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Episode 1090 - Brian Cox

2020-01-20 | 🔗

When listening to actor Brian Cox talk with Marc, it’s hard to see how this pleasant man is anything like the despotic, cold-blooded patriarch Logan Roy, who he plays on HBO’s Succession. Except there is one thing they have in common: They both see the human experiment as rather ludicrous. Brian’s view of a world that is absurd above all else has served him well playing any number of Shakespearian characters, Hannibal the Cannibal, and his real life role as a champion for Scottish independence. This episode is sponsored by Awkwafina is Nora from Queens on Comedy Central and SimpliSafe.

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Hey folks from comedy central, don't miss awkward. Vienna is Nora from Queens the new comedy from Golden Globe, winner, awkward Vena, based on her life growing up in Well Queens New York, unemployed, propeller, we stoned and living with her dad and Grandma Nora, finds herself doing everything from gambling in Atlantic city to selling a haunted house all while taking her. First, steps towards independence and out of the shadow of a riches held tat, mobile cousin, and if that's not enough, beady Wong, Bowen, Yang and lorries can Chin are along for the ride as her family. Don't miss the premier of awkward that is Nora from Queens January twenty second, at ten thirty, nine thirty control on comedy censure, all right, What do the show?
all right! Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs what's happening? A mark mare- and this is my podcast- welcome to it my guest today Is the the amazing actor and veteran actor a guy's been out of her men like many or sixty years may be I'll, tell you I care member. What exactly he said, but Brian Cox's here is most recent incarnation is the incredible character, Logan Roy on the SIRI succession, which is spectacular, Obviously you know him from everything else he's done for it. For me, it's really a member from Man Hunter and adaptation day and then it just kind of fills itself in that you he's like oh yeah these in that too, but but I was the excited you talk to him and he- and he was indeed talking so that's happening, your well. Are you well? Are you?
ok, we're ready were Guaira. Braced were strapped in here to wait to see if country. Actually, I think, really do Sir impeachment trial or whatever this circus is gonna be or, however, it unfolds, though being political, just observational here this is not a polluted. Will show I'm an option Vocational Comic. Observational person. I base my observations on logic and personal experience, but They somehow managed to stifle any witnesses or intrude. Documents into this trial and also stifle the press from having access to the trial itself. It seems that this is the not the test, but this will be a transition. Into an authoritarian government so that So why we should now, within a few weeks how America's gonna go real that aside, how everyone doing I just want to put that out there, because,
I what you may think of whatever I have to say or, however, you react to the very few surviving inside of me engage in political discussion? I do it, So I'm on record out loud of saying what I have said. What you agree with it or you find a tedious are boring or are you you think I'm I'm wrong. It's not necessary. I need to know that I spoke hard on this particular thing. So when many of us have to leave. I was like I knew that I knew I was happening or look I perfectly willing to be proven wrong, God, Ike I want nothing more than to be oh they're, fucking idiot at the end of this, because I was so off base because I'm willing to step out there I'm willing to make mistakes and I'm going to say things that I feel that may turn out not to be true. Speaking of things I found out about myself from my back in the day,
all the way back, five or six generations. I'm my up so many of you know that I was on finding your roots. The PBS show with thy Henry Gates. I wrote with that, a while back Andy, it's going to be on its gonna, be on tomorrow, night, Tuesday, night January, twenty first, I know it's on PBS out here, p m. I dont know where it airs near you probably the same time, but The the episode trust me Jeff gold Boom and Terry Gross so. Initially, when I heard Terry was gonna be on. I thought that the show this was interviewers, but now it's just. I think that the sub title of the show is three Jews or I look at the Jews and we go back with the Jews, but it's Both the title is similar to that it's actually be. The pale pale of settlement was a part of Russia were also
every Osh cannot do as well. It's so! I M very excited about this. I have no idea, I mean I spent almost like three to four hours with gates and with this large book that they put together, you're amazing research almost invest gate of research. I would say: do you yes the gate of research and they were able to pray my jewish roots, further back than they had ever before. I was told with my dad's: paternal line into Russia they had they found Doc. Station like I think six generations back, not thirdly, information, but they they got names, we got the names, go all the way back. There's some great names. After it airs. I will show some of the spectacular names I can beautiful, anyways admitting stakes in terms of wanting to be proven wrong subject line, say it ain't. So dear mark I've been
fan for a long time. On one of my first trip to New York, my dad handed me a copy of the art section from the times and ask me what our family should see recognising your name from your Conan appearances. I said that we should see the Jerusalem syndrome. My dad responded with something like I'm, not taking you guys, see some jus talking Bout Messiah Complex in an off Broadway Man show were seeing lay MS when I moved to New York, one of the first things I did. We go to a taping of one year, comedy specials. It was great and getting see you for free made me feel like moving to New York. Was the right decision some years ago I took some I to see you at a basement impart slope. You read divorce papers for half the show. I tried to explain to my friends that you were going through a rough time. But what do I do that I read from them. I can't remember he might feel at ease inflating when Bruce reading his cord documents about is absurd. Trials in me, reading divorce papers, but I'll take it in
dark moments not sold out used to give me some solace in a way the your podcast does now and the album still comes on when I put Itunes on shuffle, there is a Look on the album more! You say something like quote now that I'm thirty five. There's not going to be any new growth from here on out. It's all decay management. Unquote when I was twenties. I thought this was hilarious. Now that I'm in my forties, it's a little less hilarious over the past decade or so I've can t you finally find the audience you deserve and become completely self. Accepting, and personally I saw my own self improvement really pick up steam around aged thirty eight. So the evidence Is there that middle aged growth is possible and that it is occurring for both of us? It would just help me out to hear you say that it was just a joke. You are wrong and, despite the two steps forward, one step back nature of personal progress middle growth, is not a mirage for all the laughter and entertainment. Ok, it says please exclude his name, so I will work
name nameless man. Ok, I would merit it. I was wrong, I was there is definitely many possibilities, almost constant possibilities for growth, any age in at least or two areas of of your being in an hour he. The cynicism involved in that joke was what I felt at the time, and it did take me another give me a while to acknowledge growth or to feel growth or to manifest growth. I think At that time it was. I was at a crossroads. There might not have been any growth, but it turned out. There was so ok see now just justifying yeah. I was wrong. And also there is a fucking joke. Sometimes jokes are there to create relief for me in relief for you which it did and we're at it turned out to be wrong. Right. Nameless, gentlemen were happy. Yes, we are so it's do this, because I actually need to do
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James, some guy, Food and my cats no longer eat for food that they do it. You know why I just work on the website. You, after you have to work to answer that also Parkman would works. Just made me a beautiful table. Parkman would works at Parkman. Would it's on Instagram made me a fuckin stunning table from outside now I gotta get grill. Do you guys who are girls to get that big oh, but I'd like it or not, you know I don't. I don't plan. Solving into a big girl I've got a pretty good cook and I've. Really had. Did you grow? They just go out. Grow with you know, I used to have like the Weber Little One, the will your hat semicircle, one well call that universal one that basically it is about the size of a slightly to walk in a year cook on the ground by think, I'm stepping up I'd like to get a grill, that's more accessible. That's that at her, that's maybe propane or would palate and I'd like to hear just have.
I can cook on it without even think twice about it. So it's not an ordeal, and I like it to be. I have to. I can entertain people for a couple reasons not just be I want to grill outside, but I get through in the kitchen, if it's hot outside so be nice to have that option, whatever the fuck I'm talking about All I'm saying is not I'm not can become some sort of grill, Bro or pit master. I just want to nice propane grow for the back and if any Scott, if anything, they wanted to about grills. Tell me- or I just tell me, you can you can tweet at me or you can add a email me at what is deputy, potted Gmail, dotcom now look. This is good note, and I and I think that I'm gonna do I'm gonna thanks, I b- I told you- I'm a tour dates. Why? But I ve been putting the date first, which is logically dumb, because if you listening in your car whenever an idea- and I say that
a lot of times, who's gonna registered Dignan. I save the name of the city after and you go that's me. What did you say about the day? So this guy suggests- did, I switch them and it's fuckin genius, it What I do it otherwise anyways Cleveland, Ohio, the Agora theatre January thirty effects a Thursday. I'll, be in Grand Rapids Michigan at the found Sri church on Friday January thirty, first opium Okey Wisconsin at the Turner Hall, Ballroom Saturday, February. First, I'm just gonna, say the date for the day I'm gonna, be in Orlando Florida, Hard Rock live on February, Fourteenth going to be in town Lord at this draft is a centre February fifteenth I'll, be import when main at the state Theatre on February, twentieth I'll, be improved its Rhode, island at Columbus, Theatre February. Twenty first, New Haven Connecticut, a college Street music Hall on February twenty second Albion think New York at the Paramount Theatre February. Twenty
bird gotta deputy. I thought that counts to her for links to all the venues. Can you dig it? So I'm back from Atlanta. Obviously I was there for a week being sedentary being onset. Had I seem to sort of finnish out most of the work to do on the respect film and nice scene with the with Jennifer last day in her mansion in a mansion that is as being present, it is her mansion- and I got one more data shoot. The big concert be part of that the amazing grace concert from now. Think seventy two and that's I just more day. Shooting in its was great, although I didn't do much and I've been trying to take our my back, I'm going I'm gonna go I'm going to a chiropractor for the first time in my life tomorrow, I'll let you know that, goes out you train not to believe them almost as if their which doctors or or her aura snake oil.
