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Episode 1166 - Lewis Black

2020-10-15 | 🔗

Everyone needs to let off some steam these days and there are few people better who do it better than Lewis Black. Marc welcomes his old friend back to the show for a talk about pandemic comedy, going stir crazy during quarantine, avoiding cults and pulling for democracy to make it through these times. They also talk about Lewis's new standup special, Thanks for Risking Your Life, which was filmed the day before the country shut down. 

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Folks. The election is happening like now it's happening now. Voting is going on now for everything you need to know about voting, go to vote dot org! You can act on your registration. You can find your polling place, you can vote, on care to be a pole worker. That's vote dot, org! All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the FUCK Nick's what's happening? I feel I haven't check in with you guys in a while but I don't know how you guys, holding up. What's going on with the thing how the kids have a family If you pretty tight, has a tight knit family I can imagine I'm sorry man. I am so sorry that you have to go through this, I'm so sorry that you know you have to spend this much. I don't anyway
When did it stop being quality time for you, people with families when did turn into Ike? Oh my god, when is it going? fuck at in time, but what till the end times. Would you know what I'm saying? I imagine that you ve all got to know each other pretty fuckin? Well, did you ever think you would get to know yourself or the people that you have with or children as well as you do now you're all growing in strange ways because of this isolation. Look at it that way that positive hate, where Where weathering the storm together, And man, what fuckin nightmare, not really it's good. I try to, keep up with my buddies, her who have family. Why not in its region there is good and bad too about you feel bad for the four kids I mean I'm an old man, kinda. Fifty seven and I basically lost a year to some degree, I don't know what I'd be doing that much differently other than knowing I could do things. If I wanted to that's the primary.
France, for me, is that their eyes, a lot of time alone, I do the biogas misdoing comedy now, but I had a dream, about the comedy, but I like, knowing I had options to go out, needs stop and have a coffee to say I to a friend go, do a set to do just that options it's like you know, I don't mind, hang out by myself and doing the work, but no fuckin options. Not the options. You won't take a drive, I don't know man, I just stir I can't take it. Might I can bear we breathe because the reality of the world is grip my entire body and squeezing the breath Adam me on a daily basis? I'm just gonna have to men. To take just to expand the rip that reality has made to get me a little rooms like an fuckin breathe again, and terrified election action days fast approaching, and
we. Nobody knows what the fuck is going to happen, but I'll, tell you this honestly in this is non partisan if Trump hold on to power, it will be the end of America as we know it in terms of tolerance, democracy, Majority rule judicial system, yeah, so good times, it's happened in many countries before and it will in many countries again But we didn't think it would happen here, but we are on the precipice of real, DORA Terrorism and that exciting right, how the kids how's everything he still held up as a family, real with our terrorism right around the corner, and I guess we'll know by the end of the year where we stand right. and just remember it only takes it couple of reinforced Suggestions- by a occupied
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I used to talk to Louis allowed on my old air Amerika, show back in the day, scattered Tuesday. and of special. It's called thanks. risking your life it's out now, so I thought in good time for a chat good time to catch up, but also there are, people in my life, where I consider friends I consider people. I can have a nice conversation with about anything and that's usually happening a bit. Louis is definitely one of those so low forward to that coming up. I am source fuck I am, I'm I've actually gotten into a like, not a predicament, but constantly sore, because I guess who's. I just talk. Into a friend of mine, has tokenism. breath. I don't he's a friend of mine, he's a guy? I met. bye bye. This from the show I met him from this show. I met him. I talk to you and I interviewed him, but he brought up this idea about why guy new,
The dopamine and serotonin management through exercise like I dont know that I've ever ever exercise this hard or this much of my life and I think the quarantine, as is forcing me to do what is it that way? I know I do something, but my joints are a little fucking hurdy Ike two or three times a week. I do Circa training Three times a week, and I wonder it like the other day. I thought why do I have cancer? Why can I off the couch and I dont think I put it it yet really took it under consideration. Just how much those workers fucking drain me I mean they're good: but Jesus man, I'm fifty seven in granted like I'm not one a superhero suit on a mountain bike, but definitely workin out in Ike. I dont think I have some sort of terminal illness. I think I'm just fuckin sore from being the shit out of myself. Maybe this is it the first turn screw the aging thing I got accept it? I got
temper my exercise I can expect. I look, I'm fifty seven may that six pack is never gonna happen, not I'm trying, but I'm just trying to stay saying in stay healthy. I gotta get. fuck out here you guys seriously here's my plan. Now I bailed I believe that the two week trip by myself because of the erratic nature of my emotional disposition at this take your juncture, but I'm going to try to get away, and just I'd from the news on this. before election day an election day, and then we see first a day after just see what havoc has ensued. What is happen when they be exciting? If I could do that, just I am completely detached till November. Fourth, justice like where we're add just like after two days it will seem like a month to check back in. I think I might do that
Maybe I'll go up north northern California, some ways where it has burned. I want to talk to you for a minute about safety. We ve all been trying to stay safe this year, but here's something he might not think about very often, but it's something that puts your life at risk. It can be. a little frustrating despair. If you are in a hurry, are running late to find you dove at a railway crossing waiting for a train and if the signals are going in the trains and even there, yet you may feel Bit Kempton to try to sneak across attracts well, don't ever today naked eye. Trains appear to be further away and moving slower than they are and they cannot stop quickly. Even if the engineer hits the emergency brake right away, it can take a train over a mile to stop over a mile. Ok by that time, it's too late and the result is a potentially dead. We crash the point: is you can't know quickly? The train will arrive. The train can't stop quickly
even if it sees you it ends in disaster. The signals are on the train. Is on its way- and you just needs remember one thing: stop try, You can't. What are you in a hurry for now? I've been out on the road people here, their horns where you going, Where do you gotta be yet an appointment at an empty building, fuckin role, acts. Guy Damn man- I don't know, I don't know, what's going to happen, The worst thing about everything It's gone renown. It said this before his like. No one can tell you it's gonna be ok. Nobody knows Even that is like it's always kind of tempered a bit. It's always can bullshit, but sometimes they took it. It's enough! There's, if you know The odds are pretty good that it might be. Ok, I don't know. Those odds anymore. I do no, but I do know that Louis Black. HU, I consider a friend I cancer
funny. Guy, and he's gonna the sweetest guys. I know- and I pay honestly this show as it did before. It is too going again it saved. My fuck insanity saving my fuckin life when I Talk to people on the show when I talk to these interviews Mabel to engage with somebody else get out? I myself was in someone else's story, be moved by someone else's story. Move through someone else's story, connect a human level endured. Now time. It's a beautiful thing. That's what humans do, and so many of us do This time are denied that specially fan they with friends, challenging and sad. It's very sad not to be able to connect on human level, and I think it's fuckin with our heads on top everything else. Obviously,. So I guess the one thing. I hope that.
