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Episode 1123 - Eliza Hittman / Dan Savage

2020-05-14 | 🔗

Filmmaker Eliza Hittman talks with Marc about telling the stories of teenagers in ways that feel like the lived experiences of actual teenagers. That’s partly achieved by the naturalistic performances she gets from many non-actors. But it’s also achieved by the sensitivity of her screenplays, like her latest film Never Rarely Sometimes Always, which takes the teen protagonist on an unavoidably real journey. Also, Dan Savage returns to WTF, bringing his expertise in love and relationships to help listeners navigate some of the difficulties of living with other people during lockdown. This episode is sponsored by Patreon, Purple Mattress, and Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action.

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Hey folks, the system supporting creative people is broken and the covered nineteen crisis is making it more obvious than ever, patriarch helps. Creators build a more sustainable income source. By offering a month we membership to their fans, fans then get access to an exclusive community premium content and the chance to become active participants in the work they love check out, patriarch dot com now and join the millions of fans and creators were changing. The way art is valued together. That's php r, oh Anne DOT, com. Ok, a guy all right. Let's do this. How are you what the factors, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck Nix what's happening to me mark Mare- and this is my pod gas- You t a big show today,
I was going region E mails Morgan have to hold on to him to how's it goin, I'm sorry, I dried in, as if everything was ok, then crazy I mean. That was just crazy for a minute. I thought that everything was okay and everything was going to be. Ok, didn't you feel that in my voice, when the parts you, your brain that aren't engage are the ones I gotta be at that know, you'd out what time is that it's not oh, when when can we, we can't. So one. When all that goes away, I do this. And then figure out who I am. I sedative a black jack I'll, say it again, pretty soon we're all gonna be hu we are without whose things those colonel things, I'm in its wake. All the social media platforms are becoming this like the death throes of entertainment culture, people drowning in the great under
the tow of relevance. Wait, wait, wait, help look at me. But I'm saying a Hello, hello, anybody out there, a lucky man, big, show gotta wouldn't want to dance savage got on the on the horn. Now you get on the horn, I did not get on the horn, We got on. He did his sigh where I'm video and we both it and on our good MIKE's, so that Sound good me talking to dance savage, I don't know if you know Danny's dad he's on get show. I was just a guest on his briefly. We can switch it up here, the host the savage love cast, which can get wherever you get your pod gas or it or it savage love cast dot com. And then our second guess is Eliza Hitman, who has made several movies. A few features. Few shorts,
Should you may get upset with me thy obsessed about this? One short as if it were some, we Thing that wasn't meant to be seen but her, fell. Never rarely sometimes always is now available to rent on Amazon. Prime video the tv most video on demand platforms, great movie the great filmmaker I enjoy talk, talking to so those things are happening. Did you caught up with some shit, though? First. You know Linz been sick, not with the covered with something some kind of strap thing I gotta be out where the I'm, not what you'd call I I'm not Ok, I think what I'm trying to say, I'm a reactive caretaker. What I'll fucking outwards deal with it? Let's do it I'll while help out what do you need if its message Let's clean it up even need something to cook somethin fur. Get you some medicine whatever. I can do all that and I can be there. What I'm not is a nurturing caretaker like I'll show.
Do the shit but they're? U good, I'm good now. You know what my cat, I think it's some sort of weird in We need to sort of open up that way, because I feel like I'm just gonna break. I don't want to make someone else's. Sickness about you, you know- and obviously this is relevant right now I mean so many people are we. Utterly selfless and altruistic on the front lines of treating these covered patients and that's a fuckin, tough gig guy, dammit, I mean: how do you not get cynical and jaded and fucking just obliterated or a lot of them do Stan Choi emotionally. I'm just deal with the friend at home was not whose I don't have the fatal thing and I know enough to wear like I gotta show up it. If I get open. The nurturing thing had enough not that muscle, because out of my
there were more sort of like worrying panicky boundary. Louis absorbing you know like got a problem. They make it their problem, then we'd all sort of like just like fee that together, no, separation of states. So I got a pretty hard wall to that I'm afraid of open up and unjustly, like you're sick. They know what am I gonna do with that? It's gotta be real bad you're sick. What am I gonna? Get sick and now we're both sick, and so I just got here. We need Yeah, go make soup yup no problem soup. You want some water. You want to hear you take your medicine. I can do that. But the sort of like hey It's gonna be ok, you know you're you're, doing good. You know everything's great I mean you know you ve been through it, but it's gonna be fine. Just get some rest. Nope dyke are you? Are you gonna go to bed? I think get some sweet. You drink some fluids. Now I want you ever do about it,
nominal, watered knifing guiche drink a little just drinks, what can water you gotta drink water, it's a different tone but, The impulses there and the at the action. Is there but she's getting better monkey is not great but the same thing when monkey. I talked everybody the same way when enough. The over a monkey dying- are we dying now? Is that what's happening. Fucking cadmium, gets, will disappoint these old category every day you like you, can you are you wake up to a dead cat or even away go to a cat that needs to be taken into be to be killed or dare put down be taken care of I'm actually pretty nurturing when putting an animal down. I don't think I'm but I have to put it rained down. I don't think I can and she's, not that sick, bye, bye like when I want fond it down. I holder and- crying
I can I can. I can really open my hard up for that for the year. Euthanize being bathing up, That's right, you God, what do we need? But if it's like its time, ok, baby, ok, baby, it's ok! It's ok,. That I can show up for. No I'm below that moment, if there's Her time you don't, Feel alone, it's them in its second Tragic horror show that so many people can even have family were them right now, but again this. Being said aloud- and I don't think it can be said enough- grateful the people who were Self, listen in taking on the job of taking care of humans, words dress who were in pain who were in sickness were dying thanks,
can God for those people and thank you to those people all of you. The fact that there is anybody pushing back on that were, obnoxious to those people is a fuckin social cancer man? book Dan, savage has been a radio guy Pike S guy long, been a long time we might have been even before us. I know he's on radium pressure that, whatever the case you can hear mine no either his show the savage love which he housing and get that wherever you get your pocket Esther Savage was cast dot. Com I am actually on his show this weaken. This is me and him talk, and I wonder at the request: it's about you. What he's hearing from people about sex behaviour
This is me and dance average and savage. How are you long time? No talk! You I'm really good hurry, you I'm I'm! Ok, you! I feel bad, that I'm ok a little bit, but I am ok yeah, I feel the same way. There are so many people out there right now we're in much worse shit, and I'm very privileged in my job, seems to be stumbling along for the moment right we gotta Gauss, and so I can be with my partner, but also get away from him, while shelter together and exactly and then you know, there's then you watch the news and I dont know what what's going I mean I think you're in Seattle right yeah. We were for New York stole the mantle from us, we were the first, the First America and up a centre ba this level give out here: it's not it's.
