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Episode 1104 - Don Cheadle

2020-03-09 | 🔗

It’s a good thing Marc cleaned the garage before Don Cheadle came over, otherwise Don might not have lived through this episode due to his life-threatening cat allergy. With no airborne irritants to cause problems, Don and Marc were free to talk about Don’s days at CalArts, why he loves playing golf, what he learned by portraying Miles Davis and Sammy Davis, Jr., and how Hotel Rwanda got him engaged in global activism against genocide. Don also shares stories about Boogie Nights, the MCU, and his Showtime series Black Monday. This episode is sponsored by Scotts Turf Builder Thick'R Lawn.

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Hey folks, tomorrow, March tenth Tuesday, my Netflix stand comedy special and times fun drops it premiers it enters the world it there's the global cloud ecosystem, the churning ether, we'll be out in it, watch it stream, it did It can you dig, Tomorrow March, tenth and times fun. My stand up special networks, Enjoy all right. Let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the FUCK Nick what's happening. A mark mare- and this is my podcast devotee of welcome to it. I am feeling better, I'm fear
almost a hundred percent. I don't know what to achieving that too. I told you last episode what was going on and what I was taken and how I was handling it today on the show dont cheat. Oh Don t. It is on the show today GINO whose I guess there's a new season of black Monday on Showtime season, two primary march fifteenth this Sunday, ten p m. We talk about our stuff good story, some great story great guy. I like before Tito came in I d cat the place. Because he's highly origin. I was told, there's been no cats out here, but there was a pillow. There was a pillar that buster Ghana made his own that damned arise did me. Damn derives the cat Dan derisory buster, as did the pillar, that's on the seat of the chair over there And
Why shouldn't I didn't independent? There was any one you know who do I once throat to close up, but oddly. No allergic problems, but the fuck Empower went out man. The power went on this place and I dont know how breathing didn't get lost because we're forty minutes in by thinking, because everyone is hours that I plug into you know we plug that into the wall and its guy, like a built in battery trip, go in one of those things were. If it's like this giant thing, they plugin do like. Our Strip Gabe Times twenty, but he's got a battery in it. I think that saved us. I think that's it the total Marin discussion, I got taken here. Man, if I think about it, I get the headphones. I got the zoom back up. I got that e p six mixer here I got
the app. Why guide nine backup drive, so we don't lose anything. I got the Google assistant to help me out with the stuff, during the interests that that I'll, be fine. Where I see what happens with that whose night man I'll be able to do their bit Scott Tribute where the fuck is that happening man, the avenue I do not go to deemed El Ray Dotcom. The bonds guy tribute there might be a couple tickets. Weft only ask Hey Google, where, Is the Dean Del Bond Scott Tribute deemed? raise tribute to bond Scott of AC, comedy and rock show is located in the avalanche Hollywood there you, my special in Times fun from tomorrow- and I guess I maybe I'm not as work
nervous about it, as I do. I guess I'd like people to see it. I'd like a broad swathes of people to see it. I put about two years of work into these special weaving together, so everything serve connection hangs together like up a singular peace. I record didn't have beautiful little theatre, downtown away and gotta be honest. With you, if, if this doesn't provoke something in somebody in a large way, then Ike my relevance is in question not because I'm sure they I watched it again. And I realize like in my own sort of smooth way, I kind of seek to work I push buttons on all levels in all directions, but I d I'm doing it in a in a sweet way and I dont any stuff on there. This zone, this shit in this. She was pretty pretty heavy. It's pretty I'm over the top
the closer reserve is almost operatic in its construction. Just a guess when you do something in this day and age like a special. You wanted to land man. You know I just want it in Don't I know you guys within a man in, and you know that it's gonna be on by wanted to go out there and in a big way, and I will see what happens? I guess I've done I can't, I think I think I've done all I can. I think I'm gonna have government bodies too may be put it out how much weeded out there I'd like I'd. Why, they hear the opinion of Jason. Zena men over there, the New York Times just it, because it's not even that it's it's at the promotion thing I like critics to deal with it, so I can get a sense of it. I respect and origin, Greeks and if they are actual critics in not just reviewers, I can learn something about what I've done:
really know what I've done. Even when I sent the link to Brenda Mcdonald, the producer They show my business partner, who, who is no me for ever and see me Why do different material? His take on someone? stuff I did in the special was a way of looking at it that I had looked at it. There is something that he saw in. I think it's in there. But I like the fact that I I put this stuff together. I It out there, and I really, I can't see the way you guys you to react with the way you guys record all I knows, I'm thrilled that it's gonna be out there tomorrow. I'm excited to hear what people think about it. You know I hate Do you have a lawn? I do. I have a line and you know what lines can be pretty bad if you're not treating them while they start to work like crap really fast, but on the flip side a lot of people waste a lot of water trying to make their lawns look good. That's a problem to stop wasting water and stop settling on an ugly lawn with Scots turf builder, thicker lawn on turf, builder thicker law
it has everything you need to turn Europe into the thick green paradise that you deserve it, but all the extra waste with its three and once again Should you can get up to fifty percent thicker lawn, which is one application with Scots turf builder thicker lawn? You can finally get the thickest greenest, on you ve always wanted also with Scots quibble money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied you, your money back, get thicker quicker and grab a bad today, make your yard a Scots yard. Let's do a man my specials on tomorrow. I can't be expected to keep my thoughts together. I made cabbage today. How do you may cabbage has a Google? How do you make cabbage sure I've got a recipe called southern cabbage recipe from devious can cook. Does that sound good night? I'd like indian Cabbage recipe? Ok, I've got arrested
He called indian, cabbage and potato curry vision from the wholesome fork. Does that sound good- about five times now? No problem, I too, it's I didn't catch years, I'll make it because some people seem to like my recipes. Occasionally I take ahead of power, four cabbage and walk, and in the walk on high, he For I lowered a little bit, I put off oil, I throw, I would say, probably a tablespoonful black mustard seed in there and when they start a pop and fizzle I throw in maybe a tablespoon in a half of whom in seeds whole comin seeds. When a brown little bit, I throw the shredded cabbage into the walk, which is kind of unruly crank it down to about medium high and then try to toss that shit. The I'll give it. It simmer and tossed it around and start a shrinking shrink and toss. It new toss it you get, almost soft get their cabbage Dente the perfect,
and then I hid it with probably a quarter cup plus. A little more of apple, cider, vinegar and steam. It out with the appetite of vinegar, tie sit around and that and then cover it. In turn, the head off so gets all soggy after its teams. In the absurd vinegar I make out like twice a week. Man, that's all well marked Marin Recipe for you, so future more these horrible text emails. Do you want to. I think we ve been evident pretty good time with these. Hi mark, I'm a personal trainer at a popular Jim in Philadelphia. I meet with new. People have all walks of life every day and give them one free work out to check out a programme. This The young man was twenty minutes late to the work out and then proceeded gimme me. A text clearly meant for his friend, I'm not losing. Sleep over this but honest. We he could have apologised right in here. She sent the oil screenshot of it
