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Episode 1116 - Rosie O'Donnell

2020-04-20 | 🔗

In a first for WTF, Rosie O’Donnell joins Marc over video chat for a bicoastal conversation about her standup career, musical theater and life during coronavirus. Rosie recalls what it was like to become a touring comic as a teenager, win big on Star Search, steal the spotlight in Hollywood movies, and then land her own TV talk show. It was only after getting to that point that she finally reckoned with the trauma she was carrying her whole life. Also, Marc reveals the connective tissue that links Rosie with the creation of WTF. This episode is sponsored by Stamps.com.

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Hey boss, you bought our tenth anniversary posters, we get a second run in them and their already gone. So thanks for that big time for all of you didn't get one sorry, but there are still tenth anniversary, pins glow in the dark t, shirts and note beds, all with designs by Johnny Jones plus get our tee shirts, hats, mugs and more with the errand drappin design or the Deputy F logo. Right now, some classic devotee of teacher designs are on sale, go to pod, swag, dot, com, Swash, W G effort, click on the March button at W E, F, pod dot com. All right, Cool guy, all right, let's do this! How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what buxter what's happening? guaranteeing damn
some days right some days. Where's the time go. Is there too much time what day is it? What are we gonna do today, wake up like. What's the plan for food is woke up, but I need to structure my day around the food. Let's move towards something. First, maybe something in the morning, then maybe something the afternoon that don't over snack it? No over back in it You know that my experience is just a man Already experience in a sense a lot of people There with families and that it cannot be easy, and I I wish there was something I could do to help you. You can't even disappear now. Have to assume crime is down, but I-
to assume that their sadly, we shall abuse, is probably up. When alone now, probably domestic abuse as well I know that there are stickers for staying in by encouraging reckless behaviour, but I'm San ghetto, way from the people. You love, if you're, starting to hate him somehow but on that mask, take a fucking walk, go out to your car, just sit in it for fuck's sake. If that's what you have to do said, in the car waste into the music drive around the fuckin block. Don't hit the body, some people don't have their mass song correctly and they might not be Seeing well don't touch than DR, but God dammit
if it comes down to you heard Your partner, hurt near kid organ fuck out of the house and taken a breath. Do it do it? We respond. Trouble don't go crazy, but get out for you hurt yourself or others are not here and allow that talk There are some of that talk. I'm talking to Rosier Donald today, and this will be the first time we do the not in person talk. Which I don't love but. Since the world were living in right now we're using thing called squad cast, I believe it's called And I get on a video chat with somebody, but. They are just burns away not to be saved in the audio, should be
We tried to find the one with the best audio. So at least I can look at the person, but it's still a little weird in I'm talkin a rosy she's got her. It's your around one steps into frame. Isn't this saying maybe get the hang of it will see. There was border talk than usual, but I'm gonna pull Maya, produce the Brendan in here and what a wild and get him on the year on the horn on the high tech, vit horn. Cause he used to work for rose you. He was her produce you're on serious, her like a year and a half, maybe maybe given some insight, but we start rosy brings up immediately because he's gonna wrangle Things on his side of the country, also what a parade of fucking clowns on tv right I mean come on: bunch of infant tile, adult dressed up like fuckin
soldiers protesting in front of state capitals against governors who are trying to do the best thing for the majority of the population in their state and these idiots these children not many I think it's important to remember that that bit of theatre, whenever its provoked, never that many people from an already in the country, And they truly are brain fact morons, who just follow orders from pathological liar, because it makes him feel good look. I am the first to come to a certain amount of childishness see, and we are well want what we want and have sets as we can't get. It I saw something on tv Amazon guy worked at Amazon, saying that you know looking our conditions are great and were put our in in
in harm's way here. In these warehouses, and people are not yet. How about essential things. And I talk to my buddy dean- also talked to my produce Brendan Yo Dean, Sellen Shit, online Brennan said armor just flying off the shelves. All of a sudden, more than ever. As you interesting, the kind of culture We created is actor when people are born frustrated raided rag, they still the compulsion The by shit that they may not need but want is, is a premium. It's it's right. There the primary need in this culture. I want my thing I'm on tat. Can I dad? Yes? Yes, you can just ordered by the order it.
We hope to how could how soon can we get it? I wanted now we still wanted to Morrow. I don't know about three days from now will now be surprised. It will be like a present. What is bad, oh yeah, that's the thing I wanted that I didn't need Qatar economy flows, worth for that, the other side of it you get these babies out in the world storming around it. Guns, big man, children all suited up, we're Hundred die for this economy. We want to be able to do. This is. Infringing on our freedom. Protective measures. The first pandemic that any these fuckin idiots have ever been alive for none of us we're alive and nineteen. Eighteen. This is the first thing. And some our another in this brain
fuck time we're living in where we have a fucking Craven president, Politicizing everything these fuckin morons go out there and demand the right to get sick that its Tower Terry, and that its. Fringing on our liberties. We all just want to get through this. Your hope we Few months will be somewhat past it. What about that? You can't wait. You fuckin babies. You fucking babies with guns, you unbelievable. If infantilism to go around but hey what about the fun stuff Everyone needs to avoid crowds right now. All those things you used to do in crime places those are done for now, but what, if any? the post office. What do you mean postage send out letters in a package? Don't worry stamps
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without any long term. Commitment just go to stamp stuck on quick on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in W e f that stamps that calm entered, w e f stay at home ship at home, be safe at home. We all just want to get through this, If you want to minimize it, that's you note at at your peril, but again I get it. Can I can get belligerent when's is gonna, be done. Why can I have my buddy, in came over the other day, I got centre barbecue care package. Kristen down an obese in outside, Austin and spice would we need all the fuckin meet not seem like an emergency to me. I can't have all this meat didn't around in my house I didn't come over, he showed up in his gloves and his mask drove ten minutes
putting the world at risk with that drive, and I put the shit on my trigger gotta, be heated through. He sat six feet way for me and when sliced out the shit slid down the table at nice. Chat masks off for Food name went along his wives, nice to socialize at a distance. Again you decide what you need. Do not lose your mind, hurt yourself for others. That is also important visit. Who deliberation uneasy? Go on there? Some sort of neglect The issue itself. Self dont go crazy. Either and behaviour or by you, Mentally losing what you ve been doing for fun. We did something I hadn't done as a couple. We did the let's go through. Our pictures are old pictures
Have you done that and if you do and at home how will the people I mean like hard copies, I box Polaroid, it's like her an image raffle for my life, you to reach any pull out, one you yeah, that was Zalm nineteen, three thousand a party I remember that girl, ah fuck what was her name play that game? That's ia! picture a lottery game. If you ve got a long past of pictures, so just make a mess of, unlike a puzzle, put him in a bag. Agro box and reach in Poland, go out our shit I remember that night. That was no good. I one whatever that guy Jim pull it out. That dog died right, Jeanne pull out holy shit When we were in love it then that din and well.
