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Episode 1191 - Nicole Kidman

2021-01-11 | 🔗

Nicole Kidman keeps going for a very simple reason: She feels like her job helps her understand the meaning of life. After winning pretty all the major film and television acting awards, after being one of the world’s biggest movie stars, and after becoming a major producer, Nicole says she’s still working because it allows her to explore what makes humans the way they are. Marc talks with Nicole about those explorations, including Eyes Wide Shut, To Die For, Big Little Lies, Destroyer, The Undoing and more. There’s also a cameo appearance by Keith Urban. 

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Guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck nix Mark Mare, and this is my podcast. W e f welcome. Your new here, hang out just death, didn't back you can care if you want, but death by best? Listen today sing the sense of what's happening here, how the eggs do and how the regulars do and how my people everybody all right are you holding up Nicole Kidman, is on the shoulder. You know, Nicole Kidman, If you do the reason she was available and hanging out was the young, the it'd series on HBO the undoing which you can watch on HBO Max talk about that talk that's a lot of stuff. I didn't know what to expect by found her complete
charming and great. I imagine that most of us would expect that It was that it was a beautiful chat, beautiful chap It's hard right now in the vaccines air, knowing that perhaps some semblance of I don't know, normalcy, but a little more freedom. Movement is possible if we could just get it but to the entire. Our infrastructure of the federal government is been destroyed and no one's really in charge and All the agencies and cabinet poseur occupy I'd via. amateurism in people and fascist. I don't wanna, be gender specific on the con people, I find that in this last week, or so. We gonna a half week in a day of the yeah King chaos, page rain, that
three days. Fucking cliff people, are those cocky mother fuckers who thought they would be No punishment they're getting picked up, cuffed put in the car. charged with a number of different things. that fella, who show arrogantly in. Proud waste at his feet Nancy Policies desk for a photo up, with that smile on his face. Apparently one his primary concerns is the the chips you know Gonna put ships in us. The vaccines, they're gonna chip us going too. Just like our pets, so one we're lost. We can be returned to our owners by got no owner man No one owns me: I'm free man, don't you your statement, liberty is me in Bobby Little Jimmy working. yet the truck we're gonna take our country back.
I think his wife is it's easy common Jimmy You pick up some dim bringing three or four tend to go before we go. I got all the other stuff? I got the vast. I got the zip ties and twist eyes as well. For a yell sandwich bags still overs and what not zip ties refer, Time, senators it and then twist eyes refer the trash you know of in the car you give the dip. We're in take back knows when a chip in my head you said the gps factor, ship. My head man, fog, dad and we are fighting against. The chip for fighting against the five g was GPS say: do we just get on the interstate man remember what it was like without GPS. Is there not put in a fuck chip in my head, Gimme, a and unseen.
This is an inflection point, if something is not done today to punish and worse responsibility. Under those who refuse to take it. Then it's all over. It's over. It's only gonna happen again and again and worse and worse. They gotta do whatever it takes. Twenty fifth amendment impeachment: whatever something has to be done in a big way, but we no, what's gonna fuckin happen in that's again. That's probably one of the reasons people gone more crazy, it's been, God for four years now in this final we condemn day it's pressing. The anxieties, profound fear is profound, sweep is difficult, but God dammit
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Scottie interesting man, Twitter just shut amount, everything's little late, dollar short daily, but good. Everyone's wondering is really in charge. She feels to get your twitter but down to be booted off twitter then, who are you. a person without a country a human without land. Nowhere get your widow angry voice behind the veil of a fake name out into the world, to cause pain, or you are the President He bore screaming censorship. It censorship- I don't know, maybe you should have adjusted so efficiently- maybe should have turned your brain over to the text Logical overlords, these are privately help companies that can make privately health decisions, maybe just gotta ass it up the chain their shareholders. Do you mind? Do you mind if we block-
the president, because he's beginning to turn the country into a fascist shit all filled with that. Very shallow aggravated apes. With guns and hats and dip brought the dip five tunes cope. You ve turned your brain over. Do we a choice. I don't. Let me check my phone. If I have a choice, do I have a choice? What's trending am I trending is awesome, in trending that I should be part of? I think, That's what it means right. Doesn't that mean that This trending mean trending she would everyone else is doing so you can do a two lists. Are the lists over, because I need to know what to think this or that lists content, what its content, direction- profiteering, oh right personality, what his personality template that you apply to do the psychic. Do that? Is you a personnel. but he template character. What's character,
characters your resume, that's what you, present yourself. What is your brand? What you're like, didn't dislikes. You have a list. Is there a list which tray Are you trending, The singularity has already happened. Most of who you are was created by the internet, somehow. You are designed your desires thoroughly mind mind, your mind is a poetry day holy shit. The fuck is happening, I did yoga yesterday, The first time I have had the mad in around its only taken me your months, months. What is how many months are we ended is, I think, I'm through most of the daily ptsd of grief, and now I reflect trying to make memories of my girlfriend who passed away blessings keep my head above water mental
psychologically emotionally mornings are difficult. I've been rotating I tried yoga, did the yoga systems for some Son salutations. And I don't know what I'm expecting from meditating yoga in the morning right when I wake up, but by the end of the day. I feel great, my body. still beat up. I'm still sore, There's no going back There is no going back, I'm just I'm staying gauged, so my brain doesn't turned mush something is to happen this week, something in the form punitive action ass? This, saving the system. That we live under. Something has to happen. If it doesn't, we want. right, can you dig it nickel, cadmium
Air was very exciting to get to talk to her and you can watch The most recent bit of business that she is involved with the undoing on HBO Max Watch. as you grant be a monster different kind of monster than he was before. at the beginning of this year. We're here, another voice whose Keith Urban Keys urban, her husband, maiden appearance getting her set up in reserve, This kind of exciting weird, I don't know one song the he played. I know he's good at what he does, but just seen a MIKE. Oh shit, that's Keith Urban.
