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Episode 1153 - Chelsea Peretti

2020-08-31 | 🔗

Chelsea Peretti joined Marc in the garage more than ten years ago on a very early episode of WTF. Since then she became a writer for Parks and Rec, played Gina on Brooklyn 99, got married to Jordan Peele, and became a mom. Now she’s catching up with Marc about coffee, creative satisfaction, overcoming her fear of commitment, raising a toddler while sheltering at home, and the coping strategies of the pandemic era. They also talk about her first lead role in the new movie Spinster.

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Now you can get Metallica and San Francisco Symphony S, aunt em too, on vinyl, Blu Ray Cd Dvd as additional download and as a limited edition box set, which is really sweet, because I got one Metallica and San Francisco Symphony S and em too who is available now visit Metallica Doc for more info, all right. Let's do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the clusters what's happening a mark mare, and this is my five gas W Tia welcome to it. How you so in high feelin everything all right. What are you cook in what he cut in? What are you shop and what's happening where you can Where you running to what are you You will you running? can't run away can't run away. I see, I know that I'm helping you get through this
Eventually, I hate to break a t. You're gonna have to turn around and go home. You have the loop around and go home. I know I know man a. I note the same shit every day I know and its tempting keep running, to keep driving dickie flying if you're doing that, whatever you doing just as Is it in movement and not near angling from the end of a rope you liked you doing rocketing thing, but here you saying I'm I bet you're gonna have to go home, we're just gonna have to speak and that I just did Ah, I just shoot my pants just coffee dont go up. The deputy have planned. I go on the back end at their old timey, plug ashes from the old days for MIKE back when Chelsea Peretti was first on the show we rarely do repeat gas, but Chelsea priorities here,
she's on the show today that, first time she was on was episode. Thirty, nine! That's more than ten years ago. That's when I had to do those just coffee adds just to get by just to make a few shekels just to make four hundred dollars a month a month on ad sales man I mean we had a back thy love, Chelsea and she's, very smart and very funny- and I just I like talking to her, but she I also got since then since then, which crazy goes into that first one and would end just the arc of it. I mean she's she'd been a writer apart from wreck, she played Gina Brooklyn, nine, nine. Got married Jordan Peel. They had a kid. I mean FUCK man loudest change. That's what happens in ten years. If you think happen in your life I what happened in my life, but I'm I'm here alone, childless, but tat. It was great to talk to Chelsea. It really was
and you can hear that shortly. I am, I am back from New Mexico. I think last shall I did was from New Mexico and it was great. It was really worth the trip I'd gone away to still be there. I didn't have to come back, but I came back because I live here and I want to see My cat want to talk to you, I wanted to try to get back to whatever semblance of a life I have here in California, but debt. Since I've talked to you what? Let's start with this, when I drove to New Mexico, I stopped and met my friend, David Durant's pharmacy first Waivers chairs were green chilean Red Chile on the side and on my way out in New Mexico, I stopped and had that exact same thing again. Before I left only alone, and I was reflecting and was sitting outside, eaten a green chile have The tortilla wit, the butter on it and just like enjoying me?
where you can enjoy in the age of plague outdoors mask down. Important shit, my mouth, I'm just sitting there may be in the granting of photo of my food, and I hear someone your kind of coughing. Little bit behind me now turn around and there's a woman. Vomiting into a planter and now, was my acute exit woman vomiting into planter dynamic, the road map to go audio adios more. This gracias. Yes, gotta go bar following the planter. Yeah. That was an interesting way an interesting beat to leave on, but damn, but it was a good trip. When I didn't tell you what that was, I found to be. Uplifting in a strange way was I visited the grave of Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper is buried in ran, chose data in
hey Seuss, necessary, no cemetery, which is off the beat, more Rancho steakhouses off the beaten path, but this was this: there is not even in the back of church or near a church it just sort of off on this dirt road. It looks like a dirt, parking lot, there's a large swathes of dirt, road through the middle of it on either side. There are graves and this is I don't know if it's the my Indians or the indigenous people, or I don't know their it's, it's definite. The mexican cemetery issue, a match, with the history? The cemetery is, but it's one though amateurs where every grave looks handcrafted. The crosses the stuff There's no there's not many stones are wooden crosses, usually the whip hand made their pictures and artifacts left on the graves are, stones and mounds and and things that people bring to at each one looks like some sort
almost like a collage of sorts. It's a very earthy intimate uniqueness to each grey. Vote, a very deep human touch. It's it's almost as if you walk passees grazing you can. You can almost feel the bones and I I think that sort of a mexican thing really like the day, the dead trip, the sort of respect for the dead in the the the celebration of the dead. There is definitely that, via their You go any kind of find. You can look around you for I founded on line how to find it. But you hop, Was it is an important person to me I I was always deeply fast in enamored and impressed with Dennis hoppers working with him as a person I found in Vienna a sort of fascinating, decent hearted, while the man one of the great drug warriors, one of the great Damn creek do what are the originals but there, but you an interesting life and he loved Taos. My buddy
Eve is married to his daughters. I double check with him to make sure it was the great but I went there. I talked Dennis and there was something about it just pay. Turn him in the ground there in this beautiful sight is lava rock in a circle around where the body would lay, I believe, there's all kinds of offerings We have left there I just I knew he was in there. There's no distraction, no stone, no real kind of maudlin kind of weight to it is almost too is a little mound of celebration to the body. He composing beneath it and I pictured it and I felt it. I felt the Spirit, a hopper and it was a uplifting to me. Job lifting I went twice and when the next day my buddy Devon, he had come up to town from Santa FE to hike with me. I hate all three days up into the beautiful town wilderness. I was afraid at first, but I just thought about. And I thought about what am I fraid of being by an animal falling into a crevice in having to you no cut my arm
off with my hat. You know I just I was nervous by did it all. I went back to the grave and my last I found some river rocks, so I could put em. I felt bad. Didn't have anything and everything with me and amending cool and have a guitar pick with me. I can leave for Dennis Man and have no signal Secondly, for Dennis Man, I'm no bandanna equally for Dennis Man and have no like Harley Davidson parent Nu Yok leave on Dennis his grave man. I'd have in a bar or half gram or a vile blow or crank or anything. I believe given Dennis, is great man, so I went and got some rocks. I left him there. I talked to him again as happy to see him twice is. Is it was great? I was so happy
and I love this sort of kind of weird. Would all cool, celebrating cemetery alot of fuckin, heartfelt handcrafted, respect on those mounds makes a real human close could feel the bones man a dug it somewhere dreams are happening. I guess I could tell you about bottom headed, drinking dream, which means a better start going zoom meetings. Things are threatened. Drinking, but I do know what my brain is doing. There must be some discomfort, GSM, They poured me a very large scotch on the rocks and I was in a scotch guy. I think I do starting to get into scotch. When I quit, I mean I get it, I like scotch, but that was my thing, but in the dream now Emma my both hands wrapped around a big glass of the scotch on the rocks. Then there are the
other dream. I was on some sort of large high, rickety old, diving platform, single structure, just shooting straight up, and I I just seem to people. I know diet, often die they disappeared into the water and out even know how I got up on top of it, but it was all rickety and I knew that they had fallen and died, and I was like how to I get down, and I can't remember in the dream. Thinking like can someone just come get me? Can somebody help me? Can somebody help me and I was starting to panic as it was kind of wobbly and am I going to fall and I'm gonna die now. Look on the website of the platform is like this the ladder, but it doesn't look like it goes off play down or up and there's some force or person, or something behind me that just sort of like you just got to do it. You just got to fucking. Do it you got to stop freaking out and you got to just go at your house is step it up.
