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Episode 1087 - Joe Mantegna

2020-01-09 | 🔗

Joe Mantegna is about as Chicago as they come. He grew up in Chicago, he talks like he’s from Chicago, he got his acting start in Chicago, he even used to play with the band Chicago. That might explain why he tells Marc he still thinks of himself as a blue collar guy with a blue collar job. Joe talks about the moment West Side Story changed his life, how David Mamet became his champion, and why he choses such a wide variety of projects, including his 13 years on Criminal Minds and his 30 years as Fat Tony on The Simpsons. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com and Shyn.

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Hey folks, I have called so bear with me here is where you can come see me in the next two months, Thursday January thirty. Cleveland Ohio at the Igor Theatre, Friday January thirty, first grandma that's Michigan F, the Fountain Street church Saturday February First Milwaukee Wisconsin at Turner Hall, Ballroom Friday February for Orlando Florida at Hard Rock live Saturday February Fifteenth Tampa floor, after strands Centre, Thursday February twenty Portland Mainstay State Theatre, Friday February, twenty first Providence, Rhode, Island, Columbus Theatre, Saturday February Twenty second New Haven, Connecticut at College Street, musical and Sunday February, twenty third hunting in New York at the Paramount goaded W g I pod calm, slash tour for links to the Van years, all right ok, I'm never done what we're gonna jump over to the show now Do the music thing and jump in
and go over. It will get over the hump get through the thing at the beginning. Here we go here, we go all right. Let's do this, how are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the factors what's happening? I mark Marin. This is my I'd cast. Welcome to it. I assume frog. Judging by the reaction to the Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Dicaprio conversation that I've got a few new people their listening wealth aboard? How are you doing? You want to introduce yourself to the as to the people you are stand up in? and say your name and may who're you from India you are what you do in May in and, if Propria you can. You can name your disease, I have a fairly certain intimating and- and
very deep relationship with the latter. My listeners now to check in so I just make sure you guys are ok you're comfortable. Now they talk to somebody people that they wish the time hey. Did you get that thing fixed on your car how's? That out, did you guys did you guys make up or what we now. What was the fight about? Did you hear and the doktor is acting gonna, be all right. How long? beyond the crutches? How did you get the flu? seriously. Didn't you give accelerated you're, not one of those people, are you. Your hair looks very nice today. I see that's. The kind of thing now. You know, you may not have heard the answers, but there there and again welcome you can all sit down now. I appreciate your being here. I gotta be, as with the other response to that episode was fairly massive, and I did not expect it on the show Joe Montana is here and you know him from being Joe Montagnier he's on these
you'd, be a show criminal mines which is on its fifteenth and final season a lot of things. Why do people we know from the Simpsons, and I didn't even own from the Simpsons? I remember from his movie work early hour David Mammon and what not buddy you know always struck me. Sky, solid guy, grounded, do and there when the opportunity came up to talk to him. I was very to do that and it turned out to be great attributes. With the aim of a reinvigorated, since I've learned talk to you. I left LOS Angeles. I went to Atlanta on Sunday and I or die respect the Eureka Franklin for two days came back yesterday. We go back out there on Sunday. And somewhere along the line, I got a fucking cold, but where was talkin before is these conversations I've been having by for me, didn't have any perspective about myself in what was really happening there with the way in order to catch
Brad Pitt. It just tells me that there's some parts me just our unchanging and there's nothing. I guess there's what I can do about it I dont know there is definitely something is that our unchanging I I've gotten better at doing this, and I know that I've done it for a long time, but every time I to somebody I'm still freaked out and then, and it's good I'm amazed, but the fact I walked out of that, so many people enjoy did so much and I had no Like an idea. What I got I was having your time, but I was a lot was going on in my mind and in that ended up being one of the reasons. It was so good. Thirty, a change at my fucking neck, I'm telling you these physical things. May I me my chest tightened up on me. Man at your last week has been in and out and when I It stressed out when I get panicked, you're scared or whatever it is they could area it's hard for me to track it by like innocent happened. My entire life, my chest just tightens up, is excellent. Step in on it.
And for some reason this time, like any, it's happened before I was just like one. Fifty six mean this could be, it needs thing. Maybe my lungs or shot, maybe Jack hence or whatever it is. Why should assume? I'm ok in that compounds distress clearly as it was about doing the movie again, because I had the issue with the movie before. Were you know it's it's big Deal to do a bigger part in a movie. For me, with to people that yeah yeah level, I'm doing it at and I guess, like I, just the nurse using the dread. Just kind of tied me up when I got on set two days ago, decent all went away and I got ease back into it. Gonna make it got the hair done became Jerry. Wechsler got my a minute like action on and did the work. Having won the reasons I got a cold is that everybody was smoking, those fake cigarettes, man, I mean like all day, long all day no reprieve. I was in the smoke and of em inherent in fucking mess
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I was primarily working, this guy MIKE Watford, who is playing Rick all the owner of Musselshell Studios and had a contentious relationship with him. Jerry waxwork did So there was a lot of. We did a lot of work together. What seems together, whatever arguments in it was- I was pretty great man I gotta be. I haven't Marlon wanes around. I why I work. Is there too, who plays at TED, who is Zalm, arenas, husband, to be in the scene for that long to do the things over and over again, I really got the feeling of both what is tedious about acting a movie, Also it's amazing about it. Is you really get into this other zone? Was I time travel and you do the song in your walkin in theirs Seymour me and and MIKE and a Marlon and the duties Playin Tom Dowd we're in the booth, ordain there's your writings or are we just have to listen that it's just you shooting as listening
to this song and fall to hearing a wreath of Frank, become a wreath of wrangling during the song that it happened. I and its intense work may have its intense work to listen intensely and have it experience of revelation every time, but nonetheless a lot laughs in the sense not not onscreen, but off as cracking marla. Not then it will always find another committee, it was fun and I got a cold and I ate the craft that the caring was nuts? I that's why I can't so I had to come home. I think I can stay there for four days by term. I can't I can't do it, man they changed, A caterers on the first day, the mistake in lobster bread pudding for kinds, ice, cream, fucking kidding me the next day, Marlins give me cookies, because you think it's he thinks it's funny, because I e nay myself for eating. I
man so midway through this recreating this recording session. I am told that spoon or all them. And recalls wife widow and Dave Hood based fired mom player Patterson had its day when you were young muscle, shows guys there there there hang out there watching and the producer, the movie competence as there Oh, my god, as Jerry he's doing it as Jerry, his gaze now in it so That was a nice little ego boost thousand nice little moment DAB and it sooner. Aldermen N and Dave Hood, whose great maybe your Patterson, but it was greater to talk to those guys. Spoon is not now big talk and I ran into a back at the hotel. Actually he's gotta be almost he's, gonna be in his eighties, and we will
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My gums are all receded and fucked up and I I flash and I've brush my teeth: Ellie three times a day after meal, I am always fighting, because I have this gap in my teeth. I dont know what happened to my back. To am my right side. By any time, I e when the meal gets wedged between two defect there and if I don't have a flossy too thick very uncomfortable, and I have to go by some or or start freaking out by some flaws immediately guy carrots. I urge you all the time, but I also got Oh now lies in the morning and before I got that you know, I don't want my teeth, my head and I'm already on the edge of it. The understand this is this is not. This has nothing to do with the product so Joe Montana is These CBS show criminal minds falleth its fifteenth and final season. It earth Wednesday night in its streaming on CBS all access
the two. Our serious finale is: February nineteenth you made We him from his other work. Many movies possess. I think what is fat Tony on the Simpsons. But this is a conversation I have had the great tag. Great talks with some of these. Directors lately in its making me I'm make me three invigorating me and my job here in my house and also Got the rug out the new garage and put the curtains ups What brought you to make the move back out there very soon, not be able to notice by tat will be back in a garage for the new year. I did me talking to Joe Montana, We do. Kill anyone who's, the guy point to any boosts, running marmalade road. It he wrote. It performs what do you know how many years is called
committing them Lenny Bruce. Ok, I will mention how do you know the guy rally came to about twenty years ago. I started a theatre company article. Sixty eight separate us from the european Company or came on here started to steer a copy. He'd evasively got a script me somewhat When two years ago saying I wrote this movie, I've always thought you plane is wonderful part. We like one day the Ipod thank Brian. I get that sheds, but I asked anyway I read it. I got you know what I liked him His words for his moxie geriatric get my face. I met with the guy here. I liked you seem like a new version of me. I want to do in a movie bottom line, but but I learn the like the really like the guy, because a cassette he has this data company. Sixty eight Cynthia is really the reason of combat whom he moved out here. Delay has sixteen says in his pocket and one of those theater and has been doing an accident, a direct in a play. He had a series of John Shaming place any delay.
