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Episode 1206 - Jake Gyllenhaal

2021-03-04 | 🔗

Jake Gyllenhaal knows he has a great job as a celebrated film actor. But the thing that brings him true joy is bursting into song as part of a stage musical. Jake talks with Marc about his love of theater, which ended up landing him three Tony Award nominations this year, one for acting and two for producing. They also get into why Broadway needs to evolve when it returns, why Jake was in awe of Heath Ledger, and why he was completely surprised by Marc after this episode started.

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Alex what's happening, how's everybody doing. Are you? Ok? Are you the honest with me, because I am definitely not ok. I am not really bad, but ok, Now, for this shit I'm done with it. How caused by said this over the last, last year. When is the year anniversary of lock soon right. any day now, god damn it. I want a vaccine work today. on the show. I talked you Jake Jill, and how. You know him from Donnie. Dark go broke back mountain night, crawler he's been doing or stage acting of late and he's nominated for three Tony awards a few greater after that kid can I go I can't I think, he's young enough he's younger than me enough for me, Youtube com, a kid I know it you're too expect than ever. Do I never do
and it turns out he didn't want to expect at me either and it will. It was a nice conversation he's a nice fella that Jake Joe and how also? I try to give you a heads up, I just today, recording this yesterday I talk to Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy for an hour had Eddie Murphy These face right in front of mine on Skype. for an hour, and we I stood out. We did the comic talk thing we talked about the old days. We talked about doing this stand up. We talked about price. Ere. We talked about the movies we talked about being a star. We tat, we do the talk me and Eddie Murphy, and I got a beautiful, you go ass out of em right, the gate? It's it's interesting, With the zoom in just in general, actually that's that's. That's that's a good. Point mark. Once you talk about it, it's in
this thing, because before the plague, when people- to my house, which is what was the what was required of them to do. The show was to come to my house, this house and the old House, is that I'd. Have that moment were I to answer the door I'd get there. If they came with people, I give them a soldier or water or coffee or t let em used a restroom have a little. shit. You had not too much but sort of get, grounded or get connected in the way the two humans get connected for the five to ten minutes before we get out here and get on the MIKE, so there's a lotta, a sort of a small talk in the hay Arias and what's goin on what was the drive like we're gonna shoes of those were yet with that day everything all right a little with that. So there is some ice breakage going on. You ease into the conversation on here. That's how it was in the old days, but now it's zoom. It makes
it's a tricky, because you know I get on and we make sure the Tec is working. Alright, there's a few bits of the church garden as people get set up a usually you're kind of going cold and you don't know what the connection is: gonna hinge on or whether there's gonna be a connection things are going to start cookin away, two things are gonna lie. Just be kind of a trial. All that shit aside what I'm doing the zoom. yeah. I got it. I gotta figure out how to get in pretty quick. and I gotta be honest with you- it was very rewarding when it Murphy got on and I took I took a shot That is where he was sitting and man big laugh from Eddie, and it was exciting, but more than getting the laugh as a comic, which is great It was that ok, so now we can have this conversation
did you know he knows? I can do that I'm not afraid a comedian. I made him laugh and now he's like pop them open, and here we go broke the ice ha That's right! That's what that's what you use comedy for, sometimes member you marginally, many people, maybe tat funny thing go. A funny thing to say, to break the ice, will some go You do too bright the ice. Do you folks? If you have Thirty three minutes: you never have to worry about a break at home ever again. That is how quick and easy it is to set up a security system from if we say it's the kind of thing that so easy to do, you can do it during a Netflix binge while watching a game or listening to a certain podcast and they're not kidding about how fast it is set up. It's always a number one reason we recommend simply say, because we can vouch for how quick and easy it is to set up simply safe is incredibly easy to customize for your home, just go to
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You have sad, but some things are in place, but you know it's amazing. Is that with all even I'm workin, I'm busy but I'll tell you. I'm still put in stuff off, What is it almost been a year? I got shit my house that I need to do and I want to do the minor shit little things, organizing rooms going through shit put in it up on the wall, do doing that thing that needs to be done outside get. thing done in the garage, whatever the fuck it is there still a bunch of shit did I am putting off how yet even fuckin possible thou we get through a year this and we're gonna get back to some semblance of you have social engagement of being able to go. Do things and I'm gonna say, like God dammit Why can't I get that done right.
Why did I get my office fucking set up at my house? Why did I get rid of all that shit? Why may get rid of those books? Why I get that switch put in the wall, wide, no fucking thing said: God Damn thing in the garage get three year this and still have she I and widen? I read all those. Books that I have been put not reading my entire life? Why no fucking learn outer how to a chess. Why didn't I figure out, to become a baker why did I not create a rocket we can all go up in and travel the outer space together and why? I didn't. I cure covert on my own Why didn't I make a movie? Why didn't I write that script? how come my novels not finished whatever You got to show for myself. I have a few page. Is a small note book. I wrote a song. I talk to some
talented people. I set my shit bright I did not learn how to bake bread. Many people did. they're just some shit, I'm still putting off, and you know what I'm gonna go him beat the shit out of myself. For that, you know why cassettes but I do as part of my job? What do you do? I'm a clown? and I kick my own ass. You. what the hell happened to Herald Heaven Now streaming exclusively on Paramount Plus, for Heaven's sake, a true crime documentary series so mysterious so puzzling, it can only be solved by two hundred amateur detectives and one thousand nine hundred and thirty four Harold Heaven vanished from his remote cabin and a small canadian town police dredge the lake and search the woods, but nobody was ever found now. Eighty seven years later, his
a grand nephew MIKE Milton and MIKE's best friend Jackson row will attempt to solve this extremely cold case, using the ounce of family members tips from Corky locals a total lack of crying solving skills. Thou scour this frozen canadian wilderness for clues to heralds disappearance these two we'll go to hilarious lengths to investigate the many theories that have been part of the family law for generations, everything from drunken road workers to scheming, land developers, someone in this small town and knows the truth about Harold, and these guys are determined to find. It then crime documentary Series, for Heaven's sake now streaming on paramount plus. Why do you know why didn't I weren't tie Chee during lockdown, what. Why didn't? I read gravities rainbow during lockdown. Why Why didn't I buy new sheets? Why is that light bulb still out for a year?