Some you get out of this- is they buy proximity you, you get to connect. Does it its literally saving my my sanity in my life. because I wander around my house, so I alone talk to my cat Sometimes I get way out of my skull, because too far in it. Sometimes the inner monologues thoughts like I realize, I'm having a complete relationship with some sort fiction that my brain is generating. That's why taken to doing these instagram life some mornings and having caught we would all the strangers even the controls that love me, I've decided that if you have a troll that is repeat customer there in love with you, and they just dying for you to get mad at them. Cause that's how they experience love. I think many of them may be masturbating, while packing you on Twitter run Instagram or wherever you are you ro comments. A lot of them are just that: it's its deep down. It's just frustrated, love and they just
my want daddy yell at them. They want make daddy mad, so they Daddy cares fuck trolls anyway, What I'm saying is she where my brain? Just what is that I need to get out of my head is very hard now and I hope providing that for you and I just wanted and prefacing this conversation with Louis, because we had some ass, he got me out of my head. We talked rose instead Should we talked about life and this there's nothing better than making Louis Black laughed. I like making people have in general, but loses Gowan those deep, almost em the sea MC laughs, but, as I said earlier, Louis has a special out. It's called thanks. Risking your life, it's available on all video on demand, platforms and streaming audio platform. He also IDA. Podcast called Louis Blacks, Grant, cast which
talk about a better get a sense of what it is and how you can participate and you can get that wherever you get pod gases is me talking, EL friend Louis Black, Louis I hear you ok, honey. I'm sorry, I don't know you it's been awhile, I don't worry We don't know what I mean. I am shocked. I usually this takes twenty minutes I go is. I was hoping for that. I was looking for some, intentional slapstick to unfold with the old. Usually that's that's usually the case. Usually it's been brutal, technically area So where are you man, I'm in my home in New York? Oh your name, I thought you were a North Carolina. I was to all the other day in the left.
I wanted to talk to you from New York. Mother. I appreciate you travelling for me. Did you fly No, no, I won't fly, won't get new play. What is that noise now That's the lan line I have so. I can speak to my mother so for everyone, It's like what he getting a fax, what the fuck is happening over there that's my wife, my somebody's calling me to tell me. Probably the something has occurred in China. Usually it's a chinese purse threats like a rabbit. Someone gets an emergency phone. Call the comedian in New York our problem The three would you drive from North Carolina drove on that tour bus over two or bus, and I took it mothballs instead, This is that it makes no sense candlelight travelling in a pot you on a tour bus, you own it. No, I don't,
I'm a bye, bye, LISA, how and by TAT saved, this had that you just been leasing it in case. You need to drive back and forth we're, not car no idea. I don't drive anymore because It's really. It's not fair to people like that. So responsible cheese, Christ. I reached I reached a level of anger in LOS Angeles about ten years ago, driving in the back seat, of a kind that I thought wow. If this is my rage in the back seat and I'm not driving, I shouldn't be doing all sorts because you're a year old and cannot cannot navigate the road, because of that data is also states that the it's not being all legislate. I've. No attention span Kevin ain't interested much in front of me. You can't maintain continuity enough to drive when you're driving a car it's like what is this sign all fuck.
I don't I don't I don't mean to say you are you're, not Ogier, Europe Spry, whatever you are, I'm old each all. Seventy two yeah what's Goin on New York, how's, it feel there. I have no sense of of it. I am. I wish I was there because its fall, but it seemed like it said there is it said there? What do you feel It was said, I think it's it's it's perked up a little it. You know it's. So you know people who know people are eating outside, so there's a sense of life out there. It's kind of nice there were in their masks the EU. There is a kind of movement. calm down. This is I sense of the word there were two seconds away from like these: the early that the late Seventys in New York. Yes, it's really get up Holy God here, but it then there's it's less it that much more about there seems to be kind of a sensitive
it's kind of combining a balance yeah. What's that that's interesting to me because, like thinking about talking, I watch part of this special and I understand it is interesting that enough material was. if ever greenish enough for you to just frame it around we ve all heard that night, where something horrible has happened that day and you ve got. I reckon with it you. If you that kind of comedian. So here you are on the eve, of the lock down, and it still relative we cute two references it out and you're, able the reference in refunded for five minutes and then go into your act? That is still relevant. Did you Know- n n n n funny enough towards David. Yet because all we ve been doing yo after that. I bet you did that special everyone has had the same life and it's not that it's. Answer of its it just relative to dread terror.
