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Episode 1079 - Paul Walter Hauser

2019-12-12 | 🔗

To play Richard Jewell, Paul Walter Hauser knew he needed to tap into a part of himself he thought he left behind in Saginaw, Michigan. Paul and Marc talk about his Christian upbringing as the son of a Lutheran pastor, the importance of faith in his life today, how show business initially beat him down and kicked him back to his home town, and how he got back in the game with an emotional audition that changed everything. They also talk about his performances in I, Tonya and Blackkklansman. This episode is sponsored by the Watchmen Podcast, SimpliSafe and American Express.

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Hey folks can't get enough of HBO watchman. Now you can go deeper inside the critically acclaim new series, with the official Watchmen Podcast, hosted by Watchmen executive producer. Writer, Damon, Linda Love and crime. Amazing the creator of Chernobyl. The new podcast explores narrative choices uncovers Easter eggs, and Germans, the shows connection to the groundbreaking graphic, novel stream. Why from now on catch new episode, Sunday at nine p m only on HBO, our right, What do the show all right. Let's do this hour, you at the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's authors what's happening
our marriage, this might podcast W e f welcome to. It is the first time here. I doubt it what's happening. Is everything all right? I'm going to talk to Paul Walter, Hauser today, yeah the guy, who is the lead in this who are Clint, Eastwood Film, richer, jewel, and he's quite good night. I, like a guy, I like the guy, What I like them in I Tanya is what First really noticed him and I was just very impressed with the humanity he brought to such a there's, a wonderful buffoonery tv. The way his characters take themselves so seriously But this is a nice I'd, say it's kind of a heavy movie, but it's pretty great and he he carries the film pretty fuckin well and he's a big Ban of Deputy effort turns out, and we have nice conversation, so that's coming, up enjoy that. Other thing
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Aids will be on sale to the general public tomorrow December thirteenth. At ten, a m wherever you are. Wherever you are. I can I am, but the breeze There are still going on now. If you want to go to the venues websites and use it, Password buster and those values are obvious. If they January thirty of Cleveland Ohio at the Igor Theatre, Friday January thirty, First Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street church Saturday February, First Milwaukee Whiskey, in Turner Hall, Ballroom Friday February. For Keith Orlando Florida at heart. Alive. I think that password is actually Marin. Saturday February fifteenth Camp Afore at the strategy, is gonna, be the strategy has stressed centre Thursday February when he of Portland Main at the state Theatre, Thursday February twenty first problem.
Throat, island at the Columbus Theatre, Friday February, twenty second in New Haven, Connecticut at College Street Music Hall and Sunday February. Twenty third hunting to New York at the Paramount GO, do w e, F pod dot com, swash tour for links to all. The use and all of them. I believe, except Orlando. The precept code is buster, Orlando, its Marin. Very odd thing: I've a lot of good things going on my life. There's a horrible thing, what's going on in the world, beg us at every day everywhere, not just world, maybe across the street, but bring weird. What I thought of hang on to you well it's weird where I hang onto in terms of what am I, trying to say here. I've I've got a fly. I'm Goin tomorrow, I'm going to shoot a few scenes in the with a movie that the shooting for respect the of wreath. Franklin by a pick em in my part of it start
on Monday in Atlanta, some flying out, there is very exciting done why we're guns on those on the on the scenes. And you know, there's just things going on. I don't love to travel that much, but I do it. It's part of my job, but without the exciting things going on in my life. I gotta be honest with you, I'm just now getting over my feelings of excitement, and elation. Almost, I would say about something that happened last week like last, I think was last Friday, I'm not sure I told you about it, but I don't know where you live, but here in gaol, for you ever been. You have your m garbage been yet recycle Bin and then have your leaves and effort, grass and stuff that been be bins right and I've taken it upon arrived
our attitude, I use all pine pellet Catlett exerting its more healthy for the cadmium, change more often, and I throw it out the ban. We throw away, leaves and stuff Rikers just would just it. It's goes with whatever doesn't matter so here's the crux of it is that over the years I've been in this house couple years now- it might bins all of them have Pretty disgusting, they just get going I am spider, webs goop glop things of it. The I'd stick on it, weird slut it just over time, the inside your bans can get you fucking nasty, and I knew it was happened. We all know when our ban, or get nasty above. Inside and outside I'm jargon, at our inner bends. Look inside yourself, maybe it's time to clean your bins in there
clean out your bins. Well, that's what I'm gettin too I just like all the sound of my fucking, it's enough is enough and after they picked up on garbage idea. I got the hose out now we'll down from the house, and I just I wash the shit out of my position. Yet I cleaned out all the sewage and dump the sludge into the gutter and, dare I just cleaned out the finns- and I can stop thinking about. I think I've achieved an amazing thing. I think they're like there's some part of me, the fields, I should be rewarded. I git weirdly, proud you, even when I judge I followed my shirts out of the dry, but there's been thing now is a couple years come Anne, and it was your so satisfying accounts? I can't stop thinking about it like work, I didn't The girl Golden Grove nomination, no Sag award nomination for any I'm, never gonna win an award, but air
here I can groundless timing and clean my bins cause. I think it's a better feeling to be honest with you. There's just between me and myself and God year that I've the bends. Now you but the same night. If you wait and then doing your bends, it's it's a pretty great feeling better I'm thinking more in terms of the inner bins has my inner compost is at do I need to use at twenty two bread that around and gross better things inside me. Maybe I do maybe I do folks my beans or clean folks. We are sponsored, day by simply safe, which is our choice here: W Tia for home security, its comprehensive professional homes, security at a fair price. Right. Now is the best time a year to get a simply say, security system, W p, prisoners, getting free security, camera plus a huge discount on your security system. I simply say great- is out you're asking yourself I'll, tell you. It protects every room
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who are people. Thank you for all the emails about my cat and how you handled your cats passing or putting your cat down, but here's, what I did. I thought I really fires can have put her down before. I leave something to be away now for weak people, stay at my house. You have to deal with this and it makes me sad. I can't just a cat down, because it's convenient for me if she's gonna live she's gonna, whether we still be people in the house, but I call the cops, places there come over and put the pets down and ask them some question. It is about you how she's behaving I think she's going of senile. She seems to be a bit youth and disoriented sometimes show just start walking or howling black paying. Just that an old you just kind of kind of lost and I should very excited about the toilet. I've never seen that happen, she'd been a lot of water, it just a kidney thing. Man- and I just really well- to be around either for her past
or to transition or into death. I gotta go away and can be hanging over me, three anxiety causing and sad but, like I said she still here, she still accepting love. She still kind, it's kind of interesting. You know, and I guess it's not unlike humans, which I have not had to deal with, but down in this level, but she is definitely not the same cat that she want was in. She would not at all. I mean she several lighter number one. She's got no, fight in her and she she can't reserve likes the fragile ammunition That was a widow fuckin fireball of fury. I mean she would up you with her paw. She would snap it were their mouth she's very unpredictable sheet. She liked of began navigation. You gave her too much chief fucking Poppea,
yeah well on common, but now she sort of odd and and and slow- and you note space he knew a little confused and weak and very soft and fragile and a loving the whole different cabinet sort of interesting to and nice to experience right that it sad but damn, but instead of I'm trying to sort of focus on it, not being so tragic. As it is kind of the transition, and just appreciate this, this cat. That was just a kind of it. Terror for a lotta year. She got a little nicer. She got older, but now she just gonna Lupi and France, and it's a whole different type of the keenness I'll. Tell you that, but but none the less again thank you for all the advice in sharing your son
or is it also sharing? You had some ahead the places I called her. The vets have come to us to do the euthanize being, and I talked to them out where she sat and how do I make the decision, they were very helpful, both of the names of these places in my area were sent to me by. Dinners- and I appreciate that- I really do yeah, you know it, it's I'll keep yellow appear, but it looks like you I'm gonna be going away without without without. Putting her down, because the time I guess It was to Morrow she just I don't know what it is every day projecting you know you just spent too much time focusing on these cats when their sick. I do it when they're not sick, like ours If a cat long enough, I'm right, there's not sums that right gotta bring array and bring him in whatever, but I'm just kind of testing. That's got to be Why stress on her? I really is,
where the other night, I am, I pretty much like the two days ago. She was out of it and like just not well and it was just sad and within I'd like I went to sweet that night kind of getting resolve around it around put your down the next day. I guide I'd sort of, let go and chapter that I'm going to have to do it the next day and the next day she just was is it being runnin around? They pick it up man. She knows and she knew she read my mind. She felt the vibe. She felt me let her go. She felt me make a decision and she realized fuck. That's me I can about on the one going down. I'm the one he's thinking about well go on it. I'm gonna pick up so for the last couple days, she's been matter old self, certainly by up about drinking a lot of water talking a lot. She felt it man. They got the till.
