjust. Ok, this is our in when I look around its border with North Korea it's good. The gratitude element is the always the missing fag yard. When your hard on yourself, you know cause I'm just sort of like fucking. You know what the fuck, what the fuck up women ass all net, and then you know if you, if you are able to manage which are not great at Europe needs is ok, Liburnia figure, nobody
bright, there is of right. Nobody else, but that doesn't mean there's not a whirlpool assholes out there, Clearly we have to laugh at him yeah. Well, that's the best. Supposed to start the thing is I get into a thing right that guy's an asshole? Why am I not more like him? I saw sport away they. Why The media medium level, successful ass. All. Why try so much more, that's the thing and then I pretend like I'm not trying. I don't think, but I don't. We find that. Is you get older? You give less of a fuck, your yeah. That's that's a big part of natural raw. It just happens when I am fine with I dont have to please everybody, which is like a big deal with. Oh yeah, yeah, but when you are not one just listen here, when you are not one. I didn't go above all, do not wasting the about. At least I know what I'm doing.
Here again usually it. I can please people without trying so fucking heart out all right when you're not sitting there. Assuming you know what they're thinking yeah, I that's it. We are key to the whole thing is realising Ike, I'm making Most of what I have other people are thinking about your bath is rejecting here. Shit on them and in what? What are they need? provided that the air and then you just And exhausted and drained, and he can't fix people and the Environment New York. I still talk with a New York accident of the tube and are a ring. Would yet you doing wish to know each other better. Exactly like what it does? What is that about a dick with earth with it? I don't like I do that to like you, can hear it on the pied cat like if I get somebody in here whose New Yorker George, like Millbrook, was on the show. I choices within It's like! Are you kidding me? Why you don't course, I think, no from Brooklyn nineteen forty, you know like what is that
and keep me out. Attacks are such that they are you dad oh yeah. I just go to it. I dont I can't figure out what that is. Pleasing members it just ordinary gum done with me. You seem to have a good hanno on yourself. My brow I should be just like surrendering everything I am through of what they want be very excited truck. Forty nine know nothing about yeah. What's our day, I've done for years. What I mean did your word: you grow up. It's a loss, Is there a Missouri accent, Yup went to school in Springfield Missouri and it's a little bit closer. Do yeah yeah yeah, yeah arcs. I was just in Saint Louis
Miseries Ike slightly frightening stay to me a little bit conservative. In Saint Louis in it with what surprising is at the heart of this? find the progressive people everywhere You have talked about it, I'm yeah, yeah, right, ya, gotta! Go there Thursday. You do some a washing and university q and a year something that's in Saint Louis yeah, and waited you know what it is. It is supposed to be a lecture here thing, but I have absolutely nothing to give or add to anybody. It did. You can go to school there there. Now. That was like the Harvard of Saint Louis, having its real. It's a real great school.
What's the? What is the umbrella of the lecture series? It is, I don't know anything you don't they just used. They wanted a famous guy from Saint was the could get club incline? That was it. Short list yap. So when you were so, you grew up their Emmi. You get brother and sister. I gotta one brother fourteen years, older than a sister. That's almost two years younger! apparently, my mom at a partial hysterectomy in. I was a major surprise. My brother was when a nineteen, thirty eight yeah, and then there was war war too, would it came back and published. I came along and fifty two which shocked everybody sets real baby boomers here and you Brad Were there any therefore ten year? Yet while says he stole round yeah, that's greater it's up in sailor. And it said it was your dad and military gap. Are you wanted?
