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Episode 1142 - Chris Fairbanks

2020-07-23 | 🔗

Chris Fairbanks lives the life of a comic, which means a lot of his life is on hold right now. Chris and Marc compare notes on what it’s like to live alone during Covid, a non-ideal situation that is nevertheless providing them both with room for personal growth. They also talk about Chris’s upbringing in Montana, skateboarding, chewing tobacco, making miniatures, and why having a mustache helps with comedy. Chris also explains what it’s like to have a lot of true crime fans coming to his shows, thanks to his podcast with Karen Kilgariff.

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before seven award. Winning customer support is there to help had disgraced based dot com, swash double tat for a free trial and when you ready to launch large use the offer code. W D have to save ten percent of your first purchase. They website or domain all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the but tat has that one out of every use that what the FUCK cast takes, what the fuck tablets I don't know how's it going. I mark Mare- and this is my podcast w p F! Welcome to it. Chris fair banks is on the show today he's a comedian He was actually on a lived, a beauty s back in May two thousand and ten
but we have actually never done a full talk and he's a funny Corky odd Guy, he's got a new comedy special out now, Chris Fair Banks, rescue cactus, is what it's called. You can rent it or bite at Chris Fairbanks Comedy special dot com I've been trying to watch specials s beacon any special. My old friend sent at all a friend but she's been on the show, and I, like her Esther permits key. She has a new special just released. It sound comedy central Esther. A whiskey hot. For my name, it's avail go on demand man, you can stream it for free at sea see that calm yeah little Esther. So soon I rolling. I don't know man, I guess it's rational. I don't think I'm being irrational, because
These cases are speaking here in LOS Angeles. I talk to my friends in New York. And because of their responsible behaviour, things of level off a bit a thing is normal, but there's not more tracks in the streets. I'm not seeing if you're either, but I live in a neighborhood. All I can do is look at the numbers. Feel like I'm surrounded by it and it's kind of terrifying. I don't want to get it. I dont. What it does. When I go to the hospital, to be intubated. No one to be on a ventilator, it's terrifying and its end, its happening alive, People are dying in the hospital intubated- and I don't know if I dont know I- count myself among the more empathetic
people around. Maybe I norm self centered. I know that I'm insensitive to a degree but to try to wrap your brain around the number of people that are dying of this fucking disease because of Iraq bons, faulty shitty, morally, bankrupt leadership fowl the people are dying and. You don't want to get them to their number, so we know exactly what's going. I dont know that too, that people conceive of it or of its easy to conceive of, but I'm haunted by it. I have to you'll get a fuckin check up, I'm afraid to go. I guess there's still doing those are they still doing those. I guess I'm a little out of the loop, but all I know is I'm haunted. This idea. Ventilators waking. Oh you just way on a do it do. You know tat means to be into baited. Look out. Want to bring this up.
But I've got an image of my head that'll never go away on top of just. The grief I am experiencing now. I've disgust. I know how long this goes on for it, but it's different. Now I talked about the other day and through that that that the shock and trauma of my girlfriend when Shelton dying, suddenly really. There's just the loss. The foundation of loss has been established in my heart. But some of you know that when she did pass away, I was told that I could go down there. I was told in the middle of the night by the doctor at the icy you
I could come down and spend some time with her body. Camry hang on hospitals anymore, but for some reason that our was not an covered, I see you ve said we can. I can get you in an hour for some personal struggle, I decided to go down there and I went down there and she had passed and I got there. I walk in it was dark, was quiet and she was there. Her body was there. And they couldn't remove the tubes batter with all that stuff then she had been intubated. And it was devastating not just a mask. Yeah, they run a tube down your throat and then someone else.
To keep an eye on that too? She don't drown. In your own flam, since horrible reality of what's going on, four thousand thousands of people in this country alone there in the hospital. Thousands and thousands more will happen. And thousands and thousands and thousands were unnecessary. Faulty leadership, morally bankrupt governance. And I'm haunted by it? I'm haunted by the fear of it I'm haunted by knowing what the reality of that is.
And Linden Dive Covert, but some the symptoms that she had were similar to some of the things that happen with tat in this sort of positive area of Life right now there has been a young, a grand It was established in wind Shelton? His name called the lens Shelton of a certain age grant. It was established by Northwest Film Forum long with the DO brothers productions to to honour Lynn, and it's a twenty five thousand dollar unrestricted cash grant that will be awarded each year to a U S, based woman or non binary filmmaker each thirty nine or older, whose yet Directing narrative feature, I thought
you can find out more about it. If you are interested in it, it's the end, W film form DOT, Org still in shock. Never certain age granted a group of us her shipping in nothing is a beautiful thing, Could we live in a country where a country, a world Worse for women, but for a lot of people he owed. They think that. You need to a certain age in your Europe. You're finished. But actually you get to a certain age and you should just be starting on me. What the fuck do you really know When you are in your twenties speculating you're you're creating a fiction of a reality. You think that exists. Emotionally. I mean you need to talk about that. A is that the end and when you get older, you have some resource to draw from
emotional resource experience. Vision you know some. Your time has run out so there's an urgency urgency acting beautiful thing the day that task of her friends came up with that idea and made it a reality that grant, I think, it'll help her who help somebody. Realize their artistic dream What is your artistic dream? Does no matter what the fuck matters right while man I guy you know, I mean I'm going in and out of your feet, Here, anger? sadness for but a different reasons and it becomes difficult to compartmentalize. I have two compartmentalize: are you able calm or like when you wake up, does entire world fall to shit because of one Fuckin viral new
restoring that enters you're fucked. Brain destroyed everything in its path in terms of hope, faith. Good feelings of any kind and then drawing all your visions of the future and then destroys your present. I am creating symptoms of panic in in fucking pain and then goes down and infect your heart and makes that sort of tight creates a tightness in your chest and then in a the make yourself fuckin breakfast? How many brick, lists, are being ruined by infect she's news stories reveal the truth of what What is going on right now, how many breakfasts how many children are seeing a sad wrenched face.
Of apparent trying to look like everything's. Ok for them, but they just read that infectious new story just ruin their face. Tap into the heart can make the brain, think positive thoughts sadly serving pancakes God, dammit. So Chris Fair banks as I mentioned, is new special is Chris, fair banks, rescue cactus. You can rent it or by it his fur banks, comedy special dot com. He also has a podcast. Do you need a ride that he co hosts with Karen Kill Gara, and this is me and Chris verbal coming up.