hey Overswept bit. I'm leaving my house now should be there in twenty trainer says: ok, thanks for. Let me now and then the other guys, YO, my train, or this morning had the fattest ass, thick white, John, no tidies and fat face. But her legs were like woe and it did. She goes wrong chat, my friend and he sends for those half confuse sad faces, emotion, because while this is very embarrassing, guy talk hope you understand, and then she says that was a complete cop out, not as we angered me more than the content of the text, we well. What happened? Did you stand up for yourself? This is the end of the email you gotta give me a oh upon that that was it. You mean what you say: you you'll go fuck yourself. You shouldn't talk like that. I mean, I guess men are going to talk, but I mean why thou, but now
the end of it. Ok, all right, fine that yet I was rude. The idea I would not have like their tax to come with me. This was a good one subject on tax gone wrong thing, the deputy f o I'm involved, my friend Sabra and I are avid listeners. Our daughters are twelve and have grown up together. Sorrow families are close, one thing we bond over as deputy f. In fact, Sabra bought me your book for Christmas a couple years back anyway, we always text each other. If one of us heard a specific episode or tell each other not to miss episode. Exquisite. Last month I sent her a text telling her to listen to the carry crews. Of you. I love him and most of his films but thought the interviewers river. What a life right she was. Superb My endorsement said she would listen before we saw each other. Here's a text exchange Sabra, just listen so much in that one. Some crazy shit, then me nothing like a porn addiction
a career and a W Emmy agent grabbing your crotch. Then I'm shopping at the containers. Tirana get a call my twelve year old daughters, guitar teacher he's like hey it's kinda, guitar teacher is everything. Ok, I just kind of text review is Todd. Ok, her husband are Ok, I said shit that was meant for someone else and then tried to explain that it was about you show in a guess which all sounded like bullshit and that its Terry crews, where the porn addiction and- and- and I was mortified thanks mark see you down the road gene sorry, Jean Brief funny. I think that I think you can recover from now, and I really do I look folks. I talk to you don T know about allow staff a lot of great stories. You guys had that big a career it has a lot to cover, but we hit. We landed on some really interesting stuff
I really I was happy. I was able to talk without his MILES Davis movie miles and which I loved in the end, and we got off on a bit of a talk about jazz to cheat on. I had a great time and you're gonna hear right now. His show you know the black Monday show on Showtime starts this Sunday March fifteenth season to that's the premier. They march fifteen at ten p m. This is me talking to Don T what happened. The care we arrive. My group was after having a yet it's bad. I really like. If you wanted to kill me, it's a cat, you could throw me the room for the cats in all my care- and I probably wouldn't make it any further- the whole life you know I just started noticing it like when I was in college,
because I don't have allergies, I don't think, but the ones it do that that guy you have not allergy. Oh yeah words, Arap yeah, it is Thirdly, become allergic to cut grass cut grass, which was not a thing. For my whole life, have you a there? You don't you can avoid, and I got so you got sees what somebody did take the curtain, take a clear and before here and then you after you finish with the you, tell you: how are you doing golfing, he's probably now over twenty years now, its way to make, as I know, Gaze golf India and I'm condescending about good cook, the other in disorder like a leaf and can take any I've, but I understand that its meditative it's a solo journey and you're out there with the cut grass pleasing and your people in your friends, usually here and it's a lie
one time. I shall give you a chance to talk. Hang out enjoy space smoke a joy yet and he'll hear awry and any sort of a mean that the thing forgot for me is that it really it just reveals who you are your self ran away that it's a physical serve a manifestation of the things that you going through and really to me, and I think a lot of offers would agree what way. Ok. So what you leave your guy over the last twenty years is also played you. A broad number of different types of people that I think would show you some ass, the different aspects of yourself, but you think Gulf. What is it the simplicity? What have you earned will thus its the challenging it's. The heart This thing to do the hardest icicle, it's the hardest thing I've ever tragedy. Physically, have you tried the like the solar, climbing with newer and Europe and black? So only knows you're talking about
as we all do that guided hey. I got an idea. Let's crop claim that mountain phase with nothing but chalk, again, that's cool. Number! You will do that for having tried that there would be infinitely harder Yugoslavia, but every bit there, but the physicality snapper guess how difficult it is, because in every other sport plainest source, any other sport idle hidden, ah hell you hit abolished around, gets there's a physics that you get the trajectories coming and you get to move your body toward where the ball is coming in. There's a you know, there's yeah right there's an athleticism that allows you to sort of bee in the space of God was just sitting: I'm not crazy. It's not focused! Yet that's what I'm saying now hit that where it goes from stillness to you being still and now go from still still the hearing that and then try to move it down the fairy. Try to put this in a whole. This is big that ultimately, the right, sir.
When you're able to do it here. It's usually, and do it well re, usually because you have been able to really sort of control, all those demons and all that noise and all of that right they show like the brainwaves for archers and the target shooters animal that do that in a limping. They didn't write in the gray tardy shooters, and their brainwaves when they pull the trigger, are like back in ours are usually very erratic fire yeah yeah, so when you can get into that meditated style, get it feels great right, and you finish in you look back and go oh wow. That was a few hours while I was just like that's right MIKE and completely appreciate You didn't do any meditating! You do that. You spend a lot of time in this state. Yeah Tracy so I've been told the need to meditate. You, how are you doing that I've
doing that. I started that in college to really Alastor stir from how we want to color skilfully and through the area in that was a very mind, opening mine broadening explore ear there. This was eighty two, eighty six like inward. You come from I'd. I'd, move right from there to California, from Denver Colorado where I live for the last seven years, but I can't you see, I'm born again can't say Missouri and so go cheese. Here I think she said you gotta be right. I don't know much about it, but I assume that you can log in to your states new gas. Your boring Kensington minivan. We was just there thou time. We meet The round allow. Why would I was sort of an education brat? I wasn't note here. My father, you know, was chasing tenure, chasing chasing degrees, chasing scholars, really any chasing me I'm at grandson. What was his focuses. Psychologist really cycle is a quite so he sees patience. He did he's since retire in the house.
No, no! That's where they re carried it to the offices in the back. Maybe if you ever know they do because my day he didn t know family and teens, okay, so rational Emily there. So I wear them within the community be like here we send our sandy your data and it didn't work out what I actually visited. My daddy's office, one time which was right down the street. My school did recognise a kid that was coming out new thy. What are you doing here I just want to say I don't ever come by love is announced likes it Jimmy use really Where did tell you, I need clad directly I'm going to give it a enough. Never so so. So that's what he's doing it and when you are grown up, you still get in a degree in the arrogant attitude at now ended up in Denver practice reef and it s education ass. He sat practice in Denver and democratic man. That's like it's hard to breathe their love.
Yeah, it was amazing to be an athlete in you know: play soccer in Denver, basketball, shocker guy yeah. Ok, and then come to L a county. No state must be able to run for ever and people. When did you I wake as window fight like a lifetime of training, it is actually we're. Married oxygen had no idea that it was actually go, be beneficial down and I'm gonna go back now to carry it out. But when I was coming up, it was very help me a lot anymore, so you grew so you're in Denver like from what a joy age so so from six greater senior six years of twelve years old. Eighteen and after that, you can hear state unaware, that's formative years. You young idea of a love for cholera. I do have a lover: cholera, my family, my dares to live there. My my brother and sister, still there near nieces nephew so see their lot.