fuckin how man, I think, I'm getting a kitten It seems like we're moving towards kitten s for buster thing it's for buster. What buster doesn't like it. You know I busters kind of Abruzzo he's kind of a bully that fucking cat but I've decided that I should have to cats. Early for him. Do you know I'm, so I can't tell you man projecting onto pats is specially now, them basically alone in the house. Just Sidney but looking like what you said, buddy were yet you burn down. Are you mad yourself that you didn't read gravities rainbow during lockdown. I'm pissed off that you you didn't, Is that your scratching that fucking couch. this time- man- Are you mad? If you ve got, it like a profound catnip problem in your fuckin half out of it all the time, does it bother you? Are you sick? You may take you in
a project. I can't tell you how many times my life I've taken cats, the vets where there's nothing fuckin wrong. But what would I think there's I'm bringing monkey too that once cause I decided he wasn't shitting and I brought him to the emergency that, because I decided it was problematic and he was going to somehow die from not shitting, and I brought him there and as soon as I got him that cage and they put him on a table, he should all over everything. So I guess Taking the vat worked, I'm I'm reed pride, two hundred dollars for him to shit all over the vat but I've decided the buster needs a friend and on what I have got one lined up that I think A car, Mangus Y know the kitten during lockdown am I happen. I dreamed about Lynn, the other night and they come and go, but I am too in Cuba. relish in them and enjoy them, as opposed wake up sad, the chair, Orange, but it is always good to see her so
Jake Joe and all is nominated for three tony awards this year. One. Best actor in a play for his performance in sea wall. A life but he's also nominated as the producer of sea, a life. And also slave play, which are both up for best play. This is what he's doing aside restoring and films from being a movie star he's. If the actual producer and stage actor, and I talked to him And we got to know each other, this is me and, Joe and how my one issues I made some very long causes for dramatic intent
an emphasis and you cut those fucking pauses man. No man deserves Kennedys Gimme, a whole interview for long posits. I just want so please just don't connachar. Every answer is going to be an ellipse she's, build it s, for you, just wait, they will take a nap through most of it suggests is gonna, be cruise control framework that will, let me get comfortable. I got a pillow I didn't hear you working man, if you, if you want you can if this waiter here, let us know if the pauses more long enough, if you want Brendan to lengthen a pause, you know we I was talking to a thirty five, sure about in a Fincher I talked to him, like two hours, and and like an hour or two after you talk to me like I wasn't good enough idea. Maybe don't put it out, but I guess, I feel like I could do better
swear to God, I'm sitting on this Fuckin Fincher interview with the assumption that Sunday will continue the conversation, and that was years ago. I continue it you're going to redo it I guess that's what you're ratio you're going to experience the exact same thing all over again I just shot a movie on film and we did not have the luxury of takes. Why did you do that I don't know man look. It was a middle covered. Some director want and need. We really me to do this role and he had nineteen days to shoot a feature and he was shooting on film. So, as I ain't got, no Yemen yeah, maybe one two, three cakes, that's it we're. There is something to that. I will be. There is something to like ten. Knowing there is a finite amount there with which they can actually record what you ve done and there's a guy. I think, daddy anxieties
I'm saving anxiety. I think it's salutes its feels its exciting in it is you gonna show up you gotta, do it, yeah when you have it in your brain. They it's it's not even on video. You can just do a million you're sort of like because we just do again did for me thanks to totally no parallel I'd. I do think it had. I think I think the digital age as extraordinary as it is, has as lead to you no kind of old, a bit of wandering in her sure what you also like a bit of a it's, it's a certain type of productive. Laziness and striking a? U you needed. Keep trying you know, even half ass it into you stumble on something. I think it's sort of fucked up writing too, because I don't know me maybe I'm being a stick or but the idea of white cutting in pasting, You know. No one had that. Do you, like major novels, were written with white out you know I mean My mother is a writer and I remember being on her typewriter as a child and one of the things I
love to do was tight nonsense and they awaited out right. That's right! That's what I did. I will just type a bunch of different letters right and then I would decide to just sort of a race half of what weight. I was the coolest thing on a typewriter for Lloyd. If I went to Select Eureka had the built in white out thing: oh yeah, she had only the best the best way, but that so it is not that's it we're thing because it. Why don't you think not cheating on film? Thank you really. Gotta show up all in ready for work like I'm, not saying that you don't usually but there's more at stake and like them, the process of it? I think that when you wrote- and you knew you had a white stuff out or if you wanted to rewrite a page, yet to rewrite a page- you young, where there was a moment way when you realize you at misspelt yeah that was a moment. That was a legit moment here now.
just taken away from you immediately there. You don't even know you ve misspelled here. There's this false sense of ego. Why you're writing you know you right and also its auto, correct and then, when it really comes down to I'm leaving no fire, I know at a hand right anymore. I don't know if I know I'm having trouble words. I could not fuck and figure out how to spell sociable the other day. I really could not figure it out. I didn't underwater sociable right ethically, there's no l in it and I was, and in a really stump me- and I felt like why am I do I have all timers or is it just as a product of my time? Well, yes, I mean, I think, it's a product at the time. I'm gonna. Tell you that I'm diagnoses, and I appreciate that this is a medical call. This is good. This is gonna some other path, but without you can make me feel better about what is it that sort of what a part guesses about? Yes, it's about made me feel better Jake. I appreciate your own after doing up Do you have allergies? Yes,
they fucking with me. Now not really I do. I sound stuffy. No, I think I have allergies but diagnosed. I was looking for a little If I'm definitely allergic to dust, o Dustbin I can see no hats carry seasonal too. Yes, yes, I have it that did it. My grandfather was asthma. And had a lot of allergies? Are they go? I'm not asthmatic, but I definitely have is urgent King ESA yeah, it is I also believe it's at the we could get into that. Ok, Epigenetic means learned, you learned your allergies. What is estrogen sort of sort of I dont, don't please just this is worth visualize really goes off the rails, but I think it is. It is sort of that I believe I guess I should say that you can have allergies and I think you can sort of get through
maybe, but I'm not a really. I haven't had gone through my you know. We had, I think, make their resolve a bolt through through sort of focus maybe maybe analysis, meditation mindfulness, whereas some of them like no, they go away. The guy we get was just on my producer Brendan European Allergy, always life and went away yeah You are producing radio back in the day when it happened, and we would do a segment of him eating things were peanuts in it. For the first time in his life is the in the world a jedi. Does he enjoy peanuts now yeah link? So how could you not? Well, I don't know I mean maybe you're alert to any tasted you'll like it. I don't know. I think he had a good time. I think I am we I mean maybe whole message. We will get confirmation by the imagine eating snickers BAR for the first time o had all my. Oh, my god, it's the best thing in the world. I know, but it's not as good as when you had it. When you were a kid there's. No,
I guess so. My mom was kind of weird about sweet, so it was. hee hee. Brennan, just as he attacked me, love peanuts. I e peanut butter every day. gay with a vengeance talks, are branded about that, but you can get them in our second version of this is the second you. When we tell me, I can't run this one indeed, rather have Brendan involved with the next one. You get around this one mark a unit. What is at issue is that of real home you're in its he doesn't know as much decor there I'm staying in a home, I'm staying at home? I'm I'm right! Now, I'm I'm I'm assuming a movie! Actually really. This is not my is not my home. Are you doing with the covered protocols on one's own to mask up? zone a zombie eurozone, don't be yeah, yeah, yeah, but get a while. Doesn't it you like it, we don't do we not doing it? I love it's weird scars and as an
actor in it. It does get confusing. You know depends on also the process if your, if you're in it- and you have your own, you have mask off and then there's a- little space between takes its it's very hard. I've been having difficulty because my my wardrobe- and this is not like some fantasy world. I mean it has no pockets normal. You just take your mask off. You put your power, rightly asking you take it back on put back. You cleared out your Puglia right here and I have no pockets raised in finding places to put flesh and ask your guess. I don't want to waste masks. You know I mean I just stay here with your sides. Put it Drilling and has lit that's the user. You view legged earlier littering its. I wouldn't be able keep track unawares, Iago, I'd unable, don't you don't you ever? Have the many sides just stick in the drawer when you're at the desk? Now I know my lines top to bottom through you always know I dont that's not true it better
the big side to the many sides gazed on many sides. I am, I am actually I have terrible eyesight earlier, I'm a big sides, and I also I also find their better when you're in a rough spot to refer to quickly. Harmonious sides are hard to refer to wait. Where are we what number? What number? But it's all Oh, it's that you're searching through little dots. I know it looks like just little dog you gotTa Marianna, then I thought that I and other weird with sides: do you like the guy? They got it being a bag, the God be yours, my guy and really yeah. That's it! I, like I have my own site. I liked mark my sites like with that. I later I still do that is to highlight I of course I'd polarizing. That is oh wow, where the use of different colors on one three well. I found these ones and what I found really great about them. I do use different colors, but I what I was real.
