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Episode 1084 - Shauna Duggins

2019-12-30 | 🔗

Shauna Duggins does stunts for blockbuster movies and TV series, but at first she just wanted to entertain. She went to Los Angeles fresh out of college with a business degree and a lifetime of gymnastics experience. At the neighborhood gym, she started hanging out with a stunt crew and learned the skills that got her jobs on Charlie’s Angels, Fast Five, and Iron Man 3. Shauna tells Marc how she got the nerve to do stunts like 80-foot jumps and being set on fire, what it’s like to serve as stunt coordinator for shows like GLOW, and what stunts made her fear for her life. This episode is sponsored by American Express

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Hey folks. I might be near you in the cold soon you want me to tell you: are gonna, be I'm gonna? Do it Thursday January thirty of clay? when the Ohio at the Gore Theatre Friday January thirty, first grandma, that's Michigan at the fountain St George Saturday February, First Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Turner Hall Ballroom Friday February, for Keith Orlando Florida at Hard Rock alive Saturday February Fifteenth Tampa Florida at these strands. Stress enter Thursday, Twenty of port, one main state Theatre Friday February, twenty first Providence, Rhode Island. I want my car back, that's at the Columbus Theatre Saturday. We twenty second Newhaven Connecticut at college stream, music hall and Sunday. February. Twenty third, Think in New York at the Paramount God you W E, F P, dot com, swash tour for links to all the venues
dean? Re will be joining me on those dates and will be freezing our asses off together, no out in fancy genes, weather or or some leather related jackets and a nice boots, dean will be dressed. Very excited to whereas new jacket. I talk to her about it I would do the show all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the FUCK Nix, what the fuck top wits? are any out their how's it going. I mark Mare- and this is my podcast deputy of welcome to it. Should Doug INS is on the show today shown it is these stunt coordinator for a glow. That's how I know her she's. The first one when to win the outstanding stunt coordination Emmy for her work on that
showed that I'm on glow she's nominated for a third consecutive screen actors go toward for this season of glow. She stunned rockstar hinges on the shouted. I hope your well it's been binding relaxing few days very disturbing few days in the world, but that's not unusual More disturbing the Jew when no anti semitic hate crimes by fuckin, lunatics domestic terrorists. You know it becomes a frightening poison. But do you know my thoughts go out to the people that are terrified in their communities? at times. And the new year's coming. Maybe everything will change. Can I shift Here's right now, that's a question as a rough opening, difficult the difficult transition to make, but I've had a lovely hanukkah. I've been lighter the candles which I don't do. Engaging in the tradition and encouraged by yet another
non jus girl, to engage in the tradition of the lighting of the candles and saying the prayers I went to a Hanukkah party at me: she cashiers house Natasha was Euro they're married and it was a lovely time I'm starting to socialize a little more I'm I don't know, I think there may be Maybe people jester they make the wrong assumption It's about me. They think I don't wanna socialized. They think I'm anti social. They don't want me at their house, but I've been. It pleasant, very pleasant. Nice time, they're alive, Jews, there F Ross anywhere there, Jews Jeff for us will show up their jewish comedians anywhere Jeffrey. We'll be there He's right, you know, he'll be therewith. Use like some sort of strange goes to show business, hey, there's whose gathered here in their funny people others share for. When did you get here? He's always been here, Mr Torrance, you ve always been here.
Does not the overlook hotel at some? It's like some older skills joint, but that's it that's my now. That's my thoughts on Ross. So we know that about my Jeff Ross theory, the under the shining were Jack Nicholson Season These and there's the picture from the twenties heed We ve been here for is always been in. Show business back to the early nineteenth hundreds. If a jewish frequency that tad, that is eternal Who else knows there David Wayne was air. Non contractual, not jewish, but he was their Joe Mandy. Very nice lot goes lotta loggers, lotta laughed, and in other fried goods- and I made a cake Norman Cake- did a lot of making, but I'm through it, I'm done with that now we're doing healthy foods, but I'll be out of every Hanukkah last night was the last night,
now the candles got new candles didn't know the second prayer still don't know it, but the candid bungled through my brother was in town they step daughter and where he We surprised that I was doing the candles ray. I being the one that was you as far as me much of the grid. Traditionally as any jus better, we do I'm doing it and I don't know it it. Doesnt bring them closer to God it because I don't have a god but bring me so much closer to the candles. I don't know It was nice reminded me of when I was young. Is it there's a through line, I'm back on it on Monday, the sort of mild, traditional jus, through line important now I've ever but the spontaneous vacation. Folks, you know when you just need to get away from all the stress whether things
spur of the moment. Hiking trip to ban with your buddies are driving out of town for the weekend to make some time for yourself green from ex can get you three times the points on travel, including airfares, hotel stays, car, rentals and more. If ace, containing his trip sounds tempting right now chances are, you probably earned it learn more at American Express Dotcom, Swash green from em terms apply so yeah My brother came out with his step daughter and He did. Why did something? Having done a long time didn't think I would do my brother wanted to take a step daughter to see the dead and company the dead. CO, the dead and company, which is basically the drummers Mickey and Bill of the dead, with Bob we're John Mare, a new sky a new keyboard guy, so there's three, the original dead there, and they're doing, dead tunes and I've heard they were good. But, like I am sort of a weird purist when it comes to that, I saw the debt
Few times in my life I the connection with them. It runs deep. I lived with dead heads for a couple years when I was in college. I have all the music. In my brain, I've done the hippy dance. I've done, a hippie hippy shake I've done hippy jig. I know do they have jig I've tripped on mushrooms and ass. Two dead, music, mushrooms, Addy dead show it is implanted, is hard wired into me. The debt is, and I was sort of appearance. I drew a line, but my brother one to take around there. If you want to stay here- and I thought to Myself- Well- hey Man I'm a mid level celebrity who works for live nation? Occasionally I wonder if I can make you phone calls get us some sort of the night treatment and maybe get to go, see it with. You. Gets nice ticket somehow work an angle. Well, I did and we went and where we were, we went
tat. We had. It was at the forum, we had the forum, the experience of the food and cakes and there were there were gummy bears non druggie gummy bears there was, people I knew there I met. You know I met where's worthy guy comes out to me says: name is MIKE and then he says pomp wait. New Jersey Ponthieu makes New Jersey, that's from my mom's from then he says, my grandmother and green father owned the dry cleaning business and lived across the street from your grandparents and like the Roth's yup wow. He's IKEA. My father was what's his name off and I got one of the twins he's like you up. I knew that yeah, that's it. At a grateful that show you mean and show you meet the grandson. Of your grandmother's across history, neighbor so into the concert idle, do drugs any more, but there is enough in the air. There was plenty in the air, and I great time I did the the hippy jig Iraq back and forth. So
along with the songs. I put my hands up in the air a couple of times I swayed lane. Was there she sat a lot of the time and looked call and occasionally would get up, but you didn't know I the song, so she was a good sport and, I m sure, Step, daughter, loved it, but she was in, but me and my brother were deserted by doing that. Fuckin hippy, jig hanging out rock and back and worthless and the song I realize like well. You know, I guess that's the way it goes against. My brother got some in common. We stayed almost to the very end, which is rare. Just we skipped out right after last on, did not stay for the encore, but saw We're not gonna, be honest with you. Man had pretty good time. I did feel of its nostalgia or why it was packed house. The enemy was very diverse. Edgewise audience. I once his diverse any other way, but it was a lot of different ages.
