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Episode 1195 - George Wallace

2021-01-25 | 🔗

For a guy who’s been working at the top of the comedy scene since the 1970s, George Wallace has held a lot of other identities too. He was a computer engineer, a rag salesmen, an ad executive, and a real estate investor. Even within the comedy world, George kept an eclectic profile, working with musical acts like Tom Jones, operating a Vegas showcase for himself, and finding newfound popularity with his Twitter feed. George also tells Marc about his enduring friendship with Jerry Seinfeld.

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The guy all right? Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the bottlenecks what's happening I mark Mare- and this is my podcast rest in peace. he's very king, one great interviewers, passed away few. a year ago. We report. Stood my conversation with them, which was a little tense at the beginning, but then it eased there's something kind of great. So you're not familiar with the Larry. In that way,. as we are talking about Larry? It's, it's a nice experience and we do that here too, at the shop we're repost the talks. I had with people who passed away in men We have them at it's, not thing I like to do, but it something I'm happy to do,
They also reminds me of my own life, expect its of where I was what I was doing. Two thousand and thirty. Cain driving the Beverly Hills to talk to Larry King, who is upset with me because We had gotten the times crossed up. I I thought I was on time. He thought I was late, but it's it's a moment in time and he will be matched but death. No one can say he didn't live a full life. It's always sad when people pass, but it's. a little more understandable when they're all this fuck, but yeah. Today, on the show I talk to George Wallace, the comedian probably seen him doing stand up somewhere. Even if you What you want to stand up easily have been doing it everywhere for decades. I got him a win. A renewed popularity because of his twitter feed he's got a new book out called Bull twit and what not
and yeah I'll talk to him. Sort of amazing I haven't talked to him. Yeah he's guided, started in New York, is one these guys. You know any. Europe is a comedian one of the things you deal with deep, I'm a club. If there's a club, that's an old club, it's been around for a long time. There are few comedy clubs that come to, mine. Certainly the comedy store here in LOS Angeles, but like Jeannie's in Nashville, where. There's just hundreds of heads shots of people from back in the day and ass young comic any when you work these club. If there were more than back in the data road club said. Tat lasted through the eighties, had been there since the beginning, and you walk around looking at these pictures and you wonder like what one of whose Zack I what happened to that guy. I still do I used to do a joke about that that Thea rather comedies the
walk into the common history, just like hundreds of edged shots, vague our of sadness. Were you you ve played it? game, oh yeah would have happened that guy. probably ended. Ok, maybe not, but whatever But I just remember: George was his picture at the comic Strip in New York, another one of those places where it was just a strange black and White promotional shot of him as a preacher. Hours indeed like what was that about so that was interesting. talk to him about about that? I don't know. What's gonna happen, none of us do I know we feel better now that we ve been released from this hostage. situation from this brain fucking That we have had to go through this toxic brain fucking them american fascistic swarm, but I do think
I have to acknowledge. I dont know about you. But because of what I ve experts over the last year with the the death of someone I loved in the joy admiral condition of Plague and Donald Trump? presidency, as I believe that I am experiencing some PTSD and I think we all aren't, I think, its ongoing. I think we ve adapted to this isolating life or to this walk down life and whoever however, many of you having to go to work every day and live in that the sort of fear of that Have we many of you who needed who are vulnerable were older at getting the vaccine and feeling a little bit more safety, but There is a ptsd that we're gonna have to get through. I think I don't know. I don't know where this goes by just hope. taking care of yourself, I have begun a irritation practice, I've been told that I should do for years, but I doing it and I've added some yoga to it.
can the day not too far back, but you in the last decade I used to do yoga once a week. Some hot flow, the ogre with joy. what the hell we would, why am I here? and Ivan doubting years, but I've I bought a nice Matt and I've got it right. Next to my dad get out of bed, I do a few son salutations, and then I it Crossway, didn't I throw on their head space app and I don't know if that's It's weird cause. I wish you that guy ok take a few deep, breaths, breathing Thea knows how three a mouth. Ok, he give you a pep talk. Some kind creativity is something we all want to do, but I can't quite to his voice, but I'm finding that the guided meditation thing. You know we have first like. If you have a thought, you know don't get mad. Whatever get back to you, body get back in your breath, but the other he's talking. I get your point
play meditation where I was right there and then you had a good one. Tell me to call my brethren count, your breaths up to ten in and out one hundred and twenty three just pay attention. It's like. I was always in it right there I do. We seem to get there after about ten minutes to him. When he's as time open your eyes and, like I just got in it now been standing in a little longer again. Dont know what it does. I D I don't know what it's for. I dont oh, why? But I'm doing it because it can. fuckin hurt, and God knows I have the time. and the other guy need to stretch cause I'm compulsively exercising the maintain my sanity and I'm fifty seven fucking years old and I wake up and I feel Like I'm broke, it I feel, like the entire machine needs fuckin oil. I feel like my God, is this the way gonna be for the rest of it said he,
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body and Climate Spencer tracing Cavern Hepburn wow Spencer Tracy Holy FUCK, his last movie drop dead before it came out. Just Dunning just amazing, Bonnie and Clyde. I watched the other to move yet the books about are on the ground. joy in doktor do little. What is it? but call they. May I am so fucking bad. It pictures add a revolution. I don't have any the doktor do it on. God knows I have seen the gradual out, but I'm undertook a nearing the end of the book. and it's sort of like he's bringing always together it sort of it kind of talking about the shift in the business, but it such great green, great to watch movies ass, a watchdog, What's that new movie promising young woman? Is that what it was promising young woman promising yeah with that care? now again in my former globe,
stars or any Chris Lowell Alison Bree. It was. It was a heavy movie. It's a disturbing movie, it's dark movie, it's a powerful movie, it delivers a pie, Shit, the end its kind is sad but their satisfying, but I do not know why you would take that story personally and sort of couch it in kind of an inn, Indy comedy framework or or a slight camping to it. You know this like because, like the sometimes if you, if you make a fair that is heavy, I mean this is A real examination and and revenge tale about talks, masculinity is at what. If what, if you play that straight in the way of like what, if you're just a approached it as a real human story, without kind of buffering it with this kind of indy camping us. I don't know, I'm not saying it's a bad movie and and
