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Episode 1150 - Kieran Culkin

2020-08-20 | 🔗

A lot is going on for Kieran Culkin right now. He’s a new dad, he has an Emmy nomination, he’s dealing with life during the pandemic like the rest of us. But chaos is familiar to Kieran, who grew up in a railroad apartment with six brothers and sisters, all of whom were pushed toward show business by their father. Kieran and Marc talk about that childhood environment, why Kieran and his brothers love pro wrestling, and how he established himself as an actor, including in his role as Roman Roy on Succession.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck stirs, what's happening? A mark Marin. This is my W e f welcome to it we ve been going out for a while now we're in our eleventh year. Almost The end of the eleventh year of this is that true. Two thousand and nine in the fall An ongoing conversation twice a week for eleven years or so almost eleven years. With me and you and me and people had come in here and you in everyone's involved. Either in here or there, I'm talking to honour on the video
and we're doing it we're getting through it are we, I can't. I have no more bandwidth folks for fucking, sir, add scary shit. I have no. I just have one who, with the whole guy damn thing. There. The needles, are going all over the place just like full on. I just I just trip myself out Nick some sort of hyper. Dread hyper anxiety. Images just what then it's almost like a riddle and effect I just gotta get exhausted now, Plodding through didn't ten degree temperatures out here. What's going on where you are the sky on fire, the fuckin skies on fires are now on top of everything else. Or terrorism in insanity, the future of the country, future of the planet.
I gotta worry about my house burned down again timber. Now before basis? The worry of it Are you know seriously? I'm sorry, I'm taken up too much time. I got a lot to be grateful for a sober. I got some money saved up I'm working. I have good friends. Did you idea of gratitude list all those things make impending doom pleasant money in the bank, good friends, a nice place to live? Yes, I am dammit, so I'm not complaining. I'm grateful Michael Take your impending doom period is right. Oh actively comfortable today, I talk to shortly. I will talk to cure in he's an Emmy nominated actor. Now for playing Roman Roy in succession. Are you as no one from that your Digby goes down Scott Pilgrim Verses, all the home alone movies with his brother Macaulay?
but you want to do a little homework or will back a work I interviewed MC caully back on. I episode eight eighty, We, I believe, if you want to go, listen to that. I, like the guy, the current colic I've always liked, and I see him unlike that kid seems like a solid kid. Good price since on the screen, Gotta will give an attitude I'd like to talk to that kid, and now, get to talk to that kid. I haven't some issues with them. My cap, I don't offer making them up. I got one cat left. I wouldn't pit a monkey and a box. I got money, the box, and I got what bond in a box and the
company, I think cremated them, but they change or boxes. Since I got two different types of boxes with the same cute little wooden name tags have. I am glad that there are indifferent boxes, ones, a sort of her homemade paper outside box. Like it looks, it's got down the x, area, the ottomans, just a shiny, your box will find is, and I got em out is that we're dead Mount my supposed to hide him. They're nice boxes with nice wooden named examined I go, will weirder sculpture over Cat doing a yoke oppose nor just sitting Cross wagged, that's next to that, the two of them brother and sister by still got buster here and now. Buster is being showered with more attention than he's ever had from me, and I'm not sure he likes me. I just don't. I don't know, I think you ip neglect did, I think he liked having on a buffer theirs how old man buffer as just one
the old man, human and in that guy, in buster. I know what to make of it. I think he worked for monkey. Sometimes I think he smells monkey was, I think he seem sitting were monkey was sitting. It makes me very sad. We're both working and now We were both knowing that our are our friend is gone, but his zeal of different again be careful not to project too much human feelings on him. I got it make a sentence that he's experiencing whatever is experiencing like a human Obviously he likes me, I feed them, but the little weird it's a little weird. I mean monkey hours with for sixteen years and we and unjust standing. I don't think I've reached an understanding with this cat and he's a weirdo, but I fetch which it's cool
dementia. My car got recalled some things in it that were not safe. Need the car need to be able to drive away if I have to drive somewhere and turn the fuckin phone off. All my God, just come up on my phone, California, hit by nearly eleven thousand lightning strikes, spark more than three hundred and fifty fires, as thousands flee the last seventy two hours, and I don't have a fucking car gotta get out gonna get out so this show, as you ve noticed, Brine Cox, has been on. I've talked to a serious nook. Current culture is part of some dynasty a strange acting dynasty. They didn't think you would talk about Beaver. Can we talked about it. I walked to the Fucking roofs soup, market, a hundred eight degrees to yesterday
as we when you start the. Why A hundred degrees right now, that's a bad, but then, when it comes down on you? It's almost like All the moisture leaves your body and it in the end you're walking through invisible, sludge I carried a fuckin watermelon home like some kind of here. In a hundred nine degrees temperature I walked for blocks. Bought a watermelon and wanted for black shown hero. Gotta knock on those watermelons. I don't I you're doing it, but I've I've figured out a way. Look stupid. I remind people, hold it up, my ear on it not gone it with the other hand, if it's like a wooden door, that's your fuckin ticket! That's your watermelon! Ok! Let's, which is due this! Please be careful out. There don't burn up.
I try and you know what I'm encouraging you to stay alive for, but Grudged duets do it together, art, so current coconuts nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor in a drama series in the role of Roman Roy on succession? This is me and During calking coming up well has gone I'm here I can't believe I forgive me. I think I'm only one minute late in some part miracles, crazy, like the baby, look up an hour earlier than we thought, while my wife's sandwiches erect twenty minutes late so
Oh, there was the awful the baby. What you place a cucumber need a sandwich and then she faces a sandwich. I gotta go he's gonna shit so yeah we're in the middle of shit. Do I have coffee o clock? I do. I said I was running ten minutes late and I realize no way I'm wearing the shirt. I got coffee What am I saying relate I mean you just have to walk down. Ah I even hamley Cherisher life I slept proper fucking, these lights behind you haven't, green dream that I can pull up a shot, something here. They, let me keep all this very day, equipment and now I have to throw it out. I guess why were you can fly? to figure out how to use it, I mean you're, you know relatively intelligent person right. Not with that stop. I feel it. I mean. How do you use the busy? Are the dvd player and laser discs once like? We got the screaming services. I just don't know how they work with one arm in your eyes,. Yes
You didn't ask to complain, so the latest really Friday not complain. Everything's great holds a kid eleven months yesterday. So, like tiny, tiny, a little kid he's a ME planets yeah, it's one of those okay. I need to be ready at two hundred and fifteen I'll, get myself a half an hour, because really I need ten minutes and that's what things things don't work that way and I feel like another parents say like you can't say: let's do something to thirty is: let's do something between two and four doesn't matter how much experience again and how much we plan I'll just never be on time. I was there womanly, I'm a bit of a miracle. I feel like I've forgotten now. Is that the kid is with the human? Yes. So now- and I am keen to shit diaper before I left use, I felt like ok presented something my for life.
