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Episode 1165 - Wayne Coyne

2020-10-12 | 🔗

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne was in Los Angeles and decided to stop by the garage for a rare pandemic-era in-person chat. It’s been a long time since Wayne and Marc hung out last. Since then both dealt with deaths of people close to them and they talk about how processing those losses gave them perspective on what we’re all living through. Wayne also talks about being a new dad in his late 50s, how an epiphany while working at Long John Silver’s changed his personal trajectory, and why he considers himself to be on his third life.

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Folks. I've talked on their show about how the internet has become pretty fucked up and it turns out Firefox agrees there on a mission to unfold the internet. There, the only major browser backed by a non profit. They don't sell your data or sell you out downloading. An independent browser like Firefox, supports accompanying this fighting to protect what we actually like about the internet. To download, go to firefox dot com, Slash w e f. What's on funding shit together, ta get up board for the great on fucking let's do the show all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there is what's happening? I mark Marin miss my pie. gas. W e f welcome to it. How how's it going
I don't know man, it's just like one day bleeds into the next. I get up early, I go to bed late. I don't know why. I just do every day feels like a week with no dates. And days have no names. I just know that, I gotta do this today, so it must be Monday. That's what I know it's of dictated by who I'm talkin to I'm talking to you Mondays and Thursdays. I talk to you and then, talk to people during the week, so Let them come over like today's guest, Wayne COIN from the flaming whips he's actually been on the show both guess this week have been on the show. I don't usually do this but but I got I got Wayne today because he was here he was views on the show it back in two thousand and twelve. so to seventy six We did it in Oklahoma. I was performing Oklahoma. He came to the show and I talked to wane hotel room in Oklahoma. I feel like we
talked a lot about fear of plane crashes, but I got a text a few weeks ago, is going to be an airway one off. He could come by and talk and do the thing, but he's got them. Record out and I was like why not? Why Your brave enough to come over up, put the plexiglas up and will do a fuckin live on we'll go one on one faced, a monarchy motto and, and do the thing so he came over and you know it was great. I mean it's nice ASEAN is ice to talk to people. That's thing above this time that we live in its egg, get it's hard to talk to people now Sir sad we have to wear the masks, and I I wear my but when I look at all the other people unmask it's like. I'm glad everyone's worrying and Bob what is sad time, but it's important the reach out to people it's important to talk to people one way or the other. I know I do these instagram lives in the morning sometimes- and I just talked to them-
you know the room for strangers air from five hundred to a thousand people kind of hanging around listening to me ramble on sometimes her there sometimes there are sad, sometimes is just the way I'm living, but it gets me connected, and I know that some people feel connected to that, but it is also important if you have friends to talk to him for a family to talk to them Occasionally, no one's got any answers. No one can now, Sir, of the problems, but I mean it's nice to know their there. Isn't it and I seem I don't know I'm a little I don't know why I'm less frightened rabies just Gaza it is our this ten minutes, sir day or maybe it's just the spectacle of the incompetent huckster clown king, and his minions. Maybe it's that that becomes undeniable. What a fuckin bozo piece of garbage person. We have
at the helm of this fuckin bread and circus of can security, addled, dumb, Dumbson, Christian and times difficult acolytes. Just in this. Plague spreading parade of hate and the name. oh Jesus in the night, of liberty now just to caught up in frenzied no, that they ve been conned in. To eternal servitude in the fuckin stupid section of hell by this fucking, gorgeous George Workin Runt of a lesser demon. looking for a way out and the only way out he can see. Is this. Stay in the saddle amused, The fucking government is a money laundering operation. Maybe the clarity of that all of that.
Maybe I assume that some people are saying that maybe I assume that it becomes undeniable after a certain point: it's not even about pity it's about shallowness and it's about, servitude and it's about the need to follow. The need to make sense, just exploited in distorted it. Just Most people have ever been kind of shut off? Somehow I think you there is and evolution of entitlement to narcissism and am and self actual zation empowerment. The idea of seeing yourself as a brand a condom generating brand, you are a brand out in the world more than your person, so the idea of the brand. What is my brand, who am I As a brand, how do I fit out there in to the context. Content
What am I in? That It's a lot of like top five, San either or questions and likes and dislikes. And sort of voice this ongoing evolving Reza may of pop culture, takes and a strange sort of reaching back to a very short history of nostalgia, sir? your brand going so that effort into self actualize in your personal brand to manufacture sure your personal contact out in the world has left you in who actually crippled, no fucking genius I was trying to figure out where the shallowness comes from its it. Nobody most people are not called upon to use. their brains, they're called upon to repeat themselves to honour the patterns that dictate their lives to take.
The information that makes them feel good. not doing your own thinking is Turkey and sometimes it's hard to know if you're, even capable of doing it. but if you don't try to figure that out. You're gonna be part of some fuckin parade and you're, not even sure where that ends, or why people are watching it, but if your brand is intact, you know exactly what you're likes and dislikes our and your top five or topped ends of justice everything in the and do you take up a relatively decent picture of a meal right. and if you're an employer and you ve got a lot on your played like running your business, ensuring workplace safety and much more leave your hiring to the one place that makes finding qualified candidates fast and easy
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so I ve been wrestling that wrestling I've been. It seems I dont know. I talked about this that my grief, assorted, evolved. Or or or morphed, into a kind of baseline sadness theirs black out here, my house, the other night now just sitting in the dark for two hours, that silence of aware blackout. don't even a wide happen. I pull them my corn put in the as things and through them- written there Do you know how long will go on for, but I sat there and I realized. I feel that. That tugging at my heart, that that weird, it's not depression but feels a little like depression, where you know you're yours, here. It sags any feel some sort. a firm hand. Lightly. Holding your heart you and it's coming from deep, deep somewhere deep within you deep within the ground, deep within the the
earth, I dont know, but it's just a little tugged at your heart and it can pose your mind and oppose your spirit. Put it down a little baby sister, a tug of over a son, weak it just sad. It's heavy there's a burden. A burden of sadness of loss. So I guess now the shock and trauma is over. Then you can, help but revisited if you have experienced some sort of tragic loss, how One person was here and then quickly they were gone and you saw them fade away. Now that been months ago, and now there just sort of this sadness and interest. really what it is is, sir I miss her. I miss win. not that I'm lonely or that I miss having someone around. I miss her an end. And her not being here is final and I gotta live with that.
and you start thinking about the heart. What is your heart? What can your heart take? Really many of you have sort of chuck yourselves away into something. That's lasted a long time and you ve families or whatever I just was not that guy. So what I do and what I've done over my life, is I've been with many different people some for a long time, some for short times, I've had my heart broke, and a few times I broken a few hearts, which is horrible. Leaving somebody because you have to because it's the right thing to do with you is not easy: it's hearts its heart breaking in its own way, even if you're, the one that makes a decision and in carrying the burden of hurting somebody else is what it is. That ways on your action. a breaking my heart: then giving your hard to somebody else and have that end. I had that happened a couple of times, and just how much can your fuckin heartache it takes a toll, this underneath
you, everything, that's going on the world it's hard to process, so I see a therapist. I talked to friends. I try, but it's just life. Human thing, man. This is part of it heartbreak loss. Missing people that were once here nor no longer, but I bought some plants finally bought some plants for the front. Yard. I guess I'm gonna hang out. I planted few in the ground? I guess that's a nice way too. I guess fairly common way to feel regeneration or growth or do something to honour somebody. I should be more shallow. Either or gimme your. Five. What are you likes and dislikes
so Wayne cawing he's great front man of a great banned and the flaming lips at its theirs. King Studio, Album american head is is available now, wherever you get your your music, I was happy to see all Wayne he's a diplomatic. he's a charming mother, fucker bees also psychedelic warrior and it was a nice to talk to him. Here's me in Wayne COIN has anyone. Here too. I am is again to out man you're good at that you are more or less good. That's just perfect here! So you you ve been. Have you been your own engineer for like ever? I have Man, I care, I mean it's funny eunuch as that used to be it used to be like a thing like this would have liked.