Reach in Poland out like a bad, my mom Bobby those pants hours of fun. Jog, your memory, she chauvinism, her pictures shoulders and mine, been thinking aloud about. Things in the past make sure I have no unresolved amend to make. I text Dave Cross about something that happened there, An idea it's more about not understanding why I did it Billy, and wasn't even that big, a trans aggression really I'm years ago. Cheese must be in the arm. Ladys. I believe me and my girlfriend at the time, came won over to Dave cross his girlfriend at the time Fates House were Davis, Stan And they Ghana new through time
the living room like a couch black futon and we got fucked up the four of us had some food. I think fact out and got laid, never gonna crash, and I d like one. We just crash year on their new futon. And for some reason, like we had sex on it and got we got some mess on their gotten got some come on their new black futon and was in this morning it was an embarrassing surviving. Oh yeah, sorry, it's pretty clear what will happen here and I'm hungry say but like in a deeper way. I dont. Why didn't I just take a cab home? Why don't we just leave? Why would I have to do Am I an animal they have to mark the territory. Did I have to what the fuck was that about So that really what was I was hung up with, and I tell you that today by SAM sorry about that, if you remember but by the black futon in
He sent some funny back. I can't read to you guys: it's, u private thinking, it doesn't bother him. Not stuck. His crime anyway, there's obviously bigger problems, but why? Why did I stay? Why did we stay? Why can we have left? I don't know That's an investigation is ongoing in my heart and mind in terms of you how I am with people with friends, and you know, but it's easy mistake. You fucked obliged Squire Crap but could taken a cab was broke. Was that about what I have to prove I listened to a Fiona apples, new record. I talked to her many years ago. It was kind of great little Lupi, but it was fun both of but I remember the idler we'll two thousand and twelve to me. If, really raw in almost uncomfortable listening to it because of the emotions, and it seems now with fetch the bolt cutters. That she's really wrangled it altogether wrangled it in rain, did in focused at shit, and it does not,
disappoint. That record is the disturbing its honest and puts a lot of things in it in a poetic prospect. If that I wouldn't have seen them in otherwise varied in musicality and rhythms. Just ray record. I know not the only one saying that. So I'm cool the Vienna Apple for pointed out for Poland herself out for fetching those both cutters. To get out of your goddamn head good job. I did not listen to the second, Bob Dylan Release, I've got an impatient and irritated with that. With that generation to a degree, I'm happy that there are still alive, but I mean weak. I cannot continue mining the words for some sort. Like it's gotta, be in your men. The answer has got to be in your I'd. Think, honestly, for the past five or six years at least
Most of the output are just rough draughts of his last words, more than eight social statement. Moreover, they to be an ongoing reflection of his dimming. Not that I don't love the guy, I love the old Jew. Nice to see Mick Jagger Plainer began. We go. You want his voice sounded greatest guitar. Some great Charlie Watts look like he was a hundred years old, Keith kind of looked at what kind of Focused Ronald, of course, put on a show by bottom line, no matter how how sad and beautiful sight tat. We that stones thing was mixed out a great and on the film front for some reason, Lynn had a copy of this film that you really like Can I never heard of its called lock Ella, see K E.
With that, guy is his name Tom Hardy that genius that fucking chameleon. It is really kind of a stunning little movie he's a genius in it, and the entire thing takes place in a car is two thousand and thirteen But there are voices, Olivia Common is in it. She does a voice, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, who is genius in free bag, and it's just an intense stunning bit of cinema. If you have time I would search it out so rosy o Donnell, but oh yeah, before we get to that lets. Let's get Tad Brenda Mcdonald on the horn here. Let me see if I can do that there is the little sound bite then that means whereon were on. We are look at this
can see you. You me like I'm right there and not exactly. No one can see no one's ever gonna see this, but they can hurt they can, and that was why we did this. We thought okay! Well, let's, let's do this, so people can hear what we're doing, but you can also feel comfortable like you do in your show. You write it near across from me and we're talking right, but I don't see your kids runnin around the edge raw roses. Kid was run around that granted she's twenty or something so in an out. Well, that's that's. Gonna, be the new environment there were in like not.
