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Episode 1092 - Terry Crews

2020-01-27 | 🔗

Terry Crews survived a lot. He survived a tumultuous upbringing in an alcoholic household. He survived the destruction of his hometown, Flint, Michigan. He survived playing in the NFL. He survived a pornography addiction that sent him to rehab, and his marriage survived it too. And he survived a confrontation with Hollywood agents that he was certain would end his career. Terry tells Marc how his love of art, music and comedy always won out and how projects like Idiocracy, Brooklyn 99 and America’s Got Talent have embedded him in the culture. This episode is sponsored by Dave's Killer Bread and Yo, Is This Racist?

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Hey folks. Does your morning toes takes more like car board than bread ha does it then you haven't. Right: Dave's killer, bread, America is number one: organic bread made with the highest quality, organic and non GMO ingredients, power packed with whole grains fibre, protein and killer taste and texture visit Dave's, killer, bread, dot, Slash w T, have an end to your information for a chance to win free Dave's or bread for a year and look for Dave's killer read in the bread Isle of your local grocery store. Okay, all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck? Next, what the fuck is delicate, what's happening a mark Marin. This is the pod cast w e f with me. Mark Marin welcome welcome to it
getting emails from new people. Welcome. New people hang out, get the hang of it. Introduce yourself to the purse next to you maybe say your name, how's it going you're, not alone. Here this is a relic. Have we safe space relative we say space, the name of my neck CD, this is a relatively safe space house. Everybody aright work a couple of things out of the gate here. My guess is Terry crews. Accorded it a couple weeks ago. I'm not exist we sure the nature of the controversy around America's got talent at this sure in time? But we did not talk about it so Are you go there's that I'm offer I'm going away to Morrow, I'm going to have enter to do my final day of shooting on respect the arena.
Franklin Bio Pick, I'm doing with Marlon wagons and Jennifer Hudson and then off to Cleveland. Further, this day of this small jointed at me- in gaol or doing at guy that's gonna the Cleveland, Ohio idea Gore on January thirtieth of we that's a third day and I'm in Grand Rapids Michigan at the Fountain Street church January. Thirty. First, no walkie Wisconsin at the Turner Hall Ballroom on February. First me, indeed, or drive into those. You know we're flying and flying into Cleveland hope we will the greenhouse effect. If I saw it, I can take care of us over there, which I think he had an odd Thursday night. It's been around while autocratic it'd be a love that place. Don't forget a pig head, but always have good food. There I know Dino be into it. Haven't talked to her about it and then so the next day would drive out Grand rapids and we drive the Milwaukee fly back home forbid. Then I'm off
Orlando Florida at Hard Rock live on February. Fourteenth camp is doing fine. The strands, Whereas is gonna happen, big Portland main gonna be there to state Theatre February twice Providence, Rhode, Island, Columbus, Theatre February, twenty first come full circle can have finally makes you get and closure with the city. Where my Maya, my toys, twin camp. Sixteen was stolen, that red car that I got for a good deal in Albuquerque Mexico from a guy that used to be a guitar player in a band. Named Jerry New, aiming Connecticut at college, Sweet music hall on February, twenty second Huntington New York at the paramount February. Twenty third goaded w tea pot, dot com a sure for links to all the vineyards night does four things I gotta take her eye. You I've not been mentally great. I guess there's problem like I
the data they struggle for me to sort of adapt to the facts will according to do what we can, but It looks like authoritarianism is taking hold and that's just a reality. I know many of you. You are like wide enough. It's gonna fuck me really! You can go on thinking than and give waded out, like. Maybe you think it'll be ok for a few years. Maybe you'll feel like it's ok for a few years now, maybe you'll start saying things like what happened that guy used to work here without would, as did what happened there what happened in this whole neighborhood? Who were that? What happened in those people that used to use you see outside down there? What happened it yet? Still In effect, you right, though, so it's ok right. How come there so many people that are so sad that they can't do the things that make them free how come yeah. I know it's gonna, be. Tough adjustment for some EU some even easier adjustment? And I guess you can rationalize it? What are you who for a living man, Am I I'm just a massage therapists mean as authoritarianism going to affect me Peter
pride need more massages cause they're they're going be up. Hey did I just graphic design in a man most we you know in the fantasy, unite, I'm a common. Book artist- and I or even within on this world, so authority It is a mere that's. That's! Ok, hey what happened: the guy who used to work with that, the nice fellow the Trans Guy one afternoon whenever Yeah yeah they're not allowed. Ok, I'm not! I I install cable, So I got allow authoritarian it's like your new rules. You know you got it. You know you gotta, make sure people don't fuck with a boxes to try and get to Gillian television, the other there's a lot less. And was now so my jobs, a little easier butter and with the new there is on the the Wi Fi systems. You know everything I simply just got, makes your people are infected with the boxes.
If you're way my job jury changed in a new America strike, a don't fuck with the box is causing people fuck. With the boxes we take their boxes, were you dig? But other than that, I'm good kids, you a great on his team, the athletes, bad. Yet we all know what happened to that. Yet yet a friend who is routine Oneida, but do you you don't ask questions this story? There were other kids in other, take the place of their you, don't fuck with the boxes. God bless. Erica so the other thing I want to say Zalm, chewy doc deserves again not pay plug, but what a great fuckin company I was trying to get you to exchange the food that their nodding for all kidney focus. Both monkey embassy there need to be on kidney food. I'm not even sure buster does any more, but I had bought some food that they don't really love. I got good food
both from they like by a lot of left over foods. I want to see if I can exchange a crate and choose like this. What they said no woman reminded me this because she wrote me chewy out, I'm not famous, and they sent me a sympathy card. When I asked to return some food after my cat died. They gave me a refund and asked me to donate the food to a cat, shelter which What they told me I said I want exchange for the food that they like, knowing what we don't. We do that, but I'll give you a refund and is bring that left over food to a cat shelter. That's a fucking good company that chewy they felt all kinds of ship for your pets, but what it considerate, fucking, compassionate charitable thing. That is if you like a cheap ass offer even asking for my money back what a y know just take it to a charity or to a cat shelter and be done with it. Now. I gotta, be, I tell you, I got these forty eight candidates stuff.
Forty two hours I don't have India would be nice if I could just brain to shelter. You're gonna be like wine. I just no don't refunded, examine asshole, I dont mind Helpin for forty bucks. God knows you gotta give to people we gotta give. People and animals. My prayer, Mary charities are the the tiger Rescue North Carolina, the see how you and plan parenthood gotta, how bout ACL you send a money because it these were just going to be with tenderness, from here on out until the Fuckin complete it over the judiciary is final and it's like a man, not my problem. I'm a science teacher, an elementary school. This authoritarian thing does really affect me. They change textbooks a bit but night, not my departments yet, but the lot of them are different. Reno, kids, They'll learn what they're gonna learn right. Delphi it somewhere so that, like one
I was a kid right different times. But I'm alright, few kids are guy, from the glass eye to explain that the above ninety. What are you gonna say right? You know the papers I gotta have the whatever ah different. I'm so listen. I yeah chewy good company and I will give that stuff to a shelter. Thank you Have you ever wondered to yourself if something was racist but didn't have any want to ass. Well, Tawny, Newsome and Andrew T are here too upon every episode of YO. Is this racist, Andrew tawny, welcome, especial guest and lend their perspective. The listener questions about what is or isn't racist neatly surviving thanksgiving with your racist cousin about the best methods for being while white or maybe you need, strategy for how to tell your latino trump supporting coworker that they're wrong check out.
Some of their fan, favorite episodes with love our burden, Nicole, buyer Larry, Wilmore John Lovett policy Tomkins and more or to catch YO. Is this racist every Wednesday on stature, apple, podcast, spot a fire where ever you get your pod guests? A right Here's the other biddy emails. I think I should do talk about because, of course, it makes sense see when I was talking about both Anderson pack. And our Randal Park bringing me gives a couple. People wrote dear Mark this park pack from Henry? In episode? Ten, eighty nine, you mentioned that Anderson Pack Randal Park where the only guest ring you give you mused about the connection. P thing, while you were closed park and pack, our action romanized versions of the same last night the korean name of Pack and Parker Korean Anderson's case a quarter korean? So that's the connection Both korean kids were raised right and no to bring a gift for the host when invited to someone Tomer Studio, decide what you know Cheers Henry. Thank you Henry. I appreciate that
and by his wife's name. I'm I'm assuming a he is also korean, but I dont know we probably need sounds like. It's not a bad thing it. Why now? Why might be seen em Allison? What I'm in some sort of weird spiral for what thank you, Henry? regime that one other thing. I got another one here, oh yeah, this came out of nowhere and I don't think this person is a professional motivational speaker. Anything like that, but I took it to heart. Somehow, sometimes things get through folks, Subject line quick anxiety, Tipp, it's the belief that the feeling of anxiety is a bad thing. That's holding it in place dear mark listening to the opening of your LEO Brad podcast you're using the word anxiety, a that respectfully make a wee suggestion. I can I make a suggestion. Also we I don't it's not great animal of that word.