and I was satisfied at the end of it, but I dont know FAO. Remember it in the way that I would remember like there's a like there's, an old on eastward movie that is similar in theme called son. impact which you really delivered a message about. Bomb. Female rage around helplessness in the face of abuse, and the most toxic of masculinity, rape, murder. And like I'll, never forget it. this new movie promising young woman is greatest while perform, but there is a sheet to it because of the indeed, happiness that I wonder if it undermines the power of this, story- you be the judge, I'm just talking little movie review and like a movie, review a ice. I enjoyed it. A delay
it was satisfying at the end, but those are my issues. and it doesn't matter watch it see. For yourself I listen Cat update, buster scholar, sneezing, will sneezes very talkative, were bonding deeply I always knew this would happen once the old guys past. I knew buster and I would have our time and we do you check out my instagram live every day. If you want to checking what buster and BP The conversation he's got a bit of a catnip problem right now, but Bottom busters, an important part of my life and I'm sure that's true for every pet owner Petsmart says: those he has also really love. Patsy caring for them is a big part of why they work there and as an essential retailer. Since the beginning of a pandemic, Petsmart is made it safe and easy for you to care for your pet to online. or in stores at Petsmart they health and said fifty employees, pat parents and paths, are what's most him
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the comedian, George Wallace, see me George, caused by man. Of course, I know that is alot where you act Do you remember what kinda a really you're down Edwina serve. That is that, where you come from I'm always in Atlanta Ma Am right now, my candle was one more from where I was born, so you sure, you're living down there. we live in New York City and I live in LAS Vegas and I live in LOS Angeles. Do you actually have you own places in all those places, I'm seventeen probably thought myself again do drugs. He had you not
we can do and what was meant a lot of money in two thousand and two thousand nine in LAS Vegas them here, and I just farmers are buying cheap properties, and I really screwed up is that when a others gown measure you by man. You can buy a lot. You everybody in any new properties now have enough. I'm trying to get rid of them now confronting each other private, especially underdog solely because men, as is a birch, and you know. If you know New York, is not your primary address. The add another two and a half percent to your blog to your might maintenance. A really mine is a main is as high as they are less one want to sell my place. Have they know when you're not leaving their primarily just because a doorman rats you out? How do they know because When you file your taxes, you have to let you know when you get a New York tax filing into places. Yes, so you can't do that. so Atlantic. How are you have down there? I don't know. I'm just uses a quarantine again done in March fourteen years since it
one of the most modern month, Amazon over the world, but I got a lot of family in Atlanta. So I'm here and I'm pretty strict about quarantining and the house since March. what did very seldom I go out. I owe my food is delivered to the door. My really groceries, and our deliveries whenever I go to doctor and I'm really scared to go to the doctor. Yeah, you got the covert John, yes, their! Congratulations. Thank you much more than a call, my doctor call them all and larger dogmas. Allow me to start asap Viana do the first one and nobody could get it, and my guess is I gotta dosage. You come to Morrow Morning now Jane will will bring you ends up. I was there and I'm got it I'm in Atlanta Homo the CDC, so get lost, african american people still a little shaky
I'm getting a because experiment. We went through many years ago, but the sickness Java took to leave Tuskegee jail. The cascade trials, not good. You'll! Get another child: now I don't know, I just know: I'm old and I've got the shot. I want to be in the number, but we're all in on it. Now, if it's a trial, it's on all of Us George, this time we're all going down. Did you get a shot, not not old enough? You fucker your sex Fifty seven brow, fifty seven percent learn that budgets are isolated and sign, thought that it all now, sadly wordy girdle. you got it in your city, Wifey home to healthy, sixty six Teresa easing the age group. Ah, were You know it was amazing. Judge was like number fifty on the list with worse conditions, just didn't get it. It wasn't distributed properly. but it was around right. I mean it was around, so you can, the few guys you're? Like you know, a guy's got some work.
Oh my god knows what do you know anything? Let me know and through some way, somehow he got dosages went there, I'm so sorry, You know you're my job as a job, right, jokes and yet some senator and amber. cautious, my mask on my she'll, our man. Ask your worship. Allow me, alas, is our everything yeah, but I didn't shooting incidents, but I took part in the Doktor S office, none of those patients, the culprits, Smelter they're gonna walk the thought of it so that that was there as for the day if they were, if they were therefore covered test, they got one from your ass, though I'm so that they do not cause everything. You know, I'm an open up, my own testing sites, so I shall be doing part jokes, but but it did work. You know
You talk to another comedian in England about far jokes. Far jokes have been around since the beginning of time. George far chokes always his work, no matter how cheap they are, everybody enjoys a far choke. Would you say that again, that's the patent leather belt Newport, just one, not people laugh at you better. You grew up budgets of always were always he's been there, yet they, I think it's just as you get older people expect more area. That's bullshit! always what works? The most some big simplicity or you want to be fart guy, you I'll be afar. Guy I'll talk about so much, it doesn't matter. You know me, I don't play by the rules and we'll talk about anything and everything. I really don't have a show, I'm quite never. Talking to you, because I have absolutely nothing to talk about, and it's gonna be with you like an hour, but what the hell am I gonna save one hour when I mean it is interesting because, like I've known of view and about you and I've, seen you around since you know, since I started doing comedy, you know so, there's like
it's one of those areas where you're a guy that I don't really know how you started. But you know you were around in New York with that whole second wave a guys yeah yeah, but like Europe, you're born at Atlanta and what happened Margie outward, how'd, you end up in New York, but let me go So I really wanted to be a comedian since other six years. Why who'd you she risk help? Oh yeah, red skeleton, also wrote scale, mother, a Red box or something applause, Johnny, Carson and on tv. To the end bull a clearer than high school? What I'll do I'll be doubled here? These guys on tv on Thursday night like those and I was like twenty nine on Carson right now. the next one I go to school and I'll do the jokes and people would laugh hell. I didn't know you do not listen to the party records with the Red Fox and just speak Mamma Mamma mobile in people I jump at your parents have em there's a lot about you know when they went away biblical party records.
because they were dirty. I got some of those you have I've got some old Red Fox Party record. Yet again, I gotta take me records. Pick me whether I do you gotta do that man. I got one of my favorite photos. I bet I want my committee's under my committee is agreeable to get richer private deck amounts. Maybe Read books are even J J walkers on their. I get a lot of people with you pictures with you, with me or Bilbil, only I'm, even judging Walker. come along and commonly through user, J. Judging worker would not have had a job, I'm not gonna, be demanded of them job you, so you started don't comedy in high school or no No, I would look Georgette. I want Ohio, daddy, I've been a degree in transportation. How'd you decide on transportation.
