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Episode 1144 - Marsha Warfield

2020-07-30 | 🔗

Not only is Marsha Warfield one of the early pioneers of the Comedy Store scene, she was also there at the start of standup comedy as we know it in Chicago. Marsha tells Marc what it was like to compete for limited spots while coming up against the politics and prejudices of the day. Marsha also talks about the friendships she developed with Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney, how her life changed overnight after her first episode of Night Court, and what it was like to retire from comedy for 20 years and come back as a 60-year-old rookie. 

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Hey folks remember working from work. Then you will want to Missus, feel bad show the summer tune the comedy central for the new season of corporate the most accidentally nostalgic workplace, tragic comedy of the modern era. This season on corporate, Follow Matt and Jake, as they continue their doomed descent into the bureaucratic bowels, of course, were it hell at Hampton Deville, the world's largest multinational corporation, so sit relax in reviewing the sole crushing despair of office life that you ve been also deprived of lately catch the new season of corporate wednesdays. At ten thirty, nine thirty central on comedy central
Jim gave against new to part stand up comedy special called the pale of tourist is available to watch now on Amazon, prime video, Jim boldly goes where no stand up. Comedian has gone. He travels to Spain and Canada, meeting locals and learning about their culture. He then transforms those experiences into all new stand, upsets that will have you laughing with delight. Now watch Jim gaff again the pale tourist only on Amazon, prime video, All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking years what's happening I Mark Mare, and this is my podcast, its of w e f welcome to it. I dont. Get to lost in the door. Air or the light, but here I would like to say that Marshall Warfield is on the show. Today we reached
out to her TAT, Verona, awhile back actually in it was it if the schedule, because she lives in LAS Vegas, but now that we're doing things remote do is a good time to have her on since she's part of e commerce Restore history, Andy a definite damn. Important player in in in modern stand up. History might know member her from night court, she's gonna be here. She is here. I talked to her, here today. How's everybody holding up, in this fifty state factory. What's going on out there, Are you staying say for you? Ok, are you keep in it together? Kind of a lot of people are shredding, the people are sad what People are losing people lot of people are just trying to fuckin. Keep it together. Man I get it. I definitely get it it's a it's. It's weird time because I think I said this
towards the beginning of this thing. I say, however, along this is going to go on for people going to come out of it, knowing exactly who they are, what they are made of. Who are you because here's what's happening. I I think that out of people, I would imagine that the veneer of self. Is starting to aware down to wear off the the sort of coding that you call who you are the pie but you inhabit is is, is probably breaking down a bed and very are right. Will you me Look at me when I, when the puppets broken for those of us who based good portion of our relevance on how our senior, what we do in the world, if you're not doing that in the world, even if you just not going out in the world, I talked to a buddy of mine, had been too to a fuck Grocery store in five months really lock down, went out and
but he had to go to the doktor and had a couple changes, just regular exchanges with human beings and was moved to tears at the strange realisation that its we need that we need it. So, however, your deprived, I mean a lot. You have people in unworthy, like mere sort of having people over having dinners with their people distanced dinners and going out in the world a bit and you know safely say the outside a lot waving, friends calling people I mean, I really tried. Get as much as possible I think, on the other side of that, even if you have a family or whoever you're hanging out with on a day to day basis, if your sense of self is based on how you were seen or what you do or your job out in it, and you can loud in it any more? I would imagine that there are some moment of who the fuck am. I happening
HU. I who am I without all that. Possibly broke. Sadly, hopefully not But who am I without that stuff that summer. There's a lot of soul searching going on. They know. None of us signed up for. Unfortunate that I can do my job here. But I didn't sign up to be the guy who's girlfriend died in these crying. It did night talking to his cat again And the cats dying to I didn't sign For that I sign up for them. The man You have to sit quietly ass, porch. With a heavy heart wondering what it means How do we integrate. Death into our lives, Looking at the question everyone's ass unit, something that we have to deal with personally. Ah, but also just the fact of of so much death around
hey, but I want to be a bummer. You know my my my girlfriend got nominated for an Emmy for best directing for a little fires everywhere. I believe. For the finale episode. Lynn Sheldon is nominated for directing at me for four dry. Series are many series or whatever it is women Series, very exciting. She would be so fucking through. And she is so deserving Of that nomination and of that award. She was great at her job. To a great when she did it with complete. Creative freedom in great when she did it to honour the vision of somebody else. I am very proud of her em. So sad, But she can be here for this- this honour
Whatever you think of awards, I've talked about before we act when your peers honor you. It means something and you just be thrilled, and I know our families thrilled, I know of her. Friends are excited for her and I I think everybody, just wish, just wishes that there, You would call them and tell them How excited she is. But it's a it, is it's a beautiful thing that she got nominated. You know whether she winds or not. It's a dozen. I don't think it matters to her. Maybe it does at how the afterlife works by tat but Thou, some good news and was exciting news and bitter. So for sure for sure. But I'm very excited for Lynn I will think of hers, if he's here in what she would be thinking, shoot.