And wondering if we're ever going to be able to go outside again. There is no big movement right it's the same day? It's it in his groundhog guy, it's in, and I have this feeling of between one in four times just stops, you looking go out which one I can get a few. Things done, then it's four and you ve got. You can't remember what it was that you didn't do now out and no shit and then from five to like eleven. You like, I don't even know, what's happening any more and then its when did I go to sleep at my asleep? Is this a dream? And then you are got began and start of yet again It's really it, but in terms of our you, how are you wreck it. How you dealing with this, because I started to realize in terms of creative people that were were literally envy cauldron of trauma here. So there's no one! going to create some art. That is right. Collective to what's going on, because what he's going on we're all this fucking holding pattern? You know me
a wary of authoritarianism and economic collapse, and what can we really create right now too? a romantic comedy were people wear masks? How are you doing with this, intellectually, It took a while because there was it's just Wait did I've started the kind of guy. I'm gonna do this this in this web really kind of I type locked down ten ten weeks here in New York in this apartment by myself, saw I called solitary confinement. I saw no one, yet lucky, because I have kind of a nice terrorist where I can walk around right shows. Solitary confinement and alive a place where the prisoner could walk right right and I am really are so to speak, yeah and it. did damage. I mean it it real damage. Ten weeks like that, there's a reason they put people in all the time. What what you find about yourself. What did you learn about? Louis
the time I learned that I'm not really learned that my mind given give it you take away all the targets and I've had my wife. It goes right at the top of the sun climbing the things you know, but you know the deal all the things that you said about their Bobo Bobo enough. It was like Yes, we couldn't get. I could not go after myself fast, like I finally got me cornered, I take it or leave like the rat with a bye, bye, bye, brain saw. My body is a piece of cheese, but you about the other side, where I, what did you did you? How? deep in the darkness. Did you get that you have to do both? at the reason you got out, but I kind of realized it eventually. I kind of realise that there were things partly partly that came out of that that first, when it
it's like you are in the highest risk category Louis. So that was big right, I was kind of like you die. If you go outside Europe you're getting here that was it every day and so it took a while to kind of come through that in them and then I've been tracking the son of a bitch stuff for a while, and when he merely so. I lie down, before the lockdown? You know China. All of that when it was covenant with soon visited China was like ok, you fuckers. What are they gonna fuck us somebody, What the God, damn you know, he has said that job somebody gets over shipping costs in their yet and shake yours, and it's all over the world. So I thought so somebody eight so kindly kept trying to find the information I'd friends you kind of new star. people who were working
a kind of been, I don't even know what they're big gigs, were business sense, what they were doing in bringing your people. Eighty people epidemiologists, it all. I was starting to get information in realising. Ok, if I do this and do that that I go He too were so My food clorox did bill. I was washing everything. It was where we all yet we did that yea and get it from every surface, and now it's like eight there's no need to worry about that stuff. It's in the air, it's so so a kind of went through that, and then I was in touch with friends who were also doing it. then kind of realised in nay, nay, invited me, but my friend Catholic Madigan, who you're sure Friend of hers were hang it down in Nashville. You know you ve come down here and I have been in their own pod and night. Seeing anyone right not seen anyone, I got it.
you know and I went down there, and that was when it start. When I started to see people, I start come back and he took away so you too the background I took thereby took them that down in the back that point, then I went from there to see a friend of mine one of my oldest will obey orders high school friends lives in June, from North Carolina. We impose New Chapel hill, where I went to school cyber site I went there. He also his wife had been also in locker and these. They were also both a kind of in isolation in places where isolate yeah. It's right hang out with them and I take walks out, which is nothing I've ever on that and that Mr Fuck, I Acadia, but now it was like Gimme a high will be looking Jappy. Let me well we'd be out with my friends in that kind of, all of that, and then I went so my mother we're then I traveled around a bit where's your mother,
she's in assisted living situation outside of Baltimore Maryland I you! I got a hundred to you, kind of God, caught up with everybody. Hello, hello broke yeah but thinks a hold on ok cool That's his I'm talking about my mother sheets chewed up, that's the way she gives, even even if she can't deal with me, psychically she'll go after the technology and I now they're always any. They live in your brain. They do and my mother, but just so we wish to take it from where we were launched. Two hundred and two hundred and two yeah did she smoke. Yeah, She was sixty year sixties two or something that's right.
