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Episode 1161 - Cecily Strong

2020-09-28 | 🔗

The adage “you can never go home again” didn’t apply to Cecily Strong. She did, and it’s what got her on Saturday Night Live. Cecily tells Marc why she didn’t stick around in Los Angeles after studying acting at CalArts, a move that people told her was a mistake. They also talk about why she got kicked out of her high school, how she battles her depression, what it was like to perform for the Obamas, and why she was in a Chinese opera with Alison Brie. 

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A guy. All right, let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck sticks yeah you that last one as going on Mark Mare- and this is my podcast devotee of welcome to it I imagine that some Eu Jews, or not with me today, because your praying You're praying to guide to right you into the book of life one more year to forgive you you're transgressions, your sins, your fuck ups, to share your secret art with the almighty. That's! What's up today, Jews yesterday Last night was denied. I was born one thousand nine hundred and sixty three Kol Nidre, the holiest night of the jewish year, the holiest night and this is the first time in my recent memory that night
birth actually fell on call needs right, but my buddy Danny were Bell a scholar, a Jew told me that in the jewish calendar. It's always uncle near drain and, like all right I'll, take it. Does that give special powers? Does it go me a pass I've not been a religious man. I think my better days, I'm on the cusp of being spiritual? Certainly this ass dear his I stood Maya, my metal spiritually psychologically. And through physically physical ie is mental and psychological. The same. What's what put together Certainly, I've been tested, but- Today is the day. I don't even know how many Jews are gonna, be listening to this on the day it is released because they should be in temper, but who is going to Temple with the cove. It. Then you should be not eating. You should be fasting today, Sid in front maybe darkening in front of you, your laptop,
asking God to forget If you for your sins and right you into the book of life one more year, forgiveness is a tough one, so tough one Sesar is strong. Is on the show today. We talked her while ago that was it was exciting. The season premier of Saturday night. Why is this Saturday October? Third, we you're right before the M a little before actually where she was nominated for outstanding supporting actress a comedy series and she's too funny person- I like her like your energy, talking to her soon, so I reflect I reflect on this day, or yesterday my birthday and recording it on my birthday, you know what to do on my birthday the eve of coal in the dry.
So I drove down the Malibu, and I sat on a rock and I looked at the, the sky, I looked at the sea, I listen to it. I tried the meditate a bit. Spoke to lend spoke to God. And I will, if you on the God part by speak out into the sky in this interesting comment- But he Danny. Said today is the day the guy is closest to us today, the day where you can speak to God. Personally, as if he was right here, close Like one of us he's among Today,. Wandering around I was born. I was escorted into this world by because this is the day comes down and deals with shit. Apparently. So I'm bf everybody I just wanna
Oh god right now. I don't know what you believe in and I know this is not. A unique prayer is just basic, but God help us, oh please. Deliver us from this fucking bull shit! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry about the cussing, but I was told that we speak to you today, like you're, like one of our past, like one of us. Really seriously man, God, Sir, Are God. Give us a little something to go on here. To give us a little hope so as through this psychotic clusterfuck. What do we have to do? I've been asking the God that I verily believe in that I may not believing I've been asking the universe to. Please tell me what to do am I doing enough.
You have to answer that God. Just do me a favor now that you're here forgive me My sins or my transgressions ease my heart, please, but please up not a bigger level help us We're. Were struggling here. Ok, Can we do that? yeah. I know you brought me here on this day. All right just help me out, just help us out Is this a test? I know you're into that? Please, God help us. Thank you. Get can you just got my name in the thing thanks thanks Man, God, sorry. So, Did I tell you, I went down to the beach and sat on a rock on my birthday. Took some breaths Did what you do with the sea.
It's. I should go to the sea. It really is. I sat there and I was into the waves. I took the deep breaths I thought about things I talked to the sky. I watched the fishermen. I talked to the sky as They do in the morning. I said what Did I do? How can I help how can I be of service? as the world burns, No one in particular I told them that I mister. I lover. I told that to the sky. I was fifty seven years old yesterday, tough times. Oh yeah. I want to mention this other thing. My tv daughter, Baron is now she now in the past gas game, Jim the racket. She placed my daughter on glow, Justine and she's on this new scripted, podcast called ride, share their calling it the
first ever audio video hybrid pied cast, but you can experience in two different ways. Episodes are available now new have says, will release every week. So martinis. We on all podcast plan forms and Youtube so check that out What are you guys been up to man? I got another covert test of negative. I was negative the other day and probably still negative today, but Tell you what I did do the other night for the first time in five months. I don't know if you can hear the clarity, and peace. In my voice. But I went to a secret club. I went to the secret society meeting a real one with other people secret society meeting outdoors. Distanced and it was a meeting that I've been going to for about twenty years- and I tell you man, I was crying ass, doing Little bit a crying because I see people there, that's for literally almost twenty years, walking the walk,
och trudging, the road. Why not? I needed it! It is nice to get back into the groove of the year. Of the language of the context of the community. But sometimes I could return. It was like a spiritual return. Over this Yom Kippur South, you'll. Get about that, and I didn't other thing, the I have not done in a long time are never on purpose or with intent, But I I went gun shopping with my friend. That's where we're at folks, hiring can be challenging, but zip recruiter makes it fast and easy
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See for yourself ass procured or makes hiring faster and easier. Try it now for free outright free, a dip recruit dot com, Slash Marin, that zip recruiter, dot com, so I a r o n. So yeah me and the nicest guy I know when gun shopping, and it's got me thinking. You know, got thinking about the things we have now the things we do now. Variety of masks, blast advisers, hand, sanitize or alcohol and mouse fee. You're a glove, some gloves, if you need em, this is the world we live in. And just see how it's fucking, our brains, this in this horrendous psychopath ethic, non leadership at the helm, embarrassing globally, embarrassing. But I was working with guns, my boy
I'm telling you this geyser artist musician poetic sensibility, nice guy. He said to me a few weeks ago. You wanted, we think guns and why I don't. I grew up with guns. My dad had guns were guns around him. Given New Mexico, I I guess on some level I have a problem with responsible gun ownership. I've, at different points in my life of kind of getting one. But I generally believe their ship magnets. They they caught him wanna be used. It's another relationship we have in the house, it's in the drawer, but you, Oh it's there. One of my favorite jokes about a gun about. That years ago, in my why, commissioner, we We got robbed, she left the door open and shoes. Sweeping you. A scary was horrible. I was now, but you want to get a gun. I understood that
but I realise that there My wife wants a gun at that point it at that time. There was no way I was getting my wife. A gun Cosette would be kind, like me, saying wanna, kill myself. I wanted to be a surprise when I fear we're jokes. Thank you, five! Throw that out to you, But I had no idea what we needed to get a gun here in California. In apparently, you just need to go. Get a gun. You know there's a gun safety car, but she can take the test at the place and we went. Afternoon. We drove out to Burbank and went to a place and we walked in Now I knew I wasn't going to get a gun and I'll tell you why in it, but we walked in it was there are few people in there few people working there and there I we I'll help it with my Yes, we're looking for hand guns, they said. Well, we got his revolver sit in a case that thirty eight three hundred and fifty seven bigger ones, big revolvers, old style, the kind that I grew up with a clip gun.
