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Episode 1074 - Mike Sweeney

2019-11-25 | 🔗

Mike Sweeney tried on several different careers before becoming the head writer for Conan O’Brien: trial lawyer, standup comedian, warm-up comic. But it’s a miracle he was able to do any of them after growing up in a violent, unpredictable household. Mike tells Marc the truly shocking circumstances of his early life, as well as the better days doing comedy in New York City, the highs of Late Night on NBC, the chaos of Conan’s Tonight Show days, and the many hats he now wears in the Conan Empire. This episode is sponsored by Zoro.com, Stamps.com, and Pepsi.

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This is it I mean. I know this is a slow weak for many people. In terms of work, I think people are kind of shut down the shot after getting ready to go there, preparing and the way to a sort of land in the chaos that they come from. This go back, go back into it. Go into the vortex. Put on your psychic helmets to enter the world of your childhood, or maybe not maybe right now. You know I'm not doing that. Just can ever thanksgiving by myself or with my family. My my family the one I'm trying to be my family, the corrective the fan We then corrects it thing that I made to stop. The madness. I may these children to stop what you did look at me, I'm yelling and nothing. Kids will never see that you
Who did this in these kids right, kids right, Daddy's? Ok, right, see I'm not going to be the same kind of person. What are you laughing at not going to be the same kind of person. You were on fixing it. This is the tone A person fixing something back. I can't get design right. That's the tone of patients and correction God dammit. Why won't this fit Fuck, I'm gonna go back to the store God dammit. Maybe I should take a picture with my phone smile I want to show your grandmother that fixing you everybody doing! Look, I don't know where they came from. I do know that I am going back.
I'm going, but it's not, that it's not a Jew, not a geographical location. It's a psycho geographical location! It's where my mother lives in my brain, I'm going to see her, and I know that is the area. Is the Messina crime there for a while. Minor emotional crimes in the big picture, but I'm ok, sir. That's what I'm doing! I'm guy and I do this- we have done it there. Couple years. I didn't do it, but now we have tightened up the crew down there just family, No, no, no stragglers with annoying political dispositions. That's, ok, sorry, don't go. If they're gonna bother, you keep it at home, not that big deal. But how would you know how goes down there? I shall do my dispatch, we do do a new show every thanksgiving and I will do it also today on the show this fucking they blew my mind, I've
this guy. For years I mean years Bobby almost thirty years since we do Comedy New York, MIKE Sweeney writer. Has been had writer for Canada, Brian going back the mid nineties, and he So now he hosts the coat he co hosts the pod TK asked inside Conan an important Hollywood pod. Asked along with Jesse gas, go. But I thought you I didn't. I didn't know MIKE's when there's so much. We don't know about people that you make assumptions about new, just sort of like that that guy I know that guy veto no fuck anybody? Do you really people I can incomprehensible to quote Sidney Pollack again. From the movie Michael Clayton, I shouldn't I should look up this screenwriter of that thing. I could do it now. Am I gonna. Do it now but you don't know you don't know people I did not know make sweeping and I mean we
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factor in the home international first in Spain. I know I complained about what thought was a aid. You're, not a great reaction to my comedy and that dead, the the communication barrier? The language disconnect was hot for me in and I didn't know how everything landed, but after outlandish best actor does it, and why is that the great I I'm honored I appreciate the best act or not from the judges at the home phone best, and I know that soon exactly Put down my resume things are gonna, take off for me already taken off. I got nowhere else to go. I you know. I read the entire Jerry Wechsler autobiography my trip to get into debt, brains in mind and heart of Jerry Wechsler, who I will playing in the upcoming a wreath of Franklin, Bio Pick, though it's a slice of White Marie. It's not a fool.
I can say about it, but I'm playing Jerry works when they find out. I found it. A cross a guy I used to, like you know the crash, his appeal, when he was crashes, girlfriends house back in the day. Some real mass bill will this museum sadness rest in peace, though Wilson, but he's playing Jerry works or in an a geo many serious thing. In cross, are playing temperamental, compulsive, jewish record dear sir, and I think we're the only to that can do it. Perhaps me cross will get together after all, is behind us and do doing workforce right here but I did read dumb the book. I actually got an email from the writer the coat you know, the guy who helped Jerry Right the book David rates. He also wrote a book on the Moors Day and on a wreath of Franklin back on the phone with him for a while talked about Wechsler
got the I got some interviews on my phone, so I can hear we talks, so I can get it right, I dont want to work. I don't want to do it in injustice, because it's a big opportunity for me And in the other, a guy that dumb from another generation from my New York. He of a generation of juice that the talk like this. He's not gonna, take any shit this guy, take any shit, this guy, a right. Five thousand dollars five thousand dollars I'm doing but the great thing about it about reading Wechsler is I got my allocated filled in all these gaps. How is it filled in all these gaps in my music knowledge, it's kind of a great book. I think it's called rhythm and blues
by David, the Ritz I'm excited by, so that that's it I got. I told you about the best actor. We had a great time mean Director Lady had a nice time Listen to me, you ve, always got to take the opportunity to celebrate these days what makes you happy if you want to cheer your team went in big game. Your favorite movies or tv shows musicians. You have celebrate all of it and let Pepsi how you take. Although celebrations to the next level are streaming that new show everyone's talkin about, or maybe there's a new movie, but your favorite director or you're going to see your favorite ban when it's time celebrate Steiner. Crack open Pepsi. Am I right as a lot of you know, I just got down with a lengthy comedy too, and I can tell you this. I always had a Pepsi, though diet. One on hand. In fact it's one. The only things I asked for from a venue is that they have some diet Pepsi in my green room. I liked I Pepsi and in I might Why else would I do this
Do you think I'm just some sort of corporate show. I like I have to use your crime, and that gives me Jack's me up somehow before onstage and then For me, when I get off that guy, I paid a guy, I gotta die Pepsi there I'll be careful with the second die Pepsi for some time. Yeah, I guess Mule hyped up, So for whatever celebration you wanna folks. Whatever moment you want to share with your family and friends, have some She on Hand Pepsi, the official Sponsor of the NFL reminds you to always be celebrating. I got an email which I think was sort of resonate with me. Look, I understand the depth of Ireland. I understand the darkness of Ireland, the beauty of Ireland, the lush history of Ireland, just feelings of poetic just like I'm enamoured with it on all levels. I find it to be very deep place and I find that I make for the darkness of Ireland is that part of the beauty. But it's weird how we romanticized- and I think, people I guess this- is he some sort of them,
blind sightedness of entitlement of being able to romanticize take vacations to serve, maybe have a bit of a blind eye to what is really happening in the country Year, Europe. Visiting because you want to fuck your vacation up here you want enjoy their that the club, Med or whatever they might know? What that's why you want to enjoy the nice little beach town, you're right next, to the it's burning, because people hiding for their lives. You now is that your problem, any, I think it's a big problem with our country in general, like the world is on fire by look, and I just enjoy this pie. Thank you, I got this email and its it's, but I think it's important here too. Oh it's out in, and also to raise awareness to live to what he called teachable moments through emails. Irish man, comments on your irish comments, higher mark,
John here from Dublin originally from Kilkenny, ever played cat laughs- yes, I've done that twice now, a great time anyway? I just wanted to say that I found you take on Ireland really refreshing. Most Americans go straight to telling you about their genealogy, saying that there are people. Irish or something I always feel really removed from people who say that stuff, because its they ve been sold some sort of holiday package, that's coded in an american ized idea of Irishness, like it's a fetish or something I enjoyed. The way you described the people as embedded with the environment and also your observation on how existential the people are. I also really enjoyed how you look into what turf is on offer. It just seems that out of the millions of Americans who ve on Ireland for years, and years? Your interest really seems to come from a place of genuine enchantment, which is lovely, and be refreshing, but I guess, when I hear Americans talk about how nice it is here, my stomach always sinks a bit because irish Fetish
Jason is kind of damaging in that a greatly distract from the other side of what's going on in this country is a complicated. I would yes, it's extremely rich. With scenery and culture which I cherish, but a lot of them has come at a serious caused it to me that we highlight Ireland as a place. That is also deeply traumatized, our nation was established under a type of corporate Catholicism that absolutely obliterated the country's mental health all the way up and the early two thousands current leaders are bulldozing our cultural quarters with hotel chains in theirs. For on this island families are living out of hotel rooms, emergency accommodations, and we have a thing here- called direct direct provision which is a prison for called direct provision, which is essentially a prison for refugees. Not possible, they sound like a conspiracy not to you, but this stuff is common knowledge here in Ireland, it's on the news in the papers every day. These subjects are part of the fibre to which our modern culture is reaching too and basing our art on.
