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Episode 1076 - Jessica Kirson

2019-12-02 | 🔗

There was a point in Jessica Kirson’s life where she was living with too many secrets. She was a pot dealer, she had a hidden cocaine habit, and she was deeply in the closet. Jessica worked to unburden herself of all those secrets and found a breakthrough when her grandmother told her, at 29 years old, that she should be a comedian. Jessica and Marc talk about her therapist mom, her stepbrother Zach Braff, her ex-girlfriend Susan Powter, and her unexpected friend Robert DeNiro. She also explains what it’s like to finally allow herself to experience success. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace and Stance Socks.

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more and more Nick and MEG in her sweet people, and they ve been in my garage now hear them in their bedroom in bed with make an egg in his out now get it on apple. I guess stature or wherever you get the pod casts all right all right. Let's do the show all right! Let's do this. How are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's yours what's happening? mark Mare, and this is my podcast W tap once again broadcasting, from upstairs in my house in aid, and prairie environment? Soon soon I will move. Down into the new He finished house of Maya of my of my five gas statistics right now
nor was the garage now it's a house and in a move in there and bring my sound panels with me and bring all the equipment out there. I gotta get a rug first, so today on the show Jessica, curse on is here the very funny Jessica, curse on who had known forever and now Sheikh we finally get to talk, she was insane. We funny person and got a comedy central, special Jessica, curse on talking to myself from years this Friday December. Sixth, on comedy Central and I ll be available the next day on the comedy central, app cc, dot, com and other on demand platforms. Cells are not applied. Gas called relatively sane I would have you know our, but I'm sorry before I'm so happy he's got the special and I haven't talked in a long time and backing when I remember dog into her last. She was going out with them.
Stop the insanity, lady anyways, just a curse on is here, and I love her it's all at some Jumanji action. So what How'd it go how'd. It go last weekend at how to go on Thanksgiving. She got you eyes, everybody ok do we need to debrief which debrief, probably As I talk you Thanksgiving morning, but even talk to you, since Who the hell knows what could happen. I can be honest about mine, aye aye as usual. How did they took two days to cook and I did some very don't usually do and I guess I'll share with you. Is it I'm of the belief that yet can any corners. You dont go health. On Thanksgiving fucking, if it ever. If it takes butter of it, Choirs butter put it ain't, require sugar, put it in; it requires cream put it in tat she had in their one day. Here is not the time to prove
that you know how to cook healthy. You do bed every other day the year at home, not for people, and you have a very consistent recipes and I don't- I don't- usually break away, but I broke away this time- the potatoes mashed potatoes had to regions in the crew. Like my cousins, kid is a vision and my modest friends of Egon, so I mashed potatoes and I hate him with olive oil instead of butter? No milk, just matched with olive oil in garlic, not that all you gotta do is cut your potatoes up, boil them with about a dozen garlic gloves and then strain M dump it all and mash them up with like a cup of fuckin olive oil. This is like ten pounds of potatoes and just get him nice and then the if they need to be sort of loosened up a little add some of the cooking water and they were great but we were a great, but they fuckin went man I mean like
unlike any other mashed potatoes have ever made, I may ten pounds of fuckin mashed potatoes for fifteen people and there was maybe a pound left in there. They were very popular and then pretty fuckin healthy, Just because I won t, I want the regions, we believe something, and then I did them. I did squash no yams. Usually I do the AMS with Brown, sugar, Nepi cans and the butter strudel on top that whole business haven't done then, a couple years last year I did some mishmash of yams with some girl marsala this year. I just coaches squash straight up, so I stood up into small triangles roasted that shit with care. Can I toil and Gara Marsala on it? No will saw sir the little where we'll pieces when people loved it, but also with the left over squash. I did something
that turned out to be fuckin amazing that yeah, you know Attica Boccia Squash, I don't know about you, but I do and I steamed one a guided. It cut it up soon. In the skin on and then I mashed it would just a little bit with some cocoanut allow just Matthew Shit out of it with the skin on. So it's like kind of that orange flecked, with the green from the skin it breaks down and just cocoanut oil saw fucking great. I can't wait to make it in like an hour and then make it it's Sunday. I'm recordings and everything was good. People are getting older and I was sort of adding back in my head The cat, on my mind, the fonder who was here sick. I was hoping you'd bouncing back, But you're my mother's getting older her boyfriend's getting older. I kept my anger at Bay. We didn't ice beach day. You are my brother? Was there with his son, who fished alive his eighteen year old boy, my cousins, everybody?
it was actually very nice. My buddy Dave came down. I met his buddy Phil, who just got a new kidney thousand nice day after thanksgiving me, my my old buddy Dave, and I got sober by three years. Apart he's about seventeen about twenty, his pals feels like thirty six, how little I get together. He wanted us to meet were very your problem, It is important in his life and we never met each other, so that was nice way to spend a couple hours on Friday after the beach we'll clarity on recovery, talk, Summah laughs, but yeah man, mine, went. Ok, did yours so of folks, Let me be honest, nobody likes when you wait when they get socks as a present right whenever Vienna Kin getting socks. What was worse than getting socks? Well, this bases and things are changing, because stance has completely changed. The reputation of socks stance. Sox are insanely comfortable, their durability is unmatched.
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stance makes gifting easy and everyone will be happy stance, dot, com, Slash W tee for all your holiday needs and free socks with your purchase. All right, before I left out. How much I told you you took LE fond in because when I got home for my last trip to Ireland, she wasn't well and Scott Kidney problems by think she's had them. On times. Yes, rather a bladder infection which we treated, but I was only on for a couple days. The vet told me to do subcutaneous fluids, which I did for two days, which is easy, and while I was away, I was helping she was bouncing back. I am I had the guy watch, my house feed, nor a lot and I get Oh man, she's, not great, I don't know not good. I don't know how long she's gonna last- and I know that I'm I'm just happy I'm home, and I and be home for a couple weeks here and I can sort of mind
the situation in a and b be loving to my kitty. Her brother all too, but he seems to be bouncing around on the medicine from the high profile word bit guess I'll know I'll know what to do with necessary, but she's eating she's drinking. She's kind of getting around she's hanging out a bit, but she just definitely weak and the dock said work if you know, I said well, how am I gonna know, and he said well if she's got diarrhea, she's like throwing up and put you not doing that she just very weak but she's trying and she's eating and dry king and an end, not hiding sigh. I should wait right. I guess I'll try to give her the subcutaneous food sketches. Sad me. Because you know what she used to be in just the way it is. I seem of mist, most of the the killings or the deaths of of of my pets. Somehow or another I dont know, but she die.