because I always love job, not bother travel and we want all over the country- and I just love travelling and get in the car get on. My dad was a butcher. the travelling butcher of work, you're a lonely. What was swift and company should waive Evelyn I know that does but about Europe in those people say oh buddy always travel and I think, I learned that to this day, people that double a smarter than most people, the travel alone was going on in the world, is so important What do you do? Travel hope you travel to EU jobs well, you know when we go to work when we are able to work around the raw allow longbow long bombing. Do you sometime like take off from what we do? because when we work we work, understand us stand out about US ways. Are we gonna? Do we got on board to cleave and I'm going to Chicago and unity Call your family, then on understand you hear you
Romania, the bullshit- I guess so, but I try to get around, don't you get around when you go to work, I if I try to see the city sometimes like I've worked in Europe, our travel around a little bit. I travel a bit, probably not as much as I should do you or I do I was John two hundred fifty thousand a year, the call last would do hunker go back D. Ancona do more shows there, but you travel without working. Yes, I do like. I said I get to run until two thousand and easily Eileen. Does your old man. I love that aeroplanes big get up and at Sea You just asked me: what do I look? Normally, my low crazy answer is alive. At United, a delta fly applying love learning. the traveller human of cultures and would you like to go where have you been? You know momentum, Shanghai, Two's too, to us. Singapore to Dubai, to Georgia, his bird where'd, you go back to do you like I've been there are many times square. I used to go to Spain six times
because that's what a new bridges and freaks were. I can hopefully that America, but I used to be a freak in Spain. Yes, secret freak ears, secret tat, spanish freak, yet nobody gets a little love ya your citizens that others near began to another one new another. What nude on a bit, but I used to love gone to the new beaches, so you were there break. It looked at the nude people wearing your trot. I swear to God. I've used It was in these regions, are bring. People have set up in the woods on what's on your mind, Hello business argues agenda, Mama Disease and love, but you know is about thought about his dinner and they're. Ok with it it is ok to watch that in mind. All my life than others, a larger do that people would like to do that in the but children all over the world are going to do by a love of the like devise, an interesting city. I dunno, maybe they're not
but do you, but you must have done stand up. Their rights are just let us not start up everywhere. I go Lubyanka. Africa, too, must address. In places, would be China and on com, I did stand up in Beijing and within Hooker. Beijing that I didn't expatriate Ex Pat gig, and it was we to be their man. It's events to be in China, the Beijing is intense, because it's a regal city, Caroline Washington D C, But when you get to showing how you know saying hi is about reset it world Shanghais? Rita logged on New York City because more modern in New York City? It's amazing and you start Beggin, because we grew up there Malta has everything well, Other countries are doing well to, even though that being a communist city is what was that hell is going on, there and sit on a strict like to do, and we are sitting in ongoing disputable by Beijing is crazy. I've never seen so many different types of bicycle vehicles, yeah and
for just like getting haircuts on the street and their cell and kittens out of which is one of genocide and probably levels right yeah. So, yes, you think this would not be a pot of communism with all. What would you think? That's not come, let's commercial too. We might wonder why we I mean it. I don't think there's any straight up definition of communism anymore. It's so did stowed dug in there doesn't mean you can't sell kittens on the street. There's other reasons you progress, shouldn't cell kittens hearings will also, as our kids and chicken those lights all gathered seven dollars. My problem is like our these for food or pets. That's where I had a problem with understanding. What are these kittens for? Well, I never thought about it like that where this lesson a crazy you there the Cotonou yeah. Of course you could be
sorry buried there I get. I met a girl, you know what is good and silent Mcdonald's. We're Donald! you see, I think they used are all formula with the french fries the Greece. You know it You know what I did notice. So when I was in Beijing, those were the only two logos I understood by guy like everything, all the other signs that you know what they said, but, unlike others, the bucket there's, the arches, you'd. Be surprised how you one really Beijing and you go down to Shanghai REACT and you will see You know you got your heart and as ice cream, you get your Starbucks copy. why so different in Hong Kong is just like America to be honest because you're, not hunger was a british colony. So the first language wasn't English. yeah. I don't know if it has any more. They took. Ninety nine, ninety, ninety nine and this causes a lot of problems and that's. Why just tell you, I was summoned to come back to can't you do I'll show. I dont know what I can do. What I used to do. I don't know
It's like there anymore. It sounds like shit, went down a dozen up They were gonna, really they still pay, but there are lots of people out and similar, the deal in China. Maybe I'm so scared prototype man, Harry stuff, but trouble is the best you can ever do make sure you continue to travel all the time I do. I do work by Adam work out of the country enough. You know I mean I did do angel. I went to Ireland recently, which I love. You never been. I know that Ireland, Scotland, with me, because I don't like London, Scotland and Ireland are beautiful view of I mean if you like, what kind of stuff green and damp- and you know I kind of like that- I want to move to Vancouver British Columbia. I don't like green and damn, even though I think Seattle, Washington and Portland there, green and dam in this part of the most beautiful part of America yeah, let's go, You want to go to Vancouver thats, where you're going to run Let me tell you: I want to go to mental because a covert here,
I'm just. One local supply other good, like seven thousand deaths in Canada because of leadership. Nine, it's like you know I, like you, but I mean: do you get the vaccine Let us get another shot. They will get away. I still gonna win another three which are a play. What this man I'm not ready to go into the clubs, yet an actor I've got a young families that are going on to the clause, but does any german interior. That's where it is in the clubs and going out, I'm not going out to the clubs. Oh my god, So you see this guy's going out and see if you owe them coming up. Sick lightweight here did you see Opera is coming out of your mouth, let alone the lack of jobs. If you really funny and then there s thing on the war was being on stage. How many people been on the a nasty I hope it. It's like a perfect storm of covert I can only be done you John we ve done, did three hundred thousand shows we can wait.