This is me talking to a nickel gibbon and to Keith Urban. Briefly, a country music star in a movie star in the state. He said is tat idea, groundwater guitars right behind me, Wang. What is Keith play. What are usually play, what she guitar telecast, her everyday Tele stress, lesbos. What's your favorite one now it changes you, I got single oil sound. I just gotta. I guess did you ask Paul junior few weeks ago, hours sixty two very likely to just one p. Ninety on their great is not unlike it enough Good Rock Qatar Railroad It's really Armstrong agrees I have to talk to you
that's it you should be talking. Do I don't know enough about guitars? I always get lost with the guys you do for a living. They know a lot more. Like music, there like you, do you want you are you got, puts a mere buds in No, no if I may to cause, I don't know how to polluters mine I'm gonna go get the guitar guy. Let's give good, Yet let me do it happening. Has that testing wine telephoto high, better, better. I mean look at their autonomy. It is again thank you, are we ready to go now? I bet you elaborate to at you
turn it down very chickens down by turn it up to me on turn it down They said the best interview I ve ever done already I got you gonna go practice: Practicing How does he like? How does it d I don't just before I I'm just curious that did you ever get any flak for a country music community that he's australian or they just don't care. He didn't like none the item I dont know. Actually I mean there's another guy now younger guy who's. Also really big enough Ameriky gum
Elsie, ballerina and he's australian Beckett really is the only a strategy that has ever been put into the country music? The arm the right man and railways already deployed to a beyond mere I'm in alleviating John one. One see a man once, yeah, but he's like a jukebox. Honestly, His understanding of country music is He was. We were sitting last night thing we were sitting in our Portuguese like this is a pig in ports and he got his guitar because we have a United Son room with the flights going some way here and he just start applying Willie dont worry arms, and all these all all country, songs, were real enough story. It's about Charlie pride, and I mean so his he's grown up his father loved country music. So since he was a baby, he's been listening to country
and that's how they his understanding and many taught himself guitar yeah. You need bedroom and always earlier. You would go on to term worth here. The country music, it like you talking to me like you just what are you a first date with this guy and I love this guy. We're just gonna porcine knew all this stuff about country. Music well, I mean I'm. I was sitting there going cause. He was telling me a story about child replied. You just cost was telling me the story about how Chad Atkins had to put his first? I think it was his when he sent it notes to be played on radio Brown in Brown. Paper bags So no one knows why wouldn't know that he was black hair and shed Atkins produced there, probably yeah. And, unlike how do you know that As everybody knows that night I had. I acted know that
did. You know that since he had stolen a march knowledge embedding has replaced by ear You can play him one song and your play. He can play they can play troms while we are used to That is the gas she can. You play it and he ll play piano guitar drums its exciting to have that the House Runaway There's like Monday night, always entertain my music man. My dear me, good, for you are what you just got back from shooting a movie yeah. I was shooting in Belfast and I, like you, I laughed fell fast now Real Ireland? I love I want to live there. I want out. Yes, where's thing was I'm in Belfast and, unlike an I, have this sort of this. This way the guy huh, maybe movie here, I'm lap person meeting. So I'm
in Belfast going this place is ruining our expansion and There's something about it I was just drawn- I have irish blood might be. I part of my family came over to stronger in the eighteen, thirty nine on the S S Susan, so well, you know very satellites. You know the bigger the better. History I have zero irish blood. I have Emma all Jew and some pardon me I know you are I've been listening to listening to. The vote is come up here. Podcast and I now subscribed here, oh good very nice yeah flatter gap is, I was I was saying you want Glenn oh yeah, I learned to bout. Glenn, fascinating and I've worked with Glenn using it go, but I didn't know that carries one was sallow extraordinary because she was India. She d all of these things, so I've been very excited to do this with
yeah I've been excited too. I wasn't I was. I was nervous, I'm nervous you ve done a lot of things and I like I've, been I'll. Show you a few times in one thing I remembered now either I dont know what this is run and ass. You cause I'm curious, you know whenever you go to Australia, if you're an American Australians talk about liking, a seven people, you know the tv Australian said everybody knows around the world and you're one of them. But then there is always a thing: it's like. Oh her family owned the entire country once that and I No, I'm not I'm not that family back the that's the Adelaide Kidman you missed out of hysteria. He was a cattle king and I'm not related to him. Do you give them A lot there d be assumed that about yes, they do, there I go she's like a rich,
old money? Australian, lady nope yeah? That's not the case. I came from Working class Papa, he pulled himself up can be categories degree and became a biochemist and then became a psychologist. We, I psychologists your dad was a psychologist. He started is a biochemist and then I remember my team. Suddenly, my father was a psychologist in you'd, gone and started without but Alice And all of that was set aside, see BT and cognitive, behavioral therapy how and on yeah do here, office in the house. He did wow, you regard carried, you know that play me how, through the window and stay they are coming in and real, I wonder, what's wrong with them, but as an active at the wonderful thing, because Justin
the understanding of behaviour and the things he would share without anonymously was was interesting. To me and has also his is he's real compassion and ability to view things through I'm different perspectives on lenses, I think had an enormous effect on how I view the world. Now. I bet running costs behavior author, I mean that's the most practical one like out of all of them that seems to be the one that that that you can actually see working because Is it really relies on you going? I guess you know, I'm not gonna do that. I'm here Don could track down catastrophe. Oh yes, and tells us TAT had a year, but that of course, is it as a teenager. I was like so nor can I pioneer that metal crap and I'm not interested and don't tell me you predatory and pushed back pretty hard. My nature.
I find a good right a bit well through the air. Were you born in Australia? You weren't ray want to know why? How long did you have there they're good? every year and then we move to know, tell us about eighteen months. I think of them. We move to Washington DC because my dad was studying at the institute to help you see if they were there, no money, they know money and they had to go and get. I read them. Remember, though, the ode to get it, they went and got a mattress. What's to my dad, we're before my dad pastime He was telling me all these stories and I think it must have been cuz. Maybe he knew tat. His heart was swaying com We didn't, but he told me a lot of stories about when I was little on things that did when they were in the states. In a really when did it? When did he passed and I felt like yesterday it was six years. How a man has very good question.
