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Episode 1156 - Martin Short

2020-09-10 | 🔗

Even in the face this year, Martin Short remains an optimistic guy. Maybe it’s because he’s had a career he loves, or maybe it’s his mild-mannered Canadian disposition, or maybe it’s because he suffered through a lot of tragedy as a kid. Martin and Marc try to figure it out, and they also talk about his live shows with Steve Martin, the difference between doing SCTV and SNL, why Martin considers 80% of his career to be a failure, and why believes that a 20% success rate is high for a career in show business. 

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Folks were all kind of looking for a bright spot right now. Are we, while I have one for you, there's a hilarious new series on Apple TV plus, storing Jason Sedateness, and it's called TED Lasso. It's about an american football coach. You heads to England to take a shot at managing one of the world's most competitive professional soccer teams. If you like, a show with big laughs and a lotta heart, this is the one you're lookin for Watch TED Lasso only on Apple TV plus, A guy all right: let's do this: how are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the fuck next what's happening? My name's mark Mariners, deputy up my pipe guess I couldn't get. Why can I just launch there
happen all right, what's goin on all right. Let's do this. Like always done, I don't say that awry. Let's do this work, do this, while I don't know man? Is it the time of day camping a time of day? How are you what's going on? What is happening? Nothing good, nothing! fuckin good! Will Your with that. Holy shit, You know, I don't want to say that I told you so cause, I'm not really it and I told you so kind of guy. By Abbe Iceman, looking back in my last special guy I recorded a go like in October. Where I said what has happened in the sky have to catch fire? Does the sky have to catch fire? The skies on fire? Happy that I told you so by guess. They do have to catch fire. I don't know what's going to happen with that in the special
doesn't dead, there's a lot of different angles on it. There should only be one but people, but our fuckin, incomprehensible people, We're fuckin incomprehensible, not my line. Michael Clayton, Sidney, Pollack people fucking, incomprehensible. Use whatever options at your disposal, you have to maintain your sanity. Then I think that clarity is that necessary, because it's it's it's pretty fucking daunting the clarity having being Dahmer shallower, ignorant or detached is I think that's good, either. You didn't have to shoulder the clarity. Had he shall do that? If you have it, I mean shit. Is fucked up, And yet we knew that he knew yet Woodward's book comes out. We knew I mean I knew that he knew, but now
Comes painfully clear that debt this kind of them. Mass murder. Through negligence. We need political means, is worth happening. And no matter how many people cry for justice system and the state and the entire country is Unfortunately broken. We live in a failed state. Now, however, your life is, or whatever is, ok or one of your scraping together. For yourself, I mean that's what happening. I just want to make sure we all acknowledge that what can you do? Do you feel powerless? Yet we can vote. Hope. The voting works. You want to watch my special for a little painful relief, get giddy people get ready, get active, get laughing. It's got to the point where I pushed through the other side it is so fucking apocalyptic, so back in to stop so in saying this God, Damn evil clown show.
That we're living through that I've got a point where my go, my guide it it's! can tear off its neck and there's no, Similarly, no way out your brain hits a wall, you can't speculated sewing and go in the burning garbage does not speculating. There's no hope no matter what happens when it's fucked up and at some point you just like our man Oh man, This is fucking crazy. It's really happening apocalyptic. Giddiness. That is anger. Mixed with fear, mixed with Hopelessness mix With sadness, and you just can't let it pressed down on you until your heart feels the weight and all you can do is gonna go.
Ah. Of your aging, ok I'll, be using every option at your disposal to maintain your sanity and someone added this, and I think it's true lessons at the expense of someone else's sanity. I mean, let's not. Let's not drain the people. We love to the point where they don't know. What's up you can't you someone, you can't just sit there be like this. This fact is fucked were fact, and they don't know, it's gonna be. Ok, it's not gonna be ok. No one can tell me it's going to be okay. Now it'll be okay, we'll get through it. I don't know if we're going to get through it. I don't know, I don't know if I'm going to get through it, you're fucked we're now, what we have today. We have now we have, this when we have other Levin and in everything it doesn't matter, man, it doesnt, fuck matter, it's fucking over. No, I mean Take it easy, it's it's! You know it's gonna, be! Ok. Can I watch you stay in the day, fuck the day, you're right, you're, right, we're fucked. Why were factor I just did over Y know. You can't say that
your dear the one that doesn't say that not done he held it up anymore, it's fuckin over then, if you like, if you think it's over, then it would would really truly over like while we should a fuckin hunger, hope on something bigger instead of, draining nearing using me like some sort of spiritual and emotional battery twice can't take it anymore, and I've got no no fuckin fire weft. He come on take it easy fuck. You know that no, no, no, no, no fuck! What do we do now? Have? No? No! No! You can't be the so Keep your sanity but don't drain the other person. That was just a conversation I have with myself You know most mornings seriously look I even mention this Martin Short is, show today talk to Martin
and he is actually a you know. Martin Shorty from. Ass he tv as an three amigos. He did, though, that live thing with vested Martin everybody. Everybody loves. Martin short in his actually nominated. He is nominated For an Emmy this year, as Standing guest actor in a drama series for his guest role on the morning show, which you can, watch. On Apple TV plus, he's very good in it, is a very. Kind of disturbing role for Martin Short, but he was very good at it. So I woke up to the smell of raw sewage. Was my mother. No, that was from fucking an hour ago. My mother, me to tell her, But I'm going on Instagram live. And I did and now
To thirteen cheese, she goes ok, give me the emerging the customized Toby emerging with the funds up, and I had to tell her that you fuckin missed it. I can say that the. Smell of raw sewage. Not great, not great smell is why walking through through the air outside that's bad, I what neighborhood you live in. Where your brain goes by tat. The sewage mouth bad when it just going through the air and your like where's that coming from Is at my house Is my house about to explode and be lifted up on the blast. Of a shit geyser. Is it going to be some bad in effect where I we're just out of nowhere gestures, are rumbling and then and justice. Furious shit, geyser With my house sitting, on top of it
us during their going? Well, sir, poke out, I don't know I don't know it's coming from. I don't I don't know, what's happening I really don't know what's happening. I know the sky, I have read, and it Like it's weird right that everyone, just if you're here in the West Coast, Edm wake up to this fuckin. It's a house gave, but there we're part the human brain, the just sort of I go, this is kind of bad right. Does this happen now. This was. Did this happen last year? No. Where their fire tornadoes ever know did a rain fire before no. Many of these weird day towards like this is the second highest day on records like what was the first, when when, when the it was cooling, Jesus, fuck, so work
I don't want to be a bummer, I'm ok itself Rebecca it's happening as I I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm crying and laughing at the same time. I'm ok, you're, ok that's! The weird thing is that craving weird craving words like who's gonna make it ok, there's nobody alive that you know that can cause evidently tell you everything's gonna, be all right. Even at passive way where they don't really know. But you trust them enough because of love. Or connection that you, Be calm to buy it, but debts fucking hardest thing. It's like. Are we going to be okay? I don't know no one knows and when people go like it's going to be okay, they don't know, and you know they don't know, and we try to think of the future. Do I fuck, who knows happen in an hour, waste to be and were all there and
we're doing it folks were doing it Danger, you can do it, you gotta do how bout be a decent human try to do that, I don't know why do I feel, like Tunisia, be a message fact referred? Dared. Over man I saw it. Let me to share this with you, this Martin Short business, as I said before, he's at you know, Marjorie, but he's up for any for our standing guest actor on a drama series for the morning show I, which is on Apple TV plus in this is me talking to Martin Short, coming up yeah.