This is obviously part gas on here to see this, but oh yeah longer clear view. So you can see the word as you It's got little magnifying glass in the actual, just just clear away. You can either words, as you highlight this little lens within the point of the market, What's this movie man? What have we come? is that I'm in a movie The movie is, I mean it's called, is called ambulance and you're. What But how do I am I can I pitched is, I don't know they are allowed to as it has whose direct in its search Michael Bay? Oh, that big see what action is it a action? Ambulance movie? Yes, it. Does the ambulance weapon turn many times
Will it definitely turns nobody's an item I sent not have already emerged, concentrate nobody's ever is our chase, though Chase were roles, I mean it rather royal, not because I have a role at I mean I well I do want to spoil years some big, that's a plot. Supplant point both call an ambulance or I think it would save to go ahead and sailors. It involves an ambulance in you, wait no, called ambulance, not an ambulance which would be an amazing titles causing an ambulance. an ambulance- you never leave the ambulance. It's just that. Act of an android. It's like a painter play by in the bamboo ideal, the adjutant yelling men in the adequate I mean sort of its one woman, two guys and that's the again now that it is did you do any printer place? Never I've never done. Holy shit. Man have you seen the homecoming? No, oh, my god,
by a man just like it is like a fool for speck, toxic mail this from enough, their time and its English Toxic mountainous. Well, there there Many playwrights like that, you could go through in and claim that sure painter, deaf, yeah and words ass. His share. You're. This, like you, are now nominated in a couple different categories for theatre. You, I got your like bonafide theatre guide. Now for real, it's! You too, you get to like you, get it claim that you get it on you tear right now. I am prior going to say it again and again, when I introduce you, bonafide theatre, guy, J G Hood No, but I mean you for Europe for producing an Europe racking. I mean in the thing that you produced was like some real kind of provide. Could have ballsy art that much I've taken, I mean to do, sway, play and TAT one, the process of choosing to produce at getting involved,
with that, because it made a lot of waves and so exciting to know that can a theatre not always being done, but it was popular Well, it was simple: I saw it off. Broadway yeah It was extraordinary, and you know what I think my by police burn. I perhaps Riva marker we just You know one of the things that I feel is a theatre is my love. It has and since I was a little kid in it it you know, I not only I mean I use pretty much any actor who, even as a child was probably at first was performing on stage. Be so is that what you are you you started on stage, not professionally I didn't, but yes, I might children of theatre yeah, I'm doing living I was doing had when I was a kid like her, I did children cedar yes, we're here now I would you grow up proven ass angels here and there
like a children sick as I've talked to our actors. At did that I mean that yes, I'm children cedars, really kind of like the real deal. I mean you, you worked, you learned, you did things, I mean I don't know why, but I I grew up. I was always active. By my family and whatever was that you chose to do it. It had tat sort of craft. we are in a really he asked of Europeans. We were taught that, like you, because you, your dad was were director right director. My mother was, is a writer and They were big on like learning the thing. Well, I think I think most of all they were just my mother. In particular. Both of them were used The education of any kind was very important. Yeah yeah, you know knowing the history of whatever was you were doing learning from the classics and knowing what came before you Emilio there, yet
I mean I don't know that that to me was that that was always. That was always heard of part of it, for us when you grow up, though you thought about the stage more than he thought about. You know The academy were doing both. I guess you did film pretty early yeah I mean I don't know how How much I was thinking about the medium right has heard. How did you know you weren't? Like seven, you weren't saying like I just wondered theatre, I like gratefully. I wasn't one of those kids, just what I I just knew. I hadn't you gave me so much joy where you are, and I also knew like a sort of I was super stimulated by the thrill and the intensity of year of an audience. The media live on yeah yet and Anna it didn't, though it made me nervous, it did it it also. Nothing else serves something explicable. I cant figure. Even to this day, I can't explain you know it is such a crazy. After I mean you know it's too too,
the somehow enjoy being in the spotlight where you can see nothing in here and sword, sort of sea. The other act, your working with right end like and have an audience responding this in this display. Slovakia? Will you can't, even in that that sort of thing is in very It's not for the faint of heart and it's a very odd process, it just so strange than to actually enjoy something like that. It makes you a very odd person. what's so heightened yeah, that Hall sort of being on stage with other actors and will you I mean I guess it is most people it scares the shit out of, but you can also see just in the way you explained it, however, would be completely addicting n N, n n enchanting? I give you ve got the thing for Then you know why. Why would you ever want to stop doing that? Well and in turn, putting something great, I think, there's anything better. I mean there's the only time that I've ever felt oddly comfortable was when I
had music under the thing you know when added downbeat I did like. I remember a concert city centre of on Sunday, the carpet, George, gonna do near. We eventually did on Broadway, but an when you doing this conscious inner city centre there, there readings basically rehearse for four days and then you and you have descriptive funny summit yeah, no half your it's one of those nightmare dreams. You know half your lights, the right right right and you have described it and I remember not being nervous before I went out in front of the five thousand people see centre and that made me freak out over you know, just sort of being like I feel comfortable. This is odd, I I don't know. What's going on, precautions, you're comfortable, it was great. We took the showed a Broadway, so went well, so that was a big musical and musical there. This whole thing I like musicals. I don't go to a lot of musicals. I've never been in a musical bet, anytime, people singing and dancing. I get more. Detours. Even if it's not sad, I should
I don't know why they just such output. Human output vote because it's it's brave yeah, it's brave to be their vulnerable exactly you cannot all I mean not all of us, but I am so the train, the open, even the most of the time. You know, I'm happy and you know idea so want to be that when you're sitting in the dark and you're watching somebody be just so vulnerable on ahead, it's just inspiring, and it's really moving and I ve no, it's all How can you can feel that can be around you think about it? But you can see of a community of particularly musical cedar. such a deep support. When I did when I was in doing that, show those time of war
you know. We had so many swings as we moved into like that. The actors who come in and out and on stage when you didn't play no music right. You have other studies, but very rarely do they come out yeah right, when here doing them Broadway musical people are interchanging parts constantly I because their other factors like there's voice their stance. Yonder tat happens, you know, and so there the the level of scale it takes. No people know three or four at a time whether playing one other part and then one night, someone comes into their plane. The other part having someone else has moved in for them and the right before the show everyone is so loving and supportive of the people we're coming into play these parts, the archaeologists buoyed up by the castle.