Sales manner or just passwords the sort guys with a racket, a racket there's a ladder, rackets, a racket, but I'm I'm not gonna go the regular doktor two days later he's can average it out and I'm going to really a? Thank you note. I mark Marin, just a quick note to say the You're talking about the loss of Le Fonda was really a huge moment. Vulnerable and generous of you for all, far talking podcasting and public radio about driveway moments and storytelling as a listener. This just felt like the simple powerful moment. Of one person living life. One microphone in a little room, not live on stage and the truth. It was lightning in a bottle moment in radio broadcasting that have heard so many people describe throughout the years. It's hard to know when that when occurs in podcasting, because there are currently under eleven billion people making podcast thrice daily, which is greatest.
Many ways, but it does mean that the collective conversation among listeners is fragmented, to put it mildly. Just want to say that personally here, One moment they found me in my car at night parking under a giant sky full of stars in the mountains up in Bears Ville. That made me feel less alone in the world about one of the most painful things I've had to do in life. I'm stumbling around here with words, but I just want to tell you that the reason People make things really exploded in my brain that night, while I was listening to you, it felt like the kind of explosion Ginsburg described when he about how certain words with enough distance between nam- causes a synaptic spark. He was defining how poetry works or resonates at its best. Thanks for the work you do, thanks for making things. I'm sorry for your was here's to all humans on earth trudging the road of happy destiny, occasionally keeping the MIKE on the walkie
Let each other know what we are seeing along the way best Dan New York. Thank you Dan. There's a lovely email, and I appreciate that you had that experience with what I do. I've had that experience with what other people do, and I I I am grateful for it when it happens to me. Thank you for listening. Buddy, I bureau, K, Brian Cox, is great actor. And he just one the golden global word: first performance in HBO succession. The show is and renewed for a third season. I believe that I recorded interview, maybe like the day before the golden globes, I believe that I think it was act ray. I want to check that, but I believe we recorded this. In our view, when he was out here for the gloves the day before the gloves I flew to
Wanna Georgia, the next day and I was sitting at a whole foods. I told you about that. An advantage in midtown at the beach bar in the whole foods eating a salad out of a box next to a guy wearing a camel, had a camel shirt and camel pants all different. Shades of camel wit sunglasses on drinking a six pack of men. You, can beer in Cannes I sat there watched Brian Cox Win, and I said I I just talk that guy. I just talk that guy yesterday too, didn't do nothing. So this is me talking the brine Cox to you for you. From the day before he won a golden globe: I was just in Ireland for two weeks
in Northern Ireland, fuckin beautiful it stunning, it's obviously is Scotland, is more stunning, When I hear it's worse, I mean my family originally might in the mid nineteenth century, we're called MIC Max where I ok, so we actually irish descent. Brought him in Scotland it now is that, like they were, the MIC Max worked out in a positive light. While the Irish were never looked like a project
we shall then I am. I did a programme of three years ago in the television which is it was called from the workhouse yeah and which was the english ray of saying, which was on the polite, but I see the scottish way was it wasn't call. The workhouse was called the poorhouse half yeah and you could only get you went into the poorhouse because resilient any medical help re register in the poor. So I discover that my great great grandfather who was born in Derry. This is on my mother's side. He was called in Ireland, yeah yeah. He was called Patrick. Where can he at the age of thirty nine entered the poorhouse forty six year old, Son SAM? Having lost five of these eight kids, including his wife? Oh my god, to white everything and a year he was even canal worker air and he'd injured himself. He did eventually become a drunk, but he in they move
like in the last year of his wife's life. They move somebody like ten time ha and these two duties what the commitment flits get up, paying the rent and they would just move. I want. I want some and I kept so more about the one about the structure of the families in all wasn't support. Is it, and then this woman that young women at all our show you the structure, the families? Your great great grandmother was called Sarah Maguire unless it oh, ok here she said, and I ll show you where she lived and file, show you the entrance in the Mitchell Library. So I went to the Mitchell live in. They showed this entrance and it said Sir Maguire lives on a stair in Calcutta means, while they took me to some place
and they said this is. Why should live in the showed me a step? And that would be it now kin, and this is some sort of like five I was ever show based on your family's route, and I was right there with they did a few people right right. I do that here, the final, your router, it's it's that under the fact that might lay beleaguered great grandfather he hit His eldest son, his youngest son in these middle son, survived all the other kids at five of them died. Those died. He was desperate to get He was in Glasgow and has in Glasgow whose working there and Irish really got a rough time. You know they didn't. They were not treated well, but when you find out that stuff about your family, how indeed effect you do. I mean knowing that. Well
You know you, you realize you ve got all this information in your dna, rising you're gonna go when you try to when you try to sort of when you become conscience and conscious of it, you realize your where little anxieties come from me right. There is their right, it's it's! It's plus the generation to generation, so it kind of it away. I think I am I I think it's sort of written response, The bulgarian the man who I am guy I'm in a way, I have a kind of gratitude towards it, whereas it's also Bird Norman. I also pretty difficult time as a child, because my dad died when I was eight and my mother was institutions really so when now
the people you found out about where, like four five generations- man, although a mine, they were my mother's grandfather yeah. She was when he was my mother's grandfather. Might my Gregg my grandfather was a mysterious figure. He s. We could never find his war records. He was he wasn t he was in the first World war. My mother was that he was a twenty one years service tat, but I couldn't find it was a drunk as well, of course went with the territory. I know he was there, he was the eldest son of this traffic and Patrick eventually ended up and asylum. When I got the last term in nineteen ten wandering thee, though the wards of these silence still thinking was a fourteen year old boy from dairy. This is your mother. Your grand yeah, my mother's grandfather, our so they saw the mental illness yeah. You could track that's right pretty far back. What was it specifically yellow stress is trust
brings on. Nor can I made my mother. She couldn't deal with the death of my father. She fella heartbreak guilty for it because she, my followers rather gentle, he was here. Sharp hated you- he was, the youngest son of a family and his sisters took care of him. But my sister's took care of me They they made sure he was gonna, be all right. So my his eldest sister Armenia, with thirteen of the They argue that, while his eldest sister midge after the war had a pension and she boorish little shop and she and my father worked in the mills in an unknown hometown- Jude Mills juveniles might where they make. There is a family. Where I mean, if you use, I know jute way in all covered wagon yeah sure that will be made and dandy. Whenever you she western, somewhat burlap. That's right! That's what women that's, what they did their
we discovered through what what they did. The how they discovered it was the term euros it. These coast of Scotland was a great weaving community and they discovered this thing called you there, they also discovered it could. Study. Was wailing sit they are so they discovered the. If they did this Yon in Wales, oil, it extended the jute the Jude extend their. So that's how they set up the Jude industry combats while we also supplied the the tents for the Confederate Army, as well as it is shortly stolen in the states in the state. Why are we were done me? My hometown had the the highest child poverty and the richest people in the
old at one point. Ninety was is something that you grown up fascinated with her ass his own, like something new for you, ve known. I so may I be aware of the castle over where my route J, I think, of the people who get the top end of the boss and Michael, I have, for you, know it's hot I've been sort of constantly aware of that. My did a cobbler programmes. I did a couple documentaries zone, I did. I did want on June. Two did one on the juice Oh my family, I reluctantly because my what happened in making fifty people this is my father's firm and yell came from Ireland here and there was no work from them for the men. The men were noticed kettle boilers which just ass, if afraid, the ice somewhat making tea out. Why, in the cattle is that that implies if there were like house, has again without any of the care responsibility in and of course that's when you know
legal and illegal alcohol, but term blended alcohol came in and that's were they in the early in eighteen. Forty is eighteen fiftys. The alcoholic greatness, Scotland, was something like forty five percent It's crazy. I was very briefly, and I some more public vomiting, that eighteen young in Glasgow idea. I too, in that, was a few We should go earlier that the traditional public foreman who lives a big scottish tradition, which we keep up when they do rather well very well with the northeastern people do because they ring Newcastle Baronial. They do lateral, but you can't. I was out laterally dream, but button Scotland we bend over and we have the decency to bend over keep moving but keep moving stock. So anyway, that that was that was the history, and so jute was the thing. So when
it brought them over and cattle loads and irish Islanders Highland farmers as well predominantly catholic and they came over and the it was the way the women had been it'll had been they weave They spend some from stuffed in others. That right live below the tools, another two or three. They came in to the big industry of the jute industry and it was eight two percent of the workers, population in my home town of female well, the strong women matriarch, I'm very matriarchal, very, very mean they. They did the most amazing things like come, and this is your mother, your grandmother's, my grandma S, my grandmother's generation, my great grandmothers generation and they did extraordinary thing read they regulatory yellow. There were Catholics and they did they built. Gathered the money. I don't know how they did it, but they built six, the most incredible churches, where the abroad,