I guess everybody wants the rocks, the nine millimetres plenty, a revolvers right. It seems like you would that be enough right, but I guess yeah we had an hour had we're looking for glass and we So what's the deal. They get in, they come in, what can the order? Em? they are basically like? We don't know what we're gonna get in day to day, but people come every day, guy get her early in the morning and line up, and What comes off the truck? That's? How gun sales work? yet their earlier on She even get yourself what you need. What you want, For whatever reason do you think What's coming, we want another place. I understand online. But I knew I was gonna get one because, in my mind, ok good. I said to myself already preparing for exactly anymore do I go if they come? I want to be able to defend him. They who they mean if the other side, the
eight, the militias, the army's I mean evade. That's the warrior fighting hand. It's not going to help you that picture. I don't think. But when it comes down to it, aspiration. Panic anger. Thousands of people unemployed homeless would know where to go. No safety net, no options, In the major cities, that's real, you think that Leadership could help that out or weak it out that out somehow, as opposed to prepare or to kill them tragic That was my reasoning. Really for I'm not gonna buy a gun to shoot? Angry desperate people will follow through the cracks. And are roaming the streets of our city. Trying to survive, creating chaos, that's what they're living in a man by a shoot, those
before my fellow Americans, who have fallen on hard times. No I'm going to move the fuck out of this city is what I'm gonna do it you're afraid that you're cities going to follow the lawlessness in chaos. In here by God. Why not not by the gun and try to get the fuck out. It is a bit scary how easy easily people can buy guns and how many there are out there and how There really is no effect, way to track it. There doesn't seem to be much background. Checking, obviously guns safety is important for can have it, but I understand that an amendment. I understand the fear which frightening to me is reasonable progressive people with good hearts Are now sort of drifting into this mode of panic? in fear word. They need to arm themselves and right. It's their right. I get that, but it sir. It's It's a severe indication of Of where we're act.
I told them Massimo. What did we I'm? You could probably just get the thirty eight. The old Saturday night Special, he's right, but then we have to reload. Unlike what are you picturing she wanted for to protect. Your house were too, you know I mean honestly. I would think that what you need is just a fuckin shot, gun, That seems to be the way to go. I'm not get one. And it's sad of this this pattern this device and fuck has caused us. Drove out to Malibu sat on that rock all the way down. I listen to her TIM, Maya,. Am I a great brazilian artist? I listened to her. No I can live forever on, repeat man on repeat it
he's an in character in I enjoy that song. Just a straight up. Some must a fragment of a song system. A little three cord, slightly psychedelic, funk groove. Nobody can live forever, one thing you have to agree with and that's For sure no He can live forever and everybody is the same. Sooner or later, you're dinner. He understand that nobody can live forever. Nobody will know how I feel, no body can give the answers. Nobody, can play, but for real. There is, no God there's. No Heaven, there's no devil. There's no hell, Don't you worry. Don't you worry. Play your music. Play your music dig yet
happy birthday, Dumay juice. Be honest with God, people hey my dad's colony hold on hello, Father made on my father, My brother, I'm ok, how are you dead Fifty seven years old, PAL Thank you. How are you doing? I love you too yeah, Oh, I will not really I'm just doing the pie, gas and staff, and today I went down to the beach Many by myself and sat on a rock And network sent me a nice, the gift baskets I ate some cheese. And bread.
