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Episode 1086 - Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio

2020-01-06 | 🔗

During a victory lap for their movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio put movie stardom on hold for an hour to have a chat with Marc. They talk about their early days as show business outsiders, the moment they knew their lives would never be the same, the times they've known a movie they're in is going to tank, why they don't want to direct and why they love to produce. This episode is sponsored by SimpliSafe and Everything's Gonna Be Okay on Freeform.

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Hey folks. How worried about some tour dates come in Abkhazia? How would that be Thursday January thirty Cleveland Ohio at the Gore Theatre, Friday January thirty, First Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street church Saturday February, First Milwaukee Wisconsin at the Turner Hall Ballroom Friday February, Fourteenth Orlando Florida at Hard Rock live Saturday February, fifteenth Tampa Florida at the strands centre, thirst, in February, twenty Portland main State Theatre, Friday February, twenty first Providence, Rhode, Island, Columbus Theatre Saturday, February twenty Second Newhaven Connecticut at College Street Music Hall and Sunday February. Twenty third hunting to New York at the paramount these are dates for the freezing, your ass off leg of the hey, there's more tour I'll be doing these data dean downgrading gotta devotee of pod, that calm swash tour from
thanks to all the then use our right. Hoof man, New year's ha ha the going stu the show all right? Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck Nix what's happening? It's twenty twenty my name's mark Mare- and this is my podcast- w e f welcome to it. It's the new year. This is really, I believe, probably the official first show the new year in the sense that we're all back the occasion right- I mean it You're crazy. The vacation gets well between Thanksgiving, unlike today, I'm leaving it gets through point out even oath Fuckin gate is, I don't know meals, I've, even I'm, not sure. Why should be looking for on television? I don't know when it's time to wake up when it's time to go to bed, it gets a little foggy, not sure what I
yesterday I had no fucking idea, I had no idea like on Saturday. I didn't know what Saturday, what do you get? Aids Monday right, fuck man, I'm not saying I'm happy vacation is over, but I kind of em things get weird things: get they slow down. The garbage pick up gets weird. I've had enough guessing minutiae here, but yeah So here we are this. Is it back to work Big Show today with let's not go crazy right. Let's not go crazy. Today, I have the Leonardo Dicaprio and Brad Pitt on the show I talk to them in a green room at the ARC Light Theatre in Hollywood, California, that was, I could go down. The package deal patent Dicaprio. We took the package, sight, had go off site with the equipment I'll get into that in a minute. I have some emails here, and this is on the up. The up note is the good stuff, the other is there hope there is personal growth Teresa.
There are leads to be turned over and, I hope, you're all heading into the new new year with summer. I would say optimism, but without some clarity is nice this email from somebody thanks for getting me into rehab stronger and my name is mad numbing, with almost four when's, queen I'm currently watching season for of marrying a sober house in the suburbs of Kansas City, not that I would expect do you to remember, but we actually met a few years back when you played the midwife theatre. Here I was working at the grocery store across the street. We talked briefly before and then again after the show and listen to the pod cast in a while, but I happened to pick out the episode we talked about getting twenty years and told your story. It's not like. I check myself in right, then I did carry your story around with me for a while. After that, though, your openness about working programme made it easier for me to buy it and I haven't looked back since so. Thank you. I this might make its way to you in that. Maybe I'll see you
again at some point: MAC Mac graduations man. Congratulations, that's a big deal and I hear this stuff. Allied, I'm just so. You know so many things that are out of our control and if the king is one of those things it's out of your control and if I can be of any assistance in helping you, you know even get up a day reprieve of a problem. Fucking drinking. We'd or crank whatever it, whatever it is, can help. Help you get a day, so you can get a little bit of clarity. I feel I feel humbled and Andor, we do that on average people, a burglary happens once every twenty three seconds in the United States and a big reason it so common is because, owing one in five homes have on security, that's probably because most companies don't make it easy. Well, not
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percent off with a free, hd security camera so that you can take advantage of their video verification. Technology visit simply saved out Gunflash, w E, F, the sale and January seventh so go right now to simply safe dot com, Slash W Tia, now, I will not have watched. The golden globes. So I can't, I meant on them, but I do know that the guys I'm about to talk to that you're gonna hear me talk your nominated for them for best actor and best supporting after I believe for once upon a time in Hollywood now the way this unfolded folks You know we get pitched people we opportunities, we work with a booking agency and I've I've talked about. Had picked here and there The phantom mine. I am I'm. Flattered and honoured. How could I have a great deal, respect for their freedom do craft in his performances in his talent
and it's nice when somebody that you respect I like your shit by any sort of ugly. We'll obsessed with my tv show with Marin now with oh with Marin from I have sea which is on Netflix here in Amerika offers seasons, but it will be taken off networks and a few days on the twelfth or thirteenth I dont know why just away life works. But the last I some he watched the entire series twice so kind of exciting when I get to see him again and in what he has to say when we meet it, this time now. I've never met Leonardo Dicaprio. I was excited Now here's the deal, I think this might be last one I do like this, because I the anxiety, whoever was high, and I know that some are you hurt me: make a big deal out of sight. Problems I have with my equipment during the journey. To episode, but you really hear them because my producer Brendan Mcdonald's genius,
but I do get a tremendous amount of anxiety, I'm already anxious going into these conversations, even though I've done a thousand plus of them. I never really know what's going to happen and it causes me some anxiety. You I'm excited, but I don't really know. I would say. Ninety nine point, nine everything. Ninety eight percent of the time heading in we talk. I am anxious. I'm I'm I dont know you know how what's gonna happen. I've I have to meditate on how to approach it. You know, how am I gonna? Do you know what what's a through line in my mind, you know what what what can I lock into to start the conversation? I dont know these things and it doesn't and hasn't gotten any better after a thousand, However, many episodes, So when I go out with the equipment- and this I bring you usually have with me in case I have to do in trouser. The ads from the road been sometimes obviously for me do you. Your views on the road, but here