Ten people doing it with some guys. You know I have a producer in house, you know my my guys in Brooklyn and we worked it like this. How hard is it to produce two guys fuckin talking it's just the MIKE is what's important. These are good MIKE's Here's your show is always sounded good. You uses, I don't even know I dont know what kind of sizzling. When aren't you know it's one of SAM Seven's man, it's like a sweet, dare vocal, You know you're my well, but you ve, gotten gonna lie down. You got padding in everything, and here I never kind of breaking the rules will get the ventilation. Goines is desired, like here's. What we're thing The pandemic is like I'm not like. I know, I'm probably good cause, I'm a fucking nut. I get Ass- did every two weeks just because I'm a nut right but like em so paranoid, I'm the guy you I mean you mean you're, the guy, that's going to spread it yeah! Oh I see. Why would you be the guy? I know nobody has become a nut if you are going to have another good. Do you mean
let me just physically yeah yeah. only. I thought about this on the way over. You know, I think that's the way you know I just knowing you may not knowing you that, while knowing you from your, I know that about you. You know that always because you leaning over use, how is Y know you worry your, I mean I've done, you waited, I malaria or too, but you seem healthier than than ever. I why you not go up? I hike. I was mad. I couldn't hike today because I can't breathe and then, like an hour or so ago, like my eyes, were hurting so fucking smoke My throat means yes, your I fucked up. I couldn't tell you know me. I'm out all right now allay that much one common for us either. Ok yeah this. Yet we have fires, but it's fucking Apocalypse is it. I don't know I mean I didn't see. I mean it's like hazy. I see there is something you smell and a little bit but
I mean I'm. Never Poland allay in the eighties and rightly so, smog right and no one cared then, and now there's a fire and did you notice the sun this morning? Good? Did you didn't have a well, I have to say you know we we drove in on was it was late Tuesday and it was don't like that. Just from the wind blowing you mean you made to run from go home, yeah yeah, I say drove you. Must my home state New Mexico? oh totally yeah yeah, that's thereat! I grew up in advocate a well yeah. I've been through their hundred hundred thousand tie the arguments that were there and I would draw up to town. So how do I saw you're out of your posts and yet nice? It is that's beautiful that the greatest sharp drive in the world is it from Oklahoma, well, We ve got a nice family car. Now the brand new fall, but when man you know it,
This does everything for you. It tells you if someone's gonna behind you write up for you, the Agnew yeah. You know it's psych, oh my god. I scared yea, helps when you're texting and looking at your phone We're, like large, is another way of monetarism break I mean you know. I try to remind people that there were plenty of car accidents before people could texture, there's plenty of reasons, just fuck up and killed anybody, but there's more because of that I imagine I have to right, but not, but even getting over here with the way the GPS and all that works out like oh, my gosh I've made, yeah. We don't you think it all. Finally, well you know I've been allay, our thinking about it? For the first time you came nineteen, eighty four with the bad, yet nineteen for nineteen, eighty, five, suddenly without it with the original Bay idea. This is only an end, your kids, twenty twenty three, twenty more young kids enough compared to now oh yeah, and what were you doing? What you do? The very first time we drove out here.
my old man had like up when these this or Africa. But what it was like. An old old Pontiac, long, big long, car We put a trailer on it it was only car like that we were gave couldn't ran on evaluating back then you know, the trailer on it and weak, crashed were there was this is some road construct. and we crashed and the trailer flipped over in a way a dyke the outside of Ella, ok, so driving illegal, naive or make it worth it will, you know, as it was happening? That's what we thought. Oh my gosh, our first trip and were omitted first, you just lucky that you're not dead right and then you think I will you know we fuck this up and now we're not gonna make the show but yeah Trailer turned over where to get out and it's all like its damp meets all doing in the early morning and that's all muddy and we turned the trailer over
for some reason, the whole thing just works again we pull off and we get on down the road to the to the show later and as were unloading, nothing is even messed up now the equipment factor nothing all I remember, and this is a superstition. I still have yeah evens to tuna oh yeah, from nineteen eighty four I took my Jews off, I was a passenger yeah. I just got done driving. I took my shoes off and I made a sandwich some kind of cold, the you know Turkey or something that you'd chicken or some you got in a thing. And I remember we Greeks, who are swerving thinking, we're gonna die and I after its own over my hand as squish the sandwich, you can't see it on on your podcast here, but my hand a squeeze the sandwich in them bread and meat, is an ironic. We're thinking man and then I put descent and then I am annoyed that I have to put on my shoes. You knock and ever since then I'm
more, like right, you like your firemen, your work? I like I'm, I'm ready to go because it could happen any sense Can I put you face a village whenever approaching a city, I have two wishes sandwich in my hands: gives them superstition see it? That would be you, it would be like there would be. It would go deeper with you for me. Is this your prepare on you but you're right. I don't really need a sandwich. I don't need a sandwich anymore. Maybe maybe I'm I'm not on your level but almost you're on the roadmap as price. What they all you guys were eating it will. It would just annoyed me that I didn't many shoes were like. If, like am I really needed to help my friends I'd have to put my shoes on first or go around and around you. You saying so yeah there's a gas fire and and cars to go up you neither no time. I don't know you know it's like
No, how relaxed should you be when you're just travelling down the highway at ninety miles and artificially pretty relax? You think you should be like a ready and prepared yeah. Why need global look man? It's like a charade away! I'm driving you drive through death valley. You did it the other day you drive through the mafia, the yeah like the others. Point we're you're like now got a freak out real. Well, I agree. I mean it's almost to its. was to relax. We're yeah. That's that's that's that's why driving and podcast or so perfect, exactly it now sitting down and upset about that about the sandwich know that for Can I see noise, but that's. Ok, like your owing to second guess: I've had with the plexiglas set up, I see, for some reason. In my mind, it's like its essential to get into the habit of having airflow. Oh I got you
boy? You mean what do I so the living flow sewed so we're not this decision of regrouping air there's? No. I got out of the air conditioner on it yet, but you know, look I'm terribly well, I I know you're gonna, be I mean I mean I was tested just the other day. We all go to Morrow. That can help us today, but I'm sure we can expect late. It really is. I know, then you read like cutting our tested in and it didn't show up till today and I know it's eager detestably buys you as much as time is it takes you did you can get audio into it? You anywhere where you that I'm here, but are we really Benny where either there is a very? Can you out, though, no on a daily basis? No, now I don't know I mean in the very beginning of the year, I mean I didn't really know if we were gonna start to see just bodies laying in the street. You know tat, you are dropping guy, like you, didn't know how Ral now alarmed leg the idea you know, but but you know, really. This is this is the way it really is. Its you know, people,
are dying and people are really sick, but it's just normal. It's just a normal day out there. You can't really tell you, I understand you're, saying like every day I get up here. I sit on my porch and I dont feel the presence of death yeah exactly other than inside. My own brain I watched a couple of your morning obsolete Asia. You gave me not not the entire thing, but I, but you know you're, really good at reading the screen and Jill being present in the Vienna. Well dear plan right, but I know when I look at there's belong pauses one I'm reading, but who gives a fuck. I don't give a lot, I know. Sometimes I would forget that your reading and like our duties or I'm just, responding to things. That sounds its outcome, just thinking them. I gotta know where I go well. Why would would have done this? I would have been like. I would forget, I'm on right right- and I just be here
always forgot, but no you're reading nine. We so you wouldn't forget your on you ve been on for twenty years. You know like you're, always on yeah yeah I mean like, but that's a new thing that I e g thing. I didn't do it for a long time, but now because, like of I don't know man here you, you know it sort of helping me in this and said you, I'm not, working in front of audiences, and I would do those things maybe once or twice a week, a Yo Yo Yo in a few months that the tragedy that yon through yeah yeah and do down we we're I did not interrupt you are. We listened to your your stuff that you did right after that yeah ear. inspiring. I told you that I told you that when, when you were going to rule that it still in Spain, be around you even right now. As I said, it is it's it's the heaviest stuff ever and dumb, but
But what you do, though, is you you talk about it and you you're you're right in it and that's that's a valuable. The truth is so valuable and that's it that's a heavy heavy cool thing because a lot you know a lot of people would just decide. Oh, this is some no one I'm not gonna talk about this. Whatever here and it's like I'm so glad you talk about it. in an ideal. I hope it helps you. I definitely helps us. You know we're going to U Golden, because I I really did worry about you and just hearing you and knowing that nature It is powerful the I really wants. I didn't know how to handle it. You know an unfortunate that liking. I put it out there. I didn't feel like I had to do it, but I felt like my audience been through. Not unlike you like it, that's it. You know you have a unique relationship. I think that the lip service, unique relationship with their audience like that there. There is an element of salvation yet to J Van tier of what you do.