Be bouncing off the fuckin walls, a plea that- It's weird man the thing, is hovering around my my being. With this loss everywhere- and it's not bad. It's not bad, maybe its cause, I'm in my fifties- and maybe I'm heading into my late fifties. I'm going be fifty seven in a few months. It's good happen. It's gonna happen all of us at some point, but but things die they just hover. There there's still hear everything still hear everything still with you. It's just There is theirs Wes. So ass, clutter, there's less responsibility in a way, but that extra love even more pure. Strange thing: life. And I know that you know honouring the dead and honouring the legacy of the creative people that have been in our wives, white, linen like her, her parents, so I put out a statement about-
Emmy nomination, that was quite beautiful. Meant to her. Collaborative abilities, but also her complete control over her craft, but basically says. That line is honored The television academy is not only its review to her accomplishments as a director, but her style of directing always in control, but kind hearted, making the final decisions, but always soliciting input from, Her coworkers co workers. Yes, that is how she regarded everyone on set from grips and gaffer and set in casting designers to the Director of photography and the actors. This is an honour for the old collaborationist who knew that she would produce her best if she teased the best out of her teammates, very sweet. She certainly tease the best out of me.
I'll, tell you that taken. Rather than take a breath cry it out people, so I got an email that speaks a something. I've been saying that people, young people, are like one we're gonna go back to work. When are we going to go back to work and the only thing I can think of it? I ve been saying this for weeks months. Is there's no work until there's a test that we can all take every day, something easy something practical, something that we can have ten of in our medicine cabinet something a simple as a a as diabetes test as a blood test as it maybe even a little machine that does it- I don't know, but I don't see how anything happens without that. And I got this letter from this guy, a teacher who should do market tonight is named Daniel Dear Mark. I can honestly say that not a week is gone by in the last twelve years that I haven't thought about writing to you about something, never more so than during your recent tragic time of loss in grief. I am so sorry thank you. I finish twelve years of graduate school in two thousand and eight the ECB let me collapse and I was unemployed for ten years
a years older than you throughout that debt. Kate sharing your journey kept me searching for my podcast from a garage. I found it. I'm public, highschool science teacher, you also helped me quit smoking This is why I am writing. Now. There are new developments. There is a growing realisation. The only way out of this crisis will require cheap, daily, rapid at home tests for covered nineteen. The good news is that these tests exists. Now we call it on Congress, the mandate and fund the approval manufacturing distribution of these tests to every household in America. When I say we I mean me in a guy, I know named John ok, that's what in parentheses Please add your voice two hours its louder. Your activism is inspired me to send the attached letter and accompanying information to all my Elected representatives, my union, my favorite media, how it this is an reported story. I hope you will talk about a marquis of all my love, admiration, gratitude and my deepest sympathy, Daniel, so look
This is true and you should know that it's It obviously has to happen it's happening in other countries, but here we have such a tremendous leadership vacuum and a government that is so fuckin broken. That I don't know if it's going to happen. Will there be wealthy people who are able to obtain at home rapid test? Yes, will there be industries that use them to make sure they can generate revenue? Yes, will you be able to get one, because your government thinks it's a smart thing to do? course not, of course, not right now. They can't even agree to emergency spending methods or mask mandate. It fucking ridiculous. It's a drifter picnic. And this will not change folks until you get rid of the people who are the problem? If you want rapid at home testing your better vote November, it thought have
until there are new people in charge. So right now I'd like to share my conversation with one of the young girl women have comedy Marcia Warfield we talked It was in Vegas she's in Vegas. It was a nice chat. Nice to see her nice to meet her and now, another person I can put into the pantheon of people I have talked to from the comedy stores story from comedy history. This is me and Marcia Wharf. The old. Nothing lasts forever right. So how come for some each hour gee I suffer as it seems like allergy season, never ends. If you ve had it with rubbing your itchy, our g eyes, all the time you need padded day once daily relief pattern,
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to ask him: if you talk to him for the documentary, Yes, I did It's funny guess I interviewed him years ago in the old garage in person and when I I mean want to talk about the comedy store and I told them you gotta talk about the comedy store and now we can't get enough of it. Now, it's like it. He is the guy that's putting together the most thorough, Oh history of that place about or hundred hours or so right now it's gotta, be it's gotta be, and I went over there. It's so weird, because I went because I was a doormat, the comedy store in the eighties and I went over there and we and Peter Shore. Let us go through um yeah her stuff in that office. There's an eye and I have a driver's license Let me deal with my dry words. Like I don't know, it's a one of a kind, souvenir everybody who was at the store when I was there
spiralling mercy, of course, We, but you grew up. Would you grow up? Jakarta? the whole time in Chicago Chicago. I started to understand them Chicago in nineteen. Seventy, four, seventy four What was the scene in Chicago like who was around? What was it like? Where were you performing? Well, started at a place called the pickle barrel. How do I had just broken up with his partner ten read write. And started on Monday night, open like her to work out. And at that time, that was wrong was pretty much grander, be improved with surrounded in New York in. I think the com- these Dore minded then darling. I really I mean, but it was a new concept and it was new to Chicago report known
we stand right. You is mostly a sketch town, compass players. Second city, I am, I talked to Tom fairly recently and that was that Pretty amazing he's got kind of an amazing story in him and his partner TIM was a TIM read every year. They were. They were kind of big out for a while. Well, yeah, they were groundbreaking. I mean they were the first interracial How many do you move? Comedy teams were more much more common than they are now right down there. Pretty. Well, then they want their separate ways and so towels at this open my and they feed you did in the Sunday sometimes and you'd, never done comedy before you just were carrying it and have now was twenty two years old and our working at the phone company and saw no future there. And he had no idea what I wanted to do so
I saw it all. The friends now go down there and do they say if anybody can go out. Ok, so I started writing stepped down, but couple of months went by and I didn't go and she came here. When I got when he well. I'm laboratory at that really so at my house, one one Monday at about six o clock in the evening I I'll put Carter we're going I'm not ready to go with closer regards close down their way to early here that there and finally, ninety would be asked Tom showed up there. Yes, let me introduce me and at the time we introduce dollar comedians as virgins here I went online about two hours ago, nice guy He asked I was anti comics.