Time and get down, and then I realize that's right. No one's going to come help me no one's going to come, get me knocking to be airlifted off and I'm going to fall. If I keep freaking out or I'm going to fall on purpose, if I keep freaking out so I just turned all that shit off and made my way down the ladder. I don't know what that was about How will fascism affect you guys you you couldn't I found that like you, if trump winds, are you guys, do you ever think about equality of? I don't know how much authoritarianism will affect my immediate, like most were finding most people are selfish army. Hey man it, doesnt fuck with me, I'm good. So the mask thing. I went on a hype yesterday and it was crazy. Eighty percent of people fuck no mask and you know the chances of getting it outside outsiders, swim baino, you yeah one, and then, when you walk by people you put it on, it was great being New Mexico, it's fuckin mandated there, everybody artifice
can go through that thought process If you see somebody without one their real fucking jerk, because their breaking the law, I don't give a fuck. Here? I would really think people like the way I have to I mean you know I don't want to. I think it's ok, but dad What what a nice thing to be in a fucking state, the mandates, the fuckin masks, cause people to fuckin stupid degree. Issued about other people or take care of themselves to get through this thing. I will end with a nice story. A few weeks ago, I told you when I was hiking without magical. There was a guy walking down he added bunny in his hands this with a sad sick, wet bunny. He was concerned about is using to take it home and her back to health. We saw that guy again and ask him about the bunny said it got. Better and he brought it back up. How often does that end. Well,
the injured animal. You bring home, it's a bird with a broken wing, the bunny with the fever, but daddy nursed. It brought it back and it and it was hopped away. Does a happy story, huh all right. Look Chelsea priority is in a new movie, it's called spinster. Sir first, the role and a film you can watch it on most Veo d and digital platforms. I was talking to Chelsea per and you can hear me do that. Coming up for Everyone is figuring out new ways to do things and new paths for their futures during these times. That makes it as good a time as any to make that dream project a reality and you can do it would Square Space Square space makes
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simply safe dot, Swash W e F and get a free hd camera for w e F listeners. That's simply safe! dot com, so Ash, w e f d, make sure they know that our show sent you So what are you gonna get on the phone lines out of this I'm not proud here everything you can set it out. I'm gonna start to worry about. What I need is like a velcro thing on the wall and then it just the one on the back of my phone and I can stick it to any wall any wall in any room. I have a. I have a tripod that I
Stick it on. That sounds are cake, MRS Veil, credit card, you yet you have velcro. Are you getting? You know no, but I do think that actually would be cool every room. You put a swatch about grow on the wall and you have the receptor piece on your phone. You walk into a room boom, your phones on the wily days, time, people cook right. I think it's a good idea. Loaf, I hear so what what? How many coffees have you had I'm on number two, but this is a black mud of coffee yeah well as opposed to what creamy. Sometimes I have like an old latte. No regular milk go right. Now. I don't do regular milk that much anymore Only if I haven't for another reason, so you were concerned that I was not drinking coffee. I moment of panic that I'm then
call, unlike one at to about copying you back, I'm austerity. I was there. I was drinking tea for like over a year and then I go. I started to swift coffee in the afternoons and now I'm back in, but I dont know if it has. The same effect is at once did when I was younger, something like I I get like a drink, a cup of coffee. I feel pretty girl drink another cup. I feel all right, but then then I'm just I queasy yeah and overall I M kind of sweaty. I dont know I did I dont get the Fuckin high. I used to me, and I really hate when people who, once loved coffee turn our back on it in this way. Like I had this weird, I think I'd like I'm slightly clairvoyant when it gets to copy- and I just have this feeling you were gonna- have a different altered attitude about it. I love it. I, like anything that makes me feel good idea.
I, like I pulled my Fuckin Express machine out. I've been that he blew say Express so China. I that's the real headline. I've had I've had an issue with that. My whole life, my espresso machine, do you may do you may do you make espresso at home you know my husband was once a barrister apparently, and we got this whole vague expressed a machine. Oh my god. I say: no, it isn't going to be one of those things where, like you know how grammar evolves and then they update it to make it official grammar officials who, like me, are going to have to just say its express, are emerging in the site. The shifting honour on this conversation.
So, whatever he never uses, it was a good one like what kind of a really I like this really fancy. One with the kind of that looks like this ever big kind of pressing the Israel, but is right. It is like a kind of hooks on the counter that kind of tat, and it s like this big eagle on top of that right right, those are fancy. Yeah it's kind of intimidating, but you use it so yeah I mean I don't know is he has really been making I dont know how to use them, but I guess I should learn. Evolution pressure him and me you have the time now I mean: what's he oh yeah? What's what do you guys been? How will that kid? That's the thing he's three and it's it's just really a particular nightmare to have a toddler when you are sheltering in place because he's a dismantle her like this in. I was looking for my headphones to do this and like ok, I've found the headphones after a long hunt. He ass. He
pretending they were a jellyfish or something and then a MIKE o? The court has gone and that could just be anywhere anywhere. So you know when you're trying to keep your house clean- and this is just like someone just like Lighting fires everywhere and you're just following after them panicking and it had. Is it's a boy yeah it is. Does he talk very much so his extremely verbal not to do my own warrant, but he had a child to extremely artistic people and no honestly, I think he would be a great child actor, but I would never let him do it doesn't as he expressed interest in anything other than destroying things. No, he has expressed interest in acting but he just memorizes everything like where am I wish you a brain conquered hurry within the EU got to see you ve got a genius until there
like five and then they level, often yes, listen we'll see what we should do in interviews again. When he's fine, we did an interview in two thousand and ten. I know I really felt like. I wasn't ready for prime time at that. You know that that interview was kind of us for I feel like I had anything going on. Are you kidding? We did our big pilot, that's right, it was. I was. I had justice, then did we we ve done are ill defined. Show that we were all we. I guess I've completely and slowly flag forgot about that and dumpster diving was a segment honor, that's right with the freeing of free and we brought in picks paintings. You brought in a painting we allowing creative. You need fell by bad about it, I don't know where that thing is a priori left. The fuckin studio
They gave us like twelve hours to do this, this pilot and we then we really have a concept for the show. It was just called w e f and we had to segments you, and I did some co host and then we had appeared to be, like you know, doing those jazzy like hosting monologues? Yes, always that's delegation. In hindsight we had no business doing that. We I ve been much more like sitting in a corduroy chair of yes, a cherry now, and then we had a panel, though I remember there was a panel, and I think I Kyle can name was there and I don't remember who else and are you going member with the topics where we just like this show, or I don't fucking know I'd like, though, actually Billig back, she went well, I dont have like a sweaty feeling, one think about it. Now I think this you went well was over it that the comedy Central Theatre space was a good sat. We had good people working on. It is just so,
Is he like the older you Gatt? How many little compartments of history you completely forgotten? Like oh yeah, it's crazy crazy. I mean I can't like there's part this whole chunks of my life. Where am? I will tell you what I do remember you said: do you wanna play my way from my tv show and I go sure, then I never heard me again. You remember that Marin compartments. I really where you willing to do that. Maybe I hear you're already on your way. I'm on my way. Out of your should we use you seem too found your way into legitimate show business. I was still fucking around comedy central pilots and I have seen whatever what you don't compliment, nigh rejection I remember what happened with that. I, a member you like you see this rejection was actually a major compliment to wife. The accusation was. Thank you I assume that you had bigger things.