Are you not just dragging people pass your cat letter boxes, their dragging you into their house and your seeing their life in a just we're gonna have to make the on going to have to adapt. Well, that's what I thought this was a good one to actually make that jump here, because you know people pride on know this I mean we haven't really talked about it in detail, but you know when we started doing the pod cast, I was working for rosy. That was actually the jobs that I got when we got fired from AIR America during the brake room. They were starting up. The rosy show and vague gray contacted me immediately. They like new, the shell got, cancel break room and they were like hey, I hear you're looking for work, like literally the day after that show got cancelled, they were bringing me in to come, do rose and I was sitting there going like what am I gonna do right now, but I also wanted to keep doing the thing with you so so we started doing that show we were like doing prep and the planning for
while I'm interviewing and getting this job with rosy, and then that rosy show on serious allowed me the opportunity to like have a life and have a paycheck. While we spent a year plus, then the pot cast off the ground YO. I was a loading envelopes in my house and high when part to send out schwaiger people that were donating ten dollars a month right, I was like doing it in secret. Like I didn't tell anybody at serious, I go I'm doing the secondary show, and I will I mean like every time I was doing another job. It was this entirely different world from what we were doing on the podcast like we, the rosy show we produce that, like a regular tv talk, show like we would go. We produced it out of her house. She lived in upstate New York, who only I would go up there every day we have up to her out and it was like there were seven or eight p all around like side kicks and and her friends,
wanted in the room with her, and then we will drive? Famous people appear to be on. The show with Harry was crazy. Think she'd play live game. She wanted, like contests like on a road tv, show the fact that we were doing this site based legally, like us, simulacra of her old tv talk show, but on the radio it just couldn't have been more different, then what you and I were doing like flying by the scene of our pants- and I it I think it actually like give me a lot of juice to produce the podcast. The way we did just felt so different and free. That I was, I will during the day I do this mammoth radio talk, show an
at night I go home and I make my little punk ass. The nobody's gonna here with a great thing was also is that it must have been a relief because when you work around her, especially at that point, you know you can't get out from under that. I mean it's like you know she becomes party or whole head and life you're like an appendage of rosy of Donald, but I definitely adds approve myself to her wet when at when I first interview for that job like she was I quit, this twelve year old me why this is the guy's gonna run. My show like she had no desire to have like a kid producing her first foray into leo- and I really had to like a basically was not unlike what I had to do with you- that I had that, I just shower through my competence and professionalism like oh, I can trust the sky like healed, detailed deliver for me right, but I was an interviewing anyone else, just in a panic and you would show up and the like. Maybe if you just do like this,
I thank you and in a few days later be like what's that guy's name again, It was, but I mean for her- it was more like she was like. I was just felt like she could at any time turned around to be like that guy get rid of him, but you know how it happened pretty quickly that she was like. Ok, I get him he'll. Do this thing for me and that's the thing for me. And again like now? Like with you, is that I know right away that, like oh, my god, she's like an undeniable talent right like this, can work because she's just good like her charisma and her skills at being a performer and a presenter are anew. Higher like I was watching the other day. I was watching a league of their own most because I just love baseball, so much an emissions psych well aware, we any baseball yet another good, a baseball
movie as there is as as watching it, and it is astounding, that's like her first role in anything and that the movie starts to take pains to give her moments like, like that. There's just gratuitous roses to have been that movie because they know they got a star on their hand and then just out of nowhere, and- and I remember feeling that way when she started The radio show like never had done radio before and we were really just granite kind of trying to design it to her strength, and that worked because she could just she could hold a room.
You put seven or eight people in the room with her while she was doing it. She just like a dynamo like a log into the way she turns around is crazy. Well, I think that from how she reacted too. You being you, know my producer and having to engage with you again for this thing you have she. She understands our talented yarn in in a certain way like their certain, like people like me, and people like her, who were these Viking, a kind of self centered charismatic people to drive the thing I mean when it comes down to it. You need to have someone around to just sometimes just say like I, so how do I feel about this What what did the angle on? Yes? I don't even think there were times when I don't think it mattered. Whether or not the thing. I was saying with something that she would then reiterate a repeat she just needed to like it here. You say something like issues like. What's the point of this thing right and I give her an opinion-
energy back I at least it's a thing released idea, it's loaded, there's something to it now I'll, just process that right right. I watched her also another thing that like stands out to me about her as a purse of public person in the world was she was my first real entry into seeing just how viciously people will attack a public personality for sport and.
We then starts a you and I encountered that a lot with like, as we start to have guests on the show, particularly female guess, always that's what we got rid of the common board. Yes on our website, because it would just turn into a barrage of garbage violence and hateful invective against women all weekend. What it's almost always just women like a lot like with like we were like: don't we have a pretty genteel audience like we ve, never made any sense like Y. All of a sudden this
happen, and it of course started to make more sense once we gotta do like the current environment that were in of like the trolls and fortune and gamer gate and then leaving right up to Trump, and it's kind of I guess not a coincidence that tromp was this early. You know antagonist of rosy and I was making a name for himself this being a bully toward rosy. When you see that that's that's a I watched, forget attacked with that kind of stuff every day and I'm sure she still does have just this garbage online antagonism toward her out of glee out of fun, and I just I can imagine what it must be like to have to shoulder that. Well, she's, also like when these people that she's she's opinionated she got like an edge to her like right, so she she's gonna, get it no matter. What I never saw get to a point where, when that stuff,
happening juror. It debilitated her anything, but I can't Emma. I wasn't around her when the Trump stuff was first happening, like back in one thousand seven and an eye devil wasn't around when it was happening, as the guy was running for president and he's on a debate stage like making fun of rosy o Donnell further in front of world, like I can't imagine that felt good via the worthing. It's happening with me, and I imagine with her to his after certain point here this stuff there's so much of it that you kind of shut down to it. I think part of its healthy in part of it isn't, but like this morning, I woke up in a might now she had Nazis in my feed. In the end you just can't have a day I mean you have to fight the urge to engage with the worst of people. At least I do at enough. She has that, but there's a moment were for some reason. People say good things or nice things. It's only the Nazis and am I gonna responded, is gonna tell his guide away
My special is like what then he'll get it he'll get it and I gotta stop myself from doing, but the bottom line is always taught you and I would have a good conversation here, and you know that the problem, though, is that she lives in New York and she's, not the kind of person who like will shift around her life to do like showed the stuff like. That was one thing I learned by working with us like she's, live in a very fine life up there and do you know she doesn't need to do interviews or talk, shows or whatever and so like she wasn't making chips out there to a later, but do podcast one, and so we just never. Blinded up it was always crazy to me. There's like one of the people of the two people that I've worked very closely with that
who have you, you know, share a lot in common and would probably have a good conversation so once it became tired to start doing these distant spied casts, I just thought: she'd be a perfect one. Perfect first, one first outing get first out a gate, an annual working train this. Yes, you see what it did not see what we can do. Ok, let's do it. Let's get into her and she's got a lotta nice things to say about you write up front of that's very nice, but does she's in the upcoming limited series on HBO. I know this much is true. That's a primary may tend to also been raising money for the actors fund, helping people in the performing arts to her out of work or dealing with financial hardship because of the pandemic
though, to actors fun, dot org for more on that, and this is me me and rosy talking the first one from across the country was at like old times with Brendan. Eight years, though, with a new born baby here is that did not, while it's crazy, it goes so quick used to be where he was your produce you're right like every day you saw that guy every day, the smartest sky, and the reason is that there is a Jew Yes, I don't know why would not at my wife would not be what it is without their guy. Why can imagine he knew everything whenever I requested on anything polluted? Oh, you would jump right in and know the answers and everything Mendous asset yeah film politics. I can only think about myself
most of the time. Well, it is my job. How you open up over, there really are united frequency with, which is interesting, twenty year old, a seventeen year old in a seven year old, oh my god, it's kind of a full time. Vassal of China get what each of them needs. Their age range and their wing, and all that you now have. You ever had this kind of bonding time with these kids until this time, no way my age and me when they were all little. Of course, by not like now don't have a choice to be home? Mommy? Oh my god. So are you? Are you earning new things? Well, why don't you start a painting? You know I paint, alas, what studio in the garage Urim and restore retaining you I'm very impressed with what she said. Don't you know I'm totally out of frustration, she's doing here I must say hello, conceal its mark, merit
does a great pot. Yes, love cold, what the fuck, Vivian How are you nice to see you yeah deals, yeah, that's a boy! maybe right when we go to the second about it now? What are you gonna get me something I was trying to think back on. Why are we missed each other? Over the last three decades, How is it possible that I never met you? I know it so weird, and I was thinking back. Did I ever worked with you live in San Francisco? Maybe a thing was at San Francisco I know that like eyes, I was in Boston in eighty eight, that's when I started really working professionally, and I think I missed you on the stand up spotlight by year to cause when I did. It was bad. The islands raise writing, get to do it when you were there, but when did you start to understand when
Sixteen up, I was at a comedy, showed any due to make fun of the teachers every year. My eyes right. There was whose older brother was stand, economic, you would like youngest via lawyer and his mother was rich human. Immediate did you know him yeah See the country club site Happy Club was that the language of appetite mom worked. Yes, ok, I love is like my home. Climate was about twenty minutes from my house. And I started working there when he came over me at the show and said you got it. Stand up to now. Maybe I'm wrong and he's a well run and start to stand up and people would see from Broadway, and I thought of that a way to get see you always a Broadway fan when you were a kid. Yes, very much my mother had every Broadway cast our movement we weren't allotted touched on, but she would put them out I first special nine of my oblong or South Pacific here. How many kids were there.
