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Episode 1217 - Sally Struthers

2021-04-12 | 🔗

Sally Struthers is thinking a lot about the passage of time these days. For one, this year is the 50th anniversary of All In The Family premiering on CBS. She’s also thinking that so many people she worked with in movies like Five Easy Pieces and The Getaway are no longer with us. And she’s thinking about how all this downtime from the pandemic is keeping her from doing what she loves: touring the country in stage productions. Sally talks with Marc about how time catches up with all of us, but also how she can look back fondly and with gratitude on what has passed. 

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unfair, I don't know you I don't know you you just walking off the street. How do I don't fucking know you man, I'm not saying can't be your bottom fuckin know you should just relax, hang out see if you like it. If not speak but if you do just listen and then being a couple weeks when I came in, I you walk into my gay there's. A guy would then made you can say, allow talk a little bit and they made. after a month or so the guy. You walk in and like a thief. What's Joey, Hey Stacy how's it Goin Janine. What's up, how have you been Debbie good to see you here how are you melody? How are you what's happening? What's goin on kid, you not a fan, I get to know you so just hang out with it's gonna be dicey. You over there first few weeks between us, it always is anyone who has ever waste into they show there. I got it. I get the beginning I want to add in like I was likewise you talking about
fast forward it to. I just said that I'd Wilbur, why you talkin? Why she talking? How I welcome, nice, nice nice to have you as it is now we're doing all right today on the show. So I struthers and I know, some people think I'd really what she'd been what she'd been up to eat. You know some, nice. People are just working, I mean just because you haven't seen somebody or you know them from one of your a kid doesn't mean they don't have a life after that, just cuz, you don't see them anymore, so weird thing about being a public person. Everyone assumes that, because they don't see it, that guy must have crapped out must have tank must have failed they died must have got. Sick must acquit. Sometimes that's true, sometimes it's true but not in this case, Sally Struthers has been out on the road She she does a lot of touring theatre, she's, a big
Major touring stage actor doing a lot of the big national productions of musicals like hello, Dolly and Annie she's they're, doing the work go in town the town do a few weeks here, a few weeks there singing songs being funny, she was funny. but I don't want to talk to her for a long time. She actually didn't episode or two and was at one or two episodes of my show. The last season on Marin how we ve always talked about having around the pike ass. She doesn't do a lot interview she's when these people- it's like, I'm not technological. I am a dial phone. You know that kind of thing but this year is the fiftieth anniversary of all in the family said this this kind of thing job with that. We thought it would be a good time and its it. it's hard to four: at what a singular talent Sally Struthers is, I mean The two movies
the two major movies that I remember that you before all the family that when you see her in it, you like, oh, my god- is that so They struthers. She saw Fucking good in them in the Bin, part. She has shown small Art and five easy pieces would Nicholson and she's great. And she's got an amazing part. In the get away with Steve Mcqueen we're who plays the veterinarians, wife and she's genius in that. And obviously she's great his Gloria. But I just I wanted to talk about I'll send you now and Nicholson in and out, I can pine doing those movies and, of course, on the family and just doktor about where she comes from, but she is in a unique comic talent. Sally Struthers. I talked to her today. Hey I ve been putting off that great idea of yours. Have you? Maybe you think it's too much trouble you're, not gonna, be able to do it yourself will maybe make an abuse of a website for your ideas never been easier when you think that maybe should you
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W e f for ten percent off your first purchase yup do that vat, shut up, I'm all backed up. I got my I can Papa Madonna dissipating some heaviness, so sick, and I did I felt kind of shitty on Friday. I felt a common on oil chills you're in there just kind of weak lethargic sickish, like it's kind of accept this common or maybe this is it basically felt I felt the nag the pool the viral pool fuck and so. so I've gotta seeking for a day and then you know Yesterday was ok, it was Right but that first day. I felt it and I was knocked out, but can I stay I stayed engaged. I stayed mobile. I ran a bunch of unnecessary Aaron's,
they didn't need to do, is to stay alive and engage neck like I was really sick. I took a kind of easy but Debray did feel something, but fortunately today o k dammit, the kitten is like getting big he's out about. It seems buster is accepting him in everything's cool kind of playing buster resigned to the fact that ok, I live with it. kit now and Sammy's very entertaining? But now I just EAST is coming into that age ways got the energy and the stubbornness and the belligerents to destroy everything in my house. That means anything to me. I just feel it he's gotta keep an eye on those kids like. What's he gonna ruin my records, my guitar, my rugs, my furniture, my guitar amp you gonna chew up those photographs and I have my doubts.
Is he it what you doing it busy going to eat cords? Is he going to do any? Is he ever going to play with any these toys I bought him know. Is he gonna destroy something? I really like absolutely. What are those things you'll know when he destroyed them? so that's what I'm out with the cat. But this weird compete such behaviour based on light, if not even a panic, but it happened with the. Palmer to man. I was like just like. I put things off. And then I like a worry I gotta get him done. I want to get him done. And sometimes they happen immediately like I was overcome with the need to make brisket so that become one, An essential and now I'm in the shower- and I realize I'm standing in but two inches of water so that's a problem. and I can remember the name of the former had
a guy come overdue, the rat you do the rue during snake, it out snaky snake out of sync. I could do it myself, but I can't see the where this pipe goes. It goes right to the floor. It's out of my pay great My plumbing we'll house. under the sink I can handle bound over. This goes gotta bring professional in. With a big snake, some can trying to figure out what the plumbers name is now, I'm in my office and I'm workin on my front window, I see a truck Dr Bides, his cane deep plumbing, candy routers item. That was it Candy routers, I look it up now call the number an answering machine picks up like a it's me baby. What's up man, I think you're here once before My showers gettin clogged up. I needed to need you come over snake it drove by in the truck. I just saw you dry by in the truck I'm over here on Blah Blah street, and I need you to just come
you can call me back. I just needed a snake. It you're here once before Man commie backers. My number that intensive, and then I'm workin on line and rise. That's not that wasn't the guy wasn't out, I'm thinking of guy used during my other house and was- different initials. Had nothing Do a candy palming zero, candy router and I think it's what's this other place, I call them placing sounds like some sort of switchboard Mikey age that my dress on record. you know you did that dashed the sink she's out of your dress and my guess is a chain she's like yes, nation, I am like this. I don't know you the wrong one, I'm sorry, lady! I'm sorry and I actually realise hey fuckin organised. Won't you look the receipts in the file. Marked household stuff. So I found it I called the right guy
an appointment. I got a call back the other guy who doesn't pick up and oppression according to the opera is, they never pick up their phone so make this, I can call It's me I called you earlier turns out. I don't know you never came to my house, not on you. It's not your fault. I just got excited. I saw the truck, but I don't need you I thought you were somebody else thanks. Sorry, for the trouble its mark at LA street. Here's my number, don't worry about it, though sorry man, I got another guy that went to the guy found the guided did before now. Our no foul no hard. For you. once done five can be weird and any that, but Does call me back alone, plumber, Mikey. I don't. I don't need you, I'm sorry, man It's ok, I'm my god. It's ok, man, do not do you want me to Emma down on I gotta covered? Ok, ok by that guy's got my number.