I don't remember man, I don't remember what happened. You know one time Bobby Tis Dale gave me his old phone for some reason dear. Unlike in it, there was like text between him and you Jim murmuring, as they used to The show called invite them up and they were debating a station I have the honour show or not like Eugene would like she's town of harsh email. I didn't put me on. The show now it's like. Oh my god. I don't know why that just came to mind. I don't even know that related to anything by your kind of hardy. That's what I'm less yeah would happen. A Bobby Tis. Do you know he has touched people, I'm Instagram live called the wards of merchant. I believe so pretty much what you think happens there
Yes, like eighty kids, all daughter help is worth doing you're here right. You guys, you know, I'm here, barely it with everyday. I wake up at my thought. Here we go again it really it's a ground. It's like there's no way out crazy, no end in sight. It's crazy! how lazy? How are you guys dealing with the has Jordan dealing with it? I mean if you and the House, yes, he is I don't know how anyone's deal with all the main challenge. Aping prizes, like I mean I've, major envy of people who are unattached and have no child because they're, just like I watched I've criterion, collection, films. Today I didn't you,
Yoda classes are blocking each year. In the tie. My son's attention span is literally six minutes, so you have to break. Every single endless fucking day into six minutes increments. How can I entertain someone with the attention span of a gold fish you bring on all these paints and stuff. He does one brush strokes. It's over it out, and then your life ok only eat more hours, no bed time it's a fucking nightmare. That makes you happy, you don't have a child, why told them I was telling Brendan that, like like lately when I've gotten a little bit grammar depressed hopeless. I just think you people Am I actually you fuck now sit down, enjoy a cup of coffee alone, your machines,
It will cause a peaceful cup. I mean I can't even like begging my son to have a cup of coffee cocoa mommy. How long before I read you twenty books can money have coffee like I can't do voice are doing without my working. It is hard and that live a thing that even more fucked up. You have no right to complain, because I know that I am one of the luckiest, people in this fucking country like right, so you don't even feel you get to have ownership over your eggs in your grief and in oh yeah, it's just a mobile time and there seems to be so many suicides right now, like our very it's just. I was wondering about that. Do you know people ill? I feel like it. I keep feeling like you just keep seeing. I dont know if there's a statistical increase, but it seems like there is drafting a we make sense sure because yeah, you feel alone and in its like in this time you really are alone yet
I know it's part of my morning, ritual thinking about it late, I'm glad we brought it up, then don't do it No, I don't know I don't think about it seriously, but there there is a moment with hopelessness and I've done bits about it. Where you didn't you just sort of like as long as you ve done. It's about what I have done. Some bad weather but there's a momentary like how does this end and I'm getting older and there's like? Is this really the we were gonna- live for the rest of time. I can't even leave the country because we're pig people and no one's gonna. Let us in my country the one fantasy I had was like. I got my passport now, it's like who cares? no one. I know that there are real equal there's, no escape it, so crazy. It's so funny that make Amerika great again was the whole slogan like now, looking at as early a Greek than an idea further ever rock bottom, yet like where this giant pariah, the entire rest of the planet is like they're like what's wrong with you people
what is happening there. It's kind of refreshing because America has been so egotistical. You now you're like it's kind of repression by all. This is how it feels when the entire world thinks you're shit on there, yeah, but there are so many people in this country that are like fuck them. This is, you know we are still great and I don't even know what they're doing I can't hear and then what do you do? You have people that you Oh, that are all the sun revealing themselves to be fuckin idiots. I mean that's it everyone, that's the worst surprise about this all is that I would think if I was asked, how do you think socially things would feel in a pandemic? I would think people come together. They support each other, but instead I'm just through Instagram, like you guys, don't fuckin mass on everyone's hanging out without mass lump fuck you, my kid hasn't seen another kid in four months in your Fuckin party, like I don't get it do. You know
people. You know right, yeah yeah I mean I don't it's. I've talked to people and it just to their their mindset around you realize how truly stupid and how little people think you know, and but the thing in Hollywood is everyone's got some weird quack doktor advising them they're. Like you know, I've got a guy who says I can be mask free in its fine uv. Raise you know like ok, but like everyone, I know who is like kind of doesn't seem to care, when I go, would want why? What is your philosophy like they're, always just like? I don't wanna freak out It's like way. That's that's your medical! I don't know No one has a good answer. Who doesn't where mass were? I not wearing mass strike out I'll like I'll go like I'll sit outside and not where mask yeah sure appear alone
are you saying your sit outside with other people now with other people with one person, six seven feet away? Sometimes now I mean the whole thing is supposed to be six feet apart in masks, I think a lot of people I see like sitting outside and street providers and staffing the grass and are sitting four feet apart without mass, so I mean listen. Everyone has to deal like I'd. Rather, someone does that wrestling kills them some good. They feel so alone. We all basically are like taking care ok waited risks at this point to battle potential depression in them, but we re at a weird phase. We put a weird phase where the psychological effect is starting to be way. It is more heavily than just the fear of conjuring getting riled right there. Psychological effect of the IMF ending election or non election and in the other, diminishing hope and the fact that nobody seems to have a policy in place to stop this.
