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Episode 1112 - Jeff Dunham

2020-04-06 | 🔗

A lot of comedians spend years or decades finding their voice on stage, but Jeff Dunham was very young when he settled on his comic voice. He then proceeded to throw that voice, to great success. Jeff tells Marc what attracted him to ventriloquism, how he studied it, and where he started doing it. Jeff also explains how he designs and creates new puppets, why he uses the puppets when he’s interviewed on the radio, and how he’s responded to accusations of racial insensitivity in his characters. 

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all right? Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the bottlenecks what's happening? Mark Mare, and this is my pod gas w tap in lockdown indefinitely how how are you holding up it's weird? it's getting weirder and more? It's it's scary. And stranger and time becomes a smear on the calendar one day and the next don't know what date is. I didn't know what day it was today when I woke up, I didn't know day. Saturday was there's none of E. What is it sign? Posts there were imposed, Sir Sidney fires or just habits that define your days. Fucking nuts man, Over focusing on cats cause, I don't have kids.
Like wondering what they're up do? I really think it's got to the point where my cats are like this is getting to be a bit much with this guy Here at our house all the time you know skin Odo intense for the cats, I think and just. I it's really a test of some kind. I obviously we got the mask now that day, here, in LOS Angeles, I think all over California, we gotta wear masks when we go outside. I sawdust started to do that before they can instituted as a require. I still not clear on whether I should do it while I'm jogging there's no out there and if there is, I give much further than six feet away from my country. Now. I really run from people I'll be jogging than a. Percent. Then I'll run from them, they don't know bathing under jogging, but I'm running from them, I'm running,
far away from them as I can watching some movies. We watched the pond Oh come on criterion with their ride, stagger not enough. That was on criterion. That was it. Maybe it was sitting Lou met, Fuckin heavy man. I thought I'd seen it wasn't sure if I'd seen it in our after I watched a pretty sure. I didn't see it. If I did, I blew did in my mind as a traumatic experience. The movie is about a man sort of living with the weight and horror. And their complete saw obliteration of being in a concentration camp, before we move to America and all a visa baggage, that would bring just we live is upon broker in Harlem. But never being able to get out from under
the ongoing concentration camp in his mind, stagger was genius. I think, from nineteen sixty five in have to be in black and white believe that was a choice, but man, if I did see it. I believe traumatized me to the point I could remember seeing the whole movie and then we watched the hospital which I had seen fairly recently. Patty Tchaikovsky screenplay. We just watch the and burden I kind of wanted to see a Patty Ceausescu movie their couple I watch quite frequently, maybe one network I watch at least once a year, back taken to watching the hospital once here as well with George she Scott, I really want to do a George. She Scott Impression Dammit camp.
You can't just go out their God, damn it I'll get it that's a dark movies. Well, satire, which means there is something funny about it, but it's dark. So last night we had to find something: light can have and through a lot of a waste of seventies, comedies seems to be the irregular kind of her. I can around with. And came up with the Frisco kid: would you Wilder Harrison Ford. I think it was from maybe seventy. I don't know hold on hey Google. What year was the movie the Fresco kid made in a united, states of America? The Cisco kid came out on July six: nineteen, seventy nine ha seventy nine see. I guess I thought it was pretty late Harrison words pretty young, Jean Wilder. Is it just a guy?
a gene wilder movie out enough, you know the movie or how much you love Jean Wilder, but Jean widely we I wanted something with some heart, with some humor and it's it's not that it's a great movie, but it's a girl Jeanne Wilder Movie, that the premises is that he plays the sort of running of a? U Shiva, like the worst rabbi ETA yeshiva in Poland, in eighteen. Fifty and they said, him to the United States to be the rabbi at a temple in San Francisco. Eighteen, fifty so he comes over not knowing anything and, it can make his way across the country meets Harrison, for it is a bank robber. They become best friends living Wilder's. He could. He really approaches the role and a very sincere way in its very beautiful and touching character. Still at a heart, the thing and Jean while there was a beautiful performer committee agreed that a lot of it stick, a of it sort of I think it's a Robert Aldrich. I think he directed it. I direct
a lot of kinds of movies. His pride later in his career, but it was definitely yum. It was worth it sweet. So today and the young to talk to Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist. That's a tough word for my mouth ventriloquist. Here's the deal I didn't realize, maybe I did that sort of a polarizing figure for a couple of reasons, and I Stan. One side of it when I was younger, you know, is that guy would puppets, I was coming up as a comic. The fuckin pop guy got no respect at all, because he was a puppet guy, you now, every sort of day he was the brunt of a joke like a prop comic the puppet comic it was, it was thought to be however, was a Hackney thing or just a kind of mainstreaming mediocre thing, but but guys like me, were coming up as real.
Stand up? Man? What hard on the the dunams of the world both Yo Guitar, azure or puppet acts, but they're not that many puppet act prop back. There is one problem Access is a lotta guitar acts with their at any given. Time is oddly for as much Here to someone I just Dunham took coming up the word. A lot of public guys Yeah, a modern puppet guys that there still aren't really So I had a really wrestle with this. Now obviously would Jeff Dunham There was another layer of problems, that's on this puppets, whereas his racist and I think that They were a little racist and I talk to you about that. But, but that was the second level that without was were the indicting kind of, like I'm sure, the people that accused him of racism didn't like puppets either to begin with. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe there to ship separate camps of not
I can just Dunham, but when the opera really came up the interview Jeff, I again like I always do, with my show, with comedians the basis of the show regionally is that the eye interview comics, and I interview people in show business of mostly bite but comics and he's a comic no doubt he's a comic. He is. He holds a play. In show business in the night club, the realm. And there having been that many. So I had to put it into context of my sense of the history of comedy and Italy is I've. Gotten older I've become much more, inclusive in terms of the people who do different types of stuff, their people that do things add that that have acts at. I don't necessarily love, but I talk to for different reasons. But but We talk to your ventriloquist to talk to Jeff Dunham somebody who I judge negatively my past. I had to go back
kinda myself now here. We are with plenty of time to think. And I imagine some EU using this time to think I know I am here. About who you are where you come from, what you like what's important EU you know why you do what you do and today was in again day for me really you today when those days were, I really thought what, if I was done, you know being like you, I got. I was downtime here. I'm not thinking about stand up a lot of not me Had that I'm not working that much I do this is to work. But really sort of like the the place brain went to day was like art. So if we ever get through this, if, if life ever return to some sort of normalcy, am I done? Could I be and is it ok to be done? I mean
gonna hinge on YO how much of my savings disappear, but but it was sort of a weird thought and then a kind of freeze up your brain disorders think about what? What? What do I want out of life, and where did I come from the being kind of you? bought for Hetty here or or nostalgic, maybe even depressed, I'm not even sure, but when I had I've done him come over the which was so. It was right before the social distancing started, but we are in it We are in this sort of try to stay home trip, but really the honor of myself and in terms of how I approached him, which were there was a time and I I am not alone in this. When I was a kid, one probably nineteen. Seventy
I lived in the the panel, the basement of our first House in Albuquerque New Mexico. We move from Alaska their shag carpet to beg me, my brother, with down there in the basement, there had its own bathroom in a little another room attached to it, but it was a basement. But you down there. We were down there in that. For some reason, and we had a certain amount of freedom- I remember I'd posters up that were inappropriate for My age, given that I was seven or eight had a poster, a virgin copper and easy rider hanging. Down there, I had the horoscope of sexual positions in a black like poster. I dont know why. I do not know why that shows how proxy irresponsible my parents were. I don't know But the point is there was a brief period there. I was fascinated and law ventriloquism, truly trying to think who
it seems I knew who EDGAR Bergen was. I had to do some research. I dont know how I knew about ventriloquism, but like any. Other kid It was sort of an old timey thing. Even when I was a kid obviously,. But it was one of those things are monsieur. It was sort of her. A kind of a nerdy undertaking that if you could get your parents to buy the doll you give it a try like if you ever were like a seven year old kid, and you saw that he saw the ventriloquism. Why would you want try that Remember there was there was a period, their short were yeah mildly obsessed with it now the dog, All the dummy, thou sort of a kind of a big tag toy purchase like the ventriloquist dummy that they had back then was still kind of based on EDGAR.