I'm not asking you to wallow in despair, I'm not trying to kill your idea. The place irony is beautiful and special and worth the bad weather. If anything, I'd like to enrich your fascination of the country by encouraging you and your listeners to look deeper than the scenery and how nice we all are where nine for a reason, love your podcast John and achieve lasting PS it. Renounced done de Gaulle, Donegal, Gall Donegal, thank you, John I've. Don't think you're conspiracy theories. I appreciate the lasting it's a nice balance and yes, there, a in it if it did sort of strike a thing in me where I realize, like we all romantic, as we all we have certain through. A certain amount of entitlement turn the blind eye, either from apathy or ignorance or still selfishness and I appreciate the information and I thank you. I we sensitive to this now so there's another
teachable moment. It's gonna hurled it it's gonna fuck your brain up, Q, Tipp Ear Drum Incident, hey Mark, wanted to start up I think the beauty of his really helped me be more open about my mental issues with friends and family alike and given me so much more confidence in daily life through that, especially my anxiety hearing talk about your struggles with strangers in an odd we charming way and genuine interest in the conversations very inspiring but onto the email. You had meant in cleaning your ears with Acute Tipp, which is something I do compulsively, but it may. Think of a crazy story. I met a man in Freds, Texas BAR in Fort Worth, who is we death in one year, because one day he was cleaning his ear with acute tip and he stumbled and fell into the wall of his tiny closet, sized bathroom and he punctured is eardrums with the cutest bleeding and in a lot of pain. He had to call an ambulance because he couldn't stand with the
ear and balance. He warned me of the dangers and now I think of him. Every time I clean my ears, be careful. Your canadian fan Jesse so Now you too will be thinking Of this man that Jesse met in Freds, Texas, bar and forward taxes, I like a detail like that, like the thrust here, that the guy burst its buccaneer drum with a fucking cue to Vincent by important this hour, texture the story, the details, the body was a guy. He met him, Freds, Texas, Barn Fort Worth, so that if you do a place like anything in this paragraph other than what the fuck he fell It is not did curative into his head, but like what Freds bar in four worth. That sounds interesting place, the guy met a deaf guy and he got this story.
A happy man. Why. How'd, you lose your hearing, Can you say again. Again here in that year, What happened. Oh man. Ah man are you sit down, I can't see either. I added that part are you shouldn't down because can't either. You know you see I'm blind eye ETA horrible action and when I was Bernard drops in you know, I'm a fail in my small bathroom into the mirror and up jam devising into my lost them see clearly the other one key thou and just happen twice in, and I haven't even told you that Kip story, yet the I'm starting to think I should stop drinking, because this problem
not the size of my bathroom. Am I right. Hey folks were gluts. Let's get on with it. My guest today is MIKE Sweeney heads. Therefore, Conan o Brien, going back to the mid nineties history that shall have history with MIKE at history. The previous head rider. He co hosts the podcast inside Conan would important Hollywood podcast along with and Moscow, and it was one of the most. Mine, blowing stories of a life, I've heard this is me talking to MIKE Sweeney. How do you know tat I see
My son turn me: wait network, healthier, kids, twenty two and twenty five, the fuck out of here, but when it is like thirteen ISA heaved stories like they would dj they, whenever you drive, they put together a playlist there and he played the melted. For me, oh yeah, which is, I bet, but it was once on from there not and so he's an agreed like cruises, whose ass yet and I kept. Heading him expectation go guy hearty ice yeah, he was, he is I just Michael cronies, new record, given it a spin good, very different, their friends, they s than pal, supplanting whether yet time young and very different sounding entice ego puts out a record low. Every time I can't keep up with me like I'm, like a teenage girl, where I like one got a beer and I'm just like that's my but forget it. Did you buy them? Ah? Well, I dont bother
I bought them online near by, but now I like the last two or three albums, forgetting your kids are twenty two and twenty five are you just have to You boys, I thought I'd like seven kids now make up, have fun five children. I don't talk about two boys to boy same wife. Same wife twenty eight years, it had been twenty layers insanity. Yes, I feel like Mr Matter once passed back in their j. You know loved her. She went to like go word star, Dame instrument, a comedy clubs, three times every thou everytime she's like because you know I'm good night. I, U R something spanish, because I don't think I get it because I, I guess I met you, I mean I moved to New York, basically in eighty nine, and how long did you live in New York? Why? Move down there I was in. I was in New York eighty nine and
he's gone back and forth from New York to Boston where had to work for a living, but couldn't get on a catch. I was in New York from eighty nine to nine three ran back again from ninety five to two thousand and two: I may you embossed, you did I. Did, and I don't do is I? He came up from New York to work at Nix for the weaker outright and you know they had an ex downtown and enjoy one out and all the horrible, marvellous, smart, bargain Marvin Hackler is from the right it was in Brok. There was a Nixon bracted. Yes, so I would always lived Nix well, I think I close food problem there
if this is who you're sending here, whereas I working with you, we they had a very old town house right right eye on how reviewer lived or something right down, town the I stay there one night and you were staying in another bedroom. Now. Yes, oh man, you when I was out on now. Eighty eight eighty nine may be right and we talk just for a few minutes and I do you now. I dont think I do stayed in behind us heard about them right at ice like what Had occurred at my skirt specifically drugs drink. What do I do man, and and did we do drugs hindering? No, I didn't know,
I think you're right, you were very philosophical. You were talking about a bookkeeper, really do something as like. Ok, this is not what this man is on. Quite a life journey ahead and rise like I can, and I was it- we just got everything that we can go for you in Brockden man. I was with Joe Rogan right yes, he and he drove me out there and like he was up Camaro. I gaiety seventy year yeah and I never met him before, but he was just you know. I, like I had Harry had hair then will be to Harry. He had harrier and vigour muscles than the now probably I saw a pretty big, but he's right still do you just come and have a kick boxing day was just coming out of the air and I what I learned their weekend was Boston. Comics, really like to talk about it.