Anything. I can hear ruins like there's. No one. Source, I mean everyone's just like I saw this doktor on line. That said, I need to state rules. Are at this point. What Chloe that's open? I don't fuck You know. I had a friend who has a record stories like I can open. Unlike what I mean. Yes, seems pretty non essential, but only I mean I think retail outlets are allowed to be open. Yet that's weird, and then why did they? It felt like we were doing really good and then right, like ok, let's open all the business is right and then there's a million cases, and I guess there's just so much pressure from business owners to be like open up we're going all go broke, but it's like again like they're. Just me to be more of a stimulus, unlike cancelling ran. All these things like I just don't get it you're just going to evict all these people and MIKE make all these businesses closed down. That's the plan crash,
see man, I'm nice, Martin Ass, I'm not smart enough. Now. I think your impulses are correct, but do you think you know you're not as Martin Officious the world is fuckin insane. I like that. You assume that you are smart enough in year, like no you're. Sorry, I actually taken to taken, go down the Dodgers stadium and get a covert test every two weeks, because it's kind of a funding out. Well yeah, and so is it the NOS one? No it's the cough into your mouth, one You you you just do like cards like ten times is right in any swab he put you in your car, you're alone. You can player on music. You know you. Can you what's good music, the cost to day, but it's like about? We we will rock knew, but here he will coffee exactly know, but you can go do it. I mean like. I don't know why I've got into the habit of it, but I've done it two or three times where it's like. Why not do it every two weeks so causing anything in there you you can sign up.
Sunday for Monday and there's plenty a spots. And then you get your last Tuesday, I've. What is that a lot of people who get a task there? Like? No, no, I tested negative. So then they'll just let you get four additional you give as like. Ok, if you took an HIV test, you I tested negative. Second stuck anyone raw for the rest of my life. Like I know dude, it's doesn't work like that. Why think, with the benefit of it is because, like I'm pretty fuckin safe, I mean, do you go like one I've got. I got hold of one of those and ninety five masks. If I go anywhere out, if I go into a store, wear that mask and a plastic guard on my face. I'd love to see it in particular on Instagram, author of psychiatric, it up a while back, but but Can I go into the world of funding to be around people doing
he's smart. I mean I have not entered a business in former really yeah, like I don't know anyone who's been as strict and like obviously it's a luxury we we do. We get to delivered. We don't go, he doesn't know either way. We got it. We haven't been in any businesses, you know and as information has increased, it seems like it's like about the duration of tat. I'm that you're inside and all this stuff, but I feel, like you, have seen a number of new stories about people getting a grocery stores. Whatever we ve just been super reclusive and act as like. What's it doing for your relationship, its awesome, it's so romantic. Nobody, I don't know, I mean it's. It's pretty hard because or cooking were cleaning we're doing. Childcare were trying to do our work step as well,
beyond this for the GEO Brownish, that's gonna happen again. Maybe right exactly like it's hard to know what there is, what goals deepen have at this time are work, but by yeah it's pretty exhausting. Let's go back to a simpler time, because I I listen to some of the stuff we talked about in Kenya. Oh yeah? What was it well? One of them was. You talked about a fear of commitment and you know how you are you max sound in relationships after like a year or two like this wow yeah you're right pretty set on that yeah and every what changed all that Chelsea. Well, I do think a lot about the whole expression like you haven't, met the one and tell you. Ve met the one you're right, but I also think like
I what I did through therapy sobriety a variety of things like. I think I did work on my shit a lot, and so I would be attracted to not saying I will still be attracted to like shitty guys right, but it would. It would just last less long, each time, like the amount of time I'd be willing to give over to someone shitty would be shorter and shorter and tell I met someone who wasn't shitty while okay, so like the habit, the instinct, your habit, gravitating towards monsters or shitty pay a yet see. I dad that started. You oh see you you got on to yourself and you It's almost like it's almost like using like you get tired of it. We like
Am I still doing this yeah? I'm like? Oh here I go with this quota and quote mysterious guy, where it's just like a guy he's a fucking mass media, and and I think it would I used when I was younger you're, like ok I'll. Take you for a year like anyone, you meet crew much and I got a year to give anyone. You know like anyone who likes you do know you likely here you like. Ok, let's commit for a bit and then that's like when you get older. It's like a year is a big chunk of your life. I got a ratio or something I could never tangier in always lasted longer man. It takes me it takes up, I may be wrong. It could take a lot of drama of three to five years to extricate myself from something I should have stopped in a month. Yeah, that's have I don't have that problem nets? Glass, that's a whole different problem. By and I'm alone in childless. You with that problem does have that happen, God, God one
one, why'd you in this. That now are you still doing like strict dieting and step at Billy. You are always on that kind of minarets, vibrant I'm, I'm still a manner exit, but, like things have taken a little bit of a turn him. Ok, but yeah, but late like I was doing really good and then he and I had a tragedy in horror Sorry, thank you and then Yet in them I had put the cat asleep and they like, after certain point, my god yeah fuck. I now after a certain point, one like you what it doesn't look, I gonna be on camera for a while, I'll and I'll tell you when what is really mom? I'm such a shitty mom like when you said you had to put your cat to sleep. I was like in my head. I'm thinking I'll, get you a cat I'll get you like. I was gonna, throw my man and woman like over another once ok I didn't mean to interrupt you gotta make. Let me it. Let me buy you something you have to
I guess you're all over the just pick. Another street yeah can you get when you gave new at any time so, but, like all, I'm saying, is that like I've had I got a reality and could have been eating cunning, garbage ie. But what's what's your go to garbage, treat God damn it if I could eat ice cream, every fuckin dead wood, but fortunately I wish you flavour them up Ben Injurious, peanut butter CUP money, be here like a groan, frozen, say that does get peanut butter ice cream with the Leipzig pieces of peanut butter cup in it and then with some vanilla yeah can put the no in there. But I ve also got my cholesterol issues. It's a really difficult because there you do yeah genetic, how bad and I'm never I've never eat wars. I've never been more man saved my life. I was just telling my mom, like there's, really no excuse for an adult to ever eat ice, written, looked exactly like being awake. Yeah, that's the only excuse
but its brutal ip. Like any time it's mealtime, it's like a parade is coming through in a small town. You know it's like here sitting around with met going on and on bended like them. Were you getting your food from I mean we were king, every meal for the first two months. We didn't order one thing and it was crazy. We're like really exploring are cooking abilities. Then Once we learned like surfaces weren't as dangerous, we just started ordering once you do that it's impossible. You know most say you can order pizza, dough and all the fixings from them. And it's so good at the source is so good I haven't done any delivery, like you know, after Lynn, really after Lynn passed away, people were sending me shit, so I knew it was possible and that went on for like a month or two, and I don't