Bargains dolls. There was a Charlie Mccarthy and a more and more that was between the two I remember think there was another ventriloquist Paul? Winchell. We had a dummy named Jerry Maroni who look similarly similar facial facial. There more and more snored had kind of a do face and Charlie Macao. He was more of he had a top hat and monocle. I remember my brother take more and more. I wanted shyly Mccarthy, and private, awhile usual dressed up dummies. You put your hand in the back of your head, you make him talk and it was. You know I mean I remember how much those dogs were, but they weren't she they weren't expensive. They were plastic heads. You hear about like you, the real heads are you you do the reading when you're a kid in this might be generational at the real heads are made at a wood, and die. You d get a real domain. You want the real dummy, but you don't even know how to do it yet and by a dozen
I have long. It didn't stick with me, but there was a period there were. I thought it was fascinating and I wanted to do it and I had to die at each Arlene Mccarthy, down now The doll hangs around long enough as you grow up your eventually. It ends up with no clothes and just as weird pillow, with this ventriloquist's had on it. At some point, may be the head comes off depending on where you live, take, You're an ice go either ends up prop in I a punk show, or maybe a piece of art you away. If you, if you are kind of a already get in high school at the head. The head will travel the dummy. Travel. It will end up in many places that have, nothing to do with its body and that nothing to do with its original intent? If it hangs around long enough, I don't give a fuck about ventriloquism you'll find other uses for the head and the dove
gave mind to an artist in high school, no clothes on it. I think ahead, ended up part of it is part of a peace. You got it you, yet it did the same thing as a gift it until We Mccarthy and you have to take away the monocle yet to strip it of its original identity to just make it the head and have other implicate scary or or ponderous is that heading that peace? What is their head have to do with that tree? Wiser, a small cage yeah instead nations were, you know, maybe go anywhere man, it was my interest at that time that I was able to tap into while talking too were to Jeff Dunham. Because I was able to find to find them in legitimate. We find them again
I became very interested in that stuff because he is the best, but it's weird because I did have to over The only way I could overcome what was once a kind of judge mental resentment of this entertainer and he's a huge entertainer Jeff Dunham is is too can reach back into my own memory in my own child had to find that excitement inaccurate to this end, I was thrilled to do it really and they turned out to be a great talk. I was very inch thing to me- and it is unique skill, however, you want, Condescend, whatever you want to say about like fuckin puppets, it's a real craft. You know, and as I talked to him more, you will find out where it comes from where the dummies come from and just working the face, and I need say it's a thing. Like magic. In a way, I don't love. Watching magic and not necessarily seek out ventriloquism by, but when
she both of them for a little while and my colleague fuck- that's crazy, how they do that. How do they do that? It's it's! It's a! How do they do that art for its entertainment, based in how the fuck do they do that pay, Google. How old is ventriloquism on the website. The vintage news, dot com, they say the active interest Tourism is an entertainment starts back in the eighteenth century, but the history of ventriloquism is a practice has been around for thousands of years. Now in five years so now I'm going to going to shift gears into my conversation with Jack he's got like eight Netflix specials on a wider via a lot, especially as I think that yeah, I think, there's eight of them
This is me talking to her to the ventriloquist. Jeff Dunham but vague in which we can start Earl Williams. I read that that was younger. There is on my fans, does not live as our whenever you like about everything? That's interesting me word. You grow up taxes, so so I gave you the big choose. Big change ran Will I get home were used? Even you know we are you'd like a. Would you call yourself by my nature a meat eater yeah, I think so, but I haven't I haven't really missed it, believe it or not, but is also because my wife is an amazing cook and an chef.
The up and silver she's doing their fancy begins. Now. Oh, my gosh them the stuff that she comes up really is unbelievable. Yeah, I'm asking you because I feel like I should be doing well, you know there's just so Many arguments for it and what the trouble is you get the animal rights folks extend their yeah and then it becomes political rights in his business. Big mess right, so we had healthier you, oh yes, and when you just start at the at the at the health, part of its sure. Then I've been now this way eating like next to no me ill luck. If somebody comes up with a great stakes as you gotta have a bite, nor can I have your own you're on the road you on the road nano on the road. You know I'm actually really really good alertly Keziah is actually monitoring. You know she makes my meals realise eight human, a big cooler on the toolbars, was really doing you're literally and I cheat either it's like, Tell her I said I had in or whatever, and I'm completely honest is because
trying to stay healthy, looking to be grandfather in a month. Is it true? Yeah will do sift I'll, be fifty eight in a month, whichever a child, when you were ten, what how she's twenty nine and I was dollar twenty, nine and she's pregnant and in Montana and happy and this stupid virus thing. It's gotta be whore how heads very short, but so no, but before you I know no one when you want to have a meets neck, where you do like a bit like a swim, GM or will now do that here, it's got, it has to be gonna eating, it has to be yeah, it's gotta be some Ruth Chris Canister, oh yeah, sure here is a right, yeah yeah, so, but that's not often as it used, we like once a month, I mistake now it's cut down and next to nothing, but I was very excited when Burger king came out with the impossible burger with possible apparently there, these burgers right, that look like hamburgers Yeah I mean I I haven't. I need different versions. Government I've tried to I've gone out with the wind who met is not a vegetarian but the two as with before her we're both vegetarian.
I've been where you are right: yeah yeah as oh. An entire people, Harper they say Adrienne. I went to Burger King right when they came up with that Berger report. The period of it and he will it's not healthy, will know it course is not healthy life. But this is not the meat that is their right. Will you happened? It's like you. We get to go to Burger king right, as I was sore exact, a grub burger king. That was my thank me to deal with a guy that that that the king with here I'd hair, sit on a robber that was their logo back in the beginning with the white here. With white hair yeah doesn't look anything like the little short guy with the rancher. I remember I remember when the big MAC came out so I remember when I was a kid- and I remember turn things around when the first Wendy's happened, while he had, but that was I mean I grew up in New Mexico from next to taxes,
I owe you college. It was a regular thing for me to go, have a triple at when they represent very era, the best of greasy square burgers because they fried the meat they didn't charm, soil. It be so funny because being yeah the day there is they frighten. They just want what it is now one way or another. Together, you could write like not for not deep pride but, like I know when they gave up the salad bar when they put the salad, bars and Wendy. Absolutely linguine gets up milvey area, but it's weird grown up in New Mexico right next to taxes because they were regional places. Identically, wigley dinner piggly we're Piggly, wiggly head and the other ones in an ever parties, verses priorities right, which is Arby's already. The arts is well Carl's Junior get there. It is in the eating outbreaks, lauterburg random things. I know it.
A murder. You did yeah yeah. That was a good one, yet it is still have that. Now in Texas, we wider burger too. I don't think so. I saw what a burger member, what a burger, get yeah, yeah and laudable boy back when we were kids, man weren't things better if they were and that you know so funny or things I do like collectors and your act here. Thank you very much. No, I actually go back and collect, or is it an Ebay, is an evil evil thing and I don't get involved with it, but you do in all my god and I have a collection of toys that is all the coolest. If we had met in the seventies one of my biggest videos right now is the toys that almost killed me real, like what would you get What you know you have you have your own Youtube channel, we, I said yeah, but you know what the number one toys that did for killing in the world. Oh yeah, it's the charts. Darts really do remember those yeah yeah and there they there. These spikes of metal, big plastic would yet like where they were spikes of metal with plastic wings. Yet
and they were Larry like a foot long and they were heavy, was like a three aids instead muttered share on the writing, with appoint an inner still around a no. No, they were out like you can't, even by money, because the troubles like selling a weapon really kids died from those thanks refugee. Anyone know why the died, but I definitely dataset illegally sure I remember them Irma Slip and tried to felt dangerous to me they'll make those yea Rambo still in business. No, I didn't gotta, be somebody bought it now there to sound like the super boys dodging stuff, yellow super balls and virtue revolves around a little balls accounts all over the place, but now they have a super ball, but it's like it's it's it's sad is dead. No, I'm not! I'm bouncing superpower with super about again right will sort about here's. The thing is there anything when, as you have all when you drop it returned no matter, what have you dropped from rice like ninety five percent of the high right opted for? then you'd member, and when you were a kid you be, I would if we dropped it off a building, it would
about oil and reclose, what are they doing will the ones that we almost killed me man, I remember you. They were called the incredible animals, What were they made him? You cooked him yourself, you handled under yeah. That's a thing. Beggar was another thing. I was little oven need gummy. It was almost like gummy stuff, the incredible edible relied coming here and they come with it. So this is one of the things I did on on that that video here is, I found a set that had never been opened. It was fifty five years old and had two years or really, and so we made LA always allied video idea and fifty two year old. Did you get that? No us? Finally, how that found Now I think it is actually not have gelatin in children is cows feet so who so we're talking in the kitchen about what you like when you are in the midst of now. This is the big
being of this corona virus outbreak any? I assume it's gonna go on for a while, so it's gonna be still relevant by two questions now outside of the cancelling work. That's that's gotta, be sort of devastating by these. Do you think, in terms of like to which one of my characters, which model it puppets- can talk about this either one of them's catch. It are you all right. You can have a mask. I would, by the way it marked. I think I have ever known, I do, I think I have. I don't have any symptoms at all like allocated via. I don't have a temperature, I'm not leaving preparing a guy who's, your ass, you, I think everyone's gonna get it right. You just you know. I think we're trying to stop the people that might die from it from getting it right, we're trying to chip in that's the idea right, but I do I think I have so now. I feel better about the ox I kept me going to catch. It is already have our you move very click right, buddy buddy.