But there's a loneliness to Bob where that he's the last of them. You know he's the captain of the ship peace, the bearded man. In the bow sing. Those old songs, the human Jerry sang for fifty years. The boys fills not there bill and make your holding up the back again in there, seventies, but it just there fell. There was a heroic thing to have somehow This is the hill they're gonna die on. There is no other hill, they are keep going out there and he sounded great and he worked great, but there was like is a Europe to it there. There was a sort of like you know, of course, we're doing this, of course. From doing this it was, but it felt like a living eulogy on some level. Two Garcia two way that ban as in and what it stood for. But they did a good job with everything was a joyous event by just side that bill was like you know, is sort of like This is how he's gonna go out man
I do and to their just out there they're out that stage do in it like that We have done it for fifty or sixty years, and its relatively time was stuff John Merrick did a great job. I didn't, have the emotional connection I have to Jerry. You know you create a whole backstory mythology and there is one there is a great was I had a good time. I guess I am trying to say I can't say that I relapsed but manners there's a we near and by our in How can I find it was going to hold my breath so I got it We be kinder kind of nice. Wasn't heavy. You know, but am I feel a little? I would just enjoy as I said to myself. That's that's That was that those that what woke up inside me wasn't a desire to do more, but that that that the angry voice that push back on me, ruining even the best of times
in joy. You fuck, and I rock, I swear, I did a hippie jig got lost man. I gotta, the music. They mention China, dogs is the show. I want to talk about this in turn. Of hurting yourself Fifty six year old, Madame in pretty good shape a pretty well, and I precise a lot and I almost a item a revelation. Is it a revelation at the gym have day when I was about to go into it? what I wasn't even doing the freeway squats. I wasn't imbalance. There was ever a machine holding the bar yeah one as ones where you know you, you get some support with the bar I do in heavy ones, and I lived it onto my show. There's an? I just heard something in the back of my neck up. It was like a dull thud that felt like a couple vertebrates popped up, separated or something- and I my not
In that light, I waited a few seconds to see my legs. We're gonna go out from underneath me. Did they and I thought like how I would be could you imagine ending up in a wheelchair because of a squad accident, and I am now marking any by that that happen to, but it was at that point. I rise like how much me too. I really have to do at this point, my life. What am I trying? to do. Does my ass be that tight and my that work? it about the roundness of my ass. You should be doing more. Flexibility exercises some core work. Why am I Fucking squatting, all this way to where I almost broke my fucking neck. Does That's the revelation I had hey. Maybe I shouldn't break my neck, the gym right nap in a wheelchair MP right Jesus. What happened to mark the squad price his vanity accident? the squatting issue. We broke his neck, doing a squad. Yeah need had even done the exercise, yet he broke it
lifting the weights onto his shoulders, a squatting accident? That's horrible, Well, yeah, we're all going in for electric chair firm furs birthday can give somethin. I guess Ross again. Imagine membership knows that right. Is that funny? Is that right to do look folks Just be careful when squatting, that's answer! Watch it with the weights, watch it out there in the cars on New year's. So my as today was very I'm glad I talked to her. I always liked her yedo I'd never talk to a stunt person before, but dad on a dungeons. Is these stunt a coordinator for glow? She is deferred, woman to receive and Emmy for outstanding, on coordination for her work on that show, She's, not aid for third consecutive screen actors, go the word for this season of glow. And she's a bad ass in this debate? talking to Chonta dungeons,
Have you done this before you come on Now you ve never done any MIKE work, no wow exciting! women, who does the stance as there were done any sort of voice over action. I have not noticed that success so have you been China have been great? Thank you mark. You found a window of opportunity to hang out and talk to me absolutely looking or to it. What are you doing? What what exciting death defying feats even up to lately show kidding I'll write. I heard about that with with the the other guy's name right. The old actor I incline GS, Frank, kindly and Judy Greer however its a great cassia, and then I just started. We start shooting about a week. We can have. Just started. We start shooting about a week. We can have a girl movie called yes Day yesterday, a harmless,
Jennifer Gardener and EDGAR Mere the comedy very fine, then, here and coordinator on that as well. So let me ask you some, like out of the gay here as a stunt person because I see that you have been on a few sets for I'm, not I'm no journeyman, I'm no. I gotta have that much experience, but what constitutes the Need for some person can sometimes like you if a guy just ass the thought trip over a rug? they neighbouring. Instead, people like what I got was an eye. After you have to pretend to fall down. In in three. We have people here the coordinators. Here as I do, I need that. What what? How does it work like that It depends partly on the show, Vienna and partly I'm actor row. Obviously
with action movies. There's a lot more, so a lot of times you you get the time and we get it we're glow where you get the time to train the actresses, so you know what they're all capable our own and how good they are and what you can get from them right. Sometimes you step on a show for a day rights trip over Rog wrote the director is, We don't know what the actor is as you gonna wanna hit the ground as you gonna, you can't hide a pad and he wants to take it needs in wonder. Where and he's you know so now. Is he gonna? Why have the concrete? Because sometimes you get there do sometimes you get on said? No, I know it or renewed yeah. Fine, sometimes it's again taking care of you were not taken care of actor and neither padding them up or helping them figuring out what the shot is. The director wants right, Gazeta stunt double on Marshall Marin, rather stand in the middle of the street and hops as New cross me on either and eventually cars know, brought to me on either side and eventually you know they were like. Can you just do it?
you can do it and I can do it. Drivers are good, I haven't they work with him. Would you like me? Well, sometimes it's setting it up, sees that put the drivers in and you hire incredible drivers rode out, and then he put the double and get it all set up. How close can we put em? What are we need to do and then a K Mart now used up in the middle, but you'll never fail. If you don't put great people in those spots, road driving than the director or say on the dates, so do you think he could now slide the car and stop right in front of him or just nearly miss him or universal chain and run? Unlike you know, maybe we'll get the other guy here that the good idea Aren't you scared and others? They were terrified right. Also, Just change is very for every show, but a lot of times you you could get there and there be like mould, I'm glad to hear, but- and you just need you talk and act or through it we need to do and yeah. I'm like this show guess day as a comedy. So, a lot of that physical comedy of seeing the actor or the actress do it on their face. It's not you
Women do not use the double as my right first dick yeah right just funnier, but there are times when you know you just your back. Cup or your figuring it out, and then you step in and help them. So how are you doing about eighteen years, one However you and he started and ninety five how she is five years. It's amazing the youngest stunt person ever ever five years, always before the studio said kids candy studies there are thrown you of boats buildings, they even doing onto the ice. I started my first big movie was a Charlie's angels. I went in an audition, I didn't even know what I was auditioning for. I had been a gymnast, my whole life right. Let's go back the piglets with figure it out. So where do you come from you're gonna get his head and finally, someone's going to figure it out. If it has been done already, I doubt I'll. Do it you're, just not letting people figure it out. Maybe that's your problem,
a baby, all this stuff is just just a defence mechanism, key people out of your head. There we go so where'd. You grab a girl, inland of San, Diego in the Desert Imperial Valley. Imperial Valley and you, like them, where exactly death values that later right that desert it's not that desert, but in the summer it feels about like that Desert Harry'Ll Valley. So you grew up in the California wasteland. You very well its agriculture. Or is the who I am Both would your family do out what was going on there my dad was a contractor still as a contractor, and then my mom did several things. She all growing up. She owned video stores Fourthly, video tapes, like you, I got before blockbuster like in competition with blockbuster. You were the local like no video store that some people would go two because in fact blockbuster we, like you,
what your modem, Cathy? We you Cathy YAP and that's the way at work. The up and block was to try to buy out and relaunch, and then she got really close to a deal and then they were going to fire on all her employees and hire them cheaper. So she told them. No, she stood up for the for the workers, Van and then did they eventually put out of business. No eventually they all went out about the same time. It is we over guess for those four thing when you're gonna or so I grew up, I'm probably third. Fourth grade honorary through high school working man, the summer is lying just helping. Yes, that was kind of my love of movie. Was I watched film ruin life did at dirty section about. Did you ever during one of them did, though she had several. She had. Five store is only the first one did and then, when she bought her partner enclosed it, she didn't get round the dirty section yeah, but as a kid, when you My the best is my dad
go to put movies away when my dad didn't work in the store. Very offer. He'd be coming to pick us up for dinner or something if he was getting off work. Rosa there'd be a stack I'll. Just help put these away, so we can get eat faster growth, so would start to put him away, and you hear him yell across the store, the title that he can't find in it as it comes out he's. I can't get it back now. So now, when you realize how I know without one goes back here little kids up- some have very similar titles as the kids movies, which is really bad. Would you really bad? I never noticed examples of that I don't, but I do remember. Parents bringing them- and I was at work under cover of the Disney movie very close title. Oh that's right, for they do those they do the fake the other, yeah, yeah, yeah right you're on
sleeping beauty or those kind of movies and dirty in the most embarrassing is when you call the late list like fourteen years old in your car hire movies. Two weeks lay can't mean Obama Balboa. Could you return but man, three, please bingo and the wife answers new. I guess you could use the ecology of the movie, that's over which we have written any movies. There's one on your account. What's it called you do if you could just haven't called a store. That would be gray. I think this is between us and our island not sell em out I tell you, do endemic brothers sisters yet. I have an older brother here in the Desert Imperial Valley, dad's contractor Workin store watch movies? so when dislike gymnastics come in Wendy strangely learn gymnastics, and I was saddened to you the gymnastics, Earl you I can pay my whole life, and so my mom would drive me up probably twice a week to compete in me.