an italian designer and and handsome who drove designed the handsome cab he design, one of the churches, the church, when my parents were managers in your. Yeah yeah yeah. I mean that the Catholics have always been good. It did at building stunning churches to reassure them that the rat, or understands who's in charge, that's right! It's kind of yeah inspiring young sort of law of diminishing returns is one thing that I can now have you no end, but it was very strong Wyndham. There was a thing called the Mothers Union, which was very powerful Caesar. I pretty catholic. I was we are all part of the old tried anytime. You Norman, I believe, that's my theatrical sense of it comes from a Catholic Rachel. I love Catholic We, I don't believe in any of it now, but I loved the ritual is still like it. I like What do I do? I go. I kinda wings money. I viagra I gotta midnight Maria, then of course, the great thing,
Catholicism, is a confession. Yeah I just watched I started watching that due to Pope thing they just there. I've always been sort fascinate with com. I can, but I'm a Jew here, but Will you that's why you have Freud? He algae. He picked up the catholic but she was a good. I know me confused everything. Eighty capitalist keeper, pretty simple, that's bad, say this fee over don't lose out again, but that's also a jewish incompletion computer, ongoing dialogue exciting with our problems, however, always into exactly where we have that kind of relationship with guy. Why no matter who exactly but without buddy you found in Europe in your life confession useful. When I was a kid yeah I mean I did because it was the web floating any acts that you have, and there is plenty knows but you didn't have any
alcohol and confession alcoholic, and that was that was the closed circle guy. That was, that was the route of, and it was the woman. You know the women they kept going. They were the ones who you'll. Let me my father was not a good Catholic, but my mother made him a good catholic variety, and why, how did your father pass away so young? He was fifty one. He had the pancreatic cancer- oh my god, it was the worst. It was a hell of a blow to the family because he was a very. It was a very loved me, your eight, I was eight. He was kind of them. In my followers I mean it's, it's a problem I have had with Father who dies I'm terrible father. He thinks on oh yeah, really not good at because I'm my father's mythic, so you how you comparing essay, I saw. How can you be? What have you got a mean? Everybody bases the thing on the dad. Trying to do better, try you dear, where the very different or having not doing what that guy you're, not doing with that exactly what I didn't have any of that. My father was like he was like a saint like kind of thought
there's no way I can live up to the side just abandoned. I want my kids came alone. I just said: listen, it's alright! We have here an orgy again, your banking, on the wrong person. You know it's not gonna work, it's not gonna happen and they already ironing out were without turning azure. Ok, but my wife keeps saying: could she had a similar background to me? She had hippy parents who, let us do everything so she's, boundaries boundary, oh yeah, loungers, and I go. I don't know about four hundred. I don't see you cannot do this or you can do that. I'm hopeless nobody ever that interesting as they usually there was. Not knowing how to have boundaries is better better than to be shut down. Exactly will mean the justice it's hard when you go. It has to be like this and I go well. Who says that?
But how can we negotiate exert written in a way that we would like to talk to my boys, and I say, but the horrible hormonal could someone you get well. I have from a previous marriage. I have my eldest son, who is coming up to being fifty. Was I wow? I was a child bride. My daughter, my crazy, wonderful daughter, whose forty and then I got two boys and the weird thing about my boys- is there in my I'm not very tall, but I always wanted to be tall when I was a kid and my wife is quite petite, but we have these six with three son had I haven't. I have no idea, but I was paternity suit talked about One point manipulate. Apparently they all my jewel still married. A woman guy years is a workable peninsula waiting for some another shot,
if your father had wondered what was the shot, it was a little grocer, Sha N, you remember the shop, oh very well, remember it and my father that that was the problem because he was a ghetto community and he gave everybody what they called when read it sure the only paid the bill rise, so he was left holding the baby and he's got the food yeah sound and- and this is what happened so when he died his hit, ten poems in the bank and oldest debt and therewith. What five girls in one boy will those three girls yet and into boys me and my elder my brought Milo Brother Bugger off from in my mother, my only brother officers, my father died. He joined the army, he can cope Amelia. He was actually anime ways. My brother's more traumatized by men of everybody, thought I was the one who was suffered from my bride on icy. I think looking back
my brother was only got brutalized by joining the army in the url he just can handle it could be, and then you what's with the three women I was its three women and they kind of look down your mom, a Mamma mamma you and I and my mom was very troubled by it all and choose very. She was a yellow. She was an interesting. She was so typical of of working class women in that part of the country. In my part of it ass. She went into service in Canada. Has a young woman? She came back the married my, which met my father made him. I did she always regretted the fact that in that women than a bad rap, the added particularly bad rob so is tough for her, and my father was very generous in my mother's great cry: was charity begins at home? So I was tension yes and it also played on him and I think
Contributed to his demise because at the edges, so fuck em out of account, we deal with this anymore body to do something to me. Ok, you got me. I really screwed the pancreas jihad. Oh, come on that and that's a quick point. Let's quickly, three weeks three week, three, we after diagnose, yeah wow, and so you were brought in and your mother started. Don't waffle mentally media she'd. She love she may lie. I witnessed I came home one day from school. She was cleaning the oven, really yeah and I thought my wits girl and she said, object. Guinea avenue we clean- I said oh I said, but what s mouth or got up must have left the gas on you saved her. I save them that Taiwan, I didn't even know, that's what I did, but I realized that later on that I'd say pass my cat. So how did
so your brother goes into the army for you eat. What is if we start wanting to actor No, no. I start. I wanted to act because my dad used to make me do Johnson impersonation when I was too oh yeah thing with. Back vaguely lot nope, not quite black. I did so in a coal bunk. But I didn't do black, but I did all the actions I did. My mammy belong to two Tutsi and you're good at it, and I was really I was amazing focus. Our great festival in Scotland is Hug Monet areas Eve you gotta go on four days still going on now, the still going on we still got people be dying from drink and what s thoughts vomiting in streets of the solar, known them. No, that was that was the. That was the boy ground in and when I got that sense of approval, the l, I thought this is good and he may be made him laugh minimal by a man who enjoy a good, and I thought well. This is, and I had some
I hold onto joy. And I always was the class club may I know this was so. This is where I could do. The violence Khazars innately violent. You know that was sir. I remember one time there was a guy who is probably autistic in a way. We would know that now there is called Harry Cow. Hurry. We couldn't. He was a sweet kid. What he was very quite clearly and these other eyes and school made me fight him, I'm not a fighter. Finally, I ended up being myself up in front of him. Yeah and all the kids. Relying only with the crazy guy, because I was I was having myself really did, though I go ahead,
get out of this. I can't beat up Harry carry, nor can I go oh I'll, be myself, I'm freaking out loud and our freedom and they never bothered me again the crazy because it good why? What's it's really interesting, I mean this psychological dynamics of white you're standing how powerful you're putting on a shower entertaining is because your father, carried a heavy load and was not necessarily that happy. I he entertained and have the same relation. My dad. I can make him laugh and he was a depressive fuck. Why am I got was I might that was rather shy ray? I wrote a quiet man. It was put into a position by his sisters on a sort of struggle, up to any did he was. I mean I mean my dad when he died. Somebody like three hundred people, Kennedys food law, He was important member
community and he was and he was loved. You really lawyer and my mother was frustrated by him because he was just he was too generous unit, before my mother yellow and she had a drunken. This drunken Irish Father right, so she ended up. I can't control free shoot. She tried to keep control to try to keep, but she wasn't really control free right. She snapped Rio but she wasn't boozy. No, no, no. No! She she drank up at the end of her life. She would drink fortified. Wine has stuff you get in. There the pharmacy our let you know that for fighting off yet she read: she became slowly addicted to the sun, find this photo of their store. Yeah, it's a nice for,
It is this, your friends to wear the building, the building all got to know they destroyed mice city, which was horrible. The city. We had a very corrupt city government here in the nineties, sixties and the guy them, though they were jail. Eventually they were, one of them was in the demolition business and they demolish the civic railing. Build and as a commercial development- and it was this beautiful little medieval town violently told em buildings which had been Edinburgh. Nobody would have done it. So when did you start tat? You know actively involved with theater? I started getting evolved, a theatre when I was some ok, I I My education was a total disaster, we run around being yourself out well yeah or on the other hand I was day when I was it, prime. His hair, I would always I would go for what what what we call in Scotland Messages, what what you would,
o er. Yes slowly. I realise the great time for There was one the merest brothers we admire his brothers, who taught us first and then they took them all away was one day they did about social engineering when they broke up communities and put them in these horrible housing schemes outside the city in programme? almost how much I and horrible he I saw a wee wee. Didn't we were not affected by that we managed to stay where we were. We lived where we were. We eventually went to one, but wasn't it wasn't a major one? What for five years, die. Know that my sister's raw married, they were mostly- I mean I did Stren treatment. My sister's lived in these grotto tenements, we my eldest sister, whose no eighty nine one is here. Yeah, I'm not the one here, the women, the wooden back in Scotland. Then she lived in. She lived in two rooms with sharing to bathrooms on staff. I learn that, and that was five five.