so in Ohio, you're getting your transportation degree out of that work? Where were you workin bookkeeper? Globally, I've got a degree. I want to punish Antoine Rubber company because their tuition assistance programme I got a degree in an endeavour and been in. exploitation and I knew you know, will map out one personality got two degree. It was all in a socially degree, at a time, but I did walk out of the labourers. This allows them all take a test anywhere. Movement Lubbers has not yet let's get out of here and the next week there was more scholarship money somewhere about get my other degrees and marketing and transportation. For you, I said for comedy with part, vowed transportation and marketing you're ready to go signed degrees at dinner, moved to New York City to become a comedian, but I needed a financial pressure when it when you're working Firestone. What were you doing making computer computer on computer the technologies? Are you learn waiting you weren't, you guys doing computer know. He'll know the computer
back in the day when the morning one computer to take up a whole room, you haven't heard, nor did I IBM current yeah yeah. I did that yeah, so you did what around the machine around the cards. W would punch cards daring, Entry data processing. I was putting the buttons like like a What were you born right now? That's the most amazing job. Well, got your radio station ass, the guy pensioners bugs and make them go back and forth. Don't do that, but I was afraid of computer. You are using do the printing and do another hundred bucks just reading then structure ass. I did that, but devils it to get upon ass, your cousin, to get me just. Get a degree. I was bad, I'm not I'm, not a good student men are only to go back to school. Now it's not gonna happen. Can Georgia's days are behind you, I'm going to go to school. You know about my head: is my head is fucked up because, like I dont use, a lotta, I'm gonNA
I dont use a lot of big words like didn't, know: Sugar, Neil you wore either. I hadda instructor doktor our wishes Mescal and he said, but one profound statement never speak what people understand? always speak where they never misunderstand you be as simple as possible and that struck a chord in my head and do this I dont use a lot of big words. I don't know a lot about big words. Should I just love us, weeks ago I just gotta, do are answered some of them Look it up its direction with a new one. Another one does this seditious look out went up. as you know, new cord something big happening, you know where the edges We had deepen bet, angry about the tenderfoot, but he s a deeper dead, they all of a sudden, some others sequestering, and why I got a little up do so so
You allergy, but you can do it. You can do it everyday George, you could just with them? I think have something on the computer. We learn a new word every day vocabulary button, to the right place where you'd want to use it at the right time. So you learn it. Then you can get it, but do. I would like to go back to school and learn more like to learn more history like to learn more about everyday bouquet. to do that on your own? What do you need a school for on lazy Right, you write your computer, he's gonna computer every morning and lonely, something to tell you you need someone to give you an assignment the school, I need to set a mature them again. This, I think I would do better what they would be going to school, the actual being in class than other lobbies. Yunkers are getting away with online mine, learning, yeah, there's gotta be pretty tough. It's terrible suffer everybody
their parents are gone crazy. Everyone's gone crazy, no one's ever ones in the house to go enough, but I did that I wanted to go to school to unify measure cushion when I saw rags when I go to college one of many array, eggs where wages in nineteen o to worry me so rags Let me tell you something young man I am all other moon Communism's like eighteen. Fifty three doesn't want. What is selling of rags mean? It was a You'd be surprised how much money people make Zella red eyed rags like rags at you, wipe things with you, Sir Eustace, you're right the riches. I did that guy. I guess you are dragged into market mechanics. You know the Mckenna Hazard the rag and the waves, really, why don't you just where'd you get rags to sell, deduce work for a rag selling company, or is there a place? We have work?
I notice that really is a guy, so roads, so broad, devils, wanna get to New York. I need to make some money to get a planet or cushion a written that this is how old. When I was young, we had you had to go to newspaper to read that one adds remember that now you're too young to remember you say otherwise in the back in the bag? Yes, yes, yes, yes, and so is it a hundred trillion dollars a day check this out? about animal sullen rags but the company was Cleveland. Cotton products now went to school, the back on a higher which stood a milestone, wrote I went back to we want to learn how to sell rags and prospects and processing of rags. You be because how many people need rugs resolutely rags cod diligently rags doctors offers DR everybody to Roger schools need rags to claim so your deep into the rag racket. Man limited I saw sham wow and nineteen. Seventy two
man. I saw your while a nineteen I didn't have a name for then it was just followed, disposable cloth. The other rag mug do not lose. The new rag doubles a disposable, reusable claw. How does firstly, I will make dollar five hundred dollars in my life, seven those sullen rises over to shine, and I used to have a pin just like this. The pistol was sticker. My pocket ITALY has scale otherwise arise and I get a bit. Drive to hammonasset? I want to wait a rag. How much is this? How much are you paying for pound the right? That's a zero dollars and twenty three cents I got. You always arouses. Oh man, for about this, but one read I can show you brand new universal Club every day, you'll just grab and you can reuse it reusable brand new claw. Well, How about I had to change their would have taken. Around the rags and that's a major fortune in rags the first people to sell a disposable cloth at the dentists office use
your white napkin never put on your agenda Olaf is but, as you know now they could and a white what a plastic backing. I saw that many years ago. So I think I hear you're a rag pioneer. Well, I didn't make it all. Just do silver shit. You know about us a lot of people put my way back then so report? while came out. I was so imagine there now made a lot of money on that. Then I want to do so. Advertising Vienna, so everything times. Square we're divides us buses in New York City. I was vice president about outdoor advertising companies very early on the bodies, all about possible simply absurd in Chicago to talk Cleveland our job. Almost every other models were in Athens grows with a friend of mine was just talk about some our careers and that there was a friend that he knew that we went in Greece during the grease against Greece. In it before you started doing comedy, you were just Greece. You tell us what the sub,
there should be an increase to its growing out of a job. That way but although you read about them, when talking about the rules, young young men talking about careers- and that has a guy that he knew that that made like the seventy thousand dollars a year, sullen advertising space in our supervision. like you, we weren't had it didn't work out a hustle, so you aren't added cell yummy You had to sell this stuff so that that demagogy involve with people. We want to build a minute. Let's make one thing perfectly clear: yes, learning have to sell a product, the main thing is learning how to sell a joke. You got one stage and present the packet wrangle, I see two. I have bigger council like this when I was in New York City, Catherine STAR nineteen, seventy six- I wasn't I was suddenly by a thousand. I was then as a young kid and it was a euro quicker to become a comedian
procured. All all I ever wanted. It was become a comedian never wanted to do in a television, no one doing movies anything like that. Just wanted to tell jokes, because a new red boxing, but the guy's, Patrick Henry Red Manager, so fucking funny man, I knew there when they work in LAS Vegas that we were told that a patch of Henry and done rebels. They will make a three hundred thousand dollars here. That's all I need them. what the fuck am. I wonder That's all I wanted to make social. So when you decided to start doing it, did you have an act? Yes because I have studied at New York today started cycle altogether? Nineteen seventy six Catherine STAR, Miss Caswell will thus, while we still less than forty five years right now, we started the other guests, Ratan STAR, said you. Remember you what was an open MIKE night or what your mother light. Did you do yeah I'd? Never I didn't have the the that the pride I couldn't sit there, wait for Louis did decide when I was gonna fuckin go on, so I stayed downtown
I went to the old improv by just couldn't. I cannot tolerate. it was verandah having any control over my life was all look at the local level, I wanted to call Louis's you how he fucked up your life knows: We still doing other girl, never mind if we, I think we I think I think we're ok him and I I I did you ever dress that so I'm sure so who was on their who was a round when you guys first, one afterward you meet Seinfeld at catch, ok who is sitting. I want you out of my first download black yet again in a bar, he was a little longer jewish kid agenda, the bow, and we start not unwilling to go on in there Then you know that we started to bond and hang together and who is in charge of putting you on. Was it Rick? What was the boss? Of course you had Belzer and you had Bill Maher and yet Adrian toes
superbells are Hoover and out who ran the Monday night at one of the three of those one of the three and so you're. Just this guy, didn't you, you had an idea cuz! I remember seeing a weird. I see that the picture I used to look at. I was gonna do what I will do it also preacher. Does what you get her to say right over the rope yeah. it's your Damn comic strip in the robe in the preacher. Rope when you start- and you don't know what you're doing it, so you decided on a preacher, our comedy school at LA comedy. Class urban Galvin Rick overturn applied. If you guys, we were in a closet, only retaliation. We're gonna do what you do and all I did look country, item Atalanta, joy to come out of the church and out boys marked a preacher, me thought there was a great character and I had for on the rule when the jewish hi? How are you yellow page tolerable, Do you remember the yellow pages ethic yeah? That was my bike.
