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Episode 1102 - Peter Berg

2020-03-02 | 🔗

Filmmaker Peter Berg and Marc never would have predicted their respective futures when they were living together in a shared apartment back when both of them were just starting out in Hollywood. Now, after they embarked on wildly different careers, their paths converged again, with Pete directing Marc in the new movie Spenser Confidential. Pete explains that once he started acting, he got the idea to write his own movie from James Mangold, learned the ins and outs of directing from working on Chicago Hope, and came to form a partnership with Mark Wahlberg that has lasted for five consecutive films. This episode is sponsored by Dave's Killer Bread, Greed from Sony Pictures Classics, and Stamps.com.

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all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck sticks what's happening? I'm fucking sick man, and I it's not a great time to be sick. Be it is I don't know, I don't think it's a thing. I'll, let you know but I don't know what other people have any ways be. Look. Fucking hate him. Man, I'm sweating right now. My fever is brow. King right now on the MIKE right in front of you, I'm sweating I think, the last time I was sick, the guy. You know I talk to you about it. I think it was in Ireland Right had this that same thing: kind: migration. It's happening right now. They felt sick. The other day, and then that night I got really like my throat. Can a shitty my sinuses got fucked up, I felt tired and went to sweep it felt like, like a devil,
Had the shit in my mouth down my throat burning hot poop. I woke up and my my mouth, is our sticky and gross with that fucking virus flame and it's worse man. I just can't get near destroying clean my mouth with that shit, but throaty little heading out the next ashes fact. It basically feels like my faces. The blow off my head, like my kids, about explode and I'm tired the other day the next day. I just Frank: is she a ton of food like at least two gallons of water with electoral rights in it, and took some time. Politics amusing exit night took some sort of that during the day, guttural jack. I think, if not mistaken. The pseudo FED makes it de if you're dude is that correct it feels a little like in a semi older guys on now remember back when you did blow and if he had a piece,
If you decide to stand there waiting a p so long, have to sit down to wait. Two p know what it was, but at some do a blow. Am I making that up, but that a great part of it. We'll jangling, though that's nice or freebie. But yes, I got this fuckin thing temper. I ve been Rhine like ninety into one or one point. Five last couple of days has gone to my chest yet by drink. That for second night I had a drink like two gallons of water and that night try more with the electoral rights in it, and that's Can I took musing excess that, and I, which I can recommend. I swear it out. I would swimming the entire her bed was soaked and I felt so productive. I thought this is great. Look at my body working just trying to get had she had, and I felt better that morning yesterday morning, but now I'm not so great
a great right now, I'm a little better hope it doesn't go to my chest. I don't think it's the corona virus, I dont know apparently about seventy percent of us are going one strain of it or another by to the degree of which we get it. Who knows, I guess Go get tested. Can I wait, though, not himself quarantining right now, swat himself, quarantine yesterday and go out today, goin out a cancer. My spot the comedy, store and moreover, fuckin way will see what happens. Obey Wade, PETE Burg, the director. Is on the show. Today, the Asia, a big director, big director producer, did the directive very bad things. The run down Friday night lights. Kingdom, Hancock battleship- own survivor, deep water her patriots day mild, twenty two Spencer. Confidential is what he came in for that's the one I'm in with Mark Wahlberg
wise, a slash, injure slashed anchor alive the shocking through dinner and I couldn't the premier getting feel line and want to push x. I care about other people, and I'm gonna see. Look if I'm fucking, you know I just a viral goddamn sprinkler dispenser I'll stay at home awaited out. I can right now so fuckin travel man. It's the fucking travel but Burg, Bergen I lived together way back in the day briefly, have told this story before I will, with my buddy Steve Brill. We are closer than ever Kay now we ll, hang out he's been on the show structural movies and sandwich stuff out of sailors. Why special a good guy. I guess we should hang out, but so Burg got him moved into Steve's out and Stephen Burger friends. They pushed me out on the sofa which is bad and it was
a bit of a boiling situation as a fragile, sensitive lost, a guy who moved away to pursue his dream. And these guys seem to have an angle on what they are doing and it was. It was a difficult situation, so eventually I moved on to the comedy, store and got deaf up on drugs are not blaming them by that were, I graduated to and the rest. His history, but Brill showed up on the set of Spencer. Financially we're all a scene together, like old times, did make. The cut, though, It was a nice guy cited two senior three things in that thing, and now I think I do. Ok, I think I showed up for myself. Also got my MRI results backs on M sitting here of sweating with his fucking whatever it is. It's high bred flew in a cold, I'm literally sweating right now, but let's relax folks, let's relax
we're, not all gonna die, but we are all going to die, but not today, Sony Pictures classics Are we presents greed? A new comedic satire, written and directed by Michael Winter Bottom starring, Steve, Coogan, Dave, Mitchell, ILO Fisher yeah. Those three greed tells a story of self made british billionaire, Sir Richard Mc Greedy played by Steve Coogan, whose retail empire is in crisis. For thirty years he has ruled the world of retail fashioned. Bringing the high street to the cat walk in the cat walked to the high street, but after a damaging public inquiry, his images tarnished to save his rep station he decides to bounce back with a highway publicized, an extravagant party Celebrating abrading sixty birthday on the greek Isle of making US a satire on the grotesque inequality of wealth in the fashion industry. Greed sees Mccrae rise and fall through the eyes of his biographer played by David, Mitchell, the guardian of greed, a knock about satire of the mega rich. While sinner
Europa says. Michael winter bottom has made a hilarious film about the dangers of capitalism, grew it is now playing in New York in LOS Angeles and opens everywhere. This Friday March sticks greed from Sony picture classics, I'm fuckin Sweetman, walls, Africa as not hiding here man- it's not fuckin hot in here, so I do it they're going to a real doctor and I got my arm. Mri I done the doktor said. Look man, a MAC. I refer you to a serjeant, nor do I think you need spinal injections. Let's try physical therapy, The guy said it wasn't that bad. I was bad Protrusions sounds bad me fucked up about it. Is that I'd it's a van. The injury, a fucking vanity injury. What do I need to put squat the big waits for fifty six fucking years old. I don't give a fuck. What am I try?
Approve I'm not compete I got nothing to prove our squat in the big weight stupid, we set it on my. What am I vertebrates and pop the fucking three down man fuck vanity injury down, gonna be stuck with my entire fuck life, I guess what I'm saying you folks you guys Take it easy. What are you to prove. Madame fifty six, I love in my life. My health is pretty, and if I don't die from whatever I have right now, and I can stay in, shape, I can if the mountain, maybe Johnson, yoga light work out. What are my fuckin squatting? You better of having good course strength, imbalance in MECCA. She had been walking? Is deaf dumb? vanity injury, very mad, it myself, I'm going to have this thing for them, to my life, which year depending weapons will see, will see, may not be that big, a deal because I'd I'd, who owes how long Rog and a beer- oh that
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click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in W e f that stamps dot com entered w e f now got a couple of these texting stories. You know the unfitting machete person, if you guys, were listening in I'd, tell the story but accidently texting a text to thing that this guy and his wife were shitty to the guy yeah that happened so that I solicited. I asked for some stories and I got some stories and I've mixing up here. There's some good ones, if someone's better if human in nice, my whoops, men for someone else story. Hey Mark love story about sending attack The wrong person, here's my story, a while back one of my co workers were driving me a little insane. He used to try we to harden really wanted to be. One of the cool kids in the office in city came off as media tension. Horn. I wasn't, haven't it so this one day I was talking to one another friends when he decided to put into the conversation. So like any rational adult I got mad.
Stormed off. When I got back to my desk, I emailed my friend to complain about this dude, drives me bananas when he interrupts and how I hate that he tries to forced his way into our click. Well, you guessed it. I sent an email to him with the subject: wind, big red because he's over six foot tall, as red hair. Definitely not my final moment. We email back and forth about it. Didn't I apologize me seemed to be cool with it. Then, I learned an important lesson about shit. Talking people never put it in writing. Now Six years later were both managers and I share in office with the dude. We sit ten feet apart. Forty as a week, and I can honestly say he's a good guy, enjoy, haven't him a round. I think we both just had some growing up to do anyway. How things work out with your body do Could you apply projecting then? This bet you guys are good for me. What really get along? Usually when you have that type of fuckin feeling it's because you You know he reminds you, you write emails
The unintended recipient high marked with a k, my If an iota small business in about three years ago, one of our suppliers be any mail to me, raise prices to an unconscionable level filled with rage. I forwarded the. Now to my wife, accompanied by this sensible recommendation that we never. The business again with a cock second supplier. Why suggested should be driven across the land? like the firm that they are. As you can guess, my comments were set. In reply to the supplier by mistake, long story, short the shocked, vermin in question. Replied me immediately apologize profusely and lower the prices. We were charged levels that we're effective two to three years earlier. We still do business with them today, never underestimate the weird righteous way the universe works, and my guess is at your relationship with your friend will end up stronger in the end best of odd way.
The weird thing is, like I dont know those people that well resort events the same circles. Maybe I should try to reach up I'll. Try your right, you're right. These guidelines are pretty yeah, as one makes your fucking heart tropical, Taxing the wrong person I mark eleven years ago, I slept with a friend in a moment of weakness in my wife found out about it. She was livid, of course, and I was left in an absolute panic that end our marriage. Despite my actions, I was crazy about her in denial. Leave after few bleak months, she agreed to try and reconcile willing to do absolutely anything and our therapists reckon and we renew our wedding vows, not any kind of public way like poor second wedding, but in some sort of person away that would be meaningful. She said it would help to rebuild the trusted. I had betrayed. I was absolutely I'm bored, so my wife agreed to go away with me for a weekend on the coast, state or favour being in do some kind of personal ceremony just between the two of us I spent days pointing out,
I was going to say editing and rewriting of she was going to do her art as well, but I was the one that had fact everything upside definitely had lining the share. We performed a widow renewal when fine and we had an eye weak, and I was left hopeful that it was a good start to going back on track and the drive home. I stopped his arrest room and saw that a close friend of mine, a texted to ask how did it go? I texts to my wife, who is waiting for me back in the car, no doubt contemplating her renewed but tenuous affection. For me to be honest, though, We can felt contrived dude. We navigated through three more years together before she was officially done with my shit, we're still friends, she's moved on to great success in life and love, and I now triple check my texts.