Don't make anxious to drop the word anxiety. Ok, I will, if you drop the word, we drop Word anxiety, use, nerves or nervous. Instead, it's the belief that the feeling of anxiety is a bad thing that huh Is it in place experiencing nerves before an interview is so normal? Your feelings can't hurt you. The feeling of nerves is coming from the energy of thought. This feeling is bad, keeps it in a loop. The feeling comes from non acceptance of what simply happening life in front of you, sensations in your body. Your passing thoughts and feelings, step back from yourself see that you can have confidence. I have faith in the right word. Slash sentence question automatically popping into your head at the right time, just like they always have. This is the clarity you mentioned that the feeling comes from passing, thought energy, not the person or circumstance you mark are the constant conscious. This watching the whole mother fuckin miracle unfold before you very eyes, you have your work sandy
at night you sandy. I dad dad that email. They made me a little nervous. It made me a little nervous. I'm experiencing nervousness does it seems to make sense and I think you're right, I'm not Anxious the little nervous we nervous. So look. Terry crews is an interesting character, any sort of character and I had the opportunity to talk to him- and I ve I do I know from my idiosyncrasies really where I kind of locked into a man in a lot of things, but he seems like an and he's got an odd ease, gun, odd frequency. Man and I wanted to check it out. He is the House of America's got talent, the champions. Cares Monday's at eight p m Sevenpm Central on embassy, it also on Brooklyn, nine, nine, the season seven premiers February. Sixth, on NBC,
And you came by- and this was a couple weeks ago me talking to tarry crews, I feel like a guy. I can talk to about athletic injury oil exports view of what I do I'll, tell you what I didn't tell me what you think I should do. Ok, I didn't even her myself doing an actual squat I was putting and it was our those machines that actually braces way for he wasn't freeway by had the weights and put him up, On the back my neck, and when I put the weight on to this part of my shoulder, I felt certain go
and now I get the shooting pains coming out the scent. Oh, my god, you're done that you have the money. Could we racking ere you? That's all I've ever care and it also not my can't move my neck raillery, I'm. So what do you do? Do I just wait? It out yeah yeah Georgiana chiropractor you, you can ease chiropractors. I have abused everything up. You have done everything, but one thing is for me: I do a lot like my own loss of rehab. There have these things called power, dots here, which are incredible. Our doubts. I played Indiana five, seven year, seven years what they used to do. They had this big thing called a stem machine here and it would send electrical current right through your muscles and nerves. The what it would do is a kind of deadlines, the sensation of paint right because that's all what you're dealing with you just need a heel right, but the nerves are like
so you don't ever feel here right this power dots. Now with the new technology, because, again back when I played it was here. You know twenty twenty some years here now they have these things you can use that you attach. His power doubts to your neck, any I tell you how it since these currents, through your work, it will works. It Alina Asia, Europe pay, really helps you hear me. I asked Nita taking them, but when you have to take time, I can't fucking work out the sea that but ass the trick is its. Even where it out. I think you be right you what I, Sonny Boy is really work? Is that the whole thing is a trick? when you hurt yourself a thing is all her canst thou, I gotta, stop we're gonna thing. Is you just go Do something else right? You know never should stop. It's always like dogs, Don't do that right, but you something right
do the things it hurt by the agonizing arches of running now get on the recumbent bike, sure right, but why These people go, I can't do it and then they started. Then it gets worse I gotta get worse because you don't do anything. Oh you mean it gets worse for dinner, recently I sent to me in that way. But there is a trick. Never ever you just have just write a move to change the protocol on. I feel guilty now get out and ran after we're done here. You got it. Listen you up the mountain we own weight. They may I don't problem, thereby strode like three four hours. They were twenty men. Sure, We would do a five minute work out like somebody. Wake up something s, yeah yeah yeah just get active to do it. So yes, ages remind me, or in the end I found the no painting like I I just flashback: did you ever see a movie? Was it North Dallas? Forty Gary
back in the day right with there was inequality, a MAC Davis thinking. They shoot that guy up memory he gets hit first of all, I am string goes. You know indeed pose how monopoly think you asked his whole face or something my time in a row make north balanced. Forty look like Disney will really. It was crazy man with the drugs everything everything I play with a guy, right now who serving forty two years bed time while I was playing deal and draw a whole year. Cheerleader, on a random guy. You played down only arrow highly. He was. I was a rookie year, my my ram ear and He decided you can be a drug king pin in the locker yeah killers, no notice coquet. He was dealing with. The only he was dealing with real life
paying by others were like candy you're gonna. Get you got from the train, or rather I miss another day used today, is to do surgeries own guys that didn't need it because the doctor we get it. Per surgery. There's other area. All you need your name: mortality unitary need. You need a new paradigm in Europe about the owner was gone and now you know now is grown guy who's been through a lot in the last resort, Surgery Zactly last resort. You don't even me that now but they were handed out like people get no legs chopped up ever year in year out a doctor we get paid. No, I didn't, I always refused to others- steroids. This is I was on seven six teams and seven year here. I got a lot here, but there were things just wouldn't do. Do you think you got caught because,
say you wouldn't play ball with them on those levels or because your performance was not up to par, because you didn't do drugs, I say with politics or physic. No, it's a little bit about little. About what they too. I really didn't like football. Here I mean it. I did it because you had, it was my way up. But my way out of the mission will occupy. That's who you were born in Flint s right areas, I mean I obviously now everybody knows Flint because of the the horrible crisis with the pipes in that poison in the lead Andy you pride in no that was happening. Did you grow up in that world gotta bad pipes? Were I grew up in the heyday, not first, while the firs I've years of my life. Michigan was Palo Alto, but Mitya was Austin Texas there for that it was our the auto industry was it a more gm was the number one cooperation in a word I saw was like a new.
City people were given pay, people were walkin around, was benefits of people getting three thousand four thousand dollar bonuses for Christmas back in the nineteenth century. He won t have any two endeavours in the auto business. Father was a form in at Buick a Buick. Yes right, so drove a Buick actually we gotta be every year and all but hit when it was over. When I mean the gas crisis, the whole deal gas crisis and the seven all right This is what our work by time. I was nineteen years old by the time. Star wars came out, everything started to collapse, and I mean it happened. Bassi, a real supervise your dad was his own would know he didn't, but the industry everything was like that you got. Instead, I try to give them. Picture people. I grew where I grew up. I'd never saw point car because they used to burn cars and, alas, I give you brought a toy
what an apple like a sacrifice. All ritual sacrifice: there used to be small, billowing and parking lots everywhere, because these guys were standing around it burning pouring com. Just because someone drove one just because you drove me when I leave cod dairy, I was view when I bought a Nissan Pathfinder. My first year data Bell, I was viewed as a trader. My father almost is owned. Make really tell you how its demise says, so it say it was not, but everybody knew it was ending like the panic start to set and we gonna stand when every day trick people say all know: we're not gonna closest bacteria and it over the weekend. They would take out these all these machines and close it s. So people got panic and all of a sudden, all the fact restarted clothes but at the same time, crack the minute he saw. Ninety eighty times eighteen. Eighty came around you added
double whammy of no no job here and crack and cracked up you got. People went straight farm in a factory into the crap game. It blew up flip mission, Am I right? What might Michael more made a career out of the happy images Adrian me lad came out of the industry, but Do everybody moved away? I had with the white people when I moved in our neighbourhood. We were the first black family and our neighbour by the titles overall white flight was was Various meetings are black eyebrows. Any of them wait so late coming kids, you grow up with my older brother, any younger sister, annual the good life for awhile for a minute, and what's your mom do what she was. She was asked why here so it was solid kind of middle class bringing army. We had our problems, my out, o thou, call it yeah very abusive alcoholic, but lay guy he worked, he went.