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It contains the number one prescribed I allergy, each relief ingredient. Now, it's available without a prescription with Patty Day, just one drop once a day works fast and lasts all day. Relief season is here to stay, get Patty Day online in stores everywhere That's an empty chair, hello, hello! There I thought we were gonna, you're gonna just be off camera baby. Had there we go is that your doorbell, my clock, oh, you have a clock is again. How often is it going to do that? That's great sound and very nice. What a nice room you have you it's once an hour. You can live with it. I can assure you
Now the wall, the pictures, that's the life behind you This is the light behind me absolute. I was it. Jonathan Winters House, and he had a wall of photographs from like a hundred years of life. And there was one picture, just as old. Very the picture of a boy and a dog and we're standing there looking at a hundred pictures of his entire life and career age goes, I miss said dog. Do you like the greatest genius ever? It was something else man you know. I went to his house to talk to him before he died and obviously in yards We got done talk and he says I want to show you the plains and that's where we were heading when he showed me. The pictures we walk to is a his bedroom. Which aid move because he couldn't get around as well any of this
or poster bed and on the ceiling. There is like a hundred different ma I don't plain suspended from little pieces of string, and that was that was him any and then we went to lunch any worry a civil war hat a civil war hat, he did the correct side, it was a union colonels hat. I believe for lunch. She you know he you know when your Jonathan winters and you go to lunch in the little town you live in it, it's a spectacle. You need to you need to show up for the people now I did I did I am. An animated cartoon show with him once a really yeah, I would say eighty eight, eighty nine and he was simply hysterics. Too much for me and my brother, Michael, we wrote the show together. It was so surreal because you know I always feel like
it doesn't matter who's famous now- is whose fame who was famous when you were twelve for sure the area and there, though I can't believe it. Maybe he got me once winters dead, but I was interviewing years ago for a comedy central. I was the Montreal Comedy Festival running around like an idiot with a microphone Eighty five and I I get him. Standing. There were the MIKE. You don't know me, I don't know him, I'm a kid and am sure how's it going at Jonathan. Are you seeing any performers you like appear this year. It goes well. I haven't gotten out much you're, my wife the wife's ill and she's in the room, and I might call jeez I'm sorry to hear that. I guess I should put her in air cargo. He was the right thing to do. They didn't see coming, I did not see it coming is amazing. Guys, like Rickles yeah, those people that you were so thrilled to meet yeah,
and then you couldn't believe how funny they still work, it is kind of amazing that they still got that dead, there's an engine to it. I remember I was at a dinner I have a pseudo weird memory for dates and things. I once said someone once said to me: oh you have that H, SAM thing, and I said yeah yeah I've heard of that. That's that Mary Lou and I couldn't member Hanner I realize I didn't have a threat here, Abraham idea, but I remain at a dinner with Don Rickles. It was a day, Steinberg and Robin Steinberg House, and they were throwing a party for Jill gentlemen. Check your browser, Jimmy came, will show. Who is about to have a baby rippled? Is there the up? They put? all the funny guys that Rickles table- and he was just hilarious and performing and performing and just
and Jimmy came on. I were there and we were laughing so hard and then at one point his wife, Barbara hadn't, spoken for about fifteen minutes, and then she find it talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk and it goes o talk. Talk talk, in this way. If it wasn't for the talk, talk, talk, talk, you'd be a derelict or their life there relax I haven't that we're bahrwan degenerate gambler exactly you don't hear certain things anymore. None of them I you know you and I have met. You know that. Yes, I know we met we. I didn't expect you to remember now that I've been in show business for a relatively long time. It was one of those forgettable things it probably that was just something you did during a junket I used to host a thing. Called short attention span theater. I remember this
and the conceit was a basement of vault and we did all show built around you. We did like four five segments interviewing with probably to promote Clifford. I imagine it was probably like ninety two ninety three something like that. There's probably pry put together by Nancy Geller, do Do you remember Nancy Geller, of course, gallows and executors arresting TB? One year see you bright. She bright called in favour because she was an hp o downtown then, which is what is producing it. There you go yeah and we did it. We did a along form interview, try not to cover any of those questions. As I know the go ahead, it's been, it's only been I'm sure. They'll be some people who reject down the lancet. Nobody watched it. Nobody saw that none of you, Martin framing govern, sir, I enjoyed the thing you did with Steve Martin
now when you do something like that, when you and Steve do that where what is the creative process, you just say, like you wanna, what are you doing next month, ya out? Is that how does it show like that? Come together, and while I was I remember, it was the spring of two thousand and eleven two thousand and eleven, and that is my re man brand. I We have been asked to interview each other. Ah onstage. To close the just for last comedy fast on Chicago, ok, account then, which is who is producing it there I go, but it was also we had really. You know friends, Belinda revealing us. It was fun right right. The agents said you want to book a couple more. We said sure just interview, shattered the light chilean right before you drinks afterwards run here, and then we kind of that time. Steam didn't have a show, and I did have a show here.
Banjo show, but he didn't have like other than his musical show and so I so. What are we taking elements of my show me just and that's how we kept expanding it, into a real, sharp right when any and then we do keep working on it and the more we did at the more we add different things an end. It it it is as much fun as you can have, because Everyone is. Nice is cool right that there are no Rex. The anvil allowed you know, and you don't have to do it. I mean it's one thing you don't have to you guys did Arthur chose, you know what I mean we're doing this cuz. We want to do it, but you know that and then be instinct to make a good and to work on it literally no difference. Then, if I was in essay tv and eighty two right right, debt that same you know, nerves, didn't focus and, and I dont That ever changes
It changes. If you stop. Being in show business for a while. Then you come back and end. You're, a little off writer less than that, but I, and instead we never really have stopped doing any of this right. Until now. It's just and then after you of a few new, your belt, it's just fund and yeah. Then there's you know there's the wine afterward he. How does it feel to be like not doing anything right now, I feel like I'm Michael Cohen, I'm an house arrest This is what has rest would be. But if you ever gone this one I've never gone this long without doing stand up. It's very hard to break away from work ethic schedule. I I'm Judea and it takes a while for you to go I have. Literally nothing on the schedule. August twenty one and then I'm supposed to see- and I don T mean that is worth it.