Before I send them love the show MIKE, to be honest, the whole weekend felt contrived MIKE dude. While you are aware one seems to be ok last one recipient of mistaken tat. I worked with a married couple. I've worked with the wife for fifteen years. The husband started working with us that seven years ago and that's when they met. Anyway. I am reasonably closed with the wife and always have been in the husband is a hundred per cent comfortable with our course platonic relationship a while back. She had to work the day, but her husband and I were still there are shifts ending soon. I centred ex about something. I remember what I was asking her and I was awaiting a response about thirty minutes later I received a response. It was a pic of her With a run of the mill sex toy inserted into her vagina, I like the description
run of the mill with I'd like a little more detail. I immediately knew that it was not meant for me, I'm cool, going and could see myself sending something like this to the wrong person. Really, you could see sending someone a picture view with a run of the mill sex toy in you. Ok, I immediately text her back and said not to worry that had already deleted it and her secret with safe with me. She felt really. Stupid as we discussed waiter. She was really it went to me not someone else and I was the ideal accidental recipient. After this point, I still am said anything to anyone, and I don't really think this counts. What great secret to have an you know an accident and so intimate and weird and guys have to keep that weird little secret forever, forever serious com
Model motto here: did you do it did you? Do it. I If you have, I believe you so PETE Burg is a director of Spencer confidence. We do, throw a great stuff he's. A big personality he's a good director actually think he defiling. He has a a style and a point of view. That's for real! If you watch frightened, I lie some Hancock and he's got a great way. Shooting action, and we go back, and this is one of those a kind of closure talk, because you such a big can you know alpha male guy and you know he they really the two of them him in Braille, really fucking me If your shitty, I don't know I totally got closure here, but it's good to see paid heed sort, charming monster and he still gotta big personality by cohesion is best behaviour in the
gave me a nice interview and I think I got a little bit of a closer. I think I will be the closure with big bad Pieper set me Talkin, be Burke the Movie Spencer Confidential. It premiers on Netflix this Friday March. Sixth, and I mean Skype, a shingle vaccine, is ethical search. It hurts more than usual deserve again now either flew vexing. I did you dig it there. I didn't get shingle strategic. No, I don't have it tat you have to. Did you have chicken Pox at one time. Remember I'm no people get shingles. That gives the doktor this again there are. You want the facts. And my guide, the shingle sense, terrible, whose gotten single people get jingles it's out there behind them. I believe so
I have no proof tell me why, within all of a sudden have a vaccine, you think they get anything out of that just money. Now how much money hammered? Probably fifty dollars- I don't know cause meaning, I found the coverage and whenever they, the Bob Hope Health Centre. Exactly do you not, above all, Hell centre. Bob hope that does not break sagoth. Yeah I've been out there, but your dj guide. So what you do, what they got a special hospital for. You have. No, we just gotta. The doktor are just talk. Doktor heavy doktor at above about centre icy. Does that I mean? Can you choose your doktor yeah yeah yeah? I think you'd be a pain in the ass. Reactor you be a cop nine, more! No more! I'm get really. I don't go much unless I'm really hurt and can have a backs thing right now, a geiger at why? Why? What's wrong with your back had I did a sector is. Was exercise accident, your box, your writing.
Your thing you really do stuff YAP by exercise is meant to prevent you from injury, Well, I was what happened was I was set, no, the bar down on my shoulders for squat and set it down wrong and I've been some. I set it on a vertebrae or something, and some pop told you What do you do? I don't quite know not anymore. I mean occasionally ass quiet because in order for after some squat your ass drops in, and I can tell you you can't let your ass trot. That's like The gargoyles lawyers can without having your added We are aiming to drop at much. Do you know where your ass to drop? And you don't want your bows too pro lapse right. I've kind of my without rights, a heavy careful with the squad raccoon. Dont, squat you're, asking drop in if you, if you do squad too much reviled and pro lapse in all kinds of Serbia figure, has added an injury seen before collateral. I mean, I think I wrote it with me
when you asshole girls I'll get your ass well thought out: everybody you can go though it there's natural extracts. You do that I'm just being I'm set for so long with sometimes get boredom here. Look up like closer medical procedure, ideological injuries and Someone on some found put up started talking about products thousand messaging data from squatting, yeah younger from squatting. Are you not anything that causes you to exert pressure on your erect em? I guess again, yeah sneezing hard in Sneezer ass, your body. I I mean it's, it's a whore Zack, I watch the movie that we made together Spencer Confidential has now yet we went through a few title. More. Is that because you they're like dozens of these books in that it came out so good. You think that you got it french eyes on your aunt? Will hopefully I mean I do I'm really happy with the movie, I think, and ass quick jacket. You get a job you're, very good. At that dashing crowd, pleaser, it's a crowd! Please
I was ill humor violence, bad guys, didn't, beat up Mark Marin we'll get a mark, Mariner fair amount. Arriving there narrative our use of funding funding and you haven't. That was a lot of work euro you're like we did it with, but it was literally after I got done with with dumping all that story. You like. We think it would work for you did it, you did it, you pulled it off for a minute and then the movie was based on the Spencer Box. I never. Those books, but people level where you heard of Spencer for higher they ran when we were kids, a tv show that the same guy same guy, this guy S, Atkins who wrote Yak P, literally wrote seven hundred bucks. Seven hundred about that you are a mob, give or take giver, two of them one! Guy of this area, an imminent Asia, Kansas, just an extremely prolific costing Boston criteria in Pakistan. But, like you know, we all think were busy in a car
Firstly, I know prolific, gradual, discovered seven hundred by how the hell did he live till a hundred I dont profit, like thirty from current line. Learn. I resolved, I think, into seven says I two or three books a year, not unama. He was just just enough now flow Amelia. I have read one of the Bourgeois when we made wonderland near their editor. Excel. His red pretty much all of them the Boston guy. Yes, Michaelis Boston guy about, but we'll just love these books here and talk about them within would talk about them. Are a cut in the picture telling me about these different stories: pot lines in the history of Spencer and yet so If, if the movie plays well and and everybody wants to do another one, we definitely well but not do, did you do a deal? Was this always would netflix out? If I knew that when I did, the house was always net for yeah she to straighten up anything, it's not gonna. Do a theatre run at all it my do a limited theatre, just getting it
considering how this. Why don't think we'll be in consideration? It's it's it's not! It's not was. Certainly. Never you never know the one thing I have learned market. You never know ray. I like the acknowledged or limitation. I know what this is really I mean, but we do come I think, one of the things that attracted me too, to dare to doing it matter, Duennas weep and make him some. Heavy movies. You know even water. Now we may like stores, were real people die journalists. The first move, you guys didn't. We do have long survivor. That was the first one. Yes, TAT was the one with the natives seals, the Navy seals and they'll get killed on the one hand, and he ends up with those arabic people. Dams, yeah, yeah, yeah, Nazca movie and their numb. Young nineteen navy shells were killed in an hour from and saw that was like the higher had gone. Any had been fostering. I like them via his great restricted emerges, talked him yesterday. Did he reckoned wonder again when directors? First movie very talented yemeni producer, the his movie too
I wondered. Oh yes, yes, yes, I did. I did with Colored Sheridan approved for teller, Sheridan yeah. It's ok, so long survivors before Robert Movie verses onto viper, then it was the reply report HORIZON, which was now another true story about the regret that blew up in a mood south of using them of a scammer, yeah yeah. I think so pretty intense here and at midnight. That's like Addy, where we can get to that. So you in with with that relationship you guys got along. You knew each other before long survivor that our job offers and decide like that. We're a team organ duties move. Will we which other like is like loose we use. The word friends were alike, cannot can like Hollywood friends language at how to each other and right casually like run into each other, and you know it was a friendly, cordial relations right and we talked about working with each other. And then finally, launch survivor was caught up. The found worked out here. We may think gum
Neither the movie do very well. It was a success and we just kind of I have a very similar out look at things in perspective on the business and we approached working when I'd like to waste time. The army we take it seriously, but we don't take it maybe a seriously as some people do it and that's not to say we don't take it seriously. We do and we want good work and we want the funds to work, but we like to waste time and I think both of us related while to each other more quickly developed shorthand visa and that went right into deepwater horizon and that movie did Jade. Well ourselves, a good famine. Now, don't you like to waste time again? It must have taken years to pull that movie together, mean we go shootin water EL the thing well, Laming thing jabbered, even yes, fetters of Theirs an amicable ways of moving through a firm like deployed, arise in which could take eight months, rushed out of three months in you. So much of of the of the hard work with Sunday night deeply
as is done for the year prior leading up for you to have this right. Just Tremendous amount of crap like India for Deepwater HORIZON, we built the biggest set ever built in the history of thumb. Making down, and now we built this one hundred and twenty four in the history of- mystery of film making the biggest set ever Bell Gratulation, while it was yet it was completely unnecessary and we wasted a fuck lot of money. Made shooting very long story and there's some people that predated me that deserve a little bit of the blame well. How can we use the word blame addressing they own the responsibility of starting to build this massive? He came into that later. I came into later, and the ship had sailed said on this giant sat, but they were going to make it even bigger in the water. It was knows in a parking lot of an out of business, six Flaxman amusement park. Side of Louisiana, and swampy giant parking lot with alligators and wild pigs and
Water might have seemed the thing he added rolling. They were they built a massive rig and yet make one of the thinking the thought I'm building a hundred feet up in the air. Was that when you get up that high, you can shoot a shot of of an actress and you won't see the ground you just in my village you're out in the water. But the truth is you, you do see problems and then you can. You can put someone on the ground and just maybe get two inches below their patient shoot up and you, and so there was there were so many so many flies and- and I came in- and access stripped to set down, but it still turned into two green Google pictures of still was the biggest set ever built. It was, Is there not a ripped it all apart like a week after about it, but we had like five hundred welders from
over Louisiana and two states random agenda. There is a working helicopter, Pat on it, one of the mistakes of of logic among, say, blame, but the flood thinking we like known, realize it. We're gonna build some miss bag, a if you want anyone, then a helicopter on it. You think that the debate of engineering veiled, since it like we're talking about your garage, my such of inspection issues where they come and inspect that and you subject to the same standards as if you will building a real building, those so every well. To be signed off by two engineers. It has an active yeah, it's better. It had to be built to last. And your normal better. I would say if you can thrown away at she bowed had a land real. How can we didn't actually have to land the helicopter? We could achieve that at an end and then the other thing I was like, I'm ok, so it's it's a hundred and ten I'd feet up in here what there's an elevator to get you up there or its six stories.
