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Episode 1201 - Jodie Foster

2021-02-15 | 🔗

Jodie Foster came out on the other side of being a child actor as a two-time Oscar winner, a celebrated director, a producer and someone who is content with her life. She tells Marc how she did it, which has a lot to do with her mother and establishing boundaries. They also talk about how Taxi Driver changed her conception of acting, the great lesson she learned playing Nell, why she loves David Fincher, and why she maintains strong relationships with a lot of her co-workers.

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The guy. all right. Let's do this. How are you what the plotters, what the fuck bodies, what the mechanics, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck heads fewer how's? It going a mark Mariners, my podcast welcome to it. I dont know how long I've been around But if your new here welcome, just hang out with in doing this for over a decade Jesus one time and I talk to people I talk to write. have them. I used to have him come over to the house, and I talk to them. And now we figured out a way to do it like everybody else, on the computer weak You can do it on. I, like my mother Did you do it on the computer? Are you on computer today
Did I see you on the computer? He has yet we ve figured out, and I a man. Once you get the hang of of talking to people on the zoo made, it was it. It turned out to its turned out to be really good. We ve really yielded some interesting and deeper talks. Then I think some of the ones that have happened. person to be quite honest with you. It got to the point where I stockings but this is weird, but I was talking to somebody other day on a zoom interview. And I was having a memory of talking to somebody years ago, but my brain framed it as if it were a zoom, like I remembered talking to them person, but on zoom? So the context has invaded actual structure of my mind. Like my memories are now zoom memories like I've got zoom. I've got a screen in my head that I'm looking at things through so fucked up to a scary
I'm worried about my mind. Joad foster is on the show. Today I mean you know: Jody Foster. I mean tat she driver. We talk a lot about their alot about some of the movie. The ones I remember taxi driver, Bugsy, Maloney, accused little maintain, her new movie, the Mauritania in but also a dirty, fosters all those people in your my age Fifty seven years, all that you feel like you, ve, grown up with her and no near your whole life, but there are also wanted to point out that, because I was trying to be sensitive about it, not dredge up stuff that she had nothing to do with and got you back into through no actions of her own some of you might not know when I went When I brought up all the other crap, you you'll be hearing it when I'm talking to her and what
Referring to when I said all the other crap that she had to deal with around the time she was in college. We were talking about that. For those of you who don't know in nineteen. Eighty one John, Hinkley tried to us, fascinate President Reagan and critically wounded press secretary, James Brady, and he said he did it to impress to try and impress Jody Foster. And I think, specifically, Jody Foster from taxi driver and Jody Foster. Who was then in college had to deal with the attention of that sordid type of, explosion attention. So that's. Why was referring to its we're? Just telling you about this makes me remember you go
a James Brady story. It's yeah press Secretary James Brady, who was critically injured, but he lived? and he had brain damage any was in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, I believe, and the memory I have of him. Was many years ago, one of the first times I ever did stand up comedy at a comedy club was, with Steve Brill. Who is a film director and an old friend of mine from college. We put together a team act today for a show called it's real live on. Campus present here is produced. The catch rising star in we audition for it. We not yet the show, but we were told, does we can't alive. Audition we'd never been in a comedy god before, and the first time was I was at a comedy club, was at the time many connection with Steve and we just ate it but they did promise us that we could do a spot. A catch rising star in New York City sweep
don't point went down there. We waited around, we were told, we'd have a spot we want on when there is literally no one, there, almost no one there, maybe ten. Twelve people one of those people with James Brady, don't know if he enjoyed the show it sort of made us a little feel what a weird by tat. But that's that's that story. not that exciting nowhere to go with it just perform for once, He was almost the only person in the room. Look if you have thirty three minutes, You never have to worry about a breakin at home ever again. This is how quick and easy is to set up a security system from simply safe is the kind of not so easy to do. You can do but during a Netflix binge while watching a game or just maybe listening to a certain podcast in there. I'm kidding about how fast it is set up. It's always the number one reason we recommend simply safe, because we can vouch for quick and easy it is to set up simply safe, is incredibly easier.
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Stir the pumpkin eater. I think it's called and bankrupt. Very disturbing, beautifully written me doing We are thinking about the writing and doing a lot of thinking about the thinking, and then somebody told me that Adam Curtis has a new documentary series on the BBC called the can't get you out of my head now view, I don't really know Adam Curtis, but I guess it's I time or maybe The timing is perfect. For me, too taken another Adam Curtis Film, because after I watched hyper normalization and the century of self it took me. I think years the kind of process. What was put in my head by Adam Curtis. Now. This new one is the same. He pulls a lot of. Things together. He goes out of his way in the first episode of this series to kind of them put something in the perspective that need putting into perspective like understanding how why conspiracy theories kind of fit, into the modern brain, it's a big net.
He's throwing with a lot of strands tying together, but TAT is tracking of the Illuminati conspiracy back to the scorpions, who were almost a a couple of of hippy, praying stirs looking to us to fight against it permanent paradigm in against organised religion and created this religion, and then they it's a mom kind of pranks, in the letter com Playboy, which introduce the idea that the Illuminati was running the world. It was a joke it was a fucking joke. and look where we are now? We the punchline of that joke at least eighty percent of them, trying to over the? U S, cap, don't stop the elections, punch wines of a joke that yoke of religion, the joke of the Spirits see the Jew ok, zionist occupied government, the joke of connect,
the dots in the frightened minds of those who want some sense of closure in order and power who to simplify it? To want to fly, in places and things to blame and justification for there hatred and fear it started as a fuckin, hippy prank now look at you Jesus Christ, but TAT is not what the documentary series it's about. It's really about the construction of our minds and our son. of selves and how they relate to the dumb? in power structure and what power has to do. Culture politically economically with how we see ourselves literally. With how we see ourselves from our fuckin brains and I'm going to happen. So then am I re dealing with we're dealing with the the evolution of the government of this country.
Free of China, of Russia, of film of literature. In terms of trying to understand the mind he had the idea of binary logic and how that was initially used are meant to be an exploration how the human brain works, but years later was used as the foundation of artificial intelligence? Dude do debts people he she, then your got to watch Yet work man, I don't know I'm sure, there's a lot of pushed back around it, but the guys in British man he's a fucking artist, and this is in unpaid plug fuck. Adam Curtis, always both my mind: Anna, it's my brain going and ways and it fills in some blanks that need to be fell then, and there plenty of time to do the thinking plenty of time to do the thinking think I'm getting a kitten in a few weeks. Diskin put that out there.