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I got a six being here if you come back back far enough gotten plexiglas boundary. It's not bothering me yeah get us feel like Edward. You know you are visiting. You imprison a little girl Again we have you heard back from the lawyer, I get it well a that's. What I would makes me nervous friend of mine, who is a fireman, so they just test them at work. I asked He is also a scape border. We ve reached a point in the world where there's a fireman that skateboard sure he'd had zero symptoms yeah only and he had yet it never out of fever, never at any and went whitebait oil. Why they just testing hasn't a regular or I caution. So how Those people are walking around, I who knows where anyone can get exposed to it. I've been
little sloppy, but I'm not I'm not at the beach, I'm not gonna bars. I don't have that many friends yeah I don't think I'm being sloppy, I get food brought to my house that, the way to get an idea, but I am not. I don't go anywhere man. You have alone yeah you're right get. It is we I talk to myself a lot. I react movies audibly, I'm like ah, she seems tonight and I'm not there's no one. Third, I mean there's just plants, I know, do I can't I'm I'm like trying to fight the in the impulse to talk to my dead girlfriend, yeah, pretty fresh and I get area. I've got some stuff around he obeyed by the that, if, if I say doing that now that that could yield and the rest, my like I talk my mom passed a couple years ago. It was along ten year also thing. But really I will talk to her yeah. I didn't feel you crazy, no here and I'm not
a person that praise or I've never been spiritual person. I'm Niven raised that way and I'd approach. I don't think it's great yeah. I do now too it's where I don't know what I'm praying to, but I got trained to pray when I got sober, Indeed, I am still not a God, guy really sure my dear, but to do it it's got. It feels good to do it. Do you know I mean yeah yeah. I talked at some again come Craig. I don't know why but guide. I talk. I talk to someone to Vienna. I don't know I guess I I I do it do it now because like- and I imagine it the same way, reason anyone does when you feel powerless over whatever
and you don't know really what to do here, just sort of like vocalize it or ask for help for you now, guidance yeah, even its if it's from the air at least your ear. The feelings are therein you in there out right, right, yeah and I feel like, even if no one's lessening it's almost the therapy level at least M vocalize and multimedia. My buddy believes it There is, even if you don't believe our art there is such a deep groove in the air in the global view that this Spirit realm for everybody that the active it is ancient yeah, so it it connects. You too, that yeah of the arts found me men yeah, I don't get too Mr Caucus Young, like I'm always just yet
two websites away from believing you- and I say I can't go. I've always thought I am. I am right, I'm exactly what what scientologists like the stress test I've I dont. I think that I can easily get swayed in any called if someone's nice enough in what they say, make sense other gash. Actually you seem happy. I, like your shoes like Purple Nike I'll go with you yeah. I'm a little worried that I'm I I've. Now you're here I might, might I I don't I'm not a searcher. I don't find at him home on a quest for answers yet by day, by the mystical bull shit. In my past I've I've I've been suckered by mystical, bullshit yeah cause. You know why not
yeah, I know, and then you know of a son. You got no control your brain anymore in your fuckin troubling here you're hanging around people, you don't really like or no Gallia in their work in it. You funny yeah gathers to its judgment. In that light, I dad that said. Nothin yeah you just now that's. It then like go. Ok is that where man said yeah, but I dont think he really believes that anymore either he's around yeah- oh yeah yeah, wanna go see him and where'd. You grow up Montana, like waking, a city or on a piece of land. And a little of both I mean we were in the middle of a small piece of land. It's league Mozilla is the river runs through it yeah now, oh yeah right ear. That's a movie urine regalia. Yet well, isn't it movie what the fuck was, that Brad Pitt. Oh yeah, Tom Scare, it that's right, that's right, some guy that looks like Josh Roland, but isn't you go to? that's the movie. They all rich was its key dollars now.
Oh no, I know what you're talking about was the brother right, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, whenever a guy I dont, know yeah, I seem to be getting them moving confused with the Gulf Movie, my head Kadesh ACT. Now aggravate the idea. I don't know. Why is that of Montana move I know, has a sacred If you eat said legends of fall, I would have been legally. Everyone does that do not in bread pit yeah yeah that sort of vote that yeah Anthony Hopkins the origins of the far guilty pleasure good movie, not a bad movie. I like em over yeah yeah. I like it. I like that last shot where the older you're more Harry, Brad Pitt just gets into a with the bear and that's. Why do you just that's how it went yeah yeah, God. I love a good bear five man human versus bear, however revenant. Then the rare, though, is that I think that's the best of all bear fights again
It is, though, that is asked me the best we're all my god may I wanna watch you right now and growing up in Montana, that, with such, a fear is being ruled by a bear. The true yeah yeah cause it can happen, so Missouri account of how many sixty five, I think it's thousands stays steady there and so small yeah an it'll get up to eighty when people are in school of, but it's a liberal arts college so well and with university Montana, yeah yeah, Sir, like how many high schools three! That's it yeah! one guy knew each other sure how'd, you how'd, you van. We get to Montana you ve come from cowboys. What is it my dad yeah they are from is my mom and dad or both from there, but I was born in Monterrey. My dad was a radio guy. There really
morning yeah yeah. I morning, DR time, I dont know what it was. I wish the dyke he has, these real to reels of of digitize that I really want to deliver real to real player. Now we just take my word for it. Ha ha acre pry bring that somewhere. I would I mean every year my sister and I talk about being the best gift ever, but he doesn't seem that interested in listening to it, but I certainly am where I, with the EU, wide open You get to a certain point where, like think about you, it's like, if someone said, have got your first appearance on tv urge you want to see I don't want to see my appearance this year. I was I roll out haven't watched all of it. I can't watch it parts I can watch the then I'll be watch a joke I might be. I know where this goes. I can't watch my
I remember I remember the exact response that God on that night, yeah yeah and I dont want to watch it. I've gotten over them back that I have a nasal a mob? It kind of voice like that, doesn't bother me anymore, but, yes, some of my material is just the worst from the old days or the new stuff. It's time we got sell this record, they are all the New Ives. I learned all that stuff out on rescue cactus yeah it sir. It's well was hard due at the end of this special. I just tried to tell the ya I think, my last yoke. Kind of fell flat, and I just was telling the audience ah about my mom and how she passed, and I got a little money and help pay for this special. So I want to thank my mom. I just went to say that, but instead I'd start cry. And then I stifled at number allows whither. You felt it come up YAP Greeks
fact is in a year it hadn't come up like that. Certainly not. I could talk to another person long ago, Cheetah, it's been two years, but it's like it's a sneak up on yeah yeah, and at the weirdest, because one on, why not talk about it? I'm a damn cow. Ran then, once there was it? I think after you go through a whole set of stand up in here pretending to have all these emotions. It opens up to actually being emotional. Maybe that's what happened but yet, but also give by that point he developed a relationship with his audience. Yeah, Now you can in no one and I liked them great audience the area frosted them. That's what did it yeah? now there are people I mean, what are you gonna do one on one eyed, I'm have our time with you know, with the crying and which strangers. I only have a few friends yeah, but when asked me about it, my neighbors M M D. There I got you into my yard insight in they just stand there, yeah envied,