Air threatening our later a nude and work out a time. Some just think him. Ok, sorghum be up a hundred and ten stories in the summer. And in Louisiana such my hundred and five degree. Asia, there's all kinds of issues with whether it will be up there in any say Mark wants Barbara wants to go to the bathroom right, but you have to go downstairs flights of stairs gettin. A golf cart drive to his His trailer yeah we may get discharged behaves like take. His shirt often mean I'll. Do it now so? You're gonna followed his wife and it's gotta before our swedish between does he? What do they want to go? Pay right. I'm like this is crazy. We can't do this the brain outhouses up to the top. The thing and then they outhouses started to be a reeks of eight about air conditioning. Tents ran out, citizens like this. I just kept growing like a tumor yeah. It was, it was there, but the movie broker, even yet
The movie Brookhaven movie, did really well Guy got mounted with some very good move air proud of it and that's what am I either you handle now I mean like: what's we're? Gonna have to go back because two back pretty deep, Waller yeah. I think we should while their story, because I know you man, I mean I knew you when you. I took your first headshot and I don't know people know that. Why would they? But I I lived with Steve Browser this up for the audience I went to college, which the road they ve heard of Steve showed him. When I moved out here, I moved tell em of din, would Stephen on lower street uncover city in the apartment at Steve's uncle on, but Steve charged and kept rent for the animal. We know that any raised my route, one that also what the thing is you you kind of pushed me out. I remember what did I do I feel headroom night, yes to you on a couch everyone. Even it shows the now. I dont I couldn't remember whether you will tell you exactly what happened. I know it happened. I don't. I was pen right now. I was
aiming for both of us were paying rent and growled whisky. Were I remembered that well, but I know that we were again long great. You guys had drool crew here I came out. Eating really know, may now, whether it was you and Brill and Mendelson and Andy. What's his name Miller, Andy Anna Maria Barbary RAP Report was around the poor Harry Harry Redneck, Harry, very regular, etc. So all these people and analysis weird guy. That wants to do how many women with steve- and you guys you have in your young, how we would like right, you're crosstown. I die met you and your living yeah you're here Maybe your roommate is dating are gross where you live. The girl! Yes, yes, yet why? You have a good memory, because I see our youth all food. Yes, I was living with an azure, an actress them currently Hopkins and yes we were. I was asked to leave, because I would have liked guys in the apartment and are a gross betraying. The leg hang out
may I be romantic and we would be like you got gunning beers and he's in either of you that's right in India in any kind of like a he stood up to you guys. He got yet the chicken where he got hurt. It stand up to us, I don't recall our guy respect him, but I don't think he stood up, but Karen she stood. When me, you guys were like starting to make it. A member army was in some movie and you like a Euro Europe like here's I remember that the primary points about you like I don't know. I know you a date in an old actress or something at some point her and then I guess you are also working on it. Prince documentary that, yes, we are gathered like I know who you are but you're like this is it's gonna, be it was called sums
it- provides erotic city rewriting search, operatic sitting. This was your thing. I don't know what you were doing with what that involves. Every night mean Maria Delanne Bob Dylan Daughter, who were trying to produce a stock going to a restaurant, princess manager, owned, yeah, frying, define, princess manager. We never found that was asked Let us not forget good move, you have it. I just that that was this clause to making movies we ever came, but you I, what do you? Twenty years old? Twenty years old, there are now twenty five protocol, twenty three twenty four merely gap breakthrough so you're trying to do that. I remember that I remember like you know you wanted headshot and he saw had a camera Godwin outside we took pictures and you used yours for years. Members want to check your shirt. I sat in a bulldozer, you put me in
by giving your face. You can see, I know, but I just remember you sit around what do you call the bucket of a bulldozer the fellow this year and I think that he is a true died. You said you had me squat down and was actually a picture I squatted down and the light was the. I am of the metal was heard in and you use a figure who knows my head. China got work, offer that I got my first. Jobs are not leaving that they put me in the movie, but then like even your buddies, and so you get kicked out and then Gotta move at the the couch and then you do the same thing. Bring ten guys. I'm asleep on the morning with women come an overly wake me. I would hit you yet you have come on. We want to listen to music, you isn't it! I remember you Isn T easy. I was the first one yet, though, for anybody else s enemies, that's right! Any also turn me onto the Richard and Windy Thompson. I think, maybe that maybe I had that record. Maybe I don't like your stuff.
Taught you three cords and they did a dna right, but you never. Let me sweeping, then you fuckers, I can't just I'm just laying down just waned, I'm gonna go get it. I don't know what to do myself and I gotta you. I gotta get another apartment, so they set me up down the hall with the woman who lives down the hall who lost a roommate member. In I move down the hall into that girls apartment and within a week or two I drank or booze I tried to. Ex whither Randy ran in intervention on the budget member. You broke coming down their laughing at me like those your new place, as this for girl Abril would pound on the wall and she would come alive now to the Roman they would have sat. Now there was now that was the other side of the building. Now girl, you would knock on the wall and then she would come on you. I wish has made an was innovate and eventually I ended up at the comedy store by trying to play guitar. I took your headshot. You talked about the
I went to my walk man, my rock Mansour EU member. You got a job on a fishing boat, yeah took my yes said that bought that Tom showed us out of the tar and threw it yeah. I mean you got a grip, We must remember that, yes, I do. I remember working on a fishing boat, brainy brought. Guitar broaden electric attire gave you that gave us, and I, because of such a body green job or a floating off of to undermine after Custer voyage. For five There's nothing to do were waiting for. The next two fell with fish. The now play that guitar yeah through that thing, while we still have anything better, that's that's my memory of the book, did you come from before they could get people know what a great Qatar player you are and say as common knowledge, rightly, whose I remember you from great. But I'd worry what way after each Pike ass ignore regular. You are very talented, my pressure, and I remember when we were. Like I do remember tormenting your bed, and I apologise for that.
We would get up and you're sleeping on a couch in the couch was sort of Europe that IRAN, but it was the middle of euros, everybody's rulings. I was using tight spot matter, but I would tight spot for everybody, but the Irish I'm imbros at a good time, but we have a browser. Bastard, I'm told him. If he was he he is, he was getting our apartment for free. Some like plastic, surgeon kind of weird and Bel AIR has some old stories about that yeah kind of criteria who, but do you gave brother Perma for very gradual? I was being charged rent a car six hundred dollars or every month Randy. I think this was after you left my rent went up here, and then I remember like too send me living there. He calls me kitchen and he has to have a meeting with me. Peter aid has got a regret. I might bring. What do you mean you
to register for you to say I have to give you personally more money. We don't have any money and all your money is my money. You just take my money. The reader raise my rat and I I think I threw a Bob bottle of Mount Gear Roman, his head, you did, and then I must indeed, but did you guys, have a real falling out of one point at some point, because I remember that I see I was touched, his egg. I went to the communist or an entity that whole for decades, and I know that then than Brill kind of became a sand were guy, and then he got mad at me and then I heard things about you, but let's got before we do that. I want to know why you grew up in Westchester governed by you grew up in the same town, my first girlfriend and chapel cloning archeo began. You know her anything. What's your name? Sarah Reuben was rejected, Remember. Sarah Reuben here now your man,
I gotta retardation, I named Andy Gilchrist to his guitar player, but I think they're, like maybe lily it does not but like. So. What was the story there? You do you come from. Your Jews. Now I come from a half year by I come from Jews in denial, so so my father was have two of my father is yours. My mother was catholic, but they were embarrassed, their Judaism, so we they pretended. We were basically atheists. Ah, but who celebrate Christmas because a sort of fine vacation? Because there was no, where's our image, and now there is nothing but the end, a sentiment of grass of denial of of our jewish hurriedly eyes at I don't know it was. It was the culture that my family was in New York and your debts family made it my dad and my mom swim in particular just were not kind of down with the jewish culture. Gems, grandparents,
Nigeria apparent I did, but they were. They were equally nonreligious again, no one, no unpracticed religion. I was not permits that, an you dead. Do my dad was in advertising. Guy. Like Madman, I really regret advertising. That's a big one, he was just peanut butter. Jeff peanut I'm the guy was gravity of this cloud says account. He was that the marketing I'm in the client relations Garcia, so he would mean it's crazy, like mad men? He was a little bit after mad men like a little bit sort of couple years after generation, seventies yeah they were still have three martinis alone. Command. They take the train in the city they have from Westchester Mannheim. They have three a marked. We want to work on all morning, sort of and what they do and then they got a lunch. Have stake, stake Tatar Ray
The lobster area three martini to come back to the office individually, pass out on your desk until it was six, then Ah deservedly did they pass this book? Is it with you? Couldn't do any work because in the tv shows that we just go back to work, but I was how that money that was there would pass on. They were also did smoke sooner. They changed smoke, cigarettes and just cabinets. Hammered, and then they would like dumb, like March of the penguins, like that penguins from the grand central where there was a bar car, ok here, and so then Amendment Auster Drinking reloading red on the market frames would inevitably breakdown so that they have three more drinks on Tralee COM Shit faced, whether yet, but we I have these memories and asked a lot of my friends from Chappaqua. We would all go
apparently and my mom and my sister and I and other wives and kids would go to pick up at the train station husbands and he's trains think that they were to get off. He added that three steps, but the third step was a good two feet off the ground right here and I have memories of these men, and falling off the train and one in particular immense landing on his face and breaking his knowledge and knocking out some teeth in us. Screaming and everybody was drunk all the time That was my of early ask me my memories of Chap Clive cyclists alga every, but the parents were just drinking that kind. The seven These are good pictures Mcgovern Ear and were about the same age. Like you, I remember. I see pictures of everyone's drinking begins. It would be like a drink, coffee, stinger. Stinger and I think it's like brandy and whisky and am in like they would have branch sex,
dinner broadcast on Saturday and they would just be like thirty adults. Gettin ship, just fucked with ease, wingers phrase you're drunk I've, my parents, weren't Do member the movie, I stormier nine, so TAT was that was literally the time. I grew up in a wider mistimed in Bedford which, as we know, ten near rednecks YAP occur. Neighbouring Chappaqua and thy storm had to keep heart he's right where they help us with I think gum. I know I'm sure some of my parents, friendly foreigners, have they were all starting to experiment with drugs and might make his two kids were Yakima, sixties, latex, yeah, but Riyadh? We weren't to another I want that general. Issue. Once the sixties happened, the kind of guy out the grown up, that's right, beggar! and so there was like a little bit of coca thing, which the latter we them in nothing much harder than that, but with your man in the military modalities in the Marine Fur Marine Corps for two and a half years, really he was actually.