I can't I can't really imagine it. I dont have kids and I'm an old man and I didn't have any and I don't regret it and when I hear about it it sounds exciting, but I still don't like nothing. You're saying is making me go fuck That honestly was the same way I it like. It is the greatest thing in the world, so it really is like. I would tell you it's definitely worth it I can imagine myself having other kids about your wife and want to do that. Why do you want to not have sleep not be able to do? things I want to do and just me stress all the time and fighting with my wife. Why would I want do that? you made it to. However, whatever you are without it, yeah I got to do you gotta be thirty, seven the whole single like shit, and then it's me because let me have a kid initiatives crawling around and walking than I do here. Another thing I never thought I'd be left my house of state. No, I wanna broken fool in it backyard in all this shit, I never wanted to get it. But have you been
We started to and then my wife started had a panic, but why would I do that like? Why would I move to a big house where nobody is around me? Well, I mean you know, we'll see how everything unfolded might be there solution here. I don't know if this out here I mean I thought you had the kid. So they give us like what six months old and then all the scientific? You can't leave your house. Yes, yes, that was that was it. That was gonna? Let me have a tiny excellence. One bedroom apartment, I mean, did you when I was nineteen, I'm outta, my mom's house, and they have their place we're still there. But what I did is about mother. How can I read this little studio new downstairs yeah? extra money on it, and that was for three reasons. That was too in case. One of us got sick in the Head Self Quarantine. It was for work things like this and to get my fucking face out of my wife's face that sort of the loose quote so what'd from her
so do you have any furniture in that room or is it just the lights at you stolen and is tat disgusting? the last and let the bed and the super like all get rid of this. Is it not other matters cover still stinks or the budget smells of rubber, and you know what I mean he's on it. And then, whenever some meat or that Frederick as well since the this thing happened. So many people was building a Mete out, so they leader, furniture in the lobby and I'll grab it. I have a nightstand. I got a desk. I got all sorts of shit that people throw out my just drag it into this apartment like it down with the endemic you realize they could find. Would like pineapples mouseless apartments, wasn't rubber impeded lots, discover. Mad sounds like you're living alive. It's love, locking land I also getting fat to share with my my where his that's not a gotta face. Massa hide your sex.
Chin. It is actually a face mass, but it does it doesnt work, but now the man who did I gotta get rid of it can be that you put on about five myself, I'm kind of obsessing about their today. What the fuck do about it, that's it I've would you would you? Would you closer to fifteen and I lost the cup. I've got through the scale. Wake them started, looking at it, and yet as you when it when it went get up in a day. You can look at it a few times a day right. I just don't want it's like old ass, an accurate there's, no way there's no way. I worry that and then I just put online my sleep time shirt in other shit? That's really big and it's her eat. My bellies pushing announces hanging up the side of my body. So
and I can only wear this- has like already my daughter's got food on it. I was one of the few like two or three shirts I can wear so I always weigh myself like I'm a fucking nuts I am when I'm in it cuz I was. I was okay for a while and then yeah. She got sad and dark here and I started eating everything like I'll I'll make sure I pee you like right. When I get up, I pee out like I'll, get on a scale and if it's like night, like one one like one hundred and seventy eighteen point, five I'll go piss and get back on the scale when seventy eight I'm ok with that you now and then start my ass. I have to do it right when I get up and I have to make sure there's no liquid in me. I take my watch off save your body here. Does give a signal that crazy. Close to my go. Wait: dispersal like exercise to you,
You will see how everything and followed it might be the best solution Oh, you know the story. Solvency working out the exercise I'm going to Jim, because people were Jim in the house. I gotta go at the mountain there. I go hiking in shit. I'm definitely training yes active casino Yom. Here alone, you ve got your engaged with the infant, the end and a wife and emotion. Sender things remain patterns, like we got, we gotta get go out so pack strollers walking betrayed him like keep six. Would distance noise wearing a mask and right do you have a do? You have to do the siblings have kids. I can't I talk to you. I should I talk to your brother. I talked to Macaulay, he does he have one. He doesn't have one on the first and who know, probably only because when they hear my escapades, I think they might have the central reaction you do like. Why would I do that
if I might just be causing this isn't just trying to come, I tried it really is like I don't sleep, but where are we? exhausted and think of my daughter space? And it's really like, I know them, corny whatever that a friend had kids instead is every cliche, never does just it's like seeing the meaning of everything. So when I go up to that apartment, she sees me and she just gets a speaks mountains. Latchkey crawls, really, over me and just right to crawl at me. Desperately like beat me up and it's the greatest. Well, that's good man. It sounds I'm happy for you Have you been with your wife almost nine years? Oh my god. So to take that then, like
nine years being together, put us in a tiny apartment during a pandemic with a baby that wasn't sleeping and say, pay you to go on record. What does she do she and the best not she's? Not she works she's, one of those. Why didn't you can advertise whenever was quite sure, but she did not like the music site of advertising me. I don't know what that means. People say things. I've you'd be surprised how many people I talked to the dark, Are we sure what their parents did? Yeah? That's what we call a vaguely. I know my walk murmured nights ensured for answering service which took till I was thirty them. I asked if it wasn't me an answering service now in this or that they are used to exist, answering services.