Like there's a lot of people that you no kind of look forward to it. with all their life and hard to get out and you get to where you take them and for me, like. I know that my audience had been through a lot with me and that like, not so much, it was for them, but it's like I don't mind My producers, I take the time and I my eye for what we gotta talk, I'll talk about it, I'll live it. Let us leave it here: but now that it's it's sort of settled in like yeah right today was today was heavy. You know even some please it's heavy man, you know you just think. Like the fragility of it oh yeah, yeah she's gone like I'm here, yeah, but just like it's, it's a bit devastating in any its devastating on it on a date a basis, but its fundamentally human, like in I can tell you about like you and when you think about the psychedelic experience or this sort of continuity of things which you seem to think about what I'm
going through is something everyone goes well, a bottle. Our people go through it and they don't they have they don't articulate anything about it, and I think that's that's where I mean it. I know I'm you get to do music and I you know I love writing songs and soldiers, but part of you know, even you being performer part of you doesn't always know what you're gonna say. I say that about songs all the time. You know you don't ever you not sitting there thing, and I must say this right right, yeah, something in you wants to say something in and really That's it that's it I mean we over used. The word therapy, Maya is therapeutic to say it out loud rise, say it even if nobody else hears it. No way, you know, just u expressing it, even if it's just your own ears again there's just something about especially in a world full of bullies and in a world full of you? No sort of
kind of nodded up emotion. Well, I mean, what's great about you. You're show is that it it's not does this sound bite. You know it's not just a couple of moments where you ve got a throw all this. It's gotta be heavy Selby entertain, it's gotta be quick. You know you can talk and you can keep. You can go You can keep the idea flowing around and men There is not even very many people in life that do real conversations. I know, and you know you notice that I used to like to have this conversation. You know why you grew up in not the southwest. I guess what Israel go home made last year, Midwest yeah, but there was a time in our lives like if you don't grow up in a big city where you're just wandering around talk and of people. Sure yeah
and I would even even like the dyke, the driving driving around in Vienna, we out of the all day, which we would have. We would add conversations that would last four months. You know you would have started at the beginning of the tour. You have another ten hour drive and you you get back to having cameras asian and in and now I mean I don't get it I think there's plenty of work, people it. I know that yeah yeah, you can sit there and and and talk with, but most in most stuff. Isn't isn't it's not in depth? It's not reflective. It's not It's not oh, I'm learning something as I do as we're talking. I'm your ears during your show is so great like that. It's almost like you're learning stuff from Europe your guests here and their learning stuff from you. While it's happened yet nights in writing I more exactly like today's last I talk to you is like a million years ago. It was, I actually tell people are used to say as a joke. There was
like in the MID seventys when you have talked it felt like it, because we could be like seven, these character. I know, but but do. You know some people know it's had not the set, wasn't the seventies, but some people just say it might as well be we're like we did. I did the show we are in the hotel room. We talked a lot about a and giant remain fears of planes totally yet, but it, but then a Europe which you yourself have yard and may it was grey areas while was grey, was a great you're, the Tribune a funny you're funny and all the time relax, but in but at Vienna when you're in the the arena there, when you're in a theater its size Oh my gosh somebody as we so pathetic, but so great and how would you know, dies the thing that people relate to its it's it's difficult for anybody to be as brutally honest about themselves. As you are it's terrible,
but I am laughing right. Then it is it s what I do know it's a mess but like when Well. I remember we talked a lot about playing crises. You talk about your brother's. How are your brothers. I'm trying to remember at everybody seems to be about the same. I mean the men one of my brothers has o deed since then trying to think of when that won't get like tat, yeah yeah how many Arthur well I've got, Tommy my eldest brother and is next eminent, my sister lender and then more is the one that Odo deed on some not sleeping Vocational training is our prayers now, No, I think it was just yeah I mean you just don't know just by I'm sorry for Lucy Music.
elder brother just a little bit older than me, I'm fifty nine now so he would have been easier just like he would be sixty sixty one years is struggling with the thing he well I mean I'd it. I dont one able to feel sad for me or my brother. I mean he lived such an insane life, as you know, people there too, and they ve lived, thousand lives, things should have been dead when he was twelve, we're just so crazy, wealthier and so on you know he did every a drug that was available. Ami any did everything that he wanted to do so. The yes very sad in a sense but- No, when no stone, no stone unturned right dear, he didn't. He didn't hide from any anything that was there was scarier dangerous, like you, and I I mean I do. I always was afraid of the stuff.
bit of a pussy Fisher mean he would be racing motorcycle, not on drug, you know like that, while yet I doubt and I, like men, have only sort of looked up to those guys enlarging. I aspire to be that guy, but you know the guy like art show by pushed down to in its in second, I wake up. I mean there are just those dude suggested. They don't think you're gonna die, they don't worry That's me. He was exactly like that, so it's so I mean I'm not that it is still wasn't wasn't about a horrible, but it was it. You know there was a thousand times that I thought I was gonna get that call, and I and I didn't And eventually you get that call and yeah two hours, the funeral, I did you do like a flaming lives, norroway style. He sort of. I think it was by his request. We took his as his ashes the cremated ashes in a big thing.
And we drove around the race track where he would race. Only I know that's good at that sounds bad. When it all I mean I've done drugs, you ve done drugs. Now, if you re a car, I haven't. I haven't done like that type of those. Two out of that love. I want just judge where there is a racing on everything. I mean, if you think you yeah, like everything the wood, which is yeah yeah, which made him like a super here. for human. You took the ashes and drove around drove around the back where it sat in the back of a truck and then we would we spread them out and I was leaving your other brother yeah yeah I was of is absurd of his grey matter. What you want you noted in that you want somethin like that. Just be like this. Is this the way he did? He lived his life? This is. This is great and It was under not overly sad when I, you know things like
this happened, but it allows you to think of them a lot. You know I didn't grating sale. I guess you know you get to remember them and think about them and right, you know and we're not. I wasn't young when this happens. So you know when these things happen of urine you're a teenager in your even early twenties. You know it's devastate. But my time you get to be in your fifty Zyobite time you get to tat, they have the thoughts of like any day. Now you know right yeah, then it's different, that you're just use to you know your eye No, you know, there's a there's a time in your life when you have you just I have never thought about you, ve, never thought that you're gonna die or anything is gonna die. You just have never given a thought and then you get this such a punch in the face such and such a the rind blue, out of you and you don't ever For me, I don't ever want that again. I always want to be prepared and always want to be a little bit aware that nurse there's tragedy out there. was the first time because, like you know with work, I mean best. Buddy in high school he died. I've abnormal
Many people, the guy. You know why what would happen we die. after high school. I dunno dialogue mortgage bike, but not long. I mean what he wasn't even in his twenties he applied, but he had massive asthma attack and with tragic, but as you know, but it was the right way experience with Lynn dying why is ongoing. Is it it shifts year? Your dna man? I mean it's right there there's some other thing that clicks in when somebody you love your die. Tragically or something is removed from you that dramatically that you were so connected to you, Something quickly- and I don't think it's unusual thing it's totally humor. I think it's theirs is Every cell in your body realises like the law, I would also like this shit is fragile yeah. You know India, China and IRAN here, one second, it's gone well in the end. There really is it it though, well the chaos who did that all the time
When we first I'm u experience, I have experienced well, I talk about written in a song in one of our new song, so I've talked already in American. Had it on American It's called it's called mother. Please don't be sad and suits it. It's a story of where and I was working at this stage of the law John Silver Stir in the corridor if of course, long giant not. Of course I mean I get anybody we had all the weaving had some of the other places. Don't we ve got Blake's law Berger. Dont know that right and you have what a burger and we have, what a bird had. What a burglary I was in everywhere we have illegally Wailea piggly wiggly, now Audio Circle K Circle can yeah good, I army. We would be a little bit of a test market like if it works.
Do you remember when Schwarzkopf showed up? I yes, big day, yeah I've been when I was in high school about the same age drive when there is a new, fast food poyser holy fuck. This slight skis only asking oh yeah years, almost self Nancy. I remember one Wendy's happened. Oh yeah there's a big data, the fresh square, burgers I know it. I dont know why it like back, then it just sort of seem like now we get to have more in a fast food. I dont I mean it is good I mean it's life clans greenow in reaching a craving for Mcdonald, Cheeseburger, two straight up job just now, yet on a cheeseburger yeah- and you know you not even with price, just like a phoney either to eat it. Yeah and it doesn't really tastes like a cheeseburger just takes Like Mcdonald, cheeseburger Jack. You remember when the big MAC happened. We were kids. Young rely for now I may. I am used to be how'd. You know it s, even I'm even still,
yeah. I don't know why they never run vaguely you're Edwin. Well, someone had one in their try needed in the car, even though I was driving, it was still mess even for them only gets too you're right. I really like that. Maybe I am referring to the like? a cheese were a cheeseburger is like it's just I am. It is time that one that you worry about it, yeah yeah, it's all like a figure. Agnes got that's ass man, let's go very much those little squares of let us around the outside of illnesses, flop and everywhere, but Long John Silver here, but they're not around even now that it was our area. It was a big undertaking, the Laundress overs, Bulgaria's costume that people are aware and it was a costume right ass. You know, but I mean I wouldn't. I would work not every Saturday, but when are you work on this matter too right? I would have to wear the vote, the pirate outfit with a path
Whenever I come on really really had a higher? Did we work and we are going beyond the register. Nyjord supplier hadn't, cooking, that with an ipod touch, yeah, and you know it's difficult. You know I mean like I at last is like the black two or three years ago I was wearing of an eye that's when I would when we perform as the flaming lips you known, but I would have a hole in it and I could see out of it. You know rose it. Why do you wear? It was? Who dare to look crazy enough to be? It wasn't some sort of reference point here. You know it started urge a demon I had gift getaway. Just so razetta make. Well. I I had it because I have these concerns Eddie launchers, these handheld you're very launchers, have about fifty km I shoot them all during the show here and there are the big like a drum, colleagues here so I can grab them and where I want
and one night I grabbed one and the trigger is connected to a co2. cartridge in the trials. This little thing. If you pull it, it's shoots out. While I grabbed Natasha you're got caught in a shot me right knee. I know it's got a lot of velocity near you know, and it hit my eye. So that's a violent celebration judge areas over the face of a good, very good just when we're getting ready to go on state yeah and in it hit my eye so hard that I couldn't tell if like half my head was gone or if I was fine, he died. So I could just you don't know for a couple of minutes. If this is and I held my head. And I said I went over to one of the guys because it's all world get ready to play in its old, dark and lighter out via, and I said, look in my and see if it's just a big hole there and I pulled away there like and then look like nothing
We really were in that much shocked. That you're like were unclear whether I was not in your socket whether you like it is hit. Sarajevo likened Numb, you know, you're waiting for the aim right right kind would have employed in ship. Well, you are or its or it's just a whole for like thirty seconds and then the water and then looking let his snuck. I sadly, but everybody's, I shouldn t like anything, but I couldn't even see you know and so far most of the show, and it doesn't matter I that's. What shows. Are you are you do it you gotta? Do you know I really was very thankful.
like I never realized what having two eyes, how great it is really does take our granted well, of course, Euro, and there was this whole time dislike. Man unite idea like, even though this distance that we have right now to the microphone here. You know it's all right, you gotta have the depth were sent an obvious one. Yeah I'd be carrying a flat, I'd, be hit my face, and I believe this is a lot of stuff going on so this long, John Silver, I'd I'd. You know back then there were just and is no reference as, like. I don't even know if I'm seventeen or eighteen, but I'm a yeah, started working there. When I was sixteen year old cap working more into the early ninetys started. Nineteen. Seventy seven cap working I think not exactly all the time, but back and forth to early earlier.
and his Worley ninety. When we got signed to Warner brothers, you worked long. John silver is on and off for I did a decade eleven or twelve years, yeah yeah. I know I mean I built up so much like so much whacked vacation time. We good good on tour for six weeks and I would still get I'd still get paid really Euro lifer. lawyer day. I you know they did you ever where the outfit on stage no, no I mean by then it wasn't much you were just about and when those silly sure NEA Bandanna, but I but I would, I dont, know cordial a cool enough inner, but so there there's a famous murder, that happened in an accommodating the circling, stockade murders I remember those and the it was a couple of eggs.