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or to zip recruiter, Dotcom, Slash Marin today to try zip recruiter for free they'll know. We sent you once again that zip recruiter dotcom, Slash, em, a r o n Sally Struthers, as I mentioned before, is here because I love her. I did it the fiftieth anniversary of all in the family. There's a lot of talk in here about her early movies as well. some talk about Norman, we're. That's a little different, then How Katy Seagal was, talking about him. In the last episode So this is me talking to the the what if a kind, so We Struthers Valley. Now, how are you yeah relax? This is so hard. I live in about nineteen. Sixty eight y. Why you're doing that yourself,
I would be doing something to myself if I attempted to. Learn how to turn on and worker, computer or or a fax machine or the Althea movie on TV. I care. I'm not good with buttons, but I'm a highly intelligent human being just don't gimme buttons, no buttons. Now Buttons place, if you say you noticed nothing, I'm wearing has a button on this matter. They'll thing your whole life with the buttons. now who had buttons until I mean you dial, the FAO, the word there. What news I understand, sir, but how the buttons on your shirt, the same as the buttons on a phone? Oh, I was just down joking being amusing. Now here's the deal? Ok A man, linear thinker, ok,
I am a great if you go from a to b and be the sea shore. You take me mark your movie that jumps between present and pass. The fifteen minutes tops I'm out of there did you like. I lost really so is this: is it a condition or something? You noticed a view we have recently met? Why don't we name o you? You ve, never talk to somebody about it. Now, so you have you ever nonlinear sensitivity. I like that LINEAR also, Sir LINEAR Short, lived nonlinear sensitivity is good and as I have been, alas, knife, I guess we should do we you should be the did you like the source of it, the that did. We discovered it, and now he's be put in a doctor manual. Maybe it will eventually be in Oxford, English, dictionary, got ready willing to seek new things in every area. I hope so. Have you been seen you in a few years,
I haven't seen you since I licked you from your Adams. Apple under your chin appear ass, a rear mouth and upon to your nose, and one of your moustachios stuck in my t, hear what a night ha aid like but those fine there was a fine show it was. I have no, I'm not. I was married and I never sat on the toilet in front of my husband, and I had this My parents had to go to them. after a while, you were right there in the shower It was so against my nature. I mean I jumped behind a towel when the dog walks in them. Mr Langen, that we're gonna have to get together again and have to force you to watch and non linear movie for the entire movie. We have little calming. You know we do yeah like what. We are. Both the children of doctors, what kind of doktor as your dad he wasn't jpg
like a small town, JP or big, tangible, pointless, not a small town from Portland Oregon yeah, in your dad. My dad started out the military as doctors. My doktor was: my dad was a doctor on the army base in Spokane. Washington are working for can, I have been to Spokane. Spokane must have been kind of a glorious town. At one point, I think it must have been all I dont remember because I was there when I was a baby. the time I was too, we look report because it seems like there was something pretty there and there is like water running through it and some indict like mills or something there like what this Portland like when you were a kid. I can imagine that it's kind of gives me the creeps. Sometimes I really it's beautiful wishing to me. It's beautiful it's crazy about there's something about There's just feels like there's a darkness there. I dont know what it is. Maybe it wasn't there when you, when you were young now,
there's a lot of Scandinavian. Seven Scandinavians are by nature, dark hearted. Even though that talk with a little in their boats. Some sound, so happy and singing songs here, but They have, I mean that's why Ingmar Bergmann films are always in black and white and mean very dark. Able. Ok, Portland Oregon has a bridge. It doesn't go over river. Those over a small hi way the yards West out of Portland right toward the coast and is I don't know what the real name on it is because this probably the name of the street It's called suicide bridge o through people or jumping when you were younger too. You know It rains in Portland Oregon for fifty percent in the year yeah down do people that we can't handle that emotionally. So
Wait now, did you were your parents actually did they have acts answer your grandparents it where they actually live around here? Instead, they were durable and they were from aware in Scandinavia. Norway, where the best tomorrow best afar, come ashore Christian, Sun, nor gland, I've been in Norway. Have you ya? It's pretty ray? very beautiful, and you know that's why, although Scandinavians settled up, and you know. Michigan, scan cinnamon and why they did, they were given a land are really yeah, they recurrent you. It was like I read a book about, it is about the great plains, and that was very hard country and no one had that there was no one around two who knew how to farm it. so they they kind of gave a land grant a lot of people from Scandinavia to come figure out how to grow on that,
country and a growth, the winter wheat and they grew there were able to make something of the land. Yeah I dunno, but you still go up there. You took out people there. I do. I got peeps yeah. So I have to talk about when I guessed it on your television show. Why is your problem. Well Emerson said: I've had a man crush on you, ok my publicist said today. You know, don't forget Turkey will mark merit, and I said how could I forget here and he said he saw you don't have any headphones on when it brings them headphones because it the sound will be better and I said what I dont want to where she had fallen well, marked Marin's. Looking at me, you are crazy, call A great ally headphones. I thought were like the alright Mickey Mouse here. As you know, there are nineteen. Sixty eight right didn't have a mere.