What's so it's very, it is their it's very weird. I don't know what I've been doing well in Point I decided that every time there was a fire earthquake in EL, I'm, never an ally when my kids would be at the house. And they said: diver loading the car, which we put it and I'd always start with up of the old photo albums like I'm my parents and grandparents and going back you up here and there but I know it I'll, do I get a photocopier machine, I'm going to transfer all the old pictures from nineteen. Thirteen on well trained for them to my thing and then I would say: The little time you know making people look a little better how nice Photoshop grandma ground
the slogan level to take them. The subway I making people had been dead for fifty years, look hotter and then I have three kids in a way I have a son and daughter like we live with me. Here is starting to be a bet. You're. Here I hear and Ally in Albania and then I have my daughter lives. You know over there and I spend a couple days a turn them my Sunland syndrome. Now now stop in envisaged. The kind of between the three houses, but that's it I've been a gal, sends a store did anything when our country is like this at me. I talk to a canadian yesterday. I like it. I like I've- maybe I'm a bad american, but might my thought is if like if you can live in Canada? Why the fuck? Wouldn't you right now It is startling to see the light, a flat lining in Canada. I mean it. But you know Canada is very. They they're not kidding around
If I were to go, I a cottage and candid right: North Toronto yeah if I go there at that, customs. I'd have to say this is my address and have to give them my cell phone number and you have to go there right and you to be there for fourteen days and if you decide I'm burning, I'm go to yeah yeah you can we find seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars while it's not kidding around, and the canadian sensibility is a little more like it it's different lobbies. You are very similar to a mere can sell their Lord Michael's once said to me. I had It is a special and eighty five and show time and I did and trotted when they cut to the audience here in law. Learn materials and canadian audiences. Always look like Russian, Spies were dressed up as America, There's a beard, that's tooth bushy, there's something off, but anyway the Canadians kind of
They have great trust in a government. You know a friend of mine outside this morning. British Columbia appear is how they have the daily briefings. But there's not a politician evolved right. It's all just doctors, there are the only ones who speak the grown up, people there. They trust science, India, they have. Health care that reasonable for humans. And there is a lot of us who have someone who has an eighty million person, Twitter and he saying oh you, politically correct with their mass car or talking about it's a witch, And they all these things there are Our people are gonna, be info Thenardier will that's. Why that's why I wouldn't stay till I get like you. The disease is a disease, but it's like it frightening time. It seems year with the divisiveness, and I anti size about just uniting. It's he'll be ok, ok, I think it's gonna be ok, because I think two thousand sixteen was a typo and I think
people didn't want to hire another Clinton, blah blah blah, but in a woman and all his you know other things: it scared people, but the reality and intellect there ya hear them. You know for some, but but the reality is that in two thousand eighteen people were tired of it. Ok, I gotta go with you I'll stay with the optimism ugh I mean I was often with yeah. I mean we are your generally and optimistic. I it seems I am we're that come from his Canadian, I dont know. That is a weird question. I mean a good question and a weird do, member when it had, I now give the reserve. Was there ever a time in your life? We were like. I think I think its dna and I think it's the way you're raised. I think you know I'm the youngest of five and all my siblings or funny and lose sweet. Happy optimistic optimist. Let's talk about Hamilton four minute because spend some time there recently and I got you a little bit of trouble because, because I I I was, I
that kind of brought to light the fact that it seemed better days that it's that of irish poetic about it. I said this a parade of pain of some car like I was for two weeks and it was jarring the a sort of type of kind of, it wasn't so much being destitute. There was just sort of it. There is something going out on the streets that I presented trouble. No, you know what happened the Hamilton they had their major internet your harbours you're a big company in that went bankrupt. You grew up their right. You grew up and Hamilton. I grew up there, you and I went to university there Mcmasters universe. So what was it like? When you were a kid? You was the way it was near. Being was I'm telling you it was elegant. Day was seen. Pictures of you know from, cannot hotel keeper dressed in fabulous clothes yeah. I think it just hit in the seventies and eighties hard times with closing the big companies like steel companies, and so
but now they ve reinvented it, and now it is going up now you just I've never seen more like, I don't even know what to make of it. I was shooting a movie up there and we were driving around in every day with the richest white people there is always these weirdness on the streets and it just hook to I come chaotic little druggie a little yet look like a detroitish kind of situation, I can imagine why have you brought this up? You weren't, faced by the city I didn't. I was trying to be honest, and now I wasn't, but you can't it's not my place to stay in show business. I know no, that you see, Sir a horrible, play on Broadway. When you don't go back stay to say why was this horrible you guys, you know it towel thrown at TAT. Was fat, assed,
that is the great, so good or you ll see focus on the things that were good. You know who else shoes were right. What are those shoes? Yeah yeah? I, like you d, like to do this every night. Is what an accomplished. So there were five kids in the family. Five and you guys were any did your dad work for one of the big companies went out of my father was a vice president, canadian Steel wow, and my mother was the concert master of the Hamilton Philharmonic. And that was a big deal. Then there's big deal. And she would reverse five hours a day in my father was an executive and- and I had a great happy- go lucky. What did she play? What was what was the entire? it. Certainly, when you were the concert, massive is simply, you are the first violinist. Oh, that's that's always away. It is yes
and I saw you you had art in the house. You had expression, you add music, you had people, in bright eyes, it your crew, activity. I am my father would give my mother an opera every Christmas and on boxing day, which is a twenty six. The next day we would like red the libretto inherit. I mean I tell people that they go. Why? What I said you didn't, have it no. I didn't are you really do still enjoy opera? that really there's some. I, like I loved you, know, hearing the three tenors and the stuff I got, but I'm not obsessed. I do like classical music, though I do wish you the older I get. I I find myself gravitating toward. That's why she during pandemic times, were you just can't hear it? Any more the out of the debt you're dying for the d you want it, you don't get down, worked up on Bebop. No, this is sometimes a little love. You know, Mozart. I can just see the perfect combo
Do you like we're? U educated went so like every year, always just once a year you get the opera, but you didn't we know of, and there was that there was no. I would go to the symphonies. My father was also the present the symphony. So I remember being five and like not figuring out How can this sound, not becoming speakers like I'd, be second row, it was very surreal, wild right now to be a symphony hall that you ve played out. You isn't it a trip when you performed on the stage of a symphony, all it's insane and I've done shows with symphonies and that's also really yeah, but you can. This talk in. You can hear it in an it's such a well designed acoustic place. It's a vow, limited spectacular, Carnegie Hall. Oh my god. It's crazy! So, Why didn't you become a musician? Well, I you know, I we had to play piano. All of us had to play piano from age five on lessons, but then at thirteen you could quit