When I was away in New York years ago and Boomer disappeared and while moxie I gotta know what happened: Moxie, Ex took her and of deaf black cat got ripped up. Rather no, I didn't see it. I guess I've just been fared that, but I really want to be there for four fond monkey monkeys, do fine busters doing good, but Le Fond ISM The fund is maybe on her way out in its hard, because I spent fifteen years that fuckin cat and she was always a trip- always a tricky cat, tough and ashes. Is breaking down as we all are, but damn so yeah, so it's heavy a heavy day at a man so heavy time between Thanksgiving Christmas. In it I don't know, I don't. I dont know how to feel sometimes
I mean if a thing now, which is it, feels good, I'm just trying to be happy man, I'm just trying to let things go and have a shot at being happy being open and being trusting of another person and letting myself be in it. But you have heard a lot of people in a lifetime. Don't you if you take chances if you're a freethinker as the funny thing is like so many these fuckin fake, alpha dude? free thinking fuckers. So many of us are locked in some pretty old standards around male female relationships around the idea of survival, ism you're, just because Let your brain go and you open your mind up to any renegades strand of bull shit, fuck in theory, because you don't know the truth
maybe even you weren't in educating the truth, doesn't make you a free thinker, you're, taking chances with your thoughts in your mind in a way that creative approach, active, interesting honouring your own sense of personal freedom and desire and feeling I mean That'S- that's real free thinking, real taking chances, but most people don't want to do that, because the secure anything. I don't know it, whereas on you. When he out there in the world trying to put yourself together trainer fine love trying to work through things without falling into the standard sort of trappings of regular life for the status quo. I end up carrying a heavy burden on your heart and hurting people, but it's gonna be ok. Folks, gonna be ok,
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enough, but I am starting to think happiness might be possible. Yes, yes, in light of all this aging and sickness and death and heartache, I think happiness is possible and also the ongoing. So the goal of a world trending towards distrust on an environmental level and just say so: eighty of strong man, leaders and incomplete Thar terrorism on another level, but the beautiful thing about the
but everything that's going on in the world is that there are moments where you can just say fuck the world. What about my heart? What about my mind? What about my life? Who am I? What do I do now right? Let's get some laughs, just a curse on his ear: yeah Honey, special Jessica, curse on talking to myself, premiers this Friday December, six commie central, be available the next day and the comedy central app, and it's easy calm and the other on demand platforms. Yes, as the podcast relatively saying, which you can get where you get pod gas- and I were talking newer. However, this is me and Jessica,
curse on its own. Weird I mean like I feel like. I know you forever, you don't. We don't know each other. That well because always a familiarity, Adieu thing and you won't have a Jew thing, but I remain for a long time ago, but here you ve started after me. Doing stand up, but I remember you when you were younger, what do you remember I have one very specific memory about why me well now. You know no remedy you just all you are you. Are you still Because your lit up large energy, you know why you don't owe me many arrests of comedy, amend the first, I'm sorry, my colleague shit. What there's like that three of jewish comedy. It's an anxiety, one year ago, It's all there there
are the charm, then the meanness the faces yeah he thought happening all want yeah. Nobody, like this person, Jessica, curse on. Why? purposely, have always tried to be different because it helps it works. As a part of me right, think you're different in that year. The energy the intensity is different, but there is a year there, like we all fall in to this sort of China. Osh cannot tradition I could not love love, a Jew comedy some more than others, but they are, but like I've always been a big sort of. I like seeing yeah. I know that I urge you to people who fall into their history. I'll tell you the memory I have. Is that when you were dating. I knew you were going to bring this up. I mean I knew this is what you're gonna say because like if you remember when I found out it was heard so crazy. It was insane but you're the one who can
day right ever worse. Yet what is your name Susie powder? What was there- and I love you too said Susie losing Powder Susan powder used to be on tv yeah, I stopped the absurdity yeah, I loved her and then I haven't seen her in a long time, the usual with the seller. You guys are gaining like no way. I know you freaked out. I did because I was I was. It was one of those she, you know, we hear what they call it. Where you have a secret fan of somebody like you, would you think I would be a beaks Susie Susan Power her fan now ramming by she was huge. I now she was land. The funniest thing was she was an exercise good right, I was a house when I was here It's just the gray, nothing added up to me, never before everybody, but I didn't. I didn't understand and how it why neither I really don't I went through a horrible break up. I was with someone for twelve years and it was horrible, so I was destroyed and address and, like
was one of those relationships you get out of here. Like Ivan wash my hair I felt a little bit like. I should have worn out how many men like I was a mess, and then I at her through rosy, o Donnell on her crew and she was high. I mean she was harsh remember when we need to draw her. She had dreads India, high heels and suddenly, but she was also on the other side of her fame right when I met her way. Other side, because I can even put the I cannot get a timeline with now and I don't wait. Past ran she was big yeah like I don't remember what years she was big, but I remember like I had this guilty pleasure is what it was watching her because she is to make me feel better and they had a man. She was on tv. We can exercise its whole, stopping insanity, business right and I really get a kick out of her yeah in life
years later there she is with you at the communism, was insane legged wasn't stopping means that this was like revenue up. They insanity Veryain was to get. I gotta was insane anybody who is making a living as an exercise. Baroque tagline stopped. The enchanted it's gotta, be over fact in mind is no way out of her foot. So high. Ah, yes, she was pretty here. I mean like that's what she gave me so much attention. She was very charismatic, like Dan L, then you're on the crews, doing comedy for rosy thing. Yeah yeah, I met her and I was like I was doing my. I think she was doing some classes in talks. I think she really hit hit hard with, like she really when, after me really and then I, when I was with her, I was the healthiest ever was. I did yoga every day. She cut me off the ship. Just like you just take your clothes off. I really don't want to and over and breathe. I listen I'll, do it if you're gonna have sex with you
yeah, but I can then that all ended, but the exercise continued. So it was a mess. There was no sex but there is a lot of downward dog, really we may say whether, after a little while- but it was you know- I I cared about her, but I tried to fix her. It was crazy trying to fix our young boy you're, trying to fix you everyone's trying to fix each other I guess. So it was just. It was an insane he both projects going on. My other problem, never forget when I took her to the country club, you're, gonna, love, there's gonna, be a wish country club, my grandmother's country club in New Jersey and she had oped adopted son and he was black. He was gorgeous. This is the best, and Susan is in line with the tattoos. The dread, like the pews boobs ray body and she took her son to the bathroom and my grandmother looks to me just. Why did she have to adopt a black child
They show many white children that many homes like so our through its let's go back to work. As you know, like your jersey yeah, I grew up in South Orange New Jersey. So far, it's amazing place great memories of Jersey, because you know we moved away from there when I was in third of Grady, I adding live there by fly back. There was a big treat. My grandparents house I'd. Go there three or four times a year, and we always meant a lot to me New Jersey. Have a very meet you now memories. Ah, I think it's an it's an incredible place. It'll make fun of it. It's like its gorgeous. I grew up around mountains and and beautiful tree and dear it's gorgeous, involving back when I was a kid there, the good to me Oh, they have amazed when mother just gave me tomatoes. Last week you have to try these tomatoes. She drives with tomatoes. To me
me and give them to me. They do have a worthy out there, just huge and there like apple their sweet. I know the beating the big beefsteak automated you're, so jewish that we're talking about tomatoes, Non Jews would not be sitting here. Talking about errors, anything it is its Jersey and jewish, but there's always always fruit. The summer was like you to make. Those was cantaloupe. There was everything. Well, that's a big thing to the half a can allow with hydrogen is reacting, operated a diet. There was when I was a kid. My grandma diet, chocolate soda. Of course they all What do you guys that member the brand? was it wasn't doktor browns or no, no, with some other briars drink. That, too, is a day of dead coffee so to die for what it I remember, your grandparents generate. My grandmother had seltzer with like that thing on the top
I didn't really yeah outscore to my grandmother used to like that stuff part perk would like. On dairy Kremer therefore commend Sanrio sits at nice anger. I gotta go to area Santa Maria, I mean like New Jersey was very specifically that to me you know, I guess it was a cultural thing. I don't know. Did you do the Florida thing to cause? I did what do you mean a winter? Everyone goes to Florida, my good. They went there, you know, but I did Go there a lie. I mean my mother's, my actual mothers air. Now, let's go here. They, I don't know why they owed its odds waiting room. I dont know what it is, but I ve grown to appreciate it. Well, that's a lie I talk about that. A lot of my act there, the worse crowds for stand up. There's another form of their hot there. I know winning with young people. There she's. Not? U dont, you, don't you! You do ashore Florida, you it's almost like. Did someone make you come to this young?