it's a big high vice dead head. That's really thought that, would you picture as I thought it was, bringing a big old headphones likely. When will you do all day? Well, the pandemic, not a heck of a lot but but but I I but Lastly, we work you like theirs computer, you say you're not doing. What are you face time with friends? Do you d? You don't do now what he read books I talked the money phone or a right in the latter undeniably thrown down. Does your phones to bite alone does not now If I am right now what we're doing your bike fat cast, I'm looking at you and my friend new cell phone, oh good food, so the cell phone you have, but that's what it's like computer. So that's that's something I know when it probably if I knew how to use it, but I could probably do a couple of hundred things on it, but I know how to receive a-
I'll make a call, send attacks here? Look at my attacks, here of the ice now right again. enough at the air. It isn't enough here as long as you're occupied near your relatively happy. That makes me happy I'm running until the pandemic. All I did was channel and right in the less. twenty years, I've been on the road doing musicals and plays ride everyone. I talk to you you're about to go, do something. I can't remember what it was when You did my show. You just got enough something you we're going to do something what's the place you did alive? I'm then tablets, thirty, but I think the ones that I actually toward where there have been the most fallen. One was hallowed Ali hotelier. What an I've done Annie everywhere. He ass any love it. Oh my god. but after all the years of need, sallies deriving from the hungry and disenfranchise children all over
the planet to play, a woman that hate children is delayed. Just that's right, you're that I forgot, How could I forget, but you were there on those commercials all over the planet asking people. Help the World Hunger saved, the save the children and that's right. Sam Kennison, the very angry joke about you. I remember, do you remember? I doubt I don't wanna hear it now: it's ok he's dead. So that's what happened here, yeah he's taken a dirt map and we're still here, Jack Show due Yuri still involve without charity now now, I did. I did that for thirty five years of my life ass, I was in Uganda. I flew in with a Bush pilot from our kids. Gas from Nairobi in a forced your plane and landed at the entire be airfield. Were they They had that terrible radon Entebbe and from their catholic priests. In his little car and drove me to
abandoned hotel on Lake Victoria which is in Uganda. To me the child that I've been sponsoring Damianus and they brought him from his village, which was quite a few hours away. He had travelled to come meet his sponsor to meet me and I some commercials with him and I played with him, and I brought him toys balloons. Well, a roving band of guerrilla. Warfare guys came out of the bushes and ass dummy honour what he was from and hence the named as village, which was far away and they decided that we had kidnapped him and they were gonna shoot all of us, oh my god, and luckily the priest spoked their particular form. speech, Uganda, imagine different tribes, different dialects and he the debate just keep backing up back up back up. Don't journey back to them just go to the car, they carry this out. I thought
I've been on so many little airplanes that could have crashed in somebody's corporal situations. I came back from one of my trips oversees with hepatitis I thought what am I doing? I've got a child, a real life child on my own, and I'm gonna make her an orphan I can't do this anymore, Everyone in the world is making fun of me. I didn't ever could never understand that. For the first time I found out some. make or another made fun of me. and then one a greeting card was On sale, somewhere being making fun of me. I may I. Its dumbfounded me you're trying to help hungry children, your father for horrible, cruel, jokes what year throughout the world, there's a lot wrong with it Sally. It is a lot of horrendous people. One thing we ve learned over the last four years is that it doesn't take much to turn
most of this country into assholes is that the chairs where they already and where they hiding it or goods, are one over. Usually I you know, I think that when you have a leader who is shamelessly a belligerent pig and misogynistic races, garbage person and he's the leader of the free world, all the people that were hiding that inside themselves think it's their turn to be that gap. So I mean That's the one testament to the beauty of America is that it's working. Those people behave themselves. Yeah they go back under their rocks. I guess they realise that they have to tolerate things that are different. four points of view. If the majority wants it, that's the way this works. But if I get. It was so clear that if they were enabled who the fuck now what they were capable of, but I think that there I think we usually the jokes were because there, the commercials,
the infomercials around what you were doing worse Oh prevalent, they were ere you, you could not not see them right. So I think it is came part of the cultural. guph everything it was about. The cause or necessarily about you are just say it was Inescapable, the the idea, the commercial, as you are, if you were up at two p m us worry how their diverse drugs and at the end, we were off but you television sets limit. Let me tell you about the orange that whole year orange. But how did you know? I'm? Ok, I had a thing with him. Wait I I was touring Neil Simon re wrote the odd couple for two women. I remember and she who shall not be named, because I don't care for her, and I were the odd couple. We shall remark as we can figure it out: why he'd say her name, Rita Marino,
still mean real differ, help human being I followed a late hour. I'm sure she was just licking you on your face. The second readable crawl all over your man. so that not only was she not least other women, especially when other women are talented, nodded good experience. We'll know anyway, so we want to her and we each week. seemed an invitation we were in somewhere in Florida doing a couple, the people that invested in the odd couples. Female version wanted to make sure they their money back. If we went straight to Broadway and closed their out of money, the main tool for nine months. First, we each by an invitation to a with this state dinner at the White House honouring the king of Saudi Arabia. Ok, so I went.