Three drugs at a table and The guy sweep in that country, on the floor rice here I am so I went on and I did the stuff I open with my name What will I'm a virgin? So please be quiet. From there the comedian, latin and the drugs were like yeah you're a town invited me back in that was the begin. Did you and Tom come out at the same time out here no time left. Maybe a year, is out before idea. And I worked around Chicago idea. A lotta gas glow I didn't love for clubs, I'd be allowed, you know, whatever was available and then I got a job as a house comic upscale urban. Jazz, gladly sixteen pins banned there while they
trying to bring enough scale you to far outside your problem. You know that that's that a pretty remarkable thing anyway. Ninety seven before, but twenty two years ago I want the address him at that time you had to dress up. You know you don't stop clubs, we still have missed the alleys in, and a happy medium in places where you know you you have really dressed out didn't have dinner. Is announcing Oscar nor Frank Sinatra Rang and though I got my one at the old dress. And I went down there and me He gave me the tab new six owner and with a hundred bucks To show the night fascinate awhile and they asked me if I wanted to get paid at the end of the week or night. I stayed out. Didn't pay me every night,
every night the owners individually will come to me and asked me about get paid and I year get me a hundred bucks I make and get that for as long as night club opening them and indeed other things, and after a couple years I figured you know, the clubs or closer knowledge in the union retainer clubs yeah Everybody was moving too. De Los Angeles nature had moved in life from the EU. Turkey, and we know what you were doing, those clubs reopen in for a lot of musical acts yeah I didn't. I didn't like it openly with the ban here. The sixteenth instead, as they appear I did a lot of those kinds of shows them. Now and then a ladder towns we would just yet I'll find a value and ask them if they had a light?
guess who believed that might well. Can we do as they say yes, and then we would in time for drugs at the bar we decided to move to us analysing what seventy six march, eight. Nineteen. Seventy six Walmart marked. It was my birthday I left how's, your you feel your family feel about like the outcome for a big family over there. A big family, but I was Twenty two May to snow bid to be scared right, and it does not mean to say you have to remember that tat people were still get accurate, enter right, No, DR believed, you could read somebody's car and drive, before the dealers antlers, wherever ass day. They wanted you to know tat. They were all kinds of flow caravans of kids. Now too, LOS Angeles, especially to him
is for your life to San Francisco as the hate everything was still in the air yeah. So I told my mother, I was going to California. Regarding gear. If I had been piano, he attacked dry whenever I was here and so Finally, Terry Wynn, add in gave me a trip, the LOS Angeles birthday she we thought you were gonna come back to it an ever higher knows. Oh yeah, damn right next the comedy store, yes That's why I chose it is raining regarding these there. So you would you done some research ocean, What do you know about the comedy store before you get out there It was we're all comedians where to work, I'll be seeing me out make their failing fortunate with it would be play that ended. It become the place Friday.
And Jimmy Walker. They want tv at that time and right, and so like ours in Richard, was their seventy three. Seventy four, seventy five, so he was around. I occasionally The regulars were. Jimmy Walker. Do you? was there was the empty, so you okay, so what happens? You go out for the two weeks and you audition when do we went to the comedy store at me, the night I got there may- and I told Her- I was immediately. Let me in the guy at the door with John Witherspoon yeah, then I dont, remember you're gonna be ok. Baby sit back here I introduce you to my dear everybody became any introduce me as you're, drunk travel, blah, blah, blah and and parliament came about midnight and there
I want you to meet somebody any introduce me all ended, his palm only in passing, miss to all movie. They laughed, and I know you, I know you. I know you'd laughter and never to cry out. You're. The guy who laughed good, I can hear that saying, ah, really upset brambles right, and so I am new to gag unit. You wrote, I let you said yes, and so we were friends from that point. And I got a letter from you Hence there were down here until I told the I wanted to combat. Just hang out, you know tat. I was only gonna, be there for a couple of weeks. He's ever go back, come here; became just come on me an idea, I would, though,.
Previous after Sunday, these unlikely. So you got to watch everybody yeah a Monday night. I find out and when I hear and another guy Just get in detail, as far as night. Well, Sir August Hamilton He and I were comedy virgins together. You couldn't find two more different people. Just uplifted Oklahoma, Oklahoma preachers kid near here. I just remember you say anything. You know my grandfather, you thought that's leg. And so yeah people who share the same comedy its door birthday raising the became regulars. You still, he saw you. I don't know. I never really pay the latter TIM didn't commit. I mean I need it,
They are just signed up, you know, I do signed up and never I, but I guess I didn't I you know I do. No, there was there. You know away a genius. Like the ritual at one with the US to do you did How did you not now I didn't care It was the only place I work be them. You know we would go to places like the twenty grand in and place them. It would work out there to what was devised at the store and sense of like it. It would seem like it was pretty balance like you know, all kinds of people: women, black people, why people define matters in my just making that up We didn't find it. We blueberry, we, They are. The last What's that ok. So I was like tat and if Mooney showed up near
you get those and every You showed up really didn't get it. There was a hierarchy in and we at the last part of the night. No really there. Very few women? There was a couple of other black women. Besides Surely there was a woman named brand of regret and Robert Apparel and they were both wild for the same one spot yellow, and this instead they started their franchising end to react comedy nor right right. The clubs yeah that's darling I started working at the last time. In Newport Beach, I to be a regular there, and that was the first glance.