Some tough genetics which, which eastern european country this outcome come from Russia. My my grandfather's smoke cigars. then inhaled them and he died and eighty six not from cigars. Roughly just hated, you know you just stop working in China AEGIS was done These rules are leaving. He just hold up eating. Yeah he'd had enough because he's been cigar thing acquitted, quit smoking cigars, ready to us, which is. Why is it I didn't like the taste anymore That's probably why quit eating was the only thing he enjoyed. Were the cigars it, but like in the end, so that was does make. You appreciate I'll. Tell you one thing this time that I've spent by myself and whatever the hell I'm going through. You do really start to appreciate your friends and start to appreciate their young. You get it Interesting thing did not to know they there's. No. And you can do to work
What we usually work in and no one else can either the ads So there is a certain amount of pressure that taken off you. You can stop for a minute. Because there's no options and there something I aggravating about that, but I found I found it. Given the time ok, doing nothing. And I admire you- know- Where did take surrounding attitude that we're along it takes to get that that boy with, I dont believe a boy took a long time to get their didn't it like are you gonna, go? Do these driving shows you? Ok, you know you fucking kidding me yeah. Are you gonna? Do they show everybody where's your much fuck you yeah? But you were right. Did you get that call from your manager? Look there they're they're doing this now. I agree: a in theirs it's a theater I like over in Vienna in
New Jersey, one of the performing arts in it. They call in with an offer the play outside that's the end of the year, You take one of your great choice. Isn't it being bit cuz carefully to play outside again I'd like a girl again against you. That's the thing is like you, you spend your life trying to get away from shit gigs now there be, this is like the isn't that great we're doing it again and hidden gig. No, no I'm not doing it he offered me a thing and they it should give everybody be socially distance. Was it baby outside it wouldn't be in cars, but it was gonna, be kind of been a been a drive in. They wouldn't be They wouldn't be sitting caused to be sitting today. Oh it's your whatever yeah yeah and then they sit and then like use a bonus. hey rejoicing and they'll be food carts food! Well, are you what
That is the problem another way. So can they put lights, Ebby lights and the food trucks too, that I really like you have the same since the Abbe inside when I'm a journey places and they got that exactly make sure the auditors weight. So I can see him movement towards the trucks and the lines at the trucks and is of any friends said when you see that kind of thing, if I'm out there in the end there, the audience is here and I can see those who took all I'm Think about it. You know, I hope, What is that food drug, yes MA missing the agony? get me some before they run out of whatever the fuck it is. Its distracting people from my show is over the other question I have as why were you? I've got a question, you haven't, give you a you, don't you that jus comedy. Do you we're on zoom right now? No, no, the comedy when you ve got to do. I can't do that shit. Are you kidding me
it's like you. I talk to someone someone the other night, a colleague and she said the yeah. It's ok. If you can work without laughter and unlike what the fuck are you talking about. This is what we ve come to. It did a good gig, but you can't hear any laughter. Oh well, that sounds great. But you know how to pace yourself. That's what does fuckin way. Dude I did. I would even go to you. May a meetings are made up my mind. a fucking, but Here's, I guess it like most days I'm a managing and I'm taking in the news, but you're a guy. Like you say you were in New York. You remember, fuckin, seventies right. You ve got a few years on me, you're right, sir. Is there a way? Are you able in any way too, text wise. You know mentally,
what is going on now with with some precedent that gives you any comfort it all, no great, good lad. Anyone say nothing like you can't do back a niche in you can't go back in the sixties. You can't go back everywhere. Now now because we're also because even when Nixon even at that point, There was a sense that he had some central government about here: kind of gun, like student council camps right We argue, learn like this system still held this guy dismantling the system. That makes it hard and he's coming on every day, unravelling the cage and then their allowing him to rattle the cage not only to the euro. the whole congresses along he rattled cage and then and then the Fuckin NEWS, but you didn't lose, keep their eyes open, Eventually. I know you have to stop it. We'll have to
basically stop it. I ain't gonna, get us information that will help us stop it, stop worrying about fucking him and start worrying about us. So Where are you on a day to day basis? With this I mean how much aggravation, does cause you I've gotten down. Do I do up above? forty minutes in the morning until they start repeating the news which do now like forty minutes into it, then they start overview of Saint Paul Sheldon different people talking about the same bullshit Nobody is good as yet I saw speculative you get it, you get for facts and then you seventy two hours or speculation. So there and then and then what I've done. It is, and it's not because of an age thing, but just because they get a wrap up each day. Thea. You know that who's the comes on NBC, the that you know the six hundred and thirty news they were there for about there. I don't need to know the news that comes on,
like NBC, the like that. You know well that local knows, and now I want you will have a local lose the sea to say and b C news. You say the ideal you're living in the seventies, we're like I'd, which hurry channels. Am I gonna watch at this guy? Is I like this guy in the twenty minutes and then generally about twenty minutes in that's in that's it and that's all I do and I try to avoid it unless something seems to be. Like all dig, you know, maybe they got him, maybe they caught him now. You know, like you, walk in that house, I thought you got in here. Something keys walking around running of fucking major by rich in the White House. Are you here, Not it's. Ok, sure let em wander around. Can you imagine working there now can a man had been. You should dare go she by day we sharing, but I'm not in the White House. I can't quit