Experience that as much in place like straight actors, don't have the same rights high end of year, like just for hearted, like I'm gonna. Give you my everything tonight, because music does something to people here because it says that the collaboration is literally your singing at the same time, you're engaged in the same piece of music, where, unless you can look at a whole play as a singular piece, I think most actors in place, depending on what their character as a kind of selfish animals. You know and you just looking for that day, Do what you just want to be present for the other people than the other actors in NAM in your moments by would imagine with singing it sort of white were singing there's none it. As you know, your work obviously were present. We're but I think silence has a lot to do with the two with you musicals with well what you notice, I feel are gonna, do a play. Is that
you can hear the audience so much more. Clearly, you can yourself what goes on here when somebody's doing so we'll coughing, guy music, the oh yeah, whenever you musically can't hear any that stuff on. There is a sort of a got an ad in the music where you can hear any. That's all that stuff. So so there there's a sense of wooden understudy comes on to play a role in a moment and when I've had they cover something for someone. there's this silence is never ending. There's no music on either side is just you with lines you kindly now. You know, I don't know, and I guess you re more scared of down beat and music playing a twenty two peas orchestra behind them, but I think the silence is actually whereby no silences herbal specially, issued on your brain, and in that moment where you're like I can fuck up where you define disappear, her cry here you ever been a view- crime ones
No more than the airplane had nothing. You wrote a choice: what a joy, joy, bag, is a choice, because I didn't know what the lines were it's really sad and their moment so So that's interesting to me that you find you think of theatre is being near sort of party or dna from when you were a kid. So when you, but in a position to be able to produce things. You know you, you connect with it directly like that We hear that the company that I then I started. This is like six or seven years ago now we started to produce the things that I was in. It was just such a wonderful process, and so then we start thinking. Well, let's find out we love and want to support and and try and bring their story the stage and then bring those stories authority on stage to a larger audience, and that was
the goal with slave play was this: there was this incredible Pisa, work it was challenging is provocative and I thought you know, when I finally met with General Harris who wrote in you know his his goal, it was to bring a story like that to a large audience and to do it in a way that was authentic and his own, and You know the way I look at cedar, particularly Broadway is there is a kind of others. There's there's there's a way in which its always been done, and that's beautiful, but much younger company, were pretty ambitious and we just wanted to. break it up here you have a certain number of feeders. Theirs. ET scheduled time. You know this. I'm kind of five or six producers are, Putting things area at different times times, and I would just thinking leaden I'd love,
the mix it up and be apart things to do and Rice Lake placid. Maybe we can help them and Germany was like I would love to you know it just went along with the spirit of his show to have a a younger group of producers in bringing their so that was safely, and I just I just me and hit me in in a way that I I want, Peter to do I mean I remember walking out of this over the first time and thinking This is why I go to the feeder and I haven't felt that in a long time this one sounds like one of those things were you know. There's pocket is one thing, but something that kind of pushes buttons to the point of being controversial is not something you necessarily c on Broadway. I mean you're dealing with razor doing where sex you're dealing with relationships Poland in for me about Right here for when you are dealing with.
And I remember when I saw fun home, for instance, you C4 known those iron. When I saw you at the public feeder, she's, incredible musical And I remember not doing anything about action the thousand like those based on a graphic novel- and I remember I didn't- I Didn'T- really know her work. The time and I walked in public. Peter. I saw this peace and it you know I've. I walked into If hesitantly I was alone, They go see it by a friend. So wonderful and I was sort of unsure the first five minutes and then after the first five minutes, additives. Weeping the entire show all the way home and the show is about a a gay, female cartoonists. His father, was gay and who never never came out and And of killing himself and she and telling story about her own journey through all the same questions to him. Now, when you hear that you go, you know
How is that fully relating to a wider audience? It was all about family. we are and all about the secrets that we have from each other. This fear we have with in our family is not just the secrets of sexuality, you're or or whatever it might write that the secrets that we just that they're the ones that feel so big we're too but would be so small tat, other people that when you told us someone else's what their civic deal just just just tell your dad. Just you know, whatever my view hit me so deeply in my in my heart, and I felt that way about slave play. That somehow I when I, when I watched for the first time I thought I have so much to learn I See the world in a particular way because of my my position and, and it was just it was a crack meal
And yes, so when you say it's not just provocative, when I say provocative, I mean that I mean it, it it knocked at my heart and it made me say like hey you gonna shit wrong here in over here, and also your on the right track. You know me, I knew there was it. It was a thing about it that I wanted other people to feel I other people would feel, and and and as a producer. I think that when you get that, Feeling, like you, do as an actual watch a performance in your enviously wish you were in that should arrive here. It's the same thing. It's like you, you see the show and you go. I want to be, Under this, how can I be a part of this? I was just lucky enough to get in and a space where I could and in the one you acted in sea wall alive. I watched a bit of a monologue, on that day, guys radio show oh right, o radiator on another young area. I mean that that show was a long, long journey and one that.
I would say, was I did a show called constellations written by Nick paying a hawk who were about sex, here's your main Warner. Timers time has Boyd. yeah, it's hard, you know every day is a weak or a week is a dead from should we get into that anyway, seeking its epigenetic, in terms of Snaefell, I'm really glad we didn't follow that one closer to already got, but I put Nick, is a beautiful place I've done two of his. I dont tv shows and well They were doing this other show I asked him how he came up with the idea of it because consolation to show that I did was about a love story, eating indifferent different universes, and we were like seventy five scenes over ninety minutes of a love story to Burma
I was- and it was ultimately about different universities in which a couple splits up where a couple comes back to after splitting up where she passes away. There's allow a lot happened here. And he said I I was inspired when my oh died about The idea of you know quantum theory and the idea that there are other their potentially other right. You have. Right, and it gave me comfort to think that my father and I existed- we do do exist in another you and other universe as a lot He said I wrote this thing that I have He performed and I'll, send it to you, which is how I first is inspired right and he said to me, and it was about his the passing his father and it was the most one of the most incredible things are ready. And over five years after we finish that show about every six months, I would ask him
Can I just do this in a black box somewhere near? Can I just perform this right and he said. He said now over and why to personal Yemen and and I think the edges fell exotic character, and why would you do it? It's just me and then It's me talking about the experience of losing my farm here and and it was it was cathartic and it was important for me to to write an express and he actually performed it like at the wheel. upstairs and small theater. I think three nights he performed it just read it from a piece of paper, and that was it he had. Irresponsible and that and done was done, and I just couldn't stop thinking about it and then like after a few years. I just came him when many finally sort of stars. thinking about it and then weirdly this convergence of time storage, the wonderful actor he wanted,
this monologue by. Simon Stevens, and they have these similar themes. and Simon Stevens and the pain. The both of the authors are very clear. France and so also makes it on. Maybe maybe you could were made and then he started to rewrite it and he started to rewrite it about the birth of his daughter s We have just had a year prior and the death of his father and how the tooth those things she came together in his mind at the same time, and. We just started working on it in worked on it over a year and worked over a year, the public feeder really or six months when we provided of a feeder and then brought about away, and it was just one of these experiences of like talking to people about life and death right any kind about his back and forth between the experiences like that monologue that I saw you didn't like ten twelve minutes, but at night was yeah, but that wasn't a come a compilation that was a chunk of the actual peace right.