Since India GO and then, which was two hours were, was you're specialty at You do everything really, so you did the the horse thing to halt the vault. You did the apparel that the hoops These demands are those reminds you did the uneven bars of those who has worked hard and they look I'm surprised, you didn't say the balance in that's one. Usually men don't like the balanced view with pre exciting the aid that the voting, the the even bars, balance being then for work. Yet that's those is one skip what we invest it in high school, I will probably say be which is funny cousin college? That big came my least event like I was wrong MR bars in, but I think a lot of it became coaching cause when I when, in the college I had a really great coach that loved bars, and so I am, I had a growth spurt
only five three. When I went on my recruiting drips. That's pretty good for Germany is very earnest was because what yeah, but when you show up on your five eight and then you grew to be almost five nine. Your freshman year he's like I dont member, recruiting at all girl rude, so I mean I had that to work with readjust longer arms and legs. I could do everything, but it was just like a neon lightwood flash from my knee would bend of like bad form by form new daily life, from here and then I kind of figures I got a little yeah is- is it that is tougher? Gymnast very, were you gun, for Olympics that as we doing that whole thing where you hoping to get into the Olympic? I never really thought about the Olympics much too usually by, it didn't have a club program that could get you ready for, though, and exertion way handful in the country that really truly can a little just rapidly in one of them here and then most the time they ve moved away and two to that, Jim, like now
ten eleven- and I didn't know that I wanted to do with that- that ain't right. So for me it was always about college, so you weren't a worker. A lunatic in your mother wasn't a lunatic during them. Will gymnastics now for the olympic team. Now I played other sports in high school and I did basketball and volleyball, and Jacques. My parents actually coach the Tennessee. Which my brother, with my very good and I, to this day, I watched her Sunday tat. Why don't you? Let me play tennis and he's like I try. You did not want to do you now are you wonders now succeeded, while they tennis tennis, more practical cause like it in the end wait. Energy could be like on the weekend of hay, longer poison tennis. He can't do that. What unites us! I don't know that it would have given me the same career path. Of course, yeah yeah break any point as I can I can't say that I am very good career uncle play very often your brother still good. My brother was very good. The problem is that you know having
fun party lifestyle became more important than tennis forgot, a tennis had scholarships and then decided very much more and then plankton stand upon his feedback. I just good Roundabout way to get their them and different paths some days ago, if the other path for a while, I so now the guy in couch. Yes, any view competed I did and then would you graduate where what was your degree and business men Maynard in E commerce, and tat I did fears interesting. Did the business help you in any way, did you go into business After I graduated. No, I didn't twenty one. I Chopin my little suit cause. I should probably go and do some interviews so I show up and get offered. Some I've seen your thinking. Why should take? These is a lot of money on twenty one years old, what
agencies and then consulting firms and salvage Diego no my long gimme really creative. I should like this what you want to do- and I said I don't think so- I really want to be in the entertainment industry love forming. I love it didn't first, I didn't exist about stance, but it was so the thing to do with telling the story of Film redo theatre idea. I didn't. I, I took classes, but it never did theatre cause. I was always on the fanatics act and classes instead, yeah yeah did you. I go I did. They were fun here. Later. He knew like somehow through watching movies, but you weren't fascinated with stunts necessarily when you were, I didn't even really know it exists there. You Norman you. I guess you know, there's some people, but if you don't grow up round it, I didn't really think about that. Since it somebody did that Your mother says your heart is not in being a consultant or being advertising. What
this new. You won't be nearer yeah. She said you know you're you're, twenty one, you have your whole life set, you you, you got degree in that's what we asked to view and go, and you don't have bills of debt, lay go figure out. What you want to do. You can always go back and get that job writer was moved to allay I own under which is not knowing what your island you one person and I find that acting as it directing is it like. I dont know what aspect exactly of the film industry, but I knew I loved film and and the story, and you know that inside of it, so I went to makin, glasses and which ones the only lively and its Blake Lively dad and they end up working for him, and so I will assist your at their that at the studio ever is. And he just he wasn't- he's an actor enacting coach for kids in her,
so then I randomly women were Jim where'd. You end up living first. Twenty first got here: I had one friend from college was moving here and wind decent apartment, insidious city and what that friend end up she is answer. An actress derive Oscars survey Oh it's you working for the lively guy enacting school yep, you imminent studio city. That was your job thousand my job and quickly. Within the first few months I went to HU. I Jim Jim Dry, regular gymnastics club that how open Jim, and so I went and discuss it with whom I had combined competing. Since I was seven through the shortage of IRAN over. I just want to jump and wondered isnt flips. So I went in and it was a gym or are they sent? People were training and may quick. Became free they were sap, surely talented at stance whether it was martial, arts, fights, tricking gymnastics and we all
would trained day go train five next week and I just kind of was. It was all a was these guys and it was a group of guys that were film makers? They saw beyond just any falling to the ground like a worthy old timers or you are fairly young, they're, probably five years ahead of me in the business. So then, I was how I love it when they were just training to keeping shaper. We know they were training like we would do court like we would tumble under gymnastics than I would help them, and then they were marsh artists. They know it all help me they be doing all these things and I'd be over on the beam holding it doing basic right and then pretty soon. I was jumping in you're doing pornography So may I come out EU execute this stunt like no just weighing like actually putting fights together or film and filming I'm in doing wire gags invasion at the Jim. What there was different one person had a dough Joe one.
