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Episode 1124 - Samantha Bee

2020-05-25 | 🔗

Samantha Bee says there was a point in her teenage years when she was clearly headed toward a life of crime. Thankfully, that was also the point when she realized she was being an a-hole and things needed to change. Sam tells Marc how she shook off the grifter lifestyle and started doing comedy. She also details how The Daily Show cake got baked every day and how the timing of Jon Stewart’s departure coincided with Sam getting her own opportunity to host Full Frontal on TBS. This episode is sponsored by Reunions by Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Patreon, Scotts Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn, and HBO Max.

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Listen, I'm going to try to do is show today most goes. I feel. Ok, In this moment. It is kind of comes in waves. It's a difficult week by. I think, I'm out of the shock so before we get going here a lot of people been asking where they can make donations in Linz name. These Shelton Seal family fund has been established at northwest school for death and hard during children. Her son Milo, attended this school from preschool through eighth grade and as parents they were a big part of the schools community so this fund will help expand the services for death and hard of hearing children? You can go to northwest school, I'd com and click on the donate button and you'll see an option to donate to the Shelton Seal family fund, so that something you can do. They were beg pardon
school. I also want to tell you about reunions. The new album from Jason is bow and before hundred unit Jason is a forty, Grammy award, winning artist in this ten track. Album an disappoint people are getting back to an ear. Of seventies and eighties rock Four hundred unit let loose on reunions and his bells ring being only adds to the power behind each song? I love Jason. He's actually been very supportive during this time. He's a great guy a great artist, so you can stream it downloaded or grab a copy. From your local record store which I imagine you can't go into, but if you can review It is available everywhere. Today were also sponsored by patriarch system supporting creative people is broken and the covered nineteen crisis is making it more obvious than ever. Patriotic helps creators build a more sustainable income source by offering a monthly membership to their fans fans then get acts.
To an exclusive community premium content and the chance to become active participants in the work they love. Check out patriarch come now enjoying the millions of fans and creators who are changing the way art is valued together. That's p, a t, r e, o n dot com. Ok, let's do this people right, I'm not gonna, do the whole extended. Mental thing I will say, welcome to the show this is deputy, asked my name- is Mark Marin, obviously have you know me. Today's guest is Samantha B, which we tabled before the tragic passing. Of my my girlfriend Lynn, Shelton, and it's been a different week I dont know about it grieving thing? I dont know how one does it
thank God, my brother's here you know brother family. I don't know you you that day, through in past you're. My brother flew out here he happened to be in Denver and he he flew out and he's been here all week can move through this process. With me, as as some of you know, as I told you For you know, I didn't know Linz family that well, but I've got to know many of them and just as set on Thursday. The amazing support from all the people why community, like all of them, the comics, unbelievable. And a new people who listen to this show thousands and thousands of emails. It really of, because I'm not great at staying in a few winger accessing you, I get a, I think,
I was left alone. I didn't bury it on an inch stuff. It deep inside me and cried inappropriate things as opposed to what I should be grieving. Which is a horrendous loss but he there's some it so much food is coming. I swear man, we got me brother, the only ones here and the other day we got like the full, ever situation. We got the full shiver package, I mean somebody sent us Beagles locks, cream cheese and smoked fish to a platter with GM free with with it with hot coffee. For I twenty people and you're a bit both Craig and I have a slight compose of eating situation, so we felt it part of us like we know we are we gotta? We got it just strap and undo this, but just an example. Lots of stuff is coming and I didn't. I didn't realize how peril
I would be in and enable to cooperating out so the food has been great even there. Even the food is bad for me. I feel cookies. Before I came in here, I spent a week going through land Shelton stuff that my house, her clothing, her vitamins, her lady stuff, jewelry everything papers, I couldn't do it was like it was an. I can't. I don't even know how much stuff was here Can we do it and sort of your fits and starts waves? Riker emotionally was capable. I would get in there and throw away stuff there, this clearly garbage Nan Processing set, you know meant something to me no kind of stuff, that I think it is going to be for her family and friends. So I took a few days to do that to a kind of
decide the one or two items it. I would keep to remember her by, and there were just omits runway, what am I gonna do now when we what happens now, but I dont think I'm gonna go Bitter and angry I might yell at the sky a bit. But I'm hoping in honour of light and then, and what she did for me that I can somehow work on keeping my hard open. It was not working this last week because so much grief was coming up. People com and I couldn't get through a five minute. Precision without crying, which was fine, it's good to cry by Can you did a really big cry? I the other death, Actually it was getting a virus because my chest was so tight, I cried. Oh, what a bad news like! Oh, ok, that's what needs to happen. I love it's gonna happen ability timer, like eventually just be able to unload it, so only few people. I can do that with.
But maybe it will happen trying to breathe. I'm trying to breathe and trying to sit with the feelings The amazing thing that we did that Mikhail Watkins did was so up a sort of zoom shiver. A zoom mourn group ass. She just put out our fears in and you got people Poland people that new and worked with when so every night for seven days. I think we did it. Six or seven, maybe six, six nights. At six, thirty, whoever wanted to be there was there anywhere from thirty five to sixty people. Who love land who knew Lynn, family, friends, coworkers, actors musicians, everybody who knew and just to hang out filmmakers
our talk about Lynn, and I think it really worked in a way to get us through that shock to get us through that initial period of complete horror and shock. And to celebrate her bit into share stories and cry with each other. It helped and help me. You know I start to feel like What was she doing with me?. All these people have known her forever. Does the swedish most charismatic in the world, it was full of joy and happiness. Him was excited and driven and had vision and was amazingly talented, ambrosch people together. And everybody loved her, and so many people may be met their people through her. Just like this a beautiful collaborative mess of tat. Went in love and I'm just like
How do I didn't I didn't like I'd come from, though, with the world the rogues borderline, criminals. The comics, the comics She saw summon me. And I made me see it. So I love her lover for that by did really start feeling secure and feel, like I don't how do people known if it's a long, I've known or like five years, not even. But where we had was not. You know where we had was was what we had and it was all in our good, beautiful stuff. Unique to us are you. I tell stories are as to how many stories to have a guy love love stories. I can't our shareholders are mine. Those are mine and really after last week I want I want again thank my listeners in
for the really I'm China work at the emails. All them help. It all helps it helps me This is, I guess, the nature of what I do when I mean release Did then I can feel myself be present, feel my feelings now I have to warn how to do it alone, Now we have to learn how to do it alone, but thank you guys for really stepping up inside of me. How does emails that love? I appreciate it so Anthea, be is a funny sharp woman for frontal with Samantha. Be airs Wednesday nights at ten thirty, nine thirty central on tv asked I talked to her remotely before my eyes got turned upside down, so this is me talking Samantha, be because the awkward transition, the other line- I do, let's be honest, folks, wandered
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start dreaming. May twenty seventh visit HBO Max dot com to, more ice nice to meet you nice me ill. If I'm ways Finally, I loved your special. Is it ok for me to compliment you of that Yeah I'll take it especially these days I enjoy compliments. Yeah I loved I like loved. I watched it. As soon as it came out. I wash right away and then I, when we were forced indoors right, for. It was one of the first things that I watched with. Thank you glad you liked it. I know what it's hard it's a weird like a day? Do I don't know? How are you with compliments.