make us her human in humans are, I think, built here. Take it you don't really know what to do, but you know I I I I can take it when someone's crying it's it's. What I think it's weird when there's someone that can't take it now grown up in its leg, you can't be around someone cry you. I just think I think people can be around them, but I don't know that they know they? Are they just gotta? Let you do it yeah, you know remain the add on away if they think I do. Opposed to be like. Oh, my god, you ok or you know where you can be a right. It makes people uncomfortable because I feel like they need to say the right thing and now meant and the unequal most of them have just kind of stood there jirga, and then I dismiss them. And there I cry my right- I've, the utmost I made out of bricks. Thank you bring me through this will, chunk of grief, yeah but so that part I
I haven't lesson. Do, though, of my sweat that it's hard for me to watch, I did my leave that in there you didn't, even I did live in it by where you got choked up yet and I've. I've felt like well people, and I think this is a staunch or something really I don't. Oh yeah. I'd have to be really good actors pull off that the others allotted I mean there's if you think that this is a difficult time to lose people. Certainly I guess any time is difficult, but I note the weird kind of even just have conversations you know you walk or to my house. I put my mask on. You got your mask on my right. Ok, let's go do the thing gamma, hesitant Flexi, Last thing figuring out this, yet nice is very professional life as nice. As that the bank yeah. I know what I mean Plexiglas, it's it's a booming business right now. I don't know what it's ultimately gonna do, but I think we're ok, yeah. I think it does provide something. Oh yeah, weird
As far as I know it, we're only supposed to worry about flying particles of sped ran, yes, we're good on yeah good, but the item Missoula three high schools, you dead as what he was a radio guy and that's where we were so the ok. Let's wait, let's go you're gonna, be the guy who were at some point, gonna walk into a place with a box of real to real tapes and say like e g. Everything where we can make this thing: can you put this on the computer in Mozilla Montana that I'm sure they have someone that does that no out here? Do you gotta bring him yeah, yeah yeah? You could do it out here very. If anything ever starts up again. I would definitely think you do it here. I'm gonna drive up there to see my dad. I think that's the safest way to do that. Now. Come back with those reels. How many are there and take him to lightning dumb
when it, where did I used to go to get VHF reels male lightning down by lightning Diana? Do you remember that, where a booming business, yours cheapening, get a bunch of fuckin real tick, video Cassiar GO get a boss is GAD sentiment of Rich Miller and Trang booked Fucking rich Miller. Me and Acme gear Rich Rich was, was ever marry, you I sometimes yeah again it yet. I miss morning radio once I think you never know when you're going cross Miller. I think I've got a great thing. I think I banned, but I see him now and or I was important linden. He just went their cause. He likes Dana Gould, nay, just went Watch Dana gold, neither that alone Surprise ran like oh after all these years, you'd like a com, I want to watch a comment and he laughed so hard. I just watched him watching Dana Gold, Keziah, actually hadn't, seen Dana do stand up, live.
Before his old material, and you know when am I ever on a show with him? Yet no it's It is a good one to watch yeah watching the history of modern, comedy, yea and watch Dana goal. He can do everything he rarely sings, dance, mimics, yeah, visa, full on guys MIKE Tass yeah, took me. Won't you a statement is very ease. Great he's he's really a unique thing. I like it I like knowing that to which more goes out of his way to to watch Dana go he's like he's my favorite comic that's where fucking now, maybe at other business importantly, I think he has something to do with helium butter. Yet we wanted a wise worrying shows up. It's like you, do a thing what he is credible pieces, everything I don't know yeah. So you dad was a jacket. Morning, radio yeah, you wanna, he's very funny air and he's artist as well he's a painter, yeah energy yeah.
I don't feel, like my whole life, I've kind of tried to be him yeah and in retrospect that's a good choice, but nice guy. He is a nice guy, a morally sound guy without the religion did he ever draw a job yeah That was the thing I think he had kids in and he was doing. Radio in making furniture and painting and its furniture to, ray upholstery? I have some of his pieces in my house like redwood, real a burly personalized. You know these are they, Oh yeah. I gather nice are always sir admiring my furniture that my dad made the sixties in the sixties. You made it yeah, or maybe it was seventies, ah ah, but then once he had kids and it was hard to be an artist for living, he moved back to Montana gotta government job appraising properties, yeah get gotten outside yeah,
EL? Does it sometimes? What's your what your mom do? She were she work for the city sewer billing. It sounds like a made up job, but you there's someone that that gauges, how much you all for your sewer usage and that was your mom's gig yeah, there's some people than aren't hooked up to sir and naked septic tanks or they Burnett. There is a lady. She was called the wit Lady. I remember house, with this This is a real person. Her house was spray painted and cheese to ride around town on a bicycle, all in all black with a black veil- oh my god, and their resolve stories that you know children would get their fingers hit with a Of course she wasn't. My mom was kind friends with their through this sewer billing. She would show up and say I got build further, sir, and I
I put my arm, I put my excrement in the fireplace and Burnett, so you know I'm not hooked up to his liver and my mom with a straight face. It be like all. Voters of the figure is fill the fireplace I that's a year. Is it who do you? Do it like? Every time you do Where does higher due weight? India did she leave it outside until there is another I've earned per year again, then, at light up easier gear, its hard- I don't know she chewed or brain about it, but she did consider her. For I was a woman who lived in my old building in queens who used to walk away round in a black veil and often she eventually jumped out the window, Yeah, I behind seems a little different type of. I dont know what ended up my happening to her. I do know that it was a one story house, oh, how that wouldn't have happened, yeah yeah! Yes, we have to come up another issue. Is the scary, late everyone, yours, the scary, lay down you
would see a riding where, as a child was so very, very that much Emily in the after school specials, those ladys turn out to be nice and have something not exactly of your writing a script about her. She that she had brings inside and out of the nice lady, so your mother did. This was in her dream. Job was just what she did get there and in the Amazon wings you I have one older sister. She do she's great yeah Gm Montana she's and spoke in Washington. While you were you guys, close to Spokane. Ah gas like three and a half away from Mozilla because, like I don't know what to expect when I went up there, but I really it's like you want that city to do well because it so cute yo, and now there an old no building in there's a water ran run park here. If we at all it's so beautiful in, but you know you'd there is, there is a darkness to it. He had a combination of math darkness and Nazis, not too far away gathers nazis, linger Hayden leg that pay
Randal Vida, her there's a lotta hate me. The Andy Parades, yeah I mean I just didn't like, as there is part of me thought like with his closest Seattle people, Dragonette you're really build this up someday. I did I don't know, I don't know, that's gonna now, but I do I enjoyed the club yeah yeah, I haven't been there yet you haven't, I would fight you, wouldn't went their way. I know one would why, what's with no one's! Do nothing. Now Yeah yeah, I know it's funny. I just had gotten a guy that was gonna help me do just small theatres and stuff. He does a lot of bans year end, and then this happened in ITALY. I guess we're going to cancel. It is every light, our entire life but spoke can't so what she do there. She moved there to be a news person an non air news person. She did like journalism. What you say about the joint.