my date and I were seated at a table together, where's my co star and her husband were different tables in the river there about ten people, up to a round table and directly ass for me was the orange battle here and athletes, your dinner, I said across the table in front of everyone at our table. Listen Must I hate things, namely the whole dogma, Donald Trump, just makes this can crawl poker eyes it. I just did an hour Action in LOS Angeles, said Ellen Very Sheikh, gallery unless younger boulevard- and I have children's art from all over the world and we have made an framed element is gorgeous and we made a pretty penny, but we still have half that are left its already. Friend and mattered, and I said show that I'm touring with is gonna open in a couple of months on Broadway, and I would love to
have another event in New York and sell the rest of the children's art to help save the children? And I I think having it in the lobby of your Tower Europe Brown but whole tower eyes and would be per, and it is that all you gimme a calling it get to New York, yours my card and took it out, and people at the table passed around me coming was set it up. We ve actually are we open up Broadway. I call them up ice at some woman answer the phone you said. Well, I said Mister trample notice about we. Had we sat at the same table added at the White House for State Dinner tell time I'm on the phone and She was she had left and help refinements came back on the phone said is not interested so huge. Putting on a show he put on the shelf for the people. The table saying that I could have my art actions
the children there and then the minute that I actually made the phone call. What do you know how it being so you found out like the rest of us, did that he's always been an asshole it didn t. I I note that for the rest of you, Let me ask you something so how what is the process so the ever brothers and sisters? I had one system, what about you have little brother you're in the older one. I'm the younger one, my eldest sister sue. Would, when do you start acting in Portland? Have that work? What it? How did it happen really you really want to know that I do find it because I want to know I want I want to talk about when you first got to Hollywood. Well, my goal in life was to be a doctor. Like my dad,
Did you have those feelings about you haven't? I guess I didn't. I was not able to apply myself. I you know I learned YO again become college hours like this ain't gonna happen for me. I don't I don't know how to study. I don't have the discipline and I don't think I really want to do it. Ok, we will that then that was easy to decide and took. I wanted to hear that a bed in the meantime just for fun, I was in the german club. I wasn't, I didn't, plays an eye school, but we know started at grade school, I'm a plaque written into how my homeland should the boy the boys in shop class he made for me here, and then they took a window tool in the car didn't best actress in the seventh grade class place still have it I've got it in. My whole group makes me laugh grow. I heard breakdown. It was time to start building outlay applicants just two colleges and I couldn't stop
My parents divorced from out of seven, so it was just my mother, my sister, neither has an my mother got scared, because this crying went on for couple a day and she called My father and said you ve got come to the house, he gave me some medicine. They make me sleep and when I woke up and are creating- and so my mother sat down on the floor, he took with him Jason she held it enhances. She said: why is that I now yes, you have to know: why are you upset? Is there make a light, can do she's and do what he had written down there. She said. Well, who said you have to be a dark guys that idea glass, what we had to do What am I gonna? Do I put it down for a year? I do she said so let's do something out there like what she said
Don't you go to school? That has a great theatre department. You could be that translates as I could That's fine, a school, my civil! Why would they take me? I'm only them in Plays in graceful, I suppose you don't, let's all anybody's done whether eighteen ten then one that there already in the industry. Okay, so she's. Looking through her recalls magazine, you here and she sees a picture of. Raymond her course pointed and pointing out like this an uncle SAM Poster New joke and become an actor at the past in a blouse College of theatre arts. My mom says we're gonna work. By there. God application we filled it out, and my grandparents took me to Norway for the summer. And when I got back, my mother was on the front porch waving. It except this letter she says we got two days the. Why
Ireland and your clothes, your uncle you and and vulture, and I are going to drive you to Pasadena, without it now is it. I was it the Pasadena play how school. Then, President Klaus College Theatre Arts was a good excellent. It was three or college, I only went two years because at the end of my second ears, they Iris padlocked. It shut and that was the end of it. That was it so. My mother drove down there lay under forty thousand station wagon. Teach me from Pasadena Hollywood and she mental Hollywood studio club for girls run by the wide w c I were there. I got ha ha store, roominghouse a rooming house. And she she just fifty there yeah Where you been on my answer two years in Pasadena Immortal,
you do. How did you get started? I had a roommate in carols Stanley and she said to me one day. She said you you're gonna, be an actress, and I said I worry I'm on a body then blocked who plays, and I in the past, the Implants college said? Well, you need an agent I said, will have what do I do she says. Well, let's get the yellow pages of mine. he asked a sheets, you call them agency that she saw that I could walk jokers. I didn't have a car. It was about a mile and a half in the studio club. Lena Blanchard Agency, so I the day, I went and I opened the door, and everyone in their side, the door opening in their eyes were appear somewhere, and then they came down to me here and that that was weird, so the front desk and I said I have an appointment Nina Blanchard him. She said you do. I said yeah
recent. Ok, what's your name, Sally Struthers just a minute, so she left the room came back out. Ok, seeing is minutes. I went into her office nice and wise everybody acting funny, Why am I in the land of tall people in your outer office, she's as honey? This is a modeling agency. I told you I said five. Oh said, why did you guys and well my roommate at that studio, Club Carol Stanley got me disappointment, we didn't know you were modeling agency. She said well, I'm sorry dear, and I said ok. Well before I leave, but I do my impressions for you and she said ok. So I sat down on the floor and I cried my legs indian style, a night
but my head down in my arms, my lap? I said I'm doing now my impression of a clam that turns into an oyster. I did that and the night that and I pointed, and I set off a pearl. Ok, and then I said now You do my passion of a spanish Mediterranean home. Arms out and made a roof, and I scored out my legs like the body of the house, and then I just quite recent allay and she said okay, I say wait. I got one more so I stood on my head in her office in saying I'm sitting on top of the world. I was leaving and she said, wait. Down the hall there interviewing people today for Ponds Coke bring commercial Stan no. I'm gonna send you down there. You should let and this commercial I'll, be your agent. I said, ok, so. I went on holiday when I read for it and I went back to her office in season.