Was in commerce and he liked to say, will you was bright, used, primula girl? This guy does need now? Is that into me? But you know I could kick his ass clear and yet we went to broaden and he he killed there. He degree and then the other carbon than a camera the angel downtown yes, oh yeah, really work here is our right. Here is a specific type of audience, but did you do like? Where did you come from? I that's what I like. Overly broad question. I grew up in New Jersey really yeah yeah yeah orators and on the near border, Montraville yeah Autonoe into Bill MAR went to my high school. Pascal kills Highschool Anna Tom Papa, I really like. Are you the same ages? Papa, no good God? I think I'm much older than Papa really in Myanmar was two years ahead of me: that's all there how
You have sixty two. Are you really wholly? Oh yeah? Why didn't start comedy towards twenty eight? Fifty six? If that were the same, the sure now you're, like older, I'm much older, widget boomer, I'm a serious boomer, I'm! No, my I'll be people said okay boomer out earlier today I caught the tale under the boomer to the point where I have no identity. My generation has now done right, he raised is what are you and I would just picked up the garbage it. They left right right, but people don't ask you that now, when how old I am row or whether homer, where you consider yourself I consider myself it sort of nebulous. By the time I got to high school everything. It has already happened in music. You write sophomore junior year new,
It happened right right and then, like week, I think disco was happening right. I was nothing you could latch on to remember the near the Zeppelin stuff that happen years, yet all it already app. No, they entail until new wave and round came in land. I was a scary, time here would like war. We know not where no shoe, and then I thought the eighties for music was kinda bad. Personally, yeah. No, I think so. I can't I can't remember once I started doing once I was in college. Would you the college and asked university Ok, that explains, are ok. Take it ended up embossed, dear dear jurists, so we twenty eight so yet the plan. We want those lawyers, I was one of the lawyers. You were worry you yeah, there's a trial lawyer for three years holy shit hold on a minute so Sweeney now how many kids, who could you grub hammock, is in the family, other gas, Mohammed Unconcerned, ignite three
two elder sisters. I was a baby. Ok and I also group in a kind of my mother- was mental issues and so is prig. It was pretty quiet like I ended up living at home to his twenty six he's gotta your mom eyes out? yeah, but also yeah. She she was like really new mind control, so How can you elaborate? She as she is. She was in the sixty. I didn't. I didn't learn this too much later was around now. That is why I can speak yes, of course, she's diagnosed multiple personality disorder really, which I, which we didn't know I didn't learn until much later you with your dad around. I just thought she's about impressionist hadn't, my dad was around, but he was like a kind of Milton de candid outcome,
all I can do you know she he was in over his head with her. So you checked out and then she would, you know, she'd get really violent and stuff so kind of a wild childhood, but really it was kind of cinema like we. I think we told ourselves over in a kind of in a movie because it was like you know, like I'd It was crazy, like put furniture against the door at night, really cause. I know like if she was in a certain phase, she'd, be coming up in the middle like two in the morning with like a butcher knife What yeah knows are crazy, like we don't have to walk yourselves in the bathroom upstairs and but theatrically, or did she actually hit? You were yes, yes, you have you heard you had to move quickly. You had to get out of the room
It is crazy. That's Viking, terribly sorry, your sisters old enough to at least look out for you. I know we was there. Are you if someone's use every man for it was, can like we'd all ready to other out to her. That till I gained favour, just even if it meant five minutes, so that would remind control lay. I hear Kim. You know it was you just now. Data played last adventure just mentioned in the report, just the next time. Your grabbing, the knife. You know you all my head, you might wanna had her wafers crisis, but by when she wasn't crazy. She was very warm enough, but that's really the crazy schism chronic, but through the diagnosis. Not by a power like will now read up, might multiple mercenary. Now they called dissociated. I think personality tell whether who died a giant boring who diagnosis in retrospect, how do you diagnose I've? Retroactive lie fallow years later that she went to a psychiatrist.
In the sixtys when we're little yeah, No one ever show that info with us. He was in a medicine. No, she had a mission where clay would never admit that she did anything wrong, so she would like that it two days of like chasing us around and then should make us like. It should be, like I mean Put your father out of the house like, should make us kick him out of the house all the time. Had you kick your father, I, like you, grab him and said get out of here. Cause if you can get him out, she'd turn on us, so it we're who were highly motive and then we'd have to like wire the door shut. What yeah and then he'd like sleep in the car come alive. Oh yeah, We had a big job. He like wrath per annum. This directive, research- for pharmaceutical company, and he was mayor our town this crazy. Nunez ban are each of you
I'm too yeah yeah, I mean my guy one night, you sleeping in the car, I think those twelve and my sisters, where college, so that from trouble I was alone with her at the height of the news. Tat was like a bad urine and he was like drunk sitting out in the station wagon, the driveway so she's like we have to I do ask her whole thing was brainwashing us that he is the cause of she acted up because of my thoughts. Father actively use more of a man here, she'd be fine I'll make we just You know we were brainwashed, as we are afraid of her. So anyway that is his trunk and station wagon. Because we have to come to the hospital his alcoholic yeah and she said I M either plan. Let's make I'm a little lasso and nuclear use. In the back, see and put the noose over his head and pull it. So he can.
Cape and then I'll get in the driver's seat and drive him to the emergency. In your thirteen I was twelve twelve and suchlike. I you know, I think we should maybe test this out on a dummy or give this a weak euro. I am, I think, are rushing this yeah she's, just don't just do it. So, unlike okay, so you know where relate sneaking out in our own driveway an attack. Ok, I'm three jumped em. I mean I deliberately to get the latter and his neck. When he escaped you did well yeah I mean I can. I then so then should accordingly she hears locked me out of the house for four: not less and where'd. You dare go when he escaped. He starts state like flop houses over like the name, an hotel, Pizzeria, Rockland County, really yeah yeah. He was a mess and then and then the guy crazier cousin. He got serious emphysema, Annie work anymore. I need my mother tongue.
Back in the house, but he shared my bedroom with me, but because she had turned us against him. I didn't I share the room with him. I d changes oxygen tanks, everything for two years. I never- and I didn't talk to him once yeah cause she and their money alone. He died. My sisters, and I was nineteen and my sister's relate in their early twenties. We all thought I mean we knew underneath. Oh she's, you know insane here, but we part of this thought when he died. Everything would be great and then six months, after he died. She turned it all on us and whether all the problems and but she had a crazy amnesia like she would spend the night of. Chasing us knives and an area she do the kristallnacht, like not all the windows at a house with a with pitch war, crazy stuff- and the next day. You'd tell. When she didn't guy. I don't know what you're talking about she would
oh my god, so you showed ass light to your twenty six. You surface, but we will have our you so reasonable hyper, I'm a because not there anymore, you ve gates, fits all gravy out. What do you need a family? So I've never seen a movie carry and the like piper lorries grabbing knives and I'm just like come on witnesses, but we Wednesday's gets hurt you who are hinders the stories of Eugenie. I mean you genuinely terrified Alla time your dad. Yet in the room with you for two years, you can talk to me just there. We didn't using here wheezing on oxygen, I'd changes, tanks and you never actually hidden try to talk to it was it was opposite drinking still now he wasn't drinking, and I M here He had like ten percent of his lung capacity was. Oh, my God oxygen is so grim. Is.