Work, we went door way come home, but this, but this is another thing you know I like to say, is with the guys I worked in a factory a you had begun again but your own dream in order to invest in a factor. You give your life to the fact. Take you to view you are literally like they're going to take care of me. This is my mother yeah. It's a compromise. You make yourself for security, design assurance and you propensions all that stuff about these guys were miserable. Why wait? What was his dream? What do you want to do? He was like em up. Things and he was like a heavy man and he was shot like try to be creative, but then He was even an army for a minute. Then you could see he was miserable where he was. I dont, even My father never really reveal to me what he really wanted to do is I just knew no easier, but I met, but still his days never told me buddy,
Never really. All media was complaining about what was happening to factor in drink Hendrick and they all went to the bar. It was light right from the factory to the bar and so back to work. So is one of the things we like in union, one. Come home we do know is gonna happen. We heard a carpet, we ran really. I want another, do it he was mad. We would. Put on some slow, Bobby Womack songs that thing in our thoughts, about to go to the indicate. What has ever go out a routine that we knew all God now said we re, but though he was very, you beat Mama, but very abuse. It is but he never beat us here
but my mother was like ok, you can beat me right, but if you ever beat them I'll kill you and they stay together with my mother died four years ago, and it was still merit, it was crazy. Do did you ever try to figure that out? I mean I have to talk to her about it, but see this. As you know, this is they are where this book by, Rachel Snyder called no visible, bruises blooming away, and are you always think my why she stay, but the real, The reason is that she was literally trying to save us because he thought if she did leave that our futures, we're gonna, be in damage light, so it was like. She was a hostage and always wondered. I should like to tell her when I was fourteen I got here. Go somewhere began she literally with I'd, never leave, because she really bout that it would damage our future forever her when he always stay right. Your effect
I don't know, I look at it now differently back there used to be mad at you by me, but now I look at it like she was held hostage. What can you do? And he still here still your venue? Your piece with we have understanding you're me but you stay there and I'll be over. Do you do your kids know now, sir, That's a situation. I this is they I try to organic, establishes relationship load but here he ll say I'm not drink another. During an hour ago, I went over there and his wife bottles in the garbage. You still lie and use your play, this game and radio com. Happen. Berate me and a drunken thing. I know you, I never read not the real we would take. You are right and its leaders like three years ago and yet so what now? I just haven't assisted that cause him and checks up on a right and said the,
gas. Is the life does need anything house roof quality say whatever it is in an out sin and I'm a shadow put, money is here, I shall we get a bill. I send somebody over airports size up whatever is going on, and then I pay that So you you'll take care of him but to add to a degree Elaine. I've got a pension. Still, ah, no no Jim reneged on pensions are. They did It is better that another thing mad about his angry he's. Pissed. Roger wait. What are your siblings do? my sister is the judge in Detroit no sham brother? He works in Atlanta. But I I literally haven't spoken to them in a little while, even really yeah man, sir you how to do this for yourself yeah. Because my mother died, everybody wanted me to come in and solve all the problems tissue is that when I was about forty
years ago, I was the last out onto a really you ve got your sister to everybody yeah. Why were you the guy, are you the middle, bigger em? Well, I'm the middle guy, the risk it says forgot. He was this. As a judge. I know I know that's what gloomy away. But for my mother passed away? I was like ok guys. We gotta get this together because you know everybody's got to contribute anyone. I know you got it outside know. As the first war, If I got a hundred bucks to her and her convalescence herb genius it just the family, Juliet just we gotta take care are apparent which I was sick for awhile and she was sick boy, longtime, lymphoma cancer whole. And we knew something was gonna have. But I was I If I got a hundred thousand you got to where we all give ten percent there. Ok I'll give to you.
What do. I know you got hunted eyes, you pay for everything here they know do, and I was trying to straightening out what my family way before she pat right and he wouldn't do it, and I was gonna, hey man. Why are you expect me to do us with sheep this when she that's the way, my brother's eye, a mannequin of war to go to the funeral man. I need some money. I, like your mother, So what are you going other? How were automatically is pay for you to get to grips with this? The first time you fellows they were taken out, but this is the man I've reached because out o album payments for twenty years. Doing reward you weren't in you work are you. I saw a man, I got five job at the same time, but at the same time a my guys. You gotta understand this. There are no accident that the problem is this: a mentality where people feel like before successful offices
accident were? Aren't they lucky the lucky? You you know you like. They look at me, and they go Armenia is shaped, uses lucky. You got that you got the sitting. I metabolism units factor that is like that. Maybe usually, never true, but even if it is true in order to maintain the job it ain't luck, You gotta show up for work, you gotta, do the thing do work up for two hours every morning I know I know how to keep getting workers. Do protocols must be done. If I may that you gotta, maintain whatever you got out of here, we have a beautiful house on a blot. If you will do is going to get dirty It's gonna, be a message to all grass can't hide it for that long. You got a worker, but they write. You do just got it right, yeah, they think you and I tried I kept trying to explain that Burma will try to get businesses. I was I got please. Let's start a family business.
Get this thing going so that we can support each other. I just need to grant no Yad onward. That's your brother, father! I was bought us. Do you have no printed? Are they too? Can you just go it weakens well set you up with someone you can sell ties does find some. You can sell whatever it is. You have an idea was did I was. I look set up a business where we can have a bunch alone more than you can hire some people around and do law is one of the USA does need Gimme. G20 sign it out at sea man, while we can do but you detached with a certain amount of love. Of your own dab too, to survive emotionally for yourself. Let me say I had a family member, I was I looked. I will pay for business as it one hundred percent MIA. But I have to say I have one requirement. I want fifty one percent of the business. Then you get
when I hear and obey great notice it. Yes, my our Betty Betty Betty there's no such thing as a fifty fifty business How do you make a decision? I think you better we got was most businesses are ninety to re. Ninety, yeah, and I was like what whirl and I can't work with you. I can't do this and I was going will happen and may mark. I was gone crazy. For years disguised addressing me I'll deal with the family. I was like you were all of a sudden ass. I learned about the black, but now I could put these numbers here, Those are the nobody, scholar and I'll say is so peaceful enables I analysis than other just cause. I am yea anyhow then he will relay at all that you know it block. I got my fifty black people and then I realise this is good and all of a sudden I started thriving simply because I just
these people, emotional, ices. Out of my life, you already thriving, but you weren't pray. Yeah are already have a wife from five gives to deal with and I'm goin a man. I can support you, you go. You go people here, you're gonna happen, so when used in coming up, though, when you were grown up, I mean was it but you saving, left foot Bobby with your original sort of interest in a heart, art painting right there I think I read that somewhere that yeah, so you're sensitive kind of artistic lie was I told you I'm a right hand right. Brain here, left right, left handed the Essen and I my art talent, was my big. The odd art scholarship, radical boss, gosh. I walked on about it here, but I had art Scottish see drew near, you hang pain, aiming in writing when you re. Since you were a kid, my, oh yes, I'm sculpting. I was into all of us. I thought I was gonna, be a special effects. Artists.
This whole when we were kids did you do masks, and now I did everything I was always into anything movie like did you gotta art school? I went no because out I'll because art schools were paid for by So alongside of the painting in whatever is music to. I was perfectly the pollute it is still doing. I can still do outdated tragedy covered. I guess I'll get it. Bobby guys. I'm gonna flew in this like, but but this is the deal man. I've always been artistic, it always I myself any movie this. You made a way. And do in order to different points, money, aid starving at different points out when I will get cut from a football team. What I will do is go back and a role, and I ask the players: if they wanted to porches and Ass house arrived, I would get five thousand dollars for painting of a football player and I will let me go two months
till it's time to go back to camp, and so I did a lot of players. Man I'd probably did about twenty players. While I was on a red scares, while on a chair, others all day and I'll, do these painting. I would the Isle of actually paint the cover of game day. Again. Other low magazine in a hurry and make money. Do let me say that I would make a lower money, not like crazy money being ass. It got me enough to survive and then what retired. I went to erupt properties and our Morales. I would love to do something with the inability looked at me and I will I greet as wonderful as a slam up what boil down he was. I know no, thank you why I don't know where to get leeway. Niemann, they didn't want it. The hat Peter MAX. My name is, but they were like they were not interested in any players crossing that line because you're, just like you, just one of the machines, did exactly. I made us look at the Lee worthwhile. You look at how about live in Europe.