I don't know much about it. Ass. He died a month before my second birthday wow and before my sister was born. So like right be like right before he died and may she was born in November as crazy. That's that's terrible, but I guess on some level you have no memory. No, no, not at all, and so you dealt with that sort of that absence sing the whole time a year. Ah, my brother came back. He LE he had to leave just get out and he came back and it was like a stranger in. Trying to do the right thing with me right and I just kind of cocoon failure to clamp down I've digest, leave them in my room in the basement and really nerd out, trying to sort of step in orbit young? Where do you go after you are? I don't know him went away the new one up. Indeed
Rowan. When, when the old man pass, he was, I got a guy. I see I was fourteen years, although to a team in a school right, so is Larry earlier one away to college for a little while and took off they do this. Yet the hippy thinker now now is a little early were aligned with beats. Oh yeah, a dog bob Thus all round or water happiness, memories to turn what we called the high five year. Cranked up would surely park. Yeah shit like that, I really liked it. Right either you either got a brain for that. Are you down sort of like? I guess it's really drugs that kind of connected, I'm in the mood for yeah. They like you, Some people is an adjustment like. I can't turn it off
Bob you know I reject mediately, get that heroin slouch going Emmi too. I guess it's like a riddle in effect. Riah. Do I doubt that the character you didn't Leeuwen inside the idea that guy was great yeah that was on the page it reserved for you can tap into it. If you reject their ear. I know his grated the proud the thing was after we were done. First decency What was he gave us had heard or not, He was certainly in leading he'll do until one comes along every area. But we did no one instrument applied. I thought I'd swore he was a piano player, Joel thirty plates acts, no one knew anything thought he was a trumpet player yapping, but they just worth that open on the page, resist a jazz museum rob you the other guy
was greatly resort of boroughs ye to a little bit young fellow, William, burrowed vibe. That's all locked the thought of you it stored. I can access or so so that we share that. I guess you're you're older brother was like groovy yeah. They turned yonder some shit, yeah, a comedy, yeah, we're I guess it made me happy to see him laugh. So I kind of take the same thing go out to the car, to listen, the Bob and re unknown and other aid area, We call back on tv, said Caesar yeah yeah, I show shows crazy stuff here they were funny yeah, they work legitimately funny, because I don't, I don't have announced I'm fifty six. So my memories are most we repeats of that error, but I guess you caught a bit of Ankara at the end of a year earlier Kovacs our I like, he had a gig on a b c, and I definitely remember that goes
It was surreal yeah. You got some laughs together, yeah they still. I mean eagerly. I hear again so so there you are Missouri like what what is it? What's your mom doing, to keep things if worth Do laundry for other people, babysit kids worked at a drugstore, worked it up red giant get rid of me. I could still or terms good bbq coming into the house like a latchkey kill me you and your sister yeah when we were like a lot younger call her store drugstore, all the time re headed pissy owners of. As you just talked about here. I was all she all right, yeah yeah she kept you floater yeah, the house was paid for, I guess de I bill. Can sugar
social security and had to scramble to cause she's, never an education and yet, in How long did she s day around for two thousand near the she Jed colicky Sofya ceremony So when did you get to evolve into knowing you want to be in front of people or whatever? That was really well. Are our high school team, one one game and four years will physician? I know nothing about deep of offensive guard and defensive Turkle Is that just cuz? You were on the flight from Missouri University so I'm going to play football baseball, we couldn't afford, so I didn't do it. We put like airlock ball alike in terms of illegally ass. You may I headed by the universe and then pay into the
Did you like that? Better baseball? I don't know just sailor games yeah, but I really like football. Where is my culturally emmi exactly? You said your down the basement, nursing out where we nursing out with Amr books all really, but we are comic radio. Oh, it was diesel. A rationally right in? I would get actual subscriptions to only a really good. They were coming like the atom yeah we landed and then not. Somebody turn me onto marble. Oh While this was an inferior product, but then I Canada until it is, everything was link up and marble there. You had a butt. Casablanca. We're bought the very first copy of mad magazine and ninety fifty two yeah yeah. That was it. That was it for me because I dug, if I catch up with the paper bags
pollution of the real stuff with will alter the area and Harvey Kurtzman in all those great artist, and for some reason that I saw something one time it baby laugh until I get us cry yeah, just their men and their non magazine was great for you. You were you, ve got it when it was in a comic form her well, I didn't, but I got. The compilation of the winter was a kindly paperback books. For me it was the other I get the magazine. Asia presided nobody comic book stuff, so he made it so that sort of like there that's the evolution. That's a nice evolution cause. If you Dc Marvel World you might remain a nerd, He gave a mad magazine in earlier yeah. You got yet you have little friends for answer you do they little and jokes were within that Magyar we have it also. Is it sophisticated in the sense of it with cultural? Sat, I'm sorry Marta than you a little bit right,
because I thought mad magazine was like it was as some sort of window into the grown up world water was was a window into Judaism, an odd way it because if I don't know what's up man, I'd look it up, because I wanted to laugh one night and of so I shall Jaffe and all those guys we're all jewish and they D. Yet his words and yeah yeah yeah Harvey Kurtzman Burg. Yeah, yeah yeah Knave Burke was at his lighter side, alighted side of young area and I stuck with until a kind of us, funny anymore. By the same time, I got out of the boy scouts. Did you go to national lampoon the next thing it out. I remember if you yeah it was that there was a gap there, because it didn't happen until I graduated high school, the lamp whom the and then they cleaned up there and got really good and seventy one right right, they re started doing the cleaner parodies with the actual advertising