Dick it's. You know why. I never told anyone any of this cause. It's like you, don't talk about what happens, but, and you know this is happening your mom's, the oceans like this happen. It believe me trust me that there's stuff going on behind every door, the street on my camera hook, did she ever job now no, no, no! So bad! he again is that of working like he's dying, were Eugenie got disability so how'd. You sisters turn out their great their good? You know, we'd, we became really type because we went through it. So I Marian kid they're married with kids. They are, they all turned out really well and where in were tired- and I think it's because we went through this craziness right but didn't, but must have had some sort of fortitude because you seem pretty well adjusted. You always have rights, but I mean that's not saying much. I mean sensing I anybody can, but what their did weather psychological.
Trauma that you had to overcome process. Well, when she was. I I she was also very loving her hand and she was good audience. I really could be yours chiding earlier up when she was normal here, an eye when she was once fine when she was an having an episode. Ah, I think she's very maturing Nguyen, and so there was some some counterbalance to it, and there are I I just when things were going crazy, like she's literally go down in the basement and bang on a piano at two in the morning then and you'd here, the music come through the dot heating docks and you knew you travel in. It was like tat the average like you knew she was coming up and around twenty and I'd. That's what I'd be like shoe the dust you don't sit or and she'd be like the door at the open and I'd, be pushing and should re right with the knife really aghast seething. She would starve. You get listen
I came home once from sleep over two friends house. I got to my bathroom and I opened the door. It's like time at my father's line in a pool of blood. Could she said: men and she punctured is long and I'm just gonna fuck I just want to have it, but you know: you're just used its just like this is gonna mess up the ways out or day it out for you to call the ambulance. Adding calamity similar, but yeah had glass but an we didn't. I I know who told anyone any others. Still I told a girlfriend winners like twenty three noirtier, and I thought can get struck by lightning like it was that ingrained that you can talk about a really now and when and what the girlfriend do she broke up. Did you know, and then, as we, I've got a powerful tool to get Lee with this sub story, but I dont know so, but were but ok, so the times that she was ok. Did they our balance? The other stuff,
now. I got worse and worse hours and worse and then now will you the only one left in the house that yes, yes, my sisters, I was so angry. My twenties and she also, I won the dew comedy an eye. You knows grudge. From college and and she's like no, you have to mean that you have to go to law school and you I heard her mojo is so powerful that I found I filled out law school. Would you gotta Undergrad Wreckers Newark? I commuted by other sectors has accomplished. Nor has Mcgowan directors, and now we re ok. Now because Newark is like it's a parking deck dry, one building right and it was a thirty five mile each way commute. But I was staying home with her she's like you. Can you can go into school again? You gotta, you now stay here, there's too much to do here. Got us. His White Norman Bates was given Norman Bates event, I had a really good commuting, ah at committee, with
a guy and I got really good it. You know the toll basket. Yeah. I got really good. At hook, shouting the courtroom from the passenger That said, I will see you in memory of hearing the records are doing and I can do but would you get me, would you studied you do well you Sarka. First two years I was kind of like and then I buckle down and then so she kind of filled out there patients Roscoe and then I got in two Fordham New York City and Lincoln Centre, so I there and then am committed there on a bus which is really just hang with guarantees Yahoo time yeah going through your twenties. They had the night before but the bar exam, yet she was getting mad because I, like I, I was studying for the bar exam, the next morning right and the matter was paying attention to her. So she like grabbed a knife and me and like mother Fucker. I just grabbed her and like through against refrigerators, and she looked out
like all by God and she ran in your bedroom and call the police and said I was murdered, tried to murder her voice got at six police cars can a further roaring. Firstly, I don T like it's a first call. They got about em murder, lovely you down forty years, so they were all pretty jack. Was a meet me stuff, so she I'm just like I had like I'm a bad procrastinator and either I had whole subjects. I was planning to learn that night for this. The test was next morning at eight, a m in bar exists in men, Patent than I was out into the bargain today test and these points and I'm sick, so I go outside and like do we getting moves analgesic? I gotta get rid of these guys. I gotta. My way out of this get them out of here and get back to studying
so that that was the goal for that night. So what do you say to him crazy? I yeah I just eyes like guys, please by all means, go in and talk to her the door on the left yeah, but so yes, they they can't get away, and then they are on their way that I went back to study two hoots in time for the term Cindy. You pass a bar, I did. I did and then I ah this whole time. I psych. I wanted to be trained staff of comedy, and I but I also like one, Moscow. Is I just like? Well, I've got a just and do this thing right Diana was swinging visible, but you practice Laufer. Why so, then I got a job as it personal injury, defence turtle, which was with like our like I'm innocent company, ok, but I loved another group of liking. You weren't,
billboards with the guys. Were you know we are not actually day with the other side, and I was too five, and I had my eyes opened. I too how people make up lawsuits. Like they juice like some lawyers would get despite clear, then use x, rays for a client. I see you at your word work for the insurance company jurists company and then somebody would present you would put together the k exiled to you away a lot of times. I had come in the morning and they go oh, they they put a. I'm just gonna. Go you you're there picking a jury for this pick a jury and you can in the case on the subway and so on, the subway down like learning the file and you have to go in and I didn't. Then they re just let me do like federal trials. I had no idea what others do and big big Lincolnshire fraud cases and stuff and budgets. You yes, whose and then once you start right,
what's your mom doing alone at the well once practicing eyes like I, I moved out so moved it. Only Greece sublet in New York City, but whose taken care of no one took care of her for years and years she became became a harder and It, did, have a happy ending beer, It really did. I like em shine twenty twelve in three years before that shit shrilly her. I can call sisters on the three of us. I didn't bother to my wedding mice, arches. Mrs design and never kids were allowed to see her and so painful wasn't a painful yeah. I was really get a call that oh she died in Nepal over garbage and she had been there a month and write a unit, Yeah raccoons were playing with her hair and trails, and and so I got that's. Gonna sock when, yes, that's just gonna, be an open wound here today
what happened. She heard a back my sister's when, over there the emergency room and they the emergency room and for the first time ever there just like You may well when you done with the back, should a little out of tests for the old brain and me at when they like, oh, they admitted her. They forty eight hours psychiatric evaluate right and they said she had very rare condition where it's the same word. The person never can comprehend that there is anything wrong with them. And arab and pushes paranoid and all sorts of crazy stuff. But so they parent medicine and to go into a nursing home, but but it was as one and just cause her back was, but this medicine worked and she was great She was like the good mother all the time, and so, so I started a year's like through three
but I saw calling early and having Like I'd, hang up and just sit, there stand for twenty minutes and it was. I never thought that would happen. Did you? Why did you remember your childhood and everything in like it's like no so talking to a relatively new person. But she knew you were the oh. I mean she's a memory of things, but she did a memory of anything going on while it was happening. I'm telling she'd have this tool, we'll amnesia, but when she I knew you were ok, our yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, no, when I was and then was we stand up she's like what you do. Instead of for Europe, the euro is a writer. You should be writer, you standing here, no you're, no good at what are you doing that for real? And so then I end up becoming a writer Julie, the contents and then she like. What are you writing for stand up? That's what