Everybody caught. Everybody lives that players now there. But if you look at players how they end up man, it's not good, never girded its or more is right- there were boxing right- there were Mme Romania Are they know another concussion stuff like I do it's horrible net? the inner about will right now deny that they have anything involving your brain issues that that's not right as the attic I just couldn't take a hit. Sorry, sir you're doing there are in when your kid by you, but you were working in some capacity is an artist before the football thing right, I was doing courtroom sketches for a child in my school or what I was in my purse. Freshman year of college, see they sit currently the port workers, but will you that you were the grass was crime written? It's all. I did the courtroom sketches where the biggest murder cases but history at the time
six people were murdered in a crack out here, and there are worse than I as well. Well, I knew some of you, the victims you did, which was queen we're very gently, they were drug dealers and enable right. As I know here- and I was I a man who it was. It was so surreal area in an awkward position we can actually draw. The victims is what it was crazy and the guy. They accuse the. It was one guy yet the rapporteur, but it was six people. It was like a whole bunch of people that killed him, but at the same One guy took the rapid, it was just the most horrible instead, it ever out I'll see to sit there in the currency that quick at it. You can really Kansas. I was an obvious but thou, but what I did was while because the actual courtroom This was what's coming from Chicago, whether they will do it, and I was an internet tv, Twel, W J Archie here and let me again- and
My father may eat my bodyguard made his job. He let you go myself ability and housing and the gases. Ok, companies but I was they hired you for what they hired me to do get back in the day here before computers, you actually drew the backdrops on the new They were like. Quite I would draw like. Chalk line and police car traffic, and they will go to you now to people Today my graphic will go behind all unit that was pre computer Now, as you do that as an internal me, do it as into and then when so that the court room but artist, he worked for the tv station tat exact with that? But he could make it and then I have no doubt you do it. I don't know what happened, but
but whatever one thousand yes, sir, you nankeen out you exactly ideas all jumped in air and they will. I homer you gotta career this enough, but then I went back to school Western Mission University Kepler. Papa ended up in an ever been self by in in college. You do our classes of dog, but it. But this was the deal I did aren't classes, but because I was a football player I could not take all the art class is because we are lapse We ask that you, don't you spend three out three hours a day painting, but I was a practice, so we also being looked at like features of doing. This is easy. Don't get too near elective now, because I was actually better. My teacher has an art I mean you know I'm a day I had a scam asking what I would do was. I would create a bunch of paintings all summer, our create really bad ones, and it would go all the way to very, very good one.
And then I will come in at the beginning of this measure, and I would say I will go to the teacher. Go help me with this. I don't know what's going on and then over the course of the semester, our keep handing it staff, knowing it was already died, but acting like I'll just and if this is so much better and that you help me so my guy you now we're getting a really big scare how play but I've. Never I never got my degree. I never got my degree you didn't, because I couldn't finish I could cause yoga play. I had a paper by me as a scholarship. Away. I there was no way I couldn't. They will tell me just go, get a business degree about it, but I'm an artist here I saw. There. I saw I actually ended up to our credit short and never gamma never got my did. You have to pay back for the scholarship nodded When I was dying out there alone like. If you are a scholarship, they don't say. I know you got a Finnish, you you're gonna be penalized. Somehow you know, I've seen were guys had their scholarships taken, but ah
I think I was done. While you are you're painter, your food player, sweet guy, you get this football ability, so you just felt like you had to go to you. If you got the drafted, you gonna go was my way to make money. So is a money going? Are you are do? Where was I gotta make money? I don't know, that's what I mean that arming artist is a true term back and more art is don't make money. When I go back to the court room down here was there was no money and that in turn dollars rail enemy. So I said enough: the way to make some cat right, and so I will do this and mahmoud- they was a more make sure this happens. Now I don't really like football, though it was kind of like I know I'll do it is hardly there I saw my wife was like you. Don't worry, I was I. How are you were married to her before if we american College, so she's been
you all data? We just celebrated thirty years, nicer graduations, so so, like you go, but gradually into football, because you can do it, you don't love. It even plane as hard as you can your hearts not in it, and you think that showed itself on the field he's gotta Sandia. Seventy percent of all players hate it. I get it date. We don't wanna play you play because it's your way right. The was happening now is more. People are convinced that they got some else to do. So, as you point out as the most you can do, you got that right You don't like people retiring earlier than ever right. Now that I got the things do, but a bacteria and escaped boxing. You know you'll kill boxing. Heavyweight division. Rap here was people that rapid I mean I bought here and the whole hip hop careers really boom boxing, down the board
What's your way out had to do was to take it out, you passed so you could get out here, but now a ball of some kind of but now arise, rip realizing wait a minute. We have other things to do. I can imagine what it why it? What is what it's gonna football narrower sports guy back here, that they must there must be some rush to being on the field. It's a bright law. You, your life, is in your hands and his eyes. My highlight a minor Bulgaria. I was knocked out on Monday night Football Ashtray, cynicism, ITALY, someone. I got knocked out which gave was isn't working out where you arduous, and were plan any atlas coat. I put the put the incident on my instagram. Well, I really hate show myself. Yet I hit this guy. So far, not myself are going to take up was the most peaceful feeling ever fell. Surrounded by a boy? I was like in of sudden you're in your life
back in the womb here, there's no up, there's no doubt It's go down, that's like you're in a dream and there you wake up. I what is happening. I never of liberal drugs, but No! What is light here by getting knocked out on a proper Bobby lucky. You didn't try to chase that feel in order. By dint of what happened when I was, I was losing my memory in the game matter game. I looked across the bill and I was looking at the Indianapolis culture. They would have the you mean on their home May. Well, what is it and it was the horse you might work We didn't you look at all the naval. I do you're out of your concussed. I am concussed, but I went into the locker room, but have time and came out played arrested again? Who did your memory come back? They did the area, had it came with ours, and that was your high point that was highlighted here. For Bulgaria was of the Peter Lowness of being unconscious was the killer, so we saw how many teams
What was the war was the full range of the game guy were rams, packers charges how does it have worked to explain to me why so many teams and where you you, must be good enough to stay in the game. But what happened because I wasn't a star is one of those things where I was a body and I was always willing. I was I wouldn't stop. You don't owe me enough. Another thing to like allows people go. I quit, but I've never never quit. I just kept the ideas that you know what this gonna pay on and keep him pay your mother. But what happened I remember when I left me like the desire was done and I remember going to work out the abbot assent, but put a forty nine and This constitutes a ball at me, really hard dislocated my finger in hours. I owe like the city right now. I literally everything left me alibi. Do it.
And I came home and Emma wife says that are yet to know I went on was dating my way back an idea. I told her. We are going to play any an official Mugabe and we're gonna make it. These, because that would not ultimately, who are you working too, as the inspiration for that? Were there other Likely Robert Taos Army the whole that was that period? in every way. The Hollywood shuffle yea passwords is picking up cameras and making May I add that was the independent uneven, Michael, more near the whole Roger it may thing was gigantic ass. I was. I owe my guy he's from play. He picked up a camera name made a movie here. Our vision was like man, I'm gonna do this and as an artist I was, I can do this. So this is always in your mind, always always as oh, ok, so any quit bar my wife told me she said First of all, I remember when you say you know: moodily, yes, do it, and so we moved away. I may we will we lit
didn't know anybody. Has the money saved the we used, our pension fund, Vienna, Valkyrie retirement right, and we said we moved on to allay announced and ninety ninety seven and in what way out, hit the ground running out here, where we went wrong all at money where an under two years was gone. Yeah I was pride for I didn't want to, I was I am about blared and she was I money. We have nothing we were literally. I was digging with your privately to want to work like what we mean when we hold now, for you can get a real job. We get our yes, you might take the head, be the b, the Ex ballplayer at the new pull in the car. I recovered my mind. I make an ex ballplayer, but nobody care know about it. You are a famous enough. Three became exactly our payments that my home. I am. However, Nobody knows you get a job and I went to a place called labour ready and they put me to work in a factory and I was sweeping floors
we had nothing when I tell you nothing: labour, ready, yeah, yeah labour way. You is a place where you go, get a job for debt, ten pages. They pay you her deck. Ok, it's manual labor sea ice. Leaped up earlier similar like eyes, real football I'll, do it. I was so depressed. Either. We demand that was of Lisbon. Drinking you come from drunken people entering it was close. It was close. I had a pornography addiction no thousand over at that time. I mean that's like old times, for I ve gotten- rent the tapes haughty all time right, yeah, why, over and over again go to the place, didn't jerk off in the booth. If that is the reality I tell you how bad it was. It was like that, because the deal with a lot of these issue, I didn't drink beer, but MT. I come out somewhere somewhere here you He wasn't gambling thank our drugs. The point was bad enough
born is bad. I you know, I mean it's hard for me to actually now me we're talkin what no wait. Eighty we're Talkin ions up for the first time, I've ever expose boy with twelve, and it I've tried a watch every time. I could that's what Playboy TV was just out. My parents had it only. I was exposed on ordinary, like it thirteen or fourteen right, and you too slight from a video table yet great do great rush the whole day I kind of like that is- and I forgot all my problems instantly yeah. Oh my god, I gotta get this again and, as time goes on, I guess harder. Yet when you're, younger and in also tech Ology was different liking and then there is the view you go rent the tape by the tapes, but now I can see you're lucky that under control as it's like, it's hard, not be watching porn. My on the computer, do I got a text. Wait, wait. Somebody text, my balloon is good
this picture of a girl. What a breath hang out, I'm just sitting alone. How did they get my number? They know the port is after you, Mary is, is chasing you. Don't worry about that is both panic about even show my wife. I might look, I don't know. Despite being I don't know what this instagram. I know this is this: without a text message porn is getting through that spam spare me a message to the idea messaging guy. I said I am I'm hanging around. What are you doing right now. All this is our chance evil I don't, but I felt it was now I see through it three eyes trick. That one, you know sex, important addiction, but you by day so that started. Early on my right when you first got here firmware the ever told my wife. Never
said I was mostly poor, not you not hookers, not yet no jail. Point no. Just poor. Yesterday said something interesting me like my sponsor, actually said once it that you know when you are compulsive sexually up with porn your primary sexual partners. You do so say. Do you know why? But I have to say it: it did there weren't Ike prostitutes, all of it, but there was one incident and when I first did my first movie in Vancouver editor I cheated him away. Yes, as part of our gas, I thought I would never do that like. I was it whether covers Robin tell us it yet already. I was the one year and our. How did I do this flight could junior my yet? I could never cross that
threshold or else in your mind, you just right now. What is it really? Second, you do you can't you just by rational rationalize any. Do I'd never promised us that I would never come alive? I will never say anything there and I was my dirty little secret for years hands, I never we're back. Never do it again, I hand job hand job, but I never do it again, but I will cite, but I knew that they're like while I was I like doing and I started arguments that we would talk about it. That's a destructive pragmatism cover the lie and it just kept growing. Do it our marriage imploded around two thousand tat early, two thousand and eleven thousand nine here, and we call it data and it was it was horrified. Will you take me out of the house? She was gone for the one who had, but how did it caught a comedy That's what it is like. Did you get caught, or did you just tell her the truth
Finally, I guess I'd ever got caught right after the day she was like sums wrong between the porn and yeah she's like something else does that there is a war, The idea in army, because you got to keep it this is the every man wants intimacy, because you asked what you really look in Bosnia, but poor is intimacy, killer, fire If you, like, you said you you're, you're all sexual partners, so no he's getting into a throw. Our happen was. Do she was I I don't know what's wrong with you, I don't always go, and finally, I will cite I told her. I mean because I was tired of keeping a secret myself manga. Your insight issues like what not to me am I right for two years ago, but to her. It happened two seconds ago and she's like here in the house.