The korean WAR, but he was, he never got off the boat he was occur, I ll tell Colonel in the Marine corps is my dead two years near force. I guess they did, that. Did you gotTa Korea? Now he saw he was even more Vietnam Ere. I think he was in the service like sixty nine sixty nine through seventy one. My dad was was the elder. My dad was yeah my him. He would have been all ensure that saliva powders he's eighty nine. So my dad died three years ago and eighty at eighty four cement, agile alone at older and my dad leg. Basically as she got older here. His loyalty and connection to the marine corps grew and grew and grew, really yeah deeply patriotic towards the marine corps of towards a military and that that sort of, like wait, did that influence you I've been shot in your way of looking at the Moluccas. Your new definitely do movies that are of honest depictions of current of warfare.
Yeah. I think I'm particularly would like launch survivor. I think I'm when I read that book I was. I was down the book, but there is There was a wanting a respect for the military and that there was installed upon me at a young by him yeah, but when he was in great antennae guy now now he wasn't Gretchen tv, but he was like the kind of guy who like after eleven drink. Yeah and I'm not say, was heavy during her because I wasn't heavy drinking back. Then that was norm after lunch after lunch he might on any given Sunday be sitting there like entering have time. James came a watch tv. He would turn I propose nothing say you not: they re install the draft you're going drawing an, that meant that your life was to get here and by which just like you just like, and if I like even said anything,
rather than of course, I'm goin. Yes, of course, I'm gonna get. I hope they do and reinstate to draft an if I even pause year. He would attack really you know you think you're not gonna, go you think you're, not gonna, go all you're gonna go got God I paid. You know- and I can't even get crazy, and so I think I'm yeah he was he was a war historian. He could have kicked, might occur. Yvonne walked at any given time in any college on and in an account yeah and taught a course in civil war. History revolutionary learn other stuff. He knew a call it an error. We lived in Chicago for a year and we went to them lie. Ah, he got transfer you chief business yet well tied up put on a tight accountancy, and so he began as a big office in Chicago yet so we live there, and I remember I was again third grade. Maybe thirty fourth grade and we went to the Museum of Science-
in technology, I should have a beer dinner and now it's a good science museum and they have a capture. German uber were summary. India and you can talk. And I remember we await your gun with? Was our famine is eight other people, their families have thirty people, although we don't know The programme on a tour Anderson, I cite twenty three old girl from North Western who to giving the torrent is again, and this is where the radio rumours and they would communicate through series of signals. In my debit, that's not accurate. That is not accurate, I should like sir. No, that's not actual you're saying about communication techniques are completely inaccurate action and then, by the he would take over the tour. And we would be like really embarrassed, but he knew his shit from America Emily your mom with what you do,
So my mom, when I was growing up, was my mom. She was always volunteering. She started by fifteen different charities, I'm some of which are still going today, but when I was young at that time were my dad was a grey shoes of volunteer at our psychiatric hospital and white plains, and she would come home with these wild stories of like Alice like had a breakdown of some correct Bangor outcome for the museum scoop readmission out. He will ask. He was a patient, therefore out he took alike, ignoring seven his home in a friendship in here, but as she would come home like out, she came home once in her ears, rob
bloody and she'd, been wearing hoop hearings and patience is reached up and pulled the earnings out of her ears. You have all these crazy stories. She was a install still has just like an active store. Anna, yes to allowing us great, she should have started like five different charities and very busy with service work. You busy get, but she would shoot it wasn't really this service she would just make she would come back. Like my mom started, a group, my mom had breast cancer and she started a group called share, which is a she started. The first self help groups for women it had. Breast cancer, I'm no windows, support groups or even when what this real horrible ton of having a cancer and then having in our abreast, Romania and having to breast removing having surgery and obviously is very complicated thing.
For anyone in four for women and young person does it. There was no support repair to she started. This support group and she was on sixty minutes a problematic aspect, but she would she was bigger, and I now on cancer in human breast cancer and tat she would come I'm sorry, but I am so sick of these fucking age people they get now the money, these fuckin age, people a fact, leukemia fuck leukemia his boss yeah. You sure she would turn at all into like this game, where she she really did care. She would get so caught up in politics, politics and have fun with
If your mother, a certain amount of money in an age where research is gonna, get so much leukemia and breast cancer and saw an end by Mama's way out before the end of flowers were in pink here, you know India and breast cancer is something that was so commonly fought for. My mama's has really fun now think it's like so prevalent. It's crazy new sisters not show business issue. No! No. My sister's across my sister has been the most intense jobs due note, Casas, CASA, cassettes in its abbreviation, and I don't care about its orbit. Basically,
She works in child service protection, Joe. If a kid is being horribly, has a cracked out father nor mother and re being sexually abused or green item on believable horrible story. She she has to come in once the child's been separated from the parents and do deep in investigation to determine whether the charge to be reunited with the kid with apparent with a child or to going to foster homes sake. I mean that's not to get heavy on with. I would put it really is like the stories above not did she's in New York, New Jersey and that surround hath heavier when you hear the stories of what these people these children and counter and how these children are born at so far away from home plate. It's ridiculous Zhao, if they dont, have a fighting chance when she tried to
find them healthier situations or I'm. Basically, the the dream job is to get a child adopted by a good Pham, like that's the big when, but it's really hard and on and you see these. These children, who works with when their twelve and foster homes and then fourteen underhand and by sixteen they can't known, can adopt them in it. Then you know of entertainment or eighteen, the age out of the system, such by an. If you keep in touch She tries, but it's like you, Europe, not addressed some line of work, so she is social worker than yeah, it's a form of such work, but it's called CASA for anyone that listens and knowledge. Anyone in the world of costs of these people are like true angels in their doing work that that nobody wants to look at them in of abuse and neglected. I hear like mine blowing and so like so you come out. You went
College did you study, acting started. Theory I ever saw, I didn't get into my backup college. I played like five colleges and we banned Highschool, yes, horrible amiss. Who do I think I was I was maybe under developed MA am mentally because I was really stupid and college psychologist. Like, I can already party and beaten people say I was like fighting and drinking microchips and girls, but like I was to refute, to study you know like, but I could close by like season, cohesion I'll see minors in, like maybe every once in a while, be mine as you ve got a charisma charm and out of it I don't know, I guess I did have some by my back passports in us not really. No. I tried to If a barber was an, I wanted to be core, I thought it could be a great quarterback. I had no scope for it. Finally, my senior year, I play put music defensive end and I really like- and I should have done that item by item
I didn't get in to any of the schools are applied to and my fall back was too I came here and I didn't get into to land, and my college guidance. Counselor came up to me as panic is activity. Where were you get it anyway. This is very unusual and he doesn't know either there's a school in Minnesota comical your college, it's not much of a school but I'll, take it I called my parents are like there's a school call. Macao they're like take it now. I took it and I went there. And I ve never been in Minnesota. All I knew was the Minnesota Vikings were the purple people eaters, there were cool when I came by noon they fuckin called minister. I do too I love Minnesota by did knowing about it. When I got there was very confused and never seen a school. I know you have done in the sector. Day I outlined yeah, we'll talk,
one plan and I had to meet with my faculty adviser re ass. You know right. Did you have a faculty visor be here? How did ever euralia? So my first revises name is damn Keyser. It happened that he was like in the theater department, which was just an awful get her department, tiny little Saint Paul, Minnesota, Liberal Arts College, their department Now, like he said, you know, I might use nice guy and he was in charge of building other such you in on a rap music. So you gotta take a hit, Recourse now camera american math coarser other Ends Have any interest in I do. What you want to do is a nice. Will you gonna take an arch, coarse and said: o K is the same: You have ever done any acting. I said: no, you shall work, you know. Would you be interested in taking acting one? I'm like, I don't think so, sick. Like here they are our department. We have nobody in it were about to be closed. I would you take acting want just we need bodies, yet we,
but really and die. I went in for my first acting class. Is it it was a good story. I think that we were late. There's like me, eight girls and a guy named clear gender. I unspecified Jaya, none, but beyond I'm a group. I've never been around right. I'm sitting there in this teacher comes in doktor, doctor had filled with him and he starts talking about. Learn about acting prevails and the door opens in this older guys, like seventy five euro, do comes in you guys are neuron classroom and I'm in that doctor ignore what this is. Acting. One ay and they're gonna go velvet issued on professor professor and I've. I've got a debate, school class, can your in IRAN room and they are arguing and it gets bigger and
aiming at each ambrosch sit in what way of timing, and it's all means getting right unhappiness he screaming and spits by energy screaming at each other. He about whose class it is there and words is like mesmerized watch, two guys scream Alison Olga stops and he reaches up any grabs. His forehead any pulls his face off what he was a senior theatre actor and it was a mask and he was his name and read something here, the best actor in the school, and this was part of his senior project. Here I was like all my guy that is so cool like, like date, did this and I was like that's what acting can be like me, I get it shows you. How am I cannot think
This is all in an act that hugged me. That was it. That was, then it just free, dramatic way to get her. I mean it was it was. It was wild and then to my parents, horror I just kept took. I declared myself a theatre, major and the great thing was. It was Saint Paul Minnesota nope. We had a shitty little theatre, a tiny little about theatre town now in Minneapolis, that's the truth, Minneapolis had the most theatres perks, capital, the originator Terrier had the Guthrie theater, but there was no pressure MIKE nobody nobody. At about Hollywood If not, why couldn't aim in age and agents are now a new name but we're just Minnesota having fun eating plays direct in place, making movies. He stayed there thou for your offer, your agenda and, in my room, in college- was, are Emmanuel who has become a successful? You know my agent slash yea cycle
yeah, then rather wrong. He went to the army went to that little girl it. He was one you're ahead of me. It handles because you didn't get into any has got where it was. A scornful emits midwestern kids from Wisconsin admitted at death dealing kid. We Emory Adela went there to agree this will. Yet we all want the same comment: the fucker you all winter, but none of us got into cycle upper middle class fuck ups. It was upper middle class, The area I would say, may I was I was like lower upper middle aroma, though there, though we weren't upper middle, we were we're just above milk. You guys had money behind and get into the good signal and epithets she's granddaughter. Why Maria William Marianna? There, though rank with bigger Bob Dylan, was Hudson Minnesota blood and say she had so. She had some connection still. I was never a clear exactly why what Maria was doing, Walter Mandela, Gwent term Mcallister, Hubert Humphrey, went to Macao. Really. Does that advances
but it was on a down downward tech. I give you its favourable airway, ok, but events but fervently in terms of meeting a few people. Just by coincidence. We have no idea that like, but it was what what I'm saying because I like my some refreshment University of Texas now and and here I see the agonizing met people go through with cardiac issue in all the trouble that felicity a famous Anna lorry laugh and just like crazy lanes of people are going to write researcher so focused, and they think the college decisions are critical for me my college was, it was an accident the I had no idea what was going to happen here and I just truly fell into something that I really love do. So when did you come out the Hollywood right after college written on whose, just now. Why would you think I'll do well? I was thinking about going to thumbscrew bit. I had I just have this vague.