Via flat, so I stayed there along with her and she could she kind of she didn't look out Look after me, when I actually was more important issue, looked out for me right run and after me, which was actually get your back in the area exactly. While, where you get away, did you need their own way? I mean. Did you were you who the streets tough. And he was regeneration where none of the school was tough. There were a few more It is not in a couple of prayer. Yellow, though, is that those guys who used to go on Euro eleven, your boys you to intervene, old people. Right, I mean was still. I was a lot of thuggery. May I was just a miserable poverty ridden those there was an element of poverty. I shot him, we went. We got quite poor me a moment. I because she was. She had no money, my dad died. She had a job, she was a cleaner in school. And I mean she would have a widows pensions bear shouldn't, get that Friday and thirsty
We may be have a tough time of it, not every Thursday, but I would occasionally have to go across to the local fish and chips shop and say you know, Could we have some bad habits? We got a big things at the end of the pan, rigorous and that when I shake out of yes, that's right not be ideal, while batter bits as a name for it. That is worth disturbingly about a bit. You have some better, but that that was a common language and it was I more common than people, let alone that that that we did at the end of a very good thing was to give us to us. I didn't I'm, all the time, and I just remember a couple of occasions when it was desperate, so you eat it. Did you finish school What would happen was, I wont to amends. I say that the headmaster came enough to the Mass brothers used to make me go for air and sea so Mr School, because having down shopping for stylus for his gramophone and doing stuff, like that, no pay that no pay no, but but but note, but I could wander off inside
the day doing that right and right. Mrs myths, school, which is great, which is great, had come back or the other thing. I do as I go to the cinema behind the cinema in the afternoon right and I'd sleep right through. Till the following morning, really, so I used to break out the cinema. Four o clock in the morning my sister, my youngest sister, the one who's here she was my MRS Ass. She was they eventually. My too This is such a venture. He created this situation where she could emigrate to Canada. When I was about your youngest city out, when I was about eleven, she was, she was too they want a young. I was. I was ten yeah. She is so she emigrated, but she looking after mean she was found when she was twenty image was a kid. I was ridiculous looking after this boy, but she should panic, because I was missing should the police were out looking for me and I read worrying pass. I remember
forgotten where everyone is done. The high street, in my home town, from aside from the cinema, the Greens Playhouse, which is a huge cinema, and I break out a final, the breaking break out. I think there was two movies I slept through. One was Helen Frisk, obey and the other was yeah, so I got What year was very long put me to sleep anyway sombre? down the street and suddenly this, as you know, the doktor who you know Todd is whether those are all police box such but they were originally so I'm running person. Suddenly this voice comes out. Where are you going young man? What do you mean they speaking to me and a policeman you wouldn't come out to state in these bodies are going to be easy. We ve got to, get you home and eventually came you and your sister was really my sister was even so annoyed as well. So anyway, what happened was that I my school- and I didn't I fail by eleven plus,
I went to a vague at school was a catholic. Secondly, modern school wasn't a very good schools, ok, but I there was a couple of guys. Was a copper teaches there who could see that I was a fish out of water and they knew that this was this was I was a tricky kit yeah, but I had the allege wit.
And human yellow last clown out. All that- and they really liked me- I may they looked after mid. They looked out for me. I was being looked out for ramesses lived up to bring it up for so they encouraged me. I did little plays and stuff I them, and then I got then by sheer stroke of good luck. My Geico build your who was one of these guys. Look after him, he had a student who had been working, the local rapidly than a dandy rat, which was pre powerful rep throughout the country. It was people with a lot of actors. Blank Glinda, Jack's Estonia and people are Nickel Williamson and this kid co, Frank Mcgrath. He was, he was leaving, he was gonna dramas, Gos has job
available. Rallies job was basically taking assistant to the the secretary in taking money to the bank every morning with another messenger and other messages of or yeah, which I did to hinder. The bracelet invite you to take the takings into a pitiful front. Nuclear from the and mother evil cleaning the stage but you're in it. I wasn't there. I used to map the stage at the end of the day and then I graduated to doing since shifting Java shut down. Your watch. Him were you doing that yeah always love is great, and I know, I've been my thing be movies. I suspend your. We had the double features and we're in my hometown. We had twenty one cinemas have today. They were trying to keep you have to start yet they were re, Llanos Level, preacher at six, you gotta know, and it was three day programme, so I could see as many as eight movies and weak, and that was you think that was my
How did you feel like you wanted to be in moving there all the time? I was that's what I did. I acted and who are you like your favor? I was I viewed from Jerry Louis too run up a guy to call it a range of development. We re be here, so it was a great time it was it was yellow is blissful Amazon. You move up from keeping in an undertaking by the bank to see setting up seen her on stage intelligent. I was aware staged by the driver it was done and they re learning all this just by paying attention, gonna pay attention and people work. You know people in I'm people like me in your hands. Twenty eight- I was fifteen while I was fifty so where do you get your big break? well, what happened was that they there was. You know, and I was I was sort of a kept my eye open on stuff, but ACT may I came out of the very since You sure you aware of where this guy's from here he RADA Guy, he's a central school guy
If we really want the differences, while it was just a different soon with RADA Royals, while RADA was so that there was a bit of entitlement to win with it when they stand for Royal Academy of Music at the Royal Academy of dramatic ok and there was this other school called land, the London Academy Museum, Joanna got. There was a canadian guy who actually, a famous later on you as the smoking man and the x files. Okay Bill David and he was a young twenty four year old director who directed in the company
very good to ambiguity and under man, and he was very nearly meeting in. He invited me to a vice lesson and I thought what he said come we're having a voice lesson. I didn't know what I mean. I had no idea how such has unless this woman, who was there, who came and she's the only can quite famous his voice teacher, but she was this young twenty four year old woman and she now gone home. She comes from Orkney and Scott, which has gone by her name was Kristen link. Later I thought I want to go where she is as soon as I got to discussions, I got into land. I was seventeen. She left you bugger off to American. She came in a really get a warrant yet and lived here for forty years doing voice, for teaching at Columbia, teaching that she started a theatre company called Shakespeare company up and then in the berkshire. Ah, you know all over
Massachusetts. So when you're watching all these people come in, you can tell them difference in their general. We from the institutions- and I could tell you know the land. The actors were always little. There was little more thorough ass in terms of their the prep sir. It's the Royal Academy daily their little entitled little the title talented, but it was. There was no structure to them. Those, that's that's unfair. That probably was a structure to, but the lamb. The thing was because it was Are you so much more thorough and it was very influenced. It turned out that I realized later was very interests by inflows. Why, among called the shattered I'm not sure yet the mile I'm not was that was what was employed. That was what I learned when I went to schools and it's not a classical yeah. Well, it is a classical training in one sense, because you're doing classical stuff but you're using your using subject, verbal object. Emily
about it was I learned to read the dramas I learned how to go. Subject vermin object in what is, though, subject. What is the object, what he right, what is intentions rather than you transfer that nice this technique. Why am I doing? What am I doing where my going here are a kind of further private? While there is a great teacher whose past local Vivian metal on an Vivian was there, he was very kind of Atlanta I am a great influence. Vienne put so I did a very good time there, You were there when you were seventeen seventy, so you would now I get this sense like who have I talk to talk to you in Macao and the about about Shakespeare. I dont, like I'm, not a Shakespeare guy, which makes me feel small, No, you must fill in like uniting and he and I and I dont- I'm not. I don't I'm not too well versed at all and he did it to my face. He did Shakespeare right to my face and I got it you know, but it wasn't
Unfortunately, it was amazing. This EU shakespearian actor, do it, Are you understand? I think that people like me you grow up there, you're watching SAM Shepherd Blazer, whatever the Hell American Theatre, better or just its heart, the languages heart, and it takes a type of vigilance. I dont have really Now I always assume that people from the UK or both train there are immediately doing Shakespeare. Well, we do Shakespeare weight because it's his the isa yet on increasing master of the english language. Yeah yeah unease a great playwright, but what I was thinking that before somebody like the New Karagwah Logan Roy? with somebody like the New Karagwah Logan Roy right on succession, which is great that in that it struck me that you as you go through the catalogue or the or the whatever they call the entire shakespearian Buchanan near Cannon. That
there is a lesson to be learned both emotionally theatrically, linguistically and in almost every absolute page. Only I was is lucky and I've been working relations into Logan, because, thirty years ago forties I did with Maccallum falling off here we did this tour of Richard, the third which he played rich at the third and King Lear, which I pledge kingly yeah and he played. Can I who played. I played the Duke of Buckingham with him. I'm we did this tour and yellow that was exhausting cause. It's such an exhausting, partly and it's very interesting programmes. You. It all and your young they do, and at that point we going to do it, but I've had a success doing a little a play, which is not very often done in Shakespeare, because it's a tough one, but I kind of made it my own and that was Titus Andronicus sets like a big boy.