Fifteen of a right all at once. A clear innocent, methinks big. So I directed one of them at the place at his theatre. Anyway, he came to me he's obsessed with Lenny Bruce Shirk ass. He had done his other play written by somebody else years ago. We did it in you liked the play, but he has done so much more research on it and they went to the playwrights agenda, one Really think of you had this is this is the case is not aroma play here. Do that's right around any dead, he wrote his only any birthplace and its innocence. I came to me whether this is Joe. I, like you just. Would you be interested directly- and I said well, let me see which again is the outlaws. She stood up in front of me for this. Let's, like ninety minutes. He just that it's ninety minute basic and it's not as it is Only thirty percent is bits. Write his life right from beginning to end in July. On the story of my story was lady incorporating the bits as well, so we was done. I said I said yeah come a believer of its efforts on a page at some stage,
studied, the wonderful job of writing it and performing it. I said you know, now. Let me do my voodoo here which, as you know, most of her round change it give it all. We got beginning this this latest actually one man shop. One man show we Finland allay with it. We ran like Levin months here. We then we took it to New York off Broadway and nine months there, not such a cargo and its through a great we opened and October. But extended in the January kin yeah an end which theatre it's at the George catalogue of requests from step of theatre for people from Should the member states is at Royal George, saw but a hundred eighty rhino ended their pack an out and out is now included in its kitty has been such a huge supporter kitty, Bruce yeah. She says it's the only time portrayal of her father, the cheese co, but you are really not sort of material and hunger and who have grape Eric Idle, came and saw the Billy Crystal Bunny Haunt of her great Great Welkin, yet
I gotta see if you're in love, you see he's done overlooked. Two hundred and fifty by getting I dont, know why thou I'd swept on it. When I was here, it'll be back because what it will never we, whenever we when you hear we bring it back here, I took it up. But suppose animal somethin tweak it'll be always like when you do when you see that like so you directly this version right. So when you see it We what? What? What are you doing thinks rounded immediately like one when you work in a guy. Doing one then show is playing Lenny Bruce its character as a director. What are you? What do you think has to happen? For me, it's just like I saw him do what he had in an isolated, sometimes visualize things within that of like a formal example, when he added for me, he opened it up, put a bit right and it just like one effect of one or more controversial bits, which is the inward, but yet, which is what people from
right, so you open with them so that where it calls everybody the name here where it is not our colleagues in the house it enables on sky is yet again she opens with them so that we finished doing do the model has been. That of my mother with does his version of this show of his ass. I said what are you open with that? He was one honest in what way shock and was really a shock, and I'm already says you open with that for even have half the people, my walk out. But you didn't know you were not right. There reeling from there really failure, but one line he dead did say, pieces how cute pieces, we found that make it on the toilet. Oh, I went that's triggered something in my area. I said how do you feel book and make it as we thought ass? His that's? How we open on the floor? since no on a toilet. He by you, I wasn't on. Therefore, will this is worth Kitty help Kitty gave us information. Kitty story. Is that not only the widow found them as they put him brought them back upon it,
will it stuck anneal in his arm the coppers out there. I hated him any right. Remember some something right: freezer junkies there on the floor. That's really short something so the pictures they took where Miranda toilet would a needle in a half, so he may- and I actually heard those left- he may be here? He died when he was doing it basically reading from the court hearing here, because I had the play Lenny rid the lumber Julian bury right back in nineteen, seventy three in Chicago. We lie under study, Lenny and Chicago one. Another reason had attraction in that way. The movies from yes, the movies based on be yes, are you did it before the movie? Will we be affordable? Oh, I see played Lenny Brute I'd under Study Leah. Then the cask tuner card, something everyone on the other hand not about it, did understand. Italy grow healthcare. Forced me to note a material right receive any the real any at all, but I remember being in Chicago when he was there, and you know I was too young right. Oh yes, explain and lived. He was plain at the gate orange, maybe your or Mr Kelly's it would have right. Mr Kelly's this is were in a more
saw waiting at your leisure environment about writing earlier. It was in it the solution in Chicago? I remember seeing I was doing the play here there in eighteen, sixty nine. How should we went mystic, lilies No! No! No! No! No! I D Schubert theater, but we want the Mr Kelly's because they are the diner cast Michael Federalists dating back meddler, thyme and bet was open. For dick sure why she was just the opening in the air. We all want to see her because she was Michael's girlfriend in oh yeah I'll, see you in and she became a good pallor support defray the fort the friends here- and it was funny, is after the show, she's toneless egos, I'm takin, headed girl stood a show like heavy. These things will calm the harlots. An up and smart me absurd. Not bet that stupid. You don't need you really get so much throughout Europe, the money for you re a girl's buying right, but you want a pirate toward a girl. Some are cast lead, wig and Charlotte crossly to be original. Harlem and then an hundred officials who just want to tell me this
It was in our company here he choreographed them. Let thy symbolically wanna do they had Carson with Ray I and a piano play was but was very Manilow at the time right. Let him do like a song or to women and stuff like that. That while we, but they will have seventy two years all about you know that this is like part of me. So I'm gonna go act like you grew up in Chicago hear from you boy near every corner, everything all the old man, your mama everybody yeah we'll day by day, was born, Oklahoma, because my grandfather came over from Sicily in they want think stoic alcohol in a way. Was it? I don't think you'll kill for this. One counters is Thomas Cecily Coquettish better, which is the biggest this room here. They must have found out an early nineteen hundreds. If there was this coal mine Krebs Oklahoma and that, if you went there worked in the coal mines, you can make enough money to buy land. Is that the Indians and native Americans, because wasn't on a state, tat right, sell you the land- and I was at the time in Sicily, Kalisz about the EU,
The only thing you can grow their result right because it so it's all right on top of a mountain of everybody's buried in my earlier, because this is rock. So I'm sure my grandfather among other Sicilians of the time said land fifty acres. We can get em in such so you go, there they, which I've been there, where the racket start, that whoever we one guy must stumbled on and who know dear when he called his buddies and said age Yellow Luigi. Let's go so they show up my grandfather work call my brothers and also as regards the information we have in recent years did not and we have the deed little who still on the farm. Now where to go in a long Oklahoma. You gonna do sciences crabs the home as little little, because they're still settled by the remnants of those. People know kid. Farms yet are all like like there's us than ran. Dazzles are firm Next Thorpe up about a growing No, I don't know,
do they not our growing? They grow what they robia me, but my group wished to actually put rationally pitches Yahoo. I showed my grandfather's gravestones. All italian he's buried there and crabs. Will you? Henrietta, which is the power so little Oklahoma. So they go work the minds, they work the minds who worked there for five year, yeah so the hundred dollars here and if the five? Is your five hundred oscars? We got the bullet say I got all it is my brother got five hundred dollars the Indians we'll get a land for five hundred and fifty eight so was true all true grandfather, The house? Even use use rail some that they must have snatch them at night. I mean the metal rails from the train, yet he uses those like a support beams in the house. Oak actually built this house with my dad was born in that house. It's still there, the house, it's it's got hit by a tornado,
So it's it's flat, little real remnants not on their own, and sooner you could still looks like a house but looks like a house like like from was advised area like a flat rate. But I was there and I we I got are you actually let Russia going actors of me standing on the rubble up a pine and with the rent as affirmed our universe, because I do a show and they ll torture. I've been doing a show for nine years, have guns stories which is not an ominous as it sounds right about the history of firearms throughout the history of the planet. Earth was at your idea. Now, isn't how you did it after channels, Diana came, the meanest them for the host unseemly, often cause I used to shoot competitively years ago. He did in the brain to travel. To write. Greece, ITALY and Germany been audited Charlotte for shall have yet but wanted to one episodes. We did were the firearms of the immigrants, and so when I told him the story decent, let's do that. So got the whole episode on my grandfather's farmer, Crabs Ethan, I shot his shot gun there, but he had shot since he said unlike nineteen twenty,
whom you brother, hey. Now my cousin Johnny added. He brought. He brought it down from organ donor unity. He really was. The grabbed environment is bigger than the rest of us, so you guys all spend time on their farm when you were kids, know no precise, but no time for how did you get the gun? he gave him a summer. We must the gotta, but could not, because my grandfather died on the farm when my dad was only like fifteen sixteen years old, so the whole family then move to Chicago. My grandmother pick up all the kids vs kept the fewest marched. The farm was paid for opposition, she kept it, but all the family moved the Chicago and that's what my limbs roulette. Billy connection go Glomeris, whom they were told me the stories of growing up there, and you know your grandmother, thou o. You know me I'm here my grandfather Board for born gravity, but you know a fascinating. My dad was really still hope. I know we're and opened up nor my father died fully yangtse. Tuberculosis was disabled, most of his life, but in
these seventy one he passed away. I'm at the funeral I've negative now me doing play here at a time when I get a member on my only route. My only reference, the tying guys at this point or Chicago type, struggled New York Chicago Urban hallucinating guys working up to the funeral higher dress like cowboys they got. The gene It took a had sent a guy for a little vest and put their dark look like like this, that of Sir Giuliani move right, so they can't do. How did you get? Those were Joe Montagnier funerals number cowboys talk when we're gonna look like tell him, but to tackle. I say I miss Sonny's in here here, while you re a those friends in Oklahoma, renew my boy waited password like. Oh my car, when it was exec. Why should watch and marchioness? Because here's these guys legally Clint Eastwood talking like that put their names, are unnecessary and low meares Guido and unlike Oldwick this,