Go back so did you acting in high school, yes deserted where the, but not a bug, actually hidden elementary school, but I had a very good high school teacher, Cathy Davis and she introduced us too. Organ in Stanislav, really. Yes, that was the beginning of the mine boiling year. Now as it was in basic issue, is the real shit yeah real. She was really smart. She died in that she told me about colored satin idea that you could actually pursue. You can go to school and study it arise like what am I gonna do now that you know you can continue. Education is accurate, we're both your folks around the yes and would you there were they supportive of a super supporting that's how they drove me to school in has the benefit of having like parents in education, parents with a broad understanding things. Were there like yeah just do that? the bright little nervous death definitely nervous, especially colored at that time, because it was wide open. Really
clothing, optional pool the owner railway rooms and I've Madame it's kind of still like that, it was a trip there. I don't know anything about on the five talked. Anybody want to cower. Yeah I loved it was a real school hippy school kind of deal. Well, it was coming to go alone. She nodded it used to be sure it was an art schools. Visit Mcgowan, Squerryes, restates gonna stay here, and you know it it. It's just five meteors its, I think now it's maybe low broaden, but it was just acting dance. Visual arts animation was a private film school. I music, the music school is huge. There is, in its end, sagas how far right across from madman I really while for like out their ears, it's a conservatory near your out there like, if nothing else, year happening or wasn't. Definitely where I was its built up a little more now, but when I was there, I was at an end
Oh you ve just went for acting. So I imagine it's a bunch of very serious experimenting people yeah yeah in a very conservatory sir, setting you have waited so each year where you have a word with with straw, well, you have classes in. Movement right and voice and speaking and you have your studio time, which is blocked the day than you have been doing your play, you ass, putting us up and then you have to work work. The plays the technical staff in the day went from Miami had touchy, which was amazing, so I learned TAT she. Finally, she was a requirement. Was it was a requirement for the first year soon so that that come with me getting at them the mind open all of it. Yeah, the beginning, evolving signal, mushrooms, mushroom the EU and those guys it does those yearly? No, I haven't done a long time curve and I'd like to do that again, as I do that Do I kind of like, like a real man. Reducing stuff is oh yeah, yeah
I don't know man, Unama sober guy, so I gave you for me. It's like I just don't put any of it in right. You know like because I got the kind of brain words like what is it a little bit like one? We, let's keep going see what happens? why I start my words with the little they're gonna one, feel something I am not going to under a so so tightly. It is true that yeah really so between golf touchy medication, pretty level man, you got pretty level, I think. No more than most, everything I know so well So it's ok soon college to removing thing any did. Did you do like? Was it like a classical that digital everything dancing and stuff we did state combat and we did everything doing experience, Moliere we're doing August Wilson we're doing a tough guy. We're doing here everything our thinking about their about the rose, waking up when you say
I got through it shows you you are but like there's eve stepped into some have to assume that this is carry. I realise the yesterday actually I'd like to Candy Newton learn and as talking about their role in West world being informing her about who she is and in what her struggles are modified. His son. A year. What you hear the character was perfect work out for move through thing. Did you did you find that cause? I don't know that I've talked actors about that, specifically that the growth of south, through the role I think so Amelia you, if you take it seriously really trying to I come from a place where you can live in this personality.
Do you have to find the place where you in the person me thank reality, nourisher kind of doing river habitually? I had a really yeah, yet their meat there for some half. Why are you here when you're touching that stuff? You cannot help but bring up. Yours, right right now. You have the kind of filter through and go well. I don't need that, get rid of them and not use that me that in any way with the right, but you have to keep- I think you know true to those things that motivating you in and keep touching that. Yes, it's a conscious. Now, where you're like what I was too much me the work as you can see that men do it that way like when you are acting, you can kind of like, but I live now with me when I think
by the time you are actually doing it. Hopefully higher script, long enough that you ve worked on it, you ve kind of being able to have it. Be mostly not you how much you do how much you read the script before you get in here the whole ascribed to just two pieces, no other the hoss. Really. I always find something in return, this really yeah? That's why you can we talk about like that when trying to figure out how to get into this bright? You know I fucking love dear MILES Davis thinking I loved it there. And I think, as I twice cause? I don't. It was one, those movies that you know it sort on you to figure out. What's he trying to do here, gonna get it seemed to me. There was a meditation on the man himself right so as a sort of like this is an impression man re. So you get the EU unit
leave run the whole arc of the miles thing you ve got miles who bordering on a committee character. You know the main guy that you ve got the miles it you may you know he's he's over the top Andrew fashion, wise, isolated and funny he's genuine with very near, but maybe not on purpose, but in and I was in the young mile- shows up in the form of that other key areas, and then he said you can try to assess, like you know, what's the riff, there at him from there to here. Yes right, if you know what so what drove you like? What's your relationship with that do well, this was I grew up listening to his music. You know cause you we stand by my parents digging through their albums and finding Porky embarrass. Oh my god. What is this and in that leading meat? Do you know kind of blue and right, then just opening it up two cannonballs Jack, you know, get to all of the players? Yet that's where it started. When I was you know, and fifty six were because
I'm like in the last few years, have started get into the those guys net in that trip. You know and try to sort a rat, my brain around jazz, without really having an essential understanding of music in theory or anything, but here too easy. Got a brain for jazz. You doubt bright use, it's gonna, lock, innerds gonna make you go accounts making me. I guess exactly. People do tend to get anxious yams about, but for me, It is also a great- and you know it goes on and, like oh you re familiar so when when entering- and I know this is probably an old ill news- people like you know it takes to take on that that this subject to that guy I mean what was the spark, well, I was not. I wasn't gunning for you know. I know a lot of time that people are asked. Actors are ass, like is there some guy that you're trying to players were you really want to do some project that you can't that you're dying to do
He was not on my radar other than being some a musician that I was in love with the whose music I had grown up right, but they kept bubbling up. Being put in front of me in different ways: really people mentioning a gun, you know what you should do and just out of nowhere did kind of over and over a bunch of times, and then I was, working with another. A couple arise not another project, trying to get it done and had audition for something in the riders. The writers mentioned in this at a working on this with the family, Russia, China, right this with the family and most everything the MILES Davis Biotech agenda. You should think about doing, as I run olenin with Ike Bioethics, redo, correct the additional cradle to grave kind about that's just Conakry.
