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Episode 1159 - Alicia Keys / John Leguizamo

2020-09-21 | 🔗

It's a New York City doubleheader! First up, Marc talks with the woman behind the modern day New York anthem, Alicia Keys. On the release of her seventh studio album, Alicia looks back on what it was like to start a huge music career so young and how she had to finally meet her monster in order to come into her own. Then Marc talks to John Leguizamo about his defining one-man shows, his relationship with other New York City artists, and his new movie Critical Thinking, which is the first feature film John directed.

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Hey folks were sponsor today by comedy central, and I know what you're thinking folks, you haven't had any new Tosh point: oh all quarantine long and you can't Take it anymore, luckily To tell you Tosh point. I was back with new episodes, Tuesday attack. Nine central on comedy Central Watch, Daniel Tosh, as he unpack the best and the worst of the internet, for your viewing pleasure will do and you'll be wearing a man may be, will he be wearing clothing? Absolutely not so dont A new Tosh point O Tuesdays at ten nine central on comedy central, also I'm excited to tell you about long way, up a new series exclusively on Apple TV plus that follows you and me rigour and his best friend Charlie Borman, on a third thousand mile journey from the southernmost point of south amerika- all the way to LOS Angeles, the dual travel.
Through brutal winter conditions and Patagonia, harsh desert landscapes in Chile, extreme altitude in the Andes and endanger jungles in Central America, all on electric motorcycles charging as they go, and some of the most remote places on the planet open. The apple tv happen start watching long way up now subscription required for Apple TV plus a right here we go. Let's do the show we're saying that again All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the planet's what's happening, Mark Marin. This is doubly TIA cast how's it going
when you think you can only get worse. It does that's a constant in the current world, the current environment, the current cultural moment, the current now Jesus fucking Christ I can't I can take it man on top of everything else. On top of my own personal journey, I caught we is that where Journey hey life, is a journey man, it's not about me! in your goals are getting everything you want. It's a journeyman, it's about the journey enjoy the journey. I gotta be as with you, I think the journeys not great right now. I think that the vessel we're on not terrific, tough, tough, to appreciate the journey. Maybe if I'm workin back like. I can't believe our bus made it through that shit, that'll be nice, then I could see the journey thing, but right now On the road on the edge on this Viking crumbling Dirt road
would have democracy in a bus, that's over crowded with people trying to have hope, and so crying in the back of a bus and this our system doesn't work and the ivory sweating. Not a great journey was a fucking quick here. The other night on top of everything else, happy new year, Jews. Happy new year to everybody who doesn't he don't acknowledge that this is the junior year we ve been doing new, knew your the near thing for five thousand seven hundred eighty, some odd years. I think it is but their happiness here to those in the tribe. Those who are, adjacent to the tribe. I hope the apples in honey work. It's to take a lot apples in honey man, a lot of fun apples and honey. And I know there are some people in this world that just a certainty,
hey fuck man there's not much. We can do and you know it was never good and he's never going good place and it was always inevitable, doesn't ended well for anybody. Man just enjoy the ride situation. I I get that by the right. Thanks right now, the shitty amusement park, it's fucked up, broken ride in a doesn't work like the fucking guys, even at the controls anymore and guy who seems to be run in the whole park is out of it. Fuck in mind? What is it metaphor day. Pow look out to ship, my pants, just coffee dotcom will throw back I'm sorry, my two negative, how you doing everything all right. What the kid you figure out. What that thing was. Maybe you should get some more detergent, then I mean how long you going to put that up. I know it's scary to go to the store, but you know just fucking suit up and go. Dude up and go
Today we got a double header. Actually we have Alisha keys from a hour and then John Leg was AMO forbid for almost an hour worked out that way, sort of a new worker real New Yorker theme show today they both talk like can defend their fuckin city. You know cause they are. It's you now. I can explain it to you. I can explain it to look, folks, nothing lasts forever, right, so how come for some itchy allergy, I sufferers, it seems. Like allergy season, never ends. If you ve had it with rubbing your itchy allergy eyes all the time. You need PAH today once daily relief padded they can. As the number one prescribed I allergy each relief ingredient and now it's available without prescription with Patty Day, just one drop once a day works fast and lasts. All day. Relief season is here to stay. People get padded day online in stores everywhere,
everywhere are right. I got. I finally realize I have allergies. I have a grass allergy about its. It manifests itself differently You know my grass allergy cosmic causes me existential sadness and deep despondent despairing thoughts. That is that Common symptom of allergies suicidal ideation is that is because I'm allergic to the grass fury re pains. That is at the grass allergy. Jesus man. So here's what happened how will scheduling batch? I somehow the my doctors appointment and show up in the calendar, and I made it to and I needed to go and it can it
cut into the Alisha Keys time, a little bits. We pushed it fifteen minutes which was fine, but then I actually got back in time, but they couldn't push back and she only had an hour to begin with, and then she was running. Fifteen minutes awaits a point being we got about thirty minutes, and I was focus now this. Like one those warning experiences really from And in the in the big picture, either I didn't grow up with the OECD keys. Yeah, I know Song Sheet, which Aisy I think I've heard some of her bigots hits, but it really really was in my radar. Wasn't on my radar wasn't in my world. I know she was great. I know she made big hits. I know she was a prodigy in a brilliant artist. I knew that, but I didn't know her stuff. So when this happens. I'm like I think I should talk to her, but I'm gonna have to get in then have to give in to the work so that makes me get into the work. So I listen you were pass hit. Some overpass her records did a little
looking around in you know her history, but then I just focused on the new record Alisha. So is a records been quite a few years since your ass one she's older, now, she's wiser, now she's coming out from a different angle, and I just kind of focused on at record and listen to it and listen to the words and an you know: kind of absorbed where she was at what she was talking about. Gonna use that, as a team wait. So this is like if, if I ever who prepare this is. It is like I take the piece of art that they could aided, and I see the span of their life through the lens of that piece of work. The most recent work is, Oh I don t. I did it with this one. I don't know that I do it this way all the time, but but in an He told me and immediacy to sort connect with her, and I dont know that here and I would have talked you in if we ever in our lives It almost feels like we live in different worlds. I dont know that if we, if we did on another time that we would have liked talk this long.
So it's pretty interesting. It's a real sort of, like you know, bridge. Here too, The music I dont know to an upbringing I dont know culturally, were different front in a lot of ways in which great it was just sort of a locked in with the work I walked in with her. A share it with your right. Her new, album Alicia is out now, wherever you get music. And this is a listen. We lock right in this is me and I wish it these highly hurry. My paint a good hour. You re the young when they got me connected with you The turkey I may, even where there is a crazy, do in a million. It is now a man do a lot of different things. But, honestly, I feel great, I just feel I fell asleep.