reducing computing, while man, but I know what I was my back over my dead so day by day so? How many kids in your family not be person? there are two daughters who now be like you how he brought about just brought my brother one area. They are just the two days. All there is eight years older. I had a brother who died at birth. Most five years old, I may remember distinctly what had happened though, but because the other one mothers pregnant. Remember. Going into hospital, saint choosing to come I am aware that operate like you're gonna come all this a child. You know what you came moment and I remember I opened a door. There in a period of five years old in a long time ago and I'll tell you ratios open up her coat because you know presumptuous, he loves me. He's like normal saw here, and I was like what happened. Many can explain to me are well, you know without good God, took it so and so away out. Ok
I am one of those is an idea. Well, they were probably obviously they identify resolved, ok, moms, normal cisely and I'm we go in Asia, so you're gonna wait. What would you do He was insurance man for a while, but but he he only as part of one look, when did you get that he be earning war war too? He was only Miss twenty forty three married, my mother, in a dead dead, but my brother, when I was eight years old, my brothers, one years old, but there's diagnosed and they attributed to the farm because of his tube older brothers had got it and also died from they said back. Then. If you had some about the cattle the cows carried the. If they carried and move the milk is up. Extra whenever it yeah interact, so my dead, they senator sanitarium in New York Maya and he was at the same time for like three years Why I took the long out they took out part of the other lung, and they took up the Ribs Annette say now. Can my dead
the shirt off he looked like the letter. S was exe. I mean he issued live here because he smoked like to back said the he drank year. He was like but I thought, like everybody's father must be like this. I have never heard the media can. He was a freak of nature, but finally Mealy lived to be fifty seven and the other in it, and then they put him on this ability like in his forties each couldn't because he would always, Fernando Generic Nano. He missed the war because he was in the hospital at all world aid, all my uncle's when the war, but he missed the cause. He was an aspirin. But when he got out the parents cup he worked this insurance man from Yale. Then they put him on disability. Cars can handle it. Brian or using maybe mid fortys, and he lived another like twenty left. Fifty seven held him in the smoking and drinking forget about why neatly grubbing that house for cigarettes or cars,
by this I mean you know. That was the thing about you sure. A lot of winners windows or up as they succeeded in a cloud which was no words and your mom she work but that Sears Robot grab packages issue always work after yes, he smoked. You know. No shit is most of my mother of three hundred and one hundred and one hundred one you gotta get that's good. I guess I guess so. Yes, she's Susi was epistle. My Mayas. She just passed a couple years ago. She got cut cogent all the way through pretty much. And she got lost going idea with with their emotions. In other words, should know, I was in my kids wars, output of anybody else enough. The reminder this is known as the silence all K Apple, but my mom was. I think, what they're alive. Partly is she she she and at sight of my family were muslim of aside the very much like the third. A kind of Italians There are very looked electing, partly a lower than the form of the Sicilian said. My father so forget about Digital, to think very nervous.
But my mother say my mother. I notice you know what I did for living really really to truth towards yonder athwart. All of it thought all at at at being acted without resent mean examined. My brother made a comment you when you are giving you like if she figured out a monthly fee, but she figures debts. Maybe I well occasion this nice. It get to see him for my brother at her funeral at the city. Was forty funeral. My brother got up to speak the apple. Typically, you get up to speak first rise. He says it got to say something about our mothers. She was so very simple and waterways uses of my brother Josiana think even knows this, but when he got the tv series Emma ribbon would almost feeder. They had often did the movies once on. At least our lack of my talk about a year ago, when I, like I like when I got, was Workin Wrigley emigrated virus, which should sooner been plays, and she might better always figured out should always hear about it. But then she caused my brothers Ronnie I'm worried about your brother, Joey and my brother goes why she goes he's only work in an hour week shows that serious, because she figures, Nazis,
here's how ones these at nine o clock Chinese on CBS, but that's it it's over time. What do you mean? We really can make a living. No, no, it's ok, my he's he's these. Don't he's gonna, write or fine, but that there was my mother Gub lesson which, what's your brother's racket, what are you he wasn't it should not. Charity was advertising from Montgomery Wards interesting for us. As you know, there was a real Chicago. Company LAW, Montgomery words. Why look Mccoy lords six years light- and I remember gummy- worry emissary by serious, wasn't Chicago to now yet original soon we lived across the street from it for many years, the main regional Sears, building at a serious being at home in Arlington, amidst the west side, gotta get away now, but but back then it was scenarios are. I think they made build your own houses to at some point in they seriously. You could buy kid and build a house, I'm sure to get every everything I owned was sincere. My underwear may close about any differently. My work is right there and she had profit sharing, even so wake when you were gone
when Chicago I mean why, because I Grano of Chicago, like I ain't greater, it's a real city like its own thing, no question We write downtown what was enabled well known on a group in a one sided, a city which is now relate italian The time was a lot of a tion. Le Loup is mixed. I've been eighty one kid next door was mexican here was jewish shared Irish here was mixed up here. Ah them move the Cicero for that's where I would I school was. I Sir asked Us Royal in Norwich. Is the famous rock opponent Alex it's? No one town, it's just border Chicago Anti out was border here and elsewhere with Iceland Junior College, but that break up and a website and ends with side was its bit it It's pretty much. It's pretty pretty depraved area right now and now yeah. Fortunately, it's it's pretty much
all in here my allotted to shootings that go on in Chicago yeah, good percentage. My apology around the whole neighborhood where and when you are grown up did you did? You know there was not a mob thing when you were gone up was very well and we ask the mythology. No, it's not a mythology. There was a mob thing, but but it wasn't a mob thing same waited you're. A politician that credit machine was a was. It was, was a reality to daylight, wishing ya, think it all coexisted. Yea I mean you always know there was the there was the local politicians Precinct captain who has dealt with politically correct, but there was one but what mob it was launched What kind of stuff? Nor was I when I go to the barbershop of my dead right and half the time, were guy's going in another gone into the back room. Blue bookie causes but each of your american Betsy. Also, we had a party line on a phone number. I pick it up, sometimes in its use, bedbug their illegal bedbug, who knows, but when I finally like my uncle none of us would that's uncle William phone number and you can only give the floor so that these two
he's gone or our money would change hands writer, but it wasn't like no people organ shot. Industry right have none of that Al Capone yea, but it exists that special grown up and Cicero letter the kids. I went to school with their fathers. Were now. You know like. I welcome it is wearing cardigan sweaters at two o clock in the afternoon on a Thursday in my dad's solemn insurance. What does do? We don't know what it so. When did you start day? and involve with acting anyway? do you want to do, and you were a kid. Did you like these? We have in our eyes. I still don't even really like movies. I love movies. I should say that, but what I mean is that, like above I don't watch a lot of movies at a watch alot of television. So it's not my idea. Entertained. Where we had a little. My head was not in it at all for one: it was, as it were, ass the gout really triggered it was I the movie websites the as a kid I saw it. I thought, oh, my god, I'm kinda like this. It's not like. I was,
living this life. Wasn't, we can again be hiding. Porter weakens food, but but yet I was in the early lifestyle. Looked an apartment on my lovely ever lived in the house, so I loved, the movie was a fantasy. You saw what happened is I went His gloves, junior high school, I gotta understand and unknown, and maybe an act was beaten might well said you wanna be Martian, was on early sixties early sixty sixty two sixty year and they had said things up, a nice crossing additions for website story and I look at the size and only talk about did ever seen a movie, maybe eight nine times but war. What are they talking about and then as somebody got, let's play, I always apply them. We do not know the more. We was based gonna play here and I'm thinking, Healy I'm thinking how so gotta my head, like maybe that would be funny. I love I love this movie. Maybe I could do
the departure, so I learn a song off the record right. I decide to go down and I go to one of the guys was point more of pilot. Let baseball than it was in a good, but I played on the team said: go wanted to go players from the team. I wouldn't go together clear. The movie too. We get up to the theatre up at a high school at night I'm leaving Norhala Theatre existed at the time. I walk in and there's always kids in black right. I can, yeah right right up in this highly nice could not have the right here and there don't worry leotard, since that is the theatre criteria, and it was they watching people from another planet and again Glenn I love is. There was gone so I became a state's attorney or something at Chicago. Some egos. I'm out, I'm not the one that some he takes off
I literally. No, nobody is your buddy. You came with he's, got you anybody. I came with some out other wage earners. Isa realise this enough for him, for I had learned a song. I figure at least I can do, is go up and do their work and put the word. So I get up I get on the stage. Is the floodlights are hit me. The footlights salute the but in the end I can't see who's out there and I sing the song they get to the end Maria and overseer clapping. Coming out of the darkness and it was like nobody ever clap for any, thing I have ever done in my life: an unknown hearing this clapping go said it was like lightning bolt hit me in the chest. I said I I gotta recapture this moment. So that's that I mean I want I'm not getting cast on the plate. What do you mean? I was too that's all