And his brother and his wife went round to a couple of places and and and robbed rob the restaurants and would put him please into the walk in core and then shoot them to the head yeah and an end just mysteriously like there's no army, It happened in you knows no, there's! No! There's! No clothes is like you know. Who would do this? You know what's going on here? No, no he's just random stuff. You know em but it's big news notes on the news every day in the paper in August Then, if you work at a restaurant, fast food restaurant, you know this stuff is just in your mind. You know it system everybody's vulnerable yeah so we're about to close up, and these guys run in the four door, which isn't that unusual, but RNA you know just like a side door where the bathrooms and then that the catch registers and they just burst through of behind?
they're so now there on your side- yeah, you know the counters here, but then they just be hours through. You know that moment of like what's happening. Well, you know, adverts, first. You just don't really know it's again as this chaos, the chaos of the world. If you have no idea what can happen and suddenly it's just and you know they ve got these guys and they are so they're. Just so pissed off. You know their ahead of you. You know they're already are neither there too scared the shit out of their angry in their pissed and they want the money and you just get the feeling that El Bell shoot you. Of course they would. You know in aid, they you know, get on the ground. Motherfuckers get on the ground at you. Just twenty seconds earlier, I'm just great I'll work, I'm just a dork cooking, the last hush puppies and then suddenly and I dont know why, in it must be the adrenaline and stuff that happens. to you when this winter, its flight or fly
you know, I really do you'd think I was going to die. I member just your on the ground on the ground, then their screaming up the assistant manager for her to open up the safe and you just don't you know you think well. This is because other people have been killed around You know- and I really did think I'm gonna die they're, gonna, they're, gonna shoot me. You know- and I remember thinking about gonna, stop at my mother's house afterwards. I would stop there every you know every three or four days and drop off my dirty uniform and ended with talk profound and I go to my apartment, whatever our man, the thinking, my mom, There's gonna worry where I met, because I'm not gonna show up at her yes starting in Scotland, where wages and I'm avian dead yeah and I'm, thinking, she's gonna, start a worry and then that thing that you,
You know you see in movies or whatever, where the cops I hear you know. Are you your ear when it works at Long John Silver and there's been a robbery and he's been killed, and you know you disorders flies through your mind, and I was I dont know why it so you know that it wasn't more of a panic to do something else. It was just like This is how we gonna die like I'd. Never it could have. I never thought of it before any further, like knavish common mom, not call nine like just that's. Your ear was like that. She's gonna be work she at an end and that I wanted to tell her. You know she would just be like, why did they do this to wane and each one of us like my mother? This is the case of the world. We won't do anything wrong and this is just the way it was. I wasn't outcome seeing trouble, and you know it was like it was, there's. No there's no y yeah yeah like exactly you know, and so that was the part of me.
ie from beyond wanted to. Let her know like this isn't the universe was just our system place a long time. You know me, I think about that too. In light of Linz death, it sort of like you can't it's like you can't you can't answer those questions, if, if you want to maintain your sanity like you, can I you know like that, there's these moments, where you have these God moments or whoever in the movies or whatever, were some dies or like? Why did you fuck in answer to that, not like that in real life? No nodded There is no answer and there's not its. better that there's no answer here to me this this I wasn't. I mean I've known plenty of people that have looked for trouble and van. You know if that deserve to get your old. I'm don't you there's plenty of that, but this was just a random white and ensure they were robbing us and this dinner. They were in the wrong whatever, but it didn't it
hit me like that. It didn't strike me like. So how does it you know away into the to the two zero themed the record? Well, I think the chaos of the world is that what you're doing I think we just started to sort of highlight. We had a few songs had started to seem like we were singing about some. You know, nostalgic seven, these stuff. Now I'm almost six years old, but Stephen, the other songwriter area in the group. Here eight or nine years younger than me, but he's you know he was. He was in a big family like I was had older. Brothers are drugs violence, as you shit, you know, so a lot of the things that we we would be talking about happening to me when I'm seventeen or eighteen but lost? happening to him when he's like ten or eleven, you know from that era, same typist isogai, sharing their there there. If you like, the way things impress upon your mind or different well or just that, it's a dream,
bugs its seventies, its older brothers. We because my death, you know like even I remember like I'm fifty seventh year couple years older than me- I guess, bang, why I remember why don't you remember when you were a kid liking, o eight or nine and everything was the sixties? Oh yeah, I mean I was born, sixty three sixty nine six or seven inches like what everything looked like what people look like yours like used one a part of that shit. It was cool, Ruby, math and where and when you're young it is it's quite easy to be believed that the utopia optimism. That was happening I'm for me it was wonderful. I just wanna have long hair and those pants man. I still do you feel ready, etc, that you ve got all the pants and longer you why? But so this You know this away. Beginning when you're, seventeen or eighteen years old, this the it's like what you
but suddenly it's like this is this shit is fragile. Would I'd. Never I now. You know you know people in high school that to get killed and you know it, but it doesn't happen to you. I know it in. I always knew to my mind, you'll ever panic, I was gonna wanna die my sick, my dying, then sometimes, if you freak yourself often enough for you are in a situation like you were, you feel the proximity, so there are others in insane essential panic there. But when someone you love goes then you're like wow, then then it's like you know, over son you're, like gum, it's it's a different feeling, it's it's too enjoyable, it's real and dealing with an absence here. You can't, make that up in your head. You feel it you feel it well. I mean I think in in movies and even in in music right, it's an accelerated thing- that it does feel nothing at the very beginning of a song. It starts to play and suddenly,
feeling all this stuff. Then the song ends and you're gonna back to your regular life. You know many to be played against even work again. Kind of does sure or if you be careful work, your whole life, but we have real life, doesn't just stop like that you know the flow doesn't just flow over you. It's just always kind of its always kind of there. You know, but I remember after this happened being aware like You think it happened right. You know Still em like that. Now you know like even staying across town. I know I still think some
the break into this house. I mean you know, you see, murders, murder, documentaries. Only I every night, I bought a bat, now got a bath here, but the here's where these are our thinking have like. I think that all the time you know what I got, I got some hornets break there you go see instead of like a Gunnar, a bad. It's like. I don't want to shoot. You had enough, I'm gonna get the bat and time well, but if you- but the thing is goddamn alarm on my house. You got an alarm. Don't you well, I do, but I always said it because it's like it goes off so much that you set it yeah. My ears like that someone's gonna hit me in the head, but I'm sleep here is very very specific. I've talked about it with other people now mean like they just come in and bludgeon outta Liberia to death me that's the scariest say: Google. You ass, like yeah, like that I count Bob Crane died in some way. I think an exactly Bob Crane. He was staying in some like solely alley Hotel with some the weird buddy hurriedly,
some went wrong and his buddies head where we're lucky. I me I've got a big house. We have gonna weird body, we got dogs and where we have some some element of borders, even though the two is like you know who I grew up in New Mexico, we there was, and everywhere you're. Oklahoma, you, new friends. What I'm, what we didn't we didn't have em I didn't have you know, I'm just saying that, like the menace of it. Yet, like I remember like yours, we drive around YO. You gave licence when you fifteen inhumanity Sancho driving around. Go where the kid where the kids are like some dude, I know like seven or did they were out their driving around the gets markets and by some guy fuckin shot a thirty eight into the door. Then You're. My friend brigade, he
at that bullet hole and it's fucking Doin weren't. Well again, I know it's like we're. I mean we're lucky that weird. I guess he ain't here I get all of it. Yet we were actually I'm speaking from some sort of weird white privilege, I'm fuckin war zones in this country and I'm talkin about this one event with a thirty eight that almost all my friend well, no, I don't, I think, we're just lucky. I mean I'd, I think, and I dont I haven't- I don't even want to be around it. I mean that the there were protests in earlier in the summer and especially Nokia home. It's like I mean. Maybe it's it's it's bits, probably true. Every everyone out you know, but I I didn't wanna go just we have a little baby and did site didn't want to be. if I'm not being specifically
shot at just some place where bullets are going in and people are pissed off. You dont want to raise the possibility of you dying yeah exponentially just by being at a play. Yeah yeah, I read moments. I like, though I got his eyes ass. He is like the word thing about death. Is that I've definite and I'm sure you have. It were just give him alive, I have definitely been in situations that we're not going good yeah ahead. Then but in my mind my this is and whence can happen. Oh, I see ya I definitely had that because it look, I remind me of their being on the four, but it was the opposite. You felt it, it might be the end of you, but I've been in cars with fucked up pal darling overtly now or a sort of like Jerry. These guarantees. I think he just ran over a curve and I'm in the back seat. Guy isn't gonna like this. All I see thy at sea. I d say where I get it. I think I would a would have just been. I mean I, I just be so certain like why,
wouldn't I mean army. We talked about the plane crash, I mean I I will say that I mean I can't I can't do that. The people will say well. You know that there was a plane crash yesterday so now today, of course it's not gonna crash today. Will how could that happen? I'm, like that's, that's that's bullshit, it's like they happen all the time. I never turn happened. Well, they really don't they really don't, but when you're a Hon one have you think, will why wouldn't it happened? I mean, I guess I never I drink. Did I pull the short straw dwell? I don't I don't. I don't you're more than Diana Fucking car. Well, I and then, if I really didn't think it was gonna work, I wouldn't get on. I wouldn't buy another forty, but it's only once you sit there now you can almost like five privately in major airline ticket sales, if he were flying right now, I know I haven't yet not me either. You kidding me I'm wrong to fuck in New Mexico, almost lost my mind, bloodiest topic for good, but dry, well that, but that's not hazardous now
did you really? I mean there is no, I didn't when I was driving. I got the needles- California right not even now to California before Arizona. Yet I walk in and there was no distancing half the people alone, Mass o ship organic and I had a pigeon. Unlike Adam Life basin outside you know, well we. We pay a lot outside yeah yeah, yeah fuck that Welton, I know I know, but I mean so in that way, I suppose we were more used to it and because yeah Anne and now the Vienna? The idea that your hands are touching her? It's not as far as you ask areas, it was, you know you know, but you know you ve scout you gotta be just like you know what to do. You know him Well, I understand, though you going to those places where it says too many too many people out amnesia like what is happening. Yeah yeah, so the army semi before the King Kingsmill found there was a big symphony thing right.