oh yeah photos- or am I right end of the year but parity I have a cut out of the year work up the Sunday newspaper, yeah, yeah yeah, all out all around day. Cromwell higher reply is right. If so, funny that was my that was Doug Kenney You know. I never did I don't. Kearny died, probably would have gotten a made up here. I am I met. I met Pga his store round his his ease each one. But he's got no. I think politically dubious yeah so you're, coming into football. With that kind of disposition did what was it it was it not Jackie back downward Jack's. Not as you are aware that the dock, your tracks were jockeying louder, more poise, yeah, and did you, but you were. I wanted to finance so fucking bad it. I never the bullet, bullied Antipater, because I was on that under the stick their years for while fat
I really app you have to watch your turf because he going wrong turf with catholic boys will beat you up when you re in, I would to would take beatings of senator and fight back when they be You have for being effective, for because I was walking and then their air of the Catholic with it. So there was a catholic neighborhood in around the Catholic School I really but yeah whether congregated around the school and and I as France, with most of em out everywhere, where religion, wise southern, bypassed a really is her. So there so the air the gemstones wasn't too big night, I have really- good memories of not that good things, but good memories of sitting in church. When I was a kid and the guide never Lord, as voice never load all all yelling at tent revival,
there is a ban on this island all attention. Yet we owe this to our yelling. All the time are loud. Lord and were larger than you? but you remember that happy. I did was it whether it was exciting thing. What it was was. I was easily led So when I was younger, I remember grabbing the they have a thing where they call you down to get your soul saved NEA, and I was maybe niner The younger the aggregate, my sister, and shoving her up. So she to get our soldiers screaming your little thing and inviting me yeah, do we. A girl, you gonna go, not you not divide already been yet what The army, this curious thing, like you, you know that all kind of white people pleasing and you know why to be part of something. Could I felt that too I dare do you think I could
not now having Euro man around was sort of left a piece missing kind of thing, I'm sure dead yet, but I did not write a never over Mister Cosette uttered. No, what is my dad was absent alight and service self involve person, but I know growin up by always would gravitate or its charismatic ino seemingly grounded dude, who were old in the media out all yeah me somethin yeah me to write. My acting teacher in college was one of em. I consider them a father figure, yandah leaders and the boy scouts would help me out, but I was rudderless and had no. Supplant sour arable students. I I loved the rigidity She disappoint her. Like a wizard, I give it to a certain factors. I loved it really liked it going In other words and shit like that, I learned the smoke, looking to play boys the disease that we first smoked. Boyscout night smoked it up,
a sewer tunnel when I was nine year Winston. Yet, with the just like your Amre Marlboros marbles, and you like to see you have to inhale it. And say your name and an excellent, and that was a real smoke, though that was who taught you that Somalia kid Holly Cromwell. Way to shave for a long time. It was not a not unlike that here I loved it plus it was bad. They were. They were so available that with bad Blanche were there were fifty cents a pack better. Europe is like a quarter of quarter pair forget animals.
Yeah that and gas to bad things were so true. Yet they were you get him at the same place around with a husky station in Albuquerque, Mexico's at fifty five cents, repack cigarettes and the gown aghast this round the same view of talking about cigarettes, Levin gum I got those here, vape said the boy scouts empty. Agnes yeah really did, and I because I like it, I guess it was some baby it. Not necessarily discipline button and organise thing, because I was paid clay alone. And there were a lot of other kids doing the same thing and cannot I combine to its lowest knife great, which is a little too long, The easy go to ego. No, I I gotta Forest star scout that agenda two to blow Eagle eye what I would know made what were we believe as we belong
so the organization were, there was a figure dss or anything. The security around my brother was a wee wee below you. Stand alone summer. Camp Justina, big circle and an indian runs around. You observe kid dress like a native American here and they what they call tap you out that European the chest and then your wheeler now throw a ritual thank the of it was the Illuminati of the US, with a very normal illuminato open out of the voice, got operation thousand, that was their wing, so So when you do the same for putting you would you just did, You didn't think you're good at it. Nor do I wasn't good. I was just slow and of we were all white didn't know I was slow, but I loved it and I was just organized it. Just wouldn't replace I just a part of a team right in elected, but not a leader,
No, no! No! No! No! I you know reading now I just I just like being part of a team so You first darkened enacting, I was its seventh grade- is tat. We are this acting teacher. She was a knock out. She was doing community theater and Saint Louis. You use in the union air so to please her It did was Abraham going to be a part of a play called. You can't take it with your car when an hard, I was in that it was Grandpa Vander, leaves its chaos right yeah. I had so it's a rope while time farce, not the waste of greater would do it eight greater with the bomb making REACT Uncle downstairs. I whenever it so I we only did one idea and I forgot my life and work I said heck of a long table and I got up and started improvising because I just didn't. I would not flop, would not enter. My brain.