I get the headline. So when you went there you anyone out there for two weeks you audition, then he went back to Chicago. You just got your stuff and came back, never went back. Never bank got a job, but operator for an answering service, back I'll. We didn't have a steadily. I write when you wanted you a big tat and you someone else amply your phone, I was The one who answered the letter oh yeah. Without exciting you getting any memorable incidents. Wildly was exciting for me ending in our buildings. He's foul rang you we don't want daddy Then there was some people who are nice at all, get it do you know? Experience at first hand cure. So how did you? Because I know you did the you do the richer prior show? Did we finding that baby you're
it. Did you feel like you're at least part of the gang I mean there were seem like yours, either one gang or to gangs are like. It seems like I'd like to picture that everybody was thwarted. Tight at a certain point. Was that the case or know? Well? the politics of the room where I, Politics that maybe at them in the committee and we will end up in the parking lot smoking we believe now. You know now we hear and right Torres Jackie, influenced by its better hold differing sure. For a year get to know each other and you got to hear different perspectives Lanka's. It argues in Spain our different world in there and and be enabled to talking and yellow faced the one on one end, really. Serious conversations was not He said that also near the eternal no,
yeah go on stage. I you know, I went to customer memorial, junior high, it puts things perspective you never heard before, and so there was that go alone, but there was also a piano as a guy gone before me and my then the EIA Fuck that guy yeah Charlie Hill, like he is still to this day I mean I feel I don't and I have to there's a whole little world of new native american comedians. It I haven't I'm really talk to you and I and I didn't get to talk to him because he had asked away, but he was really like the the only one for many years that represented yoga. At that ethnic group- and he was really good- he was great nice I too, he was Sweetheart again, the bloom attack from a
and I just different people from different backgrounds- you'd, never really run I cannot see of the way, and that was The beauty of watching sitting in the comedy store and watching her I get to see all those different perspectives and and Wendy was everybody gunning for the tonight showed what was your first tv spot? you know there have always been people with different there formulas about how to make it, realized early on and there is no one way to make no to perform its ever made it the eggs same way everybody. The owl pay at them, so the tonight and then Can we accept that people? Would you know, We need to give us a laugh, chuckled ha ha first thirty seconds and then you'll be. I'm was like building here. Just
what's the matter. You never really prison. The tonight you're I did the Jim neighbour. Shall I be the MAC David Grossman? Shall wait a minute. Jim neighbours. Variety show sounds like you know you have. These experiences is that was sort of Still when you know old show. Business was in charge. Writing clinging show How long did these shows? Even last I mean I kind of remember them from when I was a kid, but like MAC Davis had a variety show right. And Jim Neighbours was a variety shown the Alan King show they would Try variety shows with everybody like with the Alan King, show on that long net. Really and he was one of the last of this entire cigarette yeah. You know Drink in hand, yes, I'm red flags were. I can't think of if there were still working.
But then the dean Martin rose was still onto? Did you tat? I am here. Did the Tommy troll arose, though in Vegas with One, the playboy can Already work in jam, we have to. She threw down HBO worth Start ups right of people didn't show tat deal ordered. My boy came live, but those were, they were pretty little them they're, saying things like the Playboy Channel, four the freedom and slept at what about The richer prior show Cosette, nothing is kind of like, I've watched at once or twice and in that just felt, like you know he just went down the comedy, storing, got everybody to come down on a bus or somethin. Molly Was- was instrumental in man.
Said writer in and was very involved with the with the production. Yeah the wooden bridge. You wanted a ensemble d just after supper at first it went first get mania to do certain sketches dry sketching whatever further opening And so we down there. And then the next week. Richard what they were like. Well, you know you can't work stick with this group, and so much to observe, it ended up being a core group, but we weren't hired. For the, furthermore, under the series. Who was it? Was you and was it was Sondra Bernhardt there? Yet? I've heard every I'm only Trans money, spoon, Robin Roberts. I added that the first thing he did. He, I think, that's true.