the store. While I was the year I was. I was in school years sooner than I should have, because the my parents changed my birth certificate. Slickest Kosovo mother can easily get back to work seriously so to change my birth certificate. When I started a kindergarten and never told me, I was sixteen life had my birthday. I celebrated for sixteen years and a wrong day. So that's all of his glory. But anyway I didn't care, because I was too small. I was too but the you like my wits, but a gear teacher zero. So so bottom line. Is that day, So I had this interest, which has wanted to take a drama class in a book and a drama class, and I never looked back illegal from literally that day, I said to myself, This is what I'm gonna do. I want to do this for living no plan b without my good year. Clearly, sixteen sixteen by an open, I had no aspirate, wasn't dead good at anything else. And I was a sure, was good at this, but I knew I'd like to see this took drama classes in starting Conway S started to places started to do being successful added in high school and in time. What we use junior college here than a play
but a Goodman school drama, which was a pretty factually Berman, went there yet back then so pretty it became now. It's part of Nepal Universe, back then was called the Goodman School of drama, and then I tried out for the play hair, one eighteen, sixty nine in a castle started my profession with what is the good Man school drama like what? What date, what there was a famous Emulous famous at the time who act luckily Chicago had the second GNP, as in the ART Institute, Brian Inheritance, and I don't have the money to go there, but what I did I took on students that you can pick a government alone here, so he applied for the government alone and I'd like to two grand here and I paid the eight hundred bucks a wish, and I think what my parents of television rights that money and leave them and paid rent. You know- living with somebody the time ah and we can avoid they teach, you teach it well the method, is the it's like, as announced called a theatre schools, your whole universe. They teach you to basic city voice control, a teacher movement. They teach you
All the different self would acting seen study, but his elbow anxiety studied pretty much. I mean you learn as you go, I mean if it is progressing fifty years now I got down by now it's too late, I wonder if we love you for the Cubs belated betcha personnel, every forty thousand going to happen now. Be I just always wonder, because I talked actors in it just seems a lot there's something natural and then like, but you a lot of people they did they do that, two years that they do the year. Whatever emotions, tools that guy there really sorted gotten grounded in it. That was it not only. I found it as it turned out the best actors out of school ones. It usually you got kicked out quick wherever I wholly well We have a lot of big stars. I came out of school through what I mean both, but as a rule these the ones I would run. It was working actors. The resources somebody out. There wasn't we're just like in order to academic from angle,
Do it together, weren't ones, it actually did it and when I got masters degrees or somewhere else approach, they may be, they taught and stop with it in this assembly. Right right wearing it at one. Where we do we work in during the score. Did he wasn't? I am now was in a bit Iraq bank was Iraq, been we. We have seen the pretty. Well fact that is they would you play I play based. Qatar was leasing. Your base, Qatar can still play base a bed. Again, as I did then good enough to give bite of what it is. They don't very close to the ban Chicago. They are those guys because we used a tour with them when they were called the missing links. What was your name or your eye? The apocryphal scare, the drama teacher at my school came up with the name because he felt the support me supported my band here in a kind of help. This up so wait so you're playing original songs cover, and I we were good cover Benito. We never got anywhere Gabor very good, come manipulating, Socio admits again but light we from about sixty four to sixty nine so
you don't like you know: Psychedelic Sheridan. We did whatever you want it. In other words, if it was a place, they wanted psychedelic we put under paisley shirts and the model, the call to hear that way. If we're goin or blackmail. What we put on a white temptation somehow bottom actual street come? I would do for tat, really acts. I swear to God. We would world wars in order to pay. You paid afraid I'll do what you want, but that's why that's why We were gonna make it because the guys the missing links here, they became Chicago right- that's usually skies unitary cap of pneumonia, absolutely no more to this day in autumn of a very wise saying with them about two years ago here at the Greek, I swear to God. I brought me up on stage the one song for old time's sake, images as grain or no love under Walter prisoner was just left the men tax player amianthine original geyser stolen it today. Here I think only three,
there will be a lilac late in the evening. The trump appear pink, how the trump on player and now in the keeper player Bobby Lamb, while to just look sex player, but there were four like retired left here will mean these guys wrong now their older than me guys, like you know, there was sort of a resurgence around Terry yelling are playing a very brilliant was right and we should Jimi Hendrix thought he was the best guitar pillar he'd ever her to avoid any Lee was Depressive Donna. Military was just Harry was, while the meteor. I am this- that whole thing like you, he some people say we killed himself. Even kill himself was fucking around was an ex about out of the gun. It beat that that was the idea, put up those headed and now I think it was Andrew in whatever way it's terrible by, but he was he was. He was great and why, when I first met, if he wasn't even a leap where he was the base player that been missing links,
the guy plain leave, but then they kick that guy in his father, who was the management have been how immediately started the new group Chicago Chicago, which we thought they were nuts for doing, because we were playing at a group a place called the cheetah cargo, which is a very popular club rice or at the cheetah. They came to see us and our break and they said hey where we would busted up the ban. We get rid of a bit with the lead player in his father, Terry's gonna play led now here were brought in a keyboard guy and we brought in a trumpet and we brought in his trombone clarity, had to say they hurry and Walter had any surf and a drummer here, so we're safe Also, you gonna go from the forty seven guys how that's great they leave or think they're nuts are crazy usually guys what we were trying to find ways to pay less, like Jimi Hendrix had just come on out. There are three guys we're thinking is referring every for peace be mistaken, who could we cannot in any way we can make more, though these guys are open beyond the seven, but, needless to say, the first album
not nets. When I knew when I heard that first elbow moment, ok, I'm a neuron racket. Rise. There myself only gets acting right today because they were doing this arm, beating the order that was originally stung there, but the tide of truth early in their career. This is that this honest guttural they would play for members. One club of the blue village was not avert popular club investment Illinois. We were we not. We work the luck as we were good cover but, like I said, Mary were off this particular Saturday, for whatever reason I got a call from the owner to blue village. He says this group shook go Transit authority here, not name, if the relevant eigenvalue since their plan here to refuse the play any songs Kids want to play it all around crap at one. Throwing out, can you guys get down? we have finished the night we did pack them the truck. We went out there and I will never forget to see them. I'm seeing a throne or stuff in the treaty. When peace that us wasn't a pistol, but I think we should all guy
we're sorry ol man is. Is there? Will these guys? They don't know what the hell they're missing we're thinking here, what they can and with one of these idiots comes just smarten up and start. You know, start toward some temptations- you don't even know to with the kids. Why do the kids? Why come smart media awareness, though? So that's why We're doing why you're gonna score. I pity I didn't we did well. I mean I actually made a living. It occurs. We work back then in the sixties allotted. Lotta venues, little love music was big right now knows was before disco. It was yet of intellectuals is waiting. Or disco here, so I may live dance clubs for teenagers. By the rock role yeah me here, you could literally, we could work every weekend without would pointed the way in school, dances and shit. You play proms preschool dances, platina clubs, as you know, the actual you know just just clubs What what made you hang Nat up? Well, I was there
both for a long time in a long time, meaning through junior ecology and my two years at the Goodman there and weakens were opened via what they want to train of her hair at play here CAS. That was my first professional job got wording offered me. The job now have to do it shows a week, and you can. Let me my weakens or any other long hair, Eurostat yeah. The long here goes those halfway there anyway me. You know, I wonder letting it really go. What role I started out in the tribe, which was basically want, of course, but I worked up. The Berger, which is but a lead roles in the end up doing that. For a long time and I love about a year and a half travelling with it yeah did we did we play tricks? go for over a year and a half, and then we know almost word for boats actually toward. I would have kept to Indonesia. My father died. While I was on the road I was in Pittsburgh and he died and when I came in for
You know- and I think it is realising that was- and I was the girl who is playing a genie at the time and the delay, which is the pregnant characteristic play right her and I were dating at the time and cheese. The worst together. Fifty years later, when she's my wife really area that so we stay together at twas freaky thanks. God bless. You know anything that look, there's love for you, but look, there's love for you, but but I remember that what we came in for my debts funeral within which we took that we call from the plane and when I went back the Pittsburgh, I realized the bloom is off the rose who just like I have done display enough, insists like here and a half year. It was time to move on, so I quit the play and we'd be quit together and Anna. But then I D got spoke, after that did that we have a hare say you're stuck to encourage good, even longer play Judas than I was like. You know. I kept thinking We go next. Dementia Gaga, the danish goggly foulon, was God speller, but here why yet still bigger