So really in a special place right now, so I'm under my bliss special, is he and it took a while to get there. There's a long while others are just glad to be here. Man deserves noticing, like it's been till the last couple of weeks, where you got about for years in between him and then I was listening to the songs on the record and I was like wow. Some shit went down. There is, I don't know what, but, but there's a lot of section. There seems to be some relationship. Difficulty will shut out to us, People were the less fortunate there's a fairly radical song about about the police, but it seems like everything's covered yeah. I guess so. You know I mean I could even have guessed how this music were meant to be for this time,
I mean I feel like I've always been honoured at my music. Is timeless, definitely could in magic? How the music that I wrote you know even two years ago a year ago. How long will it take to report? All together is relevant. More than ever right now, in a certain things, are your control than certain things are just how this was to be an Sure, like every one of those moments where issues that everything is were exposed to be right was sadly you know a song perfect way to die. Young remains ral forever relevant until change comes. You know They can't wait because they say. I really know that so many of us that don't want to see that same situation play it out. We don't want to see this blatant disrespect for black lives in a week daily intake. A barrage of vague, too much is not right. I really can't wait for us to collectively decides and suggests never do that again in its interest in prison
I mean you grew up in New York and you grew up like in in a in part in New York that was rough. And it would seem to me- and I know also that you did- you- did some performing for like the police athletic league when you re younger, but the relationship right- your personal released with the neighbourhood in the police that you grew up with, it's gotta be different and then what you see right now, I mean. To be honest, I mean I was there's always women, natural distrust for police officers in the iron suddenly, and so am I can't say when reading I ve been away, but was Ike O Higgins. Finally, so it s really hurt. Like that's a whole neighborhood right, I think best of acting as the point of a lot of these conversations after having right now, the guides to wait or funds go and an end. You know but is actually the what the proper way to spend a cities funds on, but it seems
seems like there's there's this, regardless of what you know what you space is definitely to America's, and so it goes on. One side of America can approach. The police and be protected rather than another site can expect to be brutalized by them. So I say what it is that you and your word: you grow up in New York in House kitchen. A house kitchen and also Harlem what it was held. Kitchen- was in the eighties yeah as I the eighties. Yeah it was enjoy it. Wasn't it wasn't quite good yet was it as the way, far from being a new mass. The is definitely I mean I'd like to say that it took the place where all the Miss fits in the outcome in the unwanted ones were congregated. We between open tenth actually right on ten June, as I write their highways eagerly to suit you just drops off the edge of civil,
position right, especially because it was before like now, there's always called things on the peers and they're all these places and news like stuff to do, but at that time was desolate not you didn't you didn't, dare go. It would appear that one has placed lady when not if you wanted to come back right. Those is so. Then how things evolve and everything, but here s what it was like It was just you and your mom yeah, my mother, my mother's amazing, woman, single mother. She raised me, it was the had me and shows the fight for a man she's. You know incredible still my best friend to this day, so a grown up a neighborhood. I mean you know, being a do. You do have siblings. I have a brother buggy, Rob with me in the neighborhood. I was on my mother's. Only child I get the elderly with that guy, my brother here. Yes, my guy she's, my his name. Baby. I love him he's here
ten years younger than me, so we have like a really beautiful by this system by, but it says is that you know that my first kid No sir, is a real learn, protection over now tall enemies or make as little sister now and he's my big brother so like we. When you started getting in the music was primarily to to git active, to avoid the danger of that neighbourhood. I think you know when I got in some music when I first got into music, it was because I was definitely try. I was drawn to the piano and almost like a spiritual away that I don't even think that actually know why or made me call me he's. I definitely called me from a young age before I could play. I knew I wanted to leave and I couldn't play I wanted to, and so would you foresee. Where do you remember first see and like you know, that's what I gotta look at that
yeah. I remember I walk in and the icing Pm the stores in United in New York, and you know and an hour justly fastening allay my nose, in the window and look at it and just be like I want it when they play? But I don't know how to place. Was I'm gonna go in there and do, but I just knew I wanted to ensure that type of energy MIKE my grandmother, my mother's mother, play flee piano, and that was cool because you when she would come stay with me and my mother had they go away, will back this piano together and see definitely had about like there under the mat. There wasn't really anybody that sleepy animal around like that. My mother was in a very young musician. She was an. She was an actor She was a musician, but there was always creative energy around me all the time, and I think I was always is kind of like taken in by the creative spirit. Despite what was the music in the house.
The music in the house was, you know, latter jazz, allowed a kind of elephants, Jerome Ladder Bobby Caldwell, definitely is MILES Davis There is a lot of you know, Rita Franklin's and at a James and gave the classics order, classics, So you had gone in you. You know you knew that the that's pretty good range of stuff and like if you were to sort of explain where you're coming from my tea most. Those are it right yeah then. I think I'm an uneasy and my my you know, and then I was introduced from the streets and from my friends to noise and having a baby smaller than to park in order that all our instruments, as my secondary my other ether and so is Canada's mix between so and then and then I was playing classical music, so was praying Chopin and Safety and Debbie, seeing as I was there
make sure to install and classical in her path. Then you within a classical now of my that so much really of it. I don't get it Odin understood. I like it's a wonder if you like the only music that I don't get me, I you stay. I think you will finish. I think when we finish this compensation, You should listen to their busy. Ok, I will give you a vibe, because this then look there's plenty of classical music plenty of classical arrangements and music that I cannot listen to his two, like you believe it he Lydia. I want to hear that type via went on hearing like this very soul for movie worthy jar. Cooler than its colleges in the rain. Resembling I'm, like my mind, is the long, and so I it's definitely. I was sick of it. The abc after lipstick, Will you like it awake when you studied it? Did you I d get the whole cause. I don't even know how it works. As it's like, I got an idea
symphony works. I don't know what movements are at an all. You know why fits together? Do you, I think, that's yeah. I do there when I studied it, and so I think that's really am very proud of that part of my you know my my bringing. I think that it will leave, gave me another perspective. That allowed if I don't get a chance to explore experience and even worse reading anyone know how to read those period, I'd better. That's a big away a big reason why I can arrange and why I can hear voicing their my head in a way that I think other people's peoples people can't let you know I. I think movements are the most beautiful one on one of my favorite is very very popular by one of my favorites Chopin Sunset
open, as one of my favorites too is called the raindrop prelude. You ve heard it before without question, but the second movement is actually to me the most beautiful, because It feels like that funder and new and more dark and Lucy for me, unlike the amendments like put me in a mood, gave me a my emotions. Are our solar soul? It feels like that funds and you can hear how its cracking and rolling in that and, in all other an answer. That's one of my favorites. I love her movements go together, is actually a thought behind why it involves the song and in a guy. Imagine to learn how to do that. You obviously have a gift for it, but you were very young when he started playing the piano but the discipline it takes to do that and to get locked into that and the sort of its almost I just talked. I remember who I talk to you about
about the military and about how his experience in the military defined how he approached work in general. You know you could see it programmed his brain shall I imagine that the discipline must have been laid. At wiring for you to get. She had done in a way that it does. So let me right, I mean I, you know there was. There was a certain level the planet, and there is a certain level of discipline that council classical music by just doesn't come with anything else you just can't pretend plague As for music, you just how you have to study it, you have to work at it. You have to break it down. Each measure has to be broken down. The complexities. Are you using inside
the brain and don't even usually go together its death and at me, like an experience that I'm I'm grateful, asked that are causing a kid as they get off my back make while I had to practise this, but the effort and the discipline of learning how to put in work here is in a priceless, and nobody can outward me because I, I understand what it means the pudding work like and I'm not afraid to put men were. I'm also learned that I also have to take breaks and you had to be healthy and you can't live burns underground last night. Work even when the jury out when I wrote TAT. I know how to work I didn't learn that for a long long time try when I had my first care than I was I owe you know, somebody is more important than me, so you know pay attention. That's nice, that you recognise that as a mother, your down is that
Everyone should have long been in your hand. You're, like I cannot believe, is being needs me for everything. How many guys you have two yards to? My husband has three before me: and I we have two together, so we have five altogether Siam. Definitely like it's so cool for me, because I get to see the spectrum. Might you know article five and nine, but I get to see like what happens when a third thing, what happens when in mind, eighteen, a psycho being so I feel like it seems to me a lot for what you know. What's: gonna com and how I wanna keep mom, keep open out at all will in turn like the work like a, I imagine that the understanding blasphemy and classical music, as you seem to collaborate with a lot of people and you to do it well, which is sort of a unique thing sort of a gift in, and I guess, as in a ranger, and this record collaborated with a few people
yeah, you know I used to absolutely be so frightened of collaboration because it saw you know like always in you get extol is, are you using already rightly, I sees in the way they should feel like. You have to be so honest source and passionate. I wanna be honest with a lot of people, but and one of your in what is our monster one day. Then all those people know the air now ass. The thing I never. I never met my mind there until recently, and so I always hitman There are now at a truly learned how to let my master out the good thing, you're a good thing, but collaboration I enjoyed collaborating on this album. I learned Glove Rainman Dynamic Day he's really. Really amazing writer and producer in person. Hokosa sinuses call my parents as we sit in a roman asking questions and no one will take with an ass near think about, and so what that brings forth is is really rape
Our I really enjoyed riding with the gentlemen name. Sebastian call we vote machine together and also preferably to die and he's very prolific. I think he's a wonder. Most powerful writers that I know also enjoyed working with with the dream. He somebody that I hadn't worked with before, but I've always known at them and we got together get ideas like a certain magic. By just energy to him. That's you know that bigger rating, so it's cool, but you get to you that nobody would nobody's on come about what I'm gonna come up with an I'm, never gonna come about with very come up with some. Only for the under is like a fascinating And their end, their ultimately working for to honour your voice in your vision, whatever they bring. You always owing to broaden your trip. Yeah yeah enhances our lives, sure hundreds. So when you were younger was there ever time, because I mean you, a big
it's right away you its interest, Those who work at some research at you know cause a rather Franklin left Colombia to to go to a lad? They for similar reasons, the lad and feel so bad. You that's why I didn't feel so bad at once. I found that they must evidently by Colombia definite me. You know, I just didn't know where they had in me and I can't blame on because I'm an anomaly and I'm definitely something that can be defined, and so you know, businesspeople, all night things. I can't be the norm. This is a commercial right, right, so so that summer, that I don't remember once I found that they didn't know it, they had read the Franklin to just stupid. And she did she didn't like ten record's with them. Crazy. How long she was there really is evenly and then she then Jerry, I saw it took her over the Atlantic, and that was it and I was a baby found. Imagine that's always about in finding a match
find and where you belong there I just play Jerry LAX or in a movie with general rats. In that a wreath of sheer savagely edge. The new movie, it hasn't, come out yet a wreath of rank and movie respect. Jennifer Plaza everything fell, desk enemy, so actually I can certainly say that you can completely reader. Be a cranky jus yeah. I can add. That which you are right. I have my monsters well and I've known my monster for a very long time. It was the first time you met. Your monster is probably right Nineteen thousand by this. I let it out. Yeah, you know just at you, I didn't know what what he was up to you, but you and I was there. I was in my first real relationship and I
you know when you love somebody and you're not used to be invulnerable. Yes, sometimes s when the monster happens, because a scary, like you had a secular but I'll call. You know me. I got a bit surprised that arise crazy here, thereby giving. How did you When did you meet your monster? found him at La Mancha. Recently, as I told you, because I am not in a lot of ways. I think I've always been Canada levelheaded one year, and so as I say my mother and eyes, she she was always kind of quite wearing all her emotions are her sleeve and I always had a d Canada national wine and uncontrolled needed all, makes sense and like figure it out and harm it down. That's everything allowing very early had to be very accommodating and pacifying, which is a shame.