Idea. Are you making some little films and call a little thing off? Exclaimed a what aid no mere requires less than eight like three, where you in a millimeter fear for done. We would make a number of arms or shoot videos right. Was no hands on no teeth. No less known, I nine, but there was a college Minneapolis called Minneapolis, Minneapolis College of ART and again it was actually had a decent from programme, and I was just always interest I would go on there and I would volunteer to work on little shoots, and I had this this feeling I just was like in yeah. I can't explain it it was. It was a calling of some sort where you get interested prince in Minute, Minnesota ass. Some guy used to see prince we'd, get the car that princes
going on at two in the morning at first. I have and we all go down there and it would be like Prince Keith, Richards, Mick Jagger. The stones would have done yet shall prince with. I am. I can Tina Turner real. I shall Prince with Robert planting Jimmy page, I suppose I was his bar. It wasn't his bar. I don't think he owned it, but it was that was the bar first avenue dahlia they shot preparation movie, preparing, ok, but prince was just beginning to the music in me Minneapolis at that time was whisker, do with your member, whose eyes during the replacements were just started MAC. I get the ban bookings at my school and I booked replacements like three times. Really we have one time powers to burger went backstage with his check after the show which is like for you not thirty, two, hundred dollar area. I walked back and images. Hammered in the classroom that there is usually fears taken his Qatar smashing into the dry here. I just stood there and I watched my kit like five times on my hair and eyes is ripped.
You did? I don't you just keep law and it is about the law. Here is even care, but there was like, and called the suburbs Ash whose her duties you book, then Bob Anomaly, to my college. For two years he went, and whilst by Malta went to me, MR he was scary, Dude He was tat the scaring an owner of sweet man here, but he would were combat pandering military boots in black. You look like a white supremacist right. I don't know, do use this like very sweet, sensitive gay man Leah and you never know that re where they tortured and they were loud, laugh Huska do was a loud laugh amazing. Maybe I forget with really quite a music sitting Seem of Boston. When I was in college is why she gone on there too, but that's interesting. They knew the reply this majority. I knew that I knew polished, hamburger, Benton Extension Brothers and am Prince
under its new friends by night and now we're here you go, but it was it was. Then it was prince and then it was Jimmy I'm an Terry Louis wounded, producing olive, JANET, Jackson's music. Generous day, two more aesthetic, so he'd come on watch the time and still rely thought we were. We would I came later when we re out. We were more stay and we were at hastily sports jackets clubs. In Hollywood, like fuckin morons from my tears and pick up girls, it never work. We walked a few times but rarely weren't really never went to. Let everyone review to see just out here on like, but no one tells you to come now. I got no friends here. Are your friends will sorry air, so the only guy really knockers aroun us moved to New York, India. Now Maria was in her, but that wasn't she was. She was going to lie I remember I a guy named SAM Calamity, whose work for a family called the
but he brothers, Vienna, San Pedro right, which is a very connected family time. Family was at the time, and I met him and I was in college control Terminal Island. They control the port and they are a powerful a time here like connected rag, legit they knew that he invited me to stay, went to college with that? I were met him at college. We had, we had an from the month of January, so called I would encourage you to take up. Do up Some sort of programme were out of sight, to Miami Norms of Orlando and two, this college Akard College, and it was a one month busy. Some summarizing over some are warm and I met SAM glad. He was the son of like the pony, Sopranos guy, that ran a glaring brothers here and he's a p2p overcomes. Come live in long beach. Imperial Camilla wishes the clubs in long beach and I called sound- I am moving to allay he's a great I moved
They took care. My stated their house for a month. That's right! When working on a fishing boat were you gave me guitar. I needed to make money where I am like intrinsically money, and am I I don't know, I guess I'll wait tables a fishing boat, five thousand dollars cash really is Peter enough how'd. You me brill. I met Brill add. I spent the summer before my for this. This is a crazy summer. The summer before I went to college, I worked at the Concord Hotel, an ups York, oh yeah, I don't think is there, but that wasn't. I can't get appeared. Jewish, the jewish spoken out here is a jewel shops here, and this is huge hotel, that dining room at thousands of people in work, and I was just wild like it was all Jews. The time he I'd like every day. The busboy you'd have the same family for a week. Right enough, the father would be like some coffee,
A hundred dollar bill rip it half ago. Here you get, the other half of the end of the week rely for happiness. Is we his taped hundred dollar bills are really, but we had to shit job Brill got to work in the bar at the comedy club at the cutter ethic, Conaway, he had this bridge always knew how to work like I have a shittiest job. There Brill had the best yonder, so we who each other. From that summer we became good friends and like two years and allay I met the cocoanut too Do you remember that a fine with sense assumption were around knights, were hiding club hide now here which a covenant users, a great wild club they had, but a different bars and right? at present. I cried, I am sometimes, but you can get like lobsters into killer shots were the mourners is crazy club and I was waiting aligned to get a lobster and to kill a shout of four in the morning, and I hear like rag and its brow and I'm late,
I really loved him, and he- and I still do- I always will love you like. I will always love you, but we do any immediately reconnected, and so to the fishing by Wendy start like do in show business because Brill's anyone like his Brill seem to like nobody was so the whole time, so the first job I ever got here was working as honour. Your rhythmic video call missionary man find Brill knew somebody who knew somebody. Somebody bro is the bottom line product bottom barrel, area. You got me and be right under me, so all he did was order me around and I had to go get I four in the morning at vans, I'm some guy like pulled up in a cars as loading the ice in my car owners. Do you know it? one thirty four freeway is an Imac. I you go at ease staring at me with this kind of odd lobbyists and, unlike you, go up, you know Divine and in I've I'll twenty five guys comply, watch, vague argue
No! No! No! No! No! I did it. I got forty. I do not do it. When I come back, I brought this it's horrible. Whenever this isn't show business, I'm being proposition in the parking lot of vines with ice, they show business and of it. That was my first shoot that everywhere time Adjourn issue Harriman yeah. This is when, like any, inaction. Dave store were huge right. And then he just kind of that started just spiralling and hundreds of production jobs. I worked as it worked in almost every job as appear. Appears up prop guys. A grip is a gold. Do whatever is distant? Tells you can't be a grip without being a greener like appear grab my very big fan and independent found someone I'm union, you could actually be a grip and actually bring you in his appear, but your HOLLAND,
This is how you aren't what, when everything was your life was like some scope for me and I learned quite a bit so I wanted to then I started missing act him because in college I get act alive. Oh you, but you're friends with Jacob too I talk to jail, appear to have done it. Yeah yeah yeah, we're here, because I would hang out in rivers and more the Dylan. How Sir John- and I can remember, like you, told me when the funniest I join with. The nausea has developed as a first, the first from everyone in the house in Beverly Hills, yeah I went up and I'm stance is big house. You know- and I never bidders cannot, I'm standing the door and I'm not getting older, and I can turn at the door opens love it and it's a big aunt Joanna. Can here, Sir you mean that we will now, but it's coming from way down as a kind of. Maria ran a cat, So you know that you sort of slowly walk and NGO how'd you get in I'm standing animals and on his half opened the door opened and enhance its its Bob. Dylan slammed the door. These common at me, charging
Pierce Draeger Frozen, unlocked as whatever he stops returned back render goes back to adorn opens joining us. And I pay for no more noses. One of the Della daughters, had I guess, have, there is of knows the structure answered. She wasn't hat. She wanted another one there until I was having none of it. It's no gender screamed, I'm paying for no more noses and if you just storms right by maiden then Knowledge Mere stormed, and that was ever meet again. I am in a bunch of times I used to go to him. Barton, Jim some I got dylan- has about Ginger and Santa Monica and why we used to go. Can private German? I spend spend a lot of time with them, and then I left and started my own boxing, Jim, but yet Boxing's Yonah Boxing Jim in Santa Monica Churchill Boxing and you Jake
still friends like did not really items Montalban we're not just because you are there to beginning at the wallflowers guys were plan, so I remember sitting with Jacob at waiting for Maria at the germ House and we're watching MTV, and that Prince video to kiss came on and and were watching and Jacob was just like a guitar was, as you know, a pariah and within forty seconds you ve planned, saw like he had been area as I am here, not because our normal that you can pick up, I don't know he was, he was sheep and he's probably maybe fifteen at the time you I maybe not even there, but he was a most very counterfeit about ignite guitars around so Battisti
acting as our member, that I remember her the weird one with what is a windows. Your entire area last seduction, though acid action during that. Now that a member like did you didn't you and broil both do twenty one different, jumpy everyone you went to him. She was my first job and I got I got cast for me. I was playing softball game as playing catch, her with no face mask on, and North Hollywood and some day came ripped it hard foul tipped right into my mouth here and blew up, blew up my mouth and rip my whole face open and stew brows uncle. The one the clash of charge again put like two hundred stitches in my mouth for fracas. I know how to gear and further fix me up so that but that that way you have chalked up does not funny. If my life's factor without a scarlet I was yet. It was like all the way down the middle. There was life. Just two pieces of meat. Hang enough, my famous off you, but I was up. I should not wish it was a better store.