Terrible. I can't take them at all. There is horrible debate, though I become like nobody physically shrinks lake spurted Lou. I don't know how are you with with horrible things with criticism. Also horrible, but I dont expose myself do too much like I don't. I don't really actually really really disciplined about not reading stuff about myself. I just don't so like you, you don't you yourself in the comment: sections anything? No twitter? Never. Now I turned off all of those notifications on Twitter along time. Like our point, what happened? the election happened. Actually, unlike that night, I started to cause. I used to there's like forty disciplined of illegal Google, myself or any American? I mean you. Ain't never did that for years. But I would read stuff on twitter and very
election night, it was so dark lake. And the whole everything was just like. Crushing as yet progressed and then my twitter mentions started ago. This zirk like it was so it was like homicidal people were so in towns. I felt like a darkness. I felt like like the death star kind of like the shadow of the Right star arrive or my anger dimensions, and so on. Get me a couple of days. It took me to a dark place and then sent my assistant at the time actually took away my phone and she changed. She drove ass. Well, did you like this will be a temporary just like do can, and I am really liked the way that I living you without without it? I don't need it or wanted anymore and saw. I just don't know. That's great because I knew but you you're on it, though
I'm. I'm reading had begun indefinitely reading out right, I shut their part down, so I don't take negativity well, but we must avoid out really strenuously its we're because it's a visceral feeling in for me like I get some, maybe I'm oversensitive, I don't know, but I can just take one of those things that fuck my data fuck the whole there and like you They are one thousand Glowing complements the illiterate, one person whose, like Uruguay, I have only just arrived, everything else is like the good ones like yeah yeah outside the one that sort of like Ukrainians like the ones. You really like our specific and hit you're insecure about now, like all my guide. How about you and then you too. I talk to people that lake or were you gotta get
callous doing, and why do you do anything you do I mean I know these are name with monsters that are trying to get my vote on purpose, but even when I I choose not to engage What do I still have to choose it like our? read it now be I'm gonna know I'm not gonna. Is that really good must have? I don't know? I don't think it's I don't think it's how far I bought. Ok, I don't have like art and my house to speak up like I'm to smile and does not, therefore, but I did by this one picture. Recently, it's like one of the only ones I ever by an agenda now built for our reading about at Andrews like Everything is just didn't like, it's something red and put it on the wall like those. So your intimidated Terms of last year, you don't trust what you like, because somebody or come over and go. Oh, my god. What is that
yeah, but didn't buy one thing recently, and it is just this: it's it's really really pretty and all it says is. It did not ruin her and I think that it means a lot to me because I'm like yes, like you, don't want to build that. You don't have that much of a callous that it actually changes the core of who you are, I think soil. That's like. I know I don't think that's a great healthy must. I dont need very in its very hard for me to come. Compartmentalization- You know, like I think, detaching with a certain amount of empathy is fine. Hey, I'm not can engage with that person. Nine green! It's probably not anything to do with me. Orleanist monster they liked YO, making people upset ok and walk away from it, but just that sort of like now not I can take anything I'm,
I am so ready to quit. Aren't you always ready to quiet or have been ready to questions I starvin, What is that man? Like? I don't know what you're doing becoming you got like kid? How are you going kids, but for me like this is what I worked towards, not doing anything and and and then there's the added bonus of knowing no one else is so no ones beating for anything in words, a little way stop all of it there. So many good having is out there are a kind of, or maybe Thank you could weren't yet or nothing. Nothing! Fine! you find I'm, I just fine what that, once you are just too You know the time that's given, like my it just do it, I'm not like I'm Fuckin board when making do with this out. I, oh, my god. My days are full of things is spread out war, I'm so good at like we're doing we're doing this vessel.
Busy from that, but when I minorities living outside doing think the outside doing things but like when I'm were going we're coming into a breaks in, we have like a nice break like three weeks. Oh, I'm, so good at puttering I can cite, better around, like report little plants that takes our I am currently happy perfectly happy at was like prison fingers in soil go into the region make something in the kitchen. I don't know no. I know me to yet like you, I got gonna cut up a squash and then I'm gonna go upset about the the plant that out front. Where that I can't you, For one thing, oh now, we recently discovered is like a whole new world. Since the self isolating began, we ve just relate variant composting with the carrier. We words like I was like when I grew up. My mom was a big compost.
And I was just like this- is awful. I don't I don't. I don't see that with uneasiness. And now there is good, but we're very like we could spend what I'm saying is. We could take that hold three week period and just be composting like just be like chopping up banana peels into small businesses, as I go for activity, but how many things do you have? We have two Ben's within their lab dash, the big ones, the big ones like the big Stick, a big tumblr that just slowly all year round, like it insulate the composed and spread really quickly, so we're very sick. Our new child, the excellent new neutral, our tools camp, was locked who had so you know like he. After that you have to rotate. The bands like one is not is as right the other one. So you have one that sort of use.