oh, that was the I quit. I mean I think you know in Hamilton Ontario candle in the sixtys. When I was a teenager, a new, you'd look at american television? That's all you looked so Buffalo. You never look at canadian television and it didn't seem like it was real. It seem like it was a real opportunity for someone in Hamilton. Ontario can write, so I'll be in my attic, pretending to do shows- and I had a laugh pause record and I had a goose Nick LAMP, because even then I knew I needed lighting. You had a laugh record at LA applause record from Sinatra: the sands looped it real to real hold. My might that be and I had a what were you doing it there's a loop. The Martin Short show: ok,. And it was on tuesdays at eight o clock and NBC, but every other Tuesday,
Yeah, because that left room for my movie sure or using fifty yet so you think Is that your kid you go well, then I guess he's gotta gotta national. At school or something right. The to me. There was not a hint of really doing this. It was, fair to see it was unrealistic, You know why watch television I watch I dont know something from Disneyland. It might have been a Neptune in right. Right, though, It was going to be a doctor. Really. Yeah. I went into primates not because I, like sir, I am like. I was Chad Everts Work Medical center, and I thought you know the idea of being a doctor sure, was that the item the study anything, but I like the idea of because I would save all professions. I admire that the most right, because
look the authoritative and EEG how people on you you can help them die. You can help give birth to a baby afternoon. Make them feel better sure. Now I admire that. But now then I switched to social work and then so that for years at university were pre, meds and social work, and then I left the neck. So you would You went to school and have often there is a big college, her dinner, Leave home now there like my recollection now I've talked to a few others. There was some sort of. Comedy magic in. Hamilton right I mean. Well, I do I don't know. I mean Eugene Levy was at university use fewer years. Older Dave, Thomas yeah, I've been right when the director yeah yeah I've talked to talk to you. Jeanne I've talked to Ivan we graduates from a master university in Hamilton. Unto me, you didn't know any of them
Eugene Energy at school and I met ivan- I met Ivan, but he was the head of the film Board and he was you know I was younger than those guys right. You you're so like I think my first year Eugene was it was his last and stuff like that. But I knew Ivan remember Ivan we'll still say to me will be like the F I award. The element, You always stem cells. It can, you believe, the two of us from Hamilton there you're here not moving perspective. What are the odds here, but then, and then I was there for years and then in seventy two. There was this amazing seen in Toronto. That's where I went to be tried to be so that's where you want to. If you went up there and gotten apartment, I got it well. I, when I was still in university, I got the show. God spell: Yes, it is divided, it was the famous God spell production as the famous Gaza, but hanging around that time in Toronto,
people like Danny Android, who ya wanna, be a cop. At that point, You knew him. John Candy, yes, as amended I met Danny accrued On June twenty Eightth nineteen, seventy two and the reason I know is that it was because it was guilders birthday rather the up, and there was a big already for her at this place called global village in Toronto club. Danny and his then comedy partner, Belly Brom filled stayed in care. You're as guilty as parents from Detroit, and I just- I had never met someone so original, not funny, and you and you at that time had already done. God spell No we're doing it. I did gospel four year, so this would be probably just opened, and I did it for a year
and we're draw your siblings end up. Ah, my brother, Michael, is a very successful. Comedy writer wrote a seed tv where they had run is the shit's creek. I ask logo it out a million and millions successes my brother, the brain vice president of Dover Industries accompany the mixed bought paper products. Sister nor as a nurse anesthetist and they're all older yeah, yeah, I'm on the focus- and you were the last one to leave the house, the bigness. Yeah They were the accident so. When there's a fourteen year difference, you know you're an accident, it's crazy! So, like that's a lie at so they were gone most your life right. Well, you know that I had a lot of, and it goes back to optimism. I had a lot of sadness,
as a young guy growing up in that house, it was a fabulous house right and yet, when I was twelve, my brother David, the eldest, died in a car accident home again, my mother. Maybe they got cancer. She would dine sixty seven when I was seventeen and then My father died a year later, when I was nineteen, oh, my god. So I actually for a year got orphan relief checks from the interior of government. My end and all the civil and our governments to my father. I would just use that money to buy alcohol to the enjoy the alcohol. He again and ginger no ice there. Here is irish into the Irish feel that Iceland is addictive, so you wouldn't go near. I was like real Irish. I talked with an accent Irish, yes, bordering Cosmical Encounter Erle Motley down
I I love Ireland itself fabulous. Do you go the great my yes, my mom, My father was born and raised in action ports bar in cross. Here, county Irma which have just over the border from Dunbar and it is still in operation run by my ninety five year old and really and Rosaleen? Yes, that's easing and cousins and cousins. She real family, there absolutely You know their shores bar when you go right now you can, you know you can be a citizen there too. If you want. I know I have three passports and I'm good What's a fourth, why of UK. I have kept the U S and then I could. The public about I would love to have in Ireland and I'm a Jew. I've got no connection, but for some reason it resonates with me. I don't know people. The people are really stick tat
They are. Men are casting an funny and loose and via a loving spending. I said for its part, is like ninety eight nine stay. Up all night, with my two cousins, Oliver and and Patrick, and were drinking. And when you are publicans as they call it here, They you don't drink for the bar, you put money into the tail and then you take a drink of Kansas Its assented! Not do that way. Anyway, I came down first run nine the morning in the glasses, and I saw him oh Patty Cleaning, the glasses out. He looked at me. So. How did the character assassination go? Last night Marty, you knew we're talking about all of them? It's beautiful, so you when you effort Toronto like you. Why
what happened to the house and stuff. I mean I still had a fourth year university and by the end of that year we saw the house, I had an apartment in in the Hamilton and then I got God's will now I moved into a house for the gene levy Another guy, John. You happy. You happy at the end we had. This big House an avenue road which is? in Toronto. Your Hanks always loves that it's called Avenue road yeah he didn't it brings out. Every I'd never seemed odd, but you know I wouldn't have thought of it. Yeah? Then I d got one and then I started going out with gilded. I kind of live with her, so was this your first immersion and Jews. No no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! I am ten percent jewish on my agent side. Jewish is very I grew executive is, I grew up
in a very jewish section of Hamilton Western. So all France for Jewish and something else. I was you know, not the tallest kid in the class. I wasn't it wasn't about the problem. Play and I are going to Hang- I was drawn towards the smartest sure people in the class the end, your class of thirty eight. I swear. All the smartest people were jewish yeah it, it's just a fact, and so the then my best friends were Mitchell rose and bled Alex Neglect and showed them the halter. After the shelter so because I know that you know you do ever sensitivity to the timing into. I think a few your characters are jewish, whether you'd Say the jewish you're not aware that except and many many people from my light think I'm jewish are really Absolutely