Just about everybody, for it might get its hands they do want to do is available and was it did you get to know Richard at all or no we'll see I had Bennett Comedy Store you know and I was sit in the back and just what come exam? So if somebody didn't show up. I want to available able to take spot right. Everything were when the heavy hitters would would show up, and you know. Take somebody spot because, of course, he's ve got the neighborhood prior whoever's spot they would take despite and then everybody would say they didn't follow him, so they ask him if they could go on in silence right. And most firmly, he asked me if only to in front of it now do you know I learned in Chicago the hard way at them
move unknown on in front of you. You do yourself what it really is. The right thing: if people Do you know if their through with comic comedy after they saw that I believe with him the people? who stayed want to see more common, so no cheese outward then do you set Oh yes, and that will allow one eighty goes go and I going back to get a drink. The next thing. I know Richard Introducing you Richard to introduce. You he'd call you. Oh, I run back. You know at the steps alarm standing near and ease their do. No, I want you to listen to these ladys. It really funny. I, like any other, this man I will indeed my stand in front of him and found a lighted. It was he a priest
there never asked to go on first. We thought there was can a week, yet the people who did and so three risk acted yeah yeah, I guess you know he definitely address a sweet side to him I was very shy and saw spoken most of the time like Robin this matter. The light come on. You know when they take the stage and then South map rooms and they become who they are It's amazing, though, that you are no skills, because it really true that the whole idea of you know that you go up and do you no matter what the situation is in an and that's all you can do and in the sunset like is theirs. People that want to go before big actor, or else they try to jump on the energy of the person before them or whatever. But now, that's gonna matter in the long run, if you don't know who you are now and so it helped me alive
when the next year or so Is there a sample- this girl come candidate Oh yeah, you who is in you Seventy nine I did it. Ninety two, and three who is who is in your year, data on air, And I don't remember you knows them, do they have a national. Do not remember who would be in which one rival wall yeah my pal people didn't make it to the files just about everybody winner. Crazy was a crazy back then were which just kind of you never knew what was going on or how they were judging and they We now know that date,
I think it was a month long thing you have to do a month shows I got I found it it's in the final. It was you MIKE Davis, Dana Carving, Michael Winslow yeah and a Whitney Brown, a whip me yeah yeah, so ok see you go up to you. You just heard about it and you ve been working up in San Francisco. I've been working the pace line for a while to let out another club. I got the headline area and you won and I miss. Ha you remember that then. Well at that time, you didn't like six shows for the files and drop the lowest score, Well, I trying to find the venue I totally lost turned round by the time I got the other show without and so I couldn't go on and everybody was lame. Ok well, she's out the competition
The whole show- and I said what difference does it make? If you throw away a fire board zero, you throw it away that the twin track here then I will do you no other five. In a moment the wind, but I manage to well because I learn that It doesn't matter who you find the guy, four spots competition was funny Eddie with a mad mad man met world cannot by well, I don't wanna, go vertical, hurt you get it, you can laugh take up, have they give the and the mental nobody remembers? Unless I give a shit who when aware? Well you guys don't give a damn so, while the here to how it was still like so crazy gives it starts out, would like forty comics right. It goes for like a month and people start to lose their minds.
Really crazy, you never lived up there. Now you just know just worked conservatives go up man? two score a car yeah my car. I drove Oliver California, desperate I never drove in Chicago. You know how to drive. When I bought a car. Here I really driver's license. I had no business buying a car roulette. Die sign any at this. They were style. Brows were Stanley, nice ridden over The air drones We all over California did you go. Back to Chicago to work over the time that you were an airway. Yes, I'd, be In fact, I just.
Trust me over the years from the fortieth anniversary of say knees. I started there when they first. Opened up and will work there regularly for years in you, so you like this, so you are really there at the beginning of that comedy club boom thing. So when they started, build in those places where you Like on the road constantly had lining cause, I remember seeing your picture everywhere must have meaning you must We spend a lot of time out there, those clubs when they first started opening yeah. To learn Fortunately I get to work yeah franchise clubs, yeah start like I said at the last star in the improv. Then all the other gig those three he yet, but
If you work every week ripe for pry, pretty good living well at work, You know I could work a couple of times a month. Make ran out was good, sir. Fine and then spend in the rest of the time and allay Tryin to get the gigs get on tv there. So how did that the? How did that happen for you out there, because I high court. It was a big deal, man well before night court like I said I wasn't really pursuing acting yeah agent. HU, the agent. I I got after the competition in San Francisco names, I am, though he was always sending me out on roads and only ever stand like unto the thing treatment here still I I would
After the progress you I got That thing on a b c and that's how I got my first agent when I see you I had the gear you know they often meet again and I didn't have an egg. All eyes again. Is it I gotta get any than it is have a job. I think I have a job on tv. Tat boy tv, you don't have led get a hammer May. He gave me a good as they would stay with that person. He passed away. One offers aids victims men, so I was there until there and then really started doing stand. I did just like the passive yeah sure riot Gordon Elliot Shell, and you know what that is. They were.
I, like talk were popular Oh Patsy Sajak, they try to get him to be like a Carson. Almost the yet those an adept started doing danger. I love games. I wanted to be the next Betty when the end started, doing those kinds of things and doing stand and then make court. Internal conflict from Chicago and Printed NBC and so Reilly. Who is a producer? Nine court was asking from Cuba. I had no idea either of them knew who I was yeah by death blow had passed away, had done a pilot with flow He had told me all these wonderful story about her and her brother, starting in This is a reason for you to leave us wanted a daring, Billy, and then she whispered man. I just love back into the air.
But she was on court now doing stand yeah. She passed away Three weeks before they will want to go back from aid is only ask the second ballot too. Died over the I'm an had passed away. You're perforce oh they really taking. What do we do with the female bailiff part? Do you wanna? Do let me while I can it be registered with blood? Do we have revolving bailouts area? So made me over as it s me. Let them see what happened here Andrew splitting looks like you're gonna sweats. I get a pack of spirit, at the time I smoke backpacker serious. In my hand, I went in and right now is there. Now, according to understand, was a really big heeded. This hell, so don't even on two seasons: eerie below freezing Mr Ford said
I got a landline outta here you don't even Chicago game from Chicago Gimme wanted of cigarettes. Ok sure was the euro and we said smoke, and this talk. Ok? Well will let you know what we're gonna do. Please give me Nunez. Thanks, didn't mean you, and here I must stand slow and I was going to see so I left what does the Arab to the underground? Yes got off the plane they made me at the airport. They call you read what happened this recovery rate in accommodating to them. You gotta have once again make, or that was that That's a big life changed all right I have no clue what it was. Going mean why didn t you, everything and you are you're you're in Seattle. Where you get where you about to do the underground for Fox effort.