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The LP dotcom Swash, w g of enjoying the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced better help, professional can you dig it so Jody Foster? Now, I'll, tell you the high point of my conversation with Jody fostering sort of odd, because you know just stuck with me, You ll notice it, and even if I have to bring it to your attention but ones recollect and exiled sandwich in the t. of Disney Studios Dick the cafeteria Disney. It was so great to watch her, do it. She went there, man she went back to that sandwich. This is me talking, did Jody foster her new film, the more retaining his in theatres now will be available on digital platforms in the near future. It's a trustee what about the detention of a prisoner at dead Guantanamo Bay, for fourteen years without a charge is directed Kevin Mcdonald. Who
have? You might know about from this show and aims take involving him several years ago, but all that aside. This is me talking to Jody Foster Security, Gloucester and the screen, and I hear her pie Jody Foster CARE. How are you yeah. You know it's a beautiful day and, looking out I see palm trees and blue sky. I suppose we need to be grateful. I do that every day I see palm trees from my porch too, and I think I can't be that bad, it's winter, it seventy degrees, the sky, it is clear that is true and then look at your phone and you go I'll. Fuck we're in trouble Yes, the moral of the story is, maybe don't you found so much right. Try to limit that try to live like
diverges white wake up in bed. Do it to yourself with the phone everywhere, It's the one every morning, yeah it's terrible thing. I dont know I feel like. If I don't, if I'm not watching that the world will implode, are you? I'm I'm the magic magic unicorn. Only I find no watching terrible things will happen. We made it another Dacres Jerry Foster, looked at her phone when she woke up What happened? are you throws up with an idea that I have my phone just when I have to do that thing. Reader leg, hover over notifications. We do there's some like thing you're supposed to do. Can you tell them over fifty I can't I can't figure out where the mute button is and don't ahead attorney alerts off on me.
I'm the same yeah? But you know there's some people that are older than us. It's so I've. Aol addresses, I mean I'm assuming that you ve moved ass? The AOL address, that's always sure fire. Indicator when you see the AOL address. I have learned a low that in the last few years, but I have like it's the only play it's where road rage comes out on me, as I have a computer rage area where if something happens, you're I lose and there's something freezes. Suddenly I start screaming, in stopping my feet and act like a five year old right, because we don't have, we don't know what the resources, if you're in a car you pull over the brakes. Whatever you know, drive a car, yes, but that powerlessness, feeling of like I have no idea, and you know how people there there people who know how to do it. But it's not you. my children know how but their teaching me. So that's, ok, I mean look. The movie business changed a lot and in some ways for the better in some ways. For the worse I mean now, for example,
you used to have to if you're gonna scout for location, You would send a scout out and that person would travel across country and then road take a bunch of shots on their camera. They would, Do them in kind of like an arc so that there are I to get a perspective, they take ten shots. Then they go to the whenever a photo they'd sit there and wait for our when they got the photos, they would take them up with scotch tape, put them all together, and then they put them in an envelope and send them to you and you get them three days later and then you'd look at them and go I don't know what happens over their young infinitely. They have to go back to the place nowadays. All you do is you wish abundant phone the guy's there there there all ready and you can look in real time so tightened thing. So now is everybody at home because of a lock down. If you ve been spending an inordinate amount of time with the family
S and it's all good, both my boys leaving their going back college. The little one was unable to go to college freshman year. Services he's been doing it all from soon from home. So that was really sad. my elder happen college? So that's that's been there but you're over one he's he's able the girl, yeah Alderman older ones been there he said is the vestry is ever had so go figure. I really know and nobody's got sick everybody's good. Now I think his school really figured it out. They have their own testing sites in their there. On top of it, that's Graham said that they had very little impact. I think people really fall the rules and, as far as my son's concern, you know doing School in bed sounds like the best thing is ever. What is this, what are they studying? my older one is really in the theater, while any definite must be an accurate. Does a lot of writing and stand up just Evans yeah,
do I know I'm racism is now you'll. You'll know him because talks about mom a lot I mean. I think that can tells you there's a lot of experience to find that your stand. It has a lot to do your mom, but, as you say, my mother Jody Foster, now isn't it. I think I need that. Do you take a hit? Are you ok with everything oh yeah, I dont mind I mean you know. I am one those people that, like I dress up for Superbowl sure I don't have been waiting for any redress of prison Furthermore, I draw the line at lay offs. However, ok, ok, good! I it's funny because as I think it about you and thinking about my life and now, like you, ve, been there my entire life, whereby of the same age. We're because I've realising yet yesterday, one think about it like. How is that? bugs him alone was a very important movie to me really
nice to hear, but every sort of a big deal you know cause. It was kids in a grown up movie in the gun, shot pies and me it was a big deal. I mean I don't wait here was that I mean how old was I I don't want that now and if I was twelve when I get it so I was I better to eleven of two we're just sort of like it was, it was like a really fun like like? We are excited to go on like a new kind, a movie. Yeah. It was. Actually it was a british film love. People are realised that Alan Parkers First Movie was entirely a british, production, there were four of us, maybe five of us ever brought from the United States and everybody else were kids that right of british or they were living on American Army basis in London at London really so it was kind of like going to a very rough public school,
all in Manchester shopping. Now that there would be there were the girls that were that the dancers they didn't, none of them had their parents with them, so they were, they were all living in these kind of they had minders and there are living in these the dormitories high, and there is a whole group of girls from Liverpool and they were the dancers. While in the dancers we go down to the quarters pinewood and the dancers would cut you off at the end of the corridor of fire extinguishers, and they say What's a password, we're gonna Scottish aways it wasn't ass were like I don't see, you have the trauma, the trauma the Buggy Malone set. Yeah, all of us with our you know, bleaching, error, pencil, then eyebrows and There really was a lot of fun and I think such a creative, interesting film
essentially it showed up in a black mirror episode. It did like I did. I just did a movie with Andrea Rice, Burrow, and she was in a black mirror episode last crocodile and the kind and the kids we're doing bugging alone. Onstage remember in the school play your right, yeah yeah yeah right there that is rightly going to school play yeah. Absolutely and then, but you directed as an episode in the same season of Wagner again Is it because you love that show? Did you seek that out loud? That, shall I didn't see it out? They found me and I had actually never seen the shell so has heard one or other myself you get to certain. I was like an end. Yeah he's tried workers such an amazing, mind iron, how he does it and here here every single one of those every single one of those crazy things comes out. His head with strange about him is that he seems to have some weird fresh
Who thing where he's able to manifest whatever is- is mine he's able to manifest in the future of the new rightly so, he just came up with the idea about. You know bees carrying serve your robot, these carrying virus, there's an staff, and, incidentally, that appears right years later and then making three that guy he's the profit, he's a guy where you watch it shows you like we're in trouble. It is never it never is It is never a bright future. I guess, with with his prophesied now No, but I you know I really have to commend him the news he set out to do something that nobody had really ever done before this this idea of doing it anthology series where each one was a little feature He gave complete and total control to the directors. Just like you were on a movie. So each director has you know it
and cast a brand new crew brand new branding location brand new enter a brand new compulsory raison you'll have to honour a look at all there. You know their it's up to you. No, I mean they have some ideas about what they're looking for. Obviously, Edward wonderful producer that travels with you, but no is really up to the director, and I thought that was so brave him to do. Then I think that's what makes the the shows tar funds it is because, You were you layer in a real Arturo vision, as opposed It was high era, a director to honour the vision that already there yeah. I love you know I'd, let everyone the episodes in that season. I just thought it was extraordinary me look at something like crocodile and it couldn't be any more. different. Then you know what I mean. But our angel, my phone, like a little
indeed movie about my own daughter right, and I really want to keep that. Indeed, that kind of messy Indy Spirit and you look at some of the other movies in there I mean we were just talking crocodile. So you look at that with that, credible landscape flat on the Icelandic Landrover Desert, utilizing architecture, houses in believe extraordinary, bleak and beautiful, and she said that her part it was written for guy, Pierce and yeah, and she push them to give her the heart. Her give her sees intense I've done that before where you shift the gender and there's sometimes it works, and it's just incredibly powerful and other times. You know it should never happened, but you done it as a director or is, as as you took, a role which has now really? I do that, I think for flight plan. That was originally a man.