The ball and then, when it still sort of riding they have so much compassion for your audience right now, that's all by I know you re telling you still gonna tell you so yes, it's like a big wide is a double ban, so while one been is one been saying, is kind of empty and you fill the other one and that you tumble it and then you fill them their went up and while you're filling the second one of the first one has turned to compost is the hope so ready by the time. The other one is for the other side is, is ready to go in your pardon and do its magic feel guilty. They dont compost like I'm. It's not it's not even like in environmental things just like. I know that it sounds fun and it's like nice to use everything and you know yeah agenda, but so what does it do
so turns into. It, looks like soil righteous. Why you're, really rich soil is really rich. Soil really rich and it does work magic on the garden. So well, we'll find out. I mean supposedly but lake, when I really do think when I was like growing up in the seventies. It wasn't, as it was not cool at all to do that, and it was just like a disgusting thing that I had to like the pudding, I fingernails and been really didn't, have been everything you been, there was no fashion around it. Was you only something someone made right, a wooden yeah box thing just major kitchen smell sour and interests. If it was just like a horrible sour, smaller, followed you every effort and played Joel, What did you have like a hippie parents? Yes, my mom is very into all that stuff, yeah she's into all that stuff. Like she where'd you grow up. I grew up in Toronto, rightness city, yet
the city and your mom, was a happy in your dad was allowed to work. The word the worst thing a divorce really early. When I was a baby socially me really kind of. Harshly raised by my grandmother, but also my mom, who was a single mom and my dad was remarried. So I was like always going around two different everybody's Jeff shillings. Not only child So they had the one kid and before you were conscious, they were pretty much earlier in high school. They I am a high school pregnancy, like What are you your vice, but like teen, pregnancy, Russia you and your mom or like the same age, now roughly she's, only Feelings is only nineteen years older than me. She would she doesn't hurt. Nineteen I was born. Weird when he hit this age. When you guys, like you, you know when your kid, your parents are only so much older ran, unlike you cross.
The certain lie outside of women cited as we vote. We both have gray hair what happened in the second half and tell it away. So you can do time going from house to House Grandma's yet was the Grandma House a stable, very stable, yeah super very stable, but she was like a single. She was like a single grandma Karelian split apart from my grandfather, was a businesslike single people. All in my life, like my singular grandma, was in your life too. He left my life because he took off with his secretary. Then he came back to my life will later in life as an adult. So here gone for a long time, but as he was back later, the kind of got back together. Even so you just going from house to house it's kind of ping pinging around here is a good Was it a good thing? We did you feel stable, they feel like. It is nice that way,
I don't know it was the only thing that a new- and I think it was like a kind of We healthy, because everyone like everyone loved me, so what The lady and everyone was doing what they wanted to do and I will do what they can the ever always doing it with love site. I don't know I was lake. It wasn't like our family is now, but it was row fire like hey, I felt stable and cared for owes cared for for sure and also like a different environments. Yes, no good,
an house and have favorites which house you like better, which Bell there I definitely loved I had done. We lived the lost in the earliest years with my grandmother and she s we just like shared a bedroom is really small. They lived in small apartment, but it was. We were very tight. We had like little Yemen beds. Just me make our spilett and issue around now. Now she down in ninety nine, So what did your mom do? Hippy mom? She works for the government for I'll for most of her career. Or she worker should various jobs, and she worked for like a different kind of like alternative weekly magazine for awhile kind of pingaree around a little bit and she ended up working for the government. Me dad was computer stuff
oh yeah colleges, Suffolk, that alternative weekly issue really kind of living. I issues on the edge of it. She was not a radical yes, yes, we were likely boycotting things way before it was cool, really vaguely. So this is like the seventies seventy easier I mean really, everybody was late. Boycotting grapes and now all reefs were bad grace. I remember that I remember the apple. One by member the great for bad, because this slave labour, That's right. Labour, that's right and all I ever wanted was grapes. I was just like we just words stripes and which would launch a whole other comparable and I remember the apple problem- how to remember the apple problem. I only remember a vaguely, but it was definitely. I was a canadian problem. It was a pesticide problem. I came up a pesticide rice and it was poisoned workers and also Sure
we have a certain type of pesticide gas the whole scrub your vegetables, hard trend, oh yeah, we would scrap man, we were put like with self Just like every piece of tasted like diff soap, for our rohingya and even use that hippy soap doktor Brunners, all in one, went around again now that I came to them. Adult I only we have that in Canada but now really know Brunners no doctor brunners. We had our own here brands of food, but you came runners later share, we gotta love that Mabel. I think I met a boy who use doctor no, what it when I was in college. Maybe I started using and I was like what the hell is this and it was like incredible use it on your whole body, knew she your hair with them. I was like I'll try a bad in its turn way. Here until I beg you rusty the clown like nightmare, do more.