I'm sorry to hear that long, and so you but you are able to do that. So I key he's like did you feel like it was a he wanted you to know all this stuff like before he went? Did it have that kind of feeling? about your childhood tat light that now, when I look back on the picture s death have lights, a picturesque, as my mom took pictures and but I am- I have stories, but they these stories were very particular and very specific and strain. enough. I remember the last time I saw him. I had this, I'm believe the boy strange sensation where I was this is issues can be the last time I took my dad and then, a month later he died very suddenly yeah, but he wasn't. I hate that I hated having met no, not sick at all how cheese! If I may, Malcolm Gladwell would say, that's just the I'm saying you know I didn't they serve,
this thing is real distance from your family, a lot and he's seventy five and anything can happen by said, Rosa or I can go into that other places- I had a premonition, so I fled two, eight between spiritual and science, sure yeah he's a magical, shoulder doorway Him kill the magic I don't mind that I don't wanna be someone can have premonitions or feel things on my mind, now, but you gotta find some middle midway. You know, poetry, poetry and feelings. Are feelings doesn't mean that you we believe in and after life you're talking to spirits, I mean yes, yeah. I do believe in enough that you do not have this help me out. whose get kind of us? I don't know what happened I know a lot about jewish meant do so, while you're at it in because I know a lot of jewish men and I've been very interested in religion
have a lot of the. I decided. No life rightly pride, no more than a most Jews. If you're fascinated with the religious most has just happened, we re Mark yeah, you like them to alight sitting shiver yeah what religion or you can write Catholic Catholics, one of those ones, its prettier, ornate and complicated, and mystical and there's all kinds of magical books I mean I want to ITALY, we church has a few dead wizards in it. There are dead wizards everywhere in ITALY. To how many were there and everyone there's pieces of body- I, where it's dark, yes, the catacombs in Rome, but every charge I got a finger or a saint ear or a head. That's right, our that's! How you raise Catholics are that's so you believe in their burning. I had I I'm always grappling with what
I believe in what I dont believe. That's probably part of my nature, which is fine with with where I stand with that. I've been torture question but ultimately like when they went. Father died. The first place I go is change when Stanley Cubic died. The first place I went was church nailing praying so I've been- I was raised in it since I was a baby Wait. What do you get out of here? Get pace. Yeah actually do enormous pace, I'm a June, I walk. You know. I walked into the churches like in ITALY, where they invented the big. The cap with the catholic stuff like those churches. Like I mean you feel the weight man I mean they're, designed to make. You feel a certain spirit. Sure way. That's really beautiful! You! I've ever almost became catholic wide.
I think I was catholic, went away and not really by me when I went to the church and I get any failed ass. The eye could sit here and do it. You know just switch the God out for my more nebulous kind of explained God, switch out the Jesus, thereby through your brought up with Catholic the whole time. You did your pen, its were not yet then my mother became agnostic did something happen anyway. I was just suddenly. It was my mom was in coming to church on now. So I I am quite aware of what happened. I remember there was sitting closed doors and tears and about a year and whispering in and then while it took course over maybe a year go to where she just slowly Did she confided to Catholicism and then maybe one was about Asia was it she just stopped coming to my dad would take us and we would go to Falco Mass way. You would see what
flattery agreed. Larry agree that was part of our task. I sound so Daddy singing nuns with a nun singing. I went to school with the nuns when I was little and I they told their nanda married to God, and then I would go over into the convent where they lived and be like. Ah, I hope I can seek. I do not want to see they're married to, and it was all very life. Wide eyed, and then they give me biscuits and cookies and their weight to weigh anyhow? They were married to God All part of the reason I became an actor Saint George Email says that he says: there's something to actors who arrived in Catholicism because they have all that. relationship with Africa. They really? I gave judge Malagigi the med maximizing the area, no unfamiliar with his great yeah meaning,
acting thing. I guess I I I'm just trying to do it now? You're you're, very good at it. You ve been good at it a long time, and I think it's like it's Rachel me that, like every year anytime, you do anything, it seems that their writing, like, oh, my God, oh Kidman back or she really is amazing how we haven't. I You ve been here for years, doing amazing work, but every time you do anything, no surprise call. Kidman has re and as red whatever they act like your brand new every time, What the hell is wrong with people, why they just say she's amazing again, nor will I think, I'd get them not been amazing and, I think of probably said amateur mean how window not amazed ride, but what do you look back at in like what that was terrible? What do you actually have things that you think back at where you're right now is tat movie didn't exist. We should didn't exist. It exists
their gathers things. I've done that I got. I wish. I done better the manager another yeah. I mean I. I look at every same practically on like that. Doesn't dickie. I need a long time before I can watch the performance and have any sort of a minute Rachel, I feel nauseous one when I watch things a night and I have a physical response to things, In that year in Europe, And very disappointed, I feel very disappointed. I think I'm way better than I am I watch. I got terrible what it's a digital, so I'd I tend not to watch unless some producing and then sometimes all about an hour ago. That was interesting. Ok then I see why that connected or didn't connection, but
I'm always trying not to have. I suppose it's more putting it out into the world and say how could you shouldn't be about me and my response to it? It should be either I have given ballade. Hopefully yeah, you're telling lies. I try to give blood. I try to vs ash myself into wall or give blood. When I do a performance every time there. Yeah. I want it to be that I'm really look to life or death, almost like everything's, relying yeah, yeah yeah, never cut So sometimes you watch, you watch, grew bright, light in this is probably like, you'll see like a scene and you'll be now. I could have made a different choice or maybe a yet why they use that. Take kind of stuff yeah and I'm not a good judge of it, and I