Work, though, that they have cancelled allotted dates, big date. Oh my gosh. Yes, this is most of my shows or now anywhere between five and ten, usually between six and ten thousand folks. Really, oh yes, or with the big arenas, and that's that's a tough dacres, were you know we're competing with the NBA in the annex, H, Hale. Those are the same play castle to gather cancel other stuff. So now we have to rebook all the dates, and so our everybody scrambling to try and make all new date, invaded wine stuff in August, any hope. It'll again, who knows allies gonna go on But that's fascinating, because I know that a lot of people realise that I mean that you do yeah you're one of the biggest comedy acts in the country really right. Yet for enough for eleven years, almost twelve years we ve been doing these arenas, so my fifteen minutes has lasted, wait longer living, but ever expected back you You have no value, may not your act. You mean you're, you're! Faint, I think there is a failure, is now to have our long two and a half for them puppet show how many, how many
a meagre hairs. Well, I come out nobody, let all their dynamism characters. I waited. I come through dummies, but I call him characters and then, when I'm self deprecated, my comp puppets puppet show Forget it going. What are you trying to like it? I even had the job of propaganda, exactly that's what I wasn't it let it almost twenty years ago many clubs. We must work together. I don't know, I think I think we might have missed each other. Did you do the improved Jane? No, not much, because- and I Don't do it like they never help me with anything. I was the type of active Jeff. I don't think we would have really worked on this, email and I dont know that that the improves aid whenever that? to me. They give me fall out weeks and it always tell me how much I like me, but I didn't do that- that the chain much here I was right. It was really scattered here how I paid my dues, but they were not as glorious. I was never like. I go to guide for the improved while I was in. I was at the top of the food chain fervor
because every ten years we we floored that's before Hartman right, no robber became my manager. I so that's when that big shift coming. I didn't think he thought much about me really NEA here. What I don't know, I think it's all impress now only a robbery, if you go your measures now, do you moved Nashville and he's in stolen the business typhoid? Still the visits? California boy? Oh he and his wife and two gives a move. That. Actual national beautiful. You know what am I a guy who I like a lot as a comic nape, our gets you he said you know, he's an easy, easy out. National any state in Nashville Rights will show business tat you have here living. I always talk about this right. Just want people would now that you selling five thousand ten thousand seat arenas like where your big markets for the for the puppet show
it's not! It's really interesting where you would think that I would be. The slowest is actually worth selvas tickets as fast as the northeast in the northwest. That's where we do sell tickets that fast we're talking. My wife An organ, yeah, I'd, hello and important organ, I think, was my biggest show ever like sixteen. Seventeen thousand no yeah. And now and then up in the northeast. Oh, my GOSH Boston used to be one of my best cities. Yeah, it's it's crazy. So where would you assume people would think that you would sell big text This is where I grew up. I may I still do well endows Stillwell and all are you? Are you in Mormon sanctions? Can you do you tat? They do CD salt lake sudden. I do SALT Lake City, but I am not sure if it's the Mormons come into my she now, but you would know because you could play a week at the Irene Reagan rigging.
He was a big as a big part of his not is doing like four five shows the basketball Rina. What my shows I hadn't had e G. Thirteen, if you know there's a few national envelope, yeah there's a few bombs in there, but it's not you know, that's the thing that I'd like to talk about its about content. To me: it's not! It's not content! That's questionable, just a few words here and there. So I used to say to my girls when they are grown up. It's like ok, we can hear the bad word yet I can repeat him, but the irony of you bad words and day show, but I'm not talking about not talking about this Jeff Dunham folks he's on the edge man, the blue show there now is not but its subject matter. You're gonna get your using it in context and vice rights. Vice, let's go back the liquids. That's what's, let's get to the present through going through the best, because I'll be honest with you, I was fascinated with venture work was music kid. I bought at the had mortimers nerd and I had Charlie Mccarthy has started with my brother and I each had one
and you didn't take that long before they had no clothes and they were broken right, but you know they. It was sort of a big deal. Guess it's not it's not really just a toy when you get there first dummy, even though the heads plastic, but it's real thing right by the way they may what I was doing the club days. I was I had no close and I was broken. Go over. You just have the that weird cotton body is discovering. Does it and hands all in one position very sad. It was their various said without clothes, but but is that because we're you're, a little older than me, and certainly by tat when we were kids Mean EDGAR Bergen was long got really right so, like. How did you like me? Are you, we child, yet a knowledge of your guest at an early stage. The big working. Well, you know your guess before you know so yeah, that's what I started with his little toy.
No, though I mean how did we know, how do we know about ventriloquism? What did we see there below? There were a handful of things on tv, Paul Winchell was still in those years doing a few things big tell me, Joe many years earlier bright before we were conscious right in what was his dummies name. Jury moaning adjournment uncle had Smith knucklehead Psmith myths near that have have so so there were here use on every once in a while, but the only way that I found out anything was to go to the library and check out a book on ventriloquism or in cycles It is because when they mentioned encyclopedias back them, when they talk about Ventriloquism Bergen internally, Mccarthy were always the subject. Sure Yak is named back in those days your family probably had the air encyclopedias that you bought romantic African, Elliot Britannica. Some high and shit come from highbrow fan. Not so world book. Your my mind, we're all from. I think my parents, they were from the fifties and stuff. Would your folks do my definite rules that appraiser imams homemaker they still around
mom's mom still hanging in their lost them by three years ago, but still hanging Jack said yeah in taxes, in one of those homes that they ve lock down. Now, not let I think, there's two at Lisbon and taxes are not lenity pure in right. Now, starting here did you. Those are the people who are trying to keep alive people going on and it is in It's kind of sad because the little bit dementia set in and she remembers or in our first grade class, but it during a conversation I'll, have to answer the same question. Eight time right, but you knows who you are all yeah yeah, that's good! I ask you to go to the allegory, but she know she's she's with it, except for that short term memory shot out of hell, so I I can't have fun with it. It drives the people around me crazy. Last musing question now we're different answer every time, money where are you going to do is show Buffalo, revivers, theirs
You gonna do shows week how Poughkeepsie did you ever say reaction? I see you this kid you're alone, you need friends, that's it and I got there for Christmas when you're I sought in the toy story, goes what most dummy who was mortimers. There always know. Damn big face the idea, and but but back to two Dallas just recently to visit my mom, and I I hadn't free time and I drove over to that. Where that twice door was then I got my first dummy had not been back there. It's still there yeah. I know it's. It's a mexican restaurant, where the great yeah yeah Oh yes, excellent result: hobby shop, Canada years. Yet exactly with independence and the dummy where the high in toys I was up on top it was up other. I was kind of tat. I love tat. I could reach dry, took right before Christmas. I picked it up. I took my moms and mom like that. She's, like Al Yacu, great put it back here and there should have been Christmas morning on the couch.
So you had the Agora, Mortimers nerd, yet worse, urging heraldry. I was a third grades. What it allows a third great yeah so am. I first show is old book report and I remember to this day: we, when Biography, did my biography. We went back to actually got in the school and we are actually able to go back to my third grade. Classier down there and I took Mortimer with me? I still have him took the original Mortimer Elastic when you gave it absolutely safe to go back and unfortunately they use that footage in the peace we did. Did you do show for a bunch of kids? Now there was they women medicine when their kids, they seem micro, apparently the agony, he's gonna say: his words, but you don't have to say it's actually make mortimers nerds can be a filthy, filthy man and like it yeah so, and you know I just started grown from their mean. I did that for showing realisable, because I was I was one of those unremarkable, kiddo unpopular girl, and pay attention to me, and I was a little pudgy hand
would you like a guy with a puppet yet made it worse? You know what I know I made away worse. I looked back on it now and I dont want the hell, because even ok here, markers here's, the embarrassing part I used to have this my act. So when I got to junior high grade, I was doing shows do pretty well, do you corporate dates, corners club, How old are you emigres great yeah, I thirty year, because I would it'll give their night? I tell jokes: I'd make fun of the present. Whenever we are already well yeah, I got it was his kid do in pretty good children like a prodigy avalanche, hookers, prodigies, something like the air, but here's the sad part. This is really said by my girls found this out. There were some unbelievably embarrassed really so. Ah I wanted a headshot in my parents were going to pay for me to go sit out with a photographer, get a picture of the dummy rang right. So when came to school picture day. I thought why not so I carried my little dummies go picture then area. This is horrible. Could it's also its
the business think I'm game lies so here I sat down- and I put my domain by me in the guy- goes I murmured this seventh good. You know, there's gonna end up in the yearbook and I go yeah. I knows publicity so he shot them. Having put every city for who yet so situation pulled back the camera vigour meal dummy. So now I had weight by ten in a bunch, a wallet sizes of my head shy fitting. We're gonna like school picture environment. Yes, I'll show you the picture here in a minute of your to see it happening, but here's there. Ok, that's sad and I was right or use a picture or that were sad enough. Here's the deal it worked out so well. I did it every single year. Oh my god, my name's bodily non Oda dummies, the dummies grew as the outgrew. They got better and better so by mice. Name your year in high school. That was the only time I didn't do it by cause. You had a real picture no well I you know I. By that time I figured out girls and women. We found one