But no longer locks up absolve vessels are hard slasher. He added to this day, if you ever see someone playing catch, her hair and a soft ballgame. Even if it's a soft up, this was a hard up and he says he's. I see all the time, some guy just casually some girl Stan. It's a safe position. May I they don't stand. What can happen a hard swing and, if Thou Tipp of Say, pitches coming in it right twenty miles an hour were ten miles. A heartfelt Tipp can jettison that bought a thirty forty miles are adhered to and face Gower Mastic, any of you, ve got to an eye for long time would stop if I was driving by us off again strangers like you, gonna work, mask or like to put a little hid behind their just kinda, like that's crazy. It's you can kill biomass paper says so too. I have like I've got like We like it in me two hundred stitches in a. I are doing what we always do on Saturday night, because we have no money, any overlap which
Driving around you rose I'm annual harm anyone were driving up and down Laurel Canyon Bennett. We just then nothing. Does your agent know we're just ran up. He was this system. It scared them- and we see this giant party right now these cars and relays and we're like let's go. Shall we like park and somehow sneak in this party, and it was the woman produced one flew over the cookers nest? I can't murmur name at her house here. And that might Douglas for your. He was one of em, but there's a woman ass after looking up whose, like the main, produce, ok, who produce with Michael Douglas and we can Wednesday partners security but and how we get. I may add my my face looks like a baseball at a deformed baseball's attached to it. Like I look like I look like man like somebody love him, man em
we get in and we get this big but fair food was sitting down. I guess because we're hungry could hear no money on his food as we eat man eating. But can I get the food in my mouth following a mile, I'm sitting by the fireplace and the stone of us and looking down am staring try to get the food in my mind, and I hear a cent come on standing over many here. Would you do another cup and this woman stand looks like share irregular Serbia. So what are you doing to MIKE? I'm sorry, I'm, leave, I'm just when you doing and what the fuck is wrong. With your face, I heard time it Mr Santer, you an actor Macao Kinder wanna age, commie and that was a woman named lorry rockin who at the time was like the star manager ship that did Brad Pitt. She did Robert Danny Junior did Jack Nelson Virginia Masters, Sir just mockery of it and other he was like review or Iraq
last year and lorry rockin for some reason can interested me, and I was literally Snoopy how'd, you get in a business, I'm going to classes, and I haven't two hundred stitches If I can- and I snuck into a party was opening my mouth really get like beef and there s an end. This woman thought that was, I caught her attention. And she immediately got in He didn't say just because she said so and TAT led to my first edition ever, which was for an apple twenty one jump street. How are a bully better. Short money, giving giving wedges to students really and ended. The movie Johnny Depp and Peter dollars gave me a legit end of it at the summit for the winter, but then you sort of like we still you acted for like a bunch of shit yeah I did I mean by that was for your main back me were wait. You deal o bitten, in Brill's movie or in aspen extreme. Remember, though, I ran into giving you a shocker your shot,
a shocker boy, yeah out you every time you go. The airport shack about Jack, not brought me up with african American communing greatly in the midnight clear, the guy you good review, our gross was in that area now and then The weird movie will lend if you aren't Tina hours, the first one that actually gonna hit it didn't make money but it was it was on the lasted action, and that was the one that was like the first phone, like you, John DOE, directed at NASA Extreme, which was called classic by though ok, fine, yes, I've had peoples characters, Emma's Dexter attacking. I met a lot of package named extra techie Sowerby like not just Dexter merited Extra retook, he married, I guess, you're their name them before name so big yet, but you, but you did cop land, but so it so. You saying that the last adoption is one, the guy you some attention in your sword in your house of first, like Lige, you got a fucking movie, I did I was acting. I was acting ass off in and it was James
mangled when I did Courtland out a small, rolling carte Blanche to time cop lamb I was, I ve been a great move. Well, it was the movie this Harvey Wednesday s Glory days right power in the world. He had fourteen year old, adage alone, who gained others, wait who's going back like primarily an Oscar. Deniro rarely oughta Harvey Cartel this dream of united small part in it and am, I would sit on the set, be waiting for bunch of people. Wait for my line right. You and I was watching his younger. It James mangled, whose tremendous careering announced at Ford verse of foreigners in than many great fun did you that will make the view. My though ass, your three twenty ammonia guided that, as short a greek rearing had been, this was his say he had done some little Famine Harvey Wednesday in salmon have got this complex in, but I would I would sit there and I'm like I would be watching.
As borne out of my mind, and I was watching this young kid me at my age, he's in the middle of like even with Deniro in negotiating with Stallone hams and ears Harvey wines, dean and he's right am I want that looks like that's where the action, what stature, and I knew I knew what a direct ready. I make. What he's my age, he will founder Maktoum contact them, and how do you do this? You gotta You got to write a movie. If you write a move, you have a shot. The camp. You can hold your own right, you! You can fight back here ok, you wait a movie heavy as it would have an idea- and I kind of did have an idea What I do is I take no cards and I write like first second gene in and when that's all done here, I start writing, but right now I can have a good idea at some night came down with that. At the time. I was staying at the Essex House Hotel and on Centre part shop. Would you know the hotel? So it's like this beautiful.
But how are we doing there? That's what they put it there for the movie. For the other. We have looked into this matter and I am the most of them. Look out over central the Ark in its present at these two average these three and a an hour a so I guess and re ass, its better day, because it is these beautiful views, but I wasn't in one those rooms I was on the backside. I was and cheap so Great Jersey, looking at the blood, not even not even to sucking at a walk right at its tiny little room, like maybe three hundred square Phoebe Abed and out- and I immediately went and by not cards and pens and in did which aims mangled his system, which is tat, color coded according characters, and I would came home into all the actors be going out parting going. I begged I'm going back to my room out start writing. Like seen one. This characterises care there getting away my sincere tooseemed three, and until I and I would lay the cards outcome back every night may the cards out and I had a push all the furniture seconds room. So small
This whole floor, my room and some was all right. They're my script and came back one day in cleaning lady had put all the cards bullet and I had number them summing up. Fucked us and I had talked on- please Don't do that. I hiding I'm writing a script and she's at risk to go to a movie, dynamic, Welsh Watch, the movie about named, accelerate and she had no idea and her name is Jennifer Low, her name. Her name was Alina F and she I start telling Alina about this movie about four guys go to Vegas. Currently kill a hooker area. The barrier in the woods and she's right My writing like me, like I'm telling and she's like what's gonna happen next, what I might well, then you're gonna they're gonna come back of one. Can a rapid view better, rather than a collapse in all lie here. Right answered. She, I've got the room. My whole room is this, ripped all over all over the world I'll show you
crazy, rather living in my script and I'm deep into it and I'm going to work its want to come back and right here I come back and I try to put my key in the door and the door one up right, which happened in those magnetic lobby. Unlike my key at all, on marriage comes up, Mr Burg, we wish we had a problem to change rooms, but why, it's like? I have this system that slight and I'm my I can barely what our vote is a problem for come at me. So we go really. I was unlike the third floor and back right, so we downright for thirty. Fourth, Flora Pagoda Pie, we get off and I gotta go left word. Cheap rooms are away, and she's over this way, recycling to the right towards good rooms, and what and research
walking down the hall and gone by the rooms and others have sweets a theater and weaken the sweet like the double door, and it's like the park sweeter suntan, it's getting closer and I'm looking to turn and she walked right up to the park. Sweet and she opened. Adorns is bigger. Sweet, rare living room and dining and they pulled out all the furniture laid out my whole scripts warm and she goes. A lane has been telling us about what you're doing we at the Essex House. Once you ve noticed port. You want to be successful, do it and I still get shelter and I've gotta. She finished your script and that was my first movie very bad thanks. That's that's! Where that movie came Why now became the beginning of may want in tonight? You know how I started. I love acting but then get back before anyone. It hasn't seen very bad things. I what we to say is very bad. Things walked setting
in over, could run. Ok. I've told TAT before yeah like we were. We were a little bit ahead of ourselves and maybe not quite is organised. Is the hang of it was, but we were a dart story sent me out for five guys: gonna Vegas for bats, a party and some very bad things happen. If you do very bad things, does that automatically you in the running as a director that can do things mean how do you get jobs? That's very bad. Things was pretty unanimously devastated ravaged by the critics right no night, while there couple. Sir Leon Brittan by the Duma. Very bad things was interesting, was forever Ten were negative reviews and there were some rhenea real bad reviews, red anyone that things have got them add reviewing their career here. Read my review of Kenneth Tran Allay Times review. Very bad times, and I have done this. His mind, writers of Africa Matter of United Europe, ideally Beverly Hills.