I want to do that is hard to do. I just don't think they're really take three minutes in each it's weird. I knew that I just acted in a wreath of Franklin, one budget, but it was smart because they went fraught date. It ends in it. Seventy two and that's a smart way to do it Take that must take a moment to explode the moment. Rivals too- and this was trying to do with the movie like take this two days in time- re stuck in this place, yeah my getting easy ever gonna get out of this place, so I it. I was actually watching the Rock n Roll Hall of fame and muscles inducted in the rock and roll holiday mere in his nephew nets. Wilburn who's gonna produces on the thing
interviewed nicety Evan I do a movie about his life is again Don T does not apply here, but you know I didn't know. I wasn't gonna. Do that and then started coming in and people started. You know it's starting up: what are you gonna do Hagen's, USA, I'm not I'm not. He just made its proclamation. Ninety I've even met him or talk to rear. So then we met and got together they sort of pitch their ideas for the moving there. All kind of standard here by OPEC's now just wasn't interested bright. And by the time I was almost at my house near the meeting at the wheel- nobody's gonna. Do it the way I want to do it unless I do it here and as I and I call them back He was saying, as about the coins, that nobody can do the thing that you don't do it unless you do it naked. Yes, there's gonna be and in a short ten years later happen. Now what family on absolutely see, so they dug it. And that was that I mean it. I'm not saying that there was a slimmed down there like in Armenia is definitely come to Jesus come today,
I'm trailer on house the lie certain year, what the fuck you or after they shouted gripped him They were like going. What is this going to be? We are really trying to do and how I knew not include this in helping to conclude that, frankly, that I get it- and this is your view uncle your father. This is no. I ultimately want you guys to be down with this table, I end if you're, not that's, gonna walk away from. We don't have to do it right. I said, but I dont think that any movie is going to. His legacy anymore. I gonna be, nobody is libraries, magazines and early you he arrives. Legacy is very difficult character. I'm saying- I wanted the music and the express like just exactly how you later, There was my intention with it. I said I want to make a movie in the Spirit of MILES Davis, they go movie that feels like him, not just a movie, that's about what he did ABC dear. I wanna go this way
feels like to be in that expression. It that's what I'm trying to do that that error that you of Basque, as you say this, each Acta pole out of his mind. He may never come. He may never plague. He cannot play Vince said the first time after that period, when he heard must play the scene at the end, when he's playing said, he couldn't produce sound and he said it. He just cried like a baby and miles looked like don't fuckin cry, you know I don't right and what did what was directed at pull them out of the man with the horn houses bursting out, and then he went on that we want miles tour. That's when I actually some ourselves. First, how so how's that crazy salmon Red Rocks two hours on the horn was way out there. He ain't candid, whose fucking with it with them laying down the wide ranging rally at better. Meanwhile, I had introduced in sit right, but he was, it was a crimson and it was just
MIKE Stir and harming may soon, and then another bill Evans, not that eleven, but to build who played with Marcus found Miller held a member who dare not yeah. I saw Marcus Mower do an evening a miles at Lincoln Centre recently of electric miles and every great s pre great here. He America's were very close collaborators two and I don't see why a lot of the strategies, but when I was watching jazz like if you get a bunch guys if they're they're doing the same guy fugitive more players in their way down the base of of of miles riff is like there's no other music, where adieu to step up and do is thing and out there, yet another. Do that just stand around can looking at their horn disguise In outer space, in their kind of like a fucking around,
Well, that's so MILES s gray. I he used to let call train solo for ten in the area and they do. I know why you letting this do go? Why are you letting him do that mobility? Is services let him go meant by Guy it's so wild cause. I've listened in him to ITALY and new nets, but he did get so far out there. Yes, he did right here I never put it the colonial monk. I think really opened him up. He said my started it the least turbulent when a monk just let him go like bananas it? So we can see you I can, Stop the dope early on, like you call trained it waking up early, even though there was a young, we let flight with between the miles and miles kicked him out of his bed food door brightening. He accepts Jackie manner in unlike in then he goes on to sort of like aright. If there's no doubt- and I gotta get there-
their guide right, religion, I'm Goin way out and one why? Indeed some of them so that the concert footage of him TAT year towards the end of his life. He was it. Out there, man, but you really gotta be on board to hold onto that. I mean in the amount of music that these guys have You know the amount of its classical music on the fly even in here like being able to play the changes in be no milliseconds crazy, bring all that music again, quoting classical thing quote: classical study, play it the way I got all the classical shit. I grew up player right yet left ET, I learned doesn't minorities here? Yes, GSM people that when I was doing this near now, you talk about miles. They don't know miles pre the electric stuff than another. And then there are the guys who, like that's when we stopped when he went electric we got on the bus, so it's the it's a very bifurcated, sometimes or miles
and base out there. It's a lot of death metal, Dude Noirtier quote my sure you all of his shit here about that moment on they don't know. I thought what they let you around the electric car you're like wow. That's when I really like MILES Davis. So when you, when you are your collar and you Are you burn your mind? You you're learning how to in our states, combat touchy mushrooms any new Buddha hugging Goin in but was who is the teacher? There was the basis of your acting educates MILAN. And all of the instructors there did did both allow instructors would actually in a direct as well. Ok they're, always involve the airlines in Borneo, conservative culture, the sore Monti, Lydia Apple. Still, after now do you go out. And I remember your dilemma among the boys. I got your bottom. This who I love the conservatory nature of it. I love the just being completely consumed by it. You know our
no other thing. You need to learn anything they I mean. I wish I had taken advantage of everything that the school had often knocked. There was a ton of time to do it here, but you know not that even it time today have any real interdisciplinary sort of programmes. Here. Everyone sort of Balkan, noting that they did right, but it would have been great, it would have been greater, go back there. They began the music programme. They haven't world music festival area, that's like mine, yeah. No in the dance school is amazing and how I have an early comes through, and you know this. You just there so many things happening at school at any given moment. I don't taken enough dance. Do you not enough now, but I take it up here. I don't like it It's a whole other world. All these things are this other robot it now it's vital and makes when you watch you give move. You only know why you get moving work as ethnic at that level. When you see when you see professionals doing it at that level, here it's all kind of its. Not this,
same thing by any means: I'm not saying the visual artists paintings dancing exacting, but when people are at their highest sort of you know her, they use a horrible it there that the other they ve done the work they paid the dews, and now they are an instrument of whatever it is. They are doing, is right. And now they are an instrument of whatever it is. They are doing is right here and there in tracing it too you exactly where you can feel it right. He get. Actually. I am, and I mean that's something to be said about that, because there's a lot of fuckin amateurs around one hundred. Let me number one by? Why start will always hold are moving and we just open twitter glens, so windy easy once you finish who out there. You just come to allay yeah. I graduated in eighty six I was working. I had started working in eighty five billion are actually gotten a gig. Before I got out of school, that happened. Did someone come look and it happened because my classmates
My second year, his jasper ago here who was on fame and he guy TV home in the tv show you I don't, because he went to an open call, now about three thousand people there. Picked him in the along. Let me along Sardinia people saw we took him to the additional region. We all want. You know we're all gonna bumbershoot we're. Ok, let's do this, so we all went down and gestures dancing. First, don't dance, verse, your bare singer, you know you can see don't dance here and I danced verse netting get it, but he he so we that's kellers, as they have to go around on a frigate, so this morning. We wake up and his pictures on the news really have the right of any more than the news that we're looking for this guy here, because every day I don't worry warlords, he didn't put his deed Ali Baba Jesse, namely the name it in plenary. So here we go
with less like they're your pictures on the newly married RCA you'd like Iraq. It note someone's, like they're looking for you on the new, so He finally know where our phoning draw sweetmeats near the phone rings, a pick it up. His idea of echo hangs over that. Just like you got what I was like family at the same time. We are you serious or man. So we eagerly I gotta, go down and sign papers and I mean the nature, and I guess it's on her, so we have to go class in class doing our like engage delight, and why are we doing this? you just gotta houses mouth out in so he lay then he too, but he still like, didn't, have a card, never right. We're. Still. All of us were very s mind my friends at school, others. We were really really tight air Kiowa anywhere everywhere together, but essentially
so there is a moment of sort of like you, that's what you want to do here. He got the job in your doing the by, but it is where there was never any. In your mind, there was never anything like a lofty pursuit. Like you know, I don't know yet he be a theatre guy, what area Devon, I mean we in, the school discouraged it I'm I think rightly so during they didn't. What you going down to allay the dilution book. Audition Israeli built the school out its oil therein, sagas dont go down the air, but now HU, I e absolutely I'll, never do a commercial unleaded tv theater and for what Yeah, and I did I mean I'd. I used to get when I first met when I first heard agents who were here,
they didn't act as when they met us there like what you guys raw great, oh yeah. Well, you know what is the jumper that story, so why are we took him down here? You we went to meet and aided the urgent, wasn't there when at the appointed time, so we were leaving as we were, leaving he and I another friend of mine, Patrick, were like no fighting in the in the court and doing like our sage combat around the fountains of nine thousand sunset and she's. Banging on the window like the gradual leave comes down and because I think, because came down and she was outside and she was a kind of in our environment and how we were. We weren't all tight right. How we would have all been problems we arrive in their own nerves. Are she showed Evan, you guys it after I had I been in our day, you guys you. This is a view you guys are great- I want to represent all of you know shit like Nokia. Yes, I went back to school, Jesse went and did the show and they shot in New York for a summer.