then that's one. Other level of anxiety is functioning working, not equipment. Will the might hold up where the wires work, whether they can I, the levels rights. I am not a sound engineer. That causes another wavelengths of anxiety and elk. I now come to it there. There were a couple days, youth, it's interesting when they walk in and you'll hear it. The other all jacked up, because they just got done during a pound In front of a bunch of people- and I know that feels like I've been in that in the room that recorded I've been in the room three times four sag panels for glow. I've been in that room waiting to go out and do one of these things but day again in their kind of wit up and it's it's pretty. You know It's pretty exciting man made it like. I'll try to try to explain exactly my feelings in India. Second in I think worth thinking back
I think we can all agree that high school is a four year long embarrassment parades is filled with terrible moments like for me, for instance, the night that I got drunk at a football game and my friends left me and I was just in the bleachers laying down on the ground and I threw up You know weighing down. I couldn't died, but instead I just got rice in my hair, which was pointed out to me by a girl hours later, while I sat at me Donald, not knowing how I got there. We that's it. In case. I but for all of us, but especially for Matilda and Genevieve on the new free form series there's gonna be ok, they ve got all the it, falls of high school and then their dad dies and then their gay australian, half brother moves into raise them. That's a lot on anyone's plate. You'll see what goes down of their fathers memorial service in you'll, see what I'm talking about. Matilda delivers the eulogy that doesn't go well, Genevieve, where's less than appropriate attire that doesn't go well end. There half brother Nicholas was just say his big move at the funeral
doesn't go well either. The only difference between this in your teenage experience is that they show is actually fun to watch every. He's gonna be ok for me January, sixteen at eight thirty, seven, thirty central on free form, so right, I'm sitting there and you a commotion, there's always commotion around a big movie stars, because there's a buzz in a hum is usually several people may be a dozen people, personal security publicist people work at the place does Justin. I'll, there's a sort of like you, feel the entire frequency of the building changes bears then you know it's weird. It's weird now. I've done so many of these things and I'm sitting in this room, and I can people become people very quickly to me and I think what's important, do you know about me about this process. Is the thing in this life that keeps me up eat, engaged hopeful and
twisted is talking to people with talking to them people. I talk to you on this show and in my life, no matter what they do with its? Not the that's, not the finger, all people, but doing it, no matter how much dread. I have round much anxiety, I'm experiencing at any given moment. If I engage in a conversation it dissipates. I lose myself in the conversation I Gabby ass. People in my head, vagabonds, where you folks, I'm not yeah, I'm anybody up on a pedestal and I'm not a starstruck person by TAT these guys are shiny. Fuckers they are shiny, fuckers man, that's natural gift I mean granted have grown up most my life, seeing Brad Pitt in movies and doing amazing work at the same with the Caprio, and I again. I have a lot of respect for these guys, but when they walk in I mean they did
they feel I'd movie stars and that just that is a natural god. Damn get I the work in my brain to separate them from yet like I just these are people and I'm gonna separate them from their work. I'm diskin, they're gonna, be in front of me and they're gonna be regular people, but you know they're just fuckin movie stars and there, with great actors, and it was there Exciting amidst the chaos in my brain. There were moments register I I'm just trying to be. Trying to be normal. Folks. Just try be cool the other tricky thing is that you know I had an hour, so I got there got to the arc light now early to sit around. Think. Look at my for notes! Think about the movies think about. Where do I wanna go? How is gonna work and then I know I got an hour and then you're out an hour and you're out in their then that's it. And then I'm sitting there alone with
my recorder wrapping up cords, that's the thing! That's the beautiful moment at the end of this that you know: get to see folks? Is that their after the excitement in hoopla and of the the entourages leave the security people leave the movie stars with it. Me in a room, wrap it up words, unpaid been stuff, and going to back up and walk out by myself to the parking lot Hoping that whatever is in the machine, is in fact gap so there you go. That's the inside scoop! Now Let's go there to that room at the arc light. Where I talk to, Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio, as I said before, there, both nominated golden globes and sag awards for their roles in once, upon a time in Hollywood and by The time this is airing one or both of them may have won the golden globes, which were last night there, both strong
contenders for Oscar nominations as well and and I to sit there and panic in front of them so enjoy. It was our every school relax, those relax are you with the very you admire and how we gonna? U get you so nice about me- I really really is I'm talking about you on the movie you're going off about out of that. My shell of the show. It's gonna be on its leaving networks and where to go. I don't know I just
on just one of the authors all gone. It's over yeah I've seen it three times higher salaries. It's my happy place to see you miserable makes makes me not feel so bad burden or other. You really are, and I love, but I just love how you think I told you when I bumped into how you you, like. Suffered some minor and justice in the world yet from another Have it out with them. Here you suffer no fools, and then you invite him back to listen to you to your new turntables on things like where equal now we're all humans it. Why think that's an attempt at an eye if you have their problem, where lack like an asshole and then in a new kind of clear way, back in someone's life and hopefully, though, forgive you for it see, I thought you were justified is. So did I did I thought you were speaking for all of this and then you then ok, everything's, ok, usually until comes back later, so what walking
sure I guess is how we do it. We speak into the Michael. I exit this curve essentially correct distant see. I think I think this is good. You never know who's gonna fuck up with MIKE man. Some people can't do it I'll. Do it I'm not comfortable with, yeah I'm fine, I think we just hold it like a makes. You look like we're dodging wayward comfortable. There is a big problem with I'm, not I'm not being mean, but John Datura talks a lot with his hands. So there was right right right telling yes, so if you do that, but when you have the the comfort of the garage or they don't, they said. Aren't they again, horsemen grumble it's when you on mobile here they could make it out to their get happier. I know a little little little said. So. What tat? What went on in there
We didn't look you and I were there for them for the movie for the film and whether they are really Clinton's in their region. There still just talking or Sarah, it's great to do acquaint neck is out there get. Oh, he care eaters, other the heavy left. He carries the long view is oh yeah, the eldest keep going, he will keep going. So I guess I don't so it is hard to figure out where to start when talking to dude two guys, but the way am- I saw you suppose you do about the one day I was made to women and about our two years careers and I gotta like somehow wrangle it up here, but the last time I saw you was it that art basal thing right. The art that you know, Irma, isolated, yeah, brilliant, the thing at the art think as my axe, my now acts at an exhibits, you're actually so sweet you outside like Margaret. For her release, bring people labour daddy, her are lover and not it was very sweet. It was I may, as I have done, my respect for- and I love her, but I just about acute.