She married over their yeah, and that's how I know about the darkness is her husband, the fireman so he's constantly a first response to the dark side of spoke really like the Math society Asher. Ah, sir, he's got the story. Yeah So I've heard those do I get lab fires in national you're. Sure, yes, lots of her. I did. I t shirt design cause. I do illustration side and I- and it was a illustration of the the whatever precincts herb did vit division he was Andy out at station was like called thus zone. He also was drawing of trailers and fires in hollowed out come arrows with plants growing I heard my guy baby like next to a syringe. It was a very detailed. It was further department ended, they were oh sure yeah, who doesn't around the station. I think not out of events that it might offend people out of Agnes
again, driven cutting. May our of ceremony. Did you go to college in Montana, did you see? What do you want? Your eyes? Gonna needed the whole state school thing, yeah yeah in state, my dad's basement and dead for years and then your folks who were split up gap? Oh yeah deal with that yeah, but if you know that was my nerve and allies, like fourteen, yeah, that's right, ear, conscious in your warenne, but I'd pretty quickly thought I was a good decision for them to not happening again Yeah yeah. I pay my figured that out pretty early was worked out. Yeah yeah, I get it. You both seem happy now by guy live with my mom and then once college happened now
live where my basement yeah three guys working on our projects together and show you dig yeah there was cause the the art sight of school. I, when I was painting and drawing up as an art, major that really that would a kind of demanding hourly they wanted you to spend a lot of time in the studio, painting and run. I had the rest of my credits, which were just a like math and things like that right, Crippled may idea I can I can I never could handle. It was really hard for me. So there were a few times and I shouldn't even a methods, but I've got my dad would paint something and I'd turn it in wow. You had first, I live and let us not because that is the only lay dishonest thing. He was ever involve with issues like we paint that same. I taught yet a pain
it's kind of like an extension of view, painting the on your part of me. You're, like my brush gear is well, I mean he would always bring up that. You know. There's skies like Picasso, who would have a you know, I'm a team of guys with paint like on a conveyor belt and then he'd, look at at least a guy like that need sign it like he didn't actually first hand So this debate is also making millions of dollars right right. I understand too good rationalization trail. As so, then, if I was making money, it would have been ok. You know now I get nowhere. But by the you were doing your thing, you just have to be similar to your daddy. He wasn't involve what the scandal I did. I needed to turn in six paintings. I'd like Ford,
and when you guys did you just say I bet painted on top. I went to my dad's ratings and painted over nineteen seventy eight the year he was in art school when they saw through it did. Why am I? It was reflected in my great really bad. Yeah yeah. There was the only time I got a bad graded with sword school. What why me hey? If it was an old painting you can tell from the surface. I would think that anyway. Well, oftentimes Eureka is a canvas. You re just go ahead and then from the back at a local egg conference. Where was its figurative, abstract, real What he will do I don't brush? Okey realism like close up, may be kind of an abstract. But then you get for our rights. Impressionistic issue, sure I'd Mercosur. The best skies, yeah yeah yeah, worry to strike you just when you close you, like all my gagging faraway, looks like a house now, then
It's always what I want and our closest smudgy yeah zigzag, wherein we re good at it. I dont know how, good, I'm a good illustrator. I do allowed art for people comics. Yeah yeah. I got more comfortable with close up work. You are do have any heroes of illustration. Not necessarily of Illinois variation? I I know guys who do that to write that guy's greater lines. You know it's got. A good line. Yeah given Christy's like these great y yeah he's a good hour Dave Clock, I'm sure they olive guys that they look up to, and I oddly have kind of a comic book style with my illustration of never owned a comic book. I dont really route yet weird that I never got into that
World, what books, what you never had a comic book and I got into a late night, not young. Well with what was your thing music, I was mostly skateboarding. I thought that you would do. Can you do like the pools and stuff I'm? I got my hip replaced. Oh my god like three years ago now, and I am from a childhood injury or new as a gift from God. Did they just a, doctor said you don't have cartilage. That's why you scream were you when you walk in your drinking lotta whisky? It maybe even her back when I first met you like, whenever in oath three and we'd. Go that dirty Ramada basement, oh my god That's? Where average value yet- and I remember I'll, use gig yeah, I get an ol boy they sent me to that. Did you ever do the palms yeah through by aid it
court and in Paul yea. I really I'd never done that portly as the worst I did very mad yeah. I mean the fact I! I was so embarrassed in a way that was such a hard time for me, yeah yeah, yoke is. I'm come in. You know to this town You know knowing that, like I've been added a long time right, but I want to stab wish myself at these all then use cause. That's what people are doing yep and then you know, like my wife at the timer was a married. Your yet you remember me. Yes, I do data right when I'm we move tell at the same time that two thousand and two three as when I you know I just why I had a dig in and figure out how to you know, get you know into it. I'm coming with. You know- and I already been added New York for years, yeah tv credits and everything, but who didn't make a difference, and at that time these Abruzzo,
important. I go to that Ramada. It was the worst fuckin place. Do common gas really? Was it was haunted with now laughs? It was because there was no What is that you ve? Never we it'll just be comics. You give people from Thou tell yeah come down against their will. My God, we are generated material there. I dont know how I'd I feel that way too, when I look back on it now as a place where I've again, oh it was important, was pivotal in me in me adjusting to LOS Angeles by Europe. There, and I knew you because I remember do add, like the shirt you wore on some like us, pearl snap calculator, yeah yeah psychology he's had a cool shirt on on coherent at something. He had a major counter, we're not let a rebate did where HBO we especially were black NEO cowboy probe button
sure yeah yeah, where Thou assured me till yeah yeah we have the. And now, in the last time I said, I haven't seen you for a while, but has both were doing denim on denim with a denim shirt. That's right, you would did the tuxedo! That's where I am. I saw the picture you like that. We I did that sure, sir. So that was when we met so ok, so you would you gradually college your pants. Degree gear and immediately moved to us. Then to follow a girlfriend. I thought I thought you always associated with taxes Y yeah. It. Because that's where comedy wise eyesight started to so I always said when I'm of terrain like I'm from all steady, because we're talking about comedy right now. If you wanna talk about me as a human, I'm from Montana, you know domains shirt so moved Austin with for the girl.