While the good book a bell. Yet ever you want look it up in the book. I was known as a ribbon George, while as magna they look at the book, you never eugenies Hook yet, and I was good at two until I that's a monopoly hotel up in the mountains, What are you doing that preacher stick and the phone book and was all improvise. You just gotta, you weren't you love jobs. They were everything I'll blow your day by day to day work, I don't know shit. I don't know what I was doing I, but almost at Bonn. I do have the personnel, did you go up and sell myself? That's what I think most people, that's what am I gonna sell. You said catch rising start that time. Everybody was hanging out there and I was a big place and mean Kyoto made us one day. The dinner was men s where Johnny Causal commanded, the Brenner, pass tat. The biggest like us the blueskin yeah yeah. Oh my god.
And I got the guns data and you know you pay, for a meal. If you wanted a hamburger steak You made, it can then go on me this morning, we'll make people laugh. You know young person and they had a ban They ve, never italian food there! Oh yes, that's what no say over Srpska happy, I got was a good. Yet we were buggy yeah, I remember you, but that was before my time so you started doing a and am and who's your crew. It you and Seinfeld the new wealth what happened was also building the comic strip, two blocks away. so we were not read with that Kelly Rogers and, like I said, Elaine Business and all those guys they were just on the miners, it was, but they all that was your club so near the colors. open. So we went over to a monopoly to sell them advertising. We have demanded buses in New York City, both that guy's name Richie Votes, are taken which the takeover
Bob? What who also went on to manage Eddie Murphy Right so I said I do not have this opportunity to put your business on a street Above all, it is, but some are put on a hundred buses gone up now. Second third avenue eat drink and be merry decommissioning, and you know better than you can get into the clubs. They were just pact yeah. They were packed and so we are dealing with here is a new thing, and I said I do look how many myself visible come into my I turn made an additional one in my robe and my telephone book in my briefcase here it is right, roman Doktor John, enabling that what music some other global or when the sides going. Now who wrongs we're gonna do we haven't been debated, in another state since overnight since then, and I learned that grew- I grew out of it. You know you. get do stop jobs. You got him gotta. Be you as they say you don't even know who you are or what was and what will happen in the mountains, man. What was what was the out? How did the Reverend end
let me then somebody I want to talk about a dozen article yesterday global level, but just did an arc. Just did a show with meal I've got. Meals, name mill, granted Brennan here and they talk not a guy that never bombs there's another though he never bombs, but I ve never met me before this. In the mountain, the man I don't know whether you been bombed. I like to have a good time also, but I was in the mountains attitude forty five minutes. told me that I can go to the mountain still get in front of all of the jewish people. That know all of the Jordans, the jokes in the world and I have stopped you're. Somebody thought I could go up there and make a hundred dollars a lighter frigida. My pathetic, I admit it. What more we allowed right eye? stage, and I did my jobs. I got no laughs, no less five minutes- hearse our through rupture,
and when you do twinkling, blankly nano distant heard it was worse than my mother. Still from New York. Your heart died drawn from New York to back and they have a really really want. you draw up to tat. Tansy bread know yet honest, I would bet is it was bad out. I believe me, I've been doing this. More than half my life, I definitely no it bad, not by this I mean, find bad and I and I got a little better than three years later. I went back up to the neverly. I didn't know I did it. I did a better job numbers. Oh George, later she was a waitress there. You tell me on the shoulder. She is much better at this time. so you're, so I bid them, but the Reverend Gonna learn and the reverend the rent, the reverend died with the Jews continued to do the rebel now got better and then I was so good.
