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Episode 1143 - Seth Rogen

2020-07-27 | 🔗

Trigger warning if you are an anti-Semite: First of all, why are you listening to this show? Get lost! Secondly, you are REALLY not going to like this episode. Seth Rogen returns to WTF for the first time in six years and has, by far, the Jewiest talk with Marc that two Jews ever had on this show. And that’s saying something. The subject matter of Seth’s new movie, An American Pickle, might have something to do with it, but they really get into their shared childhood experiences, their attitudes about Judaism that have changed over the years, and a consensus pick for who is the world’s toughest Jew. 

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Jim gave against new to part stand up comedy special called the pale of tourist is available to watch now on Amazon, prime video, Jim boldly goes where no stand up. Comedian has gone. He travels to Spain and Canada, meeting locals and learning about their culture. He then transforms those experiences into all new stand, upsets that will have you laughing with delight now watch Jim gaff again the pale tourist only on Amazon Prime video all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck parties, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck dialects what's happening it. There's I've changed my tone to urgent here's my urgent tone, how's it going. How are you doing urgency.
Take a breath breathing in breathing and breathe it out with too little of that right. Everybody come on come on, come on, stop what you're doing stop what you're doing take a breath? all in all the way go ahead and cry the after I might oh god, dammit. I can't even take a deep breath. I mean I've been avoiding the deep breaths, clearly homer, Oh no. It's right there bid it's right there. Oh man, I'm holding well, then it in a holding some vague in sight, let it out everybody hour, I ok, so today,. On the show talk to set Rogan now set Rogan has been on before, yes, the first
was on with Goldberg. What that guy's name is it Evan Goldberg his partner, so they were on here together. This is f alone, and after I have to you have to say that there is a trigger warning, If you dont, like Jews, you're gonna get triggered if If your anti semitic you, this This is going to definitely trigger you. Very Julie, talk, it might be the most Julie talk we ve ever had on the show. I dont know why I dont know why, But is the first time Seth has been on since two thousand and fourteen and we already covered a lot about his life and his early career on that episode, and so that Indeed, I had two were too, I had to figure out some stuff. And you just made this very Julie movie, It's called the american pickle like it.
Almost Throwback Dewey it it's it's a movie that is so Dewey. You would think it was the seventies again when the Jews and understanding jewish comedy and Jews or sorted out in the world and, in the end, the dictators of a certain amount of culture. Back in the day. This feels It could have fit their bit its Dewey. No back. When you know Philip, Refused to appear on talk shows a Norman mailer yeah, Bernard Moma, so that's and it happened man, we're going to do that. You think tomorrow. I'm go get another covert test, because you know that sir, funding to do try going to a amusement park. You park You get online in your car go through very slow. We go through a series of streets and turns, and then you up in the Dodgers Stadium parking lot and then there's a video with the mayor.
And then you're, given something some findings to spit in and then give it to another guy with a mechanical claw, and then the give it to you with mechanical coin and at the end he strode into it another thing and am and then in two days later email, you, the good or bad news Very exciting way to spend an afternoon I am fighting back. The darkness. I'm trying to fight back the darkness but I'll tell you. Man tarred As Jews, when you got the other fascism common anybody. Any of you Republicans it. You know still listen to me who use it is like what I do know that got to political and thought. I was you know I was exaggerating the possibilities of authoritarianism well,
look what happened Who is wrong. You, I'm not saying I told you so, but I told you so I want to be able to say why still can before there are. You know. Jack booth bugs coming into the garage. I told you so hey. What's going on, hey, hey you can't before that, not go and live for the other, better tricky They are to be within and outside, but the jewish. Historically, I think, have sort of a rate for the fucking thing is: is it a radar, but imagine like I've Judar sure, but we have of sensitivity to fascism who doesn't over there the people that are like home, will be that bad right. It is going to be us what Well, what about your neighbours? I don't know, we don't know that They question right how Desperate. Does your neighbor, who doesn't like the way you think have to be
to kill you because he doesn't like the way. You think, if he's aloud, encouraged or assigned that task, how desperate at what level of dehumanization. Are we with everybody and how we taken? information. Now we see other people how how desperate does your neighbor have to be. You kill you if he's allowed to, because of the way you think we're kind of pushing back on China. Shutting that outcrying. That situation to the point where you might Idiot Father, who watches o n n. When I asked him what he thought the pandemic, he said there were, we got it. We gotta get back a China MIKE what the fuck are you talking about, and he said, were allowed to have a difference of opinion on white bets on an opinion that just sounds stupid and I'm embarrassed, and I can't respect you any more if you're going to just were Gerda, take garbage that you here on a propaganda channel through
You know your face hole into the phone at me we will discuss a broader idea about where we're at now with it. As a doctor. But it's a chinese right are united if I can ever talk to you again so economic deprivation, economic collapse, desperation, the streets, broken spirits thousands of unemployed people, angry people, desperate people are you angry and desperate. You wanna? Where uniform? What did you. Do in your civilian life. Branch manager. Would you like to be a comet aunt, What did you do school? superintendent deal run a camp what'd. You do. I was a teacher. Would you like to be a. We programmer. What you do in civilian life.
Some manager at a slaughterhouse. Are you able to make the jump to people. Everybody gets a hat. Do you know a good, no uniform gap. For clothes anymore will feature oh, you know, really cut out for that kind of thing. Well, we can put you to work and one of the state on factories. I'm sorry that too dark, I can end on an up note kind up. Something gave me faith the humans. Recently, I was on my hike. Without magical and scoville headed up the hill, three clowns. Free clowns outdoors.