Let alone the middle assign you, oh just sit around saying and listen well, see so much like she would play. You could tell me she was in by which he put on you know, and you could tell him we're coming. From school. If you hear something San like hello, darkness, my old friend, the sound with islands, cheaper I'd, be like the guy. I was like seven years old and I knew where in trouble now you know what I mean I worked applied for after so many years. I started up the road when I was eighteen year. They want to be you and I started working at how many connection play Samson bending over here, the doing hope, weighed against firms in the basement bury cats his room. The king, how towards yonder was its thriving still. It was Lenny clocks, big night, and he put me on so many times. I saw him,
he used to do. I can't you he would he would help to show we do I for five minutes in between acts yeah, he really lead. He couldn't areas like a king over there. I can understand him feeling like he does still kind of a king over there. I think I don't know. What's to the place where you didn't you wasn't your gall really tat disdain stand up. Are you really did the thing yummy? Did the road yeah You know after I dropped in college. I was like I guess, I'm gonna do this full time and see if I can make a living doing this, and so I started getting road, and then when I was a fool, I was twenty, to use all ethnic man's daughter happened to be in that you signed comedy club and I just was doing aside and she came over me and said my dad's ethnic me and I want you to be on the star surgeon- I was thinking it down it's not may gain Huntington long I'll, be right or not was, and I got a star surgeon. I like it open, might Niner Ellen
Carson too pretty much a headliner, unlike the middle of the country, and what you do when you were in that way you just have the person that kind of like did you improvised Java whole stick or did you just riff, or would you stay for working so many years from light he now eighteen twenty Joseph for your silent on the road I had, like. You know, good thirty five minutes and then, as you chop up and started as you know. Is it shall number seven in you screwed up my friends who were comics? What can you give me man? something I'm going out there would not then gave me stuff gave me like a little one liars and who did Jeanette Barber. She didn't remember her dear I kind of doing shoemaker Oh yeah, yeah sure their love master. The master right, yeah yeah gave me some stuff the comments that I was friends with way back there. You know here there was a big deal again on star search was there was only like
tonight showing a woman wasn't getting on their renown. Wrangling shall make when you did when you. We're away from home, though you did your view, perishes sign off. Are you doing this well, I didn't have a law. My mom died when I was ten and my dad was kind enough to really are Influence thereof are well do you know we were all pretty good. Kids were all class president all you know popular Highschool jets, but he didn't have any say sorry when I decided, but when I think now that he let a seventeen year old. Gonna work. I hope to be able car gay tomorrow night? I want my kids go to the wall without falling the every twenty minutes. You know very little parental guidance in our childhood growing up. I was sort of the five of us just kind of sticking together. Like best was he just passive, he just what he drew. A really serious mental illness stuff, understand waste and Suez
I'd say you know a lot about the hallways men, the irish irish stuff is he was here actual immigrant yeah? He came when he was very little with some of his brothers and sisters, and my grandmother came over first with some of the little kids and then my grandfather came over with the rest of them could see, was like one of agents. So do I. I love Ireland, like I'm a Jew, and I invite I've this weird attraction to the place and I will go in there. Have you gone there instead of trade, feel where? What? If what is that historic darkness? I don't get. It really is sweet o Neil you now the abbot feel it's so beautiful there and as such and although the weather sometimes gets you down, but there is, at home? You know my whole family, like that, that kind of firing depression, all the time kind of feeling rose you get over there. I think the way everyone deals with that, of course, is alcohol right now, so there is a tremendous amount of,
the alcohol abuse in all shit. That comes with that here and my mother died. My father took five kids to Northern Ireland. I was just area. I was that it was nineteen, seventy three, It was the high up the troubles in Belfast and that's where each other's my mother died thanks. Dad was an exciting trip. Now, in fact, they didn't and we all want in milk and meat and drink milk bear they drank t everything was burnt, the food was horrible, which would mean that we were crying all the time. I don't know when he thought there was a good place to be found over there, then that where he was from yes, I was just there to its heavy weather up there with her without troubles, I mean that I'm just nature, is the paucity around yeah? Why went there for that? Show who do you think you are when you bring a relatively new they'll, find out about your family? Oh yeah, yeah. I took my brother any we went there and we went to the migration
grandmother was always Sancta still put me in before us. No second, what the fuck are you talking about funding in the warehouse Then I went there and saw the poorhouse I got. I didn't even know this was real you down here when she died. We went she looked at our house and we went into her room. My dad went into her room and found like fifty years of checks from them. I meant that she had cast and just put the envelopes back in the drawer in her in her room. We ended up with, like thirty two thousand dollars, which family was the loaded and we body Plymouth all lorry nice yeah ready. We up, she didn't what's eating caution, cheating cash! Just put all these checks in well now it was crazy, define afterwards like a fortune. Like
Christy mystery what was known to join with all the Czechs draw back again and though so, do you find that you do? I mean? What's your battle with depression on a daily basis, ninety ninety nine April after Columbine I went on nets and I M going to shrink really, since I was like money and every one of them and pretty much advise me going immense lighted that irish thing of you. Don't you just please but for me the straps- and it's not that bad who dares laundry and public love was paying enough, Emily dirty laundry, but I have a great there at this. I have a great cycle form of colleges, and I know that I will never be offered right and I agree with that. Rightly it is just that was needed, and then I have at least a tool.