Member, like you, could you get always a number you call they pick up. You like my dad was a doctors who again answering service in either he'd have to call the answering service to see. If any one called you know now we have yet voicemail. Yet a flight rules and stop to, but also she said she did a lot of like forecasting people like the casting people with her who got the part and even region. Are you know something like I'd really like to allow after she says she, members calling if you actors to tell them they had a part in something really and upon experience for this specific type of answering Sir I guess now I got a question for you in just like, as I was struck my mind when I was coming over here now. I know you guys, don't I talking about your old man, but he think does he think that do you think he had a racket like lightly with you, like I'm gonna make all these like. Was it a big plan? because its use me if you can make a plan to make money
Making. Seven kids ACT is not the most lucrative idea yeah yeah, that's it! You get blinkers like how the hell back in worth like how like he started, his will lead to do it himself management trying to prove seven kids at once? He would steady I just we I'm trying to figure out like what was The intention is, like I'm, gonna, make a million bucks why I would have that. You know that the problem is my memories there from the perspective of a seventy. And you're old so near ready process, but looking back on it I mean: do you think you think it was? It was because he had like it was you use so narcissistic that Georgia all just an extension of his desire to succeed in what he chose that possibility. I also feel like they were just drowning in kids in life when they might parents sort of life
when I read it was they had? This very very small apartment was a real railroad armies of the all right all the way through those every for, except for the bathroom weakened, the properly probably shot all the way, and there was no shower the second rusted tub is literally no boundaries, emotional or physical. This is an apartment. There is barely suitable for a couple and they put seven kids in it. They slept on matters on the floor. Next to the crib and the next? Secondly, parliament was for bump into the house, six of the other kids and then the kitchen in them is like see because of you. I see pictures like all the cookie all birthday, displeases filthy, but, like I can't blame my mom, my mom, you gonna time an assignment coming out of a clean, my mom lake. She worked nice work all night, but this answering is sometimes he would bring a cab with her with the baby and then-
come home in the morning, get the kids and husband ready husband to work kids to school and then the younger kids, some nursing, the others she's. Looking after entry to clean the place- and then I just don't think she's slept for several years matter. You do, then they go to work, and then I think my father was that the only thing you ever really did was acting in here that didn't really work, and then I think at one point he's quite literally drowning in his life? I dont know if it was like well, you know sometimes people on the farm with their young kids to work because they are. Please help it could have been like? I don't know, did you guys so just to help forward for food I feel really getting just then that my last They can never afford rent for the last like two months of the year, and I I think the landlord never just would let it go. Can he business all their life was like yeah called child services David. Just take your kids way,
I would have right, probably yeah why they have so many anyway. Why didn't anyone put a stop to that? yeah in some get. Don't put your dick in that. What were you gonna, whose place is it Thirty seven and you have won the fuck I dont in their orthodox Jew. You're crazy Catholics, how someone has seven fucking kids, I don't know meter biggest nothing else to do but smoke bone. I don't know why we ve got a capital of Europe really like very religious. I think we did that because my father was able to get some sort of. I got what he worked for the church. An idea is kids were able to go to that school. So I say he was brought up Catholic back. I guess
But again we were very religious unless eastern and all for some reason, the master or never would you care to where they like hippy guys? Was he a hippie guy? I guess a kind of yeah I just can't fathomed. So many kids its liking, the he created this kind of like weird, would allow actor Sweatshop child labour thing me, because I really dont really knows it's me trying to piece together. It was because he distorted in we have worked for a few years, neighbour, friends the running, and I can offer my feet or company on the Upper EAST side. And whenever they needed a kid, they would think like all of these. I've been with sound about what age you gender spoken one, you want greeted them. Here's another study so I think it's going to start like that and then, if I remember my father had a camera and took our like had shot down the parkland Davis Remember the map with their somebody with glasses using classes, but it was like tat. You know
If you can play games with glasses- and you know, we want to open call additions or what, but I do remember like going into additions and methodical coaching me. Unlike what to say, I want to do like walking and have you the action in another useless to do, but they thought there was an enormous for six year old, like and over is resume and had shot. So how old were you when I got one MAC, got that the big Guph saddened living God, damn man, I can't imagine I can imagine the shift after that fuckin thing had he had every vote. I view with both the crazy Cosette was like all over the place. I mean it is obvious. We put the zone on his head a little bit, I mean just the rest of the family. I mean it was all over the place yeah it was. It was nuts and it was able to sort of registered at and understand it, but also in a still kid
yeah. So I noticed the in house. He went in with each because another was lucky because I had a trumpet toys and then something we're moving into a brownstone. Had this happen, people currently will you shut up maybe it's maybe he's hosting somebody might lie cool, it's crazy and you get weights and one was the first time you were like it was that you would like. How did it work? Was it because I know that at some point all you guys have the same agent. Is that how it worked? Probably I mean my father tried to like get everybody a different times like into the business, and some just like would not remember my sister Cody, like basically the equivalent of like clutching on doorway like don't make me audition, like you just wouldn't, do it I'm about a the same way, but he's pissed all of us I'll bet. My brother shame was on Broadway as a kid in autumn, and so here for trajectory a young age and it is
like my wife told me that she said she saw me on the cover a dvd and only named as allergies? Does he guess I act now, started jump on, the bandwagon was actually been doing it for the same amount of time. But you know that's affair. Said assessment but my. I guess my question was: was it sort of like a you know when when one are, you would get apart if they need? a brother or sister. If need be like we got, we got the real once you want like when brother worry place, like a younger version of me in a movie any under version version of in which he also play? max younger brother in a movie he's gonna play brothers. Yes, the things that private person I play brothers in the movie is allowed. Ok, look! No further! You can get you for one here, but what is it to do? Any of you guys really true, because like it, it seems like you all fit ants,
being pretty well or the three that I can draw the memory of yet and it seems to be a genetic thing for some people. I don't I don't know how it works cause. How will you guys really trained any of you it was one of those was until I was like in my 30s. I would say when I finally gave up on the thought of, and I'm probably going to go to school I kept thinking. Maybe I should learn how to do what I've been doing for the last fifteen years I just want some already doing its line. That was. And you're doing it at a pretty high level yeah. I guess what do you think like if you think about it, what Why is it so natural? I mean? I don't know. If that's a question, that's answerable is it I mean kids did Macaulay didn't take. Does either did he know nobody in the loving family? Didn't you knew that stuff? What the fuck did you like when you were kids, what we were doing was, or was it performative did? Did you guys
go to school or anything. I don't deadly with the school of its to me like it's funny. Does it feels like a normal travel even though, if I, if I'm back, only probably wasn't, but I don't really know with normal means anyway, yeah, I mean inlet. Unless you were like, I think that most people think their child. It is okay unless there's trauma, you know what I mean. That's what seems to fuck up people's memory is like it was pretty good, except for the time I got locked in a car, for a week by my grandfather, you nearly ruined the entire trail. I talked to be totally one experience they had and, unlike other actually ruin their entire had yet just corrupted their memory of it. Yet nothing. I am nice child, I ever so many kids I mean even after you have to go and find friends, or is it just walk down the hall that's exactly right. There was always on the play with what they were friends at schools rules, one summers,
like being like being the only point that was ever heart was like if I was shooting something as it when I was nine Likud cheating of then follow the brain. Away at the shared in Universal Hotel, which is the area of the room now with my dad's three months, and I was like the set this one. This little collapse of the room is They gave you shit room. They I recently talked to it. I'm sorry about your father A hotel apply those nine little. Zeb Lot baggage voice sounds really think about what baggage choice that hotels not buy anything, I don't even know what was the theme park was- I guess, opened by that point, but I know that hotel days to put you up their universal support, yet there right.