I don't know why. I don't do it. Is it one cut you you call one company in I'll deliver anything is at our sure. Did you sound so out of it, you said: you'd call one. No, it's our apps, it's like the I'm. I have like five different food delivery, apps which may be a part of my problem. I feel like an old guy. Like you just stood on the phone. Who do I call you call you call the company and they give you the food, I'm like? No, not at all yeah. You got to get all these different apps as different restaurants. Work with different app, so it's like not one app will get you all the place, we need more jobs. Do you have a new name it. I've got my mean. What do you use when we write it down, because now I'm starting to question my process, I'll tax, you everything, ok I'll, have to write it down
I got my yeah. That's all that's also an ancient devise a pen as ready to write, can't believe you pulled out it at that, but look at that. So so yeah. So back ten years ago you said he that you're gonna be alone forever. Now you ve corrected all that. That's crazy! Nobody! You know it's crazy. I've. My mind has found a way this still maintain that fear where you're like well. Every time like Jordan leaves for like he'll take our childs embarrassingly, I'm like they're gonna die in a car crash and I'm gonna be alone, you know it's like it. I think, because I'm a child of divorce. I dont believe that marriage is this shield of invincibility. You know what I mean: they are right court, it sort of its like anything, can happen in life, so I don't feel guaranteed to never be alone. And they all. The other thing is like you can feel alone, no matter who
We are surrounded by so there were eighty. I think I think my branda secure the but quite youth, but you see good, I'm you seem like you don't seem depressed. I mean you're. Just worrying. Listen this the first four months of this, I think I had a pretty good attitude were kind of reclusive anyway, so it wasn't. Even it was different, but it wasn't like crazy different right, but I think once it hit for months and there is no end in sight- a doubling started seal. More depressed- and I feel I feel that now yeah yeah, I feel like all I want to do- is like I want somebody to fix it, and I want to leave that's that's. What binds camel as platform needs to be broken up. And you can leave yeah it's crazy for comedians, because it's like you so used a travelling and then it's just like nope,
and you can't you said I mean I keep wondering about all these media that I was younger there, like you, don't need you to search the night. Goddamn story, sitter, nobody! They you have! What is it tell do I Now I mean what is it like? Those people? Actually, I know what they're doing there doing fuckin shows that they had seen them on insecure and people. Will, I don't know about and tell, but I mean, there's media that are straight up doing shows right now. I know- in like a couple of guys when I got covered, in Indiana Guides and guy. You know those guys, but as those gas, but I don't know, I don't feel like I'm not missing it- that much at a wise that we know now not in the slightest I mean I always had major ambivalence now. I know I'd better,
didn't really I just it was a habit. I did it and I, and I always like doing it. It was just my life, but I haven't, I haven't fucking, missed it at all. Really, it's weird. I think I need a break or something and I feel, like my especial that's my last special, my last one fuck, it is as good as I'm gonna be really ok see. Now. That is a huge, huge feeling. That's what I'm always like seeking is like. I want to feel I put out something that expressed myself to the fullest and then I'll feel I can rest, you know you don't feel like you have well now, because I want to make like a tv show, or I wrote a movie that I want to make or, like you know, it's like something like that words like. Oh you, and you know tat. I have control over it and do not just relying on an audience for weirdos to justify whether your good or not yeah exact.
I mean just like more like your full sensibility like yeah. I guess I haven't hit that place. So if I die right now, I won't be that site. That's weird, because I I that's exactly What's going on like there part of me, that was, and is its right now we're MIKE, I could be done. I saved a little known Wait a minute now had suicide, say members here. What do you mean like chosen? Your encouraging mockery opens up Absolutely don't do it. I don't know I mean I was going with the retired. This is the retired, and this is an idea hanging from my closet door fantasy, which is why I'm in Ireland and in a cottage, that's ok, good, that's beautiful! That's beautiful! I love that, for you know, there is a feeling where I'm like what at what else? What else do I have to do? I've done it Granted. I didn't do it on a level where everyone in the world knows me, I'm not that famous, but
in my heart I know I did it fuck it yeah. That's pretty good Have you been writing in a movie? You know I wrote one and I know I'm pretty into it and then this pandemic happened so like it was kind of like moving around things were happening and then this pandemic happened, and you know I had zero desire to try to work these first four months. This is only the leg. Just now my guy well, this is gonna. Go on for this long. I gotta figure out some creatively in oh to feel inspired and just have gone. All in my life, but I, what if we think, are we and month? Five? Is that one month when I think so but honestly I feel like I've been saying for months for a while so yeah. Maybe it is five mark as it went.
It would started like in the middle of March right so ably. I June joy August, yet word five months or so you can't I'm not. I haven't felt a pressure. Why me? Obviously I went through some fuckin ship it I haven't yeah felt to pressure to create really other than talk to people and talk on their part. Aspects and again this is something I am working director. I haven't we working an occasion I'll. Do the panicky man They live Instagram. The random here. Just anyone going it's time. Let's do it. He's someone talk to me. Yeah, have you done those? Yes? Definitely its the social media, is such a crazy world break into Spic. Ok, I need a shot of attention and I mean, scheme to get that shot and then then at last you for a while someone said something messed up in the comments and if you like, I don't need this attack, I don't
aren't you gonna run out a shit for us to watch. I already feel pretty limited. I've watched a few things, but you know I we really like Love Island UK and they have liked eighties ATM episodes season. So that's the told me down pretty good did you want? I may destroy you. Oh my god. I meant completed it, but I think it's oh brilliant and dumb. When a trip man I mean think her show is such a masterpiece because it's funny and it's cool, looking and engaging, but it truly makes you go to an incredibly do Place especially I mean, and not to say, men don't also suffer her sexual traumas. She shows in her show too and and straight man do too and so yeah definitely made me
revisit trauma like after process. It again, so I think that's that such an amazing service to people in and addendum incredible to create something that has such an intense impact on people. Yet it's like for me like. I just wanted to watch it cause. I found her to be so engaging in. I it. It's feels like a different, world to me. Generationally, and also raised wise literally. All I can sort of sea is. And feel is to humanity coming through, but in terms of the context, I know nothing about that world that New England, about being you, know, Black in England. Above him, you know any of it and don't set yourself short. I think you know alive
I'm not asking her noble with none, the less the issues and the humanity and the intensity all comes through, and I can't stop watching it. I watch on it so bad. I can't I got to finish it, but it's definitely like self. Broken in tents and marriage is talking to other people. You know everyone, I talk to you about it, it's like a brain. The summit shit for people to wild what have watching anything funny. Dave, I thought, was fun. I love Search Party I love love island and even though these are really research party. You would like search party alot. What is that it's kind of like this mix between comedy and a thriller occur. And I and it's really good, are you? Are your age? Your people call you off. You things and in setting up meetings like who show business is going to happen.