Day to very unclear to me what's happening in a way I have to checking with it we live. Relatively isolated lives here any ways you know it's gonna say that every time and allay like it's just one of those places we can all kind of a desert. Of people live in a desert. You have you, make a nice house for yourself in its hard to get anywhere and allay ripe, tend to stay home. That's right, and it's, like the other differences that they have closed down my hiking trail. Now we have to wear masks outside I limit. My of to the grocery too. You know once every couple weeks, if, if we can pull it off, I have I partner here as well, who you know, Lynn Shelton his in at my house, and down she's a place of around two that we can go to across town, but ultimately it's it's. The widow. It still scary cause you just don't know, but I I don't feel the bodies in the streets like New York date or maybe Seattle, didn't away
I think you know, there's the bodies stacked up at the morgue and on the right or duration trucks, and we have to think about, but increasing so many people out of work for such an extended period of time and If our incompetent federal government bailing out shooting cooperation instead of bowling out american citizens as they're doing in Canada, where the government isn't throwing money at corporations to buy back the got him stocks there, actually paying people two thousand dollars a month to comply with state homewards, making it possible for people to comply with lay it on what is an pay. The rent and pay their bills People are increasingly desperate and, while yet in attention rising in Seattle, it for you I can feel it here too and then, like I have to figure out. How do I talk about my own experience without being in I, I have to be empathetic unaware of what the people's lives look like, which is important and also realise that how little we are we. Can do because of the government or not, I believe, they're, not testing on purpose, so the
we're counts, work less menacing, and I believe that their incurring encouraging this weird kind of where's a test for more tests. We got lunatics protest in year to go to the fuckin beach in it's crazy, short sightedness. It is crazy and people are, you know the protesters who are a lot of mega idiots and try, supporters are people who are upset about the lockdown and not everybody's upset about the lockdown there's is a mega video, but the people at those protests definitely are long gum carrying gun, humping, maggot idiots, but people's angers and being directed in the appropriate place which exactly how is locked down at the federal government. It responded in time if there had or government were ramping up testing the extent that it should be wrapped up. We can ease these restrictions as they done in other places right, but you know it's just: did the fuckin Republicans Vader government works. They want to get elected, so they can prove it by me.
He wrenching government, if the guy has they Dave, we live in a failed state. They succeeded. This is exactly how a crisis- and this is how the report we can dream works in a crisis. This written This is this, is this: is the hands on no government functioning properly, disassembled yeah. Cronies at the top positions in all the agencies? All the agencies bureaucratically crippled and This is how it looks. This is the republic in dream or living right now, crazy so I guess my question is for you because I'd I'd gotten a few. We nails and I don't really do phone errors and I do not really on the pulse, but you I got some a couple enables about people addressing the possibilities, and probably I am sure that the certainty of of and have taken emotional abuse, domestic abuse strange relationships, both familial agenda,
and personal with partners- and I imagine that you hear about it- gazettes sort of part of what your show does: yeah we're getting lotta calls from people and Finally, I would start with the what one we start with the horror show of of that. Bad situations and move into something more beats. We're happy ending to the thing. What are you doing about abuse? We are seeing a lot of domestic violence calls on the country. The police were saying domestic violence reports and calls our way. Bandit right. You know. One of the things that condemns to endure a relationship with it. The part His abusive is feeling like they have nowhere to go feeling like there's no escape People are now trapped with their abusers, even more than they may have been financially psychologically trap with their abusers in the past
One want things we saw in cities which are relaxed restrictions in China in after the restrictions. Realistic lifted was spoken filings for divorce, and I think I like everyday spike in flower sales. Explaining filings for divorce. I think we're gonna see that here too- and it's not just you- know abusive relationships that people there have been enduring and end need to get out of. Her may feel that can't get out of this one people who are in good enough relationships that art cry king under the strain of imposed constant togetherness right now. I imagine that's true that you know you. You oughta relationships kind of make, do in you accepted the limitations of them and you make your compromises any kind of get through life with that some autonomy. But I imagine what once that autonomy near goes away completely heroic
get to know each other is no hiding right, but the mistake that some people are making is assuming, because they can't spend twenty four hours a day with a person that they should get out of that relationship, that it's not a good relationship whose a small body, research that shows that time from each other built into the relationship actually contributes to the health of our relationship in the long term, stability raven up to it, the people taking separate vacations people having sex- circles of friends that they hang out with away from their partners and suddenly for a lot of people whose relations that are good and healthy in part, because, as their away from each other every day to go to work or maybe some weekends. I go camping. You stay home, you got the girls, whatever all that's been. Taken from them and there together twenty four hours a day in their sort of misinterpreting the fact the relationship doesn't work under them, conditions for the relationship doesn't work at all and I need to get out of it as a programme. Instead of identifying the forest togetherness, as
an aberration and unnatural, which is what it is. I am afraid not just on for everybody getting out a shitty relationships they want to get out of. It should get out her. I'm worried some people get to exit relationships that aren't shitty, but that felt shitty during the lockdown well that's weird because a year in the sense of the same type of short sightedness around the particular situation that were in that, I think people reacting you negatively towards law, down in general, are experiencing is that there is a sense of childish entitlement, to the american mine said, and I think that this but ever idealize your relationship without contextual lies in the fact that you never are going to have to spend that much time with you, your partner again ever. If we get through this and also now it's it's an anomaly, and you know the best thing you could do is suck it up and in kind of you noted we have realised that this,
we're coming under their between the two of you were always there, and eventually they will be relieved again. One of the Turks our minds plays on us. Humans is whatever the condition wherein it any particular given moment. Weak weakened succumb to this kind of bullshit spare that we will always be thus, you know, I think you know tat. I had an infant once, I'm apparent you get into this like place of despair, some every amendment, because it such a grind and that spares partly sort of fuelled by only got it. This isn't the rest of my life right and it's not the kid gross up, and this is not the rest of our lives being no law. Didn't you know up in our homes, twenty four hours a day with our? partners or roommates her parents, wherever it is your sheltering in place with kids, we're codes. But I mean I wonder, like a loser. Another side to this, where people are learning good things about each other.