I say they get their it like two p m: they talk about the seats for our you shit over the now I M not sitting on the end sea like that. Just you here than mulling around your emotions. Yes, because I'm I have, I have to make the money, I don't do them as much as I usually have a jewish booking agent. Do Indeed, I did on the development these through these are well. I did them, I dont anymore, but I did a ton I now I ate after each one eyed alive pig. It was really- no I've misjudging about because it fascinating to me the ideal, a ton, but I didn't like it come out. I mean I don't say: what's really going on in front of those they'll be like wine, with a man and suffering. You know they don't worry. Making a mad suffer now. Why do they? How could they pass? We turn that are wired. Sterical. What are you making a match? What are you doing? Look at the role we're here alone. We won this. Those people have set, you don't even know the SEC stuff, and I heard about that higher yeah. That's because them
and are calling a puckers. Then their spreading to the poor. Ladies the poor lady. That a sham ways, and I have a burning and my vagina from Samuel. I don't know what exactly Cassim hired some broken. My it's the wrong address him hired a russian product. Does it on his very quickly now you get with left, I assume what's happening. What else could be happening? I don't know they're, just all horny, unlike God, I don't even care anymore about sex. How are these people, so? What are you gonna do down there? You know me like after it like you. If your whole life you're supposed to retire, you get down there and everyone just sort of what are we doing you? You go the beach. I went away, they don't go to the beach like, I don't think they going or the pool. The big thing is like a card game like they're they're here all day as planned, arrive cod game at three o clock, no rest I'll margin on the big. That's the biggest Thatcher margin wake, but you you did you grant you. Your grandparents went down
I am. I got both sides when every winter in Boca one went to bed Oh God, one went to West Palm all members in Hollywood for yeah. That's all the same. I guess I may I have such like a deep, ingrained weird kind of I don't know it's a soft spot right. There's a part of me that ran from my genius, but but it's right there, I now, on the same exact You cannot run from your jewels. Its there's no way you can see how far can you run from your doing? Well, you know what use higher comics really like I may I give you I mean really Joe angel, but I can you can know you could be italian could kind of past. I'm a little whilst we working- and I could shouted down where you can, but by boat like it's like it, just, doesn't take much to activate it. Now. You can
who is the add on yeah, but I do have I'm very jewish in certain ways loud you. How will you grew up in a weird big family? This you don't have a wiki page, but somehow you Zack Graph is what why do we have a lot of your own? I know how is he involve rob? I know what it's like. You go go my name and it says I went to the premier of garden stay. I dont know what a guy now still higher figure. I mean it was all the information was there. But what did what? The relationship Ok I'll, tell you it's! I now it'll, it's ok! So my pay hence remarried. I have one older sister, okay, so I've of older sister Jennifer, who is my full blood? Sister? Ok, Their merits right that my juice right to Jews, Then they can. They were never love, they met a Temple University in it just work as they were both good looking. Jewish and the families got along and then my ma they got divorced. When I was thirteen, I know bad age and then my dad man.
It younger women and my mom married Zack, perhaps father, so they both been remarried for but my God, thirty thirty five years, ok and then My dad and my stepmother had two kids, so I have two halves, of with the younger women, yeah, ok out and then how how my stepfather had for children with your mother now with his axe? Ok, like war steps to help how will unravel yeah he just past four. That's ok mere so here about four kids when your mom married? Yes, so Zeb! it is one. Oh yes and you are routine through yet a relationship with these very strong were all very I'm really lucky, because everyone gets a law that makes our sense because he wrote the jury, the garden, stating the Jersey guy yeah. It's exaggerated film, where I grew up all Jersey, yeah yeah. I want to do everyone. The jail.
Everyone's, a Jew, their mother. What she converted right, I mean that one bit of information. I got you yeah that is so let's in his Bio: oh ok, yeah yeah. He I think he was what was he not in near when they got married and I live in God s evening like I know thanks a lot Oh now it was it it I'm lucky, because there are so many problems with so many families and every one really does get along yeah yeah. I saw much work with where you brought up. So that's like four five six kids and then your father had two more so this eight as arrays haven't kind of half brothers or step rather yeah remembered he gets along yeah, that's sweet. Now we brought up religious. Now, I've brought up referred. So I had a bar mitzvah, but I was not stained glass windows in the eye. Had our agenda,
are these women that are rather its leg, just smell like white Vision woman's like yeah, there isn't it it's all progressive over the women where the key part, the hollering yeah. That's how I grab that's nice. It is its great. I got it. I had to go to we were school and I hated it added to buy or conservative. You are oh wow, no, we weren't. We need urgent issues, weird how these things get planted in your head. I have to talk to somebody else That is what is that really mean? I'm not religious it all. We were never taught that there was a god, and you know the point of anything other than did me up. And into your head that your jus you're a Jew chosen near you. You learn how to read this. You can sing it for your thing in that area. Actually how I grab it have brisket for this year We are all Jews yeah. I just never got taught about the new year. There's all this Hebrew, like there was never anything that established the relationship with God.
Either at all? Here I don't know why it was. There was a round God was around, but there was never like, I think, with the Christians you know you're bad He got ass Jesus to help me yeah right. Would yours it's like. We don't know what Would you like a digital, its profit and run right where you dry yoke and now you're gonna be and no one's gonna like you really urge exactly and have to work harder right? Everyone hates us believe, like each other and hear some movies about the Pollack right, we're all. I remember from evil schools watching Yentl forty entry may I don't even have a hebrew name. I went to the secretary at the school like. Can I get your name she's like I will do yes go. I don't even know why, right I don't know it was just a name she gave me, but you got your view. Jewish name is like you know you, your mother's jewish name. In this affair Name like I don't know, there's a matter does,
Oh you, your grandmother was what she from your grandparents were they all from here or there, a greater no date in image. They know they didn't, but my grandmother was an incredible my grandmother's than when they told me to do stand up. I was twenty nine years old and she was watching me at a party or real sitting with this it has and what is your mother my mom's mind? I was like a matriarch amazing, beautiful woman. Could she cook? Yes, She was right or wrong cook wears a grey car yeah. They didn't get in that regard. The whole thing mothballs yap gap that, on average chopped liver, the whole right, ok yeah, so I gazed in European yeah yeah yeah and she was like you need to be a comedian. Every time you around people, they're laughing, I am like. I could never do that ever I will petrifying. She said. Trust me your grandmother, you need to do it, and I remember the last night I listened to twenty nine yeah, I'm just going to school to be its therapist to get a masters and social work really yeah, my mom's, a therapist okay. So
so in high school and that when you come out, when do you want to set up that was very hard for me. I met my first girlfriend in college in a jewish sorority. This is like a porn I was a senior, she was a freshman. We were both like you know, long hair, really pretty jewish, like with the clips in the area that will arise, and I swear. I don't know what happened, but I saw her and I was like she's butte I'd never been with a white. I don't I didn't. I was very confused you're wrong, DR yeah. We may when you were younger, you were confused. I don't even think about it. Wasn't even an option about to be aiding now rise. No one was out and gay. When I was growing right there wasn't. Even you are like this guy where's address, but he's just where it was not You know is saying I know I am doing now. I mean summers, like he's feminine, but you don't think he won't. You know. Does that so
and then I met her and then from that day we just spent all of our time together. Research now either wanting you knew you just now, and we just would stare at each other is not crazy and play music in the car for hours is like were falling in love, but we don't even know it that's why and I had a really to this day, I have I'm the one that has a hard time. Accepting all of it like everyone in my life is fine with it with you, be yeah yeah, it's hard for me. It is it's a cause of the religious stuff that I hear him here, the Jesus staff on the island of being a target. Yes, and that people don't accept did it's hard. I wanna be light by everyone, so it's hard and knowing people who were judging yeah specifically for this difficult eleven with that girl, so we Ben months and months amongst us, and I would be like jealous if she was with a boy but even know. Why are you kidding? I didn't put to ensure together nothing consummated? No, but then we went home for Christmas Break through this work. It's sexy. We went home for Christmas.