I will not fail at this. In silence. Is deadly How do I got up and started and providing until I got around the table, the lights came back and I just got into it and my teacher when it was Virginia the biggest nice saga. That is enough and then a high school I got into a couple of play is yeah. Why you're playing ball, yeah It was no big deal. What were the place? li'l Abner hello Dolly when I was a senior You find something up there on stage it you have with filling the void. I guess all because haven't gotten a football and it turned out. I was good at a visa new owes good at it now went away to Junior College go away, but I want to hear your college got involved there and I trained go to another college and just blocks
you're my wife fucking around a fraternity. London belong thing again: yeah yeah, yeah yeah that those that were days there were the drinking got going, no, not really cause. I would drink like everybody else right. It could still drink like everybody ass a drinking happen, I was going with a girl and she dumped me Some have been out of our relationship in four years, what to do in New York, Seventy, eight years later, Oh, I remember that that was fun out overnight. It said it and actors bar hum. Just look at us. You walked in and should like to talk to the bartenders rural actors right and I got to be every night
started a gain, a lot of weight, and then I got to I want to another bar cafe central. Westside in there and but it got to be cause you. I guess my friends are up there. You, I got friends, I did. I say drinking heavy after girl broke my and I live conscious- we decide. It right that I'm gonna be this guy. Now it was you in easing yeah. If it's sort of like this is my life fuck her factor I'm living this way here? I yet you know. Even when I was drinking, whether fraternity, it was ever stop. It was just now myself your new, all these people and beyond,
I guess I never did know how to direct normally I've, just by just had a more without with a good thing. Is it like? I never think that I can, on everything that I can read nor younger. If I ever think about drinkings, I get you like who the fuck, what they even drink of one biotic, didn't just it can happen it will. I would you want it's like jumping off a building, a flying yeah. If IRAN not gonna, get ahead. One beer, Gaza tubers goes to Jack Daniels goes to who has got blow whose goblet That was always the things I gotta stay up more for this, and it was here that this date, my full attention, but of both one part, was tracking down, get which I would take hours, but you had a habit, that was more funds actually doing, and I don't like the ones you got it that the rush of getting it yeah was actually for sure. There was something about opening up the window
the bundle looking inside. Were it being hole, I think you're high. And the ritual chopping, my god, what again on a key now the key yeah yeah decline knows a start in Riyadh. Road of it I or the pen top deserves to be on the pen tolerate beyond in the cigarettes right you put in the USA Graph with ya, say system. By knows a start, the only audio drip when I got one eyed talk about low, yet my nose would run of pressure, the thing. I can't you sit in their give them that you sit narrative bar two in the morning. It's empty, and you know you you're unblown used to write. Things are gonna turn. Yeah is somebody's gonna walk, that's gonna happen with the girl. A dream, will walk now now now now right now it will be. If you did, I began to jack to do anything to go by energy. To talk here. Occupants
sit around strangers talking about shit. That was the worst. That's the worst part of people waiting is when you at a stranger sounds doing their blow with, in all your thinking about a guy's, gonna, more come and we're gonna put yeah. I heard you talking about you point. If I get a little bit, do you Can I just anyone do in that? One? Is that what you're all goddamn and we are so like when you went like in the New York, though that was a big John yeah. There was a big deal for me now. I got a graduated I didn't aside. I did summer theatres, I feel the very end. At the end of that I said: well, I'm gonna try this professionally You know anybody thought I was pretty good there. I knew a guy that'd com,
Storms in New York, we at any rate, let me land on him yeah for awhile right. So I took the M track: depends station overtook the cab driver and landed on? and a second street yeah and stayed with sky, and I was terrified We have a well meaning, never been there before now of a good massive. A friend there, the output been there for a year, and he knew the ropes he know about our difference, which was important because he forced me to go to additional hat, but just like unsuited, I gotta casting call stuff Given how agents are ya. You get over a newspaper, alright rack stage right backstage yandah. They they tell you where to go the outlook for what then it was all non equity of right and see just started doing that call yeah and I got a job on with the third or fourth try in