Was how to Damascus Club and one. So we would go to different gems every night of the weak, and that was just something you're doing for finding a way to go with it became where I felt the most at home here. Anyone listed in the whole process. I was absolutely in love with it, so within a year of training them every day, I said I finally we're all eating and education I wanna do stuff. And they can have said, will we figure that a year ago, in review you're just now figuring this out, but I was for the most. But the only girl that would tag along and when I say these guys are talented. I'm talking about you, you would know the more now but like Chad's to Husky who just directed and with one two and three and then Dave leeches a part of that group that I trained within Dave, Leech directed John, one is well and then he went off in just crushed it with atomic blonde and dead pull to invent new Hobson Jaw. Through these guys, were these guys referred a Viking stunt Jim guys that one under direct these movies yeah, when I met when I met Chad, he would,
just finished and he had just finished the first matrix, you double Keanu and he getting ready to do this equals two and three and day was doubling Brad Pitt what several through here movies. Right before that in the end might Gunther Marcus yeah TIM Conway, J, J Perry like it was this amazing, talented group of you. May I went on to be directors two of three of them are and then One is about to direct his first film and, in the other ones, been doing a lot a second unit so that's what I mean they're, not just like. Let me fall down get hit by a car. There actually want to tell story and get into firemen, their talented. I get it I get it. I just never knew that there was an avenue, her way. Obviously they wanted to direct from the beginning this was their way in well. If they wanted to direct from the beginning. I think it's a passion, but I think the evolution was stances. You are still powerful.
And then, if you are very good at that, a lot of them end up coordinating and then from that. A lot end up, shooting second unit directing second, it and then there's a handful that these doors have. They kicked the or open here, especially Chad and Dave, where they have crushed it doing first tuna and it's their movie in their incredible. With the action was storytelling and I mean, borough reside us. Does he drank sex? He was a stump before her body. We need, as all the fast and furious for second unit directs them. He does like almost every car of the out, but but the other two guys are the actual directors of the movie, while it because our whole part of the business, where even in sound in and lighting and everything else where there's in our communities and there a sort of hierarchy of of learning and an end and you're getting better jobs are getting in angling, but any time you set for as long as you're on the set doing these things, it's gonna be hard
to become enchanted with other parts of it absolutely, and I think for me with stones. It's always been upon a piece if the action is moving. The story along here is just an explosion for export, May I wanted to tell the story and making feel the emotion through it breathes on some explosions for explosions. Absolutely see we're here among us and we do. I just directing kind of becomes a part of extension, of getting the whole story than sure I think they're, like also because you and what Helena there in IRAN said on glow, which, although you coordinating the like I've seen you, I said every day, every time there and it becomes sort of a family and when its tv, any Iraq, it requires every you gotta, be there the whole time I mean you're, sort of invested in the whole arc of the thing like one day or not. Is one movie. It's like it's a whole ten episodes in your there the whole time, so you can visualize
the story and understand how this stuff, it's in absolutely infer that show especially its not just ok, let's just wrestle it's really its think about ok Betty as Liberty Bow. Okay, now Liberty Bell is crossing over to be soya. Ok, here Alley Azores, like what are their signature moves and cares early, the two of them. Personally, absolutely I mean the characters, and then I asked character right dear I so now, how do you get your first break it off? We forget That's! Ok. I covered some books lately about you in the seventies and stuff in their there Finally, was that this Don T, bore mostly men, then, where kind of like crazy bunch of hot dogging, lunatics you haven't drunks and dare devils did. Is that still the case, with the community, they seem like real, hard dude that were if they, like I, but I guess we post war, a different type of person, real cowboys and fuck and drugs
Dixon lunatics. I think the time is right, It is definitely changed in the industry as a whole from the relevant authorities, but yeah there's no around my dear absolutely. I worry with a lot of them, but they ve changed and grown and I think the ones it lived, you're prefecture, nip it yeah, but I think it's it's alright a risk when you do big stand there, but it's also. You know they think you, asking for more and more and more, and so it's you know that Equipment is often better now for dissenters and decelerated for very high gags. I think That means he's right as you jump five different language. If you jump off a building, say two hundred feet. The sender and your hook to a cable here, that's cause, descended HANS, had descended the seller, Aigner yeah those same thing to sell. While wine is a free fall in minute detail you at the bottom and then one can set your speed the whole way down ochre. So that account it gets better and better good. I beg of you,
to be just a jump off in there be a balloon at the bottom, others just sometimes an airbag here. Just the airbag lack we're going to keep doing. Do we get the steed right? I guess depends. If I mean if you're, jumping into an airbag the speed is gonna, be gravity. That's right, I mean no change unite. You know that, guy that Guy Brett the Garth one leg bridesmaid, this yes he's, a fantastic diverted knows dad very law. Like that's a whole families, don't do while the dad and the debt and is Gregg, and then his brother is Brian and they are fantastic. They both sacking attract a lot o Brien is pro way. Second directed asked him every marvel movie or most of them a lot of them and then Greg. Second rejected a ton and then Brett is Gregson and fantastic driver. He is an amputee below the negro and you would never know I just we worked for me. I'm kidding
came in question in a car, and nobody knows- and he just goes belongs to me. He it happened. I don't wanna before fifty are so now he won't access no at home. I believe this if I remember this already jumped off the refund trampoline and then often had an accident, and he was already incredible, go part razor and I just anderson their driving a year or two How do you get You're, knowing your family's! No insurance, know nobody first one. So your hang around this jam you get now these chops, you're learning all this stuff hang around cause you like to do it. How do you get the first job, well, the first one I was. I was exe file,
was one day and they had sent everybody and audition, and so a friend said others a girl that trains of this all the time she's very new and green, but she's, really talented. So I went in an audition and distant coordinator introduces Meta Chris Carter, who is the nicest man? I've never seen a show and did not know. He was a creator, and I quote, he's really nice verger is great and they keep asking me to do certain things, and so I would come for them. She said in a game, so she's fighting David accompanying the game, flips down the alley flips over him and then fights him. I guess you mastic boom yeah here in an alley on concrete areas, and that was my opening two stones were so I addition and am
the wording that they were using. I dont think was what they wanted to see, but when you don't know the lingo here, so I said you mind if I show some thing, I think this is what you really want to see here. You know twenty one year old version of a naive girl on debts can tell them here. I think this is what Europe asking for, and so I show them, and then they were like bats or even wanting to see, and it was largest. It was just they wanted you to. We will forward, but you can't tumble forward with the speed it backwards, but you just have to start the direction this way so as to the wording of what they were asking for gymnastics myself. And so I showed him that and then I Looked that and lay do you realize how much of a risky took on me cause. I also had to hit many tramp in heels and flip over David to company and not land, on his head and break his neck, and you know your brand new winner who he's like ok, he was great So then my second job there
said Haiti one idea for a movie. I dont know what it was: the Hong Kong team, so I went in the Hong Kong to hunting. They had just finished matrix and it was the brother and he was now doing this movie okochee all fights in March art. Seldom with those guys were those for those whose what appearing in Kenya. In there they were whooping did all the face on matrix and yet was his brother. There called the Hong Kong to that's what this Vienna. They conquered the whole team, so I went in auditioned and then a complex letter audition again and then they offered me the job and it was Charles angels. Now that's a big we was huge videos. Three three led women and hear about growers laid so was a woman, so it was in every you think. I've between cars high falls the second director vicar strong and Andy Armstrong, who are some of the biggest in the business, and they are amazing. He knows or goods will break down from your second unit. Director is usually what is not all stunts
usually second unit is already has their picking up all the big piece the stance so very they're, doing entire sequences or their picking up like say if you did a few Don First unit, now they're picking up everything that the. They didn't shoot on. The actors with the double Alcor right like in this case, is a hey: have you done and eighty foot high fall? He calls me- and I said I haven't done- I've done fifty but can have the weekend and I'll. Let you know if I can do eighty mentally right, so I went out in practice and call them back on Monday and said yes and no for I was saying that was virtually eventually well, that's interesting thing. So wait. What is the the mental tools? You? Don't you for the first thing like say: ok see that our high heels you ve never done before, and you ve gotta watch yourself over. You come so? You know you have the physical tools and firstly, a witty: what do you do to clear your mind? You can't really. Is it just like a type of fearlessness whiter, each sister, you can't Doubt yourself, it all right!