Break, and we were in my room when we were drinking wine, smoking pot and we started wrestling like theirs. So much tension versus it's great. Like a poor, I'm telling you it's this amazing too, and we were there. We were and she's gorgeous and we were wrestling and all this stuff in them. We kissed her and it was like it was. Believable, but I freaked out You heard me out: we both dead. We were like. I know. Fun and what happened it was just it was. So it will work at what just happened and I M going to be burned and stay and who are you- and this is discussing in the gender pay gap, no, we will in the long run we ended up having relationship for seven years, but I was you know I was really screwed up at the time, because I was I moved to North Hampton Massachusetts, while not nuts as it was, so many lesbians, America's of Mount, wholly opener myth
and I think this is so. Are we waiting all I sold part I went to Maryland and then I to combat like to come out. Come out. I moved to Northampton Massachusetts away from I found that was the plan yeah. Then she moved there too, and I was very much but you weren't in school there. Now Why just move they are just to get away? Did you graduate undergrad? Yes from Ah there and you met her freshman year. I met her. I was a senior and she was around so then I had a weight. It was a secret the whole time she was in college. It was really hard. She was there for three more years and when she was coming up the visit you, I really am eat half way in Pennsylvania, jurors. It was really horrible is Ex very secret, and I was to everybody. When I told my family they they. My sister thought I was dead of cancer, she would away, I told her she was. She was so quick. Fourth, I
strategies like Jessica. I thought you were in terminal fork so if she knew they all knew. What would you say? whistler you'd like it was the way I set it up was that I was about to die and the my mom's like, of course here you're it's her, you cry when she leaves like that's not normal, that you're sobbing for a week when someone, it's that puts a friend We all know where your plan was like to keep it secret and in order to be comfortable, he thought well there's a lot of lesbians amount, Holyoke, yes with their yes and then I ended up the remaining part, the ipod send to me in the mail from this is after some, work in college and reduce its meaning? Like I had a great life I haven't had everything in then I just went there and so on which has lived so with this back up. So you get you, you finish high school. You go to to Maryland to work out,
mercy merrily needs. You do undergraduate. What's your major in psychology? Ok, then you do you actually go graduates who ate ice. I started going to graduate school after college. Now now I style Movement MT. I moved to Northampton to be a lesbian yeah, this route lesbian land, Caesar and no one's scissor, it's so stupid. It looks difficult. It is. I mean I want a lift my leg like it. So it's maybe it's it's a rookies mistake. No one! That's really! A lesbian scissors ABC bright boy, Riera yeah. We just cry and eat Hemison. We don't do so. I moved
They are first before I wonder at yes and and then she came a popular yes. I had hours of part send to me in the May. I say that way. You know like you're like yours, rightly some sort of weird thing you had nothing to do. With the right guy. Now I don't know that's what made you just have to wear Will it happened as I wanted to smoke pod for free, and I realize it's great money. I don't have to work right, so I figured out how to sell part yeah. I shoulder to the dealers, I mean, but it's it's insane that I did that from what I came from like it's insane that I was a pot dealer. I don't know. I've met a lot of pretty you kind of Well, I've been allotted middle class, upper middle class, Jews, active them, crazy shit. I'm sure I don't know what we're judging yourselves against you, who we think we are here to fuckin monsters. I am alarmed to determine how to my this notion.
George Monster. I now I love that, unlike an I dont believe something happens and I started selling. If I like it just ended. Fell at last with a lesbian thing. I knew I did that we want. Why am I touching on the joint? What is going on all other party, you that you have to believe? As you react, I, Arctic and I just keep being with women- it's the weirdest so also you're like the supply yes, you do. I had it send to me pounds of it in my veins mission. Remember another jus from another a Jew in California. I now I know we all work together its above USA like with who does at my. Why would somebody like me find enough? the June, whose guy your business, where the wrecked my mom's like. If anything you were an entrepreneur and me I live to have unfit for like four year. I made it but now you never got busted, that's good. Ah, I could, and I was so pompous about
it I literally and I'm gonna pull this was twenty five years ago, but I had a package that didn't show up. Do you know I called you PS and was like where's my, but can you believe how sick that is where's, my package and, like you, went to the wrong that went to Elmhurst Massachusetts and they drove it in a cab they drove my. Huge package of awe and I sign for it, opened up and darted weighing it s just like on. When I About that now it's on. I would have gone to jail for years. You get again, you know yeah yeah. If you can't even denial, I just like I don't know, I don't know what it is with that region. His normal. Somehow I did I I didn't I actually anyone care and you're, also around a bunch of college students, were buying pot from you. So radically disorder like someone's gotta do this is a job that famines gotta fill this role. Yes, someone at stopping the Chinese, has drawn down like there to be some jus where how, through chinese restaurants-
in every the intoning that now in the middle of nowhere as a guy, and I now and and they all looked like somebody every time you see them, you act as anyone. Neither is it just to take our place, who might of yeah they have works inviting now and how are they had they end up in that small town? This, maybe I know where needs a chinese restaurant, maybe there's like a bulletin board or something but every town has they arrived in China, every single town, bizarre man, I think about all the time, but never works like a place. I want to go into all I'm always like. How is that good? There's? No way it's good, yet no one there. I don't want a chinese food, and you owe me there now, it's grosses me out. That is why, because you, I don't know, what's happening with me, I don't know what they're doing like there's. It's not even sure it was too but young are our parents. Generation are grandparents were go to Chinese Sunday night Sunday night is chinese food and thank Christmas, though, is it your grandmother
where's. My mom's birthday is Christmas. We would always global chinese these to be a woman. I think a lesbian woman up in San Francisco that ran a big comedy yeah. I think she still comic wasted the dual dig: yeah Gardelle, gagged, Godot leg. I think they're named you should do it there's a big room yeah, all Jews, I heard about area did many years ago. So right so you sell em pod european policy you live another, naturally again the time in your life. I'm I'm having the time of liquid so miserable, then because you are I'll catch you weren't out. Yet in the back. I know it was a mess. I didn't you. I play video games all day. I was a mess depressed steadily their smoking weed. I just miserable nothing do if they're not
in saying you're you're, not even encourage you. Just like the weird person. I thought it was you gonna, go over to her house need TAT, I might have to hang out, though I want now. I think they liked talk. You know, like you, I'm sure have always gravitated too. Even if I was weird by I was, I was So the codependent part dealers, I build you want more, you, ok or so I gotta get people's lives. You knew all the people, a factor which is causing concern There was a lot of college students in the lot of just just random people, soul pot around the area. They noted, and it was great pot from California. Back when I was your Univee before all this. Finally, what is not like, like you know, a few. There was one kind of good part. This is, I saw at last night. I was like what you get here.