What's your phone number, I said where we have a pay phone in the hollow studio club, and this is the number So what about four days later that was ringing in someone answered and said Struthers, you got a phone call and hello As the main obliged agency, you landed the ponds, gulping commercial, So I got all my quarters I called everybody in Portland, I'm the ponds girl and the girl, because my mother and my ants and all your popsicle cream their whole lives. I knew they were going to be thrilled actually days that you're having a little costume fitting, and I walk into Paramount studios to the Costume Department and there's a real, pretty redhead girl in there and she says hi, I'm Emily and I said I'm Sally. She said where do you hear what I said? I'm going to get a costume for a concert? commercial, she said so am I I'm doing one about being on the deck of the pirate ship. and she said so am I I'm sure, pause girl, and I said, oh, I guess play his friend who says
Skinner so lovely what you do to keep risk. So I drove out locked out of your mind and still didn't have a car, and I thought myself wait a minute thirty years how he would treat women so crappy she'll be washed up she'll be considered over the hill? I am a character actors. I will work as long as I want you like my idle loose Gordon. I do not have a problem. Years of banners. Did you add that lay then? Oh yeah, that day, that's three did the commercial I did? The latter commercials is that through which started you going. I think so I got a lot of those and then I finally got a regular agent as well, and I gets hired to be a regular smothers brothers, Son Michel for at ABC and everybody thought I made up my last name, because it was just too convenient that Sally Struthers was on his mother's brothers, show how this guy's, oh, my god, I love them,
Was it fine heavy Emily episode? Did you do what we do in sketch her? It was summer yeah sketch it was Sunday shouts was were eight weeks. And from that from my work on that, I went directly after the eighth weakens their onto the tin timely comedy our he's kind of a genius right oh my god, he's so funny ages, your site, I'm your wisdom, Jesse, you can't Europe, you like Harvey Corpsman, trying older dinner, you can't yeah and Our producers, sambo brick and Run Clark, had a brilliant idea. because it wasn't him in out strip around the block in so they decided that they would make the shall look like it had a very poor budget right. and that was the whole theme of the comedy for everything and they made his first show on the air they came on and September. His Christmas show
can't TIM kept say you know I usually cancelled within thirteen wakes, my license plate. My car since thirteen wakes here New electricity shall first year but I was the TIM Conway dancer as opposed to the jacking Gleason show where there were forty June tailored answers right. I was the only desert and art maternal. He was they too Conway Orchestra, but the show had no money. So when the announcer said at the beginning of the show, a knowledge is a general one. Little Conway Show now that Jim Conway Orchestra and the camera with panic, crescent empty stage two to two in art matrona at a music stand, but the shell couldn't afford to give them an instrument. So he he hummed the opening things up, reading the music diet that that amounts to plan for the whole show yes every week and then they would go and after twelve bars of him going down
dad dad they go and now the TIM Conway dancer and they were touching me and I would be in the most God awful costume, and there was way too much dance sand on the floor and I would fall down and then one point. I was supposed to flop on the floor anyway and open my arms and legs because they had an overhead camera like they had on the djinn Taylor dancers, but with one woman, it's absolutely pathetic here. So since in New York, called sambo brick and run Clark and said you got Get rid of that girl. She makes the shell of cheap and both Workin Clarkson and at that The point that's the human race and now let her go man and you now What's he saying when one Someone closes the door opens a win our with sudden like area the next week, I'm out of a job and I'm my feelings are heard and I get
phone, call that I'm supposed to go read for this man named Norman Lear at his office in Century city fritz. Some show that he's going to be putting on the air, and so the day I show She read for him. I had learned guide us and he handed me a yelling seem to do speed yelling at my father and my husband, and I and I guess that made him. Remember me and I don't know how many young Ladys he saw badly. If it was three hundred be narrowed down before the fire, in addition at Cps they already cast Rob Reiner as MIKE Civic, the meat headed Polack and the south we were to go into the room. with all the saints each one the scales with Rob one. The time and do improvisations, which they would throw us on an idea. Subject matter- and we were just in the
The three girls were sitting beside me and the last one to come in and sit down was pending Marshall rod. Reiner was living with her at that time here, and I knew that and I thought yeah, how you gonna get you. You better watch penny here, not to sabotage the three of us, but. they have each other's rhythm. Later I asked, and a chance here so that got rid of all my nerves. excited hung around, because I didn't want to walk, and you know what happened. You did great I got it so now the shows on the air climbing the number one we're all excited we do when we went when you watch them. When you were you in the room when they worked with everyone in the rumour. Now, no one who worked with him or when you improvised with Rob the first time. Did you know that it was going to be great? I would like to tell you yes, but I have to say I didn't know anything here
I didn't know anything about anything. I didn't know how to get an agent I did, know how to navigate the world. I didn't know why I got let go the TIM Conway Show. I didn't know why I got hired on our family and none of us knew what was going to be when it was right. I know that Reiner and I were the third set of kids. It had aid is a pilot for ABC two years before, with. Look hydrogen Stapleton, but with it, liking Gloria and then they shelved it and then extra. They decided they would be right in a little make it again something tat chair, look origin Stapleton, but they got a second set of making Gloria and again they frightened and would allow the air the normally took it to the new president of CBS from Woods and said. If I bring it to you, we put it on the earth And he said yes and what the both pilots he said, but you need to recast making Gloria I Robin I'm making Gloria number three, but I have you done like a couple movies already.