understand the the sick, a fancy and loyalty. I dont know what kind of strange satanic magic he has over people other than the ability to destroy them, which I guess it pretty powerful we better, but he doesn't really have that power of any kind of does in the sense that he could fuck with people. But if these, if this it's enough people stood up, I mean they're all standing up at the end Where were you fucking do years ago three years ago? But do you think, like I was talking to my friend, who D Artagnan, last night, maybe sham website or somebody I think like yet what probably will happen if we make it through this and if he doesn't get reelected? Is that all these fucking guys you'll given six months to a year going to be like that was crazy? That was a crazy time. I don't know what the hell, what the hell happened, everybody, but we're okay. Now that we're good you're just gonna they're just gonna, like a scramble to save their own asses right, I mean yeah, my god
So what is it? What do you do in? Otherwise, you right in a goddamn play or somethin I am what I'm doing. This point is I've started to work? I've got a ranch cas, which I do, which is this. I put together the I do these lybrand after each showed that were written by people in the audience. People within the city that I'm performing enter the state. Sure, and it's alive, it's done in front of the audience in it sent throughout the world, have been doing this like five six years. Bob really into the, it was like you naturally give me a tv show so fuck you. This is waiting. Each is mere I like. And it was me, standing in front of a MIKE reading. What these people writing already got better and better and better, let evolve in the worried about into which was like in like that You know like Charles in South Carolina in the show, is the it's. The jobs in South Carolina show
it's written by these folks in Charleston were around you urge a Colombia were wherever Greenville and and so we started to put those together in what is essentially a but like a pack. Yes, but it's the ranch. It's the ran right, we're done after the shows, an attack, from the tour and so doing the open. for those? How many you got where this is the fourteenth one. We did Would you like gas and then not we a few more and then I started to do the icon virtual ones when I've folks writing and make him right now to work. To my mind so they can find out how to do it and I've been collecting new ranch in their eyes in front of it, a camera, we're doing it from here
and I'll start Ray and I'll read they arranged a red ones that I like, and their great I mean. What's amazing, more is the level of the writing. It spectacular was it's it's like Well, they they probably know you. They probably know your comedy, you know you're, you know they can. Then they can write to your voice yeah right yeah, but it? But what I'm an inch watch intriguing is uneven. Is this how many people kind of right now on a regular basis They know what do I do it or not? They don't seem to give a shit. We're just you know it's given them up a way in which the you know get stuff off their chests, and but it's been about stuff. It's just some of it is just spectacular when you you? Will you know it? You? Don't we get that thing about comedy and you you kind of mind an idea. You start mining and sometimes you got even I'm sure you're goin holy fuck. This was why assignment. I couldn't have written what this guy wrote with the ITA guy right. A thing one of the great once was a guy open
The jar a peanut butter, expects to be slew chunky here, seven minutes It has happened, diatribe about his eight for chunky chunky, but fucking and wives disgusting in all of the thing, but why thing after another book like meticulously Britain, yeah just evaded the cat, the thing you fight? If I handed it to you, you got if two three things about: how much can you ate peanut? Yes, it was like in particular some people like that, lighting up like this, like it's a Jew party system of over pickle, you dont, like that things. Work need should not get like it's a come shot. Somebody wrote it like. I don't need the God Damn Pickles come shot. My burger, your fox, I mean it's like
you, gotta love it and it reminds people of the time establishing way that we will return to that? are you the pay? I think, though, things getting hung up on those things is always a way. It is of controlled in and seemingly less offensive way too. press our anger in fear right, so I would assume that now, where people feel so if control and if not hopeless, about the situation there getting angry about Monday and things you know that could go on for a few days. You know I get in it and it's a way of controlling your environment. I would think, yeah I mean it's like out for me. It's like it just like the amount of dread and anxiety. It's like I can't even get to anger like I used to like I go, right to Ike god I want to be dead. You I got own data. You been the anger eggs.
Drugs are younger age. I'd. I keep missing a dead guy. I gotta look back around I gotta go back a rounded, usually what happens as I miss anger, eggs and I find myself and I want to be dead road and that I will round and the only available exit sadness. So why gay I keep missing anger her eyes to sending it suddenly talk about early on women when I was first in the lock damages, which I never did It was probably it and maybe in the end it will what good might come out of it. It is folks might have an understanding when all is said and done when some like I the people who are anxious, and I have a bit of sympathy for that anxiety, Gimme, a certain amount of empathy, anyone with which kind of like try me I gotta, listen, you know, but I thought how I've experienced it anxiety
anxiety and dread in dumb and depression The votes that I'd never experienced before, and so I more akin to that and I'm hoping that others have now kindly gone through it. You look get it now and don't turn to their friendly go commands tat out of it. It bright right, wait right, but what was your primary emotion, just anger before, like you, never had anxiety or dread because you I just never had anxiety, I just now, because I was kind of it just gonna head like up I kind of was focused on what I was doing. Much do this. Do that that would do this. I write a kind of so my data like riding up, Is it you never wallowed in what the fuck am I going to do? There's a difference like I know what I'm doing, what I don't know, what I'm doing
I was always in. I did see friends and I lived in New York and there was always kind of a pulse of life in the media. Will you seem a little white guy? I mean in the midst of all the crank, as in whatever it's funny I mean you always seem to. You cannot have a fairly. they at the core of it. I think why the the humor, continues is that, yes, there is somebody there there's some there's some tone of hope the core of most of your ranting and raving I kinda guy- I do wag, listen to you. New comedy. Unlike I see, I think it's gonna be ok, because I understand you're angry, but you seem terrified, no of a unified chuckled by due the only thing now get me. Is there the thing that undermine it Was I had this firm belief in the american people, which I still do because of that but I beg you know that