This day above water. You know right and when I get sort of sat down the last few days I've been sleeping, alot yeah, you know my daughter said to me mommy getting sad. I thought of AIDS time if you can up a notch in my you know and prevent us from going all the way down the right right right in what way, what is a diagnosis? Was it by all were borderline y know. I was PTSD major depressive disorder while right, but what happened When I was on that my show- and I was so you know over well and with all the success of aid and what it meant in and it was like alive and then here comes Columbine like well, I'm gonna go after the inner right, that's it and we're gonna take them down, and then all the kids world are gonna decision school like I had a fantasy thinking like magical thinking that a child has that I was going to be able to solve these problems in the nation, and I also
what they would be others who wanted to be doing that to like a justice requires an injustice, right right, all the celebrities together and they would all agree we would for this. The safety net for all of the vulnerable people when society, the ass her face was was for the avenue and that in PAN out- and that's when that she had fell, fell in Kenya Berlin Army, bigtime April, ninety nine, and that luckily I was medicated before nine. Levin happened and then medicated. While Katrina was happening so you know I was I've been medicating since ninety nine and I think, without that I probably would survive those two, and this one is a big challenge for me. It's like world crises seem to hit me more than personal things in my life and are you know when it's like a world crises, and you can do about it. That's when I really seemed suffer really and in this one year its there's its outside of the handling of it. It's hard to place
weighing. It is a bio, logical problem in it and for me, because having society to like that. One thing I know now in terms of white wherever ones act is we're all in the same place. What role our homes, raw freaked out and no one's doing anything so yeah, I'm not competing with anybody and there's a surfeit of peace of mind to it in a way, and there is also a powerlessness to it. So I this one's not as outside of dealing with the ways being handled like I certain amount of acceptance over the nature of it. Greeley that's interesting. I of the opposite. Just like, I think, is the complete opposite. What stirs lambs more than anything is when the person in charge is not really what they're supposed to do. Well, that's what I mean that That's what I'm saying I'm saying I can accept the disease. I know it's a disease in its real, but I can't and all the way to being handled. I am acutely aware that I also canyon the lake. You know that
breaking now yeah write country away and that we can have the fucking crazy. It's fuckin crazy, the powerlessness of it too. So you just get depressed. I get in you get angry is how I'm I've seen it get angry, yeah, mostly I get angry when I have a place to speak out for it. If I ever all right all right night, like it's my duty, the night, they call insult and union. Squarely? Knows I'm like this gonna be a rebel and Buddhists do good for people? love, but when I don't have a microphone and I'm just swallowing in the suffering now for now it's the debts and it's the perceived suffering of what's going It happened economically to our country for so long when I slept and eighty thousand people in line for food in Dallas people never used to food
before- and these are little one offs- imagine when that's all put together again when we're one country again and now you know the amount of people they're gonna be needed. Just boggles my mind right away, RO kid I saw. I saw a sign on being evacuated. Right side is worth of steps that aims to push up to the plains, and a young kids hit the woman and she fell out of the frame. And I remember being like eight or nine years old and crying and saying we're. Who is that women we have to save her and my father, you even know that, don't you don't you be one. Rose you now Jimmy being overwhelmed by other people's pain? You know what we're finding out like in terms of white. These guys, president them with something like this happens, is that I dont know if I can believe that people were fundamentally good
Do you I do. I do believe that I have to believe it like that. I think November we're gonna be a landslide and now that's what I have to believe. I found We believe that at the heart of the nation is is bigger than his mental illness and people will rise to the occasion and borne him out that's what I hope, although you did hear him yesterday, say that you know he not general motors to make ventilators and phone call the needs are. I didn't hear that. Oh, my god, you Asia was yesterday. I read them on bad, should craziness you now my end in this european year history with him goes way back. I dont know how do you have of the amount of shit, you must take on a daily basis from strangers and anonymous garbage. You get engage with it at all Well, not really. My twitter feed is like a pro professional antitrust tirade right. Every rival there I can get. I just put up there.
My instagram. I try to do more in my family and not have to be so violently political career. I didn't have a relationship in terms of them. You know in two thousand seven when he young forgave, Miss Junior Universe for kissing and girl in Greenwich Village, and then he did a press conference. Before the view in our where he said he no longer forgive her a middle ground. Her like asked Lucian like he was a priest or something I went to the women, I want to show started, and I just listed everything abandons facts- facts that are easily found right: white, like literally batshit crazy, like use now any kind thought for about ten. You, Oh, my God get shit from other people, mostly wanna get his people saying. Thank you for standing up for him, Don't worry. I've never like had a trump support come over to me and say anything. You know right that was, unusually with my children. I'm not sure why, but it has an app.