I had I had done it five years. To pieces with Jack Nicholson help reverse our guy. That movie- and I and I were there to our your character in it and it like. I can't there's something about the way movies were made. Then, where a really seem that there was a rawness to it, that there was some space to a dingy did ye? Do you feel that but bomb rifles, and was the director you he he and Jack were. Very lay back here. Some of their rights chemically induced an arm. I just know that they talk and doing a scene. I never would have done well. naked. I was naked from the waste here, but oh Jack. rise. He was twirly near round the room, work just way to a bedroom flopped on the bed, and then he
ices up off of me and he's got a t. Shirt on that says: triumph the area, the motors right but see part of my breast in that shot and I kept saying to Bob Rifles- and I can't do this- I can't I can't go home Portland! If I do this, I will be the sound and they got me to do it again. It was in Portland visiting my mom. When the film came out. She said I mean you're you're at you me circles in it I'm going to the movies to senior mobilized. None on. I know you're not going now. don't go and she don't be silly whereby some man- you're gonna, be ashamed of me. Please we're going- and I said all right. Well, it's done. stands a year ago, it's now out there I can't do anything to take it back. So if Europe,
That was me. Please don't say anything when you come home. I can't fix it. but she put her on a kerchief, and dark classier her. She went to the movies Three hours later she came home and she open the front door and she walks through the house, passed me and walked down the hall, their bedroom and shut the door Was it then we never talked about it. We never. there was never any discussion. Will that's sad. oh you, know, you ve, already risque you ever do. Do you personally feel that you feel bad about it? He felt like that you're taking advantage of anyway, because the carriage It was pretty grading, and yet I think you transcended com ITALY and also kept the character itself. Think of it is as a compromising role. I thought it was great. Did you I wish you were. My parents
You wouldn't have been ashamed of me. I don't know you know this is back here. When did they come out? we made it sixty nine. It came out and seventy I mean people just Didn'T- have daughters that went into that sure my they're. My mother was horrified that her marriage broke up. The dead but he left her for the nurse in his office. She never got over it. She was dead Press the rest of, my childhood and we forgot she was depressed when she got Alzheimer's. So the way she raised, my sister me was to say: what will the neighbors think right girls. You can't leave the house just that way. What will the neighbors think so? Others, girls are good, upright girls and we were but
Can you imagine right? If that's the way you raised her daughters and then you will see a movie and she's in of the sixteen? Was Jack Nicholson, She must have been so ashamed of me, Nicholson, you know What years later, many years later, like nineteen eighty, seven or something like. Almost thirty years after the filled, my jacket, Is hairdresser have to do? Is soda wanted? Christmas activities, China Box, but just the same as the way they package gifts with the Turquoise Box with a white ribbon. But this is a little trinket box. I dont shop achievement its, but I said to PAMELA my best friend: let's go native anything get how Kyoto his Christmas present and we're in there and I'm standing at the counter and PAMELA elbows reaches oh, my God check Nicholson is over. There could say I too am I said now.
Remember. May have caused you, I didn't bow bother and not the sailor usin possible as the new impassable. So I'm in them. business of buying this box and behind me there's a tap on my shoulder and I turn horizons. High salary is tat power. Yeah we're all my guy happen. Jack because the gangs they alone a me get over it. What do you mean reside? How can we forget you m. Now seventy three years old- and I am still Robert and Margaret DOT utter from Portland Oregon. If I, See someone famous and they know me, I am astounded I understand that yeah there's a pie, being a fan and there's a part of being
If I don't you think it's how you see yourself, I mean you just you know. It just means that you you you like being fan and famous people are still impressive. What hope? Not socks off when you actually got to meet them besides Barack Obama, like some blew, it all depends. You know, like I find that most people sort of human, but there are certain people that I've never really disappointed. I got to me Keith Richards, who is a big hero. My ah ah and wet was interview Amerika great, but he had made the interview ridiculous cause. Every eye was such a fan boy, Even people like me away and freed. Can I mean these big. I've taught you, you know n n n thereof in. I grew up sort of like and in all of these people, but you need talk to people for an hour or two hours. They become very human. Still start a marvel at like you know. How did it happen? they come out of them, like I remember interviewed welfare. All who is really one of the more
no one is funny or on purpose and that guy that I can now his a funny hysterical? Why would the funny thing about him as he's very straight, an interview so, like I had him in my garage, we're talking in the eye. Just sat there for an hour just gonna happen. Is he gonna vaguely laugh he could do. I know you could do it so easily and then even right when he's just a little funny as they all they got, you did just so there a moment Sienna, but I am still sort of I, even though a guy I am able to talk to just about any by there's some people that are just sort of magic. People. What are you gonna? Do I your magical person, Sally nobody's, like you you're one of a kind was so, are you? Isn't everybody one of a kind exterminate identical twins? I guess I don't know, but some people there, yet They're just sort of recording devices and other People are the machine. You know there are there. Other people are like the original. You know, like some people's personalities, everyone's different
but some people show themselves. How is that it and a person that you say they threw away the mould when they make you just undeniable asian original regional Undeniably you you know, but then you went and did the getaway, which is another movie, was kind of filthy right yeah. Oh, my God send pack imply that man was a piece of work. Our cherry you, I was playing up that guy is from use in all those movies in here is, scary. Our theory that was his name, All its fury, he was in the godfather, you know he was the day, the Turk, so what's up we won't. We was shooting this movie in El Paso Texas agenda, the theory and some Peck and Papa would start drinking at seven eight in the morning and by lunchtime bosom blot up here I mean we, We got to the set one Monday morning and sand pack invite had gone over the border from El Paso in Mexico
higher than a kite drunken them stung. The owners are script girl over the weekend so she was all of a sudden, MRS Pack and palm didn't even remember, again In the same were our theory. The gunman has taken my ass it's got a bullet in his shoulder and he can to my house. Veterinary clinical outlet country. the bullet removed. And they wanted him lying on that table- to have us newborn kitten playing on his chest while he's holding his gun well, Don't you ever picked up a newborn kitten that their claws are like fine little hares and they go in there. Any then and they hurt here and at one point military drunk.