And a guy walking down the hill with the guy delicately holding this little bunny, there's a lot of bunnies up on the hills. Right now. Why do bunnies and it's a little sort of sad looking wet looking bunny was sick bunny, the guy was holding a sick bunny. This man walking down there with a sick, bunny and we're like all what happened. He's like it's sick, I want the on going to bring it home under, You get better and then let it out so not script accident not being racist cause, I'm not identifying it, but he had one so like all? That's nice, that's nice, but who just like. In these times whatever he's going to whatever we're all going through the that moment, Will you saw the sick bunny decided to do that, but I don't know Success will have but the spirit of that the action of that the heart the goes into that he's carrying that bunny down the hill, and I I I read that there is a bunny plague. I felt bad could any need to bring that up, but I did. I said I heard that there there's a lot of sick bunnies around
He said how can I get it? Oh, my god. I think so and I felt bad. I should just let it be. I don't even know if you can get it but like it was so nice that something he could do. It was something he could do in that mom. I'm gonna help this bunny. I'm just saying. Look if you, can help a bunny Use it as a metaphor: ok use it. As a metaphor,. I strap in for some do stuff american pickle premiers on HBO Max on August. Sixth, that is ASEAN, the film that itself is in, and this is me and South Rogan coming up look
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my pen, him. Oh I see so I can just see him Democrats and everyone into my grandparents me my life for ten minutes ago and in Strasbourg today. So it's every hour, so you were trying to do to yes, that's. How is that when a problem? That's it! You just have to push the button I we could. Figure out? Where did you get honour within it? We did our thing. I got to approve a rabbit hole with Amazon today tobacco I don't know how it went. You know it's like I got, did you buy? anything on Amazon. Today now. I'm not bought anything of Amazon, but but have recently right yesterday how I'm pretty Much every day, every day I am aware there, that's exactly so I today the guy comes up and he gives me two packages
and one is my choice. Shocking, gloves great yeah. And the other one was an empty envelope that was supposed to contain my MR shocking knife. Give that had that he was just okay with that he got the ran off before I can get him it's probably in his fucking truck just now. Now it's a but now it's a problem. Now I got an empty envelope. I have no oyster knife. I got five voice. Is that are going to be an issue later. I have to get a screwdriver rockers for drivers and should have you ever eaten oysters at your house. I've done it other friends house who, shocked then, and it was impressive and I don't think I could have done it myself. It was. I tried, I tried one and I was. I know that this is not for me. I saw a guy put their wish to restore shocking.
I threw his fuckin hand there. That's exactly what I would have been that guy I get nodded use were not meant to do that. That is, it is not that's. Why that's why oysters aren't kosher because they knew we couldn't do that they knew it Two challenging for us to open the shell The bad thing for us the whole thing that I'll do, thou stereotypes, juice, not being able to do things is not really true, and I think that movie that you were just in that I just watched is a test amen to that? If you all Jews can do stuff there, there was a time or Jews were like. When I worked at a Delhi, did you ever do that? No, my great by great, kosher butcher shop in New Jersey, though so I really where New Jersey and Newark near Newark, really that's what my people come from. That's fucked up anyway, I did when I worked in Delhi when I was in college in Boston for someone It really blew my mind. These old Jews would come in and they were Ex cops,
plus my grandfather was a plumber. I come from a line of like very tough blue collar Jews as well. My grandfather was a professional play, professional football in Canada. And he was a plumber. There are other- was an electrician, my great grandfather, others. I was a male man, I'd like they were tired, and there was, that was a lot of actually where the idea for the movie came from Simon, rich. The writer like I was looking at an old picture of my grandfather when he was my age and I couldn't help but think that if we do each other. He would fucking hate my guts and probably did shit happens me that's like exactly my grandfather. Here. They were nice to me, but you could tell like he thought I was soft and light was his yeah, why in general, like yeah, the vote. That was a tough, those were tough Jews
yeah that's what I've I've. I've always had a theory about it that there is the the stocky sort of Proletariat peasant Jew Irish D. The composer do that then the math Jus Yan I'm I'm definitely not a Matthew, and I dont know you are either. We are whatever happened to you to make your soft mentally I'd no, but no legally egg. I come from a big people, have a large jewish person for your, like from the James Con jus exam. There's the end, then there is Jean happened and who is a singular jus? Instead, you Jeanne, it is doing serious. Have you checked at when? Did you check that out of a job? I look right this second, I think I've seen us be Jew. I don't, I think here I don't think you're. I think, you're wrong. I don't want to hurt you see, I don't want to lose you not I dont know I'd, never thought he was not jewish way. Now is now sorry
Sorry he stole dwelt. It makes sense, because what I was going to say is seems to intimidate and scary to be a jewish person for that banks. James, calling the scariest jewish person is definitely up there. You, James Khan and and I've talked to his son. I think in real life is relatively scary. I think letting go these out, that that's good he's he's a kind of Judah hangs out gangsters. You know I mean exactly James Lucky Jean actions, not jewish, because that makes him the best you His father was a butcher cons they go now. I close. If Jews is kind of soft Jews in sinewy Jews, like I think, that's like a cat, worry of delay. Irish, you yelling. Like I, like my don't like lay like you're, like Israelis, really very like your skin, you're, like whether e unlike the other house, our Mediterranean muscular and sing yeah. No, I would call I put them in like a tough time. Oh yeah yeah. Fuck around. No Israelis aren't gonna put up with our fuckin mid.
