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Episode 1146 - Joe List

2020-08-06 | 🔗

Joe List shot his new standup special a week before everything shut down, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on comedy. He’s been performing in parks, at drive-ins and even on Zoom. Marc talks with Joe about pandemic comedy. They also explore Joe’s roots as a standup, from his first viewing of a George Carlin special to his training in Boston to his experience bottoming out with alcohol while on the road. Marc and Joe compare notes on getting sober as comics.

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Jim gave against new to part stand up comedy special called the pale of tourist is available to watch now on Amazon, prime video, Jim boldly goes where no stand up. Comedian has gone. He travels to Spain and Canada, meeting locals and learning about their culture. He then transforms those experiences into all new stand, upsets that will have you laughing with delight now watch Jim gaff again the pale tourist only on Amazon, prime video, all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs what's happening, Joe This is on the shelf comedian out of Boston or the Boston area, I didn't know about a month. I was happy to talk to him My I watched his new special. I didn't realize. Yeah who he was
I'd seen him around, but I thought you some alt guy some lanky little of comic but days us here. Joke, Swinger he's a killer old school oh god, is training in the old method talked about that. I was sort of like while this this guy, got some Scott, some weight, Scots him half. To his his joke delivery. So I talk to you a Sunday and down with Turkey, but together here, but I am. Monkey is monkeys, gone long, live monkey. Monkey is dead, long live monkey, great cat, great friend, Very consistent companion. Sixteen years almost to the day, my cabman
He was with me through it all back and forth. From New York a couple times mean the monk Mongols. And from all the way, from a can and queens back alley too, To a house on a hill Highland Park now to the Big House here, the monkey was with me It was time no man we talked about it me a monkey As many of you know, I've been in grief robust couple months. And you know I've been worrying about monkeys, health. Probably close to a year, yeah they get old. I put him
Mr Down a while back Le Fonda. That was rough, terrible, it's terrible trying to figure out when, but it was very clear, Louis Le Fond ass. She had lost her mind. She lost a lot of weight she's having trouble. Balancing she was climb into the toilet into the bathtub. And she started howling, then. I took her in an a rigged up with a catheter nice Helder in the dock, sedated her and then asked me: are you ready and I was ready, and then that was at Lynne was with me for that. I was holding the cat. Was holding me so outside of worrying about this cat constantly constantly. For months and months I would get up. Is he your right is today? Is he sick, whereas you what's going on You gonna eat a medicine. What are we doing this? the food as you have asthma, I mean there's a
Oh portion of my brain that was committed, daily basis. Even when I was out of town to work, being about my cap monkey so connected to this cat I projected a lotta misery on him, but he was ok is quality. Life was our eye, but then it gets to a point where what is it? jack when we had a long discussion about How did you know he knew? I was sad and I told him I said: look at going to be okay, you can go if you need to go, you can go this isn't like a week or so ago, and still jumping up on my bed sweep and by my head and I was crying in my bed and you know you look to me. So I get it man I get. It as has been hard, there have been through a lot with you, and this is certainly the hardest thing we ve been through But I'm I'm here, but I'm. I'm I'm almost done buddy! I'm almost done ok, man, I get it you like eighty, so yeah yeah
and has been good and Michael. You, let me know when you wanted, when you want to go when it's time to let go so much nay I in the morning it's weird what you hang on to waken like anew, try one more time and in a given sub q fluids I held him down. I gave him the fluid He ate his medicine, and that was that was the other thing that was making me happy it's like if he would either medicine I would get relieved but at what is that quality life he sat on the couch Five minutes. And he ate his medicine. The ok it's not after certain point there just old and they're ready to go and its on. You didn't I want to die because you ve made their life good, It's on you, Sir, I'm in the box. I brought him in the afternoon I texted doc from the parking lot. He got him in their right away and it was so weird because monkey was is usually crying in the car. You just
Look at me, you just peaceful and was a baby faced kind of like ok. Thank you, I'm sorry! But when they took him out the car that the guy the Tec, and, unlike our mayor. And I had Modesto. I had dark the item- do a panel? Do a blood panel man, let's check it out, and he does what can I wait about our unease? Liking, overbooked, great everything looks great. Guineas were great and like a game, sulky Foods is why, but and he said you asked another point, three down one point three pounds in five weeks: that's why of his body weight that good but his kidneys right so like what can we do like we ve, given it appetite stimulants Macao its do that, let's give him my appetite stimulant, that'd be great, but try that allows Got to take him home, he sat there like wait a minute. He can't breathe. He's whimperings lost a pound in three yeah. It's like the medicines that work
for the asthma anymore. You know the sub you fools. Am I gonna, get him an inhaler and do some key food three times a week for what we can see on the couch for five minutes and Edith Medicine, so text, my doc. I don't know man don't feel right. And I wanted my bed to tell me help me with were fond of. You said it's time my that cause he's a great that over a gateway lost, Feelest, Modesto, Doktor Modesto. He texted me back Yes, I would honestly euthanize monkey was my camp said: okay, let me know when to come in. Before I went in there, they brought me and they walk me back. I put the mask on and he sweeping he was out, but his eyes were open. He was sedated breathing monkey, my cat, my old guy, and there were two
Tax in there and the doktor said how people can be in here and I'm fuckin crying and suggest me and you and I'm like ok, let's do it and I just put my hand on monkeys chest and you know, in the stomach and on its head and I said, go ahead, do it and I just held them? And he shouted in them and then just stop the breath stopped almost immediately and I walked out. I cried lot on the way home, but I just got hurt things. Just knowing that you did. The right thing, of course, is the right thing to do and, of course it was the right time to do it. And I now just realizing just how worried I was about him all the time. All the time. And I'm so sad that he's gone, but God, but a great cat what a great life and he really fuckin hung in there
so I'm relieved but sad Kazakh, I can remember I in my whole life with that cat. I can remember all sixteen years like he's been the continent him in the other ones, more fond original crew and you gotta realize I don't know. Many of you know the story, but it's out only to tell the whole story, but it was because those cats that I found my voice on radio. It was The adventures of those cats in my adventure with those cats, when I trap them in a story in two thousand, for when they were a couple months old, the night before or the republican convention I was doing daily morning, radio and I brought for fur are all kittens into my house, that's it! I began talking about that on the air. That's where I developed MA I ability. To be on these MIKE's. My voice on the radio and on this point