stage or on on camera on no know nothin on camera, for a lotta, as was at a dinner theatre in spring Barrel, Heil doing something. Seventy six and now I just have to do that. That was for o of beers, but that there was. Only last until after Thanksgiving, then I couldn't my girlfriend went down again to a job with the same journey through too so I went down awaited tables Followed her yeah, but I wore money than anybody here. Cutler lawns do in our jobs in This was a higher there. Waitin tables see just one for me ok I'll, do whatever was yeah. I was more comfortable there because it was suburbs right, Midwest Year of big what people could drive around yeah! That's the thing about on up in several grown up in the MID West is like the car thing, your kids like no one's gonna fuck. Now you don't need one here, just people everywhere, you can't get away good. Take. I still take the train
me too, the army, which I still have been in Yorkshire. You know how to be a New York yeah. I don't wanna live there again, I don't either. I mean I do at what I'm a month. There don't play yeah, but after a while it s- just- I guess I'm just too used to space but here again place here. Still here and now I am- we started looking at I got sober yet I got sober and Malibu yeah, oh nice, and, I wanted a sober, millionaire ancestry, that's right here I end up, the place out on the west side here, and we got one I thought. Maybe Help me work more out here. A push now now we get more muscle in New Orleans, Why I moved down there because my wife is from programme. Following the anna- and I
Well, I'm gonna be on a road allowed, so she could be near apparent right and that worked out the opt out great. So when, when did you start like Its work is, I think, the first time I remember you and I know you didn't at some stage work, but I mean the first I remember seeing you on in movies was Dad David Byrne movie yeah. That's like that. First, I was doing a Broadway show that went to an audition for David what year was it the bear like you were this guy big nice? Warm guy knows it would only movie ever directed right. Am I just kind of hung with them on the sat looking at stuff, and a really really liked it wasn't, first movie first led out overcome the idea That's why I remember
music, and here he was up to and division of it and his wife was involved. I think with the gas do vonny yeah and an eye just like I remember it was like going to like an art, show from land to go, see true stories as what is this about and it had, the burn isms in it, the joy working with that. I love them yet yeah. He said you just so whips mark an intense guy, huh yeah but in a good way. Then a couple movies, your revenge, the nerves and yeah Chad should remember Jay, Thomas Hector here and radio man yeah yeah yeah. J and I hear for once in underground, do our work can again of a list of humanoid underground groundwater, but a lot of my foot, from the borrower, and slowly that, right on that everybody
guess that a New York so went winded. Start to really What did the stuff you weren't? You mustn't, stuffy didn't Yorker states of mostly out of town for children. Sitter around New York, cause. I started doing commercials and seventy eight yeah. Then I myself for doing them, which is really stupid, but I kept because I didn't care about getting them. I kept getting booked. What why'd you hate yourself I'll, be I had some idea lies word it's the sell out. I am I now Hall Akira, it says. There's always some idea lies version right of what I should be doing in all my friends, the borrower do in films or really good theatre.
Right in pairing you area, despair and driving Maria driving myself down because of problems. A more detailed and they are right, but there s one that when I started my trouble is what I was making money and You didn't feel good about what you were doing require yeah, that's all yet course. I saw a battle with the executive like tomorrow. I gotta take a special and taken a comedy special tomorrow, and is there some power? Even though like you know, sober minded, In good you now, I feel great about a lot of things distant part of me that wants to How can I do it? The feeling I feel em. It's like he's working bright fears that can be shut up in a united and of attack and jokes can work. I would have done it. He asked the neck. I shut up here. Fuck him. Sorry sobered
The after the commercials in what you like, we training at all, I mean denial. I went up there to go to a school and I went there and just like college was better and people called I got discouraged. A proper school really are still radio yeah, because I had it would give me some solid food station more than I had for college now, not so much anymore, because you learn while you by your doing it, you did. I learn YAP, but always wanted some more technique to follow, gone but more at their nets. Because I don't trust myself with what I'm doing right that I'm looking for their technique in I'm just now, starting to learn that one I've been doing is ok, yeah here
fine just leave it alone, don't nitpick every fucking thing, you're there. That's something! I never trust myself. So every up to a certain point haven't a fairly recently you're saying you do things me like that yeah, I'm just learning now to trust myself. While you see If it's been a lifetime of beating the shit out yourself, you might get here whether so weird because, like the more actors I talked to the more, I realise that you know you can figure it out. However, you're going to figure it out, there's no weighing and it's that makes it so much easier when you're, not flogging yourself, yea and I dont at it was just learned, behavior. The other, some progress or some sort of yes factor Here- I was alone in the house and