can be a good judge of your camping. Now I know just now. I like it here because, like whatever our feelings are whatever your feelings are, I mean you're the Jack, is to do good work by a lot of people. Think and they're not can be as critical as you are of yourself. Now and then my emotions them lie offerings Hopefully the a lot of it is unconscious. That makes sense instead of conscious yeah, I'm interested in acting. That involves the unconscious. we all know how to do something and hit they send. You know, deliver their particular performance, but I'm interested in the performance. I dont know how to deliver. A relatively yeah yeah, I'm where that's gonna go so no, not planning the huge amount, said I daresay on almost its Very fluid when you're in a tight, sir,
as very few and is definitely some structure to the things. Because of the dialogue because of the way in which the saints gonna play out by rely heavily on the directive for that structure. To I'm here to bring responses and and and truth. So what are you going the place. First, I mean like if you're gonna do a character, destroyer, which was so clearly. You know a shattered person and not you and somebody who was deeply trot well, then kind of in a kind of her soul was kind of a broken up like what he put in place first to get to that person. So you can have this experience you're talking about everything's different men. On that character. I found a war. Actually, which was more on. I just said moving in a particular way. Much worse, to do with
pay in the afternoon and not being well and protecting the heart. and Sir beaten down by life. but also in particular, pain, witches dying, slowly dying, so, where does that pine existed in the optimum it's taking over slowly, and that was the starting point, yet at tat went into her and men. Shame which is a huge, a motion to carry the shame of the relationship to the things that have been done my child partner tomorrow, and that then create so Persia. The heavy, a person locally, yeah yeah. It's like this almost like a haunting person haunted person. person who knows they gonna die and has no problem with that. Ultimately, but
some sort of salvation with her daughter and in her life, but is actually heading towards death. and that was all for being in that place and I being died in that character, I'd actually come home in the genes in the jacket and not could not get changed. we the elixir. Is why J? Could you afraid you lose? It yeah wanted to feel like acting with because I want to do that scheme are well aware. I didn't want to walk on set and they now I'm gonna perform I actually needed to cuz. I would have felt silly. actually needed to just slowly go into her and become her, and I would growl. When the moon, but I was not worse than I was a very unpleasant person during that time, Do our roles take that damning? Do you have to do that with our roles to have to live in their eyes, I, for one, do not integrate right,
the big, no lies. I did and even now come on. I'm doing it kind of happened where I just was like. Suddenly I was in this place There is a set of disquiet. Next to my two, my personality, where I was uneasy and there was derived- son who I was. I actually got really sick and I think this is a big thing that happens to actors. With the undoing it yeah I did I went down for a week with just having put I need you cause your immune system doesn't know the difference between acting in Russia, varying Rwanda, yeah, and I have not learned the technique too tell my brain and my body of these just acting right. I haven't learn how to claim that out in I've been told all white wifi like this. Each time doesn't really work for me. I holding itself
I don't sleep while on night, but I'm not well if, if it's that disturbing too but those women- all three of them- were kind of brutalized yeah emotionally and psychologically and physically the three that seem d ass, taxing that you're talking about I'm here to stay and that sort of God asteroids zone or that abuse zone I know that must take its toll I wonder why you fell again to live in those more than other ones, but then Something like Angie in the prom might discover great. I get to dance and I get tell everybody to go come here. Let me hold you up It's not gonna, be all right. Do you your stand. Do you understand eyes wide shut? Does it make sense to you that I will be spent too Stanley, like kind of
woven into his psyche and thumb. Yeah yeah, sense to me so unusual found, but it definitely make sense to me some of the most interesting part to me that are the more I mean how and on the basis of it being, do you know your partner? I understand that the states are, you know you one minute. I can be lying next to you and I love the line and that where there is a sword, TWAIN and it was in the script, I'm not sure if it's in the film but there's a sword between us, and you're lying man next to your partner in your bed under the sword between you and whose To pick up the sword, I mean that's this fantastic cry: right. Well, I mean that's right, that's also in the undoing there. You are how well do you know your partner business. He had the gift, because they're not in
He leaves quickly in eyes wide shot, we're together and working through, and I tell him something about myself. that ambitious insane jealousy nothing happened. It was a thought, He wasn't, even if it wasn't even there was oh action behind it, but there was desire and thought Rapporteur enough, yeah yeah man no sees a fascinating to me, because you know thyself I've set up. Four, but I'm really interested in philosophy in Cuba is a great philosopher and I'm interested in the hunting down there. Modern day, philosophers who happened to be, I think, filmmakers than writers that but a lot of film makers, I think He spent a lot of time withstand we. Then I can Zog and did did you guys in contact in until he passed by me? We did you remain friends. Typing
the night before he thought the oh yeah yeah yeah. I mean I was deeply catch to him, and we would talk all the time and factors were big, then said, Edward FACTS and that he can all the night before and said Tom. I was indeed Nor can I remember him saying I'm etc. back Sanctum. We talk and I'd come home and those like Conklin tonight a corner in the morning, I put it off and said. Well I'll call you in the morning the only looking at what's wrong nothing's wrong extra was recording loud enough, go ahead, he say call in the morning but site. You can know this letter to the site you haven't. I went into a mild panic about my left, nothing! Nothing! Here! I did nothing to do with you sign up a yes. I didn't call him that nine than the next morning lay on his assistant, cold and
just answered the phone and it was still when they were hard lines and then the phone would ring in the apartment and it rang- and I picked it up and I thought it was going to be Stan Lee Leon and Leon just said Stanley Cooper is dead like that. How my god that We said it and I just started screaming, and I had young children. At the time I mean I have a very, very either huge fear of phone calls in the night now cause I perceived a number of them. With set of news. There never included, not so actually have had tat. I have trauma attached to them that I just started. may I collapsed on the ground, but I sat up close to him. upset and weak Tom, and I had to get the plain and get tough to the funeral on motorcycle God, but yet wouldn't amazing genius guy, he could speak too.