as was built on the backs of the fond and monkey for sure. They were the inspiration. They were the muses. They were the beginning of free My voice on Radio Godspeed Monkey. Maggie is dead, long live monkey. Thank you for all your, important fan, Arden everything Allison for shit, listening You talk about monkeys made his way into a least who am my specials in the fuckin mongers Oh yes, oh yeah. I should mention this. On Sunday August. Ninth, I will have twenty one years sober if, make it to Sunday. I think I'm gonna make it. I got a priest, I'm feeling that I can tell you is now and bright, upright bring it up Monday, But- Guess: ninth, twenty one years sober! If that inspires anybody. It's fuckin should its
it's an amazing thing that don't even think about that is a solution, any more drugs round. I'm off the nicotine, for almost a year, I think that's like on the twenty fourth or something so not braggin. Because, God knows being wide awake at this particular juncture in history is not particularly terrific or a great gift but it is happening, and I am not hiding from it so, Try day, if you need to stay sober, they need to Do have a problem. You think ever problem. There's always help can find help there's always a meeting summer on. Why now Inga to a meeting any place in the world right,
it from your house now ok enough for that Boston Joe, is comes from Boston and He did his training, in a similar way that I did you now with some of the duties, and I knew that I came up with kind of a great. It was great talk because I didn't know him any young indian. I started in Boston, really Got a new comedy special Joe does it's called I hate myself Joe list. I hate myself premiers tonight at nine p M Eastern on Youtube, as per comedy central stand up Channel Joe fine, instead himself, and then he taped it a week before everything shut down He also has a weekly podcast said. He house, with Mark Normand, called Tuesday stories, get that wherever you get pod guests
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How are you man, I'm pretty good at service? This makes me nervous Why does make you nervous? I may I guess we don't really know each other. I don't know you I would ask that you enjoy each other at all, but I know you through the show, a big fan of the show which added in Montreal last year a little bit almost a year. Probably that's right, as you know me, for this show and maybe if she my stand up or no yeah quota, That's me, so I was alleged bringer, show with you and to the Irish, bringing in two thousand to two doesn't want state of New York. Maybe it might have been two thousand. I was a kid
and I must have been a rare Nyc as I fuckin hated that place and never went there yeah. I was definitely you seemed unhappy and I did the thing worlds. I am opening remark. Marin, like I said that, to which many have said to me, Cynthia yeah and it makes me think boy. This guy must have hated me ray. I hacks Why me? Fortunately, if if there was a sort of hate. It's gone away. I don't recall it. You're probably right? In that moment, it was probably not great but wow yeah. I it's a weird when people say certain clubs. That when I'm like, I hated going in there I hated working at that place. I hated every everyone who ran it. Over the years that it went on, but I know that a lot of people who came to New York went through there they did so many. Those bringer shows. Yeah that was like why started in Boston so, like I would do
I found it about bringer shows I would drive down with my bring it like. My family drive down with four people and drive to New York. Do a certain and drive back really yeah. That was like my and I thought it all the time I thought over here we go baby. What New York New, port city mom, who who is like who is in the car. Will you I would drove a couple times well with like my mother, father and sister my uncle one time. I was a car, so those for and it was like a regular sedan, so they built for us in and he had any go and see where you were on the line up and Eve Way, Two sometimes Dwight was ever one. Those knights were you didn't go on until everyone was gone, it wasn't. Too bad like that normal I mean like. I feel like. I don't remember that I'd have like a decent Spock's, actually brought my people, but I remember there was a lot of people that would sign up and they weren't able to get their people and so on
I bet that have to squabble and try to people in that that happened to me once or I went all the way to New York and also I'll just figured out- and I was like barking from myself like- I was trying to get people off- the street to go to the club and pray that they came to see me really. Did it work one time did get a couple of people to do it there. Like ok, I know because I did a tour NBC. I did like the the envy these studios tour. We went to a it sure, whatever Likud cones sad or whatever, and actually we're just a tourist at the tour de I was a tourist at NBC Riot was like to British Ladys and ours. If you like comedy, you could go to stand up New York tonight and tell them you are there to see me and they like shore, and they did it well. You know, I think, I'd seen you once before somewhere and then I watch the whole special, the other night whatsoever. Again, the special with cold. I hate myself good, so I say
but, like I watched it and I've been watching specials lately. Is I've been a kind of sad. And I enjoyed it because, like I it's weird year sort of an unassuming guy, you seem like a wire a little guy, but you certainly is Certainly I know how to fuckin hit those jokes with a bat. Thank you. Shit that I was worried about where that was going, and thanks I'm watching and economics. We never hear the first person to see it. I mean literally outside really my. Manager in Asian, whoever like did the editing No, it was, it was great. It's what's interesting is how much of it, sadly, It plays in the style jar already like flying flying. I'm planes are you doing this whole bit about plains, which is YO that something We talk about cars. We spend so much of our life on planes, but now, six months into this. Fuckin shit show its kind
MIKE. I remember yeah you could down on planes and it was a nice thing to do and fly Yo Yo strange I've done a couple sets here in New York like outdoor shows and You naturally set up jokes. By being like I was on the subway the other day and you have to be like I was on the subway six months ago, and boy were busy so they're having outdoor shows like who is doing that so a bunch of shows. Now it's pretty wild men, like other day like friend my head, like three sets so Stanhope Newark Afore instead of New York, has shows in central Park Battery Park in a story a park, no microphone they're, just like essentially picnicking and then, when and you just stand there caught kind of yell at people that are picnicking basically but they didn't come for the show. You just serve imposing no, they did come Panada. So there are aware of the show instead of New York, has little like
like political sides, you know those little you stick em in the grass yeah instead of San Bide, and it says that up New York right. They will kick me go out of their in that space, like that. Was a guy. The first show I did there. There was a guy like laying on a blanket napping and there really use me. This is the stage right for action. Ass though he had to move people are actually coming like they have a big email list and I guess People are aware of it. In there you know, entertainment starve So there is actually there was like fifty people there and I heard one shot like ninety people know MIKE no likes you just project out to the folks. It's a little strange, an ivy aids. It was nice seems intimate- seems like a theatre but you know the might, but my thinking is like they still that I can sheep. They can't find a little set up that you can have, outdoors. So you got, you talk your microphone. I don't.