Yet, oddly on on NPR in a show like I'd like feels like someone's doing a piece sure it was I go. You know like a story being told like the idea it did seem like I just that yeah who's this guy talking about this, and why do you keep bouncing back and forth from birth to death? Is like this second part of this American, but but but it but in in the context of their life, the regal illness of theatre. It gave a kind of sacredness to their real. Like the man, Undine Gun above I love them out. It is where you can take a room like that, where you could take on those giant theatres. That was, to house spectacle and make it an intimate space. And all of the emotions that come with that that's the best thou is like.
I spent a year doing that and the story there came from people are the reason why we just continued to do because we would go back stage after the show here, an orderly where people go like. Oh, please, I gotta yeah sure, the picture. However, you know you're saying you play the area where you know there's that exchange it was like it was It was an experience where we will come back and they would just share their stories of released shifted their parents or the love loved ones. They block Rear and Greece. at the grief of joy sharing like all of it together in a space, and it just created this community of people, I mean and renewed. Have these talk bags after the show which we did really you know two times a week we were, we were doing these topics were, people would would stay and any was like it was some of the best times, is
farmers that I've ever had was being able to it. It was a really in thinking about how. we don't have cedar right now who is exactly the reason why I do fear and I never knew it- you never get- that kind of interaction. particularly because you're very rarely spamming, you do cuz you stand deliver. Maybe it s my belief for me so you're just pretending that they are not there and this piece you were speaking directly to them. So the mandate from our director was anything that happens. You rose right and also like it. It strikes me, as you tell me about it, that that is the necessity that is wide theatre is necessary, with if you don't, even if you don't have that dialogue that talk back after the show, these sort of intimacy and the visceral nature of of of people performing
whatever peace it is is, is it's moving in an in an essential kind of you. men connected way, and I dont Thank you. I think when people talk about theatre, the vitality of it or white necessary culturally That is what it is. It's that it that dialogue right. Yes- and and I think it has become a latest and in in Broadway it Broadway in particular. I think there's an issue with the name. Of the amusement park, part of it, also the nature of subscribers. It's in it's an old timey thing. Yes, and in the audience is older than the audience is not always mould he called to him in here. It is it is it and so I drew expanding that expanding, not audience is so important because I think the authors and the people who are coming up the things it have to say you have
earn audience in a way that in a lot of ways in movies you and I think the authors coming up what they have to say. Is it just like right now with it gone? The impasse of a year of community and being together is is. I could last it could last for me, I'm lucky I could you don't movies, have paid my way like, but The community of theatre is. Is life changing like I've heard people talk about movies, that change your life feeder changed my life and there are shows. I see I've seen that a changed. My life so I think- isn't it the world of theatre, especially in New York. When you Think about it is, is its, the whole community in and of itself it's it's, it's small, but people have been in it for a long time and in others,
actors at almost do theatre exclusively there. Certainly people that work in the theatres, all levels that had been doing that for years that there is a dog in world of theatre. That is a lot warmer and in a lot more inviting and a lot more assertive grounded in its own community than film. Let me know you would do Filme, so I can know you see a gaffer and you like do you do? Do you were on that man what's up but but it seems, more so than not. When I talk actors about who do movies together. Even if you spend a year with these people, you leave and that's it. Now it totally it's done totally, not unite you're, not paying out and also. I think this is the nature of the schedules. Great with what a theatre feel like in our horses are usually you know what ninety Clark. I feel fine rhino an end. and then when you finally in the show you do the show. You know you do this.
you, you get their sixth avenue, maybe that you're on Tuesdays and and Saturday you're doing many an evening performance, but your whole day is taken up like the rest of the days you have. Your day and then in the evening you have this thing. You do and end do something to look forward to their deserve a profound sort of like inconsistency to the scheduled making movies that is like you know, there's just no there's no real Since you know, when you can bet we're gonna need you today to do the thing with the hat yeah everybody needs to be there to work, particularly the accurate everybody needs to be there, even if their only in a scene or two. If you're, therefore, for scenes, You need to be there every night you need it. Every night for apathy, gear and end in a movie they'll call in like what whole thing about, like you just me in a being sorted green at it like in trying to appreciate the process, I mean you ve been doing it since you were move the acting green yeah you're,
a greener movies yeah. I am avoid done a few you know of it unites them been acting that long. You know really. I mean I did glow. I did my show, but I haven't been in that many movies. I know jet Jesse permits is a good friend, Jeffrey Jesse's, great yeah Jesse and his cast iron pans in his New York attitude. I of Jesse ass you I just cast iron, who doesn't lasted a long time. German Gary Fetish eyes cast iron, I'm in and out of that I do I do it. I have. I have pretty deep relationship with a cast iron right now that I was clear. I hear your Marcie assets very recently care about it. Recently re seasoned cast iron put very barriers but by big, but talking about the so you I mean you're, acting when your kid you're in your parents movie did
You train to act at some point in any real way imaging the school for Agri during last and whatever you know I got me, did you learn to act at some point outside of Jest experiential early? oh yeah? Well I mean I was listening when I was very young, I would go to this place called the young actors space and studio, stating rate I started sort of. There was never any form more training, but I did good of classes. I took classes but, like those kind of classes you take at school, ok, but I never went to enacting school. I have had to learn the sort of more technical things about acting how to survive as an adult actor as I could you know from from p,
and on fine. He holds picking up books yearly, picking up books, little retreat reading reading different ideas of getting into the idea different ideas of acquiring from people who happen to school. For like who, like who have you worked with real sort of like picked up the sort of tricks I think the question I'm sort of beating around the Bush here is: is it there the tedious element who film and television acting there's a lot of waiting around that takes her quick, Yo Yo, to be aware of a lot of things to make the take resin. It as best it can, and on some level as an actor, it seems like If you dont look at a correctly, it could be fairly unsatisfying well I mean man. Is it a great job? I'm sure there's. but there's a lot of tedium that I would prefer not to go course I may I guess that's a given I'm guessing
MIKE as an artist s, some guy who I just talked about theatre with half hour because I'm sorry about that, but I love it like. I just recently realise that you know when you do a scene when you ve got a shoe when its action, that you know that has to be the thing. You know you can't sit around board or you are not a used every time, but the thing of acting in a movie, it's in these pieces and you ve got to show up for those pieces and as an artist eight they you want them to be satisfied, yeah, I mean, I think, that's his skill. I think it's real that I'm is not my strongest skim. I much prefer like a lot. endurance right, then I do is put right yeah put at and I use that, like metaphorically, as an as an actor like, I figured who speaking I do like. I, it's very it's a very difficult skill to come in and like kill it in a little space right.