Was in New York that same some are working at a camp in scars, they'll working like a kids camp out, you counselor, two kids get drama teaching I just can't count how very happened. My friends like I didn't get your camp cancer GIG New York, who has been so many orders. I sure what a jewish camp? No, I don't think it where's your camp, ok although they did call me around but So I saw him in european years. Will you, having called k, you haven't called our agents? She's been trying to put you in step, as I did They should seriously goes go. She was safe, is like I'll call you when I get back to Hell, I suppose, I was just sort of her pocket clear me in a couple of the people there were just and she started sending us out and we started looking shit but you didn't. You didn't do commercials that you're gonna say the first commercial I ever got as an eighteen t, composure and
was one where a kid was on the phone in his parents, colonies in college and he's frantically searching around and you're gonna have to go to school in these acting like they can't hear him in a connection. Is baron he's like? Oh, you can hear me, and that was, the antique, irrational fear. So my bloom, I bought it I'm headed out to go shoot it here. This, phone in the lobby of the dorm rings air, which could be anybody in the entire door infringes have this sick really like it's for me, something the fire and it's my age. They are so glad you ass. If it were, they don't want to use you for the commercial. I said why not she goes they don't wanna Pourtrayed, a black kid is failing out of school. I said so: they're gonna fire, the I understand what is this kind of Canada to return to her black people deserve this black people here, but that was the first was the as commercial like men, I never did commercial
maybe it's weird. Have things have shifted around peoples of the option of selling yeah it's its interest rates thanks, I think gown I think, were roughly the same age, probably maybe a little longer, I'm fifty six, but there's early The time is as bad as it as a talent toward occur artist or whenever early Omri. I fuck that shit man up I got away no sound, but now it's like people will fuckin do anything as long as they look all right. Yeah right. They can transcend the boss. No you vanity or make a cue. The game death do whatever I'm not sure exactly when that happened, but it happened. I think this sort of being platform agnostic helped all that stuff new ones movie, actors written in tv shows and one second metals are there. I also remember
stars would speak after Japan's, absolutely clear who commercial indeed see these weird commercials migrated pig movie stars selling the ogre spangled fuck. I just made a billion dollars and heir apparent. Would you do it? I hear hell I'll, never, there's! No! to hide now care? How exactly so? What was the first row? The first role I ever got was: they juicy burger worker in the movie, moving violation, Jesse Burger Juicy Burger worker Birket Juicy burger work, an answer that movie you did not sign. I was gonna, go back and watch all your movies, This was for luck, who are they apply gas? Nobody wants you together. Please don't want, you can lose, don't watch the movie, your body. Can you no, I don't want anything on it ever I mean.
I have two sometimes and no to look at Kurtz and things like that. But I don't I don't enjoy or wait wait. What does make you feel Are you the kind of guy that, like you watch yourself, and you feel you can go back into that moment and then you re judged a moment and yet so it's not just a general guy. Sockets is sort of like Why and why they pick that our that, but We're in colors, I was was out like that. Was it I remember the role that wasn't hued. I rocket wanted a gang idea and that was Dennis Hollywood, pivotal pivotal gang yes pocket, but Dennis Hopper. Yet as up directed Did I am having very excited and has no wechsler shouted while the environment, being very excited to see proper direct again. Do you work in a pan and you get it now when we hear that he's like cow ISA is my age?
not that, although this now, but he was the shit right there on time, we. You know, and we were because he was in care draw the time there had been. Some things realise shy. I live rough. The dude up for Ill Caravan, Sir in character any die, and he and Robert there's a scene were my friend is played high top whimper. It high time they had given a fight, and there were some real should they haven't found. We were just like waiting for their tat because we're just gonna jump into something tat. I really would like always on the students. Does like, through my friends in the movie were light, will have access to their own character. Sure we weren't character to as our main message do we only arrogantly life feature in character was there a learning curve real like nervous about it? Working with directors. Are you now? I was working with the game bangers. I was worried about the directory and active hours late, I'm wondering gangbanger.
The real gang members like that will really gambling on you for real so that they can used to reduce member. I remember one of the guys in my in my gang name was J born of Jeffrey sooner. I hope he is, but the first Today we are getting my wardrobe sitting out on his badge, we'd like to scare rake in dress. Do this big group see some Simba myself discharge being cared for time? Figures should, and I see this, do you cross the part nine. He looks at me. And I looked at him and he looks at me like. Oh yes, Madame De Gondi stared at me, and he walked across the parking lot, let me am. I owe this is real and I'm supposed to be the head of the gang. I can't really punk out right now this
This is a moment. That's really gonna be telling about gonna go so walked all the way. Up to me, I was occurs outside with his eye. Was set you free, I said. Oh I'm in Amman, acted Nominal gay man like oh, yes, I gave ties and see what the fuck was that he walked, whereas I They were day one sir. We have a sea like yeah because they were so then we have seen in the Van were supposed to tell him. We do a dry by blood. There asked who run the backers was turned to shut the fuck up. Do the thing so we ve her sit my shut, the fuck up. So in its, late in the morning he notes lay we're punch, try revise I tired. Why go home it's where we are, though we are using this gang reusing me we're in another gangs, neighbourhood, it's a whole thing, the location
people had no sensitivity to where we were crossing, lined, none and ask what was the fine that? Well, that's just a question about the drag you think Hopper was encouraging the cane of hell. No, I really want once we realise that this is beef is going to be a problem where they were Giovanni Light win, you know in Denver Library, we know what we are hearing, as I hope so we were doing the scene, an item to shut the fuck up and then he starts Laughings Aisha of May South Office, but shut the fact that sound a little bit. Beautiful girl. Forgive me please, his eyes light, not real GMO shut the fuck up, because we have to do this. It was like what and he leaned these in the back seat near leans up in my ears, like uh smoky when this fuckin car right now cause, I don't give a fuck about this movie. Did I kill you right now as our own and you and I'm like. I know, he's good for it. I know he's hedges duck,
I probably would do it right, everybody's quiet and com. I met my general my line on a set you in a movie. I have to say this is a saving you see we have, and I dare you negotiating it like ice. I have to say how glad he talked about. So you go bags action. Could on. What's up you didn't save line, awake nights it. It's ok, go back! He's laughing psyche is right, you met, and I say it and I think we have to say it so we do or time I can't get it out here The thing these guys, like you, part mother, fucking, Adobe off the set before I get out my costume, like God, get killed on movies that your second movie, we're gonna, lose my life saying a line that I have to say in a movie, so I hustler set. But after that I think, because I said it is like area Urim. And he had let me in
another day he takes my car. She was only you caution, in the car seat. He starts walking toward this alley where you going congestion. We like follow me and my man is that ok, though is about to go down and now it's so we go an alley and there's this all the black lady standing there dressed like a church, close enmities, some amazement, Oh hello, MRS motion to marry you nice meeting, you like yeah. So in my mind that is it going to forget it a going to seek a commitment like every girl the air Har year like an amazing so this river, an interesting entering there's the rub. My fire, the crucible and then you just I need you can go in man, and so when do you think that there is the point was whereby New York was Fm Devil? Look, I don't know, that's happened yet
I guess dual role around pretty incognita rob! That's a good thing! Note! I love my academy. Just be able to work like you do and the respect that you do. Ok my goodness. I was the subject. Well, we just as very well listening, we went black but but not all of it went black. It was the lights because it, oh, you were still up and go well for us reason. The computer and she was still on, but the MIKE's went down, and I my rights one off here, but what about? axes in here that some weird shit, poltergeists ha
so of voters. Hacker machinery changes are deeply that aside, we write about incognito, be able to have a life. Maybe that's the word you're not supposed to say. I would say that they will do. Maybe my phone, you know my phone does shut up everything exactly and frankly, the return on syria- and you don't know it talk. The luggage is through a distorted picture. The lights out, now's, but never that's that's, but I think it goes we I'd actually did watch a devil Nabu, the other night because I like tat, people have talked you. There are thousands of them I remember that, do I've got a lot of that. I think that's the thing people said that I think bookie night. We are
There were a few new sort of year. Things can in a row and depends on who you were you know is like four summit was picket fence is for some people. It was you, you never see those. The other thing to like you do tv, it's like a right from the beginning back and forth. Whatever comes if the rose good he'll, take it easy. It, as did like, I was saying earlier, used to drive my agents when I realized agency are easy because the fur few years that I was in allay during peak, season? I left to go. Do theatre here and they're like what are you doing? This is the height of when we can get you a gig. As I think there's a great role was in this play. While I was working, allow them with joint callias there in port. It got three with her work at the public. Here, worked it at the good man in Chicago, so being a theatre baby. These were all you know, sir. The crown jewels, the places that her wanted to work here as an actor sunlike. I'm not.