And that panel, I she married Bill Haider. They were they had, but I think that they reside Leah gag. It's a shame, for she has kids with Haider, and yet I got divorced and she's a talented. You know director, filmmaker or really yet Archie me bill hater arms, not from taxes. As you know, that was when we first moved away. We were kind amicably, is splitting up and flipping Coins from the bed and care splitting up their land and then they start date in. I thought he was a nice guy a night you signed off on it yeah it was. I wish all breakups could be like that. I think he's a nice guy he's funny guy. They took care to kids, I think re or maybe one out of three three care knocked him. Oh yeah
Are you friends whether still I talked to when I heard of their split we'd, we too, I was in Boise, where she's from so I was like: hey here's your old high school by Queen being funny yeah how out I am always good for Latvia, friends about it. Remember me: you want to cry I'll stand here, but that's about it. So you go to Stan and who's on the sea? What years at that? I was I'm of their ninety nine Maggie and I were in a improv group in Amsterdam. And we ended up going. Does some Improv Festival there and around that time she got into you tee for film school, and so I went. I followed her there and then accidentally star gone open MIKE's. It wasn't necessarily my plan how he accidentally we meet at Highbury. One day realized I wanted to that. Wasn't my reason for moving to ok. Ok,
Yeah, who is not I gotta, do improv Comedy there. Ok, bright and quickly preferred stand up. Who is who is on the scene. When I moved there, there was a lot of like that. Guy was good, he's a painter. Now that guide is named it our salad he sued writ like I white hadn't, had his research and yet, when I moved he, but he was a hanging out in a straw hat commentators: oh yeah, the old names malaria. Is he hadn't I didn't really daddy's resurging right that that came with whatever W B blue collar who answers with Tee Sean there too. I just I would go. The Houston to watch. The Shannon Christmas shows that allows to do that right now, just the Shannon brother like Charlie, Shannon and teach John, and whenever they teach on man
he's around we, I when I was for this, this network fuel tv he'd. He was always obsessed with bears. There's the masturbating bear. The result we did a skateboarding bear scotch together and, and I went down town today- at heart. How Conan haven't masturbating very s. I think he was responsible for that. Bear yeah ass. He rode on Conan, Brian and then there's Baird's doing things on Saturday night live anything bear based is T shant its teach on yeah and I dont know where he's been. I have not heard of out of him in a long time yet those who you're not in ninety nine starting over my it's in your cn you're gonna Houston, occasionally, yeah we're your guru guys there did. You know who the people start now lost and that I would know I guess
I'm not that I mean coward. Kramer chip Pope already laughed, but they are like a do. Oh and they would come and perform together more. They were on weren't they on some sort of weird MTV Shaston Stories, yeah yeah. So what was that woman's name can lower house? Your house area right yeah, those were in an though where the people I knew that had made out of Ostiense right, but they would come and visit, but they were already gone. When I move that you know my beard and I'm burdens a very good friend of mine, he's a good guy. Yeas great radio guiding keeps getting better and better yeah the like terrestrial radio in taxes, and still, We got more. If you drive time show you can still hang in, there could yeah. I want to know. What's going on on the road totally yeah and those guys, once burden got added to Dobbin Dudley. It got lighter and more fun night. I enjoy doing that. Radio show you
A good crews like doing radio with you you I got, I kind of remember them, but there's some there's some people that I, when I'm in certain cities- as I do, and radio, if you know a guy, I can remember them, but there's some there's. Some people that I went on certain cities are go. Do I like morning rate I do too I the idea. You should do you still hosting through if one I ain't always robbing Zaire Abe when they were like ok. What does he say a cue, the five jokes you're gonna tell on mine: can we not do that where you sit there waiting there, like I d, get weakening him. Five things is that, yes, I don't mind: do like sometimes it's better in some ways, if that's the way, they're going to work and they're just going to throw it to me, and I just going to kill great yeah, it's not as fun as like into a groove young people that know how to talk yeah, but in terms of delivering the goods yeah too may be sell a ticket or to ya
Guess you don't owe me it serves its per especially when you're on for five ten minutes. That's why cutaway land somebody all you trying to do self ten tickets yeah, if you have, but sometimes, if you really fuckin, kill like people come yeah yeah I mean there was one. There was one week where lives working past Hopkins and asked aunt em? We took a pool every now. How came because a vow of the radio now one hand, I'm not one hand, yet how many people are coming generally speaking, there yeah, maybe that was issued yeah, maybe there's a reason. Paul doesn't do stand up anymore. I don't I did you stop. I just every here, I'm always Uganda, yeah yeah. He does things at Largo and unlike Ray
the AU, our using ever sorry of some kind. Yes, yes, so I'd! I'd, love here in a word, then pretending. I know what it means, that's what I just dead, but I want this. To be honest, I want I want at present I might have fuckin know no hey, that's not what I'm doing. No, no no, but I'm like I like you. I too were to do what you just did, but sometimes I use words. I don't know what they mean and I use them wrong. It's crazy in in my priorities to find out I've been saying, oh using the word incorrectly. My whole virtue organizes Often finances concert plays or operas is a manager of a musical, theatrical or opera. Guy, you nailed the use so that where it I'm two issues, often times at Largo, in LOS Angeles as part of a God, damn it so it doesn't sound like the relationship with Sars. You stayed out there for what two years,
Yeah, oh until she gradually ninety nine to forty three sorry and then Danny Rock we're doing it. Yeah you're, going to LA and you're going to leave me and came here, really has a r I felt like. Maybe we did both know. That was happening yeah I mean I haven't, asked her that, but she talking to him, though no I don't think there is ever any overlap our if there was. I don't know that I care now you don't wanna yeah. Don't go dig, I just know that when we see what everything up is often times I cheat, we would wear that same shirt, certainty of roughly my height and I do remember they were at a party and he was wearing one of my shirts. Lao is the only time that urban with well assured. That was hers that I used aware and he was wearing. That was only time, whereas I hey, I used to wear that shared well in that with that was at the tone.
