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Episode 1211 - Christopher Lloyd

2021-03-22 | 🔗

Christopher Lloyd has a career spanning more than 60 years on stage, TV and film. But Marc was enamored with stories about the first movie Christopher ever made, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Christopher tells Marc about the unique audition process, how they slept overnight in the institution, what it was like working with his idol at the time, Jack Nicholson, and more. They also talk about the first movie Christopher almost made, shooting lots of guns in the new movie Nobody, and what he considers to be the true legacy of Back to the Future. 

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its mark hello, high, its mark, hello, hello is anyone there hey. Can you hear me? its mark it might hold on? Maybe it's muted or something I might at now. Can you hear me? What's goin on Ok, I didn't see you either is the mute on turn your video on- is a video. This isn't video. This is audio. That's why can't see me hello. Can you hear me how's it going you guys, you're right! but that was I was a short performance, peace called. Can you hear me that wrote this morning I wrote it in real time. Did if you like, I felt really screwed did they did it. Are you? Ok, I'm ok. I feel. Ok, I want to talk to you Mr for Lloyd today now course. We all know him from back to the future and taxi but Christopher Lloyd, has been working. consistently in theatre, tv and film? First, sixty years now,
I don't I don't know, I don't prioritize taxi prioritize back to the future. For some reason I got hung up, in the early staff stuff, particularly he played Taber in one forever over the cookies nest in it unforgettable role as one of the patient? is that the Looney, how at the sorry at the mental hospital at the looney Bin at the, not House, the coup Jack mental institution, and I On that I go start. You know, I don't know you know me. Well, we can talk That sounds good. I dont want there's a true evil and this fucking country there. true racist evil and I dont know I didn't want to sound like. I did not focus enough on those horrendous race. Billy based killing the asian women and the horrendous targeting,
evasions here in Amerika in general, it's awful and I had dreams, man. They're, just an awful contingent within this country at very scary. and obviously what the Asians have been going through four years since it bugs since the first got here, is off and it's more awful now I had a dream it was in a car handcuffed in there. nazis driving, but they weren't Patsy Noughties. They like they look, I gotta hipster nazis I just knew they were nazi. You know like salvage Denham Nazis. They were like handmade, belt nazis, you know waxed beard, Nazis, trucker, CAP Nazis. Kind of guys it dear mother, My words from whites boots, Nay,
handcrafted t shirt be a fills in jacket Nazis, guys but quite they might be in a comforting, semi folk outfit Nazis, and I remember I was in the car. and I was Hancock. sitting sideways in the back seat behind the driver, and I just now Mr Guy, in the passenger seat, with his acts beard and non hair was, disinfecting, his hands but he was gonna punch me in the face can understand what we, what he was doing, was he putting on his hands what it would hurt me more or protecting himself You know what that detail is about was a dream. And I remember saying like look. I look, I know I know majuba you'd have to do this and he's like putting stuff on his hands in his country
it one into the other. With that smack he sounded at that. Smokey sound. I'm gonna have to do this and he said: hey man, I'm not gonna, do it. The south is gonna. Do it? and we just kept drive and those dream awaiting emails about judging the south. That was in my dream,. there is another dream about some. You know of a woman that I seem to be in a relationship with. I had no idea, who she was, and I knew she was mad at me and leaving battle I dont in it. I was sort of like we're break Now I don't even know who you are. I know what that means, either And there was another dream I kept asking this guy not to assume a turn away: I've about what I dont know. This happening quick succession. you are when you wake up and paying come back out where we now, I guess, When a car would Nazis, then you wake up,
paying. You come back like what's happening now. This woman wants a divorce and I have no idea who she is way. Yup impeding come back. Why Why does net baby one? Is who me? Why won't you just not do it? I keep telling him I keep saying please you have to do this. And it was now babies are young no baby I will. I have some the great character actors in my dreams. Don't you know those guys work man, they Go up everywhere, the great directors, NED, baby, making an appearance as the I believe, the attorney who is it whose client was suing me any good. great job. He did a great job. The part for having trouble meeting your goals, people or difficulty with relationships are trouble sleeping or you feeling dressed depressed. Better help is available better help off secure online professional councillors who can listen and help it's simple. You just fill out a questionnaire.