Because one now around in a long time for anything yeah, do you you do get headaches you have anxiety, you hate your mother area, allergic to male. Like there's all these questions now and theirs. I can't believe it prescription we'd, just oil vivid insane, so what happens Kind of bottom? Do you hit like in this? well there. I had a drug bottom because ice was so miserable and readjust smoking. We I was smoking, we, but then Melissa, move there, my axe and I, so sign up yeah. I was just screwed up. I was like it doing drugs I started doing cocaine in there and it was a secret. So I and tell anyone so do it at home glassy, while I'm selling of there's always seek. Rather you you're doing coquet, yet your party or in your gay Adam, I do understand popular doing cocaine by myself in an apartment, so I added severe paranoia. Sometimes the best a coke did buy yourself. Well, that's the only time I did it.
So no one even knew. I would look out of a people for like six hours at a time. I kind of Calabria. Add bad drop. It the floor as soon he drew a line. You, like other coming tat was made. Nothing Why do you durance clothed yeah cause? I was trying to kill my sentiments, but we re medicate rise. I write problem. And then I sent myself to rehab oh good- I went to Minnesota by myself to a gay. Rehab is not crazy, but do ruses before he came out. It was. It was after I just couldn't deal with it I just I couldn't deal with who I was and did it fall apart with the girl It did eventually. Yes, when I was a supportive to others, oceans, gray and she had no idea- was doing cocaine so low, wrongly monitoring where we use we trade. Now, when the doors there was also sell, imparts old cocaine and you were doing trade or what now
but I would well yes, I think with one guy did do that, but I was in such a crazy place where I would go in my car and drive to like Springfield Massachusetts by myself hope, like that's crazy, near crazy, like a cop. One, stop me as like: what are you bring him like. I'm lost he's like you might street coke. Its light at some point did because I wanted it. I needed at the Secaucus was really evil, however, may differ gruyere thrill, evil tat one was making raise yeah, so you go to a gay rehab. I like these shopped around I how funny that call price diamonds very original and I walked and I was this jewish girl from New Jersey, I'm in the mid of the woods at this. In this huge rehab and I said to them: Hi, I'm here for very happy. I buy I'm supposed to get my own room. Can you believe this? I know you're gonna love this so they're like ok, well, you're, not getting your own room, but you can sit in
waiting area, Iceland. I sat there for eleven hours waiting for my own room. That's how fucking I told I was man, it was huge wake up for me like it was just like you're you're. Not national, navigating out everyone ready, when's canteen We have archery in an hour yeah, that's how I looked at it was the girl was, the girl would think guitar when's arts and There were like you, can sit here and way, and I did my men ended up in a room with this woman who was having the duties, and I have to tell you. It was a scary thing that Perhaps I never seen anything like it was sheltered right. So it was like what is going on you're, throwing up where it was very good for me at the time the guide it was right. Am I a synthesis you're the same as her right
salary there. This is such a crazy story more I was there doing really well for six, like I'd, say: five, we grow and then this woman walked in and she's hot, and you know you switch the addictions, so she works, and I see these this woman, black Irish I care and bright blue eyes were a body and unlike perfect, now don't have to work on myself anymore, so we had an affair at the sight of rehab united chance. Oh my right here because I, like you know here, you go you got it. If everything that only a guy I care about the called gimme the pushing yes, so we would meet at night in our room and then we left was doing really well. I left rehab with her and moved it was great you're already. I was fine. I was fixed at that point, so I would completely because didn't even finished reading.
Are you finished now we did it. We did in February we decided we're. Ok, you yeah we were just like were in love. Now it's insane oh, I know what you and I know you know, I'm sure we level when I got sober. I got so because of a woman, oh yeah, you do work. Did you feel, like you must admit, started Moon, amber me. How yeah that's right. I forgot about that. So, like you know she die for guys. I ask that it took a long time for them to become hardly unbearable for her. But but you know I did it unlike this is gonna get this guy. Remember that so well, now that you just said that yeah yeah, maybe we I married in everything, yeah yeah. I remember the whole thing and it just send its a disaster. Disease, ass. To how long did it take you, so I moved young Deanna, jewish girl. That's why she was wrong. Yes, you know she
gives. The Bmw has a gorgeous house. She real arduous yeah. She got a job and everything. Yes, you look a financial plan or personal MIKE, and I was like it was solved. Also. Your eyes two months, and we realise I mean shocking. We get wine at dinner, took two months mud we relapse together and then we both move to Jersey, my family is like what it's always been. Women that have taken me down like I've gone crazy from these relations. Were you the woman who had a life in the whole life? You took it Oh yes, yes, we brought overlays. This time were you're, like I dont know. What have I now keep, because I really don't like so miles was doing it I feel like I was the person. I guess it's my attic like that. No other person in I don't know you must raise decision. You must have.
I'm sort of charm to get her to leave her life. The guy, you guys, you wouldn't have charm and I d been meaning like I've, been with great women, but I have very hard. For me, I'm not great and relationships but on swift, we're screwed up to bite? We ended moving to Jersey and shocking. It doesn't work I would hope that egg not long like a year, and then she goes back to India, and I was always heartbroken me and then I have to get a sober again. So it's like it's always been from break up, send it So a relationship thing. When do you wonder you start graduate school? So I was yes so I went back to Jersey, and then I was like I'm gonna go for a masters and social work. I mean I even know what, because my mom's, a therapist road, which is there, is so much there and I went to you know it s is. I went to town
I was ten years old. My mother was a seminar later ass. She did she stay and if thou as she still is into the form and landmark until I want ya. I mark it's not easy. As she tried to get em. Going to do when I was growing up, a landmark Heller now asked it was even my area. I know I know a guys and that he was in the form in the file he got out. I did ass to ten years old I was not even know what it is and I'm judging it the energy? Why judge it? I think, of course I would. I was ten and I won with all my mom's therapists. Friends cares and they went around with a microphone and they had you're gonna love this. Why I'm telling you they had all the kids tool, about their lives and I wouldn't I wasn't saying anything and I think they said you know. What's what is it like few at home, like all my parents fight all the time they hate each other, it's horrible. And the next thing you know I'm working on a stage with a huge sign that said victim. I knew you'd love that it
if that's not gonna fuck, you wouldn't meaning it's like. They did that gas and then yeah. That's the whole thing is, I think you really when I was ten. It says everything about my life, a huge sign with market on a big piece of paper bombs Duff on the yes, she still to this day, as the form. The landmark is the best that you know she tells everyone to do it. We would go to like the cleaners would decide yeah Will that from what I remember, I mean a lot worse. Is you. Right. I mean my mom- is a therapist and would do a lot of therapy with me and she was an hour therapists issue would have me draw my feelings than analyze them I mean it was. I was there for tides act in yeah yeah she saw I am in the house she still around here. She still sees clients, yeah yeah. She would seek lines in the house and there is all these crazy people that will come to the basement to see her and we'd have to always be quiet
If I was upset about something she hammy a bad and a pillow. I mean it's that kind of shit, it's real and when you have how many siblings in the house, why only had a sister at that point, but then, when Zat, older yeah, but then Wednesday moved in with my other step, siblings. It was, I mean, sack, and I have the funniest stories about these people. There were no cell phone, so she wouldn't show up right. You know for an appointment and they would just be sitting in the den waiting we would feel responsible for them. There is no way to reach her. She forgot about appointments, we're would go. She wishes outline it should be like New York City Goin in someone there like, here to see a lane and then made come reached me waiting and, unlike I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, hopefully she'll be home. Soon there were, pagers or anything so Zack once went out. To a party has twenty and left the woman in the house? but the alarm on and she was afraid to leave. She spent the. Tire day and night in the house
and then my mom walked in and she was sitting at the dining room table and it just like one, Are you doing here and the woman's like? I didn't. I don't know my beard, your son, Let me end he had to leave and I was afraid to leave and they had a session at like six at night. She was the mouse all day waiting. Were We are now while we were talking about our yet it is fascinating. To have a therapist seek lines in the house would get. It is bizarre. It's amazing. I so I tell you decide to go to graduate school. Yeah I hated how and why you for Europe was right. Twenty seven year twenty two emigrant relationships in another sobriety. Yet all this other insanity in whose I'd like our own and do then I hated slow, is never a student. I hated day sober ever. Yes, yes, for years at a time, but then I would always end like it would always get screwed up. When I would again