The class now view bull shit. Do you know me better like that? You know I get the ridiculous, don't even one in know even care before religious. You notice, Did they want to know? Is that do you believe we can kill them rejecting? I will just add that all this country can we can't I haven't, got I've got along with an israeli and alone. I don't think I've ever gone along within Israeli, so I am a jewish summer camp. There, israeli councillors were fresh out of the army and they were psychotic and they would torture us really. I never yeah, was it a sweep away jewish summer camp? There was here because I went to a jewish day. Camp and then I went to a very non jewish sweep away camp. I would you jewish sleepily camp, where the goal was. Essentially to get young jewish kids to fuck one another, to make more, jewish kids really that Asia,
find urge. I always action plans and see if it wasn't just a sort of experiment. I made a lot of my sister met, her husband, their love, weirdly, a disproportionate amount of people I know produce jewish offspring due to the summer, can really is Is it a canadian summer camp you up a Canadian during summer camp liquidated your sword, tat, everyone goes there, We were you there when you wrote a what age alike like nearly nine to sixty, listen, my oh, my god. So it's like every year, the same young people you grow up with each other. If everyone gets laid the first time at the camp, if nuclear with other Jews, I guess you gotta, that's that's the thing when, depending on where you live, grew up in New Mexico, so we had a year. There is like, there is only so many Jews, you gotta know. What do you got? Word you? U grubbing, where
thank you. Her brain could army there's a lot of time to get down there. Aren't you re all right got all on the EAST coast where in New Mexico did you were do Albuquerque man? I've lived their several times for moving on sign in yeah for movies and tv shows was your preacher. Therefore, the first isn't like I, like it their energy and like Albuquerque two weeks ago, people get the wrong impression of it, because I mean I don't they really see the best of it. Sometimes when they live there, and I guess, there's not much share and I guess it's gotten little economically depressed. Since I grew up there. My parents are from Europe yeah. My to my dad is from Jersey, my dad is from Newark yeah. We I mean funny because my mother's father was from Elizabethtown he's going to say that the idea that fuck cemetery in the movie it it's. Exactly like the one my grandparents are buried in in Elizabeth like there the Budweiser Factory right after the highway, a writer,
ass from New York in like you get off in New York and theirs is Weiser factory in in the shadow of vat is widdle old, jewish cemetery. You seem a bus driver out just like all the people who are the people who spent their life savings all that a hundred years doing what it can do. So governments have it. So it's so upsetting very true that was very true. That is, I think, Linden its Linden New Jersey, New Jersey, yeah yeah, I definitely related to that, but the thing about the the Jews in New mexico- and I guess in Vancouver to his right that you know- I guess your parents, I think we talk- there's a little the last time you know you that there has to be an effort made you now to get all get him together they want. You are sir. I wouldn't want to dissolve every school. You white, jewish. My wife is yours: cease out at
I gotta get away again what's funny little care had she had lived like like. I would have it totally. Every berrigan, not jewish version, is totally coincidentally really bothers, or when I say that, like she, He wants a Judaism's. You have some value gypsy, even though it does it anyway. Why dont know that you would know if that's true until you did I don't. I bet you wouldn't be great with a non jus. Maybe I'll be ok. I've I'd be ok but you're, debutante that you and others not that. I was married to a Jew enacting work out. I was married to a non June that Denmark out either I used to hit. Sometimes religion has nothing to do with it by joke about. I said that the only problem with marrying a Jews that means everything you hated about bring home is now in your house
and I love you. There is a lot of similarities at it, but there's a familiarity added, but also like I was a real. I found myself being what kind of a real novelty to some of the non jewish women I did like. It was tat like all I'd like they had never been around a funny person before they retire. For instance, there, but if you're a jewish first and then you're like I'm no funnier than your average jewish persons uncle is so. The novelty is not don't think that's true, I think I'd be they. I guess juice communicated different way. I don't know what the hell it really is by I mean I think, there's some non jewish women who are just like Jews. It is also a vague and thank God for them
if you go on porn hope you find that everything is it is, is someone's into every staying. Here too, I can do fetish important. How would that even play house really? yeah there's some porn stars were famously jewish and their work is featured as result of Do they look? Jewish would do. Would you like, You mean, like I mean men or women. The men will be easier to pick out. Probably for though I have not yet, I think rise error message you Sars there there are female doing other female jewish foreign starts going. How does this party bring like how to dad happen? That's my answer. It does and that my answer is, like probably super liberal life, very liberal approach, because it sets the weird thing about Jews. In this sort of, like you is chosen people business, it's been kind of put on, is antlers is theirs is sensible,
exceptionalism, which is kind of weird, because that that's what I learned about when I was at the delay, I like I had a rat, my brain around. Of course your jewish plumbers, all these years. Come over here first generate In immigrants how they going to figure out how to do whatever it can make pickles like in the movies or whatever, and wasn't until this our third generation that they actually started to integrate into the middle. Glass in opera glass and make a lot of money there sure it's and I think like them, making the movie like it like. My grandmother was born fleeing Poland Flee, like the programmes in nineteen nineteen, which is when the moon, how old Wishy she passed away. In two thousand and fifteen, so she was ignoring these six. Maybe some but she was born yesterday morning. Ninety nine team in a caravan fleeing you know people try to kill jewish people in coming to America and, like it were adopted the conversion of the Winter pig which is terrible place.
Where oh, my beaten little city. That is my only like reason. I could think as to why so many eastern European Jews went to win a baby's that maybe it reminded them of he's better time. Maybe it would you the closest thing there steadily bearing landscape, examines the rows of their landscapes and so yeah it was yummy making the movie. I was like really out of reacting my own history in a lot of ways, and it was I am you made me think of it up percent differently. As I oh yeah, my why my grandfather was a tough. What did she grew up at a time, and my grandmother was so does is like they everyone, I do indeed the shit out of them. You know what I mean you. If he had had a fight you they had. You know the other line, alot of people having don't like. I just conversationally, understand like if you meet a jewish person, America. The probably here could someone tried to kill their grandparents
that won't like and we should be in Eastern Europe, but that was actually a plan that there you know when the Jews fled. The Holocaust is spread out. Was actually an organization that would be, they choose and has many different places as possible. I think that a better strategy like me, what are you going corral them up again? Yeah? Well, you don't keep all your Jews in one basket. I don't understand why they did. It makes no sense whatsoever. I totally agree with that strategy Strata House. Every night to live somewhere. That was not a part of the christian apocalyptic. Prophecy. Here is also. Probably a good idea is maybe settle somewhere that the Christian don't thank you of the dying in order for the media in an eight they want to solve the gold. I hear they need a certain number of years ago. They are so we can dies only a hawk labelling by that. But it's nice to know that, like you know in the present, they need
there's a similar there's some very common vested interests in the million topic, the Christians they guy. They need us there there ridiculous vision, they're, not gun they're, not gun in forests. Not, but no luck, yes, but luckily it serves our ridiculous. Like our ridiculous visits are temporarily perils, go hide with. What could you imagine living in Israel? Would you ever go live in Israel? Now it would be. In the same way and we're to piss off a bunch of Jews is, like you know, for some reason, my mother, who is not religious or whatever, but there's a whole generation, they're gonna not on Israel, and they find some comfort envoy in Niger. I've been there and I'm like. I can't I can't imagine living here know it's there Thirdly- and I think you like for like you, I could imagine like yeah, I like you
at best. You are convincing yourself that you look are far enough away from a major conflict and not worry about it right, which is like a terrible thing that convinced yourself up and like I don't understand, He had just very like an antiquated thought process like if it is for religious reasons. I don't agree with vehicles, I think religions if it is for truly the preservation of jewish people. It makes no sense because again you don't keep something you're trying to You have all in one place, especially when that place is proven to be valid Thirty he's pretty evolve. It's how you gonna help I'm trying to keep all these things safe. I will put them in my blender and hope that as addled direct like this, just it doesn't make sense of it. So I am- and I also think that is a jewel person like I was fed a huge amount of lies about his meetings. Are your entire life? You know they are.