Oh no, no bear yeah, you can't you something you wash floors and your hair with no on product should do everything but label man. You can just. I actually interviewed the one. The guy runs runner huge grandson, Yoga David Byrne I years ago because I fast with his, his grandfather and there is a documentary about the about what there's one Brunner, that's a little. His mind and he wrote TAT, he made a documentary by the rest of the Brunners virus like by the old man, the original doktor broader was a complete lunatic. When women who writes the stuff on site the bottle, I don't know anything about. Pda wrote it all that there's like yeah. He was like a holocaust five or type, a guy that got out under the wire came from a family of soap maker, set up shopping,
hard here, he kind of got because of the label on the nature of the soapy cutting out lumped into that all yes, seventies, late, sixty seventy enlightenment thing with all those people who were garage and practitioners of self help yeah. He was enough. He was part of ok, ok! Ok! I, like the boyfriend like his of the thirty years. While it was because of a girl I warrant for thirty years, while it was my free, it was your destiny to find them yeah, I don't know it's like it's a hippie thing, but I just words because there's no kind of L a which at the time lasting with the smell of it? That's great. I thought I got us so it did you get. Do you think you got your Political mindset from your mom I do actually I do. I have to give him credit for that because it was. She was just absolves political person and
she was at her own. It was important to her to take a position to take aside things and it was. She does the bottom line and thought about it. A lot of my grandmother was much more conservative and that was there was a real clash between them. The you know they loved each other, but they fight a lot and politically they fuck my grandmother, worshipped Nancy Reagan, our students like so taxing to my one about there. But what about what you're Canadians right? You are here, but she it's fine, that stuff is sleeps over the border. It's like Are we bring over like? Why would you have like is a relevant discussion to have about Nancy Reagan? Has as a Canadian. We always follows american politics for sure for far reaching. I like it when you guys, we do? I mean because I see a lot of people. There seem to be more informed and more kind of agitated with
canadian addresses and then than some Americans like there's these things could be it an attention. A nuance like. I know these people in Vancouver yeah, that, like you, you would think that they were living here with the degree of anger. There's an immense, I mean the connective tissue is strong and we take in a wee intake, so many american cultural products growing up in Canada awake you just end up watching the news from Buffalo. When it's a sort of it is a very there's, a variant, very easy flow. A lot of that most of the television shows you Archest America, really their immigration. You don't have enough. Canadian television shows that are engaging to how dare you, how dare he sat up half their sir, so you grown up an only child with several save caretakers. Yes, and you know what you're, what are your interests Wendy?
Knowing your interests you, why was it initially to be a journalist or something or what No, I don't know what I was going to do. I really was really floated around some troubling years in high school unlike the manifest itself, a boy, eyes during reserve boy related today that document owners, and now it is the bad. What is this whole matter the boy an early in high school, like I was fifteen and weeds for a year or two. He was a very bad boy, and so I for a while thought that my destiny was to be like a rift her like this is my life will be a life of crew. We normally, I like. I went to Catholic School and I was always a really good student and really cared about that me continued to care about that, even through my phase of being very difficult person, a drifter, a drifter on the beach,
Amy was my gall why? Why did you get your mainly on him? I am. I was like years our plan like when you knew at once, I gotta have got into his bad knows. I was like fully and I was like here's the deal, we're gonna get on a flight, we're gonna, go to the airport, we're gonna, Pavia, two tickets to Miami in cash and we're gonna work that beach and he was like rate, and then we were supposed to leave to go to the airport. It was like. I don't want to go, and I was like Europe, see you I'm ready to go. Any, would beg and worked it out of my system.
End of it. Now where we were now, I eventually brought with them, because I was like I know, hey. I was like a kind of I actually really woke up one day, my whole family was just collapsing under the weight of me being just a shitty person, and I can't woke up one day and I was like hey wait a minute. I dont have any friends my family, hates me and actually an asshole I'm sixteen years old. No one wants to spend five minutes with me because I ve become this, like monster of a person still doing well in school, but I'm an awful human being. I just stopped doing all this stuff and start being nice again, and I thought, watch on myself and was like all down and then I got rid of the guy cut him loose. That day was like em out. I thought this is too much trouble. I can't believe this Kalen does, thank God,
and follow through with the Miami plan yeah now here is really mad for a long time, but I was like, oh sorry once I I just like. I just cleaned you out of my conscience, it's weird when it turns off like that. Have you like? I can't I've done that. No I couldn't do in high school, but adult life. I have had to do that ray. When it goes away goes away. When it goes away. It's just an and then it was meant to be, though no it was not. Think well, what was to be grasped? What was the plan? How are you gonna work? The beaches pickpockets reviewed, what we like like jacking cars during stop items like very bad, I'm not really. I am proud of that phase of my life, but I d like to talk about this directive. Just be honest with you, I do like I the journey of like ok, how, like I gotta, clean, clean after them very arms, my kids about item like here's. What I did don't don't do this was so useless.
For a familiar regards isolated right now. He did I didn't, which was great and you get out of that, get rid of their guy tat. I was thirsty ass. I thought I guess I'll just a guess about loss or were Moscow Wall No one, in my view, we have really going to college They almost, I think, maybe no one in my family never had gone to college. I knew I. I knew that. I knew that that was what I wanted. Do I know you can go in Canada right? You can go. I mean yeah using oh yeah, maybe your college. I went in a girl and it was eight hundred dollars for the year for the for the summer.