The other, was because it was written in the studio, the solemn, nine undercutting like where's the nearest coffee shop, the computer, but wait, but was your dad difficulty with for three months? He doesn't use the kind of guy. Really Dave. You know one of those guys like you, gentlemen, these thanks, you smell human, make bathe every knowing you. My my memory sounds like you. Birds entered he disliked, wouldn't be made about once a year to take a bath, come on No, that's actually let your biggest in depth, so he took a bath in the opponents golden rule at school and my sister Cody she's, a teenager she walked in my mom was there to have been smelly element, ill adapted I remember like seeing the relay layers of film like dirt film, on the side of the tub coming on yourself,
events it man, I think it was like. I think it was a little bit like say someone you analyse I'm waiting in line right next to say something very well admit, you're, sort of its way a guy that clearly wasn't taking his acting career to too were seriously Emmy. Can't they go into an audition and have the people go like what is what has happened in here? What is that? I think it would be very great as the whole Lisbon. Maybe what he was doing or my mouth is- pushing met him and asked what he did. He said an actor and she merely say she looked at his teeth and thought he must be. Why am I this guy see Mikey needed help? Yes, your teeth bringing sideways. They were yellow and falling out. He was also afraid, the dentist, what the fuck is a splendid. Like talk about him in what sense I use it is out of your describing this weird. You know like hermit, that you know you had to deal with this.
It's funny now cuz, it's like now, I'm a dad! I'm like you know what I'm doing such a bad job. I at least shower everyday. I take care of my feet Has that you don't talk to that guy it all. Now now the king to see. I didn't play for two thousand and six years ago. This is our youth issues were broadly. He came to see that- and I haven't seen him at that point for seventeen years and he came at stage and about a year after his stroke and last time I saw him. I was little so I just didn't know like you know me: he was so tall. He had to climb up three flights of stairs to come. See me he was like. Seventy survive the stroke and the first thing I said when it sounds like holy shit. You really like
Look at all and dead, serious use, like leaning on a keener umbrella, some shit? I did you, I did that's if I could think about the sudanese narcissistic, like they're they're, always gonna like immediately try to suck you into their sadness yeah. I forgot what kind of one and he didn't yeah, because I've been here is one of those people. I think you're right and what kind of wants people to feel bad for him? Try to look really leaning on stuff, and I was like sit down or don't trip like, and he hasn't He has authority pestering you, because you have a kid he has want to see. The committee does not show that he knows how to contact us really like. I was in a show of Eu Beacon gotta that there really so he's really out of the loop. My brother's shames has since then lose contact with them. So sometimes, but I got a letter from him after that
I still haven't met actually forgot about it all. Just now that he said to my brother change that there's a little bit to contact so eager, but I dont know if he knows you're Gaddafi's. Grandpa you're, my father had my brother has kids and he doesn't sooner really doesn't seem to move him much needed aid. If they If that changing him in any way he doesn't feel like he has to go. Spend time with the kids you gotta if they were shitty fathers, maybe they'll be a good grandpa No, maybe that just won't give a shit. Yeah yeah I guess you don't have never had any expectations about like. Sometimes you think that certain people go crazy, like we had You think, like always has to be. That's amazing, early someone like uncle congratulations, so we will have worked out in summary, justly crazy about my mother Christmas, crazy about his niece. Let's knife he really enthusiastically and others are like all she's, really good
You know I don't know, must be weird too, to grow up in a specific way that you did. Yeah. I guess you would know how are you you're, siblings, feel about children about their childhood? But what was it that did? You wont connect around something? Did you have something you all dick is something the given you. Mothers busy all the time in a way in your dad's, like you know, kind of a self involved in smelly. Would you guys do for fun at home, everything noticing thing, it the serve pack mentality met. I pick up. I want some home videos that I found like right and the left I remember there was like a video we have seen Africa face so businesslike romantic attic, safer, try to look at that and a body somebody Esther, and it would be like we'd I'll be at the water park, and yours
was to always be like one was making sure the other one was here and there and it was like we were all taken care of each other and looking after each other, and there was always I was always holding one baby. Another one is like last to her and the one that was just a little too old was maybe in Hell mighty all the spread, and there was back, I think so, it's running costs like it is like really only ones will understand, are whenever a mere situation was bright and it like, I think, my life they sometimes she kills. It better be looked like my sister comes up. Does she got up, can't quite get in there with what sort of how you guys are locked in yeah, but we didn't like I've never been and I started it was just like playing. And finally, I still why you know why, you got to get. It was simply the same old Nintendo Games and suddenly used to play back. There are really you have
Oh I'm, I'm apparently the collector and they rode the Super Nintendo. I get it and get the games tat, everybody all toys and Games systems, and yet a really you just you and you can pull him out when people come over here. I see I can't play them by myself. A lot you baby goes to sleep. Aren't you guys all wrestling freaks do yeah? yeah, that's the big muslin gown and I've been the one. That's been consistently roughly ban where's the others would have been enough, but their cup obsessive how long have you been into the wrestling since Furnace Russell? Many fine promptly in the major powers collided amid a reason, Samians Ladys and then on. The ultimate where's gives rise to paint would eat a couple code in Evian.
In a recent sacks. Of course. Where are you guys into it here and then, like you know, one by one, like my brother Shane, I think when he was a recently thirteen, it was a character may be undertaken showed up, and I remember him looking at the cupboard W Maxie egos, I believe that this man is actually dead. This is stupid me threw down the massive exit. From me personally, he felt like his intelligence, was being insulted. That was the liner. Can it there's? No zombies? he's dead. Here is a heard and as a source of power. This is stupid. What do you like what it? What do you think you? What do you think locked you into I d, just like the spectacle of utter it stories favor for others. Really there's nothing. There. I've never watched the references to someone so what a tv show, and I can't believe it wrestling and I never got all it's exactly like what I'm dealing with my life.