She doesn't enable you to have your own feet, Buildings are to define your own person this, I think so. I think I think it definitely made me very accustomed to income trouble with being accommodating culminating in pacifying and took a wild, on wines. Finally, when I started on wine bad because I always have to be the current anyone I beat fast, one always had to be the would have made it okay and when it made a better and all that shit I'm only about unwound map. I was ever K. I look at what I can fix everything and I can't fix your shit and looked at him. Maybe I can fix mine and tried, but I definitely I'm going to have to focus on that. Also just like taken off that we feel like you, gotta put everything together was a relief because that's right it does in March, the Classic Kaliko Dependency thing right where you didn t like you. Can you there too of somebody else, he almost lose yourself in dry and dressing room
trying to help, but how you and then one day, just spin out right, you just like sway. Yeah. I'm not doing. Does anyone, but it's good. You gotta get little place I think you ought to know that you're! Yes, something suggest you your powerless over! I'm you can't control it. You can't fix it fuck it this new era, their song. Is I'm done so down, So then, yes, yes, I'm done garden. My tongue holding me back I'm leavin awaited. I want undone fighting me itself going through Hell, I'm leavin waited. I want like cut. Finally, be then asked us, oh good, just like this all unfilled good. It feels good will but like outside of relationships. I imagine right from the beginning, once you start doing that first record, once you moved over with I, who you with Clive Davis right, you know, and he started making those hits input now that work in that you must have been like just submerged with that personnel just in the work, and you just turn it off
the music all the time you prided did you. A life when you were younger. Ah now, I'd and no I mean you know everything everything you haven't from a very young. Rail, which is amazing and a beautiful girl. Sitting right, but it's all so kind of crazy. He too That's a manage everything and trigger everything out in and keep it all kind of spinning in from about eighteen on eighteen until today, so I definitely didn't really have a traditional teenage experience. I don't have a traditional young adults, experience and alive the times. It's interesting me when I think back on that, but I feel very normal and I'm really guy, I think, a more normal and people thereby had those there's no experiences and maybe in some way I was able to view thanks to my mother. I think this is very much a realist
and show is kept me going ground in New York City. I'm in New York City, you know that Sir you know what I mean like New York City is almost like when you grow up there and you spend that life there is the it's almost apparent in a way there's something evaluate the personality or New York. U S silver, because I think the first time that I really you know came in contact with making other choices for myself in especially under the scrutiny of people or whatever pressure of whatever I knew what I didn't want right away, and I knew I didn't want it. You're, ok I'll know about all these other thing. But what I know is that amount Can we do in this area, and that was that was that was helpful. I really did it apparently in other ways, yeah, I think so, goes virtually video with the with the huge song media empire state of mind it it's almost replaced and New York New York as the song for New York. You guys did it
it's crazy knowing that really crazy and were so proud of it. We always look at each other like why seriously bring like it seems like the euro, rural areas, like already songs, is very hard for me to on the new record. A new man just stay with that, like it seems likely underdog song sort of it almost. I can anthem, atta, respect for people at struggle, and we have from white in some ways. Little bit where you came from maybe later when I came from, I mean definitely define the mob, my mother, no five as first sure without question, so that there is no question about our relation is also the hundreds and thousands of other people You are or are not expected to see too be able to make it out of the situation as it stands. There is currently an I think. You know we all have their past the members sure now so is naturally that's why they're song itself? The song is act
we really about like when you also when you meet people and you darling, o them, and how do you actually open yourself? Sir? You do actually see each other or do we can adjust pass each other and our business do. We know our story the stories that do we just like you know, ratio in our world with that sort of like a few. The songs I grammars park it to a little bit re gratified is one of my favorites my view is on the move on their like it's really kind of an intimate song. It's not yet little more feels personal ip instrumentation feels very sort of the Candid in Vienna, we, like is definitely bearing raw very straight back, orderly liking or folk, see that about it. But I love most importantly, as about the waited a change itself, unknowingly because you love somebody thing. Looking at you doing it out of love, but only to find out that you ve lost yourself in
I guess that's what I was doing what I heard it. I was like there's a line in their words, sort of like you know: you fell in love with some you like. Do you don't even know really is something like a southern along those lines. Right they live now found a person has not even because I was that about the person that I used. All my did you, everything? Ok, your husband was gone. I, that is honesty. I find that member has not bathing. I think that I fire happens with knife ran. Relationships that I've had in the past year. I wasn't so silent. I didn't really understand how to be clearly myself. I was ever more reshape shifted because signal I was learning yeah. I was wondering about that and dead truth without love is a lie. Word that come from. I learn that I mean that's. What am I like it so nice its right to free? like I can't stop thinking about the you know, the poetry of it,
me, and I think that it means a lot of things to a lot of people. I don't genuine circumstances, but for me I feel, like you you can have all the truth in the world. You chemists bitten off all food in the world. If you are not saying it will love, how does that person receive it? Is it actually the truth or is it just a lie? So it's like. I think that I think that such a power in that poetry, you're, right arm ends- and you know you- you know it's like this list- this honest hurry and that song about our le here and you can also use the truth- is a weapon. Sometimes you know not saying something is more loving than Sainz lashed to man is too, but I think its entry. Can you say that you didn't know like who you are or how to hold on to yourself throughout a lot of what you were doing, because I feel that on this record wireless into the other records that you know, you can't you voices in the cradle of yourself,
Yeah right I mean I mean you get you great voice your voice had a great voice, but now you feel some wisdom and now I can now you're connecting to that wisdom and too young to your heart, you know, you're, not you know demanded is you can definitely feel the weight of it now? Also They don't have to try so hard. I think sometimes you know you try so hard and light the thing. Not it's John would do this impressive whatever and at some point you can actually just speak true than say what you feel and you can deliver it in so many different ways and is not just one way to be great, and I think that you know that It was some of their stereotyping at break down as humans they think man, I'm only gratify. So so it's it's cool to build another. Try so high right, and sometimes I give you one- those people that never think of doing good enough. There's no ended that new, just gonna burn yourself out
right, you never be happy. You have to recognize what special about Do you know why and also just be like that was good, like. I did our right. Here's the thing I always get do is sort of like I've been doing this along fucking time so like right so ache whatever I think about it. I know how to do this so like I don't have to beat myself up, thinking. I dont know how to do stand up or whatever the hell. I do right side. Then you can relax a little bit at least enjoy what you do. You know, and I exchanging if I have a kind of an opposite of feeling. I feel like every time I do what I do. I don't know why and I absolutely I mean, of course. I know I've done it before, but I don't exactly know how is gonna come to fruition? It's time, you know when it's ok, the bouquet, the problem with that I think I felt like I had to know I had to be able to be in controlling. Was
could be good enough and what if it was a good. I led I worry less about that. But you know you have the skills that you may not know how the pieces gonna fall, but you know I can play piano. I can sing. I can work with these people write the song, we don't know what's going to happen, but I know Why? Yes, I definitely put it my forty thousand hours so we'd be out there. Of their work. I know you gotta go mailing pick it up again was great talk. Now have the record a man. Thank you so much, I'm so glad to talk to thank you for thinking about it being put your mind on it in connection with me in and all the good things. I can't wait to see you again. Ok, good, take a good look at the record. Thank you. Men talk to you later That was one. Might we locked in I drew out and I like new record her new record Alicia is out and
our ever you get your music. So here's an up eating. Before we get to John Light, was ammo I've. He's right pending I've changed a long held opinion. And I share with you and it was not a great opinion, but I didn't years ago, when I saw Robert almonds longer by with the Elliot Gould. I didn't think it worked. Granted ass time went on. I realized I was the only one that thought that my web Haldeman, he made one favorite movies of all time, the cabin Missus Miller by just lacking, do the longer by. And for some reason. Last night I don't know how I got there. I ended up watching one for over the cookies. Which you have not read the book by, can crazy the book his genius, it's written from the point of view of chief, but the abbot movies, pretty fucking great too. In that last seen where she's like comment, take you with me you it's like wow