I tell you that, although there were people there, maybe we could see like it was just like sitting out of forty eight hours taken, yeah like it literally. They forget to include the fact to every young jewish person, basically like, oh by the way there were people there, what they just want to make sure that you are frightened of your own survival. To the point where, when you get old enough, you will make who are they did that money goes to Israel and the trees are planted in that You always speak highly of Israel and Israel must survive no matter what yeah, I don't then, I think like for jewish people, especially who were bought, you know who view themselves is progressive. No view themselves analytical interview themselves as people who asked a lot of questions and really challenged the status quo, like
What are we doing there? That there's a thing I mean, I'm even I get frightened to talk about it. You you started, work raided juice, I'm afraid you resent of red insurance which, as we started it aside from James Club. We have, though, one of your forgot, their noses republican Jews body, no scary, but yeah, I'm gonna like we're Jews, we can say whatever we want about. We should, if anyone can say whatever the fuck they want about this shit, it should be to famous jewish people, who you know if anyone's rounded up. First, it's our fuck. It says you know like we do. We are why we're out would we do as they like, but I find it, but don't you find that, like you, like my watch, the movie, I thought like wow. This is really I mean there. They might be overdoing. It is a very useful haven't wondering like who is the audience for this? Do that today I will do that. You know I mean not in a bad way.
The very specific, it's very specific and it sort of like almost a throwback to two movies, one. You know the Jews at some caught cultural profile. It's like it's like for those three years when Australians were really cool right, you have already died. The liquid Yahoo serious was baby you're, bringing you bring it to bring it back to the gentle crossing the land annually, every seven, these early eighties, in a specific way. Do you think that it there's like the themes, are pretty universe liking? That's true, but you I felt like, even when I see that in, and I felt a likely my last comedy special too. That for some reason, even it right and, as I may be, of of fascists and anti Semites, I I almost feel like I have to overstate my jewishness too. In order for other Jews to be like. I will someone's taken the head, and yet we can all your eye.
I can meet him half way. Maybe you know maybe not avert you know, but I do think it's important to represent for show in Juba like it when you deny your Jewish in this, which for me would be a rigid it was with you to hold its ever and I think that that is what's complicated about being jewish and I think you know it's something that I've reconciled. I think the movie, while he was one of the things I was interested in the movie, is like Unlike other religions, like you could find a corpse, determine whether or not it was jewish. You know like the idiot The work like that with with being a Methodists like you, don't know what that person like what, because of what is our constituent or they would no longer be united. Dna test you come back, is jewish traffic. As you know, you come back as an Austrian. I see you we're right. Did you get that I was. I was your mind
this came back, Jus, yeah, ninety, exactly all hundred thousand percent Juve doubt for your wife, you're, probably cousins, but I think you know- and I think that is what the different about other religions is being being. Jewish is inextricable Rob right use are literally our DNA Grange Back Jude that's what it says on the dna tests and if Europe Baptist they don't know that it's your belief system it's about who you are refugees, anxiety, but being jewish is not exclusive to Europe believe and Judaism GB, jewish I'll. I believe they, I believe like let's round down and say? I believe, zero of duties? I'm sorry, do. I can't help it. I just there My dna comes back. Jewish Do you think there's something about the dna that debt that way
they believe, zero. I me what is it really mean to believe zero? Jewishness, I mean it, you know you there's something about the the sword. Legacy you are in that the threats, like you, the way of speaking that tumbled down through generation the inherited the trauma inherited through our DNA. I think boats, evidently a big part of it yeah. I think like it's, not like being neurotic is not like a genetic period of his that? That's, like you know, inherited ethics. Like there's up a premium put on on education and on survival and on YO, you know a certain amount of of a wariness, you know, and I think there is being touching in the movie. Just because that character that you play that Isn T the one that was the old Jew. You know your comes to some sort of moment with his with his jewishness. At the end,
and it was. It was kind of touching cuz like I, I think, we're you're, probably more jewish. You think in terms of actual. Yet The ritual is written into you first and I think also I get older. I appreciate that religion no specifically revolving around death like Judaism has a lot of protocol. That is helpful. Any kind of voices multitude like I just I went through it with the death of someone else. Who was not jewish but was like you know, like Jews, like you, the body in the ground here, you got two days. You know that I know a new EU physically buried yourselves wooden box, don't fuck with it. You know, and then the shiver thing you know is really kind of powerful,
first sure and an end, and it happens fast and what I've seen my wife's, my wife, Lauren Mother pathway earlier this year and what I saw was like what you don't work and it forces you to do stuff and forces you to confronted and it forces you to be around people and talk to people and beaches, forces forces you to important and drink, eat and drink any end, and it is religion by it was one of those things around like all. This is like a very you'd a very useful tool that religion has creed they did around a very painful thing, an end, and a lot of thought was put into it It's actually. You know for everything I goods they about like us. We have Noah's Ark is that this is not silly. This is actually like a practical, very well thought out. At the goal. Protocol to do after someone dies and where we believe it or not it like is useful. You know- and I think that's also something that you know, because I was I wanted your school