And an eye and I've develop techniques to try and do that to give a director what they need and speed being on sale, Minos like the digital part of it has been helpful because you can. Can I do a SIRI ride like that kind of? Let's just keep rolling and I'm gonna do that same scene again? Can we just go from there and get the energy of? Can I just started beginning a minute now yeah, so but yet I mean that those skills I've watched so many actors and what they do over the years. I've mimic damn I've mimic their behaviour before takes some of those have worked for me. Some of them have in some get me a troublesome specifically, if you like you can watch somebody while themselves up and they can do You know they can live guerrillas. Like frustrated or or get back there in the name of my had been aligned right now,
remember beautiful, were I mean there's somebody had to react. It is crazy. Shit. Man like you, know, to get themselves into a scene. I do remember watching like being Ah of watching he's the azure. Like you know in and out he would. He would get us up into a scene, it I do I worked at a young age with Dustin Hoffman Insidious, Randy The and all those out of all the actors you can name, I could see them by putting a lot of whatever it is in two getting ready to do it. Why? just in which move. I remember it's called moonlight. My ok, I remember- Susan telling me. I remember Susan telling me before you have an emotional seen. You should drink a lot of water because tears really do dehydrated, and these are the things you pick up. We're like I'll. Never forget you know like I will eat like
our doing so much water before an emotional cereal, big. What's wrong with him like idle, I will cried in our privacy I'll just right. You know it's just something that Susan surrendered taught me or or education cried. You wanted to be filled up, you want that. Yet that's beautiful, but I I think I would watch does physically, like he would he would get his energy up like you would actually is blood for here, which is something that I didn't even understand at the time. You know I didn't even get oh right, This is your instrument carriages. It is a very typical thing. You would learn in right. in class with what you I did do you do want to exercise and things like that, but that was like. I remember him doing, sheriff pushups and run In place of getting ready before, sometimes just a regular see where you walk through You know having that stuff going, through being ally's flowing yeah yeah yeah Those are two good licence, yet
we're gonna get yourself worked up a little bit. During a lotta, literally idea I mean. Is there anything else that I've not present to be present? I don't know what that means. That's I think I did you it's it's. It's. I for a long time. I really love the idea which I will being present. I love the idea of actually being present things that are going on. You know that you can't and now It was cool about the feeder peace that we did in the sea wall. Lifing was things here Herndon you have these classic stores of all these wonderful, incredible legends of the theatre, telling like some woman opening her. You know butter gosh candy that, like they're, not gonna, start until her. She finishes that rap. You know, like your patio oppose like going in and like taking with taking the pack of gone out of the woman's hands. You know and saying, like you're, destroying the sacred space, but like What I think is cool is responding to the present. What's happening.
The audience is with you or even of the seventeenth century, France or some shit onstage. stuffs happening out there in the audience, and it could be inspired. You know. Yet even you ye are you in it. When you're honest stage you you feel, I mean if you're at all, attentive, which I am hyper attentive, you, you feel almost emotionally connected to that crowd, I can feel a crowd ease. Billy Emmy! I know when I look out I like before. I do a show at a theater I'll go onto theatre before the crowd comes in just the sort of assess the space, but they come in. I mean I'm working from the best agent MIKE. I know exactly where the pockets are. I know where there might be resistance. I know where Where there's a problem, you know, Some guys do project ever do programme. All the tyrant, confine yourselves! I like a project. I predict all the time. That's it's part of my genius is at is that they like
like. Even when I come in the interview, someone like you, I'm like I'll, have decided who you are and then we just rival of coral, just sort of battle. Back from that, Give you don't think I didn't know that I was very present at the top of his. I understand I understand I talk to you. just there did you ask me, talk your sister, I didn't oh yeah, she's she's she's, pretty very cool and end in, like sort of like earnest kind of like the island Udo intimidating with the earnest. good, I'm glad she intimidated, you don't know how you should not intimidated everybody. It isn't. It was used to happen city, pretty brilliance, notaries, greater, but yes, she's. She is my sisters and she's really lovely voice. Oh yeah, great boys like yeah, it's a very soon and really smart and it was. It was great. It was a greater. It was a great talk, but it's gonna get to non european timid, desolate it's. Ok, it's ok, you gathered weather you know we didn't I dont remember laughing and when we,
That's good, river I've. Never the intimidation, sort of stifle dead. The laughter part I just had to deal because I have a lot less interesting things to say on so I just had to use humour as a cry like it s. Basically so wakening. When you talk about Heath preparing like that care, that character were so repressed, compressed and sword, smouldering in a sort of strange sensitive way, what what do you remember him doing it for Brokeback? I remember I remember really beautiful things about him telling me early on that the character was very sensitive to light. You know and sound that their future sensitive to really and that defines the yeah, like the shape of his character from very. He decided that are angli, decide that he decided that he hired, and so you know. I think this idea of this
I really rebels in that. Always this idea of this sort of this sort of quota. What kind of stronger version of the two of them. You know this sort of typical male version of the of it, of the sort of opposing kind of ideas that aim was going for. I really have observed so many wonderful actor familiar to me. that's me is what the like outside the movies. I've done, all the things I ve been outside of any that it's the ability to be around those people that have it has been so incredible as I look back on the things that have done so far. I just can't believe the presence I've been here in its em when you're in it you I mean I don't know about you, but there are moments where you in a scene with somebody or if you're lucky enough, just to be doing. camera lines with somebody respect you like to see work where you can just really take it in its work. Astounding, because it such a. Such a heightened moment when they go action. You know,
the way that you have the silence of Essen discovers, and this thing happens, and and other modes. Anybody can really know it and in theatre, young people the witness it with you, but when you're doing movies or tv and sometimes where I'd be working with the better Yo Banner or somebody you know like. I would just be looking undergoing. I, oh my god, she's really do in it. You know like, my beard god he's he's really doing he's saving the world. You know it's exciting to see. You know as a banner as somebody wants to be moved like I would find myself in scenes that word even sad again. It's at human thing, the vulnerability thing we're like I'm gettin choked up, and it's not even called for some, like I'm fighting back tears and I'm supposed to be doing some funny, but I'm so engaged in the humanness of the situation. There
dad you get overwhelmed, I do think that the best thing makers are the ones who they are all different kinds where the best, I think you do incredible work and life. Sometimes you just don't know. It's such a weird thing. You know as an actor too in a film you just the thing I ve learned from stage so much is that like. I said I ask of you projected on the earth the odds, it's because so often you think things suck and thy people come off. Tat was amazing, you, I know you have no idea ever so I've given up over the years on even thinking anything works. I just do what I can do and hope for the best I Leary close my eyes and throw the dark right and go like you know: for a couple of years, pretty much know where the bulls I is, if I get it anywhere in and around that good I'll, be here and also you dont want to deny people their experience. because you'd and feel go down with your nighter, your seen urban, your movie. If somebody loves it, you gotta, let him have that unity ought to be that guy's, or are you a great now it now? So what night you go.