relationship and it would end I would go crazy and rugs are using so You are year, undergraduates going your grandmother says the Duke Almond. Yes, so I start doing. I take a class skype wakened. Now I took it with American Comedy Institutes DE rose and fell. I love doing it. I was petrified to perform. My mother took me to of syrup that deals with fears. I'll never forget this, because I vomiting so nervous and I remember standing across from the sky like no, yes like he was my father or slip in then I'll be fine He was able to do it man, I you know do well, but I I did a Carolines. It was sold out. Bringer show with the already five people their right, and I did well- and I was like this- is the most wow. Nor feeling I've ever had right. What did you teach you, though, because it was very helpful, but very specifically, yeah, you do do you have a lie. You have a way of
When comedy, where did you figure it out? Did you have comments you watched you know it's interesting. Re, never was a fan of stand up. Never in my life, I'm not one of those people who watched a lot of stand up. I watch Eddie, Murphy and cracked up, but I rise Erin I live. Lucille ball calibre net show. That was my stance. That was my thing, but I judged and loved. My dream was always to be on us on our roads and I would make the biggest thing was fear of being up in front of people. I was petrified, I'm talking petrified your natural kind of person like TAT, but still I had ever been on, for I was sore freaking out so doing works we class where I got up in front of a small group and tried out material and at least had some jokes year. It helped a lot right. It did so, and so, when you got it, you have to use the fear therapy but you, when you did your family come to the first everyone. Everyone might parents, my grandmother, Zack
for everyone, every one came from it help me. I felt supported yeah and vigour I did well and then I did and open MIKE I'd like. I was gallows holy shit holy shit. I was like, oh, this is what it is which proudly mainly stay and because it was so miserable and uncomfortable one million are on. It was add up, it wasn't a lesbian show, but it was a place Henrietta Hudson's in New York, and it was an open MIKE and therewith just women. Heckling and people just standing around. It was horrible horrible. Those essay experience, but that I think kept me in it. It was so horrible yeah I like being in annex two. You know that's fight Yes, it's being a warrior. Yes, I'm used to it. Is familiar. It was tat any in. That's, that's interesting!
so you do you realize I got. This is terrible terrible, so it's good an outward no but also like, but there is a sort of like to learn how to have that sort of fuck. You thing, while I have to tell you the most powerful, like I said, I feel as when I'm on stage and the most present near me, I ve never there's never a time when I'm that present as and when I am on state you d, I dont, have a powerful by devil. If your present, I think, as woman. I don't really get into this woman man it, but as a woman I feel very powerful yeah standing above people with a microphone. Oh yeah. I don't know if I think about in terms of power, but I definitely I like the feeling of the moments in between laughs, where there's just theatre full of people waiting for something and I'm not doing anything.
Well that's having power over me. I mean I want it is mostly the power they are totally because there waiting for you to hear my terrified only you know when you really think about how we liked heroism again saying it's out. It's crazy. I mean I said last night on stage would not be standing here of everything Roca I didn't have to do that like this is a choice here yeah. I know it's. It's crazy I've because I've become less frightened over time. There are moments at stage where I dislike him so aware, and so present of just how ridiculous it's so rejecting rageous like you'd like I it's on me to do this show, but I'll have to I've said that, unlike IKEA, though either way right now, I could give you what you know
It will work or I could ruin this whole. I mean it's real, that's that is a very powerful thing short and I I don't ruin him as much as they used to say. I don't ruin him at all any more, but there are times room like this is in no way, but I gotta do it. I'm gonna make you not likely firm. I've done that, so many too, I mean I have done that so many times I love doing. I, like you, know, doing Madame in trying to win them over again with eyes you to do a job about that. I say like there's a thing. I do a nice pushy way and I try to get you back pushy. Where dynamic I called dad, then that is what makes it do. I do that event like. I recommend these people that I've heard about you
farmers is certainly they just want. The love might never love. That's roomed area like I may be I wanted, but, like I don't I do with it. I first of all I there there is no doubt whatever They give me, will never filled the whole. It is not even close to what I need to fill that hall I am even if I dare to fight as a whole as much a sort of like me. You guys like look. I know me the honor. Like me, this much the fact that leaves uncomfortable remain right. I have to do now. I war of words is myself to stand there for a second and taken the collapse. That's where, right, I fight, say, Jessica stand here. You deserve this. Let them clap and you know, acknowledge you and then walk off stage cause. I would run off stage every time you
so uncomfortable its uncomfortable. For me, yeah like when they like it, when they clap or the USA today allow it is still no no. No! I get it because, like I built a relationship with an audience who, I think the pike has helped me understand, he's not some random bunch like I do know that have sort of an audience now then, and I believe them for the most part yeah. You know like you, whatever their experience of me, is not my experience me solve it. Being in your enjoying it good. I don't have to ruin it because you know I don't feel this. Way about my exact same experience there. All I do know how great you are your mom like now, and I never will, but thank you so much for saying that What I mean I will never. Get in the way that I probably should ever I care like I'm still like the guy. You have people be like great shone, like oh no yeah me too, that some are you kidding I got to where we will take your experience away where we had a good time like that, until I go
yeah. I don't know that one joke didn't work in the hour and a half that one joke was just an eye he's fine, I know you everyone says is, but I really do find the one guy just staring always always. I will find them if it's five thousand people I'd I'd time I get attentive like I will look at people like I've. People like written me emails afterwards. I don't know if you knew the evil look at me, but it was difficult for me. You made me a concert hall, shall you can look at it? Do you know why do the same fades? Weird? I try to be aware of it like it. When I'm working it, somebody and I can see him Zurich work, there, I'm just here trying to enjoy a show, and now I just staring
I try to look up around you. I go around me too. I did that mercury I'll funny, Marm ideal. The exact same both shows last night I kept poking around, but I couldn't see anything in the main room. Yeah we're room, give you gonna stage with the victim so that such a good idea. I want to put it in a movie or a that's my yard, Linda same, but only one of many stories of insane was what was your relationship with the likely with your dad or you stepfather like that So my dad is the funniest person I've ever met in my life. He system, Are they really yeah he's very black and white? Very he he's different. The complete opposite. My mother is a liberal. You know, artists my dad is old school business man black,
in, why kind of guy you and they they still respect and love each other, but they just were not right for each other at all, and he was very available to me when I was growing up and took care remain, and he was also very intense, very moody, right and dumb. My stepfather was the opposite of my other humus like Miss Jackie martyred, Martin Luther King He used to run couples courses with my mother out of the house. This is like the fucker stuff here in Africa Bonding Weekend weekends, it's so crazy and you're real damage. Pragmatic, I gotta believe Dar breach, but can get over it. You know it so it's They chosen, valets yeah, you bright needed your boss,
their occasion we are. You still got talks about himself and third person. Like daddy, loves you daddy's, broader Eu Daddy's, proud you just did a special daddy thinks you're good, daddy, daddy, unlike this, is a little odd, really yeah. Try I've I've been trying to figure out for myself. What is this inability to accept love? You know why? Because I tend to think that, because my parents were so self involved and so needy that field loaded to me, now? I am like that that any love is sort of innately manipulative. I understand I gave you a race me. Somehow. Your love, yes, in item for me: exhaust we'll get it caused me. You earlier when I want from made. If I accept your love, what that, what even Hake from Mozilla from it yeah well, I think part of it also, is for me, is having you know, parents than our narcissistic,
I am, and then also I never allowed myself to rise, meaning like if I did something with my mom. I would always like kind of one heard: a wind led her when or do I can explain it. I kind of took care of them and certain way I always felt bad talking about them alive been prerogative of them right. So it's hard for me to allow myself to be the best I can be I myself down, so that they would shine huh, yeah academic, I definitely had that thing where you know where they they it's almost like they install a limiter in your brain like you How do I get? How do I transcend this garbage? Taking of whatever the fuck they didn't, we, well, whatever they are. How do I get above that because there seems to be some part of Erin Security or their lot in life that there's gonna make you and secure about yourself. I am I I can't quite figure it out, but it just there, you can only hit the level that they allow you to hit by the wiring they put in.