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Prison avoids on the show today and Guy to announce the avenue roommate. I'm in a new relationship His name is Sammy Sammy Red. Also aliases, I think, are gonna, be the same stir. SAM the man SAM Sammy, some SAM Semi Sammy. So the boy Sammy, is a six week and change old gin. Your kitten white face white, just Kind stripy, not really read books. panic and very confused, but demo bring kid brought him over He had to be removed from his mother with the other. Kittens in the winter for US safety reasons, and I got that four weeks in on the nip with them with the browsing the scissors learn
M. Tricks choose to be cleaning himself kit on the bottom. For while we gotta mutinous, we gotta meet in the solid food he starting the solid food in the Kivu. She brought him over. We gotta can't we got some blankets back scratching post got fake MAO, Skype fix sardine car, Tiger Head thing set up the room, Gout Box, the corners. Initially. The issue was: will he Pope normal? Can we? get some normal kitten poop, I've got him on the kitten food. Will a pumpkin make stance and probiotics. and I ll go out at it- is coming along: Buster is At the door- I wouldn't see each other better. Sammy. Doesn't he may give a fuck busters It is really strikes me when I'm gettin from bus, Jordan projecting onto buster what I'm feeling like
Thus would be saying if he could is. why the fuck is. That is that here. But not like. Oh shit, I'm in trouble not like I'm gonna, kill that thing, but like Why is this little fuck here? We are good thing gone man, we finally got rid of the Aldys and it was mean you man, I mean you. Walking down the road of life together and now, bringing this little fucker, What am I gonna? Do I'm gonna use them as a goddamn ball When a bad em around the author, come up and down busters a mean fucker, so we'll see what happens, but the impression I got was that he's all right he's I've read to me, but he's obviously can be a time suck fora for you would means less time. For me, that's gonna, call me a low anxiety. So am I to beat up on a little bit. That's I'm just saying What's gonna happen in the future?
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and I got some stuff. and was nice. I'm, even though I am telling you this. I guess I just want to tell you that I went out to the farmers market in broad vegetables and was among the people every one mass Evelyn buying greens about some fish. fish guy. I got some oranges. At the Orange lady at some The at the also the Orange Lady, She was an hour and she sold aren't as Nava causes. So I guess she was the orange and advocate a lady. Talk to know about, some cooking tips. And that's all hello, hello high. Oh, is this. I can hear me so. I gotta get rid of some apps because now I got the citizen app and I've got the I've got the thing that comes with the ring that community I'm getting from all sides.
Ike citizens app you get their police blotter report like man with had and butter knife spreading cream cheese on his arm in arm. an oaks I saw One from the citizen Old woman sitting in Sun There is concern like eight. She couldn't be trusted to enjoy the outdoors by herself. someone ought to go over and check honor. And then this ring thing is even more crazy cause. There's a man in my yard. police have been called again Yeah ring customer number four Is it the same? One from yesterday ring customer numbered? Seventy two did you all the police ring customer number before didn't it, In here two days ago, ring customer number four. Seventy two again did you call the police. Were customer number nine. What kind of man
to be racially explosive by size? Maybe Ring customer number. Seventy two same guy from you. Two days ago we're number forty two Did you call the police, then the original complaint, how it's my husband again, I gotta stop calling the police so much. I don't know the destruction or do I seem like? entertained by it. seems like I'm entertained by we're, not gonna. Do it the south, gonna, do it so work? Christopher Lloyd is in this new movie, no body with Bob Odin Kirk, which I watched Bob was good Christopher It was great. It's one. Those moves runaway see these kind of movies, but I like it It's rather non assuming guy, the opposition is just a fuckin maniac for the for the good, it's in theatres, this Friday March, twenty sixth and Christopher. His wife LISA was there when we we had.