Now maybe there's noise ordinances or something I know what's going on, but then there's a couple like driving shows too at Bel AIR Diner that used to live in a story. I live here in a couple blocks from here and we're all in their cars and they flash their lights if they like a joke its Nazi I did you do that one of them couple times now I did the first one. I was on the first here. You can hear laughter well now they have some outdoor table set up like under a little tent. Court of or under what have you call it a canopy or something you can hear those peoples you can hear about fifteen people and you can see people smiling through their windshield ha now that that doesn't sound satisfying to me I mean maybe you're sort of like you're nuts and bolts joke guy so you can just kind of through your shit, you know when just take the hit without addressing it
but I would feel that it would be difficult to pace yourself and sort of an odd exercise, its rights, really strange and the nice thing the other night, so I've done a few now of outdoor whatever and I've done a bunch of zoom shows, which are very strange. Also now for money- some of our money, like comedy seller, did their first zoom show and they pay because there, the comedy seller, yeah and stand up. New York did pay spot pay for the central park thing right and so did the Bela diner. Actually I guess all of them are some of the zoom shows or not, but so the zoom shows like what the hell was that need you tell people to take their mutes off, so you can hear them laughing browser. It's really strange, but oddly getting used to it. Well, say what is real. Quick was at the Bel air this past week and was the first time I've done like seven or eight sets outside
I don't deserve. That was the first time that I was like fuckin joked ate it that sucks You know I was the first I'm having a feeling of like shit for the most whether you're, like there's no judgment. I can't judge this sad or whatever arise. Get up and saying things remembering them I mean. Are you doing it because you're you're starved to be answered? Ager were like you used a feeling of litigation. Is it the money? Why you know that's a good question. I haven't really put that much thought into. I guess it was outdoor word of some of its just to see like ours But this is like I guess it's another form of stand up and uh, I guess just The same reasons. Yeah that we go out. We did shows every night at one in the morning for nobody, the outward. If you you're born with the compulsion and its ensue- I love you, you don't
ass. Those questions that you just do it right now, there's a show I'll do it. Where is it ok? yeah basis if that's it summer and solemn of paid, no more great I'll, make a few bucks and the one in a story is down the street from my house and the one in central park? My my wife was on He's a calm, economic I'll, go with you, and then they threw me up there. So I urge you to guess the in central park at the no might show so It's I'm not doing it at the end or shows yet of cancel all those or postpone those for now to try to do the right. There are special gonna, be on you too. That's the new, that's the new thing. It's a Youtube and how does that work so said he shouted over the comedy sellers outlet Yeah the village shouted the village underground here, the village underground and who produced it. Was it a comedy central comedy, sour joint? What is now it's just me, I just I just high
a guide, a shoot it. The comedy seller gave me the room and the door is extremely generous. And I just hired my own Phil Crude didn't make it. That was there. Bobby Kelly. Bringing up carrying out and now shown Donnelly was the host ongoing was just a regular all night at the the seller. I mean that's. What I wanted to be was naturally was lake. Let's just do a night, seller. Is that those who do fine, I find. Sometimes if you have fans their comedy fans or are tricky sometimes because they listened all the podcast and they begin to want inside you oaks and they know you and they have heard stuff. They don't know it. I like I like a random audience members, but it was a Tuesday night and like the day of their like hey. We got forty reservation, so we had the kind of,
fill it on, and we did- and it was great Yeah I mean I don't know I mean it. I think its bold to yummy must be pretty used to that room. Think either those rooms or that particularly easy. I they feel by challenging rooms to me and threshold just their fuckin people. Come in there, it's hit or miss, so you are able to bring in half a house of people that no you yet without being a bunch of people that new May and everyone tweeted hidden and did the thing and so it was a lotta like comedy fans, and I gotta fans in New York to do. We did two shows that the first show was like, Yeah I got enough. Probably half the room was fanfare ends, and then maybe the second show was like a fifth of the room but I think it's a good mixture of people that are really rooted Sometimes you know you get in your head, unlike if their fans there's probably see me I've heard it? They need some where their comedy nerds knocking a laugh and then
misjudged and I realise that there are actually fans because they love you and they want you to do well, and so there hyper earlier a great audience there, that's the worst that we do with our heads that we just make these weird assumptions, because we're so hard on ourselves, so yeah we're tired of our own shit and, if we're doing old shit there's you know you're, pretty sure that like love, you out, saying I'm tired of it. You just put it on them there. I ve got a hate this one they they heard. When I came up with this on the podcast runner. Judge but their data on that No, it's thinking about us as much as we are in the other. Happy. Could be part of the event yeah, of course, and but I think if anyone here is a joke for a second time, they're like these when the thing he setting it up like it, just happened is full of shit nothing away. My own projection, like it very much
How many fan is not always a near the revelation that they realize I dare not making this up, but that Are you feel when you get in your head and you start to create one yeah me more just sort of like you know it's like how do I feel about here in a joke? A second time I don't know you know in and then a lot of time, people oddly enough, you think about people, I gaff again, but this is how we judge ourselves during the autumn, All people want to hear him do is hot pockets. In over a decade the bane of his existence, but but that's not how we think about it. I mean I've thrown away so much material that nine people heard on a show that no one fuckin watch that I for half a year on year, totally, I mean I've had that with like? Can I do this? I'm calling as I did on live at Gotham annually, nobody? Nobody memorized your live at Gotham. Nobody, I think you said it. At one point on on this podcast, I think I remember it was used. About like hey, could you got?
as I know, some of you have been around for years, but could you let the rest of these folks just catch up like you might have to hear another bit? You heard right from Youtube video that you guys watched, but let everyone else catch up to this. That's the thing man If you think about the time I'm older than you when I think about like you know, I've unlike six seven hour and a half of between five cds and for food. Specials or whatever. But Nobody listened to some to the first, the up to eight years, like there's like eight hours worth my material, something pretty good that most People have never fucking heard before and it just there on the fucking garbage cheap right. Yeah people when I hear that stuff and they want to hear it over and over again. Maybe I mean it's like I have you ever thought about, like you, I'm just going to cover my first album Go out and cover my too, thousand in to release why
Sometimes comics like I not like Gary Gormans, a friend of mine and one of my favorite comedians. He had that great bit about abbreviations, emit into this documentary watched about Doc abbreviations and it's like a nine minute bets on the best bits of ever heard, but I've never seen him do like a ford. The second version of that in two thousand and three right. Where This had the first rival things and it was whatever else it gets clever and and so obviously he circled back to a notebook or someone who is, like others, never became anything and then, with more skill made it a great thing so I'm sure we have premises from twenty years ago. That could be gold. Now, that's probably I used to go on Conan Alla time with half baked shit because I do I'd always Japan or when they get stuck for guest, and they call me up on a days notice and go. Can you do it if you like got some stuff and I and there's so much stuff that I did on Conan that later became actual jokes. It's embarrassing. Let's not embarrassing! That's terrific! I know
but dad, but by the time you do the final joke. It's like you know. I don't know how I soon you know a guy. You know it wasn't as funny as it could have been when I did it hastily be when you you paddling, get away with a premise You can't, when you do understand out up, but you gonna throw the funny, out there in conversation right over. Burke did that on his second album, where he an entire joke again, just to add a tag, and it was like. I did want to deprive you guys of that line that I came up with after and its great it works and nobody, I'm sure, play twitter was around that, but I don't think anyone was mad at him. I don't think anybody really does get mad. I think the people that get mad or just trolls or or they're just you know, mildly disappointed, obsessive fans and you that's their lot in life, they argue those people there like. I know everything you do it's like. I'm sorry, I don't I'm probably going to disappoint you eventually right there.
Happy peep. I'm trying to remind myself that anyone on social media, that's taking the time to write something negative, is probably unhappy and I should know, pray for them or something I don't know I mean I've been that guy haven't you. That's writing mean stuff to people maybe I'll in response. If nobody was made for, I would justify my anger. I just had a couple. Weeks ago, yeah I mean yeah. I've been that guy Would you I've never initiate I've never had em. I've never watch the movie that I hated and try, define the address of the director to let him know that I thought it sucked. Want me to leave its tp his house or something I've, never written discourse, says he and delay this one was in quite a strong is good fellows what was up with the departed, the so you're from Boston. Yeah. I started in Boston, yet I grew up in Boston. I grew up self of bus
Then Whitman Massive she like how is it? How do I not know that I've dive fuckin played every Dumbarton in the guide in New England, and I don't know where witness its Malta, I'm in this probably been a cup and for a comedy, shows there is next to Brockden. If you know brought you're Nicaragua Comedy stop sure I know Braxton sounds it with. Is there still a Nixon, Brockden no! I don't. I don't think so. Now I think that's gone baby There might have been in January. I mean certainly does not right now, but they might have been in February, so you're coming, so you grew up in Whitman near Brockton, like it. How big? How big is that sound? all small town, it is, it does have the claim as the place that the chocolate chip cookie was invented
Ah sir, we have that govern its also people, actually stopping by four. That I mean is that a draw or no just now, I don't think anybody knows about it or careless. Eric zero place it makes cookies are too to be tall House like the toll house factory or so thing was there, but it burn down before I was before I move there tell house is now keyboard thing now is that separating maybe I gotta, be autism regretting the targeted cookie thing now I got not gonna get information on so info July, one sentence I say, and usually people go out school. So what so like? What kind of work and accounting If I'm trying to picture, is it like? That's not near fall river No, it's a little ways. I'm is right. Collectively, it's near there. I think it's probably a half hour from rural River, maybe women's like a real small town. It's it's also its ethical. The famous it's a used car capital of Massachusetts. That'll, give you speak Estonia image.