and which really make any sense a high. So with the second change it to a woman it suddenly, there is a whole history of we know has hysteria the idea of familiar Syria now, that's translated into other films are suddenly became so much more rich right. What are you? Why? Wouldn't it it's completely different point of view. I used to do a joke in my act about how people who come to Hollywood expecting to become stars are. Are a sort of a misunderstanding. The situation here I used to say the Hollywood: isn't your parents they're not here too, it's not here entity to take care, Our view and and continue your adulthood guide you by the ugly it is kind of. Was your parents? Wasn't it?
Well, we certainly my brothers and sisters for sure I feel, like I was raised by was raised on movie, satisfy all these wonderful people who taught me her lessons and begin gray haired about me. You gotta care of me. I mean I know how to would widdle would for some reason from working hours were you are not on the Mayberry set teamster now I feel is on Tom Sire. I spent a lot of time. Whittling would and I know how you know why I came to really understood the camera from from every technicians, point of view which was nice, tempting gonna get that from school, for with your mom, though your mom was in show business now Well, I guess she was yes. She had been a publicist before I was born for a kind fame famous guy witchcraft, Arthur Jacobs. The you're right
he became a producer. Originally he was aid. He was a manager and a policy short of a character, though right here, a sort of. U S, he produced a plan apes. Don't you do it? I didn't need doktor do little yeah he did, but when he was a publicist, he handled grace Kelly any handled Marilyn Monroe. Actually, I think that here It's like. The first person is unseen when Marilyn Monroe died really and your mom worked for him yeah, I'm just reading about him in this book about about those five movies, the tree, This doctor do of the graduate in the heat of the night. Guess who's coming to dinner, and body and Clyde Why are all those movies put together Mark Harris's, a guy's name these these? Tony cushioning husband and he's written three books, you just wrote a book about MIKE nickels and he wrote this it sort of the same angle as biscuits. but his his his. Thesis is that it happened earlier. This shit
transition started in an earlier to mid sixties, if the graduate in the heat of the night body, Clyde, and it wasn't the of the explosion of those. Guys it happened in the early seventies, but do it What sort of the end of it? He then, I think we are but Jake is all over this book and it just like I don't you know How you know you you did it by IRAN. Gets into the nuts and bolts of producing a movie like do it all and what a disaster it be. It just unfolded in two important, Arthur Jake of Toys, was ailing. He was even having hard problems and it was like the ears I guess, I killed them. yeah. There's lots of wonder the stories about how movies, or maybe you know this it's really are, I just have such nostalgia. I mean my whole child do you remember Walt Disney
No, I don't think she's, probably dead by the time I was pretty, but I knew right Miller who runs to do after that is son in law, and I knew everybody Disney Chris. I was a Disney kid right, so I need like four or five phones. I'll give you a Curt Russell was around yeah. He was wrong and I met and vaguely I don't I'm because I was a kid me right now, older, but tanker Russell is around that seemed hundred investment crazy on the sole Disney was. I tell you to do. I did a lot of these animals and all of my movies or on location. So I never really work on stage. I guess they were transferred from one part of my pretty Friday. I exit work on stage for some of it over there via my memories of Disney. Is you know They they used to invite me to all of the Disney events at the park. And I would have to kind of like being afraid or are you know that kind of thing I loved it alone? I got to see The opening of the Abraham Lincoln
right. That was there on main street and president tall or whatever yeah and I was therefore jungle, something Jan Borri bears in January. The bears- and so I gotta take my colleague arouse our remember that I also remember the Commissariat Disney had they have I discovered exile, sandwiches I'd, never had an egg cells. I wish- and I remember as a big deal What is the perfect exile sounds super cold and hurried expert, nice, closer good memories, but now how does it kind of fact? When did you start to realize like because it was pretty clear early on that you had. You know you, you were a kind of a whiz kid and you could take on yet you a God, languages and everything else I mean, but it was. I did you ever when you were a kid that show business was like wanted to do something else, early honorary just total, so immersed in it that that that was your life.
Well, I never thought I would be an actor when I grew up and my mom was very keen on on asking me all the time like. Oh so you going to be a lawyer or going to be a doctor, or you know she really. She did not want me to grow come. the idea that I'll be an actor when a group, because no child act has ever groups be adult met yet never goes well rarely yeah. Another never goes well, and I think most show that just goes well. You never hear from them again because they become real estate. People become healthy, the angels who have regular lives. so she she didn't, want to encourage it, and I think she she kept telling me that by the time the I was you know, fifteen or sixteen them it will be over, and what did I want to do after that? So nevertheless be an actor and a kind of thought as yet very young person. I thought it was a dumb job,
because all I understood it being was known. You learn lines that someone else road and then you said them, and that just seems I just there. No way that I was to be happy with just that through you had a knack for no one: ever you never went to a class or you never train. Do you never richest? You just had a knack for it, yet sir, and I worked a lot of child actors as some who who have undergone some training ends and some like the little boy in the lamentable knew anything I'm gonna eat. He never even been in a school play. He just as a kid my, casting director found in acute public school in Manhattan. You know I was in it, it's not necessarily something you can teach. But what you get when you have very young actors is that there is a kind of self consciousness that they don't have on their very young. So you guys somebody before their ninety nine years old. There do. You know they don't have the kind of self consciousness she start getting at nine, ten, eleven, twelve Virgil, I'm sorry! I didn't. I didn't think I would be an actor and then
the college. I thought oh well after college, my mom said after college. You know you Bobby actor anymore, and then I continued and then she said when you turn forty Africa for you get at it, you get off again I gave way the ape man turned forty better work, a lot and then he kept going. She kept thinking, you were, but she added I've. Seen at some point that you know you are definitely branching out and that your business and your intellect again and your creativity had become much bigger than acting yeah. This is pretty proud of that a mean shoes, proud of direct, damage was very supportive of that was really supported me going to college and which, at the time, I think was really anathema fur for an actor we I mean, I reminded me of my gates- and it's always sorted this weird big deal when actors. like, I remember, Natalie Portman, Inquired Danes liking any actress that decides to stop and go to school. It's like, oh, my god. What
what are they doing annual session is important step for me. When going back there, like did you like your talking about Doktor Doolittle, we're talking about their shifting? You were doing television like all intelligent like black and white television, even write a bit at the beginning yeah. So you knew all these new like a rod, sterling and and Andy Griffith in all these. You know like it that, what's his name not from Gunsmoke. You worked with those guys, guys, yeah Gunsmoke. I did all this All this, you know dramatic focuses like nanny Sesar yeah, my three sons and all these seventy mergers, remember Mcmurphy, nice, guy yeah, very nice guy partners Fraeulein did departure family. I wasn't there, I think only didn't one showed the Partridge Hamley. I went out for the March his family to be irregular to be one of their kids and I didn't get so in your mind like when you think back on some of these people that you ve come.