Play the triads, but it's it's blacklist. Funny. Oh yeah yeah. It's really, and that was the thing I went because again my humorists thing we I went for this. The black, but I love the euro. You learn on the job. I waited not done that much well, because people get it wrong the date they don't understand the the ludicrous nature of it. What is the point of it? While the plot is set, this roman general returns from the war. He has to find that the state of Rome is in a bit of a state of flux near there as a guy who's now taken over, whose no very responsible and north He's got so brown on in he's, gonna marry one of the Goths women here and he's, and this soldier he's an old soldier. He's lost most of these kids After this, the idea of Rome and the idea of Rome becomes suddenly wanting and he's left in a kind of state of law.
Hamlet, and when you look at the plays you look at the later plays you see that and Titus Andronicus as all the trial stuff here he tried out alone idea. Leocadia hamlets madness, right man she tries out in Euro there ya go figure. He tries out how the fellow figure he tries. That's all that's tried out and that plan it's wrong rough and ready. We surely mentally raw yeah right at the end and its hugely funny right. If you allow it to be here now, a lot of times when Brook did it, he he curtailed the humour because he felt the humour was brook yeah, pinnable, ok, yeah, EL, the humor ways detrimental. But I say it's the opposite. The humour to me is what it because I think life is ludicrous. Another life is- and I know that his tragic or funny
it gets ludicrous. Only older. I go personally area as the older I get. The more I mean, I think me, the human experiment is extremely disappointing. There is a problem with the ending. The other is no there's no validity to right. I'm a real problem with it, but a butterfly serves me is a creative monsieur. I mean let's. I think that is the way that Shakespeare thought to fill. That's right when Logan rifles brilliantly right, because Logan rise in everybody says he's right wing age right when somebody's anomalous right inside put Liza as he doesn't want the burning of their burn all down because you didn't believe any of it, and particularly his own children. We, as is the fact that children are in fact when below, and there are, of course, a fact that live, I'm responsible button,
fuck them where I had quite interesting that you know when you really think about it. That is it's not even really about power. I guess that seems to be what it's about, but it is about what was there just its eternal sort of yeah, I guess an existential darkness and neither the core of all an absence of principle yet and reasonable just gets in the way, we're one we're learning now he said that that that that most structures that we thought were there to protect us are really just this time, like you good, there's, nothing, nothing all the needle gather another was no routes to against their morale, and we certainly see with our present or so, but when you're doing my type which are you you. You are known for right, yeah. That was your big break, the naturally when there was a and seeing eighty seven year anyway.
But you ve been working aloud. I what I've done a lot I mean I'd, get I've. Had I really really very fortunate career, my work with a load of great people, let Lindsey Anderson and wonderful, direct Michael earlier to guide to fight to young. I did when I was thirty six I to go from Pat Lagoon and played captain. They have an extraordinary lecture, Moby Dick. So I'm my practice was always for these kind of big scale things weirder and data, and now with from Lambda. How long were you there? I was there only. I was only there because we were such a disastrous year, though they you do that for three years. I would add the two years so I was out working. I was out got my first job afterwards, I went to back up to Scotland and I worked I was a founder member of the royal light seemed did a company in nineteen sixty five and where I grew up well,
it's it's southwards! In Edinburgh, our I run Dundee lay your mark, the beginning of that nets to iron out its golden fun. I did the fiftieth anniversary of it with my great power. Have you seen flee bag yeah? Well, you know the guy plays a father? Yeah he's one flag, a bill, Protestant Thea bills, genius catching, But he's very is very. Where sums growing very deals, organ donor unease, so brilliant in that show so affected supervised, or so aye aye ring about nice ability, fiftieth anniversary, said, o citizenship, its fiftieth anniversary of the little. I seem ass, good ass, the eyes at them, you're they want to do. They want to do something. You I've suggested that you and I do Gordo together, you play go, go in. I play DDT. Was
one a new play. The poor meet us at so West of Scotland and he should be interesting. He said you know, but Brian I'm worried about my legs. Sure I'm sure would be able to deal with your legs. What's the matter he's a little easier old enemies of when we did. That aim is in these late sixty year. So now because of my new found six says people saying you know you want do theatre stuff on us in the IDA. I turned out. If you fear the things and then somebody came up with the idea, what about reviving God? Oh yeah, an ice it That sounds great. Five years is redundant orbit. All colors, with a load sire bill ago I say Bill Asia. I said you know where you're the Gordo said well worth thinking you know maybe reviving really only Oh I'll, look at the lower, you know, but you know something
What about my lennox you doing them, lay already that's exactly what these went ass, the answers, but are you going to do it? I hope so we'll be great because it was a very. We also did a very scottish we did an from the east and the does all light and sun in twenty four hours unlike the where everybody goes wacky, they are different way right in the west is rain. Three poor me new new and it really manifests itself the culture as it does a soap. It's so deep to the pillage of some wild so dear to the Wendy Start doing film. I start in life, where's film was in no way button, nearly Seventys when first film was nickels and Alan Zone.
I saw that when I was like that too young to see it forgets where they like it the end they line them all up against the wall that initial them. I remembered that that part of it didn't notice prayer of it when I put Trotzky guy upright, I'm wondering at a kind of can picture that I can see you play Trotzky. It was my first will judge you get that well, Well, it's a very funny again, a very funny story. So Spiegel, the famous SAM speedily, underactive directed, who produced more pressure on who produce stir african queen already had, and he was known as SAM P, Eagle at one point and I'll studio guy, you know studio guy and he had dances. Legs AUS. Remember that he added legs of adults nifty at all, so So I was I was doing the thing a job and I was August up country in and in those days it shoot you forever to get to anywhere.
So I had to come down to London on several occasions for this pot and I I was summoned. I was the plan. I was summer how the hell am I gonna get then get back sad and get up. So we have postponed the moon and get a trade get down and get my interview and then get back wranglers. First, seven o clock show Oh so, I'm and I've done a whole series of meetings with Amanda I go down and I was up for a bit of a currency, the pot of Kerensky, He said, okay, so I came down and they were told my trotzky like site, I came down and- and I walked in the room- and this is what are you doing here? This was Frank schaffner. We don't want to see you again. I think I'm sorry I
just told. Then: not only will we senior lives in your fine, let's go to JANET unless it. What do you mean? You should find it's fine and themselves because it is his finally of the picture. All I said you said yes, you in the picture I should so were away, my playing Kerensky or Trotzky said Kaminski Trotzky. Here in the picture, you didn't even know the guy. That second did you have a good part, Maybe I was a small parliament gave me these pebble glasses, which I couldn't see out of a member one point when I had to find the handle of the dog and play but, like you do wegg, then he did. But you did a couple of films and then there are the big chunk a tie. I was a boy was I I I I was. I mean to be honest with you. I was always motivated by the movies and ride out was my thing as yet it
it was movies and also its also to do in my culture. You I'm a working class, get from Scotland sure I'm not English even though those english Ruby summit. I love them now, but they meant nothing to me all those English Alec Genesis in the laminated, marble, doktor films in half in the house and on those terrible, terrible english rooms at nothing what meant something to me was. You know the Bowery Boys, Jerry Louis Spencer, Tracy, because he was a car like so I was my mother was, maybe God suspense of tricks. You have you have spent Citrine Lucas. I loves once again as a result and fight them. It is my very favorite act. Remote I lay Brando Brandon Dean, you learn seeing them, and that was the fiftys when it was a fermenting time for yes, so that's what I wanted to do What did you do? Movies in the theater was like an alien place to me, I was doing a lot of what I want.