food comforting. What I'm talking about to like I'm feeling that right now, like there's, no reason I shouldn't cognitive battles right here, that you actually have to go, I showed you know it's a united you're, my or work about doing today was gonna talk about that, I'm not that I don't bring anything to the Falcon party. Why do they want me? I didn't do anything but I'm ever greater, like you think I didn't do anything. Why am I being honoured the acquisitions I get the same. What we talked about the beginning with the big you gotta go deal was university that one someone from Saint Louis, I guess there but like when so
right after true story, the big easy with now with the aid talk to Dennis yeah? Did you pick up in that yeah? yeah yeah done Us- was the herd cop, I got there. Three movies in a row and eighty five. Then I started to and films yeah, big easy. Which took me go to, just to get lost, Every time I got a couple, Nicholson gather output at fly down. There you have it, I loved it up what I loved was the french quarter and a better way of certain bar, so they knew me it was. I come home, I heard it was all based on non booze and blow So you see you had that experience of a pre Katrina, New Orleans back at the that the high point of view when it was so he got into the dark. Foreigners, their yeah. I dug it and when the music they, who I get by yours, dirty and the food tat
but it was mostly alcohol. I never had a party I ended up there once by myself, but I never got the hang of the city, but I do know when you go there, there's no place like yeah there's an enchanting, sorted element. I remember one night: how could on bourbon and I was drunk enough to start acts. Stranger for blow I drove me out to a project there, but I I caught that. I came back alive and I told people had stored, assume you're still here. Yeah it's, but that's the worst The words were you like add a bar and you know no, the town I do. I do that once were some guy at the end of the bar think he had a cold, he was wearing a genuine call. Our story like what we got like people are waiting waiting to give their blow away or that they have it yeah yeah ridiculous, like you know that guy looks like he's kind of guy that when
I think it everything but quite is, like you know, as yours Do these movies. With these, with these actors, he'd been around a bit, Are you just learning from them too? I mean, do you get nine are solely from them, but just by the process. Insoluble rapture, other people that I admire de I am listening to directors like tat, and then I got to work with an opportunity or couple years later, as was seal of yeah, and that was He was my hero when I stood some sure and I started see an observer. Who is just a great guy really there. Thank God here is no nice one that works area it, but he love acting here. In the process of and everything to do with it to talk about that God Vice their yeah yeah. Just listen, do a stories and mom but yeah he was. He was so kind to me,
that's gray and watch it on work working with him, that's great in Vienna Pension myself over time to write. Yet will that the AIDS? it's so nice when the people you revere, turn out to be good people gap, as does nothing worse in the sort of here, a worship and then I think, a fuck. That's what I'm also afraid of your that guy, you don't don't meteor heroes when I try not but then I interview omen they're, usually, once you get them into the right perspective, which is human, they're, not ass. Maybe it's your expectations, yeah yeah, definitely or whatever your projected, sir. So but when the relationship with the Kohen star, with raising Arizona right, that's right around that's right, yeah, that was the third Foma did in eighty eighty five, eighty six
their second movie, I think the out in mouth when you went to that world with those guys at that age. Were you aware that, like this is something amazing I knew it was something special because it was on the page. And their sense of humour here was not unlike my their lot smarter than I am. But are, Just hanging around with them was wonderful yeah. I was always laughs, descriptive, raising Arizona, I just fell in love with it and I went in meeting, but we hung out for about an hour and a half what longer than I showed of right and we were guph and I was go from Russia may pictures in the air which is and that part was so great you and what they will force. The aforesaid haven't seen him in a while, but the whole thing so amazing. I watch it like once a year or so their move. It was It was so much fun
then after wanted to do more about just how can I can I make us better for these guys, Indeed, you, when you do those movies, because I know what I was thinking about the Kohen stuff that you ve done there all like you don't play them is funny We Hungarians, Pierre, yet the straight or you are that the better and in work in Nicholas Cage at that point was so wiring, so goddamn sharp that must Finally, I was he was finally, later he paced his put character and woody woodpecker, I thought it was widely coyote. It might be. I want the woody Woodpecker was attacked yeah and that of a cardiac right right, remoter heads yea. I would would systems, I was out there we are the bet you have let it happen, we're here. Yet I knew the cartoon character. That's fucking areas.