Crossing your life, I mean either people had stood out you as a kid that more of an impact and others. If you're well, taxi driver really changed everything, Ike, think until I'm did tax driver. I was twelve years old when it is actually rather think that I didn't really take it very seriously as right. Just I've loved movies and are really was my mom is a big fan of films and we saw lots of foreign films, and we could see me These over and over and over again and you can understand, ranch, so that was good for the answer He asked and we were really a big movie family being right than family but even though I love movies, I just didn't it their stance that acting What is more than just saying lines until I did taxi driver and to me was like up. It was just like a mind altering trajectory for me,
his name. Was it be the sort of the triangle of you and Deniro and Scorsese? I think he took the time I think Deniro really to at the time of me. Scorsese you gonna, send the two of us out or maybe did Deniro, did it on his own cause. He at the time he was very immersive and he picked me up every day in New York. We go to a different diner and we just keep running the lines which I didn't really understand why we kept running lines over and over again and then by it. Third time that we did this, he started improvising and going off on all these tangents and at that I think we ve a comfortable with each other and after we had to go back into the tax, learn something about that process that I really understood that it was my fault as an actor that I had not contributed enough. And that there was a whole rich universe of understanding in terms of character that I had just been. You know blind to really.
NE ten, just sort of realised that through the repetition and then through improvising, yeah in watching the scene take place watching what Scorsese he did. That and ultimately, really seeing the movie and seeing how those things all dovetailed. Now they came together with such an inspiring experience and probably also coincide with all this amazing movies. Like Lenny, you know strong rind cowboy knows when there are twelve, oh yeah, we're big thing. your big big, how big a movie family in and we saw a really serious movies in my mom. Never she now kept me away from our re films and some very serious movies when you were on the set would like in talking like, even in that the thing we're talking about earlier, the shift in how movies were made in a shift in Hollywood. A did. You feel that this set was different I mean we I mean you ve, been on the fifty sets array
yeah it was different scores. Every directly you up with a different, so scores easy was his his method. This more unusual that I had seen before he did. He used hundreds of thousands of feet a film and he did take after take after take after take of the same of you ever get the same angle, and he had just that. His deal, which is just to have been exhausted, exhaustive amount of film and to come through it, and just look for surprise us. You know here, so you got an Oscar for them right now. I get Ahmed First reporting what? What do you want? An Oscar for our accused answer, celebs closer great movies, yeah this is and will remain a dear. I wouldn't think of his road. I ask those questions now: Tyrker Emmy, what's important, but I M so foreigners
it's important Amy I was thinking about. I was talking to my produce yesterday about the accused and in an I'd seen it I thought not? You ongoing, and I said to myself. I think that's one of the best for Missus of anything ever like it yeah yeah. as I don't have any activity about that performance. Why is that you know, I kind of fell interesting, I felt like a little bit of a failure. When I mean that movie, because there were things that the producers and the director wanted we're trying to it. Courage. Me do differently and I couldn't like oil well, like. I really I felt like I really came to understand the character and I had made these decisions about the character that I just couldn't abandoned, even though they asked me to abandon them in order to accomplish some kind of gold they had which
well. I remember, for example, that the producer were really la. I really love this guy stem Jeff teaches was called Quebec. Crazy guy and definitely made love people nuts, but I really liked him He was an old timer to write been around alone is our time. He made me he. He exert a lot of power on the settings there every day and he had a lot of opinions about. You know everything from how many my miniskirt should be. two how I should smoke. And I was a smoker the time and he was not happy with how smoked and He made me ray shewed like twice. We see the same thing twice because the where smoke, I was sorry, How ya? How are you the way it is how you gonna give change something like that. Get hung up on it in the middle of that performance. You gonna worry about.
Yet there was a lot of. There is a lot of. I think there is a lot of intervening at the time, as I think it more worried. They were worried that oh she's to tougher ocean. He's too, unlike able or she's an granted. There was a part of me that worried about that too. I couldn't do it any differently. I just newer and that's how she was so for example, the courtroom scene. I think we had a lot of problems with the courtroom scene. They had a lot of problems with it in the cut and I think the Jonathan was hoping or expected for a different kind of performance and the one that I was able to give. So I finish that movie. I just felt like about actor I just felling well that actor, because I couldn't make this character more likeable for them we now, but that such a war, you're kind of Hollywood. Note not now them thinking about about Stanley. Job Jaffee he's one of those guys that had a reputation of being sort of a control freak. I thank God yeah,
he's your lancing Sri Lankans producer Paramount as well, and yet he did the gap. Lots of big movies are really like the guy, so I have a real fondness for him and he just, he's got. He was gonna old school and I think they didn't really understand what they had and they were worried. I think there are worried that the character of the offensive to people- and I got interested- I sort of internalize that and I was like gosh I wish I could make it less offensive, I'm so sorry. This is what I got and in the end I pay I you know. I think it was instinct and I think I was right and it really taught me that you can accommodate other people when it's about fear. It's also part it is also works for the character I mean like that, to create that insecurity in that over compensating and the attempting to please everybody you know in in these moments I mean that that is part of the the the broken this of that character and- and I think that what they probably messengers
it was the vulnerability that you are able to access in the middle of all that because it wasn't it wasn't. Something in movies. Necessarily, and that's ok like this is part of a process. This is why we do we do we fight for things that we know are important, even though donors and wider important and sometimes that, challenge that process of challenging authority and challenging other people like that's how they must have made. So I don't have a problem with that. I feel like that's that's kind of what we do. but it's hard for me, because I'm people, pleasing good girl were alike. No it's like they re, not a rebel, and so that movie taught me luck but you ve able to evade, will tell me a manage that that particular problem with people pleasing part. Yeah yeah. I think I have you know: there's parts of it that I learned
go up and in other parts of it that I'm just you know just dance we were for target, as I guess the big challenge here is just making sure you have some boundaries and you don't let yourself get trampled, yeah look. Sometimes you make a choice that characterise batteries that really possible, had made made mistake. So the character before, and I can look later and elect. Mediation had done the outer wherever, but the only thing you can do is operate on operate on instinctively? What you know to be true, and you make that you you have to live by that, whether it works for the film or whether it doesn't work for the fungus, if you don't have that have anything, but the accused was a huge move because it seems like you know when you were when, after you went off to college, you know, guy, I dont know a lot of those movies. Do you remember that yeah. I need five whose waters in college and none of them were successful. None of US Did you did you like any of those movies? I loved her tell the answer. I thought that was a great movie. Those sort of what it was one of big casts right
I heartily Hampshire and think trying to think which are the other ones now bad blood, that what matters now is yeah, I mean they're all adventures they just weren't. They moved in quite work, can also, but you had to deal with all that other crap too, that you were dealing with that somehow added to this must have been some lesson in creating personal boundaries, bed, the job we stuff. Yeah I was that's it we're alone. In my life I ve got transcended. It was kind of amazing. Yes, I mean I skilfully transcended, because my mom who had been publicist was very clear that She is she tried it. To guide me to make sure that I wasn't just gonna be known as the person who is involved in you know. Who is it
involved in the shooting the President Catch wished attached to it. So she said you know you want to have a career. That's not about this! So you're, you never talk about it. and you know do? What are we need to do for the poor case and then that's it? You won't talk about what what I do is I wrote a piece for Esquire magazine that sort of the first person peace and I had an attachment to them as I'd work there here as an intern, that was it. I had written what I had to write about it. I got it out. There was nothing more say about, and that's in that was policy yeah. I took some enforcement. I'm not sure that you can enforce that these days, because you know we have a different relationship with press. Now I dont know what I make it we're, how do you characterized at different relationship. Assistant every time you know it's. A different time is a different culture. We didn't have long lenses like that soon lenses we didn't have.