forget what all I've sent you. So we the kings mouth. His is a big. No, it's it's part of an art installation of that's right. Wasn't tourism was this with with the symphony this If any one was recorded, think two thousand and two Sixteen with the cholera symphony, yeah yeah It's amazing. It's amazing amazing. I can't imagine for like you liked it to have that interpreted right there who did the score of sunlight. It did a couple years to sort organise unbecoming. Luckily, there symphonies round the country that really do it all the time so they're kind of you always send somebody have to make it score, yeah, yeah yeah. I forget the guy's name, but we wish we were. We were working with him, a lot you how datum feel well tell you the truth. I me we have done a few things to living in Oklahoma City. You know what the commissary symphony out of here and it's kind of k, As you know, the theme will they have their way of working. You know,
because they they really work every day like a ninety five job, you know and ran. You know where you are working Well, maybe unaware abandoned, we does work and work and work. Are they just a bigger band? Would not really coming because you're, just such a giant ensemble no ended in and they They do lots and lots of music. It's not like. I'm I'm doing just armies, I'm not doing everybody's music on our doing my music, so We spend a lot of time to making every detail about it. Mostly by arming and I'd think you relate to this motion, so we're not petrified. When we go up there to perform, we feel like we ve we ve got this. Is we ve worked on it? We worked on it and right and when in doubt I've got the confetti can what you, but you know we does work on a right of course what a bright idea. Even if I was badly. We did everything we can't rhino damietta, but with the
Dorcas does you know you just have to work so fast cause they're, just steered just another thing that they're doing not to dismiss it, but it's like that. You know right use right, working fast and their good and they'll they're not worried about it that much and so like. Oh my gosh, you know you're working on something that I went work on a song for like a week and there like forgot twenty minutes right up. Oh, my gosh yeah really so, and its big ensemble, big staging. Where used anywhere? wimps unaware of rock band, but we have an ear monitors, mere floor monitors and you know you gotta Jesse can hear every rise going right and then you yet there is everything you so quiet. You can't really here. You know what the ever the porn sections hearing over over the string. Sexier, you know it's just it's a panic, Gina But by time we got to do this thing. This performance it at the big Red rocks amphitheatre there are outside of Denver. We were prepared like this is
You know you're, not you not tell me how to tell really what's going on, but we're gonna we're just gonna. in his own and we're going to do it and you ve been a red rocks before that the running of time, but not with the orchard right view, nor straying, as you know, just playing, as is a rock band whenever, but so, It was it was wonderful, but you know it's full of just you don't really know, is going good or bad or I or what and then the odds screams new? Think of what must be, I must be going now. You think, like you ever did like anything. Why in a way, but you kind of security Barajas ensuring that amazing, but then listening to it afterwards and having some time to sort of Vienna Honan on the bits that so yeah, it's utterly amazing its and then You know, but it's not it's it's not it's the Time is listening to it, isn't the same as the experience of being their cause is just too can imagining like. I just find that I guess I was asking because like when I've been in a symphony space, where symphonies playing I'm just sort of like home-
oh yeah fuck knows a force of out of meat meat. Meat about us yet did sits in Saint cause. You it's kind of mysterious is how it builds in. I know, there's all this stuff happening. It's it's. The Ets utterly amazing, actually ice music, that no one to ten people give a shit about. You know what it's like it so pro bout like you know like I did. The tyrant understand anything about classical music, but I remember one time it was in New York had nothing to do. I was therefore a thing, and they just there was across from Lincoln Centre and It's just. I don't go over there and see if there's some classical music, I can watch just anything Yang, give a fuck what differences economic will. I dont know right, don't you know a few other things right hours, ninth or whatever, and that would have gone by, and that would be me as well. It was just like a Beethoven thing was in a full symphony. I went in and unlike what is happening like it was amazing of courting a mayor y know. It really is, I know I know and as an end in people think it's it's
that kind of music. I would like it, but when you're there its parts we have been, I don't buy their records. I don't do nothing, you know, but I felt when I go on, like you know what I think I can see. This is that this is what I mean about your show. It's like see, people would be gone. Where did like. I know I know classical music. I gotta give our funding. I only I love it. I do not desire, I know in ITALY, by the records of any records like I'd. Like I'm trying to do the jesting and other I'm gettin in their uniting thy name. Some guys. I got guys I like with night as Yang yeah, yeah, yeah and assigned anyway, I'm someone you know. Why are you guys guys It would be the same as everybody you no doubt have like most of the MILES Davis doublet of most of the John Cold TRAIN. I would have some mom you listening that out their shit yeah yeah hotel we're in a calm and yet common yeah yeah. I'm not all the orange come over the Albert I or he ever within our day or yeah, but I'm, but I am not an expert in our meaning. I note I
twenty guys in theirs and there's a hundred thousand. That's exactly what I that's exactly what I say that I, as Rapporteur, was deep in the foregoing about that. We think about jazz is not to my there's like. I can tell the difference between most guys that I listen to the other in the big picture sure, like your ear, it's it's the same thread. Well, I understand yeah. We arrived and role you I. I know those fucking guys know anything well. Some people would probably said the same thing about what we think is like you know, there's the there's the Beatles and the rolling stones. Don't they all sound the same now, who is act part I've a bit, but they must town they may be, maybe so on two generations, a guide, our doors, someone it's you know to eighteen years old country, music. While the deal good counter army what I called a good country music, but not really, I mean it even living in Oklahoma, city state, fair yeah, between a yell, but even at the state fair.
