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Episode 1132 - Amber Preston / J-L Cauvin

2020-06-17 | 🔗
It's been five years since President Obama joined Marc in the garage and WTF is marking the occasion not with Donald Trump, but with comedian J-L Cauvin, who talks to Marc about his Trump impression going viral and reinvigorating his standup career. Then Marc talks with comic Amber Preston who, like J-L, held down a day job in Corporate America while her career in comedy took shape. Amber and Marc talk about North Dakota, Scandinavians, having Dead Head parents, and trying to shake her Fargo mindset of rule-following and passive aggression.

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Like the guy all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck nix, what the fuck stirs what's happening? Sorry, I just knocked the mike. I knocked it and I'm trying to have a good tone about this, because I really I don't want to the point where I'm bombing people out where they like is marin, still fuckin sad? I am I am sad, but I'm finding little nuggets of o'kane is here and there like, How far is shit goes down the the toilet in the world a. I can still sit on porch pretend like things are okay, but monkey is definitely winding down nay. I just said I would urge you to day before I recorded this, I got
he's kind of like fashion himself in and weird place? Not It's shine. But I got him out and he got on my chest and you just wait there and I literally cried and I my cat, I loved him and that we have a lot of good memories and we do that's the fucked up thing. Man by the way, amber Preston, median whom I met in the mid west. I believe in minneapolis used to open for me here and there will be on the show, also J, l, CO van who does he pretty startlingly funny. If it's possible trump impression. I gonna talked to him, few minutes as well, but it's it's strange, you know I it's not that I have. I guess, people have pictures of their children growing up, and I pictures of my cap and not really growing up, but I, but I and through so many different lives.
I've been through so many lives and I got, these cats in in two thousand and four. right in the summer, so the the original crew the five year, the to the fond in monkey. having this amazing life and being out here. But I've been what monkeys been through with me is insane. I can mark the time with monkey I know when we, when I find we brought him back. I got him to the house in highland park in Lhasa, Joyce. And I remember, like I left in there now to go back to new york and I was married to mission at the time and she couldn't find monkey and then- well, he just stuck his head out of the the chimney vent he climbed up in there, but can marked the times in my life he's been with me for sixteen years. and I have a hard time marking the times in my life with people, I've been with her relationships, I've had her or face. In your
fr in levels of depression, break up insanity. a monkey was there, he was there. I don't want to do a premature obituary, I'm just trying to steal myself again, I'm trying to. Myself I connected and we felt the love it's a fucking cat. I know, but it's lids midst, monkeys to fate my favour one and just realizing that the things that I've really let myself love in a very deep way. Maybe ever yeah, I'm going to lose. You know fairly close to each other. Maybe some miracle happen in monkey will persist and keep living bat, an exact and weird he's. Fucking oldest fuck drink, a lot of water. He still eating. He still purring still coming around taken his medicine go into. The bathroom is not thrown no diarrhea fuck, you I don't know, I don't know I just know a lot of water and he's.
Looking a little loopy looking at skinny, but that's the thing man so I think you're he doesn't know it, but I know it. I can look at my life with that cat he's been do all of it. I just remember when I was so sad. I had to go back to new york to take the job to end the divorce, to get the money to stop the hemorrhaging I was devastated. Man that was devastating in this is devastating one am in now. I guess somehow may be prepared me. You know he taking all these risks by not staying with people were making the compromises necessary or being a fucking as just having a tragic thing happen. I guess I'm. somewhat. I've been through some shit, it seems This life now, I'm that guy
I just remember I didn't know what to do had to go back to new york, I was lonely actually loaded monkey up and brought him back new york. Mets left the van to here with some other cats. she and boomer. I took He back me. Monkey did like a year new york together and came back like tat. Was there bishop. I have at this fucking cat. And I guess he's hanging on I'm hanging on. I you know it It really is something this grief business that sort of- the fear of forgetting is powerful. I've take it upon myself. I have lynn's jacket and hat and boots sort near the door, and I Don'T- I finished- Joan didion- but by the way people recommend books. It's again, people have been great still being great
lotta love goes out to Tom sharply SAM lips. I jerry Stahl brandon mcdonald. People than been out up for me, Steve, Danziger, Michaela watkins the and given shout out to the people they're stopping me from falling into a pit of fucking darkness self. Did may be avoided the self pity a woman. Austin who decide. fair, therapist stephanie. She, the jones ditty in practice. There is a difference between, and I know I don't know they read this in the book, but there's a differ. Between self pity, of sorrow, the book is great, your of magical thinking, I'm happy. I read it. I don't know if I read it too soon or not,. I guess the point is to keep her in my
keep her my my ever jacket there and I walk in. Sometimes I just touch it and then I'll get a flower and I look at the hat and I'll get a flash of her being in those things and her face in her energy. And that moment oh fuck, this man this, while some day, stop crying in front of my neighbors, I went over to Dan's house. Had a socially distance will cook out there dan from gimme gimme records, his wife jen, the acupuncturist, the needle lady, Just sit around out back was in an iraqi nice. Food bears a fuckin thing looked folks. I still need Yeah a little bit of a reality check. Sometimes I and I brought some pickled onions that I made, and you know it was still light out and
Everyone showed up and came, and we ate, and we talked for like a couple of hours. It got dark out and I get like two half hours in, bathroom. And ah you know it was emotional conversation, some light conversations, but it's just nice to hang out with people they're good people, everyone's good folks. and I go the house go, go the bathroom and I look in the mirror. I got my fucking sunglasses down, I mean I was sitting there in the dark with four people I know pretty well out wearing my fucking sunglasses. Now I get it. I guess- Like I guess, he's really sad- or this is thing now- and this is how he grew that won't like like if I were to sit with me I'll, be like. What's this affected fuck doing a giddy sad, but I mean you're among friends, take your glasses off. No one said nothing and I walked. What do you think I am some sort of a asshole? No one. tell me, I'm wearing sunglasses for the last three hours I didn't know
I mean it's not really on them, but it's interesting how people? I guess, that's politeness. I want me there. Fraid of I guess, What I have said of the americans The two sunny out here for you, it's fucking nighttime, I'm way go fuck! You man, I'm sad. fucking sat. I guess that's what they're afraid of death do you know? De ray wear sunglasses is dark. Now, look man might have been crying man. I want to show him not just an idiot Madame old man denied sunglasses. I grief is twisted me up. was to me up make me look like a pompous celebrity how back night wearing sunglasses, so look I it's been it'll, be five years actually, tomorrow june nineteenth that I spoke to
and president Barack Obama incredible conversation, which is always available at wtf pod, dot com, we're stitcher premium wherever you listen, I now it's five years later and at no okay, we're definitely. Not having donald trump the show that happen, though there is secret agreement, not so secret. I'm telling you. Between Brendan and I that if because we don't really do politicians, We do presidents, we would have to. Indulge him if I, if he were to play Same rules at Barack obama did president Barack Obama, but he will not so So this guy, maybe you seen him on twitter jail, cove an- and he doesn't look like trumpet anyway, as he hasn't really put on they makeup other than it had occasionally, but he does a fucking great trump.