And you know I'm just trying to have a birthday over Here- bought some fish Might eat some mighty some iced hers good. I like to be after par, why you dead? Ok, you to buy em up to par Sir solely strong is here Saturday. I live is back this Saturday October. Third, we talk prior to the Amis. She was nominated for the outstanding actress in a comedy series. And down I'm a big fan of hers. Here we are here we go
this is yet. How are you? Can you see me? I can? How are you nice to meet you nice to meet you do? How could we never met each for up? I think so I guess I mean we have we did it with you now really quick, the other. I think I was up there. I was there. I was it s an hour once what was it we're not there. I remember I was interviewing Lorn and I saw sir That's right! I saw some people, but not you know. I hide. I am well I'm not in the hallways. Now, I'm usually on a couch as ETA, seen as there are always seen, even if there is no one tell me, I don't know about it. Where are you hold up? I mean right back, that's nice! It's really really nice, young chow! buy a house here now I've I've fallen in love. With this
If New York, the others a bunch of those will towns up, there were people used to buy houses back in the day. I guess they still do. I've had a friend who had a house in rhyme backed pretty yeah friends nearby does at the Hudson Valley, yeah and how the house had been going up there in the in the quarantine. Have you had Dick have yet tests? yeah covert tests. No I haven't. We, it's only been my friend cabin and I ve been we left twenty? Fourth, I I did it voluntary quarantine for two weeks from marks twelve March twenty four year, and then that says I've been. With someone who had covered are really yeah, but I didn't I mean I took my temperature with this thinking, hello, thermometer, eighteen times, the dire. That's fine! I don't think I have it, then, as the person who had it all right. Yes, he's better That's good! I mean we're still it's. You know every day and new article comes out: that's troubling about everything, everything right, but the noise
oh well, you might have- or Damn! Thank God! as if I need anything else to to make to make me think someone has or can take with death. I Marty, assuming it that we all have organ damage, never I'll die, sent every worse. Some contest- How are you handling that? Do you go like? What's your stress, whoever you I mean, can you handle it or do freak out? You know I've been better these days. Maybe getting Is that more and I have a psychiatrist and that their person will be trim and then access? I mean well future and that works for you, that's yeah. Really I really like it. I've been done, then, a long time either. The period right did some wild beauty and used to be prescribed you're not acquitting smell yeah right had a different aim. Well, I think I knew it as well future, but my mom was a nurse practitioner for a long time
the first time I took it was just briefly to quit. Smoking do the work and college near her now, but I Smoking does not bow, and now you just take it for your brain now, it's just for my brain usage, back me up like speed, I used to feel like you used to get me crazy. Really, I think so, but maybe am, I might have, I think, been doing other things now right. I think I'm so tired, psych. Nothing can jack me up. And then nothing it put me to sleep ever ever home, like every team to get too bad. Your mom was a nurse. She I think I fully retired. Now she was the nurse you ve started in public relations for a long time and then, when she was forty six, she went back to school to be a nurse. She got divorced and then she went there? She became a nurse practitioner pop. Would rules clinic relaunch time and almost got them to union, but a really didn't
yeah she's, a union leader type of person, yeah I mean you, you have to be a fear from Chicago interests and our player, gotta unionized, She divorce your dad and forty six, while my dad decreases hair, but now I mean it's fire yeah my parents have. First one. I was older to its a weird thing: where you have that moment, re like so what was going on the whole time yeah. Why I was ten or eleven and it was well ok. So I have my doubts, been married to my stepmom for longer now. I think I was Thirty five, it wasn't add traumatic. For me. I think it was probably dramatic for me as part of the well be achieved. Maybe the army attends that's rough, one, your folks get divorced at ten yeah I mean there's that's hard to say that's wrath
starting with everything. I guess it depends. How goes after. Do you know what I mean? I mean the rat re no traumas trauma. Do you have that you have other siblings and stuff? I do. I have an older brother and I ever younger stepsister and an older step brother, while people yap when you grow the whole time in Chicago well just right outside Europe in a park. So now, I only say Chicago to people who are not from their home. I like Chicago, have grown alike it over the years. I mean I I I went there a lot over the last decade and it's got a real like thing of its own, its own cool place, yeah? Sometimes I love it and would have liked, pride and then sometimes I might well. What do you think what What causes that shift you now? I think, The only thing I can say at the top of my head that I remember- and this is so lame to use this as an example of why I think that, but it was some.
When I went to New York like immediately, I got invited to a next came and they really treat you really well it s there, and I was like an nobody on the show and we still got to sit on the cord and go to the owner, see everything- and I thought well, the Basel do this. Payments my momentarily now, and then now we were way in the back and like Geneva. At the end. I believe she were on the court nose like that things are like stars from Chicago what a bummer. Any Mccarthy's Chicago STAR yeah You guys made her hey. I sir I mean I prefer to talk about Michael Jordan and I think we'll we are forever will be in the conversation because Michael Jordan Overshoot
whose ember up about up YAP Rock a bomb, of course, and a lot of the other there's some really sketch performers it. We should cargo William Bill. Marie S, part of its area, bill. Murray's important, is an issue cargo bill. I think so I think everybody with at least ensure that I don't I get confused ever whose in Asia and in whose thinking Chicago so winded, you start like getting the interested in in actually doing performing Ray the little care I started yeah. I was lead. I was then I just always singing and dancing and being weird out around the house. I didn't impression upon the shonkin. Had I from Beetle Jews are you do that, for you, and so did I, that was the funniest runner he's only in that one sunniness impact
and he just turned to look at people to sit, and it was a great look you're not in between any more. I don't you know, I'm not that anyone I mean, I talk about it, but then my put me, and I was the only Grubbing up park said this is the Very oak park sounding pre school, but I went to Bourbon Child development centre. Roberts I got you know. You're in trouble. Well, maybe I mean, or its very o park in its run by two to lesbians, with an acoustic guitar. What is your bar characterize it for me so well up park is When I grew up, then is now I'm pretty sure, but it so the Frank like right, Ernest Hemingway, that's all of part, its It's just right on its borders, the causes the trains go to operate the