They played led Zepplin, you know me I'd. I never went to see her legs happened in play this day for no, but they would just played like lead Xavier at them on the ride. What in New Mexico safer like here, we deployed Roy Court Buck Owens Willie we're on income through those guys, Woodward Iphone, yeah if it wasn't. If it was like one them or something, but I wouldn't do you know when we are younger. We want of known to many too many. I just wondered if he had in the house for some new Oh I mean my. My parents were from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and eighty eight in the army. We had some music, but not very much back. In the day. There was only before anybody had it just a bunch of AL, yeah. You know growing up here. We had a few beetles albums. My mother had Tom Jones Records, react undertones, sure now, but not like tons of albums. Now you know my parents had a few here yeah, you know, so this new record. How long did it take you to make it if you take like out well like it sounds like you're, pretty meticulous out how the process forward
well we're lucky cause I've studio at my house and then we always work with good day. Friedman are producer up in his studio up in New York, but we always have like three or four things going on in Austria. I kind of near there. Some deadlines, or here in some deadlines, are far away and you the idea that you always are always doing. I think that's why you're so good at your thing here, you just always doing it here and it's not like men. If we don't get this when right, it's over like you, but I'm just talking to people and sting engage me. You got it liking it. You sort of like Can we make that guitar sound resist? What we're doing? Well
I'm in here, but I mean I'd, say: creative people just like messing around was very. I stand here and gazed with the process like you're, something I did. I love it. I mean I clearly I love making records, but I lay new make movies and everything yeah. I may I take babies site that you made a fuckin baby since away some. I say when I talk to you. I think you are producing a key issue record or something we he had done some stuff with cash or yeah cash. I like an acoustic outside. I let alone she is one song yeah I'll ones, and I and I have nothing against from shows great, but I dont know the young and the kids liked her that I totally understand we are coming from you. I know you are you worked with her since then you When you were Miley period, it seems well where it were actually sting it miles when of miles houses. That's why I'm here an ally I mean they hang our well My wife was, she shares. Well my wife. What
they to come out here for her birthday because she didn't want this sounds bombed. Speaking for so did you know, dug up most of her friends. Won't listen to our show and didn't marry me to her for there are going to get married. You think you're gonna be ok. Well, I just know we went to a wedding about a month ago in Bozeman Montana was outside. And its breezy and your kind everybody's kind of aware we're gonna do mass we're gonna do nothing, you know, but the fuckin reception star arts and a dj loud people are getting drunk master criminal off far you know. I am not saying that everybody. Everybody is talking to everybody rioters that I can tell there's five or six do that or do they got to talk to me? You know that They're here and there
getting drunk and the music is loud and that's it. That's. Your problem is you're. It's that its loud and they're gonna go right, hearing of yellow nobody, but but it's off the promise like nobody wants to be living like this and every boy. There's that part of them it sort of like it'll, be ok and its as soon as you have one cocktail. The it'll be all right out yeah, then you just fuck yeah yeah and especially of two five or six a duty, and so and it is- its awkward you and I talked about this walking on an awkward cause. You don't let some point you're like we ve been going for five minutes, but now I don't want to do it. You know: you're, Doin, railways, lyrics out I'd reactor, racy horn, and she would went to surmount your party were people she knew and enjoying like six people and they were just sitting at the table and she freak out. She had a co euro area here. So I luckily- I had an excuse. I was gonna, go back to our air being being check on our little baby and grandmother and stuff. But pardon me was glad I got to leave because I was right. This is so we didn't
want to have any parties or anything right. I see with the point. Still, just too you know an end, I mean so many people will want us to do some, especially with her, and so I think we would like I'm not gonna, be here and will just be in an isolated house. And allay- and luckily you know this house of minors that we're in its did very isolated, everybody got tested and even the people, the security guards and all that. So so we can feel like wherein the right, even the word there were travelling around and stuff. I think we're in a good. Let's get the young, I mean it's good and you have a nice time a great amount. el the now revise worse without the falcon via its is no end to it. I like tat, I was gonna, get out and get away and went to New Mexico, and that was on fire like I was got out. I wanted it, but you you're, Stifler Gray, Nano Vyvyan. I got to tell us by the third day certain clear out there wasn't a fire
here. They were just waiting. A burn off by right was. It was rapidly that hey, but there's not by me now said Even- can do lino to just rubbing over the far right here. Oh no, no, no. I mean there either there their closer than I like, but yeah, but they're not just of north. Now, there's one not far right, but in Albuquerque up I was I drove up two thousand. They were right outside of Santa Fe Nobby. By that, wasn't it attic, they're, they're, just are acknowledged, lives up. There is hard to get up there. They cannot and burn off, but it did fuck the Skype yeah, but wait for households. What's your boys know his is his name is bloom. Like a flower tat, he was a girl for so well. I know he can looks like a girl. Viewed if you dont know yeah, but you know that's, that's here's my ears blonde hair and yeah he's she's beautiful kit. Yes, thank you.
You start scented. Pictures of that. Maybe you started affected me pictures you in that kid. Like the day after I was born, and then they can, they come sprightly. It's not like you and I tend to laugh at every. So often a picture will come here for a while. There is like a she trying to get me to have a baby, oh no! I would always. I would wonder about that. Sometimes you know like ice Ladys, doing he's happy right and is trying to he's trying to get me to have a baby at sea. I just sort of feel like this is what I do attesting. I just sort of say hey. This is what I'm doing me like a shared. I love him. I would like here I think, we're just me having conversations myself, but I do. I have to have made easy. I considered that about. You might be thinking that, but then I'll send you like some picture of some food or something to some food. Are you in a crown just anything, here's what I doing, what you and that wages are very this raise coming out of. I asked you know, yeah sure or part of the saying, I'm a lot
cooler than you and here's pictures to pervert. No. I just, I just think, that's the wonder of what you can do now exactly a year we only or courts have when we were in both through your mower make up and you're gonna crown on what was ephrem. Who was yours from other guy, I dont know your blue and when an ally around yeah, that was, we wish. We did like a Christmas, a video or just yet picture of you and make up with a crown the telegram I'm blue DNA extra back. I take the back. Finally Well, no, I mean that's right. What do you mean there's no way we would have This call each other hey. What do you do it by now, I would never even liked it. When do we did it in our, but just doing something it takes a second takes you a second you. I know it. I go along with way, but let me ask you, though, like up like how did this. Like I mean have the baby because it like it. It's like. I could see that yeah, the experience evidence is profound and that
like you, you, you know in theory it there these pictures of yours is sort of like holding them a b and even your vanity cannot compete with them love that you have for the baby yeah. Well, I think the work that we do not come off as an insult No that's great that I totally understand um. I think Everybody has a sum couple of of a desire to nurture. I mean even if you're, just more easily, just with your. If it's your friends or your failure, whatever you know right deep in there must be this? Some people, obviously don't have it There are serious, called without precedent. Your ear right and I just don't think you you can ever really satisfy that unless you have an actual baby right. You know, so I feel like cats, don't count,
All that does. I guess that's why you have dogs and cats in ruins and everything you know them and not the real game into the human babe. Well, I think having this now this centralized entity that young no we're out. You is not gonna, it's not. You know not only by yeah and at that, like geared, maybe the dogs and cats, that said the same way, but like your friends, and you know your family and stuff, Are they really you're? Gonna? Be fine, you know, but you somehow care about them. You care deeply about them you want everything to be all right, so I think for me either now having an actual baby that you know you wanna have your energy for and you want to be. You know you want to be awake and smart and be at there all the time. I think, just says? This is important and these other things aren't that no you're, not other things, meaning music and right that no yeah, but there's a lot gaps in when you're doing things that are,
You know you're just like. Well, I guess if they think it's important, it must be an error. But now I sort of feel I can in my mind I can say this: isn't that important to me, I'm not gonna sit here here. You know Gregor kid or just to waste your time and wasting energy or to waste your emotional brain. you'd think using now or even with this ice with the quarantine or whatever. Is that for better or for worse, people are spending a lot more time with their families and their kids yeah. I imagine the aged he's out. It's like great! Well, I I know I I hesitate to even saying it I mean it is great I dont like say because I know so many people are struggling with our jobs and their families are sick and all that but I know I mean for us, I mean, and this goes like the way you your show is you know it's like this element of time? Is time, is part of everything that we do everything.
they do is like you know it's the time that you spend with. It is part of the equation, but you know being a reasonably successful band gets. A travel around the country play festivals, place shows, get invited a crazy parties, everything. I say yes to everything. And you just don't have any time sure you know you end up being on a two year on a plane, you're at a sound check. You doing a show, your hotel and all of it, one love is amazing, sure, but there's just no time to even care that it's amazing I mean there's times when I would just say, I'm just gonna sleep on the bus, even though theirs of five STAR Hotel right, I still want to get up and go in their cause. It's just another assist a bed and a toy have you got that right here I mean I, I would be very thankful that it's all there but there's just no time to like tests appreciate and assess and take it in here. You can always say like when you're the best me.