I did what I should like. She had no idea a doll in my hand, girlfriend where's your birth girlfriend itchy like what you did you three years older than me, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, so we met at summer camp as ninety. I was aren't you. I did you your act. I guess but my performance. So ok, so you doing that and seven gray. You do incorporating you're starting to make a living doing this in that former showbiz. You Eddie a strange but practical skill. Unlike a stand up where you could do a corporate like tat, he could do a kid show. You could do anything really like it. It's sort of it. It's a different realm of performing sure good, adaptable its adaptive. All you can do for anything in. I start doing comedy clubs when, like my junior senior year in college
but here s the thing. The reason that I like what I do so much is because, unlike in Managua just now, we have situational comedy and one of the best ingredients of of of comedy its tension in conflict. You got your character. I can build tension in conflict into dialogue and learn in what makes the act work is the relationship on stage in my acting in my reacting in the dummies doing the same thing, so it fairly complicated rhyme acting in reacting as actor and then the making the dummy do the same thing in the opposite. To me. Knowing me, I swear. They think that weird thing about it is: has a guy who come out straight stand up but, like you is that you know it is wherever a unique in and in and fine skill to watch and especially when it's done well, which you do do it well, but for some reason, and I'm sure you This in no this somehow or not, You get your own. You get your own that young category you right here,
you. Don't wanna hear identified that I did fight that for years in the club. Wait wait before we get to that. Yet I want I won't talk about dummies soak is weak. I won't talk about the clubs and about the tension about you. Guys like me who you back in the day I Dunham rights, yeah yeah I'd, find things written on the wall that allows you to settle with scored Denham. Is that what you do it you to set out? oh, is I'll, buy you fucking damage that healthy. So satirists I was lonely had, but perhaps we can talk to react more like we like you, you have no, no, no nobody did he was loaded. I would find ebbed epithets vertical epithet. Everything on. The walls of comedy goes like actually Ganem when I won stand up comic of the year in ninety. Ninety seven Hu Jia, that with a magazine did that no was the big show. Arabic tv show how to name Amber, but he was a big
as you have dragged guy yeah yeah, but it when I one that it was like the world, melted it we might even handed soap. Is not animals melted yet? But I always it like a comedy central thing: no, they always laugh in what the hell show utter. Your daughter, yeah yeah, George Land. It was his deal, her soul. He was not happy because I can pay for it with the dummies, but we are pretty much you know we set what you know that I'm even then I had merchandise and we were sentence and instead peanut dolls, all the cobbler, because a club owners were the ones that we're phenomenon. You fucker and vote politician at Sir idea as ninety seven, but so we'll get you still back loading like. I do I'm curious about the craft of dummy making. So when you, when you're like doing more numerous nerd wow you when you decide and well You decide on the first time the perverse professional dummy will likely talking about. There was no way to find out about anything back then,
didn't know there was a ventriloquist organization. There was a ventriloquist, rightly judges, never use had the book on how to do it, yet any were able to go. Where do you see footage of, like you know, Winchell in Bergen and that's it If you had ever Bergen came on energy, that is. Is there is no you to know. You never went to New York to does not seem a broadcasting up, and I think that, as you know, I think it's. What help me is that I had nothing to compare myself too and the only thing I had to listen to what arrogance of the re Asher I seek if here the patter, Thank you here that the written your great you're jumping way had themselves. No, that's great, that's exactly what it was, because I could sit there and listen to the routines. Yeah. He was in a burden. Was the sign
of his air write. His radio show is number one for, like the ten years is of interest on radio. We had no sense, yes, but he had guests on their footing. Just comedy sketches like every mail behind my Jack Benny, unlike buster, he would do us a few. Were the voices Neddie have guessed to the other parts in the radio? She didn't like little right, Rama yeah yeah, like everyone feels was normal, gave yeah, guess all the time that were made best actually get kicked off the air on radio for me into suggestive a really yeah she's, a kind of divergent you're. Absolutely right, it was a huge show, it's an issue that was available to listen to what you can always like it. The cassettes. In the end, the album soccer and listen to what I will do that we sit there. I've listened to the dialogue and I would actually type it out. Here was a kid fourth fifth grade, six read my type it out here, and I know it can it in your knowledge I'll be a time a dying, but I would look at it. I wouldn't understand, because there were no jokes: where was not set up punchline right, it was all character right driven
So that was such a great lesson. I think you're gonna make me laugh. It wasn't like knock knock there. You know that at the time that something you look back and realise that what said in it when it, when I really kind of figured it out, was when I moved up LOS Angeles nineteen. Eighty eighty eight on visa moved out here and eighty eight and I have been doing in a grown up, doing church chosen chosen college and I do the ventriloquism thing. Like you said, the skill is fascinating to watch that last for six minutes, then like ok, I'm gonna make you laugh because I would commodity and I you know I had a fifteen minute- show fifteen Minute act. I was a good middle, do the shown I drink the water and make the dummy talking, thereby applaud radon wall of standby. That's right I guess I did last sitting in an accolades and MIKE lazy love, music Middle ACT, but after a few months and your father you guys have signed veiled in and Leno and those guys are there.
Now you gotta make that all you laugh. You just do these. If you're gonna be a headline you're gonna handle, you knew that you knew you were like sort of a novelty yeah that was in up to par with the writing or the or the comedy of these guys were solar. Less correct right. So that's when I realized I can do this skill. I can do this all day. Long like right now by I need to start coming up with material. That makes. Is many people in this room laugh as much as possible right And that's when I knew when I started doing that and people started coming back and bring in family and friends. That's when you started growing I'll, never forget Deb divers. Our tell how depths our time, member who she she booked mostly improve. Oh yeah right is born. You really didn't like more than apartment, and I remember I was a middle act and I asked her. I said you know I was doing great and I say I found call her one day, and I said what would I a headline in. I said because I think people are coming to see just me. I could she actually actually side on the phone chagos. You think you're getting a following
oh yeah, what we need is a headline she goes. I tell you, what could you know she heard Maybe I right she said when the headline or can't follow you. Then you can headline. Unlike ok, and that to me was like a challenge and yet there are great and it was exert zones in the emperor, then Tempi another, always I've been big like that was one that violence is like a theater, but it was by virtue. They do it on purpose was before they are building those huge rooms right. It was, The big almost a theatre gap is one of the biggest clubs in the country, and I remember that the killer, we're gonna member who they had like our lives. You you do. I know I don't know why they could have a J J Wall. I don't namer J J while do yeah. Ok, so All I know is I had what fourteen fifteen eighteen, It has a middle act. Twenty by ITALY, was a helping your on a stick. My little mexican hell appear and it's him. It's my character, Pino its Walter. I would smoke that frickin room, I mean the roof. Would come off
because I really had a few minutes and I'm the Middle ACT. I'm not expected that good kush position. Absolutely you, the middle acts, always gonna put it a bad liars as some point right yeah. So when, when Deborah started getting complaints from the headliner they Why was it public guy? That's where the resentment started exactly right, a cheat and I'm just me the dragon meant a problem in the four pop it yeah look I know what I do is goofy. I look. Ices is my own act. I look at my own, my own headshot. I got really there grown man sitting there would six dummies and Airbus smilingly as okay. Now it's weird I get the idea right, yeah, you feel it yeah I do. I know that ok bullets argument that first dummy the witch Why is it so? Mortimer was the first plastic oil right at a more fuel plastic, and then I had a professional dummy made it. How do you find that out? That? Would you do you cause? You said you know there was eventually cost associations, or did you ve blocking with those guy J Johnson?
who is the ventriloquist on self right, right, yeah. So here from taxes, and it was before soap. He was playing a place called Charlie's place in Fort Worth Texas. We sing and dance and in a variety show, and so I went and saw him. My parents took museum bureau like what seventh grade up anyway incredibly nice to me- and he said here the address further controlled or association. You knew they'd get the newsletters newsletter and then newsletter told me about the convention virginal, those like seventy five cents. For seventy five. U S! Men like! man. It was likes Geek central I get it Aren't you gonna hurt my feelings merrily game unfastening, I'm curious Is that no one knows it's? I don't know there and I was an only child and nobody told me the where I was you and was really sad. Nobody told me that it wasn't said Jeff I mean you know, I'm not here to I'm sure you know you're doing fine, but I mean you know you were engaged in. This was look. I was fascinated with it I think a lot of us may be of intergenerational thing out of her with its now, but are we back then? For some reason there were still,
who was still around, and we still sorted this interesting. You no kind of skill and weird kind of thing war I was gonna, say, is grown up and down, and riches and Texas, nay, argues the school system. It was the kids, it was the environment, it was the teachers, although all people were always courage they were just encouraging and I think what it was material that I chose and when I would do a show, I would always make fun of the school. The prince. Will the teacher then- and I thought you weren't, like you know I guess- you're fucked, the police or any northern on what it was making jokes about them in good taste with the dummy yeah, I heard the dummy and I think that's why there was a little there wasn't that level of it was a level of cool, because I I got voted most likely to succeed and he did yeah. But you know what I'm saying is. It was a great environment of support. Sure there was nobody beaten me up in the alley, because a doll on my what was it it will be. This is not a small town you're in Dallas right, sir.