axes are getting higher good schools, but it's made the taxes go up, but it was very when I grow up. I was lucky enough that it was pretty economically religiously racially whatever. You never lets. You grow up around a lot of people in an ideas like that, you just like frankly right now, Ernest Hemingway that sort of get it frank, put right. I'm an intellectual alone. I can say those surnames, lesbian, preschool, yeah, ok, sure they sent you there and that's when everything started. I took a drama class yeah and then am I had my first play. I did with grapes of wrath at the village players. Who knows a oh. I assume you Quite a child. I flagrantly Chad, who was twelve sow Ok, I have a bigger say:
and now you did you realize that you wanted to be a stage for your life. Reside it absolutely yeah nice for Sir Dad and my uncle is a producer in New York and was always against that. Really I knew he couldn't be any more. He was an answer because he knew the life you were heading into. Our concern for you, yes and then I think my months. Only recently we had some relatives, she had some relative? That was, worried. I become an erotic, become a neurotic or something that's yeah. Well, she was right now. There's the diagnosis, should neurotic. What do you come from? What are your people? Do you come from Juicer what now my family s and my dad and his brother were millet. Were army brats super while speed, but all their families, southern so I dont know them very well
and my mom was was speak to her. She grew up in New York and her dad was like Manhattan admin man all time we had met but being a wasp means, and you get it the surprise. I made them both sick dna tests and I made my mom took a dna tests than there were six spanish and scandal. Avian and their role in such high numbers than us like mom, see your grandmother a great grandmother had different baby. You didn't tell the truth. I'm paid right, so you have a lot of our spanish anew and Scandinavian. Not alive just worry and whatever grandpa I think it's like, and who know I mean the numbers are ten percent to fifteen percent on one of the dna tests. I've done better luck at some point. So you the day was like a military kind of guy yeah
he grew up that certain named after my grandfather, Colonel Cecil, strong, whose now in Arlington, but my dad had to answer the phone curls. Residents William speak in the debate, when your house, our houses like armpit farts than right like too far jobs and panting bites and very remaining there. I think those are the community glass we're looking for. I think we found them he yeah we lost. We did not have any of that discipline. Armpit farts Mr Fogg, about armpit with parts in awhile, I've tried so hard for years said be able to do and every now, and then I could do it, but nothing consistent now, it's not a consistent. It's not my resume, you know I try to be honest, son, my resume you have to. But it on reservation to say,
they say occasionally: armpit farts, sometimes I mean that sir anything, people ask for a special scale. It's like the most terrifying moment, because I don't have any economic that's the skills, and I can make this weird noise. I can only say I'm not, but I can't go horseback riding. I'm not a sailor now the sailor What I can do that rural world- that's good, that's I mean I think having a more pride, more practical than were fresh air, so when you went to high school, so what did you do? Other plays in things on idea? Had colorful highschool career that were you in jail? Well, get high, may sort out, so I I was then theater and I love doing them. I said I was then like Joe. The squire and I got a stray days, but then I also like
I got the first bag, a pot I ever by day found an I got, hacked curves and like marks through school, rested in less than an hour and then I got expelled first semester. My guy, that I went to catholic School for the end of the year to get at the end of the year and then I went back to public school. I got super depressed. They felt, like you know, I wasn't gonna graduate on time because I didn't have consumer at the consumer's adder and enough Jim credits, which was so like. Just I was understanding bureaucracy for the first time I was like well, you know what to do that and I dropped out so the library in the park every day, and then I wound up my senior year. I went to have academy for the arts, and I I found my people and I did some correspondence
since then. I graduated on time found other weirdos figure, but super pilot public high school yeah and that was jute sophomore year, that was my sophomore year, and I remember like asking the security guard if he could check the cast list for Shadow Box you see if I've gotten Beverly what we're taking you out in cuffs. I did get the wrong. I didn't and so the suspended from there for a year, a fax Diana, full expulsion hearing and then, like you know how you did appear, say the average national mare. Whatever ass, I was, I got a letter saying you're an ass with America commended scholar, but
it wasn't allowed within a three by black radioset, my high school, and they sent you to catholic School for the rest of that year will know they wanted to send me to like a number of men school in Chicago and weak. We decided to do catholic school. Instead, he went to a, but you know what I'm kind of glad because it was such an experience in itself. Seeing like having to go to school about that. You know that Catholics in Chicago wishes. I read a lot of. I have a lot of great italian name that yeah No, no ukrainian one. I learned about confirmation. Now this part of where I wasn t it was kind of like on the west side. It was in river flow I saw it wasn't in the city, but where's that the italian IRA Porter. Again. She met some character I dared yeah there is girl, gel resolve,
the first time I met her. She a big bruise on her arm because her boyfriend Canyon, Can you help me with a league bar and then one day she couldn't sit down instrument because I went in twice because they were once in a country's MA. Am I to go and look? he lifted up her skirt and our whole ass was like bright red super power and fell back. I've never wasn't part of my life, and then he got out of air. He escaped went to art their went back to public school and then was just. Started getting super depressed. Why I mean it's in my family anyway, my brother had really bad depression. Growing still there we all- and so I guess this was like my time and am I would You know didn't late at night like then my mom was just keep driving and I'm is not drive West,
go and make rise in this fall asleep with the car running in its warm and everything the music I like. And those where early I went to the home. I d never try anything, but then my mom is kind. I now you. This is not good enough I went to the family psychiatrists family, one yeah, is she told me I should I was very shit, colored glasses, so I knew I liked her. As opposed to the rose coloured glass eye glasses, yeah, no suicide ideation is not does not great, though it's a hobby of mine here makes me makes me feel better sometimes, but there still alive it dies a joke about it. That I see you. I I think about suicide. All the time not there gonna kill myself. It just makes me feel better. Knowing that I can, if I have to
leaving me enough that Mamma we like ha, I could always kill myself right now. I can keep our young exactly so. So that's why you started getting treated for the depressing yeah so yeah I started their name. And it was really good and I got I forget, you know psyched answer the presence of cancer the long way. I think I was unlike supplying or something good yet you're on one of the classics one oh geez and I've been on and off. That's why I really like well beaten, because it's like, I filled the least amount of side effects and like I'm, not I don't feel if I'm never going. There were feeling dragged or whatever I like the soldiers to shall pass surgery, the foundation of not locking India. The spin, which, and it's a big span, I still spin- I go hard I might but the dread.