The town riders like already used car dealerships, Kennedy yeah, I think, there's like twelve or fourteen used car dealerships in a town. That's I think, like four and a half square miles, I feel like people going to people we're going to really nail me on twitter for not having my facts straight, but yeah Jack, a real small. You know my parents always say they. They grew up in. Most of the city and they just drove south until they can afford a house, that's basically how they ended up there and what? What was your folks business? my dad works at a hospital he's like in charge of purchasing. Like you, you know buys the gowns and what not the administrative job in a hospital in my mother was sort of a secretary and insurance company, so you're dead. When that gap that racket he is so he's still. Working at three Gabby busy trying to get that ppp for that covered people. I think he is yeah. I think so. I don't know you to talk to him anymore. I talk to whom we do not talk. We didn't get in a fight. Instead,
up talking, but he's a real quiet. The kind of Boston, Irish Catholic Kind of guy, just real a stoic where it is not a lot of through irish yoga, Even if you asked him direct informational questions would be tough to get an answer exactly It's my mother, always jokes years when we gonna Colorado bring a book he's the tough, because the tough not great guy? Funny guy, you know he's not does not give her. I was joke. I did Letterman and people say while man you're dead, when it he's what you dead, saying as like. Nothing like, I know it, but what did they say? I'm like now. Actually, nothing It is that zero things. They come to the shows and laugh I mean they're good people. They laugh so you have like a nine brothers and sisters are known ass oh it's just one older sister, but my mother has four siblings and they all get. So is always a big fat was always twenty or thirty people around Irish Ha Irish Scottish here
like was it where they enter the irish thing. Not my dad was irish, but his family, it around as much. It was always my mother's family, the camp the more more scottish, but definitely everyone gets together. We do can we drink hard and heavy and is always to get The idea of peoples a family reunions, unlike that's, always been mine, blowing to me, like we were together every Saturday and Sunday, every weekend of my life now need very reunion. They're. Just here is where I got every six days between reunions yeah. Exactly what everyone live ten miles apart, everyone was together and it still very insular still like that, definite, I'm the only one that left and moved and I come back and it's a lot of like New York area is exactly and they were gonna? U likely like you're different, somehow and then They tell you you're, not different
and then he got a humble yourself or be humbled, It's a lot of that kind of feeling and its yeah. It's definitely shaped a lot of my so they are they Boston. Irish, would you say if you put your dad's for people yeah. Suppose so yeah, I think so here they have a definite New England vibe, it's a very new England, but not hard you're, not hard Boston, Irish, No now there's an accident like you would notice an accent, but they don't sound like they're, not like area fucker yeah, it's a little more subtle. They definitely would be some would say. What's up, why are you guys talkin like that? there are certainly not intimidating they're, not like goodwill hunting, racket, Boston, pay, vat, bad character that Casey athletic Duncan Doughnuts Guy, a vision that is so fucking funny do catch your nails kid. I love that it's great.
He really gets it deadly it's great. Now we are. We don't have that, but it's definitely not far that that vibe It's a lot. A lot of wrinkled and yelling and joking right. So when you started when Did you start no one that you're gonna do that you want to do the comedy. Always always feel like it feels like try to be as long as I can remember, mark right, Debate It really was like, I think, as early as like third grade and the story always sound solely cheesy, unlike made up to me Or maybe I'm just self conscious, but I watched, I think it was. Doing it again or German in New York. One of those George Carlin Son, HBO, waiter, George Marlon yeah. Nineteen, ninety, and so I was eight like third grade and that, in my view, they played like that ensure they played clips from all of his thing, and I remember the ratchet fetch it dirty old twat and it was just the idea of what
today in this crazy shit? I mean that was my idea of company was like saying in saying shit, and I regret it. Talking about D. And Quail and Margaret Thatcher and I didn't know who the people were, but I was like I can tell this is great right right right. You had not yet that feeling of excitement. Why are we allowed to do this year how can a grown up be talking like this, was cool and fun and insane. And then I was a kid ladys early nineties when it was really booming zone VIII, H, one I would watch in the morning and evening the Improvin Comedy Central started to come around and HBO so was like comedy everywhere. I was just obsessive that then bill cause be too like we together with my family, and this is also called me, would gold and like rent like a Louie Anderson or I'll, be in there He would eat dinner and, like the vhf, would sit on top of the tv like we're gonna fuckin. Take that out,
soon as we're done eight and were taken it out, and I was thinking that was like amazing. This dude. There was like pink certain, like that. Nowadays, writing an anomaly: ol man we're gonna pop it in again like not know with jokes Albert it was like my family was loved. It but I thought I guess that's the way to get attention from my family is the deeper meaning I guess is like this is the way to stand out, but they they were comedy fans, oh yeah, they just day they were very like they loved it. They loved Louie Anderson Bows, lure Cosby. And Karl in a little low, younger ones. A little bit icon on my parents were as into Carlin, but my uncle I gotta knuckle he's like four years old. The main he really show me a lot of stuff, oh yeah. It was like that classic thing of Lake- as early as you understand that that could be a job you're like will. Obviously I want that job you. I don't know that I understood if it could be a jot. Why I mean I knew that they clearly they were entertaining people. I don't No one ever thought in terms of the job part have just sort of,
colleagues, I get the best thing to do whatever they guys doing you now. Seemed fun and I guess again like through therapy and that stuff. I see that it was like. Ok, that's how you get attention is. Do you know that growing up. For me, everybody was very serious in my family and work. Sucked in raising kids was a lot of work and everything was shitty except the weekends. You drink and watch comedy, and then it was fun and would go back to life, surely again so I think I thought I could be that guy, that's makes it fun. But yet, but should he? How? Just like you know not such passion in the work ever bays just sort of like you? Do it to get buys a? U can enjoy yourself on Saturday, yeah that kind of shit like this commute riots, working right out, driving the kids
school didn't seem to be very pleasurable jetted. Only that I was around no one seemed to be doing anything. They actually wanted to be doing right, yeah and that come that was built in to me of like even as a really young kid be like well that succeed I'm not going to do that. Why they not happy with what they're doing you're one they do this one or they do something out. That's how I felt when I was young then am I as a recording the sum sitting in front of Bruce Springsteen poster, then I got to an age where Bruce Macy basically made a career out of writing about that about your family, about about my family, about the idea of people getting stuck in things that didn't want to do, and then that combination made me really like the company you gotta get out of this town, where I was one of those guys in Indonesia have stand up and Bruce you're like it is we only live once this. Is it yet That guy with, as we gotta get out- and that was feeling basically so
you child, if it wasn't like abusive or weirs emotionally detachments in slightly miserable, I don't, I would say, like it was a good good child. But it's weird and some of the deals with that thing, where I have severe anxiety and panic disorder and alcoholism and depression, and all these things- and I don't have four, long time. I beat myself because I didn't have the right thing to point too, for it browser? I was never molested My parents were together. We have enough money. Look now as an adult. I realized we didn't have very much money, but we had certainly enough. We weren't dumb, whatever starving so always had that feeling of like I'm a piece of shit for being anxious in and struggling because I had great parents and a great upbringing, so I still don't know what's going on there. I think I could help please.