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and showed a mental out to him. So is very exciting for both of us David. Conversation about, work, food, Jesus and a lot of stuff. Is there anything else for some people? But this is me talking to Paul Walter. Hauser and the film richer jewel opens nationwide tomorrow December thirteenth, and he he carries movie. He is the movie hastily. In SAM Rockwell is right there with them and I a nice guy. This me talking to Nepal is worse in the Bible better. Name, your courts and a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the House and my God, and dwell in that sense in the wicked witch I'm a big thing to say, but I actually use that verse when I think about
great material, because I really would rather have a tiny part in something dope earlier than like work and be the leading somethin? I wouldn't want to pay to you, I that's for me. I was one of those things are much arms of Cyprus to be here I assume that whoever created shows pry flattered that you would take such a lofty biblical verse. The has profound connotations do apply to doing a small part. You know what, on their show, I'm not a very learned human being so. I have to use things that I know I know I know the Bible. I know food RO rashly? I'm kind of I am a bit of a neanderthal. Oddly year, the buyer- when progress. We will give you everything you need to get through life absolute. It turns out tat. I need you need your man yeah robes from acting jobs, understanding, good and evil understanding orchestrated debt, presentations, the Bible. You know you can just sort of if you ve got you ve got it all.
In all the Bible in wide new testament, an old testament I went over me. I mean I'm not one of those people who can throw out every verse and as a savant with it, but I've read it twice all the way through it took me a long time in your life. You really, yet no! No! I didn't like it away where you're like reading it. Every day we are raising the work with the last five years. I tell us over six years over the black entice, although our really I'm on my third time, Adam I'm having a lotta hiccups, I'm having trouble getting back into why this isn't happening over it's like no such thing of being distracted. I think I'm in the most distracted phase of my life right now, based on social media having some career success not living at my apartment. I basically luminous who case based on my schedule, I know which is really cause you shooting some stuff. Yeah, but now it seemed like a nice, Hungary, the Bible, yea disorder and
As when I was, I didn't move in Thailand and I was sober for home in, I was sober for ten months from patent alcohol. I just really wanted to clean water for me now: did you stay clear of it? I did and then I now now, I'm in a play, some moderation where I'm not like I'm not lying to myself, voted Isler with labelling. Yeah yeah I liked occasionally just in the morning I just just before just before I go talk to national border of Europe. You know I'm being selling. I just think it's you know. I was sober for ten months and that fell during a shoot in Thailand for us by Glee, film, and I did that back in March and April and then movie, I Didn'T- have a huge part of its called the five blood's. I think I just read about this by an unfair story. There they go back.
Yes, how long after the war like this is a modern era thing it's like God. It's like takes place in both times, and I can't say too much about a kiss. Why pray once and under wraps? What I can say is that some it's a psycho friendship story. Where light the friendships are tested, and you know there's the sort of bringing up digging up the bones of ass. You know throughout that movie with with corral I find the idea and who answers in Larry FISH Fishbone. That's right and grants to crack instant, that's right kind. I got one yeah, it's got divide, but more than turn Tino spike leasing. Where there's a lot of Farms and sure is violence as a second time you could spike, he appeared. Apparently he likes you. I guess so he showed up tonight, screening of richer jewel in New York City, the other night in it, I was really almost move the tears. He showed up these attacks, you get em,
I'm kind of thing I just gotta hit him up because I saw I saw you went to Shiloh Buffs, screening of honey, boy rivalry and local bodies, with spite. Maybe he government They set aside tat is the moment offered it necessary, be there's a knife three months later, had my brother Matthew sitting next to me next to him, as my manager in close friend sky brain Wall here and then a feud seats down its spike in his son and the whole movie, I can spite doing like whispered commentary already laughing out loud during parts are like. Oh yeah, San sand stuff like come. You know just stuff like this but the values we gonna get. You know how rapidly giving commentary like you would almost like a sign, wanna, say stereotyping, but so the talk during the movie very telling me They finally talk during your movie. For me, you know what I've talked during a lot of things. Session of victory Sure, I'm not I'm just. I just think it's nice, sometimes you just just true. It's just try
well and- and I hold up to my stereotypes- low- not you know that, being from the MID west of being the size of two people end a bleeding involve progressively in Jesus Christ, things I can't prove I'd as real but love deeply. I think that's a common thing. I am what I mean the Bible things Trusting me see, your faith is strong. Oh yeah, very much so like a weird way like I probably should have more reservations, but I am more reservations, while people than you ve got to be perfectly really, that's comforting the I guess yeah and I also you know I was in your pod- all the tide in and yet in the Daily Mcbride episode we're going on about how the church turned on his family, because his mom got a divorce,
I was never the recipient of that type of church treatment and I think that sets you up for success in your faith journey. If people who are Christians Treaty like Dog, shit, that's socks and never should have happened and probably teensy the experience of the Saviour, because a conquered It wasn't emulating the very thing they protest right. Why me? I just liked Tony halon he's pretty strong in the face of our into them. I didn't move them here, surgery We are literally we're we're literally like singing hymns between takes in staff, not just a little tiny and cheap, but we, but now we both know Jesus Ages, You know so where disease, so where does it Jesus come in this sum, you grew up with you. My debts, this generation, Lutheran, pastor, Lutheran, yeah, listen, it's like a thousand, but a few will more or less of a shit right right. It sort of thought you eat Unitarian, which is we'll give us your writing right.
I have read the arab leverage or what they believe. Never Lutherans, very midwestern thing came over from Scandinavia type. A deal you prime know more about more united out. Martin Luther was the due to who got pissed back in the day. The fourteen hundreds or because people were litter, We selling forgiveness of sins are called indulgences, so in other people were taxing people for their spiritual, really right, which is insane so Will Europe Jesus and Martin Luther the people we really fashion the faith after they were radicals right. Martin Luther was a dark guy beyond decent written on him. You wanted I feel like going. If your keys anti semite, always I dunno, maybe maybe I'm wrong can ensure good I've. Never Martin Luther, our immediate is the majority in my good Worthing somewhere. It wasn't want anti semite resources. I gotta be careful who I am only I'm the type of person who I'm always, I can't be,
of comic anymore. I started instead of comedy and theatre, and I just cannot go it Sir I've not because I'm one of these ugly people is trying to hurt people, but think I have a lot of those those brainstorm joke moments when you just had where it's like you're joking around, but someone could take that near and write the next big internet article about Mark Man thinks Lutherans Remit as Luther successfully campaigned against the Jews and said Sidney Brandenburg and Silesia, while thou that's what let's no other new ones here. What were the Jews during those campaigning and sky? Just beings, who should have been a dietary Munich? We don't know one gay, ok the amount of funding, so the animals advocate a little bit. I think your neatly defending the initial education, another guy, Argentina, Jesus, I'm not to move around in July? I took this is in on you man. I mean this is fifteen hundred listener anything. My
My ancestors, your ancestors to anyone is an honest period right. You know stuff. Our parents did, as alone is now in a lobby. Now it is enough we're not responsible for by my factor oh, I didn't say that I'm that I agree with wholeheartedly alright I'll Co. Author, a book with you, might have a Dell, was a minister fifth generation minutiae and powers a minister yeah. You know him having fairly yeah. I knew he was, and you know what I like to Mama my grandfather. Maternal grandfather was that he was it's kind of relaxed and I think he was one of these. I don't know Peter that teachers like look entreated, do somethin wrong. Doesn't demonstrations that, unlike I can't sit in the room with your sorry we'll? Have a humanitarian one on earth altering the sort of your quiet, passiveaggressive types, me. I maybe I'm generalizing by four days in like a lot of the Lutherans Minnesota writer
think Minnesota monsieur those cards, and then they got all these synods. That's the other thing with animals see. So when I see Jesus I'm talking about face from that Roma religion, religion is, do you know? Don't do this to A lot of legal is dogma. What's legalism, it becomes the ethical convention. Suddenly people are doing things that have more to do with the robot assize nature of it and then doing an organic. We write. So, so with the Lutherans, not only are they their own sect of Christianity, they then become. From synods, where you have the Wisconsin Synod, the Lutheran church, Missouri Syn and they all have their own rules and feelings about politics- ensure a relief, yeah, we Solana, do you come from Elsie unless it's always interviews Ursa, She Grumman Missouri, nor Europe, Michigan, Thou Seest Synod one eye and see our countries
we should not really is with real all over the place spreads over in Michigan. I groping sagging Michigan, which is by Flint, and I have three siblings brother and two sisters, yeah and then end up in the air in the in the racket. The matter I hear my brother's a medicine minister, no six to nourish someone how to do it. So what kind of felt like a weird way that we, both certainly you, know, fought against it with our behavior and if the elder yeah he's five years older than me, but he's a you know, he's one of these guys who partied all through college, was sort of a Belushi type on this small campus in New York in, and he which campus can courtier University of River know. What do you call that a small, its its white paper? white plains or whatever is itself has a place. Brownsville Brussels, I sure Brock's Valea, I feel acres in as a college.