but then I got from their son how to add to the long by- and it was fucking great Ellie Gould was great. Just turning up form the private dick movie on its head in that 70s way sterling Hayden I mean it just like. I was completely flabbergasted at my younger self. For being such a dummy, do yourself, favour and watch the long by. I think it's on Madame primes where I watched it. Of course, cookies if you haven't seen that lately their work in you like they worked my father, the combine. That's in the book. Anyway, look John Leg was almost somebody I never really met, though he claims we did vital. It's all right. I'm surprised I didn't. I used to be on the lower side, in the I knew he come from there at some point, any ways it hasn't happened. We have met, we haven't talked, and I know how it would go, but he's At this new movie called the critical thing
that he stars enemy directed any. Watch our most video on demand platforms, they put his heart into any puts his heart into always stuff that he's doing on terms of like sexually solo shows, and I was happy that there The conversation went well. This is me talking to John Leg was on your sideways. That's interesting! it'll come around european given moment your high maintenance the idea behind me Well, what is it where you were a? U New York there are many happy, oh yeah, May I see you, you got your Emmy behind you, then Emmy solemnity
oh yeah, with that's for freak, yet outbreak, yeah celebrities stairs. I met you got one of those two of those I only one of those where you gotta get up there. You gotta get up there. Next, the other statue nigh spread around. So I a myself every floor. Ok, yeah! Yes! like everyone, we walk in doing I go on. I shouted tribute to my achieve I'm winning. Looking now that I kick it, I can't leave my house for very long. It's nice This is why I did by self esteem, starts to drug quickly via believe me, this kind of true. Isn't it it's weird, You know when you were kind of isolated and you can't really do anything even walk down the street. They at least get someone stranger to go. Hey man! I love you shit. You just need to write. That I get near a vulgar age, but their feels good
I'll get that little boost our data bases. You walk Roger Housing, who the fuck am. I do anything that might, but you know better than to google yourself. You know I never doubted that sucker, I dont you do have what's you'll, never do it again because, like the first ten or fifteen, I like you Furthermore, I love you you may then that is that you saw you the worse. You piece of shit, you fake, a you like it guy, it's like a horrendous speed ball, but you like your Europe Europe now that you get knocked down, you're, gonna, fuck and in Europe. Again, if you don't do it don't until I get a lovely analogy, That's what it is really except one side is terrible. I mean electrical, at least with the speed by both sides are their different but they're both good right, noted, google- I mean you, Google, you saw about it at first, it gets really dark. Very dark and an immediate Asia. It is a strange drug for people
yeah. You know at the social media somebody's it's the feeling that they did. I could even say that your face right course. No one another month come up to you, even if the bigger than you any end, they could beat. You discovered dear, pays and say that here but anonymously initially, they feel like you'll. Never know, I could say, listen that if you know what do you know what I really so is a lot of those lot of em it's their fuckin. I'll be man. It might not even be how they feel that Try them with you there trying to get you to react to this is like air. They cannot, but that they get over that yeah. That's that's! That's got any monster J. Definition of trolling is to poke it you until they hit your fuckin sensitivity in you, pull in you ve, you react as soon as you go. Fuck you they're like they. You idea right you got me gotta yet and if you ve got and get into it with them. I use it like way back in the day. Find yourself like spending twenty minutes on twitter, arguing
The guy would know picture no name and for followers, and you like what the fuck is wrong. With me half an hour of your life that you can get back, I made people, stop. They ve been peoples that being on your side too You, like you being meaner, Somalia, why you were beaten up on the guy would know Freya no friend of followers and I've been a real person, sure like we ve never met before. I don't think have we yet we have it's. Ok, you have to remember me. It's fine, happens. Now. I remember you, I know you, but where are you don't remember me where, while we know you were not aware and meet numbered me with my party and I believe we will be at least once once one time. How come. I remember had been the allotted time like about. Remember you, because I my eye, I make an impression John, are you already may employ you and we must be a charisma exact
glee. Nobody, any my guide course. I know you re like, but we were in New York. At the same time, I never met you when we were kids, I was down, I was in New York. I was on the lower side, eighty nine to ninety two and then it six How do they are all lot yeah and I was its six eighth and third from gear, ninety three Ninety ninety five and out Nestorius forever, but, like I like I'd heard, I knew you around right, where you owe a lorry side, guy yeah, yeah yeah. I was Jellia Jamb Jacksnipe Queens, that's where we're I'm from, but I made my mark was an alley. As you know, all the performing arts basis downtown. I lived on standing ridge, then I lived on seventh and c and D. That's it on long term you remember hammerhead, oh yeah, do you later on the game? You resume Schneider that crazy bar?
where was a sporadic members, may know those later I was late and I was like in the late nineteenth early too thousands injured. Why are you doing about say the robot? You know about Saddam Hussein, the robot I lived on second between a and b right by that weird la yeah. In garage that was the arise. Eighty nine performed it was a performance banks right, so It shouldn't grammar there you did the star their started their yeah sure, you grew up in Jackson Heights. Don't tell me what age what we remain until I joined I'd like your college in our lab but you didn't you, but you have done you are when you went to college, you moved into the city right rabbi, let that at Avenant she'll be postponed for two years then try, then, why you than at the moment Colombia that no money, how many
yeah, my brothers sisters, you get just one lab. I one pulled brother to step sisters, three have brothers and sisters, oh my god, big family, my father could focus. We could just on different things: sexual adhd, your work for now, so that a key so like one. Did you start you started? When did you start doing the performing I'm here, I'm trying it timeline amid eighties MID eighty, so I was at the first amendment. Improved come company on bond street, you know like everybody was performed. It makes him when I got there was on the other are the downhill when the funds in the mid eighties yeah. I don't like it that was before I got your highness was coming down. Rather, what is coming down everybody, but when I got there they stopped coming
I want a member that place it all. Maybe I'd like, as I was all stand up slightly know nothing about it. I was actually improved circuit, Yad and then, and then I was at Gustaf House Avenue a and in like street I was at the Knitting Factory Dixon Place, Dixon poison Roger yeah home. You know these are all the performance airspace. Girls do look. I was doing the clubs to like you open magnetic catch arising stir among these do not get the lottery and what not at the comic Strip running you go. You are going to try those you did those that Dangerfield schedule. How do I get as much power nineteen twenty. Twenty so like when you did stand up cause. That's my. Well, that kind of new. I tired, I dont think never saw you around it ain't about Daniel World, no dialogue here,
We really have what I say not behind them are worth, but we got ready. You couldn't hacking, we get ready. You did stated our world. You are the other areas it was not my world. It was like a guy like you know, like I feel like a fish out of what I would like it set up punchline. So a slight all these dreamt motherfuckers, I'm late. I can't perform for you what we what we do and when he did stand up, we do in characters in right, I was characters and stories in that year. The group my group do sketch comedy an improvised. Can we travel around everywhere? Do improbable given improv groups, but I found myself was doing my thirty minutes. Little monologues full of characters like here like the Bible, visas were latin. If the west, everyone by land people instead of lost, did I would do those kind of things in an people dug it so like this. Is my tat showed no? No it now about tat because
it would do that stuff in they. Wouldn't they wouldn't get, they wouldn't get on board. They could, following it was dead, took too long. It jumped to law too. Be they do what they want. You know a quick quick little quickly. He appointed Ike, not you got it. You gotta urged me, Joe is right. So at age, twenty or like fuck, stand up going back downtown and yeah dig it in more you taking classes at the time. The amateur artists outstanding questions as I was seventeen which some of them the great I was always the only latin guy and and these teacher, so beautiful and mentoring and then you'll be boosted me? You know they knew that they needed to help me out and Herbert Berghof and it won't Hb studios. I was in his class for a couple years. Lee Strasberg. For a little bit of you are, you are you around when he was alive. I was in his class one day. His last day on earth from at least Strasbourg is due.