Now with the poor. Nowhere is it like. We were every day hours a day, not true. It was ill. It would be no, but this is the astronauts I'm a hotel room. DA. We have movies you like to do it again and they like a couple days. Ladylike, oh boy, you ain't there you're getting me lay time time whatever, but not amity. Once I quit poor, I got like five jobs diet, design and furniture I started doing like do you know all the time you waste like remind me by the bar has been eight hours at the bar day. You can have all right and also the energy that you release. Yes, well, you don't say, put to better use. The truth is sexual energy is creative. Energy, too, is the same thing and I started create businesses haven't ideas. Holes like my has been, but
was literally sapping that energy from my life well liked. So what did you do as it as a system of recovery? Did you do I care twelve step thing? I went to rehab? Yes, yes, I went to rehab has played a linux so that serve. You have to create with sex. You have to create your own bottom line right up where right, because sex is necessary like food, so you have to kind of call yourself out. Yes- and I guess report is pretty easy. I cannot do not jerk off to that right, but there's also other types of sexual acting out that you have to be aware of right or do it was weird around they like it was like the colours in the sky were different? I mean I have to. I was just going everything that I knew was different. What I did. We did a ninety day. Sex pass between me and my wife, and I was crazy between the two you having a tangled anyone, others and a therapy and with therapy,
around yea and it was like hey, listen, we're not gonna, have says we're just gonna. We gave each other and will you gonna purified like burn this thing out of you, because what happened is the endorphins in the end, the dopamine rash that comes from that stuff? don't I know do, and it is the pressure that happens July wow. I was all over the place it's way, because it's also this weird stress, release thing. You know me does really take you out of yourself and also, if you go all the way through- and you finish your eye, you get. The buyers be also feel that's like yeah, it's like a hidden dope or whatever, and the Anders Gill and then there's some. Then then you do it to feel better, but then you feel guilty, so you feel worse so to get better, you do it again
and this in a cycle always feel lonely in your eyes drain your lonely place when you wanna fuck your work, you I'm just tired, and I already did it three times today. You see what I mean a net: it ruins it ruins your vision about sex, You lose intimacy parent right. So why mean I'm not that great intimacy, anyways right? You know right from the beginning of anyway and when you look back at your relationship, where were you ever good at that and ollinger? oh but I met, but it didn't help I'll write. I get outta here that it is they do you get more as you give more yeah. I know, but there's something scary about intimacy too. For some reason. Why were you Rachel to track me. Look. He grew up. When those volatile households, where are your dad
beaten on your mom and when he comes home Yonah, what thou the do so you know what's going to happen next, so being vulnerable is risky right. Very first of all I IP and a bit like up till I was like fourteen fifteen years because I was always always we ignore what was going to happen. So we never have you. I know you, nobody, I told you my mother's, like I'll, kill you there's a couple times. She stabbed him real, yet we would come home a chaotic scenes ITALY's, but knives? It's you know kind of their Christmas, is horrifying. Christmas is ridiculous. Christmas around all day. The miles was not happy to meet its We could even now have a bad memories of GDP, as the is crazy.
Because you just got ass when a drugs get really really we're here, man, and so there was so much stress, but this is a deal about what I found- and this has brought me down, because my wife actually accepted me back, because I thought, if she discovered who are really was, she would hate me, but the truth is because she loved me she was I I wanted you to reveal yourselves? You been waiting, she been way was seldom say. That's why I've been running poem was what I actually needed here and saw tat. Blew me away. May like then I discovered by being vulnerable was the key to my son. It was like my salvation Army by opening up by actually revealing by actually saying I need this because you got on instead. This is this is way men work, we get into a hole, and would you proud to say I may any so
doc an all, but the only way out is to say how scream at near, but Europe does too embarrassing, so people die in the whole mark I know. Did I was on my way to dine in whole zooms there. If you don't die physically, you die emotion, soon become better, and he has worked on this joke recently from I act better how I they should have an app or something that translates what angry guy saying to their women. The truth where your sword, like you, don't fucking, love and lay out the app says. I love you very much about sorrier does a great job. That is actually the true. It is right, as I say I mean I can't believable horrifying brings us an angry, tiring good. I guess she was there with us. We come to me about so
you're doing about it. I don't want to reveal it sought, start an argument and some in the low level of shit. You later bout. You know in your heart. You know that you're fuckin do and, as you know, it's like you have to he to use inside crazy. It's idea, the other one I got is like you fucking with my head. That means. I feel really close to you right now makes me unconquered, but these better. But this is the thing: that's what might their visa? Do? You have a double life you split into. This is, quite you know what's this is we're because almost like discovering that wait a minute Ah, you think this that the Sun revolver on earth and enormous- and you realize, wait a minute we go around the sun, like everything, is different, once you have a key into their but young. This religious reveals itself to me right now that the reason we have a split is because, when you have to to survive chaos, you have to put a personality in place that,
but do that. Thank you. No one way or the other answer like the real you get scammed, not put on hold, but he gets up behind the wall of this other thing, there's just getting through emotional chaos. Right scary part is men. We we can compartmentalize like no other, that's what we do. We have. We set this loss boxing and nobody can get through and its safe. Yes, I face, until it is, but you will, I do think you safer, actually your trapped, yet I mean you're all alone, and I can't get out now you like, maybe even Norway, and you think you can handle everything at that point you can get out you. I all right. So you're gonna hold our Managua younger, sound good doc, you, the Marlborough. Man, is the guy that poster he's a. Walking along these girls desire, but it's interesting thing
You say about women knowing this other part as they see it. Somehow, despite our are they see these moments of it? Are there like, they know that view and now they're waiting like you going to do it or what I didn't do it. I already know you give a youth is obvious. We kind of stepped up here, five kids, you good father and everything we brought up with them. Religion, I was, but my mother was super religious soon were related throughout. What, when I was a kid, I was not allowed to play sports not allowed to go to the movies. Listened a secular music. It was Think of the general regarding quite naturally when all we were our Pentecostal, where, was a lot of you know what they are wholly role. Where was shouted rhythm, oh sure thing in designating run it through the tongue, ops, beginning to allow that stuff? So why? Because everything was peer base
breathing with shame bay wherever they would like. Why are you thinking that idle, I'm a gay and so should aim shame. Shame shaven, enabled the way to keep people in control, so The same is like a man. A shame on you re thinking our way and if you do that, you're gonna go to hell at it, and I was I- and this was a crazy thing and then you internalize it in that's your home base, a shame. You shame yourself to live in it. There were people in our charter who put them tv in the window, sill and watch tv through the window sill, and they go to try to say I'll. Have tv in my house raised ass to see that the level of religiosity and the trap of what this thing is the new light wait a minute, but because we would say there was a tangled and movies, but we want to say movie on tv and I ll go wild ass, different goin in movies. Did you tell her? What are you talking about here and I always at these questions and I another more questions than ever shut up man
now shut up in your nominating at church. My mother's, my mother, eventually laughed when we were in high school and that's when I started plan height playing football again. I kind of getting out of that year by its that religiosity was still there. You know enemy, anatomy tat. Some may I still, I believe, in high poverty, and here I dont believe I made myself that writing here, but all the others, The problem is all this other stuff, the shameful. Ah, if people had a whole bunch of John within challenge today with addiction, shame fuels addicts shameful. No doubt you upset, I totally view like pornography. You know, I never do it again, boy, how my because it's like you like a thing I saw a movie other night net forgot about it. Put it for a true is that, like the gambling attic is addicted to lose so right. So, like you, it's like you sit there and you try to work on your brain. Is that like? If shame, is your comfort zone? The if your comfort zone is unclear