And say no to going to work at the public right. Get a pilot on some show that this problem can be shared Is that true, though, I guess not weird, when you realise that you're going to go on with the pilots and you're gonna go spend five. Minutes in a room with a bunch of suits, and then you You have to go back again, three or four times for three weeks, both here and then not get something where you can be onstage doing the thing that I love you yeah, I dont that doesn't make sense to me. Then I put this is the crime. This is what it is. You have to do that as I will I'll get to it, something Hollywood Goin anywhere I'll be back in about three months. When we go do the zoom everyone play worth. Did symbol in that the public we're his pity she's a word Goodman got three did A show called Leon and learns Bush into play here. First. We're really doing. Oh yeah an hour, a bunch of another smart Theatre in Minneapolis called mixed blood. They loved, so I just kept going back there doing stuff mirror
all doing like the busy busy season, but a driver crossing. I drive from here to Minneapolis by myself and other really sort of so low journey. This, like I, just loved every aspect of that that time my life, here, I have to make anyone know if I may fun laws. We goes. I that's good. What's it was nice? I can guess pry. Why you're the actor? You are in the sense that, like you know, you didn't pull your brain with this sort of white, putting the ambition over the craft. Do you not a mean nearby just sort of liked, fuck out, take which is work. Man like you, I appreciate that. I think it seems like this in your character in the sensor who you are it's like with golf. You know tat sort of like to do focus, unlike onion, drive out again workin. My my own, looking at the start, Show me you go to the theatre for the first time you go walk around this day is the best is the best is the best. When I do stay
a man like that, like the sound check when you just walk out from it. Sometimes I have them like play some music on the system and you sit there for myself and listen to the music, not there's nothing like a theatre. There's nothin like that, real magic that happens in the best but booking I can bring a bug unites at that moment where you sit near it that way, James Wing on that's a great, There is a great moment there was a great directing moment for Papa, oh yeah yeah. I will because he's like a case who sit. He goes and came in the spot. He goes. So in this, take you just kind of sitting there just like every element like second guessing this look, because I just I want you to just don't. Do anything does do nothing here? Ok, so I do it. Negroes Kurds comes over, goes that take your kind and doing nothing I just want nothing like just a boy. I just want you to be nothing just not. Why am I being
Nothing's idea is nothing so he walks off ongoing nothing when it being nothing. I'm sinner trying figure out what that means in his eye cut. Thank you, I got it like. Oh you little master and they tell residue ASEAN corn meal is read like exec linkages with. You is so like that oh yeah. I use that more like these guys, who had no idea that you really thought that that's what she should where you really thought so you should where I guess you're right. You know what this one, I worry about, whether the food we were talking about coming over legislative eyes, effort
Christmas, yeah yeah, another honourable moment here I just worked with a guy that stunt do who shoots who starts at all. Love is the dude sitting at the counter who pose a gun and she's the guy in Black went swimming. Did you see that big stunted? Those guys I'm gonna be the cup with him yeah yeah, but you I promise Henderson I've, energy that is so funny. And because these great he's grable You know, I never heard him talk. I know who he was I knew he was. I loved his movies, like. I just have this idea that do some like brooding Argentina has bodies is Valley, Guph, Bosnia, it has any I couldn't believe it now he's he's amazing and Karl introduced him to me car Franklin. He directed damnable, address and
it was in their Cosette year. I think I did three a formal Emil Maiden three or four moves on them did rosewood that same year in and buggy night and something else there was that that year I think, will serve a watershed come here. Oh I'd just graziers Muslim unhappy that you locked into that shit. What are you doing? Pigott fences free for three years before that, and I quote I just quit the shock that didn't like the show, and they were not happy about that, right. It's like quitting theory that year then job as I can dig it. I don't think there's someone else, someone at the end, and I could be here for the rest of my life. I wanna do this wealth. The twelve person and cast which means a. I was the hard the movie which at heart the show Domini the heart of the show. I hate that air and secondly, the dude sort of like there would be so many days where they just wouldn't get to me, and I had sat in the trailer for that. Well, ours is going to blow my head. Oh thank God. It was raining. Just kill myself.
It's weird you till you? You do. Do you go in order? The anger I just get mad at who ever the aid the flag whoever is taking up the time director like what the fuck is happening. The drugs like- I don't know I'm here, I'm not! I won't be here next week, major brought me into this year. I re right. We're trying to get lit, exacting taught that now just right, the play and I just spend the time- is right it through they said they produce a lot here and poison. Sir, I mean I did them at that which ones I was plain about ever solves called groomed we actually performative JANET and for theatre staged. Reading the it turned into a play, because the actors decided. Like nobody can actually get off book and do this is not the place of work?