Miss you is what it. What would you think we're art? Why did I like you a lot because there was a there's something about abstraction that either it's gonna workers? Not, I mean you're, an abstract guy right, you like abstract art. I like I like a lot of our road is so does my mother. I am talking about because I met the first time I met you. Guys are white net. You, you were hanging out with Thomas House ago. That's right! These, your buddy, the giant sculpt! That's right! Big sculpture, that's the one! So you do you both collector, yes and your dad was like a comic guy, right on my yes gasped with where he, while he was a comic book distributor around Lhasa, enjoy listening to take me in his station wagon called the pus Moby, oh yeah in recent days here? Why was broken down yellow messed up station wagon wheels to go to golden Apple and Heidi HO basis, every weekend of my life was shocking
The comic book stores and headshot selling, Doran, Doran posters and the freak fabulous freak brothers and cherry popped, art and all these are crumbs, all our crumbs, my dad's, actually friends, with our Chrome and why Williams right? I know right interviewed Robert Maui eyes. Amazing, that's like one of his best friend freely. So carnival z leg of the Counter Hippy culture, all the so I grew up going to the dude operate hanging out. All these underground artists, the heavy, to make a little cash, you not America's although you know, although my future colleagues funds was a you know of a box of the ground comic books that didn't exactly the principles that was literally my college fund, like every number one. A comic book
commander around come tomorrow, our none of the Marvel or DC stuff which actually we're not worth a lot of money. Just the fur already original art, the crumb art has really skyrocket. And how do you have that stuff? I do have a couple appeared up a couple luckily, but the young He's, finally, is the the man in the underground art seen that has like hit the marketplace and actually become right. And you know when Robber Williams very bitter about it off about. I collect Robber Williams too. That man is ground a God, give great. You will hear nothing, but no one will know. I think you re, like that's one of the we're chips on his shoulder, You know I never got establish art success. I was with Tony price in Europe, for I try to remember to allay underground art. Seen trying to make it to New York is a very tough transition. You're, not a main right, but that's also, it seems like those guys get stuck in that kind of, like
Mccarthy, outsider aright, graphic art right trip, whereas guys like, like house ago, that's fine arch right, that's big time, if it'll, yet when it lands, outweigh sure yeah in the end in do you have a couple? Those huge pieces- I in fact Indeed, I do and I like Well, what would what can? I dear gravitate you, the Maza blue eyes, in your like that? Don't you say collection, the word collection kind of bothers me who asks me: go you right right, but not find it is an investment. No, no, never just sir things it that move me and react to be around each day end and might inspire my kids or something yeah. Some Thomas's stuff is, could scare them did you do do sculptors any? I have been I have been on my own julia, just just like I mean,
we do is such a collaborative sport sure I found that for the better we are not for the worse, sometimes you know I've seen performances proved and hast like yeah or have seen them. You know they go, take a beating right and to do so Then the just you and, on your own, very solitary, find very meditative. Well yeah! That's what that though the weird thing I mean, because you guys both see what you do is art right. I am, I hope, so Have you ever we're, not quite alone, I guess I guess are allowed to say why certainly entertainers, but are we or we allowed too? So I think we can say that there is a right. Of course you can ok with budgets did. He worked towards right. I mean like the member to your first jobs, of course, God. Yes, it was tv right, it was the out both of us or television. I mean did that help out India in knowing this guy part. This part in this movie Nell TV world. I think for sure I mean running the truth. Is
What was so great about Quintus script was, the sort of outsider approach that he took to the industry two guys were certainly my character of being the brink of extinction right as the Hippy Cultural Movement is coming into play. In he's like a remnant of old hat. Hollywood, he out of cowboy television and he hasn't made that transition and and as a by product, you know cliff my Psychiatry Security, Guard house suffering the consequences, you and, of course, Roman Polanski, moves and next door and that you know symbolizes everything that we aren't trite sure and are trying to be right. Just that up ouch right away. I think you know we ve been doing this for long. Having been varies in a fortunate to be successful in what we do we remember those days. Remember looking up to all these actors that we're doing it, and like who, when you are come like like one,
started out like what we first tv gigs. I can remember. I did. I did a year, a one one season of parenthood, which has a spin off The movie paranoid, Steve Martin and I played walking Phoenix his role in the television version of of parent right, factually studied, walking Phoenix is performance not to get my first job. If you then do that today, exactly And then I did growing pains with shoes. I did all season a growing pains. He was on few episodes and your I guess, stored on withdrawing paved with Aunt Roy Paint. I worked with Hilary Swank on my season by never worthy and where you guys, at that point. You obviously want reactors and want to be a movie actors, but we studying it. We were you doing actively working people
meaning other than other than drama classes school. Now really now I want the treaty. I came out from the ozarks and needs I need a little bit piloting Enzo. Only gotTa Yang, say: ozarks now is now there's a show. People have some idea of what that might be, but he's had a great idea that show it's not so far. This left out the Bible. Fourchan right but the eye I got my when my first audition and pretty excited about for film and came back and this so this agent here who was try me try me on as they did, and I say how I do and yes said ever thought about acting classes. I've been in for six months and hurry earth who was a reach study with Ganem Roy London use Van tassel? Did you guys don't waste time, or is there really set me? What are you
regarding his neck yeah few people and you just the latest studies in high school yeah. But then I, after after I started setting with Larry MOSS, whose amazing coach too and in that was what do you guys you guys now or did you down with it Larry all the time you do. I talked earlier but he Dutch, let nobody variable like we're, gonna questions Yasmine now, just pushes the way we need them. They head, he kind of just drives me to make decisions. You know, like I said I they got into movies because it was really lucky that that that tell didn't show had me locked in for the season. It was really out the late out great our thick and those producers. It said you know what let the kid off the last. You have pursued so did go work with Deniro and they did to do that right now I am and immediately I had like this latest approach about movies. In an hour
like you know. We love you Isaac, oh my god. Yes, sir, he wrote Emma was like. I am so incredibly thankful that you, let me have that opportunity and you did like what you do twenty one June street too, I did that to a very special episode dealing suicide using build is a very special privileges. Are one- and maybe I had two lines everyone, one episode of the failed me yeah, yeah yeah, I guess star yeah? I guess start on like the last year of thirty, something one line of zeal. Yes or no seekers, Number one word right. If you had so you like. The added a while what was it was your first movie I did a movie in former Yugoslavia, o nice. Big budget will be the first time on it on a plane. Really first, like passport forgot to go over to her let's go out of the country, really that recent annual, like how old I was thirty eight.