Rightful isn't there was. I want to be a girl school fuck guy had wrapped the name of that now five tell you over city, I feel how is it hippy school fucking? Maybe it I don't think it. What you will see became a pastor, but he didn't exactly the route that one would think you know shows your sister and between you and him he goes on and then Julia's. Second, all those three years above me, there myself and then release my younger sister two years after the myths with foreign, about seven years I'd so the elder brother. You look up to him when he's party Do the business? I I've looked up my my entire life. I have causes these brilliantly funny and and dumb. Allows allows himself to be like logical is not one of these fanatical people may be. You know talked in the face. So when you so in Europe, our ability, malleability adaptability or just values are thus antonyms. No mark
how long do I not malleable aliens like like he's? Not he's not control freak doesn't like bottom line on you. I don't think so. I think there's humility and it's ok to have hard lines and some fearsome, except in Phoenix, She's a tower and my sisters are just the cause: people over there really darkly funny, like those say, stuff lobby like brilliant everybody. Finding your family lot of funny people in different ways You know I married you monies my parents were honey and sometimes unintentionally, funny obviously Christopher guess my culinary character. Tat before me. We believe, what's your man like where what is a foreign minister like is it's not fire brimstone? She had right at me what are you having grown up with a minister? I mean it's like psychiatry, kids are usually kind of fucked up and minister, kids, oh, I remember being ministers or just being Devils ye idea, as agreed,
oh yeah so from the get go with your mom working in the church. Now she was resonance kids and we were broke his shit. We lived on the street called North bonds written sagging. Now we had and I'll rattle and off quick. We had. Our house broken into and Rob had our car broken into an rob here. We are again take over our backyard and play on our basketball hoop without asking is waiting. So that's that but gangs. Doing Sagen out there like we're. Just gonna use the hoop without any the less clear progress, we were thrown about. You know the word leg. Drug dealers are blocking gang members and, unlike tat, we had a police stocks. Gunnar Backyard by bank robber on Thanksgiving night, like in the middle aged nineties. I just crazy, stuffed it. It was a weird bringing where Sunday morning we were singing joyful, joyful and eating. Don't
holes and Monday through Saturday. It's like I'm hearing my neighbour kick out her boyfriend of five in the morning and customer. Is that greater to sort out the able to eavesdrop on that stuff like I'm? my my girlfriend wegg years ago and sombre lived across from some woman. Named Jennifer and she was always fighting with people on the street who knew her in there just sort of like a different. I get me. I was in females, yelling The Somerville Massachusetts, JANET Yeah that just one oh yeah, we're that my old childbirth did just here in that just like wondering where it's gonna end. How does it intend to me when I want to begin involved? I can't hoping knowing gets killed yeah. So, We really have any with this work.
Why were you in that neighbourhood? Was your data on a mission? Was it? Did he see this as his test? You know what I think. If anything we were in and earning bracket where there was a place, but where was his charge here we were like a mile and a half from the church, maybe so proximity area yet for kids, you, it's like right for kids are passed. Her salary- Unama ailing did, but you like well now was a his church. Does his church was called bathroom Lutheran? and it was maybe five or six hundred people on a Sunday amassing and that's the school, I went to the school and the church. They were Jason and that's where I started doing ITER plays an odour, you earn is lutheran nobody. Would he just like? What's what what's the punishment situation with from smart man they ever ever. It was the punishment situation at it's late, you're just breathe, ape like a political cartoon or whatever the end of news in the funniest. I think
more than anything, you are called. You buy back to commitments that cover all ten year. You take me with we: u really trust by the to love the warder got me. I never as yourself. Those are the two yes and you have to believe that only I didn't dump murder important, wouldn't when We showing loved your neighbour by not Maria, but what, if you like, the guy was about enemies and well. You know what that's where you, your latest difficult. Creating this this isn't a cent I've many people, ok, who mystery to me. I created distance. When I see them, I try to be cool, but yeah detached with love and then be there for them. If they actually needed verses. Hey. Can you read my script? I saw that you put a movie I fear that huge movie. Can you help me out? Pal know what I'd rather get asked to do. I will say I'd rather guess to move people's furnace, than any other get asked like help win a real way
just like I know, because we all make each other's dreams come true in the next twenty minutes. We noted so never used when people do that. They do not understand that you're not like it took me a long time to realise it took having some success to realise that the there's really mutations, do what you can do for someone else right? but they don't know that they are so dont know that you're not where they think you are They think you're, you think they think they are You are Eddie Murphy and they think I am selves who are often right. Neither of us those people are doing our thing and our thing is great and we're trying to just tagline but light, but even if we were those because let me like all attach myself to your script or I write, I know a friend you can make this tomorrow. We were those people, neither one of those things would necessarily happened, cracked and it's tough to, and they give you something good. I've been giving real good scripts. Like three people last year and a half for then at least you can move it allowed. Somebody do yeah, yeah, really
right away. I get this brilliant bunny name like targets, Sylvia He literally does that task. Grabber type thing where he's he's a handyman merrily puts the other shells for people Bel, air and stuff Cougar in reforming, I need some Scots is put up my bath honestly, I could and he'd do a killer job. It's not a big job here. He, but you know what he's not do and that is writing scripts and heat. I produced a short film with him that we shot in Michigan and now, they were trying to make it into a feature and anger. I met a man, a keen peel taping ice to do work with computer and he was a Detroit guy as they are and they studied there. So I kind of met him through them. So back to the ten commandments, Galifron neighbour girl of guy okay. So that's, but that's the deal so you're your ministers care if you fuck up. What's what is what so what's your man? Do you know
try to think nodded his head of the children, no one that will be lower. Your neighbors herself serve, as you reminded us up, which was cool, have passiveaggressive sort of How do you feel that you're? So no one he give you a stern talking to and him talking you felt like you were getting about because he's a pastor. You know The most speaks directly to your heart. I yea drowsy. Aren't you are rejected a shit of yours. I would say more than anything. My dad always impressed upon me like you, like our ears example around the basketball team for the sake of inclusion. I was not a good actually for very obvious reasons. I had a for the sake of unclear whether they had you want is a charity case, yeah much so How is like us together, like I guess, your power, fortieth user power, you're very powerful, linking to powerfully certain events there-
you know- I had a thing where I am now start to a raft. I kind of acted crummy, as has been a crummy thirteen zero brought in on the court radically to show us something. The matter here and my parents blew up at me. I'll, never forget being in the kitchen and of EU rules. Are old house was maybe twelve and they kind of told me there, like. That's, not how you behave. You embarrassed ass soon, barest yourself, and we know We we have tickets to take you to progressing very birthday, whether like, maybe we just well go wild, that's an air like ready to take away my favorite thing in the war hand way the guilt on pretty heavy. Oh yeah, it's on you now to beat the shit out yourself. Do you come to your senses?