The big school yeah I was, is almost three thousand kids very great. I was almost a thousand a grey they were like outside. They would just have really see someone doing something special, I guess, but the just accolade I got was my senior year in the senior talent show. I took at my dummy or New Archie, he will prevent coming all that was the first really professional one and this when radio controlled toys like airplanes and suffer really become commonplace area and not ex crazily threads of unreliable, the radio's. So I took one of those radios I disassembled it. I put the transmitter, I built it into my suit jacket. I put the controls my hand, so the dummy get move. His head move his eyes and move his mouth all by himself and I could control from the pommel my hand, I then took a wireless wired, the Dounia yea and I put the transmitter built it into my jacket. Yeah so and then put all the good. Although receiver and all the services in all the crap and the dummy, this isn't. Nineteen. Seventy nine is that how everyone does it with the ice and snow
I don't know, there's all electronic greater control and then I took a wireless microphone. An olive MIKE and I put a mute switch in my other hand, so and I could talk and not go over the Pierre, so we did my actually seeing your tail show doing and here I get an argument. The dummy I get argue I put him on this- is before day strong another. I who does this year's before I put him on the stage I get. Madam, I say fine, you do yourself I'm out here, so I walk in the audience and I'm yell and that in the end we have videotape from it and I'm in No, they already it's yelling at the dummy from the audience. I have completely lost it and dummy moved his head and at this in time, roses eyes over and said is Dunham thrown a fit and it came over the p and I was Bianca though it upon the mules were and the friggin audience went no ads. Seventy nine
we equally, so that an exciting just to hear that now that we're there did the audience like why oh yeah, there's a couple screams of the whole thing is like people running out and not not quite that only a good idea. But how long did it take you to figure out how to bring that up? Did couple weeks really going? and I was the one and only show I did that with that we would like is why don't you see working back on it was achieved in it. Just wasn't, it was amazing. Was it was Yes, I was starting to catch on. Even then it just wasn't funny. It was like war being re, Shari yeah. So, ok, sir, you you you talk to J Johnson and it gives you the address now. You write, damn you, oh seven, greater yeah right, you write the association of death and I said I'd like to be the guy. Even twenty. Five years later he saved my letter. I guess he saved everything. I said: here's your letter asking to join and kidding me
So here what you doing, I of course what five bucks a year and you get the news letter and my, but I dont know what I was prepared for any energy. May you make him and then the first of that says, convention started nineteen. Seventy five was the first convention and I beg my parents left and right. Where was it was in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky where they have the largest collection, its Vinho, Vint Haven Museum, it's the largest collection of winter. Look we'll memorabilia. I've heard a half way, yet it's great. Almost a thousand dummies in their people first go, oh my god. You're gonna be creepy, you walk in, but it's all this americana as well as dummies from all over the world from a hundred years, back is actually kind of fascinating what wended? When did the art eventual cousin begin back in the days of the before before Christ, because they use ventriloquism is like to make that the altars talkin enow soothsaying. All that fake also is used as a racket, yoga vessel Yacu. Now I get they ate they'd action.
He's at its magic, give us money right now and then the first dummies started coming along. I don't know, I guess I e there's pick. We have pictures from the civil war era of guy sinner would would dummies Sarajevo corners. Sorry for you, you wanna, know. Ok and stealing here. We go down and ran on year after year in it so I'd so we ve got the convention in Kentucky currents, eighth grade seventh, great yeah, and then I had they had the contest. I kicked ass and walked over the trophy room. S yacht new talent, very best. Junior ventriloquist will always love and feeling when you get there to see all the other fuck adventurer glittery, like I'm home, where we like Well, it was a little bit of both because, as you can imagine, we still have that convention too. Day, every July, it's in the same. We have your active, your dear you're, the guy. I'm on the board of the museum horse. You are, of course well she's gonna be other. You are the area on the board.
And wherever fundraiser I now raise money to build the new building work. Can people go to the website? I think it's been haven that or ok. I think it is the people if you are you looking for a charity to give to the maintenance of a thousand dummies z em in Kentucky deeds, if you, but there are five or one say you don't want to know how much money have given their place sure yeah added of love, but no not that Maybe I'm not I'm not really doing great we're going there like a like by yourself and just like I give this damage. They will, let me when by myself anymore, but that that I would think of the donors and play with a mechanism and yeah there like that. That's all that's all put it exactly your body and on a barber we would go in every year need make balloon animals and so we'd take balloon animals we'd height of inside those retard. Sorry ridiculous. Our lives could catch him. Then he didn't
given away. Then I went ahead by the way that I use that word of my act, but it was the old man Babuino above a J, my redneck character, oh yeah, he accidently says. Yes, I will see this. Is it right that the interesting thing about some of the characters is that you can they? We know it's you write by. There is something about the character of portraying I'm part of american culture that everyone identifies with. Who is also struggling with the change. Yet we're going through his merit, sure and as a writer people oh yeah. Well, it was just exactly and if things get away with it, no that's not what I do I create these have accused of being racist. With my current Europe with the river the whole,
Albania with I'll, be dead. He d, my african american character. What I do is I trained create characters that people understand almost immediately re or they stereotypes yeah they are so what I do is I create these characters and if I have a question of Vienna question and you pose it to one of the characters, if I'm a good writer and comic every one of the characters would have a different answer in addition joke, because I'm writing for that particular character and also seems to me that the more you broaden the the number of characters? They almost doing that thing that Rickles talked about where you it's not insulting everybody, but at least you you're, representing everybody from Europe. Eared texting white, point of view, sure it's alone, tat dancing, I admit, but I do think that that I'm celebrating those characters. I
can anyone it's not like? We not. You know what our own document Jose and I'll make funny him be in Mexican. I don't make fun of him whatever races the things you want to come up with he's a frickin hell you gonna stick anyway. I marvel them years ago. After slow book, speedy, Gonzalez's, cousin rewrite he has this Mexican cared use as low as low as in speaking right, stupid and so Jose has been that for years and years and years and if I don't use meant to show people get angry, he of course you I voiced its delicate. You know because those votes stereotypes that I think the two to pee Oh who they may represent the ethnic? They represented it's a very sort of a kind of a narrow representation. Right yeah and you you're, dealing with these trade sector have been sort of associated with these ethnicities too. To sort of them down or belittle them. You know for a long time so like,
hard to did. I do the opposite, because I was a peanut. My purple, crazy character are the ones that always get into it in the latest routines penis. Just like a thing, the eyes, the thing you don't already as yet, but the two of them into it and how they always ends up on top. So that's the way, the arguments so that the Mexican beats the thing he had a thing: what movements but limit value that it's like the Alamo, you guys really but with. But it's the same thing when I came out with Walter, this cranky old man, Catherine, I was in college and people were saying: oh you know it's like you're making fun of old people. There can really that yeah in the inn and I've taught the fox worthy in this is years ago. We had a conversation that when you This came out with you, my dear Edna give people saying: oh you're gonna make these people angry and we'll redneck. Yes, No, it's the exact opposite than they did in an old people levelled Walter because they either are him or their married to him or
or somebody knows I thank you. I can see that like being less challenging man, the ethnic, her shirt, like I mean I'm just using it- is desirable her because when I would be in the improper that Nokia, this is the kind of magic club lazy would say I you know, I hate it when you bring our Jose or bad, you know all the kitchen guys come out and watch get anything done, so is the Mexicans. Is that loved Jose more than anybody here so again, There's always. I guess that's enough think, as I never really thought about that. I just like the yield, the ratio of people that are happy that that they are being represented on some levelled at amicably versus the people that are critical of how the representation read write and when I have hispanic people in my audience there laugh in the hardest and Jose and its great- and I ain't- I have people. I have hispanic people come up to me all the time that say you know I've.
Of those are hoping for years and years, and so it's like that you're going to get it from both, but about black. Character. Have that chance? We daddy, I made him to try and do my best innocently aims to believe hood. To try and make fun of racism amounted to reverse it. I actually gotten conduct with a few a couple of black comics and, I said, come on some great white jokes. Tell me some jokes did that sweet daddy could tell about me and make fun of me here and there were handle. Things are worked out, but here's the deal, sweet, daddy, didn't work out for the same reason that my female character, Diane didn't work, and it's this every year. To that I have as an actor. I have to understand that it and be in their rights right rises above a J, the than redneck I get peanut the wild rise ya, get whatever the old man even augment the dead terrorist. I understand being angry and frustrated him ever.