why mean you're in show business in you? Have you have a very good you have you have the innate stick timing? yeah, I guess, but so does John Mulaney Disney. No, he doesn't he's he's gotta thing that he does. But I mean I'm now I get well isn't I dont know what it is. It's also probably you know as a kid I'm watching television. I am responding to the I was gonna, say Jerry Loose, but I'm also responding to Jonathan Winners and Dick Van Dyke, and I can see tat so when stammered out he's great, did you see that movie with Coogan and genius is certainly going really Aachen movie and how great are they unbelievable unbelievable how the they put into that fuckin thing. Have you viewpoint stand more. Why do I feel I give Plato never know,
we try to do it. Is a character, say Ali? Well, I mean I could I could do that. Do. So you move him with Gilda. You guys are now and now I guess, what is this the gods. Well thing I mean did was is to beginning of sky comedy in Canada after God spoke of this, you might the people that were in it all kind of started to do that No. I think it was just you know it was a smaller pond, be an end it will tell you the God spell. Additions were like out of You know reality show that you'd see now it was like it was already, a hidden New York and everyone. Everyone knows an actor wanted. The serbian additions and the final call back them. Sonic Temple in Toronto was, I dont have five hundred, how many guys are the rest of the Temple
Miss Temple was loaded with supporters and Fans Ryan, then that you know you shut up, you'd, saying and then made in groups of five, and they call back one person of the five he had come back an hour later, and do it again and then an hour later, if you made that cut off, If you had to do an improper sketch, while you know so they were looking for people that could word town, but where it was a raw talent, but that They cast Eugene Levy and Victor Garber, as Jesus and Andrea Martin, the ups and downs, myself and partnership me I made them the musical director, so as a kind of an amazing Misgave Thomas in it too. They Thomas would come a little bit led. Not that day And so it was a surreal thing and then that a year later, Second city came to town, ok from Chicago
and set up shop and that they were doing a sister currently and Joe Flirty and Brian Doyle Murray we're going to die. The first show and they- everyone addition for it. I didn't. Oddly enough, I think it was, I was afraid of reacting here and else, wanted it so badly so and they go Gilda got it and John Candy gotten Eugene. Micro em off the show is just a sketch of that was the best of second citizenship in they are really they develop material. So so all those people had experience improvising You know one of today's. You learn quickly yet had. Second, you learn things like like the thing than I was afraid of was I'd. Always in the funny guy parties- and I was funny on and I had the pressure of being funny. Now that's what second city represented to me
until I realise that now just gonna keep talking in the character and sometimes a reaction would be a bigger latin and action or a word. Right so- he you learned to calm down. Right interest in having sent on learning how to improvise right, but you can also like, I would imagine you're? U can sing and stuff too, which is a nice right right. Right you needed for improvising, but you know you could you ve done musicals society I had well. I think you know a canadian careers more eclectic does not serve me when I was there. Just living there as it is contained actor. There wasn't so much Star system, but who could have twice of different jobs in the course of the month, wherever you are an american, accurate high? Wouldn't you would never get that kind of practical experience?
Yeah I've I've noticed that about Canada and I'd say I've set it other Canadians that if you hang around canadian show business and at long enough, you you'll get your show, you get some in an but also that hours long hours of things Maybe no one saw mill I. What did you do that? I might twenty two Who was the host of my own show? oh unseemly, Ass called right on. And it was alive at five p m. And I would sing the songs of the weak, but I had, no funk. So it was shot the share of the here and and then made also feature canadian young, canadian town, and it was No you cards and I would just forget lyrics there.
And they just where I was on on and off quickly. We had one half sees what kind of funny cause. That's how Dan Eugene Son kind of started. Yes, absolutely while he was was MTV that whatever we do, you know who is the announcer on right on an owl those your show, Martin Short Alex Drawback. Now yeah. He was doing that stuff too. Or even at once, you know he was like the big boys guy then, and he just popped in high- did the little face as it were, that was is that was who he was used to Canadian Don Pardo Simulator, now he was happen that, but he was certainly if you're gonna haven't announcer. Do that you got out Tibet is your guy You guys, friends, no! but I met him through the years I've done. I did celebrity jeopardy once how'd. You do not well yeah I didn't better during the practice round. There was something I kept saying
I buzzer was off you sure, and then I was doing so bad. I decided do jokes in that kind of because people not here when yet when their when you're Your failing! It's always good to be funny as if you're not really right, right turbulent, so well, how did what was the roots of ass tv, though you were there at the beginning of that right now, not really now really well, because I didn't joint second city again, I had a thing of our joint when I really want to do. It makes more sense and so ass. He tv started a second city tv started in seventy six. I wasn't in that even join the stage, show you earlier that was, that was Joe Fleshy and Dave and Catherine in Eugene and Andrea Catherine than that was. You
your crew YAP and then and then you know it faltered and then they didn't have its financing was off for a year and then they got five dancing and Emma Jane and that's when Rick Miranda's Joint Edmonton still not me, and then I joined in eighty two They were already a shit when I joined in one anyone Edmonton they did Hamilton and then they move back to Toronto. That's when I joined. How is clarity is still around right? Oh yeah, you guys talk weed. Two weeks ago, yeah everyone's kind of stays in touch yeah. We were working on this documentary minister, says he's doing Nessie TV, and so we had a zoom about that at home is involved. That must have, and fun it's great, an icy Eugene lives, two blocks down. He perhaps over Catherine O Hara lives, five blocks down and she has a cottage near me, she's up there now here.
Andrea is my former sister in law. Right though she's the add to my children right. So I speak to her all the time. That's nice! I like hearing that day by love. Talk to him two days ago. Great now is an group. It stayed close. Like I remember when I was watching a sea tv ike, I can't even remember if it was actually it was on we can night- and it was like this unique thing and I didn't understand where was coming from her. It was Friday, Friday, night yeah what year like in the well ever indifferent incarnations. The ninety minute show that I was onto would have been twelve thirty right the two in the morning pride in that right, in what year was at eight twenty eight three eighty four right and I remember you doing Robin on a ladder the fact that right, Four Tang, o ten you
you're just up on the ladder than I lay me down. Scotty he did, a good rob. I think you might do the best Robin. Certainly not a lot of people are doing it at the time. He wasn't their biggest our. Yet it was a big star, but it was just like no one head. Your figure down that yeah yeah yeah figured out the pay away. You do s in tv. Is that. Let's say a writer wrote a piece, a member or Eugene Road, and I think it was the idea that Gore of a doll Norman Mail, it had a famous fight here. At a party and an eminently mailer through the glass as of wine in Gourbi dolls face. And so The peace was reenactment the fight, I play Gore Doll Eugene's nor mailer, and then it becomes a tide commercials. They try to get the stain of my shirt in an ultimately is a tide commercial. They done so someone said you read it it's funny and summoned.