funny as I had have had less fear and stance, and I didn't gymnastics. Trimness are very known to have men toolbox, solar, I think, because you're works of what life could you do a trick. Maybe you do double back and then one day you go in and you're just like, I don't I can get you to spot me or you have to stand right there, and then I can do it in your coaches standing there going. I can't even reach you if I needed to but you're gonna do it. If I stand on this blue spot, our soldiers for fear could have come here to hunting concern. Unlike weird mental just stand there, even though you can't talk on the phone, you don't know how to do it, yet I think it feeds off of the energy of other t, mate forces in club. It was always the one that would just bill extension. I shall do it and road figure it out on me here and then in college. You see other girls that have mental blocks and it starts to have with you and then you push through them and then something else comes. You know. First,
was stunts things that I may have. My coach stand there and do dismount off a bar say here: can you stand now? I've done it instance off a pipe. To an eight inch Matt with nothing else around and no grips in your like in the perfect environment. You can set up a mental bob. I think with stunts. You realize quickly that. Either Kanner you can't, and if you can't you don't have a job, and if you can time is money so for you to sit up there and talk it yourself into it for twenty minutes you don't have that luxury surrounding reduction doesn't have that luxury. See you you just do it again But how do you know you can't just fear or or or Is that what it is like? What was the process between I've? Only down to fifty four job now you, what do you want me to do an eighty? Let me, let me read my brain around. Will I knew physically? I could be so now. Let me just make sure mentally. I'm not gonna get out there and choke on you free gal. So I got up there and there was this. This stuff
Bob Yerkes, who was a circus performer. He had a big high fall tower and his back so one of the guys I trained by it's kind of a he's? An older is probably in his eighties, and time may be. Sixty so is a friend of a friend and how we can go. Training for young guy goes like. I know those that guy's gonna tell our everyday my over there and he's just like AEGIS, hangs out at home, and some he's not even there must that. I recognise, I never saw it. You understand people I gave em good can reach the thing really want. That difficulty is that Europe had a russian swaying. Whenever I couldn't find one person's on it and other, and you write it and then it pitches visually show you my hands better. He was I'm your time here, like an old time. Circus guy can never Madame Oh yeah, I've met him, but at the time he wasn't ever their own. We would go train one wearily and would be dispensing like the sixties or seventies or whatever. I would say here I store around here, Iran. I see him occasionally like the stun awards in that kind of stuff, arose the ideas, oil or the old timers here.
He's got out pieces imparts, yet everyone working, so you and theirs it this time he just has a tower, so it s a ladder. And they have an airbag down and airbags are rated to certain heights because the pressure and how their ceta two inflated about you yeah, you can't do eighty four! I fought for a bag, that's right in fifty years ago, as a lot about yeah. So we, set their back up, and so now I do some say forty and then fifty and now there is a free fall. Yes, just a free fall, dump Russia. The friend that is bring me they're makes me carry the step up the ladder so meaning I have to hook my legs around. The latter take the step off. It's a metal step. That's like a foot wide by two feet, long overdue! from our committee to carry out the climate. The latter, like ten feet, hook sorry hooker idea and climb up and step up their because he was trying to make me comfortable
You bet I went up and there's no, you got no string or not, and never nothing and you just now. I get to eighty feet and I'm looking down and it was like that per se postage stamp and I'm gonna wind on it and he's I just job already, so I did didn't I I'm so that I knew I felt comfortable if I needed to do it repeatedly forgetting its way, installing a little muscle memory, yeah and if you do you, I think my biggest lesson that day is maybe on the third or fourth, you start to fill come from. When you get a little complacent, and so, when I landed, they can I wiped my TED in which was fine, but your neck is gonna be sore, but it also reminded me from that day on that it was like. Ok, I really, I have to think about what I'm doing in the air, so I land a specific way to keep myself safe. Do you love it? It was often That means that fear. You have tat kind of people, always say. Oh, you don't have any fear. I have a fear I
It's more of. I have our respect right. Well, I mean, I think, like I said earlier, that once you have certain tools in place and you take the risk of practice to get over that, like you know, I don't think I can do this and then you do it. You know you can do it. Then you do a ten times I yeah than that. That kind of takes the fear out of it niches and get you d have to engage the skill set. What's even sailing two and fifty four defender you ve tested. It was help yourself even picture here for bridge twenty need to twenty five stories up, come on an ear pyrite building. Yes, so you have to jump right now we ve tested it with waits. We know it's all good, but still somebody has to write it for the first time, and that comes for me who is rigging ET. My life is in their hands and I trust them with my life. So there are certain people that I would trust with any
Bing, because they have had my life on their hands repeatedly residue like a handful of people. Have you been on the said been like metal? What that guy? I need another person to know, but I have ass before you know: how do you want to do this? This gag whose rigging it- and I think it's if requested in the beginning- a girl didn't com, gags gag stunt, like especially a high gag, were my life is in their life gags. Were there come from its a guy gets a stunt, I know, that's start a gag joke. I've been ok, I like it, Maybe it's awaited, disarm the whole neighborhood of it right here. Skin do gagged jump off a bridge?
so you have asked a year. Will I think the beginning? I didn't, and so you learn quickly. You look back and go high covers lucky. I guess I didn't even know who is regular cause you're just taking the jobs, people higher weirdly, I, where what we do or where we just take it for granted that younger, ok, I mean, I think about that, just bullshit, just with things we eat my now. I know where this came from anything for everyone his hands before may thou, whether my mother, just weird stuff, We just now. I think it is ok. Do that with everything tat of the scars fine so, but I I could see how that really makes a difference like you are. They do have if they, if there are over there having should morning they forget to do when I tried that, as a coordinator, I tried always respective somebody's doing. You know. They're gonna do a full burned lid on fire fully or if somebody on the offer yeah,
I was lit on fire, and then I raised my arms and the whole building completely around for one via that was a pilot for making was even on twilight, became moonlight. Think myself Alex aloft. Lindner NOS one, thirty acute Verne. The only time he burned. No, in partials, but that's the biggest one. I've done partial birth verges on my arm and you're right around your armor. Part or maybe to hear or it just depends where they familiarity burn. The armorer is he I had to be unfair For me, I had to be on fire come through doors, so I stand there and then I the hardest burnished actually stand and do nothing to burn because the I just comes up under you and your face when they're moving it's actually easier because you can move the fire away from your face. A loner so standing there or laying their doing nothing there, actually the hottest spurns. So I just had to stand there for our suit Well, you have like they take carbon
ex you're no max and day via retardant like thermals almost and they stick em in a bunch of fire, Joe near a museum couple layers on and then they put a rain suit over it. Which is random. But that's when you put your clothes on then at your clothes don't get just ringing wet year. The buyers and then they put the fuel on and then burn you from any burn. It starts underneath the clothes thou Knowest start in the top there underneath is just the fuels on the top. Underneath is just to protect you. It's that layer and widely serves no fires anymore, those that the old days you just got some fire retardants, underwear on equity, so my wonder whom under raised- and I was told by your face so has it depends. Sometimes they can put a mask on and that protects a face, and then sometimes, as are those of your face, you usually it's usually it's just.