Feeling you have eyes guy ever my find that hard to believe. I have to assume that this made you fucking just eat your guts out a little while now I? U get angry, I feel like yeah. I'm riddled with anger, yeah, it's about it didn't surface then, for ever midwestern cap on it? I am lousy with anger, yeah, yeah yeah. I keep a captain, it's there. It's always there. I try to just destroying it Besides, you just keep the air, let it percolate shift around a bottomless pit, yeah, I guess I like you know, is Silas. I can kind of feel it in the air. The Corky nests, yeah that I'm asking some kind of the quick pace dick. I just right, underneath the dishes to shit, show of fuck and fear, yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it's it's always setting
There, but I really keep an eye on it: yeah yeah, you do not do it yeah. It upsets What happens out here? You weren't, you were doing the Fuckin Ramada, so where'd you end up gear, I immediately irish labour and a crew. You guys, you add friends, you're running with some folks, not really not at not really yeah. I was I was on the road feature. I think I'm working with take that's what it was when we were splitting up. Working with tag. We were like co headline somewhere you- and here I got an. I said- I'm gone through a break up. She sat moving out of a place and she said I am havin fun with you this week, let's lived together and I live with take for like seven years, we're almost recognised by the state
we could have gotten like attacks. I don't know that council. I remember this now. I remember it now. I remember that was the thing tat I remembered she featured for me Tampa ah, and we and the saying that was always our joke. It's like we kind of would at the same time, while will. I was gonna, come with the joke that you and I dress a say. What? Maybe It's all and I have a lot of tin sweaters. Yes, we have reached wear cardigan with an animal on that people are like nice, take sweater and I'm like this is my sweater. I don't work cardigans, but it's the bell bottoms, I think, was what it started it in the chews. We wear but always describers, somebody who has around timezone that there's pauses and be three like am I connecting? Are we having it Conversations with, and I learned from her and someone like that, like Todd Bury uses pauses comedic Lee, I always felt like I needed just keep
I can feel that air yeah with manic quirk, Ignis filled the air, mask the anger and keep talking, but I learned from her that you can just be silent and an off of the awkward none of that moment in other people are laughing. I sorry do it and she's a master raising soon to be her life's work was to drag that power. As out as long as she could, and I ve learned from an idea occasionally resort to that now I never would have that. Chair bid is just an experiment in pauses oh yeah, yeah early, that's in the gas famous chair, but yeah. It's like buster, keep me yeah. No, no she's great unity seems good on dynamic is again now she is doing great yeah. I mean
two to Libya dice. Did you open fur like so you open for for a period of time or have that work? Or are you just word? You just were friend, you know you yeah just that one week we had so much fun, laughing and and being ridiculous together that we well. I got a letter. This person die by the beach summit, Where were you always in vat was invented for sixteen years. I just move to echo park. I feel, like I'm part of the city. Now you invented for sixteen year yeah, we friends would Zack. I did see that what did you ever when you were in recovery in talking about you? Are you know out a candy and stuff where you also Did you have a nicotine thing were yeah viewing oak so you and me and Zack, are the only people enter privately. I still dabble raw got off a man I the last, This is why I really aliens these nicotine pouch has now would know with its their white itself. For some reason. That makes it think. I'm
being healthy, are they tobacco in them are really well that's? Why was on the candy loved it but he did. I saw him recently earth it was. I might going to be like he's a pro dipper ice weeds. I saw he had his kids in a double strolled area. An here. A big fucking do end. We pull down, we both had some meant grisly or some can of disgust uneasily. I gather that cheap stuff viana do you could get them. I gotta get top of the line. Copenhagen. Man pay their action for Box Copenhagen story yeah, and then he saw me walk into Asia BAR method, studio that were after I got my hip fixed and start going to bar method, as the only do it. So I just wouldn't make eye contact, but little egg squats and it was exactly what I needed help. Oh it yeah. That's what the doctor told you, I'm the doktor tell me gotta,
some visible therapy, Elizabeth Taylor, Aquatic Centre and swim around with eggs, old people, and I right away as like this isn't for me and I M going to physical therapy, but it seen a girl that did bar method and she said you have to go to this class. You think you're doing you can do it in a class or not, and that was it yeah. And he saw me go in there is. I have fun you're your Way class in everyone's like have did, that is at the from the movie. I just some guy he choose. This is really feels like a corrupt you and you grow up soon. I guess he's like from North Carolina now I grew up around it and that's one of those things are as like. That's for rednecks! I would never do that and then at some point, almost as a joke, I put it in my mouth is the best thing ever or its? How I got
not a comics in Austin there. I guess cause a bill Hicks, they all smoke, and I start smoking a lot and that's how I got off cigarettes is deepen, deepen Then I got one often on the nicotine and all different forms for so long and you know like I did the S news for a long time. I should get it from from Sweden. That's up the nose right now! That's pouch That is a powder keg. Your upper lip, the annexes idea. They like it, doesn't hurt you psyche woody at your fucking mind until those there almost identical Libya, as there is a swedish area have weird names have also in oh so addicted. I get really strong shit I go to sweep within my now and then, when I got on the loss in just gone through cigars, I just never went back to cigarettes. I'd never went back to cigarettes after I quit him in ninety nine or whatever yea? I media one or two cigarettes. One would keep Richardson one when my divorce went through the F K, Richards cigarette gas market share, but I knew I was going to start again as I had the licences, but I got
for those August. I've I've been nicotine reasons fuck in August yeah, but Barnett's YE he fucking dips, yeah guy? He was the other kids, the other and like you know he would I'd he'd. He here do for six with a skull pouches the skull extras yeah, and I'm every gave me like you were. He gave me a ten. I he opened for me a Carnegie Hall Darcy. I was struck his name up. His forgets right, yeah, but I got the idea or guy got such an area because it comes and goes by day. Is your friend yeah well you're wended that so then, when he ever say in his last name, Vienna forgot see, but I used to fuck it up but Carnegie Hall Young for me and then afterwards you, like his own good eyes, stay away from existing MIKE involved. It is no good yeah, it's no good! You have course, but it's so great yet and have after Carnegie Hall, you gave me a fucking pouch and he just gave me the ten. Unlike us,
is the best is better than the show yeah yeah little reward. That's that's where I don't know. If it's that I have an addictive personality or that I just like little rewards like I remember, but how I've been on that shit yeah, I'm in the other, rewards one thing, but eventually just doing it all the time you have no vices now right now I work and then somehow not do anything. But last I was enduring agafea drinking tea for one I'm just fuckin jack in the car get get that when she would she passed away, and you know- and now I think you know what am I doing. You know me some. You know we had a good thing gone and always has haven't saxon stuck out. I had nothing, no one on quarantines yak. I am in everything. It was argued that feel like Anita with four. Can I never make another cup of coffee and I'm fuckin nauseous on a much less traumatic level. I I was seeing someone that I
I love didn't. She had disappeared at the beginning of quarantine. She's. Just like this isn't working so same thing, it's like will now waterway yeah, you re you and I find I am impressed. I I wouldn't be able to handle it, but I'm kind having fun. I think. That's all the fact that nothing is expected of me oh, it's great and then, and also no one else is doing anything right. I didn't realize how competitive or how I was always looking like. Look what that guy, how yeah, now that I'm watching Stephen call Baron a messy kitchen during its tv show with a confused look on his face. I oh we're all its they even playing field. Exactly it's! for everyone, this rate, yet I right yeah relax is, I don't know, I think, maybe unhealthy that that brings may comfort. I've been. I talk about that right at the beginning of my kid there's nothing like day that gave no yeah. Now do anything either rarely and its role, Taxing workers were whether you're actively.