T street. I get a sense member exercise of something from my childhood and he died at night because of my acting, I'm pretty sure so, human! That's just that doesn't mean I'm gonna prettier circles by acting like gold. It really, you're in his glass, when you re ass to what he would be using old. Was he old all their very like up like a click mister Milburgh lumpy around, and I wanted to tell you that there are better than the other. They like every quite, could hardly Herman and they had that their curricula rapid at that age. Do you did you find yourself like I was I do. I took classes from it Michael Howard Immortal, fame its famous, then dear little Larry, think it'll. Take it to a certain age in you know, due to our. Finding that you were there because you wanted to be around the guy in his history or you're, actually learning something new learn. I feel like my acting totally changed. I may I love each meeting
I learned a lot about seeing study in silence, down and motivation previous circumstances, I'll get mad. Acting nerd with you now opened up and then what Strasbourg it was. It was more about imagination is what made me do. My one man shows because you learn how to create an environment. Imagine airily ta. Imaginary people, you know you created that all from your imagination. I never felt alone on Broadway, because I had my imagination. They was limited so he Korea method right? Yes, yes, you Boone, you develop the first show which was at my Mama ninety ninety Nike night in Europe. You don't believe me one like like, but I know you were, but we were. Did you work data? I work out everywhere, Home Dixon plays what was woman's name dick someplace else call back and who guys like is, I guess I m so weird they buy
by the nineties Who is lacking the stand up? There were still what was left of the performance arts in from the eighties, but then there were new people like you know like us, reality. Collective. Conscious. There was all these new kind of Ben Use, but you are you kind of got the tail end of the original crew. So, like a bug as you can come up with. You were he's only IFOR yeah he has tried to that was, but goes you write that he was a little before make his army see he's one of my. Men towards you know one of the people that inspired me yeah he went. He was right before me. So did you see what did you realize it? You could do these guys, like is the one person chauffeur Is it a blessing and a curse to no course, They know parents do it. Now I mean during What do you mean you got explain this? I will I will you come correct, come arrow, I will I yeah I'm talking to a stand.
Comic. Who was out there hammering out figured it out in front of fuckin strangers who didn't give a fuck are right now boy, though, just hang out there I'm just saying that damn I know it. I gotta know you're, not unlike stand up there, just there some people that are really good at it and then there's a lot of people that did some really bad one message: that's all I'm saying, I don't know that, no doubt no doubt he gave it gave people a false sense of hope for their future and fear That sort of me, I know they went every allotted a lot of bad woman- shows but you'll be there before our generation after generation. Here it was always like you know, women shows were Samuel Clemens, maybe your mark TWAIN, Chubby, Clemens Young, a leg it was. It was all those like very literary byles. You know I mean, and then I think you're right, but there is a difference between
like what Spalding Grey was doing, what you were doing right there there there definitely became a point. Where because you and negotiate in where people like I'm, going to do a a parade of characters like you know, it seem like spot The king was more like Mark TWAIN where he would ok can I say in Romania and in his manic sense present this thing in an airy raw naked way, which was the beauty of him what what what there was no filter. There was no pretense our twenty like shape it to make it more palatable and then you need an airbag goes abroad, brought the characters and and the Saxon there and then we'll be Goldberg Ghetto, poetry Yeah and I'm really Tomlin brought the play and then she was old school. That's it! That's probably the beginning of it right there really right lily, yeah, really wasn't one that really brought it, and then I took some from everybody, including my own, I'd, be, which was the autobiographical play that you did. You
I'll, be all right. I played all characters in it right away in the end, I was what I brought to it yet know for sure I was watch it. You never just go backwards. We're once bawling. He would always have his huge book. Letty really ever look at like stuff, the deed written return, the pages, but he never fucking asking you know you can read it that my God, but let me that but it was his crowd. Irreverence got ever got, you know, I'll die Billina had some budget you weren't you, member, like here. There is also that other world of performance art that would just fucking out there I mean- probably saw that too, because you were young and it was still happening. I care and thin on. I was there and why I am who's the guy. They used to cut himself I am happy guy right right there on all those really interesting are pushing the envelope kind of stuff. The baby warming up with them had been. They get in and snacking themselves on their head on with a concrete walls in and
I go. I go up next and I got there by low story try relieved by the time you got up there. You know what I mean. I was that by every like, when you watch the monsters in man and the normal one, he asked what it was like it take us. She was the ugly What was it that like? What? What was the show that really made you realize it? You can do what you wanted to do. Was it bagasse and I think it is a lie it was Lily man when I. Finally, I was like. That's that's. That's me. That's why I wanna do I've been doing something like it, but this is what What to do, but I want to put my rig it about my life right, legged, personal and, and I added customs to it, and I love it through line. Right then, and there yet, and then you know it. We became sort of this crazy, hybrid, and you know everybody
started, borrowing in really Crystal use dead and laying stretch. So what was the well? Did it work? How did did you write mostly on stage or did you write on the page? First, it's combo shy I write it all out in light of improved lot of improv lot of. Riding in laboratory. I order you record it. You recorded or no the ordering I can't watch myself. Did I start to hate myself, but not even on tape. I can't stand here myself still. I can't get act like just be in the moment and and and and I didn t understand why man I mean in the same way, I can't like all record I've recorded ship forever. I got back yet, but I don't want to lose their jobs, but have elbow as possible, but that's interesting it.
An interesting process. You make notes than eager rip it out and ultimately what happens is over repetition. You find the groove you. We want to keep right, Ryan RE wherein and in it and then later but I found I was gonna hit. My three hundred show its wanted to jail three hundred when it's finally jug, oh yeah holy, because it's because you know it's a massive undertaken, it's two hours of my own personal life and personal life does not fit in three x structure. Just doesn't truly didn't so it's a really painstaking, going to make it a threat structure so that that the difficulty of it and it's gotta be mad. Funny right, it's gotta be mad moving and it's gotta. You ok, my life's, not that fascinating search more about my execution, and it is about might might might fascinating light. Glaringly two types of one man shows there are they take a crazy, incredible life and you just tell it or yearning simple story telling your lives. Ok, you know so weird how everything is fragmented now, because, like that, the type of one man show that you did, I mean it happening
occasionally I mean- maybe they'll happen again after the fuckin plague, but you know it seems, like you, TED talks in others other sorted all these other outwits have really kind of hijacked that this sort of purity of the type of theatre that you we're doing. Anatomy is now be right right. You know now this any more about this TED talk and people like that, thing I've ever seen. I know it's like what the fuck you know you used to be like? There was only a handful of guys doing this shit and women young and it with special, but now it seems like all of it, Everyone can do whatever that everyone could do it now and either I've ever had better, but still decorative still. Dare I made sure I know. I know you from warns that, though, the way the audience felt especially vision we were latin eggs. I made the emotions that were gone through. People was so intent, I could hear and stayed here. I could hear people gasping I could hear people moaning here,
people sobbing quietly just cuz of all the all the pain that I drugged I dredged up. You know I mean, and I knew it cuz. I felt it when I was doing the research such pain. I felt at the cycles socially razor of latin people. You know cause we're like the largest minority in this country, largest ethnic group in where were almost seventy million Americans in this country. I, including my undocumented Lebanon sisters, were the largest bond thirty two million registered voters sounded represent democratic way. For thirty percent of the public schools in the nation with because in the population to allay equal to wait in New York City population and less than three percent of the faces on camera lesson two percent of the bases behind the camera less than one percent the stories being told.