Does hey. Can you do gourbi down? You go mature, You have no idea why you go home I used to do. Is I recording of Gore the doll and I type it up- transcribe his hot like two minutes ago, orbital in right and then I juxtapose it with the script for the peace. If you notice like from the transcription of Gore of it all speaks in a certain patterns of certain words they use a lot certain eyes. So I d that too the script kind of over laughing figure out how to do go of it all some two hundred have someone down like Paul Anchor once and I was good for three takes. You're. Not gonna was God that had the walkman, I throw telescope yeah for twenty three years. You made us laughing cry and think, and you did it your way and then
If I'd twenty. Two weeks later, I can write our youth. Orangist ran right. Now I get the right, so I would stick for right. We write when he heard it. You're like come in. Let's do it needs it s exactly, but Robin Sticks will Robin. I knew Robin and you don't have that kind of irish low to meet it that he was parents, word Irish, any Grubbin, Zika back and credible wonderful s cannot hear so you did you guys ever I get so you ve done your impression of him to him and he cried out. Oh, my god, yeah yeah heated lcd. Heed We did Bowery boys in the band I, with the Bowery Boys and boys in the band, and I played Huntz Hall and he was LEO Gorcey. It's been tasked, that's great, I used to watch my grandparents us. Bowery boys. Known, raspberry boy were great or you
they started off in a movie like a nineteen. Thirty eight movie, as he'll teenagers, and then they describe doing it. There were like fifty Still the way worthy, the dead and kids too were they that will they started off yeah and then they became the Bowery Boys yeah, so four messy tv. I guess it's. U, I dont know how everybody becomes. Eventually. Everyone ended up here when did that sort of happened. One did the migration happen. You know to Canada. I remember there was this moment that Paul Schaefer was the first person our group to be Workin estates, He was working on the magic showed the dog had in that area. Stephen shorts. Rural gods Bell was also that was his show sulky ass, Paul D B keyboard. For that. Show our paths in New York,. I remember gilded. I phoning him one day were both in the same extension.
And gilded said Paul. What our New York actors, like ass. It were. I don't know, maybe because you're, my friends, I think you guys have justice tablet and we want, ah that so you wouldn't believe it so there was this tendency to. Before I die. I have to give the states God or ours is to say I want to look in the mirror. Then say: maybe you should have tried going to New York for a bit all that's right, You did and you feel ok, you wanted. You know crossing. You're should have done it but she went down there once before and then you ve left No, no! No. What happened was that I went down to try to. I dont know get workers. Oh, I know it was Lord, Michaels. Without where he was personnel and Guilder
I mean interview and learn, and I now been I've been successful. Second city stage, I've been in Essen TV, but I knew I didn't hurt. People knew it wasn't like a total unknown, so you learn offered me a holding deal. This would be nineteen said earlier is like January. Seventy nine, you know Danny or John, might leave, and I could see you going in to the show for the the season and Phenomenon York. That's exciting. It wasn't. You know a lot. Look much money holding, but it was exciting and complementary, but then the same time. I addition for James Elles Brooks who had a new series, called the associates uneasy, and he was no power of what he had done. All the maritime and more chosen and and also you just said, big deal paramount. Now he just stood there. His first shows taxi, and that was a massive this is the next year and he had a thirteen,
on the air. No pilot order is very cool an eye addition forum and I got you know what are the leads in the show and so now I plan to go to New York, and now we were moving to California you and your wife or who that's what my A girl further time will become my wife, and that was seventy nine summer of some. That's what got you out here. That's who first got me out here and then I ended up going back to do. Of course, we all the house and trauma I M going back and eighty two to do ass. He did so that's like Is its it's interesting. How many like you did a lot of stuff on television? You did that thing which didn't take off. I guess you did thirteen, though we did thirteen and then the next year I didn't another show called
I'm a big girl. Now Diana can open Danny Thomas and that went off but did but this was there, but this was the year. These were the years of thirteen fourteen episode commitments. So wasn't we waited? We did nineteen and I'm a big girl now. And what went wrong with that show? Well it wasn't. I played Neil Striker the office boy, it wasn't. You know, I don't think I dont think it was the you know it wasn't it was at all in the family shares with that. But did you see yourself like we use our use of a just an actor? You see yourself as a comedian. Comic actor I think I saw myself as an actor and- and I thank you, no, I also thought before it. I wanted. Your Broadway show. I wanna Acta you know, army should do did he seconds, city state? it was two years
then he suddenly seven nine of improvising but I don't know you know to me. It was just like wasn't so much where's my career, her head it. What's my seven year plan, I'm just trying to figure out rent yeah everything. You know it in Canada. You know you don't in those days you didn't see. If you got a job, you say I wonder, should I run to pass my manager to see if this is the right thing? just they do. I bring a rife, Why me my wardrobe? Is there going to be a hair and make a person there are no done otherwise and what he would launch because, like it seem like there was a time there where you know you were definitely in the mix with the big things. The movies like you know when you did three Amigos inner space and while the big picture, that's a great movie, but I mean how did that how'd? It wouldn't what cause that leap to happen. When you went like three Amigos
Well, I think that you, you know resentful are usually done. Your dirty Dunn. By that time yeah. I did ass an l and- and I was successful in that- and that made me now a name that you'd pitch. I was it right for you may go yet said. The s in our experience that was like that was a very unique wild season. It was that yet we all had one year contracts, because Eddie Murphy had left the Euro four and Joe Pisca, had left it's right there was feeling that the show might be cancelled. Good. Lord was around you right along was God it was Dick ever saw right and So There was a real sense should it be cancelled, so Dick, He got the George Steinbrenner year were he offered a one year contract with a lot more money than it ever been paid, a cast member, idiotic, Billy Crystal yet Christopher Guest
Harry Sheer Martin Short Enrich hall. Had did you know those guys did you know Chris Guest before no no, that was when he met Emma, at Chris I didn't. I met Billy because my wife was on the tv, show soap, rail, but I met him briefly and we the same manager, rounds and Jaffee and Harry. I knew he was friends of Paul Schaefer. Ok, yet I do know rich. Yet so that so you're coming into the year of unique prose with real lack comedic personalities, I remember, I remember just finished Essie TB yeah and I really want to break from this kind of thing there and I actually still have an approach com list. Should I do s nl or not, just got an rendered. A new house at Malay in I had a new baby- and I thought- oh, my god- this is so much work,