Hopefully you hope we were taught. You know people don't call advice, podcast right to advise commerce when things are going gray die here from the people. You know my my samples, always skewed people right beaches to say, hey. I help me and my husband had a three way. It was awesome. Arrived me when they ve got a three way and attach it exploded in their faces. This is so much. I think it that's why people sometimes they can never have a three way because I'm a god they always end in disaster, but also the ones you hear about right because they re that becomes a one way for everybody at the right. If your parents had a three way didn't get divorced over it, you never heard about the three where your parents hat that's right and they had a three way. They got divorced. You heard about. It may be Maybe he heard about eight years later from the third one, hopefully here's the other thing. I wondered: what about all these people that Aaron relationships? They had things on the side they had. You know all that kind of business going on
Someone at work, someone here that I mean. I wonder how like at all that she a kind of comes to a grinding halt. I imagine a little harder to jerk off too poor to sex. Never here you know dealing with you in secret, so all that all those channels of acting out yards down for a lot of people, and I think I have this phrase is all the time I'm doing you need to do to stay married and stay sane. Sometimes in the multi decade long asked her relationship. Cheating is the least worst option, people trapped in sexist relationships where our partners in their financially dependent on each other. Maybe you have kids with special needs. Just leaving, isn't an option route sex looseness create so much misery that it creates complicated relationship. There are times when you should cheat and stay right and first people who were doing what they needed to do to stay married and stay saying they can't do that thing that help them stay same the owl and have been able to for weeks or months, and maybe they have, you know
This is the unethical non monogamous we're talking about. There are people out there and ethical, not monogamous relationships. Vinos secondary partners, sometimes tertiary partners that they can't see right now haven't seen and they missed them in their partners who are not the ones they live with field like they weren't prioritized- couldn't be prioritize nets very sad, but there is also people who you know have the power to peace on the side, the peace from work that didn't just you know, wasn't just about infidelity wasn't just about being naughty was maybe about keeping insane and some people are acting under the strain of not having vs anti inducing peace. On this, I will, I wonder: what's I wonder what what the conversation is? What that's interesting? I wonder if this is going to be the thing that kind of buckles on people's Polly amorous lifestyle. You know in terms of the idea that you can sort is spread yourself emotionally out, like that. Like I asked, get something like this. Where you're like ie start to realize whose
What you prioritize with the other partners. You have prioritized and I guess there's a certain amount of truth is going to come out of this right he's got a letter from a woman who has to boyfriends she's Polly, but both wives, are primary partners that they live live with me, so both of her boyfriend's, both of her boyfriend's are with their wives and she's got nobody even though she's got to boyfriends, Rhine she starting to question whether this Polly Emory knows right for her because nobody's primary and rice everybody is somebody's primary them is really about a space for Polly amorous. Webs of connection, I think, is it drifting man that's I mean that's an interesting thing too: kind of realises how these different Types of relationships, that of kind of evolving n n n been embraced over the last decade or to how they're going to survive, something that is as emotionally taxing and as this
an end and people who are in need of just human support who are involved in these complex kind of situation. How are they going to see them once they get out of this? I know people whose romantic relationships are entirely dependent on air travel. They live in one country or on one continent and their partner lives in another, and they fly conform to see each other frame suddenly frequently and suddenly they can't do that. They can't spend one month there and under the next month. Here oh you gonna. They can't take turns going to see each other because there is no getting on planes and flying to really Well, yeah, what the biggest complaint, your hearing. What is the theme of the calls omega the biggest. Complain to see you to your right, to say that this is really probably put the most pressure on Polly people could so that the biggest sort of dream of calls them from Polypi, but I think a lot of people who are in Polly relationships in open relationships have sort of
out by this are suddenly problems. They didn't used to have right because they were, they were navigator, Polly relationship successfully. Suddenly this thing slams into us were hit by the meteor and they can't their pile, their relationships that this web of interconnected romantic sort of the time. His affiliations. Is not just strained but but snapped broken. Of course, a lot of people are hurting because of it you know, there's, there's, there's a sort of both the need situation emotionally is is much different when everything is ok. You can manage your shit, but you know when I was on the others. A terrifying reality shift. And you know you are unable to get to people in your unable to connect that those deeper needs that look I'm not pathologies anyone's way a life, but I mean those deeper needs are met,
in those situations that are really kind of existential needs are, but we can change. We can still to stay in touch. You know- this right as thirty years ago. You know you're the longest relationship thirty years ago, where we had to send each other letters, visa airmail, the keep it up. We could take a week now people can get online, they can email. There is time, I guess that's true, but still you say they still. Snap they still snap, because it's the visit, you know we're social animals and we need tire and we need to some extent that the physical presence of the people who are important to us, If we have such work, each ship with them from doing is only so much jacking off and zoom that can make up here. The timing of that's tricky You know him and if you want things to happen at the same time, you ve really got a pace. Herself Kaliko
it's a whole that is safer in persons are truly. I gave her. The simultaneous organism is kind of a nightmare. The other the skill set is different because you know when you know when you, when you're with somebody on assume power or, however you're doing it, yeah you're watching them they're, watching you and any Univee to make it through to lock. Up, indeed, maintains everybody happens at the same time with its it's, it's a deep discipline. I think I think so, although it is my considered opinion that it's easier to time, your orgasms together few jerking off line together, then, if you're actually in the same room with one another that you pace yourself more easily, if you're not sort of juggling somebody else's bits at the same time as Europe now get that, Yeah yeah, I, your private you're right, you're right. It dates it similar both by it. About. I think that the thing But the online thing is that you if you wanted to end simultaneously, there is a bit of
timing they're getting somebody off when you're with them and then maybe finishing yourself that that's that's different set of circumstances But if you want it, if you don't want to be the guy sitting there in a mass watch- and someone else finish here is a trick to it, there is there is becoming is important, aiming at so many aspects of airlines by us vipers by okay. So, but what about other stuff? You hearing anything about the intimacy becoming too kind of them. Now sexual because of things at hand at young people are not able to sort of connect sexually in this situation, less so that them mismatched libido, there's a lot of people out there who respond distress by getting horny by meeting, but there are more people who respond distressed by shutting down sexual and there's some preliminary research stunned by the Kinsey Institute. That shows that the the common reaction to the sort of mass stress and trauma this moment Is people shutting down and I'm hearing from a lot of people who are
partner who didn't shut down the partner who reacting to this by, I need to get off, wanted to be horny wanting to touch wanting intimacy, but they are. Unfortunately pardoned with someone, as Dave just learned, who respond, to mass worldwide trauma buyer by their views. Tanking by shutting relationship. That relationship that three months ago was actually compatible He suddenly, not if you had this stress, sexually compatible interests. If a new problem for many couples Roy, so now they ve got a lean on. I still think that this is gonna, be regulatory on the emotional connection level You know how it will have to be patient and re literally running, tolerant, our I'm talking to a woman about what I call assisted. Masturbation it's a little bit like mutual masturbation, only one person's masturbating, If you're not hoarding your partner is what kids you know. If there's a way, you can help your partner out right,
I was taken if you can sit on their face and they can run out and their little happier further human contact, and it doesn't make you feel and used, are traumatized for God's sakes at other fats is that they take what take one for the team actually with the expectation that they will take one for your team, perhaps at a later date or maritime. Your horny and you call him a favor yeah. Yeah I mean that makes complete sense. You let me help you out and I would hope, YO really gonna. Take that's the other thing. I think that people forget that, like whatever you think sex time is, maybe you know if you're you know a real like if your real duration freak than in others, you're looking at an evening earth like ours, but for most people you look it's four minutes. Dude
Seven minutes really understood I've. I literally good question. Some hundred people were mad, but I've never written about tantric sex practices and I'm just I'm not interested in me of all people not interested in sex at last six hours. I got shit to do things to readers shows I wanna watch ya. Wanna have sex for six hours yeah. I actually have an orgasm right. If you Both the army cause. If you get deep and you get intense and you go out again in your ear, your locked in say inside of fifteen minutes, and that's that's along that. That's minutes! fifty minutes you could exhaust yourselves beautifully and and be done with it for the day yes There are also ways to make that fifteen minutes the combination of like ours, of erotic, tension, building, that's what the the Swingers and it's gonna be. A summers are particularly good out. Like often video subsided has a lot of you know
ups and costumes drama play, but it still ends up to people on the floor and the missionary position at the UN for the last nine yeah that'll t minutes can look very similar to the vanilla person or I'm just a lot more sort of build up. I think most people do that without labeling. Again, I think that you know non beady s M people are doing that through passive aggression and just Harper intact, called life, what you desire only without costumes, and they may not know it, but whatever. Piss you off that morning and, however, you had a lid throughout the day if you weren't to abusive The sub is gonna end up, didn't fuck, it's just the video summers are intentionally building up that straw right as a threat, but other people are just dumb role living there. Cranky life threatening their feelings and resolving its actually at the end of the day, job, what this has been helpful? I hope so.