Reed cannot lands review a very bad things. If you have a free movement for certain animal, but for every ten there would be one great were the right either. This be just another picture, I'm like going through this disease stir of like the funding make any money and cemeteries bad reviews. I literally threw up at one point I was like devastated and I get a call and its from A guy named Rhine, Meyer, therein universal serious, very powerful guy he's calling an international call these with David governed in Steven Spielberg, on vacation on a boat, and they had just watch very bad and they, and Stephen get Chinese. Like I love this movie demographic appear you made me laugh. I needed a laugh ass David Governance, yes over and I'm getting ravaged by the critics here and then run Myers PETE you gotta make a movie for us at university. You ve got you in that
We all know here at that moment neither run down the move idea which we had actually movie, which I was fair enough, but it went from like I was tired, was dying Maggie I've managed to likes, but we didn't talk about. That's who you finish your script, very bad things then how'd you set up to my god. I've got Christians later to be an who rattled Euston was a huge, are they had a lot of Jews Cameron, DS who had just on the mask here. I got John favor of no one knew right. I got Jeremy pen who no one knew in Dagestan. Christian Slater. That point was the trigger for the money and he did it independently or set up his Julia. So we did it independently, but this company, Graham King, who I'm gonna, make a fortune who did oh, he produced and the Queen movie and others
but the whole movie was hinges on Christian Slater, took us months to close his deal when they have that much money in a pan. And finally, we close the deal and like three days before a start. Shooting christian cause with a grin were doing it here and I'm a great. Celebrate and we go out, and I mean no Christian that well and we christian at the time could really go here We were really gone and uncertain economic. I heard a home surgery, and I go home, five in the morning the next day, I got a call from lawyer of the company that putting up the money. They are you watching it. What year is your tv turn you fuckin tv now in it was. Actor Christian Slater, arrested for attempted murder of an ally, police officer vat. A bad night after I left my room rid spent three months trying to get the moment, you can google at all Christian
when a little hard and was went to another couple of parties after I went home here and the cops came to have one of em and suggested it you don't leave here until a little tussle at the cop and somehow got the cups gun and they didn't like that capital reed He miraculously was able to stand a movie and got a jail after the movie raft. Could anyone lined up yea, cleaned up and he's drunk wrapper? Christian was the one who it was him. He was a huge star back fatty attachment his they use him his attachment got and then, like you, get this amazing call, and so you do there the run down right now and then, but then light so big So now you going now our you'd figuring out the style that you sort of Vietnam Forecast fraud unit? lights and then on into Hancock that you you ever way of lighting and a certain pays. A crackling too. Wait. Then he was out from working with a specific dp. So
I came here and I will say, should a lotta hanta cameras and I do a lot of improvisation and I like things to the very real yet itself. That's like the met. Behind my madness, for when you coming on seven March discover their jack. I don't want you thinking. The much I'm watching very closely. You have had a really hard job in Spencer Confidential. You should have huge amount of Store information, you know no back story, they had to get out. There was actually for paying attention. It's interesting, moved it very hard to do. When things are going to reach. I thought you were could do. As you know, you you're you're, a great org. You ve got stand up experience, not a drug deliver lines can understand in the power of the sport were right and I felt require deputy My approaches, I am, is gonna, watch mark and see what he's doing, and rather than trying to control mark I'm gonna be there to help or to guide or to encourage right is really got sideways. Ok, but you,
deliver and that came from I I really and had a direct winners, an actor in Chicago hope here, where we would do, but you are now these people do tv show as they do at you know pvc session is eight episode, yeah, maybe what we were doing, twenty episodes season. Twenty upsurge of tv that would make people and it ours a day. I ate days a week Richard sixteen hours a day, and so I would have twenty eight different Rector's right that I can learn from any did like a hundred episodes in it. I dont like yeah until I did very bad things and then asked to leave the show had not to show because all the other actors, one or more and I wanted to start directed but I learned here we would have, the restoration checks for that for years, Chicago Twitter. By looking back then
three networks and we would be on Thursday night opposite yard, ten, o clock and we would come in loot. Second, we would lose D. Are every Thursday in Europe would have thirty nine million viewers. Yet we have thirty four million viewers right and everybody would be furious. God, damn showing some thirty four million viewers every Thursday. It was crazy, like I was famous here, but I would look at all these directors and we would have two types of directors like that. All the guys I wanted to be feature directors who, who wanted to prove they still had it right, yeah, maybe like setting up marks and talking about your character and taking ours too late shit Riah. They would be bad and a worse ones would be the young graduates from the thumbs caused schools right. I discredit gradually, She found great alarm in a show Europe in and we will waste so much time here and it was so tedious and slow. So the second I started directing and having real control or with the US, proud frightened at lights,
retreating handheld were improvising were women at we're work. I want to destroy the precious some. May I just never been my style. I either criminal, Leninism Addison. A wonderfully town from entering I love- movies. That's not the way. I work well, who are you guys and who do you like, looked like you like who're you easier mentors or your contemporaries at you know you can sit and compare notes with I mean I don't I'm kind of shoots. Philip suits, I mean directors are, are were sort of islands, rare that we all get together. Hawk but like I do have quite a bit of respect for tat, I like a funds or Koran credit, Michael man has always been a bit of a mentored in these matters to couple on my thumbs and some have looked up to it and we have different styles of work. John Faroe. Someone. You have remained closed with enough. I you know I tender
I know how hard it is to do it to do. The job consists: are you not second son comes out makes Great movie and first moving, never talk him and I'm kind of like okay good. Let's do it again. Will you I know you do when you do these really big movies like what is it about? What is the disposition necessary? I guess because I've no Is it from working with directors me you gotta, be pretty focused and not overwhelmed with. You know, what's resting on your shoulders? Yes, I mean for me: are you right? I direct all kinds of things are distracted. A documentary Henriette. I followed her for three years, the Kurds and comes out later this year I just directed to Superbowl commercials and I'm getting ready to directed tv series for Netflix, eliminate series of directed little things, big things medium Is it for me? It's I treated all equally the same. I really don't think about the money I think about. I don't I I just try to focus on the moment and capture like make every moment as
as real in his garden was. Do you have a deep, either use regulate? We Tobias lies our german bp and I have a team of guys that I've worked with that a core group, my editor, my gdp. My first idea my visual effects, guys my special thanks guys. You know it's like I work a lot I'm almost always on a firm set its it's very helpful to have a short haven't those people and we ve all head horrible breakdown fight. You knocked Andrea fights and also been there for each other. Now thick containing sir, As a result. I can reach a point where I'm like and I'm with when I first started directed more grasping, very bad things. I didn't know what I was doing If you walked up to me and said good morning, black fuck you mark would remain good morning air factors at me, but Panem tests in Timor, really at all. It means going wicked breakfast I was so
secure and I didn't know what I was doing it out. I was tense that now, and a few of them? I'm not. I don't have that insecurity of riots on much more relaxed and much more willing to let things flow if an actual examiners, some over dynamic visa. On the other What are we doing? I rode on I'm figured it out in the world would be guys know me work with big actors and mainly like what were worse on the challenges that a good deal with John Malkovich, two movies. I mean those doctors love the static, but I did when I it Hancock with well Psmith. I was matters movie, I was magician payment and Charlie's throughout my pretty heavy hitters and will he had heard I'd work, rotation, Bateman, and will it heard about how I shoot, which is very lives or thought up? I'm not cut occupy, attach, u turn shod over the intercom. The ass, your touchingness touching, argues that the intercom alone,
no harm because I can stairway was planned them on and I can start the manner and I thank him in your brain to commit marked friendliness say that smart, timely that I just like speakers, ask him why Mr Sternrail Macarena, whenever they are right and if I sense that you're cool at which most actors are it's like I'm just like in your head and because it acted, I'm not afraid of your person. The directors are terrified of actors, for some magic thing random. If they touched the wrong here, but matters explode I'm I sometimes like to be touched. Mr Dell, Alba to derive some summer an Hancock Bateman who I'd work with, told me oh well was interested. He asked me about. Questions- and I told I shot him how dunes? Let's do that? My hired me every branch Charlie's on and the first ever Hersel Shirley says I can I talk to you and she said
heard about that thing. You do you will action. I just you know I don't I don't do that. I don't I don't want. Now. I need to continue to regroup, I'm ok, no problem will do it and she's ethical. So the first day of shooting, reassuring and I'm the average I'm getting its coverage and I'm talkin a well I'm talking to Jason and noted, surely stuff, I do take a cut. That's not gonna kick, which is going to mean I'm not gonna hurt the heron to make up Ok, I'm sure yet again. Yes, you do it again cut Behalf waiter at lunch. It comes to issues that thing you're doing with well. It can do that with me. I like that. I never had an actor, not love it. You know and the only Only negative reaction sometimes is like, while that that we get it quickly, actors are used to working on something. For a five hour. When you do we shut this. When I was in my cause, you gonna make a movie at ninety. I can't even to the last part, and so sometimes
because I, like you sure, just went by so fanciers Ike, but that came from me hating. Preciousness that I was that was kind of pounded on me when I was acting in television. Hoping directors would like and you'd see that you'd you'd shoot eighteen four days. Ninety percent of the footage never made it into the final product shot all a waste of time anyway, and I think also that kind of, whereas down actors too in the sense of Viking, feels like one of my garbage when my just Europe gradually do, I'm a unless you huge, accurate psyche, David respect, what do it takes all the joy out of the process? You know that's why I was so hell bent on getting out of television acting at the time. It was really kind of a treadmill. Twelve I have in mind in our summoned described to no one to psychologist. It's it's! No fine! I mean it's benevolence gone back to television because the origins and where it is better to have different till she had time three network you through no Europe
in twenty eight episodes season it with this and we are in the same three sound stages. Are this to sound stages when the same blue scrubbs I was about. Actors, I was always doing the bowels surgeries. Maybe that's why I learned about the products bows like I've, been cutting animal intestines and selling them up out. I'm like this is crazy. This is it. This is not what people think it is, but then your guys, like David Kelly, who people not don't mention China who David areas, but yours but the most prolific. Television. I nominate embrasure, but pretty, tristram pretty little pretty low liars. Now that the shine HBO with unequal doing it I would like, but he at the time who is what has to be done with colleagues, if workers first vowing alembic bill, I mean she's done only did the was William Shatner James Baker, but at the time he was doing a show called picket fences, which is it
very popular shiners during Chicago hope. Both were Emmy award or not. To save me. He was writing which twenty eight by twenty fifty six episodes of television every citizen to up to such a weak by himself of two different shows. He write all of it, and that was where the action was David. Kelly was so prolific. Nobody's ever ever put up statistics at that, but do you did so when you made that when Friday night light got the popular in you and he saw the television somehow how'd you get that story, how'd you? Why do you These vital saw my cousin is Buzz Basinger. I just made a documentary him or is involved in road. It who raised watch a document to come by its called, buys attendance. Pierre had he's a gene, Do you like him? Have ammonia shots from Tonker he's a we ve heard of him now not until a Pulitzer Prize Winning journalist is written. I used to write fur
but of inquiry. He's your nonsense, my cousin and he wrote the book frightened at like you and he went lived in Texas in it has a site short jus whose now but processing and try sexual and has indeed deeply as an aim in all kinds of crazy stuff, but this Harvard educated Very, very intelligent, wonderful guy who's just had an incredible trust in the second half his eye. Try some new. He did a lot of my watch dog buzz. He wrote the book and I love the board. And I was starting my career and yet before Brenda you should make this and they couldn't get a record and make a boat after rundown. I had a little bit of MECCA for light and that that was the beginning of my direct incur taken off and I went and I lived with a football team in Texas for a year
walked in the shoes of buzz passenger, had walked in and fell in love with that culture in on realised that football was more than a game to those to those people was a was that cultures, culture that neighborhoods in towns, community are organised in themselves and it was. It was a big deal While we were found in the movie, we would films real play. Games of about half came, so we could cut us into the thumb. When I was at a high school game in Austin, Texas,. Took Amazon, I'm watching the game in the fourth quarter, close game and home team common backers. Fifty five thousand people at a high school for by employees gone crazy in his wild here and in the fourth quarter that my home team throws a pass in. The receiver goes up for it, and defender hits the guy with his head, and
I wasn't hard and the defender whose a fifteen year old boy named David Edwards broke his neck and was an instant quadriplegic in and I was there and it was chilling in that place went dead. I did it. I tackling yak, as he lowered his head in how you breaking neck. If you'd hid it hit someone with the top your head every year, I can go anywhere but down in such calling splurge fracture explosion, fractured is vertebrate. It was them married, the first truly one thing I think I ever witnessed in the stadium went dead, quiet and only sound you could hear was as mothers screaming, but you couldn't figure out where she was screaming and screaming came in a field. You could just tell this is a horrible accident and he came quadriplegic and I got to know him well in. He ended up dying three years after years later, but I I felt after the movie like ICE I had so much connection to that culture and now
wanted to do a tv series, so I wrote the pilot in the pilot. The first episode, the quarterback filled, the star breaks his neck. I really did it just cause. I think I had wanted to get something. I wanted to do something David Edwards and then it just turned into this kind of popular tv show indeed, but you produced it dominated you're right. I really like the first to us. Here you are daring, areaway thing now how magician kingdoms deserves. Like I directed bunch of em and came into the casting further reloading for that, for this CAN she simum? We brought like migration Jordan in some other actors that I I ran one show called wonderland before that about China. He brought me in on that one has done a psychiatric hospital. The psychiatric Austria. Don't remember that I was in New York and you did. I think you gave me the the part that I read for two Esposito or no interred pit
Oh right, yeah I haven't had a parliament, yet I gave them to Marian Pollyanna Behaviour in Germany, where I'm sure that stand comedian who, when Seigneur uneven was there? No one was Giancarlo in one of our Giancarlo was in without a religion when you He was in a somewhat. Wonderland was about. A little ahead of its time right now, because I think it is right. You know you're thinking me for they stand up in it, but then I read for for the expedition work has. He was on the floor. I was on the floor. That was, that was a multiple personality character like characters you I couldn't. It was out of my ball far down memory designer with you, I was in acting out. He was a beast in that great for both of them I'm glad we been able to work together but what would happen with that show that way you will show it was. It was a show abroad on I was on ABC right only I it followed, who wants to be a million
serbia- and it was a very, very dark- show about a psychiatric hospital around mentally ill and in the pilot and the opening of the other bring episode here, a doctor, a guy as in shoots up a bunch of people in New York here and, and they bring a man and a doctor. This pregnant female psychiatry, yes recognizes and because he had come, in today's earlier and she thought it was lying. She kept amounts issues during other skilled in she's, trying to talk to him the character, grabs a syringe, big needle and search for of his pocket himself in a neck with it. In this present doktor grabs a syringe in their fighting. The gurney flip sovereign another clears the needle is sticking into the belly of the pregnant psychiatrist rant, and that was the end of this year and myself. So I You know I was young and I and everyone I never told me just not have the shouted the needle, but I knew better- and I am
You know I'm I'm. This is my show in areas of focus and they heard it and the Arab League me every break opportune Media and those who want to be a millionaire was a huge. It went right into that to show their impact, and yet the Nelson ratings ass. You could track exactly how many people are widely sank back when it started at the second that needle right, ninety percent tvs turned up just put off for a week rex, I'm I'm at my house, and I knew we had a problem with the ratings rare and I get a car it's like seven, thirty one hundred and get a car and it's a little late. And I'm nose out in Yorkshire, eleven thirty. Nor can I get a car in its formulae This is our I'm calling from MRS Michaelmas Peter Burger, yes Puber! This is Michael classmates assistant, can you hold from my colleagues Michael Eisner for people they are was the chairman of Disney was the most part
four guy in Hollywood Idiot, I'm was the big boss like he was the shit, and I like Michael sure this is MIKE, lies you. I can't believe it writes I his voice alike or go fuck yourself, Joe Things, my french plain a prank on italian people. Didn t hear these kind of prey mistake. I often joy. I hang up on a job right before the phone rings back again and Michael. I this is my client who Joey's I'm this my client Well, MR eyes. No I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry failures, Verde US there's a guy got that I'm calling about your show gap. I'm calling about your show wonderland are now they basically Tommy they're gonna cancel Atari's age now my kind of working as an agency to cancel yourself.