The child? That's very true for me. I wasn't like encouraged to be the best I can be and all you great on a test, and I like it wasn't like that for me. Now it's more like that, but so I just always kept myself mediocre, rise, so the comedy is really the one thing. That's like really heading hard right now and it's very uncomfortable for me- cause there's a lot of. That's right now and I'm really amazing ray I'm with that each year, eight, but its incredibly commissioner, I know in what way white what is what is going on? I'm not supposed to be like one of the better I've always kept my site. I play tennis. I was always second level singles. I was always Never Larry, alright, really succeed to my full parliamentary rights. Now. I'm I'm working on it, I'm talking about his therapy and I'm really allowing a cause. Work so hard for twenty years and like this is crazy. I got to let it happen and you got a special billboard produce dispatch as its great yeah. He call me out of nowhere.
It's the one thing: I'm not like? Oh, I haven't done this in this. One gets that it's the one thing I was like this is ridiculous. I only have a special yeah yeah have areas are the one thing I was like this is insane deserve special called open MIKE your eyes, you everyone have right, I'm seeing these people are like this- is ridiculous. Recognising that was spontaneous this Kaji daddy saw me at the Patrice O Neill benefit I'll go. I do a thing where I turn around and talked to myself. On stage I don't get you ever saw me do that my specials call talking to myself. I made something: you would really get because I had I turn around and I encourage myself on my back to the oil in some like it's ok, you're gonna do great. Doesn't matter what these people think. You need to love yourself. You know like in a most people, get it people think I'm having a nervous breakdown by her love that
Deniro. Actually member. He saw me do that at the seller and worked out riding hired me to work in a movie with that right, the comedians raw yeah. So it's This get that video inner moroccan merit. Our and your item motivate myself here and now, and then we take the special needs coming out December, six rate at so exciting yeah. It's a good dory cause? He chose this old. You know, lesbian comedian, it's like a fun. It's an interesting story. Lucky he didn't Just you know you. He knew will mean we were friendly, but he really try to choose people. He got a deal for three comics anyway, I deduce people, he thought really deserved it and where the funniest right- and that made me feel But in his great no other reason than I thought I was funny yeah without one that's yeah, we that's great yeah yeah.
It is another comedian, a respectable yelled funny guy ere, you give respect from him and if I give you any did it right did yeah ever I've ever gotten, I'm not kidding like nine out of ten things as from comics really yet from another comedian. Referring may let sweet it is, and the like shows like what else is going on. I'm touring alive. Now, I'm also making a movie executive producing for effects about female comedian the documentary it's the first movie that affects is putting their independent theatres and then it's gonna land on their effects are you're one of the people whose in it I'm in it and I'm produce. Yeah, well yeah, oh I mean Amy, humor agreed fortune. Stir. Sarah Sarah Sandra Bernhard Margaret show they all agreed to do it. The alot of people, Lane Booze, Loretta, Radner, great, all different ages, yelled and it's not gonna, be some bitch fettes. You know like. Oh it's been
hired and right. I want people to watch it and then go see female comics. After that's my goal will that's exciting yeah and your tournois touring a lot, and I started a podcast. It's called relatively aim and it's not just comics being funny. That's not what I wanted to do with your right, walking right and real I love doing it. I get I live. I get that you love this round, it for so long as it's not like. It's like at the outset, self, yeah, I'm gettin, laughs, yeah. I lionize called relatively saying it's a lot about family stuff. I've done you with my mom and she's, a brilliant therapist rocking. She the GRAIL practices and she said you did she. Is she giving you any point yeah, like it's all, herds, giving pointers and as laughing about stuff that happened stuff, I told you about, you know resentment in any of these people. I mean I who in and out of resentment for now,
working on myself, I obviously, as you know, I will get very resentful right and if I'm working on myself, I don't even think about it literally where it is. They ve my parents, of both apologized for stuff, I'm very, a key. Most people never had that near. They ve both apologize and said. I never meant to her. You were the only thing we were young, so I and I love them the third but not now, I'm apparent so I get out. Yeah? Oh my god mark I have for fucking kids. What I know I know for to utter deserve why add one with my ex sherry shoes and Zoe is thirteen When will she doesn't? Let me this was the one. This was the one right when I started comedy we didn't get into that, but when I was just left graduate school comedy. I was flying at the duplex in New York, city and locked up to me, and that was at twelve years together, and how to ordinary ass? She had
baby, with a donor there had all my characteristics year, so jewish dark her dark eyes and you can hear it's a credible. You can your interviews and see pictures now is unreal legume it's crazy of donor yes and Zoe is dawning my thirteen you're old is a knock out, she's, an actress in a singer and She doesn't live with me, but she was right near me with her. Yes, Meyer, yes, we all get along. I may took a while, but we all get along grey and have legal rights because we got married. It wasn't legal at the time right, so it was difficult, is very difficult and and I got remarried to my wife. Daniele. Will you with now and we had it. We have a three and a half year old you who was born with heart disease, its very heavy, very she was born with a major heart problem.