and sometimes he'll riff out as trump and in a just It kills me like, for instance, here's a little bit of him doing trump birthday. It's a beautiful day. We love earth It's in our. it's a great planet and we're taking unbelievable care because, as you know, I want the clean air and the strongest, cleanest water, such very. Important day and we're doing great things for the environment. A lot more than anybody else has done so believe me, we're doing, more than you ever did. I can tell you that I can tell you that much, but am I a fan of mother nature. No, no mother nature, as you know, is a very nasty woman, mother business. We like we like mother business, she's strong. She was still at our eels. We love the still arrows very powerful, very sleek, very sexy mother business, but mother nature is like kind of dumpy
okay and she's, very nasty she's, always saying very, very lib, anti trump things. Okay. So now we don't like mother nature. That was the JL coven. and doing our current fucking, nightmare of a president. and as I wanted to talk to him a it because he's been doing comedy while he can listen to gas, which is called. in podcasts great again, can you I will now, with his trunk material, it's called fireside craps, the deuce it's available now and I ones in amazon, and adds one day get a sense a who he is so this is me and talk in a jay, I'll cobain over names that french, my father was patient? So my mother was That's why I look the way I do but yeah
So what have you been doing this a lot of places the impression I've been doing like in twenty sixteen. I had a couple of sort of private gigs and I was closing my sets with it like a standup clubs yeah, but then just basin was relegated to sorta youtube. It never took off the way I kind of thought it should have. Everybody else seemed to have a trump that was taking a heartier, and then you know the guy. I work also as an attorney, and I was home working from home bored and I've been doing a couple videos on my phone, he's good. I know I have it down and I figured I let's see how these girl and a couple got your tent. thousand views on twitter, which is nice, but it's not like it doesn't make. Grady and then I had one a month and a half ago, get seven in views and that sort of totally shifted sort of my online presence in thinking my career was basically over. I'm now like k, I think I might have just gotten a career again. You think
so you're an attorney yeah I started doing, stand up in law school in two thousand and three and then The DA's office work for a firm got laid off in nine during the financial crisis, sort of feature. Full time for like four. Yes, then all my money, appeared and then I had to go back to doing part time legal work, as I hadn't given up on the idea of like got a breakthrough at some point. I do not remember I dont, like the last internet viral thing I had. I did and improved Louis he came back and talk with that. You all dressed as louie yeah oh yeah yeah. I remember that yeah. I was funny yeah so that that was me and like I've had these up and down years, and I was like a guest on corolla frequently and then I had my stuff played on e s. P m radio, but it was never enough to be. Okay, now I can get back into prime full time and last year. I basically took a full time job at a law, firm moved at I'm from new york city, but I now that jersey moved out of the city. the first time you're my forty near and was not like
keep doing comedy. But I don't know be my priority anymore. So, okay, so wait till you are closing with the trumped in two thousand and sixteen and then he did once you have it on youtube and then what I like but the third one? You did recently got seven million. Ah yeah, it's up to it's like six point: eight million on twitter and like two and a half million on youtube, and what does that mean? Does that then, who reaches out to you? What happens It's been, I mean, people reach out with writing suggestions. They they they sent me. You may say why, don't you try business right sure why You know some some people celebrities have reached out to be the only people in this way the only people have reached that our agents in them so once again my career still seems like locked in place, but it's been a lot. I mean everybody, but people who can maybe give me a career, have reached out and told me how great I am I did howard stern. You did I I think I'm doing it again. Next week,
like having seven years of my career jammed my one jammed into one month still, even that, though you know doing radio beds doesn't make giving money exactly and it's also weird, because it's like now, everybody wants to hear the trump and I'm like I have been doing, stand up comedy for over sixteen years and I'm very good in my opinion. So it's like I'm in place now where I want to capitalize and make money, and and get my name out there, but also not have it become that guy and that's all and then I'll, say anything else and they're like well. Nobody wants a you're, not that's tricky man, so yeah, but so. Your act is not impression. Based now, when I started out it was I mean. Four five: six, that's really what it's a lot of what I did and then you know
as you know, you just you live a little and you want to talk about other things and your voice develops as a stand up comic. So then like for six or seven years, I'm close with and obama there, but that was the only impression in my set impressions on youtube, want keep them separate and then closing with a trump for the last three years. But like that's, the only impression he set What other impressions did you used to? Do I mean there's use too I mean, of course, the hockey ones. Early on arnold schwarzenegger de niro had a. I had a good owen wilson. He then started developing like I had the louis CK, a george lopez. Some friends really like my Greg giraldo impression median, you know as is especially meaningful. And I went on. I have like a job, Joel Osteen, impression, video out these areas I dunno. If you know who this jon bernthal the guy who played like a punisher yeah, I've interviewed him. Oh great, I have a. I haven't a really good one of him that I'm probably going to mix with trump in the next
We could use. It is like a whole range of the thing: is the trumpets sorted dominated for for monetary, cultural reasons become almost like a role instead of being one of many impressions. I do it's almost become. Like my name, roll over the last couple years. An important role. The weird thing is it yet my brenda mentioned to me was that it's so close and so possible that you know it barely a farce in right now, I end up trying to just go: have the way I think I've gotten it good. Also the voice was good, but I do a weekly show as trot and that's sort of like loose a of every week as trump and that sort of has made me really good at just sort of I'm more anxious a painting where he's gonna be six months from now verses like could never happen. It's like he was making fun of shindo ave. When a bad asian
Dario typewriter, right, the friends of mine were like do those like pushing it may go, that's what he would do and, unlike six months later comes out there in private he's been making fun of like asian leaders accents and I go. I can't be. the accountable for being offensive. If I'm merely predicting the behavior of this offensive person right it's more about keeping ahead of him than like trying to outdo rice, so wet what which were, what's with the pod cast your doing or just a youtube show it's making podcast great again. This is the weekly so that's like just It's it's really, it's it's very fine and we took up out of a nice following for it and it's it's. You know like people, hear things in contact me six months later. I can you believe what terms it didn't. You say that last year, on the show that some areas it's fun and staring so what is it I to get into trump. You just drop into it
I mean at this point it's The mindset is very easy, and It's just you kind of low. avoid soon. You got you know then, and as different drugs, like only a meeting with more modern. Now it's like waving, the discussion and doing my like me, my sixty minutes voice. You were doing the things you. if, especially like a black woman reported. Excuse me your nasty stay woman. That's why I no not you you and then the rally tromp is like the biggest, which is just. What are we? think about Joe Biden. Isn't sleep. A job is new like were here african american? You know what I'm talking about things like the sleepy, a sky so sleepy falling asleep sleeping is like not able to stay awake. They say when you're sleepy they say you can't stay awake, it's like I know all the words for it's like a beautiful thing, yeah it's nice to see you laugh, but it's a yeah
the whole range- and at this point I cried it's sort of cnn. I think it was bad for democracy, but I the term with never like going to commercial for three years, while he's on tv, because it was just justice, almost as at that point up the impression just kept getting better and more nuanced, and now because you know like he's actually, improvising more now, you know great jazz artists yeah so then I mean, with these two hour long briefings you know they. I have not watched one in its entirety and I know that they usually cut away from them, but they ve got to be Have you listened to any of the the two hour briefings in their entirety? I and I feel a little guilty about it. As part of me says, hey it's kind of like research. I want to know if there's something he said here. We keep it at the same time. I don't even what he says, because I