This talk and and you'll hear her chair I made a few times: that services it. As I said before, we covered Moreover, the cookies nest, like it was a new film, this may docking, Christopher Lloyd, evading evacuated. You go far back. Take a rest. Reclining modes means it's time for nap. yeah, I'm alive, now you very life spry on it. I watch a movie last night, runner our guns, that's good. I've done only like. I was worth. It was just a lighted up
real, really you'd, never done what be it the gun play. I got player that with this. This was our core cut it out. Everyone you, when you approach something like that anyway, a is a different. Did then another role because soared over the top. Then you sorted, no, that's you can just go to town right. I like I, was intrigued by the character, aims. highly skilled slick, Davis, mother, yeah mostly because ages. I allowed a pool, Smart He knew her. Handle the hardware and do little strange kind of stuff and trap, the victims who, over there might be very retires cattle old road. We carry on like that, and then his son gets gets a pickle?
and I come out by the and I have one like the last the last climax out there. Don't for justice. What if this becomes a franchise you're gonna have to do that. Guy again and again, I also I hope I live enough to do it again and again, I figure I'll be baby, I wish for one more shot if it happens, like you know that, backstory though I just did the idea that you put that backstory together was at something you know that, because you enacting a long time and when you are, brought something like that. Do you create a back stories that something a director brings to you that's what I had only I mean it was suggested in the script, but I was in every there gave riders It comes out of time and he does today stuff again Where'd, you sure you started in New York Ray and await where'd you
I was born and stamped autocratic. It might- false, always had open your side, the council would go back and forth then, as soon as I got eyes followed a groundswell of europe- and I was ninety ivy I never loved. I was I stay there at all. What was it by penal? eighty five and I to allay where'd you go to the drama school when you were to start acting all their neighbour players school, the fear of some labile can they miser yeah? He was. He was the greatest may abated tone, oppression, ol man. What I learned from him, what kind of guy was he could I'll try to give an impression to him because he was sort of like the American inversion of the method: correct, oh yeah, yeah, never saw such
wise intelligence. He would have free our a three hour at a class of enable players. The body a three hour no and that it professional class, three hours at night, that's a lot of time in this sitting. The chair watching people get up and do their stuff, He never ever lost focus. He been here, he'd be watching somebody doing their work, the analyze it put it please give precise, exact Terry on it. but he was always supporters. It is less rob, but he had A stronger sense of humour wet and he is right.
Data file have caught a guy, and unlike what tools like you, when you, when you approach acting even now like what stuff I mean, obviously, and I've known as from blocking the many actors and over and over again that a lot of it is just how you'd aegis p. You gotta cobbled together your own system and you do what you do where there are things that you learned from me. I know that you still are conscious of doing yes, I am, I may I'll figure about so much now then I'd do up the player. Whatever one night, I took the wrong slightly in a global? That's like a slight wallowing arouses stage. Try they get. into it again and my sister taught me how to keep focus on how to get back, back to the girl them at all that at tat date for that what should based lotta people, Although perplexed, because a word
repeated word. I really to somebody else. I'd say. Who I only say who are you it changes the behaviour as you go along, but get life we're a yellow match, but what, He always say what you do depends on: but the other does so you're always connected and attached. applause, the emotions, long red, that's way as well. We would you get two sets of enacting. That's probably I mean to pry more consistent doing that theater. I imagine when you make them. The jump to film it's hard to hold onto that focus. Could you know you shooting everything in pieces? how much is still while the cameras Raleigh produce it and use it and in any context really I just listen stay present
Will you did how much you deal a stage work initially right? Yes, do you miss that I do, but I eyes still go back to do so. thought. Like gotta, the movies and no more fear. I keep our desire to dollar play comes up and you do and I dont chain where the summer really were you doing, that Berkshire Shakespeare Company, You spend time in Massachusetts. Did you spend time there when you were a kid ass. I went through a school for the return to the eighth grade and western mass. where's Newton Massachusetts, Are you familiar with where the Massachusetts sure I start my comedy career in the air in the small town in villages of New England and I lived in I wisdom- Massachusetts,