Well here's the thing I don't know the nuances or that without the particulars, but Just from what you're saying about your old man, you know if there's emotional detachment. Where you know you're, not getting the input or the new are, or the sort of, affirmation of of your parent, that that's a sort of its slightly it's a mild emotional abuse right. So. What happens when you younger in this? Just a theory I locked into is you know whatever shortcomings. Your parents have, however, their fucking you up because you're not paying attention correctly. You know You're not gonna, blame them, for which you just did you didn't do it again, like you're gonna blame yourself right, so you think, like I must be fucked up. I consider my parents their perfect. I must be the fucked up one, so
in in the gap between their whatever their detachment. As are, however, their emotionally not treating you correctly you stall apparent of your own in your own head. They cause you and ass all your entire life right. Yes, that's what my third. Spinelli for quite a while, yet very slowly and hills. I do that alot where I'll go yeah, but this is like that you do it again and like shit and also my mother's also very very anxious person, OECD, and so that's a lot of learned. So you got the guy in the panic guy. Yes, exactly the catch, the father and the like. All where you going. Don't wait, don't like that? yeah, a lot of that, not so bad as that, but a lot of definite anxiety and I think now of talking. If anyone is now with young kids in the family, there's not a lot of separation between Talking really serious matters about correction.
Disease and people breakin into the house right hearing that as a kid be like someone's gonna break in our house or whatever that's a lifelong fear and all those kind of thing I sociologist freaked out about everything and and that's not for the antithetical and nurturing panic. Exactly so a lot of lot of panic, anxiety and certainly longing for that attention, love and feeling of being protected. That's my therapist always says, as you feel unprotected in the world which the owl have I, which I had the war, the longing for love more like. I think my parents were so manipulative that that's how I sort of Process love so like now, like the idea of love, it's like your fucking with me does not strike with an audience a girlfriend. Doesn't matter gay, I don't buy it. You don't really like me right that sir, that's my crossed it I never believe the love yeah,
think. I deal with that a little bit near to my services to go well, your wife married you. She did met to behave with your life and you're like you, but I think she's did she threw she's run in a kind of some kind. I mean I oh yeah yeah sums up. But yeah. That's that's a lie. The air, the feeling for sure. So did comedy. Oh yeah, I often wonder that liking because I was compelled to early to write to you. No one knows whoever twice of I didn't, certainly did know how to proceed. It is a job anyhow. Even when I was in college instilled in makes sense to me remember approaching p riser allowance, Is he a comedy show at this stand up at the comic Strip, and I think I was in college. As I going to do comedy, how do you do it and he's like what he's got to do it and I'm like what the fuck does that mean? You know there was no by the time you got in there. There
was actually there were up. There was a path. There was a whole community of people trying to do it that you can go, find fair we easily in Boston yeah. I was weird, so I feel like now. The way people talk was that was so. I started in two thousand and it sounds like that was sort of like a dip spot cuz. Obviously it's been sort booming in the last few years and then do dandy announced the dip. Like eight, you know, depending on what city or ended the dip has been going on since late eighties. Now I get well I guess I was in Boston in eighty eight. So that's why I started working doing stand up, but the thing was in Boston It didn't matter that there was a dip because you were doing one night or so there were three companies, it booked meal million one nighters all over and there is Nixon town so wasn't like yours, a comedy boom, but you could go to Brockden in flash player.
You know a hotel lobby. You know what I mean, so that was the way it was then yeah. So The I started in two thousand an ice. Similarly didn't know where to go really and then I was walk it like. I had just graduated high school and didn't, no plans to go to college or anything when you has never done it before, never done it and oh, should say one time I open for my friends band. They do. I want to be a comedian and it was a lie. Different and I went up to others is like embarrassing, but hilarious, I had a bag of trick. I was a prop act right. And I had a I had a raw hamburger bun. I asked again the crab. What's your name and he said whatever state Even I said nice to meet you. I threw a raw burger patio, We have not had him but like to his feet, and then I had a very low didn't hit, but I had said nothing I had some high school bodies there that that it was funny because it was ridiculous.
Didn't you hear me, I guess did you because you would have had to hold the meet up and then throw it rigour, yeah pride and do their brightest panic. It's fun but he still because I do remember now. After the show people saying like we didn't know about what the right there it is what happened if got a big plan in your head and then the rush the widening. Doesn't land indian I'd say it's weird moment, right and you ask, and it's just completely weird and that I ripped off George Carlin had that old poem about his hair. You know, and I wrote one about the word fuck it was like. Fuck is a word often heard often slurred respects, as we know Harlin rip off I've been down. It was bad prided like two and a half minutes or something and then brought up my friends back pretty fast and disorder, I give it. That means we're. That's all! That's what we gotta do. I don't you there's no way, there's no way
to be good at it. At the beginning, issues terrifying and stupid in I just want to get through that three minutes in like fuck man. I did it I just if I really put my mind back there. There is nothing but panic and spending our day or weak. Just like I gave you three minutes. On Saturday. You know it's a nightmare yeah. Make any sense, but you had to do it. A strange, and I was a kid I was like eighty I just graduate school few weeks ago, so they just so up the young, the commuter rail, which is like the train directly from men to Boston? Sir, I was like walking around Boston, just aimlessly, and I happened to Bye by Fenway, there was like a Howard, Johnson's and said open MIKE Wednesday is like a chinese restaurant and I've called and like the yellow pages, and they will look like an asian guy. I won't do the voice despair, everybody, but he was like. You don't come in Wednesday Beryl,
to stand up and was a great, and I thought I gotta give. This is gonna, be better. This is like an adult. This is a real common here and it was called chops That's where I actually start like October, two thousand jobs, lounge chops enabling way yet right next to Fenway By the head of our Johnson's next Fenway, yes camp here, I can't picture the Zen Old Howard Johnson's Well, now it's gone now: it's like a really hip hipster. Like bar that whole neighborhood. Nonetheless, him you're in the Fenway area, but it's completely change like last for years, oh yeah yeah. There's like high rise buildings and like really cool burger joints in all kinds of bars and rooftops. It's like it. It looks, unrecognizable and have only been gone for August living on thirteen years now, this is the bar at our Johnson is near Fenway? Who is hosting that fuck a nightmare? I got him Larry Louis. I know you
he broke IRAN after you, but he did like old, vaudevillian jokes and play the piano like a buggy woogie piano. He was a combination of I guess. Jerry Louis sender, every the old vaudeville jokes. We do a lot like it of old guy. It was, I mean he was old to me at now. Looking back, he was like fifty took as he did a joke it SAM a fifty two year old potheads. But to me I was eighteen. He was going to enter you got that he was an old man very Louis. It sounds like you might have been around when I was there think he was near. I think he had just kind of started late in life. It was like a true open MIKE everywhere, whoever showed up went on and there was some good comics, their Dan mints. You probably know me up he was always there and some other people were he started that were Dan started. I believe. So he was right. I think he was a Harvard guys who was always there and then Dan Levies, another Ella guy. That was always there no Dan Lady I'd. She had the
their Dan Lady right. Yes Eugene, levies, kid and Dan Lavie, whose the tv writer yeah there. I like I like them. I like both of them, but I know, desert church so he would be there and then there was a blot alike, just crazy people like actual crazy people. That would go up, and I was like a kid with Joe, who spent my day trying to write jokes and then there was some old psycho than there was some Boston veterans would show up till Teddy Bourgeois would show up Taddie teddy hello, Teddy here. The Boom box he would recorded set with a boom box with a tape deck. That's my Sean hell drop. It Harry had some of the best fuckin jokes. Oh I mean like way, saddle fucker, but I'll tell you, man did you isn't that live when I did with him like it was kind of astounding, because you have Hetty story and I'm sure you ve heard some version of it is is just horrifying and you know it is
its astounding, that he's alive and he's a very sort of way a sad, it's a sad story, but what was really interesting as I found Am I tracked him down to do alive, deputy up and he wasn't easy to find it doesn't like have a phone I too call somebody that New Emma around. But here I remember how I got him right and I have seen him forever and he's in the dressing room for double yep you know and using What cities like yum yum, do I'm workin on new thing about the about mother Teresa and the poor? Ben dive. Maybe I'll try that, unlike I had no idea you murdered sucked into this nightmare, how dependent teddy world within seconds in I had seen in twenty years and we get out there on stage so dude and your people don't know him anymore. Really, you know and a lot of my audience would know him at all.