oh and horrible. I hate myself you're only going to find a way to get there, even when you know in your mind that you want to feel good and you want to do the right thing. It's like you might be able to do that, but I feel so fuckin uncomfortable it just like you're gonna. U can fuck yourself, you know is, if I put an attack seed or on a pit, the paste gonna go back and saw a view feel like you're, a pig. You can't help but go to your level of what I do out of pigs in tuxedos up there, but So as you realize you're, not a pay now you start to step up, but that takes you get. Forgive yourself. You gotta, processor make the amends. You know you got clean aside the street right. Remember we unashamed culture right now UK, say nothing when I get the same now now, as I also share this, it s the way people Beale people feel like us. Nothing wrong with shame of the people is like Literally. This is my job to make sure you know how to be politically correct. No, it isn't it. So. It's shaming,
Maybe I shouldn't be Doin. What are you doing out the Shanghai for today saying hi China. I always wanted to go and live in a never been always wondered at its own baron tacit. Why that place, because I want to go somewhere that was totally off the great like light. East West. I'd never been that far easier. You ok and we won with Burma Myanmar, but I was Shea people when I, what are you doing in China do know they don't know Muslims. You know it Do you know what I'm gonna do cause controversy and abstaining? wait a minute, so ok, Perceval, I'm in China, but apples here to make here too light, so you never gonna use Iphone again. You know me out like why. Why why they taken all the anger, I knew because they feel powerless against Nike and apples and you're just a guy and vague if not just a guy where you can be made an example exactly than that and that a shaman sham
mere Terrio, Adam Guy, hey man, very personal and is Americans who two years ago about have been trying to do two things. I'm do I not have been lynched mere. I'm just try to aim at when I was a kid we go down, so we couldn't stop Martin, we will. A chicken in whole chicken cooked figure in the trunk and hills ones copy care because we got hungry? ripped out of these educated we had p, would be inhaled whether copycat, because we knew where the safe or stop now, Restaurants, no hotel right! So stop coming to me about human rights abuses, man, this America, India, where Medea knows there what these countries eunuch any shame from their black community. All I've I've been shaken by the black merely about viewed as a sell out.
There goes you smile and on tv, I hey man. Well, I'm happy, for you can't be too happy. They grow on real. You all shut for a man, Coonan going ok wow, so we can be happy. So I, must be an angry black man at all. Tat is all unless I'm not themselves data for cop right. So you go. Ok, you realize do this inside. No one can say is that when I get you get it's the same thing like you said about your family. At some point, you gotta creates a space for yourself back, we write exactly so. When did the first kickstart happened and like? When? Did you get the first?
you ve gay. I first while I was balancing work, my way from Sweden floors about a friend of my values and, of course, fixed great amount of light in me to an audition he was like. Did you get a good look now? People have become of me. Allow that they do you gotta go looking, try acknowledged at every man. I was trying to get behind a scene from my about images thing. It will show called Battledore, which was like american gladiators. Monster We work to put people at last, but the first thing I just got because it was kind of football. You know like like. Actually, There is a reality. The early reality sport? Yes, yes, but we where it was on the we would like. The log was battledore real warriors real pain as though we have put in nah spittle, maybe we'll get knocked out on a show before dislocated legs and don't only when two years I got sue three times. Oh my god, by different context.
It's good they're alive. You period hours, no rules. There is no wild west back there where it was really crazy. Muskrat! and they want it was that kind of thing they wanted that until they couldn't you- and I this movie- I ever audition for- was moving up the sixth day honest. What today and I got that do and why- and I was like up about Guy in a movie me Michael worker, a bunch of people and we will try to kill Arnold and it was a cannibal whack movie is rightly at some lines but ass, the movie. I went to bank who were to do up in a massage brought here, but I would not perceive that again. You get impostor syndrome, too two thousand yeah yeah- you get impostors enjoy life. I don't know what I'm doing here. I shouldn't be here in his dressing. Mr rack, you're, like you, I gotta, deserve this. Unlike visit to wait, I
women are not even actually I'm going to act in school. I don't know what a piece of shit you go back into some dirty so we're out of it. I can such true he. I guess it always goes to that. Unless it's yeah yeah, it's weird, ok cause. He often wonder like what. If I had nobody to judge myself against like what, if he wishes, you alone no wife and he had no kids. Would you still feel like an asshole, no back so the only thing people, the only way you could tell you're an asshole, is by other people. Yes, your relationship to other people.
We need to be able to buy if you ever sees them by all about himself or that a big if ass they stay that way. Either there sat there and ask as nobody to really tell either it's a sad story or its angry store is bad, but I suppose so then it just starts out in a new start going right, but you're doing a lot of these. These rose like that that fit your physique part c of the way you look is I want somebody I had Danny tray. How am I show like you know he? play. My sponsor my a fire I played his age were allotted dialogue, great unease like he can't get the lines like men, more dialogue. We have had an every movie ever done in the last they hire me for my face, or you know they were trying to put me in that
our year Percival bad guys, brig brutes here and then I want. But I want to be funny because you gonna say even in one of my stress, relievers was always been comedy media and I may be in funding in a locker room funny at home. When I was at school here I was always jet crack and jobs. Here am, I think, that's how that's how people grubbing can make things easier than wait. Do we made you see they get all the committee? Is it's gotta, be you gotta, bunnies gas company, most intensive care to make your dad laugh I did get out digger I day now was the thing just to get em off me right, get em off me. Stop you know you're gonna get before you start patent people get hit. My mother, let us laugh he I feel ass, crazy agony I would do to robot, but a whole family. We like, but they were,
was. I would do any of these movies and stop it out and all of a sudden. My purse, bunny role was right after next ice cube and the willingness to go that far and that movie and then all of a sudden. I started to get noticed here and for Comedy Frank right and just goin in a white cheeks the bag and will become Malibu most wanted. Director was. I was. I was an background directives. I met a similar put him up. We all know and that's what happened. It was I people. What are you? A big man ninety eight awaiting got weird but yeah weird thing. They never saw anything like that. I shall be honest with you muscle but he did mixer geopolitical tried it and it was. I ok he's here must go. We was wet but see when I did it. I was kind of land pointing what masculinity was so I mean from old spicy I wake up and I was like comedy is going to be my thing. I love it. I know,
those are weird all we're, but I got areas I can. I really like. I remember yours and I guess I d on these anti on calls on us and as watching what these companies commercials- and I guess I do comedy too- and I some over the coming from me to fuck those comments. This means. There is a black thing. How do we? Where, where that's the thing you forget, you never got. Burns in your memory is missing and cultural q, as that, where am I going to use those by the commercial sticks with the without that with all point out more the Marlon right now he's a funny guy Marlon way in the way of family eleven. I love those guys date. They ami their responsible for so much quality. So many people getting their shot the Mena Bill in dollar, Movie Pham automated Jackson's comment. You know they David there. They wanna gatekeepers for me and they let
I mean, I'm a movie, did you do with what I did? I did just. Why checks Bulgaria Damon, I did Damon's show my wife is hold paper but summit, biggest things I have ever done. Morrow year was from him and in him, and at night Adam Sandler game your career. Now you might, they gave me a start but sailor. I wasn't. I miss yard. The longest jar click, the ridiculous sakes. We just did sandy Wechsler, I've done. I seven movies. We here He's always called me up like you do come on. We got another one blended in South Africa. He's always got some funny. One nation ask but said by everybody hates Chris was there now is the real that dug in right got you your health insurance and that were kept it? What did thing is my wife gear cause? I want