advertising. I went out to LOS Angeles to sell advertising. So I did that my balls man. I want the universal. I put Diana Ross up on the bus up at Elton John up on the buses in New York City. I've been good, right. So you never. Did you these guys are like only stand up. You you were, you can have one foot in the regular world too, will enable a financial cushion to do what I wanted to do, what a brand new big enough to make enough money and in the cinema retiring in rags. So I have no money to do it. When I started out on a car in New York City. Rather comedians. What's he gonna call you gotta go Dr Ana Miranda draw means until they drive around, and did you guys were you doing road gigs? Here too, I mean we will look things around New Jersey on air out on the island. You and Jerry
Jerry and Paul Riser in yet our Miller yeah, I oughta standing on long enough. I was only there for six months because of personality. I had the people more crazy in standing open. patients. Are we don't want you get to be that good killing the seller, and I we asked are telling us Malaysia moved to the bottom of another level so that I took me out to LOS Angeles how very Miller you talk to him The document of all less time we went down to the kind of magic lobbyists, don't ok after the accident. Ok good, see, move how to do comedy and sell advertise I moved to do our job and then the man I got really to accommodate a comedy store. They let you emits Eugene Jason what happened at a one off to undo, unlike MR, big Should in New York a comic Strip catch rather die and improper and good time some do not wherever there average irrelevant on Europe I don't know what you did, but I was on up to seven sets a night sure
yet runnin around that we do and three collapse. You do that. Well, yeah right, yeah run, it happened. Up and down here so you can become good, was shooting material. What you get you time, allow you to be dug. Ok and you'll have to do fifteen minutes, keep repeating it should get better right. and then someone should do so much. That demanded a joke already might with my talked up here. One did under magic over it. It is a yes buzz. I give a shit. I've done it again, you gotta do please I for one another California. What do the comics comedy store? for years is seventy eight, some seven, ok, some results becomes accomplished over schools, they had become a sobering westward Rather Williams, everybody's data Letterman we're all on stay together and I went on in addition on a Monday night not kills yet, and I walked Austin. You know one of the major general approval hydride. Do you live either Michael boy boy doubled
play I'm riding my heart on my like damn I come I am doing well, I did. I just killed it there. Now. You can't work on my cloud, so I said the next time I called in for starch five spots, but a week I knew she was crazy. He just told me last night, I cannot work a club right here and I call him on Tuesday and I get Bob spots for the rest of the week and worked by and I'm one of the guys who worked at the commonest door, Edward but Improv back in it. They don't want you to work. Both seventy seven. The rosters was like you and wider man and when They will bear with me up a meeting what movie oozing out of so many good good Billy Cross. All those guys, Roger yeah, really but but watching richer prow worked out. There was also right. Did you
get to talk to him. Do you get to meet you at the monsters? Wanna he's really log where you do a real, I waited, but he was I saw him but then I learned about him. I saw him bomb so bad for three weeks. The action plan while the real you have, you wouldn't even see. Once given like me, like a better, do somebody he bombs. nobody's overthrown, alas, album nothing. Sunset live on sunset, I rode not they do my ball now. Ok, do my boma got it and it was so bad for three, which was not what does not work the path we go back, this is a little better than last week Were you gonna sets where you got a scandalous coming together after poor months, you gotta just another book, I gotta show live on sunset done it, so that was wait, learning process to watch him. He saw emails from nothing just on render them here. So can also use the bomb overnight people to know what the hell he was doing. He had a cigar, is to clear the room
yeah I got. I got old taper his eye. When I was. I was a doormat, the store and eighty seven so I've been waiting time yeah. I spent a lot of time doing SAM's Coke eighty normal back there. You don't get to know me that what we call the budget, some eighty biologically tonight sure yeah you like, I said I was gone. I did just like your liking. suddenly night and the next night Opening financially coal from seventeen thousand people, that was when you gotta did it tonight so you're gone We were how a new proposal that was so that was the gig the right, because you didn't have the comedy clubs yet, but yet open for from you. relax worse open. For not recall. I woke up. I work for down aroused George Benson, Smoking Robinson Helen, Ready, Paul Acre Tom Jones. the five years of the dying honoured with Tom Jones, I loved it all up. Because then I didn't. I was what we're gonna last July disco, air, yeah and Dublin. really some, because he had like her by two percent was gate. Having about
best, always in a world black audience, jewish Do you always so? Don't the mix of all three so everyone I gotta, get like a standing ovation and I got fired why because about you go on go on. I attitudes evening's meeting you today. Does it go on in front of you, especially where outlining the kids? A legal basis is to get the forgot, Let me also starlight, yellow but she's a singer, but I was when you get a standing ovation in LAS Vegas S, an extra minute and a half after clock, so come on, get after way, No, she she did. She fired you're the court or the hotel. Far she did. She smugglers, so soon and by your yet as a godfather. Lastly, two weeks later she heavy back and I was working for the for another year. Did she far you to your face now. That's all they got to the agent agents who suffer
Then Tom Jones, only without arousing come with me and now here on. Seventeen thousand people- and I wouldn't miss Ross, Shows- were made reach out and tat some I am appealing to you get a chance to work minorities like that. You love it and so one we dialogue was off and they asked me to come over time jobs and this just do or do not always Berkshire state, I'm working very high, but the next night Tom Jones things. Seventeen thousand people love what the hell it's a national it's all Ladys Downport the only on the world stage right. I got it with him. An opening for humans is as follows. In NATO. we must Wallace S can be pretty bad because the same five The latest embassy Tom Jones overnight downfall, so you have no you'll, have no already has now brought man, Do you know those letters were that every night for me
They were the two shows a night then, but even now, Andalusia know that what the learned taught me. I've got to do some more material. You have a little ideas lighter the chandelier use almost biddable chandeliers after yell for those simple shit like that people know what you're talking about in the gambling com. Joneses Ladys taught you how to write new material well I knew how to write. I knew I had to do it was. It was fun to write an arbitrary, because yet new people coming at ever Noriega aid is, you know yet agenda rushing latest and learn from the other headed to forty five minutes. Do I did not have the red mud twenty minutes of everybody else at forty five, before Jones. Yes, he will be bad. We sometimes army. We became very close friends and but sometimes bonds or get your black ass after site, so butter
What born? I was just learning process when all I wanted to do was learned what LAS Vegas, who wake? You know looking back on others, people that you work with who were there anybody who are the best p but like who? Do you really? Like me? Diana seems like she sounds. A little difficult time seems fine, but the world have a collar principles. He was having heard the Boers. What barbaric, Gordy Ass, he was. it was pretty big. Disloyal was pretty pretty big and she ran the show and this is all in Vegas. You go on the road to know all the road all over matter of Amerika and that's quite a life. Her you're gonna start were top jobs and he just turn out to be burnt out. When I got to Tom Jones, he paid me more money than down aroused plus I couldn't. I was not allowed to touch my luggage. I was alive to do anything are airplane, and I set radicalism him on the plane, it was really good service and then I've done they make a mistaken.