after one out there, anyway right and they're they're, really they're, really bad they're they're, like I've, turned some of them off because I'm just like these are. These are either strokes for him, he can't do his rallies, so he gets to go out there and yell. It literally, but you do see You do see how his brain works. Oh yeah, I know it's because said the people whenever somebody says to me like trip, is very smart endeavours. Smart guy, urea, good instinct near I don't mind dogs has good instincts too. If there's a state on the table shop I figure out how to nudge a chair over the table, jump on the chair and get state yeah, it doesn't mean she can go to college and and read books. It's just. She is very focused on using her particular skills and his his instinct is a combination of ego, stroke and self preservation, so Did you have said the impression? Could I do a lot of me Andrew S here and that's something that people really liked going off topic and finding
way back. It's it's a choose. Your own adventure book when you're doing a trump. The choice is always what it's trump's, you're, happy So if he says a word, if he goes, you know we're having a it's called tele, teleconference. Okay, a lot of people are doing this. Tell would you like that, where a teleconference, impress with the fact that he said the word touch. So now, let's go off on a little side on how brave that word is. As I said it and then we'll come back and go, but it's a great thing and we're doing great great work for the people, you're you're you're you're. Next. He, I think the nabisco riff was that's the one that killed me. Oh, thank you yeah the ventral at the nabisco we making nabisco, making my ventilators now so we're gonna very strong at they're gonna break up is that the one that got all the hits? No, no. The first thing I did well too, but the big one was actually the one I thought was like not as good yeah. You never know what's going to hit, it was about him wanting to reopen the country on
and the bear that was way too soon, so the job that it became. The tangent was out stir start, like god, only brought back his son on Easter sunday and that to be honest, this kind of biased because he's only bringing back his own son who wouldn't want to bring back their own son yeah, I'm going to bring back the whole economy, we're going to have a pay per view event where it's god verse trump and who brings back more people. On Easter sunday. It's going to be a beautiful thing, so now what kind of law? practice or are you involved with do they know that you do the the trump they they do it's it's. I'm a staff attorney I'd rather not say wearing out. It's basically you're sort of your paid pretty well to do sort of stuff that the legal profession requires lawyers? To do I not much beyond that. Like I often say I I I said
here you go. You like the suffers I'll offer. You like get stuff ready at the lowest level, but you're, not one of the stars and you're not doing the real me. potatoes work and they do now. They know I was upfront cause. I didn't want to have a thing where it's like: they discover six months later and go oh, you need to leave such a girl, rather tell them upfront and then, when the trump video blew up, we were all working remotely and like. I had secretary email me? I had a co worker. You, like my aunt, just sent me your video that's. How I have gotten better at people who didn't need help are getting me from their distant relative as well lawyer. It's kind of interesting that the methodology of this particular president is that, if through somebody. That means you will get you. You know you. You ve got time to out your pal pace it Then you know his exact trump trump uses lawsuits not now in pursuit of money are or are certainly not presented justice but I got the later yeah until he like
flown to a non extradition countries. The EU. I have no idea what's going to happen after but like what is the without see at the other. Odd thing is, I think it seems like. Sadly, given that your career is starting to take a turn, and you got this record out and you've got the podcast that yeah there you have something invested in trump, it's sort of like. VON meter. You know after jfk was killed. It was kind of over in a sad story for that guy, but but day you know It seems that even if he doesn't win god willing, still be able to find a way to parody him. Yeah and I think I joke Well, maybe for about one meter I said yeah. I think I had all my fun meter tragedy and sad sack career yeah before, for Instead of at least that's the right direction to do it in for me, it's I've been stand up almost seven, in years, so I know at least my chops are there you get the opportunity to showcase more. You know that I I will thrive and with trump
I'm still conflicted. If I'm going to continue doing it and people think I'm full of shit, and I am conflicted about continue if he wins. I'm much more comfortable continuing even to a smaller audience. If he loses to mock him. Can do like here's. What trumps political commentary is on by now that he's out of all right, but if you re elected really does no hyperbole. It says something fundamental about this country's essence, what picks its leaders and its I don't think it's funny anymore. I think a mistake can be corrected, but but doubling down on it says structurally and spiritually this country has has has hit a tipping point. I think I I think I Sadly I feel the same way and I'm not even doing an impression yeah I note the bigger concerns are like you know. How do we live here? If that is the we're going to be living in he and the benefits. When you had a career, that's been fifteen.
sixteen years of up and down and disappointments and little successes. I met emotionally very well equipped to have my career fall off another cliff and be like It wants to book me anymore, oh, so it's just like twenty fifteen and twenty seventy, but you are also when you're employed, which is good yeah. No, no and of course, but that's Something also that that fell into my lap less than a year ago, like I was doing part time work for for like six and a half years. So it's today, I didn't always that bright, but I developed the I guess: coping in his arms or strategies to be like you get used to the discipline and you got you have kids know gets married long time girlfriend and a dog new out, then he got a place in jersey. Yes, so it's it's! It's! Okay! It's not the way! I certainly didn't think taking three steps back from my comedy. It was exactly what was needed for me to become a success, but you and me both buddy I mean, but that but yeah
really funny and do a great job thanks thanks for talking to us. I thank you, very much. No, again. That was alcove and his podcast. king pike, ass great again in his album fireside craps, the deuce as available, and now it's the amber preston, s is a nice made western lady AOI start. very funny she open for me. I met her in minneapolis years ago. I'm sure we'll discuss that her new stand up. Album is the sparkly pants you can get it wherever you get music and comedy albums and I like her- and we did this in person in real life, she got a test to come over to my house, so I get tested. Even though The only symptoms is that something we need to do once a week. If we're going to talk,
anybody. Maybe it is, I don't know alright so I'm now going to introduce to my friend amber Preston and we're going to chat right now I? What is this album called sparkling parts spark We parts first album first, album What are we ten years in now, one thousand two hundred twelve here's anger I reckon years ago, and then I just sat out. I dunno, if that's great selling, point yeah. No, no just to imagine how good I am now, but it was. I wasn't doing that material anymore and like poor dan ice. I was the one that I sat on it and he was like come on. Come on come on come on. Let's do it do it. I think this book you sent me I had there. I think they're just fallen into mommy. Like orange. I get it we had it. happy that my my dad's a big reader, his weirdo.
If we had a copy, when I was little and I felt very grown up reading it because they're weirdo, because he's a reader well known he's just like to me like that he as in scandinavia and closed off as he is like. This seems like this. Was the guy huh peak hygiene What do you know about an hour crooks, a crook as a short rustic poem. This is one accompanied inappropriate, drawing revealing in a minimum of words and with a minimum of lines. Some basic truth about the human condition books were created originally during the nazi occupation of denmark, began life as a sort of underground language, just out of reach of the underlying the germans they have since become the most widely read forms of composition in the scandinavian, and languages. Yet
just some are longer, but you know they're just little ditties that you like ooh, that's that's something! That's deep, so I had a copy in there now. I've since collector. I think our six and did he invent it grooks or was I recently are sort of a trend the time Nancy. We can do yours if your neck, democratic rights are you I mean I'd orient appeared too high in no. It is a lobbying it down the rabbit hocus. He was also he would Canada head to head with this. Other danish, like a physicist, a really end
I was very excited about it because it seems to be appropriate for the time we're living it. I mean a secret language of truth. Is all we really needed? The short clips that you can take in moments of panic, yeah. We can do I'll. Just start tweeting, grooks I've been I've, been instagramming them content the content. I've been creating weights. He is your dad like. Is he really scandinavian? Well, norwegian and german, but in north Dakota? I feel like if german, but it is they that scandinavian. I feel, like I m, closed off Don't let you know atf relatives with accents? Are you talkin generation operations here, so the family has some german russian, like they have accents there in the middle of north Dakota, like related to learn, swag real yeah. That's my grandma says, but I know that's that's. One is the one jews. It's always like. Barbra streisand or they they would across the street. From this some connection, some guy well small town, north Dakota chances are well was there we was unwelcome, wasn't alex.