the movies out back in the day out. I'm just gonna be a movie star. I where'd you get this money, she was like you, gotta do tv, we gotta do tv tvs, and now I can't you gotta tap at that point was born here ass. She was, we gotta do tell us, and I have had the time television wasn't. What was near me skylight. You could end up one other, wax it com and be like the but everybody's but you can make more money, but that was a thing you can make the money and what was why De Longshot, Chris Rock. We will promote in a movie medica somebody you, because he was watching me the whole tyre ere. I get description, a male everybody's Chris and are we the pilot and it was us at home. This is right and you can play a grown man yeah like your father and how we are here to remember no real and it was it and it was the degrading. Right, the key on tv
Don't wanna be degraded wrath, most of it at the time the you felt like you, you had a seller lobelia. Right right. Am I right in that? Wasn't that wasn't a deal there now arises? Chris was class. Yeah classic to this day is still work best things out there. I'd not think you're right anything. You people really like the shop. I could but like you, I think I always knew you were, but that, when I saw idiosyncrasy that was Ike is too much a hot. I was why were you know? I've just did why checks and you got us. There were my jobs when we I'd audition for their wonderful, Mervyn who did you put a sucker, probably seven for any accuracy radiography here, but what was happening as they have big big names, but nobody knew I was, but I knew this religious stuff right, your enemy, They're gonna cost as well yeah what these, because he is a scammer, and
we believe that I knew so many breaches like that. Do what I can do, what we need to happen. We need come true and you need to be all I wanna, be it I'll see what I just said Mc Nutt that year, because it was to the US, they get a most it all arab. I do get, but I said I might just like that is, and I got apart and little did we know it will be perfectly who had no idea. You may prophecy to till it was only to theatres, nine. I now failed miserably. I thought I was gonna, be my big movie, and I was so whether you have any more. We did our great movie. I think it would be even better with a little more money. We had nothing we aliakhin like here, because the conceit of it was great. It was amazing
Ike is always been niner by everything. My does this later here. It's great later office space, all legendary, all of it. Now I thought it also that, like in terms of how society here as a satire of culture, I mean it proved to be very foretelling- was no like when Time magazine, dangled, remembered Baden We wait with our, we're doing election with between two. Been Hilary end at the people there your mom. I know your mama, I wholly They were literally talking about people's mothers here in the care. Praying crazy out like this is crazy. It's crazy man will but yet, but that's it intelligence of judged by love that guy you play that was great, dig a module yet committed
but then you just like it seems like you sort of do runs in all these different shows. Like you, ve had like a lot of different things. You I can't you. After on tv radio, few episode someday, I was very at what is that one that was, I do a hundred apostles of. Are we therefore also a tv show based on ice cubes movie. Are there today on miserably it? It was the neck Tyler Perry Model where you do a hundred to get this indications. For that was a deal I moved Connecticut. We shot him all Connecticut. We did you shot three a week here didn't go into indication all it did, but it was just it was not. They lie to me you talk about sounds like a lot of work are at work, but it was my chance right. It was like I could be the main guy, but it was horrible. We even have a real audience now building huge disappointment at O F track. Do it was laugh track
all over and that while we were doing they, TB stop airing it while we were shooting it yet and it was to sight of abandoned that would put them out of the hole did it because they didn't which are regime too, and he s like they really. I think they're underestimated people's. It's it's hard. Underestimate people's intelligence in this house gave here they're stupid? What they do they weren't? That's do ya, know and asked the deal I remember they hate is Joe, could be better, nay. What I look at every light, a man. What are you talking to an hundred each other about you go back to work They will o o MIKE Amity how bad what I wanted to go. Do expendable too and I haven't, even though there were three I'd out there weren't there I want to go to expend was today promised me
I got an area what I know you can't do it now, because we are doing our with area. Ok check it out I'll, do ten episodes for free? If you, let me go to expend, was ok right as I ended up. Shooting ten episodes are either for free, so I could go do mumble, because I knew was my only way back into my career. You gonna make us no one's watching to sow sauce it. If I do it's minerals to at least I can get some, he does you gotta keep. The virus is almost like keeping a blame. Yeah yeah career as a slow fire that judges and don't want to go out there like a little wicked. It got real doom with expendable. This is all cast of those people dimly. But now you said it, I don't want it on a dessert knows that reigniting oil, the reignited quite a few dim, where exactly that it does will evolve
in the light of many dim way out right. It's very mild, spread the word for you, but you did. It must have been kind of exciting the work, those guys all males jet first ball, come on pay. Roberts, Mickey I write in some. Oh hello, Emmy Grub with that shit room was amazing. A. I am them. I have to say to on top of everything animals grateful man sinister to be doing what I'm doing do carry out half bad jobs. I swear, These people have watched you how you do it faded debate. It is all about me Is it really thereby by what first of all what I'm? Not when you think something's gonna kill you it does it usually here by people really think about you. But I got their own bills are all day,
usually true. I started to put too much on its own, or would we don't do this thing? Is all perfectly my people? Archaic goes away. Do it goes away past people only remember your success here or if he really fail big or if you do of the Koran stupid of me, I saw infamy either you're famous or your info As you know, we hardly wise day. You will be aware, is, do you imagine automobiles Heathrow, there's a pagan, detects, EDA, just think about think about all the memories effect will cause. I love because we show where I can watch it, whereas in its own right, heads of the records or anything that many record some guy justifying jovian those needs. Taylor, cameras, eyes, names, a comic. He goes. You haven't. He says of indian commies rats. Seven years, it's gone really well a maker. More money doing comedy them bill cause. This rule
Although hurts it does its value joke a camera? Why can't, I repeat, the last name air. So, but what about this? This gig you got now seems like a pretty sweet gate. I like it, I decided to start hosting You know a lot of people are doing that. Your house, the millionaire to learn my way through and because they are not a comedian, but it's a failure, because you ve done all these bits. Unlike Portland, he had drunk his yeah. You know I q did it rested, devour Mammy or known guy, but hosting it it's a comfortable gig. It seemed for some people who can do I love it. I would first of all I would do a tea for free its failure, because you can understand how this is to be big. His talent show in a whirl enamelled I'll. Take you back more. I hosted my high school towns show because my mother would allow me to perform.
Really because use religious right. Is it true that I have? I am I what I doubt ass. You would not allow. She was a year ago we have their shaken, you have, but on people- and I was- I put his ok because its evil- because right sitting because it sitting- and I simply- cannot hosted what is this in exactly prying, I dont know: ok, yeah. You know what s it like, you're gonna, get out of light in the right should be guaranteed. Well, you know what nobody can win the game, but but my thing was: let me hosting and choose out. Ok, let me hosted- and so I always wanted to do. This always want to be his personality. But another thing is that agency satisfies this need the crowd for once you only play football or the audience. New literally army is a lot of pain, but that cheers those holding is very addictive. Like most comedians, I dig through the crowd, their dignity. We know what that
here is that energy is now it's. I don't know, what's going to happen in my way and you might lose its a bit of a gambler chronometer. I feel that way to an agency. You don't know, what's gonna happen, especially when, as la mere your hosting they give you the keys NBC for two hours MIA and you it's in your hands. Anything can happen. You drive. It's Saturday lying when it goes well, but I've been eyes. What is, I think, a crash heart and also for its inspiration of the people, that you are things you and it's like. Even with a bike, I knew a guy who are used to work with Frank generally used to do is show them and he football fan. I told him if I said If you really want sports at all and he goes well, then how do you feel of life, but you know mark when almost sports, either I know, but like all here today. In about four point about the audience like you refer whatever it's worth, it does give people know.