The irregularity well beaten is good for people move spin It's good for dread. It's the tornado! You now! what did I understand them? Every yes yet and itself we very negative, and you now fatalistic heard of a positive spiral. I think that's like when you manning the shrew. That's true, that's viral group were everything's going your well. Yes, I have a lot of mental illness and my family, so I've been on the other end of the phone for positive spiral out, but you know by power Deah. What's your diagnosis, some Yang depressing site, boring nothin, specify depression and anxiety. Yeah. I have the anxiety I don't know from depress. I would know anymore my dad's depressive. We have it in the family, but I definitely a tract most of it to do. Varying degrees of anxiety, sure yeah cause it
you get really anxious. You'll go into a paralysis that is kind of like fresh yeah, but it's not moreover, dread thing like I, I can tell the difference between depression paralyzing dread to her right. Do you think, Oh, I see now sometimes I'm like the paralyzing dread in it. Just like what it leads you to its exhausting and it's the anxiety. I feel much more physically weirdly enough and then the depression I get my hormones get on mister. I take seasonal birth control and I have four Here's a nurse I only get for periods a year because I get so depressed just from just for my hormones. Changing and that's when I have to go like this, is in real. This isn't gonna last June. Yeah, I mean that's. The trick is if you can actually step out of it to be like This is my brain
dragging meal along here yeah, I guess I am responding to something my brain is manufacturer that has no bearing on reality right yeah in high school. I remember you know going fear like witches. What's my personality? And what's my illness off the worst that that sort of, like a am I a whole self right, is this understand me are because I'm having vanity but and I think, like IRAN, virus really brought it all back like you know, worked on. It worked on it for you errors and then all of a sudden being alone in my apartment for two weeks and not knowing what happening in having someone second wondering. If I said I it was like a day's redcoats it. I'm gonna, choose anxiety today,
and unlike announcement of shoes, depression and start, you know drinking at turning the minute. I wake up to just try to go to knock myself out right, yeah a lot of people having had experience of their definitely spending time with you know, either fighting who they really are or with they who or with who they really are. Yet with us, you know I it's it's all broken by. They haven't you, no doubt with that yeah I really our time with that with that sort of the struggle for who am, I is this: like disease at make me me am I like, should I drew? Should I dress like that guy, you know like I can't fucking deal with right. I think it went onto like maybe a year or two ago, bans pray, still going on. Did you have that now? I think I am I think I'm now I love not having to think I
Fidel. Nor have I the thing I like you know what I did. I a hundred percent believe that I'm a person who likes to share, joy and be fallen, I want common, from there, and you know it they say, I'm sorry. I love to. I bought, like a dog sometimes, but I don't enjoy, you or fight you know. That's the thing I enjoy when I feel best is coming from that place, like a happy laughing, run its course By that I mean that maybe I should get on well beauty not down to the generic, makes your handshake through. That those tell anyone I took it got me crazy, ever Angie. I would like to add that I found something not an ad. It was like a public service thing and I had a drink, a glass of water and I just started it and I was taken the people
and I d like Donald Trump taking art, so the goods? What's not least so tell me about a man here. The evolution of joy here. So when finally got to the art high school and he found your people really like relieve, is that where he started to realize it's ok to be a weirdo totally I'm I always say like. I think I was the coolest. Our ban. When I was eighteen cause, I was around dollar, people who introduced me to their favorite music and are, and I had a really good friend this girl who lived with me, shoes, Japanese and she in exchange student and she looked at me and she was so funny shudder, hair per it's like Bob Dylan, and it's like one tooth that kind of stuck out and she was a Zen Buddhist and a paint while she had cancer
I'm going to school in a hospital until she came says Chicago and and the wound up the asian crisis. She was just like a super important person, my life she lifted me and then, after I went to college, he stated my house then lived my mom until she was done with icicle. Also shoe with you at your family, how yeah yeah a while she was she took the bad and sheep. I didn't really painted these. She got sticks from outside and painted them. Black blackened, bent them and made like a canopy for her bed, so choose inspirational artist, see lad very like TAT and she hardly spoke any English. But I think I appreciated that. I had a lot of friends who didn't speak: English screwing up, really not a lot but I think I appreciate someone who built like I mean they have to feel like an outsider bet there is something like what we have to find other ways to communicate, and that was kind of funny to me. Are you start, such with her now so my
when she laughed when she went back to Japan. I had a close friend, pass away right around the same time and it was really like my first big loss and I was like an just was at the same time, in a kind of lost her info and light. I've tried to look for her over the years, but her Maggie in the Congo. I said, there's a so many and if a sort of with her being as like then Buddhist as she is, it was kind of like you know. This is the way it supposed to go, and Matthew. Was this part of my life and if I meant to me here again, I will so when you, at the hour I would will you primarily doing she was sorry that she was a painter and a sculptor and stuff? Yes, was theatre, nothing cool and you
stood straight up. Like you know, you were you taken mad the act in classes in Alaska, yeah, Saigon Theatre for a long time anyway, and then I went to college part time, I've got might be a Faye franca colors. I have some people want to cowards. I know it's a small scale, but a lot of people Malleson Bree yeah. I she was a year of me We were friends, you were yeah these great I do. I do a show with her and also Don T, we're. Friends, too, are used as saying that putting that Andand cheetah, but if you can't say no now ran right, yeah Alison and I did a Chinese opera together really. Would that be? appropriate. Now I think What I mean I don't know one another name would be as they call it was directed by changing and Stephen The music goes copied pleasant fan. Stephen merit, yeah,