You never let a major this character, because his struggles aren't like it just will never be that I and its love you back. We know this because I was gonna- ask you watching worsening, since your show not real you know I've talked to rescuers over the years like I yeah I've interviewed you know we used to have mic folly, yet any? I couldn't. You stay. I when I use these duple, Local radio? Over there Erica. He hear he's a very active guy. You does what causes and real sweet guy, but you, he walks any these huge numbers, Andy's just beaten. These almost disfigured most of the time he's hobbled but he was a real deal missing an ear and a few teeth, but in terms of the show in terms of research, it was never my thing. Is it as a kid, but I did learn from these guys and also talked Occult Gabon called Cabana. Who does that kind of old cool can a retro independent wrestling, which is like no frills,
The story is within the mask, wears like what you watch on tv. It's like it sucks it's a soap opera and, like you, get story that leads to the max where's. If you go to write an indie show the story being told without words just in the rings around you know So I worry about that stuff and I talk to Chivo the guy who train is the girls and his uncle was a baked. I rest or geyser. I talked to them on set, but you know I learned about the heel and I learned about the dynamics of it and I had the in the last season. I did little roughing, but it was never mind. Thing, but I certainly understand and respect, because before I did glow yeah, I would dismiss it and yet problematic, because relatively smart people, like yourself in my producer in Why the wrestling we're it's really easy to take a look as people's memories. Others still from the ABC, really cooked up red guys, I'm not a camera in like no one guy was actually a garbage man who was a wrestler like it s, just like kind of or shit silly
in the eighties and it's easy to look at that and just see that and they put it's stupid, but it's a lot less choreograph and people think it's alive. Reform is sometimes over. Twenty pounds people en on my television where they know the results that they don't quite know how we're going to get there and you see them with like the thing that really is people when they don't know what is like. The referee has a little dino thing in his ear talking to the director in the back, getting nose to them and making adjustments. These are real athletes in a safe sport. Doing you know play Nevertheless, this kind of a meeting with, but when its shit it's like the most embarrassing. There are so many times weekly, where I'm embarrassed me wrestling their real everyone. Yeah does it's like? That's not the stop me like. They think me like this crap I in the wrestling I for example,
the sober aspect of light? I only lately you stole my girl or something sometimes the writers of feed once were somebody accidents will copy on the earth, so he beheld, and that was out. That's how they started to feed it was stupid or are when now when it becomes more about the unique, rather they do the acting without talking in just the wrestling as opposed to actually acting here. Stop an orange yeah like this just despite way ok, I get it. I ll keep pressing okay, so discussion surrounding a few months back into the matter cannot write cook a man. I mean radically changed after this. I guess but commanded exactly mind. My wife's signal that, through its actual jury,
where they go, I'm sure you'll be flattered. Somehow, and yet it's gotta, you chose to words. Yeah yeah just doesn't go well, that's interesting, so we can go from. Here too, the relationship with the with the J Smith Cameron on succession and get out. Raising due to the safe word to other interesting sexual dynamic that you have. With that character, who you very well, I mean each she's she's married to two Kenny lawn again and you guys out. How did that relationship start with you and cannot go on organ would he did a movie. You can count on me in ninety nine or two thousand Maybe the worry me so all solely in the family.
He played the sun right? I just watch out again you can use. This is slowing isa, yeah suspect, TAT Year for Movie Adam my mom likes to credit. You no hurt herself slashed. Worry me the fact that the right after that can enjoy how to get a new one. Hang out with this kid now he wanted. Is, is not your love, but I'm already being around, like you know, even take everyone playmates himself. So then I somewhat with him on the start, using like four productions of that play over the course of twenty years. Oh I was going to mention it earlier cuz. He was one who said after he had his daughter. I said you know my reason for not going to have a kid and it's a, but isn't it like you don't get to do to stop that. You want the negroes yeah, that's true wants change like, for example, and having a nice time hanging out with you, but I must rather be home of my daughter right just great
I was waiting, Alchemy wrapped, the southern don't happen, but yeah. So I know I know him for years and J J got Cason to show up is really hummed about it. Also, her character was initially written to be a man, and she came in an addition and they like home without great when you didn't you weren't you going in for some other character, it was sent to me refer cousin Gregg, but I just does not all that guy. Like I said Firstly, I feel that there is a great twenty six, thirty five or some shit at the time, and I look at until also does not the guy, but I like the strict enough to justify reading the solemn chapel Rollin was like oh shit. Well, you weren't even reading Romans. At that time I just said Kennedy, but myself on tape. Anyway, there's people actually scenes and send it that's how it went down
yeah? They were. Not only will the Romans you're doing it in a certain order. I just so with one again because I've talked to him and he's you know of a very intelligent, thoughtful guy and obviously a genius writer of theater. I mean is that relationship they did you find that that was educational for you. Having done all those plays with indeed direct you many times as a child, or was it just the writing we'll need a visa to personal imposed. Twenty eighteen or twenty. Ah, he does he didn't directly narrative. I hope there is more partners movie Margaret. We ask it like a stone, her boyfriend.
And that was all Merle again. I really wanted that. He wanted me for another one and there was like before I knew him well, but you just getting frustrated that in addition to the park you wanna be to play, I just really want to listen to the other, and it was one of those already wanted. She, for both I've never contrasted with the final distribution I was very like a back and forth eventually just offered me that other part, I said. No, when you listen to this one, it took a lot convincing seeing what this is our new flight. He told me eventually, like you didn't, want me to be cast iron, and probably because I wasn't tall and approach must be told that took a lot of convincing, but he's definitely packaging is- and I think, he's probably the best writer and he's so this is really working with him. It has taught me a lot, but it's been, so
come on I'm doing on succession, because Kenny will tell you, like you, miss the camera in and I'll be also what I think it flows better like destinies. I put the common, you put the com, it just changed the whole scheme and he's right like You know you drop and are in the middle of a sentence and the line doesn't it does not see me so he's rather ridiculous about his words had to be said because he knows you know the bright light. So that's why I'm used to it. I'm gonna get until accession were. Writing is brilliant elsie, something sorry. I forgot to foot the bill in the middle men like fucking, due to you. I was just talking to a friend of mine about succession. And they were kind of like, but I had the same thing to do. I don't really like any the people in its like where you will, because this is not a real landscape. This is a satire and, in the end, the languages, elevated and eventually because of the language which is sort of neutered from we,
regular human emotions? You'll find yourself sympathising with these people that are locked in these traps of this fucking. You know wealth and privilege. That's it examined figured out what it is that makes me like tat. The thing is I the exact same thing when I was really and while we were shooting like one two, three four five episodes in the shooting and read the script I was thinking I mean I can tell us, has good quality of writing is great. I feel like we're doing a good job, but I don't know who the hell. I want to watch the show and that's shooting like episode. Six home in my wife and I was workin- is that I think it's good she's really that suffer some heard. You say that you might have something here. The thing about succession, I think at what this: is it somehow or other? I don't know who those guys are, but the light Would you have? It is specific and and its and its calculated it, and it's designed that
what I started to realize about it is that these people don't talk like this, but this is about power. So, like all this language, all these jokes, all this sort of sarcasm is is A power and- and these are still human beings who are trapped in this language and in the end that starts, did, I think, come out. If you episodes in, I think it is natural language for them. I think this is. This is what, They were like especially those siblings negro around this kind of language, so this is normal for them. I don't think I guess I guess you'd have to think that is an actor, but I still see it as like there. There is an element of and an exercise to it because, like if you watch your character or any of the kids that when they do actually have emotions within this language, you know they. U, you feel the intention
You have it so much more because you Ike outlook that look there's a person in there. You are under an expanding cause when they do get like some emotionally stumble on their words and a candle almost don't know what to say because they can put at the wall a bullshit members that they would like gets really upset and sickly I'll chop you you don T often octopus, jerk off you're here. Just click it and does he said what the like working with that guy you're a girl- and I just talk a bunch of shit about my fellow actors, while thereof seems like there are pretty solid everybody. Everybody is great and everybody has been me. It's crazy ever unjust has like a different process, and it's not just the actors, but it really the steel is gonna, sound, Leggum, whites.