Because that's what we do and I worked at the World Court and what would people like Lindsey Anderson, so that was of great influence. For me, I think because you were able to integrate some this Ike, as I had no idea about the kind of infusion of Meissner. Two into any the schools realize it was it was. It was what's the word it was subliminal. You know very much so, but it was a kind of it is that it was a get in Beijing taught me a red light. Really what I like to invite you find when you do it like having done so much. And you ve done a lot of shakespeare- that your approaches is. What what tools do you sort of rely on to build the character, while I just the other day, the internal mechanism? it's it's. Who the guy is ill omen? Don't worry, I'm in general those yellow
when I was young. I am in Libya was around and Libya was just incredibly impressive yeah because of his adapted to seal. If you play Othello, which is unheard of now, he can do that and get away with it, but it was our database on it was fantastic and then seeing the coalition, for instance, in who I'd who's the first act drive, met cause you some the punch up ass. I walked in the stage door for my job here and you like to see them all. I want to see him I saw Malta. Can we used to go from school from drivers go? We would go down there to address rehearsal and we would turn up and We saw Maggie smoothly Maggie's with doing hay fever with the great day, Meeteth Evans, just that so that phenomenal period and my life, so I really began to love the theater, but I still had cinema shall learn what I did this when I did that central. I, u I held out tonight. I did a lot of
I went off and I learned my job. I learned the job here by doing theater, but I always had this thing about the cinema hanging over me and then I I did too plays one was Moby Dick, which was a big success for me personally Natalie, and then I did I did to place after that, which was the play cold strange intellect, which is a huge in a new plan. That's a long long play by huge in India, which has never done. I did it with Glinda Jackson and we transfer that two Broadway not ended. In the interim temperature transferring to Broadway I didn't another play in london- call Ratan the Skull which was about the northern irish conflict, and I played this protestant guy who turns this? Take the Sir catholic terrorism. It's a really really good play was very powerful. Play was eighty four three,
ended up doing bozos plays, but I end up both go to America coming up here. So I came to America. I was in my life. That is what we do. It. Big successes, I'm a skull was a huge shoot. Success in this casts indirectly combining Timmerman came to see me in it. She she invited me to go to meet her and I met on and she said, and she I didn't know dishes on a parliament moves Mila partner in this important on the scene.
And it was one hundred we too, so she did she so eccentric Bonnie. She said. Do you mind? I don't want to see you. I m sorry. I don't want to see you she, because when I got to the theater I can only hear your voice because I didn't my seat properly than of the prophecy. So could you turn away from the camera? Renate turn away by fire So I did this alone because events I did turn into become so I got the job Isla area. First, animal, that's very fashionable actor. I remember I got the job and that was my calling card so that what happened? who is the killer noon and withdrawn? I knew tat anyone alive was a great greatly inessa urine Michael, not spoke very talented, And anyway, what happened was it? I did that I was in America,
I learned my marriage. My first marriage fell apart. I was sort of point point of moving to the states, but I realized I, these two kids, I still age son and I was very young daughter, adversely affected by divorce, shall I couldn't I had to stay so I did get a job field of other, but you're good Father. Well, what I had an I had to get a giant, so I got a sum. I got this job at the Royal Shakespeare. As the last place in the world, I thought I wanna go. I mean I, I had worked in the late Seventys, the national data and I hadn't enjoyed it. I didn't like Peter Hall, he ran the pleasure is, can get on with them. Only was very good to me, but I M A click show that I finally want to strengthen and I went to the London in
so I started in London, righted nor Shakespeare plays a nail Terry hands around the companies set. I wanna go out when you come up to the straps prior Susan was recently Barbicane when the weather was the London base and those working there and he said well, come up. He said we want to do a tennis Andronicus. The how all these directors, who wouldn't touch it? They didn't want to know, and he kept saying certain direct. As I said, I am a merely forty. As I said, I've got nothing. I should I you know I don't play safe. I wanted pushing our push and approachable. So what happens? We found this young director that young female direct uncle Deborah Warner, who had been had a successful their own company, but the company had gone in achieving that
the ground there. So we got her in and she to govern the right then and then the rest was below. That was it interest. So you'd you, you have this breakin movies, but neither family thing in a kind of live. Did you demand up responsibilities in back you and then you get brought in to this historical. That's right, physician and, and this amazing version of his aren't it inside out attorneys without and then I stayed on and I want to do the Lira, Stratford lighted, a lot of touring matured wounded world to earlier. We did a tour of Titus before now. You're, like a in terms of I saw it As I read somewhere that when you were doing Lecter Area Hopkins was doing Leir. When I would you like to have two Zulu what he was doing when I was doing Leah, he did animal you. Are you guys? Oh yeah yeah we go. We never talk about that. That's a taboo subject. We never talk about the layers,
No, no, no that's the electorate's out the language will talk about the lion I mean. I shall gladly Tugela Valea because you got alone. He added yet a tough time. Only in what is like is like it. You know, being someone who doesn't know about the nuances of it there there there we some analogy to be brought with the Logan Ryan Layer by not really not really amend as an element of this. One of the men who earlier has a heart rightly what little Logan his at its very deep body, the banning of Adobe there but thing about Lear. Is it you know, is giving an all away a mood learning let's try to take it all back, You know he's not gonna get away to anybody. It's like it's such a bit like when you say that about about nihilism inanimate. Just this idea, because we are living in this world where these these these older boomers
are really of the in the narcissism, is that yes, if I'm gonna end the world's gonna end, with them. As an element of that. I think that's true, I I'm not. I'm not sure where I'm going you're Logan is gonna, feel she's. Gonna end, I think he's he's is also smarter. It's a great character enemy is so much smaller than the present put some in Greece, such her dumb ass.
And now he's one of the guys. It runs this type for an owner of politics. That's right! Yeah yeah only does that not only has an and it's very interesting because you get less. You get this kind of thing about some about ill people in power, people of wealth. You know people of wealthy Lloyd. I look at these late coming to the democratic raise like tombstone, now Bloomberg, myth and so funny Bloomberg can see the show I a eulogist. Oh, I don't know why you would you know what I've just been plain Lyndon. Johnson Oak, I was a small Lyndon Johnson of it because it was all done with the one the Crampton star opened yeah. Well, I did this second play, which I just didn't broad Boca called the great society arise, really the tragedy, it's a great story, Linden falling apart, lineal linen
trying to keep the Vow programmes Goya and dealing with the at not rashes, turns into be the biggest share of all time. So that was fascinating to do that and in the process some former came Bloomberg came to see it. Man I was seized by nice. Razor lies man under, but he gave us. This was little bit of a giveaway, which is this thing about power and sing about being entitled. You know- and it was very subtle thing, but he said that we were talking about. You said: oh yeah, Vietnam, I was, I was very nearly involved in Vietnam and nearly nearly happen mattered. I was highly I said I was I was on. I was in on point to become, of course I would never become
I was put to become a leftenant the lieutenant I answered, and I thought that such an interesting idea, the fight that you can't think of yourself as a private soldier, or you can think of yourself as a lieutenant here. So you are already thinking this. Is your mindset piano radio? This is where you're going and, of course, eventually got because whatever sure we wonder what that story. When I left it with, but but I guess it, but Damage is leaving the item. You know you go wow, it's so make and so unconscious. Well, that's the amazing thing about The way the royal are portrayed, because once you, when you get the hang of the show you realize I'm not sure that this is how people really talk, but there's a language here that that threat dances around the emotions of young people through there's a poetry to the fuss right, it's port and honest, highly political too for sure you know, because that's just I'm a judge is a great great, real modest, but a real
He writes in satirical terms. We have brought this great. She was called in the thick of it, which was done back home, but it's really about power and is about power. And but it is interesting that the way you see Logan is nihilistic vacuum here who is playing a game really right? That's right, and I kept. I said that if we do In the first series I said it's a game and the kids don't get it. The thing was a matter of lively this. They don't get right, it's a gay diet. Is there you know they take it too seriously and they don't get it and, of course, Logan like all game heating. It really seriously, but they don't. They don't get the game, so they can't get onto the game because at the end of the intergenerational nonsense, as is always something, but at the end of the last series,