from a really again. It's like theirs the Beijing opera style and we had these to others. Who instructors, who were like I'm really big deal in chinese opera who came to try to teach us there was like stick move then fan work and a lot of flowers, Yeah, I was not ever good at it. It was a lot of work which is part of class worker is its in class. I offered Chinese up. Air is something now we shall. I dare say it, so among came in Stephen met. Came in we're gonna do, as is our man yeah right and work that I girl and it was the opening of red tat. They did this. So if your family, with the red TAT theater, I gotta take my special there. Oh ok, well yeah, so you probably seen, there's probably a picture somewhere on the wall. Anna I'll go back and work, I'm sure there must be some, ensuring the of the chinese
opera that you guys did so he doing comedy not yet so I didn't really do comedy. I mean we did some funny shows and I was like I was a person I think, but I was a serious actress until after college now. What kind of decision is that, like you, just sort of you without a college, a cow arts. And then what do you do? State around allay for a minute, I took a closet, the groundlings, because my teacher said he I would do well, and I was sort of like will see an eye. I've debt and there now you know why like I can go back to Chicago, get a really much cheaper apartment. My parents can buy me groceries, remember in need lights classes- and I started at second city- see that was the big question liking. Looking at term you're, my research was like: how do you go from
cowards and then just go back to Chicago to disguise, The groundlings was the hinge. That's where you I turned on to it yeah you're, a nice guy I do like talks at power? It's about. You know cause people Captain me you're, giving up if your movie now to chicago- and it was like number one and twenty four twenty five. Resolved and I don't gonna be none of this field. Good. Yet and I'd like I'm, I'm a fortune dollars an hour it wearing a blue apron and selling wine at green plants, which was but it was I I wasn't gonna like what I thought it. My life would be didn't feel like it existed there anyway, yeah man Overland diary, yeah, I'm right, yes, then on sunset, boulevard,.
I drink a lot of good wine there, though that's nice, so You took the growlings class and then he went back, Chicago you like this. Is the life Yeah, I moved in with my friend Caitlin. We a part mapping each paid like three. Seventy five. I worked in restaurants and second city and I worked a plan parenthood for two years or so yeah. Anne and taking classes and like doing shows for people in the audience, wherever you can do them, What was the plan parent her job I was the receptionist at the corporate office in Chicago and that's I opened all the mail to, and it was sort of like when someone calls which they live. The number. That the first person they speak too? did you just do. That was that these you feel like it was your social responsibility. Here I mean I've always been.
Like. Oh, I want my dad within public relations, but firms at a lot with like the Democratic Party in Chicago here, and we ve. Just though, is skewed sort of, liberal and So I really wanted to work for a plan. Parenthood and I've got to be. The receptionist right was there. Maybe Chicago's different, where you afraid to work Eric liked they get letterbox. We know well yeah and I would open all this crazy mail. That was this full of so much hey a really, but am and I had to open the door and we like them. You buzz one door to open it and then to get back. You'd have to buzz another door, but it was like we weren't they Clinic in Chicago where they performed abortions, we're just the clinic near ass, did all the other
ran regular others at eighty, eighty percent of things, but apparently the birth control rights screenings, in writing. Ro the bad shooting, have to deal with the M, which has the pain of of the decision every day with people coming in now. But I do remember that artillerist killed. While I was a reception, and that was a very scary day and thing I just sobbed. Parking lot talking to my down on the phone their an animal like you know, with tough, also just every Angle Day, seeing so much hate that like this is mainly it's not really religious. When their writing those thing they're, saying close your legs, you horses slots you here. I mean it was just like really awful off. It was hey
and then, if there was like a woman of color on our flyer that would send out it would be even worse and was just now and start nonstop here and now Ok, now we live in that every day I now yeah, So why did you get you gotta? Be a fair amount, amateur your masters here. Now I'm a bachelor. I thought it big fucking, asshole too great gray, lot They d pay group fabric, I don't know why why trivialize it like that? You know why I don't as much anymore, but that's because I paid off my loans, you ve done can you get a chinese opera? I love Keller. I got to go to France. I went I took it around France at right after I graduated with them, so I left it That alone is worth the loans show. The, when did you start work, professionally fur weight which company did you work for the improved business, Sal
Why did some professional theatre as a kid? and then, when I started my first real job in Chicago was. I did a cruise ship occur ship. I did a step with Alex whose on my show- and there is a group of five of us- We did very watered down Scutcheon Improv for Christian, for months, you're on the ship for four months. I mean how long will the cruises Most of them were a week. There is a couple There were two weeks when we the Canada and fall, but most awake. Did you enjoy, it was weird, be travelling with the audience the time well, my mom had meekin, where I was like. There's nothing more luxurious than crews subjects your months, I think I love and by the third month it started feeling a bit more like I'm stuck here I wanna ride, haven't spent the night on land and so
thank you now when there is bad weather we just get sick Alla time admit in the food is, gets a little weird. Doesn't it yeah yeah and you had to do how many shows a week. Well, we didn't have to work a lot. That is to say, I just got like. I got, fattened drunk There were only deadline, we did to sketch, as we can to improve, shows and then you just like Ramadan work out and I'm gonna write. And I did liver so now, how does it shift tadeusz shift from cruise ship to ESA now what happens? What it is tat? Well, when I got back to Chicago, I started touring with second city, so I got to see all different parts of Wisconsin in Ohio.