That's so funny man is, I guess I can picture that. You you're gonna go work the weekend in Seattle and then get that job and the whole life changes there. You go. I think I did the we can up the you know, Monday morning, sure you. Wanna hadn't did the weekend, of course, for how that's what you do but like when you get back. So you don't don't stand up on television really, oh in the richer prior thing, but I mean I can't him, but now you now on a busy, but I had never done ensemble work, so And I never yellow anything like that. So I am petrified nervous as get out here. Although this varies as when I did, they escaped with winter prior were eating. I had no, I didn't know There was no scripted do that scene. It would now, let's see what you mean the wretched rely seducing each other across a arrest or how ok
no dialogue know nothing at all. It was bridges then see that beautiful woman than they do so, together with food. Because viral three times a year it on Youtube, Classic Gates It's been shared so many times. I have no clue how to do it. Didn't on instincts. I go to unite court I think I'm gonna take acting class. I'll talk to me. I didn't know who due to emulate right now. Two weeks we going to that again and don't you go and you take this class and I went to the class and we did one little singing that next time you got to buy a book. You know part of the thing, but you buy a book look and come back mixing. So I bought a book. I opened it up the page one. It is the key to everything
to keep it simple. So I closed the book. Never looking I've gotta were banks tat when I went to work day and night told Harry I m so nervous. I dont know what I'm doing here. What do you need to understand that I guess it must have been pretty exciting. I mean in terms of you know I can't imagine like I've worked with not like that some of them were so many great comedic actors on their budgets to be sort of getting. The flow of that they like seeing how everyone else is funny and then kind of funny how you're funny among these people must be exciting was very exciting, was there it was a learning process. You know I learned a lot we may get together. Stretched alive. You know-
way out of my comp result. No Yasser CASA, must stand. Yeah. I know very well but stand by. You keep saying that I say that too, but there's we stand up said end up in television one way or the other, and I guess it takes a minute for us to learn how to act. But you're? Once you get the hang of it, you usually you got pretty. Comfort Well then, you well, to a degree, but I was more much more exciting when I got comfortable onstage landed, I think some people start in the business as then, but you're stand up, they rang one do for fresher and let me guess you did it stepping stone. I never looked at it. That way. I wanted to be less than the committee The acting with nice, But to sideline in my mind I was still going out on weekends, do and gave the example of course.
You know what my corner frightening Mary, the it so the next morning, shabby where ever to do so. We can somewhere Now I get it, I was, doing stand up, so is it and also it's like with the stand of it's our thing and I we have complete control. We are the only one doing it, it's it's. What we do it's, how we share our thoughts and our in our hearts. Andy young and no one can fuck with it the philosopher here now and it's a necessary function. You know those, though sir. Critiques of society- and I gave a king people on his dear no rude Bush, it cobbler that bullshit that yeah? That's why I was out there I was out. There is a very important job, so I asked where I won Maybe that's what I wanted to do in the only other woman at the time. Who is doing that candid?
grant the my yellow eyes, they sure opinion we would like yeah a lame booze were keep trying to get her on the show I think she's mad at me. I'm not sure why Now it's gonna puppy, Gary? Yet the idea of my dog, like the dogs- I don't know- I don't know what I did to offender but like I were you is close to you and I we, you know we were part of the camp. The strike It could help me to strike and she were there for the strike. What year was seventy? is: seventy me really, that was the oh, my god, so you were there when the bit can kill themselves. Yet I was very much involved here, read the I read the book. I can't like figure out quite remember. It's gonna talk to Dresen about it.
That was pretty heavy man. Yoke is your dreams and never went back there after Steve, committed suicide. Well. Well, we had pretty hard feeling if we're from Chicago and whirling union back by my mother was a union. The red men here then over Tri State local. Do you know in and so being from Chicago. Union protection, I mean I've been in a union since I was fifteen year and it was just so unfair that comedians weren't, getting pay me a while. The same time. The comedy store franchise was, loading. She didn't all you know the building when we first got bigger Sheena now
the annex with a little room. They just let her have you know, and next thing, you know she on cereals, well aware this year in there that tradition that rule that the Latvian yeah Slow, Jolla she's get property in the high. They were to those in law to those on the ranch and back again club and westward what Madame nobody's getting pay here. I just wish. I could. Good work, my head or hear Doug into the organizing with Tom. Yet they must to make a very weak. Turning crazy time to deal with the comics across the line. Yes,. And the tensions that happen there. Those dear and I will not name them by their
are still hard every four given real. And ultimately, though, that the strike you you got, we did get paid right, Burke Friedman out right away yeah whenever makes it gives you haven't yet whenever here and so that's: when people started going to the improved because in the beginning, you couldn't work both she wouldn't let you they both one like you could let in There was a location thing here, for some reason, people felt like stab enough the street with Baroness. Mailros, nothing has happened in it that tomorrow's was paint the words in a ripe empty lot There was nothing going on there, and so people with
on their way to the valley, the common external yeah. Well, one the strike started happening a boycott and then everybody's and birds, it I'll pay. You very moved an emperor WA. That would be an by, but you did How can we manage by, but until about right before leghorn no kin. Did you get along with him all right? this family. I would stay, hung at night his announced at the opera, dance names in that area so are you then, like a review on MRS bad side after that. I never went back spill account stir. Well, I did go back and they one night. She brought me for Glenn Super Glenn, super yeah.