They want me to say the ship. Is it just what it actually is is a real actual infringe off, because it everybody that shows up unsaid, everybody in every department has come together to try to really make us think as they believe in it. So really does give it a collaborative effort. So what I'm doing the work we made with the other half of your creating something with everyone else does not like any other man for himself kind of well, so it's pretty is pretty fantastic and everybody musical, really different processing and that may have been a lot of fun to Macao. While it my my processes changed, but because the shell, where I like ask me earlier about life, never get the! U S and maximum hapless does using. As a springboard early last year not a problem, happens all the time.
All this is like a superbly ask you some things, but you know what this is a chance for me to talk about myself. Where would you please take the opportunity here to talk about yourself as an actor? It simply been doing it as a little kid like there's things like. I learned my lines really fast, as I've been doing now about also memory from being very young kids Can he remarked without ever looking down or and even though I don't even know where they put it out and that their these kind? What we're little things so eyeing on the show. I learn my lines like the morning off. I don't look, I looked at him like very briefly a glance and once or twice in the ok, I get nazi enemies from figured out. What might look more like her not not planned. I note the words are, let's see what type us you, the other after doesn't like first of shipping evident play and then suddenly
I wanted to basically talk about her like she's near he comes from Peter. What's if he wants to talk now wider turkey does something in over the sea means where it's going? I just don't think about what I do Jerry. Tell me all peoples, he's a little more its looming, complex because lockable just immediately say he's method, and he would say that is not our intention. This activity kind it is, but the things he doesn't want to know sometimes I don't even want to know the other actors going to do. Blank met him up ass. Sometimes he doesn't want you to say certain words like. Don't call it to see things like that, so it can be pretty particular, sometimes and then usually what my job as this is the sort of like Cunningham interpret the war, I'm sorry this scene.
In this scene, never going to rehearse and shoot, because it's a fucking tv show to do that in sometimes? How does he responded at some time? also if Kendall is really good place, then journeys do much more assertive like we're. Gonna, be balanced out to sea kind of right and of candles in a dark place than its very much the right.
So then has its own challenges to. But again you I've been doing this further yourself, like learning people's processes and how to respect them. Sometimes for me, if not more fun when another, after watching room likes, look, and I have done a few seems- were we kind of no lines but the same sort of changes and about because we just throw different things at each other ran like you know, I cipher once you put in a headline like we just came up with a right that comes up his month is were destroying like play, Peter and so dearly. Sometimes it's a little less, like other. Sometimes a candy ethical problem his character and sometimes he's like he's got himself in a bubble, and I have just heard from some of the difference between your mind now. Those are usually like good, it is, it's like you know,
I understand, I asked yeah, I'm not rob happens all the time. It's always is like, as you probably ask you some things, but you know what this is a chance for me. Talk about myself. Where would you please take the opportunity to talk about yourself? about the most acceptable man he's like a big comely teddy. Very I interviewed him. I love him. He's real sweet are where the showers a couple years ago, what no? No! It was not that long ago it was or when he was up for what was the last awards. Maybe the globes, probably before the globes yeah, so like within the last six months, yeah nannies easily fantastic, he's going to consider just like turnouts, many fatness. This wait, you, where you know you can just be checked
action in the largest in that character without any seemingly any ever muslim. But I think I, like you, you know it's a weird kind of british training. Yes, I mean some of it. I don't I don't. I was snuck is from Australia, but it seems like there's something about certain people. The way that would take that dumb old story. You hear about Olivier and Hoffman on the set of marathon man. You know I mean it just seems like some of the training that the english stage actors have did there there they they can just it's a job and it's like I know the guy. I can be the guy right now, you know. What's so here's the thing when it comes to light so Jerry's process? This is like saying: Brain MAC is as long as we're getting the result. We guessed right right, just sometimes a herd of people that do
things very heavy and our kind of method than last look eager deals both on the earth for doesn't that gratefully. This is what I would like to take this up. I never show so supportive of everybody else that, like it's not like, you know I'll Germany's being a burden Arabic, since he has a very specific process that sometimes requires impolite adjustment and which is not because we want you wanna help im sure- and it's like you know, you're all aiming actors in general or fuckin weirdos, and you never know what I was going to happen, and you know you're here on a sat near like what's wrong with that guy I don't know he's that guy might well loved. I guess you'll go sit in a trailer and do whatever you gotta. Do then yeah, I admit that nobody's nobody's she's gone. Nothing can be wanting it. Some use. Being you no matter, in very demanding a man on top of that they were just read. Something like it's. Not that, but the I that really,
happens, I've. Never like I've been acting that long in any professional way. So you might, most of my life has been stand up when I hear stories about certain people on it. You so fuckin amazing to me, but you ve been doing to thirty years. He proudly added work with real fuckin assholes jus. Really, Think I have really not that's good. I'm gonna look into I'd like a couple of directors and fear that I'm so abundant heads with right, but that's kind of it Why don't? I just mean the kind of actors are likewise not going to come out of his trailer like www somebody who makes an entire cast an entire set wait two hours because for no reason I didn't I didn't movie, is like a teenager and dumb mammals. People with me, I think she was called to set last year it was like. I was waiting for me politely. She turns periods it please make sure than ever happens again and want anybody waiting for me. Call me when you call outbreaks
Let me remind member, I learn tonight: ok, cool cause, she's number one calls you keep all business movies happening and she does not want special treatment. Don't you an ever see more of the same as a kid you at work as a kid like all, you could be the guy in charge and be that's right right. I just I don't know why. I dont know the type of person that just knows it they're making someone weight and it's not important that they do it, but they're gonna fuckin. Do it anyway I don't know what. That is why your people shity. Sometimes I don't know like why. Why are there shity people, don't what I mean I've I've been shity, but not in that way. You know it's sort of like get there and be shitty yeah that'll need people waiting for me to be yeah, Wanna, Swinger, fucking, Dick, that's, probably right. You need music therapy, to find out this cuz. They were bullied as a kid and now they're going to just believe everyone else and be a dick.