Sometimes online it does. But you know you got a really to map out and you ve never had to deal with them personally in New York or anything now I met him once the ice once it is waning because when he was married, other maples. We have shared our mutual leading man. She was will Rogers valleys in ancient Greece and we are there in time of he invited me to be his date. So I struggled down the aisle to a woman. He had left standing at the out three times. He was shaking everyone's handsome, that's the first time I met a bishop, my man and then I met him once at the celebrity. I mean it a survivor finale. I was the host of the survivors canal in he was inter talking terms with more Burnett, to see about doing the oppressed, yes and I'm a work permit for the vast majority of the problems is nation has coming to terms with who is an actual reality. I feel more when it is directly personally responsible and him have you taught me
about that, nobody should set up a lot of interviews really and with this and he's a guy you worked with, I know more I know his wife, Roma Downy and I know you know what he did. I was a big supporter of his work. I love saliva when it was first on and he was there the kind in a great guy- and I really liked him and then he did this apprentices. Have saved him. What the hell are you doing what he pudding? this guy is MR six aid even have a board room before brunette and it was all playing. To begin with. You created this image. That is nothing like who he is. That is the of all facts about his essence. In his character, and he let that right out on the ten years worth at least the states and people still believe that the data in this that I
Surprise it. How shallow and and and stupid and easily manipulated people are I don't? I don't guess I should be, but I, but I am on a day to day basis, typewriting, it's totally Jim Jones. It really is really is five seconds away from drinking yeah. I've got to the point I dunno. If you can do it like, I can I've I've got a limit like I feel the vile come up, and I realize ok, I'm powerless over this. Specially kid, there's nothing! I can do right now. I can't I'm not gonna. Let a collapse me yeah! Well, you ve got a lot of internal strength to do that. Sometimes you don't feel like it. I remember, I said to my kids- was years alone like a decade ago, my son was TAT, and I said: don't you guys Mommy Kelly told me that they seem a little different or I seem a little sad. You guys noticed anything. And my little tiny road said Myles Malta, because depression hurts the whole family, as was the case
from. There were aware, sir. I just keep an eye on it and when they say- and I really have to fight hard like when they said the I'm worried you getting serious having so much you know me, I went and really early. I got up really early age a shower we went outside like I have to fight hard right to not let itself be there when you were back you know your career choice in end, yet doing stand up to you how much of what you did early on Ino in terms of YO, struggling with your sexual identity, but also the depression. I mean how much of it was self medicating beat. You know how much do you think like like when you think about your musicals and doing stand up and in all the stuffy were kind of pounding. Tat. Was it just keeping this should at Bay and away was I You know I've always wanted to do Broadway shows there's nothing that gives me so much endorphins is seeing a musical, never mind
enemies of all, it's almost like being a seminary recharge or you don't like. I did figure on the roof for about six months and to those. Songs every night. It was like still something in me that nothing else and felt right and So I think I did a little baby now I have tremendous anxiety. There was abuse, my childhood, So I had all that stored up. You know physical abuse, yes sexual really family members. Yes, family number, just one. Who is no longer with us, so you now, which is a good thing at repairable how, within after your mom, died, now believe it or not. Oh, my god, you know when I was a little kid. I would go to the doktor and I would have on your track. Infections are used infections, and I was like six years old I dare say you touch herself down there. I was. I was annoyed me like,
You know a six year old. Kid has no practice right, no way to put that all together, you know. But an interesting. We enough when my mother die. That's when it sort of stopped. I think but you also needs a trauma. Was in his family and you know something that he and his siblings had to deal with as well and if you don't get treated sometimes you know is a war damage. People in your path. It just keeps happening just keeps tumbling through the generations. Yes, exactly unless you make a real real break. The chain moment where you confront the people who did it over the personal generated This will be no more. We now are you able to do their yes with a bunch of my siblings. We all went together and it was a good intervention. You no good kind of way
when I went down and you have to realise that when you mother dies when you ten years old- and you will find brothers over this- is just that's the crisis using your whole life, you grow up thinking. That was the thing, my mother died and then you grow up and you can't you realize that wasn't the real thing right! The rim ragging was this other thing that was going on that nobody was talking about. Then she you think she knew too. I think she knew my brothers and sisters don't always agreed but I think she knew because when I got old enough, I was dating guy when I was twenty for two years and he came back with me to the house. I grew up in I asked him to lay down in the then the people at the end was they knew I was so they he laid out in the very next to me, and I shall now get up and go to that room, get up and go to that room like there's. No way she did it now we didn't live in a big mansion. We lived him. You know a regular low middle class
Income House right here. Yes, sir, to rectify and to get with you know this reality stuff wasn't really. A big thing is all about. Other challenges that I had in my child dealing with drama the only when travelling exactly so now? Stronger happens like this I think look at how many people are gonna, be in desperate need and ends and in life altering pain. What are we gonna do how we can help them. You know like I couldn't get overseen
the images from nine eleven, the images from Katrina, I'm waiting for all the images from less yo. It's what's fucking daunting is that he's there are literally trying to cover it up, as it happens. Yes and it's like it, I it's unimaginable and am because her so much information coming at us all the time it's hard to get all the information. I think madhouse very good. It sort of bringing a lot of this information to the forefront. You know now she's going into local newspapers to get stories on local nursing homes and stuff. So I dont know I like that Europe domestic I'd about november- and I think that I'm going to try to do that more should be authorised a little bit. I really have to be or for the election that give you. Let yourself think that the country would have to suffer for warriors, threw him there's no reason to sort of speaking out. Thank you to be here. There's no reason to like you think they can happen again,
The thing is I wanna moved Ireland. My plan is the ugly to set up a small existentialist Guard, Jew wish. Stronghold was in, I will say in Ireland and tell me right there like, and that is the sort of weird common thing that likes, that some Jews and I talk to about ireland- deserves a heaviness said we sort of identify with yes, it's a different happiness than injury ass. I went Israel a couple times in a few years ago. I have friends who were going and I wanted to see what it was like and we got to go over to where the Palestinians are sort of locked in. You got to see kind of that, I was very interested in the Middle EAST in all of the peace talks, starting with so that when I was in college, I thought he was such raising leader. I you know. I remember thinking Jimmy Carter was gonna fix this all you know right now
I just have always been interested, so I went to Israel expecting it to feel a lot different than it did, but I think I find a happiness in the trauma more in Ireland. Then I'll do it. Oh for sure. I think that my my experience with the kind of your brooding darkness is an american jus thing and I think it's more of an eastern european thing, It is really I mean it's almost like they have very little patience for why any american Jews they're just sort of like shut up. Here's a gun. Do your part, you know, Did you ever see that documentary to die in Jerusalem? Now it's a great want to watch. It was about the first female suicide bomber an internal market and she only kill one other person Hearst. An age who looks the schleicher that they couldn't L Abbadie hearts of heart. My girl maker got a mother of the palestinian bomber and the mother of the one ditch child together,
to talk, but they couldn't, though they were allowed to come out of their station house. Any analysis. Nine and the Palestinians rather were allowed to come out so they had to do it like this. At a time when, like this was really happening, I gotta watch. Yet they checked out one and also when you like, I'm trying to think so after the stars searching that was it right. Then you became you you were launched right? I was launched and I did Dana They was auditioning for us are now at these Kommeni club. I was frangible the wages and I happened to be next, so they held the though that checks Well, I did my sad and branded turn a cough came over me with Lord. My own share talk about intimidating and I'm gonna put you on endlessly. And I went home and cold everyone. I knew in New York and told him. I was gonna, be Sadly, I lie, It turns out. I was unduly rate with no quarter We still have to do it. You know.