For several years. I lived in Boston, Somerville, just idea. I've been Brookline, just try of Newton but I know Newton Young Route, nine, a lotta gigs down the cape yeah these the gig gown in Yarmouth, the chinese restaurant. I did I I was all over what was so. What was your first play her? a first pay job in New York Because I get off, ha ha ha ha roll away all over the place I for one workshop too, other, but at the same time, job out through the summer stock region for fear of Allah, but the first, Hey I've had a New York. They remember The Chelsea Geography was Calvin director was cast par Casper by Peter
the ethical, Austria, all right, like other obey, forehead and adjust Cairo, through the doors open. That was it. That's what I'd start. That's it, choosing. So at the beginning, your pride, don't we What years for this in the sixties, mid sixties I got that play well lighted, seventy two three! So what we're doing that the off broadway stuff you're running around do in summer stock, but you do and all kinds of weird Conover. the progressive theatre shows down in the village and stuff and then going in doing like no coward in New Jersey, Alot of alone at sea, situations yeah? I remember because everybody words, I was,
forces that I didn't have to have a job to get through the day, but most actors who struggle They they they worked until the day of these workshops out all right sometimes rehearsals would be stopped. The twelve one, a m, because that's the only time everybody was available right, so There was a lot of that got pretty weird these words. You remember a strange sort of like experimental productions that you did. I'd call hype Asia, three, it was kind of a robin as they will talk is shit. We know Dense whatsoever has always worked results days at sea. The audience I was about it of wars. My wife all the time, just one minute
Wife was asked. Ok, What was a change of everything changing of the wives that the ceremony of the changing of the wives. That's not we leave dilation elation came all later rights always just aware gel, but it was kind of typical, not right, right sheet and the work as you. What you got you. I guess you come from a family, families are lower Colonel well off, don't you like, I read somewhere there. Why is it that you know you can trace your relatives all the way back to the Mayflower I yeah I am told that I've never sat down down there My whole work to save is really true right, Think of the sum of all such a lifeline, all about batter the ill back in the day but your mom was from my there. I guess her family with part of that,
bounding people of texaco- her not there but Grandpa did you know though he died. He died a year. I was born, which you like a wild cat. Her with you out there with the drill. Sir, was ia. I think so too much a when he went to school awareness in Pennsylvania, out there, a bad guy, was already Pennsylvania was one of the first places too that olive oil yeah. Another guy from Texas. three of them collaborated, go Texaco there and you didn't have to work. Because a title inside awareness and knowledge of the beginning of the whole oil. They had power it's very out. which is a bad idea, but thou. that was
interesting phenomenon that aim, and now it's going. Thank God we I mean. Maybe I hope in the next time you am I, I beg? You lay yes at all rosy Well, how did you were wended dumb copiousness happened. How did this happen I would like to say three: Yeah they will die, I know I've been I wanna do film, but I just I didn't why water office for the people of color? I just tell you that I wasn't it in it all the extra. I am not you're, not a song and dance man. You're you're, our current, a tall, intense gentlemen. yeah, All I got was thank you for coming. Why are now get out?
so I figured I will get the point. Is I'd be set up. Nothing not even a devil. I'd feel better. the subject is: don't make the bridge from failure to fill a guy. And then later I was stolen producer Macbeth at them. downstairs fear and live with. Sarah The rebel about is a further down below Well Christopher Water was with death and a few other charges. Job Simon. for two hours. That's whiners production, Beth, was walking. Did he have the same intensity? Then? Yes, he did back then I just get the norm.
And he was very that no Christopher Walken yeah yeah but this Shakespeare. I never said I like that, we worked together, says what level is extraordinary character, person we do in that you doing I travel and will now. Kind of crazy wooed, and they set me up as came to New York, to cast a name. Guy been setting me up said the actual tomato and I went up an audition lay the auditions petitioner males, Foreman, today. The way nurse ratchet would sit at a circle be the other way
myself, the other actors coming up the audition we'd sip, like that, Email males forwarded with sit in the middle, conversation. I get a jealous guy, you know that's how you decide whether or not you're so that I got a letter. Ok we'll do it for those threats I also he would meals mulish would have you did you sit in the semi circle or the charcoal anyway? he'd, rotate, guys in and out during an improvised audition, yeah man email, but he had them age, fill you get there, you draw between us and who is, do you remember like it was? Was the veto in your audition though, and did you did you have that character of Taber right from the Gekko? did you make decisions around how that guy would be well eyes? I did whatever I did the audition and they where they said you got it. I went and got