the lead actor did. It can threw down the got Lydia than all the other actions like we're, not gonna, not if he's not on book, we're not gonna, be on working and egoism, Japan, lighting partners like world. If they're going to do all that through some jails and shit in some Goebbels and personal woman, the set of you guys and turn it into a play. Why? Which was really great levers? Meanwhile, what was wild so there because all that stuff can it in for whose right, because you mean like when did the MILES movie and how much you other ones he directed before that protecting got a vision. You don't mean, like you know, you hide the right folk. You knew what you want to see, whoever your depot, as in the deck burner, shave unflagging nails his world yeah, you know slightly heightened yeah, I was gonna, be second, but our yes yeah you're busy rose- were voting rights at a site. Earlier re already close to write the rat pack, Sammy Davis,
what were compelled you to do that movie with his hand That compels me to do any of the part was great. I liked the part I liked the script like the cast. That was another interesting and if I have any that aren't interesting, but that when I didn't I was offered the part and they never. The script had never really dealt with here. Sammy's own awareness of the racism it just sort of glossed over that, like you, can't have him not. Be aware of not just the racism that exists outside, but what he's doing with with his own friends inside the rapid? You know that, ribbing that they do in the kind of ways they talk shit about it. It's like that's was nowhere in the script. Marhaus em! thought about that, and you read his autobiographies and its nowhere in that he'd never really talks about a war with the assumption I was I I don't care he has to do when I watch the routinely egg
The Vienna like now come on. You can't be a black man up there in picking you up in talking about this being in a word from the end of lacy p, and you not feeling some kind of about its? Can we not do their job tonight, you know. Can we ride whenever look I'll, be able an audience like you pick me up in front of their time. In view of this, it was changing. Re absolutely knew that the sharp edges about it. So I said I kind of all this has to be a part of the script, or I don't want to do this. It has to be in there, so it wasn't addressed. It was addressed in like two weeks before I got a draft and it was in their said: ok I'll, do it no great now you have the dew gun, less gun, twirling, lessons and rum. Lessons trumpet lessons tat lessons to sing on his name. As I oh shit, I had two weeks to light gear,
ready for this holy shit. Yea was cram cram cramp, but I had the best it save young lever was my tap and really yeah Ninon. Can you do wait. I could do it when I needed for that year. We're money? You ve got that yogi can focus you tower that right and some of that acting shit that we learned in school. That's right that, like right, let's go here and it shows up and do it. Into a lady, I couldn't hear: wouldn't gather logical, possessed, yes, exactly what what what you come out of that with the yourself just a real appreciation of his talent, oh yeah, right than how amazing just being able to dig into all his stuff in us doing, research. I am just let you talk about a talent right, everything everything it's crazy, high level! Yeah, it's really like a gifted. Do in this. I hear them talk about lights sooner. So whenever he would introduce me like I'm about to bring this kid onstage and he's gonna
You could you see he's like this kid play acting. I can things that you don't know shit about being a new Ellison that this kid he's got his notes arrogant make ages, What is interesting in no way when you really look at all those guys that there was a sort of not one notice to them, but they were so Doug ended. Personalities that they were confining We're like Sammy was, you know he was Sammy, but it did and find him in any way saying or dancer drama. Whatever the fuck be funny Emmy was, I cannot answer, let you had to me. I think that's something to that for that area, forty Lackman a black woman, especially you know it's like you had to be used in time. This happens every day by us. You say you are to be able to do everything right, get half is far arrives, guys could write and still be sort of. Like
pigeonholed in a racist. Why are you still? I'm gonna get a head ache it, but also I taped Joe. That's what I'm saying. That's what I wanted to be. That's what wasn't in this and ultimately, what it turned out to be is just a moment. I said we need. Can I just have a moment where they can make the oak and I'm laughing, and then I turn around and just put a camera behind me to see how I really feel like bang for the mask on again and they did it yeah. We did it now. I just need like that to show that this person is not completely obtuse rise and understand what he has the DE fast, the indeed He has made right to be able to do this and right and open the door for other people behind him, which is absolutely what he did, but I mean you're gonna take the brunt of it right near
I made the end, it was it's. It's been a foul studio. Still for sure you I've, I forgot your in traffic as great as great and boat worthy work with did that baby fella, yet at the Amis. Meanwhile, he seems like a very wide interesting. Do very interesting. Do and we shot for I mean a year, often on for a year. We means business when he decided direct, something it's like it's not, and nobody can tell em shit and his deal specifically at that time. It was maybe a poison pill left by the last guy ran twentieth. At that time he had a deal that he just had a right to treatment and turn it in their negative everyone it I think this left it really deal with worn
Has he hated to do during the year and they used to call me when you ask me what was going on, because when the suits would show up on set one, would you stop just when she really stand equity, organizer, sinister? So you gonna shoot there he's like mountain and he didn't care. He would just stand around until they left and soon they left without weakening of my. I guess I d learn that ISA the old man. He was there beginning of a new thing. There's so many things that you realise that actually you can do whatever you want a lot of times in peoples of the Balkans. Do any rising India sought me? Maybe I thought- movie was good. I've been united, so I guess you definitely felt appoint the new not yet so being part franchises ebeneezer, I mean it seems, like the ocean sings fun slot. If they are.
Like oceans. Twelve, is why the move that people just come up to me my failure, the Uyghurs. I wouldn't that I've gotta hated that second, that one sucked here as I pick up where they watch whatever you're doing your job, and I could will they they don't watch whatever you're doing a good job, and I predict what it's like. I don't think they're gonna like didn't work in the same way you look like you're just out of the way people think they can do that, but they think you I feel the same way that you have some distance from it or whatever. I give a shit, what you think right or area on a real thing, you're sort of a product that yea stuff and walks now here, but that we have it was on Jerry Weintraub plus saw was produced that when really like old Hollywood in higher wages were treated amazingly in everybody had their families over her eyes. It was nice to build its have that experience and we were really sort accordant often adopt paparazzi as an Italian. Where are you from
we were in ITALY in a bad to kind of give us an entire floor nobody could com and I the roof, and they would put it. There is a bar if there is a real first class Hollywood treatment, yeah nice, it was grey and what about these Marvel movies their fun to indifferent laser is indifferent, it's completely different. Obviously every technical, and did you see that coming like hell? No, I mean it's crazy. I mean like uranium, one of the guys the yeah happen and is a great thing right. Yeah, I don't watch him and I've been critical of them, because not my thing, but this We ve seen any of em, but it seems like the people that are intimates liking. Why the fuck one year I mean it, It's one of those things where we are now: we are really vibe each other and have a great time round one another year, and there are so many of us
is like me troop its gave. It is it's crazy at our true, it's like its own little community. It is and then like the I guess you it seems that motor from what I see publicly that their hope. The experience of hotel Rwanda kind of blue your mind to a point where it active age. You wanna level your pride. Anyone know within one hundred percent. What You know before you did the movie about the genocide very little, seeing that, while very little and then I started to do the research and then I saw the frontline piece on it, which is devastating. And just started meeting, I met Paul Rusesabagina, who came out who are portrayed a movie, and I got to meet him and just get getting into the story was yeah, I didn't know anything about it. I only had cursory knowledge of and then it then it was tat. It took me to him
the different place and then doing it and seeing the effect that it had on people whose stories hadn't been told me people who, in the survivors of the genocide a lot of them were extras in the film, and I couldn't believe if they wanted to be a part of Europe, and they were saying no- we want it out. We want the story to be known in it's important to us and we want to participate in it and it's a cathartic notes, a healing for us in a way to to go through a man. You neighbours, yeah people. You know right well, that's that is somewhat emblematic of how these things go. We're around the world is very often your neighbor. It very often people that you are coming within different community and then they ve I'll, send you out there that's right, even other eyes and on the other
other rising business. That's it that's a good word for it at your word, no anti creative, her! That's really the word it is because we are seeing it everywhere now, absolutely everywhere. That's what you have to do in order to be able to do it. You need to do dehumanizing them enough to your thing. I, if I turn you into thing and granting lacking garee, yeah yeah and nobody's gonna care, so wow! You active now with that's why I still work with Sentinel, where we are one of the things that we did at the time and are still doing as there is a satellite that there goes over that area in Sudan in number and we were able to piggy back on that and care the images from what's happening in the border area, there are raids in your things when there
that time, there was enough. There was we're just warehousing this material in trying to collect evidence in case there ever was a moment when, as has happened, we're Bashir is now going to the Hague to be tried for these crimes against humanity and genocide. But at the time that was not happening, we were trying to pressure here world the world community to act and now finally, has the years later now, after Now all the information in CIA involvement, whatever the fuck was have alot everything was happening, when they were allies. At one point one could rise. We were getting Intel from them about terrorism. We are so we the blind eye it or whatever you're doing to your citizens as long as we're getting information that we need to fight terrorism, scarred be some assets involve their two guys gave me some all its office in the main rebel leader than becomes the head of the.