These at Israel s name, I would now my dad would lead that would have been to the farm all go. It's really whites theirs learn spoke, farmville alluring walk far now, but we were brought up in south dakota north Dakota, how dairy sorry, south Dakota is problematic right now north north Dakota. Whatever different problematic will be judging and more scandinavian and more lutherans. I'm catholic super catholic, my family's catholic but ways latterly sense. So north Dakota, your people, yes and they came down like in the eighteen hundreds when they made land available to be farmed by people who knew how to farm who knew how to farm horrible land rights is that way I think they were like. We can't do any better. We don't know what to do with this people who live. Scandinavia seems to have you figured it out. You seem to not want anything better, so
Well, no, they knew how to farm that land. I think was the idea and the deal was they would be given a property I could make it would use. something with it yeah yeah, my mom's side came. They were germans that were fled to russia and then came from russia. It's alright? I mean I read a book called the great plains of the great plains, I'll have to read it by Ian Frazier, which is sort of like condensed history of the region. yeah, and it goes into all that why the scandinavians came and the russians came in the germans, because there it was like a free for all and it's like we can. We can't would have any luck with this and I think they raw he tried right. I think they brought winter wheat with them. That was like it and they figured it out, but North Dakota have no sense of it. Yet that when they want it that way, they don't want not, want you to know, but with a bleak. What would tat I ve given fargo, which is right on the border of minnesota and it's a thriving briar say metropolis
been fargo, you haven't! No, I swear they didn't you with with the o with eighteen yeah. I swear that maybe you're right, maybe you're right, maybe I'll, remember we block they were like eugene and Andy. It was an upstairs joint was a small joint. That was the first time I'd seen you when you did it in minneapolis at the turf club we do not have you are not, then I did know you, then. If you like after the turf glove and you open for me. Where did you open for me? First, at the triple rock that's another rock bartha right right, you'd see. We would see me in aspen and rye. Ask me and asked him aspen at the non h, common, great right, right, right, the rooftop, the rooftop in outline read what is it was a rooftop roof tat value as the illicit there's a lot pressure from here. As the least successful guessed you ever had. I really that is not true. I can. I can name tone, don't bet
here when I don't like it, I can't even how that I thought I was going to that was gonna, be no. I don't. I don't think it's true. I think that you're just that level, where you know, you're working your solid, you got the shit put out record years ago, They sat down. That's foresight, re hold on wait till people have nothing to do but wait. I need you like we need to do some basic stuff again Do I guess I don't know that night where's mary from she's, northern, johnson, but we met minneapolis right. but bet you should not decode and I dunno. If I've talked to anyone from dakota now either dakota either Dakota can't there's over not like a dearth of interesting famous a lot of interesting people. I grew up in fargo up in fargo, but that's like how many, how big It is no under thousand. Well, maybe maybe more- maybe hundred thousand in your brothers
MR have a brother who lives in montana, with durable children and like lives off the land and the like the great. If I could ranch car like yeah, you like does mason work but like has like me acres of land and nice there. What are doing here What's the of the white superman, the squares. There's that that that's that's you know a thing to consider. My sister is younger than me. She lives in chicago judgment there, like a real city. She has there. Now she can't leave. And she's not working. They should just move there. She, you know sectors bar tending barely like I do. You know she's gettin unemployment, because he like just got their own, got a big da, didn't know they arrive in a parliament, but she's got great remit and they're doing all right, but it's like yes. Indeed, in fargo, I'm doing it now. You can't leave your house yeah, but
What are you doing today in fargo? Your dad did what I know, but your dad was my dad's, a retired electrician, and then my mom had if you are jobs when I was little and then worked in the school system as like a a pair professional and then I worked at regular folk, regular, hardworking dad's vietnam, vet real here did know he doesn't talk about it. Sometimes I remember asking him about it. When I was little as your learning about it, no grasp of anything, and we also had like a silk like kimono, then he brought back, That was that was the right thing. We found us a box of slides that late. I get a family gathering, my aunt like him. vietnam. I now, as I got on going to be in here like there was there were pictures of like lady too a guide taking him in some guys on a tour, and I really unlikely so you can see some interesting thing for now.
like got in the shit me and the grunts guys. We know that god. I was working with some of that kind of jazz, but then year maybe like eight years ago, I wrote him a letter because I haven't forbid. I ask him face to face he's gonna hate this. He hates like sharing like when he comes. He comes he's like he came to one he does come. He doesn't like it and he's been to all the shows and he will proudly say why bend all of 'em I've been to the worst ones even like well. Okay, do you do a joke about it? I'm sure I do he. So I wrote him a letter asking him about vietnam. Recently mud sixty to go, and then he wished he one day when I was home on our way, the door driving back to minneapolis. He like Hannah, you know can I open it made like slammed it shut? Must I do read this now. It's an answer to your letter and it was like one thousand two hundred pages of like his experience like getting there he was supposed to be. A shit burner was a job adelaide means. What burning
the shit really like getting rid of that's a a job, that's a job and then the guy who did that or that's it was. I forget, I have to go back and we would it was if that was going to be his job, but then the guy who did that wanted to keep that job because he was going to be out in a few months so that my dad was working in helicopters. So he didn't, I think he really sad too much action because he was like a tiny but yeah. He was in vietnam for a year. He left the day before thanksgiving and came back the day after, and that was it and that was at which my grandmother tells us every thanksgiving, he came back and here he The only thing. I remember him saying when we were little is that it was hard to come back as but he wanted them there and then nobody cared when they when he got back. So if you, I think I would love to know there are some years after that that our party time in a finger to somebody else about this. Once again, the apparent who is in vietnam and then there's some shit that went down the years after
Eventually they level off yeah. I I think I mean will you go in your eight, so he's backwards? Not twenty nine You see this crazy stuff. We gotta go go go school. You can get a part time job and live with your parents. What is that blow off some steam figure out what you've been through, but it sounds like he didn't get too fucked up I well! If he did, he came back romana. He came back and met your mom, and that was a guess, so they were together like eight years before they get. They were like dirty hippies living in sin, as my grandma says, and followed the grateful dead and they did yeah yeah he's super dead. Had my first concert was bob dylan like when you were a little kid, yeah, sixth grade what to wear wondering. Oh, I have the t shirt. Ninety. Ninety. Ninety ge smith was touring with him. I opened the hotel door for GE smith. We might we were party. I live here.