Everything I imagine that Lycaena, whatever rain your conversation you wanted to have. He had probably a wealth of of ideas and experience and thoughts on it. Yeah, I knew about everything, bigger eater, I would call people up and ask questions, so you could ask him. He would challenge everything as well like I would say, I had a lot of ideas that idea, would throw down has as yet truths Hey would completely we're polymer pop comparatively what was the process of liking working with a guy like that universes working with like say like cause, the issue of that movie. You did that Sidney Pilot Movie. I really I mean I love movies. and you know it struck me as s this intellectual guy in his approach to film making was very grown up like it's you know what I mean he lets the m. He is not
nervous about stories being accessible. I, like I just like what he does, is inaccurate, filmmaker YA, yet within eyes wide charred yeah came out. Yes, dear me came over so very good friends with Sidney both down. I done. Within an Vernon re, ivy, yeah, yeah, yeah, and John was there. I was down there in Memphis, whether shooting at the hotel, I'm an we adopted dumb ballot during that. So little. This fascinating, because the heat did he came over and Tom and I would like a right and an Sidney with I'm gonna be here for a week and we share the same and it was fantastic. I know what you're talking about giving and then he was six weeks. Two weeks have one thing: yeah yeah, but I remember Tom. Guy right hatred
yeah, and then we came and after a short silence and Stanley was right. Now I've actually looked at the Saint terrible. We're gonna go back there. And then we just slowly started work and at work and at work in it he came over gonna, be there for a way. He ended up there for six weeks and Willie pastor and the trailer musical Cook Sidney right. So we basically lived in our trailers. as we were on the sad you know, or in a trailer with the kids and yet was caught a wise and keep us out. It must have been so hard being there for that amount of time, but always have this response, which is it is, if you find it right, if you go with that guy I'm here, these people are fantastic people to be so an abiding. What men with the greatest maker in the world, why so it's being in school and He comes in and AIDS the pastor at lunchtime that we call for you know you had a little by when we sit around and we talk
about life and ideas, and then we go back and more on the satin. I mean that kind of why we do it. Here I am was always Tom engaged in, is engaged as you were, intellectually without stuff. He was here on every single day of the phone, so here His work loud was so much more than mine, so he was much harder for him in terms of those damn another was required, cassettes a twelve hour day every single day day, words, so that a year and a half I was almost plus the were home. I got a year to. How would you would you were doing that kind of work with Colebrook like Yummy after a certain point, are you? What are you looking for? What What are we missing? I bet you, don't they then create this right. You know I've known, you have the floor and we ve kind of got into that flow. We I mean
yeah, my hat off to Tom Wanna, because It was like every single day, whereas I would be told you can go home right, I'm waited the house on standby. I mean I was naughty big because, after being on stand by fatigue, months and never been called in, but on standby from seven I am in the morning waiting, but I will have to be at home. I decided Where are they here? I'm gonna go to. Paris the power for a few days and Tom would site is down and we go issue in the house and we'll be right. Yeah yeah, yeah belly got hit at one time he said, I'm actually gonna call therein He called me analyzing astray in Austria and terms like, ah with westward and hey you're gonna have to get on the phone with Stanley and saw him like Stanley
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm actually not in the house. I mean I mean Sidney any yours, unfaithful, woman yeah, but he was a kind of swayed about it. Yeah we end Sidney power to like? He was also a great director boy with with Go back even further omens, director yeah. Why what makes him aren't cause he's an actor Yang and a great actor. I mean Sidney was in fact a great actor? I love. What would he plays the morally compromised guy and you know what I mean We did so Melians unwise than Roger. Oh, my god, I hate when he checked when he has to take that girl out of the party the girlfriend Oh, my god, It creates the area and Judy David. Then that is well my great that's some of the greatest format
there you haven't heard about I'll yeah Nokia. She's she's got ass, it seems like you, continued. I kind of like push yourself into whatever Crete. You, not you, Why don't you want to keep taking chances? You can't stop. yeah. I wanna be fierce in terms of my my eyes and I want to try and really I just I'm, I'm interested I'm curious and interested and hungry too Splore and examine what life means what human beings are, who we are, how we exist. I'm I'm still completely enraptured the examination of what this life is. And who we are ass: human beings, and I'm too I'm it's the day.
if that is so, I love it. You know, and I love the big things and I live like that is as a person nor I am I mean I I connect deep waiter. People I love by experience things. play in and I'm interested in exploring characters. That way- and I also love perspective because I feel by viewing the world through different on people's eyes in the motivations and the reasons and all of those things I find that very miss me into living. While I mean it's like that sea, like I keep the one the quota front there actually City Pollack, said in, Michael Laden, which is a movie I watch over and over again, where the great movie, it's fucking great, where he has a very says, people were fuckin, incomprehensible and happy.
and it's so like guess, you'd. There are so many things. We think that are like a simple that there are patterns that we as people some people, predictive or whatever, but I have no idea what the hell make some people go and how people have things everybody's totally different in like recently like- and I know you- had to deal with. This is well it's like contextual, rising loss, you, what the hell is that about. How do you go on living? You know, knowing that this is life I mean this is what it is. There is nothing unusual about. Dying, so sure how Why make this not a defeat of some kind? or some through your dark hole that you going. How do you sort of process In that light, will this deepens my experience of life? I see this as a blessing yeah now I have trouble with I mean I think I remember when my father
died the moment that it had happened every became so unstable was like. None of this is real everything else is is could go away, in any second, and I had a very existential response to it. I had a very visible, but also that really existential response, witches, I'm not this now exists because the thing that was so solid in my life for so long I was actually probably I knew he would leave at some point. He would die from but it wasn't. Gonna be now was meant to be now and all of what happened, and none of this is real. so I went into that very existential place, but at the same time, I've item on mother. So I had to let all this was.
Scary thing might one of my daughter's, because I was screaming, because my system called me on the phone and said he puppets gone. Yeah yeah he's not here anymore. I'm like watch plushed. What's this wise and started screaming. My little as one who is really good at the time said is Mummy Acting, which was devastating to me, because she heard me rehearsing in the bedroom, sometimes where I had us and your and she said that to Sunday, who's, the older one and she's a mummy acting and I had to come out? and I told me- and unlike now, no mames not moment, this is real, this Israel and then she said, but you're not gonna, be said tomorrow, right MIKE, I'm gonna be stabber a long time I realise that don't wanna sad House,
so I'm gonna have to rally now and small and push through for them, because the thing a child doesn't want, is, the SAD house You get up in the morning day after day and it's a sad house right, though I had to pull myself out of all of that for them so how extraordinary to have to be something for somebody else and that The basis of life really isn't right, we're there! That's why, that's the natural, of course of it, isn't it That means that the countering that extreme laws and then having to parent with that the almost polar opposite of loss right yeah. Yes, you live in that moment that you know you're going to share your heart that both things are happening simultaneously, and that is the actual the natural course of things. Yeah yeah, that's the idea.