The generic one college, so expensive de belt area, or sometimes there there is also a jail that can go straight to the skin and in your home again and then in it a protect you, but you were you view. Do you come out of it with a will burn here there normally, no, the usually the biggest problem is the breathing, because if you need to hold your breath- or you need have a regulator because that where the hot comes in and it can burn. I can only add some lungs so that moment where you got to jump off a building or when you are bound to be set on fire, exciting right it's very exciting and I think it's the russian they journal. After that's awesome, really that's where you therefore that's right here. So are so Charlie's angels. What were the stance? What those was at the eighty foot does a heifer all cars fights. I mean did the biggest you the driving some of it. There were
during that doesn't sound like the like the gymnastic angle, stages driving sense. I do but he had a word that later right, I did. Why grew up because a group in the desert, we grew up, unlike quads, Inter pikes, and so I had a lot of car handling experience I did. I have taken that and trained a lot in the meanwhile to get better, thy row occur. Yeah you can roll a car to. Unfortunately, purpose area so like when you gotta get in the car and he got a role that it is our hearts prepped same with fire, it's all in who preps you ruined swear, though that's where the trust comes in and you know affects us,
prepping, the car and the coordinators, their prepping, the guard Europe. Have you got a propaganda role? It will use it as a rule occasions. I protect you. Alright, I'm, but the actual the moment of rowing is up to you to the minority LEO very well. It depends you see. There's power can illuminate the cannon. So imagine this is like a telephone call. So oh, like on fast five year, the opening sequence and core EU banks is driving that big bustier, and so I'm in the little Anna Saxon, then Oakley, lemon and sly or behind, and we kind of around and cross, and then I go ahead on an Corey, swerves the bass and then as he pitches the best sideways, there's three cannons inside. The pressure effects is built is so strong that when he pushes the button that pressure Syn the cannons to the ground very tells chip, so they depends where they place it in the car. So I want the car like to go this way. You put it in this sector,
the thing is I got compression of air, that is, it's her than when he hits the button it send. What is it? A diet sends a cannon with a lot of forced to the ground and not slip the car. Well, so Comes back to how the cars prepped from the coordinator and back, then we have a great effect stunt Mina special vaccine that build certain striving have you done how many cars of your old I haven't. Fully rolled very many rolled, a couple bucks grossly driving chases likely recur. It had the architects there in on Alcatraz so I just I find a kind of crazy. It's a crazy life where I guess it does feel. I think there is the risk of injury almost always There is a lot. I mean I've been really lucky, there is the risk of injury. Almost always. There is a lot. I mean I've been really lucky. I've had a few words, I broke all the bonds, my foot,
a defender. Could you here? I had allege that man YAP, and so me. It was very early in my current was the best learning experience we are when you can't walk research monsieur Sports lays only six weeks there little bones, but I said I don't Gawker that ledge yeah, yeah yeah, you are you are you, I don't think I'll claret beer Has anybody unknown Europe on top and their down below, and though I was stupid and said o k they want me to you now were those free well you're, getting that our daily on the building, Vicki they D and then everybody up very telling has the route that I ask, as does the coordinator, think I'm gonna clearing may hear his voice says you're fine, but he's down there. Who knows it even got to him? Go. Eureka was right there I won't claret, the way the moulding and I didn't so, as some people do. I said
don't take my boat off cause, you won't get back on. So let's get all the shot you want, and just stop me above that ledge, which is only twenty from the gradual, and we did it they're, probably ten times more. Pain. Why? Then they took I said nineteen million regarding an x rays and while you were you, your trooper, but the shied I support and get the hell. It's not. What am I mean, there's not much they're gonna change. If it's broken broke and not yet out and if you're not so much pain, you can't function. It's fine right, ok toward the categories of stunts that you do. You do all of em see driving Euro a car, will dry fast, isn't working, they can set you on fire, you'll jump off of things. Indeed, you are stored work. I do really. How did you learn that? Yes, where'd, you train for the sword,
same Gruber people, some of them that their special like an electron daredevil we rise. Group of this is just a group. This these are classes. No young people are being on people and you're the boys you how to do it all the time. Ok, so one of my friends, community yeah and what are my friends- was the best with size. So when I got on daredevil, we started the train and I was doubling Jennifer Garner on Alias and then, we were starting to rehearse for dared when we wrapped we would go there. And down there too, we are there and so on. I realize quickly that I needed more work with size and the person that was there was it's like a weapon that looks like a pitchfork sort it out. And so I happened to look round, and one of my friends is a marsh artists. That's his weapon and his world champion with then train with how might three days a week after devils ya, know that's electorate on daredevil, alright. So then I set it up to you.
Train, Jan Cause. I wanted her to the great and want to have to process through me, for you teach me I'll teach her like yours teacher and make her great. So then yeah what size and then on a sucker punch, it was more so so I had a broad sword. Baby had, I think, are and Qatar and then they all had french yards indifferent weapons in Hungary are sucker punch, hooker. And then you have to pick up some like you have to pick a bits and pieces of martial arts and stuff you I mean more sites. I is what I've been doing since before other than gymnastics out was kind of my passions and just before the business, but really once I got in it so at once most to take one day, but I feel like each movie growing in your style has its movie changes. A lot of like me. Tie a lot of.
Peppermint we did was more like in tight, close quarter knees and elbows and guns, and you know electron it used to be a little more wire work and a little more flashy jump spend hook. X- and you know, I mean it's just kind of their of evolution and then added radon event for five years, which was much more hands and boxing. So I think for a girl a lot of times. Our weaknesses are our hands cause. You have. Constant and gymnastic martial arts, but you haven't necessarily boxed and done hands. I wear a kind of play. Fight for years are just rough. His kid thing is kind of more so I trained on yeah. So I trained a lot with boxing to have my hands stronger voice. Half the place. Now different places, but some boxing gems Boeing, this fascinated with this, this Jim, where, like it, it sounds like it's more good people vintage being argument, Goad alike allay Valley one day and then gymnastics Olympic a one day and then broke. You choose each point, specializes in a thing, no
Jim is just an open, Jim. Ok, you can do anything. You want that it was just. We would go with that group of people who ever was not working that day and we were trained, but there's no there's no way: teachers, just everybody color Certified I'll show you how to do that when you have to imagine most the teachers they're not going to teach their got it If their teaching I dont class their teaching like a back handspring, Well, I'm gonna jump on the beam unduly step out like it's, not that they're gonna teach me unanimity, right now? In the same way you have the Olympics. Ouch. May I wonder if you stepped into it One Dodo Joe Road and I can teach him he could teach it anywhere. He wanted to go right, you know, so it's just where all learning together in collaborating our skills through his wrist and understood you have a now- you can't get any of em to hardly train because they train other. But they're all over the world working. So then they just train or whatever Jim. They can find. I see
so the education of some person, once you start doing at just sort of going to the place and ceiling who is seeing whose around and fucking shit out huh, yeah and Emily Giuliani, dry, hired, carnival act, who's got a ladder, backyard and age this is my dad. If I had a high fall always get nervous and they'll call me when you're done? I just I don't know where you get. I don't I don't worry. Get these high falls like where you want to do that. I was like because, when I was eight, we would jump off cliffs. There were eighty feet all under the water like. Where do you think I get it did you do yeah. We would go to Maui and go cliff, jumping, you're a liar and my dad amateur other, and I always wanted to go with the boys. So I would do it was eighty feet Nice idea was eighty in Maui just jump into the water her man I was going to do it, but do it like every time a gun Hawaii it wasn't
like I've, gone to Hawaii and there's not hi ones. But- It's gotta be a sort of an established thing here and now he was black rock and if they ve put fences around at seeking we get to the lower wages, I don't even know twenty or thirty. Now you can't even get to the higher costs. When died, probably someone ruin the fine with his life, doing it that guy I so I'm I'm due notice that you ve done a lot of work which end of her garden so now. Is that something that she asks for you is that you are her established stunt double for life. I mean I can say for life. I hope so. Oh, that relationship starts as you do. A thing with a star would dare devil, let Alias yeah came in her She had a double that did the pilot and maybe one or two episode here and she got hurt. So I came in just for a couple days to fill in and I was again all I had done was lit.