Yeah and you're doing ok, yeah yeah, we'll word hang in there and were constantly. You know when we're stressed out reminding ourselves that there are people- which were straight slim than we are employed and we have a roof overheads me plenty of food and we're trying to help other people that we can help out, we can. Man, we need a revolution in the federal government. Yeah. You know it's one of those things where I I feel the same as you and I and I am trying to to do what I can and where I can and in a way that I can from where I'm sitting by its one, these weird pauses were alike as we're talking before outside of the plague and that the hardship, The people are going through to see the Natural environment to see, bears coming back the Yosemite and porpoises showing up places that they weren't in years, and people who live in cities seeing mountains for the first time that you would really hope that collectively there were some sort of you, you know, global environmental wake up call, as well as
come out of this, but I dont hold onto a lotta hope for that. Sadly, and and- and I do hope that your correct- I hope that some governmental changes that enough people have their anger, focus in the right direction and were frightened enough. Because of the lack of security that was provided by our government in total, mishandling and and and no support visible. That they able to see that clearly, I hope so, but the republic. And seem to always be better at tapping. People's anger, tapping into people's anger and people are angry and if anything, they can do to stoke anger and then harness. If they are willing to do, there's no low they will I think too, in the pursuit of power, and despair of the Democrats, because all too often Democrats, you know if death had power. More good would be done with it to power is unfair and the constant badgering Democrats
into the belief that what Democrats or in DC to do is to set a good example for Republicans suppose to rest power from Republicans and then do some good with an enact policy that is actually helpful and somehow make it stand about the people they don't seem dead. He care realize you're, gettin fucked. I make it simple. No more rube Goldberg contraptions, like Obamacare Single Pair, make it simple. So people can understand and will be less afraid of it. Even the idea, for some reason, the misunderstanding, the word socialism, especially for people who are actually you get.
Checks out of its benefiting from lightning in social life. We do around the edges, they had been there, the angry ones but yeah hub, while for the best in end, and thanks for Talkin me man, they thanks for having back on his report and with me and Dan Savage Talkin about this stuff sex stuff. Folks. Technology has improved almost everything it mattresses have more or less been the same since the invention of sweep. We deserve better and finally, the mattress has evolved thanks to purple the secret purple is the purple grid, a patented technology that instantly adapts to your bodies, natural shape and sweep style and won't sink or lose shape. Purple is for every body, no matter how you sleep, propose design with more than twenty eight hundred open air channels and, naturally, temperature neutral jail. You never sweep too hot or too cold on a purple mattress its
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my guest and I love her work. I didn't know her work. I watched her recent film never rarely sometimes always then I went and watched or other two features which word spectacular, very raw, very into intimate movies and very a kind of em human man. And I watched a short I can get hung up on the shore, those China under then, how she approached filmmaking, Can she got annoyed, kept, freeing up a short film that she was like that, I don't want them, put a chief. I did that at one time guys practicing, I understand, but here I thought there was something there anyways. Ah her movies. Most of our guy watched all them better than the new one. Never rarely sometimes always is now available to rent on Amazon, prime video apple TV, video on demand platforms as our her to other once and you can find the short I believe, on line anyways, I'm a big fan
and I think, she's a great director me talking to Eliza Hitman. Just now before this thing, I, what the short forever. And start to night, so how, in very up on you, watched I've watched most of the big work. Thank you. I thank you he ever going back that fire slightly embarrassed are you bet you lie, No, I think you know I think short films, You know I really learning experiences Some ways can have a chance to experiments in Africa. I don't know how I feel with them being out in the world necessarily, but that's the way
you kind of have to they have to be out in the world is not like. You know. He is like a musicians, Conover demo tape. Necessarily it's more like a way you get attention in a broader sense from the business even though it is not. Obviously you know at the end of the quality, work, you're gonna! Do we have a kind of like opening up a high school year by all my god? What a bit me like you're here I am at this point like but is but it's weird, because he s beacon a high school. It seems at most even going back that far that fanatically. You know what you are. Sporting has maintained pretty steady nature is teenage you it's all I mean was it seems that at least that film and deep, the first two I felt like love in beach rat are like free from
Oh your location, sea or something I mean like they all seem to be around the same kind of beach neighborhood. Where is that, I think it's kind of a packet of neighborhoods at all sort of overlap. Letter on the edge of my Coney Island is done by their sheep, said Bay. Green, then be tracked. Was ships had by the term, be trouts? It describes a kid. That's her There are really each and they live right on the water. You grew up in that area. I grew up in Flatbush, which is sort of in the middle of Brooklyn, but fifteen minutes from his neighborhoods. How did you grow up I would never say like the work that I make is autobiographical. It captures you know the since seven experience, The community alone, you know environments, but what was your Brooklyn upbringing life? My father's academic and he cheated
that Long Island, university retired he taught long University and he's from the lorry side, my father's turnover up, horror, lorry side, Jew who grew up in a ten immense, My mother is from Borough Park, Brooklyn, which is another. You know us jewish neighbor had with the type of Jews, though that you know not like you know, we're gonna make a buck, no matter what, but they put the premium on on education and service yeah. That's it that's one, that's it the other two kinds of curiosity, a kind of bullying, business, Jews and then the same. My family is a mixed easier and definitely has some criminals in your family. I mean look at my last name. Is sir, it's a MAC. I'm in here you know, but but both have equal status
So there is some there's some connected peoples and people that were a little shady and they hit men. Clan yeah, my father's Robin, It was a little bit of a complex, as we say in the family, right these character, his character within me. Now an interesting passed but is restored. No he's! Not it's it's a long story. I don't know how you were brought up specifically, but I mean I was sort of surprise for some reason, when I was younger and housing like early in college, I got a job at a daily. In like one of the last real Jewish Delhi's in the Boston area and for some reason I I guess I'd really Can I put it in my head? The jewish exceptionalism thing I do. I don't know why I never really thought grew up in New Mexico or that you know Jews were cops and doctors and and mafia
borderline cry this whole other world of Jews, in its all when the history there, but I borderline criminals in in it's all in the history there. But I remember there was a moment when I started meeting these characters. Was like I do what I do know there were jewish plumbers. How is your jewish plumber, but of course, there were, and everything was so limited in my thinking tat. I do not think that there were jewish terminals, considering the mob was half invented by Jews. Here we have the landscape. In my family we observe a minute's silence. I got so some of these Lansky. No, no, I mean they must be connected somewhere and I know not no direct connection. You know so What what was your father is, what did he teach? My father taught Anthropology and you Did you find that interesting I and my father had a very focus, career and he