The guy with the megaphone gas, so that was the end of that. Every day, oh, your guy? There were there several comics. It didn't go back after the shrike. Well, some of this went back for a minute in whatever, but it just wasn't. It was no longer a good said and it was no longer the only game in town Jamie Lozada, who town was hanging out at the candidates door and during the strike gang was about fifteen sixteen Real clip opened a clever man. Give you gotta pay, you guys. I swear, I'm gonna open a club, and I want to pay you guys out because his lot bigger despairing. He was always a brown destroy people's always around here and so avoid his left ear and
now I remember that play a writer Yang without the original places, like almost like a hallway. It was like next, that chinese restaurant, that is, that number you walk in and you're in a room and you look all the way down to go to the bathroom, which was right next to the stage is right. Faintly. Remember that late. Now that you mention it, I know it was over there when it over there by ringlets used by it, was next to the offer, most so before they could closed down a narrow. No not foremost and know that the chinese restaurant that green blots like member there is a chinese restaurant next to the original lap act with that that day, became green, but I dont member but its yet realised it earlier. But I can't remember, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah a hundred years ago me, I know I know but here and he opened it-
in it, he did it and it's a Hollywood institution now this year than ours. Remember him as a kid see I once it's a once. You start doing that night court. They that get your your ticket sales up and that everything change in that way out there. It was amazing, the night of the day after it air of yeah. I stopped now with the community and the committee has right away, he I write, but once the than after the first, your air. I have no idea. What's the laboratory, was You know, even though I was headline in clubs working around and doing fine. I was happy just there. Why like? What let's not prepare forward in the thing really shocked me most.
Was. I had lost my observers. Debts. As a committee- and you know we're there really observers here and there I had no time your place to observe everywhere, where I was being a strange thing for me to get used to everybody, but that's. It that's interesting as well. Even when I started doing this, show. You, like I've, been doing comedy on my life. You know once this gap, popular people, guy really like there, the podcast I'd, think I've thought about the stand up. I've been doing haven't you stand on the whole with I've and allowed people to know about it, but like when you're a comic in your heart. That's the priority and it becomes, is weird world you live and where you to make sure at least know that people are appreciating you for what you ve loved to do right.
You know we parted The gay man parted the thing you know, but you are selling tickets, at least in the end. I imagine you're right new material, either way right out what I had gained. To the point before I retain your form, guy views I return to the point where I stand up was easy here. And I don't know that that is a good thing. Why? Because everyone, because you were popular no because I I was still comfortable in what I was doing. I knew damned. If I wrote down, I didn't do it and it was gonna get. I knew the house doing stand back right. Well, I knew how to do stand up and there the last retaliate for many interests and then, when I started back again a few years ago,
God I had no, I was, I was I'm really started at the start from scratch as well authority in going back to bar is glad that. Do you know. The bare minimum, whatever starting from the ground How long were you out for almost twenty? and you say you moved a Vegas now when you move to Vegas. Where did you ever residency? There's somethin? I did not work at it, have to do that alone, Now work until twenty sixteen, and why did you get laid depressed or something you just done I was the combination of a lot of things, but. It was a more family.
Marion than anything else, oh yeah I needed to be here with family, then till I could there wasn't as needed, right and start back again, huh and in how are you finding it? it's very entered into as the as you know, I started. There's a sixty year old rookie, and its humbling and one way, but it in another way is so exhilarating. It's like to be a day. They didn't still have things to look forward to still have goals to meet and now along the way. Steps to day is a blessing. I see a lot of people may do don't I've cross everything. I think now, no one there
lest I think instead just find stuff, you know, I guess, I want to go to Y yeah my back. It loses out our work here want to go there. I want to do this. I want to get my will show that I want to do one woman, everything it Sir it gives me things to look forward to which is like a blessing it. Well I mean also you ve got your observer status back. And a good thing. It is doubtless sort care that you like, and it seems like buried that you ve had a life in a lot of changes in your wife that you could address, probably in a way that you couldn't addressed back when you are doing stand before well, that comes with live. All of us we There is a difference dando at age than it was at twenty two
What do you talk about cuz? I? I know that you went through stuff with your family and let you know I did some reading and I know that you came out recently. Now. Do you do? Do you talk about? that's tough sure, yeah. Do you find it there's a new audience for For me, Allah. Every ideas is new right but I've always wanted to do stand up for a cross section, I never wanted to do something All women gave our black silently at church. Her shirt people all people and am finding better am getting there that there, the audiences are diverse air. Do you know some night receptive happen because I don't shyly from the topics that are really moving the country right now to racism, this accident Adrian
We all know that yeah and sometimes it's hard for people to take a lot. I daresay you can't fix, which you all things, and so let's put it on the table in this talk about it, come from point of view you may Madame heard by for you in terms of facing Stephanie did, it seems like I did, take your long time to at least public we deal with being open about your sexuality, but got in, but but that wasn't because you are hiding it reaches because worked so much has happened. You know benefit for me. I looked back. My act is pretty much a retrospective near the princess. Did today, yeah. You know I've talk about how I was born the thing our parliamentary a couple of months apart in the year of Brown versus the Board of Education, so
with the civil rights movement and I take it from there. You know, and that is a perspective, that I don't know you always get. You know that. How we got here where it was like to be gay, in fifties and sixties and not have any concept homosexuality whatsoever. No, it was not talked about it was that there were no. It was just not spoken of right and do not be able to find what makes you different. Everybody will tell you differ, nobody says how and so on you just know did nothing makes sense. And there was no community If it was a person, I was not allowed to know right.