you ever have because your hungry, not because they are the best meals made by the The greatest chefs every much pressure. It's just when you are hungry and guaranteed something good, it's amazing, but if you're not hungry, or you ve already in some I mean that they can be the best thing ever in framework. I like a well- and I think, a lot of our experiences would be like that. Do you know where You are just flying through thing. So quick. I know I notice I too, like they're they're there. A lot of the noise has been turned down right now. You're the pace, changed. Obviously I'm still doing this, but I am talking about this dismay. Learning about how it's the same, with like what you said about food: there's, no silence better than the one after noise yeah right. So but I mean I think that also that. I am feeling that is well words like because you and I are similar in age and we ve been working. Our whole lives TAT, TED
get to where we are and to do what we like to do, and we continue to do it, whether we like it or not. We do I love. You know I mean, I wonder you, but when you say yes, everything you know in your head, it's like this, my pillow rougher than the other one you know, but but you do, Do you not believe that that is what we do when I say yes, and sometimes in my mind. I think I hope it doesn't work now, but I have to say, yeah sure, you're angry doesn't suck too there's that right so see. That's you That's why I love your shoulders. I, like I can't say but you can make that if you felt it, but my point is that now that there's router like it, you can even be like what would we gotta be worse? I've been going. Who are we in the bigger room away. Why are we in that? Will all those questions there on the floor,
because no one's doing why I know I know there's this right through to the brain is not comparing the brain is not full of dread or or anticipations something happening, and he can focus on the epoch. and then gratitude. Theirs is weird mixture of like things, you're, scaring the chaos of guy. Yeah right. But here you are with the baby and yeah yeah yeah, this wife, that you ve built for yourself and you have the time to be grateful, absolutely absolute and knowing that people don't have jobs, an iron I have a gave a great great job. That's allowed me, you know some some leeway here again and something are very healthy and I'm, my dear, if you know I'm healthier than ever it's hard hard and waste. We ituri, o Brien about that. Yesterday's talk, innocent is talking to a therapist, comes to my house again, and you know which is a luxury, but I did. That is the sort of weird balance of like I didn't think I was going to make it. I don't think I
is going to have a life in this business. I'm up until I started part as the buzzing looking good hours- making money? I can so I take it you whatever you mean as a standard whatever I just. I just didn't, think I was gonna you know, so we should be able to even within my house any more so now here I am everything worked out a lot of ways and now here we got the plague we ve got the apocalypse you know. experiencing tragedy but like I have two still realise that I'm alive and those who are to be grateful for a lot of before suffering? I have to balance like how do I will continue to be apathetic with might with with also experiencing gratitude, but also, carrying a certain amount of fear and paying its tricky shit. Well, I think you handle it. Amazing. If you ask me they hear you talk about it, because, that's, u you you're able to talk about it. Why are you talking about it? It may me feel like man, you know
yeah he's you made me good about all this, of any feel good about like what's happening to you, and so I dont know. I think that's as part of the thing, but I think with a baby, though I gotta was soon man there like you know on any given day just to look at? They can't like any work? I'm not! I don't think I I don't. I don't I'm not. I don't think I need it. Right right, but I do understand more as time goes on the sort of joy and focus that, like despite everything else being what it is in the chaos, nowhere, whatever the amount of love it transpires between. You know you your kid. Your wife around this family unit has gotta be just We have to erase everything
oh, I mean when he's when he's there, and in his moment I'm here you just that it's easy Nigeria, idealising infuriating, elongated, part very where you're going I cockeyed when discussed now. I dont think that her coming. I think I would have it when I was younger. I got very lucky that has happened to me in my late fifties and I I feel like I've for me. I can affect us. My third life. You know there was my life before I got laid on the floor. Long John Silver, and then I thought that was my now got to my second life right said: fuck. I'm gonna do yeah succumbing to do art, and and and do this thing and now I feel like an unknown living like a third life here to get to do. You know but see I think up. What I see in you is that you know things. You understand things: it's not I'm smart. It's like I've lived and I've been dubbed inevitable, observe and listen, and, and so this, what
happening in the world. You can say it is bad and I understand so it's horrible for some people, but it's not that horrible for me and even though these horrible things are happening to you and I I would feel the same way: it's like my pain. Isn't it's not the same type of cause, I'm I'm optimistic, still you're. Even when all this stuff is on you, you know you're after Mr Guy I think so I think that's the thing that we became aware of when we, aid, this record and ninety nine. The soft Bolton record. I think we just never considered their grammar we thought we were gonna, make a record and just be like the world's miserable. I told you I did what is dark and people are mean on rail air, but you d fella, you are that kind there. I maybe I'd United Scenario earlier records close enough. There is always sort of an uplift to yeah I'd, but I didn't I thought.
What we're gonna we're gonna sing. What's in our hearts arena, whatever you do and if, if we're just bitter old fools, may also be it here. right. You didn't even you got you know yet you then I would hear you made a break. Do I really like you? You go after soft, born and sort of like. Why am I don't have to be better for a while, but I will add we: why would we weren't actually bitter adjust we ve sorted out like maybe we got him? I don't know I think we always envied rock stores that were kind of like miserable or something you guys pop the right. So you, but you know it's like I guess like, but no one c, is it do it like? You guys? Do it so weird thing when I see pictures or somebody this morning said that I, when I said you're gonna come over the months, but he's gonna come in a bubble. I would if I would have no money. I've done everything you do, though you guys do is shorter, surrounded with this weird kind of you know,
creativity. Like you know, you paint you do the bubbles you may movies. It's a full, it's like it. Sort of a kind of its psychedelic legacy is the next step into this, all your other worldliness. So I think that once you. I don't know how much of you really lived there, but it seems a party, does well I think, that's just what creative people like you know they like Heaven that somebody got some creative people were making things with saws. I mean you yeah you're, making things were bubble, I would do well. I would do it with em anything. I think that's what happened. We are bound by a buy me Simon and nothing is a tool. What I'm saying is that there is a dark creativity and then there's this thing. The you'd do well yeah yeah yeah. Why I think I'm very lucky in that way, yeah that it sir. like no matter what you think, that's where your creativity goes well away from the darkness. I died,
I dont think intentionally. I think it's sword like I guess I guess, there's been some said: songs and oil or you just follow whatever it is, that you feel right and I forget theirs, but there has been some sort, some heavy themes with the robots and what a heavy boots bill optimistic. I think I've got a slogan that we we we learned about ourselves is I give just doing music doing art and doing in doing it and then at some point, I materialism, like your old shows NEA nine eyes but like I've watched myself to stand behind, you know and we would when you're in the middle of making it's hard to tell us is good or bad regulator. Amateur whatever you know, but when you, when you can, they get removed from it. Yet I sometimes think I listen to some wow, what a record some of our very old now you know twenty five thirty years ago, amazing- and I'm just like I I'd I'd- love them- I'm like these dudes, there are no more. I you know. I found that too is like it or not:
occurs, but I you know I used to think like when I was younger. I wasn't me yet now I hadn't developed into and then I watch his ship from like the late eighties into my while I was me well, I just wasn't confident and I didn't I Didn'T- have the wisdom. I didn't have yeah. I was uncomfortable myself by I'm. Definitely me yeah, my brain is the same. In the way of talking is the same and what I'm thinking about it- and this is the same- it just wasn't there yet wow but in me do you feel like you're there now sure I do. I feel like I feel like that about you you're going out about you. Did you feel like when you did you feel like? Did you think self is not being there yet rejoicing. We are there in the world the need to catch up I'd only in the past. You know, like maybe five or six years, a sort of feel like ugly. I am part of it. This doesn't want to be done yet you're here and say! Well here. I am this. What I do I know I still want to do a billion. I guess that's true light, but but there is something to be said about like the fearless.
This is being there. Why is that so much I'm done right like I know that the last two specials I did where the best work I've done. So, if you could see that evolution like this really like I'm on top of this, and I have a little room to play. At the That's it exactly yeah yeah right, but maybe it was someone on your show. Even one of your show said you know you when you have a low but success, you feel like you're kind of your gear. Greece stop at sea. I do things because you can kind of even at even me being able to this text you and say: hey, I'm comin out. There cannot be on the shore areas like this. Like the greatest thing ever and unjust texting you about it, you know, Namibia, so in that way, there's probably the ten thousand dude that would want to be. sitting here that we will take a texture and say: hey, I'm gonna be in town. You know somebody more are like wants you to view normal gap, regular guy! Imagine it's gonna have to happen at some point.