So I m me, I guess, and somewhat will you get some chops and place? You can only overcome a lot of fear. You know you know no grand. I mean that, but now I was I was in fact now. I was thinking this is MIKE my my career, I'm gonna be a musical comedy actor be like Jimmie Dale would be to guide. It was the Broadway I'll. Do it I'll do the musical right and asked what it that would happen? Obviously, my career took a different turning win. What, when did that had well, then happen? Read after God spell one of the guys that was had. I been here with whose extra hundred she'll see it looks a wandering they were just this year for plays. Do enough. He was in a group called your Ghana theatre in Chicago Organic here now his eyes. Like some happy shit, it was some happy shit. The appetites of good people John heard, was in the committee on her great John heard, was in the past. He weighs exactly his. His sister court is heard was in the company Michigan
Dennis France. Oh really, we are joined around the same time. At that time you and heard, and frauds were in it together, MIA De what funds up to France I just talked on visa. He is, golfing, exactly what is of the God bless him. He did as many of our free. What has twelve thirteen years and Nypd PDF the data that she'll raptly said good night now discuss calabash wherever you are I'll, be on the golf course, and God bless him better than is he he's done, he's goodies, these absolutely goodies. Get three grandchildren lives he's living the life you just to argue with smart with his money now under way, as the other were shut up in a couple of things answer that he didn't nothing after it was nothing I could if I offer them Dennis. Please do thirty, so
hence with me for a million dollars. He said I will get it anymore. That's Dennis time done gutless of another. I mean if I picked three guys in the world a watch, my back at him, Vietnam, that combat menaces he's one of those guys is deep amuse deeper than you think. I know it's. I could see that, just by that character I mean I mean you could feel all of it so like so you show up it or theatre. You and heard in front of your kind of get there at the same time when you came, is heard already been there and then an axiom he left shortly thereafter could cause he had with him his place of work, the clothes, the New York and in the organic came back Scoggin regrouped. Ah Sir John Low, Dennis France and I must avail of Russia. Vietnam must pretty much Keziah Pierre, exactly reckless he proudly was out of Vietnam and seventy one. Seventy two and seventy three ah Sophia Sea must have an intensive fuck you you know
yes, and no one had its Dennis Tokens Dennis was very good at kind. I will keep it at all and rapped I the only one. I would press him in it, and I did it come on age not on an invite. Women live just talked about us, it Dennis Tommy little about here in any than Evidently he would tell me, then I realized. Ok, I want you to go into this through. This were not because it gets its uncomfortable for him. Not a happy part was life, but God bless him. He's he's he's an EC. Does this go to collect humbled dolls like that I made. On the other hand, is he he's he's sweetheart? Yes, real, sweet love, him, I'm glad to hear is doing all right, but always, though a great, please don't worry so what happens? organic organic at the five years that organic and there was a wonderful time because we did we did. We did new stuff tat. We created stuff, we did Kurt Vienna Guts, Please be forced evermore like years before. This was that this was a few years before they we added new kids in a block when they came in. I got to know them very well as well and very close doll. All of them, which is ironic because that marked the played the Lenny boost, play direct his plane requested.
From the sea or value rather than the original grew. The four or five, all very much garrison. Will garrison anchoring, closing lorry met care of Joan our milk, of which all of very close to among oh yeah yeah, I said yeah knowing who was a great guy. Bulgaria, Bulgarian, I ve been hosted in national morally concert together because of this. We, my nineteen you're doing it hosting the National Memorial Day Conseil asked in the area? Is he and I were both? We do a lot for a military, the especially Gary his ambassadors, he's, like I mean he picked up, were Bob Hope left off the, as does so. Should a military abbot anyway? Ah, but yet here again his back then earliest early, seventy in Chicago. Maybe they had been kicked out a universal Wisconsin because PETE stored Gordon who, who created there, he had done this like nude version of Peter PAN and a campus wasn't all mood, but I think Tiger Lily was nudism. Kids came with their parent. Exactly four is very
environmental, but we did all its original stuff ahead. We did. We did the book of Huckleberry FIN parts one and two within the entire book based just then more twins diarrhoea. We did original place like cops, bloody, Bess, a pirate play and then a pleaded. I conceived call bleacher bums, which is about the people who sit in the bleachers. It really feel how we act when the Cubs were terrible, an epic him actually very successful that off Broadway in This data they toward all around wage around still go in Yemen, utilise as us. That's a very big summer stock shall be wrote it I conceived in Colorado with the original cast, so you got together will scramble young lady. I get a couple hundred hours every six months or something like that. Grace upward on all of us, but it's great is that the only way you wrote yeah I'm an offence and which offers a playwright icons. I came up with
de I decide to exist to sit in the bleachers Wrigley feel than used to look around me. Think, there's more. It is this that is more entertaining them. A game, cops gonna, suckin, Edna Wright, and I thought what's going on in the bleachers, with a gambling into this and the girls and above but above, and it became a very actually for less than a final item has been a local phenomenon, pollyanna gesture at legs- Euralia, oh yeah. I know it's. It's though they played kids, get your checks, residual checksum, all over single French. The preparation clearly will send me. The Czechs analysed where it's been done. It'll be your army bases and Guam will, while the summer time, because it's a raw material, yet it sits hardy very later, so you aren't you. We get a lot more jobs there doing the intimate theater, I guess you'll know them either go exactly dominoes put Euro your hard on the right on the line will do a lot of experimental stuff in and luckily, for me, David Mehmet, the writer was kind of doing the same thing. It's goats in time with the with the group called the Yom wisdom, that was the wisdom, bridge theatre level,
It was called, and I talked to him. You know the idea, which is that accomplishment myself. You don't talk everybody, We did our eye United Spiritum. I could see you at home alone. No, we did find. You know ages, like you know, he's one, those guys he wants to put some buttons, and I wouldn't let me like. I was able to kind of cable to my track. Go for you because I know he's muddle. We're yea I just love gives you can just like. I know I'm a Jew. I I know they're gonna do is alarming when the guy yes, so I can only come in at me with that. Seven, like energy, Magna Carta turn, me that's good nice and I could see you to get a lawyer really could they did our nobody's like? I should have his picture hanging over my bed because, like he's been like he's, the guy he's been my guy mean as it turned out. So what happened to your organic unease at this? What the with what was it was called a Saint Nicholas the rifle by he went on to do the Atlantic, but this way before this before learning so well, Were you a mammoth? Well, what happens is he's a struggling
right. The airline was struggling act through. He saw me do this one production: it was wonderful ice cream, Srebrenica show, whereas we, which was pre, successful India with the times thanking without thinking seventy three. While now wait. She never me ass. You say so give back. Abkhazia he's a guided to aching ease if either what every face himself, he does say no. We were all Democrats once, but you know he seems too like have shifted into this characters in older man with a lot of sense I got a lotta alcinous, but it seems like back any wasn't quite that was he known I but I'll take any one would have. We were, of course political around. I mean only but look at it here in the sixties, and rightly he seemed like a softer guy. He was yet night thinking. I definitely think he was bad, but he'd have to be the is directly. I can't I can't speak for him, but right whatever, but here, but yet fact, when I first. Madam, I can remember people often ask me how you first meeting with near cause. You can slow relationship. As I recall, I was coming to the Goodness Theatre tickets
This was like, I don't go at the school. I am this, maybe see a teacher drank the area and in any of the good on his lungs theirs it was. It was at the art institute which is below ground right over and which can ever some common down, and I see this guy when up it was fairly Natalie dress. I remember you can have a scarf right scarf coat at looking like a sharp ear. Norway dress like I would write and write any stops because a I saw you to play. You in Icewave soon arrived at your great I'm a playwright loved. You know what but work together. Sometimes they can agree. What are you for? I am sure, pal it turns out. He writes, display conceptual perversities. Our big unawares, Zadig boasted organic and install Gordon was our producing the Attard, love the play and decided yeah we'll do it now, was at the summer time when we are normal season at the organic was over and during the summer everybody go do what they needed to do right, but that they had enough money to dismount this place than take much money. I have been here:
Did we the under study for Lenny in Julian berries, play Lenny, which can be the at the illegitimate theatre in Chicago, so? What can we regulate three hundred a week right as opposed to seventy five dollars with organic right. So they ask us. Oh man wanted me to play to one part in it, but I said- and again I don't know Dolly was but of saying he was nobody around but I like the play a red and they went on. I like it, but I make a three hundred render study when he and so did his days. What fire we look on. My regrets was like I could have done that we really are a vat away at it. I mean at all. It did what it didn't want. Nothing came of that particular production, but still I would like to have done it as the first big one, firstly will but thank God it forget me here because then what happened is a life in the theatre, which is another one of his pleasure. The world premier of that he came to me to do in Chicago MIKE knows bombers, another one of the actors who worked with him, here was known as nineties, the working Chicago yet
two hands and he asked us to do it and we did and so making. I did the world premier of that that they would Call me delay do whenever there was lifted the lid Break would want him to do excerpts of some of its the best because no in New York, his stuff, was and get some plainly where direct was he directing? No? It wasn't the reckon I don't have it. It just uses. I would write the plays in similar directed a great mosher out with the huge Glengarry were Moser data Latticed ever married life, a theatre, the identical inquiry I had to get did the movie to either the American Buffalo. I think you did but different people with direct stuff. So it's ok. Though he does you do those two boys with him. Then he moved to New York. Yeah he's always sunny Alderson he's, don't get some attention in your life in a theater off Brodie S. Well right and this work and buffalo right. Robert? The does well heat a device.