The internet we didn't have social media we just It was just a different time to grow up in. I feel sorry for four young act there are growing up in this time that are boring. Trying to navigate becoming humans and being a celebrity this in time I gotta willing. I do that right because there is also the pressure to have the role of but you decide your private life. What of it is gone? and to be available and how you gonna handle that there's no way to avoid it. Yeah it's not entirely in your control, and I don't know I mean it was a different time. Then I feel very lucky that I was raised in that time and not this one, and when did you know that you had succeeded in distancing yourself from that from what round from the Hinkley problem I don't know did I think I you know we was took alone enforcement around.
yeah, I don't know where it is. I guess I did ass again. What Ok I mean I did. It was weird because when I knew I was gonna talk, even after I watched the new movie like an eye, and then I was sort of thinking about you- that I didn't really, until two days guy I'll I'll catch you might produce Oh yeah that Hank we don't like it was in It was nowhere near the first thing I thought about, and I grew up with. You yeah yeah. That was, as you know, two testaments my mom, I'm good, you know. I think she was able to to good strategy to make sure that happens and how much you are. How much did? In fact, your personal I've been general just in terms of being out in the world and doing stuff and digest the whole thing was gonna isolating yeah. What's the unit was weird time in history? Really was we're high for me personally, where time fur
business where'd strange and you started directing pretty shortly after the accused. No, no! Oh oh boy, I guess it was short in real years short sighted. Twenty twenty six now have twenty seven directed the accused. I was probably a year at a cost, Two years on. A college was probably twenty four, while I mean I know I'm just thinking about the accused. I like that. I mean that movie just had such an effect, on me and I'll frightening gets its relevant to sort of destructive group. Thank you know. Horrendous transfer, machines that are done by people who were kind of white, go on to evil. Well, it's a human phenomenon. You know there are human beings to human phenomenon. Yeah and it was an eye opening experience for me and I was young. I was only twenty four n I'm not sure I I came lines that movie with a lot of
Fears and a lot of unconsciousness always knew and aware person a twenty four hour. So I, like, I, read the script once and you know maybe I met with one rate counselor, but that was pretty much All research I did besides going dancing a latin clubs like I was pretty much it, and I think scared to think about it, any more than that. I didn't really want to think about it. so I think that before it came out of that at that unconsciousness was dancing and clubs, the scariest part of it was the most important research. But did you see those men around now? Not really I mean that's not. I think I just want to be any experience feeling free, because that's new, you have two. You have to have that in order to have this sequence feel impact for what happens before. That sequence is very important this is a woman who is whose having thus night of life,
Yes, he is free and competent, and then she doesn't have to feel threatened yourself, sewed heartbreaking, whole thing, but like and oh, but you did silence to the lamps for little man. Take came out her silence of the lamp that happen quickly. Why me, I guess, within a couple years that that character. Again. How did you approach that Character well that when there is a lot of resources do in their own right. So I went to you now read what books I have your dear. I spent some time Quantico I spent viewed as Quantico. But over there and staff and hung out with people. I met with a bunch of FBI people. I did a lot of research there you know and forensics and on She guns, you know
climbing the marine thing. This is very interesting that that the core of that thing is also sort of the euro. Your vulnerability in the face of monsters. Clarice the grid. The greatest thing about science allows anything why it is such a great film is that the book was justice almost magical in a corner came out of nowhere. I think it's the best thing the Thomas Harris has ever written for sure. In so inspired and so inspired all of us. Actually every single one of us, whether its TED tally, the rider were Howard Shore, the composer mean Tony and Job Jenny or taxation MOTO the DP, like, I think it's off for all of us. It's the best work that we ve ever done, and we all have this lake sing feeling that will never reach that again. At most, plates because in the book with just, is perfect thing it it.