I will go and had done their regardless of my parents, antimony mass man, I'm just I'm just turned again in good part of normal daily self love and also the escalating all the stuff I used to. You know slovenian cry over and really so nice I've spent wait what shall be mean myself, yeah, yeah, Anne and trying to be really nice to everybody else. Well, yeah. I mean what that, although I lack a little while I those devices or those things that were innate in you certainly came. Play in this role in richer gloating over seven hundred percent, all the characters. I've played a piece of me whether I like to admit that why I like this, I like it between jewel and there was the guy's name and I Tanya China theirs. and elevated sense of self doubt unpacked there that's interesting, elevated sense.
What year thyself importance to both of them, Oda, their emission rights to everybody else, works ridiculous? Yes, although it goes back that Chris forgets vacuum every continent, but their very earnest about you know their sense of self, which is inflated and ridiculous. Well and once again for the right now let thy Sean Car was never junior for the right reasons. Russia jewel was doing that's right. They're both empathetic characters. Oddly, yes, you know I mean which is, made me so excited about this movie. They also want Some I saw you was in that I taught anything. I was like extent. Think about your performance. You gimme a shout out on the richer Jenkins episode. Mean all my friends. I text each other road merit Marin, give you shut up because I Carson asking you to surround the chair. I just I, like it, inspired humane approach to that fucking guy and I had said the visit here is this: there is a lot of humanity to it was funded
Andy and because these guys are there just there the like he was a sort of a specific type of confident buffoon yeah. You don't have any very thought. He had angle and everything. The confidence is so funny that endeavour that when that kind of guy breaks down, is it some of the best? many in the world yeah, it's it's so I also there's a moment. I tiny ragged shouted Sebastian sin I say something like I couldn't. No one could ever break me and then a second later Samantha me time erroneously, that kind of physical Walter so check like John Goodman, it moment of way. You know your element Danny earlier. I love I love having even smidgen that in their self and apply them. So where do you think Obviously, this resource you, have of south alone. Your wordy wordy attracted to. Are you? What are you doing?
how many do more than just Jesus to help yourself. I mean, I think Jesus is enough, but the good thing is that Jesus compels you to do other things that are by products which are the things are alluding to the yeah, whether its yoga or whether a therapy or what have, of course, I believe all that stuff you. I think I think those are gifts that you're allowed to employees so that you can get. But have you been able to track? The self loathing, in particular, wiser heritage of wiser were white. Why, The way you have people walk all over. I talk of mere the characters I play. I don't let people walk all over me. Have fired people ever get. Ok, I've ok pass at tat age, why why so nice to people? Because I love, I actually love people like I love. I love you fired people who'd, you fire
that's, probably not something I want to get real into, but there was just somebody once fire, because, even though we were friends, the relationship that wasn't like it wasn't like working anymore, What was the job while I gave our be respectful, what was it the person I fired. I still to this day, love them and acknowledge how much impact as it pre business. Yes, I know it was pre and post lookin I so so you don't let people walk you stand up. Sir? No sir, I do surfers are worthy of loving. Come from. You think we're just at the nature of your parents is hands off method of letting you feel guilty in process. You problems on your owner. I mean, I think we all got some some some aims, demons. You know, and I think, like you know why you're stir. I know some demons down a little bit legitimately. I know you're getting, but I actually have, unfortunately, I've. U have to talk to him.
To tell them yet knowledge where you have to say, like you know this not your day, I'm gonna take it from here and if we could always said every day the ashes Europe helps ok, I see or hear but dig it out to sit back and ramp coupled with alcohol, though because one of my demons showed up when I would drink too much. When I have two beers, at a restaurant with a buddy. It's not like I'm fine, it's cool, but the nights. When I go a little too hard, it was like. I was ripping the door of the hinges. My demons coma and any wasn't even the reason. I know it's my demons and me is because they would say act in a way that is an indicative of my actual spirit, lamp mantras, insidious with Why were you deem whose names are they? The rage Deemer the sad deem ah rage Zat as a by product of the ridge such as the fact he added with a sad is worth starts by their re fields.
I got some. I had some re Jimmy, but it some, but it's never for other people's. It's always against myself. Like I said I genuinely I'm getting better than men and it helps to have a good circle of friends. My circle, my circle, friends in a way is absurd. I am, I don't have time for all the amazing people in my life. Yes, it's it's absurd. How many swedes pick up from allay acts text me and say? How can I pray for you today, type of people? I have my life, it's weird. While you can, you can take car from relax. I can I just say that's. Why example come back in the day the pay of being guided them deal gets like the guy is the idea you ve got your back and non and those, but those are the people who I would have their back in turn, a veritable mom. You, sir here you go, get em. It Alex who did earlier from bachelor, takes effort. I've heard all the beef about. You know the people who work there for you by listening to the show who was their free,
who were my old friends Yahoo like who, like freakin, would show up and and sit with yet the diner for three. Well, I mean there's been guys. You did that Ryan singer lives, Ryan, singer was adieu. Sat with me literally sat with me at The diner on my fiftieth birthday, cake couldn't go to my house cause I want it was waiting for women to move out of it. Lets yeah. That's yet. He was there for me and my buddy Jerry stalls always pretty solid and we go back a few. There's an and that their old old friends now jack beware of in San Francisco, SAM website, New York, Jimmy Loftus, Adam Austin area these guys? Can I go way back with that John Daniel, that aim, and I got home. I don't need to call into many favor your generally and I'm kind of a reserved about asking for help. But my Eve Danziger, another guy. I go back by ten fifteen years with so I got guys did Dave Steavens in Florida. There are some do they're like that. No,
a pretty deeply in an agony of Tunisia. Eliciting some smiles, some good feelings. Just by saying those names unsure yeah something yeah yeah due to a minimum, as is still know how to say Peter Hens is the guy move to us, analyse with who still my best friend knighted just came to the ritual premier with me. My buddy Caleb Wall is it Cinema Tiger fur who smoke the home is too sweet, are who is a good friend and makes movies of men and the guys, like my targets, and all these guys are mentioned Emily or the handyman like these in the types of people my buddy Tommy Snyder, who like we are different against each other. Cause were a similar look here, but like every time we see each other in the audition rooms. It was like
How can it let's go? Get a burger after the United on nothing but love. You like, we just did some sort a church like thing just now, I'm sure we did where acknowledging our blessings earlier, inform people yeah. So windy start doing funny. She As I was pretty funny kid, I wasn't funny. I was just loud pictures, I did like a lot of theatre as a kid and in high school. I do like ten plays in four years, I got into a single comedy and screen running windows. Sixteen and I did those for a very long time, my whole thing was I loved every thing and I didn't know what was gonna get me into the business Suarez you're doing and even in Michigan, Michigan and Chicago no way really yeah. I did the store of several times. I did places like for most a cafe and the meltdown. Mix. Will you like a working feature? Regis? How I was doing.
Should bring your shows and not having a lot of success. I was, I remember, that's what you mean out here, so its tragic though so. Sixteen you and all the plays and in an ice global players gettin had shots trying to find a local. A gene. Yeah seventeen eighteen. I I wrote to feature by the time I graduated high school students, Agatha yeah, so You gonna get to local agents Saddler Detroit, while yet, Detroit or even to cause, I'm gonna make slap grower thick. As you might get you, here you want be in show business out by the time your fifty six, in Europe. This is it obsessive waiting for government a few good men Saturday alive. My dream was to go to to Schoolyard c on ass. I now allow get raped by Rhonda Price, a garage I had this all figured out. Yet again, all these things and then life do not go that way in Essen, Elden care about my writing. Packets
really. How did it go so? What did you get it Detroit Agent or Chicago agent, Diana local agent in south field? Near Detroit? I got one local commercial, not much, but the brake happened. When I dropped out of college. I was when I went out can Corti Universes Chicago in the River Forces park, neighbourhood, and I went and die, and I ended up getting ripped by the Sky Josie. That was my manager for two and a half years ago, literally let me out of obscurity. No, so when you're in Chicago you just don't stand ever you do an improv you doing the Chicago thing the I took like gates of classes at the Io Theatre, yellow Please stand up everywhere. We have Olympic ASEAN reason to play here. A total. I audition for last comic standing audition for we must sort of tore me asshole gently fuck him. He told me he was like fire. Taxation, I would observe I work,
Try this forgiveness, Frank. Thank you. I am. I went to his room to get notes and he looks Amigos just come back in three weeks and I was like had a horrible day working out a Starbucks in Rosemont, and my buddy Chris ARC annually drove me in the pouring rain to go to this. This requested audition. They requested I additions, or someone saw me and thought I was funny and no effect, yeah told Jamie or someone underneath him. So I go to laugh factory after you know ten, our dead Starbucks, I'm walking in the rain. I show up. I do my set its infernally thirteen other comics only too soon audience. How much was the killer Brunner thirteen Karma was your act like ours, a hotchpotch very odd humours yokes gal stories and a lot of characters like the way Galvin Access would do. Characterwith I'd a bit were I see the biggest laughed aloud say. I'd say I wish, was as panic and a real sir, so that I could start a business called one poems alike.