Galaxies, novel and and studied it. Had they done this stage by New York, already Yard data Vienna was who they are all white production at the time I was I know that originally it was the MIKE Douglas was trying to put it together as a vehicle for Kirk, and I think maybe it was Kirk Douglas. It I don't know if he was Broadway or off Broadway, but I know the Kirk Douglas did Mcmurphy and I I can even imagine I think he did it all wrong way: yeah yeah, yeah nothing came of it. So Jaber too were the sun. yet. Why some produced it right? Yeah where'd! You guys shoot that there was, that shot and like up in a coastal tat. Was it shot in Seattle were somewhere Salem Warden? Why more than a. How does this complex a bill? that included a prison stay at her and father. who were elderly mentally yoga
They have the third floor. What form so little drugs came in and they could take They couldn't leave a hospital and take care of themselves and with her various drugs as a zombies. They could go out into the world and sleep walk we took over an entire floor, which gave la man, the ass. Sleeping quarters, all the stuff needed Foozle did he make you sweep there too. How deep did you guys now? We did sleep there. Sometimes Rhodesia was held aside bed with a little table with a drawer to put your personal effects and at night? I closed it up for you. you're in a cage locked out I'll, get it Sometimes we did they sleep there
voluntarily. We were be punished Ruby? I am because it was quite a group. In other words, I mean the day the different there the guy's. It seemed that were in that crew with you either one onto your major acting roles are least character. Acting rules mean Brad. Europe has been around forever. You guys Sidney last week was, he was great eyes. I rang, the Father, wouldn't have a dual close up said the elastic it finishes lies. you're, just let the camera wrong because it always gotta get gold. Will you too? I mean that that moment where you got there, I can imagine the process of shooting that you can't you. Must have shot? He must have shot a lot of silence with you guys, because there
scenes Caesar you just sitting there in making that moment, where you don't realize that you put some fire, it's like I mean I'd, die, that's in imports, printed in my unconscious Emily at another, we're I grew Eddie just lose your fucking mind. Why are the other males? I'd hate, effective from Czechoslovakia already establish fulfilled career there but he told a story: a bear. The subway: somewhere tackles the lofty later late at night to three people. Wait, for the train and those guys smoking, and he, did that flipped Flickr cigarette and I landed in a purse. Cough Middle sought, saw this and eventually a kind of caught fire other guy. What dessert? so he wanted. He just fear that
belongs here. I'm glad you like the guy burn in order to get that idea. He didn't step in. He went he let this team play out. There eight oppressor anyone I've talk today. The veto, but the interesting to see the veto in that part, because the veto such a I sort of like cantankerous. Brash little man, an end as martini ease the opposite he's I guess, weird kind of em as you know, no bounds. Reed amoeba like vote I'll on ability of that guy you? we're doing some real acting there and I think it is really you know in it. Seem like in a bit certainly the Meissner, often in that type of training we great for fur. For that particular movie. You know there's! No, because there was a naturalness to it that he was going for an even Nicholson,
think was also were I don't know where he trained, buddy, it's definitely in America, like you, know a method. He kind of guy that there was a naturalness today to all You guys it was kind of amazing They also insisted on that. I mean if you did something to beg, was a natural light. Connemara it da the dogma, and did you did you enjoy working with the with Jack? Oh, I loved it. Oh, he was idle align before group, whose nest from why detail on five, easy pieces, etc. Writer I either star he was the answer Diane they go on at I remember first day I walked on the set other areas talk about whatever
If I were here at this time, It was wonderful he's just great most of us scared of spirit film and he just yeah I'll. Do this year, he's just so generous, I had is seen them the bath seed, whatever sprays everybody here, I have a way of Redfield lesson plans game play. The game play the game, although he had seen and red feel was diagnosed with leukemia, so what hospital everything so that see. Never job completed at that moment of others I resolved? Ants were really
really loved us a who he was they will figure, What are we going to pull the plug or what are we gonna do so they changed the schedule alone, about three ways were four came back. Or maybe less that, but he came back so we got into the scene again and I could not find it I couldn't find my bow jealous only speak, I got it all. I just I was like feeling. offered try not to show it now tat. I was but Miss Wilson Dire just I walked up to be very. Actually this quietly Toby Sup I wish I had a puppy right. There right just started,