I mean I always am circled law us sorrow. Does I love that? am. I was listening to Vienna Shore talking Recently- and I was like so I so love he was an actress and she was talking about the word grief, but then she was talking about the word sorrow and what an extraordinary word that is, because it's almost like sorrow is an ongoing Emotion, I like the way you had so is, and I've circled that a lot in films like night, but this is one of them, where she's still so willing to believe that our then, is alive and a ten year old child because she still experiencing such grief and sorrow at the loss of her husband who she loves me much so when a ten year old comes and says I max, like him I mean this body But I've come on him. He's so willing to believe it right, there's a lot of em where you're in a proxy
many to it if you're, not in it yourself. near by the sorrow near, yeah yeah, I'm trying to move just enjoy that lie. I bet but lion to me, as is actually joy because it some wild. It's love its unconditional love, which is a beautiful thing to depict on and that was I just love you, and I will always love you and You can go and find other people who will love you just as much, and that will make me happier because you who deserve love I'd be here for a person to be giving that too to a child and watching him growl and saying go find your birth mother, because I love her too and I want you to have more love? threatened by that. I love her cushion.
You, and that was a real person right yeah stood still very close to one really really yeah yeah, nice, I'm I've been a mother and so many capacities, because I'm a mother of it the children, I'm a mother of Biological Chobham, who I gave birth german mother of surrogate child who was given by the two by somebody else, but who is my genetic child son? A full range of mother hood experience. Yeah I mean I love tat is nowadays child. So, either just too bad. I I just think does that alders child personality, sometimes the witches caretaker? and mother and I were
I too am I love. I love that I love being able to actually love giving to other people and seeing them happy. I'm in the eldest, but I went more these self centered. Look at me. Do I have you got a lot of look at me. My mother, I was hot housed, so I had a lot of attention and alighted yeah just sitting directed at me. I never. I crave the approval, but I'm not sure I cried the attention, but I crave approval from From your mother, she still around correct here. That's nice, powerful yeah, both minor still around both my parents, we very fortunate. They say you ve got that
A wall between you and you know when, when both parents are gone, mortality really comes crashing towards you, yeah yeah, it's it's. That's all starting here, a eastern to really realise like what is important to you know like What am I doing is not necessary. Yeah but I like the idea you, you know you ve gone through all these characters to sort of like get a deeper understanding of of life. Whether you wanted to or not they living in these matters main with dates, film makers, because part of my sort of He has always been trying to speak out on tee Jason and really smart people. Just two. So these Vienna working with the greatest writers them from makers in the world, is I mean talk about how to be on, How to grow?
right and I'm love to learn how to do They basis outside If stanley- and we told you what about about Sidney pilot by me like a whore, like what were the most some of the most provocative sort of projects. You are working on, intellectually and end creatively say as fine because of who is driving who is directing it for yeah, I mean Jain Campi changed my life VON Trigger Kind man. I mean I saw one trail out and went over there. To try and on my soul, breaking the wives and we're gonna fatal position after that movie, which I know has been known, they say it's misogynistic and is probably person but there are, but it hit me partly because of the face. And on their desire to give us this this woman, who would give an given give partly because she felt tat she had done
something wrong and had to those that aim for some Reason resonated so deeply with me. I had to call out of we sorted. Screening when in London did you go to dinner after I am. I just went home and got it under the covers an official position, so value And then how did you like in Russia's, I watched, lay down your precious and I we were meant to go out and grab I'd after thirty New York, I was like getting a cab get home. I mean I could start They think about it. Now, has the same with the father and the young, charming the bear I wish just I couldn't even I couldn't function, I get the arrow. I have these responses to move it, so they go so deeply into me that I just I have it here. That always been. Is that what made you want to do? Yeah, yeah, and then rating box. I mean now
red beloved twenty mar sense. Why would I recital I read beloved in I couldn't even move after I would just irish. Just like I mean just so. Ray solely responding to something, but yes always been like that, since I was a child but let me I want to speak out on tree or you like. I need to go wherever that one I was. I was fascinated to hurry. Wasn't how he got a mean that perform the performances in that film are absent, mean Emily Watson is, is like it's beyond its from some other so yeah I wanted to go they in water, and I love traveling the world, I'm going to other places to exist within I'm all over different nationalities different from making technique and which was a drink champion movie. A lady who was here
and then I mean, but Buzz Buzz, come along and went, and I wanted to make a love story. I've been wanting to make. I love story. Now. It was getting. I was like a tragic love story. Ok I'd like to make a long story now, where its it you it ends beautifully that yeah setting dies of, but still a deep love story. yeah, well you're, the guy like so many, the movies are a sort of amazed that, like I feel like I've known you, my whole life, because I guess kind of I kind of have really from at least ed com and all the way up through all the other ones, I'm just amazing how many have seen do you know why to die for results Life changing reality, gas, how my guy, trying to gas is great, but I make that whole story like that. Weird, you know: what came when he was like almost barrel like me
call so young he was so young and water he was on. Can I remember emotionally and he would just shake and some others I mean the stuff we had to do together the scenes we had to do and the sexual at your bad. It was so, I think, the first day was the scene where I have to me. You know be going down on him and gas were sharing it with the car. I remember so weird so well written by by hand my red men, realised by gas than that combination of buck and gas, because so many of these These are the combinations and which, with the way we have put together, which is, why is, I feel, is incredibly important.