No, I wouldn't like. I was like I dont know, early twenties first time on a plane. You drove out. You drove Della yeah we're from alcohol Missouri Missouri, certainly is right: yeah, Oklahoma, VS, Saddam's and in what truck, no one will have a bit of dots and like a front, you tell if closer with a little better dont. Tell me the dots in two ten NOS three hundred actually I had but the bumpers hanging off YO and your loaded upbringing Jesse forward there and he just What do you finish college out there? I didn't finish. I did for years yeah, I didn't officially finnish split. Isn't it done, but when you gonna go when you're goin up in Missouri we drew. Did you know you're going into the EU acting now hell? No there's! No acting! There are no less than now number one tat was it when it was Springfield
yeah yeah, and you grew up like literally in the ozarks yeah still there My brother sister they'll, live on the same street, really yeah the still go to the ozarks for the summer's. Do you go visit here? I've got you. You bring all of your kids to those are. We would the ice, yeah yeah and more rapid, fortunately California, Morbid drawn up, so they cause they like to come in as good as good drove out here and then the vocation because, while we are what was that, what movie with it called dark side of the sun, better kid with the skin disease in Congo. It besides you know, living a week is worth living in this living than not living at all
so he goes out oversight any dies. Maison got line. I remember powder, but this is total what have the one? You have been this the pre urged in order, but it was interval thing Bobby movie. Oh yes, why buoyant and suddenly the bubble, I'm fine movie with damn fine and your first movie boys wife know actually Nano wasn't my. It was my fault. I did a small garden critters three yeah which we started a smarten final, any eye and Santa Monica with your hand upon that thanks, I think that now like saying that holding the connection with the place come in for a man, the buzz you on it, still a bionic. No, no, it's kind of got good with it.
Their awkward. When I got Africa now they're, not really there is I cannot see behaviour, although cut this will be of no. I can't but you to get all down a little bit. Am I kind of waitin for you do you will lose your shit and those with luck into Taro man and the hand? There was one thing and then I look down and the fuckin thing was a recurring. We don't like a half an hour man. I was like This has been out like a little way, just like a quick like ours, I say is done and I said I'd egos how much we lose like twenty five minutes, because I remember it in its awesome he's. If, when we it was like a script like you what're, we recall the whole thing while, but I've made me wonder like I can't go backwards. I gotta help, but I am here just to see lose you shit. I beg you to happen again.
Hey hey that might really hot weather different than the rest, fuck fuck. This opens the area after this digressing, that's even when going down as is now happening, Jack Jack. This one weird now what's happening, I like it You stated that they will check an actual homes where very gap that our work, African yeah yeah. I enjoyed a ok, I think we're good. Now, Jesus Christ, that's fucking terrible. It was fuckin terrible. So well we just I about movies. We organise our earlier smell. Yes,
so. I did a guess, part on critters the real yeah yeah yeah will develop critter like critters three at a smart and final and Santa Monica, and then I but I think my first rule in an actual movie. Sarah Gilbert Andrew bury more and it was called poison. Ivy and I had a monologue, insulting Sarah Gilbert Knife- and I best up my lines. If it goes twelve or thirteen thirteen years old, screwed up my line, then they get dataset or I kid just walk in and look at and say problems messages problems and I walked in as problems that, was my line, and then they cut that out of the movie. So I'm not in me over my first of all, I M actually not in and completely added male now. How much is the effect, because you guys both worked with our hydro in in a hurry to you
babble with a mighty- and you didn't revenant now that guy seems to be in terms of liking, both work with great directors but in terms of being part of some important too, but in terms of being something that like, if you look at the scripts and look at the vision of it as being like holy fuck, this is a real piece of art with that I like rank up there with that. Absolutely right where you don't even know how it's all going to work out in the scope of it are. There was no way to foresee when he was gonna do out there the script there's one thing: I was kind of linear story of a guy surviving out in the wilderness. You no great. Revenge story bright. I mean what he did cinematic that movie just blow. We were, and there was a wait where he was wanted to sort of continue that idea of a singular shot like he had bird men throughout the course of that entire wilderness. Until we got to the
that we realise there are two characters that go sit directions and then the sort of improvised with Chivato the great cinematography. Her. On trying to keep this leave your sort of one shots, snake idea, but then cut back and forth. But one time he was like Nano, I'm gonna do one shot all the way through many realise this. Thousands of miles between us and they have to do a puff of smoke and fly over back and forth. But what did on that movie and in those conditions, I'd. I dont know how they pulled it off. It was incredible, and in your thing within that that seen in the past, where that bullet come through the window,
right isn't that right. But when you read that script, did you see how those stories we're gonna fit together? I mean when you get a pilot project like that. Do you hear me I yeah yeah, you trust him buys by his previous work and and also it was it was. There was something in the way was constructed. It was the unseen for me to make you wanna. Do it because only going through that whole journey, yet he realized. How close? came to losing everything right. O radwan. Do you know the adrenaline, gonna judges and just break down from it all I was moved by that, but I didn't know the depths again. It's what I was saying you don't know what he's got in his mind. You just know it's. You really God is reached on the film maker. I'm Incas I've been after having read so many great screenplays, that of beer turn TAT dog, shit, yeah right actually realized the film makers, the one that elevates material, that UKIP and brings things too, that you could never foreseen in over there
there were seeing through their. Ah, you have movies work either of you like her think, like you know how I got away whoever got away from, but it wasn't you like way. We watch the final thing in the flesh, happened here. He asked it said that horrible feeling, when you screening with others and the might come up here and if one looks at you to say some and you know you just the You remember any of the lines at anyone told you where you know If they ever come up, they say I really liked them. Who did them did that music was an amazing. Then you know yeah. No, I said I'd give away. I have a couple. I went to a premiere I won't in the name of the film, but I just remember my friend, looking man gone now, Michael, You know my cup of tea