gave so much detail to those characters and so much text, here too it that all of us were just completely inspired by a minute Definitely at all it's one of those movies at it all comes together for sure on screen every part of it, yeah- that's a testament to Jonathan. You know I. I was worried about Jonathan when I, when I first when I first knew he was going to be the director, because I'd really wanted to do that movie for a while. I read the book and I tried to auction a book as a producer and Justina really want to do it and I wasn't able to nail it down and then it got given to Jonathan's directed. I thought a guy, you know he's gonna grab onto the chief part, anything I can respect Clarice and right
and I told him that I mean I told him that there was. We got it while he's a because he's kind of a silly guy writing between shirts any laughing and joyful and happy and energetic again, and I think that what he did was he really manage the right balance that he was able to honour the genre part of it and do not take that part. Two to seriously and yet to keep it a series is art, heart attack and really respect Clarice and he got into the movie because he loved Clarice and really respected her If you cover the movie from that point of view, is very different. Film than it might have been had just been like a monster moving when you bring up the deep, the dp on that MIKE I'm thinking about, because some of the most interesting Arthur that movie, where the cut routines of the FBI right in. like all of us and you get into the world of the killer with the butter, lies in the chaos all women that one house sort of up again This kind of you anything shot at the FBI? Just like people
doing exercises that have arisen regimen to them, and then you just entered this bug. Infested chaos, pit of death and it's like the juxtaposition is- is powerful just talk. Just got Glenn a few weeks ago. He's here Fuck, an amazing, Scott. I see him all. The time is whisky together, you do lives there and you known catch him in Idaho, and I see him a lot him his wife yeah Carolyn, yeah I mean she seems amazing, till with the ceramics and call he says, you're cool guy, and he says you like tough, tough marine he's like Green feminist right. You re, like his whole life, is about feminism, about letting women do charge and he's just, and this he's a super Nino muscle bound guy from the Marines who likes to shoot guns, and yet he get you know, he's just think
the great liberal warrior so when you did little mandate with that kind of you reconciling with some of your genius kid stuff that I was a genius kid I mean, I think I was a prodigious kid and prodigious at something right. That's was just born in me, and that was really I wasn't man. it wasn't science, it was the ability to act Stan psychology languid also, apology, so yeah. I felt I felt like in a way we like this. It was felt like an autobiography, and yet it's not about my life at all. I really work has got Frankenstein play a lot as young filmmaker and was able to really talk about things from my passion. You know develop their character, at the two women did. This discreetly was a bit different when I got it and envy really shifted it should be about this. It's almost like two women raising this child right and who is this
Harold of a new age. You know what does it mean to be a prodigy a prodigy needs you stand outside of this generation and used straddle into another generation. You're gonna bring everybody with you. You know that the hope that the EU had for the little boy and d: fuelled by the disappointment of these two women. Then came from these two opposite sides mean yeah. I love ebony, yeah River It was great movie and it was like, but I did you like using I didn't produced that one technically, even though I had to kind of you know, there's a lot to do because arraignment into bankruptcy right when they involve within replay right and the sea ass. If there is a lot to do about training, movie release them all that, and I had to deal with a Ryan and I was per head every single brad that times those producing other movies around so yeah. I may as well pretty seventy but
I do I do I like producing my own films via other than that I don't enjoy produce. I think it's her already tarred because you're always looking for things that are wrong and there's a lot of like manipulation and there's a lot of like strategizing people in politics, working them against each other for each other in the justice system. Aware yeah. I read that through its horrible bout, weeding when I read that's how movies are made and how the act there's just played like gain pieces and and because of their egos and their neediness through their there they don't really realize it or there is willing to take to be used like that, it's sort of its very disconcerting, as as an actor in a way to realise it. Your management and death talent agents, And producers are just going to teach you against yourselves against. Their people, they're gonna, use you as a bargaining chip, there's a million things that their talent gets used for yeah
that's true and I mean the whole point of having a production company was to protect. People was to protect filmmakers right to protect the process and to protect the the price. That's that's. Why called an egg? You know that idea. Sergio complexion yeah yeah Enemy made some. You know, I don't think I'm the greatest pleasure in the world, but we make movies, I'm really proud of theirs and anything that we made them a proud of and yet at the same time it was clear when I finish the twelve years and producing that like yeah Costa, was done enough of that, I thought no was a pretty gutsy movie it three like it too. to do that role I mean you're ability or your willingness to explore certain types of vulnerability is pretty amazing I mean like a must: it's pretty terrifying for media and think about really all of them the accused or Clarice or or Nels
typically, who was basic, I mean I know he felt little insecure about the accused. For these reasons, by did did you field uncomfortable with the vulnerability in retrospective now I think that I was. I was I mean obviously I was drawn to now because I develop the play and you know it got off the ground and did all the years of work that I did to get the onscreen bud I was scared of it. She is the most unlike me of any thing, never played, and I didn't know that I would have when it took. I think that I was scared of vulnerability and scared of, being somebody like that, like I thought, if I was like that out explode into mine pieces. Like Paradise, couldn't imagined, when I buy round eyed really know how to create that character. I was just so so confused about how to create the character, and so the really was the greatest acting lesson of my life. Where I realized like
oh all I have to do is drink coffee and show up and it will come because it's inside there wasn't any book. Second, we particularly or research like do like I had to just trust that when somebody said action that I would be able to be there and you, Let go of a lot of who you relax Lamb, the construction of you yeah, I mean you know. I didn't mean that I didn't like go into a transitory thing right nobody, you at your money, you let yourself be unafraid, let myself be afraid, and I I really think that I allowed myself to believe in trawls and you have to believe in trolls. Sometimes and it doesn't really matter whether real or nine it because the we see no, that's the whole point right.
when your shepherding an audience through an experience like that and you have to be one hundred percent authentic or or the movie doesn't work. So there's is alarming pressure that comes with that, but there is also a lot of power the fact that its all writing in your performance and if its real it works, not real work and you can see parts by guy. Like. I even done a lot of movies, but I imagine that as somebody's done a lot of movies when you look back at the ones where you can say like I don't know if I was there, I don't love that performance, you just you just let it go right and then you know It hung up on his ear. You do well, you can get hung up. You can I see a lot of years getting hung about now. I don't I mean that's something I learned is child that as an actor, I just don't have any control over, don't have to just go and their rituals. To do that. I feel like there's, always a ritual about that. You know
Let it go when I'm when I'm hanging out the window on my way, the airport after the RAP Party and Vienna, we wrapped it six. I am, and I like all my shit, my thing and then there I am and I'm out the window. I undo the window and I realize, like. half of me just finish this massive thing right. I just finished climbing Mt Everest here, so I and then the other half is like not quite back in the real life and who I am and there's a little fear about that That's the most delicious moment and that's like I feel, like that's a ritual for me right. Just like ok, yeah yeah, that's the governor. Read that here, the in between the relief of the in between worlds, were. You don't have the anxiety of like do doing measure up. You know Can I do it now
still vary in ten minutes later or when you get off the plane. On the other side, no ay suddenly be like with anxiety that you don't measure up you now by God. I don't know how you know. It's amazing that you still that that happens. Having Spencer, life in show business, but I guess that's a nature of this town thinking what's it to you know for sure e insecurity, fuels it you want to do the right thing you wanna, do you want to go deeper, you wanna be better because each keep looking for people to love you or for you to love yourself, you're better! Do aren't! You won't be right if I can get better people. Aren't you going to love me so I'd better get better and you got you want to be recognised for and you're putting your your life you're, putting your creativity in the hands of. I mean you're right, your like most a lot of men. That's for sure. Like director. I I wanna be judged for the best thing that I am. I don't wanna be judge for. Like my shoes, is right.