Dumb jokes, like that, I'm a big wives in I got up and talk to him and Jimmy Ghost come back and through excessive. Can you made no sir? I think I should change since some common ground and he got. It just if fell like some ass, an audition that somebody wrote for you and I go or care will. I know that, but how do you get to that? By? What can I change and- and he goes just come back in three weeks- hey circles of data? Is Prince Inga, ok and eyes and then trying to be a good student. I go or when I come back up it'll be way better. I promise recently negroes you're Fulla shit well, and so I walked out and got a thirty wrecked. Beer got drunk in my bodies place. What's an early lack I'll, let you know the big fat, thirty racket, cans and earlier sheep, yeah, yeah basement beer in fact a yak as I was you so I was destroyed over this. Is U notices
Oh I say it was me reaching for a moment and just getting pommelled, which happened. A lot by the way must show business coming up right yeah so many scripts? I wrote for people that I developed and then there you know the other unattached themselves after a year it's a way you, so you do understand happen. You just got you. This is in Chicago before even come out here. Reiner also writing at that time. I am writing in the schedules and areas movies anti. We like I'm doing sketch comedy packets movies tv. You ve got him for yeah big and put in the work here. So this guy Josie Attack who worked a principle young stores there. They change your name, but he read from the age of twenty, so he read me like when I had nothing but two sides you in Chicago Nuff in Michigan before I even went no shit. I just sent of my query letter in a bunch of like materials from companies employing learn about all of this query letter business in sending soft accompany immersion men.
I did. I wasn't getting laid in high school. I was like watching singular met, films and, like rising the dialogue and a few good men like I am. Popular, but I wasn't a rule- was only they re chunk of a dialogue and a few good man, I'll goodness. I actually recorded this further this woman joys, a pair of work to Jack Nicholson for years and should be she senator, I believe the speech cousin We can perfectly. Yes, you want answers and crews, as I think I'm in How do you want answers I wanted to you can handle the truth here, son we live in a world, let's run by walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns who's going to do it Do you lieutenant Weinberg Iverson
its ability more important than you can possibly fathom you weep for Santiago anew curse the Marines. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know that Santiago staff, while while tragic and incomprehensible that you ve saved lives you to one of the truth, because deep down a places, you'll talk about parties. You want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. We use words like coal, Honor loyalty. We use these words as the backbone for life spent offending something you use them as a punch line. I have neither the turn, the inclination to argue with the man who sends a very the blanket of the freedom that I provide my questions, the manner in which I provided. I would rather you just say thank you and bent on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon stand a post either way. I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled
By that I mean I literally San, ran a tv or the tape recorder at thirty and she sent into Nicholson when he was thirty. He knew she sent it to what we have here, make of trailer and richer joke as Nicholson's a big fan of Rockwell. So Rockwell he got off the phone with Rockwell here joy gives them the phone and she goes its Jack and Sandridge goes like, like a little kidney acerra, you know, em leaves the room for a minute and a half talks to Jack Jack Love, does work and fuzzy Verdun and then send walked back in just like in another dimension. You know, and we start talking about Jack, and I tell her how much I loved a few good man and then I memorized speeches were doing Cameron will send it to Jack sides are probably it was probably. It was probably the same reaction of like apparent watching their eye on your clothes and lying around. There's somebody slowly so tell you so our guy always any cute the well knows the isolation assigned you,
Are there any stays with you in your first ray you're right for everybody? Did you get audition Fresno? Never That's who I mean tapes cause. I would do celebrity impressions so like I could do nor Mcdonald and rational and bond any to veto on your rush, what are you? Michelle? Obama was seen eating a meatball sob on a yacht, the minority. Oversight, funny they went down. Is she's, filthy, Danny, DVD, hallway, Charlie? I like Bang in wars. Can you get me some I just did all these different did. I did only ass characters and I had original stuff, but but I never got to truly
And that's on me: you know you have to commit yourself to one of those fears. Like second city here, you gotta be a regular at the store you gotta have like that big brand of light, comedy behind you usually lesser one of those viral people, huh yeah, I guess so different time on yeah I, like the rock, we'll get excited about Jack Nicholson. I wouldn t still, you still have a fair like me, man that will never go away. God I'll, never be cool it sucks. I would love to be cool and not get super excited about all that type of staff. I got. May I still more than the number of people that I haven't with. It seems to becoming less because I talk to a lot of them and then they become people any kind of you're a little weird after they become human to you to keep them on some sort of a theory of plain sure, you're also becoming one of them. Could you just like seven I'll pick right now, I'm just doing one day. I think I haven't shot it. You know I was in there. I played a supporting part and
a couple weeks, I'm gonna go do play Jerry waxwork in a wreath of Franklin Movie, so it's gonna be to your slowly and you dont acknowledge as much cause you're. You know, for whatever reason you tell me put but you are like one of those people. Now I felt that when I was sag awards for being nominated for glow, the fresh air like a Having interviewed a lot of them, I felt like I knew. I was therefore a real reason. I ain't good work and I don't know say them. I would call myself a great actor anything, but I felt like it. There are to be? There was exciting. That's an that's fair! I would say you are a great act whether whether you are the most diverse actor Una or I'm, the most diverse actor Una right remains to be seen sure we have stuff. We still have to do to show that why moonlight but as far as our lane, I think we're both great actors. Didn't we
We can do we have a wheel house. Yeah I buy. Do you like. Are you? I saw sort of trusted, lovelorn shall men, I do her she's Gower issues, greater good ticker. I think I don't know, but I can tell she's gonna good circle, a good heart, oh yeah, she's great, so really there. Oh that's cool man. Now that makes our love. Sorry, that's all sailor as an cider, though I love that cause. I knew she was great admirer of your work here and now. She's We need that either of you we end up together. They have it makes sense to me. I like, yet been great guide, and I yeah she's great and she does great work and how is it that was fun movie? Wouldn't it yeah? That's a special movies that some that's a movie that more people should see in the current age were in London with weirdly echoes,
a lot of go at heart, Thou art, a heart that too we need more than men. I don't think, there's I don't think there's enough things are getting a little too cynical for my taste. Sure I'm getting right our with dark out there and I want to turn with it. We all have, Don't you think about the jewel movie. They enabled you come back around to a better. In terms of acting, I do, but you find that your like now the dummy carried a movie dude. That's like a big deal. I mean that was your fuckin movie and its that's that's a big thing, but you find your given they. You acknowledge that you have a sort of you have a thing that you,
can do? Is your party that sort of like how do I challenge myself next to get out of this we'll house it I've gotten comfortable in you I mean I wouldn't even I have the sort of knowledge of knowing everything I have done so the people who the people or just getting wind right. They only have three references, righteous right, black clansmen I Tanya and the ritual there another high school work, but I don't know what I've done. A bathroom where I know but like I did a show called kingdom back. I know I get a bunch of did like twenty five upsets the Sharia, plain ups of Frank Carrillo, met laureate John, took It was great guy here, an eye bust. My ass did awesome were colored like if we're an HP or Showtime people might have been holding trophies for the software to the actual collect. Why don't I own? I sought on the red man. You know there was one of those things where I know
my ranges, but whether or not people allow me to do it or not remains to be seen and that's why someone like when shown, speaks to me as a move. You, like your sister sister, were shot like thirteen days. Yeah rose rose, words wit, jumped in at the last minute to act for GM who dropped out like right. I might have to do that someday world. If they're, just like hey, can you play every damage fat guy? I might go no. Instead a minute loose forty five pounds right my own script and see, if Mark two classes generous enough to play obsolete If I might do that some day, maybe he can play the weight you asked. Maybe you can play the voice in my head he's the aims of a demon will be played by Latvia. Maybe my buddy. You will very use forty five thousand he's the guy that keeps telling you still heavy yeah. That's that's dark, that's good! how about you act in it all right? It is a wise, Glinda, directly, ok, yeah! We can do that. China has actually with others
yeah yeah! I can talk to write haggard text or even there's even and outside chance. She is texted me since we ve been out there. It is she just said outside I'll, say: oh she said hi I'll, say island. I'm talking to a big fan. Yours I got to shout out my body Robbie Pesky, whose a huge deputy affair- ok, he listens to make some like, which is doing. He's, he's a musician and a college professor in Michigan and a dear friend of mine. We we reached right short stories to there you gimme a he turned me under Raymond Carver, who I know a door. Allow astute handed me a Raymond. Carver book go! Do as I do it this is you did so how do you get to work when you decide and how do you come out to allay so why I dropped out,
college causes Med TV guide cancelled and my manager jaw wrapped. All these Med tv guy goes he's got nothing to do. You want to write a script for them, so I wrote a movie fourteen people over the course of a year and a half mile, and in that time I dropped out of college our back on emission gotta day job. It was saving money to move to allay while there I find out that this move you at Harrison, Jennifer, Connally, called Virginia, is having additions to be background. Exe. Slide is goes for. My bodies is my buddy reckon PETE agenda and where either shooting Mihail, yellow, We go down too out. We go on the west side of state by Grand Rapids, ghost town and we all audition we take of its literally you take a photo. You write down if you can play the saxophone Yo Yo Rosetta and they say, will call if we need you foreseen but as