Government, it's just all mixed up in it and it again. This is not something that is, and I heard of when these incidents happen. There's always other actors. They have their own agenda ended and never inner people are always the ones in the middle ages. Beginnings wiped around me as in bandied about the others detachment on behalf of the power reg. As the immediacy of the murdering within you, couple whoever else's involved there. There's enough detachment day issues numbers in whose steps into that void the ones that once the guy's going now who the good guys are coming and because it was a very How old are you take me? They go bad absolute paragraph seven and mean that the so trying to still figure out and not be this sort of patriarchal. In like we're
going to tell you how to run your country and work, but we have the best ideas for what it is we went around. I was George Clooney myself longer. Runner named together, Roof Olympic Runner and Joey cheeks. Who is speech went around during the height of this? We went to China. We went to Egypt, thought Prince Mubarak to try and say you have Florence in this region, the chinese influence, because it deals with the with the sudanese people, militaristic new weapons, and things like that oil and without arab nations would be able to put some pressure here. But when we went first of all, we were the highest level delegation that had ever gone to those areas about which is ridiculous to actors to actors.
Two athletes will at the highest level delegation it had ever going to try to get any movement on it and both of their countries, both of their leadership, said to us who, who are you to come in here? and try to tell us mind your vision, anything America here about what to do you really what you guys think that you have the best track record on distance to preach from here. He approached him about. We should be doing to occur violence. Are you crazy? Don't even see that common noteworthy that produce physician of like her voice? What do I really know? Well we're we're. Like we're, we're not pushing back on that. We're I'm just saying that this is actually really happening here, and we are not here to to represent or defend things that are happening with american interests were trying to talk about them. For right there here. Can you help the people right now? I gotta get fucked great ethically, kick rocks, they're gonna go
Oh you tell your leadership is something, and during I did. This is well. I was asked to testify for the Senate with John Printer gas in general there who was in Rwanda the time he was the last you in general to stay behind when everyone else fled, and he wouldn't leave to just talk about our experience in the area and what had happened and what without America, what could you do? What our government to do right and I was called in to meet with congolese rights? Could she heard I was coming? They stay departments, I got colonies, rising start your fear, while it's pretty heavy I felt like what it felt. I didn't. I wasn't cool with it, but I do so. I guess,
aside from being called the principal's office, no matter if the way rush epoxy pulls me in and she starts you so Jim Thy Frazier was her head of african affairs and I tell down what's happening in the region, so she said a bunch gobbledygook at him and he asked I cocaine and she left an inch excuse. Everybody knows just me and her an photographer here and she said okay well, explain something to Dodge said: what's happening there, you know on the border with when they israeli soldier, with a couple of israeli soldiers that were taken between them or of between Lebanon and do you remember when that happened? It was a big international. The huge international were like we're: gonna go to war over this apple israeli soldiers were kidnapped and she said we the second is the? U N? It's not us we're, not the problem, but the genocide. It's the! U N, and I was like that's like thing it's my right. It's not me! It's miraculous right, I'm here said, but there the problems like so in this
Instead of this international incident went down, we had to send especially where to send us a couple special envoys down there to push through all the red tape and Ali bureaucracy. As I saw you just said, you couldn't do anything we now you tell me that you, I'm not saying this unjust. Listening is originally right here, she said in all you activists out there are you guys at their time by George Bush needs, do more to start the genocide are four George Bush can't do anything about that you haven't shut up while she said I like that, basically did you feel like that which he scary or just where you right away? He or she just fell like that, mean she didn't say: let's needed a cafe, wasn't like right now he commentator. I was literally sitting at in the state department. He was working in her official capacity to tell you to shut up. Why which I didn't
one way out and told her story. Every book drivers like if something happens to me check candy, I am not suicidal. I didn't. I didn't, get despondent and shoot myself in the back of the head and my driver here waiting like all of you, that that stuff really has to do with your people. Like you or people who are focused on the issue, to go out and get shit, I mean I was talking to Tandy about working with events where with the women in the Congo is heavy shit value they go down there and they create a system, a system of support, of ways to hear that the community can start it. We build themselves and that's the best thing we can do. I think from our positions is really shine. A light on and support people who have been doing the work for a long time and attempt to end as best we can, with this platform, lend support I see the communities that are dealing
in drawing attention to that's it. Then we can do without the experts, of course, we're to saying that these are the expert royal. These are the people who had intimately impasse in it and they are down there doing the work, don't mean I'm as you put it might in front of me and put a camera for enemy. Let's turn it to them. Yeah. You know like bright them with a knee. That's it yeah! That's a deal that when I can't stand when people condescend your Hollywood, people, celebrities or the acting community for make Political statements is like we're, not assuming anything other than the fact that weaken. Something and be heard and draw attention to something that requires attention if it were not saying we're geniuses when that same, were fucking experts nosing, here's a problem yet a real problem, and yet how anomalies look over there and you guys do something: air, fuck man, someone getting harder and weirder and scarier no dignity. So these last two b
cable shows that you dont, like I watched her a few the black man, it's pretty its its pre, broad, funny, shit yeah. You know I give you working with the gold Bergen and several Ghana and lake with that I They come from. Those guys know it and from the writers David Caspian Join, can who created the right, the pilot and they had pitched. It led to show time and then billions came out there. I well that's not our chosen. I haven't, but seven even had a deal there. Man, David Nevins had a show time. It's time was asking. What are you going to do in their despite promises that we want to do this? One and so they got together and David call me, and he said, there's this project and I dont know if it's you,
Who actually? I don't think it's you never as I'm saying that yeah, I'm saying it out loud, I dont think either I person so anyway. Good talking to you covered his good in Asia like greater, be David. Any call you later goes. You know ashen the more I think about it. I think this could this actually might be good. So and he said my talk to southern, even in their way into it and David Jordan away, that's all get together means either some lacking worker envisaged similar to that guy from house. Otherwise I think people think he's. Some people have thought that I'm playing its? I don't feel like he's right, got the same virus Marty's all. I think that there are different, no Marty at least held certain things. He had some moral compass and yet a family, and he had you know agreed funding mechanism, that was his dad and his son, there wasn't has brought a comedy that wasn't straight at ride roughshod NUTS Ii. This and I think that David was really they ve, never really spot,
because he goes. This is like a straight comedy right, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah need a moral compass, Hypnotizer Bananas, rival, right more coal mines and aid area there and ass. Today, the second Susan's gone up now, while I go hoping tat keeps going me do, and you know you you're constantly work in an hour, so we can keep going through. A bunch of stuff is great talk any amends rates only to thank for doing it. Thank you flag carrying you studio out you gotta man. Now I gotta go isn't miles. You are no doubt that was Don Cheetah. That was. I really enjoyed jargon that guy and again his show Vichy These are now show times Monday season, two, premiers on Sunday March, fifteenth at ten p m. My special in times fun for me tomorrow on Netflix, hey, Google, According to Wikipedia Mark David merit
criteria. Mark David Marin is an American stand up: comedian, broadcaster writer, an actor. I google Mark Marin done according to the Catania from twenty thirteen to twenty sixteen. He started his own. I have seen television comedy Series Marin, for which he also served as executive producer and occasional writer, lots and pressure. A Google is Mark Marin, good, stand up comedian sorry, I dont have any information about that. Come on you kid you say. Yes, the play Maya, my less pile junior just to a razor. That's coins, the palace with them. Greasy, again toe
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