I thought this was by this industry in Essen. Did you want to be on us until I got every comic, I think in the world? Did you have characters. Ah, yes, I, like my father's Irish. Through again, you know yeah yeah bunch of accents and characters I mean I thought that was it right there, this is some dreams are made. You no more Michael's happens to be gay here. Did you did you? Have you had experiences with Lauren since then yet I hosted it twice hunger. So then I got to be in there now. You know I put my picture some gay guy, but I picture on steel ban and during that holds on the moon was like you say you want to do. This are like AL. If what I will, sir. If you need to do something you can call her dying. I remember when they are talking about that guy. I think he felt a little like. Oh I, trying to get the gig I wasn't. I was just trying to like the other joke as opposed to having the joke used against Yugoslavia.
Think you would have been better idea. I never like what they gave a ban and with that death guy, just as he did, it makes sense to me now to make sense of either because he such a tangible personality and so you'll, fundamentally, you know marketable total. What's so as I guess it, because For me as you do you do the movie do a league of the round, which was great. You are great net pop your movie in terms of the way your career kind of pan out cause. You did everything. I mean I've done everything you wanted to do right. What was that the planned? Did you like you? After you didn't you have to do some tv number. Did you want to just do movies in and then and then that in happened, so you adapted or out go for you. I got in there. I was one of the few women who could throw really pro from thirty first, so I got that job. And not just lead to other jobs. I like got the flintstones before that was even now and then sleepless in Seattle and
You know they were a series of movies. That idea and be my kids kind of look at my I d be page one day and the like you were in all this will all this stuff, I'm like last year. You know, my son was twenty came home two years ago and said I saw this movie mom, you were a teenager were playing baseball and you talk like rocky clarity and I was not a teenager. I too am I so I did all those things and then Greece was happening on Broadway and my you just said. I don't want you to do that, to take you out of the movie or on a movie role, and I was like but I really want to do Broadway my whole life- and this is one of the few roles and I can do and though I went and did that, and that was what then allowed me to adopt, because I am a stable job and I saved all my money from the movies and I thought as soon as I had enough money to adopt. I would
and it was right after I get Greece on Broadway and then they ve been sporadic movie since then and guess spots, and you know I mean I've had a career that I dreamed of as occurred in a kind of cancer. What you will always be feeling, like you know, after being, like probably have we advised by representation to not do Broadway and then to actually do that. I mean you did Rizzo right. Why so I mean? Was it totally worth it? We're like I'll fuck. This is the best thing I've ever done in my life, Well, I signed up for a year which was a lot and it's not a musical likely, maize or fiddler way. You could leave every night up listed by the score. It was basically the premise of if you are pretty girl change yourself to be so
a girl, so you can get to keep going right. That's the message of the planned Zella look like I was there. You know singing with high on every night and feeling like the presence of God. I was you know easily board in and I was young and I you know I'm. I wasn't loving the shell, but I will never forget the Spirit since what show business always Broadway is what show business was when I dreamed of show business right way, friends with everyone you no kind of the feeling we hadn't clubs, where you knew the local guys. You don't get it there at night and hang out and you get to cheese player in the baron. Now there was something very family dish about that. In the end, the only other place I found, that is on a Broadway musical and a Broadway cats who were those guys when you come in.
On the island there who were the guys who were hanging out backstage. Oh well, we had John Mulvaney, oh yeah, I remember him. Looking guy what happened that guy? I don't know, I always look for him comic wise. We enrich Jenny impasse that was shocking to me. I remember the idea I building is weakened the weaker he killed himself. I didn't know he didn't do it and then they gave it to me. He had He was having problem, so we cancel that ninety up doing it and then, while I was there, he killed himself are soaring. He was the one everyone thought I was gonna take off after sign, bright evil. He was a huge Quebec, our marry him being on the cover of things like the club back to the year and you so fashion and he hosted Besides comedy our, which I think I did with him. He was pretty nice. Guy was very nice die. He was
really kind. You know there are some that will really cabin kneel and was really car that there are people. I remember specifically as being really nice to the young female colleagues, and then there are the ones that scared me like I'm bill hit. Scared, the hell out of me, but when he was you just intends maybe I don't think he was a t- shirt kind, a guy in a guy I wouldn't just fell. Hey you wanna go out like old girl, SAM Sands, screamer Kennison innocent scared, the shit out of me. I remember going down to taxes and thinking this is the worst placed the case because they said type community of complex there, and there were a lot of them that with a bad way. Colleagues, you know you're the workshop. You were there before they left taxes. Yes, I was there before they left and then Hicks was like. You must have been like your age, though I mean he was a kid
He was a kid, and so we got a young kid. You're to your age was headline in I would go over. I was never there was a club, I think, was the comedy. Stop in the woman had lost her husband and two kids in a car accident member a place. I don't know. I know that story. We ourselves like horror story that she had her. Two children were killed in a car accident that she was driving and then she ended up adopting two more kids and opening another club. I remember thinking, the most unbelievable like. I will have the courage to do that. I get myths korean, so you I thought so that's interesting, because Hicks I mean I would think that the air in Retrospect Emil out of his material. You would, we like, but at the time you now I do. I listened to what I think where it was really an earlier. Well, I'm the screaming at times. Yeah. I me I mean I had dinner with him in San Francisco in there in the nineties in it,
a lot prevents champ, oh god, yeah, yeah. I was on the road with the sole on and he ended to be a shilling await the eyes in prison. I mean like gruesome, shit man hard to believe right, I oh, I think I did. When I came, I when I was opening in Albuquerque, where I grew up after I got you fucked up on drugs in LOS Angeles it is. I think I open for him. I member meeting him in talking to him, like nice, guy kind of a real, a kind of bland act dumb, where nothing specific and kind of like a whole, suddenly creatures kid almost Riah was, as you know, there was a whole thing about. There was a whole trend of comic. I think in the eighties that we're just one step ahead of alimony payments. Your tax be running away from tax issues. Borderline criminals will naturally was me. I was eighteen years old and I was on the road. With these guys were easily do their wine.