Noticed you were in the movie punchline, which was ridiculous, yeah I had a time it did feel were dickie less cause. I was hanging out of the improper, reunite them yet like eyes a comic you know when I say we, I value the locker room, the old comrade. I had therefore perspective. I know with your oh you're, doing you're in the improved crew at that time. Yeah never won a rebate, They go onto the floor. Watch Gaza to saying that from our law, because it was Peter Riegert, you can't have seen their people would hang around. Their guys would show up there at that. Time was a good time like. It was the eighties every young homage around we friends were comic yeah, I was a six SAM Kennison all time. Comedy store rector common document
these two come down the store to the comedy. No- and I went there once, but there was a sheer yet the improper I knew Kennison we did some time did. I did a boy with them, can be too many areas look. I know how do I look me in the aggregate where you goin back yeah yeah, that's good times, so easy work like what free movies a year for the last. Quite right had burnt blights. Lately I got the opportunity Roseanne wanted it the sugar of economy area that came in to up that's just fell in my lab. We I was nice to be living out of a suitcase
Why were you living out of a suitcase You got the first. We are we. We headed off Rosanna after a while, the addition react now Eighty, eight eighty, seven, eighty seven, eighty seven, that that was your life yeah She was like she was something else. She still is something else, but if you know did you know going into the original Roseanne this was going to be such a gain changing show for the culture at the time. I just didn't care. I cook him, you know put maybe do five of these and they are cook s off bright and I M a mid some nice coin. Yes- and I just I didn't worry about that- they just evolved into this massive decade, almost
that guy yeah, I'm still occur not yet they don't know my guys back or the character that guy guy from her, but you it's weird like I, you know I watched Roseanne, but Guy, wasn't you know It grows out watcher, so IQ, stand out of my mind as the guy in the movies more than the guy in Romania, which is fine yeah, I mean Barton. Fink is one of my favorite movies. You ever I'll show you a life of the mind. That's what I want to do over again. Really yeah. Just do not ever do it better you were crazy. It was going down that hallway. Better those fucking great Yeah I did that back to back with a movie called King Ralph would throw tool. Ouch was ass, the best the morning with that guy in the movie start, but Dutch is being with Piero tool in any. Still drinkin. Fortunately I was he wasn't out in yeah, but he take me around two up,
first time you got to hang out with him, What's up with got to tell her to places where said that the several hotel one night near he was surrounded by pictures, Richard Burton Brian Harrison. All fronts global was yeah. He was that suggestion. The George you think, MECCA. Through the scenes of value late, for train real urgency. Get present the other, but may live sense to me. Take out all the slack do when when you think about the other movies you ve done like outside, Obviously you like working with the Coen, so I keep.
Called they are by the activity. They seem. Ok, those Pierre turned their there, their nerves, yeah, a beggar want the app repression, but I in doing all this work at? Do you look back at the movies with a with more finesse than others I think I did for Johnny. Yeah, the David Byrne fill the that was a big I opened, the working without yet work within three times now? A really here? yeah there was a movie did about Jack Kevorkian. That was great. It's HBO movie who won the things were you know for me when I was I can, but you know that he gets a little. A concerted habits yeah and by in that movies, like holy shit, he just turn himself in it out there and became neck. I I only any any patina was here was the great watch I agree to hang in. There was now what
The Flintstones experience, two and a movie, that's billboard produce tat. I did two of them. One was arachnophobia always Stephen Dorothea and, while word or first table rate. For always he comes I society, this latest dome and even announcement to make. I have just found my fretful and stone dead, I'm looking to God no this is not a new US going area Abdalla due for the rest of my life, and I wasn't really. I like the Flintstones warehouses, fifth grade sure seeding few. I get a choice now it was yet to order had, but six months before we started filming, I call him a drop condom up, and so I don't think I can do this
I wanna do is loud, but our working with him, the over interactive phobia. He he get a nut, be driving a truck and he be put himself down passenger side cuz. He thought it'd be funny if he wasn't wasn't he was he was he directed energy producer? You re was a producer on need just like fuckin, with every night after I get off rose. Andrea, hang out earlier. That made me feel good because you I get is, is you know you're in your part of the island? I felt like I ve gotten somewhere that was amazing time. I would imagine especially up like its king Ralph in Barton, Fink
hail Caesar. I think that our great double feature our so too, like they they go together. It's almost without a sequel right now, talks about Health Caesar. I fuckin love that I did. You call your communist they great great they're, so hilarious and when, when you did the they bring out you're dead. I love that movie to know here much about that. I'm ashamed of myself for that one because I was drunk for most of it. I was really intimidated. I didn't really know what I was going to do. You intimated I'm working with Grenadier who Ike I should. Then he was a nice guy in the world. Now it was very unhappy than pollyanna wind up with a bottle, and start wrecking the very vigorous gay he actor in farming, and we felt mostly at night I didn't really have a character. I really I said yes, because I wanted to work with MRSA