and pay me in the hotel were told me also- and I never said a word- you know a hassle Tom Joad, Donna Summer was rowed to word. Would smoke robbers enjoys Breton, great everybody with what Gregg to work because I demand so that was sort of the seas. I guess that's why it's interesting, because you guys your age like Yahoo, I talked to her to Brad Garret. Who is the younger than you bite, but there is theirs. A world of comics that set the goal, was to get the Vegas? Yes at that I guess because, like there wasn't, when you started working there wasn't some comedy cod, circuit, you all four musicians and then, if you can get to Vegas and get you out of here There are fifty dates year, whatever that was the gig fifty days, Your excuse me my friend, we're gonna me, ok I'm sorry. I find your three hundred fifty data year. There was at least two hundred a year because I wasn't whereby luggage that we would want to show tonight
every night and Tom Jones sometime did thirty four weeks a year. Just on the road or lower rank or the biggest you're through TAT Lake Tahoe Atlantic City, radioset musical racetracks out was seventy thousand people just everywhere, all of them? local Dennis Betsy likely. I guess thing is like so by the time comedy clubs came around you. Are we already Doug into making a lot of money India than the old school way, but you never want to do tv. Never what you wrote tv enough to do so yet again by the time comedy. Probes came round, not people meat on the tour there, we're not people into the common clubs and I want to push Guernsey Gimme. Ninety percent of the door Ah, so that's how you did it. That's why I made a lot of money because I had to Tom Jones people and also the people from the tonight show had to be from Arsenio at Orioles coming from everywhere, always a mixed audience. Black a young old and soda Robert. I chose I've done by Joseph. They give me eighty five
ninety percent of the door? You didn't ordeals, you invented the door d, you get the drinks I'll, take the I'll. Take the cash. Yes, yes, yes, so, and there were only the clubs, Birmingham Alabama little joy to San Francisco. That would before either way. But brochure we want to add, shows wonder when I came to town so that so when it how many Clive explosion happened. You already at a built in audience, Kabila. Yes, he has only been possible to undergo, could promote I'm the timing entrepreneur. I know how to go to the global radios. Just I don't mind getting up at six o clock in the morning to an radios I didn't Aren't you do the other Georgia to radio or television in the mornings to attract an order? always do radio people watch amount to be the dirt. You couldn't have jobs and everyone it was in the radio? Yes, so how to do that, and I enjoyed our love working on this
look? What we do come, I know do at night they might now. I was as it I just love debugger a blessing to quit his job in one and all it, was like I just I just love not identified one August make up she d, Be president does that's that No joke! I wanted a good is bullshit about shop has taken my ass. I am what he's got now, let's get a retired at joke year. Did you work out much tv judge? Do? Did you about tv northern under that all others. All of this is like today, I'm runnin Television, even though I have to television, shows just turn on a tv show with turn down. I was writing out ahead of show with Jamie Box. I was a second leader. lead role is taught daddy's. Stop embarrassing me. We should have done much thirteen, because a cobra I would go back with Netflix up and go back because on black have a good time to fly yet all of it were pre exist.
conditions are made about that pressure with border lie the iron I decided. I don't want to go back because they live in a hotel going back and forth. I made the right decision and I was making Times are money They turn to move, but I decided not to go back. that was a good thing. We shall not have a new deal with a guy about a neighbour Norman wonder you probably never heard a disguise and all the guy get a couple of ninety seven years ago. I have a deal with him on this on the shelf right now, so on slowly, Transferring to television and movies because I work my anathema resident in LAS Vegas our work. When I want to work, I owe my show in LAS Vegas, we'll talk about it later, that do any writing early on you. Just this is all knew all this. When I started off limits. Put does I did when I got. Nineteen, seventy seven, that's a communist. on stage it produces were inside for the Red Berkshire and then at the time they said. We thank you sure, we'd, like You come right on the Rabotchaya
I do not want to know anything about doing a job as a right of this. We know you can do it you gotta do. Is I don't think so? the sole Mcgovern's praises time, but they did tell me what is There are five hundred dollars a week and I said. yeah. Well, maybe I can come up when most people without a good that, as I did write the show was only on for one year. It was not sent from inside and it was a show that was on access and what was it like? Working with red, no idea the shop. I was a day of Osborne such was his own office. Dawn offices on like that. He was my producer, Osborne he's got produced there. The smugglers brothers show We were such a right to read but show in Someone color why did we try to show the show was shot CBS and it was
It was on a b c in the devil out or due to ship it shouldn't. I'm still here that as on ABC somebody thought- Was it Bob? I Einstein Albert Einstein here I well remember hauberks his brother, although the idea of YO, whereas he died last year, he Antecede, you're gonna work, love! I'm writing. Writing is good luck. no, but I will not go by the back. You never got to work with red. He wrote in one place and then they just do it. We never see him. nobody would go home was shot me. So then he knew me as a comic subway. We did it that way, but I'm a lot of people. Nice guy. We wonder what you burn. I've got good men. Did he do a lot of drugs? You hear a lot of drugs there's no Mohammed Ali momentarily came to see us and he walked strategies You said you walked spoke to me because on his eyes here,
he's as on grounds of all of us, I'm great room. So we go about a bore. The good work of a red modify, so how did out is out Vegas works are now cause. I know you like you, had your own show there for a long time. You still got it algae us No, I don't like Vegas or I don't go. There were any time I go there. I see you wanna billboard here. I am more billboards LAS Vegas at any hotel, because I wanted to LAS Vegas because you're here advertising because, on you go, I knew. How do I know how to buy books What's a big them. Give me six as it you got always boards out on the street that cause there's nothing on a put Myanmar trust me. Other people in LAS Vegas Follow my IRAN. that's what I get a lot of things. I was very creative in LAS Vegas people, Headway talking of advertising. Job goes up, doubtlessly I've put by about we face on her back to back debate.