He's trying to new stuff, and I see him you're sweating it out. I know there's no way he could have tested it or anything. And then he got all those I knew he had all those great jokes about your father. You know so going so when you we're up your father. What you always he likes you! My father and he just here, he just waiting to those bits, dude and kill in areas like it You like almost moving. You know like these It should have been around for decades in and they were so well hound and so well, written and so personal and perfect in ages. He just started doing- I'm in ages, were like it was like no one had ever heard that before is beautiful yeah, I know he's he's amazing. I've tried hard to find old footage of him. I think, as a set of him on the old Letterman show that looks real, we're not great but have equality right yeah when he would, get it together and do not show the same bits that he didn't night. Eighty two that I saw two thousand one
his nose, closet, she's out a wire eggs actually I that bit was like me, general. I mean it was great. Now he had one of my favorite jokes ever was the hockey players are tough. You know that joke you occupy, there's a tough, they get you no hidden face the park. They'll get fifteen stitches, come out and play the third period, baseball players. Those guys are tough. It goes I was watching, gave the go. Here's icy Taylor steps to the lady miss the first half of the seas and he was frightened by a small child last Halloween. It's beautiful. So there It would cover some of the other veterans it would drop by. That was like Tony V, maybe occasional, but most of those guys didn't touch that play because it was like this like low level open MIKE Open might, but then I started doing Dick Dorothys comedy vault on Sunday nights. Then you'd see Tony V and all those guys Kevin Knox was a big part of the the CNN,
and then he ran the Monday at the comedy connection and that was like the big to meet. There was a time my career, where Monday night, if you could get to the comedy connection, which was there like new talent night that was like the tonight show at that point in my career and Kevin Knox hosted oh so Nazi, so you were there before he died him before long. That I got sick like those guys, started with me. You know like they were kind of around my generation. I remember no one Knox. He started Those guys guys. I was in Boston. Like, I guess I was there in eighty eight and I was you know I moved to New York in eighty nine, but I had to go up there every weekend to work. So I was. I was in Boston, eighty nine through ninety one. Ninety two Now those one nighters Nixon everything else. So all those guys were around that generation. You know you I was great to be around those guys guys. Like I didn't know, I don't know They have those guys and lay. I was one of the people that thought that the committee,
and were you know, bill cause the in George Carlin Rosy, O Donnell. That's a good point about blossom, where you get this whole working class, bunch that You do. You wouldn't know still would now. I'm like he started would show unity, like. I did open MIKE's when I was in college with unity. And who else it Kevin Brian Kiley AIR. Like I mean the guys you were doing open, MIKE's, Fred, dear members, simply Fred was he around when you work Only now he just went by the name: Fred like yeah. There are some other ones. I don't know what happened to me. I was a big comedy connection guy and do in all those one lightened diners you talked about that was VFW in fire houses and care, seas and r k of sea. I should say that was my comedy. I still I've still nostalgic nostalgic about those gigs. Those of some of my best sets of Edward, like fire houses and VFW. What's interest, that you you know when you
pay your dues, like that, you know you You really are coming. In cold like there's? No, I mean so gorillas comedy like comedy like you know yet there, having comedy night there once weaker once a month or whatever the fuck. It is. It's not a cop but he club, and if your opening it's like you just walk up to nuthin carrier make signing of it. And all the headliner guys would gradually be like don't do anything about the room which, as you couldn't do any materially you I couldn't be likely to the chandelier Keziah, like I'm taken that first, twenty minutes yesterday, we all trash together do in forty. Five they want to get out is easiest possible. The eggs actually so it was definitely go up cold and you had to have joking. You haven't fast because they were just you know: Red faced firemen yeah like who's, this fuckin queer yeah. He had a really fight for it, but it was,
was grandam and I loved it to me. I was there. I mean I mean showbiz, that's all I ever wanted was to be a comic. I was a hell of a way to pay your dear to do those kind of rooms I mean I preside. That's how I started year than those two man shows and you don't you. You really get tough in its right by the time you get you a comedy clubbed fuck you're like oh, my god. This is easy. This is good each year. A lot of those shows they would go up and then be a picture of like a nine year old girl and the bill. I this is first Susan who got hit by a van and she passed through it and her friends would come up and they do that. Like literally, do that stuff and then they would be like here's com, it's like a cliche, but that would happen all the time is, it was. I didn't you so many of those as I did like punch, vs lemon stir. You know you drive out to arrest rotten lemon stir. Was in. That was one of the good ones or the Taunton Regency Hotel,
you know they'd have four weaken gig, you know in the conference room and those were good ones. You know it's crazy, yes, some of the more fun but them. Yet. There was a lot of crazy gigs in hell, gigs that I now look back and I'm like that was really fun. It's a yeah, it's a very specific way to pay your deuce. I went back and I would really cannot understand how I managed it. I was in neurotic angry uncommon more jewish guy. Driving around the New England countryside performing for fucking eyes. Rich Tony's. You know, I remember when Nixon sagas opened. You know it well, my God, It was yeah. I dont have nostalgia for that. I have, I think, PTSD, that's my experience, that's what next Nixon sagas that the Cologne yeah that dumb. I would always joke that. One of the few rooms that has a detail police officer in the showroom, Uniform God with a handgun that he's assigned to be in the room when he has always
comforting nexus and a rough did. The original makes was still very much alive and intact in, again when I started there and it was really something to see you know you can feel to hold the dark history of Boston in that place. Yeah it's a tough, far those attacks. Runs, but I was finally to me. It was like I saw a lot of. I learned a lot of things to do and not to do a lot of ways not to pursue a career, and you start to slowly sea. Like there's a lot of anger, bitterness in the middle of that, while I was up there, they made the movie went, stand up, stood out, which I'm sure you did you see that movie without the one with the France Alameda in it. Cs, he made it here and there like a documentary about all these guys and how they all had fun and it was gray, but they did too much booze and drugs and they ended up fuck it up their careers, and then I watched it while I was doing the same thing and didn't even heed the
because I have always grave. We have kept outside. You were. You're sober, I'm Selborne area. So you are a boozy fuckin kid you. I was a big booze kid for through through my twenty Asia. Really Yeah really got after it was bad and, and then you you're, so he added you cop to being an alcoholic deed. It did you are you? Do you do the thing I do? Yes, to wait now shit. So what had to happen for that two guards or like earlier when you're driving when you do and the gigs Bosnia just get fucked up yes. So, like I mean a lot of the driving gigs I early early on the first like you, There are two I would like I don't drink before she I thought I'd have this. I want to be like this discipline. Do you know and then, after a while you're like we'll, have a beer. I was under age for a lot of that too. I would start when I was eighteen yeah, so it be more like get fucked up after I still have my high school friends that we're all the aged three you'd get crazy, drunk and stuff.