he's been around, so that was GE. Smith was in the band yeah. Do you remember that if being good, yeah yeah cause. I thought it was. because I knew some like. I was like now play like the pit. Have you no thank you? I knew lakes and ethical issues and beast. I got the area, so they were about where they like, like real hippies, I spoke in the wheel, yeah yeah I don't think it's a My mom, I think, stopped a long time ago here either iD say the same, my dad, but yeah. They definitely I've. Seen pictures from there. Oh wow, the big I travel and tourism had only while the dead around now does much that they definitely. Any of their former houses. There was always many many people it seemed like in any gathering picture. I was clothing. A lot of just like people in rio and in those funky cigarettes. My hundred dirty
a little, but now everybody good the grandparents now my mom just retired, and you bit little bit. sometimes the air, but having me you there now aspen and then many and then you asked me open free minneapolis met you and ask yeah that, member that, it's really bad altitude sickness for me that time. Yes, they had oxygen, play. I usually don't get it that bad, which is really fucked me up that time. For some reason, did you get it? go up on a gondola. We did go by gondola. Who else was in that condo? Do you remember I do what I might have Bryan singer know. Maybe me there are no tim harmston, ass to who owe their pottery guys. Wilson can't move the other. I remember those guys yeah, I don't remember them. Were they from there here and you know they're they're. They like wear a funny like christian. Can
counselor sing zombies yeah. They, I think advanced fairly far unless last comic standing here that they like a crazy to your run, and I won't think that they plan, you know, I mean they got that wasn't like that like this is the bit that we are committed to forever, but I can't I can't speak for them, so I met you. Aspirin talked and then I hosted because I hosted the show, I think, warriors at the the big theater and then you're, like which way do next month- I like it- I dont know actually do I was at a going to a festival, asheville and I and I like again, I felt so cool cause I was like the festival early. I got to go back and open for mara and not a rock club no big deal. I remember that rock club gig, we are standing on the floor yeah slightly raised above,
ok, I'm starting to get like these weird ptsd from certain eggs like this are like I did that you don't have a far just, but I get fargo like it's out of my brain, because it was difficult. I really thought that that tour with eugene and andy like we just like know, eugene was going to pull all these people in and yeah it was going to be eight years this big idea me and Andy had it was just, okay yeah, it was weird and it just What was called that would like, like the anxiety or the hours they end up, pretty stand up any of those andy sing. Damian and he ended up getting a fight over bullshit, and did you guys I've tat, we drove the whole thing hours in our yeah yeah to say I used to do joke about it. I driving with any candour it's like driving with the history of the jewish people,.
but I am so windy. Where did you start fargo now, Minneapolis you moved Minneapolis, I moved minneapolis for college. Are you left far gone as a team? Were college university of minnesota twin? and got a degree in theater and then did absolutely nothing with it Your stand up. Comic like what you do like what kind of theater do you got degree for four years did years did the acting depth. I mean no to acting too slow of bachelor arts and theatre and then, like bar, tended unawares yeah I mean you had to leg, take other, You know you had to learn some lights and you know sadden were stuff. Back to the all the elements, but I mean, but did you did you like the acting? I did and I still do and and then I just didn't
The only thing I know you, sir bar tending in your. Let us make an fat cash and fired in and switching bores boys, and then I got a real job and finance you do. If I did. I worked in corporate amerika. I worked for paper jaffrey and then the group. I worked with spun out, so I worked for this little venture capital company and worked and yeah for how long gosh I maybe eight years because they start doing stand up when I worked I love how you're almost thirty so you're like stuck in this fucking hell job you just he kind of fell into it. Huh you can. like you took theater, and then you gotta barton, John they're, like a guess, knew just this isn't what life is like? Oh no is. This is what life I was. I think I was like this. This is what life is, what bartender another that like the corporate jane
I did it yeah I mean you did you know you like? You did doesn't sound like. Even there was a break in between you didn't even try the other thing. No, I didn't, and it was, I think, the issue were you just sort of again? Are you just two fucking out of it? I think a little of both like some days, you like what the fuck, doing, right and then other day, like while you're working hard or paying your bill, and that's all that that's all that matters right, that's it controversial cannonade, don't be so, shall we gotta you you're, making these the money? It is starting to save. Get that for one k. What more could you possibly want? we doing liken in finance work. I was an administrative, sustained and executive assistant making travel plans in putting together all right asia, the sitting in a cubicle. You learn power again. I don't know how do you know how to deal with people who I am I like: I like it? I like great people but like politically or
like I didn't agree indiana, it shouldn't be in the workplace, anyways well trickled over You know a yeah. How, how to how I dunno, maybe a formatting. How to treat an assistant may be some day cause. They did treat me well, but sometimes, like oh, come on campus he did that I may. I can believe it awake, it's a nightmare yeah and it is I I haven't I'll- have centralized tuna, but that the guests and they ask culture, sir you're, an asco really telling me yeah. I wish we could see your face or anything really telling me about it. Hey I gotta bring something interesting to the non series series. I don't know it's curious a you are either yes, sir, and ask her. I am very much a guess her and I am trying not to be so much get basque culture? You brought up that. You should always ask a question but know that the answer could be no that's a possibility
I guess, culture. You said you are learning the like. The fine you're like feeling out clues, don't ask unless you're pretty sure the answer is yes, so like my husband's and ask her, I'm a guess her and am am working towards that being so much that way. So I guess there is at the same as it is argued. Codependent thing I like a house of aggressive kind, adored like a door mattie no, Oh I like I may like I wanted to swear, but I will say: that's not nice, that's where I might come up: no you're, not a doormat you're. It's like you, I have a gating in your figuring things out, you're picking up subtle clue. I know but you're you're sort of your speculating and you're not taking lot of chance right right, until you know, like you'll. Take the chance. Eventually, maybe maybe Whereas a guess, don't you always assume that the answer is no and that you know
How can it be good enough price? I mean that a mean, I'm thinking that right now, Jesus but we are hearing your leg in you trying to figure it out and make that passiveaggressive way, and so your password, rescue pretty good at the ogre. I yes, I've gotten better. added or but I'm not doing it, and I can tap into it. When I need to lake, especially you thrown that meant that far go you. you can just leg like that, need how you have the walls leg like they can. Just not. Oh, you can just me you could put him away and clean it up. If you weren't, you isn't that nice. I remember working with you just because, like you nothing's great, well, you don't want to
it's a rough stage and I'd be like hi. I don't know, come on, I'm sure. Well, here's the real truth, especially that last run of the theaters. I was probably stuffing my face backstage with treats that people. Rings for you. So it's like yeah, it's great and I meant the cake or something yeah yeah, but right yeah, you don't want any. You don't want to get too excited about anything. You don't want to enjoy anything too much just and here you we are where this but like tat by the time you are aware of it, though, but who is already who you were like it is it's deep like I catch myself and I'm such a rule follower and like yeah, I check in it's it's a yeah. I want to break out of it, but oh well, a key like cutaway for that walk sign Nah cannot cannot cross. This is problematic, yeah yeah, especially it's a grow up were hippies? Well, were they like that? I think I think so. My mom, I think, is definitely guess culture.