Stars. Overmasters expanded dollars for all my God, not including you're living expenses and something that is very low, is very reasonable. Comparatively it's like just can't compare so no one of those guys I didn't know what I wanted to do. So I thought okay will also take a general degree and then all apply to law school or something can be a professional categories, need a job I gotta get a job. I would like to be professional right, like two I'd like to have a house one day of late. Goals so unclear as to the passion or the yellow, nothing in particular, for forty times keeping studious, bill City, I guessed right wing absolutely like reaching for a gold ring just not right super clear. What that was right, so
in college I took the middle class like I was older. You know like in my twenty. They took a theatrical ass. It was like this. This is stupid that I'll get a good great and then we'll help me in pursuit of a law which I all just, don't give a shit about at all and would be desirable at like very bad would not be good at their job. And a law there and then I started performing, and I really like that. I really liked it. It was I'll go with you, I got what was the theater? I e just started doing monologues and scenes in one It took. You have to understand for something where you have to participate like one of the requirements of this class I took. Was you had to participate in some meaningful way to production that they were doing at the school, and I thought well. Ok, oh audition, for apart and I got apart and I had to sing onstage solo song and it was like a Brecht plainly,
really liked. My part, I thought, was really fun to do, and then I didn't even know that useful to read the whole play I only ready on part We believe there One point where we were doing there were doing full dress rehearsal of the play and animals like ok, you know ego backstage they do the dress rehearsal and then you come out in his report was like nobody was like. I want to see how the hurdles I wouldn't know. How does it go for this guy security threats? and never had a little. But the moment that I started the momentary stepped onto the sailor was actually very. I was not fall like nervous in a normal way that not fearful, I really enjoyed anyhow It's a funny that I gotta tell you that there are still many people that don't read the whole play. I've talked to a couple actors who do movies some of them, some of them like
Have you read the whole thing over and over and over again, but some of them are sort of like you know. Where do I stand, especially if seen or just in time while the mace I think it does happen. Maybe maybe I've even done that on glow before maybe I I have a hard time reading scripts. I can read them, but I dared- I don't always understand, what's happening in them, because I can't picture it also out of time. Even I've read the whole scraped, unlike oh, DR over their place in exile. Don't I prefer unreasonable we're doing a matter. What happens? Doesn't I haven't my character so ugly, my errand or like a whole. This is in the car like there's something they just miss Like you, I know the lines I know who I am talking to one another story, but oh we're not in a way that we were at the other points. Ok. I hurried read the oh. I miss the estate direction and sat the detail. Ok, I so that's so that's what got you going is Abrek play it out, theatre class,
and then in the hours ago from their. Then, how do you then, now of a sudden you ve got your passion, got my reaction. You they're gonna, be Europe serious theatre actor, areas that was growing, lay that's one day, all that where I was gonna, be gonna live in the theater. Couldn't do that, but we were your ecology. Did you switch Did you guys, I, our yesterday such major and now Fine. I like that. I loved so I was gonna. Do that really seriously and then, as there were some there is like a point where I was just in theatre school for too long Agnes were how old were you how come you're? So all the teams, such my major halfway through I switched to something else, and then I was, and then I moved into. I finish college and I was like
I'm gonna go now to a more conservatory style, acting programme cause. You know I need to know more. I need to know more of the people. I didn't sherry Aden I needed to move too. I felt the need to move back to front. I have moved away from them. Can I moved back to Toronto and it was like I gotta. I don't know any of the people here. I don't know any of the casting people. I don't really know the theatres. I've been gone for so long, so kind of get back into that are to understand the industry. I thought Maugre like a conservatory style acting programme and all gets no all this stuff, and then it was then it was just like twenty five or twenty six, and I was like, if I may, to the imminent try to do this. Ancient quit theatres cos, I should some going to school and I should actually try to do this job here imposed to generate studying my family was like yes, please can we please stop with us and though I quit that and then known hired me ever
in addition to be asked for sure a lot and no one was interested at all Oh god now! Nobody by it did not happen agent. Our idea. The idea that she hated me like she had real resentment tourist. She did not think that I was good Catholic took me on as a favour to someone else and choose, I've been there. Yes, I do we're twenty six by the time he decided, oh yeah, I know it and you're going out for tv commercials. I'm going out not getting anything doing kind of like free acting jobs. You know where you're like they're like
there at the back of a bar, were putting gonna play, and I was like our, they were the sounds great, but I did meet people and that was very valuable and to the people that I knew and really got to know. Some children's data projects asked me to just seven. For some. At a comedy. Job sketch earlier show a sketchy, and so I said yes, I really have nothing to lose and ability all of that, and I like all ah, ok fullness, what I we're doing as we doing comedy late definitely himself up super comparable and love. Eleven love love it- and I can do this with a free forever, like known, even has to pay me for thus I just enjoy. They were resist catch group sketch groupie up
and then I get that for a little while found that then I started doing comedy with an all females. Get should call the atomic fireballs and then we really performed a lot. They were now That was that I, like a long running catch group where they were foregoing before you joined, they were and they joined them. Actually, one of the women who is in has captured this information for another colleague, piece of Michel and then of them still live in Canada. There doing other work now, but we performed a lot for many years. You know trying to get started were like very do yourself. We would Put on our own shows like plastered posters all over the city resources, the model like gum, is that it is that kids in the hall, I think so yeah yeah try to get you gotta thing going inside. You have residency.
The theatre and make it was it ever like a thing. Did we learn in up to see? We didn't have like a residency, but we performed a lot. I think people now they people knew about us and we definitely were aiming towards getting around show like that was definitely on. Our minds were performing all the time how many people are in five or therefore about or if you are lucky, you went in and pitched executives and stuff all room that time. We were planning I guess that there were little opportunities and showcases. It wasn't like a big white like talent, search for comic sort of towns were sketch comedians, but we definitely, I think we were on people's lists to some extent than in two thousand Threeg. I heard at the daily show and then we still continued to try to purchase show with ourselves which
Connachar Bosnia and then and no one in Canada, no one had ever nor one anyway, so you just started to do seconds for the there. We showed. Did you move New York I dead and that they will have the connection with the horse with the women Canada yet, and that was the authority of the dream, how again either with them for years years, I would say I can't even I'm sorry memory is so bad. It was many many years, but I can't tell you how many years because we're how do you figure out how the daily show additions or to happen as in three thousand, lay down the airline a why? alright I'll on a job. John Benign, your wake. I don't remember when he started ninety ninety nine. Maybe he started and repeated over and ninety nine we watched I got married in two thousand.
When the oh, my god, I can't river. I think what you mean that guy I met their guy during children's theatre. We did at touring children's show, which was she says, which was alive action version of the animals shows Ailer Moon yeah, so late, where'd, you tour with that. When did this happen? That happens. The ninety is like ninety seven we met and I like, seven. We started there. You are doing to ninety seven. You were doing the atomic bomb. About ending fireballs, doing children, shells doing your pc and altogether how you data that's kind of acute that you met doing children chose, I think you were river in today. We didn't go in like they immediately. Even we risk
our work environment. Didn't we didn't bailing out there for a long time. Do you like kids? I imagine no doing shahrazad earth has nothing to do with like each other really turn you against children, Desperate act is its anyone. It's now are, you would choose necessarily, but it's a good training ground for what for AIDS or theatre just for taking the human, nations about your business ever show business just to prepare you for what show business is going to deliver you on a regular basis here, just slightly and then at the bottom. I confess I can take it you don't mean one more, not forget area I could take in his body was what is
This is like I'm seeing the other things that you are made of you. You know you, you dated the criminal and you did. Children's theatre, Amazonas, gonna, hurt you this hasn't grat. He understood out I'll, be the last man standing up yet said the lad roach. So how does it it is a daily show the come about yeah. They they were all you. Ve got a woman, actually the young woman and they came to Toronto because of second city there were like there are some very quality women at If there were like there are some very quality women at second city, so we will see those women and those women only. I was not at second city there weren't enough women at second city at the time to like fill the day to make it did you try to do, share control for sure, and they would not have made up.