And then eventually a drink during the show, and then it became a thing like. Let me see how drunk I can get during the show. It doesn't HU, I again to get there then yeah, and then I started doing the road and then the road of course that was like this is like heavenly cause, I'm in a hotel or a condo across the street. At your hearing, our heritage driving you drink for free, you can just crawled back to your hotel area and then and then it became the thing, and I also had that romance the system of it of like that's what you do like an artist man, you fucking, you get fucked up your drama drunk did that. Fancy myself like an IRA only, unlike you know sure, Dylan Damas exactly Its low was one of those guys and ethics. There was writing any jokes and was going anywhere right. So what what that? What did your bottom look like
There was a feeling I had things that should have been a bottom. Like I mean I've, told a story, a lot upon cast, but one night in New York. I black dots was a blackout guy I ended up shitting in a girl's bedroom. Our floor and urinating. Also, that's great. Like the other night yeah, I like her, she was actually in the morning which is strange. You you thought you were in a bathroom. Probably I thought I was. Bathroom might I say I mean I have to presume that wasn't my sense of humour right now. I remember when I was drinking I once peed on the four in the bedroom I'm pretty sure I was in the bathroom, but I wasn't yeah was that kind of deal and the river was two girls that we're living there. They had already left for work, which I too Realize does it when I woke up and realise what I had done it extra diamond- I was like, oh my god, I'm so sorry and they were like no, probably your fine, it's funny and also,
this Fuckin girls party. Now like Jesus and men. Now I have to be going to Seattle. The next day, the it's a crazy strives, go to Seattle, the next day for the Seattle comedy vessel, which is a month long missing my flight, I was so fucked up and I flew occur ass the country with like shit on my pants leg, the whole thing and when I landed in turn my phone back on. I had a taxpayer like we had no idea what you're talking about this is crazy, you're, a piece of shit, and then I was I am more like it. That seems like a more thorough response. You didn't even clean it up I clean up what I could, but I was. I had a rat select the big, the main, pieces I got but there was, still like urine and some traces of sure sure there dumb, that was the add that now,
That's great! That's still didn't end it. I remember landing in Seattle and I was like I got to take a break from drinking and I was like well I'm not going to stop drinking, so I might as well drink tonight kept, go and so was kind of one of those bottoms. You just can't I'll just hang out down here for a while. The ash are then. And then I took a couple swings out it. When I first moved to New York, I had some days twenty days and then now You're gonna meetings. That fear. I did a couple times so you moved to New York in you, but you're Goin added in Boston. When did you move to your New York? How far in my car I wanted that start, I'm moved in April, two thousand seven. So I was. Seven years into comedy when I moved to New York, TAT Astoria, yet is kept going and getting you know, and I would drive back all the time because I, up to New York. I had open. I was opening for De Paulo on the road and I was idle prefer Dane Cook in these big spaces and I knew I was friends with
on Quinn, and I knew David tell, and so, when I showed up, I thought people gonna, be really excited that this guy, who knows Nicht, APOLLO and calling quenches, in the town. You know, how do you know Carlin? I knew Collins just through a gear open for Nepal in the two of them had a gig and I met him through that and then Somehow I I knew he was sick. Let me in that dumb fashion. So he's been very helpful to me. In my bride. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, its interest and because I did the am I like when I watch guys special guys? I don't really know from New York because New York is so, like you know, incestuous insulated selected, equally that you know like any generation, I can kind of see some of the influences saw its rise for me. It's always fun to play like who who got into this guy's head right and I definitely identified Collen ends in you,
however, we feel good hopefully not to the point that I know but down, oh no, no they're. Just there is like a slight on a couple of jobs is a slight turn. MIKE. What is that, like God, serve a colony thing you know and which is no, it's not bad. Now it is definitely moments I mean I don't know if you still have that are maybe not but I'll, write a joke and be like you know you're right in your voice and you do it and I'm like there's a moment where I'm like. How did I come to that? And I'm like that? That's that's this calling joke right, but that's this de Pollo they're sure this internet Carlin thing first got one of the first gigs Iver. Did I open for nuclear power and he's really easy? Like my age, huge added a little like it was a captain nets in a gun quit Maine. On that. I started up of neck and oh six, there's a funny story. My I could at the comedy connection. I was there guy I, which just open for all the people that were coming through, and I was most open for Nick
And I couldn't do the Thursday, as I had some private gig, and so this other guy filled in that night and but that lay that guy was in the agreement with Nick and he said the, hey how long you been doing comedy Nixon shut up, we're not girls have to force a conversation. Is it going to sit there and That guy called made is thy, hey man this week. Don't try to talk to this guy's crazy. So I said Ok- and I just sat in silence for like three nights, you know sick shows, never said a word about the and APOLLO goes. I like you, you keep to yourself and you get some jokes. You wanna go on the road and I sure and sell for like a year. I just would travel all over with Nectarous, silently and eventually we started. You know having arguments and it's an in love, but but yeah. That was like extremely helpful that the guy was like. Don't don't beers, Sal, for them to go. Talk to the monster, I put it on
So how did he was like a big influence community as well sure but what that guy? I can definitely see that. So then you like so you you got sober for good it stuck when how many times two thousand and twelve. So what happened? That time was just the same thing lingering around. Knowing I got I knew. Very early in my drinking that I was like this. I don't think I'm supposed to be. This, isn't how people other we were drinking. You know, and I always kept friends that were older and married, so I always had that thing, I'm not as bad as that. Guy right, I was those guys and then yeah I was. I tried, couple times, and so I knew about the thing and everything and I started dating My now wife and she stopped she's eleven years sober today. As a matter of fact, she a couple years and she was willing to date me in though I kind of got closer to it. That way in
kept drinking the. Where was- and it wasn't till I Christmas, two thousand twelve and my brother in law, his father had just passed and like days earlier, and I was making jokes about it to him. I just Remington Billy. What are you, what are you doing did and having that that aim of Europe a drunk. I was I can cut a diagonal someone, you know you think you're being funny or what area sure, and I remember what you do and there are no man. I don't know and worse than like shooting a girl shoe and fuck and hating myself and getting Herpes was just somebody I love be. Unlike do really. What is this and disappear like? I don't know, I'm sorry now today the incentive. Cavity yeah. That kind of moment of why I mean a lot of other things, my career, I fuck, I really hate myself. I was still featuring and I had never. I couldn't get on any tv or anything. I had the same material and just on all that kind of shit,