Not really everyone there, like you, and your general meeting like why we're here, on a shred water on the moon entire season for tv show that they ve now push to twenty twenty one may be, oh my god. Oh my god, does nothing. There's not liking. Now, like that, when I really think about that, I'm so glad to have his job of doing the Pike S, but like the Yang that I have to do. Then I'm contractually obligated to do there like some time in twenty twenty one. My standards not coming back, I don't want to go to fuckin driving bans or, like timing, lots then driving sounds kind of fun honestly, like it sounds better than regular state, Would you like good, keep the audience encased in metal and glass and I keep them how you have,
pace, you're off. If you can't hear him laughing, I just I guess you just presume they're laughing, I'm not good at that. I don't know I mean yeah, I guess maybe it would suck. I mean I don't know. I just think, like the context of doing stand up for people in there, cars would be funny, and then you could read on matter. Some pressure should for a while, and then you just be standing alone in front of a giant empty scratch. Your law alone, a hawk, brings out into the air unclear its heckling or support exactly I've been watching old movies. Of course, you're up you haven't you. The criteria, No, I said I'm jealous and other people, because it was just to give advice like I honestly, I'm not even convinced like ask: what's in the criterion,
I'm you I'll tell you what I like to think you should have watched if you studied film at some point in your life right right. That's what I'm afraid I like. I liked on golden spurned, don't think that's like how old are we talking? They go back man, now, there's a whole there's a whole bunch of movies under western wire rule. More I don't know. I don't know. I can't like the old movie pays its just like. I feel like I'm like trying to act like a smart, person watching it and I'm like just try something go. Go go here like I am just to use to faster moving things like it's hard for you. Guys aren't socializing at all at all and if on face time and zoom,
we're not Ino occasional backyard masked hearings on, but the thing that it's the I could do it. It's not killing me it's more on. My kid. Not having seen any kid in four months. I'm worried he's gonna get weird you now here, but I try to comfort myself like if we grew up on a few. Arm or somewhere were all are remote like it's not like he'd be going to classes every week like these metropolitan kids have those farm, kids Turner Really. You want a farm, kill the differences on kids are like feeding chicken like a horse. Is there friend I mean he's not getting the upside of that. You know he's just in a backyard of the LA home so I don't know, I don't know, I'm just worried, he's gonna get weird. I mean he said yesterday I dont the mere anymore. I want other kids, oh no
God Oh, my god I mean, and these things just like. Really they just really hurt your heart, you think of like I look at my old photos of lake, all these birthday party ease and classes and museum then things like right there. We always we're doing a just give him like he's like a little sponge. You wanna give your kid tons in new experiences things to learn and right here He was just soaking it all up and all the send it's like. You can't touch anyone. You can't see anyone everything's closed and it's like you just it just feels bath and will have you talk to other parents. What are they doing? You know what other parents there like you're lucky you, kids young, it doesn't have any impact on them at all. It's like every parent wants to say. I've got it. The worst brackets thought, but I dont. Agree like how about my son said he doesn't want the mere anywhere you want other. Did you think that might be in psychological issue?
there's no way around it. There's no way that he does he to add friends. You can talk to on the zoom or nothin. I guess he's. Why he's not into the zoom? You know what he does when I get you learn with another kid he goes by the apple desert. All parts like that is in there and they'll be so excited to talk to him. There like a lie and walks away, though I don't know I'm trying to like constantly look at the statistics in the research and see if there's ways for him to have a school, a small schools situation or a play Dade, you know, but we just we don't know any families that are being a strict as we are and down you don't have like a lot of people. Now we now, I dont have a pod and honestly, all the pod talk is so stressful. It's like
I'm not your own applied with someone who doesn't know how you know what I mean. I M not cook him for every media and I'm not sure I applaud with someone who, like I can't communicate comfortably with about things. I the pretty big trust that you're putting in someone someone. If I can't ask me questions and feel safe, I'm not gonna pod with you in Oslo it's about leaves no one of so applied means it's actually some sort of like agreement that you are going to do this together,
the part you're you're supposed to have you no agreed upon rules that everyone in the pod agrees to, and I mean even like, ostensibly in Writing- well that you all hold each other too, but I dont know anyone who has that attitude you now and in the encouraging thing, but then I saw conflicting news recently was like the idea was that young children don't transmitted or contracted as easily via within, but I saw something conflicting that and that's how it's been this whole time just endless, but at least and prudent- the vaccine? That's encouraging young. It's only a matter of time before Trump invites him here to make re accurate. Maybe we just want to become you know, sister brother Sister nations, and that's right. We can decide freely, go to Russia if we want it's going to be the same government centres, unlike our we're just gonna here like a loudspeaker and russian and we're like its have time,
now we have to. We only get that app and translate things exactly hold it up to the sky. So when I watch the what is, how did that movie happened? Spinster movie spinster happened my agency just for me in Well was an offer to play this role right. It was an independent right. As no money and money, and you know they said this. We kind of like this script, this I never made a movie before now. They didn't say one comment on the script. They just forwarded me and offer my first lead role in a film with no common at all about anything and no and it was directed by a woman and she has directed like, I think, the other movies, and I'm I didn't Nova Scotia. I don't mean to be non descending she's here
fan of yours, so I just I just want to preserve that issue. Yeah yeah. I did. I didn't there wasn't a lot of paperwork. There was no. I think it a big press package about the muslin. Listen, I don't. I don't mean making feel that I just wanna. What's your name, I replied Andrea doors, and die from bank changes on avian yeah sure I know she's from Nova Scotia forget, but she she's lives there and that's where all her friends worse at all, because I just Alan page and cheese from Nova Scotia. I know she's very sort has been a great confidant, all things Nova Scotia, so we had to work. Is the process, so you just these will sell they sent me this, that's cool. I think my son, I don't know I just had my son, so he was young. I went, and I requested that they send me forever movies and I watched them- and you know this is cool. This woman feels very artistic.
Nova. Scotia is like this beautiful backdrop and all her films and it looks really cool in an hour's. I call me I wouldn't do this on a good enough. Scotia bring my baby. I brought my arson nanny at the time who made at all possible and- and it was like a month- and we did it was like us. Fourteen, our trip door to door, you shovel and no real sure. Yes, there was an Halifax, an inner summers like some other outlying areas and was pretty cool, was written by a woman directed by a woman end. The deep he was a woman's sooner was also appealing to me, with great and also without mixed, wanes right of things. I was like how do I not no one of these actors s It was shocking. I could maybe I thought you were really funny.
And I think that, as it deals with the right sort of its awful it? What twenty is that, like looking back at The interview we did ten years ago right would have in that person exactly well, that's what people are like. Was it so hard for you to play this person like no, I feel like. I was a stone's throw from being this woman. You right here Like I said I still do. Have my worst fears out no like lose everything that you like, I feel too lucky and I feel too happy in it. It's like I'm. I think this is a good thing. If your childhood had some weird things go on your like always waiting.