At the other. So when it came to see daddy D, I came up with the one routine and then I stopped because when it came to add living there is one thing that I love to do in the show. I have no earthly idea what to say in any given situation. I dont understand I can't live and I've never. Then were an african american or black person right and I don't get it is now in me a woman same thing. I was in a movie called dinner first remarks with Paul, read and write. Yet they had me create the character and I did- and we all the rights for me to use my act, which was all really expensive and long drawn out process. But after using him from her for a month, I just didn't work. They think I couldn't be female, that's it. You think. So you know you requires a certain amount. You. You are self aware enough to know that your empathy deficit is young, is reasonable, yeah, absolutely yeah yeah, because I don't I don't
Oh, I have it, you can't blame. You know your black people have been through way more than most unwise in America has been through, and I don't. I don't. I've never lived and same with women, but I have but the end. The mexican thing is just this: it's sort of abroad, but I limit him so much begrimed their character, easily vegetable on a stick, healthier pepper, on a stick he's out either six million active here just in the tone of voice. How many times you had to defend? Well he's a fucking very wrong with people. It's not a person, It's a vegetable, but when people ceremony interview the characters- and I say: ok, peanut, yes, Walter Great, listen, talk to Jose and I say no and they say one as it because I dont know I it's the same reason: there's there's nothing there. I don't I don't know how to respond as a mexican verse agreeing on voting for hers, sure
can make wall jokes and stuff like that three right right right, though, so that a common thing that happens on morning radio, they will be born interview the characters well at first, when I first I how does the comedy clubs, when your new year, the headline you gotta do morning, radio now my question is what right, Now there is usually an audience are usually at least three people there either. You know the guy on the board. Yes, if you get that you get the main I the laughing guy, though confused weighty, any advantage it'd gag. That's exactly right! I'll! Give you a bit about it. You got that right. We had the towns or I grab all fellows. That's awesome, o Lord. That is awesome. You just summed up every morning every morning market owing to this great, so yeah, but when they say-
in the dummy, be like what this is radio. Why do you have the dummy yeah? I go to trust me area and so I'd taken Walter and they introduce me and it is when they are in the middle, the inner Diane. I Walter would pop up from nine I'd sentiment my lap would throw everybody off and it was we're off to the races, because then Walter would. I was the greatest radio guest because they said you were any questions. Like a note, you say hi, Walter would bring all drought and we just launch into whatever current topic. Stuff was gone and a country and they loved it. They just had to sit there laugh with it. Because the nearly the first instinct is. What I can do is to have a guy, but you gotta have a guy yeah in and they would you interact with that because it that's the gift that you have. Is that at some point you know you're, not thinking you're, doing a guy, what
it's great to get somebody that really jaded? In really knows there, the crafty, radio guy that's been there forever here to make him go? Actually you see him actually talk and as a puppet, but then the best, is when the sound this happens so many times the sound guy or the engineer set up my MIKE and then he be like. Oh indeed, set one in front of the coming, and I would make everybody has a couple seconds and I'd be like you know, it's actually come from me but he has any more and then the horrors that guy would catch shit for the next five might for the rest of his career and I've gotta with their exactly Eddie. I'm gonna make further popping up and then every time I go back, they bring in Albania made follow again. So when they saw my recommend, It's like you, you know when he had cause like I'd, never committed to much anything really in terms of liking. I've I've play guitar and on comedy on timber whatever, so you got the dummy, but I remember my people,
where you ve been thought about the craft and might put a real woods made at a word right here. There is a sort of ideologies was not real. You know like out how much is a real one. You get a real one right willing and then there's the thing about like how all the guys who have the real ones, eventually us they're all different. Well, together the the thick the convent figures. That's the hunters, so that craft of building a dummy is incredibly complicated and lengthy, and their lot of skills that's ago really well for a rather regret, firstly, to create that the actual here the first head the character you gotTA sculpted in when you moment, when you talk to the guy, you know I'm learning myself. Yeah so one of the unusual ones. Theirs, have they made no, no, no they're, all mine and their legal stuff. Nowadays, you know what an artist create, something that's technically, he owns it, even if he sells it. Ok, so tell me to start with
woody start with a schedule internet nowadays. What I do is, I start with clay and ice gulped, the perfect head and as easy radio scope that out of clay. Then I have a treaty scanner, legal things worth more than most cars, and I scanned the head three scanning. The file and computer now have a treaty printer, I print just the shell of the head. So they have this. This plastic shell printed on the three printer. Then I take that and then you have to it's an actual plastic thing. Yet ahead, not a printing. Here it comes out and the right yeah. It applies to get my three principles. I know that now and then take that night after animated. You have to cut everything out, you have to put all into it. What are those you know like the mouth in the eyes and the eyebrows make all those moves. So that's all mechanical and allow us to be controlled by a stick. The head stick. It goes on neither at home here, so we each each each part of the face has its own lever. Ah, yes, like one listened,
It removes the mouth is like every other, so yeah there's a mechanical part of that and then he had a seal, the head of the pain it to get a paint it perfectly. They need to put a wig on it. You got a wig it. Then he got to build the body you gonna costume it so there's a whole bunch of stuff in its it's. You know it's not cost effective to do that for living at the handler, guys that do it, but it's it's Nicholas, be especially since you're doing your own apparently put nosegays out a business where well. I also do it because I got sick and tired of waiting for people because it would take years to make his hands years to make a die. So the first one though, when did you make your first one right, a right that the first when there was this war, old guy. That was really reliable. That would get one done Van three four months, but was garbage ever is crap in the mouth thing. Like raise what well it was, it was what every beauty pageant contested, who didn't? Have it
how it would get out so that we really have we priced yeah yeah for ok, nineteen, seventy five. It was three hundred and seventy five. Now I heard it was like the hounds less now, there's no more evident what was threatened. Fifty bucks, an area where thousands well. I guess I was a lot of money. Sure so yeah nowadays are thousands of bucks, so that was your first. What having it in I got an hour's ok unused for years, but then, when I got my high school I went to the convention. I won by senior ventriloquist and the guy that made dummies enrich really good at it gave they gave up what they call the they gave the damage to the most promising our current relinquished here and the figure maker would do it because he not only is gonna migrations right has a chance of becoming dahlia young. A bet on this sort of my wooden get exactly so. He gave me Archie live lives. We begin friend for thirty smeared Alan Johnson,
how can he gave me Archie, and I used in four years nears nears, and that was a wooden had yet well plastic would last a good dough. So that's what I saw an argument. And then I started make em out of fiberglass in them a few years ago, a mood onto the to the three percent now How many other venture workers make their own damage? Next, a nun ha. So you didn't. I couldn't I wondered at so there's like us all kind of like all immersive art form uranium, either you not like visit. That means to me that your building, like you know, when you had the creative idea, tat for the further character that you know you? You know you make it out clay so your building, your relationship with this character. From from from nothing right and an you, you you birth it right and it is an interesting process, because what are you come up with first, the jokes or the dummy, and it's it's kind of both You know what I do now, as I think. Ok, what
socially right now, what would be a character that people could have done if I, with or laugh at her with arguments dead terrorist is, is a an extreme example, because you got no use him. Oh yeah absolutely he's a kills a job here. Let me day the quick story on that. We, so it was a year after nine, eleven, nothing, about nine eleven ever will be even right handed jokes to mere little. If he today, nobody could laugh at nine a m right. Let me I looked a little and Levin and they were making fun of Osama Bin Laden. We did nowhere was we didn't know he was dead. We do know views alive. You have our marine right. I'm we don't know what had happened to her was a year later, so I thought I know where he is he and I was at the top of the food chain and the comedy clubs at this time. I thought I know worry is his ease, half dead, he's kind of dead bodies not, and he lived in a suitcase hide that when my characters other guys. So I thought this might work
so I went to there's a store. Do restore OZ here in ten a h s is still a business. Now anyway, they have all come to consummate holiday stuff outlaws walking through there, and there is big bumbling plastic skeleton that looks of that our South Park, and I thought you know in what I would do is. I would make the cheap version of the dummy furs right and if it worked, then I would then I would make the real commit YAP soya. So I got this plastic thing and put a moving mouth on in a pretty thing on his head yet, and I thought I'm gonna write jokes as if there are family members in the audience who law people in nine eleven widows, widowers parents heads yet so I'm gonna write the jokes material is if they're sitting there. What are they re? The laugh at? How are they really move on road that work that material? I then said: I'm not gonna chickened out go to Hawaii or Alaska. Somebody on the far west someplace on the fires. Cozier not is worded sting quite ass, much we're accounts. I got looked at bananas jurors miles from Gipsy out from ground zero here. So
I did a Wednesday through Friday, but on Friday night away for the Big show Windsor through Sunday for the big show on Friday night. The old out completely. I was a headline of the audience. Knew me yeah. I couldn't done any better. Did my forty five fifty minutes could have been better yea. Now I come to the end, and I go well. Folks is one since we ve all been waiting to hear, and that is also of in London. Dead, huge applause yea eight years. I said well, Gaza, news. Worryin he's here this with us this evening. Please let me welcome the sum in London and it was like God, sucked all the around in that room. It was like you can hear those people go. What the fuck is. This asshole Texas Gonna show right Garriga profit. Gonna do now exactly exactly so out of the suitcase. I pull this bump,
link stupid skeleton here and I started running through the jokes and that's when I came up with. I kill you as an ad lib here in it it could not have gone any better could never got any better and I started using them in every single show, and I started getting letters from people in the military coups then caught on Youtube and started going nuts and them people started thanking me, for it the parents of people in military and so they're here I do not like it provides relief for a certain see. I me I understand it man benin- and it's like you, I just did special where you know Jesus doesn't farewell. My special oh no way while waiting farewell that ought to begin with by, but you know, but you know I was able to sort of put it together with the urgency idea of belief
raise me. My Hetty shit right but, like I knew heading injured that day that there is a possibility of offending people, so I did structure the bit so the I took some the weight offer that right. Do you know what I mean so I dont know if it was Muslims who pushed back or what, but I know that their there is going to be a certain amount of people who can be like that's not right, but the bigger issue is, you know, isn't that gonna be everything while that that's what happens if he I use them couple three years: the debt Osama. I then put him away as we start you re out. How can I get? The news. Did my next? My second special comedy central Special came along and I wondered another new character. My and so I thought I would make the archives, and I thought that I was good, throwing it. I'm gonna change him from the dead Osama two. Instead of offending one dangerous guy, I'm gonna offend an entire,
group of dangerous people MIA, so I came up with acme the dead terrorist, and then I made the real version of him and that's when things took off and then it went on that's when it went on Youtube and went crazy and that's when I started the incredible deference free we must all over the world. Are we not aware or they were well? They were near from the F b I got involved, but it was really real threats and but then, when you, when you look at my act, if you just look at the picture, you see this guy here, it's unbelievably offensive, so you think it's until you listen to the show you go. Oh my gosh just stupid failed terrorist whose fallen in love with the free world he's he thinks he should be angry and should hate s pretty, actually loves everything about. It he's very conflicted.