Repetitive or not. It's hard, not to judge yourself in relation other people and now that were on the same page, I mean it's not like you'd have we're still gonna go if we ever get to go back to our lives, that's going look the same, but we minds will enjoy the reprieve idea of that year. I'm a giant yeah, but and I've gotten another other like making doll houses and drawing, and I mean in miniatures, I've always on up not, and I don't play with dolls. But I've always wanted where make Wallace and make Wallace little Grom at little worlds. Ok, you differentiate between playing with dolls, and I call you I caught miniature houses yeah. I try I leave the word doll out of most my conversations. I realise when I brought this up. I said Doll houses straight yet with F with ease but I meant to say I've been getting into miniatures so,
like a craftsman and then I'm like a train guy. What does entail? Do you but her stuff on mind. You have the paints and did do a low panting, it's the furniture is just like little IKEA Furniture or more confusing. There's no taxed. I D. Look online Vienna Youtube videos of fifteen year olds put together this stuff, but you distress it in its tiny woodworking. Then and to make all these little books for their shelves. Demand from here. You you. It is a cat and some of it was easy to make, but then it's a little chandelier with these tiny wires and you have them wire this lamp through yeah. Was it where are you? Are you in that world? Now I mean, I think, once you once European, you can't get out. I'm looking at my next doll happened. Many at your house, I think, I go greenhouse you'd, make a greener, yeah, well,
there's different areas of my apartment. I put the book store on the bookshelf. I thought I was fitting and now I have. I have my plants that I talk took his out of pets in writing. Output, allow greenhouse next to them, and then am. I did this weird thing in my apartment, where I put up wallpaper like I have a snowy mountain in my bedroom and after did that in my life to make my bedroom look like a cabin suave, lanterns and snow shoes, room yeah. Everyone thought as being a weirdo, but right when I finished it worked on in lock in unknown, can go outside and it's like will lose laugh and now I wake up and look at a snowy mountain every day, its virtual outdoors ie and that's so. This is the world Yeah. What's in what you're gonna do a greenhouse miniature neck live at tropical living room? I got. There is like
is Wall MIRA, light photo mere all year and is like a palm trees in my own living room so that region do the miniature yeah yeah, that's an ex project. Yet, as your third one. No idle it'll be my second and a second one year after the bookstore. Yet now and eventually I wanna, make little a little clay guy and do some snob motion animation. I've always want to get into that. Were you that seems easy. Do vary from now, yeah. I think you're right, there's! No, there's no, Your people involved yet not yet made any people, and now you're gonna do that from a giddy gonna derome Ah, yes I'll make a low guy on my own place, order some clear seminary, plasticine stuff, Yeager polymer, the area palm someone may MIA my dead cat. Oh yeah, that's impressive work.
That's a handmade there's only one of those yeah, that's great! That's my cat with my cats colours and my cats. Weird two different colors and I think you're right. It is a while ago. That's really cool, I think, you're right. It is easy to just make little guy, you move on the little take a picture, move them a little more light on the. U make managers you're going to make a man some that's malleable, yeah yeah, I gotta be our it's like it sounds like you. You were cut off what I did but what else am I gonna? Do I've been doing cooking videos of in men cook and dry guy to learn. I did not a cook anything. They have, echoing the ices, very enjoyable good, yeah, you're you're growing up yet, Just like me in an apartment night become a man. We're talking about cats. Coming up here had now you'll have a cat. Now there's a cat. That's coming. What is this mean when this cat as a collar. So I'm not just gonna snatch him up. He I
Tarzan hide whom, outside my kitchen like when I'm washing dishes, he comes and stare. Is there, but he may hours like he's in pain or something is wrong or led the way a cat is loudly me owing right, pregnant or something I like and what's goin on any sky skinny but lives. Next door, but I I said high and he figured he jumped on the roof work programme. Say apartment and ended up in front of my door. So I figured out here where my front door. What was right, I've decided he's smart yeah says I want out of a cat and but I'd I didn't start feeding and once you start feed in a cat. Now there never go away gear and then its then like yeah I've, I've had cats at the old house. It would come, around I think we're other people's cats yeah. Actually I put one down at an over with someone else's Catarina near funded. When I live with TAT, there is a cat to cats, Zidoc Nancy there
lived under my Mustang and I am, I would put food under the car. I forget, but then take your start feed in these cats right on the porch and, like you know, we have cats now right, if your feet- and there is some possums they'd all line up. Oh yeah, Possum, skunks area, raccoons, everything really care for gear Baker, and so that's how I got a funny when you see the and the other animals out there together, just kind of like it was cat Possum cat partner at LA people. Loan, opossums and cats are too We called it, though it out of that same yes, they dont times your fuckin too much yeah they're, really not I'd! There's times you view squint Irving. Young their kind, acute by a boy I'll get date. Own age well gets raw, get their teeth, their baby ones or cure their very rat. Like I think it's, the tail is the reason I tell somewhere in the fucking hands there.
And the second teeth, you're wondering why weren't isomer have thumbs. I should have been about it. I can remember what the It was that it was a long bit a rat out homes about how ugly pass observer yeah Goya's, but they then in records are just burly. There is a family records starting Kevin NEWS like he was chaos when come on to the deck oh yeah, just like laugh iraqi raccoon I'll, kick your cats. I am we it's a whole family in their fat you're like how much you the evening. They have zero fear, they will come they'll, take some out of your hand and then stare at you. I have what you'll have Turkey so long? They have real yeah little black hands, yet with little thumb we are a little tiny howler monkey hands. So, but you know cat for now, as you think this courtesy because that we are concerned. I'm just keep my eye on I've
or to the owner has a known I have. I have to every time I try to get close to the cat. Why are you me out at my door of when I open it to you, you run away, so I'm not gonna. Try hard to understand man but pain sounds like pain and unanimous yeah. This cats in pain- oh really, I'd of some kind. Yeah What did you mean? My pen? No, I mean it's like you would now I mean yeah cats wanting food yet, but you howling goes like is separating yeah that'd, I'm no! at specialist now, but I had a few. I I've always prided myself or been proud of prided yeah on being able to whisper cats embryonic. I can pick up a Pharaoh cat. I mean that's, not nice brag about both cats dress me like a real feral. You can become oh yeah. Other Austin is riddled with
stray cats? They don't care about cats, Texas, no offence of your from Texas, something I did see. Cats like you, they're they're, rats, yeah they're, just as fucking annoying am, and I think certain birds, the country a day. They had more yet at first boy and I picked up cats that around street cats yeah. I like gets. Where did you get a cat cousin? I was on the road. A lot like even my plants are dead. When I go home I have to have someone right chat and which can be arranged, and I could do that so now. I don't know why Don't ask me, I mean they're all over you just go pick one up. Yeah enduring this the whole quarantine thing it would have been nice. What's that over hire me give you my address months, he could really dig in with a cat and weight. So now the new albums available,
its. Yet it's actually a special it's video on demand. Ah, yes, it's like video yeah. It's very well produced I really am proud of video on demand, for I had this there's a website called we're gnarly rear gnarly. It was the guy that produced it for me, as an old friend, and he said, talented filmmaker any just had this url already sorting out from like they release no burning days. He used to make snowboard videos, ok and I used to know board a lot. So I knew him back that fear in the board community I well, I am a member of the board. When did you break your hip you're, not doing that should now? I am again and I feel great and the doktor said: that's things bullet proof. I that's the only party or body that is how they were the hip yeah it's just. I urge that we have made on top of my famer and then another piece,
Metal on this area. Lubricated by. I guess my own body. It amazing that it works not seen before my dad used to put those in. Oh really, yeah he's worth repeating surge alms to the air, so it actually seen those out of the body sure I get on his desk yeah yeah and I are held one of my aunt em like this is going in May and it's the best decision. Ever made now you're back on the Fuckin board gap it the egg. He said I can't damage AY said: go ahead. What about the other hip dummy oh yeah, it's not feel a great, and I know I have to get that one, leaving shattered this one? It would just worn out YAP interested. It's been bothering me since my team years, so nothing I did is rising there. I'm cartilage has been wearing away, so he didn't blame skateboarding now I just heard to land on. So how do you wear ridiculous padded pants? Forty five? We I mean you noticed dont go crazy and we were break.