Yeah, I knew all their wives and then we go a lady picking up this rolling. The colony condo or I will try to put the dresser against the door so that nobody could get. No doubt it was intense at the time when I think back now that somebody my mind, went on parent allowed me to do that. Plus. I'm on that you're that afraid that, like us, they are having a party they invite a bunch of weirdos over to the condo. Yes, all the time, that's terrible, I would always training it built without a female com, its first of all, they were so few as They will never book if they ever book did it was like you know the freak shall we do now? Who were the comments that you looked up to? Currently fur was free, much starting. At the same time, I was a little bit older than me: why didn t she died is now. Are you friends were bill
yes, friends or do I love is a great guy had good did you know we ve got ten, we yeah so sad that now I believe at first. I thought it was called it, but it was. I think he had a hard problem is something he was a. Guy very great yeah yeah I mean I think VIC was writing for Rum Jeff Fox worthy. A while there I mean I've seen taken a long time. I spent a lot of time in New York and he was always around, but always is like a really decent guy. Yeah medium. Do you still do some stand epics here and there now every so often goal is working. Shall call me times and say, come with me in a low with her shall give me some of her time where I live, regular. I always feel bad because I remember what it was like when I now with I almost certainly diamond What's that Lou devise young athletes, You said it would walk Eddie, Murphy right.
You know what it was so hard for you awake all night and then have someone. Come in who obviously didn't need the time so. I feel a little bit guilty about making those stunted high hearing am amongst you're on open, might nine or the bumper you, but you you feel bad about bumping people exactly the totally yet it it's always you. I remember that feeling where you're like you're, almost on eleven thirty four people area. So do you have you ever miss having the talk show. What I don't know that I was able to do it now. What do you know? I mean I was my photos. I was like thirty four years old when I did it I think that I had a different world than I do now. I love doing that, seeing the first night You know where we did for the actors time we raise money and when I think like this, and if there was a Did you shall like this?
we're all that aspirational bullshit that we go through to be on. Torture was in all the part that pretends I no longer would be able to do something the faithful A faint rise up beyond was online amendment. Eighty four were telling and rip Kelly Ripley, the same story and you feel bad for being the guy. That has to tell him the story the for the fourth time. I know what it's like to go to: press for movie rights feel sorry for them, but you also feel, like I just heard this exact figure it out you that was hard. You do every day every day, any it's like I mean I did radio a bit, but I never had a host a talk show and in that is like such it. It's actually of its very difficult job because of that because of the energy that goes into act. Interested and pretending you know all the stories they gonna and sometimes I would be like light- would look at the knows. I'm
The questions I will just be like, let's see with his fellows and then the producers what you didn't ask another question ever to. I know I was trying to make real. You know what I do know. I find this. You know this war magyar much you much freer and you're. Much able in much more able to just kind of reach people on human level on that I think we're gonna need as a nation after this, I think that's what people want in their entertainment yeah. Well, I think that, right now, I'm finding that weaving like when I guess I usually do this in person, which I like doing and- and I think that people especially now in and even before, people who were isolated or feel alone with whatever their life is when they can just shot your kind of pipe in some other people talking authentically. Bout, serious shit. They they feel sort of represented Wes alone, better orderly and, as you have definitely need a lot of that. But where did that? Where did that? Queen of nice thing come
Why, when I was starting on my tv show, was right after somebody got killed on journey jobs, John sat a guy on that was gaining and oppression, a guy from his tell em I got back to the town and the guy killed them right, so that and then her, although getting punched innovation that was happening when I was telling myself at the beginning. So when I came out and it wasn't like corralled or one of those young, that's what people, starting with the queen of months. You know- and I remember saying at the time this is gonna- be the queen- a frame rise alone, I'll never know when this down- and I was right here right at first year than I was on tv- I went to see the Diana deal sees his. So I went to finish my last to date in the crowd, had totally changed. It was all like senior citizens. Now I was doing my night club that in LAS Vegas as lawyer, and it was followed
Headliners LAS Vegas joke produce real and thereby putting can you believe this is that girl from G D, like a kind of ruined my stand up bill is not in itself, is not the worst where, like you, because I may I experienced some of that- only that you have these different parts. Your career in your personality, but the stand up is really that's. What we built our lives on is standing right, an e n. You there's a lot of you push envelope. You pushy on Bobby push boundary. You're, filthy, whatever it is, but that's that's who we are and then Augustine you gotta. Be a shame to that, because the right, again you'll, want to make a people sadder upset that they come in their expectations. Then the party you in your brain- that's beaten, shit, I've yourself, all the time when they do that you I do stink, it's fucked not right. If somebody says you saw universe Did you not tell you right? I do no way, I think right now,
You know where their sitting, what their wearing, what they wanted to drain and you projectile personnel. The under them you're like, of course the near the we won its rightness room right. I am error by some. I shouldn't be here right people, it's like when you get comments on other people like all hate, a nerve. They that the wheel, you're, just gonna scroll by all the She had then the one guy that says the one thing that gonna hit your own insecurity like that, I'm, if I'm a monster I shouldn't be on twitter, yet I we I shouldn't I hated. I just went gone like I was away from it for a while. I just use it for promotion and now, like its everyone with all this time, vicious it's a fucking shit show, it sure is on its knees, The one healthy you know, I'm doing alignments demand think like this. Every day for, like Twentyman, has that it so easy known people see to realize
going hymen d, I feel like I'm on one run around high malaria. You know when you say hi to people they as question sometimes and everyone's like. Thank you for doing this and like. I think I need it more than all right. I've been doing and radically like every few days and as a stand up who keeps a young you, it's gonna, nice to heighten connecting alive, immediate, yes, go on stage should know that person's eyes. Then we're gonna be good. You know you can find it in a minute. Who's gonna be somebody, then you can play with and who is right. We miss that you now you miss that communication year, one working with greater? Can you hear it's nice to meet you? Finally, I listened to your line. I really enjoyed guest in your garage help. Thank you very much. I appreciate that night. I have always enjoyed you and I need it surprised me that we had met and maybe we'll meet in person someday. I would love to know how I rose. You take areas, there's a lot more
so that was me and rosier Jonathan again, that's the first time. We did that and that's that it's gonna be sometimes probably more times than not we'll see we'll see, but she's in a limited series on HBO called I notice. Much is true. Preparing may taxis also raise. Money for the actors fund, helping people in the performing arts who are out of work or dealing with financial hardship because of the pandemic go to actors got work for more of that, in our play, some guitar through a paddle. And also I just want to say, for those who were keeping up no word the well being of girl. Ok, I'll talk to you later guitar time.
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