right in your head, very attentive to all those at greater and did you. I me work. We work with him again right couple years later, those going south kind of weird Funny movie jewel evolution that now daddy, he again steam bargain. I vow is Mary theme, bargains first step. That was a big break. That was her fulfilled yeah. Bolivia and Nicholson had got her the gig. She was like a waitress yo here. I can't I've talked to her about it. It was, she loves you Gimme chee chee she credits Jack with now. making you're getting her. You know her start I don't draw my beautiful before going south and one night. I'm doing this they are. Those days were husband, says Jack, levels is in the audience and he'd like to come back to address you today? He came back well Street
Was there my dressing room, a lotta Linda a lot of the german accurate all and the lady that Jack was drawn with Angelica. Angelica used. all credit to the bottle of dress you as before? Let us all laughed. He said at dawn after the summer out said the scripture. If your interested Adam was gone south, our sweetheart, what a sweetheart you know, I love here no stories yet that he was sort of a cause You look like he was having a great time and nobody loved make movies more than that guy in an excited, no easy, It was a good guy. You know great, I got you knows: weirdos workin it it I'm sort of fascinated with them. I gotta watch it again because I I got it in my head, the onion field as being a terrifying movie,
and I know you're in that by our almost watch it again this morning cause I've been sort a curious about why reaching it could. I know James Woods in a back before James Woods became eyes right this cultural monster. He was just sort of her an emotional monster in in movie roles, but now it's sort of politically a pariah, but I I do remember that being unfairly menacing movie, yet travel story. I read the book terrified it's a real real happen, and though I was aware in jail. I kind of like Set it up or whatever I I'm gonna see there. Yet he had one
have you thought about it. Nears may remember, being I was really young amongst the young as Tarifa. She is very much the same experience I had fifty seven, so I remember seeing one I probably shouldn't have seen it Does my parents didn't know there? You know what our meant all all they said they would just take me if they couldn't get a babysitter. I saw deliverance when I was eleven did not need doll. quickly enough. When did you move out delay? Seventy six Yanks seventies, it who's. This came out. I dont have an agent and cook was ass came out and I got a letter from an agent the Bush agency, to say that if I've ever otherwise chose like launches up I thought so fast gutted wool
I draw from the York to Saint Louis, one day, one shot one shot. I did accurately. Weird, though, when you look back on that Chris about that, the sort of strange moments of of panic. In desperation, beginning, where INA and in now, at at years lady realise that these guys judges, they're just like do first executives? that we have made us you jump through these fuck in hopes of me, I'm not bitter, and I dont and obviously I am not you, but you know you look back on you. I remember one time. I panicked because I had to get from from me, hark to Us Angeles for a fox meeting yell at the studio and you know I drove cause. I was moving there and in everything was crazy and then you get there and they don't give a shit. They don't know that you just turned your life upside down. To about is the me. Your share I guess so. I guess that's true it to begin. I guess we never know you dont want to be that guy. You know he doesn't give a signal arms
I can saint Louis trying to make a meeting so he ran. Out there, the girl to me- and you gain that was your agency sign with them. Yeah I'm in and I went out. I went out always people your Gabriel lists Asia, check out. I don't know, there is one of the first decide I have to say I am I right. I got to solve cited, allow layer are not happy They took me out to lunch another, whether other association, what's a Joe hours for Lunch Beverly Hills. Now, Father convertible? That's a big night, they gave you the full treatment there that I declined sign,
sign. I thought this is an important day. I gotta go through this list. First At the end, then he gave me a job I wasn't signed at issue, but I feel that Santa FE, the Mexico, what was it all with what was in it Santa FE some kid around February, Christopher Walken and of french canadian actress, on a faded out to her, but she was- and I was I got there five days ahead of time because I want to get a ride, a horse job with wolves. While I was a kind of class to die in Mexico, an azure five days took in the sea the morning that I was to be first established on camera.
Five days agenda really ready, but I could get anything elevator up the problem. They don't give a shit, so I'd go well, I voted makeup trailer. They get the way gotta be wary here. She got very it has turned out that I'm sure you got the wake up jointly. From there I will follow but those who greater, I gave my notice Christopher Walken call their press. What are you doing that I called girlish MA am, I spoke to her he was a lot of you ought to hop. He said you don't walk when you first now. I think it's set the contracts to ban Santa FE, so I have the contract decide. I haven't signed them yet and I sent through I got the contrast. What do you want me to do so.