Yet I mean by that I mean that's it I mean as many people I've been around in, as you know, and I've been a bully and I've been bullied. I I know both sides of that, but they're still like giving the the the world were living in this particular present and everything else in all the Craven, Motherfukers you, don't want to be loyal to their him, even though he Campi oil than anybody there still part of the human psyche that I don't fucking get. I dont understand how these people fuckin live with themselves, but they ve been written about your show has a certain element of that it shakespearian its Greek. It's been around, it's been people since the beginning of people, but I don't get it. Yeah. I know I do you ever like trying to be over like like Ben I got a couple. Spaces are like the bar and the guy just says something that you don't like. Really racist or something- and I was like, oh I'm, going to pretend that that's not really sensitive and I'm just going to talk to this person to try to understand them. I know that a couple of times and it's interesting because it gives me
you'd better understand where they come from, but then I still think like yours, you still there. A person is like a certain think. My I thought you said something to you like you know, because it he said, but I just can't listen anybody who complains about their trousers after the age of thirty like like at this point I figured out. So there's people like you know. I had a conversation with a guy in a bar years ago when he was like twenty five, twenty six and even believe in a marriage, and I just talking about- and I want to hear his point- his point to make any sense, sums are being like you're, an idiot, and your point doesn't make any sense. I, this is actually kind one of those things I wanted to come off up with bragging, but I changed his mind in the conversation, Because his logic distorted and makes sense, but he thought he was coming from a good place. He was like no, no, it's ok. He was saying I think. If gay people get married the learned what he said it was, I think, a few people second married serpent,
and then people that might not have come out of the closet learn how to come out of the closet, and that means we can be more capable of ok. Nor can I ask you what's wrong with that, and he said I think, as Americans is our job to create more merit. Other countries are preparing and we're still making as many babies and there's a lot more gay people they're getting married understanding. Davy Ok, that's interesting senior issues that you want more Americans to be made any city at present, My wife and I have decided that we don't wanna have kids harm is if you have an issue with straight people, not having gets use up now and then some looked at him. Doesn't it now that's interesting letter you, you know, that's the point here I mean? Why shouldn't be married? I guess that serve amen. Dissolution
You do and I welcome it- was really that simple you didn't. You ve got the one person about his logic, but that's it. I think I sometimes that is it depending on here. If it's based on them, if it's based on an intellectual fault like you know, some people have real feelings that were wired into them. That are very hard to two to shake moment it s, sort of like he's. He had this idea clearly he was mildly uncomfortable with gay people. It was the only thing driving the thought behind it. It wasn't like I hate them or whatever it is. I'm will come to that end. Does make sense to me and this is the reason I put together for why and how was hinges on faulty people want to be good like so they think like their cooking,
I'm done well before heard basis as a lot like when you idiot, you know, and that's all lumpy quivered answered about their position. A lot of people are shallow, stupid people and severely under educated, even when basic shit. I was talking to my producer about this. Like I was talking to a woman I granted, she was seen our personal train. I'm not expect to be a genius, I'm an actor medium or what was expected of us exactly. But it was his idea that, like you, what these rules keep changing around covert like near doesn't seem to be sorted any. You know they don't seem that
like they say you can do one thing one day and then the next week is different and she's criticising it as if it means that their waffling on on policy, whereas it sort of like no that's how science works. They don't know what the fuck it is. So you you didn't. We gotta wait until they figure it out. I mean it's better to err on the side of caution, but who think that, like I'm not going to believe thou cheek ass, he goes back on. His word is not going back on its word, then, what the fuck we're dealing. Yeah. It's about this become a political issue, just like a fuckin mass, more and wash your hands that, like that's the thing I can't understand like want to come. Like what I'm saying to you is like they're certain elements of people, the stubbornness and the the shallowness of of deciding that the mask is is some sort of indication of american Freedom is like to me. It's like. What's what what the fuck went wrong with this many people, I know, are all sorts of, but that's that's that's kind of.
The general, I don't know what the hell's gonna happen where you gonna move too, were apparently staying in Manhattan. I don't mean to be the only out. I heard that the brine wants to do. I am a day is with you is a true. Have you heard you did you tell me now? yeah I haven't actually out. He told me he send me a copy, fucking proxy thinking speaking the brakes on if people are nowhere was there was something about people be shooting and sat. There was like, because I'm watching people be really great, I didn't mean you know that fifteen was carrying out an ice saw him recently and he said something like I'm really glad to see that you're still working twenty years later he goes. You know that the secret is. He goes on like if you're good, you're good, whatever this tons of actors that are really good that'll get the partners, but just be nice and easy to work within you actually sit round those
The only reason I'm so here you said it would be good to work with a nice guy. That's very nice of cavern, because there is something you stories of people like It is so good and lady you find it. They were fucking nuts unsettlement, that's yet what in less they're nuts and make a lot of people a lot of money it seems there is a certain licence is given to those people for at least a while is like, if you're an actor, that's making. A lot of people, millions of dollars or like hey. I don't care if he kills people in his trailer. You know it. We don't know. If that's true, that's the point here, but if you just a character actor whose a pain in the ass right, f, put about the past or on television see if it works out, is don't pull it out to you soon like wait until you making hundreds of millions of censure author was any jobs are being created. Excellent, usually would happen. Because it's like the last hobby. You know it seems like the the final hobby of the wealthy is sort of like. How can I really make people fucking hate me? It was parliament that things will be heard
that's true! When will you come off, is kind of like that? You you seem like you are capable of being a dick journey people it deserving s for these dead, like I've been the bullion. I've been bullied and like I've been the boy I don't know, I've been going Shatner Mine, no, I feel like people tried and I've just always had like the smart mouth of light. And another high behind the fact that I'm so little that I'll pick a fight with the big guy right bar because you're, not if they put me, I'm unexploded, like your smelly, your smelly dad was in a boy. How does the point not really with me or with us- I mean some so that I can speak for the seven year. Script haven't seven seven of us, like all government without suitable pachmann tell it. I told you about all have very different experiences. Have you guys
Have you seen any like? I know no one shootin ship, but have you seen any scripts for the next season Nook and I'm I'm one of those he just doesn't want to know anywhere? I think I was very frustrated at the start of this process of like coming from theater and doing only films were, I wonder, why character my story and not being able to have a personal tv and second, while the gist give you rights to come in. Sometimes I have to crazy. It's not, but I just go with it. Now and now that's my preferred way of work the night before you is sort of like? Can I get the pages in the morning amity? You know zealously, look like all see on the call. He says people getting there I can remember that than the table. We all get it more. How are you guys doing their due to a table right yeah weeks before, but they make changes and they do sometimes season there regret. The came at three in the morning and ran a dial up like a bit. Each ended the purse reversal and Brian differ
during the old version and won the ranks came up to me. Did you get the draft needles? When did it come in and goes always centred around three in the morning? Does if it's after ten thirty anatomy and the right, fair enough it will they don't give Ryan really rights after ten thirty. Whenever this is it, There's a process that has been working on for sixty something years, really works and it all night and prepares than those misleading shows up at work and the right now that's different peoples, no I'm so mad that were in this fucking plague. I'd like to see it like at one we going to get to see another one. You guys are all you can be fifty on the time. Yet that's an order you have to like writing missing gap of a couple of years. Does I answered the aged and last year with this, like no sleep baby situation where water? What is the plan? Is our plan and there's that I think the plan is loosely. There's nothing concrete, think. That's one thing: they asked us not to talk about right, a pocket. They like it, brought to light the loose plans to start here.