From the other shoe the drop you now here. What's going on with our folks, do you talk to like they're still around right yeah? They are my dad. Leg was a kind of a reclusive guy himself like now. That covered is happening. Is that I have to go to a store. Every bet he's like I gotta get out of the house. Where is your store everyday he's in the barrier of that's where I grew up right? The Oakland there's they're, both So after yeah her eyes out he's all gonna stores. Everybody's he's going to store is every single day, I'm like you're such a contrary and like before this, like his wife with. I beg him to leave the house and go. Do stop them here, just like always, you know, the house and what was your mom? What's she doing, she is law, everyone's everyone's stop right, I'm premier they keeping given it together, while they're not no hair, a separate entity rights. I was one, but I mean. Are they personally? That's all women
oh yeah. I mean I listen. They seem like they're doing good. My mother was going on. I feel my mother starting to come unhinged all because her she's, ok, but I mean heard her. Boyfriend was annoying to begin with, and I just can't emerge eyes. You know like this, the thought of them to ya. Like one second breakup, does he listen? No, he hasn't listen at all. Any, never shines out your mom! No dear podcast, oh, oh! No! I meant, as a person, now my mama? Listen, but he doesn't listen. John, doesn't wasn't I mean he gets mad at me. Sometimes cuz. He hears things about what I said, but there he just never
He just keeps talking. My mother is always found white, always the two men, the cheese with it. I knew she just fine do, did her liking o spin around and she just watch ism spin around and the entire engagement with this man is her going. I John please John Guys right John Bright. That's that you know. What's so weird is that every children's but like so many of them have a fee. Now character like that, like the nag or the person whose like stop having fun and I'm like well, we really start of young that prepares them for every fucking comedy that Hollywood makes. Yes, that has a similar role for a woman will she's
really a nap. She just was is wants him to. You know a stop ranting and raving about bullshit right right, yeah he's a he! He just clean things compulsively that's like his hobby now has yet he's never come on the pod cask. That sounds pretty entertaining now, but I've I've sort of made fun of him on the past because you know is just the way he talks. You know everything he says you know is qualified via our east eat. He's gotten into that as we tell the same story you out, maybe two or three times a day and and then he always says it was a different time. That sir, He hasn't. He has catchphrase free in the area. The different time I get. My grandmother used always go it's a terrible thing. It's terrible sure just say that,
and what about you like? What about Jordan's family? Are they near by what what's that mean cause? You know there are there all east coast, these guys I'll separated sure of doing this. Call thing all the time yeah we tried to do this. Like Sunday. I guess trivia with our families, where we do a video. Chad, and we do trivia. We try to like gear some toward the younger people as their interests and some towards older people's, where those like makes you realize how biased trivia is just like if you, if you have trivia questions about the fifties like the parents, the older parents around and get the idea of research is just like. Trivia is pandering to people in whatever bubble therein. I guess I guess it trivia doesn't mean it has to be. You know, Dave there's this idea like things that you know
back in the day is trivia but trivializing. This adds a false objectivity. Rice, novel idea, trivia right now for it by trivia, can be like you know what what is the biggest continent. I don't know riviera such ass, a mask a history, but of book then cried out now, but so many people on this call like twenty. No, no and the sad thing is like we just keep keeps getting messed up like a nap time will be on were in owes that whatever is just it's like actually kind of hard to keep it going, but we were trying to do it in the same. So what about all the like? What about median friends, do you talk to people yes, motion? Natasha there very sorry, I had to sit in the back yard with them. You have done that, and I heard you did Syria on a little hiker, something right. Where was I but TAT madrigal on me, now go hiking twice a week.
Everyone I talked to his like. I just saw Marin you're gonna definitely have covered by the end of it. Your patient zero, but no, I'm your motion, Natasha, have this new set up where they have like a big movie like their tv, but it's on the other side of these glass doors. So I can sit outside and watch a movie with them, but it sucks as a comedian. Zipped elect shout beer Jonas through the glass door like the opposite of effortless, like in terms of like I can't. I can't write we think. Are you writing anything? I keep telling myself that I'm getting ready to start writing something.
A garrison. I really want to write another movie right arm. I don't know, I don't know man. Are you going to therapy stone or did you ever? Why do the essence therapy? On my porch? Oh, that's. She comes over. That's that's. A house call yeah it's old time, she's doing house cause I'm about. To figure out if I can find a trainer that'll, do Fuckin house calls? Oh, my god, I now I can only say to those people I know, and I bought this like tiny exercise by they clincher Branson suggested. And I put it in a shower in my house, because there would not have a spot for it and they I want my son getting into it, and I've been trying to ride that every day. It's pretty depressing.
But just riding a stationary back inside of a shower. Why go out? I go hike. Is it in my doing the wrong thing inside a shower no leniency, because there's one shower that we don't use that money and it's like we don't have a huge mass of house and like we don't have like a logical spot burnt exercised by right, is put it in that shower anywhere in the tub No, it's just a shower. Ok, no! Are you getting outside enough? the learned, man, it's a bake in a shower would not understand no eyes I would like to highlight. I haven't really hiked it's hard. Find the time because we ve been sort of just re, bringing glasses of water. To my son, as any mom will tell you much of your days spent bringing beverages cheer child gets right away. I talked a bird and he's,
he's got a new baby in me out a new and now are you having that's pride. I shouldn't private asset aside, then doubt as viable. You worry, but I mean are you like, like it are you having. I gum broad sort of future concerns for the kid. Yes, they definitely because I think that all these kids they're gonna be impacted by this. How can you not it's like prior to this everything I'm doing I'm trying to nurture my child development and how could a year in which, This child is like a sponge and you're saying you can't see anyone. You can't touch anyone. You can't get close to anyone, how about a fact and shape how they see people in the world. How could it not impact them so fucked up about is like in my brain keeps hitting. This is actors no one to make us
feel better. Like you can log somebody, I how's it going there now. Oh god, what do you think same as you sick, wife, No, no. I saw someone this girl that is actually doesn't know about this girl. That's helping me do my merge. She did this post about how you can't really expect anything from your friends in this time. You shouldn't expect anything from your friends and I was like that's kind of wild. Like you know, in some ways, unlike guess, you should be able to expect things your friends, but another ways. Unlike you know, it is true. Everyone's like struggling Everyone is saying the hardest to hold it together: well, yeah, yeah, exactly and and their freedom and take care of their families and just get through each day so like yeah, they might not be the best friend right now? We re able to focus on their friends right now, but on the other hand, you know as well as people are suffering from depression, and all this stuff, as a friend like I would like to be,
I can't you now people and I try to like text people or check in with people I know, are alone and arm you know. That's why you're that when I can, I talk to her. I talk to my friends SAM every night. That's cool, he's gotta yet, I felt like on the alone guy, but like every night chalk and its ground, and my friend Tom, you know sharpening yeah I don't know him well, who I got he'll come over any with me like once a week I'll die all year. I think those things are so important right now after, like I'm those, but though the those are like those risks that I have to take, even before Lynn died making our. I knew that like if I don't take care. If I don't do a few things, I'm gonna lose my fucking mind so, like there are certain things were it's like. I can't deny myself that I'll start talking to myself everything I'll, get bleak I'll, get all fucking out, magical thing key and be bad. I mean it's so good that you're, so