Synagogue, and you realize that all I was brainwashed and kind of thought, a lot of things that I don't believe, and I was never really given the choice to make these choices. You know just thinking to myself, you you, you drastically kind of revolt against it for a while and then Oh I'm diamonds must, for years and more beating the phase would say. Ok, I like yes, there is a lot that I should not have ever probably been told to take us seriously as I did. But but what are you? talk is I mean I was brought up like conservative Jew and I Don't remember. You know I kind of we learned a little bit Betty Hebrew. I learned to read Hebrew. I did the prayers but like I don't remember you ever being afraid of God or taught to pray in any real way. I dont know what I mean. That's true, so I go. Did I really work I mean like? I have no proof the goal relationship with God,
I mean like it seems like with Jesus there. Like you know, Jesus died for your sins and you know you asked for forgiveness and there's it's a very kind of a plus b equals. You know you get to Heaven. Use a sort of like who we Knocking do you know I withdrew but I do remember well, but that was a funny thing, because I think it when you're young and jewish school they do kind of lay it on, and I was pretty young by remember like like my sister, whose only three years older than me like the old none of this is like I don't we ready the shit like? What did you think Barbicane? Don't even really believe this did you realize like we're doing stuff, and I was like oh, I like I'm being taught and that is just like. Every difficulty varied like anything at all you just I was, bought things that were never meant to come the fruition or be real in any way shape examined. Him reminds you at your age now that maybe there's something to it. I know and then yeah then I get to it now and I go for these very adult things that I wasn't dealing with its area like Datsun. Theirs,
actually a lot of useful stuff to it. I just want usually always the thing that I was that I look back on and look at as like. Maybe that was the thing I was like most misinformed about German, like I think, the religious stuff there are. I can reconcile. I looked more like with lower talking the right now there are tools but like with you know, I think like just it specifically like Israel, Palestine, like that with stuff that, like I, was not because my parents or anything I think just like culturally. Yet it was not in the conversation of the average jewish family to really get into specific support without doubt young question, Israel yeah right, yet I think that's true. Also, I guess I remembered being shown Holocaust movies Day, the movie
Why is it that was a bit of brainwashing? Probably for for the better, where you just sort of like this? This happened. If it, you can never forget it, it was horrible and these are. This is the pile of shoes, here's all the hare. This is exactly what the bodies in it that we never does it up in, my parents archery always did instil. I remember my dad. I wanna be very well my dad very frankly telling me, like people, hate dupes, just be aware that's a day they just do, and Its honestly smuggling back, I am so glad, was instilled in me from a young age, because if it wasn't, I would constantly be shocked at how watch motherfuckers hey do precisely because they do, and it is, is pervasive and it is prevalent, and it is too many jewish people so confounding there,
they don't assume its true right and I think with them That is something that I do, that Honestly glad was always very much and still the media, because it's true interesting that its confounding because hate Jews is as old as Judaism. The second thing map like it, so it's institutionalized and some other religions yeah, yeah, it's really bizarre and I think it's something that Also like you, don't put it like this, I tried to put a lot of thought into why if it happens- and you know, I know why it happened. It was because I mean I know part of a part of it was because the Jews route we know not allowed to participate in a lot of cultural things and and and things that you know required, like they were kind of push into a position that couldn't on property,
this though they learned other skills in those skills became necessary for other people to adjust thanking you know I relied allocation yet will they just sort of like you don't know me, smart asses who are manage our money, and I Like you know, people, obviously people who did not look like them. I think I think people, also have a weird fear of people who look like them, but do not believe the same thing. They do have mental and I think that is low. It's funny darling I can, I can get mildly anti semitic with guys at her to join. Where am I there's some? people were my gig and turned down a little bit. You know that you're, like you, know your, why overseer you're the reason exists, like your work for us here, you can be who you are, but it seems like you overdoing it a little, I think you're.
For sure, and anyone who is like zebra people were like anyone whose two minutes into extreme about anything like meets the fuckin piping, You know it's not even Helen takes it, just those guys, like I don't know, should we go to the thing you're not going to get out of here. You don't do it s very. Very, very therefore, the other very, very yeah that just like pleas for the love of God is worded. Where did may your wife at their camp or no no friend introduced us, we want we monitor whatever else it where and ass? Restaurants are really he was special event, because no one really do. How do get me. Cummings is birthday party fifteen years ago, wow so she was in the comedy org Yeah. She went yeah. She was yes, you worked out
put down the aisle e g, show right guy who worked on that with me was dating. A good friend of hers was gonna jump school with, but she worked for Bravo Jabez at the time that we started dating actually really gap haha So that is so it what you doing now she's, a writer and director. Yet she's made a film fur Netflix you another shown which one as I see it, is it out yet I know it's called like Father with Gurgurk Kristen Bell and tells you grammar, ok I'll check it out. Here's. My question, though know we know. What's going on, you know, you're you politically active person And your Canadian in I read an article that your swear we buying up. Most of the Hollywood hills. So let me and are you really dig it in I mean it. I would maybe I'm a different guided you than uber like for me.