worse some soon damn thing. I want to judge you, so that's why it it it Forces me to give much possibility go as deep as possible to be as authentic as possible, because I'm afraid I don't trust anything else like I'm, not very good at pick and choose your so everyone, a judge me on my shoe slack, I'm gonna fell. I could go on their gender in their certain movies Fisher movies. That are like that any flight plan, for example, you know that's a super genre movie about like women I played in this to your child and there's jurists or errors, and those that movie was really hard, because all the pressure was for meat it as a character to transcend all that stuff like if you don't believe her the whole movies shit right. So there is a lot of a lot pressure to make sure that you create a character. That is one hundred percent real right. If we brought this up twice,
That was the real lesson that movie yeah did. I think, they're pricing No, I guess it was. It was hard. It was a hard movie yeah. The challenge of doing you know, I feel that in some ways is kind of like a Hollywood construct, right and you're in viewing it with that that part in their real designed to allow people to grab onto that, so that they can believe in trawls. You know rife and, like you work with some like venture you work with venture that everybody says: that's like you, funny thing about Fincher, I did a two and a half our conversation with him right and he didn't he did. It didn't think it was right, he now he wouldn't. Let us release it. Some sitting on this too, half our conversation with David, countries like I don't know it lets withhold offline. It is, I think I could do more. So, like he's here
really crazy. Why he seems to be this way. Is perfection? Is the tormented guy he is and he's really funny. I love him. You know, he's just he just makes me want to put my arms round until you know what it is. Gonna be. Ok, you I can tell you tat. I shall acts, and I love him, for I love him that he is so committed and that he gives a hundred thousand times more than anybody else on. It will be a mean any can do any of our jobs better. The weekend me he's a better answer than I am better brought. Master is a better dp really. So I am always just bow down in the presence of somebody who really is just. so gifted in so committed, but it's hard to believe adventure. I wouldn't want to be him. The gate and drive me crazy. You, after an he, isn't drive me crazy. I learned he makes me laugh right
and its true that it's annoying that you lose many takes as you do and I was pregnant, so dont forget I was pregnant, unpack room well and and by the end of it I mean you know. I was six months were almost six months pregnant by the end of it and by the end of it I could move fire literally could not walk down the street could move. I had heading on bed rest after that for another three weeks in and despite all the leg, do anything for him, do anything for that. Guy ski, I see because of the good technician. I understand what he's looking for like I understand the profession is looking for even though it might be miniscule and tiny and unattainable and I will stand behind you and you say, like I felt
you can't go. I did do you know that guy he's, never guess what makes me these amazing, but he I wonder, how will you I don't know how close you are with me. How did he generally feel about his movies as finished products He I mean you should be put in a home at the end of every man. It's why he makes soaking films and every time they makes when he says, I'm never do it again. Never I mean in some ways like I could really see. I can, Gee ventures, whole process. Oliver Mank yeah, this especially from a gap of filmmaking, was amazed. Yes- and that is an incredible story, and I am not sure that all the story was told there right, because that at the relationship between Orson Welles language is so.
fascinating. What happened after is still facing an amateur they touch on, and I am sure he wanted to. I can't I'm not sure what he asked. I think he is trying to make it make a with his movie and not Orson Welles movie. But what juicy, maybe maybe maybe that's what happened but there, but there is just the idea of giving everything you know, young. You give everything for the opportunity to make a great work of art. Yeah, and sometimes it works, given blood you ve given years of your life rice years, you'll never get back. You gave up your relationships. You gave up your liver. You gave up everything and then you have this child over protected and created, and somebody else's like. Oh, let's make it a comedy. I put a border area. You can see his like.
injustice, the injustice of it all eyes were yeah yeah yeah, but the end of a movie every time I see him at the end of that having created from or even worse, he met an award Shoney's create earlier in a word for it he's traumatize sprays of having it s always draw to lobby like what you just said is so powerful, because you do what you put all the time and effort in sweat and life and love and elevated to, and you put around the world, and some idiot can just go right now. It's ok, you like without even We have really absorbing. I wish because he has such a genius. I wish I could just like take some of my dna out of my bloodstream and just like injected into him. So there he's able to say to his child. Like You know I was you be a doctor right. This is your life and I I do the best, I could be obviously you like music, Rand
you're great musician. I can't put piano you like it and more power to you. I hope you get that scholarship and when you do almost like whatever it is, you do ass. You like, if you could pick up right, like that's kind of the I wish I could in Michigan, take that all my veins and put it into him. But it's not ask how it is, using that you have. This like it seems like through the courts, have just even this conversation that there is definitely these guys in your life that you respect. You know there your talent, their hearts in it. But you, but you feel deep connections with them. Is it do you know. I have a relationship with Europe that right now almost never met him. I only meant a couple times while I almost never Madame ever well. I met him on the street at other times like a heartbreaking. Anyway, you got a running at yet no no by accident a couple times due to three times. I met him by accident.
because I live and let live like you know not far from him for crimes committed by accident and then one time I I organised it What how did you know tat night when he was ninety now yeah? like my kids wanted me and how did that go? he's. A really entertaining you know old. Was he when he died recently he's an entertaining all dude. You know he had his wits about him short super sharp and he can still lie like nobody's business area super entertaining, but it's interesting that you mention that, like that, I have these guys that I had this fondness for an you know I was raised industry. Were there no women. I was kiss me and then sometimes it was scripture, proviso and occasionally makeup artist, but of now The other issues me in a gas the end and sometimes delay the blade mama, but other than that it was me and a whole bunch of guys in some small town in, like you know, Columbus Colombia, Ohio or wherever and
they were my brothers. You know when I gas anyway taught me lessons and they taught me how to be a gentleman and they taught me the right and wrong and how to do the right thing and hano and the directors and other actors that I worked with. You know I really like these guys there a complicated guys that not everybody, loves and I will do anything for them. I am I'm a sister lasted jokes and he's left them? I just love, it seems like you keep you buy, it is its ongoing. They'd seems, like you, add new ones. Every three hours I guess, you're still open toad for a few new ones to come in. My guy, like Miss Gibson is it is a problematic person? Do a lot of people that you guys seemed a genuinely like get each other, and he is a problematic person and he is warm and affectionate and loving and really, friend and fascinating and sprightly and at an inn
and childlike and he's always things as well: good actor, great actor. a great actor in a deep, deep person. I think that's probably what has gotten him into so much trouble. Oh yeah Well, just I think that he's a she's a deeply personal and the Beaver the character in the Beaver INA when he brought about. I will always be grateful. That's a tremendous performance in that came from his bowel, something that really came from his got the end, and that was a lock to give that's a real gets that he gave to me for that. I think there is something to be said in terms of your appreciation of what goes into what you do and what the people in your business do: I guess I said I said to my producer when I was thinking about Miss Gibson, unlike what did they bear a body together. What is it how it by what is the secret that bonds and but I think it's it seems to be that your appreciation for what right we goes into what we do and
look he you know. As I say to my kids. We always laugh about this, and I say to my kids, I say: look if you Why don't you say this? I say something much worse, but I'll say nice version to you here. You're all the seven Eleven I'm going to. call the police and take you to jail, but then to visit you in jail every day, and it's not that I dont condone necessarily azure people's behaviour. there's a wrong, but I can't not love my children. I can't not my family members and That means that you, you know it's kind of christian, it's a little catholic of me not! I was re suspicion that its you dont, abandon people in their worst moments of struggling you extend your hand to try to teach them to help them better yeah. It's a tie.