would you this is as you writing for sheep, but that that was her? That's a supportive. She was it's funny that you honoured her wishes but rise. That's that's a good one I mean the urgent you I told you to go to Moscow. You when I did any practice, is weird law. Hers and you're doing stand up. At the same time we moved into the city you started doing. Second, I moved into the city, I started doing open. Mike's cite some days I'd be like preparing for cross examine. Times to do an open MIKE a good times. Where was others Third avenue and thirty cocoa good times to do an open MIKE good times, whereas others Third Avenue and thirty first street manner that, for now it was it was gone by the time you showed up. Really people like Randy, gotta go on out, there sure Randy credit go now is famous, for I love it for the reduced. Oh, my God in Range
oh, he was able to see him in Boston. Any work did area worker YAP, Humanist IP do one political joking goes where you want to hear. I should do that pop up by selling drugs in Washington Square Report and then go back to our right. His postmaster general of the sand needs to government and no one lapses above the his poppy orgasm at night. When I met him, he was going to Joey Hazard member yeah. He was now she's like the sea, with this register dry of of the other impressions. He did. He didn't tell us of Alice, you do tell us, it asks for the players. Club shows entertainment the hour Tele. Isn't that the same thing I locked it up out an auto in Georgia to enjoy good times are really generally worked with him sure I ate Edward through the month, but I interviewed him. You did know you they had them on a wife show workers,
I wouldn't found out on Georgian, had them on, though I shall, because I had a woman who had made a robot that talk that did stand up some way. I figure this would be. An interesting pairing, the woman who made the robot and programmes to do and up and ATO and his puppet yeah, and it was really interesting by maintaining a high minded idea, but I think a caravan, but who s was around the sea that you started. Nineteen eighty like early eighties, eighty six right and then I quit my law job in on August. First, nineteen. Eighty six, remember that I had no money saved, but I had it legal sublet. My rent was solely though your mother now with two twenty twelve yes, so she actually was able to see you on tv entered me The judgment about your standing army shooting come see, you do stand up. Did she did come once and I think I canceled something because I remember there was a time so eighty six equal your job. Now you do you because you were great stand up
you're very funny. Oh thanks. I always enjoyed watching you. I, like you, women, those guys. You know you had your bits but you're always hilarious crowd work. I targeting naughty and yet so the improvisational trip was always exciting to watch without more interesting. To me I mean I, I like rain jokes and having them work, but I I think I was just lazy about writing materially yeah like I'd, be like I'm gonna write today, I'm gonna write today and then it's like eight o clock and I like four sets in its like. Ok, I'm gonna cottages look around with the cry about once a eighty six, oh my god. How does that that part of the career unfold among you do because we all did those show sure that Caroline Comedy our right to guess I'll, eighty, nine so by then you're doing it not that much it's well every year, but we all did, though, shows and roared like two or three years in right and even have improv yeah. Yes, I come out here to do even more than eighty nine eighty nine ninety ninety zero in we're like what you really.
Combating earnest yet work on the Eu S right on some essential. You did that who'd, you open for days to put this than the big guy first and then you follow. That guy, yes, the Mai was amazing, Jonathan idea to clean up blood severed arm before I went out, we will bring up in a minute. Was Richard Louis hosting? No, it was Sandra blamed, Bernhardt yeah I had Richard Drunk Richard. I ain't on track. You can remember who did it, but the big guy first weirs, fine though it was, it was fine, but the nice set within this wasn't amazing. Jonathan, like I did magic, yeah yeah, I know, was a weirdo liking. Rightly he closing bit was he cut his arm off? Oh that's. Why they're with blood everywhere he cut his armor off. I thought those your ways not build know we're. Ok, he cut his armor Second, I worked real and now
Marin ended DARE to do. They bring you up immediately and I was in a borrowed jacket. I got the thing the day before I taped it now stands: publicists House who hocking King Westley, roommates jacket, areas, Levin, whose starlike like somebody strides air and their total check the just like I'm sorry We have the next. I like out your job wins the palate. You maybe thirty seconds my guy who's keep go. No, let's not make them forget everything with A terrible. I feel I go. I should pretty recently have, I'm sure was great and when you are mine I went sounds like a scary, but scary situation, forgotten what I've watched my evening, the improves for eighty nine, ninety one yeah and and the Caroline Right either in, for I could watch him for years, but, like I ride dry Ray, I get this.
Dear, for some reason it like I wasn't me, but when I was me again me in there, I wouldn't he always slower and more deliberate, maybe more nervous, filmmakers slower back them. Why we try to Joe. You know me right. I regret you got to be on a joke. Was so embarrassed. What what are you talking to times where one really dumb is what one joke I I corrected you wanna Joe yeah. Thank God. It was like our fairly Mart yeah I was, Are they closer and it so embarrassing? Do I was like a year. The second coming world tour yeah. The king there's brings you the king, a kings yeah. I remember that yeah yeah and for some reason I was saying a fifty two state tour and you're like either to extra states in my two. I have that wrong. It's fifty states, your
in any other way and then the other related, and I should be the same smart but knowing the hurly fifty states. I dont know that sets of your part a lot of people. I don't know I gotta do it was the avenue I got no right. I I came to think you for some reason why you know ask where you have fifty one. Fifty I would have done. I would have kept adding states made it up by yeah those those big moment so that at the moment, so you're doing lugubrious worries about snapping agenda. Real shows you goin away my city, you do in Boston that happen eventually, but I got a comic strip and then I it's like. I start gain indicators and star, and you know that the clubs mentioned and within us, where you host you thought of as a whole host and sad, but I kind of them. Started doing a lot of ousting there and and then I'd start doing one nighters right in Jersey and Allah, which I loved cause Roger Pugs, Roger
colleagues. Has us at any good Camacho do, the rat owning Camacho rascals. Yes, rattled providers you're the tv show. Did you do the rest, Clearly I was a bad one. That was a rough one, because I watch out one and it was like the right after I got back from allay the alpha can beat up from drugs and out of my mind- and I was so I would- I couldn't believe watching it and I noticed I just watch the first cut of my special for them I'd shot last week. Yeah is that, like that time, unlike eighty eight or whenever I did that yeah I got it. There is a day notice to go to Jersey right and take that fuckin sheriff. I was in New York. I don't think I sober yet and but though I had these habits like that were comical yeah, I repeating something how many couples out their couples? Humming, copper! I get these weird kind of stand
tools, yes of of Road act shorthand yet, but it was all in there that weird repetition like their these things, I didn't realize I have I watch I thought I'd. Do this weird impression on my show, em like ugly, do an impression now of of where jewish creativity from there and then I repeat, like ok, impression of jewish reprieve Where did those values on school right, very old school? Isn't it we're yet that I, like? I didn't like my jokes with all that shit was entirely right: preservation with solid yeah. You had weird sorry funny, so you did all that stuff. Did all that stuff, Yeah, then I just yet, Do those one Nigeria and then the ends and colleges and- and I would take anything for money- cause my sole source income. So you know I do bachelor party is you did, but you were good, but you weren't afraid of