You're a little me able, like Matt, you just was not on the radar people of the active things keep you from their shortly. They saw what they saw and they tried to stop. You, like like, when kids would be left handed you Baby going they left hand there have been some people with authority time Europe behind your back. Thirty with after They re right right right and they did the same thing with children. They thought were gay is like all he wants to play with a doubt. No, you can't live at now. You have to play with the g. I joined I'll, kill something you're out. Why write to him Those kinds of negative reinforcements, but man have any idea what you're being protected from right was a different thing. They had kids have to face now
At least they know why people like why they don't video right or any other there's a lease day will now there's definitely a strong community that they can they. They know what their feelings are, and they know that their ok, at least to some people right right, no, they exist. That's right! and you got. Why did was her like a fan lot of family pressure like two tonight. Be put into into so people understand don't you want to lift banks, don't wanna, look pretty. Why do you want to breathe? Jean twenty one in the library- why don't you wanna kitchen, here, then, why don't you leave here? stay here. We do then one language. What is boy stuff in girls have? Why isn't boys girl? What you know just do what I want.
And so it wasn't so much. You know you can't My one la la la real lives years more, and this is what you're supposed to be, and I don't feel bad and most of it I think the less. The more benign, but you know that It seems like a lot of times it's out of concern that yet that parents do Dad it's not good, but You think your life is going to be more difficult, protect you, but when we. No more now a lot of it. You know I don't feel resentful. I feel the Uno light. They did the best they could wrong we're Why did it take you so long? Do you think to be public about it?. We have to remember. Nobody was public about it until it yeah
right the area and to pay the price. For that. I guess it was enough. There are a lot of people right. I have found out myself right do were gay. Yeah, I had no idea we'd, never to end. I know we're. While you talk about it wasn't plump than ever spoken had said it seems now now everything's on the table. He feel better. It is the whole thing. Is I don't want any more? He had grown up that way, the afraid to be who they are? Well, that's good, I think, that's good words: the laboratories to die with that secret right, we had to lift their whole lives, as sex symbol of some of the right. You know
objects of other people's desire, but they couldn't express who they were right. I want it to happen again. If I had been a little bit about teeny tiny little bit of influence at work, Did you have, I know, we're all gonna stuck in this. Horrendous virus situation and now of a very furtive active and explosive pro. Their situation do you have you find that you have? You have hope in general, oh yeah, yeah I also have- but I have also become I've, always that I think been a bit of a real. Is no there Things that must be addressed because people don't want to We don't want to face the horrors that we have committed right as a nation as people Ed, We have been horrible to tear them ass, some people
gotten much more of the bride of the negative than others. And as a nation as people, we don't want to face them. Until we do will keep having these spat fires. You know and steady just Addressing the whole thing before the whole thing browned right. And though I have hoped that you know beetles, By fires are gonna be put out, but I don't know that I have as much hope that they're gonna prevent the forest fire. May I realize that. It could all go up and down to is that you're gonna be we it's been going on periodically. You go back in history, only makes things happen, pretty regularly the oppression and the and the of creating they bs
systemic racist state has been going on since the beginning of a country. Right and then there's a mighty city. Hey have that right war and it s reconstruction, and then the people say that we want our slave back and come back. He's made a lost cause and start building the Eurostat rules in common with the women. Just We rightly history then You have read the signs that migration and only then do you get there. You know toss erase riots this than another Jim Crow and civil rights movement. We when we finally over Even then we didn't do something, they knew how many of you and now here we are here, and we refuse to understand daddy. It's gonna keep happening to you, fix that is below,
it's, not black white male female as a triple quadruple minority near. Get to see every by his nerdy this year here and so I hope we, I hope it I'll pay. I hope we can. We can. We stay acknowledge it before the big fire to weaken, six out, know you and I and do our part yet Well, I think we just did a little bit and healthy I understand this group, the ok, ok, I'll. Take your word for it. There is great doc. India margin. Thank you. It's great How can you do? binder says high. By the way and of our time we had a nice talk, tell him, I said hello. Every with a tiny candied? It's brand new. I know he was like a teenager right, yeah. He in that Dave, Chappelle and Eddie Griffin. The guys who started when they were young. They were. They were
They called me an old lady back then he here I remember Chapelle and he was like sixteen seventeen coming up to New York and he was a great student. Want to know everything we wanted no heavy and Chris Raft in you know these were Tina. Ages. When I met him, you know what I wanted to hang out. They wanted to learn and they did they sure here he didn't everybody that for sure You take care of yourself, you do. Thank you. Thank you it was great talking to Marshal Warfield still out there working when she can, when we all can Legend or Now play play play no way play some guitar.
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