Was teaching the original. Yes, he was the original rapporteur, while the actual cappuccino them later. By not David was getting a rapid reaction. So anyway I mean I'm not move the California. I came out here. I'd, try, wife, wide Gondis I'd, go we the organic theatre with word out. California came out here in the local wait for early winter- and I saw the weather was like had already been the ITALY European Tour with your gigantic and up thinking. If you know what I've done, which a guy I'm don't I'm time, I'm my chromosomes or Mediterranean. Not stay in the area. Are rights like of its my wife. We should just commodity before now, working with our way at the beach, yet so we're out here for a little while I'm doing this that, without plays out have does France and I met with it. We re monitor production cops from go out here with the bleacher bums out here. Breach of bombs ran out here for ten years, while when longest running waiver plays in l a history
he ran for TAT from nineteen eighty to ninety. Ninety ran out here anyway, I did, but I did about a year and a half but anyway do movies. You dont tv, whom you may know a little bit parts yet a little bit here and give wines here yes or did the show subordinate episodes at issue also playing one one. A place where we see are, as you know, sidekick that's great. I always little bit was fun. I was donor and was making you'd make you'd work he's Goin unemployment. You know then give that agenda. Go back on unemployment when, like you do in one b, you do will be parts I little lotta take exactly, but then I get the call from them and say: look I wrote this play looks like digging it hopefully take it. The Broadway BS organ open in Chicago with Goodman I'd like you to play its part, Well that's all he taught me so I'm sending the script some of her one, better, more powerful. My wife says, made a script. I look at it at all
real estate, lingering Monrovia, I dont know Dick about real, is here because I never lived in a house right to disseminate that point. While I still the first house I live, there was the one eyed on the one hand now and ultimately, while I'm gone through a few said specifically at first when I bought was it so I didn't stand. It leads in drawing up forever. So I read it inadequate the standards we cosmetics thinkers. What did you think it a play so line? Is it you're, not David, really get to it. Yet I'm really read it definitely today he I forget, but a friend out this is about recall of guys like somebody What's a lead? What's this what's going over the mortgage? What's s girl? What the hell is this stuff? It's a nice, the figure it out and I realized what grown up. So you know yeah exactly people, you know, let's actually put on adults, So did I get a general idea what he's talking about so then I think we will look at my website what we get the loose where let's go, it's not enough. As a free trip to Chicago will. Hang out, officials are Flapsy family seed, a family air, so we go to Chicago Bobo woman is rhetoric which-
you play Ricky Roma download a guy like gotta slick area, so I did that would do it in Chicago I figured it out because we get to New York next. I know I get nominated for tony word. New York win the Tony award, the plague wins Bertone award Ere, I win the Tony award, the plague wins the Pulitzer Prize and so in one swell fool my career by fifteen I like to think that the echoes of boom I get skyrocketed. Appear yeah, and that's that scenario it's actually a very by ten mammon hanging over my bed. Ram at every level, but the tightest guys been nothing but honest with me straight shooter, because because so here I'm doing this part. I do it on Broadway, for here we tour now go towards for six months. Will Peter Falk replace Shelly Levine under tour, raise that part, and we had a great time.
To sling maintain Peter Foggy that they know how we were like this. I got him is thoughtless and others that I got him. His Thorun Hollywood walk a faint. How really gave the speech warm? I had to put its next to my ipod and put it next to mine because he never gotten. They offered a tomb back Colombo eleven years ago, but Peter was that Guy like mad at me. You never bother you gotta, follow through you. Gotta pick the day you gotta go, get your membership, so we need the he died. And I was one of the last people, his wife only really low allowed me, and maybe one other person seem more energy, and yeah. We were, we were that clever. Have. Why would he have he started to get lost Cyprus? Not gonna get them in an innate them, though, some talk that with bent head, he hits a dental work done and the IMF anesthesia really he was never really. There
They were now kidney. I am I really queer, but anyway I love them the death. His great I just love them the duchy, a great human being, but we did we did that play together. So now I've done I've done a plane on Broadway six months torn would Peter. While I'm untoward Peter Mammoth, comes to my dressing room on the road and is currently used occurs. Male back, like a male, secular, yes, stuff, fear. He cases our time. Somebody was always always blunt as you probably bless you invent something he always has knows that he doesn't beat around the bush. Just because you know tat. Somebody said immediately to making the movie blinkered glamorous you ain't doin, it up channels already attached. They got understand too Patino had been offered the play before I was but turned down because back there was a new play like gold and I think the offered through the narrow next he turned it off. For the same reason, thank God Mammoth back. And said to the producers we're not going through every well known italian guy in Hollywood? Now I get my picks and that's why?
we all know name guys in their original brought with the ash. Breathless anyway tonight tells me you're not doing a movie and, unlike ok, Davy, Eno aid, kitchen. He didn't do hello Dolly either. I get it right, but he reached in his mail bag and pulled out to scripts, and one was for the movie. Think a house games. Oh yeah, I always for the movie things change. And laid them on my dressing table. He said I won't make these two movies. What are you and those are both led roles, and what do you say across at the summit? No, that I was gonna, do I'm Lenny. I did number. We wound up course doing here, but what do you say like? Thank you, men and it's like well, that's the king, you dimensions Amelia. How righteous can you be like I'm I'm giving a bad news, but here's the Good NEWS my mind made more than made up for it. I will of course, have done the movie Glengarry, but a swing.