and yes December. Twenty eight, twenty twelve was my last drink, wow, that's great man, Yes, it's nice and, like all of you, I mean every bit of successive headed relationships and comedies come since then, but it's nice of you able to be with a sober person who you're dating and still be a fuck up, and ass. She kind of stuck with you that long to at least you didn't just jump in right at the beginning like she, she was, she kind of flop around for a while. It was about a year and a half, and she didn't give me like an ultimatum or anything, but she I mean she knew I may we drank together when she was still out and she kind of new, and I was I was pretty good about keeping it away from her and you think, gets her and then she was a great and she didn't you know. I was like a sober. I was doing that And she was like? Ok like she wasn't like you didn't get too excited about it but dumb,
I got in there and then fuck and get it done, whose great scenario I eight years and changes on seven and shall be eight in December, and that's great man, that's so fucking Gerda! right, yeah landed wisely. That's why I like you. For some reason I could liking. I watched you and like I don't, I know the difference between you know. A guy either came up the right way. Instead of common clubs do in the real deal, unlike all to people in need You kind of look a little of furs first and then I'm listening to you. I might this guy's got teeth man. What the fuck is he about an innocent? how'd, you know it all comes to a comes to undo. It comes in the clarity here You know that came out of that. We came up with the old times they'll monsters in the girl. You are a little monster yourself and look at you, yeah. Well, that's better appreciated, but that's that's it to me, was comedy in Boston growth. So I started was killing. I mean that
to meet. That was what people in Boston valued more than anything I made sometimes to a fault. But does that was the most valued thing for the first six or seven years. Your country was crushing yeah so I was like Jesus. I better be one of those guys and now I'm back top of that a little bit of like are there can be some space debris than you know. Many tour with Lui to determine Nick an Louie hides a fight is Nick Nick Louise to live with each other in this fuckin apartment bury cats owned yeah, oh my god, back in the day, what a fucking disaster those days were south you bet you talk with him and he played the big rooms are ye. I got to do that ass. The day I met Louis, I was at the seller and he was sitting on the steps. Fortunately not like downstairs. I couldn't see him if I had seen that he was. There would have been like our genes and tried to where I was just a fucking around and he liked what I was doing and then numb yeah we're
shouting and having the Boston thing in all that stuff, we got to play Madison Square Garden the garden a couple times and did all the whole Europe thing in the private jet and stuff. It was pretty amazing and back then he had the great audience. Yeah, I was huge, I mean it was like the shows we're all killer, we fly in private and it was like drowned. I was insane I got a funny guard. The story, though, is one show that just wasn't greater. They weren't loved me and I'm just struggling. I'm doing like twenty minutes is, like fifteen thousand people lot of more trying to buy their seats, and you know you You know when you do a joke. Sometimes some one guy will laugh and you're like this fuckin guy gets. It were right. I almost did that. Madison Square Garden, one guy one guy like to fourteen just because there was a brief moment rose like this fuckin. I can't do that in front of thirteen thousand people is, guy gets rid of them.
Yeah the whole? The whole thing I'm in it was like it was. It was while there was quite a experience so what do you do I get so in general. Where were you at you or the the lock down where you you're? Just after a headline in a new and Mark Norman, do a podcast. Yes, I do the park as Mark Norman Tuesdays with stories which have been doing for years, and we do that. That does real. Well, I'm in relatively well to me. And I started another, pike, ass, witches and others is good or bad, but it's the very big based on this one. I wanted to have the conversations you were having, but it's called mindful metal jacket. That's about You know anxiety therapy, all that kind of stuff. Started doing that. That's been really fun and meaningful to people Let the email me and stuff which is nice and then I'm just like kind of a road dog do about forty weeks, all the funny Bones and Madison, and all those be after grins and sides, glitters and all those gigs any of that stuff. Back on.
The doktor! Now not yet they all. Just gettin move right now, like I was able to have a baby. Now sorry, my wife, just came in at our door is very easy, but I was able to didn't pick up everything over everything has keeps getting pushed and soda to next year's. Now my twenty twenty one looks is starting to look, you know decent, but I'm just trying to do the indoors right now, I don't wanna yeah gets out of that. Yet so, r and d ever tour with your wife, yeah she's I bring on the road when I can and yet when I can actually it's working, how you guys are doing good, yeah, I love it. I mean it's great cause. It's you know you get to feel like home on the road and I had to get laid on. The roads knows that's great inquiry. This was right.
The wrong time. Have this conversation? What else you gonna set now, even if she was not here, I would say it's great and lowest you're, happy anniversary for me. I will. Do that on her sobriety and to you to could. The special was very funny. I got some solid laughs and add what what are you doing for your anxiety, doo, Doo, doo doo have tools. What do you do? more so now I do I'm in the thing you mention how a lot and I got really into meditation. Really I've been meditating for a while. But I just got really into the SAM Harris has an app waking up. You know that guy said ass. I heard of a mere his great, he has an app called waking up and there is like I highly recommend it. There's a tonic shit on their like long interviews with meditation people, but he has a introduction course. He does a lotta guided meditation, loving, kindness, meditation, Since half hour, meditations and
forgotten really really into that and dumb. That's helps a lot yeah just a lot of reach. Talking to friends and like minded people's really helped and- and Ok, I gotta therapists that I love and it read. A full time job him. It's it's a card. The combination of all those things to be even Sylvain yeah, exactly yeah I might do I've been dancing around the meditation idea for a while, and I recently since my girlfriend died. I got into that. You have not really a God person, but I being so bright with you know I would pray I was told to do it and I and that you now in times of crisis, I'll, do it and it makes me feel better yeah. That Stuff is really really helpful and it's funny, as all of you These things, but especially that's enough to me, is easy to forget, and then you hear it again, you're like fuckin right. Is right here, like colloquy,
As a guy, I talked to a lot and he'll just say things that he said to me a million times and unlike Jesus FUCK, how did I get well? That's right, I forget, That's why we do you know we have to stay engaged with the Fuckin program right. I got a feel like shit and they ask you, you know every year, your guy Are they ask you to do and this right now you do in this? I not did you go to withdraw I am so we think gonna happen thanks. Oh yeah right I had. I heard someone say some great the other day he said you know he talks people who say how you do it is good and goes well. How are the people around you doing the right thing great tool to remember, like I'm fine annual, like everyone behind use, just fucking bleeding and crying whose decrying, lady our shared, I forgot about her good boy. I will keep
added. Man has great dark any yeah thanks a lot mark. I you talk like that guy Joe Special I hate myself, will be available starting tonight at nine P, M Eastern on Youtube, play, guitar regional crew monkey, fonder, firmer the unsung heroes, euros, meaning moxie, Butch, deaf black cats. Scared. He kept my original coup monkey fonder so now I will Dump of my love and attention in the buster kitten who is going to be overwhelmed by it. I think ready for it because but your kitchen, was certainly neglected.
Because of my old senior cats and now foster kittens time. Healthy stays healthy for, while I didn't bring him in to be checked, ass. He had problems. You almost died, kidney failure when there's like to, but now it's busters tie The time of buster kitten begins.
The original grew boomer monkey will find them.
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