And maybe my dad is a little Both I dunno cause. I I think I can communicate. I think I can abul in both languages, but it's just like you're in the house. It was like to see like I can't if I even fucking, think that someone's being passive, aggressive with me, Friends, no, I mean because, like I you know, I know you and funny in your comic and you I can wait through that shit, but I mean like people who, like I always assume they're fucking with me, anyways, I'm already sensitive right. So when diminished at all, because I think my mom was like that everything was it you we sort like white? Why? Why did you get to be right? I can hear like you- do is your bay? It's like you're, never quite good and yeah, and I fucking I go a little bit like that too, but I didn't feel quite as dodgy, but I like looking at you relate nothing's ever great. I feel like that was a little bit of my upbringing too, like I great
It came easily to me and I did well in school- that's good and things, but it was never in there very proud of me. I don't want to throw my parents, the bus and I love them and they're great, but yeah it's net like I just had to you, know the album I got my mom's like. Oh, you are in the newspaper. How come for it read it yet read the article. Yes, it's all for the oh, that's great! Oh, that's! Well, good work, interview my mom. How come you know what I mean like that kinda, it's the worst. It's always I mean I dunno what, but, if they, id say like that. Was such a good show or man we're so proud of you for like even doing the littlest thing, I'd be like fuckin manner. I think I think no one could win. I guess that's true. But, like you know, when it's like growing up in your parents like Somebody get on that. Other show that you weren't. You know like how do you? Maybe you should
bill Maher or somebody or you might my daddy said ty. He seems like they are in the world. They want you to achieve something in this industry. My parents are a little bit like so do you think you'll you get, you think you'll stay in los angeles. Are you guys? you don't think you could do that had been minneapolis on my company commercials. I am, I think you know how you could come back, but just to be closer, they love me. I'm a treasure, the idea of living near my parents are they're having them I dunno he usually has to do with kids Nancy. Like that start it bullying you into a well. I'm old were at the age now where people just just are like. Oh did you like. Are you guys going to adopt like that? You know, like we've, we've missed that we have you. I think, saudi I'm forty, you probably, well now yeah, I short rich, rich white women have babies in their mid forties, but I've got to I think not kids, but I don't it hasn't happened and to have you,
just been waiting for a? U guessing I'm I'm! I'm just feeling everything out. You know how! not necessarily stopping comic tim harms and says that you are not now try it. I mean we're I'm home alone and my husband trapped in quarantine. So things are happening right, but just never happen. It hasn't happened and I'm not like not freaking out, not freaking out cause. He know if he is, he isn't, but he he would. He would tell me Well, yeah I mean seems to be one of the things that people discuss. When you do the marriage thing you want children's rights. Did you do that We did it. We are like their great. We love them, but if it doesn't happen, I think what we have is also great you know I'm that way as well. I mean, I know I didn't want them. But I did not want them know I denied not wanted, and you know just because of any. Handsome, but I just just
This means anxiety to just think about it. I'm too anxious and too selfish into emotionally volatile. Those are all that's very good review. good parent, but I bet you're a fun uncle sam, no, I mean like yeah, I mean I think I would. I can fundamentally take care of people, but I just don't trust myself. Emotionally and also with like the the childish emotionally I don't want to be that parent, that's. Why can? You fucking kid not talking to my cuz he's. or maybe five bullshit, and that's just for teenagers. But now I find myself my gun, instagram stories of my friends have kids and, like I look, I watch the kids and I'm like that. Like an ex like our written, it's an exciting life. Well and make the further slips away the more like a shoot. I agree with my body. I'm supposed to save this whole. You know everything on the planet says that I, this physical being, I am, is supposed to be able to create life,
ryan do a bit about the me about the moment. You guys about it. You know. Come and you know, and then you know you shouldn't, but the everything or our history of the species is right. it's behind you, it's like wait. I haven't some of my body that not that I was like If I may, I wish I had been more active as a youth but term you weren't, no follow the rules you can You know I would then ok, so the catholic, a gilt man, thinking, there's a hell, oh yeah. and that was wrong. Now tell holding me man in our like a different place to go. I guess it's sums someplace ugly, the house, not a scary, not anymore near you still believe in it, so grandparents all of them are dead before I can start. Oh really, yeah! I got three. I got three hundred my four grandparents. That's amazing!
What are they like? Ninety yeah, ninety three, ninety five, we just I am very lucky. I actually right before lockdown was in did the big short I got the iter and then was in chicago in those words grand rapids laugh ass. It was another place so you're saying I did alive debit. You have to know what I was doing was not funny at all, but you know I was there and while she was on that now one was of great tommy John again Kevin kneeling in then moshe cash or light came up from the audience and told the story I was lying. I have I didn't know so. The idea of the live at pod vets right when I first moved here and I was like newly single and I was crazy and I was the last guest visas, the third one. This letter was pretty big tat. My biggest credits prior to this are being a guest on this. Oh that was the one that all women all romania was mean. Whitney in area was great and I got my u other there. That was an. I was crazy. It was a crazy person. I remember now yeah it was real. I was like oh she's, so much better, now, she's finally cut
control There was a brother of one of the new kids in the block in the audience and he talked to me after the show I mean you ve made things happened for me, mark your was yes, which was only macintyre his brother, tommy or timmy. I don't remember the fuck was you do and then are there because Joey macintyre as friends with grandma word, I no way too much, and it is a grand overload from canada gift. I have to bring nook is on the block into every conversation you haven't had any of them on the show. I would have any of em. I mean. I don't know that I work with Marcie Martha. Well, they go as anyone here he's a brother he's, not his brothers in the new gandhi wahlberg. His brothers merited jenny. Mccarthy. The agenda on the shop now certainly thought I don't know what I'd do with jenny vaccines and Donny. So here you are corporate culture. great of assisting rate and then and then in. I prefer executive assist our five cents fancier, releasing your fucking mind a little,
it yeah how'd! You do. Would you do comedy on a dare what happened? I think I just thought yeah. I think I told someone and then I set the date Then people are going to show up and I didn't know how it worked at Acme. It was where I signed up. I didn't realize that, like you didn't just get up, you know I didn't realize a bajillion people sign up how it works or yeah, and you know it's like the store or anywhere else like a bunch of people and sign up on a list and then an hour later they put the list out, and so I said I was going to do it on whatever december sixth and then the week before I was like oh shit, I've invited but not realizing, like don't invite people your first try your first. You have your first five years, although at first I'm a probably was because you so high and in their disown press that you did it, but practice on people know what I mean that, with the backing of new, like I knew and I'd gone, I would go, see, comedy and would go. Do ya
something that was in your repertoire. Live com me a little bit when there was an adult like I wasn't. I didn't listen as a kid like there's some coming tonight when I was five, I was listening to write albums and now, but when you are working, it's the executor system. You guys, I gotta have me like. What's your comedy sharia and you know we had we we like swords and because it has his half hour, I just come out. He summoned a soda when you bompard way back then took ass. She was just like the bill is already work which she from up there to ashes from duluth, but had on the where she started stand up. If she said then we all knew Hedberg sure so, as you from there you have. That was like. He came from two points of view. I think seattle also right right, but his family was from their narrow. Minneapolis serving hours are like a suburb right yeah, for you knew him now briefly, one is headshot. Just
mitch and he's like touring with chad, Daniels and darling west score leg, doing smaller and those of the other one great yeah he, but he is like I just work with him in the summer and second and oh anne and then here now lay had me open format, the improper and his family, his van der every, and it sold out months before really show the emperor. I can tell you when we did the tour for the last show, the most recent special garrison ethics to rule that we should be careful. neapolis yeah. I was so sick that hold tour. Crying when we drove from madison to Minneapolis, I was trying not to cough
like I think I had a sinus infection, something of a new relay that'd, be like nope, I'm great, I'm not sick at all, sir. I remember feeling bad so bad and but it's all turned out because I didn't get sick, that's where he went and got a coronavirus test before yeah cause. My husband was like you cannot go you can't What more marin sellers you can't get? You can in fact an icon, a comedy, icon and length of cheese. Think I haven't left the howison amount What is more, all of your word you're, my right. The first person you talk to any person yet without doubt not my well. We have a real Jesus neighbour. We have a dupe. We live in a duplex, real Jesus neighbour, one site in construction. I cannot stress you how close and how much construction as next to my head in the morning like bedroom window like I could open the window and shake the hands. I can't even like. Let me just go sit outside read reader book, it's because it's either Jesus lady telling me how this is an x times and like we all got turn it like?