you could always you know you can fuck the politician. She could rely on the american people. The day would come. They would. They got an idea that is true and What she could now is that one of the things the Japanese is that these the people who should have basically said to the thirty percent to think there they own the world now in this country. This is it You may be democracy, but you're really not in charge. Ok right you're, not you're, thirty percent, you don't get to wander around and yell and scream your bullshit by that Britain here, ok! Well, I mean the things I'm starting realisable. People in general? Is that you know the very easily manipulated they they dont. do a lot of their own thinking. Many are shallow and they ve got a lot of anger that is easily misdirected in two parts
we killing Jews So and that that that scares me a little. I have to be backed up by God. Oh boy, right. I did I have heard it from someone had been Europe. Will you know we laugh at it but saw at the average interviewed by like up. Fourteen year old girl for the work for the, but I for the Vonnegut Museum. Now you know out in Indiana they were they bear this young girl who's up fucking smartest back a brilliant. and she was interviewing me Have you ever experienced anti Semitism and I can't
It was a couple of things I talk in this area, but only from me pretty close, true dots, but she's, I said, but I kind of its waded through, but it was a year ago at the time, which would be strange if he's always been other people around who were in jewish and work more offended, you own kept going in I forgive you, forgive you there will be other back, so I never felt That sends a dread from that by a view experienced it. She said: oh yeah, you know they they up of experiences. What I mean she lives in Indiana, Sub Judice, capitalist, that's that could be point, but I was like I was stunned cause. You know him. We hear it, but I
not heard it directly from someone. You know you see somebody on tv indebted it up at this. Why? Even now you do you have a twitter, the eye you on Twitter, but I dont pay much attention I'll die then too, because it makes me psychotic that really is the rabbit alcoves. If I start looking at it, I get I get terrain. We know all of this stuff is making everybody crazy, you're. My big fear- and I don't know like because generally generationally united, maybe just a little different. I got. I just turn fifty seven sixty seven, I seven you are like a like of earlier boomer that I mean the end of the boomer you like beginning your idea, but but there is a sort of this. There is a problem with. barometers of truth that there's this idea that yet that that altered, but there's gotten forty shaky on both sides. Every you know the left was always real good. I think we we really the anti Semites early on the Christians invented. Can spare
see theories brought you with the with the new testament them with the Illuminati, but it seems like the left perfected it sixties and now here and now it's been hijacked by both sides are fairly proficient at believing bullshit and and questioning integrity of any sort of fact, and I think that the fact that boy besides are doing that that it be. I'm quite nebulous, you know what we base our reality on and what is true, what isn't and the when you get a whole population or even two thirds of a population that is in that zone there very easily manipulated and eventually can be drawn to a type of apathy that would make it very easy for authoritarianism to take hold it, but part of that came from, exacerbated by the word I rarely get to use exacerbated by the state that worry in terms of bike. You said: look at twitter yeah, you know
its exacerbated by the fact that we're looking at streams the whole time absolutely absolutely people anymore. And we're being undermined by that being in the public square, shuddered the guy who you might not like who is schmuck? we're whatever side you want a pig. you! You still were you know, you saw him every day anywhere by Judge Mark, but you know he's my them up right, very Emily's Asia schmuck, but we launch sometimes yeah example. you know you kind of fell. Ok, I feel a little bad for you, because your baby inside he added you know that the Amsterdam for free, but you got this fucking piece of shit in front of you. You know what it is. You don't have any sympathy for that gives Ike every shoved. Somebody writes a meal, but fighting here can I just sit there would like fucking weird
it's not even their real name. Nerdy. You don't even know who you're yelling at it could be of a fourteen year old, who just wondering I'm Yelena, bought yeah. It is it is a guy who's hobby, it is make all Jews. Snap like we ve, got, Look, we made another one nuts, it's hilarious! No, I agree, I think, that's true. I think that your jitney that this there is an isolation to technology Jeanne, certainly that's exacerbated now because of the plague and that people we're sitting there YO engaging with the screen engaging with selective information. That's, but it's like really there is. Some people Louis, I think that are so brain fucked by by bullshit that there, coming back. I mean you you're the way you're talking it used to be that you knew Republicans at you could sit with. Writer were those d You know any of them anymore, Well, you know the Lincoln Republicans but those guys are monsters.
I know that you know it seems like they're, like here, they're doing a good thing, but they're just triangulated you as soon as they get rid of this guy they're, just jockeying for their position to be consequences. But I did I mean I was. I think I think it's all very simple. In terms of politics, the reaction is unequal, opposite react maybe you'll, hear here here and what one happy. In my lifetime you know because, with early on it been bump bump bump bump bump. In the on the nineteen of June in the early nineteen hundreds into the twenties. You know that the people will you will end up with a congress in which there are, they're gonna be Republicans seem like Democrats and Democrats like Republican and we'll get there. that when I was a kid about my mother, nothing irritated morn with my mother. More than when I voted for a week ago, we had a senator from