And then I was not only those that I now yeah. I've been all around the MID West. And work with the same people, but then? I did so, but I am. I right did a couple things that I am when I worked in the box office. There really liked I out and, That's showcase there that I got hired from ok problem is not really like. There is not really a logical jump from that. As the now anyway. That's not me the thing that makes sense nor get it Well I guess, but so there's two of the treaty, Companies are second city and I are right. Yeah I mean there's there a bunch of Chicago death, there's annoyance to that's a big one, our young annoyance right right right now, so I started by who destroyed the annoyance right, MIC, Napier, yeah yeah, but What was the audition process for you? How did it happen? China asked me to do it and I didn't
think I was ready and there is like you know, everybody who shot information. Ran. I now ok, and so she was running the show case and it was like every and said we can only audition once and then mortal get sick of you. So you better have a really good one and so didn't think I was ready and I didn't do. I wasn't a stand up and I didn't do a lot of sola work and I didn't do impressions, so I just I took a workshop on an solo, workin impressions. I am, I think, what I did that worked with. I just tried to keep every In short, a lot of people get really indulgent like doing SAM, Elliot or something I think it's dark side that good to fill a minute. This right and there's like two other guys doing Samuel yet tonight, but you so you you actually for the addition of New was coming up. You took those glasses or you could now it yeah You just being yourself usually.
It may now Islanders yeah, that way, bright, regular didn't you impression. I did. Impressions, but they were kind of like. I think I do Sophia regarding the first sign, but I did her like selling a pair glasses. Make you look like you're away, like your eyes, are open zombie glasses so that you ve been working on a joiner. Give you are you on I'm gonna break some news for you place right now, commonly Harris was just selected by that. Wow his nose. Yeah I was waiting to hear. Why are you go it just piled up amazing nets? Exciting I'm a fan, I know by some of my friends and family- aren't quite fighters fond of her, but I think she's great, I think that's a great. Do I sure what this this great news baser tell you gotta show.
When you get there s a now. Like you know they want to see. You see, go me with Lorn. Did you have to go? Do that screen test yeah so I did. I mean what I did everything with eighty This is really nice. We had the same. I love our same yeah. You too, and having heard like we really, we went to the first screen task. That was all women, and then I was, I flew, on the next day and as I'm in the car from the airport, we got an email saying we fly back, They just want to hang out with you in the office says. That's like that crazy tests or whatever and then there is another screening tests, so I had to come up with new The things that I didn't have ready. And then another. Then we got thrown out one last seconds to meet with more and that when I was tired. Originally I what he didn't quite no when he wanted to start man cast. His was gonna for me as a writer
and then I found out that week. I would join the cast. It went from one better to cast a quick in a way tat. I went like I guess, I'm about to learn how to be a writer policing and you didn't have to now. I didn't have their. I got this. They are both. What sort characters. Did you audition with just out of curiosity remember I would like the impressions. I think I did Justice soda. My are fronting the other justices about someone taking her Tommy Salute poster. I did Cleopatra rolling out of the carpet unilateral and she got up and left him. You won't be my boy by surprise.
Then I did like a little chubby boy who I saw so. I grew up around a lot of like moment like greek diners strands. That's where used to smoke ass, a teenager, and there is one nearby called mother's day, and I just member this, which are set out three PETE bolster on her arm loves, but there is This family, really chubby little boy and at the end of their meeting, went and unlike Chicago nowhere in rhyme back, probably not, but you could definitely mine That is a man you, you, you get there, kids memory alive yeah? many things, memories the lie I dont worry is now. I were greek diners in their dinner happen everywhere, then we have now employ gas. New jobs, find em like Chicago. Nowhere,
in writing? Back, probably not, but you could definitely minimum in New York, there's a fear, but why I don't know why they know how to do that. I mean, I think I love these because it was like we we would go. Just have coffee, and cigarette area and make it just get an early pass this outright and sit on its great? That's what my few to be. When is it going to come back fuck so I too your address and now you're like it. You like it. We freaking out yeah Oliver Freaking out, like that. My first year was gray. I hardly remember it and there now you know it. Then it says now so you're year stressed out, all the time you're like it's. My do you know, You don't get some again you're, like assistant for me. It's my career offer. My fright sketched and get in the other. You know it's just
it's like you can't complain to anybody, because it's a dream job and who would understand you cry events sketch comedy anyway, we review You always get used a lot. It seems like senior yeah. I mean a lot of guys. It's different, you know it. I think I am for a while? I was like I just someone, and only I dont want to be sure born into this one thing I think, like I'm a lot weirder than I get to be known. I love playing straight roles and I love being able to support other people and. But it's also fun like I just start. I wanted to do physical comedy in the past couple years, which I, hadn't really gotten to do, and that was like a new thing for me, My seventh year, two conscious we do physical comedy yeah and I think it was like part of it was because that keeps it like. I don't know, what's gonna happen, if I man besides flying- and am I stress my friend answers. Writer is always put,
the live animal and then you don't know, what's going to happen, I kind of like bad that I'm doing this. I live tv and I don't know, what's gonna happen soon, It is as something you worked out with him there that you gonna as many live possible now, but I know like he'd. He just always trust be able to do it. And then I'm always like such a dream. Who psych well I'll, protect the animals should be me. I'm now I'll make sure. No one heard that daughter cap and I can't he's the cats not anywhere pants he's not going work hands so really, I'm looking out for them let's exciting so egg. I guess, then, you that you are more playing yo straight actors any were kind of like out their characters and then went and then like two, so that the uptake gig must have been like all this. That's right, wait. You sat in its ways in a way I,
yeah I mean it's. I am more, I feel really thankful. I got to do it and you know I was such like such a family sets and he was our head writer and I think, he's so brilliant and like cigarettes it's a do that with him was a really big deal. My second year, but I did I missed it. I would get like found a jealous of other people creating new characters and update what sort of folded with a gig It became It wasn't really. There was no light set thing that happened. It was a sort of it did I feel like it was working out. It didn't feel grey I felt. Like and I didn't than one like, but be stuck to that right in one only do update and it felt like updates gonna need to be having. Each revision and kids accept any more and it was Well, I don't want it
walk away, serve and then, and then at one at the end of the summer I felt like ours should I have done that we set a bad move and I had a quick like fear. For a moment, but then I am happy the way it worked out and I love Michael J Yeas growth due to you talk to learn about it, you're, like a kind of one or two characters. Yeah, I mean we had a lot of talks A lot like at that point? What's that we weren't as close as we but I mean he I was. It concerned with. Yeah being able to do a bit It is kind of like I want to be known as an addition. Does again like I'm grateful or something, but it was like I don't want to just. I don't want to be known for update and like a not great update. I want to do I like doing care that's really fun and I wonder you like that's what I might make the bulk of what I do on the show b and now you ve got like a hundred of them.