by the way become, are you have you have to have done that? That's like that, so they had such a letter. That's a classic old stand at Seattle. Yes, you know what you did others I was ever that joke. There's a several angles. How people tell the joke about the comic? I dunno these key areas in a tower is doing a week at the comedy club and at the mall I got the Saturday after the Friday show just walkin around some girl walks afterwards does man, you were great last night at AEGIS, you're, so hot and funny, and had like to hang out with you tonight. If you have time- and he goes with what chauffeur your second chance I write that
about sums it. I found out about the actual life I mean in truth, Andrea inside, if only they knew what a narcissist they were telling was. Is it narcissism further just like horrendous insecurity? I mean I mean on some level, like you know it is selfish, but I mean You know you do have certain feelings about we, you know when you felt like you connected and there is so you don't yeah by those things are just not like they just don't matter, you're right it just doesn't matter the number of times. I've come off of it a preview period in two years, and I love the most of their number of times. I came out of a preview going like we knock that, like I was great and the director comes back and goes like. It was way too slow
you're, like one night, when I was indulging every possible feeling like isn't that what it's all about like audience was sober or near or just please you're, not telling the story girl and then you do it the next day, like final pace it out, and it's like such a sort of like technically Well done right in time see I decided in the end the director comes back. It is weeping and you go like he might yet. This is what is it s like? There's nothing in it. For me what you ve read your job. You succeeded pretending that is the general yeah. That's it it's like won't. You let me indulging arriving there is. I think that there is something that so humbling and wonderful about that, because in the end stories King wrecked story is king, like and and That's the thing that I've learned as best they can. Is you service that story you we'll bring people joy, you will bring people discovery,
and if you can, when you have an opportunity, pick the right authors, that's really the job sake you picked. great Arthur. You pick the right answer. After Lord George, yeah, but I mean here then then then you're just sort of your in service of Essen yeah, that's true, and that's it I mean, but It is certain that and you better I love the music nursing near in right cause an end. if you dont, then you know you Let her be able better, be putting a life that you love. You like you, shifted to like that. There is like once you started to really ok, so once you did the Sunday in the park there was that. The thing that opened you up who had you kind of ask yourself with movies at that point, I think I'll ever be exhausted by movies, but I know I think I just hit a point where.
I ask myself what I really love you always is loved and had a I think, a skill enough to do musical cedar LIVE and I think that form of storytelling has always been my love right. I telling acting through music. I think is the strength that it that my joy, but I also think I'm something about being able to communicate through that that way, I have always felt, but I always felt people told me you have all these amazing opportunities like you can be informing. You know Why would you why would you want to do that? You have this? blossoming career in movies like go for it. This is the thing and I will yes you're right and then- and I felt like I should be avoided. First a vat or something. like I like. Oh you know and so many people tell me like, I hate musical theatre. You know,
so, you got me towards zero, Jose you'd, like closeted musical theatre appreciate. Are you kidding me like appreciate, like desperately in love with Russia's? Be I'm gonna be like it, so I so. I think that at a certain point in my life, maybe she's getting older, Owsley FUCK would have areas, as I don't give a shit like this brings me joy and can it I'm gonna die one day like what am I doing? I'm going to do this, and so I just said- and I also met this incredible person Janine to sorry who happen to write fun home is the composer as an incredible musical fear, composer composer. and she was like sheep should they were doing little shop of whores at with Alan Green, the original Audrey city center, new city, and she was like you play Seymour in absolutely not. Like. I was an she's like she just spent
how much time convincingly that I could do it did I Finally, as I fuck it, I'm gonna do that and- and it was the best experience I've ever had like I was so mindless to be honest- staged Ellen Green who originate it apart that, like no one else, can you know she just she just she's oh gee of allergies, and she you know being up There- is a credible cast. For me that was another like to know what I want to do more of this. You know, let's try it and Janine has been my. You know my my teacher night, my guidance and guru and friend through so much he she brought Sunday in the park with George to me and and then below were doing the movie fun home. So that's good! Then you can do the other stuff too. Now you do now you just sort of broadened your heart and and and possibilities of employment. you're both
America that Europe is basically about employment, but I use you just opens up a whole new path. If you happen to love, you doesn't diminish anything, but I imagine it feels a gap that wasn't there fills in a computer, meant in your soul that wasn't there. I mean you, obviously your great at movies, and you have done great work, but you when did the courage to do through, follow through with the musical thing, despite the judgment that you thought. would come out you just because you love it so much and having the opportunity it must make. You feel like a whole person as an artist is that is that how you felt. about getting into movies and like when you did gloomier I remember watching being like he's: fucking great rights, nice thanks and an end so distinctive like when you're in that the first time you you show up and that show it's like it's like by you're an
by the way that was like If you wrote that out what I just said, I would sound like a fool by probably sound, like a fool without running but you're just like boom. You were there and I- and I am, do you feel that way about movies? I do feel like I love it, but the this last one was the first time that I chose to do something that was scary to me. Like you say it's not like I'm getting a lot of roles, but usually, if they want me to be in something it's to be there, Frankie neurons. egg apt up whatever you know, sort of like the SAM Sylvia, glow or whatever, but this when the guy really liked the I did on my show you liked the way that I was emotional in my face, this guy that he wanted me to play? Was this relatively earnest somewhat and have beaten down a bit texan guy who did sort of humbled by life, but definitely not neurotic or necessarily self aware or angry or any I was asked to be Texan.
I told the guy said I gotta know a united in about the axe. Andy's like will work around madam, I impotent like in my mind MIKE, but this channel yourself that you wanted to try to do it. Do it. You know give me with the dialogue coach, dialect coach figure, this shit out in just come. At an end in so I did and I was proud that I did in the guy was happy. I mean that, ultimately, That's all it, like. You said your servicing the sing and the directors doing this thing and I needed to show up for work as he only had nineteen days and I'm working with every man, you know Andrea Rice, Bureau, yeah, Coy sees the other purchasing I give me in her, mostly But that Hungary Royal helpful when you have someone that you have actors like yeah, there's, also your like yeah, I guess you're right. I write your big. You can carry me yeah, but they were there, the illicit o, the illicit, a real response of illicit something that's like that. That is the United States. Is that terrible
cliche tennis metaphor, but it's true, but it ain't, my point being that this was the first time that I felt like you know. I showed up with a craft in play with choices. You know, taking a risk for me and really engaging in the work of acting. It was really the first time they had the freedom of mind in the lack of fear to feel that so yeah yeah. Did you feel like you like, pushed through Europe, you know the accent thing and yeah you know I just figured out. If you know like like this, like any actor does you know, I figured out what how do I get into this? How do I get into this guy? You know but you know what can I rely on as a tool to show for these scenes in the show up emotionally? How do I know you know that? dialect coach had written out some words. You know a little primmer
of how to say area. So, like my trailer, I just run through those in plant the thing and then let it go. I'm sure I see I'm sure there's the accents, not perfect, but look man. I did it will research and I want some big fuckin actors do accents and no one holds it terrifically, no Having an that's. The thing is, I think, all in a certain way, a kind is performing It's like even the the MR stringing, through rights like a Korea is Israel and their appeal? oh, who spend so much time curing yeah. you know just like obsessively picking and and become the sort of idea of what a great actor is, of, like sure, aiding it to the point of light obsession. And I just think you know- I hope all those people are having fun.