You don't know what it was about it. It is everything you know it's a term, don't you feel you just feeling it's not it's the first time you see it now the work everything went into and you know it just trash now so bad. Nothing, nothing landing! Do no appropriate like what you know right when the promotion start right. When the posters doesn't take what you you just feel we are sitting in that you know in the cinema. You got all this that it like ten more years or so they have. You got a bit like a lot more movies and I've been added a little below, but we cannot. At the same time, I had I had further ground to make up the groundwork LEO started from a very doesn't make you guys have to do this. Where were you know you, he described, and you know like this, this a stink, but it's only four weeks and it's getting, yeah, I'm gonna get me the right thing, whatever
you don't have to do now. We ve been pretty for very fortunate, now very lucky, fellas heavier before the area we agree about that before I just flashed on when we did the when we did the first meaning of seven yeah. No, the premier, premier, seven. No one has seen it, and this is this your coat. They are not a great Azure year and the year the movie ended What's in assessing ass, it was now I think I was then you there. I think, ok if you remember that movie ends and they just click on the lights, and I look at people and their just disappear, slowly, get up from the sea and no one's talking, and then they just kind of disappear from the screen we have been looking at me to go with me
what happened was gone. I thought she was great and add a different memory of it. I remember people liking for yeah. I guess it would be a kind of our noses, rising and you that that I think that's what I thought they had nor any sort of said that happen with with fight club to all we had a great when we had the best you're the best greening ever we were. We added mass film Festival may do this midnight screening beer. For some reason, we thought to be a good idea, smoke a joint before trying and and we go in and you they have this year. They put you up a balcony use annexed to the fast. The guy runs the festival right, you know have once looking at you. They clap. You sit down very formal and then the movie starts and first joke comes up in its its cricket. It's dead silence. And and another joke, and it's just its
silent on this thing is not translating you know, advice arrived. He has not translating at all and the more than happened. Funnier got to Edward and we just start Athens, where the animals in the back laughing at our own jokes, he only one and then at some point it gets too hell, no bottom Carter's lying when she says. I am in fact like that, since grade school and I watched the festival guy who had been squirming. You know that thirty minutes here just get let's just say I didn't say a word in seven hours. Damages laugh, even more so beautiful. Good time do. Member like the moment where you deserve you realize your life was never going to be the same again. Oh, oh yeah! Now what is called titanic thousands of lives,
those it and after that I just remember, go unite. I was off location, doing movies, yeah, we now right away and then in I was in my early twentyth arrangements, and I was always I never bothered to look for As I stated my mom's guest room into my early twenties, and then and then the movie started to come out of the buzz of it or whatever, and I just remember for suvs outside my house one day and I went to like the liquor store to get a soda There were those suvs and then they just kept following me every day of my life, and I was told like ok this this I feel no longer be the same for this day. More forward explores the sunlight that blacked out windows and that that happens to this day,
no, it doesn't tonight. He doesn't know nano, doesn't not not as much anymore now. Thank God we do. You do something usually there's like this time. When you have a movie coming out or you started, do promotion where their sight of sort of oz new a lot more, but you don't. I get there the naval, those a lot more, which is great and walk around, and you do the exciting thing like that. You don't do you were a little disgruntled with what you have him. Wait waiting, men really meant there, but maybe well, I'm just I'm just like trash mag, fodder and light Maya. Because of that work, a disaster of personal. I probably a very exciting personal, but there's like
but you ve gotten into confrontation with them before oh yeah, yeah, lawyer and there's nothing. You can fuckin do about those guys, they can do about it like lightning or like a little Kim's yeah. The pirates he's gonna, get you one way or another. In my motto I figured, is nothing you can do for you ve. Never they go out with a fake knows or anything like I heard. Are we ve tried all that stuff and it's all a failure. They always I lawyers models or their noses. Nor, yes, the getaway reveal here still employer. Ok in terms of like this meal, the disappear hurry, I guess gather stunt devil. Then you work with Now that I know not our knowledge, I've had somebody who say: let me where your hat all jump out of that stuff or knows no good, no good! a member who has certainly made was galvanizes was telling me about downy, had a nose or something,
it any on those who have now. Yes, this brilliant man has made in the ass brilliant, rubber, Madeleine I've, but then they photograph of absolute. They tell us, They put put him in the magazine with Miss Gibson with them yeah and that work that runs out of Vigo allow mileage off it, though he did for a few years. Already he did people get was just enough. It was whose real enough, but but off enough to make someone like just one walk the other way when I hope there are some wrong. Just seventy two big creepy say so is like now take now give it's not just step not investigate so witnessed like can I ask you could have seen the last two movies at you. Do I watched at ashcombe? and what you do with Alan. I liked it because No, I'm not a space guy in general, yeah yeah, I figured I entered it cranky there are currently
how's, your movie. Well, I entered cranking soften you in any way are just right here. You know no, because I thought like with this guy's, really gonna and beyond to work out his dad stuff. I just gotta make a phone call or drive to New Mexico. This fucker pointed out as you get some closures like I realized it was you I just movie about, like a guy big. I worked out with his old man. Life like he was that it was so clearly a move about, like I got my dad and it wasn't face. It had nothing to do with this. We gotta stay home and done a year therapy wavering your problem. You get one thing. I never understood like white. What was his ship doing? That was causing further trouble. Did they even explain that I'm not explaining to
you know them now. I can't explain it Zack inception for me what what happened? I have no idea, you don't do sometimes I mean you're. Just focus on your character ran a poor. You know of no I've. No, actually, I do get involved in that, but when it came to Chris Nolan and his mind and how that was all pieced together, Everyone was trying to constantly put that puzzled. Did anyone ever see I can remember if it made sense, ultimately depends on the idea, the holder, I guess my producers question? I asked you about this movie? Is that it's easy? For summary? Any he told me this. He sent the ongoing among up our main got. Ask him he's it. He said: do you want me to ask you if your character actually got the part in the grate, skip and was fired now. Is that a fantasy that you were thinking now was a fantasy? Was It was when we act