Marylin one of the first time to vote it was for that sounded using public great. Where are you going He believed about what, because somebody. Does I completely think it's great but what the others much gonna do, but I know that this guy ignited despite agenda tens, will do what I want to do anything. You think that though there will come a time where we're not going to be as divided and try ballistic and now this is. I think this is this. Truly, this is like you could go a haven't. We haven't seen him in the ebony up. Never this is a perfect store. in the midst of that perfect storm and out of it I'm not saying there's gonna be some fuckin sunlight, bull shit. We commanders- maybe you don't know but it will take time but yeah we will return. Yeah, ok sweetheart that day, you know that we're gonna break up Thea Republic or that the militias are gonna succeed long day
they'll, because once you get people back like twenty Student Council get up, they got no right way. You don't know what can sit. I went home and they don't even know it's gonna go please vote for me. I didn't really like you came over me. I like a different. You know they're back there there ready to fuck it up. I like the summer some faith in that there is still an active student council camp culture. I like I believe there is any. That's what drives them books about binding? That's what drives not hear part of that. If you get a big fucking come up against the fuck, you need transparency the son of a bitch when he won the election in high school. You still don't like in fact you, but aren't you astounded at the the the the intensity of the shit magnet power of this particular. Tourism have you ever seen more cheap, Ass Griffin
There's a con man in bullshit, artists and religious fanatics. I mean it's fuckin us down it's like he drew them at their holes like some sort of fucking snake charmers and he hired every one of them every woods. Mine blowing, but this is when you really with it. You appreciate this, and in those listening will have no idea will have to look it up. Put because you know, and you know him he said but may obtain been in touch when it. What's his name, I can see the guy the one that he bought. One of the sixty that important that Randy credit coach. Craddock, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, didn't you showed? I don't know how your credit, goat year by year, we in the Roger Stone Situation Kitty S on a really of all the people that I thought wow. Well, we shall, it doesn't mean. I worked with credit, got a couple of things and I did stuff ready. We were critical was like the leftist like he was the guy that went down to Nicaragua to work with
what does Ortega too? of this and in east is right. There, He brought criminal down there and they were yet. They were just shy of being part of the government, and then we come back here and he's a political comic and you know- a fairly active participants and in the nose candy movement anyway, He would get on stage. You do one politics Joe. Can you go like? What do you want impressions and he D Popeye for ten minutes, solar, I don't know, I don't even understand that and then I knew he was involved with consortium out for a while. But I don't know I don't know his position. Many ended up with Roger Stone. Many ended up with the wiki leaks they get. It was like what many working around the little dog, but this is the road map is either put me out of it. but that's when I knew when you're talking about grifters
It was. That was what I knew things totally off the choice. To another. level a babby. Yet the euro, Bob you stoning, you it. Where are you look out and you go. Would you hire them. Outside of maybe working in front of you know. If you get the restaurant twenty one Here you might have him stand out frightened that outfit? Will you too just realized it make like the corruption is so blatant and so expansive, and you realize that on some level because of all this bullshit, it's the most transparent administration we ve had in years because you know the possibility of the Griffin that these fuckers have been turning out, you have ever been I've been based We gaming the system all the time you noted two to make personal profit, I mean that's a whole republican trip, break it down use the system as a money laundering operation, and then let the fuckin thing collapse and see if business can put it back together. we're sort of at the end of that experiment, and probably the
if the democratic experiment will see which one wins right. I think the democratic swim with I'm worried about what how the financial thinkers they don't seem to give a shit about coming up with a stimulus package. You know you could hardly now now he's right, trying to buy votes. He's like Here's one point: eight trillion will make everybody well doing what you say, but meanwhile become a colonel. standing in the way we are you do that. Ok, I mean I know too much. You know people. How do you do that? You stand in the way of people. You know me that check carry you fucking DEC. Like I don't I hear he's he's a crafty Motherfuker night and I can't claim to understand all the imaginations. But what are you do like? Are you? What are you doing for fun? Are you doing anything for fun? that would have? U N, yeah, yeah like Larry, I usually takes the form and watching movies,
I did I do I play golf, which is nights, but but it helps you can do that when you go out with people, yeah? I mean really because you got real because the people I'm playing with there are also people who have you been basically isolated. Yeah see anybody We tried and different cards. We don't! You know, we don't know what it's gone your outside. Where do you go Jersey? Now I was played down and with Caroline that was I was I was Workin have today they have today. I was out there playing off in the nice thing about God. Is you don't eat such stupid gay. stand where people don't wanna play golf and I get it, but it allows you complete escape from this I've never done. I was talking to some guys about. Yesterday I got a friend that does in I've. Maybe I went to a driving range a couple times when I was younger and I can stand. The rush of making contact with ball correctly. it would appear that you feel
I'm never gotten better, which is appalling and if in but it allows I shall use disabled it allowed. We would state myself more than I normally do in my daily life here what are you gotta do is get you can do it outdoors, while you're walking the next hole or driving like I mean loyally, so that helps. I mean that does help. I'd reading is still elusive, I find it hard to focus long enough to read I'm getting better at it. I have listened to a lot of music. I've been buying record that bilateral records and ambiguity. That's good hey! I enjoy it. Man you neither with India Listen! You John Lennon birthday today and I put on plastic ono band and listen to a cup or there did you ever listen to our way back in the they did. You ever listened to the incredible string band yeah. fuckin good or they do. I am actually just for the first time discovering those gaelic hippies and I'm like amazed like I got. I got there.