Anyways scrape so the just like beef out the day for the Irish. Our producers made a rag. Do you wanna just go: do those Jonah do at its like the giant alien? with Stuart? Have you heard about among this very familiar with? I really liked at work? Love the shell so. I addition and on the day in Toronto and then a few months later they had come down to New York, and then I got the job and then we did not like it Jason. I had a house, I was like. Don't you move down. Is there for sure going to fire me, Syria, so dont? What's not once I get rid of our stuff here, you stay here should go check it out I'll, be there like the first team and they didn't. They did not fire me and so than he did move down, and then we ve been living here ever since we ve been here since two thousand three
What did you me with John for a first and he just kind of talk here? I just went right into the city. They were had they alot of people in that day. Right though I just shut up in the building amuse very scared. I didn't have any where to go in New York. I like got off the plane and put on a sweaty shirt and sad star rugs Fortuna have ours, you something like a little everywhere be wearing. Am I think, and so I went to this thing even just come in and they like here's your love MIKE, and so they makes me up and I just went in and he was there at the desk, and so I sat at the desk and I did about with him, and that was then I laughed and others like leaving the building. I notice that there were close working tv screens everywhere we're just playing everyone's additions to the whole staff. But no, like people just touched me, horrible.
And then I got lost in the building getting out because once that is done I gave them a laugh. They relate and then was like a campfire. The way out specific last in the stairwell finally found my way than they did hire me so I knew we were there forever rise there forever for, like twelve the earth or something like that longtime. Why and how does it work How did it work there? I mean I don't talk to. I don't know they ve talk to anybody lately. Above experience, and certainly you know, John will never talk to me ever because it is not good with us hope and so I don't know like what that process was, how much he was involved with the actual production. You worked with guys, I'm sure I know who this egg producers you worked with. Mostly and try to remember that guy's name.
When you know that he was also a stand up. We had there were different. There were really distinct departments in the show there was the field department and then there was a kind of like the studio and writers department. I really did a lot of like really where I kept. My teeth was in the field, the permanent dislike right, how flying somewhere place shooting for two days and coming back and peace in that altogether, and so that the programme was small, but very what's the word and with very bonded Young had our own process and at it. For me, that was my favorite part of doing the show, because it was very, it was very much an independent study project and certainly Gmos for sure involved, especially at the end at the as were editing the peace sure. But it was. It was
very expressive of flake how I felt my approach to something is as well as the producer is very collaborative lake, superior collaborative, experienced, try, really loved and those who were the producers. Will you work with the most oh, Jim Mark or less and still no earlier, an Berger and running shroud favours the people's cycle through Brahman Epstein she's great Cathy again. She was great lots of the x rays. Our lot of a lot of people come like you were this this. You are always an air, a constant yeah. You can a trained passers when, under the other thing that I think that fair to say that, like at first, they were training You know it's a really long learning curve like it's hard to get to know how to interview people. You know that it's hard,
what specially to do it in a way that you're I dont, know it's not that you can manipulated by it's gonna be framed a certain way. Why a little way, Ursula conversation like you're trying to be conversationally trying to get information. You turned away build a story trinity, jokes, there's like just a lotta stone most this time the sub If you knew where you were coming from correct, they did they did. I was an iron. Try to hide that too often, I think at the beginning. I didn't really no, I didn't have. I wasn't really onshore following certainly know what I was but it certainly interesting that some of them who wake, knew that they were going to be an attack. But framed a certain way, really have confidence to think that they can sort of like hold their own
Yeah yeah in the contacts like people think that they can people think that they're going figure out what the bed is not there and they're gonna best you, in whatever stupid they are trying to do which they knowingly really the additives yeah editor sk, I love for it every time, but also like style or my approach, and I really Do you believe this like a few, and this really involved, because at the beginning, like the process of doing Philippines, really changed a lot like at first. It was like this is stupid thing that's happening. Let's make fun of this. Damn thing We became a little more ground dead. I would say the process got more grounded and then and they were doing higher sakes stories like it wasn't. Just like
who nets Cosiest for his balls, like we were really doing stories like that, any more, and so the stakes felt a little higher. The stories were a lot more interesting and more political and head. You know there anyway, there's stakes involved. My porridge two people was warlike. Will you have an opinion about something you're very vocal about it? I don't agree with you, but if you can be very vocal about an odious opinion, you should at least defender idea and often their defensive. Bad idea? They would pretend that they had been added out of context, but I'm like numerous provided the context. This is how you feel if you dont like how it works, you should change how you feel, because it does look bad guys. It's a bad idea, post of drought.