had this whole sectioned. That actually couldn't was talking earlier about the fact that he had a four a half hour cut, and the the movie that you see? I mean this is often the Minden Quintus turned here and there so many other sections that I think he had to take out to sort of dry. The story long, but there was a great moment without Patino and I spent like three weeks of Patina Pacino francs One on one doing a sort of all. Story of rig dolphins, career. Where I've been here, the state of the movie industry, the state of our culture right. This sort of I could have been somebody could have been a contender, almost got. You know the great escape, but I was. The third on the list had Mcqueen uptown, listen this! I could have been that guy here. So we kind of put it in to the Timothy all fund scene, where we start talking about our careers,
under this kind of flash right of Rick here as that as an asthma we win anyhow, Rick Dalton would have played them by welcoming actual on which was the star breaking turned from, and it's not glassy LEO describes moment. So get ten minutes see and it's fantastic degraded makes it it's. The bane of his existence is walking round, and everyone knows him, as the guy almost got the greatest day, Any gives, is this very year sobering, soliloquy on it was never going to happen and stop calling me there's no wind. When you we when you entered work, love this part. I mean it's. The heart of the actual heartbreak of show business is what you're playing rising Clia and its. That's something that you haven't seen before in other, people I mean we're surrounded high time that we were right and I were just talk
about an and there in the queue- and I just now is how you know, although we ve been incredibly fortunate and an end to have had no sort of long successful career. We'd know this world. We need. I grown up around actors that all I got this roar almost got that role. We knew we knew the dynamic of of these relationships. I mean I've had guys over the years that Then. My psych, like I said my psychiatry, security guy on location in Africa for eight months. They got your back the hour days there there for you and they really do carry the load. So either a quick gave us this amazing manuscript on our history. Detailed from you know, the figment of his that mean right from his imagination? Yeah, we implicit We knew this dynamic in Hollywood and and this sort of relationship at these two guys had an, I think was weirdly. Like the first day, a onset. We were we just kind of clicked and
it telling a story, but it's true, he drew I'm. Were driving onto onto the Lancer Lot and fragile and provide this line, and indeed he goes. You know: hey realising our hang over realising gotten is bad news that my career is essentially over any discos. Hey you, Rick Fuckin, dull And ass soon ass, he said that I was like. Oh that's us no matter what the hell's Goin down. That's my number one fan right: there, you're Rick FUCK and then I'm like a guy and I go and have a disastrous, hey onset regardless. But it's true doc is even noticed that when I was a doormat, the comedy stores it there is. This weird people have satellite people, they're kind of
walk around as the extension of their eager, Venza Ego support system. Any say it all the time in this house and they ended, and then you have this like at the centre, is completely delusional person to bed. There really thinks there there really do an amazing shit. I was just call your friendship, so right friendship with a paycheck, unlike cliffs, says I encountered so mad and I gotta know fixer intended aim. What do you know? He's it's not so bad. I recommend that was the thing that I had to. Figure out about Rick Dalton, what Would it not only what a pessimist but what a weiner? He was an end and I think that quit always had this thing that I didn't quite understand that he's really feeling sorry for himself. You enemy. The girl, the little girl who, like then there was another seen there was cut out about Hague. You know we lucky to do we
when richest doesnt realised that he s really is all he absurdly thinks about is what could have been. He could have been a contender he could have in this. Guy and the whole industry, socks and the world. Saxon he's got them happy here when when you went into it now, what were you thinking like? Who are you playing like? Did you know the guy Welly? He No, I mean we told me you got that line from somebody who said it to you this guy. Yet when I first started, is this guy? I had this guy, we, I was Britain alone, unlike in the mid nineties, and I had this guy. Total freeloader. You know, like you, just always seen walking back. Fourth, where my clothes, using drier, no thanking him, even the food, but he was he was there me and one day he said to me, I was of speech moaning. This is like midnight tame. It don't forget Brad FUCK and pay for what is soon me,
So no, but there was just it there's just in ease to you know why I'm certainly strikes for you know, unease and in life, and it was easy to this this character, yet that he not just in ten sweat small shit. I think that it seems like like in both these. These rules are a kind of like even in had an extra that you were able to kind of there's a control to it that you- and I had not seen before that you seem like you're. This guy was sort of Zan and he had asked I would just sort of repressed, but you are able to Europe of QUIET down well this year. This wombs, more, I think, cliff, is just colleagues to these cards and was all right within in writing. You'll be ok, everything's, ok, it was really get to me, the world isn't against right right, invite your shit on this day, I will deal with in a clean it up and fight and well yes, yes, I said
you can definitely handle yourself so visit. That is the first time you work with point in the right, the second. What was glory spasm great those you do your homework? Don't you gotta do is get important. Your great rags scrap book. In many places you guys knew how we work. Yeah that the project is different. Other directly. I mean these guys. These bigger now he's different these different these amazing, and as you bet you refer Yes, yes, yes, and no, I mean they're certain. I mean they're, certain dialogue sequences that he has sort of stock in his mind the writer derive he's got you so high sky pattern agents, and almost a way of saying the line that he hasn't. In his hand, but then there's other times like in a lot of the universe,
the trailer stuff, for example, were here: let's you riff. He lets you improvise a lot of stuff with Brad and myself. We just we impulse as a lot of that too. So yeah he's all his keep. You know is keeping a watchful eye on his. I do. I founded his stuff. Is of very specific music to my father with the Kohen Brothers well that if you start real tight with that shit, you start the women in about I'm right. If the active starts interjected does right, Let me out of here it's very thinks his interesting yeah. It usually they usually fox up the river. The music to the area and, on the other hand, here or outlines he's writing so he'll through our lines or give us room to play any honestly like with directors like cannons who says you when you get these guys at our truce in a file you and I mean world class like put them on jeopardy type of certified like name the editor of an obscure thirty times french film, not him the one who got fired