because, like a kind of engaged, your primary skill set, which was crowd, were right, but I also thought I like it was. Such a thing. You were you like that, like I just yet I'm an approved I I have to. I have to take any gig him and I had to do well to the area. I fear I guess it's Otto, but it's also like paying your dues right. I shall all that stuff. You should be able to do this in the air anytime, exactly yet every if I'm really. This is my mother reignite calling like any whom all the best guys did. This shit ragged thievish, I hated it like Do it was so scary? I was so full of anxiety, Duma liquid. What any of these shitty gigs yak my act with so specifically, rather, like a party show right, I'm not the guy. You want terror bar mitzvah about get married, her department, yet not yet. I knew that there is nothing. I can do to change that right, but I still go. Do these fuck yeah yeah? I was learning it's like dating. I don't know how I got through it
like, I was back. I am like. I don't know how the kid I was back. They got through that you write any that living in Boston, doing all those one night I did when I use for years up their yeah. That's its the one nighters broke. I like a few of them. Well, just like ledges comics, who I didn't think we're great were like they headline air- ensure all that and and then I just said, I'm just gonna stay New York, and then I just stated here city and that's why, in order to sustain York city, I started taking bachelor party like yeah or or you can go, do like roadwork like have lining here. Little did I have yeah yeah yeah yeah? No, I never No I'm sometimes by, but not a ton of colleges. I did a formality oh yeah gadget. Allow colleges did Knacker where did higher? because your manager
the branch since the yes now, I have no idea that is, as I knew already there couple and they both talk like this, the husband and wife. So who they know whether they were siblings. Herb have married couple who else they manage. Ah, they they were remained ventriloquist's like they like, yes, for every summer there big vacation owing to event ventriloquist's convention, can't come on in what they come back. There MIKE Sweeney. They call me like Swimming MIKE Sweeney. We saw over four hundred Venice last week. It was fantastic drug withers for who even do there. We're further. They saw them and we'll be back. Next year we already books. And how do you get the lie? Get them? I yeah, listen it's! It's me lucked out tomorrow, then when did wonder we like when was trying to think wake,
because I remember very, we were all in you had a pretty big part in the sea K. Caesar salad movie oh right hand is. I did the music for- and I remember I know that I had to play over that seem were year. You have that knelt down on stay right right denies the M c right here I make up on I just weird and Jeff Ross PLAID my guitar like, but he could ways. We have I to do the soundtrack to your wife God watch the ban in like line it up. Oh wow yeah. It was like Rosa eighty nine, maybe Did he not right yeah, yeah yeah and I think Sarah was in a sort of error within it. Mark Shapiro in a rich appear all ever within it. The odd bury was inaudible all over the yes, I'm sure. I think she was Chuck score in it or he was in the next one. Maybe he started in the next one in right. I screamed yea, I mirrored Lord. How are you aware that was There was a short that Laura was right. That was weird. I love Ara, oh yeah,
tuna, but but I remember that time I ask for I remember that was so funny because you did this. I remember I feel like is there when they should at that because you had this meltdown onstage right, right, riotous, clad living a saw right yeah how dare devil. I've never seen. That really is I'm gonna get around now I feel like it. You can have it on dvd somewhere, but anyways we're part of that that home crew. We are all part of it here who you me, Sarah hard. I remember you, Todd move from Florida right right area is a game in at Jeff Ross. German ass use Jeff Slipshod, yeah yeah? when I started eighty. Certainly yes to started it was. It was John Stewart Chris Rock colored Quinn. Ray Romano yeah an end, those guys all just did great right out of the gay rights, like God
they're, like Romano just I think I brought him up like one of the first times he did stand air at that, how many a place called comedy. You grand done it, which was a great club and he just you know. He basically was the rays today yeah I just did. Right away. They all the evidence in the stork I'm April, Mr did really well with you either with ever here. This year, a minute criteria for further, not long for a few months, air and then There is the downtown scene. When do you like? I start I stopped and stand up right when the downtown seen start over me word the Boston and your yes Pilar, and these alarming there they are drag ninety fibre later. That's. Why did you take with you? First writing job with Carolines. Yes, and there's Louie hired? You we're on hired. You know it was no false Rome will he ran the thing but rise they haven't. I remember there.
It wasn't John Stewart, they had writer once it was John Stewart right first time and then Louie and Louis. And I were were writing for rich Jenny when he was the right. Louie, just like he in Rich Jenny, no go. It wasn't a clear end, so Lui, just like not even pitch they was kind of malaria seed and even trot. He really try to pitch, which is rich in like em know it the he'd they just in quite get each so rich. We're just gonna. Do his road material to obey. Basically, I know you just was Anne and lose just like running it now and then he left to work on Conan right. That when that was like ninety three three money through so your first job when you, when you get an right job. You like I'm, done! No heed, I do that. I end up Oh no! No! No! I! I was doing that
because it was extra money and it is still doing stand in Vienna is doing some warm up like a four it shows, like the moors prove it show a really yeah did the warmer than he really did anything well yeah. You know the morning even that young paying your do sing that doesn't that's not the old warm up is not part of the nuclear that, that's a job. You do that doesn't work out, yeah Well, as it turns out that at the time I was like this pretty it's easy money in the middle of the union. Gig to write, oh yeah was guy, but I also did get married and I was broke and we had no money for our honeymoon sigh. I took warm up for EC, for where, in the world is Carmen San, Diego, that is, it was a kid show, India, the Essen and it was six. Women are hit. Sixth graders, an and I did like some off handed about a teacher, unlike I'm gaudy they fired me the next day. I was it unless I gotta what's wrong and they said my
you called a man, a mafiosi, we're in those two controversial too controversial x, Ray Warm upper PBS Ya, see. Ok! So then what leads you stopping? Oh well, I will then I whistles, I wrote fur or kind, your show Uncomely central when you are hosting Jonathan grew. I was writing. I think the poverty Raja yea. I also like I put it so funny, because I pulled graph in causing the like they work and give me any bits. I was in the rice, though ass version ashore attention Span theater. I and I started with growth in Boston right right and like I was you know I pulled him. And I gave me first writing job while in writing, while I thought you were running for stand of stand up, yes really, Yes, and so we were rang out, their aid HBO downtown, enjoy their job toy, searched, yeah, yeah, yeah and then em what may be the only writer? Yes that I think that's what Are you guys have a head right? A little bit
it is really good experience because you like we would be able to produce. We did some bits. You know snazzy desk peacetime surf in its true a to produce a year. Yeah you'd have to be like this is the problem since the costume person, Nancy Gower Nina mean arose steam I mean arose instant. I dont mean right. She still there issue she's the big shot real at HBO. I have no idea who know now I, like I never understood like I don't know some college like I will leave. You know he's running that production company in this, as others did the business side of these means. I stay I held out. I had re. I dont. I really doubt I'm Yang with some of those people being dragged into me pitch meetings, ruining them rigid, potter, potter, I remember her. Yes, he had. She brought me India, who knew Meyer, Reject Guy's, name old mire. Oh oh! Oh my high pitched around Meyer and destroyed the pitch in seconds La Hopkins.