So that became their defence. Is that you know if they, if you, if the final piece, made them look like the idiots. If they are they, view fur fur manipulating it. Yes, yes at that, like orthography, do just that you just have their opinions. If this is the first time you ve ever seeing your own opinions out loud well, I'm sorry, but here you're funny that those with the way that you guys would give things a little bit of air for comedic effect. That thing sit there. You know like that. You know in ages are hoisted. I guess that's that we use that hoisted on their own petard line by just their point of view and in allowing it to two to sit. There just have a reaction to it right. They were very easy, so uncomfortable half its terrible feeling You remember
there are a lot of incidents. We fell either, not bad but that it was like this is. This is not a good situation, while I guess it depended on their subjects them sire the early times where I like would love it actually to go into an interview and come out feeling personally changed come on. I just feel like I think I understand where this person is coming from and then you you were also editing compassionately lake right. You know you also were editing to not ruin a person's life like because brain would make terrible mistakes in their interviews and come across much worse than they
surely were to sort of not like you. I'm imbalance that there's a balance that you could write with people or people are very vulnerable when a camera is shining that lands in their face in their lights everywhere. It's like surly, intimidating. It's really hard to gaze due for anyone. Even if that's your profession target you re so right there was like there was a tenderness to the editing too. It's not like we're in their like, like the wild West. Going like me. Let's talk like there is definitely a lot of nuance in a lot of consideration when we were putting the pieces together. We have, because that was the tone of the of those pieces had to you. You want to keep getting people to do them a quarter of you. If you are not people who would say things that were so awful. These didn't wanna like even amplified those ideas
You didn't want to give them the platform to say the things. That's your problem now with you know, with an abundance of content and people willing to give voice to everybody. Thinking that you just having a different point of view is enough to counter it. It's not anymore, so you know, if you give it who give platform. Two monsters, monsters are gonna, hear it and are going to be it's a victory for them. The effort eight feel attracted to that I mean there is such a thing as too much free speech. She said That's good! Oh no. I said there when with twitter, I was like me: it wasn't a better one. Not everybody had a voice. I mean curate of a little better? Now, if you want me to go in there and just clean it up a little, I'm happy do that. But no one meal
I got a crew will go through what s up, so you were there for white light, twelve thirteen year, twelve years, yet The earth and then and your relationship with John was always likes or professional. Like you didn't hang out now in my own area, professional, like I was very professional like I mean that in the shortest way, I just meant well, you know like you, you were here, I decide of one another. I know you mean like I definitely when I was moving to Neuro goes like were now so many poor parties then have realised that we were coworkers boss, young, but he was like really actually river generous in helping me to kind of figure out what my point of view was in this world. I would say, like I felt like I had a real chance to
Floor indefinitely felt like I got to explore some things that were really important to me. Oh interesting, so you are coming from Canada with Europe. Whatever your political point of view and whatever relationship with american politics was and you you had, you somehow gets Well, then, the new order of things, Andy, this sort of point of view of of the side that you were sympathetic towards any engage way and by giving you space or how and you weren't these things. Were these conversations or just suggestions around what you were coming in with, I think moral?
I think it is really that really evolved over time. So toward the end, I would say like toward the latter part of my tenure there. It was very. I was more confident, I guess I was more confident performer and I really it took me a long time to like learn their craft there. So I just learned that I could actually flex those muscles and not rely and I could rely on myself. I can rely on my own point right, like a lean into it more yeah and I have the freedom to do so and now, of course, I like total freedom to do that, which is totally different experience, and I love it, but there was really great prep.
We are sure and yet yeah. I guess so when you left, who was it? Did you leave because you were down or because you're? Why me did you leave to do? The other show was at the plan. We may have an I work there together. He was also course he also came to become a corresponding there and we share an office and there are a lot of lake periods, downtime there what's his name, resumes Jason Jones Area and we we know that he is a very productive person, his rider. He is he's just like such a hard worker history. I was working on something he's lying.
Help from work, and I really admire that about him. What are you doing right now, he's literally working on a pitch for our show right now, in the other room he's always doing like always happen. So we would take our time like we would take our downtime when we were there and just be in the office together and be constantly writing in writing projects and an pitching on projects and going to the networks and pitching pilots and selling pilot scripts and film scripts and stuff, like that, we spend all our downtime trying to sell something else, because we know that event. We would want our name on something we do know what form that way We didn't know, did you sell stuff? Did you actually?
movies are in my area. We then they were never made and we have a lot of pilots groups and he we sold pilot scripts as a dual, but he also sold some scripts on his own. An pilot script on his own submerged, always working on stuff, collaborating because we wanted to take ownership and we knew that it was an opportunity to not only do that, but to like put some found, We should all like to building blocks. You know to a real the career and in the end server. Right around the time when John was getting They believe we did so. We sold a pilot scheme. Scripted pilot to TB, Ass liquor show called the detour and a green. Let so we made the pilot we actually got to film the pilot, and I was the first time that that had ever happening. Was great, really was rightly. What was it there? It was said that what was called the detour it's a half hour scripture comedy we did four seasons of it so up to now
it is a big energy producers. You weren't in it Jason was Anna he's the gap in Shall, if it's an absolute- and I say this, it's such a funny show it's like self funny to me. It's a jewel box of Shell, there's only for your reasons, the fucking great, that's right, a magnitude Yet it is it's it's perfect, so we were leaving for that. We actually we're gonna leave and go make that show we're just waiting to see if it would get picked up and then John decided he was leaving and we're alike. Will this? Is it everything's come together? They picked up our show and we were moving relieving. We just it was just the timing was perfect and then to be us also offered me my own show, and so I said, us and then that was it. So we were gone at that point, so you guys were already in business or tv S with a detour. Yet, yes, we were
and any had it like. You were. You were the creator and executive producer in that and he had yet writers room and yet among young people doing it. And yes, yes, I'm sorry I haven't seen it. I don't watch a thing now I understand, but it is frankly god- and I think that family so who like when you when they give your own show, sir. You are now going to be a producer and Abbas and as an end, the hell out of the show was that must have been a new thing for you very very so how did you tat? How did you decide to put together how'd you higher than the right? I think you're producer is a guy. I worked with Greece. Brief word yes, mouth ass I can allow. I am yet he is ten years since the beginning on Harkin's been there since they getting who worked with me fireballs. I definitely put together
A small team of people- and we just built out from their raw it was really intimidating, is really intimidating, starting a shell from nothing. Then I work with super supportive. They actually were very supportive. I won't say that I wasn't I mean I just was lake just terrified until it launched until the day a launch, so probably for about a year I was Jim, had like nervous just like rural lades at all times, just like popping aunt acids trying to keep my head above water and they really, even after the show, started its real journey like going from being someone's.