studied, hope Native Americans in Northern Nevada called the pie and he wrote a few bucks. One book is called vodka, which is about sorry, I'm kind of Jesus figure in native american culture and I spent a lot of summers as a child and a reservation in Northern Nevada, watching him do field working document, a language actually made. My first for a short film on the reservation with the with the pirates You know that is called trickster. That's kind of inspired by native american mythology was the trickster a troubled came. It was a kid and he was going, Can you urge in native american tradition, tricks are its there always stories but trickster and its sibling, wolf and right
way to travel in one gets the other out of trouble and I worked with two kids on this reservation boy and his sister, his real sister, and it's a story about a little. You have trouble that this kid gets into in his elder sister, who we'll cover set up for him, but two menacing. Nazi man is setting Matthew menacing innocent? I think that's another interesting thing about the through line of all your work. Is that its interest, trouble a lot of it, no end and that there is sort of like I found. Self. I get him. I don't want to get to this part of my thinking yet on this by that date, there's a menace that as a viewer, you bring to these stories that, you put on these stories that is, is programmed into us, but in and curious about whether or not it's it's
an intention that you have in terms of expectation when teenage, there's our in risky situations, but do you not I'm talking about? I think that I you know in the script writing process, I'm very conscious and working to achieve a certain kind of tension, with the audience, experience and a lot of that Japan is, in you know the ADI, this watching a young person putting themselves there very vulnerable situations and its building the relationship between the audience and the character so that we as an audience you look. Watched in horror, right there's, but the horror there is like it? It's multi levelled in all the movies that the features that you ve done it's there and, like the question that, for interesting, because the relief of attention
is usually like. These kids aren't evil, rapists, murderers, they're, just kind of kids, and but there is attention in all of them were because of your expectations because of exploitative news or whatever you bringing to a you like now now He's gonna get killed are now he's gonna get killed, oh now there they get raped and I dont know that I dont think that This way, if you look at the numbers, The percentage of that happening is much less than the percentage of just somebody going through some natural kind of creepy rights of passage that they can recover from as opposed to something. Very Went in awful right by but we bring to it this weird baggage of information and there's a suspense element to it that I endorse and your building tension, but do you want, is to think they're gonna get killed at every turn. He had no sir, I think that you know they're kind of ordinary character right than you know
are going through. These ordinary writes a pathway of your talking about anything, there there worlds the world's around now more constructed to be slightly unpredictable and are now a born. That's me is very true to right, but you know them talking about that. There is an expectation, went wrong. A teenager walks into the woods with an older man. They could go horribly wrong. It's it's a sordid, sorted curiosity and I realized watching your films that that that is a sad bit of baggage that we take from exploitive journalistic culture in that year. The assumption is always the worst in in those situations that you can't take a walk in the woods any more because there's more where's out there than there are bears? You know I back
not really true, you know, so I guess that was something I learned about myself in junior movies that you want to you know places this sort of Van. Because, like the weird thing is in when the female characters in and some movies you enter me I'll situations where you, now this is where we're going to see the top, to correct this. Nature of of of teenage boys, but it's really like it. Always This comes to a limit where you right now that they're not bad there just shitty that's an accurate description of the high risk in those situations that my characters knowingly put themselves in two the hand are ina thrilling. Scary, at the same time, show when you're out there in Nevada, like I grew up in the southwest uglier your kind of dealing with your your father. Apologies. I got to know that. I guess that's how anthropology works, that you know you get a job,
ever college, it is, and then you know you ve got your new year with a lifetime of study. Focused on one or two things is that how it works? Generally, that's all his career when you know writing encyclopedia is and squirreled away. In a little study in our house, with so many books, the currencies ever read, backed and even my but the family. I would say also you know my mom dedicated her whole life too who am running and outpatient mental health. Facility in Brooklyn that was part of a piano state hospital I think that I had the two? Very strong influence is growing up. You know somebody you Who is he? bringing home these stories. You know, which of you know these we tragic patient lie ah
at the same time. You know my father, his kind of studying culture and communities so, ecology and culture in communities. I guess you know is dialogue that I grew up in. Do you feel did you feel yourself absorbing it at the time or is it something your kind of looking back in? putting together. No, I was always very intrigue. You know my mother's work, you now human as they deal yeah. You know, especially like in my own, surely like in my brands and go through like friend, draw my you know my friends and go through like friend drama. You know, my mother was very much like a councillor to me. I would say right sure: why are they acting like this? Like you know, color,
get to the diagnosis, and did you find that there were some sort of repetition of incidents that that worth the for you or just standard, fair stand Her fair, yeah yeah standard friend, drama fair? She never had the trip of, like you know like I always felt a little different than other people were that kind of thing. I don't know he knew now. I really don't you haven't done that type of self examination. I don't know it was so deep. The self examination with my mother, I write personally, like you know your discomforted, a teenager must inform something I may need you, that's your oh yeah, yeah, like it, does on shore
our oil embarrassing to discuss. Perhaps our really know. All I know is that I was trying off we hired. Ah, you know more. Than anything else, more than particular trauma that my need for connection in my need to be part of certain groups are to be friends with specific people was sort of all. Consuming to the point of view of a site type of desperation, which I think I They see and in your couple of your character, for sure that their need to connect, despite what their own feelings might be, was more imports and then honouring our own feelings because they didn't know how to manage them. I think you know kind of loneliness and desperate men and in mass but loneliness around people, which is the worst kind yeah. I think those things are sort of You know drawn from my own IRAN's not so much even always ass a teenager, but as an adult I think I definitely in
views those stories with you. No fee things that I have in mind in the moment of writing. Ma am sure it's not all our reflection, recourse yeah. I know I I I don't. I don't imagine that. I'm not trying to end. Those that I tried doing now. It's songwriters. I assume that all songwriters wrote songs about themselves but it turns out now they make up things think also, like, I think, is lack of a female so maker, there's always a little fresh air. Like, especially when you're being interviewed, that were the people always assume work is like direst actor. You know a really, whereas I dont know if people make those assumptions about male film makers. Are women have to write about what they know and it has to like into me and all of those things and I think some expectations- men right about the world and women right.