Casting when you do, when you do a film who you working with because all woman says they're about ass, how were in the same together? So who is your plan? who are you working life? I know I'm down in a movie goodbye yourself right and who are you work in Andrea Rice borough? Oh she's, fantastic I feel I mean like. I feel, like I'm a little gun here and now, just after the show up with I got here. Maybe they can currently be this guy, but we I see no other day right, causing an interview. One try. focus on what it is that were you know of who I am cause. I'm still like. I have a lot to learn as an actor, but I'm I'm focusing now. Can I talk to people like you. I talked other actors and we are a moment the other day that we just would like. Oh my god, liking it we're both. Yet we had sit down and we were brought crying and
it was a nice seen what it was like a beautiful scene. It wasn't a sad scene, but it is broken then open? Unlike the entire everybody answer it was right, Wove knows, and it was a we're just at present it was, I don't know it through a kind of fascinating to fear, but I never like I'm doing it right. Do you always feel like you know, when you're in it now? I know when I'm I'm existing out of it, which is not so when I can actually remember what I did terribly well, that's That's gonna know oh ok, wherein when some males now, but I'm I need my door Acta. You know, I need my my actors around me and I love the color. I love working together. you work recently have worked with every hour, then for me, before too it's like no there's so many people. I want to work with. Still I mean I've worked with some
strawberry actors. I do love to what with Denzil at some point, I turns out. You know is so funny I interviewed Ethan HAWK about about. Well, you can, I just walked with open yeah, if I gave you yes My king really King Arthur them do this the one he didn't Ireland yeah. crazy about anything I mean he was always a great active, but just personally what a great guy as we saw much knowledge at such such an actor in directorate rider and just a renaissance man actually right, yeah yeah for sure, but he was funny because he was talking about training day about we are getting ready to work with Denzil and he said he. He watched Denzil old movies, like football players, watch old game Phil It's like he wanted to know how Denzil was going to do it, so he could not get
eaten alive by then those acting so he had a study Denver so he can hold its own in over them, I said that he wasn't intimidated and Robert Right, but I mean he did this great Crispin tat. There were found tat do together. So This movie, this is by the guy. Who did there the lighthouse yeah? What is it is it? Is it weird yeah very up now. You guess I was, I said to him on tariffs. To come over and do this, but you get one because, as was it's a pandemic, flying into the middle of a sort of I walk down to we're gonna someone. I know it's, I'm it's really! It's it scare
yeah. I just know from doing it myself, I'm in it now yeah. Really it's it's really because I thought it would be so horrible and sad and it is scary, and it's not a hundred percent. You know safe, but you are taking a sort of risk but they're doing everything they can, but it I thought of he just diminishing without having the community out of scene sooner did to be able to kind of hang out and do, but it actually it's kind of intent, Did it really helps to focus in a way, and it's a little sad, but it makes the work feel all the more important in a way. I don't know what your experience was No, no, and also just grateful to be doing what created on. Ah, this is important men. That's why I win because I, like I, don't wanna, be one let down a huge production and to I want to work with these people and if we can do it with the safety, how fantastic and we did and we did it in the film is finished. My driver was:
moving to Belfast and it was crazy, wild and I'm a supporting role in so I got two cities but Tom buried, but he's really fascinating. I again see some he's one of the new God. They coming in they're gonna drive over many years. Were either Kuwait from MECCA yeah. I like it. I like the lighthouse aware how have you been producing more was the first thing you produced rather hope so like Why what was the shift their me? Wasn't? Your people said you should put together production company or you are like I want to have control control or what? What was a decision, because I know everybody put together production company but you're doing very well with it and you starring in a lot of its white. What why did you feel like you need to do that, because I believe that it the pace and no one else was gonna. Do it so we bought that we bought the rights
I couldn t bear and gorgeous Brilliant writer and man wanted to turn movie. That movie. I got married So you want to hear yeah. Now you shall one and we had no money. We had a really big, still embargo for that because that was some will do that subject matter and I was not survive where I am now in terms of my career and being able to get things made and was just like. Please, please, please and John Camera. it's ok mom was so just boy limit, Going was gonna, do this and then just beautifully directing the performances and it's a performance pace. Oh, I was just really probably got it made many like that. You I told that part of it do I get as much as acting putting together bringing P they gather casting pulling away together. All that I dont like them. I dont, like
once I'm in the performance, I really try to delegate off a lot of those things, but I like being able to go. What can we do to get this factor? Because, let's go old, give somebody a chance that they would never have been considered for the wrong liking. I'm doing. Norma Norma not done she placed the lawyer area, not really dumb more television, little tiny bit that this was a big They cannot just great barrier to go. Yeah we're gonna Costa gently is that your friend, the wire- no she plays hears law is oh, oh, my god she was spectacular. Yeah yeah, just pay amateur we arrive at the same time. Make decisions, artistic decisions that will help propel and support the director. Do you plan to going? What do you need so You can go and realize your vision as a producer.
and men trying to survive corralling salmon. It's not blown out You work at their both these last two big pride, the two big tv projects, e undoing and big lies. You were you, you were, or do you were actively producing and but big. When Eliza there must have been a lot of who cause Reese was part of that producing. That is why our what yeah how'd you like everybody, get along, get your everywhere, all still very close to the point that we do want to Jersey and three if we could muster it altogether bet. Otherwise, you are just yeah. I mean that was the first time and we have all said it one. You get to experience a normal success together so that a lovely thing to share for we gotta be sad. You got to be a thin one, instead of with great characters and Be together, that's it doesn't happen as we said, would never worked? Amene forlorn raises Oshea all of us to get to
how each other and go out to dinner and be able to discuss. How do we change this and I got to fix that and had to go to jail? And what do you need? And even when we were doing the big scene at the end of the other one with Alex when he should have really violent and law? or it's going, are you Ok after each day, more being thrown around and punched kicked him, were all guy, you, ok, you! Ok! You had almost just hit the ground. What about your arm, you just being able to advocate for each other as well was really just did good it felt goes it's a while. The three I guess I just read in war and you having been working so long, and I can guess, is it's only the first time you ve worked with either of them together subsequently it now because it's been year,
that way right now, ten in each other's lives, but we all started is around fourteen. I think wasted in study younger Steersman tomorrow we will have with shared. Although stories were the particular part having started in as a child. Acta and come all the way through in this. A thing you did with you grant being like this filthy monster like you? I would and doing is definitely a different thing in your watching. It too, to see you know Hugh grandma death yeah and you watching you in and out of Donald Sutherland doing his thing, why are known Download had great story, these items whether a mountain Donald Sutherland, yeah ended. The fan mean talk about having right right partners to work with a Mean Donald it's so he saw on it. He always dialogue