I would like to hear. How were you just with a talk, show idea- and I hope I can hear she's going to talk about- unlike you know, new scale, current stuff aids, abortion, fervour magazine, yeah and I'll watch. It oh Myers, face drop. Did he just shut down? Oh yeah, then Bridget fuck me out my how that go. She second should. I have left abortion in just concentrating on aids. Once you know there are many sides of earth. Jimmy and one was shot. So ok! So then, when do you quit and why do you with the standard? While I wasn't intentional, I am. I'm gonna get a high Louie left Conan Mere and he was doing the warm up there for a couple months. For ninety five year late, ninety four and he, Recommend me to do the warm up, so I I'd submitted their package. A package. They bought an idea of mine when the show start here for remote,
and then I M a day. I tried out for a monologue few trying right, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, but I still do not stand up here, Alex seven nights a week. A lot. It blows sets every night an m but besides start doing the one up there and then a few months, and they really do want to submit again- and I I was I think- ok, but I was so nervous. I wouldn't get hired as writer and sought to go there to do the warm up. I'd be ameliorated, like I would not want to go right every day. If I didn't get high, be embarrassing but another, so they took pity on me and Jonathan Graphic Dimension and eyes were both hired and start the same day oh yeah, he was hurt his head writer. No, we both hardest writers, but he was so phenomenal. Became a head writer, nine months, wives, Why am I not remember who the original have greater regional had writers smile? I got round, I smile right and then more
Mccall took over four when smuggle laughed and ninety four March Mccall he. He really wanted. He wanted to move back to California allay I do like sitcoms. I can remember here yeah so so. He was guy that left for John to step in exactly and enjoy, was head writer for five years and whose phenomena now who is now one that in that, when you were just on the staff and learn the staff for five years, and so you and Johnny get hired the same time who the other writers at that. Ninety four, Michael Gordon, I think, Tino came back for a little bit and MIKE's Doin off Kiley Brian Crowley, who now I started with a loud and I started open. Swift primarily when I was in college nineteen. Eighty four awhile yeah. I any used the same theirs
he hasn't changed at all you, he all on their bodies. He lived in tat, berries, closet, Fer, a job or a decade. That is such a Boston. Comic thing would lie about. Without wanting to leave bossed rights, we kept his wife and his family and his house and voices any like had a back room and in TAT very small, ass, a partly because he worked on the com in sugar five days yet any Yes, he had like cottonwood, dynamic patient of him like quietly reading a book on Todd, berries, toilet in the back room near and not to wake tied up, and you never see tat, you never see Kiley. I never saw methods I'd go to tat, sometimes amongst grindstone, that's hilarious, which is the weird thing. Is openings in the back, yet so Brian That's right, you really funny very funny writers here, just Europe.
So you're, just riding you're writing what day I catches, monologue and reducing them. Like I, you know I I I loved it. I really loved riding stuff in shooting it in it, but it would and because it was daily show we were there to like midnight after I like. I can't do like you, we were. I think I can t stand up anymore here and it is that work and an when I became a head rider were there I mean I was there till midnight every night so, but also like if on the other side of it, is that you're you're married you now I want you. When did you start having the kids her when I went to steadily overriding shoves, I mean ionized, like I'm, I'm making when it before his mariners, making good living this comedian but it was like. I need more money and they started. Looking for riding in the warm up gigs. So the kids Caroline ninety four, ninety seven.
Then it was bit in that that means business yeah. Now you support right and then the The college I was so I just at the time is just one by and we had a good time at the beginning, I as front ass, any like you get for health coverage. If families taken care of rise thereof, I buried the lead, credible health, but you can't beat it like. No good, you know what it was I am making light of. That was. I could I thought about this until long. It was like pride that I kept a book of every penny I made, and I had to make my weekly, not YO and and all the sudden yarbs getting this paycheck here in Europe. It was great. It was transformative worse, like oh, my god, and then you get doctors forever
He hid, kids, whatever you want to go and I hope you get acne just so. I can tell you to do with the idea that so great the benefits are true. Where did you is your wife? What did she do? my wife. We The delay with tonight show very did you? Why did she work in New York? Well, she was working incorporating Commission's, but when we met we both had quit. I alert she quit her day job to write fiction. And she clutches really talented and I got like mine and she was laser them she wasn't lazy near. She was scared right You put it off and she was working as a telephone operators, the Waldorf, but she she gave up and we got married. She never really tried where I got married had KIDS move to delay and, I think been, sludge from New York City in Brooklyn and that
in New York is so right there. So many writers sure I think when she came out here, she felt freed up again. She went to Gunnar methane wishes fifty Olaf and Her last shot story, her her teacher bread, Johnson, whose great teachers here, because I think at the start of a novel, sure novel sheet and it became a, it's an international pursue. Really. There is translated in twenty six language. What you called it's called the nest wow, like they saw the movie rights before it came out. I mean: is this your first novel, her first novel That's great yes and she went on booked her. She went on it and I went with the Berlin wire, like they had an actor German actor read her book out loud in German. Like it, it's is critical. Zeb us is a joy to me dollar joyride, another one, she's working one. Now that's a great story: yeah, it's it, sir,
great, I'm glad something. Good came out of the tonight show experience eggs exactly exert at another time show I also. Hey, let's talk about that. They cause you're there through all this wiping out your relationship with Conan, you get him. Good with him. Are you eager yeah yeah, we're like you understand him where an old Jacob Ojeda and so I mean that in the best weapon, I think I understand it. I took it is a good thing. Sexual everything that's good mix, it up new economy, never dull moment out of real life to its fullest. So by baby you know when the whole thing happen: warrior this weird contractual obligation, that of sunlight jays doing fine, but he writing because its income, in contracts, yes, that he gets the tonight now there was a Gavin alone exclusive firefighter. You know I don't know who came up But I agree with you: I can't think of any. More antithetical
only taking the mantle lad. Who is your businesses, sir? Well, you know someone certainly taking the mantle lad, who usual businesses prize like if you ever inhumane, moonlighting deal with any day. This created affected, they abided by well. But then I remember, I've been began called in to after show. A night in New York is like. Jeez glue, he's not leaving these doing a show from tend to eleven every night. I we all knew that was not good. You know it was just he was going to be read in your behind yeah, but it was doing the tonight show at hand to eleven, and I remember we came out to lick their building a new studio for us and we came out and it was the footprint of it. Ass I got is too big, because you were talking about before, like small rooms were that the old, I don't let her view Yosemite how much that old! Three hundred ninety eight people right,
more than one year is. If it was almost like here. Let's get this, Guy Conan into an environment in a regulation that has so far out of his wheel, right, yeah, You turned over the reins to who was it south who took the show you know I was to be found a right found here and there in and you all come out here. He moved everybody will easily. We moved out here to do that tonight, right you and our three give ranks writers, highly in the whole, almost the entire production- everybody here movie Average NBC up, and it is right. They get right. You know with I'm after assume that week by week to your like. No, we didn't think that after week, Two I mean there were, I think, nervous jitters about starting a new thing. Bayer, but age
everyone was gang, but you were doing it. Yeah yeah, yeah I'd, show now yeah, but there was second guessing you're, the second guessing comedy bits and stuff where you know that too long in and you know four four eleven thirty right raw, yet the eleven thirty that a little over think that way. But but I was fell like well will just this will all kind of strain out, naturally right given the given time here, but then there was time and with what was it like in the bunker on it just in January. This call came about they wanna jaded. Over. Our J do have the half hour second power in cotton. Does a half hour, and maybe one start at midnight for a while and then coming as I do that that was it my ass, I had it totally backwards whose J firm, seven twelve yeah for half an hour and is a witch. It's just more divide.