what if I'm no good weather face. Think here is all that stuff. But then I aired and then Gabriela had asked me to be an. I said: he's in Euro were also going after Billy Crystal Christopher Guess, there's your knights and well. Ok, let me know when you get them in many forums that we have them. You do wow, because spinal without that summer- and it was the hottest hippies most brilliant thing emerge. Yeah sure and and your work and with all those guys The timid was that a great experience, real you know as share would say if I could durham back time Having a one year contract made, you feel like I can get out of this right, but it all put pressure on you, you like you were doing special. A week right like there wasn't a sense of I'm to be here for seven years. Ok, some not in this week, so you can feel like a star Saturday night, but by
and as a right on the show to buy them Wednesday read through if you didn't have anything in that, you would be like you felt like a biggest failure in the world in but it, but I think I put a lot of pressure. Myself to be good, Because I wasn't gonna be there long, but it seems like some of the characters that came out of that you did forever yeah, I'm no fool right, but No, I mean people. Do you still do your characters from, and I say sadly yes, you know but I went in after the force, show and tried to quit. I would ever Sauce office and said, being canadian and savvy beer, I said you know, I haven't cached any checks. They went right where you have a very high q rating. I didn't know that was he and he said well, he cattle like a chap. He really did. Could he said. If we were only in October, is under and he said if you leave now, the garden. You know some early attention and that job
If you leave now will be really bad for us, but it would be very bad for you and your also be breaking your contract. But if, at Christmas You still want to leave allegedly. Because he knew that later. He knew that by mid way the point. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and maybe I would have figured out the calm down it bit, not be so worried about. The quality of my work. Me the first show before he went in the air. I said Harry sure, and I are writing synchronize swimming together great bit If ever there was a good piece, and I said Harry, you know what I'm gonna do this it s an experience. I'm always gonna be holding a peace back You really believe in Sudan,
I can not feel pressured. I can tinker with it for an extra weak. That's interesting! Then you got a piece of paper, but it is typewriter taped it out. And then put her as wall, he said all right. I want to see how that peace is doing each week when you come in here without a fucking idea in your head I'll ask, peace you're holding back the one. You want your friends to see how that peace. It was known but never would happen, but it made them See you in the moment well, you know that's how you can do as he TB would write for six weeks and Eugene Levy, who is the most prolific writer. At one season the cinema seizing he'd first come weeks you just now now it s an that would be you and me in the show for two weeks right he then, in the last four weeks of the writing, made up for the first time weeks and was better It's never show as always, but then
you weren't, you were denied that experience of ESA now with Lorn at the helm, but you know we down from other things. Her friends with no, we did three amigos together right. How, and why- and I was he. He was evolve. He's one of the three writers get me a Steve and learn and then you know, then I'd I'd met law. Originally Baxter now that would be you and me in a show for two weeks right. He then, in the last four weeks of the writing, made up for the first two weeks. Friends, because you guys were Canadians. Logan, and but also he's funny and charming I'm still laughing we allowed a mutual friends and then I started doing us now. So when you back on it like this.
It's it's it's sort of like you, ve done so much work. Everybody knows you you're an amazing performer, your hilarious, but the question is is like when you were back on the tv opportunities are like when you that's what yet several shows Do you wish that you would just landed one and stayed on it for your life. Like a talk, show were well when you do things like, I would say my career. Has been. You know eighty percent and failure, and I goes a pretty good odds. You know That's, not bad. How do you do have you determine failure really and warming failure, not in the artistic sense now, but failure in the sense of you're not renewed right. You know your show, gets cats,
The thing that you and then you go now what. Oh, maybe Broadway wants any go, therefore, what right Hey. You heard your heart in the movies. Again, I am. I right. The movies didn't open. What about tv, our? then there is the I'm Springs volleys I hear there, you know, uses keep moving along. And so in retrospect, as I look back my career, I love that I it was so eclectic and had so many things. I was none cheers for fourteen years right but for a season of. Had I been on the procedures and, of course, includes chairs and had been cancelled, I would have been bombed right Well, I mean that what the I think the amazing testament to to, you ask as a entertainers actor, and everything else is that clearly
your talent is boundless and any time something didn't work out. Some one said well he's. Martin short, let's give him this thing. Well, there was an element that I think that, but I but you know it's, it's movies are flukes and its three movies are flu, and and if you're, in a successful movie. Yeah. That's, and passed it, but it happens not often I I made three amigos and that was did ok, but at the time is considered at this appointment. You know, and then I did inner space, which was considered. Was me Spielberg Bergen, Joe Dante and Denis Greatness, and it was supposed massive it and now and saw, and sometimes these films become very popular in the other life yeah and people are amazed that they weren't six it, but they weren't, and so you have so many times it back
my IDA friend who loves quivered, but I ll of Clifford. Yet is one of the otter ones, but certainly that was you know fundamental, that was, it was hilarious, economic growth in the Euro, Med, Charles broaden, I fucking, love Bruton, oh my God, so funny right. I've never met a gene. I've never met him. Lawyers So in a I remember me, word nearly saying, So you know I remember. I said it was in my book. And I had Pretend I'd read his book. What do I course, of course he he's totally out of the racket I mean you, I just left. Well, I think him. You know I need a whole old. Charles is a certain point here. You know I do think the exit is as hip. Is the entrance yeah I think, that's true! Even you don't fucking funny that what was it about him, what it? What would you call him he's a crank easier?
I was put on you know right. I remember, clipper, where he the improvised this way. You look at me like a human boy, and you go who says that Charles does it say or chalk as ever calls chug road use here, it's funny shit man hilarious. The heartbreaking is, if you haven't seen for while just see it again, you tore dined like it's, not an apple muse, Apple and sought on Itunes. I tried to I wanted, isn't no, I wanted to watch it the other night and I couldn't find it was not easy to find, I couldn't find it. So good. I don't know why, but so do so so annoying Eugenie Berwin in everybody's uni berwin at that moment, which he goes, I put cream.
That was the moment where he's lying to hers. Just so endless. Oh, my god, you didn't know the nose What so weird like? After all that, like our member Catherine. I saw inner space. I saw three make us all these. I liked the big picture that was a great movie but Father guess, but about what fuels the but fuels the next? You no choice. This is our. Did those films do well at the box office, if they did get ready for, Catherine to if they didn't what's broadway doing sure but father the bride was the big movie that those who were big hatch. Yes, MIA! now when that happens, you back we're doing for making money great. That's you first one Now then I went to Broadway, did you're a Broadway and then the second one.