walking out. I see whence black does the worthwhile the guy who won the asker for writing milk with John PEN in some he's writer directorate thumbnail, I'm just gonna go congratulate Manas, ask Romania so walked out and when I said almost forbade him, I go hey. I just want to say congrats on the asker for milk L of the film and I loved your speech even more when you said God doesn't a gay people. I thought that was so beautiful unnecessary for people, so? I just want to say thanks in an Congrats thirty seconds, maybe forty seconds any he goes what's your name. Any rights were named on this as we would bring you back. There might be a part for you, an unthinkable part something more than a background right and I get an addition and am I do she gets like twelve other guys from the local area who like work, a gas stations and pools is our guys. You like we're watching us announcing. They were met, movies and are obsessed right,
So I show up. I get the screenplay, the full script from jaw back in our area and I've read the script three times and I'm off Balkan on acting like a psycho, and so I get a call back with one other guy named J Keith. He is real sweet guy, we go in, we do it and landscape. The partner was like number six on the call sheep behind Amy, mad again and Toby Jones and AM operates in here, and so my first movie was just because I talked to the film maker and said something genuine and I made like twelve grand and moved away like a month later. Nice story was crazy, yeah still crazy. I still text on once a year This like thank you for giving me might break you didn't have to do that. Think. That's that's a great turn of events. Not so you come out here and then Hautala and then weapon Dick around had a year where I put a lot of stuff- and I know not a noise and sin of this whole time,
we're in the belly room and- and I was doing different bars and stuff, and- Actually I used to watch you in the main room yeah I would. I would speaking because I wouldn't painted watching other communism required to perform the edges. Thinking the backdoor there, yeah and I would watch guys like you and I got to watch Chris talker once I fell in love with Bro, Stevens. I an orgy Roman Watch Brodie. And that's the whole group guys. I just of such affection fork as they were always on the same line up together. I felt like they were their own show rodion, who Brodie, a nervous I'm trying to think of it. I know bears a little because he's from Sagen on my own, and by the way I definitely this isn't christian. I got into the calmly swollen time where I just I just walked up to the door no g room in urging all right,
yeah, yeah yeah and I walked out of the room in my body- Dave soaring Dino, this musician body. When he goes here's how much are tickets miserable broke. You say twenty fifteen or silly, and I got this. I walk up to the guy ticket booth down Don Tommy to drop by said he get me and he has done. Bear a psycho Yarborough from Savona. I was a camel. The other night asked me to come by seas. Don't get me wrong? Skeptical by the way, did say that, but he said that to an audience of people, though rather Jimmy come alive, but I said it is obvious to me personally, so he has his big begrudging moment of. We now want to let me and eventually lets the inward front. Row, watch and Joe Road in those areas it's what I do to stand up stuff. I leave for two years because I run out of money too, eleven I just I couldn't get a job by the way I applied to sixty jobs. In Hollywood I couldn't get a job serving sub soldiers subway, but I was doing a guest on its own son in Philadelphia,
So like there was a weird imbalance of not know you are actually getting little gigs, but to sustain not a month or two at a time, and then it wasn't enough- and I left for two years went back to my hometown, sagging worker, a boy alien. Sure sure, o my god. After being on tv on tv and people commonalty going hell, I saw you and it's always sunny. Why are you my boy Oh my god. I know you did you two did you feel like you need to punish yourself? Oh yeah, I was getting. I was getting stone like for five days a week. I was he over emo eating to excess of sulphur What do you make that already do really? You d really thought you had no choice, but to come home after working. I didn't have any friends out here. I dont Ben here year I booked like five jobs in a year went back and got a job at a bowling alley and yeah like grocery mark, but we feel that that was of sabotage on some level?
No, no, I didn't everywhere stay. I didn't know how highly someone's Florence Z had no resources. My money now Ryan is like you can see from the forefront cup weeks anyway. This is unsustainable. So you re broken, you didn't, have connections venture and I was young and dumb and I needed to be humbled. I needed the learned: some real shit, we're jarring working at the bowling alleys high in eating. I learned that that's not the right round, you know. I think we all have that tat moment, but but eventually my brother La Joe you. Let me six hundred bucks and said move to Chicago, get back in your comedy scene and work job there. So I got a forty hour. We job at Starbucks. I had an hour and a half commute in the morning and at night to get the rosebud from you know: Logan Square, wherever Austin, no she's crazy, but I took classes
In the summer I took classes at I yo like two of the women, their Vanessa Bare and Sicily. Strong got us now. Are you all right so very inspiring, whereas a coin? The woman? You saw me my tickets two months ago on us, billina. So that's crazy, so many lacked Ella your ear we're doing you you and in terms of a trajectory towards it says you were on it, but you just need this dynamic, none of the network of people to sustain and life skills. I was still very mature and not the dude. I am now any risk with boozy fucked up just like it was a sight me in my buddy Peter Insight,
like slamming cans of beer and Walker. On Hollywood, like yelling people, online turned again to clubs and stuff like we're just idiots Midwest neanderthal sooner and in no way have life skills. Ah, yes, and we pay the price for that either we deeply we pay. You did your penance in a bowling alley and then a Starbucks. I got gout worker, the boy You get Gouty Y ever connected now. I was fortunate to be somebody reviewing our usual hot dogs are not chosen pizza and beer every night. We're going to the boy- and I said this absurd appetite for garbage and an eye contract GAO, allows twenty five and now it's under control. But back like I couldn't walk for weeks. That's like Europe ass it in your feet actual what that is up and crystallizes in your bones in your old fucking, terrible it sucks man so Casey
did many did time. You had a rough time gap Backdoor Buck Siberia, six hundred bucks and talk about it like I was in a war slinging sittore than twenty January, twice thirteen. I moved back to allay near them back ever since work too. Oh, I worked the door flapper in Burma that the offer me do instead of anyone. Let me run dry right, and you know there were nights, ride, be doing, SAT and Dilbert Damon Winds, or someone drops just like you get to watch a moment for me, was that's what you were doing working the door flatterers. Don't bring us shall be well to, I was kind of still like trying to get my should together and they were like you I remember a panic attack while working one time, because it was tough from eggs. I wanted to be where those comics were here and there are killing and I'm workin the door, and nobody knows all the work on idea was adorned. No, I looked back and finally now, but in a moment the working answer I was like
fuck man. I shall have crap we. How can they not be looking down at me? How can I come to some of them? Did I remember who they were too? I would say their names were there are people who treated me really? Well, the other people who did not and what do you do it? That information? I try to whereas I am and treat them well, when I see them, but I'm not like outwardly trying to take with them do pray for them absolute. I pray for you all time in media you're on my perilous. Therefore three year. Thank you. I think it's workin out. I think maybe three, I doubt idolatry and monitoring credit flower, but I pray for people that when I see something in them- and I want them to succeed because your in the past more so you're, better a novel like we're times. I've really be really like darkly self deprecating in my head, I'm, like God, I love mark, I hope- Mark loves Mark I'm gettin. Their sounds like you are too yeah yeah. I think so, but once again surrounding yourself of people like when we surround him myself
the bodies, I mention. That's that's kind of Helios II and also like ideas. Sadly, birthing honestly, I think having some success helps tougher than you new problems before they began. Just with the self esteem issue, like you know, you your wife to something so long road and when something happens when you you find success in it and in view the undeniable that you earned it it's hard not to be like I worked on in. I worked hard and I deserve this, and you know does feel good right. You know those nitrate, the sag towards us. I was there than you were nominated for us. Therefore I told you a thousand. I remember that, night being so magical man, it's great night emeralds walking around with commercial breaks talking to each other in there. It is to meet each other. Yet because it's like it's, the community is not the agents ice
Deniro sitting alone, nor those bother sprawly rarity frames after up. I liked him to dinner and you said Agnes want to sell our principal Hauser. I'm a huge fan of your working equality is one of my favorites shook his hand. He did the I think that I had a coup moment with some rarely Whitford want by me. I just said: oh, my god, I go Billy, In any case, hey man what are you then every time I run into from here on Madison he's always sir, you that movies amazing is good for a moment that Brad we would for these are I eat is funny guy he's prickly. I know a guy, I like his work, but I wonder if I think you would hate me, but we pray for working together so I come back after Siberian. Starbucks any
and the idea of flatters used instead of working to flapper. I worked at. I worked at five guys the Berger Join Studio city. Still just kind of slept and move in doing my thing, and then I did that show kingdom which, for like two three years right, yeah I mean season one. I gotta tell you he's in one I was. I was out of co star. Ok, this is actually a great story here I was living in a two bedroom apartment with four five people in the spring of two thousand were part Anti said Koreatown North I welcomed Eartha, create and would have been better than were renewing. I am living with. These people broke really unhappy, I'm working at five guys at the time, and I make a box in our bus. My ass, I mean those people like worked really hard, their scrubbing down like friars and then cleaning bathrooms.