this is. This is in the bookmarks thousand. I neither my neighbour, I know its roots. We too will have like how Do you see her We open the door like our doors are like it's like an l, so our door or like you know what I mean like: okay, so and she's fine, but nike she's, really into she's a jew for Jesus. So that's and they are they they double down. Yet everything comes back. She's like ask you sure, but doesn't really want you to answer because she wants to. I tell you it is about Jesus in new yeah yeah. This is this is all prophesies than pretty soon there going to be putting chips on us and oats six extra help, yeah oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah, of course, mark of the beast yeah and I'm like I just wanna get my newspaper, maybe read this book because now they're. Otherwise it's construction on the other side, construction. I had to deal with that for year they built a bank, they put a foundation,
It would snow in Boston. I was younger when I was just starting out in comedy like staying up late and they were they were putting a founder, She will differ, a camera, no bigger jet dry. Being a giant thing. onto steel. Girders like they were nails. They were putting nails into the earth giant, nails and nails into the air with a dropping fuckin rock. What time are they starting at seven yeah? You can because now, in l, a fuckin started, seven am weekdays, eight am and sometimes at six forty five in the tries rolling up the type of futile anger. You experience where you know, there's nothing. You can do the lifeless and- and I hate confrontation, so much more animated yeah, but there we know we are praying and in their leaning a lot of the like would insist on our like buyer by our bedroom window or about it my husband, it's like he talked him several times and even yeah
The landlord he's and pretty fired up, but am I going to live like these workers. I don't give a shit like they're just there to where they there remain like there's three Houses on the duplex little bungalow and then a big house, and they are remodeling. little bungalow that I think they ve plan d. Just like I want just replace a couple of things and then it was like they pulled the thread and when I go, we need to totally I do this once and asked before? yeah and they're redoing our driveway to get. I don't know today the driveway. I guess. Yes, I don't have the same units, the same owners airport again, but it's like the one time in history where, for a month, we are now making. Why then do I could do not? I couldn't I'm really good at doing nothing. I could sleep man do I love to stay late and sleeping, but oh, no account fucked art. So you're going to comedy shows executive assistant, you see Van Ferdy seem shorts, and here you see now,
Daniel yep and I was like. Oh, this is cool and I so I thought I'd try it I said I'm going to try at least three times, no matter what and at acme. Why did I again I didn't realize they got up two weeks in around you and then louis. I don't know who is actually running them on and on and he doesn't pay the money nightly. Something maybe he'll want health say like oh once you get to a certain point, he'll be like, like I remember the first time I got five minutes instead of three do you ever seen, Hedberg! No, I never saw now viewed by the time. I start he was already like. I remember like I just started in his eye. Letterman again around younger boys. yes, sir, I got up to weaken around people, are the coolest should do? I owe you dont diskette up every week, gay and then I went to some other. The third Time was at some little rinkitink marcia. Did you I did. I did three I was there. I knew cause. I got enough to see that people who look like they were doesn't ring in a year, and I knew from my stage training that word the head.
that I would or they just couldn't do it. There were like shoe what it over my right. Syria but you knew that everybody you saw professionally was writing writing, or at least they were winging at it was like they were ring it with an idea, the area. So I did prepare and then just started, and then I liked it and was like. Oh this whole new world and no it's fun, then you're out at bars, and it's like a million guys just sr the pretty pretty princess for a week and you're like oh fuck. This I give him the, but still you I kept my date. That is one thing. I remember Tracy actually saying, keep your day job You can write, which was also could end its an inch, ninety starting in Minneapolis? You can make a few bucks, for like if you fifteen minutes, cleanness yeah, there's a little. At least when I started a handful of one nighters.
That is who were like. Oh I'm doing this. You know deer hunting, widowers. We can a lady comic who's kind of clean hacking. I come in, I'm gonna. Do this vfw show where there's a ninety year old and a nineteen year old in the audience right. We need so? You learned like ok? Well, so the discretion van gigs in the guidelines? Z, our daddy, you there's, you can drive an hour around minneapolis whizzer like a community there eyes of women they never left. I would work out. bill bower whose has passed away, but set up a thing. He can be music of the Louie Anderson, though there in order to generate a never, never wear poison you and I think he was out no aim and start a family. Maybe wrote for some things out here in them back, but leg so everything you know did all the talent did the circuit in the midwest and would sell out all the shows and those are always great, super fun gigs, we've got a prime right.
there's another lady rockstarent1 that I would always put on these shows as we have heard about those pino, the unsung heroes, yeah regional acts. Here that is, Go you how others there's like sea willie miles. Another comic that would perform tracked me. I was with her stuff like. I think it is a tonic cruises, unlike corporates here once again, doing it friends, parents would be like. Oh, we saw the funniest at our well banker annual meeting. Do you know this guy and I have never heard of the sky, and then he leg rose up in his fancy car and you, like, oh shit, that's a whole other circuit of how many I know nothing about. Have you done? I've done a few corporate button. I didn't day job that office job until I lived in a almost six years so maybe likes. Seven eight years ago I kept a long time and then I went down to part time. I would leave early drive for hours, jokes and then so he stayed practical. I stayed you could not just sweat.
I think that leave american across on the no don't grass and that I was scared. It will take me we gotta take to take yeah yeah when that going to happen, well I'm here, I'm in l a we are here. We are corentin had some really really great auditions right before lockdown, one of the actually one of the last auditions I went on the guy was like that was great. I'd shake your hand, but you know I was like really great boy. Okay, so you get here, yeah, and like, I think I had part of that, I think I I talk to you up in rolling stone magazine, yeah yeah. I use it in like a little one, cheat about myself and like it was like my moon, said about me twenty years ago or you wanna find the article online. You can't it's no longer on the thing, but he did say it yeah cause. I guess it didn't. Maybe it's what I have I'm playing the long game for you, I don't think you're just waiting for my time here do wish, like it, I think also starting in the midwest you have this like the carrier chasing is coming to her.