Everything by half India just was getting crazier and crazier so dislike. They wanted changes that would just got J. Do the Murat awry rightly vanished? Sharia, as it was all, is all were distributed. People who is all that is all It was just ratcheting up in terms of and what really plans, dispose everybody right, but was reserved chaos and sat there. Even people really upset and angry. I part of me: I enjoy chaos. So right you were brought up rewrites eyes, Kaliko. This is his interest, my own country and the last two weeks we inherited like we loved going after NBC, so that I would add that we had a great time last year that was great and so we kind of left on a high actions. Now when that, when the show ended, where were you guys set up again or no, you know just thirty. Would no one knew what was going to happen a well? It was like going to pay for the year right right, yeah, the auditing, the reason that
here, an end though it was just he's like all. Let's go, let's go on tour, oh yeah. I forget who have adjusted. We rally the troops exactly so we put together, Show- and during that CBS he got hired by TB embroidered very back and we all yet. We were back in great through the over there, but now that the operative art into this half hour thing and now read guess, but so stuck through all this, and now you can see The tv show seemed vine and they were really and enact a great situation over there and it fell. Greatness set was great everybody. We are good, but you now it's you into this half hour sort of writhing in Russia. But it's like getting support. The EU he's got a pike ass now you're. I went back ass, his well yeah I'd said totally it's a parasitic rights. I gotta go
ensure that its within the family. Like I mean that's, why there's a network ass regulating on my part, opponents growth now round killing? But nobody I mean you know it's sort of white. That's it it's the diversity of me. It is a bit of a bit of any yeah. He did a stand up to your last year and I went on You did well. What do you do on those you? Just sort of punch had happened right. She now is that it was all all his own. It was cut fun cause he never done actual like going out and tourism. So, MRS, it wasn't a musical thing. No now, there's Davis just straight twenty five minutes, and then there are other com. No, really I see so he bright. He had You can, I haven't, had gone first. I he just worked up stuff, and I did he do He did a great job here did a great job, but of went back to the half hour thing like I I'd
The head wrote the actual twenty fifteen. Coming years, total Junior Syria has writers here yeah. That was crazy. Here, cause it's the stress soon after they have rider anymore now is when travel shows, saw how to running those with violent exactly and Cuba or whatever we like you were. I would then like thirteen places like we went to Greenland so that we have. Trump said: he's gonna buy Greenland. Right. I remember rights EU. So that's the thing you ve scheduling coming out of area year three year, but it but it's Yeah wife's I work coming out and I thought on wanted alike issues. Gonna turn everything I wanted to. I mean I can't sit down cause. My wife's book was coming out and he thought I wanted alike issues. Gonna turn everything I wanted to hang out with her. And and also just work, a little less you now surely Laughter Earl, so so can't used
Yes, it's a little over a little Betty. I don't have the text the more I don't have to. I that's. Why I'm here like that. I have nothing to do yet. They they won't notice, I'm missing. Until Tuesday If that's, what I'll show? No, we actually just finished editing continent gone over real element, Gannon June how's- that those great- if he's doing this, because he wants to see the world we have to it's a little out of you dial. While these means, where do you now, I just like look up luxury sure let it not now but Gunnar was invited us ah and the piano we have to give us this year because Ghana's it's the year of return, which supported than ever three of the slave trade, they invited Conan TOP help commemorated while listen. Why binding common to I dont bayberry. It ended up in great cause. We brought some Richardson with us from deep cause. His mother's gone now
How he's great a very funny Anna you? You know We just come up with all these segments and we have a local fixer but then we also have the serious segment you about three, about slavery. So that's the weird difference in these travel choses many them, have serious segments in them and you're you're, happy so yeah, When he's ok, he's great he's he's it's hell, Tina and all other right like it's, a great writing staff and we laugh. Come on Sunday and Kiley Kiley kill. Martin lorry Cameroon is great and and a lot writers, a great comedians rotten Brian Crowley, Kiley Andrey Derbyshire I've never seen him in a while, but hot Todd, Levin Dan Cronan yeah Dan I haven't seen him to send a lead. I Macdougall Jose Royal and our new had writers, man, o Brien, no relationship to come near and you just kind of stepped aside yeah.
Idea TAT, but you have no desire like you're, not gonna, go some other writing world. You just gonna. Take it easy now, I'm every lazy. I've always been lazy, and this is perfect. I mean I more candies try we'll show as an end you now and you a big writer. Now yeah in your kids are vinyl collect their vital collector. They are they working one works. He listened bushwhack nice. He's PH on. Allow shows yeah he's doing great yeah he's in demand like his own working and he's in demand is appear. He is largely a freelance likely gets and then our other sons here, no ladies in Iraq, band, would give up here. It's. I love them. They're, they're old. Rodeo clown our clown, but they have a whole backstory. They were through you guys on a field trip were kidnapped by a doctor and evil doctor who kind of LA bought it might
stem and makes them sing his music interesting did I ever by allowing they do of following and but when they book gigs the right emails as the doktor there like well the here, the boys, a kind of busy right now, but so well, and they have birch with the doctors, copyright on it the trip that a whole little fantasy world sulphates and what what's he play? he placed his ruling the sense of seriously. Organ keyboard guy, a pause, guitar Well, that's great yeah, MIKE it's great at our oil is great talking. You survived, I did I'm still burly hanging on Gilbert The childhood thing is completely surprising, an exciting things where you don T, you think this we would be somewhere yes, sort of fully try? are based there seem to be pretty chipper about the whole thing and righteous value will she's dead put in
finally released. I am honoured or wishes which I thought was Nicias Abuse son yes, exactly exactly those guitar. I can't great. right? What how does act? I sound. So why would MIKE Sweeneys apart is called inside? Conan, an important Hollywood Fatah with their. He who sat with Jesse Gaskell dont forget there are a lot of things to celebrate these days and pop culture and Pepsi can take all of your fellow. To the next level, whether your favorite show returns for new season. Your favorite director polices movie, your favorite Gan drops New Album, They find a crack open. Patsy Pepsi, the official smile, the celebrated find a crack open, Pepsi Pepsi, the official sponsor Vienna fell. Again this fucking Stratocaster, celebrating
yeah, I'm plugin that fucking Stratocaster in a couple of weeks, just really moved me. Found a greedy dirty here, a play it for you.
Burma lives
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