and that that maybe we feel good that I could. I make my all decisions of sunlight. I wanna do they put up That is the idea. Did you do it? No movie nor a wall It is a fight that raises a la hinged Gonna make up. Lady. Another was a ring, on the other hand, the horses, but he wouldn't let me ride the horse. I want to do, and I probably read much more than he had at that point and I was just you grow up right in horses, yeah how was it I was right in school. How are all that stuff? I spent. Some are all red she Wyoming, in writing. You work with Jack another time in the postman, ah ah programme, eyes rings twice? I have a little piece of curves eatable for during the credits
his driving down the road and I'm had cited here. Well I'll drive you he's here Well, I don't remember here that we go and he has at breakfast First thing, but that that that was a very nice I love him Do I guess he a guy you keep in touch with ever. I have in fact I was with daddy and somebody. The other day We all ask each other how we talked to her Jackson out of his head. So I don't know, I don't know: what's happened to yeah, it's hard. We with the plague and everything it nay, you used to see animals. You seem at the game and you like, ok, he's if the game must be ok, so how did this because it seems like other itself about who is necessary right there. right. Those memories are so fresh because it was such a profound kind of experience.
Oh, do you feel the same way about taxi passage, TAT Tessier, that's funny, because I came out from do you I told girlish yeah, I I don't want to. I don't wanna do when they sit parts I haven't heard of a new attitude that to do a ship carbon sell your soul, the allotted time. felt that way. Dot Dustin Hoffman felt that way. A lot actors felt that way, so even sent me once while up to just me, people. Even I felt like stars, Caille Hatch. Some others. I remember what and then taxi? All you didn't do any episodic work. You didn't do any bit parts wanting a little parts in tv. None too I have since, but but not before. Actually they sent me up in the word, though,
Where would you over at what soldier on why? Why why? Why were you able to to adjust your. your your sense of integrity. What what sold you wanted was a James Brooks who use it. I just sold out don't take any anything at all that derive their diet. I got the script I just sudden Sabre put on my eye. I looked at the part, sober codified, I could do this back what when he read it, what what was it like? You know, but what was they got you that what made you realize like this guy, this guy's got legs, for me. You know I made that is I don't remember that words but yeah The data described it well and I felt
I could do this, not that I had a background in that area, but I felt I had to. I went neighbor? What can it? It was clear, the other persons that I found this jacket with a precise way by backup a war that the audition and all Likewise it all I got I gotta the frame of mind when I finished I've got out the door. I said where that money Well, that's what I wore What were after the second here somebody stole a jacket products goddamn a day, So it was summer some old hippy garbage jacket from the carrier that war headed this guy found out of the bushes a bit funny. Thank God! There was nobody there
now like it seems like you, you know your character was extreme and over the top, an intense and you know, and then yet Andy there doing his his care which is over the top and intense, but in a different way, did you go I get along pretty. Well, we all of our law I made there were times when they would do something like it. eight or whatever He did something that pissed off today Damsel. Oh I told you, I was a guy that of fire. Extinguisher hold the door and it here for while those for was eleven but that never got bad, We love dont, show a great writers away, All click, forty ways he I worked with
got a bit. He played my father for a few episodes on a show and ate it. We guy, you know of wages. all the tasks that they then taxi always Kay, Together, we just we just? Did I lose the other day Well, Marilla, cocaine tie a judge, Still others lies in its great that's nice day, ice you now, because I always ask people that you know cause I ya as affair and of movies tv he had took after years of doing this and talking to you guys yeah, I always assume like it to go on kind it to break my my idea that, like always assume everyone hangs out afterwards, you have, but they don't I was stunned, published, as my first movie was Tom, weak twelve, it shoot em.
We all became comrades individuals. Who were I remember the rapporteur at the last part of last week I saw the order of business. Was the boat trip Vienna, where we all escaping at european level, we wrapped it was like all nothing ever go. I write ah heartbreaking. but that's nice. If they were, I mean data tvs different because I mean are you with those people for years now, like a family for Christ's sake and then there and then back to the future that that became a. I mean yeah, I Betsy it's like the old tat. She was huge in your care to his usual seems like the back to the future thing. To put it all over the top, and that's it you're going to be for the for the rest. time has lost its type very little about, but I don't care
I got other stuff to work on. Oh no! No, I mean I nobody like it wasn't like these things when you were back on them, Actually, I don't know if it's weird, because you would have thought it's actually the opposite that I think about a casino. As Reverend Jim, you know you had this year, you were type cast it by as that for a while, but them back to the future happening just became neck. I even his uncle faster. I mean, If you actually, you know you you, you are always I see with you. I don't associate you with her with a row I don't even know why I said that, but I guess I just said it because you know it must. You must be the excited when something has legs enough to keep go when you know he must be somewhat, I stood. Two to re engage with casts even in a sequel again to do that kind of work, tat war as a future Reza Data. in a way with with people.