Their feelings? Yeah I wonder I guess that's true. I guess maybe I would have to you really think that, but I think my direct experience with your work is is not so much in relation to other female directors by just thematic. We only Agers Anne and that this sort of struggle but they have used to me and the fact that they were so. I sat in places that that's him were familiar to you, but but I will definitely check myself in the workmen will make it more conscious. It's just my own observation. I probably true. There is an expectation. Me in a way to reveal you now Really. That's it. You're saying because, like you know, I don't know that I would see you in the characters but yeah you know, but but there is a sort of them now.
May I mean I, it sounds like you're correct, easier, obviously doing all these interviews by now, I'm just thinking by myself, as I think that your films, more than anything, make me think about my self, because you do level of space and here too, to a kind of getting are these characters emotionally and in both asked talking and just being that my relationship with them in the movies becomes sort of a personal event somehow, which I think is good yeah I didn't go, is my hope with making them is that you know they resonate with a dull taught in says. You know regardless of where they are in life. You know either as a reflection of their own uther and reflection of them. What their feeling in Matt Moments Eve, and I think that there are some about, you know films about young people. That can be about more than just that specific
adolescent or teenage turning point overshoot. Because, like most of us, especially now that being quarantine where daily the team in any sort of daily sort of patterns. Are disrupted. So now, like I find that I'm sort of painful you have to myself and then he started through staff, and then I'm sorry, looking old pictures or think about my life so watching your films in this situation puts me indirect sort of your confrontation with the mild, we or or more than mildly traumatic. Events of my ten years and sort of because their defining things so who is it about so your mom, was dealing with like real, mentally ill pay, people and she would you
to tell you about like this struggles, they were having like schizophrenia and whatnot. I think I was always very curious. How can you not be yeah about The reality you know of dealing with people who have you know essentially lost their minds and been institutionalized and come back out into the real world and the work that she would do and how they never try and you find a new, some sort of normalcy. After what had happened, and were you ever afraid, you're gonna lose your mind. Isn't this Gary is thing that could him then it's absolutely the scary thing that could happen, and I used to like I actually, when I was younger and using drugs. I had this weird rule for myself that if I ever lost my mind, I would stop doing drugs like you, I know that, because our
you were crazy to begin with, could be doing that kind of stuff, but, pushing it that far that, like what that was the thing was this weird quote from Thomas Mug Wayne that, like you suggested. It stayed with me forever in. It was like the mind, is not a boomerang. If you throw it too far, it will not come back now, yeah man gotta be careful. How far I throw it howdy when you think of losing your mind, how does that manifests itself? What what your concern yeah, maybe my fears are more about, like just pent up anger, kindness, he's gonna rage out ya. That would be. That would be my first of losing. You feel, like you, like a constantly simmering at some sort of low broil of anger, making a stressful.
Where'd. You go. What was the education process? So you know you come from this like very supportive them intellectual and engaged family. It did you know you want to be a filmmaker early honour. No, I didn't. I didn't. I didn't girl up in a house with a video camera. Wasn't like a kid who was see now gravitating to this camera? I didn't self document. It's none of that, but I it grew up doing like theater, and I went to a big public art high school in the middle of Brooklyn called Edward I'm morale, and, as you know, I was always interested in in storytelling and errors always interested m m in a way, so you say you're an actress in college. That's always been my life. In a way, sir, you say you are an actress in college or in high school in height, School yeah! You know
I guess I have like kind of one. One moment of realisation, as a little cad am I was I was very just like dyslexic of sir. I don't know if I was ever really diagnosed like what the issue was, but an elementary school and I hated reading and one day during lunch, all of my friends had disappeared and they enjoying dislike storytelling group in the library- and I remember being like now like in order to see my friends during lunch. I have to go in the library which was this intimidating place for me, which made me feel you know like inadequate. So you, animal library and library joined this group too. You know hang out with my friends and we all had to pick a book and memorize it, and then we had form these stories in front of the school, and it was
the kind of New York City, competition Am I, in I remember getting up on stage in front of the school I told this little store, ay and everybody laughed and was totally engaged, and it was like a moment of like positivity. If in a school setting and you know I made everyone lass nice That was like the moment for me that You know that I can hold in audiences attention you know telling a dramatic little store, I might have the warming all these little competitions in New York in telling storytelling as it is. As an elementary school students. So you're that that was the beginning and then I kind of always have found a way to do it in various by various points. In my life like wherever I then source.
I wasn't a filmmaker. You know until my late twenties, but I feel like I've kind of always involved with a production, but like story telling my cousin like I've, I ask people, like I don't know how old you are, but I mean I ask people, I'm forty four, but obviously storytelling was a thing like I don't remember the word story, telling or story telling being a thing culturally yeah. It's then I try and have picked up, but that's what it was called around New York City, and if you were from the city of a certain era, you know you would know what was competition. Those were right, but it was like you would have been like you're the first. It would have been around the time you coming into it, I guess that it really started do appear culturally, and he like in you, would just tell like, what's the structure, Did it becomes sort of a thing with you like the moth, where you know you can
in writing. Memorized different stories. Now you would hit the book was reading, for you tell a story as vetoes based on the book. Yeah memorize, the back. Yeah and then in high school did you did more regular, acting or not? I did acting. I went like incredible public our telescope. Where the vision for the high school you know was that there would be no sports teams black in all of the funding would go into Dufresne Arts Programmes, Jihad yeah and there s some interesting alumni like guarantor and ask you want their merits told and a few others, so it had it had a little bit of a legacy. Those are good ones. Yeah yeah where'd. You go ecology.
I went to College Indiana University and I studied theatre employment him, yet You are in bloom again for four years. I wasn't blooming team for four years. I've been there a lot yeah, it's a good place. There's something kind of freaky about it, because I know there's like a deep. We dug in sort of college town element, but the fringy kind of local element of it. Is emitted into the darkness, TAT captain There's a you know. Others kid can carry on. The outskirts of that yeah doesnt have fewer there's a lot of attention at class, tangier yeah. I feel it every time there are four like what is really going on here, but you did that yet all theatre for four hours off the track- and I went two grad school at for for phone. That's when it started That's when it started
you just decided after four years of theater and high. Story telling yeah, there's gonna be movies. Was movie that made you do that again? hey I'm mad in Amman, student from Columbia, university and nearest working on his thesis fell, and I remember seeing and being like one. Haven't you ever try that's right. You know, and why did I always assume you know that this was too complicated at or too hard on when I didn't have the skills sat turns out. You assumed, I assumed it seems. You know it seemed sauntering, yeah yeah I feel I can. I can understand Were you like a film person. A lot of movies. I learn more, have called myself like us in a file now now
I do. I grew up in New York, so I saw a lot of independent film and I had her ass to a lot of independent foam and then what did you make the first show I mean so each year color to meet a sure, I'm forever scan starting. It is my thesis foam and then a year or so after I graduated, I made it felt like love which, as you know, on Micro Micro budget movie, I guess I shot that. I want to see it when each falls- and I graduated in two thousand and ten this year, two years after I graduated, so you really started new focusing in Euro like this. Is this is going to be the life he ass, so how You get into this zone of Glenn film, making no natural lies performance. You know like The one thing that kind of stays true
Hu, the all the films that I saw was your able to your poor, very a kind of natural, and you know deep performances out of these kids. Who are they actors, mix they're. All each film has kind of a mix of first time after them. The people with experience, I think Do you not think that this sort of performative style, you know? That's it I found its combination. You know between me, sort of resisting the type of performance You know I would have worked to achieve on the stage and away you know if there's something there the intimacy there. I'm trying to achieve that couldn't be achieved in the iter. Yes and then I think also there's a lot. You know colors had allow
of influence over the table, filmmaker that I am here like from because of he charged her. Because of this sensibility of the programme was there was in. Emphasis on no more kind of European Otto Major event, cinema and law Some an emphasis on Hollywood for sure right, and you know those kind of styles of working studying that stuff like who was like making the biggest impression on you? if there was any one. But you know an amalgam am obviously you know is very interested in son, ok, yeah, progress on in unison. The way in which he works and he works a lot with kind of non actor as he caused actor models. You know
for me, you know what was most exciting about leaving the Black Box was being out in the world's being able to work with real locations and you know being- the bolts, Hugh move away from a certain kind of process that existed in the air and being able to work with real people was really exciting. He got away in a waiter divorce. Myself from you know this other creative process the night than today, It's almost like it's almost like the opposite of the Black Box the way you approach filmmaking. I think part of reason also like I never steed it's in my thumbs, like a master, shy or like a really perfect palestinian wide shot, is because to me hey- that's theatre.