our insane empathy that that require some vigilance for a lot of people, know tat and he's help you know, he's helped me be a better person to screw and enter of acting like coming there seem to be points where like I did the new moving in Mauritania in yours, three points like I watched every watch these speech at the golden globes, where you ve, I'm coming out speech, but there was also, but I was Also it so funny, because that was framed by the press as a coming out speech that do you, You couldn't win, You know when you don't line, because they had to close the part where I said, even though I knew and they were going to do, one good good, but the poor it was made in the points still holds and it's the same point in some ways like a lesson that was probably part of the,
an extension of the lesson from the events which, on Hinkley that you know you, you protect your private life in your private. Yet what at whatever cost so you can have it well, so that I can be A living surviving person, as opposed to a dead person in a hotel room with a syringe. You know I rise as awful analogy is, that is I survived intact. And I think, as fairly well adjusted person, even though I'm crazy about certain things. My computer, I survived intact by coming up with a scuba mouse, the arrival better working I have read, the loves me- breathe, rife,
I e those survival. The survival tools are important to ensure for somebody to become old person right near and far too can take her out a long time to become all person yeah I'm not even sure, am area. Neither. I feel that all the time like you know I am I am, I me, will the worst is way as you get older? I just start feeling, like I, Sir said Other people that are blowhard Sugihara people air are like super selfish and completely self absorbed in you know, and I'm just like still. I know you you're able to really be humble and be humbled by you're cautiousness right? Will you know I stop doing is like you know, I started embracing the the phrase I don't know. I don't know Like you know like, if I don't know something I'm going to say, it is opposed.
You pretend I know it or orgasm we have asked the answer. I'm just like that. I don't fucking know, let's get him. Yes, that that is the issue of embrace. I dont know the humility of embracing I dont know is the best I mean the nominees story, so you winged for Mauritania, like that that's. Another reason why was attracted to this is is really because approve Mohammed who, as you know, Mohammed, do with somebody who and his his part of nine eleven was that he was made to be fearful, and terrorized. Just like You know we were right Levin and what he did with it is that through face and true love and awareness, he was able to become a better person and he is forgiving he is genuinely joyful.
He is a real guy they, but he pay a premium. Its life arrives in the moment and his kind of childlike and curious about everyone and doesn't have a mean both in his body, and that could have broken him Oh my god. You kidding, I mean that was crazy. I me I thought that the real footage of him at the end over the credit yeah, thank God they put that in their because like you and that's really. We like you used to goofy groovy still measures affectionate, but you get more for fourteen years, Britain. Now, I guess the question coming at this crisis is a story about him, but it's also about this lawyer. Let's see how under who like out of nowhere like, I grew up in a working. So when officer more in advocating like oh, my god, how did I not know this person, but but is it? about her. Taking on the case of of someone who is kraut rounded up in, Post, nine, eleven and accused.
I've been won the masterminds of nine eleven because of some phone calls? and he was rendition, did then ended up it in Guantanamo and and he was tortured by white. What what? What shook Europe was that even after it was conclude, so that he probably was not involved here. They kept in there for another, seven years, eight years will they knew he wasn't in law, I mean, did they had known that he wasn't involved fairly early on because they were never able to corroborate any of this of the assertions and whenever charged him right. So it was really the heaviest case that allowed Nancy's heaviest case when she took to the judges who look you, you can't keep people for no reason in prison without telling them what their. Therefore,
and the judge said you re and all the evidence that they had against him and had been gotten out of torture. Just really one guy was after seven years of being tortured. He had one session of confessions where he is It had to everything, including being both like basically whatever right and when that was thrown out, and they said you can return home the, illustration kept him another five years, just because these are a democratic administration, it is not over yet. So when you decide to do move like this, because I mean you sort of pick and choose fairly specifically now you can. I mean how do you choose a role big and outside it. Joy of him was the story of Nancy. Compelling D. I love the character. You know this idea and she somebody that is our hero to me. You know she believes that she has this mission that
she's there to uphold the constitution and the rule of law to uphold social justice and civil rights. even though a good portion, if not all of most of our clients, are guilty right. and she's. Like you know, I don't have a problem. I don't care what you say and the arab sorted bravado. I don't care whether their right back at you right if the government has a case against them, then you know let them right. Let them take their. Let them go to Bristol, infinitesimal oil tanker they deserve to be defended and how was Kevin? Mcconnell too. can dolls amazing, you so the right guy? For this you know. Yes, it's great documentary, the ending of documentary and fax and wrong incredibly well researched in this sort of beautiful
even approach to being able to see all the characters, all the care for some point of view, but he also is just a great us than a director not think he he he loves being inside one character and then just looking round and saying how does that feel? What is that look like and that's what really makes him different there ensuring the air he seems like a smart director I had one, the biggest opossum. My life was with that guy really because I had him, Look down on the show right to interview em, and I thought it was Kevin Mcdonald from kids in the hall and I was, and I was Larry I was expecting covered the ground from his horse and Kevin Mcdowell The film director showed up and I had no idea who he was, and I Do tell him to wait. My house run out to my computer to figure out if I'd seen anything he done so I could. not, and I didn't tell him what was happening, May I interviewed him for like a half hour, thirty, five minutes with which was short for me, and I can I
can put it up until I interviewed the other Kevin Mcdonald and I think I believe I put them together and I don't think that data film directing government does. It thought it was very fond but it was. that's a Larry's. What was it for? What movie was it worth? It was. It was never the one now which one was it hold. I can tell you, because I really thought that, like when I talk to the publicist that showed up at my house had he spoke because I m c d, amazing. That was the big problem right there yeah when he shut when the publicity showed up at my house. I was like you know, so is directing now that's gonna interesting. You know like. I was literally thought that I was still talk. It was crazy man, it was so stupid, Havana, I tell you, it was with Syria Ronan, oh yeah It was. How I live now is what it was com, but I have seen it in the region
I guess I was so. I didn't think I would need to give them my Kevin, methodical, tug workers who cares about the new movies, but I I did know your work, so that was good. And I guess I did watched the Mauritania and I was also excited to get into some of the other staff and remember our childhood together. You on the scream ass me in the movie that's right so that we didn't me now, that's what I've been watch, you're, not in the end it you do so. You have freckles. I think you have proposed some sites and Sun spot freckles not really does right allocate the area. I guess I was on a swim team and I have my little by little swim team. Recalls in a coordinated hair, but it was good. talking to you, you are definitely you which was exciting gets wonder, thank you, so much yeah yeah meet you made, will do this in sure. Maybe I'll see you around town once we are able to go outside
We are right to point. You'll have one of those big long. You know not. I wouldn't disregarded spirit has done that before I'm not doing the rounds. I get up, I get dressed. I shower. I act like I have a lot of things to do. I put boots on I walked around. I am not I surrender to the isolation or the possible despair I just why do you know that I do have? so tat. While we do work today. We both did somewhere here. Take it easy Jody arising here, that was an honour and a treat people speak. Joey Foster God she's great them Mauritania in Theatres now will be available on digital platforms in the near future. So if your struggling right now check out better help, it's a secure online service providing perfect nor councillors who can listen and help. It's simple you just
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Burma lives monkey, let's find carry angels everywhere. what
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