First for albums and obsessive Weena MIKE Holy FUCK the really good. Yet everyone they kindly disappear, but they were in that whole mobile that, like everything, it would come out at that time we fuck in fine slack and at good to theirs. like it was so like. I can't believe I'm gonna talk about this like this is new. By the way they used to sit tar yo in integrating into sort of like weird scottish folk melodies without Debbie Upper overdoing it. You know, I wasn't like look we're using a cigar, but everything was nicely balanced and there was a lot of space and I was like this is magical music. That's the great! thing about music is what I'm saying. We always is that you know It's always there to be discovered for the first time, even if your fifty years too late, yet no It's not good. I mean that's something that helps I've. I've been watching bit thing. You watch what you want. I watched the you watch. The bow no
I could it's really sick Europe, where it's an interesting analysis of employment is a partner it was through lighted, the disguised kind of created this Oh the documentary about next GM or whatever yeah. But it was really like part of it. The option there much good well he created this employed get laid you having of why? How yeah? Well, I mean that's a lot. That's exhausting begging his easier. Do you know how many men have its that's the dry, in force of of almost every thing for a lot to do You can imagine how many comedians I have talked to her there. intention by being funny By being a comedian was to get laid, yes, oh yeah, but they didn't. A business out of it. You know what but this is really it's well, where it's uh, it's kind of fascinating! It's like one of these things you go well it
the paranoia that we live in me. I You couldn't you looking it. You know this thing about what we would you were talking. how about in terms of people the left the right, whatever you know, these There really is a lot of intelligent people, kind of good you're losing your much. This is a group of really bright people who end up doing this and you kind of holy FUCK, that's exactly what that's what's happening with the with the fuckin queuing on I mean that there People are not yet most of these people that you know some people. You know your whole life anything on this, a reasonably a reasonably informed guy. You know a bright person Who can you do know the difference between right and wrong seems to be able to think? And then one day you, like your fuckin moron they don't have regarded. You get duped, yeah. I don't know what that is. I think that's what I've been obsessed with, that thing for a while now like how do I think that, like work
If you ve got enough like weird self hatred self awareness and enough sort of like strange, angering ego you're not going easily led into spiritual solutions, are called like there's no fuckin way that I'm gonna be in a cold, because I don't like leaders, I don't like to let you know yoke what go fuck yourself I'm ok, don't what do you want from me? I don't know, I don't know, what exactly is it dead? makes me not vote able to that Well, it's called your question authority that shit for starters right right, yeah I've got an innate who the fuck is this guy? What this guy white, but a but yet again do you ever find yourself like for me, like when I try to really think about it? Like art, spirituality craving, like you know, I've I've experience from sadness and loss in the last few months, and I understand
if it be nice- and I do I'm sorry about that- you know that We had presented a tough. I understand that it is terrible, Can you like what is what is it all mean? What is existence? You know? Why am I here why that happened to her? You know, like is your. Does it all make sense, then you start to realize it's a fundamental human thing. You don't know when the fuck is going to happen, but everybody carries lost. Everybody deals with. It is part of the human experience a tolerable It does make you sort of like you know. I know we're think like. Is there a god? Is there any is like what What is God have to do that, but there is that party that sort of like how do I reckon with this You- and I don't really have an answer, but I rarely go to God. Do you now I go. Do I have and the faith which is rotten God, but did you know it's Then it will work. Right right, right, right, right, I've got
You know that it's vigour either the eyes of obtaining. What am I thought of always been about it? The problem with God to me is a concept. Was it smaller than what's going on out there. don't worry s right. This right rise, railway, bigger! dont reduce it to an entity or a guy that cares about you, and then I had a son but an interesting one of the interesting, the kind of thoughts about that this about Europe passage of the art book wall. It was a really good writer. You know me, I really funny writer for a long time very, very good. He he was here, his kidneys were giving out? He was only equality, he decided he was going to stop doing dialysis. She just what you're fucking them and go in going to space submitted, die. so the house in there and
and he and he does it. People come to be six months later is still go, he's right apology, lead is really site, it is the one thing that he felt very learned. Who is he said that he wondered it wasn't so much worse, he was going, The big question was: why was he here yea era, which is really an interesting way to look at. It is about do that is imposed. The there each what is this about? What we mean that that happens in relation to it? I just I guess I'm just talking about like you know, they're just seems to be much more look I've believed my share of bullshit. In my life, but Yeah, I am not sure that some of this stuff I'm hanging onto right now, is in bullshit, I'm sure it is. But I never worked for salvation.
do I get you know I I guess there's people that work to be relieved of the burden of of their own struggle. Indeed the seeming unfairness of life in their those of us who, who just you know, but even that without that to complain about what do we have That's really true. and that's the difference between Jews and Christians. And then the other thing is. I did I kind of a right that which is similar to that in a way these people, like him, The leader, why did they library so much its position? firstly, that he feels that he expresses what they feel every day, which is put right. Right report, pork, their victims, yeah yeah, yeah, that's the guy. even culture? Yet we ve been fucked.
And now lagging a woman. Who is it who is fuckin us? You just point a finger Ike, that's those fuckers, the webs the dams, the Jew see third on the west was undergoing it around and the other two are kind of the same thing. So we were. This is a special gonna beyond buddy. it's on Itunes, Amazon, but we'll be on Amazon, Prime eventually, Google, tv, forty Bobo nanny, Daddy Pierre hundred forty seven platforms. You have to believe me, I did a bed, I did you do with it. good luck I didn't know I have to hear your better much steal it so I was alive. I love, How can a man is good, see any I'm glad you're holding up? It was really a pleasure. You know, and I didn't I didn't want to tell you you know I like glow allowed at such were driven me. None that ability like it. I like a rather than the two,
thanks man here, you know it's like it said, but like it when it comes down to it, I think it was really honestly It was about money, but it was also about safety. I mean we don't we were going to probably be shooting in May. Oh right, time finish in the thing gardeners just got here and you know who knows if it would have been safe, it tell you it does not look fun to work on a set right now. You know, and I read you were doing it in doing it in and end it has not made had a fight about that it looks a workshop miserable, but does stay healthy body. I love you. Man love you the case of mad cow disease. who is black folks love that guy, who knew specialist banks were risking the light gotta get it on all the video demand platforms also streaming audio platforms in his podcast Louis Tax, Rand, casting get that where you get the podcast,
and a good reminder for everyone. Ok again if you ever stop that a railway crossing and the signals are flashing and you don't see the train or it appears to be moving swell and youth. Thinking. Maybe you could get across the tracks before The train comes think about this Even if the engineer sees you and applies emergency brake right away, it can take a train over a mile to stop a mile to stop by that time. It's too and the resulting crash will be deadly they'll, be a mess. So stop trains. Can't you dig, but twice the music go, take a bath and absent salts.
Gomer lives, don't forget Monkey Fonda.
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