Interesting, because you're right up on everybody, can we don't need this set the stage, and you know that design to show where the entrances and exits are. You know the chimes, assertive brow If that language and be much closer and more tomorrow lines with the character than it's like a right any. And feel that, like you, don't even see whole rooms very often in your films care, I always worn production designer is about that. But you see my movie. You know- and I just this corner just the corners good here here by the chair, but at the same time of course, is really important to me that the review of all you now and that we can be facing whatever way we need to be facing a not men and after can move in a fluid way and we're not
One side of the room is an empty on the other side of stress. You know, I'm a bright weren't, the space to feel three sixty. I think that you get. We feel that in this is the type of movie Obviously, the union invent but near to subvert or get rid ever or work around or destroy Hollywood expectations. Is great because it makes you sort of like assess the humanity of the thing right. So. What's the writing process, how do you Cassim I mean what do you stop yourself from doing outside, of not having a nice finale? story. I think each one is different with it felt like love. Initially had written. A short film because I didn't think I had you know the resources to make a feature am I had, and I was telling desperate, just sort of make something and the shore, some was
about this character, Lilla, who is at a party, and this really desperate to fear like somebody, desires her right alive. Now it was all her desperate attempts at this one little party in the middle of the summer and then, when it didn't, go the way that she planned the girl she had hoped she go his home and she sort of experiment. I was with the dog the character and I thought it funny and she amused me her her eyes. I wrote that scripts really You know in a very kind of fluid like episodic way like I don't know how to write a feature as like, I'm just gonna keep putting this character into more and more situations
when I got when I was in high school? I did how we did know this kid named Sammy who was desperate to have sex with twenty one girls eyes, twenty first book, yeah. I'm says I go. What, if I put the disks after lie law. You know with this. You know this vague. Idea of this kid we used to now I'm an her pursue him and what would happen sort of, but I ask myself and I just wrote a lot of like episodes. With her? Knowing you know that I was leading a to do it. You know a dark or unfulfilling attempt without you, I'd I'd really like that film, but it seems like you, you kind of I'd. Imagine that you're pretty proud of that. You don't look at that. Like the same as you look at your shorts right, that movie was such a kind of personal triumph for me because
you had shot the film like all these micro budget movies were coming out. I'm that focused on assent. For a budget movies were coming out. I'm that focused I'm a certain narrative. You know people who pay this liberal arts school who move back to New York and are trying to define them so's? You know, and you know, certain worlds in a certain manner, with a certain background, This is to really think about. How can I take that micro budget model but do something that feels more true to me in the way that I were can now Will we really we made it with like six people were an we rounded up a bunch yeah,
was no Sagen. There are no unions, and it was just my dp and a camera on me and a sound person, and it was very liberating shocking, which are those for all, not actors for the most part or what Now, for somebody who is believed she had done, other students fell mother. She hadn't, she had a catholic elite in a future before and everybody else largely were. First time actors, I cast some kids for my high school, which was fun. I went back, the Theatre department and sad, you know, can in addition all of the cancer there and they said, sharing information. Then I also worked with a cat, thereafter I I tens her like a very long casting processes. China, sea as many people as I can't I'm not, I'm very open minded about
casting one in the process begins and through seeing people I begin to sort of holy and on what will be more successful, and I also casts some kids from apart acted some street casting on my arm. Oh yeah, that first one yeah, that's how I had you, that's where the Sammy's friends. In from his neighbor. If they were good and like? What is its all the in other films is sometimes it. Field earlier than later by theirs? Is Canada death hanging over these characters? and I dont know what happened in the newest one full, but there's absence there, via over, at least a real parent. What is that theme for you, where's outcome. I grew up in a house with a lot of illness.
You know, and then that was sort of you My experience like someone was sick in the house. You're. My my mother had three rounds of you know breast cancer two rounds cancer, one rounder like uterine ovarian and was a bit. You know upset. I had you know my father was very you know: consumed with her own less and they were not absent in a way but obvious. Flee you now The government is, you know, fear and do you know, impending mortality yeah, yet inside emotionally it was a taxing yeah. I sense I think it's also live in
heart part of the coming of age, tropes that I'd like to play with an experiment with em subvert. Here you know the rental figure who has died or dying the common one in coming of age found. Nor is it yeah yeah it's in every Disney movie- and I I don't know I realize now getting so and how do they usually handle it? Usually it's the crisis. That starts the story. You know like, Finding me now just you know something that I think you know part The way we think about stories about youth yeah? There Dear me, said the newest movie is. It was all set to be what would happen with that movie, because I know this was one of those quarantine situation
Wherever you go around, you knew a premiere that some lands and then we went to Berlin, and then we were about to open in theatre, when people began to be told the shelter in place and we opened and Angelica the ARC light, and then three days later, the theatres cloudless. Ah millions of more people can see it if they want to I will, I hope, so I hope you will see what's called never rarely, sometimes always in its different lance For you, where I am Pennsylvania, I think, yeah I was trying deliberately to get out of New York. The Brooklyn Beach area were, and it's not. Summer movie, it's a winder movie ears like I have to do something different. The town that we shot in this culture.