We had been less than a year and I done Charlie's angels and in great stuff better. I just was bound I didn't know the coordinator. I got referred to him when, in for couple days. Did a fight the devil came back and then she blew in the drivers on a day is not allowed, and then I came back. I worked for most of the first season and then got offered a movie, and I thought she was coming back. So was the John will movie and I went to the coordination I said I think I should take that, so she can have her job back. I called her cause, they said we want you to stay and I felt bad cause. I did One of his endeavour on early were nearly ass. I call turn she's had actually I'm fine without I you know I stay on it so I went to Jenin just said: what do you want me to do? A monopoly said love to stay with you, but I can do this if you want, like you know, you did that point problem. Twenty two and have opportunities
you're just dumb for enabling your way through her and am she's asked me to please stay with her and I from there was a tall thin, probably helped out the topping up, she's, just fine every day and night, so fun to see her instagram posts because everybody you only see like for for five years. My mom came on set may be the third year for a day and she psych- oh, my god. She is the cutest dimples. I've ever seen. I've never seen her smile because she's always so serious on the show right and to see. I got to see that Guph, a fine carrying witty side every day. So that's what it was like. You know you're gonna, go to work and laugh and have a good time. Ass glass, however, job was then use, go to other jobs in their harder for different reasons or whatever. So whenever she something it's kind of physic going home it's getting to go back to work with your sister and am she's alive
Collaborator she's appreciative she's funny and she has a great team that comes with her between her hair make up me. It's the same little team that have been with her sense, Alias throw it do you his hang out Yet we do not have five year old and she has a kid. So it gets a little bit hectic, but we definitely do and we can- and you know she's just one of those people for me that you cannot see her for six and then you can settle tat same it's like it, just you I'll get a taxi in tears, laughing so hard and son. One back and you never lose step was somebody royal shares that person. So what marvel things of you done? Daredevil, intellectual, both Marvel, and then I did iron and three and I doubled Kenneth, well that require that was by around two and I came on set and I had didn't, have the helmet on up in the iron man suit, which has really fun to get to where the hero iron man too, and I came on- set
and I had didn't have the helmet on yet, but I have the suit in its wake: the big on me and I'm recharging up and then Robert Downy Junior turns and he's like. There's a girl in the sir. We ve never had a girl and soon he was so kind and sweet, and just he took me back over and it goes to rise understand. The suit is really heavy in its mentally hard and it's incredible that she's in it and he was so kind, giving us he's been in that suit. A law is those heavy its heavier. The top, because the bottom like Mo Cap so they build the bottom, but from about the hips up, and that is partly about fifty pounds, and then it has a few different helmets, one that closes one that lives one that open. I look like a tiny little p head with a suit on when the homeless offer you but there's one scene where he calls the suit on her So we did his double I did Glenn Foster, probably a twenty foot ratchet to the wall, a rat
meaning you're in a harness and there's that same air cylinder, there was talkin about with the cars yeah yeah a cannon. So I'm going to have some man announced at all costs. We coordinate or go go right according to guide and said hit the button and everything is going. The same time, so the helicopters bus to becoming an blowing up the house here. So all the windows below everything to teach blows in the house like gunfire. Right, annihilated it and he and I go flying back. We're hook two wires and it's like that proportion pulls us back to the wall hidden drop so then, when she, was up, she's got the suit honour and then she has to go and then lay over him to protect him from the falling to break He doesn't have the suit on right, but it was a one thing is the first time they did it. They said okay, Robin to this position, which is like
thank positions or another, with fifty pounds extra on your top half and some holding it, and then they should get closer. So the second take. I drop in and unlike this close to Roberts face except the only problem is that I hold or about this big little slits here and because the helmet was too big, it drops of the eye wholesome here I come back and I was it you have to make the helmet smaller inside of me, to be the first person that Knox Robber, Downy, Junior out or Briggs his nose. Could they going thither? Can't see worry so they fix it may fixed. It the top put it back on and we went again loud. It's just they told you he had to be in that weird metal carcasses of different sorts of allied, that's cool. Always never feels its fails. It August joy, August Summer, hot in here like oh my en masse in August in North Carolina with this much humidity. You know it's just but then you go, but I'm frank superhero, like how cool
my brother used to tell me please go put your clothes on my back, but I have my wonder, woman under rules on. I do have my clothes on. I was annoying kid and he and his friend you wonder, woman. Well, I did that for the tv show here and then I did some commercials, but I didn't go. Do wonder woman cause? I was who supervise here at the time through the super girl. Very see. You're up for the movie, wonder woman in Eden. Never spent disappoint, you know it. It was especially if you see what it was because they did an amazing job on it in such great people. But the time my little boy was one. I was on super girl and I was having a blast and more civilian voice. It was here, road must have been noises, so fun and lovely and kind, and so was just like stay on that existed, the other, still time you could be met by Super one, wonder woman! I warn the outfit it's cool where'd. You were the offer when you were a kid you're under Ruth. Well, I started there, but yes, but I did do that on some commercial
where they brought it over in they did cross over for justice in Walmart, and so I got to where it was sweet. I jump in advance in the morning blonde in sweats, and I am talking to the subtle grown, the Van and she says. Oh it's, my message across my first down a movie ever show she was so Can shy photos said I go through the works and they ve they have. Big me, I'm in the full outfit DC cloaks you like Marvel scenario, can take photos. It said elementary school we get into the cafeteria and the GPS. I can take the cloak off. We need a lightly there, you there, but we put a blanket over like a big hooded blanket because they don't want azure walking photos taken were especially if it's a reveal of something Roy, you right, so I get in there and we do a few thoughts and then we stop and the little girl sitting off one of the tables and I go sit down next to her and I sat down on like Becky and start talking to her, and
we then go to lunch and mom the look or has new idea that on the same percent from the Van annulled, a mom comes up and all you can see now, I'm recourse is the the head back and comes up and she said I don't know how you knew my daughter's name, but you just made her world. I said: will why and she said well, she just switch schools. He's been bullied at her old school and she just with scorn, doesn't have any friends yet, and you made her the coolest kid in there today and you realize, like I sat with her for thirty seconds road and you just where I think in this industry. We have such an impact on people and it's nice when you get to justice that much back for somebody here and you don't even you don't really realise a courageous to work in the EU. Being nice me in that moment, because you're focused on what you doing your hand
if he isn't really engage you another back story of any one situation right and then you know, you hear something like that, like wow, that was easy yeah. Maybe I should have done that more. You know it does make you think about it. So have you scared for your life? There has been two times that I would say I absolutely look back and am lucky one. Was I jumped car into a lake and there has been poles in the bottom, to make it Philip faster, the precious post, equalize the doors, you're gonna open. I'm up and get out of here it didn't quite it was planned and before I did the car jumped. They move my safety divers farther away. So oh you see the ticking clock on the screen when one I've watched it- and I would say, is about a minute ten seconds before I found my air so wait. So, ok, you drive, so I drive that there are good jeep,
I drove it off a ramp into the water in the world was freezing and you couldn't see very far in front of you at all. Is you only my you have impact in your your submerged and fill up immediately? It probably took tend to fit in seconds to fill out only because they add those holes see me going to the back as I'm supposed to to follow the heir to the back and then when it comes under the pressures post equalize and you can get the doors open and get out well with the impact damage from the front. The doors wouldn't open. So you see me in a yellow, bright, yellow short go from door to door. To door to door window wondered I under get any even open, and so now the hook line, which is the line first scuba that has my air as underneath me, so I could find it will now. It's floated all over and I can't find it in your summit blind trying to find it so fat. Second of panic. Go you go