Because of you. You know you weirdos, who will also because this is a great job like what I mean it's a great job, and that is a great job to have fun and two to two eggs. Laura things inside yourself right was feared, write em in when you connect and seen you know what I mean. That was a thing about working with with Andrews she's one, these english kind of, like you, know here. I am like in doing everything I am wide open. You know I feel myself getting choked up and she's got I was good was an hour I am I did you hear that we are just fucking with me. You did you didn't didn't you have you, you had felt that right, say that you are, but that's what you walk away. It's like. Why felt? Did I don't give a shit? I was there. If you pretend to be fine,
a barricade averse to retire at the age old. The age old were distant. Where does this weird mess it and then like they're, just so put together and kill it every time where, just like sloppy worth while to watch her working? How could she was playing this broken down? Texan woman? You know and yet I mean it was in Andrea who I've I've known a bit from mom. I do we ve just came, became friends, because he did my pack ass. My keys ease, intense, but but here I mean I dug it, and it made me want to do more made me it's like going through that first obstacle of of taking real risks. You know initially with with my show marinate, was basically some version of me and SAM Sylvia this kind of me with no self awareness and then to did to continue to try to get better added. I I'd like to have the opportunity so so that made it much more engaging to me. You know
you seem to me it's funny, because I don't, No, you until near, but like. You seem to me actually be so different from the characters that I've seen him play like you actually very a figure he walked out. Your kids aren't kind hearted because I think like, but they, but there I'm sure you can be agreed together here, but you don't need Bert Brendan. You don't have to come and go, but I am a poor grub recovering grounds. He's like I'm not allergic to peanuts, but I'm fucking allergic. Some are now available there. There is. There is to life. What's really wonderful, like your essence, coming out, you know that's a newer thing where you can explore new. You know that you didn't know you know and then also people's assumptions like I didn't like I mean,
it's just so funny over a long period of time playing rules out, people perceive them, which is just not you, which is also that struggle psych you gonna go. I'm not the character that I pleaded night right right, I have like I have. There are aspects that I understand that I learned about or about myself that are so interesting to me, but I'm not that guy right, you know and an uneasy for a lot, we were alike oh he's really good at that right right and then, when I first started just like. Oh he's he's a doormat, you know he's an emotional doormat. Somebody. Actually, quite I quote somebody when I say about me early on and then you do other things and they just figured the absolute opposite. I mean my sister spoke about times or people would say, of course, that this move secretary. She did where there are like. Oh she's, not sexy enough for some right. right and then, after that movie it was like she,
two like. Secondly, so funny autism people, they say these things, they do nothing, but it's like up it's. It's also understanding the that when you want something we don't know people or you know you watch a new active material, nothing about you, you don't you don't know who they are then you know, other people stories over time, you're you're watching stories stories of instead, the true but here, but did you know like right? I mean I like. I just spoke of my small experiences that, but did you see things that would be dead for an enough for people to judge differently every choice you made around jobs, rum roles. I think. No, I think I was a kind of would say yes may here, but Also,. you're challenging certain things. Yes and then you get like all I've done this thing and then something you go, have a kind of, do your yeah
that people that will really use things like. What's that, character you ve always wanted to play, and or is there? Is there a person history of always? Unlike now. What and I listened to actors agree all the great once. Let me just cite is all the great ones are alike Winston Churchill or, like you know, whatever it is it's like who are playing anybody but There are people who are roles erosion, but I'm not a guy. I am like obviousness, you send it to me. I read it. I like it. I'm gonna! Try and fitted up does the suit fit. I don't know You feeling in your life in the work we have done. I want to do so doesn't necessarily have to be acting near and more and more it actually isn't acting. What is it producing restaurant were creating morphing restaurant work. no, I mean I'm an ideological, but I I am
I think we go through different stages in our lives and I think in those days in our lives, we all question things if we ve done in our work and our job and and in love and I think I'm sort of at a place where I bet incredible opportunities, a ton of luck and and I just I've take. I do want to explore other avenues. That's part of what getting into producing has been for me. That's her, the step you know and and then I Think more and more trying to create myself. You know I live. I love acting, don't get me wrong. I, but I have always ever since I began of watching the other actor across her me more than playing the character and as much as I love the characters that I played.
The thing that his fascinated me and then I been in all the other people across from me, which starting to kind of take into account and started, understand that maybe it's something else that I want to do more. Maybe it's directing. Maybe it's writing something for someone. Maybe it's that but that to me, is where I I I find myself moving heavy some of them have done. Some writing avert stage pieces. Yes, yet another stage pieces, I I I write it at them and more screenplays. I love I am I Love puzzles. You know and- and I find great joy in the insular isolated space. That is where I know it's really is yours and having been an active for so many years, you're coming. At the very end right in your interpreting somebody else's stuff and theirs
something so personal and private about being alone, and it can just talk and no one's watching right that I just I just love. So it's So I mean it must be, throwing to be normal a fur tawny for producing, I mean that's got to be, encouraging it's really being not only for Tony for producing and four for acting we ain't. No, that's like that's just pretty fucking cool, like of all of the things that school and I am not really a big sort of awards per right. I, but I that when I, when I heard about that, I was about the acting tone. I was thrilled yeah yeah, reacting, Tony's, just curious screen, and so I was I was. it's a community that I love so much and for so many years have like, like you know why
we need to be a part of and not to say that being nominee result makes you feel like you are, but I think that I find the over the past few years have really felt like it's a community that I love and will give to, and I gave his back and I know I will have for the rest of my life and I will give back to for the rest of my life. like the first show I ever saw, I want to be up there. a part of it and you too. I think I'll, would harm done with a horror story. I was thinking. you know every time before I wagon on the edge what I think about it, provisions. I think about like. when I was in high school or something and I walked out, the feeling is literally noted their issues, like all those people paid way too much money to come, see right. So I give such a deep obligation, but that difference between play as a kid
play when you're doing at the moment. There is no it s like area everything converges on this point and it gets real yeah at an end. and that to me like. I'll, never get idea it just it will never get old and so yeah I mean. I like also see. I also died. Also the hormone maybe think like it's also greets just be a producer who shall be sitting there may audience operating might be like her. I get to read their views and, like I didn't, have to go swimming perform up there. It's pretty guess I got by both of those things going. the also well good luck with the movie. I hope you win is good talking to you, nice meeting you save one? I am. Fan of yours. I I, I really think Europe wonderful actor thanks man you're
you're, not as good as above a pot gasser videos, but I think you're, a good actor of good and just cheetahs hurried on I mean just just keep trying. I will in all things no, but I really thank you for having Myanmar is great man whose great dark in the sea around. Hopefully, yes, I also ok by me in person for FUCK's sake. Vat be great, are arraignment by There you go there, you go, go, watch some Jake stuff will save you. Windsor Tony is, as I said before, is up for a three of them. That's that you're in a play in a cup of tea, a couple production Tony's as well see wall, a life is the play, he's upward for producer and best actor and also slave play, which I'm sorry I miss? Are we ever gonna get to go to theatre? Again?
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