Instead, you do these guests, but talking and then now I'm going to house. Okay. Now I want a feature, but now I want to headline this tiny, in sioux falls okay, which is great, and it's a good skill to have to not be afraid of an audience of twelve people, two of whom are ninety, one of whom is twenty one or whatever, and there's a hockey game on the tv behind you but so you're chasing than your headlight and then all of a sudden I feel like when he like shoot is this. Is this, though, It's ok, I damn because then you could alone you like ting. All these people have lived here. Five is before me- the connection the friends they have, I know I have matter. I have no man, I mean. Does it matter like I got here and I was like yeah? are you from new york and I yeah I had some- if you take him, but I couldn't
you always had a reputation No, I do have one gives a shit. If you have fought like you'd look here and I had lent our enough and yet they don't care, doesn't matter, they don't care. You have forty five minutes out. We were nobody cares. If you know you gonna get into the room he egg or on the cool show you get in the one thing but minneapolis you So once you really like. Oh man, I don't my goal is not to headline what her small town every other weekend or like I need to get gets where I can get a tv credits and then at least I can draw some people whatever yeah, but sometimes people like you come through or leg The doug loves movies a couple of times so then, when I would and then that's where I'm at Jonas and then like it'd, be like I'm going to be in atlanta and he's like. Oh man, why don't you come and do my show? Oh, what's your show? Oh meltdown yeah. I think I can squeeze
is that in on my trip, I did that a few times and the tv version I didn't, do the tv version. I have no tv outside of maybe seeing me in a commercial for insurance or something, but every commercials. I've done. I three or four here in l a sound about right yeah. Do they make some money? I fury I'm nonunion, so I mean for food day that I shall be asked, but for the you know ten auditions before, but you come out here and you ve got a few friends, and here you are doing the little rooms here and there, but it's hard. Now and then you know, then you get the job over the restaurant went in there. You are beyond with the now I mean it's like super part time in a restaurant in groovy point here and as it is- and I saw you cause, I think you like I wouldn't of You would have had me on the the podcast, the podcast festival when I first moved here. If I hadn't seen you in the restaurant, you know like you know and like I always. I always wonder about people
Nay, you know when they are a jobs where their visible to other comics right. Am I embarrassing her eye. I saw sebastian maniscalco when he was. Waiter like the he hasn't or whatever Is that moment where I'm there for a meeting and he's the waiter mike and now he's the biggest act in the fuck. You never know, and it feels weird to be like look at this album, but I also have a failure but they're good. people in it's great and people failure thing yeah have mean it's like it's the other option, sucking it up and not doing nothing and just smoking weed all day, nope cuz. I would be breaking rules. Don't do that, but yeah. I drank plenty of coffee but yeah. It's keeps and makes you leave the house and I'd like to live a comfortable like alive. here's my question, though so cuz I'm I wasn't concerned, but I didn't, I don't. I don't, after a certain point, to help anybody, but
like he met this dude yeah, at a know where I met my I met him online. I swiped right. I was looking for adult physical fun. And in los angeles and los angeles is huge, and I didn't want to date, customers of the restaurant- and I don't want to date a comic, a specific physical yeah I was. I was looking to have sex so embarrassing I am an adult, I'm allowed to say that so I swipe her and say: okay, this is this. Is you can mail order? You can swipe at this guy? First, the action- and I was like oh he's fun he's- got a cool, gray, hair and and. many lives like in in my on my side of town and everything's, going your way and then, as I guess, I'll, keep mount ver f, so you met him him, and so he did. You had the sex and now is fine Are you I got a guy and he's like a country.
Going out for em track. He looks on the train do on the trees. Regarded walked up and down he's a mismatch. Linda thing now, that's the conductor does that I think he's like a train attend heeds like a flight of china, but on the trains. And then some nice erosion, the first class amtrak yeah from that and then sometimes you works in the art night. Doing stuff the trains, and only now you I train if he does anything he likes like he'll work like three days and then have like six days off. So it's like that kind of hours and you get health insurance, yatra yeah, that's good yeah. I had at the restaurant, but now I have with the other, a strong allies will get ran forward cake. They take care that the evolving russia's that's my grades, I'm so yeah. He were found track. and so that's nothing he's gone. Some key issues now three days where did you go?
Well, you now his route before the locked on his route was up and down the coast like san luis obispo, san diego just back and forth, and spend the night like england or wherever and then home for like four days. So I'd have a few days just alone. Do what I relax or he's gone: okay and then those nights you definitely gotta, go out and hit a mic or go see a show or whatever. But now he just both hung in our face that he was work. Well, he is but there's there way few fewer trains, trains right now so last trip he went up to seattle back it, doesn't normally do the long. How long that coaster isn't them now and then sometimes he goes up to chicago, we'll yeah, that's a long yeah. That was that six days. that might be so he gets chicago or new orleans. One of them is six days from l a so so here we are. What are the big goals now gone for? Commercials one of which I am in a bathing suit in so that means I'm a hero, yanza real woman,
Got this record out that solid yeah and people are people Well are digging it it's a a ha. I guess it's playing on serious on a few different, but yeah they'll make you for money, hopefully I haven't. I play. I keep opening the serious outline like waiting to hear myself and got you now set my like the pandora, which is such a strange to pull up and see where blair listening? Oh you do You can yeah, I dunno shit. I get. I don't quite know how to read it all, but where are they like a lot in the midwest and then up and down the coast and then like a handful of places in florida. when you're like come here, you're midwest person yeah, I mean it's part of the the your point of view right, yeah part of the appeal. The appeal yeah, I'm here I I love stand up boy. Do I miss it, which I didn't realize? its work. Is I'm having opposite? You know, you're, not me, I'm like nothing, I'm done yeah! Well, yeah! You mean what you're air france pens actor. Are you like
Are you missing that I've read my whole life to do nothing with confidence and I've done nothing with none of the other guy doing nothing would something that I think it is let's say: you've earned it you, because there was always part of my brain outside of the plague and worrying about you on the end of the world, but But now it's teaching me that, like There was part of me that I dunno, if I'm old school or what but there's part of me that always thought like. When do you retire? When we don't and the idea of work to stop you. What do you think? Do you think you mark marion will actually retire? I don't think so I don't know you know. Everyone always asks me that, but like I don't I don't know this is a real lesson in the attic forced pause, Israel. Things where it's like. If you really think you Yeah assess yourself like how am I, do make sure this is up to date like these cat, as I know, no one else is doing a range of that helps yeah. You know cause I'm like that.
The competitions. Well, maybe at your list of the level, I'm at I'm having a little bit of the opposite, like I feel like I'm supposed to be doing, everything a agent is like fill out do make sure this is up to date. Unlike these casting directors are taking these submissions and if you're not reaching out for new manager. Now is the time and did it and like I'm right now, I'm behind yeah, because they have nothing to do but sit through submit. Some of your thousands of people are submitting. still another version of nothing yeah, so the american, but I think I'm going further jobs its gates. Are you feeling any creative? what are you writing. I see a cook in year, pollyanna cook a play. Guitar me, I talk on the mike sometimes are gone. I d lion, you know, and I am right in a few things down here and there, but mostly just what my head corral yeah and I'm working on the house a bit but mean Are you loving the acting okay? I mean like what man it's nice to be part of a thing
they knew part of summer may lay like huge cultural thing? There I mean it's like it's it's. You know it is fine, it's exciting, but its work, why yeah everything's, ok, but like I I the br, I don't. I don't think I would have ever taken a break. Yeah, certainly not like this and I'm, and I am surprised at how well I'm acclimating, because as a comic and I've said this before We did nothing for a long time now. You but many of us I've done nothing I'm going to do nothing but yeah yeah? the records out and hopefully we'll get back to work eventually do cook know I hate it. so much. So what are you I mean we're cooking we have to like. Luckily we sight of her she s a right before this. How went down? What's that a community sustained support its agriculture like a buck. We get a box of produce every yeah
and then we now, even also like add on my eggs and milk and are so we are really. I gotta get coffee after this, but I have we haven't relating I've car, this sweet worry or category room beans, yeah yeah, give you some figures and beans that salaries and I'm here deal with greater care. Think is almost family. This level. This is great turnover. In my house? I get to pet a cat. This has been. I took a shower I put on makeup. This is your green has been like prom. This has been the island, my quarantine or wait till I give you your kearsarge very thanks for having that was me and amber preston. Her new stand up. Album is called sparkly parts, get it wherever you get music and comedy records. he will bring you back to the midwest. All right. Let's play some guitar
Both are aware.
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