It was interesting because you know I don't. I wonder why cause the movie Glengarry Goin Ross was a pretty big movie right by like that, the two movies they must have been about the same really in terms of popularity right there, but I can, but I was an opportune, harming back alone. I get it, but I'm saying that, like all in all it even now, over like if we so would you trade do net movie for those other two movies? No, I wouldn't have the house games to me was yet dirty done that guy in these guys, like no new guys in house games, actually is that films like a cop, from a minute in your fire sing move they talk about that limit. Then they run a movie Eric whatsoever in the movie theater. Was you what you'll Wednesday crass me right? End Wiki Jason refugees in how he's gone I know there was at his memorial service yeah. The great movie it was real, clever movie and it was a mammoth, those different we area and he directed to direct those first thing you direct now. Let me ask you some because you
something earlier puts on the page on the stage and I was at a meeting. No, nothing so did you learn anything from him because, like always like in there is always some very interesting approached a theater and aren't you about it, because I'm not sure I agree with it, but grew I understand what you're saying Zenda still agree, what it will on what it says either, because what are you saying- and I get least from my opinion- it's true because, but only because it applies the so, in other words, when he says something like I gotta do is say the words right yet in New York. Near case. That's probably true because use your master writing the words right. Lotta guys, don't write that good, so you got a sometimes Gonoph, massage that or unless that are really having something more to dance. I think I'm talking about it. My feeling was that the idea was like you, anybody can do this, you know if you just we just do it. Were you know no yeah yeah, no tonight there's more to it than that, but yeah. But I think what if he cast that right, though, that the best as that
the key the elder, I think, maybe not animal no, you just remember, you didn't go, and I were might first wife, within the school, and I read it evokes idea- and I, like you Know- and I like the atlantic- is one talk, my memoirs any there. Is it just gifted in the dry matter? As you know it? Well, you go by the system or not. If you can act, you can edit You gonna build his former writing. There is no room for improv, uniting anywhere other sorts of different bogging than even work or of the movie Woody Allen for very Levinson, but both of them are give. You were my room. I salute. I give you all the room in the world. Fair. Really pretty much item is like
No, it's like each year honouring the playwrights raging here and that's the job will be a well yeah and affect every member will Woody Alan's case. I was doing his movie and I was so used to work for mammoth where it's like, you think of a composer, some guys right. The music, the certain ways Place Plate Rivah Notes, yet you know get other guys will say: okay, this is the score feel free to two in oh yeah. John brought it up. So I was doing away with the first that my first editorial people. However one Alice was the first and it was one of the first days on it. And all I wanted to do as a sort of line, and it was like something like I cannot yet and I want to see, I can't we ass. We said that what he said look Kemys citizen. I cannot. Even if I see I can't like it, he showed that look like I was like, this of course things they wouldn't. We will, of course we were too far. He'd say: go back, but it made me realize: ok, it's not everybody's Brian right there
They were very Levinson, he would let me do it well always act. I did a cop like did up Bugsy delivery heights, while he did buggy. Why wonderful director and I was warm babies- budget, more babies, possession George Reft. Oh that's right, the actor yeah yeah area. There is a good move I think you're at those great movie, you friends with David Mammoth over closure. He gave my. When I got my star in the hard work of fame, he he gave the speech for me, along with the three STAR Marine general head. Do it because of what I wanted to balance out my gonna come? amongst our marine AIR, a buddy ears yeah, because you weren't in them a very well known I wasn't but but but but I cannot, but then I feel guilty about dodged. The bullet, because I draft number three area: no a lot of my face, I was in a military and no one started to NET Morley concert lot of its came home to me because of
I've been a lot of military hospital, yeah visit law, these guys and think she's in all. I was twenty. I had two legs to comes to wiser and level of the pretty good life somebody's guys fought in conflict there forgotten here I were there and yet these guys gonna live like this. The rest of your life in it that the echelon yeah so are less with. That was about what's good, that you do that services everybody's got happen in order whatever it may be. So now I guess We ve been in a million movies. Like you know what I want you were coming over here. I go. I realize it like you. One of those guys sort have been ever present. See me We my entire life well to help those years that collection by like AIDS, it sort of astounding, like you, you ve done big movies, done little movies. You just keep working, you know to be so to a blue color. Job being an actor. I never for me. It is I mean I look at my feelings. I don't mean waiting, crimson grants and requests ear. He feels that way.
I marry a cup. I read something like it may I could bring something Tudor Register, something we have to kill me, give might be funded. This line. Why how many weeks the mind where is it here- shut firms in Europe that it went the agencies they get. This offered a tourist in ITALY I got great I'll, read it on the plane. I am. I said yes before I even heard with the title B. Let me say that really was the way. You know how bad could be. One cares. You know what I mean and literally out of the product or five movies in ITALY. I think I've seen three of them in the other two other even on the titles of affairs. Also, that's really did he offered experience of types of yours.
You know, I'm not. Everybody feels that way. Some people manage your career like it's a goddamn gardener. What God bless him like? If that's not me, you know what I mean for me. I look over here for thorough puzzle to walk through it. Why not it's closed Lucy if there's an open door we're so it is really is about how much time where is it going to be? Here I mean you, don't you don't wanna, hopefully do stuff that you agree embarrassed about pennies energy hands, it course of a book but uniform Not sometimes you don't know that a later, because you see the finished product or cheese is what was I thinking right within, but then you have to say to yourself now: wait a minute. At the time I made the decision that it seemed like a good idea at the right. Whatever reason we work with a guy, like our work with big director, are the biggest Coppola work of global. There were one godfather that already like world. You know it's. Ironic, go with that when I meet some Young people are saying young people mean anybody. Three anybody under forties, young people them right, those who are grow up with the godfather dossier, and maybe just seated
randomly not order I'll, have people like him, twenties or thirty, say to me, hey man, yet I find, on asylum, Gov animals and number three. That's my favor. I'm thinking really why it's like! Ok, because there there come that it may be from another angle that culminated from without any preconceptions likes, knowing how great those first two were, and it wasn't an eighteen year gap in Lahti, expectation always aware what was a thing. The scene around that yummy way out but with the castle was a whole. Me was a lot of strange things about the enemies of the well known writer was originally under film near and then she dropped out like last. Second o selfies pen. That's what caused so yeah come into it I don't doubt that a lot of it had to do with Frances, also going still going through a period of grieving over the creator,
the sun here. Let me no, no that's true, and so in a way, I think, for him it was a time of of bringing his whole family together, because in ITALY there was his mother. Was there his father was there his his? His nieces has never use his son. His is other Sonya, his don't now his daughter was vision from art. School was almost like. It seem like serendipitous that all this kind of it became almost like a movie unto itself. I only Thea override the realisation bigger on that. God bless him either to me. He is entitled to a deserves sharing we once if that's the way he wanted it to be, then so be it he's. The that that's were those of times with those cross over is an art form an he's like, and he is the art, especially the movie, the directors the buck stops with that guy. A man may that so his vision, you know, takes to avoid having to the movie.
I don't know I mean it, it is, it is what it is. I mean I just think I think perhaps in many ways the expectations were here were so high. There was no possible way, you're gonna, equal it equal peoples, dictation and also I call you a jack. I had you age, Michael, you know I mean Patino. Their point me did our right, but it was nebulous thing and also the rubber devolves in up until a couple weeks. We started shooting here and I mean huge in it, but they couldn't make the deal, and I may part but was it gets down to it the valid when the ice for best actor like the year before something, I think? Basically they were offered him short cash, and I think his attitude was wait a minute. I should be right up there right right and so, for whatever reason the vault decided not to do it and you can't within a within it,
weeks of shooting it can often make major. He had worked great browser, that's our lack swains! Oh, I do mean that explains why, but it's ok, my feeling is that it is what it is and saw it holds up as part of that that part three of that trilogy and I don't think I'll be a fourth. What do you never could be? Yeah? I guess but like you, but you do it. It's all maison. Could you do I give due tv movies? You do all the movies, you point Dean, Martin, I loved their loved one it well. The thing is I don't care about the the venue feeling? Is it all? First of all, on winds up on it, somebody's phone anyway, my ultimate, he saw me what the hell do. I care I mean back. Then it was a big deal for starting a business. Your either of stage actor ere he reactor. Movie ACT right now. You never! The TWAIN. Shall me right now. It's all over the place here. Most of your big movie stars came out of probably streaming. Why will it's true, I think about it? All the big stars are our stars got that way because the
the little boys and girls I mean the US model, I mean they created here I mean even you talk about Johnny Depp in those guys like that they started to do a little bits on tv and stuff like that never happened back out on. You have already one jump street with this now like Johnny, Depp yeah, I'm I'm just saying that right, young people create who they want to be stars in and they can get it off over showed its. Maybe you see with ad was streaming. Those up but there are some guys. I got me a bribe. It was on the outer guy started on tv back in the day here and made the graduation rice. You you're saying some like there's a whole, while the factors I don't know they are and the kids know they and I'm selenites. You have that just away time works no, no, and in all of this the media is made it select, paying out many far
Who is you here? I don't know if you have power, I wanna do is get off of it, I'm on it and then, if you don't want to get out- and you figure it out at me- I'm fifty six and I my guide, I fought to find a place on economic. I know I know I don't look at Amelia who I have. I keep it up, because otherwise there is a gallows. Impersonating me because I didn't I, which which one do you do twitter? I don't I don't look at my assistant. Doesn't twitter does Instagram is I guess territories we have Facebook, I probably have a more rights for I really dont dorm hours. I e mail and I call people we allocate though it so I can have no tackling thy textile. You. I got kids. The text was never hear from me that never hear from them again, but the other thing is I: Well, I think it's ok. It's me social media, become this, isn't what I dont like about it as it gives everybody like an equal voice and use them
you're the earth. It makes us all very accessible, yeah and so it's like, but I had to get it because it goes impersonating mean that really caused me money to get him off and was here he had opened twitter. Whatever was yet the way I know where they stand and came up to me since he had donated your charity, which articles the one you have online Facebook fancies. I don't have that night or not. A guy was sick. I didn't continent he created and how do you he had a get somebody a body to get over make mind, be written into the other. With a colleague, verified Y know. You're right is a guy who get punishing now. We just testing methods scandal. I have no idea how long it let not very long, but my system was built before nineteen years is very good and so least what we use it as a result of form to just be able to inform, like hey chrome is gonna, be back. I'm blah blah blah or, I This was a military on this date that that, but I'm not there every day I personally had not at all I'm saying, oh by the way I had like a sandwich this morning,
and my dog just now I gotta get stuff makes me. I can't even younger and older. That's right, but also people get obsessed with that diversity, aided it attaches to the narcissism that we all have in then it's your whole day. He puts on modernizing you, people responded, he put another growing up. You see how they respond. You go over to the other platform he puts on Morocco that not all went on and as I have your dad and I really look, I'm in a public professional shun any. But unless the one thing I will go through people see me hey Joe, you make me think a picture. You must be that guy puts everyday people, love you they might. You know it's hard to say, for me, this is sick. Shook him I'll, take a pitcher yea gonna. Do finite, I agree that yet another vienna- and you know you put your cholera sunglasses, continue. Somebody! Ok, please. You know So now I know you're eating or something with somebody
sure, but belongs- are doing a politically realistic you're sitting there eating their just just one. I stick their head in giving a yearly don't may because of systemic characters. I played I figure. We was not a good idea. I wish my too far with that guy. He put up a note for ninety nine point. Nine percent of people are very polite and look up without them. I don't know I don't know. Am I finally have not had a pretty good like we have for sure now now? Ok, so this fifteen years on a show, buddy, thou on your on it. I was on thirteen surveys, the shows before fifteen seasons, the thirteenth year, necessity if it is the elevator shut, the Louisiana deferral, mines Jonah January eighth will start the first of the ten David Rossi David Rossi. Now has it I mean as every day I mean. This is a sad thing for you. Well I mean it bitter sweet at me, because you first of all we What really liked each other, especially that the events of the last eight of that we're together we are really headed religion.