The smallest represented ethnic group in children's picture books. How sad is that a child can't even see himself reflected back in a positive way. You can find a comic book campaign himself in a picture book, can't find himself that child project himself into the future here that psychosocial Eurasia, that's how we land people have come from, you know and we continue to thrive and survive. We can t be one point three trillion dollars to the: U S economy. Every year, if we were all country, we were the tenth largest Country in the world, bigger than England, are women, another one small business creation at eighty, seven percent, we say the housing market sixty eight percent last year, God dammit, give me my equal. Opportunity, giving equal share of the Fuckin Box or of representation. Yes,
yeah. I thought that was an interesting line because it's like you were sort of a throwaway line in the in the new movie in critical thinking. The film that you directed but, like you know I was Yeah hung up on when you said that these textbooks are written in Texas. You. You know. That is true. I know what I mean, at nine by bright like there. There is a control like you, what you're saying the systemic racism it. It also has its profound. Effect on the eighteen, o community YO its round people in general, and that what the information, these kids getting in public schools is incredibly limited by design in an absolute yeah. I thought I was rigid. Control could controls power controls via who hunt it dont forget to tell the story. You never been the Alai inside right, you know and we learn people happen to be the lion side, because we really just get here. We ve been profound
hundred years we discovered America, we found it, we built it. The British took it from us. The Americans took the southwest and before that we were indigenous empires, the biggest in the world's Incas Maya's Aztecs, Comanche Hatchie, and we still contributing I am sorry I lived in New Mexico and I was a kid, and so I apologise Oh my God, New Mexico, Lovely Mexico. You it's all Democrats. Now it's beautiful, I was just there we're out of Europe. I grew up in Africa. The edges went up to town for four days. Just hang out and clear my fuckin head man. I can't tell nobody does out there always gonna tell declare clear their head If I didn't realize it was such a thing when I was a kid we go so you there, but I never. I never went as a grown up is the first time I went to a grown up like holy shit. This is beauty Yet one more clear, headed right now, I'm all
morning was in great, but nobody, nobody for eighty by hiding have Taos by snow was unclear added I, but but when I grew up backing, Albuquerque was like sixty or seventy percent Chicano, and it was like you just allow. We just got was what it was man united like when he says watch in one of these that I can go, watch inspect around When there are things you have, a friend aim: chewy yea. You present to terrorism is read, but that was used because your last name was? Aren't you Loretta, so I was doing it if he had not the name chewing manage into doubt, name, it's great so there's no Jakarta flavour, yet Fucking Sherman, there's a coke d or used to sell the comedy store named Chewy used where both of the above or had at big black jacket, jewelry right there, always Carnegie Homey, look The other word homey comes from Chicago brothers in jail, asking what.
What hometown are you from you for my hometown? Are you my boy? That's where the word homeboy control, no shit it resilient. We was when I was growing up because, like you, grew up on the EAST coast, so that their their differing spectrum of of Latin is different. My Gregoire more caribbean yeah. Well, rag Rubezahl Mexican Latinos and I was in high school when the shift from I don't, I think, you're willow little younger than me. I don't know, but I was in high school in the shift from disco to show low happened, like you know, like seventy seven yeah we're leather jacket platform choose feather here, you know, but by nineteen eighty fucking, but not flannels, you know she why t shirt bandanas like everything can shifty what're you. What do you think that was what? What do you think that was? What do you think? I beg you. I think it was a movement in Yoke claiming latino identity, I think the political will
I just think it was sort. It was with some thirty reaction, I'm sure there's somebody that knows better than I do. But but the low rider thing I mean I saw the transition. There was a time where you know it's just like yeah, leather, jackets and feathered hair, and yet the Fuckin Bell bottoms and shit and then all of a sudden, the Shoah thing happened. It was like it was. Definitely activism you haven't sent there was happening here, although you know this site much more caribbean in Amity, colombian Cuban. Poor, weaken the men again Ecuador engine improvements got a lot here too, but that I remember that laid Seventys to like it was a disco seen everybody to be pursued right yeah. Then almost anybody started getting hip hop. You know he was a birth, the right path, in New York City tuna in the bags and one side changing you know, jargon the advice. I went baggy baggy, Cloe rights. Jackie T sure, yeah yeah, you know the baseball
that's the guy, will harder yeah yeah front in the low fronted Roy. Right anyway. Yo is totally different, vibe unless less cocaine more. We need more guns. Yeah. You got gallo tougher. The area it must have been also link up to stagnation, because that's also one that happen. The country was in terrible inflationary dies raging arrive here. Man and the economy. How did you know? I love? You see the people who suffer the most, always black and brown people at the bottom, and that's where you cunning. I mean that is this the pop culture that you grew up. Oh yeah, I mean it's gotta hip hop that was my like China Break dance, kept my card. Parts that values when my hair out of my head on with this located my neck to do what I do know dance. I broke begs that bad I gave up so did you ever get the hang a break gadget? I just liked better aware: no, you do you're good
You have not really I little round don't crowd. I am yeah I want is weird. How I mean. Can you watch your old chick as I just like? I watched the new movie critical thinking, which I liked, and I thought I was, I think it a noble under taking their dared to sort of share the story? Those kids, because, like really kind of like franchise no were novel way, a noble. Why me not noble done so Canada Zadig Condescending. I'm sorry, no, no! No No, I mean like you, I mean to celebrate the underdog and to celebrate the underdog Yelena in a sort of economic compromise. Wait like these aren't characters. You see all the time. So I, no boy I'm in that it was good. You know it. You argued it was important to me because you know I love these feel good movies in there the really important for us to have much more positive images of latin people than negative because them then
in a word: leases vulnerable to demonization, like what happened in El Paso, whether they shot twenty three innocent latin people just being Latin Doin, the challenge in yeah, so in your hate crimes against land people. Every other group is down, except let people Jews Jews Europe Juicer up, not as much and people are buddy. I barely I've been wanting to people that backs that Where would you like to be latin and jewish, which are my kid? They both have both a really like. You, too, have to lose. Your weakens rival mix it's a great mix, nada, for sure, yeah yeah. So we, U Youth, it was important to tell the story and it sort of like it reminded me those movies like stand and deliver. I get my favorite reactor man. I love that flake here they saw a young citizens, bigamy like as a young man to see that go so about it is about it.
As he has a young man to see that was so inspired, music and one that we can do I think we can be mentors, weaken, live and so too founders for subsidies. It is such an honour for me you know I found the story of five latin and black kids from get out get on my army over town. That, ninety. Ninety eight, this teacher mare martinis, made them regional chow, it's all over smarter to gas everywhere knows it lies in charge, chess interest, thank you chest and then stage campaigns and then took him all the way to national champs in a man. They won t everyone here and it's like it's a great it's it's It underdog story because it breaks stereotypes- and you know you you're able to point ice. Yet you can play These kids, who are sorted, Like the there's stuck in that work, of trying to front a little bit, but their innately intelligent and kind of nerdy and their chests. Try right, but they still with
in this world of of your hardened criminals in poverty- and you know it just it's always- like seeing that you I mean you did that in speak aroma too. I mean the narrator Spic aroma was a nerdy kid. In writing. Fi right, you don't make these associations all the time is at being part of the stereotype in its there's, a vulnerability to it, built in there That is very young, engaging in an enduring Anna. There's, a lot of ghetto merge and you gotta give the kids in our communities street intellectuals. Yeah! They exist. I mean that's what that's that's of core America doesn't does not the standard you know they're they're millions of gifted kids in these communities. I just never get to shine. Never get. You know tap on the shoulder by somebody, never get men towards an end. They you note of wasted, lives and wasted dreams.