they'll know that make me right and things Marty seen every thumb ever made up until nineteen eighty, but then Clinton's got this crazy. The catalogue of of music but television and come full movies and be films and add a prince stuff that you know these guys watched movies all day long. Here I mean they are an absolute experts at the subject matter. So for me like when four, for example, I knew this era of cinema, but I didn't know all the type of films he was before. During two, and I know how to tell of the cowboy television shows right in dead or alive. All these I mean I want some of them Gunsmoke the rifle and we saw repeats I'm a year the same. I just me where's before my time, but I never rp. So I had to get acclimated in this era of cinema, the era of of television at times the guys that almost made
it brought hidden quite make the television movie transition, and so he came with a long list of actors. I was like that's the guy he's not as bad as the. There was this one guy Ralph Meeker than to sling IQ into, and I was like That's the guy he's not as bad as the other guys he's got. Some great, stuff in him, but he just never got that shy, never got the chance to show it. And so that's like you'd into disorder, obsessively watched his so the meltdown in there in the trailer that was with you. That I imagine right now when you're playing that with in your mind we just set a boozer. Did you have deeper mental problems at what you put in place or even think about that why I indefinitely knew that It was an hour a full fledged to alcohol, a right that was kind of He wrote in the sub taxi scrap right,
and then I you know, I added a bunch of stuff that has to do with a guy that was having a full mental breakdown. I think what will you come with that ours says he is dealing with, is on mortality, and what do you do it like? This is just a dumb actors question I guess for both exactly I try to act occasionally. What do you do? I get in terms of putting a kid What is wrong with this fucking? Let's be a court if you start don't worry about it just got my admissions disdain, the fucking character? What would What are you put in place to you? How do you put it all in place? You just is it all? You are for we formed in it and then the camera stop and you can have a donut and then it's like you, it ago, and then you just remember the guy. You know very selfish year did for me, I'm just
obsessive thinking about what I'm doing. All day long and so amazing, by getting to see like the final product, is tough, Brad, and I met every couple weeks and we're like did in a random seen together. The animal We would have a week for Asia and then so he had this whole other dynamic. Storyline, that he was doing. I finished my lancers opt in and out, but then this was so cause being able to see like this this product and see what Brad had created and not even realising what he would doing what he was doing it with me. This sort of you know: Namaste, Steve Mcqueen? Then I'm something that, was so amazing that he pulled off and I need, I wasn't even aware of it
aware of it when word willing are supposed to be self obsessed. You'd, I meant to say you mean you ve had no idea. What is what his whole, otherwise it will enjoy, went often did our receptors stories Margo to really fun to see at all in the area, and how do you like? Have you hold onto it? I don't You know you you Heather stories. I couldn't go the character over three months. Still, like you know, living under the bridge man. They say rap, I'm gone, but even in between seems, like you but even in between I ain't, like you're, not sitting in your care to see just kind of like lock and do a town or no union always day, and you stay in the? U do stain the mode, the tone yes day from the beginning of shooting to the end. You do stay and I'm going call it an airline has had itself mindset. Now I want to talk to you about that. Producing before you run out of time, because you both doing things by
neither one you want to direct route jive, no desire, you not really. Why said Tom. Zack man you fixed. A three years LISA years, just a star and and your relying on so many variables among the planet's really have to align Might I rather do that you know spend the time in that studio right where, with friends the act, but on the other hand, I do think there so many good people doing I know I really don't have anything to add value Maybe there was a story that I I felt like only he could tell, but its very adjusting like yours, like what we're talking about trying to kid it a performance, your kind of selfishly, just focused on you all day, long area, creating these moments of the other actors right. Just thinking about this,
I can imagine what it would be like to be a director who has a hundred different departments coming up, the everyday thing, but college? Should this, be you know of costs you liked to like this, that, when what shot lay out like what leave me alone. I have just one this focus right. It is a complete men of the human mind again focus here that I may be able to to do at some point but for now I mean not letting let the guys like Bradley Cooper, doing because you re rob the idea you guys friends right yeah and you that movie with some, he read it. Suddenly I did a geologist got the goods and in good ACT did it well. That's me kill me? Is it the Edward you realise at ease actually doing a family impression that moment worry
like you realize you did steal the guy's personality. My holy put that thing in the place you didn't know why he was talking like that until you're either cops to it in your colleague clock. He did the whole act with SAM Elliot. The whole time is no result: personality, nay wise. So you both senior like produce different you're different. You seem to take some real risks with artistic stuff in terms of the kind of movies you're getting behind, and you have like a cat, socio political, angle that you're sociopath, including it no. I think it's great, but I do want to ask you: why didn't what how you get involved, that that Jim Jones Documentary did you do that did that we did that. I was crazy. Now it was an insane insane story. I mean like for some reason, there's been allotted, documentaries that we ve been grant gravitating
words mean this really is the era of documentary and for the United States, one with my father called drug tool with which she said which is above all underground art. Seen in this guru, router, sort of crime and robber whims, love, Stanislav Zoo, Caskey and his whole crazy journey to Californian allay becoming this obscure s kind of like a searching for Sugarman, but as a sculptor was your dad's idea. It would be. It's been my other and my idea for almost twenty years, none we'd pitched it you don't fifty times over the years. Now, in this era, which is fantastic for time, the translation Of where our industries going out, I came in and Netflix and, unlike so there's this, Walter. You know everything was during world war. Two is whole life's. Work, disappeared, Annie, ends up living obscurity in the valley and then has a resurgence and its is low