Are we really had a nice thing going area really got allowing some that had been her long time? Some there were no near a nice mix and ah, yes was somewhat bitter sweet, but look I didn't kill myself like I've been legacy of unnoticed for fifty you're? So if nothing else you know people is the business is transitory. Care has, like nothing, lasts forever right, and this will happen ass a lot longer than, and I look up in fact Tony on the simpsons for thirty years. So that's my who's running role. I gently and that in that much like I'm still do Annette. I do I'm the one next week, but so like just on a residual. The situation, you doing good enough enough and Simpson Simpson, my residuals. I could take you to lunch, but really well, that's because at I'm, I'm not one of the best mean guy right, you're right, but I love the character and they did they treated me well. They write well for my character like two or three episode: yeah, it's fun and- and I think they say I've done the most get shots of anything of the character hanging out with our pride, and that was on one with the I play.
Oh great, the interviewed crusty, oh great, what do you want to weaken? Listen could get it get one back. What do you know what you're gonna get you mean you atoning have Margaret your pocket revenge on. It would be great at exactly, but about the but thirteen seasons was. I love doing like. If they, if they told me, look we're gonna do more, I wanted them more and not blinked. There wasn't like all man why Gladys is over I'm tired of it but on the other hand, it's it's over em out of sorts time than the two hours from here to permit two hours and it will do in a single hour up until the final two episodes in ITALY a two hour finale out of time and for that and it gets using you I get here. I mean added off, we shot at all, but we as nice as wish. We finish like in March.
I don't even remember regarding issues can be new to me, like oh yeah you're like that, but I do I you know I M sort of new to it, but, like I did a series for networks for our colleague glow and, like you know, you get done shootin it any idea. They'll, ten episode, Yamaha remember what it was about and then comes on you. I gotta have allowed those public out there. They are some. There are some people who are so into it and and and our fan base of criminal mindless is, if anything is even bigger, internationally Maria, because there's less product for them right, don't get everything right with the things that they have things. They gravitate to the two big way so like when they sent a solemn for publicity towards, like all over the world. Clear and I've been alike- France, Germany, ITALY and Monaco, and remember in France, This one power would write a concept. Because do you have any idea how popular you out in front tat? He was in number one show in front of my grilling was like season, yeah, ok, agreeably!
improving the no big and fresh air, and did you find that you, when you go to France, do people idea? Well, you you find it wherever I may not be a work on a street in Venice or whatever, and somebody was David Russie, whatever like a journalist with what they recognize you for now Yeah depends, if I say God Alex Little whacked out gonna, be there at heads the idea or might be somebody's of certain major controversy. I grew up watching babies. The out we watch but my dear mom for ten times or could be affected if the hips offers a guy like my age, maybe aim in the mountain I loved the peasant at present a crowd here, but a godfather to you'll get large, always a kind of so you re really depends what criminal might panic give me the most face time, but an simply Evanna Simpson sweater sure they're, Peoria, that's it. I know, and I am that voice. Oh yes, he me I've had one guy run up to be lifted up his shirt gothic benefit.
It has a huge on it. I'm gonna go make sure this is the final mandate year. When they re not stopping naw. You know. I owe you what you reply or he would look at the conflict for France. Could I would add, I can't do that. He loves me off. I do. I am actually do I'm a member of a cover up of a golf club in, but I don't play I eat there more than they got their brain joy, it's a nice. Where did you get out beginning and I never told you never really tried yet it's it's frustrating I mean I think I'll. Take it seriously yet no one about directing, unlike directing affect I'm supposed to direct this film in next spring, which very interesting, as has been a comedy based on when Frank Sinatra, Junior was kidnapped, alchemists refugees, but this it's a comedy in the sense that its wicked black comedy severe because even oats based on a true story, I was kind of absurd. The guys who did it were like Nazi get right away. I know yet, and it seemed to the eyes of their kind
a cool and an executive if it's not disrespectful to junior or senior in the sense that it shows that there was a little tension between the with them if there were a year, but in a way this is sweetness about it will help us resolve some really like the script. So they came to me because I directed directly nine episodes of criminal minds and also directed a mammoth play in movie Collect Boat Missouri he's got some chops. I got some tell I like to think I do that and I feel good about the episodes are directed a criminal Nigeria and enough for these producers. I mean I didn't seek to solve. The came. The means that we think you'd right guy from his movie nice and I read the script they sent a year and then and then I shot a pilot for Amazon, and the reason I like that is. I have to daughter whom you directed at the owner no norm acting in ok, but it's it's it's! It's the
The file is already running in Israel, a spearhead run in Israel call on the spectrum, and it's about these three young people who are all on the autism spectrum have lived together. This is based on an israeli show, the abbot, Usanga and its, but Jason Cato wrote it was created parenthood and create Friday night lights. Wonderful idea and I read the script nightmare eldest Daughter- has hot his ashes. Thirty two. So when I read the script, I just thought was a beautiful script through those great cause. It's got. Humor me appetites drama to its like. It's like you, think it a good doctor which is, I think, is good show, but Not they don't people on a spectrum, don't become surgeons me. I gotta me, so you had happened to the ones that are just like heavy during their life right and that's what this is kind of about sweet, and so I did that pilots organ await the here think it's picked up anyway. The father I play the father, the lead, the lead boy asset, some, your heart and very close to my heart and it's something that brings
suddenly and also all the people. Many the people, love around the spectrum always had an act they reached out to me, but perhaps having my we're working to make up department because she actually has a strong interest in an excellent to make up school ice graves ago. So neither sensitive to that's why I like the whole you know everything about an alleged Jason. Very much is adjourned. Oh man and I know he has the sun on the spectrum, and so everything seemed write about So can I gotta bring us, you got trust your gut feeling. One habitats, grandma does mutuality and if it doesn't go it does ago, and who knows what I do, I will man who built the I'm sure you do something to stop. There is great talking here same here and we have to see, though any bursting, so he told him to get naked at the beginning that we can expect. I told me, I want you naked on a toilet and that's how we open a play open up your ass, a dead guy it while he is dead, he opens up his eyes. Look silly audiences. I was found dead making on the toilet, and I think that the two here before I get to that heavy then restart the peace.
And then he gets a dress, any starts getting dressed as a distress he starts talking. I fell about, that's all you got a signal and I use specially got us. We say I that guy or try figure it out here. Please do thank you. Thank you. That's it. That's our show his show Joe Show A criminal mines is on its fifty final season. There is Wednesday in its three streaming on CBS all access and the two hour. Serious finale is February. Nike! That's when it airs. I guess I should go to a chiropractor. I don't know I think of fallen apart. I'm sorry. I have a cold and size and stuff Sorry from this combined waited I'll be back on top of it shortly a priority from Atlanta next
go to deputy, far dot com tour her for all my tour dates. Ok, you can do that. Can now I will play some echo. We somewhat subsaharan flavoured phase yeah, that's what I want.
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