again out of control on very Mobbish anyway, thank God, dammit kid there's somebody and- and I dont know Baby. Don't impact in passing that I was getting scared, so he said the big language somebody suddenly take this. get suppliers, protest clause out now and grabbed the kitten and I ran up to set and they were all laughing they weren't gonna. Do that just like to see me react, but one, one day after shooting, he said, sally, awhile, wild candidate, seen in dailies tonight at the hotel You know what I said what's what's the dailies is always send the film off the Hollywood way. We shoot up, make process it and then they send it back here for me to look at some making up my mind about something. So you want to see what was shot a few days ago, come to the hotel override, okay, skunk and
didn't like the way the film had been processed and walk up to the screen, this conference room in the hotel and it is why and took out his penis than urinating all over the screen, Is this what happens at the day to day off and seventy eight and arming bag? It well I was really weird, but was nice to you. He asked like any alatri was very scary. I think that I was it boyfriend because we had a week off from filming where he wasn't even my wasn't needed and it was easy to weaken it New Jersey, use from Fort Lean injures her and his sister brother in law of dairy, says it: hey you, wanna come with me to Fort Lyon. Have Easter with an italian families, is my sister
such a great clock and then we're gonna go down the Florida. Have you ever been floored, I said now, so I did all that with him. Now we come back to the moon and he Does my hotel? We must come up and see me and I said no thank you and He wouldn't hang up anything. Screaming I'm gonna come up there and I'm gonna get you and I I couldn't hang up to call for help, so I put the on under. So I couldn't hear him, but I'm he probably state on the phone online, and I was so scared I avoided among set next day and it was the sea were dumb Taylor handled lock us into a hotel room were I am now alone without during my husband has hung himself with few motels back your bathroom bright, and so I'm just with with them. The gunman who, when he and I are starting, will have an affair so the
Impeccable, says W, walk in and then Sally you walk in after Dublin, then AL you walk in chairing the suitcase and as soon as they said, ok, rolling, ok, go and works in saying his lines, showing us the hotel room and I'm walking in an hour later, it wasn't black to do this, but our tearing grabbed me by my arm and threw me against the wall. So I went up to your pack in part. I said Mister Peck apart you're gonna, shoot us again. Are we come in behind the struggle to water, welcome. Let's find out, it was crazy. then we had the Dune Seymour. I'm I'm Peter Do you like I'm room service, and I want steam. Mcqueen opened the door and he opened the door and I start screaming and useful slug me in the face and I'm supposed to be knocked out and
They taught me what is this desert here too. I had the same and then hit the wall and and slightly the floor, went about three take so that an eye was now Lupi and the fourth Take I didn't turn my head. He get me in my jaw and that's what's in the film you getting really hit by statement going. It was crazy experience and I got to watch steamer queen. It now in the grass fallen, loves political will. Queen a good Geier, it did you like, and what a great guy here a sweetheart. I door at him, but he was danger, boy mean but we were shooting in a hotel in El Paso and run next to it was a dirt mountain that was almost perfectly perpendicular. And Stephen go out between, takes and hop on his MIKE's motorcycle and trying to write off that dirt mountain that was,
training up the wall about my girl. Here you and everybody was yelling and Uruguay night. You gets back, we have to shut down. We can finish the money, you didn't care, email you all. He fell madly in love with alley, and now it's all these years later and everybody that we worked with on that film is gone and every time I see her clutch under one another like we're on our train on the way to a death camp, I mean we ve just say we're. We're still hear you and I Because everybody we worked within that, while we have gone some way you started doing on the family. It's been fifty years, huh! it's been fifty years January. Twelve was our fiftieth anniversary of the first when coming on the air view still talking Norman. Now, do you talk to any of data rob. There's nobody left except Robin Norman. She's got here and you d Are you friends or rob
the light to be, but he re married. He carried the worsening married, a younger gal, but he met in Hawaii when you do your movie there and she was the photographer and said and they married, and I think that I'm guessing that he had a wife. I didn't want him to be friends with me, because we were friends here. He play my husband rate years. We were friends and when the shell was over when he and I were finished with their contracts than we weren't making all of them anymore. at the most random times my phone would ring in my apartment in West. Well there you see, like Hell, oh and all round was says: French pull he spends fart have any hang over me and I'm rolled on the floor laughing and two months later hello Jack who stole far
May each woman, farting wearing tight councils, we are in great relationship and many get remarried I went to the opening of the producers at the pants ages, theatre on Hollywood Boulevard and it was the big night? They had lots of new luminaries there to be in attendance, to see it I came out of the inner door with my friend bunny, who I've known since we were both four years old, and there was rob and then said life, Michel and Carl Reiner and still writer, his wife, and I I didn't really known Michel, but I knew that has hit, but his parents- and I went running toward me when Lamb stretched out, will jump out of here put his hand out stiffly in front of himself and took my hand and shook it really stiff and say hello, Sally,
nice to see you Sally. Why are you left it? Some weird I met with you. I was no, no, no, no, I saw matter it was choice of words, something they were seated together. when a couple armies right for four gory idealise. I was gifted with two m is what a great part in what a great it in regular. How was I assume that everybody on that set was pretty close? Ah We were also indifferent, urine Carol, O Connor Devout Irish Catholic raised in New York City went to court. allege in. Montana Mozilla at the university they're gonna teach in degree. Came back to New York was the public school system in New York City. He
he taught English to the recalcitrant boys and you know it but the ruler in God only knows what else you did and then maybe you woke up around forty and said to his wife Nancy. We met in college, I. I think, I'm gonna be an actor stood. Ok, she said: how are you gonna do this December study? She said where he says in Ireland we're gonna move. To Ireland than those study there and I'm gonna come back and that's what you did. So that's the man playing my father here, Jane Stapleton was raised. by a single mother in New York City, Denver our christian scientist- she never said or thought. Maybe a thing she was are resident angel and could easily get her are all flustered, because certain things,
just made her uncomfortable and there was one moment only in my years was her, where she was Edith in real life, even bunker. She she does He was very intelligent. and she and her husband bill patch ran a theatre, the towel? pull play house in Pennsylvania. She came from the world of theater and she, She's in the Rehearsal Hall and CBS Tv City, acts in Beverly Boulevard and we're on a ten minute, coffee break in people are being handed fucked. You got some messages, then that you had received a phone call. Then he would try to find a phone on your ten minute break to fund somebody back and she Folding, chair she's got the lay times and she's all buyers government a quarter and she is lustre she's getting red.
The figures, and I'm looking at what is wrong with our side, tiptoe overdo. It has achieved something wrong. As she said. Would you look at this? In all the papers turns a turning point and she says: look. Look it S. Car wash its advertising for polish men Jane. That's polish. Ah, see you tonight I sat was at one time in the sea is concerned. I said, would you please tell me about being Christians, I just because I'm a doctor's daughter and I believe in science and medicine, and I certainly had a lot of things wrong with me growing up my dad. You know did. My stitches are put my cast iron. I believe that, the humans learn medicine for a reason but tell me about your religion and she did. She took me to her church. We were so close.