Taking the trash out and then have no work: dual customers, the Ottawa Tunnel, the customers were in the industry so that, unlike once again feeling small so ended everywhere, you look outsiders. A million billboards telling you you're not in some way I rights is back. It was tough in and I said you had tasted it. He had already tasted. I worked at the veto had worked Jennifer, so I crying in the bathroom one morning a set of form a bathroom crying. I said a gotta go if you want me to be a preacher or a teacher or missionary wherever you want to do. Just hoist spirit. Leave me there of do it. If you want me to leave Hollywood, I will do it. This is me saying idea, move out of this, because I have so much in me in its, I said the word its dying on the vine. I said those are the worthy member same got a walk out. I pass by
they Chloe Lanier, the soap opera amazing extravagant actresses now killing it. She she looks mean she has good luck in your addition. I go, I'm not a bucket and she goes just because you said that you probably well and I go into the audition and I go into read for this role of this policy in the show and they go now. We saw your reading for the guy gets Boyd and I go. They told me I was really the other guy they go. Would you like to read the size for this other character, the victim? So I go out and have read it for forty minutes? Come back and forty minutes later and I just bring everything from the bathroom, no, the castle, and I cry and I'll throw staff, and I, like I, emptied everything in my bag and put it around the room is props of stuff to throw us. I wasn't throwing their stuff here and the scene was done. They looked images like like eyes. Why, like holy cow and and as I was moving into new apartment like a week later, I found out, I got the show and it was supposed to be too episodes.
Of eight nine lines, but I showed up and I'm like. Well, how did I get the part by being a psycho do in a bunch work, so I showed up to set and gave a whole backstory of having PTSD in being on the autism spectrum, and I was like punching myself in the femur. You myself, Charlie horses and flicking, might you're doing all this weird actor stuff together the character, and I was improvising so like after the first two episodes, writers and producers were like we're. Gonna keep running the show so first season. I did seven episodes that, like twelve hundred dollars and episode, but I'm doing monologues and unlike killing people and unlike point my pants on, show my bare ass on tv here for twelve rounded up so right and then eventually my manager now managers, my age and at the time the sky Brian egos, your brain, the sky backyard actually pay him, and so
you re up and got me a much prettier pay check and I was able to put my day job, and this march will be five years. I've been acting without a daydream, yeah now you're in a huge fuckin movie, the great acting huge fuckin movie crazy. So, that you were, you were gainfully employed for a few. Years on that show you I get me by and then you did, you know couple other smaller movies, Edison any stuff then, and then I believe I did Super troopers NBC Superstore and this pilot back to back in the follow twenty sixteen. So that was the best. They had ever done. I was like an amateur after the end of the day after the an occasion when we are coming to an end and dumb While I was shooting this pilot in Vancouver with have Shepherd thousand meters Europe that works.
It was ass. I was working with all these amazing people, this guy Jake Robinson this girl, Chelsea Gilligan people that, like a like, we said with those friends that are there for you, those kind of people here. So I'm thinking, oh, if I go to work with these people for thrust my life on the show and it's a hit had made some surrounded by people are dope and then, while there I get the audition fry Tanya and I immediately set of my reps- I go, I'm not gonna get the Sarajevo this too Jonah Pillar, Josh, scattered here, and there like go in for it. It's a lot of amazing people involved tried out- and I am I think, with thirteen pages I d memorizing- I went in and just gave everything I possibly had yet getting that part was kind of what ticked opened the door YAP and then black clansmen happened in them. Late night. I did a move, your them a Thompson and journalists Gaucho late night right and I mean I'm going home yet many Kelly user freaking the bass. I guess this move
is this? Is your movie POW Richard Jaw, it's hard to believe It's a very odd. You know he's made some interesting choices over the last few years: Clint Eastwood in terms of white, your wife Why? This guy, why this movie was and rowing stories, color right, works. Well, Americans, sniper in Sally about Americans, eyebrows, a difficult movies, difficult character, some morally tricky movie, oh yeah, and I the gas where I live yeah, unlike Sully you know what it's only was: ok bye liked american sniper alot of people, I think, had problems with it, but I liked it anyone his politics are a little peculiar little Libertarian a little. You know by short by Debbie, He also why richer jewel, you Know- and I too I don't know what the criticism is has been. I've read any data we deafened out of reach.
A lot of that stuff better? My impression was of the film, obviously a critique of the media. Obviously a critique of authority, obviously critique of of politics to a good degree, but ultimately human story about a guy who got your railroad? You know an end, but a guy who you're just because he was grew, Corky and passionate and then and sort of obsessed with a thing is it sort of self willed, delusional YO became a suspect. Very much so and also you know something I ve been talking about. The press tour has been, he had a a blind respect for authority and was sort of try ballistic and whom we are, and I think all the groups, whether tribalism cow travellers again like believing that this group could do no wrong and then even when they are horsemen yeah. I try it was an pisses me off Somalia. I despise it and I think our work
the Vienna de Visionary culture, where we're so divided because of tribal out for sure, but you know like, but I thought it through but a story you know about a guy you know was not fragile, bye, baby, you know it's, it's sort, like the victim of bullying and a weird way very much You know in any very big way, maybe a coming of age story exe because there is a moment of loss of innocence. Her lot like some points out of the houses and real the FBI is in real. You know like you, have it also. You definitely had a why don't wanna ruminating or anybody can decide on matrimonial put this up and I'm sure it's like the weekend comes out by, but I just like how do you but something where you know what was and process like for that. Didn't addition, they he wants you. I just gotta call. While I was in Thailand doing this likely scenario and they said Clint wants you for this movie and I was like Arioch.