I would killed they have canadian citizenship. I don't know what you're doing you buying up all this property and it's like you might have to go back to Canada next year by I all. I have an apartment and get my parents. Are there my sister's? What a lot of opportunities for me! I don't think I would leave him, I mean things would have to get very bad for me. You do we love it here, but I do have an end. I appreciate like I've. I've been so much from living in America than my instinct is. Do not leave it. As soon as things get rough here you know, like I have a lot of american friends who actually reach out to be had for asked joking. I nodded The only Canadians I could marry you know, but my instinct is right. We can't like Things would have been very bad in order for me to be
country and their pretty. Looking back to say, are you not like you say my programs? I am it still, it's not I'm still here, I'm not about bringing you know who I am and I I don't you know- I dont know what leaving like personally, it might make me a little more comfortable, but I dont think do any like grand. As this area, and I think like again, as somebody who I'm half american women forever. I just don't know it's like my instinct is to not be right here So but your father, like he's out, you grew up here, New Jersey and went to Canada when he married your mother's at how work yet will my parents hilariously met in Israel on a keyboard? really when they were like in their teeth. Twenty leads. What they were doing but saying like they were doing their bit They were given the very we're just gonna hippies. Like Yemen, comes from a good random ideas. I went back to her, ah so what now? What?
we talked about it a little bit. The last time you dad was, it is a well. What does he do you arms are social worker id my mom social order, my dad, he was he's always been like outwardly against the concept of work and care in general he'd. Never. Like he's working on? Basically, unlike whatever so he kept back there, that that hip ideology united exactly, but he was never like. He was always outwardly like workshops. Do not try to gain your identity through your job, which is ironic because it's a thousand percent. What I've done my life, but it was not what he instilled a need. Anybody, Hamburg lab. I eat I'll bet like you, but your job with self dictated after a certain point. It's not like a goddamn gotta make another movie than on producing yeah exactly, and they were very supportive of me as well. So that was nice and probably how'd. You make a living then, deny gravity work. Debts again, like
when I was a kid who worked at the game room of in the game room of the vocational school embrace became my boy. The video games were literally likely give you went to the vote this evening or occasional college like if you wanted to use the thing. On table, he would give you the path wholesome or, as I remember this, I would go to work with him again, I remember, lie hanging out an image and because it was a vocational school, I would get air cuts. Like as a good from the people learning to be hairdressers, as I remember once again, with no clear cut my hair, which was very and I dont know why was distressing goes beyond that. He was trying to get his own aired, but is only now we always, as was dealt with symbolically distressing for supper. These you never forget the first time you see a guy with no ear down with a baby he's cut your hair. It's alone. Was it afresh wound her visitor like getting
the scar over, but it was not like it seems like last, like last, months at Essen, your dad was a guy that sort of like don't bang the paddles on the table exaggerate and many became like the bookkeeper asked. What was the Vancouver coalition of people with disabilities, which was a good on profit organization that help people disabilities me run there eve I can drop out of Rutgers like he's not a you know. Really. He did not like. I'm in Ghana went to regulars beggar, was your father in those data beta tout fraternity. I don't think he was it. My dad is not a fraternity. If its defense he was, he was one of the view that the third birthday in the state were preventing and I think he once and check the fencing here. Do doesn't want to work. I like exactly that As you BT zero, the town was called the
I imagine, by anti semites asean zionist bankers, trust, It was a jewish, fraternal about right, since I last saw you, I mean you ve done a lot of stuff. I mean like what, how the animation business. That's in vague, it's going to be pretty lucrative in the future one day, because we're never gonna be able to touch each other again, exactly that sausage party movie. Do it didn't really well, maybe not a million dollars of area which is crazy. Yeah was only we spent a lot of time working on it, so I am glad of glad it did. But now we have plans to try to do more, are rated animation and we're doing gives adaptation thou as well, which is awareness like when he got gone. We're doing were producing a new teenage Unita turtles, animated movie for Nickelodeon and yeah? More things like that,
but that is at work and in terms of like is that sort of like yeah Siegel doing them up its movie. Had he get. How do you get access to the mute, an turtles be something's. Just happened with like a phone like it's funny, there's something that I've been working like tirelessly for years to try to become a part of, and it still has not materialised, and then something joy. Yes! We're like Rhine Robins is the head of the colonial era. Twenty years ago he was a pretty surnames. He for producers to first super bad and we much got along in the night. I got a phone call and eighty is like and then on the clarity and want to make vintage and and so yeah Thou were now introducing into groups as a result and are you writing? It pretty scene that, like helping right it as a producer and being pretty annoying
we have often occur throughout the rating process. Will you a fan when you were a kid? Yes, I was obsessed with that. I watched like every episode a really gazelle those those characters so defined right. They are, idea. There. There's a party do there's the leader, there's a nerdy guy in is a petulant, rebellious guy. That's all you need, and what are they went through? What it live action ones you back on I believe we have a lot of things that are now just kind of on ice and we'll see what happened. We haven't filmed anything that has not come out like their american pickle was the only thing we did like produced. I see, the boy season to the boys. Let me have a tv show on Amazon called the boys. That's a guy, superhero show and the second season of that is coming out in September. I think
but here we have noted the only like on those willingly produce things that where we have been released and everything else, we were like about to start shooting some stuff, but we now well, maybe not shoot. I suffer right. Ears. Firstly, the fact that the Americans, the pickle movie, what's it called again An american pickle called the pickle moving. We refer to it as the pickle movie, the american people. There was a day where I was bothering every one of my company editing like. Can we just call it that is that weird I dont like Munich and such like moves like movies with the word movie it. It is maybe not a great look like an incredibly what, before I by instinct, was to call it, but what was it actually based on a book or no
Yes, it's on a Nobel I like I like, I sort story by that Simon Rich Route, and I was in the new Yorker many years, seven years, any so like what? What did you take from that way like what points of the dry magazine just read it, but I was curious about you. How kind of way then he these comedies debtor a little broader. You gotta, suspend a certain amount of disbelief for story points right, yeah we are, three were gone for that you cannot be tackled. Yes, I can see that the beginning, but it's funny, but is out what what the story about, was it exactly that While the story, Simon wrote from his own perspective- and it was about his as though he met his own from the Ursule characters perspective, but he was Hersel Red from the already other great grandfather Simon read. How can the writer of this role I gotta get interesting so yeah, so
but there were in the fundamentals were very similar and the The thing that we really we didn't do and we are making the movie was like that was not as big a part of the short story. Was this idea like Greece and like that to me because, aim com of the most interesting and original. Weirdly here you know, like all plot conventions, aside like it became some, like I always like to think like it's nice to at least you yourself be justified you are doing something that is not done a larger. You cannot think of many What were they ensure that shallow the exactly I so I was I was. I was like It is not a lot of always about grief and something that everyone experiences added, something that as just a move. He found. It's not me. I don't think I'm like the movies that, like really die