those in another than do the work. That's weird feeling, so one is: do you just shown up as yourself, yeah yeah without Axa yeah? That was my character it's ok, it's it's! What how do you know when you like? I guess when you know when you ve locked into the character, if you're not aware of it, you right here, the applicant thinks come naturally you don't have to work that hard some animated stuff too, and I read that that when you and Billy Crystal did that what is it the car cars are monitoring monsters that you like his I'm doing. I'm involved animated thing now, but you guys did a lot of it together, that was his choice. Was so much better when we got together. So much better when we work together I just hang onto bellicose. He could
provides sure, I sure did ya any, can feel the viable and on aid the movie down yet you're dead, end and but the energy we do. Separately, sardine. Then it really started. Work really cook the area less one bright, the are evil gigantic. I fun Yahoo. I ever yeah, I know what a minute of its Gerda he's a night that their dead too has taken me a wilder throughout all year: blocked hampered if I'm having an, I don't want to stop my favorite things laughing and if I do that, ending you're gonna find you will make. You laugh yeah, so what the Conners easy in the sense of white defined that that guy's right there you I was, I was worried about it because they can be worried because I, like me, word how my having find him again. It was. We walked onto the site and it was.
I hate using the word surreal, it's just over two years, but that's what time travelling- was that being the wallpaper was the exact same print, the furniture was there. I had seen the stuff, a walk away from it and boom and rosy, and I just went back to Heaven above you came right- fat- and I guess we did. It shows the yeah came right back up when we had grandchildren worry about new characters yeah, but as long as I was hanging with I was always doing right, yeah right. It was on the page too. I righty Irian. Why hopes ok harder to in terms of white. Doing these comedies with like what was it like working with Mcbride, as I watched all the gemstones, and I love them- and I had eaten in here and have you no Danny? I've talked to him too, but he's a funny fuck up
not a professional funny man and the subsidies not always on right. You just his funny things any there's something about his demeanor, though, like he's got weird penis that is so undercut, Riunite really. He goes to death, but somehow is sympathetic yeah because he such an eighty year and not dumb budgets, sort of like a like he's, gonna fuck it up such a great truck. It is agreed at an hour how he does it, but his teeth- that's some imagination. These guys you once school of the North Carolina School, the arts I'll, hang together up right together and they It bought a sears or renting a seers, an old sears, the shopping center, yeah and yours in their everything is in there that we had shouted some of it and a lot of location fears I dont have they bought up the retina.
And it's about movies duty downing where South Carolina in Charleston Nokia yup. It's just swell do you have to know, and I think there are, and what the other I named Green for David, Gordon, Green yea, scavenging is and Toby. Joe Joe Yoyo, Jody Zodiac yeah, but wouldn't when you got a gig when you have that stuff, we familiar with this stuff from other what others are really so rare this by reputation and right. I'd seen a couple things, but there was It was funny, it was of great concept, ya gonna go and I just got lost my job Rosanna. Just gotten can't write again, but the next day I got the script essential yeah, and now you don't bother to you in there. Guys. You are more than gemstones. Death was started, that's great and you feel like feel good yogurt here and
I'll, be staying in the same house in South Carolina. So that's down. I don't have to worry about anything I like it. There ya got. People are wonderful and it makes it- and it's always followed so, Mr Prodi, how many people you I say this to you like, come on? It's great John! Stop it now it's good too many down the mayor of Fucking business. So what So what are you do with the rest of your day, how's that now for I've got to go back to the hotel, yeah get my stuff, take it back home, some other stuff and go back to the hotel cuz. We got run out Oh shit with the fires. Are they right? There would have been a good excuse. To what now major mark. You might not have my burn down that I don't have anything to say he could
my house. My bird was. It now is scary to you, it's scary, right now it's we're safe. Now, ok, I got stuff that I need my dog and worse. If that's right, my fears like how the fuck am I gonna get. Cats out of this house, dogs are good cause, your come up and they come Catherine would cover yeah- louder, talking here. Thanks more, I think we had a lot to say and I'm glad you came. I am I am to this- was born in a like meeting. You like me, nutriment John Goodman I had no idea, I don't know what to expect from anybody on this show. That was really something too deep, replace a more thoughtful self aware. You know we'll heavy
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