They youngest boy because he's mouldy them my eldest son. My second found in my air pound, a candle he's, pushed him and pushed him and pushed him and he's pushed him to such an appoint. That he's actually gonna have to make some, it's great, ending, yellow some great he's a proud father. This debate at the proud plotter is all because the girl who's gonna is gonna screw me here. I do not know what we do know what's gonna, but it goes about bringing out monies great ending. Finally, while you got some made such a screw up previously, the bear her again and all of that such great acting on everyone's parlor, fantastic in Germany is amazing. Missing is a scandal
good falcons extraordinary either. All extra Matthew make Virgin is Tom Euro two miles and then the lovely Sharon has been she's amazing, as is as is assuming, we think I was born with also great about the shows. It's a real ensemble peace, everyone's war, eighty get it so much alone, soberly and it's so nice to see that could see. That was my question is whether this can come this dry. Early on your career to do film degree, nothing more boring than film act. Zimbabwe, exactly. I mean that's why you like have to get back Right in this show seems like it. We here there are scenes words, you're doing it. You know I worked with with doing
films in my limited experience of it, it's all bits and pieces any right, you can't we get going no way, you see that's what they do wonderfully well the right as in the draft as they let us say, session a layer of six ideality. Let scenes run so you can play them. Lose all the big scenes of played one or two times, but that we play them through the show me Ok, I, like theatrical, unites great police. You get to stretch out Olivier job right or do you know we're minutes? It's it's very gratifying and it seems like a it's. Because when I saw you in succession like I've, I've seen one maybe one of the born movies Billy you gotta good gig with that rail and but I remember you from like adaptation- was the first time rise like who the fuck is ACCA how'd. You like working with Kaufman with that with his Laredo sent us a rival, when fantastic I mean it was I don't u inside you
we have, in spite the ILO spike, is just great women. I did her as well the movie about that. The which are already a hurry. Absolutely AOL over the ice. Great has great weight. We, who were you in that I played Allen, was oh yeah, great yeah, yeah yeah yeah, a guy in the area and the invitation. I was kind of a real got while he was rhubarb, Mickey Mickey. I know I was barbecue. They got me the job because it was resting. Always what about Michael kindly were so he's an owner who should play because he'd seen me do. I did skylight the play. Skylight they mark taper, the the later he s a lovely theatre. He came and he doesn't like David Hair, but he said well. I liked you yes, so he he and these become a friend over the years yeah. He suggested deal on me for that part, and I and I knew Greece
one of the great things when I decided it was a decision I made in the nineties yeah having Had a pretty good career, you wanna do movies, you make a choice, It is now the heart, your great the thing about it was the usual England nor rare in which they, but does this sort of strata you go. I am doing that and I went. I don't believe in any nonsense. If the pot works upon worship mean I have played one of the most successful, rose ever, which is man hunt these only on the screen for ten minutes and its it's dead ass. You do the more you you wanted, the yellow. Yet people go with that guy. Coming by always of always oil so excited so one I'm decided in the end it was Michael Paul. I read Michael policies, he wrote the who's a great film maker and he said in these by
research alone. Movies are no big pots and smallpox their only long parts in short parts the movie for a long time for a short time, but you get yellow you get the focus here for that day that one day player, which is the hardest thing to be in movies near you, get that focus sometimes too much, because because you have to deliver because you only got a day, but I thought that was a very good angle. To me too, to re reads: my career in the midnight is here we had I moved here. I just decided that's what I'm gonna. Do I'm gonna be a characteristic? movies. I remember having this discussion with the late Nigel Crash names go. He was a very famous actually South Africa, but known as an english act, who has tv
she was very successful and he he was me just on a film with sliced alone, and I met him on a planet tat he was going said. I can't do that. They said I. I can't play those parts anymore, I'm I'm I'm I'm Emma leading ACT and I said I should do manage Eliza. Forgive me for saying this, but that's absurd bullocks. I said Jimmy you ve just what was I salon? I work for Stephen with Stephen Seagal. For Christ's sake, just imagine what that was like and was five right, because you just learned to do the job right. I said in its euro really work what Seagal in Bonn? Where were you in well, I was a thing called glimmer he's such a we're gonna move towards monopolies. Please very complex here too, the something very sweet about Stephen which on but anyway, so anyway, choices. Molested, look! It doesn't really matter yellow.
You go in and you on an idea, and I when I first came to Hollywood and in the mid nineties I saw Korea's. I any Garcia, Michael Keaton, manure, this act, but I saw them all being judged by that opening weekend right, you are trying to get them pursued they gotta call the people and you're gonna put people. I did a film called desperate measures, which was well named desperate version. That was my and it was a big break. Big owners and after that their careers went. Yes, I think it's you know any any images. I just the onus that was on them to your packets, yellow. In images. I just thought- and I want to be in that position a fact I never gonna be ok. I just wanna keep working it's out on you, an icy televisions. What kind of that way cause television television, because you can stream it? You can do it, the euro and its away
much more of an egalitarian process to one and also the outlets or there there's your contacts, and it really seems that if you're giving the right virus now that you can make a great the x ray and people will come to it like I, you know I, after the first season succession, I'd heard some about it, but you know it's one, those things where it's like, you gotta, be a real like when you start, you get the hang of that, show how you knock and fuck and watch the excitement, and then you got a good gig for at least four five seasons right held covered over with the hopeful yeah yeah. I know what I learned the can kill me already. When will you, I think you got now fix but, but also you're doing the movies like the Euro with was spike. We found was at twenty point, was twenty five percent? that you announced that we were able to write in you work with any work with these as the support you know you get to really do great acting on your own, but also work with these
we boxer, I mean I was not in that way. You know I've been very lucky that whether in the parts of serve me well, you lawyer either one single rule email. I e that was heavy oil. I, while I was very rare amazing so you wouldn't want you work for these projects, even if their smaller movies one. When you read the scripture when you get for them. What way, how do you make the decision to dip to play a guy who's? This kind of complex, pedophile well at a character right yeah. You know them again, and that is the sort of thing where people said. You need a watch it day. That's what you were that role, because a year ago, when you get it, Let us not forget that if there was any road users, I could keep moving the throughout its don't stop right. Don't stand still, keep me a moving target, Pierre also like as a character actor, and somebody has to chop suey. You do it's. It's not yet you know and not be a movie star you in and have everything be related back through. Who you really are, is that's a gift and be able to just for a transfer?
Why not? I, let's also what I call acting swear to me is the essence of acting job. The job is to be different people very lucky. That way I mean, I am NL. I e was a great example of something which you will had the nerve and people won't. While that's an extraordinary into the night. I I've been very blast generates its it's been frustrated, my wife feel. Sometimes so you don't get the credit you deserve. What she's changed a mind recently, I made it. It is sort of an exciting thing that you you have me, body of work and that people will yet you're. One of those people were once you start telling then you have the movies, like, oh yeah, likely exactly. That's that's the plight of the character, but that's what it, but that's also the joy I m sure the joy of is that
No, you can of course go while you know you're that good day going down, you're not associated with you, no longer characters right. That's that's the bliss over the air, so I agree with this oh, I don't find an interesting. Is that day you know that that is character. Of of Logan Roy source speaks to your roots, some bag, why not it'll talking you do I realise, when you're walking through Scotland going through, That was what we see. That was the only which was so extraordinary so when the first season was right in the very beginning, right to my first conversation with Adam Mackay and whose directing the pilot, I guess I suggested at that point. I should like a play, this character, Scots. I said you might be interested I just said no, I wanna American he's gonna be an american estimate. American voice, Adam K was meant more.