Now now I now, I can't tell you how many fucking your fifty to sixty this, your people, men, I see a mountain bike up there yeah, cranking away and in their will outfits, and am I right and buddy of mine is a little older than me after his man bite broke his fuckin hip gap, but I've add plenty of injuries. I'm sure I about impose end. I it's worth it in a weird way: contrary reliable! maybe I'm just being a purse, because I dont you I'll do that shit, gamma hiker are run Oh and I have always been cautious, I've never been even when I was young. I wasn't like lets you now you are, I'm not. You are flying in the air out of pools, Once I was good enough to do it, I was yet, but I I made sure that fundamentally eyes able to do that staff, and so I had friends that were that programme
before me, but I am. I went either pictures of you in the air I like on the internet, I think they're, just in general, do they exist view holding the board in the air. You know like that. Maybe you may be somewhat their work. I was never really on camera lot. You just have to take my word for it and that we arrive at the. I want proof. Man I I had a buying, it had a cousin. There was a pro snowboarder and we just kind of would follow him around two different ski towns and submarines differently. I tried a geiger of skiing. I just mister, I miss Thea. You got grub doing this now. What Are you happy Skype? Think you're right and I know a lot of kids now art, skiing, there's skiing is popular
again: oh yeah yeah, it's it's most. Kids are scant because my axe was this came up snowboarding she just snowboard yeah, I tried it went when I went up skin and a mammoth once we shall k but yeah, it's a whole different set of you. You got a real armed with a learned, reversed yeah, you have to effective edges. It makes more sense. You have. A good body is more like skateboarding, with the Snow Board yeah. Yet submerged by I started a shirt so as even doing stand up now for twenty years. Jesus christ- and I remember you- went to a lot of different outfits, hair configure nations year here there is a while there are thought like is he doing all old western character I found that when I had a mustache the audience took me more seriously, like even police officers, said pull up next to a cop not at me, sir you're, one of us yet
at least I work for the city or something but it but they ate it. Did you know that I always struggled with confidence on stage and and and when you have a mustache people like all listen to this guy. I don't know how I ve discovered that I just noticed a difference. I grew one for fun, but you worked at you like you're, always out their me. You worked hard right. I'm here I ve seen by around for a long time along time on stay. I spend a lot of time on stage and I now do you have. Why have you a master following through who podcasting. Suddenly there is not enough, and I don't. I don't think I think a lot of these. It's mostly women that way which pocket do you? Do you need a ride? It's called
indian caring kill, Gara, Sir. Now, how do you know Kilgour have that come to be on it when I worked variety of tv riding job end and her husband at that time was one of the camera guys and they had like a party their house and I've heard from Jimmy Pardo and other people at the beginning. Before everyone had a podcast people always said you should Papa gas with care and care of who I knew of but didn't nor well, and then they all decided maybe something in the way I talk. They saw that we we cause, we do mesh conversationally. Figured that out right away and I was at her house and- and I said we should do a podcast she's like a huge podcast, her air and before that she had a podcast, would be and then started this murder, my favorite murder, podcast, and that immediately blew up and Bob
she continued to do. Do you need a ride with me and so now? Gradually it is. These murders. Minos are going to my shows and a lot of times out think they ve ever even seen stand up before the eyes. On that. I get the beginning of podcasting. I had a lot of people coming to shows like were like. We should go support, support, mark, and am I've been doing this since I was twenty I hate this go thing. I know added yeah. I appreciate your gonna come support. Me gashes just come prepared the audience and not say like I need fuckin help its great I'll take it. And the end a lot of times you can tell us a pug cast audience consular quiet there you stood listening to these shows at work. And then they laughed aloud they might get in trouble from their bosses, so they're, just silently, smiling and unlike ok, I gotta get used to this. Their enjoying themselves are just not the most verb focal, but beneath the if you'd, using that
to take it? So personally, and I don't know yet as you might you d like his eye, I was, I have always been a comic yeah and the package was something that sort of the came out of desperate Asian ran this idea that no new me as a comic for for a couple years, issues a knife in my site yeah. Yeah yeah I've been doing I'm a whole life. Yeah Bernard Ready now don't care where they come from you I say very brazen. Do it's great. But so you say most we women GAD, that's end their kind. People they say. Only support of things there night and I've ve seen friends of mine that have a following through stand up or through a tv show or unites open infertile for a while. I oh no. I, like David, tell a lot. I am. I am a big fan. I dug stand up and a crowd of drunken deeds that hackle and dont know at an end.
Oh yeah, you ten men and I'm just then title where shall we gift bearing women come to my shows? The best is the best there, people yeah and harsh worded wording. I kids we gear. I think that when I is opening for him. A lotta was bigger venue like Vegas and where it was just gap, people they liked Tosh Point no twenty two year olds, sure, and it tells right kind of guys at the end of the rope yeah, I remember he was getting selborne eyes, opening firm somewhere just people handing me Agar Meister. Yes, he was using Yeager ministers catchphrase here like a conclusive. Now that my back, I ran hope just as these radical weirdos yeah I've, graters, yeah, yeah, yeah Anna Ol Man of all of them, make me nervous, like a room of dude, makes
me nervous. I think oh yeah yeah, that's usually if you're here cuz, if you're not like you know, if you dont want to be a leader somewhere, you don't have that in your time. I can take these dudes where they need yeah yeah, I don't want to be in there. I don't want to be one. Those dues onawandah led us to this one. Regular people were a little sensitive will nervous, we'll angry and I'm getting that now and I logger working. Regulation thanks thanks. Maybe they'll, be there when we get out is fuckin shit, yeah yeah that well that's the thing we can still podcast says. Just keeping at bay. How often do you do that one can weaken every other week. He ok, I think my favorite murders the couple times a week for her, so ok minus by weekly, it's great scene again, oh yeah, great, to see you too good targeting thanks.
I was Bruce Fairbanks he's a nice guy, any braved it out. We both braved it out. We talk to the plexiglas six feet away. Didn't I. Each other at the windows open got out, there's a little distorted guitar for you. yeah
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