He's he's not proud of the fact that he killed himself. So is it fell terrorists? It doesn't hurt anybody and I even say he's got Muslim. We don't worry from wind, Steve Corral was grew the first time in a despicable me. I saw him interviewed in the end. The interviewer said: where'd, you come up with that acts and Steve goes well. You know Europe and the guy goes yet like that, so it is only with argument, like Middle EAST at from somewhere. We don't always from so. How did you handle the, for every I got involved, but then you know it was you know I just live your life it is kind of went away religion during people on the road with you to watch you back in June, we there was extra security, but enough red dot appeared on my forehead is like. Oh, are missing in order to give people a one hour. De the audience to realise is he really did not know? don't start targeted thing like any by ok, here's the thing I have with if you're the guy
and it goes out and kills the puppet Guy Are you a martyr of some kind? The it's not gonna go down well with you with your browser, so it didn't. I thought. Well, maybe they're stupid levelled issue document yeah yeah yeah, destroy the puppet, show how many people you got no in the exits wherever they are to be well developed, characters that's over. They now Jose the organizers, peanut, the little purple crazy, guys the editors Jose Filipino honesty, a mainstay Pinon Jose the UP and Walter him all. Bulgaria been there forever Walter there's budget, the white trash trailer park. Redneck did, I say, augment the dead tyrannise yet that five and now there is then this is my rotating spot. Here I find another one, but the one I've been using right now, politically, our country obviously divided. I have a set of could join twins named rich and how you gonna piss off it can join twins.
Exactly and we have an email from the already knows. That is another thing. By the way, when I made was reaching its peak in popularity like two thousand eight years night, I headed on a credible source that there were even business man sitting around at lunch, and I reckon Irian going. I kill you and laughing and of course that's how international that thing, Well, yeah. They were in. That's why I started being able to Asia there's plenty of people within every muslim country. They don't like terrorists. We have of course worthy of Malta. But when I did a show in Abu Dhabi, mere man, I was a little bit terrified because we're said that my world tour and we're gonna go countries. It was twelve different countries, forty different cities, all over the world, Everything Australia, South Africa. This is what I've done. Nine world tourists, but this was the giant when the and Robert my manager at the time said our eyes, are you going to argue Dhabi and I went other what he had been
when those they love you there and I don't know they love the kill me there. He goes no, no, no! You have to eat your sold out. I got how many dignity goes four thousand my government and they want to use our great yeah. That's a very. Why like no Ike would have really so I was terrified I really was. I didn't know what to expect, and now we get to the show and I curtain peaked- and I thought this is gonna- be Alex Patriot it's gotta be military folks they ever there. I just want to see English speaking show Nope. The first to forward two to four to six rose were full of guys in the full dish dash all the white, garb. The the women were all in black with only there I showing leaders of yet was a first few rose, and I like la o, my lord we're going to do, but this is how small the world was. They knew every character and loved it, and when I pulled me out, it was like a fuckin homecoming. Oh I'm not kidding,
It follows the grazing ever here's how small the world is and how I get the view through rose, colored glasses. Two days later, I'm in the middle of TEL Aviv, Israel doing the chauffeur four thousand, mainly jewish phobia, did the exact same act guest who their favorite character was Read the dead terrorist yeah right yeah, so it it's a small world Margaret tend to believe that this world is in New York, We're cynical that I am obviously I think this world is full of really good people sure and it's a handful of either it's a handful of idiots that ruin of everybody else. I believe, because every corner of the globe that I went to end again, it sanitized cause it's my audience for coming to see me. I seem to be making we're Idiot, Sir we're well, it's just everybody has a voice now. Would therefore, I think that's right, I think you're right. It's waking. Everyone sitting at home can now have some sort of global impact right if they hit the right buttons and that's my ex character that I've just now finished. I can show you a picture of but he's gonna, be my internet droll. Oh, that's great!
announcing it here on your show, great international. By himself, we were, I mean, like you, see where it is the character not get out much kind. Of course not he lives in the basement, writes about everybody and re ex everybody. Does he actually now get the president to respond to a more anything like that, you're right, my material, I don't offers. Is it I haven't Alexander that I I just know. I just know that there's a I mean come on in annex I was on the phone. It's gonna be the way you she piss you off. Like you know, I got through to Dunham. That's how you, madam, is that, like you have either Father knew on Twitter. That's a great idea. That's the way to introduce MA, am a lotta haters online and we have the biggest hater online. Every right can I get. You actually got into an argument with him, my twitter and you kept at it until you, like, let's meat I really great mark her. I had great The adventure have pleasure your audience. The picture is ok, but this is just his face is just ahead in its before I've painted him. So there's that and there's that
kind of nerd like well he's ease, ease troll like not get there, but he's got that same nose like there's a listener to him. Well there it's in our I ain't gonna, it's all I have to do with the hair and when you look at the background, see the troll back there. Now you that's a troll thou right now I got it Yossi. I see I yet be careful and copyright I think the rule is you gotta make em thirty percent. Fifteen percent differ. Ask me like I know what it s tat. You ve magnificent. Let's go ass exciting so soon, maybe I helped you write some thanks. Great, but what about the siamese twins? Guy says areas, twins Ebeneezer. Little while their Larry Larry who's, the personal adviser to Donald Trump. I used him for a little while he's my special how because he was conflicted as well when you say that he was programmed guy out of that was that do that's the deal in my show is I try and go down right down the middle as much as I can't I've folks from both sides,
there are also the Alamo Euro. So I right I mean I think, that's why you're so popular well, I trained do it like both little in Carson. Do me a word. You never really knew their politic right and you made fun of both sides right and so that's when I try and do so. That was, this. Guy was conflicted there, but drugs for both ways- written heavy industry extreme example. One guys left one goes right: they hate each other and there's only hours on. So that they can that's doing it yeah. So now, let's talk about this sort of the evolution of like you know how you weathered YO decades liking or you came up through the improv chain, but me serve being one of the more condescending people, more aggravated people. Another point, my life at sort of, dismissed, you're or sort of ice, Where did you? But you know you always cod flak from comics right, and this is real on some of I get that the association. Eventually
is your community, but really your community are nightclub, entertainers, absolutely sure yeah whatever, however long you were doing that rule twenty years or whatever now waking? How did you handle that I mean? Did it hurt your feelings? I didn't most time I didnt pay any attention to it, because by the time I got to where people really disliked me, I was already headlines, Anita Headliners. Are you not around anybody else by give being an only child to yours? reviews to the isolation or the lack of friends I dont nobody can I just never. I never hung out with any the crowded in hang out at the comedy store, hang out at the mill rose and Brahma. Just didn't like your married in you were ok, your family manner you go, there was that you were never a party or drinker. He never needed that that sort of weird affirmation from other comics you hit every one of those is yes, that's exactly what I ve never accepted in those years. Didn't have any friends who were comedians, sat all my
things were car guys and cargo yeah. You owe you a cargo, our yeah yeah. Ok, so glad cars yeah! Ok, so you never, my neighbour across three Troy fixes cars, for if I need some of them are now you know what he's a car guy owes its target area So, yes, I didn't I an eye. There was nothing to me, no bigger nightmare than having to go to Mailros Doucet because it was they re in problem. Now. Why was it was at jaded? Hollywood said, and you guys are happen. I wasn't so. Whoever was the feeling when he had to do and there you go having over Craig yak! Isn't me my elder want by over it was an interview, did be industry nights. My ages were taught me in here, and I just I absolutely hated it and I would dieth I've died a thousand deaths on this stage before it wasn't easy room really, never liked it. They I just never the
two six whenever great and wasn't easy to anyways verses, you comrade over here near your house, the ice House need kill and we can kill your morning. If you walk, you walk out the ices going like that, can even decide whether to judge that is real the regular idea, but that's how I got bogged down the Carson treasure with first I was from the ice house, are really I'd been nine years. I had the how many years this year, first art auditioning and eighty six, so no and I got booked in nineteen, ninety awe and own eighty four, eighty four to ninety asian Virgin Macaulay nine times. While I get eight, no, no, no, no democracy. We know we ve done a lot of intra No, it was very simply says you're not funny and around, and that was a thing that kept pushing users I, but I can, beyond from funny never goes absolutely irate. Ventriloquist you're, just not you gotta, be funny when you're in front Johnny Carson and so that, you know, and then in I worked in honed in honed in home that five minutes until elegant Macaulay came saw me at the
nice house and, of course, I killed and you ve always written your own shit most the time, but I I've had a handful guys you to help me out here, the economically yeah, of course, and copyright or the area oh yeah he gets. It also gives me off the boy page. Don't worry, I'm not judging! I mean I like. I know plenty a guys you get to a certain point where you know when your business as big as your businesses and you ve got this variety of possibilities. As you know, you want to keep stuff fresh tuna. Why not higher guys? You do that for No, I swear I do, but nobody ever I mean really easy readier him, you Joe here it is, and I do it verbatim. It's always I'll write, dialogue, comics work for you John Camperdown yeah he's, the way back when he wrote a couple who really good Walter, Joe, a really regular nightly area when he was just a writer, absolutely yeah. Now recently Jirga needs and Joe sorry about Nigeria, ugly. So coming over there
the argument that tonight you're, so he took nine years yet to nine years and finally got it now that you know I'd, you never forget that. First, I walk through the curtain when Johnny's entities you know you knew your life is going to change to be different and it didn't change that much. It was just a stamp of Grady like ok and then I got a vital and the cash the first time and Walter you just Freddie record of a said to me. You got this Walter character. Had oh yeah, I'm not noon him till he was never put it behind the couch, just in case he invited over Ale Mr Decorum no way I'm gonna get invited overly renew any goes put him behind the house. Just trust me, Walter I mean with Johnny, would lend Walter, and that was the best are the show I had my bit within a drink of water and the whole thing, and then they Chernobyl. We then Carson, call me order the couch and I pool round. I go your way. Arrigo yeah give them, and I go. Is NATO?