Count yeah. Sign Wikipedia somewhere tons of characters, did you I do in the White House corresponding you. Actually, I did and everyone kind of sad It's a Louis, don't do it, but I was sorry big fan of Obama. Being from Chicago and so like getting to have my whole family there. That was basically like my wedding, My god I need to get married now I got to have that with my family dinner next to Michelle Obama, you now I didn't really quite care. I thought it went well, but it is more important suggestions. Then I got to tell a bundling thank you. It was this it's important to do that and my family. My brother set off the Confetti candidate Obama the Senate when and it was so Sweet my brother than talking to Michel and broad and open. As very like
you know it was like a little bit robotic at that point because, yes, a shave. However many hands a danger. You brought forth Verona, but then my brother came up and he has a bit of a study is the big guy news telling me branda confetti can news. I and the other one is broken, so I was the only one who could run it and about well. Thank you. We in this house, I think I remember that nevertheless visit the nicest people to have that moment. Let them so I'm super happy. I did it. That's great, so nice show What do you think you're up for an Emmy right? I've which was super. I mean that's funny to say, but it's that feels like. I was never expecting it, the wind entirety line in that way now so like the kid is. Never
one any awards service very popular, so I've never put too much doc and words, but I getting to have, a day of a lot like friends and family, especially when you haven't seen people so long texting year with anything setting his champagne, it's nice to get to talk to people in it. It was said that was a really really nice day to have its also its eyes to have the recognition from your peers, but I mean I think I've found I found I was there. I like found other ways to feel like I'm I'm good enough or whatever you need in your right. Pierre doing the same shall said this was kind of just a really nice feeling bonus. Oh, that's so interesting, so you know there you don't have any insecurity about doing the job anymore. Now now, which is, I know, that's bizarre, but I'm sorry
I think I like to do I'm kind of late. Let's let the other causes do those those straight character reporter do all these things that I did and then I'll just come in, and I want to fly with chance and that's all I want to do. You know what it? What are the kind of characters you I took you are doing. I gum kind of big did cheek character. Sometimes or dead, I think, like my favorite thing women who have no self awareness, or like they have so much confidence and no shame they're, not embarrass. You know having a freak out anywhere. I like Ireland those women here, the ones they like in public I'll. Just there is based are the scene and you have to watch them. It's out of tyranny. Now there's a word for it. I suppose you were there, does that not just Karen's or just sort of like you, narcissistic kind of like Blue, Oh hearts! I may I do you do
Don't you do you do Piero right yeah yeah yeah likes. He notices drunken boil hard. You didn't give a rat. Where I got I mean like we turned her into just a silly clown anyway, where I get to tell parliament calling my favorite is time. He loves it sam. You know out sometime, I have this. I do you mind if I throw up on you but he's like that's great Well, that's fine, and because I guess cause you're, not that kind of person or are you or in Europe. Is there a fantasy of yours, now I know by night. Don't think I am now I'm like I midwestern it's my nightmare d like be free, black radius of anyone complaining to a manager ever unlike Don't send it back please and send it I was joking. I was at a restaurant, the other night or not the other night when one to ten years,
the guy who knows, marks or February my friend and I were like the rest. Then said they were up, they should have been open and this guy could be might well. Clothing, but you can come in, you can eat. You can order this or this or and we were like by the end of it. We are joking like we're. Both China take this man home we're being so like a whole thing is so great you're, so one we're so Palais. Any word. Tipping am well look you gotta go. I hear okay, where you going now. Doing Fallon. This is my big press, weak a foulon that'll be fine work thanks, you're talking to me, and my congratulations stay here is this: I am a big fan. I think you're, wonderful, thanking you for talking to me yeah. It was great and congratulations on the nomination and when we get through this, if we get through this army you in person- yes
come back to this? If I for another fifteen years rig, good play, I hit the paycheck I'll see you later that guy That's the last straw, she's she's she's been certain. I live is back this Saturday October. Third, sweated out, Jews, get it out everybody else. You know. Do whatever you do some music here we go.
Fine, Oh a text. A glass what's act. I doing, and I feel I have been years- I text may sound file, I listen to it Mark a birthday, the whole band back together. So here we go. Are you ready on the cow There we go tambourine girl, Roger racists side. There we go. What blob me ready on the would block there. We go right aren't they were good to go. We got near, we Give me a little rumble, not piano, to help build some excitement. Here we go whenever you're ready, Jennifer.
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