October by the fact that seems to be a lot of the hearing, a lot of the late October business with their like with I show there like we're not going to wait until twenty point, one, because everyone's got touch each other and our show are they gotta have whatever they can have you devised or did the safety has got to be pretty tight? To do a wrestling show you know it? Doesnt there's also gonna, be I'm guessing any shoulders like wrestling like coordinators, like trainers, word like that, like yeah, we are travelling every day. Chinaware, Tunisia, yeah, that's been test, he's doing that he's the coach. Man he's tell each teaching them how to wrestle theirs although in there to stun coordinators, but it's all Java jobless that's very answer that under the present is doing ass, really cool be ever so. Erika has to wait Self quarantine, togetherness things like because that's what I heard there's like yours, okay, cable, despite all the actors and out like the whole crew into one hotel and you quarantine together and you can indirectly
but what about my family? Can they come and then there is the daily tests and things on theirs teams of people working on that and I'm trusting that we have some people and are cast an hour in a high risk of such rights. Need we have to be it for five. I think it's. I think it's gonna come down to those daily tests. I mean that's what's, God, that's what's gonna happen, anything is one mother fucker goes out and besides I am still go. Get a drink address bar one night. It comes back and has positive. He shut down exactly it's. Why can you trust fucking actors? I mean come on no baby. It seems like most of the people that you are working with her, not they're, not there's not do not kids at their most of them are yo responsible people they're, not gonna yeah.
Yeah married, but who knows who's gonna, go out in someone's gonna do something in their hotel room. They shouldn't. Let me let's just life, isn't it is looking at the hotel de hotels aren't the real world now, Well, that's what happens in those room, horrible, horrible vanilla know when I like go away for work, and then I like unpack my bag, and I sold my shirts and put it away in this like cum covered dresser? That's in the I bring my own t, cattle Iver Collapsible, teat water boiler, because I'd heard that when you, for one from the hotel there might there's an outside chanted someone boiled your fuckin underwear and there to clean them Did you hear that at to make sense the scene and when she is not bills, were these uses the same to waters? Drunken watches is like talking.
That I think about the entire amount. So nice don't help and I look at the same time. I am not oh yeah man you're just a bedspread, You know like like I'd, they know their washing the sheets, but what about that fuckin bedspread, I now of the bed yet done. That's the first thing that I didn't get those that the pillars the data can be lodged in the corner and that he has just forget distance that my that's worth squarely. That's what everyone does. May I think that's why we we know better. Is that the full me once she's gonna show you Don't really looks like it's a very weird thing that if you like, I don't know that everybody appreciates what we're talking about. But I I did. I wrote a piece in it. In a book I wrote about jerking off right on the floor of a hotel room. I mean
Some people were fuckin animals. I guess, but when I go to a hotel room, I'm not you know I didn't I'm gonna come come on the four yeah. It's like you, sometimes you get a really nice one reads like others, an ant sweep while carrying out of this shit. Here is the sort of you gotta. It's it's it's what you do, shower, regain her first jerk off on something, and then you get the state against ethical. Ok, what with we know how to have fun in a hotel What else is there to do work on my lines of my myspace likes? It no tell him and work now. I was on a movie and I actually had the for the first time I had like of top notch trailer and housing wow. Even these are kind of gross yeah, even the good trailers- not great here, so what you don't have an I'm trying to remember if even like it.
Let's tricky, because sometimes it rocks the trailer and then like when they find out later that you in there by ourselves embarrassing yeah, like Mr Brok, but you cannot because the unjust in here by myself, I don't know how people get away with, like you hear about onsets right trailer business. So I can't because most of time, if you're not at top of the call sheet, you know you're you're in a three two like two or three people in the fucking trailer. What are you going to do, I don't actually like have it, I haven't had a big trailer since I was like basically- and I don't like I like the little things I like cuz. If I come in there, I want to get the fuck out and beyond, say I can't I I never hang on the trail. I just change my clothes now I gotta get out because it's like it seems like they make it, so you can't they make its think because they know that actors going to jerk off on things. There's never like there's never a comfortable like the with the beds are the couch. I sort of finally or shitty Lena fake leather, and you dont want to lay on him and yet I still feel that that's why it's right,
I'm saying they make newcomers uncomfortable as possible, because they're, just actors are monsters, are animals. So what threats that day? Now? What are you paved the kid I would like to you. I got some other light. I try to do in tenders, piloted one day, right that I, like it minus a day, must have a date with my baby. I can play with her for them. If you got more, press. This one was the big one in the fund in forty. I didn't yesterday, and I think that the third time I said fuck they went through my already. Leaving me I'm sorry, the site here, I am talking about jerking on certain substances that are very clean, able in a business more may be here. We are again together. Four guys got his finger on the button. Need only got the weird thing about of delays is every time you do it. It eats up that the time like there's always
an amount of time you can delay in in a chunk in in like a segment right so by the third fuck there like we're, not gonna, be able to say that it was great talk, any man yea do But I would like to do this again and if you have read the guess, we'll have a few years when I have a bigger Trevor, have more stories about now, one year or like where we will just hang out man mom won't get through. The plague may win just I've launchers them. This is a good thing and student, ok body I'll, do it. Like deck. I saw it exactly like you think he would be here. Is nominated for Emmy for the best supporting accurate drama series, you can watch both seasons of succession on HBO on demand and Rio MAX now I got them I walked out o outlets way into it.
in other words those monkey under the angel Gatt
in turn. This pilot into one day right that I, like it minus a day, must have a date with my baby so that it can play with her for the procedures, more press.
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