They get just steamroller bullied or unwilling or turned out bye, bye, bye, criminal culture by I know I mean I was like you know. I was ignorant. I didn't know there were black nerds until maybe eight years ago, you know, and it was so ridiculous, even with the existence of Urkel. So what did I just watch? Jack Documentary, just by coincidence, honour on wind hand, men and he said I can impressive guy that seem to have some some impact on you is that right, oh yeah, you know just past of carbon, I know I in a few months ago, ninety nine year, your incredible what what what national treasure. He was and he was inspirational to me too The negotiations to danger, Washington, Alec Ball when all these great actor studied in his class and he was instrumental in my beginnings, I brought my mama these class and and he got it, He got a crazy as do you big it always
costumes, had got these crazy characters and you could talk to me like use it to be like he was David society or something talking to my characters. It out everywhere. These weird conversations at the class we gotta be amused by. And in the dimension had these five characters and in them he put it up in his dear, I mean really putting happens. Didn t believe in me because he put me in the hallway and had to be done before the main states show and add a platform and seventy policy that you get rid of. Before the real sharp rich. So this was at the american place. Theatre in America Place Data and then there are, the fragments review came out an informed. The house is full of sand shepherd at the Miller. Only be the package gave. K Junior was incredible to come, see you yeah. Well, let me just go back
don't you first are doing is class away. How do you tell the add you go to an acting? I have to say I want to. I won't take up the whole class with my five characters: media. Why? Why him in what? What what what got you there you bastard beauty of him, he was, he was ok. Aren't they get? The other teacher in America have been tabled we can only really that one character to be fair zone, one character for class was allowed next time. I'll, bring it back or bring a different one in that that that's how we built in his classroom, because it seems to me that between you and Eric. He was sort of instrumental n, n, n helping you and in helping this form exist. He was instrumental in absolutely because he believed in it he loved it. I guess you such ass. It was all really all school and he knew everything about every played, no coward,
Eugene, O Neill SAM shipment. Whenever play you threw at him, she knew about it and knew how to make it work you he was a mask yeah and did he was dead? He was he did he help. You are connected all through a story or was at you, but that down that. What was it that when that was, everybody was connected geographically, not so much story was whose only too two or three. The title links there are more separate but they were in the same neighborhood and they may be heard about each other. And when I got to speak Rama, it was a family right and in that, that's why that one became much more connected as they were all talking about a wedding that they were going to analyse how Russia more technique erasure, it holds up here I was gonna, it was funny. I may I watched it last night I like to do that. Sometimes,
I talked to do that you have been around for a long time. Are women work just sort of liking? I wonder what they were like when they were kids in you, like all those video of it. What it a lot of footage and you can watch it. Was raised. Any you watch had stopped yeah. I know not. Why what why, when I watch it, this was disappointed that a movie. You know why you know why. No, but, like you, I've done it because in my mind you know sometimes, as a performer I think like I was, HU, I don't even know who that guy was back then right, I write, but then, like you, why like I, was shipped from nineteen eighty, nine on even the Improvin. I thought I gotta have no voice and have no point of view who I was and then I can only say in then you'll have to say I did it was me back. I think it was a sword. I myself, you know. I write that that that is it. That is, we are seeing the point of it. Is you go back and look at yourself down. I was so brutal.
Size of power myself and go. I wasn't as bad as I thought could. Even though are you winning a war or your broadway? Whenever getting Emmy nominated, you still don't believe it You still, whoever you are to yourself, because the have you awarded doesn't really change. How you look at yourself. Does really by I did it. I didn't change me. I mean I was still the same guy. You know I was nominated. I was like I'm still me. I've still got my demons. I still you know, I'm always like its extra hard. That and so fucking. Weird, though, that what unites like d, we have sought to do you know where it came from. Five is actually idea: Tut Tut, Tut, Tut childhood. I was incredibly hypercritical, so yeah. I know it comes from I've been there be all my life. I've taken acknowledge thousands of them
others, but he was hypercritical but not physically abusive. The about oh yeah, thanks for the physical abuse, it made me really hate author ready, and it made me really disconnect from him so that that was a good. Oh yeah me, I, I tried to do that to where you and my dad. You know he was a raging monster and just try to eat. You sit there and try to separate like I must have got a couple of good things from it gonna make too much work very much like to tease out I'm sure, there's a good, but tat the best you can get as like he was charming, with strangers. Yeah yeah yeah they when he was drunk yet right, buddy You got peace around that shit, oh yeah yeah. I think so. I think I've been in therapy since I was seventeen, I was made to go therapy in high school cause. I was that problem child that would let teachers teach class.
So what are you trying to? I was expelled making was expelled, jokes, yakking, jokes, practical, jokes, are you know, lacking teaches out of the room stuffing that stuff in there? What I found it key refugees and elevators all kinds of gold, So again I will hold so they dared not. I had a whole program spanish, so they forced into therapy yeah, which is great, and I imagine, I'd be resistant to it, because I was seventeen and one. Seventy or guy wasn't being therapy talking about their problems, which, with a stranger, but Actually it was like I decide to realise the You know now inside the flip flip. My whole perspective of in the self sabotaging and self destruct in started to like. Oh, oh, I'm out
I'm I'm doing myself. I didn't realize yet what the fuck is that one you know like I'm trying to figure out. If I give I've got a handle on that. Why do we self sabotage itself? destroy! Because of because you know we, Assume were shit because, whatever we were told so we honour that narrative, the idea of a country with a we might narrative radios familiar. We think it's love right right, it's not right a man in a genuine, you continue at t, t break it and you go oh! I am it's not the world's that doing that to me, I'm doing it and perpetuating it's right right right. It's all inside job cracker. I right, but you never got you like what what was your primary means of self sabotage? You weren't a drug guy worry not I was I was I was drunk. I doubt that was not my thing images. I guess this hostile and aggressive,
very nice hidden right right here in front of people see I can't get wireless body. I wasn't in May when I missed yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's how you measure that job work that when you are now and ask that one that, ladies crying ok, you're, not exactly are you have people? Mice goes don't say I remember the time you made me cry like I'm. Sorry I am always apologize vague here where it's like that bully thing, and you got apparent that the boy you're gonna know little of it in you and you gotta kill it yeah. Maybe you do you had a snub it out now when you started doing like like like in there I mean we're going back, but I mean to have SAM shepherd. Arthur Miller. I mean every because Do I get a lot of ways you were John Malkovich? Did I finish ral? Julia they all came over to point them around here, the same night, it was only seventy seeds come off. It was the variety I was out
I wasn't in the real estate I was in the hallway. I had to be done by eight o clock. Because it was a real shall come up right now. The idea of language review came out all these people trying to the shop to the little shit two tiny little sharia- maybe they we're gonna, maybe they're gonna go the main, showing you got there only added. I could have been better now. Frank reaches a smart guy like Green. Is he still around oh yeah ways, but each much more political used did a kind of article couple years back on I call that was unbelievable in Europe. Magazine did very calm comes here, probably to it. I don't think so. Out of there, I was his labour. Rigid did trump come now I don't know, I don't think you, how did you like art young? I anything over the clubs IPCC trumpet the clubs he was at every point he had every club he always scouting for town. If you know what I mean sure yeah, oh you mean in the dance gloves and shit
dance clubs premiers party, any any big. We was always there, that's a fine thing about people have been in New York or her life that clown has been around for ever. Ever. We knew he was a cloud. I mean that's it. Then you know that guy is always the news I dunno scouting scouting, I remember being on Conan o Brien and he was the first guest and I was a second guest and you know the segment producer francs. My really. You know fry, not brag, reverie area so Frank says It comes into my dressing rooms. I you wanna meet Trump and I'm like you know what I don't like. I knew that and, unlike what am I going to say too, that fuckin guy like you, would you got to say them into get nothing common maneuver you. It wasn't ready to creep that uses to creep. You know right, basically, basically, that's what we all knew in New York City. That's right! When you say they tried to shoot him believe it. You know if there's all made up sitcom basis for such a fucking nightmare. So did you
talked any of those people, though, did you become like like do you? Do? You have peers all yeah? Well, because I realise that there is only one exit out, so I said I was done. I would run outside through the back door and go to the front door and be at the door as they were walking out. They have the time to say some nice could mean meet me by the front door and at Arthur Miller Animal was so tall man really now with big. Frankie Dude, big lanky June, at at at at at at at at at Saint Shepherds, a tall like you like having to be a player. You had me tall and lengthy Next I did I did I did they say anything Do you that resonated or meant anything or did you? You know end up being friendly, allowing generically positive selling? Although the edges tickets, everybody got specific, they get the who's. Your dad director on a couple you work with spike,