A sort of connection in something tat to be excited about it. I think America's got talent, it's it's for its inspiring people, because it makes people your whether they can or not think that they can be used a talent and b b, something I dismay: superstar yeah, it's my literally tourist people, either superstars overnight. I first of all how many hold on to it at all. You know that a few gummy another view of monetary bade, her huge in Vegas, is what later makes millions of dollars a year. He was one of these a puppeteer either between requests, guess, you're goin on Russia, in Vegas mega with again perhaps no America's got a naughty. Was idle idle user. Then, when it shouldn't, when I am working with their now she's some she's a match. We did Andy Wechsler to go. I've got the were well adequate people, but these kind of show. Yes, I may we need and we need a mummy
Where else can you get seventy zero singer or six euros? Singer comedian and it's gonna like reminds me of itself, for sure of is modern day as element the accepted. I can get someone with dealing with professional performers right, but we want you. GonNa America was blood. America was a watch, you fail. We want to see it all happened. Oh yeah yeah. This is about is perfect, is born. I know you want to see. I do people eating pit fail on purpose, sometimes things you know. No doubt now, get the shame by I'd. Jonah the go out there fuck it up. I don't infamous, because if you do it, if you fail on purpose, you only make the
you have sent you gotta get eaten his tail gotta make it you can do if you're gonna fell on purpose. You better be good. You can kind of sea woodsman hire people who believe me while I'm back there with acts. I literally there with them the whole time and without a couple people come an area that ok they're coming to set up. This is a set up
in our and never makes it near so is party or evolution to Canada, so you ve hit the war was, as you say, two thousand and ten with their everything else, and then you also were you're. One of the only few very few men came out to serve addressed me too. From your point of view. He now that you're dead. The position can I talk about my producer, remembering you know what you did and will you cop to that? You know that that position, abuse of power in that situation, where the power dynamic is imbalance, it's not a gender specific. It doesn't have to be you gonna, set to work when I did that what happened, though it Han of men who turned on light, lay while I what the hell you're to be what happened, what this agent Adam Bennet, who, with the head of the motion, picture departed
William Morris Endeavour, yeah, I might a party yet with me. Am I why he comes up to me a grabs, my balls in frontier right in front of my wife. Everything is that, unlike Joe push him back here, Am I? What are you doin man? A start? Laugh. If you come back at me again and my job pushing back again and his is what his wife is there and we're in a circle of Pat white people, here: ok, rich white people, out of poverty and online, and I'm looking around unemployment. Not this do into another world, but my wife years earlier, she see me throw people over her head for a really. She made me promise. She said Terry here, you gotta understand. If you ever get an baited everything, you got a promise me you're, not gonna, go get violent because you're gonna get shot. You gonna get
are you gonna put when Jellia and will lose everything right? I get my wife. A smart seized obstinately are happier ass. You know some guys, don't give me your army here and that that moment I looked at her and she looked at me like and we walked now. You're gonna stay how we might see TAT. I felt like the biggest failure of our time. The I was gonna the terminator our letter was gonna drive back through the club in a cart, insulted everything you are made of a man here, hey man. I just let this: why do get away with that by an he's laughing He's just think he's my agency, and I were now you gotta be or thy began. I kept us, I call thereby Linux Day then day. I went right that aid as you like a man. This do did this anyone at all or whether we can do something about
oh my god, you and I what are you doing about this? He was high. He was also go along with you like with it. Come on you think of what no idea. He did. I don't know what he thought, a hope that boundary I I got you and he was like what you gonna do about and ass with the who, to address it. Thou Emmanuel ahead, an agency on my hey man, us it worthwhile. You demanded mill gives them be kicked out how they were for anti semitic remarks, but there stood assaulted me here. What you gonna do with your boy, it's different to what was that was I may well under Eu Jewish, but is a difficult on black was at me and he was a unitary. Do it you gotta do do was a pardon, like you make your make em all well as the Ok Sauce report,
the town Taoism our money, and I said you know what I've been a million dollars and when one dollar there was a moment I dropped a MIKE, and I say this: is it he suit him pseudo? Yes, I would say we must pay the court and therewith that we had already like movement. He's. An artist alike will carry. What do you want? I want, I want you goin, throwing money as it you gotta go. You cannot do you care molest somebody's got to work the next day and do it you gotta stay. I gave the months to work this out months where and when it all one s whole Harvey wise doing things that are happening. Ptsd I snapped out. Then a book when I started tweeting inhuman. I didn't even name the gap here. I will cite this thing happened to me here and people while I was Terry Group, as I do. I was right there
broke it all the down and all these tweets and shut my phone down, and I was at peace. You understand it was like a snake, like up literally Aachen, of only a man sprang where any just Skype I could about the rush, when I was like, I was right back. There are women we're having to eat that given in a car and go all never recover air until I I've set them tweets. It was like I'm done and never happened in my world was different. My world chaise. Everybody was why you know men were mad. They were like yours, what it was. There was some previous relationship between I'm. We were making up shit, we would do ass, the and in Africa. Never revealed em and then after I did not abandon our highly. What was like a Hollywood. Has this
where they play like everyone's peace diversity it all day, until it really get down to it, the eager lackman exactly nay, I may add a man's an accusation: was it not even make it a man? I was too slight yo. This do did this and what I as a possible you too big, and in often you know it was while because variety revealed him and it was there, they work in conjunction, where am I gonna already I see I remember, I came out I don't have they called out there dumb or they called it. Indeed, and I were all on good morning, America might strain, and the next day I have all these this tabloids come at me like they're gonna reveal some story about me, like men are put it on my twitter output. They said I have prostitutes in
and Monaco and Holding and on a second anymore, when my wife- and I will cite do this Hollywood machine is scared, because this is a deal you as an hour. You think as an art is that people are here. In other words, given his mom you're sure agent. Given that shit out, they are the worth of keeping you alive, I remember being a bodyguard and what happens is when he's bodyguards imbalances get around what they do. They got beat up into a guy. It won back, do you go home and he was gonna kill. You bore all love, you I'll. Keep you forever and ass. I get paid his wages Zeus. Anything to data. Creating thy or low, and there too he's telling these guys dark, I'm going to save you from this again and I will get ya do come. Oh man is that it is the hustle it's. This is bad. Scrap game is bad, allow the stuff so, and I start to reveal and his staff here, because I was twitter, Facebook,
revealing all this stuff and people like he's going crazy he's, not hey man, I know exactly what's goin on Let you get away with any end up all quit he had to go near. Finally, Finally, I got a call away more, like you know what we're gonna, let him go, because what happened was in his think where's. Several other people came out enjoying my case. No doubt they were willing to be named. But we also must go Corpora. You wanna go away, let's go, and there were several people that he did the same thing to enable I o k, we got it and they quit met, but they were ready to fight but see that's the game. If you'd, if you willing to quit, There will then it just step on you when I was eleven hours, I won't take it all away on the career was over. I was already I went home to him alive how it was done with you so amounts right. I mean I was it a very vague. Second, I am about to say
I still got my wife told me an alarm over the left up. I left right away, for my wife told me, but see this was blue. Mama wives, dietary every woman has ever has always been to see this, as the every woman has been women get molested Oda and they work women get this all and she was telling me what the deuce you as I listen. You know that
having to me when I was a kid, I was gonna, do no world when you tell me, wait man, I am a daughter who tell me your dad dissident why? What women go to this all day, our sight, but what happened was- and this is the best thing about what happened. I took what was nowhere to DE women's issue and we made it a three day is right, because what happened? What are these men started? Coming now about what happened it we had rested. We have major light up wrestlers that were in Limerick in holding coming out about the team doctors there or less than a year. All these players from high school colleges ever get molested in car. Do this happens, happens a lot and what I mean is has just because I didn't beat the guy up did at me. I wasn't molested like, even if I did
the proposal to tell me you didn't put your hands on me yeah. You did and affects me. You know I'm saintly across that boundary. You're gonna and my thing is men where life really highlight the fact that guy's will come back and in their path yeah. I remember when I was. I was a pleasant for this matter. Pity and made us get negative enabled many frees up. Man a non military. Their military would talk about. People come up hey man, I remember that because you block it out, we compartmentalized. A moment. You know the reason why you, unless you're you're gonna most the alternative to not striking back it. Just seizure says why is it a bit, but it also you go back and say I didn't happen, you can weaken glaring people got out, it's no big deal MIA. Push it out your head, but that, but that guy did he did do so Helen with his whole like process
Were you all levels are it was about took two year straight. A new Yorkers thriving your good. I survive man that guy's probably still show it's not about our I eat is moved off relocating priests exactly. Why is another reason why these a more of our into all, I'm good straight talking. You met my good man. Thanks are due to be here Ok, that's it that is it good talk enjoyed it You can, if you want my tour gaiety, gotta, devotee of fog, dotcom, thrice, tour for Benyon Ticket information for all of my winter tour dates. Dell raise excited, I'm excited. Looking forward, you get They're gonna get my set back into my head before this
actual comes out March and wanted to work towards this become more time. Re recorded the special, so some part of me is like dump that material of Dick We did it from the hard I've gotta reprogram it and put some of the new stuff. That's new she's going got some new Ok story, some new ideas I'll see out there. I did not learn any new core progressions, but I I'm gonna, a guitar.
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