It's a bit more inclined that way. As I said, ok a plain american, so I ended up initially play. I'm not I can, but I play well. I didn't know that, but joy I mean I, I play the canoe and he was canadian. He was born in Quebec, ass on the first episode first episode: this is big birthday party in this element of my birth. Any says born in Quebec, Canada Well episode, nine I've done nine episodes alarm. And I'm doing my stuff do my shit and what have you, suddenly Peter Friedman whose playing the frank like firing and rehiring, He comes in situ. I just answer, maybe our own, on the show you said they ve changed your birthplace. A twenty minute of my birth you said you would go you're no longer born in Quebec Woody Mirandola Bobby companion. He said and said no I said, you're born is rhino icon, my boy, you won't. Let me look at all
those eyes. Oh, so you're born in some wicked Dundee, Scotland. I should that's what I'm worn. That's where I come from an island. What are we going clearly, while only what I have told you I'd, I went up to him and I went up to Jesse. I suggest what what is this, what we said we thought to be a little the process it it's a. However surprise you know I've just recorded known episode, and of course, in the second season, we do an apple of course, I'm no, my favorite son about my hometown, because we did inevitable done day the rich, not a lot of people above the my idea and we filmed in the beautiful. So now you are you're actually that now near the favorites are now and of course, it was very odd to go back to Dundee when I go back to Dundee rather than on a regular basis, Bonanza Japan. Black Latvia. So they go back the dandy and play
Odin. Who has these this thing, bad memories for him, and of course I have mixed memories about beyond the whole. My memories are quite good woman. I am far from it had a very blissful childhood and until the point my dad died and was fine and then was tough stuff, but I still have such admiration for the people of my hometown, because there you know them in the big shot on yeah, you know from Winston Churchill onwards the shot on, but they finally survived, and they built was rather beautiful thing now here, which is a minister of the biggest harrowed addiction in Scotland, mozzarella, fifth generation them in his early fair, but but anyway, the town is getting. Some focus is getting some attention. So I'm going back, I'm doing all this Logan Roy Self, Danny Houston's. Bernie Command interviewed him he's a good guy is a great day as Gregor tremendous guy, and he said
well, never mind all Logan rise. So what about you here as it? What do you mean what about used? Well, let's do you. I should work well, I want to see where you your background. I want to see where you went to school. You inside I got a bus drivers. It was about forty five of the castle and I took them run. You have your Lambert. My memory lay down what is so odd in a way that that has come to me in a sense under is gonna bizarre icy. That's when we re bizarre, but this, but there is a sort of closing the circle and away yeah and also, I think, the opportunity to two to sort of inform the character with that man. Chief of your real memory, but with by him but having the character of Ghana? A very different works right through it's gotta, be for an interesting idea. Is its interest because you go, we know,
the amid the whole Logan thing I mean just his son is is language. Ass is, is cursing element, which is just that there are all these people, I get people coming up to mean the theatre people did come up. I would come out of the nets days during these years. Kids, a teenage boys governments do tell us to fight off alone. Couldn't what can I can? I film, you say fuck off, although it fuck off. It was the worst funnier was I wanted. I did this movie with Lovely Reserve cabin she's, which is quite political result ass. It would you come too were driving me to having we're doing a book, laugh or rolling, follow, and I so I'd love to common really admire when he's done any particularly helped her friend of mine, who had a thing with Moonface. Yes, she was very very Italy'S- is given or love
that she'd lost in terms of our own self respect, and so I thank them and at the end of and then suddenly I was surrounded by all these women and they were coming up with me in coin and it's not all of them, but a comfortable quaintly saying. Could you tell me to fuck I'm going This is wholly appropriate and the need to develop appropriate at EU level. Just go back to full circle to how disappointing human beings I you know that they can hold on to anything for five minutes, ludicrous nature, the ludicrous age. What does it mean to be a cv, a commando that were there's another word for it, a sea of the british empire, It is something that I did. Is it an honored? I know you, you eat the queen. They recommend you get it I recommend you get it. Yeah windows were what either recommended to the queen, but you're, not a night. No, I'm
no, I'm not a night, I'm not sir I'll. Never be sir, because I I mean did it at a time when I should have thought better put guy. I accepted it because, because I'm fickle also like it's weird, that you know that she runs deep man and I know that the problem is intellectually. You can do think whenever you want about about politics but like when the queen offer these up came. Another thing I mean it's like a slight was that we were big. We can't coming up with the gold lobes. Your guy, come on Yahoo illegal, or is this your eyes you you're caught on the horns of a horrible dilemma, because you really think it does your head, and I mean I'm I'm sitting here thinking all the time thinking this is uncomfortable They love it's uncomfortable because I am having to deal with my own greed miles her you, you my be humble, and I want to be humble at the same time, euros Julia caught on
odds of a horrible dilemma, Shakespeare line, hello. I just learn about paying something Shakespeare line as it probably in foods. When it's true, you know it's very hard thing. And so when I became a c b, you like Michael was I I am right, the system will have a republican system, so I thought my railway system will be happy for and what it, what is it? You didn't give a shit and iraqi without where's, my justification rear their rationally Asia, but I would rather see You think about becoming a night. I wouldn't want to do that here and wait, what is it in title you to nothing? maybe I'll. Let you get married somewhere, like supposed Kathy it's a dream. I mean get buried, I mean what does it recognise? Everyone recognizes your service to the gods. Were wrecked largesse recognised for myself, as did the odds, it c b, is usually a precursor to giving a night. Ok why
was it really awhile ago tonight, because I've been so active in scottish independence, even though we are determined to do well, they are determined to keep the queen. She still. She goes with the whole nine yards having their widow get rid of hot air. Then that's another question but I can. Even if you do you, you take back Scotland, you keep the quaint, yeah oil, What s the House and Balmoral Undress, and also she is broadly scottish ashes hops. Gotta show me: she comes from one of the oldest families, the boughs lines, which has a mother their role is yeah, it's gonna get put, but even so, why are you you know? It's it will never be a proper republic right. We have because its mired in a way that will that's. The thing is like so many things. It seems even in this country about you. What is just become accepted that you didn't. I dont think give you any. These lakes got was not prepared to go to
or no, we can't go to get beaten very rapidly, so out of it, observe what and where they next day tomorrow tomorrow, oh wow so see guy, talks, everything you're writing. I got all the crap Buddha. What should be good now you, I greatly Jervis, yeah, You know I'm in a bit. Isabel is but home counties for me, but that preserving where his english pay yeah I mean I don't mind that I, along with a lot of English you to do- and I am sometimes it seems like a gimmick- gimmick now yeah. It is it's it's odd ill. I he created this amazing thing called the off its grain and was astonishing great. Astonishingly, anonymous kind of hard to Norway went on an idle extras. Actually was in better, I love dexterous arises is great, you ask and another to tell the man, but I think he has, I think, he's got a few demons, sure yeah and ITALY. It
interesting to me that some are another. You did you manage to avoid the demons you didn t see. Do you not believe guy, yet You know when you grow up away. I grew up and you saw someone demons around. You use your very happy to get redress one. I guess that's one way to go to not succumb to be. I learned our lesson learned the lesson I was right, I'm very blessed cause. I saw it. I saw it. I went to school with silver the guys who really psychotic you. Certainly those are just in general, but from whose royal really did these. We can't say our I mean I'm talking about ten euro is lower and there's nothing more psychotic glance. I gonna tenure rights and their scary yeah because they have no. No moral kind of now. Since no zoologist they just they do I'm gonna need to do some horrible things: coquettes, oh yeah, an terrorize old people. I was the only thing which was pre horrible, ass, well,
well? I'm glad. Did you miss that the I'm glad it was done? So that was your lot? I was. I think my growing urban at an end, your mother's, nothing, there's nothing more cruel and the school playground Yet it is not a most cruel than that turns I gave judging by our president that can last well into your seller, exactly beside never asked to star in, I think he's classically an abuse child classic, and abandon once and abandoned as well. We abandon an abuse on I and that way I haven't. I have sent him feel certain, but I am an empty form and that one, I guess empathy is healthy and in our case, I think I think we ve got to understand. You know we have this great expression in Scotland called rule were all job Thompsons bins with its is jobs and dislike him yet, and Ben that we're all his gets here, they were all were all right
under the sun will wield were all the same, and I cannot believe that to Sunday yeah, it's what you make of it. What this you don't make of it ensure I think that that's it everything is up for grabs after that media, but fundamentally and answer, and it's a thing about I'm in sometimes it goes too far in Scotland Isla my mother's greatest praise would be. Oh, that's quite nice You go images of a little bit more about exerted nothing, but that was a year, but that keeps you level we can give. You handle its a bit puritanical, but we as it does work The idea is also guarantees it till you never feel quite great, no, if always
you know, he's not gonna do a you'll. Do it exactly exactly that workers because it means the chip on your shoulder. Just get bigger, you deserve it. It's a healthy chip today are erected. A great talk in Yemen is lovely toga. Do thanks for coming. You're. Welcome. What a great guy, what a great actor. What a great conversation remember succession on HBO. It's been renewed, go catch up, really satisfying, and he did just when. Golden Globe after its performance and natural. Don't forget would simply say if you get caught preventive enterprise level. Sick, ready for your own home, there's a break in simple safe uses, real video evidence to give police and witness accounts of the decline and it cost just fifty cents a day go to simply. They ve got cancer. Diabetes today get a free, simply say, security camera normal.
Hundred dollars. So today and it's free, it will help you capture crucial evidence and get police dispatched three hundred fifty percent faster that simply saved com wtf. Watch me tomorrow, night, on finding your roots also go to deputy a part that calm swash tour for the upcoming tour dates in this. As I mentioned earlier, I could mention them again. Did you like me to Cleveland Grand Rapids Milwaukee, Orlando Tampa Portland main Providence. You haven, hunting in New York, However, three records for you and I'm making Europe I miss out loud so I have a witness tonight and in I have found the record I'm going to learn some new cord progressions, I'm going to bring them here, but not today,
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