a therapist, especially cause you're having the process grief and all about I mean to do that. All alone is just a nightmare. No, I'm. I'm definitely talking to people so are you moving March Arch grades, the murders you'll get off my grief? Yes, I am moving merge. I think my purse merge pack went really really quick and I think The second one is a little bit flower. By still doing really good, I mean I don't want you what has emerged which emerge while you know you know, I have a whole comedy concept album about coffee. I, like the record so so like with
each MP really believe you like it. You can hit. I listen to it. I thought I was gonna be a comedy I could read seems like there's some pretty Ernest tunes on their data. There are there are, but then I thought that was funny. You know like to have a really earnest song on concept album about coffee, but anyway, I'm so with each MP. I dropped different March related to the EU peace. So that's, that's the merchant had I've never done works before this. Entire comedy. I think it's a good time for March, because people that do have allies at time
people who you honey are sitting around buying shit on my exactly. It is weird like its counter intuitive, because you think, isn't everyone fucked up right now and broke, but I feel like those who have anything or like I need some shopping therapy, and I mean I needed shrink it to hold in my home yes and give me some sense of something happening right, get in its delivered its citing there's a box? They dropped a box over the fence. Exactly I don't know, you ever went to sleep away camp, but I went in to longer when I was younger area. Up in the Sierras Young and you get the whole fun of the camp was getting boxes from your family. There passed like yeah yeah. Could you that's what I feel I'm giving myself when I shot on line yeah? It's it's Christmas Eve today and now this fuckin president's fuckin with the post office, so he's taken last understand it now. What do we got
the postal is now. I ordered six pairs of wooden chopsticks yesterday, how my know how my an eight were. Now, what are you doing its job state in a lot of o Sometimes I get sushi and- and I only have one pair of chopsticks and thought what if there comes a time where I'm going to want to have people over and they want their answer check. That is so sad. You should set the table now and let it wait until I myself, just were several settings were chopsticks in some try sizeable some old does deep sadness reserved over like where I, when is this going to end? That's the thing I don't know. I don't know when or how then also do you think trample win? You know dude. I can't even fuckin Michael goes a lot deeper than that? You worry about your kids. I worry about, like all the desperation, all the create all the people that are going to be a victim and desperate
an angry- and you know- and I worry about that too- and I know you do but my my work goes the next step, which is where the you know that the Trump is back and does work. I know you're angry. Do you want to wear uniform, that'll entitle you two you'll kill your neighbors. Show listen. I think, of this. To everything that's happening makes me think of all these things will be able. That's all it's such a lot to manage, and now I think about his rights? Can I get to Ireland? Is there a way that that can happen I mean my old aim, my care. What is your thing with Ireland? It just seems like the place like Fucking cares unanimous. Like I just realized. You mentioned Ireland, like eight Ireland, like what is its beautiful. It small It doesn't seem to cause a lot of trouble in the world. It doesn't seem like anybody wants to fuck with it, and the people are nice and now I feel like I don't know the history, but doesn't Ireland have like a creed?
Is he has yes? Yes, you I've been there is on the other possible. Is it possible your ideal eyesight? It is I'll go to Canada? I don't care Canada. I love you. Don't I don't know what the other options I don't. I don't really want to go to Mexico and speak the language. You know who is part this country is still holds appear ill Hawaii. You have again you're on an island, yet you just sit nothing ass, yeah, I been to Hawaii many times after about ten days. You like I get the fuck out of here, but maybe that's just fr on vacation. I know somebody went down there and I know somebody hold up down there and he's gonna stay down there till January has has at present feeling he seems. Hairspray
I know it's a comedian. We know comedian whereby don't office. I don't feel like a yes he's. Writing on that he's down there. So that's cool! I like a secretive person. I love love holding secrets. Where we all do it, but I don't know where to go. I don't know, what's gonna be open to us a mean it, it's out. Is New Zealand now having covered again like they did. I don't think that I can. I think that the sort of what it would it seems like New Zealand issues, idealized fantasy idea and it's only really rank practical for people that are billionaire. So to me, it's like you know, the people their wedding in the ticket to get into New Zealand is yeah. Fifty million dollars. I dont know making that up but I mean that in content does MIKE it's available to us. And anyway you go. You ve got a quarantine for a couple weeks like even Ireland. See. You think that we have a similar one
you get a small house, you fifty million dollars to go to New Zealand and by a bunker. Now I don't I definitely down. I don't else. Was Arthur bunkers needed right now? No, now. That's a whole other level concern. I do find solace in the fact that the United States is very big, and I believe that there is still at this point a lot of people that are good hearted and decent minded, and I do think that a lot of our apocalyptic fears, though justified I dont, think they'll happen overnight and I still using funny when alien life comes out now people are, like maybe they'll, say this. I always like I used to be. So scared of them, and now we're like please, please help us yet more! That's right! That's that It was the one. What was it independence day? That was the best part of that movie. Where Those people were on that rooftop saying we love, you save us and they just get killed.
Just get all my only about this, at some words in a happy with signs once they know the aliens here and they just torch him. Maybe I should watch independence day sure Why not, I think its independence ever seen it. I am pretty shirts independent say I think that's a bill bill, Pullman poised, the president and- and I think I had actually Randy Quaid- saves the world. Who are your favorite actors in really in general yeah kitty who do you think like really moves you on on a regular basis as an actor who my excited to see? Will you cry to a movie? I believe you would. I do. I cried out of different movies. All criterion not all the criterion ones. You know I was crying about the the pacing sometimes sometimes. This difficult to get to I've been watching a lot of Michael E movies in the pacing on them is pretty good cause he's grace.
Their british letter, his marine dark. He does a lot of improvised kind of work in the movies like secrets and lies. Oh yeah, like it's all british kind of working class, heavy hearted shit, but it's great yeah. It's some of those, that's good. I am actors you're just sort of like how the fuck do they. Can do that. I now, but I don't know who might I it's hard for me to really think about my favorites, but I enjoy em. You have him why Sometimes I go on Youtube. Just watch older Don Rickles clips on tonight show and shit that doesn't count as a separate fun to do the ever watch comics. Some of them are so fucking running that mats sofa confirm as a real fan I mean you know it. I watch the other night and criterion California Sweet and was again it's
it's a Neil Simon script and it's like four different sets of people at this hotel in Hollywood, its Alex it's Alan all then Jane Fonda we are in one I'll, be merry and it's their great. Now. What and then but then there is a sort of richer prior and Bill Cosby and their wives in another one and its real slap, sticky and weird and then there's Walter math. How in a lane, nay, are another couple in that gets a little weird and then there's Michael Cain and Maggie Smith and the site, a young, Maggie Snap and but the stuff between Alan all then Jane Fonda's, beautiful brave act, his good she's, Graham I go to deal with your day. Are it listen thanks for having me different guys, actually like so weird that this is how we ve caught up? After all these, he cast your all this time that we have not really had
long talk or anything, but yeah me too, is good to see you got some good laughs and it was great yeah you and gives the last time I saw you, I I remember it. I held your purse when you went on. I think here. That's always bad conundrum. For me, I'm glad you ever know what to do. You can trust me with the purse always are ever. I feel I decided Jordan. I welcome by. I love Josie Ready help on was that those, but maybe I have the time- jealousies movie spinsters available. Now I'm veal d in digital platforms, I'm going to get it quickly. Guitar peace I'll play for you right now. Ok, all right! Then,
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