How can it hard of like a coma cluster of coal towns? I didn't. I didn't really get to spend the time there because the inner so much of the stories about them, leaving in going to New York. It is a very dark little coal town. That's cut off from the rest, stay. You know- and you know what we call like Pensee tacky the pencil techno region but yea I chose the town em, You know, I went to pregnancy care centres in that town. I'm sorry researched, you know what what is it Do you like to go, through the counselling processes, are pregnant, teenager christian counselling pricing that yeah That's all that was available in some of those places. Yeah there's one in every town that type of the clinic that presents itself as
a place where you can go to resolve whatever issue, but it's pretty specifically geared towards you keeping them a b for gene yeah, it's you know, untie abortion. And run by volunteer women who have no matter. And run by violence, here women, who have no medical licences you know, seem to think they should be practising Let us then right, ah You know I'm for that leaves federally with subsidized right. Is that the way you handle all that, because you know this is a movie about a teenage girl who Esther to make a choice about you know her pregnancy is like you did, doesn't ever ring like you're
bring something over the head or trying to make a statement. It just is what it is you and then through resourcefulness and through the support of her friend or is it her cousin fire yeah? You know they kind of plan this journey. The big city, whatever the struggle is whatever you're suggesting. However, you know that, though you handled why she was pregnant. And we had a little bit open, was like that must then a pretty big story. You know it was one. There was a decision I made before. I started writing on Mars. That you're? You work in a really given you work and hang it on anybody now, am, I guess, like you know, I was doing all this research on why you people and sensitively call like abortion, tourism, and I really thought but the journey that all these women take all over the country and all over the world. It so heroic.
You know. You were fire, so much persistence and, of course there are so many obstacles along the way, and I just I knew that it was it. You know a woman story. Here and that she was alone with the burden of what she was dealing wealth because I think, so many women are- and we pick me placed the honest and responsibility on the woman. So why wires Pakistan pattern of any relevance work no way in the movie that I'm telling I had, but also like email address, the hint of suggestiveness around the possibility. But he's gonna spoil everything for anybody is liable to em ok everybody around her and right right, but you you know, so that you know that sort of beautiful in the sort of where the title comes from his India Series questions that she's asked at at at at at a real clinic
But like it's when things where these to kind of three girls in a way or or Pennsylvania, girls, young, they go to port of Port authority. You know. I get high everyone who ve been to New Yorker respect any kind, their noses fuckin place anyone right away, you're, like God, this is gonna, be trouble felt like there's that menace again. You know Annie in its interest hang there and then the kid they meet is kind of duty, but here is a decent hearted. You know, like you, but you're still that thing we awaiting like these words. And it get bad, but it just the adjusted. I'd say line you know backing like the way you resolve tension like like right after that happen, The second day he other just eat in it the chinese bakery up again and they're laughing in their teenage girls again, and that's that and then
behind you and then there on the bus I mean that's the way that really plays out a lot of times a year as for me, I thought of it like convent every day. Heroes journey yeah right, better something about the electricity of after the adventure kind of have to go home right right and biota. I have a couple after your friend and he, like images, there's a return to whatever that normal ways in there that I don't know why one say electricity toward dated eighteen, spirit, because her so much, they don't know yeah loneliness about that. Seen em it's one of the few scenes in the summer they improvised actually you know whenever link day about the sweets like what you know that it's crazy with girls in the world It seems that a kind of let them be themselves. It was because I wanted the feeling, like you're, saying that America,
of daily life. Was coming back after this, or are you right yeah. I guess I was so well played by by by everybody by both them in the kid to day the boy I thought he was good where'd. You find these people all over the boy he's he's an actor. His name was Theodore Pelerine and he's from actually Montreal he's been in a lot of incredible things and been a lot more incredible things. The leader of the farm. Is this you now yeah, aspiring musician, name, Sidney, flan again and I met her using another movie, in Western Europe like when she was what team and the form that we were working on irish producing. It is called Buffalo, jugglers and bizarre. Have performative-
he's with jugglers, preferment Thelma, jugglers and Sydney was dating a junk allow. So. We added her on Facebook thinking she might one in the movie at some point. But she got kind of turning up in my facebook feed because she was posting all these video super self playing music and when we were casting the film never rarely hands like. We have to ask this girl to opposition she's interested in that way. Here. So she had never gonna found before, Tarja who place your friend cousin is an aspiring actress in this is her first stone, but she had done brought by actually has a way can she had done: Matilda, ok, they were very well. I
It really appreciate the work and I really got a lot of watching them of ease and also like one ok, which is going to help me out in terms of intentions, so any day I put to you because you know you are, I think, a poetic filmmaker. Language- and I you know- I don't know how necessarily to put it because you know you are, I think, a poetic filmmaker others o o o lyrical element to it and there's a emotional flow to it in a day. It does operate outside have any kind of monopoly, Dr Narrative or or happy ending or or regular closure right so like just in training, just in the simplicity of that first short forever is gonna start tonight. You made it waste to have her bring. I can spoil that when it suits us all, but you may
boyfriends, take those cats and put them on the peach. Like that's the final thing like, after this night of of a regular, assertive weird junkie, sexy teen night, you Know- and you said, this up at the beginning that the landlady we wants her dad. You have to He'S- got a litter of kittens up there, but the lasting she does. It just go abandon these cats. What does that mean to you? Why you do that. You know I I you know I felt like it was either and sort of taking responsibility for him now in a situation where he was helpless. Ah, you know what I was thinking about the script and about issues it is that while she could either dump the moment, street? You know where she could bring them back to this place.
And there's also that element of its it sort of heart. Heartening tough transformative moment for this young man. Her dogmas incapacitated enough. I picked it up. Well, I don't want to talk about the short get embarrassed talking about it and thinking about it. Yeah he's all Do you know how less and New Yorker sorry didn't mean to make you happy, because you I I thought it was very pure kind of like he. You know that that there is you make decisions like better provocative you have seen the scene decisions you know- that our unique in that they don't you don't know how the stories gonna go or or what is important about the story, because if you really have to pick out the stories that these movies, yet they would do a disservice here the found himself right
yeah. I just thought it was a way to isolate when those decisions that you may creative with. I think you still make that that affected me in a certain way, as I like cats, so, That's it. I don't think a c mon emotional decision, visual decision of younger you, never you notice about her reflecting on this, sort of moment in this new aid. Could I think, ahead Then, throughout your films, don't you and me, I think, that's the way. You kind of thing. Like it. I don't know. If it's you know it's. Obviously your creative process, but its its unique in that it did. It does seem to come from left field, but it can make Please sense you not! I mean I hope that now I love it baby. We're talking to you. I hope and make you uncomfortable in any one at all You for doing this
I was Eliza hidden in the movie. Never rarely sometimes always is now available to newest now, available to rent on Amazon, prime video apple, tv and most video on demand, platforms I would go watch all or other ones, including the short, despite what she thinks of it. Also, if you're doing yard work, you need Scots turf builder, triple action for your lawn Scots turf builder. Triple action kills weeds, prevents crab grass and feeds to build big green lies its three benefits: one bag and with Scots, no quibble money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied, you get your money back. Grab a bag today and make your yard a scotch here and now in a play. My my new old guitar feel I'm getting. The hang of it were building a bond me in the nineteen. Sixty less Bob Junior I'm starting to feel what it's all about were understanding each other. Here, listen.
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