Vince of those subject to rouse him beyond and rice and sailing mad and our people- was it you see and what lovingly behind them and to me that big and that's not a huge part of a short story, but it became something. That's me was was just really fascinating and then said Jack. That was just really worth explore. What you say you like. As a producer, you saw this story. He sat down with the writers and he said what about this or what, no Simon actually came law really. He envisioned it as a movie with meat like the first time I ever hosted. Sarah alive was his first episode as a writer on Saturday. And we were both much younger than everybody else. That was there at the time it felt like there were some people around our age, but we felt very young and experienced the comparatively. You know and so we kind abounded and then the short story came out and a lot of people like dip
people that we thought it was too weird to be a movie, but we talked to him about it and he was like I pictured as a movie and a picture with you and I picture you playing both characters also and and it took me a long time around my head around whether or not that was it terrible idea or not and eventually kind of many and an end. The script It was a hard movie to crack, like the tone is weird, and it was something that I wanted to spend a lot of time, making sure we got right and, like I do I slow down the process always but like more than any one concern just that would be silly is still better than like to me as just an actor blamed you rose. I want to subtract from what I thought might be like a potentially tower fell by doing something gimmick, ear, just kind of silly? You know I didn't want to be perceived as self indulgent that always something under horrified out. You know what you know, causally doing it, so I think, like all that
was the genuine people to writing mean things about me is generally are concerned. I have therefore I before I do anything. Can you have identified as a Jew I didn't like unmitigated best. I can, but I find it interesting that, because now that you know you bring it up because the I think you did a great job separating the roles an emotionally and like. I, you know now that you say what you're saying, because I can I get hung up on things or I can see where the common bits. Aren't I can see where you make leaps right. You know, I really does become a bow yo about family and about his you're missing his whole life, and the amiss in his wife's life, and his feelings about her and going to the grave and that being used, at the beginning of this important journey. He's got to go on. And then you having these dead parents yeah that
like it, was interesting, like this idea of you know but our grandparents hoped our lives would be like yeah and how'd, they would have to re calibrate that for today you know like that. An end and at its heart for everyone. You know, and I think that like further, you know if my grandparents were to see how I live. They probably very proud of some of the superficial things, but there the fact that I'm not religious, I dont swedish. These kinds of things would be appalling to them and then slowly they would probably have to kind of like recalibrate stitch what they hoped there. Future generations would be common, then see that I'm a happy you reasonable. You think they'd be upset. You didn't speak Yiddish. My grandmother, probably a little bit like me. They were you, don't you like. You know You think, you're a big shot. That was one of her favorite assurances
My grandparents used to speak Yiddish when they didn't want us to understand what they were told exactly away. They like delight, I think, the things that They had there's more than bad. They wish that we did. You know we have because it's all gone now. It's like it's over with them. If our generation year younger than me, if we don't keep it move in it's over, I mean Oliver, the Delhi's are closing all that generation of of those kind of trade. Nations or or just even habits. You know you know I get. Because I still from TAT, somehow its infused in me, you know words like you, I can appreciate you, no good, brisket, good pastrami
because you just all jewish again, if we, if I found if I found your body in an alley somewhere, I could determine you're a jewish first cholesterol levels. Lies it by the brisket inured gullet right, like that. I was always fascinated with that generation. They were, it was a fast and my grand like a character is very much what my My grandfather was born in Canada, but he was a hard man and he was a tall man and and for sure if we were both thirty seven years old, he would now not likely he would have physically assaulted me,
likely Nido like at, and that is something you knew, how rarely likely Zagreb suddenly he had just heard since prevents right up like once when I was very young I had like. I stop. I tell my toenails cracked, the little bit ripped off my entire ended a dead, and I had to go to laws. Were I it was. It was like a big. It was a big thing. You know that was like his approach he was a scary man. He was. But he was also a haughty and he was like lovely amend any at a good sense of humor, but sure as he got older, he like mellow our definite sure, but I also like He couldn't ripping apple and half was your bareheaded right now is a tricky would like he was. He was a tough that yeah. I like that. That part where you know that, where the older generation that ancient you can understand, and your disconnection from the religion. When there's pictures of you at your bar mitzvah, it were
yeah I got it just. Doesn't he doesn't understand how it's not integral India life. Yeah how at a time and again our grandparents like He was someone who was going to be killed because he was jewish. The only reason was an american cause. He was jewish and that's what the same thing with my grandma like she the only reason I exist in is because people were trying killed and so the fact that that is no longer this, like thing you're hanging everything on and is instead, like only a truly on jurisdiction appointed things about me. You are right. I you know I like to play ball games, I guardian of Jewish, like I want the baseball camp, I had a bar mitzvah, like I think that concept for a generation who was at the time- get of systematic annihilation and heads of literally uproot their whole lives and come to where I am because of that right argued it a dilution. I think,
That is something that I would imagine would be hard to reconcile. Our like before Judaism was like it was everything. If you were a person, you add to it. Dictated a lot of your life, and now it does- and I think that is like a real oh right, but keep review. I tell you view at you want- is that we do not want to let it is a privilege. Jewish people now have, I think in America. For the most part compared to pay. Yes, but you feel that, like you know you, you understand you, it's like you know like our most, your friends, jewish most noble. I assume your friends, yeah, but I do have childhood whitewash my friends, summer camp. Here you still her answer them for sure. Yeah yeah, it's wildering It was. None of us are religious and do anything wrong. I know, but for you, but you have an understanding Is it not also like not that long ago there was like thirty four,
Jews on earth and so like. If you go back like a disturbingly few amount, a generation, the air, although its wanted We are cause. I guess you're right, wait, wait! The out far back. If you got my was on that show, you know the show finding your roots. Oh yeah, you got, six generations. My family go day Rogan is an unchanged last name. Issue is now Ukraine, my two from Galicia, but might that's their side by my marriage, actually from the palace saddle. In Belarus, in Russia, yeah by Gran, Ma inside, is from Ukraine and from place called should not- which I think is now in Russia, and my grandmother literally, does not did not know where she was born or on what day she was born because she was born like in a carrot. An fleeing the pogroms. While you should go on that joke, as they do a good job. No, I would love
they'll go all the way back. It was. They did a Jew show is me and Jeff Gulf Bomb. Terry gross. I'm sure they, I'm sure you're, all related, not that far back in some of I guess, I guess, we're related I'd know we might have been in the same neighborhood I mean I don't I don't offer related Why are you here, which is why we have all these does it's? Why were riddled with disease? I mean, I know it seems likely that worth the docks see them are a little time there. There gene pool so tight that are actually producing juice. It don't even look like Jews like if they didn't. The get up, you would know they were jewish. You not having made mutated beyond jus exaggerated creativity is another thing, a whole new. Do. How do you feel? I've, got to see them when you like. What is your first reaction when you see them in your mind, again. Not doing us any favours I asked
I also always thinking about how wizards are clearly based on us. Hasidic people like me, No, culturally, as wizards is based on the Hudson People like Jack off is based on because it people it's funny. I didn't realize that what they are wizard you know that I get one hundred percent get pay their the only whence it understand certain things Yankees, I gotta you ve got to be deemed worthy to understand it by, but also yet to be stupid in every other way exact, but but like that the thing is weird. I used to think that do not to have any favours on some other, but they Ultimately, our community in direct reaction to the Holocaust and that the only reason their living the life there living and reproducing as much as they are is specifically, make sure that the world is populated with very jewish people.