We shit, I'm gonna die in this car. What am I gonna? Do a Medina here to one of the few times or Mama's come to set, which was probably not this, remove shaggy down she's like our shoes off standing on the edge of the water who's, not she's. Gonna do but I finally for your under their in everyone on land working. I have any owing they have no clue. There's like four cameras in the car, and now that you know when they wrote. I could end my safety drivers. I just kept thinking, they're gonna come and they never came. They think there is a problem. I know they were trying to get to me because they put him so far out there is. There is a time limit right where they're like wise and she up you. Yes, I guess they kept from. I didn't see this. I guess they kept coming to the surface and then realizing I wasn't up yet and then they would dive back down and so they're having trouble seeing because they can't see either so I it happened that moment of panic going ok. This isn't being so. What do I do and you it's amazing that you can kind of take that com for a second or two and
I realized I knew or my tank was voted down and my tank was bolted in the back, so I went swam back to the back. The car found the tank. Now I can find the line can run. The line was under the seat and then up in the steering wheel, so I would have never found it looking, but going mad. I got air once I got air found. The window breaker broke the window and got out here, but it to show you doesn't always go as planned, but Korea is literally other time would have been on fast five, I was in that little annex inquiry was turning the bustle Her hair inquiry is literally one of the best I really was never CORE Eu Bank. So we're doing near. Misses I hold my line, he work, he serves around, we ve done it. Day, I'd on of ten times different time, different cameras different employing now
we're coming out each other and there is a helicopter. Above behind me in its from their angle, and so I dont know exactly what happened, but we're both encroaching at thirty five? So that's ahead on seventy and I don't even come to his bumper, I'm so low, so we're coming this way and then that half second, when he spoke to swear sword, he doesn't go, and I only have a dirt Burma, whatever theirs, there's, not road. There is dirt that kind of girl up at an angle on the side of a road like in the middle of the desert. Here, man a two lane and minutes dirt road. So I'm going in. You have a half back in any way and then and now have second goes away and then so thought side, just pulled my wheel as hard as I could never left and ended up in the dirt I didn't know that the helicopter had moved into my blind spot in his lame down low. So if you had swerved around me as planned. He would have had the helicopter and taken the helicopter out
so he had to make the choice in a second say like she'll, be. I should get up sugar shook it out. You know they are used like her them her them she'll get out. They can't so it made mistake was to this day. I don't know I mean it's, not here. I can we knew exactly we weren't you we'll be right in no one told you that the Carter was going to be what we knew was there, but it wasn't supposed to come down. So I dont know it might have been a call from the booth. They go right. An easy could have come down around the side a little bit. He doesn't know where this we're supposed to happen. Who knows why it's a lot of inner workings but yeah, those are the two that I would say- I looked back and go- I was very lucky- you know the ones you shop to work in like you said, you fall over a rug and it is what it is, but you know the bigger ones I feel like, for the most part are the ones it usually go the best, because you ve press them so much right and theirs was probably a lot more at stake
so. What is your husband and the business? He is stuck I to give us some people do work out together very often is the red light through. Can you show me they're sure we just work through this move made this gag whiskey usually occasionally, if I'm trying to think like especially radon event, if I was going through a fight on like hey, we display the other side was for me really quick, as I want to think, and I need better when I have advanced partner. So I know people just create both eyes on their own. I prefer to work off of somebody here. So occasionally it's him, but like he's in New Orleans right now, coordinating Eu Jackman Movie and I M so it just end up busy in right now coordinating is something that you know that you graduated that's like that's the next step, your ear stunt person and then your stuck coordinator and a lot of times. You still balance between I'm sure so I mean you like. I went double general peppermint and while we were
containing glows of doing got, so it just kind of depends on what's going on, you know, and you want in any two areas for glad I did for a coordinated. And though you're the first woman to win and Emmy for stunts spray coal. Yeah Such a fund show a meeting to represent, I think from me the thing about that show is if people could just see five minutes of how hard those ladys work, I guess there's so focused and I get him in the ring and I get them when they between Travelin Helen and I we get to play. And teach and they come in and they knew nothing other than cure. Of course through mean it was just ok, I'm in the worse day in the ring, from this whole speech about trust- and I no. I they're going to be great and but I need them to listen to their bodies and Bob LAW here and then Java goes okay, so that story flipping do your back
Let's start with how to get in the ring, you know it's just as your style around here and now to watch them it's there in credible and also a sort of a rare sort of situation where the actual, what you're, what doing as a stunt is is actually a stunt yeah that The whole nature of professional wrestling is it's a real threat but it is too it's an illusion it's an illusion, but it's funny when they, when I've done a couple interviews and I've asked me about a being fake or they vows me about. Unlike oh, no one, those girls, he hit that around you, argon they're gonna tell you, they feel it it's real, while in those guys they wrestle nobody you're, tired after a lawyer talker. Definitely by, but it's like it's not you not China. Yo creates when jumping to their death or you re right is all in the fun of it. It is not this life or death situation where she's got to say
this and get her kid in fire, you guys and shoot em and jump off the building roads more. What is funny story. We can tell why I might add the glitter add the leotard. Add the hare add that you know and lets us have fought and within the characters, a story you know with it. Like you know, you have the story of the show. Whatever episode by in in the ring, there's always a store. Absolutely in that's what lassoing it yeah yeah, that's excited and channel is really taught us a lot about that Helen and I are gymnast and restart elements were great at breaking things down and teaching, and we pick oppressing quickly cause that's kind of version of our background, you know wasn't wrestling were Chivo is, great at he's been around it. So long arose Rico family of Red, like other generation yeah so he comes from the odds the style of its not just big flare, flare, big move, big moon, but here is to tell the story in the ring, so we have a really good time playing going. Ok, what's the story who do that's you
bugger, ok, now we need to switch it no she's he'll know she's that you know we get to have a really good time with that, yet great two in one more. I now one more have no idea what to do about. Do you. I know All this you, I don't know any younger, told I know The deal with that we're we're gonna, be. I did hear more wrestling, but that's all I know is clearly more wrestling this year. I here we're goin out a bit. Wrestling finnish, big bang. I don't know the last episode the first, the whole thing, but I just generally of her there's gotta be more wrestling, this season yeah, but Almost all leave me you're gonna be in the ring mark. You do, I hope so. Can we put that in the end I M ready. I can thou be exciting yeah. I think I should I should have given the ring once not is a rough ok, it has a wrestler. Let's ask ok, so are you in a direct I am. I have a movie about that time, with wonderland with milk cheese company and voltage the south to cast them react maximum area.
Directing your first action movies and its Acting now who wrote it Corey oh wow, so is he is his first movie? Do I believe that this first or second so does exist? very exciting and direct any glows, it would be a dream. Did you or did you ask I but who knows I'm in Latvia Dream, but your direction? A movie, that's excited! I know I'm excited it sets a bit so weird, though, because this thing or same before, like I don't know much, I know if you with your wife, onsets you're. What you're doing if you're there all day, you're going to see how everything fuckin works right, yeah. How could you not one, was there used to working with the cast an you know like I've spent so much time with with different actors. Actors that a lot of times icon radon event. You know it becomes a you sit in you say. Hey just so you know this may push back because character why's. He really wouldn't do this. You will probably do this right, so here you
to what those questions will be because I care about what their questions are as an act like I understand, coming from menace, it makes me question: and now you're gonna get to do that with emotional stuff. Yes, I love it. Congratulations! Thank you! I'm so glad we talked. Then I see and set the onset, so that's it China dug in these done coordinator, be Emmy Award winning, vague, nominated stunt coordinator of glow again, If you'd like to see me in concert, Cleveland or Grand Rapids, Michigan or Milwaukee Orlando Florida, camphor, Portland, main Providence, Rhode, Island, Newhaven, Connecticut, her hunting to New York The deputy pod dotcom swear to her for the freezing leg, the hey, there's more toward, and
that's. It play some vetoes and half ass it right now and that's all that's! That's all for now happy new year.
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