Done nine of them. Now we had dinner of scheduled to do now. Had nine scripts remit, I am deeply passion. This is before the Renda right. This is like my big mouth before the render, and he says you know I've seen it shall about mental illness, and let me just take one thing: it's diarrhea and I thank you- as you can tell me, it's creative and I may tell you a creative diarrhoea. You can tell me it's stimulating in its original teach, stimulating original diarrhoea. You Khatami import, not tell you, important diarrhea and important diary Peter. Unlike got it. I got it. Thank you. So we have a problem and I said what he's. Just killing rail workers, my wife loves the shop issues as it's the best thing we ve got enough. Gotta put it on the air, all your wife has very good taste admire. That is like
I want to show to be seventy percent medical and thirty percent here, they'll psychiatric diarrhoea, like sixty forty, it's like is like Seventy, seventy thirty! Thirty diarrhoea, seventy medical! He wants me to turn it into Europe. Here, I'm like sixty four years. Fifty fifty you gotta pick up a good deal in so I made that deal with Hannah Rhetoric, cast and turn it into a kind of half done. There's a saving lives and have witnessed hell some really good episodes their eyes. You made the air we ended up doing. I think we made a who made the air and they are killed it and but then suddenly, can get the narrow Netflix for louder than they were. They were There were wild shows. Yet, I remember theme really wild. So a couple things I forget, I roads is rather
the memory- I remember that there's another time or say where we went to browse first wedding in Kentucky Urine did faded to remember that I just Marina table not know anything about how he would. It must be ninety four, ninety five member, when it was absent, what you and your wife, your first. Why Elizabeth here and sit next to me with shoe they knows how he wouldn't. I don't know anything was issued by telling me about being in leading LAS Vegas. She hasn't been out yet dresser famous and all but every. I guess you like all bets Ronnie whispered in the sort of like well good luck with the move, and I can do nothing just member being so cold and so horrible and your wife was rough to choose. She could be roughly as military day. You know that you are also like the easy gotta be rough too, because you're sort of like sir, Free movie. You always dangerous EC. No one knew what the fuck was. Gonna come out of your mouth, they still down. Your view were you cared, but she didn t
and you were kind of on your own path. So these women, nobody really knew what to expect from you. They couldn't just right. You off is his like we're dude from Boston, bribe too much swagger for that, and I think you know me I just sort of like my maybe that guy a land but will you like for a woman, like my ex wife release issue here, be like they don't know what to make of you. So they're gonna clam up and not give you a lot, because your your account, your kind of human weapons systems. You are you you you, Mr Swagger well like with like when I was dating Whitney commands you like in units. She would talk about you like you with his God and I make mark Baron. I might go just pack councils, should you be careful a mark, you don't know it is capable of liquidity. What are you, but now you don't know what he can do to a person might come. I, but you know so any look younger. She says I do she says: how do you do I told him I'd nice.
I went to the door and I said I was an interview sure going up. Yeah, yeah, yeah she's always remember. That was. I can now I don't quite a one year ago you guys do ok, We're good, I mean I lover, just as I said to her after several months of debt. You are a lot are largely be the first to admit that everything is in but is as generous, loving, intelligent right. The work ethic is, unlike anything, I've ever seen. She's Let's issue always love in my and your kids are get Michaelis, got the idea. I don't know kids. If there are any of you have one kid is one son he's a freshman, universe, shooting I get along with the x two very well, the actual media. We get along very well
you mean the just in time, for she was intense. You mean the moves under join the party like that she's still on the business. She actually works for my company, a really yeah she's, doing she's great she's, a sign I crossed, and you find that it's hard to find people that trust what're, you going to tell you that we think about my business is very small. Is that tell you I've got my business partner met. My producer vis show where work with for a decade and idle for it out. I don't know how do we delegate relegate stopped? That's why I have a small world. You have a big fucking, production. I got a whole company and making a hundred people working there now and it's interesting how it's it's just heritage. As you get older to find people, they did, you know, Trust, India that you can count on in. Unlike someday you wake up and you're the
this guy in the room. You're, the boss, Vienna and you look like I have we gotta get someone to solve this problem. You guys you're the guy at the end of the day, I'm happiest writing indirect in movies in tv shows and learning how to manage a company in and have a businesses to pardon each one of these subsidiary. These departments have heads yet they are the head, and then I have a great like see opening of the Sky makeover whose a really great business man you can expect used, but still I have to assume some responsibility for understanding. You know how much Carson we ve human resources to human resource of people here and three accountants, and I like what's going, I you know that
its turn into a real company of you, but you definitely have to trust me. You have yet to delegate impressed and you realize that now and then just not a lot of people out there, that you can trust here to not do not differ untrustworthy, but if you're looking for people to kind of grow, a business or your, do you, you ve got to his vast brazen of opening up a larger operations, and that requires other people doing their job. Write. An end, as I say, is, is like I don't know attack. Is it may sound as I get older, I realize I'm not in business. The most important job by far is the person that can divorce the other person from their money. Right, so I've gotta be a former director movie. I have to be able to go and look at the Mai bosses it universal their network wherever it is. Look, how many I say
I need a ridiculous with large amount of money you need to give it to me. I am going to take it. I'm gonna make up this story and from Spain I'm gonna put make a movie give it back to you in a paper, grow, loving it and make a lot of money and you're going to say. Thank you to me here to give it up, an awesome forever the hardest job at the end of the day, like an end, if you're in business, like that's what we do or seller reproduction coming and finding people that can actually go out and closed yells and bring the work in a very, very hard said to find no kin. Biogas is something he is. Is some sort of like thing that you want to do that you haven't had accomplished yet with the movies, your son, I'm I'm doing I'm like make your ask your movie? I want I want to make a love story, so the thumb I'm doing. I'm writing it. Now now, and I I've been- I was joking if, if like amongst on people, make where you, your economic and illustrious level,
These are very violent, german, but I ve actually kind of love story suggestion we tend be about ten, a male brother hurrying camaraderie, but I'm I'm a job for a long time. I want to make a love story, none of us from what I want to do, and you know it has been We have some giant action sequence and I might I just want to be on a beach with a boy the girl and a bottle of wine and south of France on a camera and kissing her crying, and I don't want this shit. The moment been in a joke, but the truth is. I do want to make a love story. I have. I have the idea, I'm writing a now, can be the big deal richer for people still pretty twisted and there's a military component, but it has allowed a God. That's a launched or disappoint you're fast. It is a lobster good talking about. I love you. We need you to more than I thought I was gonna, be that you're gonna, just what I thought or Tucker. You seem what you seem: relax nice when you're older than work for you
I am of accident. I nature and you didn't attack like coming said. I would I do that fuck she's, tired, ass character. Why? Because you scare people, how might you know attack peed Burg? Wound is at an will, never know, but your expression is a hammer and that now would have been a hammer, and you know you work in a saving it and want to say when I owe him again, but why are people scared of you because I'm intense figured. I no. I know if you know me, you'd see people make a sum. Me too. People think men cancer- I mean I'm, like I heard that you like at our prone to sometimes physically guide. Your camera people around the set not throwing them around I can draw move move, but I'm trying to get a shot and are now getting am I gonna do not help them, but not not hurting I never heard any nine. I have forgotten In that I have, I have probably done Well
good luck in. Thank for put me in the movie in looking forward to the military component in the new of story. That was be Burg, as I said that Movie Spencer Confidential Premiers, this Friday March, six Netflix A special in times fun, Vermeer's march, tenth, that's Tuesday, very exciting, and also please listen up Scots turf builder thicker lawn. Is the secret to a perfectly thick green line with its three and war the solution can get up to fifty percent thicker line with just one application also with Scots no quibble money back guarantee, if you not satisfied you get your money back, get bigger, quicker and grab a bag. Today your yards Scots yard. Now
play my new guitar badly pegged at the head of my address. You sick, sick, hopefully I'll talk to you on Thursday.
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