Ass in it What what's our gate once already gave here? How do we take it? I hate to break it to Jews, we'd be dog, Jews or Yet I like there's a lot of things reared again, we're not cut out to do ourselves. We need the help of our non jewish room behind we'll have like you know I do I dont, have I'm not going to have any kids we examine not ever, do you guys do? I did that, it's just going. That way, you know no one German against its you'd. I even have the less so funny, because we listen to the last I'm Aigner Vireos with that. I was deeply yet enmeshed with a person who, I was going now is slowly surrendering to having children with I got out buddy, I gotta go Now we are kids I don't like ice appeared. It seems crazy to me to have kids
sister have kids, she has to give the US, It's a nice more two more years, TAT encounter put him on the list, but you can and you like there, you, like her kids ray. I do their great yeah. Like for me I'm just like. I can't like right now. If I picture myself with a child, I'm I'm freaking out me too, I would not happy cause like and where is what are they doing here? What are we doing? What time is it very much the little leading to right, yeah I like, and I think about me, only like problem with not having kids as I will. You regret it, but like window with such a smaller window, then the regret of having kids like you could work. I if I just now, I can read it for the next thirty fucking years. If I don't have kids our credit for life, the last few years of my life and then I'll die. No idea, if might be like, is not a prolonged thing like our duty, even though, people that, like I could you'd be a good father.
That's not my fear and me we're like that's, not our fear, unlike our friends or would like you to be a good you be good. Parents were like. No, that's not. Why we're like that, like I hate to break it to you like some of the damage. The fuckers out. There are our good path, it's not! That does indeed likes. You know there are you know everyone has gives its bodies, your fear I don't want that I'd that unhappy, not having kids like cut it on your? U time, yeah, exactly where I grant and that the world's burning will get me a dilemma. Why did you bring me into this shit store you know it was bad idea, though it was bad time. This shit was happening you did, but that we owe the Google the day they were conceived. Delays Yorkshire is knew what the fuck is going on. Why did you fuck and bring me here yeah? It's like. Those are the two things we talk about. My wider, like you to learn,
his head, you much sad. The life I have and there's a Jesus genuine like like women, Why is not always fantastic edwy bright? Put into that? You know right right is there is that is. Is this a gift that were giving someone or or not? You know, I think that you believe me. I have definitely about that, and the funny thing is: is that, like I've never and I've been married to ice in it, which is never a thing that like I was. Ever thought about doing it. I me I knew I could but like, my god. It I'm not compelled people one kids, they want kid you're out older people, just don't you fucking thing about, and it's like a right, then reach is what you do and guess what you do it. That's what that's it I can quite understand I am because it in my mind it's like you know you don't have to worry you there's plenty of people. Are you don't own half people. Yes, and if anything, there are few things worse for people than other people.
Yeah What bothers me more people's? All of you have that they have pets. I've, a dog- yes, that I love very much ice nice so, What was great talking you, what happens now? What he can do today. The whole day or even doing this all day with the talking load ought at all. I don't I don't. I tried it ice I used the phrase I'd rather be fewer. More impact will think I'd rather to be. I know I'd rather doctor you for an hour in the day than talk. I don't do it tunnel. I heard ire two secret. I heard something about. Are you from somebody who had been to your house years ago? Yeah, I just why I want check it off the list. Was zero, a tunnel there was. How are you Bye bye house had a tunnel where it was. It was a speak, easy and there was a tunnel that way
from the back yard into the neighbors Backyard wild yeah. And the more I wore was one of those speak easy doors. I got a giant wooden door with a little like when really opens had to say on the outside, and and yet they are a big smack in the middle of West Hollywood, but it was. It was a speaking at why I'll. Do we really wanted what else? What else do you know about that? history of the place it was not a nineteen. Sixteen I think in Africa, China was turned and then during the prohibition was speak. Easy must all he could act as a base may add a tunnel in the back in a basement which especially browser both about time we're like nonexistent, so you have a basement yeah yeah it's like a tiny it's enough to hold like, I guess, some kegs of beer and ship, Well,
the graduation and all your success. It was nice talking to you. Thank you. So much was jewish conversation of all time say we don't believe in the ship and it's all we can find them talk about you. You made the movie Friday. You made the moved. It's true. I get up at my car in any way to get you to hey man if it didn't like Jews before that talk, you probably don't like him now or if you wondered, if you like Jews, you'll love, em, now can go either way with the Jews. American pickle premiers on each be oh MAX August text was pleasure, I came to my brother, Jeff Rowan now. It, sir, for its place in Qatar. Not an. I played before.
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