And- and they said you know he he's convince based off some funded from kingdom. I tiny and black clansmen. He thinks you're. The guy ended just the fact that you look like the sun would go here. So I was like okay and at the time I had a tv deal in place to do many serious and so there I was like his the movie happening. Is this an offer their like? It's not an offer. It's a verbal offer going to have to get the movie from Disney to Disney, bought fox and put works at Warner Brothers, a couple days ago by the people in the many series are like. Are you doing to show your clothes? Your deal now, Michael? I can't see both because of clear happens we're so I passed on the most money. I've ever been offered in my entire life at the verbal offer from plinth producer over the phone happened. Then, three weeks later, I was on the Warner Brothers Lot meeting clan and he's like give it some time we're we're just figuring a few things output.
That's gonna happen knows a hooker. Ok, mystery through a whole did idea. I want to turn our job is to meet you theoretical, regardless already paid out man and was a daunting too. Because I don't know how you commit the you know how you staying in the EU had what we're gonna work. Did you do to try to walk into that thing via this, your movie do dear in every sooner the fuckin movie. He loves terrifying. To goes like this. What time on, and also like, I just don't know how everyone feels when that happens, you know they respect and Trust Clint, but there's no, I was hearing worth very quickly and he's not gonna. Give you a lot of direction. He allows the Hungarians are too. He was like you know. Everyone's like you're gonna get one or two takes a most somewhere what thing was just commitment of like theirs. Britain type of acting that I fight to do, and I dont get I dont perfected, but I I've done it a couple times really well and the type of acting as where you do things that
you know are making you looked funny or weird or ugly, or strange or they're. Just things you win like people see me, do you know you're picking your noses? Wouldn't let the lazy version. So when I approached up character like China, Carter Richard Jewel it's like I'm gonna. Do every take coming to do the version that is so not self aware let us just so ingrained in as much of what I deem to be realities possible that that I get little lost and I might now remember what I didn't take, which happens to me all the time he do it and Rockwell be giggling and is like I love that that wine, the admin like what I don't know what I said here, cause you're just kind of in it and and the way I grows improvising ton really time, there's stuff in the movie that we just made up on the and the moment our
but the way my siblings and I grew up as we did characters all the time with great commitment to make each other laugh. We'd impersonate our teachers and principles, even our parents, to each other in secret, and it was all about the commitment in the end, the idiosyncrasies right right. So when I gotta play character in a drama, it's no different than me. During the essential character. I didn't twenty twelve trying to make it missing, because it's the same thing here is also interesting, that I notice that Why you another movie? This guy would have been a common character but like in this movie you he just sort of, like I said before his easel easily guy, that's not doesn't see himself in the way that everyone else does. Right and because these walked into it by, but because I Tanya was shot with this, with a comedy, lends a bit certain eight
We're intention out a year- and this is not this guy's- not a comic character, he's an empathetic character and he's like almost like an annoying that you did. The balance between you know being Thank you. Not you. Obviously storage been its of a fact that he didn't do it. So you know that going in but you're still engaged in this story and you know in what would make him this us back to the things we want. Other contacts through you, no clear things that fuckin you know like. I could get choked up. Thinking about. You know that moment. Were you everyone Makin a place in the movie Sophy Viner spoiling? But where do you find that in that booth, restaurant with their in you Get that information you, how you play that you know with the IMF, options in the food in there. You know I mean Oda dude that was fucking crazy face. Then that means the them in the world. To me I mean so much
who is being said there even even SAM, the way like he reacted with where he comes over like so genuine yo that that character. Given you how rod he was in who he is side, and I could see that you are in order but if you do that, you would have had to have some distance from their party yourself. Lived in that because that something that you seem familiar to you. I think it was a year Its allows a and feelings in the hours on yourself, one hundred percent. I knew I wanted to cry while leaving the donut, because I've done some version of that. My life, you genuinely it. I also think. You know it's a feeling of em, I really safe. There is kind of a bit of him be like as this really really we if it had not only much away, but you know it, sir. I feel like that with, this right now there was some I got
listen. I was in London with my parents. Through in this dizzy movie, I walk out of a movie theater. I turned my phone on cause, I'm leaving the movie and the first thing that Supposin email from my publicists Lego, your book from Mark barons cavity up and I can read it and you know my because when that scene I kind of laugh what all color smirk, then I look at it in a resonates of me that this is someone. I pray for warm a fan of Watches stuff, nevertheless, into its shell for forever and. And you know now I get the yellow Tartu amidst it's it's it's one of those things where your dear, you can't believe, oh, I sort of in the moment for richer towards relief. Forgets it's just like. I love already already got the free car. I. Why is it a? Why is it I already got a free
Why is it a Rolex united so again, Getting some work of when he getting to talk to you getting to you now, Saturday night live or something like. These are the things that that I have to take, What's right is gonna, think I might have to walk out of the room. Cosette overwhelms the yeah sure, that's what it's it's it's a very. If anything you can get from a life of faith. The ability to experience gratitude is important. For sure anyone. It sounds. I that's why you're here? That's what you're doing here and dumb, and I mean if you, if you have ever those that those that have like a weird intimate relation with God, where you gonna put a lot into the way, would like a girlfriend her boyfriend, wife, God does thing. Where there are things on a line that that are little too, like someone's right
Your story again and that's happened to me a few times where I've, where I've just been overwhelmed by the culmination and the fact that I can map things that if I told you in length how they happened here, GB hard leave, because our little to why I think that your journey in austrian sort of like you know your desire to why it seems to me that, despite whatever you issues you ve had what yourself in how you treat yourself that you here you ve, always treated other people with a certain amount of respecting kindness, and I think that goes a long way to try to men. Try to know. I just try just try to remember that. We're. All men were world broken unless you're. The thing is, I'm I'm, I'm not gonna preach religion to people, but I will I will give love, and hopefully that has some impact on people sure compassion staff do can be tough and he can't let the world harden you you know, and especially, if you know, if, if something
happen where this all went away to Morrow. You know like something happened. I would then look at it from the perspective of you. Gotta believe life goes on to you know this is kind of, this kind of fragile on trying to get out. I guess is like join the moment. It's meant a lot to me, I'm trying to cry when I do every interview as the act, but I have a problem to reserve very. There were like it in the package for to put me on the map. Where I died, go speak of things I couldn't night whiskers crying Tracy. Let's said that he said he cries when he hears his own voice. Sometimes, when speaking publicans so I mean it's. I don't know I guess at the end of the day, you know, if the movie gets nominated for a Warner and makes a lot of money here. You know that all well and good, but at the end of the day moments like this last night, I was dancing with SAM Rockwell at is after party Gotham towards those moments we more than anything in the
I won't have those like getting to dance and one of my heroes and be silly have drinks with him, and you know Olivia, while than those folks like that's those those memories I mean a lot it's great man and I am certainly honoured that you came in. I get it. There was a great talk. I didn't know what to expect and I'm glad that an immense from a huge as I think it was a great conversation that we're having and also This is just the beginning pal. I really think that guy, I think you didn't ask her worthy performance. I think you really did something. It really is really some mouse that that that movie yeah yeah. This is an honor Une Colbert are like, like my Carson and Letterman Megan, compassionately guys. I wanted to know now yet I am sure, will someday legally you'll do for this movie. Does other guys you, young cobra, the guys that are more ya. I could disagree with unites laughing it up. So thank you for what you give them so what so one down body one down
when the girl hosting s analysis, is maybe the other one. If there was once a wonderful someday, I things can happen someday. If it's the right, I think there's enough first team behind somethin. I think that I feel what is really maybe the next one should be allowed to bring people when they have a real steamy moment, where there's a lotta high pda So, whatever that'll be our that, that might be the law that the great man Chris Farmers or my heroes grown up. So I saw I would love to go on there and just bring some of their physical humor interest break through walls tables and stuff I'll go all out now we'll go. I hope it happens, but it will say. Thank God bless. You did nice guy good story, and you praise for me, which I appreciate I actually do-
The film richer jewel opens nationwide tomorrow December thirteenth and falls. Amazing in it in the film is very good. I enjoyed and don't forget simply safe is our shows choice for home security. You get comprehensive professional home security, at a fair price and right now is the best time of the year to get a simply save security system devotee of listeners. Getting free security. Camera was a huge discount on your security system visit simply safe, dotcom swash. W too, you have to get a free camera, put simply safe. Are they savings. This offers for a limited time only and its ending, so that simply save dot com w tia. Now I will play the blues for you.
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