Now. I think you would find no matter who did or talking. I got environment interesting of our you know, but I myself for me it's that I think you feel like you. Ve got a little bit of leeway and obviously you're good. you're taking risks doing what you want and you cloning and on what really works and what satisfies you and I dont know and we could still very well lose our minds and next couple years and never do it again. I mean you know part of you doesn't really know why. That's you having. I learn about this time, the scorching time it sort of way if a little money, I think probably enough to get me through the rest of life. for me, the sort of like you know what, if I don't, if we don't get to do anything again, I get out right now. That's me that's great, it is coming from you, that's a member for I can I can I don't have a beat those last specials and had enough for any of us are going to ever be the same again. So that's it s, because I am in no hurry to stand up for contrivance. Do you understand
like, there's a right yeah. No, I totally understand that yeah you mean like what's gonna happen, we had we perform what you know what happens down? What is what is? What is the point of reference Reich date. Now, whatever we end up, if everything worked out a little bit and we get through this It's going to be a different world, it's gonna be opposed covered world and it's gonna be like it's a whole different, sensible. It's a paradigm shift of existence. Well, I think that's Where were you dont know which way to head sure bets is absolutely d front from now on. We never go back to being in a added sweaty room where people screaming at each. I wonder we don't know maybe you and I don't, but I dont know someone. It's twenty is gonna, say out, you don't give a fuck in osier. I mean I don't know you know or does. Is this the beginning of what they stars, you have a place to go. I mean if you're twenty I'll give a fuck, yet the clubs gotta be open, exactly
Well, that's where I keep telling people's wealth. Like you know, I dont know. If we I mean I M speaking, you're right now, not your when this will ere you know, but it's like I have hundred of these, these space bubbles that I go in over the crowd. a hundred over hundreds of them on the way to my house, although, anyway to my house now, ok, they just got manufactured in China. And there on the way to my house. Four days ago I saw the sketches. Is the concert idea? Well, you know it started off, as is as just a silly cartoon about the oh how you could do a cancer at the beginning of March, dragging a world like well, you know this is funny so or you know,
and then this vague either the sketch a view performing a bubble in the audience being about right right. Did the flaming lips of two thousand nine right I'm on stage, and I mean that I'm in the bubble and insist to normal concert in two thousand and twenty everybody in everyday life and myself in the audience, we're all in a bind you're like waiting. Well is it well? right at the beginning of the week it's still a pandemic. I dont know if it was a pandemic when it started, but language the people at the Stephen Kobayashi right said? Would you guys be interested in doing one of these? What now, other called home concert in oh, but even then we're like yours, gonna, Canada, do a video and then we'll errant right. That's the way the shows gonna be for right away for the rest of the time right dumping at the time we were, they have another couple weeks or something you know here and and they were the ones that suggested this. Could we make this this
cartoon come to life just for like the with this didn't commercial and as like yeah, let's I'd sure, let's hear we can do they help may get some of the space bubbles had a few, but I know that many in their coming from China, so I got a few and they helped us get quite a few more and we did this show good that there that there, the president, has and stop your space. What was coming from China? Will we not get it even talk about it yeah, you know, that's the way. I that's why I operate like look, I'm not asking permission, but we got item in you know, even even when we got the, we still do not know how long oars contrary going right or is it just gonna being right, we'll all be over whatever so Did this concert just like four songs with twenty seven of us all, when bubbles laugh and it's it's free,
Nicholas, but I mean it. It does work on me. I guess that's the part of it. That's like well yeah, meaning you. You can bree than your separated and all that sort of stuff that absolutely works, but we thought who's not really Can I do this right and now you know it's we're going in the like people talking about not till next summer. Are we really think about trying concerts and I'm like well, I dont know some of these places will survive till then I'm in the places talking about members, Keynes, Ballroom and Tulsa amidst its famous, because we owe me we live in Oklahoma, but it's Wednesday, its The only building left standing but the sex pistols played in nineteen seventy seven hour here, but these are the types of values that you know another six or seven alignment with, but I can disappear vigour to disappear, but light structurally they're not going to disappear. Its buildings are going to disappear if businesses will disappear, but like
You know I don't know. I understand like I know all these in its terrible and I want all the the venues to come back, but it's not like there's somebody waiting to go in. I don't know why they let you know what I mean like. I ask why you why you can't like I get you but like it's, the idea of peaceably few people work there and Tal terrible, but I mean it. why can't you just put these Stephanie induced coma like they have the rest of the economy, is now I'd landlords couldn't stop charging people yeah, I think you're right. It only takes a big cooperation of saying. Ok, you know all this, we were gonna, be paying out every month. We're gonna stop that, but it's not like yeah. You know, and I These places are just they ve. You ve been made in the sort of way of like it's all. Auto people crammed together, drunk as fuck. music as loud best thing ever, used to be anyway? I know, and is there
you're gonna change so place. It used old, like fifteen hundred people pact now. Is it only gonna, be a couple hundred people how they're gonna work you're gonna make any money we're not gonna gonna like so I sort of them saying we're we're going to try to do shows with these space bubbles only as a way of saying this is the way I am trying to do something if everybody out there try To do something Maybe we'll really come up with a solution instead of waiting in saying well, we're gonna wait or goes back to normal because there might not it be a normal to react to them? It may not ever happen and there may be another virus that comes there may be ten more waiting force greatly. I hope, not yeah, but this could, this be the beginning of the new world by adapting and just math is so yeah yeah, it's a sad reality, but people do adapt and I'll. Try to hold on to some of your optimism. So we yeah yeah
standing in front of you I'd say you know you do you have that about you? I think, you know, that's part of what makes you funny is that you really are moving ahead, trying things wanting things to work, loving the world and you ve got that shelter of being like. I don't know what the fuck em doing in Algeria, but but will in front of you your ear ear. Great yeah you're, giving me a lot of hope. Ok, yeah, yeah, I'm not I'm not dragging everything down into a whole with me, is what you're saying. Well, that's good! That's that That means that some our another over the years or whatever I'm goin through Adena, where I took the turn, but the young man. You know it has to do with sort of like well, it's let's make the best of it right away you started to do the podcast here. That's bad that was you saying I I've gotten do something now I was, you know. I was in trouble. You're. Just gone through there
fuckin second divorce, I was gone broke. I couldn't sell tickets Nguyen I would really thought mom, never going to be a big comic, I'm never going to movies and never going to do tv and, like I don't know how in like the idea of being just sort of a be room. He Ike take it so I was like really suicidal and we you mean you mean really when we I think I would ever do it. I didn't have any solution right right. It's always really. This weird Hale Mary pass with no expectations, because I done some radio me in the guy who still produces showed me my business partner. You have put made this thing. We did this with not knowing anything and adjust the it was the thing that turned everything around, but what was why anyone, whose idea was to do this, like a pot, get podcast by then we're still like what boil I'll tell ya. I we adjust done something. Had I just don't streaming video show long. For any one was watching those and a tank housework
for a company, AIR America and they fired we still had a month on the deal and they stay in the office, nay, radio studios, so I knew that Carolled, Jim he Pardo and a few other people were doing package. I comics I'm like what Can we try this? Can you figure out how to put it up and what we gotta do? We said yes and we just committed to doing a new show every Monday and Thursday when and why not what we did and we started there in the studio. New York now moved ah here and start doing my garage, and we have done a new show without missing one. Since September two thousand and nine wow wow and it was because you kind of well, we got this play swear it, we always try and we ve got the equipment. We can go in there late at night, no in just hijacked the place and figure out what we're doing and figure out of the show is then, what kind of evolved into a shower? I invited people. I knew over to talk about my promise. Basically
It still is I'm here to help you that you have here. You have, and I refer here I mean that's so that is so punk, rock n, you fellows it worked ways we didn't know what was up you don't like it, the beginning. There was no way to make money, so we I was offering people schwaiger if they say if they sent me some money, it's an imitation sticker, I'm fucking out fullest stickers and t shirts and pack and unbalanced and you'll have one advertiser was like Adam and Eve Sex toys in shit I mean, I know we know about your podcast, Amelia Lobby or and vans. yeah yeah yeah the musicians and kind of figured it out, but you so you did it and you thought we had. No, we have no experimentation. I just knew that I needed to stay engaged and I knew that I knew that I was ok on this type of MIKE and I knew that I could do do it, but like so many things evolved in happened in you. Well, got traction, but it took.
For any of US disorder figure out how we can make a living at it. Yeah like so, even though its succeeding in a sense D. I really thought you might know how to get out of these. People will have to get them to give his money in authority devolve the motto like there was a community of us. It came on around the same time. before everyone was doing a pod gaston we figured some stuff out, but it all kind of there was a community via that evolved and yo now like you, you know it's it's. You know I still love it. I still get. I love in a sense it like I'm nervous and anxious and don't know what the fuck is going to happen. Every time I ought to somebody yeah yeah, I just don't yeah like some days of Acta, FUCK do attack, because you don't you don't know the man you don't mind, I dont know most of these people yeah yeah, so you don't know. What's gonna having I've listened to some of your shows where I know you'd, you know a lot about them and then I've adolescent somewhere, you don't know anything about them, and I mean that That that's where you're
Just go to go for it. That's what so inspiring you're like Mama. Here we go he's like jumping off amount. Every time I mean I I just like talking to you, I'm sorry, sir. Now, let's go out into the reigning ash. Is it? Is it ash, but it really is just from grass fires and stuff right, sunlight volcano or something not eyes. I ve been idle in volcano ashes. It somehow better that you just have to state burning and not a volcano. Well, I did, it didn't, seem I mean you know I went in Oklahoma, Withers tornadoes in the short time. I never. I never consider like that. It's that have you seen my close returning, never have said. This is that this is the ridiculous thing. It's like. first time I was in Canada. I saw fucking northern lights, ass, nice. I know I am talking of guys, like all of us have lived here. My whole life ever I m right. I've lived no com, my whole life. I've never seen a real tornado I know I wanna go chase one down we're going, You can, I don't know you can, but I may I know I cannot that's not the happiness.
To take. I will, I would feel stupid now if I went chased one and then got paralyzed hers, I know of being, but I note when their happening out, drive down the road to see them, maybe someday or just come down the street. Well, I kind of wanted to, but cannot but try come down at night and I wouldn't go to see it or something. That's the big fear year. Nearly two dogs barker to NATO is not going to go away. Well, we have. We have a good, we have the best, whether guys ever you know they can tell you if you're on your blocker girod it's insane so media. While we know tornadoes with young day, maybe you'll see one. I hope so. Maybe you can fact similar immediate can make one at one. You're concerts may be the next day. Man, people in space bottles, twirling around man, vortex of air yeah yeah. So now just pitch and ideas could see anyway. you too, I love you. I love, you may remember,
that. Was Wayne Coyne talking to me here in the garage behind some plexiglass. The album is american head. If he 16th album the 16th studio album from the band flaming lips, you can get it now, wherever you get music, oh yeah. I did. I should tell you about this. I did I did a panel thing with the catholic glow it. think it had something to do with registering voters, part of the deal is we do this panel? it's available on Youtube someone I know, there's vague, but it turned out to be a very emotional and kind of a cathartic thing for a lot of us because We didn't know when we took the gay. We did this service of register, people the boat and then too he's a pound that we were going to be cancelled, so it was not a happy glow per se, but it was a reflective and somewhat said had cast a glow, yet talking about the show
it was. It was an interesting thing and attaching thing to watch all right. So they carry yourself minds your mind, so they don't mine. your mind now play guitar somewhere to other Qatar. I've played at other times.
The bond monkey flying cats forever.
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