More than anything else, I've done partial, because somebody generations of children, young people have grown up over the years. and whose son on climate, that that's a future was their life. You know too, to look up and And that's a good feeling I ever so many people who have said who grew up all the more. We became engineers, scientists, surgeons, realer, NEA all of serbia- to watch you that film, so let's get freely that's amazing, and am you go you in you? Actually, I guess was fans waking other fans you have four like STAR Trek is, while from the STAR Trek work, you did their view, college and sweet sense live nerdy people say I mean, can you gotta COMECON right Ah, yes, I do
and is that one for you do way, is it It is far more when I first started years ago, when I rather like kind of tentative zero, but you get these people come here. They were glad to see you I want you. I wanted to share their moments where they were and is its ill. Sometimes I wait. What was what? First around a wake up, laborious and sign on grass raid out I'd? Get there- and I forget all that, because it's just so interactive yeah, it's great Now, when do you were like? Have you like coming back full circle here, Do you know the play earlier? Have you done layer before? No, oh, yes, the production of years ago, three times
Now, I'm glad I'm I'm a layer of it before I was playing various parts in it, got any one of those roles. Where d you know it's. He started this weird gift that debt that a certain type of actor at a certain age. How is either you know enabled to do yeah? Why am I have some trepidation Susan? I like what but I could pull it off it's it's huge, not bad, just travel alone, but the depths of emotion that wide You know that you can just here dance around us. It's a big deal, but is such a great part? I will just such a John it today that I never thought about right. Well, when I was at the free productions years ago
I never thought about, why I wanna play their part Sunday. I just didn't considerate then about five years ago, What day, why not? hey you guys, life chimera. Well, I came from but I think I've been a good situation now after the Berkshire gesture company, and how are you do it's you like you just keep working on me like you. Are you what are you decide what to do as it is a matter of time or equality, or you know I it's you like you'd like to keep working and you're just gonna keep going. That's gonna keep on! Ah I know what I started out. I had doubts and others who do work at all that I got it into a workshop or whatever so and I love do there-
ok, what's a part is- play it whatever is long, I feel connection. I just do it yeah any still in you enjoy all earlier totally I'm almost all now George Bush, including our George fucking cloning, sure that an athlete yeah, I'm so excited? We already started shooting very different character. From my son. not repeating everything at once, what movies, as based on novel foods, no bar the tender bar There's a guy who dream the beta ballplayer, didn't work out at some do you I'm still trying to get it he. Yet
this old House in Manhattan. His family is long son in Alsace. For a house followed. His family who care for delivery, Wiles is it the heads? the house will strike it's a big ensemble peace. There there was, great you're still working, and I thought this new movie that that nobody film at you, I know Bob and and I thought it was that it was kind of a it's, not the kind of movie. I usually watch by watch the last night and it's fun it's what my dad calls her a real shoot, 'em up by his great work in his great talking a christian and continued success, my friend all right. Thank you. Thank you. Where's the replied. The new movie is no body which was good. Bob Odin Kirk plays the heavy in theatres, Friday March, twenty six, Don't forget if your struggling right now check out better help. It's a secure,
affordable, online service providing proper nor councillors who can listen and help you just the lad, a questionnaire to help assess your specific needs and better help will match you with your own licensed professional therapist stubby deal with Mark mariners bartered by better health and our listeners, get ten percent off their first month of online therapy when they did better help. Dotcom slashed, beauty. I visit better Hd Lp. Calm, Slash devotee of enjoying the over one, in people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of experienced better help professional, It's way, some guitar, I'm sure I played before, but it's always a little different as its fresh serving up fresh. Same three cords fresh here it is. relatively clean, a little vibrant owed bit reverb strategy. Esther straight in.
Our lives, monkey and the fund cat angels everywhere. Sammy is here.
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