Peter asked Peter. I ask in your guy. We used to be really type Peter, and I mean I I guess you know like takes you de jure. Have I still? our great love for Peter I'm about spiky work with I'm on a show and on a movie yeah yeah spikes, a bad man. I mean I I feel like when we did somewhere SAM. I smell like I really got to a whole new level in my acting because he just creates a safe space for you to do like what ever yeah and an eye, and I did whatever it near I and Adrian I mean the performances from everybody. Was we got to the outbreak of the first amendment to can't we went in can't film festival together, we're so exciting. And like over time. Like you, I mean you work all the fuckin time so, where what determines like, I watch, I watch some casualties of war. No, I didn't. I watch shut down that brine deposit documentary any idea, yeah yeah, but that you are like twelve. When you did, I mean that was that
really basic without Iconium jobs, right my my very first film job. It was a scramble here. I am with Sean PAN and Michael J Fox. And where is it were in Thailand for six months and we had to go to boot camp real boot camp. You know like with poisonous snakes and and and and with all the equipment, like your equipment, the weight of its right, his brutal and so like when you do acting, which you seem to do constantly and you've worked with a lot of big people over the years. I'm sure people that you were your big fans of what that what had he make decisions you Jesse, I mean in terms what you're gonna do We'll trot usually was always like something challenging to me that they didn't feel boring according and and and and you know, since Hollywood wasn't for me, I didn't have to plan their games, so I use them I wanted it. I didn't care, so I get all the clock
in spawned something really saying in power. There was fund for me right to want fool with Wesleyan Patrick, which will last and then we'll unusual As Norman you, oh yeah, so it's interesting that you run these two worlds where you know you're here star with the on Broadway and stuff, but you'll do supporting roles. You'll do The agreement we work I may give you are working actor. Oh I like to work and I like to work my craft and I, like you know you got it. You can't stay at the tapie game. If you're not playing at me like that. Give your tennis player in your play for a year. You game is not going to be the same sitting with acting ugly here and you still but do you train with a culture of a teacher still eyes? Still I still coat as Odin turned with a coach, still doing readings, I'm doing meetings, zoom, with even the Harkin Matthew, broader, recommend, reading waiting for Godot. You know keeping chops going.
Oh really again, you do that publicly reaches game. You just hang out with these gaps and zoom eaten it just the two of us waiting for Godot Matthew. We worked out at first benefit those guys in New York eyes. So you you guys failure big time. What circular others like have out. How did this movie come together because the first time he directed a movie right, I directed feature for each be always my first tv thing that isn't commercials and is my first independent been featured debut. So Hallo whoop, who presented you with the story. How'd you get hooked up with the writer, columnar goods and Scott rose and fell off neither the teacher role and then I went to Miami met with the teacher in the guys, and it was don't grow, Amanda they loved each other, was so beautiful, and yet they were always ribbing each other. There always are. Because it takes place in a light weight. Ninety, so these guys are in there were fifty some of em right or forties. Forty forty,
Jerry early, forties, early, timid, Fortys and, and teacher, obvious eve is: is up there and I just dog man. I D really dug their energy together with so incredible out how he had found these guys and then cultivated to do this success and I promised so fascinating and they offer me to directed at my passion for the people now I do know what I think I can actually bring something to this. We, I really think I got. I got a clue. I like I'd chest. I had a crack, the code of how do you make that exciting? visual colleagues. It's not! How do you understand? How do you seem like you understand it in such a deep white like him, that's enacting job it will you may like chess, but did you die? I stand. It is deeply as this guy I do. A very mathematical, so tat, I was able to break it down and I was able to break down what they teach, how the teacher taught those kids right and
and so it takes a mathematical, was like I grab all the best strategies and pick the best ones for film and then broke them down on camera right Sometimes you know. Sometimes nobody was guarded long, but I say I want. I want to show how that depends how that Learning happens in a class. I want to show it, and this idea united by the movie. You really think as an audience that you on the stand, the moves, but you don't really, What made you believe in God, because we had these lengthy classes were I'm showing you? You know the first move, the second or third move, and why this distorts behind it, like that Guy Marcel Martinez, that the real guy, when we do a blind, chess would yes, we need to put a blind or they turn your way and he can play at the time. Guys in the movie just played five that, despite the six of us-
and he doesn't see the board. We just call out any place all, but at the same time that's a real Slovak. I hope that that is real skill. He was gonna, be international, Chaz champion of the world and he was disqualified on a tonic tagging. Howdy additionally was naturalised in time. Some bullshit take now the any never play you so hard broken and crushed by that they never play chess again. Oh my god really is to start to start at said why so I think, but they like in terms of what you're saying as a guy, you know where we're Ratner Life and in your sort of some kind of passion and respect its ability to somehow mentor young Latinos into into believing they can find something better in life, seems to be the natural arc from Latin. His three four morons in Asia, to the actual way,
You know where I have to assume that throughout your career people of approach you and thank you for your showing them I think there is another way to the website- and I think I think, that's the pay of life when it. Its full circle. You know I'm in the August at my ears. Old. Are we work? I think we're in August is not followed yet, but when its went there, it's over ok hurry five I'll take August year August of our years. People come back in this way. You know who I am. I right because you I do comedy because it because of what I saw you do, that you can. You could do it and you know that that's the big pay off me. That's what I wanted to do, because when I was younger you know you just didn't see yourself anywhere. It was almost impossible to believe that you could do anything, but luckily I grew up in New York and I was like wait a minute I see movies. I see comic books, a tv. I know we don't exist there, but wait a minute
My real life tat people are doing everything you were running, fade and running shit. They're, they're, closing deals there, their doctors that everywhere in the other media. Would we don't exist? So I knew there was a big bullshit disconnect between the real world and an end. And in an mania I mean it, was just a new that. So that's what gave me the courage as I go. This is real world. That's not that's interesting because you know it's like I just. I just struck me just now that you're being somebody like eat who grew up like me. I am, I grew up with good yell, with the open minded parents, progressive people, but because as if the media that we take in, which is the only media available at that time. You do get a specific perception of the world which was exclusionary.
And its rapturous thing to me how you want when people like how the fucker all these people trump supporters. Well, that's exactly the same thing they're doing they there there they are feeding their brains on on specific media right right right that that enforces their perception of what the world is like, but its by choice, but it's the same propaganda. It was saying that digital world, where we all can live in our own bubble and never have question, but you know but you're saying always like this the bubble used to be all of us and it was exclusionary system- is systemic. We races right right. Www adjusting the Armenia just like they didn't even have a concern that they had are included anywhere it. It had no reason to include as because
Nobody was calling them out right, but we all felt it I mean everybody felt. Did I mean that debt? So let me what can be demonize, I mean, I that's why I'm uh that's my mission to stop that nonsense. When I found out that latin kids in the least represented in pitch, the box and were thirty percent of the public. Will population caused a country I mean that was that was heartbreaking, heartbreak and it's my mission to do something about it. It's crazy! Well, thank you, the thing Sir, for doing that, and thanks for making the the touching movie and all the other word buddy. It's not me I'd. Try to remember me. A dam is an extremely difficult if I ever get to damage our make shorter to say hello and I'll write you be you'll, be there you'll be, although those award show, then are you ok, but take it easy then take a shelter me. Thank you.
Ok, that was John Leg was alma. I am me talking if you like. I just heard a sound report, come here. My if my losing my mind now, the movie is called critical thinking you can watch it online video on demand, platforms and don't forget, nothing lasts forever people and for some itchy allergy I sufferers, it seems like our GCSE, never ends if you ve, with rubbing your itchy allergy eyes all the time you need a day once daily relief, padded ache change the number one proscribed. I allergy, each relieve ingredient and now it's available without a prescription with added day, just one drop once a day works fast and lasts all really season is here to stay, get Pataday online in stores everywhere now I'll do something I guitar, why not? What I do here.
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