And then those rob liner who was raised. The rich. Beverly Hills, jewish kid was very famous father and then I come. from Portland Oregon from the Norwegians, I have never heard a racial slur or epithet. We wouldn't be Script around the table and our he would say some horrendous thing in Ireland. you know, say to Robert IT people than what does that mean. I've never heard those words everyone's laughing, I'm going where they laughing I wasn't raised any kind of bigotry. Oh, but it was It was fascinating and be with such despair group of human beings and then in the fifty year of the show, I went in and read for a famous british director to play the lead in the film day of the locusts and.
it shows me and my agent common Norman Layer and said this would mean Sally would have to. I guess it's the last four shows the season and this is now I can't let her do it. I can't do that, and if I do that he's like five six shows a mere. I set the precedent that I've gotta, let everybody out and its screwing with our schedule. I get There are some my agent, I call back as it will help since I only have three lines per show anyway, which are I'll help. You set the table, my Michael. What Are you going out daddy stop at me? Listen my three lines every week does I wasn't getting louder. Satisfactions actress complain that role the first five years here since then, Well, I'm a quick learner, why don't you have somebody stand in for me on camera blocking day on a Thursday at alpha,
on a Friday morning, and you can teach me where I'm supposed to enter and exit and where I say I'll help you set the table and I'll do the show so, which means I can still in four days of the week and beyond all the family one day of the week, and he says no, I'm not going to do that. So I bought it. Happy about it, but about it, because I really wanted to work for genes less injure and the next year Norman, let Rob Reiner out to do a film was Eleanor, can call fire sale. and I called a lawyer and I said, get me off the shelf. Get me off the show. I than any savings that I had to go to arbitration and I lost, and I had to go back. I threw himself so I wore a sweat shirt to rehearsal every day? That's it prisoner of Rehearsal Hall, three, then we had a brand new director main Paul Bogart and.
the writer started, writing fun, things for making Gloria, and my last three years of the eight were the most fine. But I was furious. With Norman Lear for the boy. club and nepotism. I re I was furious. I mean he had this adorable assistant, who was chinese hurting Janey Joe, you just wanted to pick her up and hunger. Every time you saw her and I went Sometimes I my breaks. I would go to the executor, offices are like to visit, would shading Joe. She had said I can books on her desks from the best seller list and I said indeed show winning read the easy work like eighteen hours a day, she's no they're. Not for me. Therefore Norman I somewhat ones Norman gonna read these books. Cities got every play at this, Spending on a step here, she's This is a well. She says he has dinner parties at his house and they like to talk about the latest.
books online. You know that time is best selling listen, so everybody in the office reads a book for him and give some cliff notes, and then we can discuss it ass, their guard. And I said so- he passes himself off. As someone has read these, books and it hasn't a story short just between you and me, and thousands of people that are listening to your podcast. I was. the only member of the cast never invited to his home for dinner. So do you think in the last three years vow at the riders? The sort of Took charge and decided to work more stories for you, because I knew you were mad or do you just now. It had nothing to do with me. I hears what happened. We spend a shows up our show arches place nano in the beginning. We I'd be Arthur on and she played our cousin law right and we were all sick with the fluent. She came to take care of us and they loved her. So much they decided create a show for her and then
We had the Jefferson's on the show and they decided to give them their own show. What happen was every time Norman would take our tried and true well trained, fine honed writers New specifically how to write for our characters, and he would move them away from us and put them on the new show, and he would give us new writers. Me then had to train this. Make girl, Oconnor furious and he started taking this drug called Metro Bam eight here and he was happening right and left, because he was so angry all the time and so You know we always had new riders, but- what happened in the six there was a kind of done so many stories about Archie, Archie and Edith MIKE and Archie, but they had it. start concentrating on that younger couple there, and then they wrote that glory and micro expecting a baby and glory and might moved into the Jefferson's house next door and they gave us real stuff to do, or I wasn't just setting the table break
all in all Despite all the anger and despite you know what sounds like a very difficult last few years is still thought. It was agreed experience for the most part I hadn't much fun papa. major rehearsal hall, delicious and we all had a really good time. Avatar gets its great that, like you, VE, really have never stopped working. It's like an amazing thing to carry on a career, in show business in just keep going in still haven't I just I realise how fortunate I am because below when a man. As girlfriend someone. I truly admire for her gifts. as a performer. And also we just have a wicked relationship together is the actress Brenda Carl, oh yeah, sure and she's. amazing and she can act circles around me and she can get arrested. My guy
think that you know you're. I don't know whether was lover or career decision by to do you know theater to do big theatre, shows and Anne and have the ability to do that really can keep you working a long time now, because you you're a name and people, I d come see you you have a following any do these great shows yeah. I've been so lucky and work to all these wonders. full theatres in America and Canada. And some of them are really old and charming, and some of them are brand new state of the art, and I love all of it, and theatre has its own staff and people backstage you. I've fallen in love with all the guys on the crew and all the women in the wardrobe shop and hear my fun button is just of people all over the country that I have made friends with than its genes.
Who said to me. She said you know television and fills, will come and go in your life at the there with a one arena that will always welcome back with open arms, this theatre don't ever give that up and she's right beautiful most great talking. You need to know, I'm glad we did it. I'm glad worked out Argue interviewing Jody faster night that what's he gonna talk to me about how we talked about a lot of stuff. I mean voting fosters intelligent and she went to the sugar Harvard Yale gale and It produces vision. I wish she has never get away stories. I mean come on Children takes around you and take a punch from Steve Mcqueen come on. I know that was great I know that for a day I love you, it's great, seeing you too
Thank you very much Mark Marin. You are a wonder when this way again, maybe we can hang out. Ok it. That would be great and the plague is supposed to be over on October twelve tonnes, a twenty seven, so exactly it'll be weighted average than he's out there, and I'm glad I didn't have to wear a mass, but I was talking with you: did you get the vaccine? I'm done. locked and loaded forget good, I'm I'm halfway. There I'll call you in Al Qaeda in May. Ok I'll be here are its take it easy. that was valleys druthers. Who else would it be with that voice? Go finder, go watch the getaway go watch by these
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