as ideas as CEPT had Yemen and he's over eight and he comes in and he's just extraordinary at a force for me looks a little like my dad has Anderson said my father, so I didn't have to I just wanted to go and put my head on his shoulder on be helped by him, which You know, which is a fantastic thing, is an active because it that's their that that that vibration exists Justin, because fantastic thing. I don't have to work for that. I don't have to find their own to explode because that justice Isn't there in the air look for him, don't you have to look for that and almost any you know any role, you're playing, isn't it better when you can find that that something that's just there or that you can connect with you know as as design rights between your without yeah, something that's just
Ah I gather worse it, but you can't know, that's what I mean by the unconscious. So wonderful when that that feeling of We can you dont know comes from out of you, I knew it. Nor was there that's than that. probably what Stanley was always interesting. That's why shop for so long. He wasn't it twisted and what he could do. He was interest didn't finding what he didn't know and suddenly there- and it was Discovery, and so a lot of his rehearsal lot of his time was an experiment and there's something to be said. For that. If you, if you want it's, it's amazing, I took that time. We using Phil. I mean now it's easy you like, if you have time you can just blow through age all day, long with Digital, but here showing that with roles of film you're, crazy,
that movie, I'm shooting now he shooting on film and it's crazy, because, like you know, I gotta you actually have to check a gate, and then you have me. I really love that you didn't care with the idea that was on the on Roberts movie on August, maybe I was like checked the guy. You stand around, going as otherwise Mercosur shooting a lot of things and one shot. it would do a lot of tags and then suddenly you haven't attacked its print will then you got it the guy severe stand there, now holding out brass rise. Do it if you dont want to direct? Have you had a hair and a guy named hasn't happened yet, no matter what about directing? What's goin on to Jerry tried directing? Do I not no, not now I'm happy being an actor and a producer, but I loved the fun of acting. I just do and I used to be a embarrassed, detail was formed, but it is an all embracing and I love it and it is on
deeply attached to? to what it is in its five given a huge amount of my life to it. The eyelids high Betsy amazing thing, or we are talking about the beginning, worth sort of like every time. you do something it things like people like you know either like you know rediscovering. You were like all the sunlight there, like, oh my god. She so amazing, like you, VE, always been amazing, like the work you ve done is so varied, and interesting and ie, no different, it's three a great deal. We add Some of its weird but but but you can tell that you're doing it because you love, to do it and you want to take these chances within these? characters to engage an end in what interests you about living in a gal I wanna yeah. I do I want to support, or
As mere I wonder, voices ere I wanted to do and as one who should be supported, yeah yeah as an actor, it's why for wagons, because I was like okay, this is one was the otter sooner. So yes, let's go were I mean I love finance? Is that it doing that notion these streets, putting the money up for that you know, and so I have to contribute. That's part of my life's contribution is helping. Those voice I most yeah yeah. They do. They have to and I learned so much through it and it's like it so great to see movies yeah, because movies have changed my life, the hat and novels and has changed. Didn't I respond to it. They do. I just talked about so many movies, a change our life just now get crawling out of the cinema enough it opposition and then going I wanna gone work
for women and help with with violence against where I mean those things that comes from my own, so even just with the problem. Recently, people guy I got to go to a problem by watching that movie I got to ultimate message of that film being apparent. Thank you. They child. I love you. I just love you it's just you yeah because you are you only one of the greatest parenting things to say to your child. You don't have to do It will be anything to get my love, you just habit. What people are so isolated in and kind of alone. Are these stories about life for very important gap. I've been the most lonely in my life, and I picked up a book and read it and it's giving me the chance. To escape and b and feel- and probably at times saved my life and then
watch the movie and gone. I have to changed my life now. I actually the growing change the. What might the direction of where I'm going? Are you a peace? Are you at peace with everything like you know, in contact with well below, can you help you know you have you ve gotten like ie? You know, you're gay you do have like regrets and suffer D ever served mouthpiece. I've grapple with all those things I grapple with. All of them still regrets not so much like rats more. Can retried things and go back, and then I have the sense of I wish some of that would come back, I love, you know all of those, so I fluctuate and I'm very nice boys, but you, like your life, all deeply down, on my knees, praying saying thank you for this life
Yes, and also at the same time, going on what can I do? What can I do to still be a part of it and to move forward and to give you certainly do a lot so that great. It was it's nice talking to you yeah I found a year We ve got over everything nowhere near everything's use the beginning, but I love talk gang and thank you for you're asking me, the imo is very exciting, Jose how is nervous, and it was great- and I am a big fan- and you do great work and it's nice to talk to you now. Thank you so nice to talk to you and, as I say, I subscribe unreasoning how good they will get on coming. I enjoyed and learning I just just watch them. I'm going talk to. I just watch
Speaking of movies, that are sort of like you know, are too wherein unique. I just watch Kate wins. What's new movie the Ammonites move. When you see it is wonderful, it is its finance, yeah, it's real stuff, going on there and too but act as both a very easy talk about combination. I want to say how they vibrate together the idea. Watch it is I'm gonna. Have we get to talk to her, but, like I realize watching that movie, that wing of these are the kind of movies at you know we need that need keep happening is he's very specific poetic. You know artistic movies that take chances Dont abide by some sort of mainstream appeal or access that happen only because an otter, your wrenched it into being its wording, was
she felt assertion and Kate. You do. That movie is so important that that character sounds really complicated in terms of just how we're what she was holding within an hour. I can't wait to fit hard. I thought yeah yeah. I'm bye, dad, ok, great watched, I just words that I watched all of the undoing. I watch our big little lies. I've watched the most of your movies. I watched. I don't have to do that Nicole, I don't have to, but I did because I wanted to make sure you were okay in the end, I'm all right ok and me- I didn t know only when I made. How can we talk again continued you tear, I buy it, Oh right now is exciting. She was lovely good talking.
Or if you like. I was a good talk. I was Nicole Kidman if you just tuning in you ve seen a call you just joining us, I've, given you can rewinding and wasted due. It reminded fast forward backwards, fast, real, what it that you know it behind us, but you can get it. Why would you just be joining us now anyway? Silly watch the undoing on HBO Max and you can watch any for thousands of movies and yeah. Something has to happen. something in the direction punishment. The process we ve gotta get back on some kind of track anyway, That said, by some fender on fender, here's, some friends. from fender action.
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