Play to being people's boss is a whole different. It's a whole different situation, its base, you bet Azure performer. You knew to play to your strength. You knew the area that you wanted to deal with. You knew you could do this stuff that you were great at. I for sure, didn't think that we would get past six episodes like for sure I was like here is a great opportunity to try something and to be like really audacious with the point of view and then we'll get castle, but we'll have six, maybe
gets like six episodes of this thing you and then is severely calling card generally think of everything in terms of calling cards like that, it's a proof of concept, for if someone wants to do something again in the future, but anyway it just if it worked like it, it was landed at the right time. The peoples in- and I love it. So you know who now sometimes you just like stumble into things. That seems like I wouldn't have said it's not like. I would have said I was twenty five postal show one day I wouldn't have thought, learn one billion years right break. I give it. I mean the good thing about. It is no matter how nervous you were. You were thoroughly prepared to do. The tiger show that you set out to do right us, and any seems, like you know, we're time and fairly quickly. That year you sort of you were able to
poor pull together your own audience, but a lot of people already knew you were pretty pretty fuckin. Well, I would thank you know over the time you're at the daily show, and I the fact that John leaving in that show shifting into something different, probably was you know helpful in some ways, I think so I think in all kinds of the timing of it was really great The timing really worked out for sure, and also I know that, like you know, you were parted at the beginning that you really had to take into consideration. All these shows. Do these shows with comedic segments that that a lot of your audience was not going to watch in the traditional way they were gonna. Watch on mine, they're gonna watch pleasure like, as I know that, like you seem to be ahead of the curve with you know, people watching clips from your show
Yes? Well, we knew there. I mean it's just like it's also how I d just content like I'm, not, I fear I dont really sit down and watch a son of to account really watch a lot of derision. I wrote you earlier, I don't want to. I just don't have a lot of investment and tat like if you had a show like, were my whole families watching lost right now, who does what lost in ground in that's yet were solely to the party, but my kids are into it. Ended there. So many episodes, it's really good show for us. We watch. I never watched it. It's good for all of us during quarantine. Kids, like thing look forward to it all data we sit in theirs.
One hundred and fifty episodes, or something like that I was here- have something kind of at the end of the day together which really nice labour. I would never watched that show if it was on week to week and I had to watch commercial like day just things that way I don't go. Let me wait for next week's law. I wonder what will happen in seventy eyes: lake. What effect it would have. Your attention span poster I like that. Still a man like you one, but it is really like yeah, because if I I mean there, shows in my life like when the Sopranos Rosanna resided about Sunday, that's nice, they would say what mad man it's where these days, though you're breaking bad. It was like when I can't you know right, but I liked watching things like that. I dont like binge watching because I can stop and you know you end up in your staying up all night ridiculous, like you Jimmy
week about you. I know you re so maybe we'd tapped it up partially because of my own attention span, because, unlike Can you ve entered over me in three minutes moment have to be aware of it. I mean I mean there are some level where you're like You know your online presence. Has the army has a boss? Who did you you know and in working with the network? Did you have to put a whole other team in place to do that? Number? We do have a digital scene, but it's really small. It still like a pretty scrappy shall, like, I think, we're like still converse scrappy size and our departments are small, the highly functional so so like we have like a home base like
work level, people putting out our content, we're still light bright, piecing together ourselves, more like let's get some coffee on this and send it out and let's see what s wrong with this. You know right, I think, that's it that's a good place for us to be good. Scrappy So in is your mom still around in everything she is she lives. Very far away Joshua's on a very remote island off the coast of income for Ireland, she's no she's composting up their first sure any like with worms and everything. Oh great, like the logistics. Does she liked the show tat you she actually dont know if she watches at all that much is not a person that can really be contained. You know it's hard to destroy his heart to describe like sometimes shadow. What was that blouse? That's the
the only textile goods like what we're thinking. Why so many flies around your face, as well as reviewing it in the backyard there's like gnats everywhere, because it's really moist really three? How are you gonna do with bugs where's the bugs and, how, in the summer is getting in that category better. No, it's gonna be really can be different, different bodies flying around by the delay in this for a while its willingness and feels it feels like it's gonna take a long time. I don't know, what's gonna happen, nobody does he not agree feeling is not really really don't uncertainty. I liked uncertainties nowhere regimens. No, you know you got it create new patterns. Moscow pursuing I got my first love
am I I'm going to ask, go online right. I think the last idea for and we there's never watch is a very good idea. Did you ve come up with that yourself? I believe that could have been at that kind of an ingenious Jason move, because I thought of that yeah. I feel it. That's it. That's a Jason's! Russia to find an old- there are hundreds of episodes underline that balance and entire family can watch. That's right guy! That's that's good thinking that Smart, that's good parenting! That's quarantine! the parenting it is on my nerves, its young, take a picture of us. I did it happen. Let that happen. I will meet with great talking you Samantha. This is a real pleasure pleasure to talk to you, sir, It worked out pretty get worse. Great really gets really it's different. It's it's new for me to do this in this way without without you
get so nervous. When I get I'm already anxious you now, beggar like you could, but when, if even if I don't know a lot about somebody, they come over. Here is a thing where you know like it becomes an organic thing. When you dislike it. You're in your environment. We keep watch it with her son was playing with. They were his phone right next to her during our Olivia. My I just NL born Michael happened, only I have no control over this situation. Was cape under nice, machineries ovarian cancer right she's ever Bright, very intellectual, very very issue, seems nice, but well guarded. I will take it. Take a couple shots EU. Have the game is to establish a certain dominance? Oh my kyle. God, that's election. Like I. She gets on she's like a union basement, and am I know yoga
right at the gay. Like her, I let's go. This is where I am now. You can hear exciting titillating, but it was great talking you and thank you for doing it. Thank you for having me the pleasure. I see you soon Carson somewhere, I see later now Samantha be again full frontal. What's man to be as Wednesday night at ten thirty, nine, thirty central on Tv S and don't get if you doing more searching and stream these days, HBO Max is dreaming platform, were all of HBO, meets the greatest collection of movies and shows its. Of HBO Series in blockbuster movies, together with timeless classics, the most bizarre the tv and new MAX originals for everyone, all your favorites, all in one place produced fortune. Nine per month. Hbo Max there are streaming. May twenty seven visit HBO Mac
dot com to learn more, I'm going to play this that piece it when like. So it's just an extended roof on a Kenmore thing. I did for the last piece in the in the film sort of trust I miss when I miss one Shelton Thank you for everything
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