Storing TED like great. Let's do it great, unlike what it one, which is how the green light to think beyond. So just exciting to be able to see all these in a really stories getting fine, it's quite simply years ago I mean cause these things used to be have have to go to theatres amongst hundred. Of others. Never get the get the play time right, find they have to win an academy award for you to see them right now they have to be world acclaimed. Now you know it's, it's rod of the consumer and millions and millions of people watch these document yet there, as opposed to having to go through the theatrical system pretty fuckin there immediately educational. When you learn something you did the eleventh hour a long time ago I read strew we're but way more people would have seen. If was right and honest, ruining service, much much like before the flood that one, why can it travelled around the world
for years to every young nation on earth for climate change mean that you know that was that that came in them. Are you gonna be able to stop it? What the climate well yeah sits we're having a tough go there it now. Pal tough guy is anyway taken care of Esquire. Wilson as Wilson's amazing here died. I dont know this specific, but I bet you did but he's amazing that he is. He is because he argues that you had some trouble me ass. It fell down and we are now. I know between us. Wilson and climate change, but as great a survey take care of money, but you did but await you did Richard Jewel too. Yes, we did Richard Julia now to some like that happen, Quintus just sort of way Kate. You help me out with a store it, not all the story. Usually you know you get the rights to these stories books. Above all, you are working that producer and then you get though We hope for the right directed it can go
involving the right acted again involved a green light, the project and then it's you know ago from the region. There together. You were a part of your company, I mean very intricately, all the p the finite I thought the line producing eighty. The lot guides leave the great it's really getting access to the acquisition of a right, cool ideas that we get to be one of my favorite films the year and one my favorite There is a living up. He's amazing pour water housing minor. Yet what I got it now, we gotta Jim and and and Rockwell Cathy Bates, they were gonna. Just you know some some pop in some. Later rise like this one, is getting a little of right. Yes, I think I think it's worth it rates of the year? I didn't say I got door like I've been then, and there were. These moments were injured jewel on my guard again, dissociate him
and, what's in in that clear, is still still still doing it. Man still doing interviews wrong. You ever work with them haven't you I did read. J Edgar Hoover. Yeah he's is amazing, is amazing, is shoots, quick right, he don't shoot. I should click any each salmon and spanish at every mail and he's just sound like an ox superman while but you're now you're production company did you did Moonlight right up and he did vice and you end you did the big short and so my twelve years this way, we do amazing while its rate, Oscar winners, Oscar contenders. How do you decide? We follow filmmakers that we really respect yeah and and for while there before streaming. There was this period where they budget Tent Poles films, oh action from forgetting made and then films under ten million. If you wanted to do something risky- and it was this whole gap between yeah
I've found at that time. In the early autumn, we were when we first got in just trying to help some leaves. You know these people, we believe and get the film to the finnish right, and if there were because there was this, this empty swayed these films and we're getting may yet, and that kind of I think that really opened up with us. We ve still yet to make a dime arena. We're like we're like member Walter, Cronkite CBS. You know that make one percent to keep the lights on the right there. In fact, news was much better than because of it. Yeah yeah we're collect that seriously. But those big movies, yeah we're gonna, take the wiser. I don't know I don't know it just doesn't know my year, forty, what he got on the dock had come up a film called blonde here, which is four Netflix Marilyn Monroe and Dominic directed and fix it he's with called underground, be cool behind? You saw himself and that really,
Do you see above you gotta me? Obviously, you're still be a vital actors, but do you see product producing? Is it as a way to sort of like lion. I like it because we get to still. You know, we're still wouldn't be storytellers yet be part of stories that were not necessarily right we're right, yeah european, but we get to put those around the world. I am surely Orpheus saying the same. Pretty proud of the stuff tat we it to put out the may not be there. If we, you know handgun behind in some one hour or our team yeahs orgy. What are you guys What am I doing now hearing with production are acting doing, I'm doing Film is supposed to be in March. Will see me, I called killers, the flower moon, about the Osage indian murders in Oklahoma and twenty
It was J, EDGAR Hoover's one of his first cases, and we had to do with these oil rights that the Osage were able to acquire and became the is per capita people on earth and then were systematically murdered. Salary story altruism, renders direct on that score. Susie and the narrows gonna be in it as well. That's everybody. The activism look at it doing some the summer with Giselle on silent, move here, I'll call at the great scrap ethical great with their it's. What what's it about it just at the end of the silent movie area when talkies took over- and I was pretty you know- is the wild west that at that time and people who were at the top that ensue were suddenly just put aside didn't have any more sensible over right near here. Thanks flowers, thing
you? I do end up as one I'm glad I was able to freak out, for you heard the sound of my mandate. I have no idea what's gonna happen, I'm shutting off right now there you go Brad Pitt. We in order to Caprio with a nice, will shout out to escalate Wilson at the end. You don't get many of those and I think he is conscious enough to hear it, even if he could their value. Popped into my head because we know the top is a underground com guy anyway I will see how they both did at the golden globes that that's going to be information that you've gotten that I haven't gotten as of this recording, obviously they're, both in once upon a time in Hollywood, and you should see it if you haven't it's really a great movie and don't forget. Simplisafe offers comprehensive professional home security at a fair price,
every room door and window with twenty four seven monitoring and real time. Video confirmation, so police can respond to break ins up to three and a half times faster right now is your last chance you get twenty five percent off was a free security camera to start the new year, the sale and January seventh that's tomorrow, so go to day to simply safe, dotcom, Flash deputy at that simply safe dot com, wash W p now a play- some gradually Sophie thing? I think.
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