Hope who carried the kid she data have. I never would have ever carried a child if you paid me forever once thought about it arrive in a second, I never I thought I would have kids so we had, Isabella and Isabella, we saw in the sonogram that she had vow Probably ass major like Jimmy came major major, not a whole, since she was born with one large valve that what is called drunkest Arteriosa sits at its looks like a mangled trunk of a tree, it's horrible, So she has two major problems here: she's a cows juggler and we have to get a replaced. She's had three open heart surgery than a stand. Can you believe that in three and a half years, and an she, ok right now, but she's gonna need more open heart surgery, television, she's gonna before remember Harper Heartbreaking and then
You're at nine, now believe this, but I have three months old twins really yeah, so we Isabel and have a younger yodeling here and then we go for it. Each railway and there like it didn't work like God, so we try again now it's twins. Can you believe this and she just had em? the three months ago and they're all girls I for her girl, it's an incredible story, because I really never thought I would have one child in you in the city. We of on long island. And- and I love it, but it's challenging very challenge as a comic. As you know, on the road in it's, it's a lie. Where I know how to stop working full time because of its us well because of the The doctors I may mention Rogers written, but your managing and she's a therapist still she's an addictions. Thereupon s what maybe you can just thirteen people in the house she is mark. This is unreal, so we're looking for houses and
can I see people I'm reliving my entire life? Isn't that unreal her make another you. I am right, store four of the eight yeah yeah, but their different. Because my mother's, very old school therapists. Obviously the s stuff and am Daniele deals with teens with addiction issues like get over it right, but she's, tough, right, right, very different therapy, but she's recovery base area. That's good, yeah she's recovering Ursela arrays recovery of recovering but he's ok. Yeah no one's gonna die soon language, on good, this is very enjoyable. I am with weapons Deniro like how'd? You know that guy you David. Really crazy story. I remember that movie. We're gonna lose a lot of talk about it. When I know who is the woman in it,
There is. A lot of people have Falco eighty Falco Leslie man. When I became friends of all of the harbor, I tell Danny to veto it's an incredible story. I was performing at the comedy. Seller was their Deniro, whereas our effort, the data. And fanatics to Vienna right. Deniro loved. What I did I get a man, a gig at one of those jewish development. Gig I'm hard at thirty up in Florida. My father's apartment, twelve o clock around twelve. A call from teller hack, for I have no idea who he is. I have no clue tells you. I don't know if you like, now, for he didn't say, whereas in reality I might go, I'm like a high, ok, I've. No, I don't know who anyone ages. I never have, and I never will I done so. He said as we saw a block away number twenty year me to come. I really know who you are. I know I really don't know who people, arts, horrible and those,
of involve vacuum. I dont remember names are adequate. Could we could train ourselves to do it? They are, but at this who cares hate that, though, but now, because I've lived so many places it sort of like I do, you can have to give me a timeframe in a city. Yeah exactly yeah or sent? I can follow Something museum. I dont know harrassing than no people for twenty years, but this is a way for them to introduce themselves to people Tell where people you have to introduce yourself cause. I don't know remember who anyone is so embarrassing. Just let her tail so Taylor clauses like this material hack, freedom, like aha, ok, unease, not one like your della market, no idea, and he was by urban, and I would like to meet you on Wednesday and I go by This is literally have a conversation. Wendy goes Bogdan near. Oh and out and I go ok. I have no idea what going on so, unlike Kay, though, if we want to talk about being in our movie house, while he was crazy
being that car s crazy, so go on a Wednesday near to the production office and I sit with the two of them and I hit it off with Deniro. I dont know what have I think he realized. I don't give a shit right IRA, not kissing his ass. He didn't to this day. I it sounds insane, it doesn't even phase me. I was like whatever okay, and they were talking in iter. Into a three hour. Conversation Harvey Cartel walks in these like dollar like this air God for the movie I mean it was. I thought I was on acid, something I didn't know what was going on right, but I had talk comedy for years at Gotham, comedy club, so I told them that, because he had to act like a comic has been around for thirty five years you trot over there, for I did. I realize yeah, I just offer classes you work directly for caress or what I did like art for Chris and I just loved teaching people. I wasn't Beginners
as people who had already been in it for a while, but I just I love teaching I love to each year, and so I told them that and then Bob just took a liking to me ere, he hired me to eat them Next morning I met him at his house. His apartment and there was a MIKE and a microphone and an I taught him. How did you stand up, I met him every morning. He he like. I became his person whom he study at once. Before, groundwater not like that were not, and it was so long before I rise to make a very long story short. I ended up being involved in every in the movie. He wanted me there for every single scene. I was in his ear, so I was on a microphone an ear thing in and I would just make him laugh and tell him. You know things to say, and I ve got it an associate producer credit com
consulting credit he paid me, it was amazing was real. I became very friendly with, though all the actors and am I became the person where even when he and Leslie Man, had a like a lie, senior, they both had me, come in a room. Them privately to tell them what to do? I mean it was really unbelievable. Ha. I learned so much and I kind of directed some of it was crazy. Or from him. Just seeing me do stand up. That's great! I Why really help me want to become. You know a producer and direct, but do all that I loved it as much as I love stand up. These are you guys still talk, yeah yeah I've been talking to his people Simply because I want to pick something to him- always like anything, I've, never asked him for a thing you ever. I just do to see with him in the Joker once and I move Dahlia Vietnam. Yeah yeah. I know you did something with him before that. Didn't you know no, oh, that was the things
remember seeing you- and you saying I just did- was the Joker Movie, what the imo and nodded at much bye. Bye was with him and I did spend a little time with him The idea is like one those moments right, realising NEO HU. I am you never see it has He has now. You know who does bar no idea, he's an incredible person there. I really spent a lot of time with him. He is he's really Billy minded people wouldn't know he Reich used to put you. Niger, characters and voice so you have to have failed me doing these things that you go home and watch them really wanted to watch your home. He's very except, in loving, but he's you know. Has this hard exterior azure? Of course no use? I guess guy, crazy, walking down the street with him here. Is the craziest thing I've ever I it's! It's me.
Beyond the landlord. Like the mayor of me, I'm insane Bobby you thank you but he was so good to me and so sweet and are you I just I can't even leave how much I learned he. I had a really step up use my voice cause the first day, and fulfil Manga was in Brooklyn at a Delhi, a famous jewish Delhi. I walk in Danny to veto Patty Le Poem right. Ok, they played it all right. I'm Deniro an eye again this is after meeting, him privately four months is on camera. Yeah yeah, I'm not on camera. Going there to be with Bob Right, Anna Annie's Bob comes between the second I walking goes. I need a line, Anita line, I'm doing is seen within, and so I gave him a line here and then he says, the line and Patty opponent daring to veto laugh road, so it ruined the scene and tell her hat for start screaming at me. I swear to God is: are you can't just what does that?
earth day. You can't just fuckin Khamenei earn tell you know, Do they serve as a professional and Bob took him by the arm and said, don't ever speak to her like that, if you ever speak like that again, I'm out one that was a first day and I had a fight to get I voice, and does he wanted me to body yeah? He would say just come, say whatever you want do at every one, and I would you know, arms are helping him. Oh yes, but then the producers, which is understandable in the director, would be like God, just let Us- Do our thing, but he wanted me to be his voice and I did Emily was hired me. Yeah gratia was great book. I'm so everything's going so well for you. He sing like again. Your plate is full with family career stuff, but it all seems good It's all good, I have to allow it. I am writes about me allowing it to be good but crazy times over. Yes, I can't I'm too oh my way over
over I'm tired and barely get out a Beth. I know what I'm excited about the special excited. I think we covered a lot of fear you think. So our idea I'll get the. I feel so good. I love talk, NEO you're, amazing, I know of talking you very cracking up my seeing you too, the money right. Again her family central Special just get first on talking and myself this Friday December six comedy ensure that beyond the common social app cc, calm and other on demand platforms, and also you ve, got a little bit about four five gas, relatively saying that when you give pod guests and also you can go to pod swag dotcom, Flash drive, you D have to get some of the new treaty, have merged validates hats, hoodies cups, stuff, keep Bob jobs or go to If you are far back on and click on the merchant. Ok,
play some minor cords, hopefully to elevate the spirit of my sick at LA fond. Yeah yeah.
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