about the bag and everybody else. There was one so stupid, already put a bad shots back back back to back to back the bag. In our lab says: you're talking about it, yet I remember you and so what happened when I got to LAS Vegas about to show I own the show. I never worked with hotels who has What about me would be brought to show its call for warning about the room? Russia, the poem those eight hundred seats, overnight around the room and was top. I don't take any money for the first year I put my money back out onto the streets. I walked every day to every hotel and shook every consumers and let him know you gotta show in town really when you're resist lighting to tell them two thousand forging so you work the street. You go up to the guy's, a the concierge issue, I'm George Wallace. I got the shown yeah. different Como was their history chickens for you come over and I don't give a damn what they solar tickets as long as they were happy,
That's. Why have worked LAS Vegas more shows that most people but deadline? or shows in any african American. That includes red parks summit It junior, Lena known that Ross. Are She also LAS Vegas than any other african american african american entertainer, so the show was so it was in the hotel, then pay. For you rented the space, but you had abide by their time. Right yeah I took a ten o clock spot because I thought people about more people liked allowed at ten Work was done at eight. I would have to compete against. All of the other short circuit is only normal. was bitter shows then, and also decrease the amount of shows at ten and people wanted to come out and people. there were also held, backing and radios. I've got to tell you that I was John radio nationwide ready overtime, Joiner so within a hundred markers across Amerika. So I heard that following to bring my mother, my audience and my mom,
when people move so I built up after the first year just got a gravy train. Her unaltered, She was pretty high. It takes a lot the catch on you gotta get a niche right, What are you doing here? Straight stand up destruction or not, and then after the start, oh and I brought another entertainers with major have found- were allows crazy guy abroad and you're, not gonna Blue decided, Jennifer Holiday had wore these open for me, I had someone everyone on the first letter bring and saw the firmest stone after twenty four. years of being on stage is that ninety deadlocked, grammars and walked off, we're dead Mohawk. The blonde mohawk you remember here. I want him because he was not even entertaining when I was in college. did you know I gotta become a LAS Vegas We have supported the one. That's that's just sky will not you What do you want and he was late scared. The shit out of me
one left its mark. I was wondering if you know like. this last word about me, but I'm not gonna open, he's, not gonna open for me right you show for him. I'll get the shit on one May, the money you know here so so give them a broader entertainers that loud he knew how to satisfy. Do blocked up the place man, it was people were crying. He had been stated on twenty four and twenty five years, his kids we're going to see daddy. Ever it was some big who was on the on the billboards that I sold in the yard, sly and the family Stone LAS Vegas? That's it's all documented can go online and pick it up right now, George, while as was lie, the feminist only LAS Vegas he came along. did, he say, knows all songs, let us anyway Twenty minutes late, somebody walkin I notice was bullshit. I suppose you ve never share of all time when he was back in the day rang with all its people, what are known as both you'll get the fuck out of their workin out, but the pupils of the pivotal Dixon
out of the eight hundred. Only so five hundred took them, because I know how to promote and give up take us away, but he come out. Starts thing I never get into it and he says If you allow me to start, ended in again and to the other, some dams and higher, and all of us that people were crying on top of the tables it was stupid. He was only a temper twenty five minutes and they loved the dumbest bomb. With me nervous, I'm of me- and I was I'll stay there slaughters law and this guy was so good. He wanted on the back of the house, should have fallen house and they came from the point of the house came back on state again and it was, even so I love that, and I have all witnessed a document of- maybe I should put it out. Some things are done in LAS Vegas, who else Jennifer Holiday. I guess a war who called a younger call Mosaic I hope that the most suitable new groups, the good things without the music button my Dell music, Zagreb and and
became intolerable and they will come out of it will be. My only action would have been gone, stayed I'll start, given Why should I wanted to be the black over? I thought of the rich blog lady here and waste, you have given away dialogue- gave away car suited for ten years yeah. I did a continuous into one eyed us up in Amerika, most these low right we ve been here long enough. not a closed down this year? Two thousand, doesnt support five years Hoosier. So rich and Elizabeth the simple, oh yeah assigned so do we will look into it like George on Central, that's actually much of the under one under one doubles in real roommate, but thirteen years you isn't it, for thirteen years under way, Burma for thirteen years want one, and I was dated forestry, great generosity. Why? For so long we'll help. Women will monitor at all. When you meet me last week, but you're both who d like you
You were travelling around the right. You weren't always area time alone. He wouldn't always make money broke. I see just point department in view above you used it. When you are New York yeah, we were quite a bit, but not a lot in Austria, The best man in his wedding, Georgia's Joker, do it on the father, his kids, you know so we pretty close. I wish or better had a friend like german legislative today. I'm surprised he hasn't interrupted. The skull is just good to have a friend like that. Yeah! That's what I'm so bless! My birth rate is a number one. Man made money and economy. So I looked like this mark not to get there Punjabi, you know he got a boat together yard, not a yacht. You got to do it. I got a dick, so we're just at constant friendship, show Well, I'm glad you guys have the same toys. or will we build some stupid doubled the toys it out, but life is good. Quality is good too. I don't know about you. Are you like? I can't wait to get back on stage but I can wait. Young
I'm ok! You know I've been unite. Do this, I do. I talked to a lot of people on this show and I been doing me- I I I the break. It hasn't been terrible, it's been terrifying, but it hasn't been terrible right now, wait. What is what's this? Deeply you put out a book of your tweets are global and I'm talking to you, you know that's what we're became so big. On my two three years late. I start my two thousand Levin and put now jokes olive trees, low online ramblings from my weight, and what not why you to it? bullshit, but as it must include a bull to it and what not, what not become such an interest rate or what that is the biggest word in a world. That means I didn't do anything wrong and what not? So it's not just not just tweets dinner tweets at all I don't know what that's what we're doing online, because they don't make sense to me how to do this in a hundred forty characters You know my jobs are not even structured, let alone a board of directors, things like up, and I would have
well. Why should I do my job to give more weight to people were hit me? wow longbows, five hundred million tweets per day and somebody across the world. It never gonna, get to see me. I share. Some of these jobs is obviously whenever and it became so successful and people like it. In this light online Romans on my hand, I do like stupid stuff, like the top nine but shut out to the top. Nine tell us at a time by bills in the world cells. Those things like like liberty, bail out you know by the bail out. Can I go into the details and pan, but, but things in the book of the book is online and people are buying like crazy. I'm already into my second printing built twin you and you self published it. Yes, of course, and supper ended, and the quality of the book is so good I'm doing stupid, shit mark this book, you got the eyes on her, is hope. I put it right for the bathroom you put me in the bathroom
No, you don't read this in the bathroom when you can, but it's a great coffee table. People buy the book sales for one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, but if you buy v bucks George you're hot, on twenty dollars. Do stupid shit like that yeah and people are follow, but I have a hard copy here which I should have sent you did you get Can't really did for me. I did not. Oh my god This hard cover is a hundred and forty nine. What happened? Mr promotion where's my fuckin book I guess, there's your poky, liver, you'll, get a book coming. I hope, Mutagens Redondo we're so busy people someone's books, it we'll get a red everything- and I know I know I know it's true- that you should get one, because this is a good book. I'm gonna! Let you go into my second book tomorrow bore to it, but What I really wanted to write a book about mark was how chop fucked up my life. That does the book I wanted to write.
What you want to write a book. I should have done it six months ago, how chop Marla. You know that guy list this talk about the norm, I can't believe we often talk about yesterday was like a relief like they did by people say of born again and God I'm having as they the distress of my shoulder. This is crazy for everybody. Then I feel so good and yeah. I don't know what Brian has done today, but yesterday was so good to get it today. I'm walking circle. We know that aren't Booker, I just most of my life romantically so by naturally so much
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