It will your back in that you get. Films, but those films have to be six. It just is. Is it really about you? how successful Europe last thing, but you I do you like doing runway thy day? I was fantastic like the discipline of an eye like the idea that you could. Do opening night and people come back and say: oh that's, so good yourself good and you go come back and forth months, when I'm really good, you know said that level where you're saying lines in you're, not thinking about them in your as free. You can be because you now, you know it so. Well, it's you know here. And so this idea that maybe one night in that aid, on foreign? You might be perfect. I am opposed to perfect rose exciting to Could you give kid? You feel it when it happened yes, you could. Yes, you come here,
any, and it's a funny gazettes on those things are only. You really know that, yeah. I remember when the New York Times you know they staggered the reviewers in the old days it came opening night. They don't do that anymore. And which is more pressure for the actors, because you have to be great not just like. No such thing as second, I blues, because the second night you know the new post is that right But I remember Ben Bradley writing for the New York Times was in the audience. They try to keep it from the star, but you find out what I was doing. The show fame becomes me on Broadway two thousand six and I thought at the end of that show we pull cast it with a one. Man show with a cast. You. And at the end of that show I thought I'd. It doesn't really matter had been rights, because this was we were just spectacular tonight. We were
No everyone knew he was out there, but no one faltered, everyone was. There was a higher power going on so my thing on that is. Like even with reviewers, if you No, it's not very good and they say you're very good, you got. Ah they copy right, but if you know it's great in some idiot doesn't get it. That's not your problem right, but it hurts a little. Well, of course, but it doesn't hurt a lot because No, it's good! It's! It's a lot when you know very good and your life. As to the role and they caught you right, what it Ben say about that night, I can't even remember, I think, use positive, but the point was that he was a cause I kind of think that were You know all read: reviews on the road of a show like if your we tried that unsafe, Cisco, Francisco and Chicago, because I'm
part of the writing, thinks I'm trying to figure out they sat here, but once you open. You do have to protect your little emotional filament. You can't be, filling your head with. You know people's comments about you gotta, do it. The next night is not finished. Protecting I'd, try to avoid those reviews review review images. Just don't read. The shit tend not to know not if I'm running into something- and I can't do anything- is there some other tools you incorporate EU you utilised to protect them. Colonel filament! You try keep away from me energy, I mean you can learn, If you didn't know hatred, you can learn it by doing a run on Broadway. You know people coming back high. That was fun. That's it! That's it! That's all you and your stupid actors break. I remember one actress said
No, was it. You were good, but the play- and you know I'm on my problem- is, I can't lie, and I will so will you can act, we're going by your last four things. You can that's because they yet she can't lie part of acting, is lying here stuff. But you can't let you can play a murderous than you can come back and say you a fabulous and what a great show can't say that phony, but Only that's when you learn hatred, but yet you see, remain optimistic. Somehow! Yes, I do. Yes, I do and are you would you say, you're a spiritual person. I would say a then I can go in a high. Can look at the ocean in the mountains and say, while near them his overwhelming, but organize religion or any kind of that. Now right.
So the optimism is just that. It's a choice. I mean look at Woody Allen. I dont know Woody Allen, but you get the impression based on his movies on when he talks about himself, then spend a lot of time in action, despair. I don't know if that's and your factor of that's just bud, The reality is I'm not like that. I'm the opposite of that, so its summit, I admit that I was. I was also laughing on the inside of you, yet and so I dont know why people are like that right, why I thought I'd say it's lucky lucky. If you are way be like you. Yeah forcefully livin with great house you get to know things. People like Chris Gas how close is Larry David lived, you four blocks are you guys, frankest, you very close friends?
I played Larry on primetime black. Kirby Capitalism, it was, he may is Larry David and curb, but he I was playing. Can delay? It was said about politics? Can the was idle? I didn't look like of the Texas congressman yeah, how he is a monster last whenever that guy that what's gonna happen, all these guys, probably nothing I dont know so you think Linsey Graham, will be reflected in Mitch. Mcconnell and everything would just continue. I think some of them are going to lose their jobs. I don't know exactly which ones I have no fucking idea. I you know I'm so bowled over everyday by the amount of chaos created by this fucking monster, that is very hard for me to have any clarity like I can't. I can't depend on old models, anymore Martin. I can't I can't just say like well, you know the election of common things will turn around me. If there is such a a.
A level of chaos and fear and end and weird tension that you, like how do we are we ever going to be released either I think we ve. I think we will. You know very interesting as a canadian politics. It's much more. It became much more new nice, it's Hatfield. Some occurs. You know your sense in Canada If I bought liberal and my friend votes conservative, it's not a big deal just how come you don't network within? used to be that way here either to the I know yeah, but I will say that and Anna and I'm not trying to be pollyanna here I play all over the United States in every state, Stephen. I now over the last few years, and the audiences are fabulous and the people are fabulous and I believe in the positive spirit of Americans. I think that this is a blip. I hope you're right. Here's your things very interesting
I saw a friendly Woodstock where the Seville MAR she said that nine out of ten men had nice did not vote for Donald Trump because they knew who you jack, I think for years later, the United, It's no serious are good Have we really learned our lesson? Great, I'm glad I'm glad they took their time processing I agree with that. I did want tell you before before I go before. I forget that I thought you were great in the morning show. Oh, thank you thank like that was. That was something I got a call series. I know I know I really I kind of a kind of, and I not seen you derives something like that. I mean we were exactly, and I think for Go up on screen. There's! Martin short, you have these expectations than you holy shit, this guy's a fuckin monster. You, I guess not because, like you know, a lifetime of watching Martin Short doesn't really prepare you. For where you go with that. Guy
well you know it's tricky is I remember, I did a season of serious called damages. Oh yeah, and at the very first I was playing a lawyer kind of a made off type lawyer and. And a remember, one of the producers came up to him and said: they'd be watching the takes. We do another Dick Marty, You not smile, because when you smile it becomes. Martin Short, and I said well see that now we have a problem because here smile? Do you know if your plant in the devious are the biggest smiles. You know that anyone you right- and that was the last concern about even better. They restock with the clown, and now you had some have forget that he was a clown. That's not really. Your fault knows my father loved. I can't
it's not my fault this below, the iconic person, exactly yet yeah, yeah, fuck, that it's a burden and it's a burden. Great talk any man, they told me you mark is nice. We spent a nice our plus. The pandemic where they he's get long, and there we ass. We are nice conversation about your life, love thanks man. I know our necks out here. All about you. Do you, though not really here I'll. Do it. You just tell me what if I'm not here, don't think I'm not recording it. Ok later. That was Martin short. The Emmy nominated Martin Short for outstanding guest actor in a drama series in the morning show what you can watch on Apple tv plus good. Now I will play some guitar for you
what we can fight we're going to fight with our hands in a back a fire. Oh my god, relax into the sounds.
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