though, the journey casual la de DA and he looks over it any goes. Don't you have some envelopes to lick? Alchemy, because of the public, and I said I said at the end of the show this is there a handful lines that were great, but at the end of the show, when we're in commercial break, I turned to Johnny Carson. I said Mister Carleton would be ok. If you thank me for common cause, I have a joke with Walter and he's like yeah women, they give we're going. So he said in a perfectly recombine from commercially goes agenda that you and Walter of four come into the show having come again soon and Walter's two cars into Johnny Cars is yeah, it'll, be a cold. They held before we give me back here. All my guide, the Tugela take a chance and a car, and laughed, I mean laughed really hard like that was that whenever it you deal with him, five really gayer,
so you are getting a wire, their higher gray. Goes it it was a man who here is one of the worst times that we have as their return to stores terrible to memory. Carson son died. He went off a cliff and carry our acts it area, so they cancel the show. So I think it was two weeks later colleague called menaces. I need you, do a favor for Johnny. I go with that. His Johnny's coming back tonight here and he has his bit region. To show his sons photographs, but if he builds on the bit, I need you to be standing by rated ago. I'm like you want me to come. On the show were? Carson comes back after his son die and you want me to do stand when my dummy used yeah I got this is now the greatest night to be one that tonight show with Johnny Carson egos. Do it for Johnny, unlike ok, No I'm back there in the green room and about twenty minutes
the show my colleague comes back and he goes you're off the hook. He's gonna do the pictures you don't have to do the show, unlike thank God, yet do and do. Did you see Johnny that night Erna yeah? I told him I said Emma. They told me we're like myself here. Now right. Well, ok, since you are able somehow the Baidu sense, you know obviously wasn't grave for you all those years a you know in terms of us why don't hang out with anybody? I get it. I don't care about the fact that the stress of going to Miss rose. I know you didn't care, but it's it's still like You were driving mailros going like there yet, but I will only handful of times most time I was on the road. I read those epithets nuthin yeah, that's out of that was entails Oklahoma, and it was written by. I have to think about this. I remember who wrote it, but I know you. I do I don't. I invite everyone, multiple choice. I can tell you. I can't remember what it was like with it. What what's your problem,
I'm gonna ruin. My young epithet always do somethin like every one to conquer the years. Like you know the same thing you said distant hack and me I got a puppet knowledge stuff, but you know what that this is that maybe it isn't the best exam well, but care top was kickin ass, one or more recently, and common sense is, I think, the best comic of year like the year Hicks died. You know there is a real controversy exactly, but he was Darwin tickets. Sure he was selling out clubs into me as, like I get, straight morality, and I do thirty minutes to stand up all by myself. The beginning my show at all. I did my stand up in an my special second special coming central special. We shot. You have an forty minutes, material and thirty minutes of it was my stand. They were just about my kids in Vienna, Father and all that stuff, and we kept it in the edit and it to them and they said we want two versions. We want the hour and a half version were deaf, does stand up and then the editor down version words may lose ventriloquism
so they loved it and they play that thing over and over. So I love doing just straight stand here. I I I don't know that ever calls you a hack, but I for some reason. I felt that there is a pure. I always purist of some concert as I got older, you start to realize like we're all under the entertainer unbreadlike. Somehow and the other is a long tradition of it. Like you know, I've soften knowing you have be it was like. The judgment was really had to do with the same as like guitar acts or anybody else here, even like character, has got a sort of goods brilliance to whatever its doing out there in the desert right, but you know, if you see a show, it is amazing. I did see my wife and I went, We were not living there for eight months and I couldn't believe it was just like finances it yet Today, I live on the left. Four minute and that's how inform made my act now is you could put a stopwatch understand up on when he's doing a spot on the treasure wherever and if he gets a laugh every six to ten seconds near he's doing great. If it's every fifteen sex
so is yet more left a minute he's dying. So when I life it's like fifteen seconds, but the end so huge, I of course there are exceptions, erosion, let me say: will you go away to do, but I would have to stop what to that two guys in I'd. Go with this. This is a formula, so I in writing my act to building the tonight show bit so I would have an laugh every six to ten seconds and that now I was able to do that many spots on there, and so now, when I write my act, it's the same way. It's it's it's It has to have that many lives and the Show- and I say again I think that's why people keep coming back and bring in family inference over and over again, because you really get your value when you're laughing, then I'll show the public that the oh yeah but their store, telling their liking play because right, they like he's gonna bring out the other guy yeah
is weird that they all have their following: the elegant, their big screams, and so it is not they I get it, but the suspension of disbelief just like a good magician its. It really is fun. Yet, when I am now take that to heart that you know I'll catch, you get one every six. I I think I do have relatively innately, we idea. Maybe that's what I'm missing lay and always the same thing would cause we use a storyteller and in a grown up, the peoples involved with mccormick, and now that we have to meet who loves zoning my mother would, let me have your pre knowingly was a rapist. Cosby may, of course, can be now. You gotta say that universities could I naturally I mean he had a veteran from tremendous impact on me. You ten years ago, even just watching Bill Cosby himself, yeah like we're like you, can just sit down you. You have control of this issue, and that was the special that, Inter Alia, that what brought him
where exactly nice, but that there is a special that made him and what we do know all that at the time. But at the time he was a guy to look up to because he was you know he had more comedy albums and anybody, but yea and even by the point being even these long form guys you know, had the jokes every you know you could be town historian of a joke. Every six, it, I guess know for sure Yeah yeah, maybe not quite six seconds by boat. Maybe your offered a little bit of the leeway when you're telling a story, butter, there's jokes within the long form. Our way through I mean that's, why have framework people saying like you're, you're storyteller, whenever a lot of great standards were long form, stand up, sure and the jokes or in their right they d of their their strong all the way through it? Why you did not not have much respect for little When I saw him on the tonight, choke I've never seen him live then I wouldn't saw him live and it was like. Oh my gosh, reporter yeah and these stories are on believable at age.
Real deal, and I never realised that diamonds on live. Would you think of like WWW, Lester ATO and Otto George Orwell shouted George is like the filthiest ventriloquist. Everybody think you re right now or technically no, but he was good because it was just like it was. I mean the match he'll with cancer dirt, yes, but it was. Some of the lines were like had even think that he is dirty boy. Exactly will it Lester great, I mean you know I not in the singing Ryan you it's me, it's great entertain the audience again we're back to that area, but I just I again I approach of moral stand up and I'm Tellin jokes and in real time and again by the Bye Uganda to drink the water, ha ha ha ha I still do in that area. You know I tried to bring its right. A passage it is, but I did try and bring it back years ago this because it was such a big bed and I felt like such a jump on stage doing it. I really did
we'll be like it would be. Like Seinfeld gone, you know I used to judge yeah, but it's like you know it is by unlike stand up, I only get it. It is the mark of of of of of so many good at what you do like you know like like there I think they're, it's like a a gymnast through your when they do a troop of whatever whatever it was like. I think a lot of people I got another. I wonder if you can drink what right yeah? I guess I guess, but I also look at what I do like South Park. This is the worst animation when they were actually cut. Pierre had reservoirs animation ever, but the writing was so great in the characters were so great. Who, who cares? I would rather see a horrible juggler. They can't juggle anything or a magician that can't pull off a thing. That's funny, then I would that's amazing that can you are a genuine enjoy things at once.
Errors, I want to see the guy drop it and fallen his face. He has something fun, yeah yeah you have once and hopefully on purpose a rough one, the drawbridge she knew it. I think we're gonna go click good luck, workin on it. You got plenty of time to develop the Yahoo at which ever characters going to deal with corona virus. You can have a little time yet, but I mark I I'll say. That is a brilliant idea that you wanna. He was one of my haters online. There you go. It's really for run with it. A fags rate document presented, See I enjoyed governments ways to be quite honest, makes his own heads makes his own puppets you can go to stick your premium to pick up the the premiums. Listen get you off. Eleven hundred plus episodes of levies yet
you can watch my special on networks. My three specials on Netflix, my most recent one being in time, is fun and stay safe, trying there was your minds now, I'm going to play records with maybe a fourth course dropped. It.
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